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Because people in the IRC and the thread are lazy to make the next thread.

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Now what

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but JANon, you are people in the IRC.

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And then anon was a namefag.

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Accidently have my name

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Made an ASoIaF build last thread and drew my heraldry.

What is your heraldry?

Descriptions are great, shitty drawings are better.

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So, a mere interest.

Jumpers, what are your opinions on the Power Armor and the fairly recent Magical Girl CYOAs?

I heard PA had some vitriol going on?

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Not Jumps. Not relevant to this thread

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Don't, It was agreed a long time ago that we would NEVER make jumps out of popular CYOAs.

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Ah. My apologies, then.

Wasn't going to offer one.

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I haven't checked either out, to be honest.

I do hang out on the CYOA general, though. Things are pretty chill on that end at the moment what with creators coming back, occasional spurts of OC.

I used to hang out on the Conduit CYOA generals though-and let me tell you, despite the frequency of arguments here it is uncommon for them to reach the levels of salt and vitriol the Conduit threads experienced on a regular basis.

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Where is CCDT

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Did we? I remember a lot of talk about a Star Dust jump that didn't get anywhere.

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No. The only person who can do that is SDA, and if he's not interested, it won't be done.

End of discussion.

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Quicksilver! I have a question regarding the DBZ/Xenoverse jump. Is there anyway you could make it an optional end jump? I know a lot of people (Including myself.) would love to visit the Dragon Ball setting without ending their chain, and I know there's more than enough content to split the jump into a regular version and an end jump version.

I know Magical Realm CYOA is banned, and I believe ideas for Power Armor were shoot down early on.

Oh, ok.

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Christ fine. Don't get your panties in a bunch.


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Dragon Ball when?

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Never seen the DBZ jump

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when quicksilver has the time to complete it.
Quicksilver is making it and he just takes a long time to produce his stuff.

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Quicksilver is making a DBZ/Xenoverse end jump, I'm not sure when it will be completed.

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>visiting dragonball
>NOT an endjump
Why the hell would that be a thing.

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10/10 would swear allegiance to.

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So um, what do those yellow stones from Babylon's newest DLC do? The ones from the Xenos Artifacts crate?

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The Xenos Artifacts are most likely some sort of Eldar artifact.

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Now for Mount and Blade. Nearly everything I took was to get and sustain a massive army. Leadership is boosted through the roof and any army of mine has a tendency not to die.

Unbalanced Diet 100
Honour 400
Leadership 1000
Engineer 1100
Wound Treatment 1300
Surgery 1600
Lady 1300
Envy 1000

This is not going to be an especially fun jump. Companions are staying non-existent for the duration. I'm sticking my castle from Van Helsing at the top of a mountain and then spending my time making monsters to prowl around so that when people come to nick my stuff or marry me they don't come back in a hurry.

Will my time in Calradia be a monster mash or is it doomed to be yet another graveyard smash?


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Well, I'm on a different system today, so I can actually post to 4chan. The latest stop on my mostly randomized jumpchain build is FF8!
(full build is http://pastebin.com/K0VxJTtz )

It's FF8 or harry potter. And much as I'd like to wave a wand around, beefing up my abilities is a must.

100 Instructor
free: regulation rules
600(instructor) Blue Magic
400(seed) junction system

600 (seed) amnesia proof
400 (instructor) teaching prodigy
2 GF free Anko(poison, ?? ), Mihoshi (Holy, ??)
3 students free Ranma, Naruto, Nabiki
free whatever, 200 junction system
free triple triad deck, uniform, weapon, limit break
-600 Lunar Cry and Time Kompression

"Now Students, we've arrived at the Moon.You'll see a number of exotic monsters, which you can reference in your rosario books. Now, step close."

"Step 1: Forming a magic circle. I obviously didn't dwawdle.Do note this can be used as a flight platform."
"Step 2: Stored, Final Cast Lightning. You'll..." *BOOOM* "notice that anything close by has a resistance to it. LEading to step two, Fire. And Step three, Ice. Very few monsters have resistance to all three."

A breath, as fists slam into the dust, and walls, with deep moats around them, rise up. "And now We have a place to stand. Let's move worlds."

"Ranma. Nabiki. Naruto. You're on the moon. You have werewolf forms. Enjoy. Two clones each on looting duties."

27 days (about a month) later, we'd finished, mostly. Pulling spells from the monsters, looting them, the occasional final cast to thin the herd... It took some time. We'd killed all the monsters we could find, collected their loot, and filled up on every magic that had a monster or drawpoint stocking it, so we called it mission complete. Anko and Mihoshi did learn most of the better GF abilities, courtesy of dropped items. Arrows of binding, in sufficient numbers, can readily subdue monsters, leaving drawing from behind them fairly procedural.

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As for junctioning... I was the only one amnesia proof, so the only one with GFs attached. But between ultima, shell, and life, all elemental (Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Wind, Poison, Ice, and Holy) attacks healed me, and my attacks had a good chance of death-strikes. So I was stood in front to tank.

We got into our gundams, and landed in Esthar, where the Seeds invoked their promotion orders to be Esthar brass. The Galbaldians had not yet attacked the Seed Bases (I'm assured my attacks being visible from the ground had 'nothing' to do with it), so we simply got the Estharans ready, and did a few side quests. That research station around Eden needed to be shut down, the islands closest to Heaven and Hell had a few paramagics we hadn't found on the moon, rescuing a certain time witch, cracking down on Odell... things like that. Galbaldia did eventually war against Seed, and send assassins after us.

When Squall's crew eventually arrived, Time Kompression went about as planned, and we kicked Ultimecia's face in. Between us, we even picked up a stock and a half of Apocalypse. Which turned out to have most of the same elemental properties as Ultima.

After that, we had a good few years as heroes. I taught everyone the secrets of Blue Magic, and the spells I'd learned so far in it. Anko and Mihoshi came out of my head to learn the human part of junctioning... and all five learned the ritual that allows one to store a spell. I spread the age-altering mushroom spores across the planet, and the scientists 'discovered' what they did.

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Hidden perks. Got any amazing perk hiding in an unexpected jump?

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Name? from the Jackie Chan Adventures jump has some excellent utility in fantasy settings. A lot of magic has it that knowing someone's true name gives you power over them. Well, now it's impossible for anyone to learn your name unless you want them to. It's a nice layer of extra defense against magic.

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And I got tossed to the Elder scrolls!
Age 19
rolled 2 for race. argonian
The Thief
free Amphibious
free disease resistance
300 progress
150 companions (mage,nord) free cold resistance
700: +500 cp each (200 poison immunity, 300 spellmaker)
-200 Black Sacrament

Well, the black sacrement is going to have troubles finding an adept shapeshifter of different species. They do find me on occasion, but really, they can't kill me fast enough, the rolling counter sees to it, for me to not cast a heal, and I end up mopping up most of their organization through a mix of mind reading and quick travel.

On the other hand, I share the memories of spellworking amongst the lot of us, nabiki unsurprisingly has a talent for alteration, but we all study magic fairly thoroughly, collect books, and fight off monsters. The paramagics of skyrim turn out to be kind of disappointing, but that wasn't unexpected. I send a few letters to the Emperor, and a certain skooma addict in Morrowind to head off trouble, and end up appropriating several altar's of spellmaking, a library or two, quite a bit of enchanted gear, and a few teleportation circles from Morrowind.

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For anyone who missed it, I don't think it's been archived on the Drive yet

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Considering most of the related items show up on the Encounters table with some sort of effect? I imagine they were originally meant for an encounter that never got put in or was skipped over in an oversight.

Just my personal thoughts on it.

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Or they might just be an interesting thing for sale,

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By the way does the Seven Thousand, four hundred and seventeen Year Old Tenkau-Shen Ice Wine refill like the Wild Snake alcohol?

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214, 250, 246, 221, 111
Fire emblem(awakening)
metal gear rising -no
ouran -no

100: Tech Expert
300: Radiation resistance
300: Reverse Engineering
400: Asgardian (note, this gives me asgardian science basics too)
200: Super Soldier (peak asgardian)
50: Grootologist
free: holotable
150: companion import
100 Strange formula
Wrath of a god -300
Glory of a Monster -300

Man... Loki kicks my ass with mind games. I roll up hydra, mostly. I'm psychic, can shapeshift, and have a list of the most evil people on the planet. It takes work, but anyone known by someone else in hydra gets known to me. But Loki knows my powers, and he's better with illusions than I am. My companions do better than I do against him, and the Americans are a big help, but Russia never gets invaded, so mostly stays out of it... and I end up bombing 23 bases before I get the last of hydra.

He can't really fight me hand to hand, I'm stronger and tougher courtesy of asgardian super soldier, and can magically nuke the area several times if I'm losing, but he plays the doom-body-double game far too well. I don't end up beating him, as much as working around him. I don't really have time to relax or do studying this jump. All spy work, assasinations, and big fights.

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I've started working on the graphical version of the Gurren Lagann jump. Any feedback?

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No, that one doesn't. Kinda spoils the point of having a rare vintage if you have an infinite amount.

>> No.40160065

Go to Unholy Heights. Get the table that produces the best meals.

Have it as a glass of wine with dinner every night.

>> No.40160207

No no no, you make more and hoard it like a fuckin dragon babs, then you let people have a taste every couple thousand years.

>> No.40160237

1200/1200 cp

High Commoragh

Trueborn background(100)
Perks: Dark Eldar Physiology(free), Power from Pain(free), Highborn Privilege(free), Paranoia(150), Archon(300), The Duke’s Stash(300), Resistance(100)
Gear: Kabalite Armor(free), Splinter Rifle(free), Agonizer(100), Serpentin(50), Shredder(100),

Drawbacks: Pissed Off(+200)

Long story short, taking a break from being a champion of chaotic good to dip into chaotic evil. I've got enough expertise in the underworld from my previous jumps to take a walk on the wild side. But like any powerful person, I've got my rivals. Of course, all I really have to do is wage a shadowy vendetta, convincing others what threat they pose to their interests and weaken them down, then raid them, possibly enslave them and render them down into a fine powder to be snorted off a Dark eldar concubine's bare ass

Just a nice place to let it all hang out

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Question to jumpers who went to Marvel and DC do any of you purposefully mispronounce Heroes or Villains names just to mess with them?
What about their real names?

>> No.40160361

Did you say your name was delicious?

>> No.40160403

I kept calling Doctor Doom "Victor Van Damme" in reference to his name in the Ultimate Marvel universe. At first he just hated me for calling him by the wrong name. Then I used the Dimensional Breach Controller from Worm to take him to Ultimate Marvel and introduce him to Ultimate Doom. Then he hated me for entirely different reasons.

>> No.40160452

No. Instead I make sure to buy all their comics beforehand make obvious comments about things they may or may not have done in the timeline.

It's not like anyone knows Clark Kent is Kal-El, right?

Also, acting like Batman is the Adam West Batman despite all evidence to the contrary will let me determine how 4th wall breaking the Joker is. Which I'm pretty sure is "very".

It's also tempting to turn Catwoman into Eartha Kitt but I'm pretty sure that would end badly.

>> No.40160643

My name in DC is Justice Lord
In MCU I constantly refer to things I should not be capable of knowing, then pretending I didn't say anything.
And yes I do call people by their real names, when no one is around to hear anyway.

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In Teen Titans I once very pointedly called Robin "Dick". Does that count?

>> No.40160746

>Deadpool. Hay, Deadpool!
>Want to fuck with Wolverine? I'll give you pancake mix that's literally out of this world. Also doorknobs.
>What do you need me to do?
>Distract him long enough so I can convince everyone he's literally Huckleberry Finn.
>He's Huckleberry Finn?
>No, but they wanted to use that as an alternate origin story at one point.

>> No.40160762

>not Baboon Von Doom

>> No.40160765

All throughout Harry Potter I kept referring to Voldemort as Tim Marvolo Riddle or Timothy. All the while being very obnoxious about it and insisting that he "misspelled his stupid anagram". It's particularly infuriating to him as not only does he hate his birth name, but he can't correct me without admitting he is indeed Tom.

>> No.40160829

>The Eye-Twitch in the final panel

It's the small things that are the best

>> No.40160855

Oh, that's evil. I like you.

>> No.40160942

I did the same with Draco Malfoy. Just made a game of getting his name slightly wrong at all times. Started small with stuff like Draco Malboy and Drake Malfoy and things like that, escalated as the school year went on to stuff like Darazzle Mazeltov and Drillbog Mudhat.

Just all the time. Kept it up for 7 years. Only rule is that you can't use the same name twice.

>> No.40160945

I never misnamed him, but I did constantly call him Tom. Tommy-boy, etc.

>> No.40161017

>Not constantly calling Harry Hadrian, then setting up an elaborate joke about Hadrian's Wall.

>Not calling Ron Weasley Ronald Mcdonald

>Not constantly asking Dumbledore "What's the buzz man?"

>Not setting up Snape on a Snipe hunt

>> No.40161090

I feel like that's the sortof thing that would really bother him at first. And then he'd decide that he was supposed to be above this and ignore you. But secretly it would really bother him.

>> No.40161159

Which comic is this? I must know damn it!

>> No.40161285

Thing is it's the sort of thing that would be difficult to ignore as there isn't a single name to get used to.

Doodlebug Merrygoround, Dingledong Magicthighs, Desperation Marmoset, Dodo McCoy, Diddly Mangoes, Doggy Menswear, Draggy Mittsy.

Just never stops being funny, it's the sort of thing that'd be really to make catch on as well.

Some would say it's unfair and petty for a centuries year old inter-dimensional being to bully one kid, to those people I'd say ehh.

>> No.40161392

Ok, Dingledong Magicthighs and Diddly Mangoes got me.

>> No.40161431

Desperation Marmoset sounds like a Megaman X boss.

>> No.40161435

One day you need to call him the most terrible thing he can possibly imagine

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, or Hermione Granger.

>> No.40161485

>not Dobby

>> No.40161524

Fuck. You win.

Wait, DM

Dobby Mudblood

>> No.40161737

Actually using the word "mudblood" seems kind of weak, though. It's too obvious a way to insult him. Kind of like you've run out of clever things to call him and are giving up.

>> No.40161799

Very true. Magicelf would be a much better last name for that one.

>> No.40161875

Dobby McKickedYourDadsAss.

>> No.40161879


that's an...oddly specific question to ask.

I haven't been to marvel or DC yet, though it has been awhile since i engaged in a campaign of pranking and well-deserved torment.

>> No.40161950

Deplorable Mustard, Dumpy Manboobs, after his spell as a ferret, Dancing Mustelid...

>> No.40161974

So, is the Teratoma Hive meant to become invincible if it's just sitting there hitting you? Given the description for it's armour gain being that you blast off bits only for tougher layers to replace it it would make more sense if it got an armour bonus after every time you hit it, otherwise a few misses early on and you literally can't touch it.

Also, what happens if the attack rolls tie? Nothing? One side or the other gets the victory?

The Tide of Flesh and Sorrow should probably have a 'rounded up' or 'rounded down' added to it's bit about infecting your crew.

Do you fight 44 if you don't have the flag? The roll indicates it's the flag of their enemy that makes them attack you. (Also 64 is missing numbers, just says double the tribesmen fight as usual)

Do the paths that 'add X to your travel time' mean you loose supplies?

Does the conversion field turn all damage into light or just a percentage?

If the Arclight Lance 'instantly vapourises' large chunks of enemy ships with the reaction, and the reaction keeps going till they're far enough apart... what happens after the first 'instant'? It sounds like they'd have seconds to get away with their ship vanishing around them. It's awesome, but it also seems crazy powerful. (I rolled 3 so it's more for curiosity).

Is exactly ten supplies left A Winner is You! or MISSION COMPLETE!, they're written as more than or less than ten respectively.

One last question. If you choose to integrate the parts into the Light of Terra itself, that's just like the extra shields you can buy during part three, right? I ask just to make sure I can free up the CP I had spent on extra shields and get some more lasers or something.

Despite my plethora of questions, I had a lot of fun with this DLC. Good stuff!

>> No.40161975

That depends. Do we know which Robin that Teen Titans' Robin is? Dick or Tim?

>> No.40162087

It's never actually said in the cartoon, but all the signs indicate he's Dick Grayson. I think it might have been officially confirmed somewhere, but it doesn't really need the confirmation. Child of acrobats, dating Starfire. grows up to be Nightwing...it's Dick.

>> No.40162097

Welll, I get tossed to dark souls.
Tossed to Dark Souls
Firelink shrine
300 to import companions (also disciples, thus grossly incandescent)
Disciple of Sunlight 100
free gross incandescence
300 feeling lucky
300 praise the sun
free sunlight straight sword (pretty but not special)
free estus flask

Well, if this is good luck, I'd hate to see bad. I mostly keep Mihoshi in my head (she snoozes a lot), empowering my attacks with the holy element.

Which I use a gun for, thank you very much. I'll smash their head in if they manage to get in range. For the most part it works, but I have a number of close

calls. Fortunately, including myself in the fire blast actually heals me now...

Scooby Doo
The thirteen ghosts of scooby doo
22 years old
Ralking Rog
100 Enormous Appetite
100 Prehensile Tail
100 Talking Animals
free scooby snacks
300 upgraded Shaggy Super Sandwhich Supplies
100 Doo Family Collar
400 More Meddling Kids (run for your life and talking animals)
-100 Vain

So I have a lot more trouble, particularly with the mirror demon, than I expected, but my friends pitched in, and Anko ended up eating 9 of the demons from the chest. No magic learned or copied, but we do have a fair number of fun investigations, with the supernatural out of the way. Everyone being able to talk to animals does help. I now have infinite high quality sandwhich fixing and tasty dog treats. And can eat without end if I want... not that I do.

>> No.40162405

Konig Wolf or Lord Gale for a Zoid?

>> No.40162437

Lord Gale. That thing's cool.

>> No.40162777

Alright. Those two were the last on my list of cool medium zoids to start with. I like how unique this one is.

>> No.40162841

Is... Is that zoid's dick a minigun?

>> No.40162905

Right then! Magicka Jump is done, but we can't upload it due to it being too large.

>> No.40162919

No, the gun's coming out of the shield. It's kind of hard to see with the angle, though.

>> No.40162933


That help?

>> No.40162940

No, that minigun is part of the shield on its arm.

If you want a Zoid with a gundick, the Gun Sniper has you covered.

>> No.40163096

Yes, very much. It's actually a good thing that we couldn't upload it, we forgot to do the fluff for the origins.

>> No.40163181

Which of the DLC are you including?

>> No.40163254

in DC i was in Gotham for a while and acted like i didn't know earth customs, so i behaved like a very polite criminal. breaking in to buildings asking peoples for their valuables and then just giving it away to other people all while using butchered english. if i get caught i just behave like it's all normal. i didn't kill or seriously injure anyone, besides actual villains, so most hero didn't know what to make of me.

>> No.40163363

Mostly core.

>> No.40163477

It's time to put on your Robe and Wizard Hat everybody!

>> No.40163512

>CP is cheese points

It all makes sense now

>> No.40163540

Jump-chan is Sheogorath confirmed.

>> No.40163672

I just noticed a slight problem with formatting. I'm going to reupload a slightly less derpy version.

>> No.40163695


It still has the same problem. Dear lord this is annoying. Just ignore it for now everyone until I can figure out how to fix it.

>> No.40163740

A few questions.

Summoning Death. What's the deal with that? Do you end up making it instantly kill everyone around you or no? How long does it last? Is there a limit to what it can kill?

Vlad's Gauntlet. It says you take damage from Life but have Arcane Immunity. Does that mean you take damage from healing but are immune to a single class of magic, or does it make you immune to ALL magic? Because you might need a price change if it's the latter.

Fairly familiar, does the Fairy Familiar heal you from critical condition repeatedly, or is it a 'once a jump' thing?

Cultist's 'Community', how long does the conversion last? Can it be reversed at all?

What's so special about the Dragon Egg that it's 600CP?

Aside from some questions, you did really good so far.

>> No.40163766

>Take off your mask


>> No.40163836

Not the guy who made it, but Summon Death is a spell where Death kills (or targets in Wizard Wars, the multiplayer game) the weakest unit in a set radius.

Said weakest target can include you

>> No.40163886

Oh, wow. That's way less than what I was expecting, and at the same time utterly hilarious.

I'm kind of surprised they would offer us Vortex, when the notes claim it could eat a world.

>> No.40163942

>couple hours
Do you mean two hours, or, like. Ten hours? Twelve?

>> No.40163971

>A few questions.
Oh dear.

>Summoning Death. What's the deal with that? Do you end up making it instantly kill everyone around you or no? How long does it last? Is there a limit to what it can kill?
He goes after whoever is closest to death. Well, either that or you're just calling him up for a visit.

>Vlad's Gauntlet. It says you take damage from Life but have Arcane Immunity. Does that mean you take damage from healing but are immune to a single class of magic, or does it make you immune to ALL magic? Because you might need a price change if it's the latter.
It makes you immune to the Arcane element. Yeah I should probably have explained the elements shouldn't I?

>Fairly familiar, does the Fairy Familiar heal you from critical condition repeatedly, or is it a 'once a jump' thing?
It respawns after a week when used.

>Cultist's 'Community', how long does the conversion last? Can it be reversed at all?
KnightButters made that one, I would have to look it over really.

>What's so special about the Dragon Egg that it's 600CP?
Mythology is crazy at times. And hey! It's a Dragon! Who wouldn't want it?

Yes Again!

>I'm kind of surprised they would offer us Vortex, when the notes claim it could eat a world.
It's balanced because of it's utter indiscretion. This is a jump where you can very easily get yourself killed through simple error. It's why the Revive option is available.

>Do you mean two hours, or, like. Ten hours? Twelve?
I should put this in the notes huh? Well that's why I uploaded it! Trial by fire! I would say about 4 to 6 hours or so.

>> No.40163981

At least it's not Crash To Desktop.

>> No.40164006

Are there any limits on us using revive on other people after the jump?

You do realize that spell creates a black hole right? Like, right next to you?

>> No.40164036

In order to cast it and live you would need to cast it then immediately FTL teleport away. It will suck in anything even close to itself and the collateral damage will be absolutely horrifying. And odds are that the time dilation effect would fuck you over so hard in terms of the timeline anyways.

Seriously, making a full fledged black hole within your Magicka casting radius is just BAD NEWS. The spell is basically "Fuck this general area of space in particular." The number of useful situations would be SUPER limited unless you didnt care about killing everyone. And if you DONT care about that you probably have enough power to carry that kind of thing out anyways.

>> No.40164039

>you're just calling him up for a visit.
Is this an easy way to add a Death to my "watchers" list?

I've been collecting people to watch my adventures with Jump-chan. Deaths in particular.

And NO! Hastur chased me for two thousand fucking years! I'm not getting the attention of a hastur clone!

>> No.40164055

Hastur just wants to cuddle.

>> No.40164062

>Hastur chased me for two thousand fucking years!
Yeah, and now you're married.

>> No.40164085

You would have to be explicitly suicidal to use that spell anyways.

>Are there any limits on us using revive on other people after the jump?
It's basically a quick, true resurrection that can only be used on people that died within the last 4 to 6 hours. It's only one at a time. Other than that? Go nuts.

>Is this an easy way to add a Death to my "watchers" list?
Indeed it is, he's probably going to watch you to find new worlds for his travel agency to offer visits to. I can tell he'll love you for it.

>> No.40164117

I am aware of this

Quiet you.

>A "Free" watcher, no effort needed beyond spending CP

>> No.40164166

So, you going to be cuddling with two Hasturs now?

>> No.40164167

How about worlds with existing afterlife systems where their souls are explicitly shunted someplace else, like the Rukh from Magi? Does it work there?

>> No.40164189

You'll just need one more for a party of Hastur, Hastur, Justice, and Hastur.

>> No.40164190

>It makes you immune to the Arcane element. Yeah I should probably have explained the elements shouldn't I?
That would help a lot, yeah. For a moment I was worried.

>It respawns after a week when used.
Seems a bit much, there's similar items that cost the same but have a way longer recharge time, like once a jump. Is there a way to reduce the healing time or simply increase it to once a year? I mean I don't know what the definition of 'critical condition' is in this case, so feel free to disregard.

>KnightButters made that one, I would have to look it over really.
Aaah. It'd be really nice to know what it can and can't do.

>Mythology is crazy at times. And hey! It's a Dragon! Who wouldn't want it?
Fair enough! I just know for 600CP that some people would want to make sure it's worth the cost.

>It's balanced because of it's utter indiscretion. This is a jump where you can very easily get yourself killed through simple error. It's why the Revive option is available.
Understandable. Time magic from other jumps could probably fix that, but whether you bother yourself with that or not is up to you.

Nice to get some good answers, anon! Thanks for sitting down and clarifying it.

>> No.40164217

>there's similar items that cost the same but have a way longer recharge tim
Jumps aren't balanced around the options in other jumps.

>> No.40164233

It took me a while to realise you were counting steam and ice as elements, I was all 'there aren't ten, unless poison is the tenth and you've read the book 'The Ninth Element'' but then I figured it out.

I am not a smart man.

Also, I'd assume the 100cp perks are free for origin and that the origins get discounts on their perks and items in their sections? Unless I simply missed it (could happen, see my reference to how smart I am above) there isn't an explanation about it.

>> No.40164241


>> No.40164262

He has a point, what qualifies as critical condition? If an attack does so much damage that it instagibs you will the fairy be able to save you?

>> No.40164272

That's not Justice.

>> No.40164305

>Avoiding Vortex
Would having a way to step into a parallel world work? Could we use time stop right after casting it and then run away super-fast? How about using Ensoul from Card Captor Sakura to make a chibi personification of Vortex, then telling it to go out and unleash hell while we hide in the warehouse?

>> No.40164309

No, he just wants to remain loyal to his cosmic abomination. That's true justice.

>> No.40164335

Do... I know you haven't had any medical training, but we don't consider a dead person to be in critical condition.

>> No.40164339

Why shouldn't it?

>That would help a lot, yeah. For a moment I was worried.
Adding to the to-do list.

>Seems a bit much, there's similar items that cost the same but have a way longer recharge time, like once a jump. Is there a way to reduce the healing time or simply increase it to once a year? I mean I don't know what the definition of 'critical condition' is in this case, so feel free to disregard.
Critical condition is around 20% or less health or so.

>Aaah. It'd be really nice to know what it can and can't do.
I looked it over, Conversions wear off over the course of a year (According to KnightButters).

>Fair enough! I just know for 600CP that some people would want to make sure it's worth the cost.

>Understandable. Time magic from other jumps could probably fix that, but whether you bother yourself with that or not is up to you.

>Nice to get some good answers, anon! Thanks for sitting down and clarifying it.
Glad I could help.

>> No.40164350

I'd worry about it trying to hug you at that point.

>> No.40164367

>while we hide in the warehouse?
>in the warehouse

>> No.40164392

The question is more about if the attack does fuckloads of damage, enough that it would kill you, will the fairy intervene and save you anyways? Is it effectively an extra life?

I'm sure there are workarounds, but if you're going that far into it to weaponize it there are equally powerful systems you can get elsewhere that work just as well.

>> No.40164393

Thank goodness that the Vortex starts off really, /really/ small then huh anon?

>> No.40164416

The jump maker had a conversation about this. The fairy doesn't protect you from death, she just heals you when you're near death.

>> No.40164426

First, I'm pretty sure Hastur could fuse with Hasturs from other worlds. Second that would be him making an exception to his normal rules, which usually result in additions to his harems, so in this case favoritism is not justice.

Third, it's just fun to tell him the things he's doing aren't Justice.

>> No.40164461

>Why shouldn't it?

Because the Rukh exist within the world itself as a reincarnation system that manifests as white butterflies that aid with people casting magic. Magi is kinda weird like that.

What about afterlife systems where someone STEALS the soul from the afterlife?

Basically, what happens in nonstandard afterlife systems where the soul might not be accessible as it would normally be? Does it basically let you tell anyone holding an immortal soul to fuck off and steal it from them? Or are there limitations to if it can get the soul back?

Magicka itself doesnt offer explanations for these scenarios so you're the person to ask.

>> No.40164512

Pretty sure DnD Ressurrection magic works in other settings too. People generally assume magic spells work properly outside of their settings. Not sure why you're going out of your way to attack this specific setting. It's jump-chan fiat.

>> No.40164514

Also, TES Soul Gems. How do they work with those?

>> No.40164634

It's not an attack, I'm curious as to the limitations of the Res spell. Really this would apply to trures in D&D too, I'm just curious as to how the metaphysics would be handled.

D&D magic can res people in scenarios where the soul is held normally in an afterlife and the individual is willing to come back. There are situations, such as if the soul is faced with oblivion, in which true resurrection DOESNT work, because it requires a working afterlife to draw from.

I assume that it works in worlds that dont HAVE an explicit afterlife, I'm wondering how it works in worlds that DO have an afterlife but the afterlife works in a strange way that may not be conducive to a normal res.

Sorry if it came off as an attack, I really don't mean to be abusive, I just wanted his input on how that kind of scenario would work.

>> No.40164643

>Conversions wear off over the course of a year
Curious. Would they let you just convert one at a time or is it multiple people? Can you make them convert others in this weird chain reaction or no?

Yeah, if it doesn't mean an extra life every week then it's not nearly as bad.

>> No.40164690

The problem is you're asking for specific cross-jump metaphysics. It comes across as being really anal about the details and aggressive about this spell existing, because this kind of thing is something nobody can really understand. It all works on fiat.

>> No.40164728

No, don't worry, this is Assatur. Totally different one than the one who's been stalking you.

>> No.40164744

I didn't mean to be anal, I was just curious. I don't like relying on Fiat alone for my more complex plans because it honestly feels a bit scummy to me to think that something THAT integral to a project I'm working on is summed up as "it just works".

I shouldn't have asked. Sorry.

>> No.40164821

When it comes to weird interactions with specific settings I am of the opinion that Revive is the honey badger of resurrection spells. Take that as you will.

>Curious. Would they let you just convert one at a time or is it multiple people? Can you make them convert others in this weird chain reaction or no?
One at a time, chain reactions are valid.

>> No.40164825 [SPOILER] 

It's a trap.

>> No.40164880

Wow, way to be an asshole to someone who wanted clarification.

>> No.40164913

Log Horizon & Dynasty Warriors update: I'm officially released from Jury Duty as of Friday so I'm free to actually work on jumps again.

>> No.40164923

So, I'm looking through my Persona Jump build. Damn it for having so many juicy options!

Red String, Self-Awareness, and Unbreakable Bond are basically must-haves, but I also want my Motorcycle, dammit!

>> No.40164924

>Not liking, "it just works"
Do you even skip parts of the future?

>> No.40164934

>Jury duty
Ugh I feel sorry for you.

>> No.40164944

So could I make a system where I kill someone, trap their soul potential into the soul gem, harvest that soul gem for energy, then res them to do it all over again?

Because if yes I totally just unlocked the secret to a Slaughtercaust-Resurrection perpetual energy device.

>> No.40164948

Shit, I forgot to add my question: is there a way of helping my Companions get Personae of their own, WITHOUT importing them as classmates?

I'm thinking the Psychology Perk, or the Evoker, might be able to help Companions or just regular people in other Jumps develop their own Personae. What do you guys think?

>> No.40164961

What's your problem, man? Maybe they just wanted to figure shit out so they don't get called out when they cobble something together.

Whenever Red or OA asks for this shit people help them out, but when an anon asks we tell them 'fuck you it works'? Talk about double standard.

>> No.40164962

I've seen a good explanation for you King Crimson, so deal with it.

>> No.40164979

Is anon not allowed to make a King Crimson joke, you white knight?

>> No.40164992

I never understood why people get so confused by King Crimson. It's pretty easy to understand if you've ever dealt with lag in multiplayer.

>> No.40165021

Revive doesn't care if someone doesn't have a soul to resurrect. It will resurrect them. Revive doesn't even care if there's nothing but dust, it will make a new body.

Revive doesn't care. It does it's job whether reality objects or not.

Should I get a trip code?

>> No.40165028

It's a joke anon, I don't even know how you could take it seriously.
I don't actually think King Crimson is that complicated, but an appropriate explanation is a bit long for a filename, otherwise I would have used a proper explanation as the filename.

>> No.40165073


>> No.40165099

I don't think it's possible.

>> No.40165113

Remember anon, you can only revive them one at a time.

>> No.40165130

This is where Echidna from darkstalkers comes in.

>> No.40165141

I've been meaning to ask about something. The Sharingan obviously has the ability to copy other people's techniques. Does this power function on things other than ninjutsu? Could I watch someone cast a spell and instantly acquire the ability to cast that spell? What if I watched Lina cast Ragna Blade, could I think cast it myself or at least understand how she does it? If I watch somebody cast a Kido from Bleach could I then cast that same Kido? What are the limits on this?

>> No.40165176

Toriko Jump
Food Allergy: coffee +300 CP
Gluttonous: +200 CP
rolled age 20+5 = 25
rolled a seven:Zabel Island
born with it. -200
basic cooking skills, free
food luck -200
martial art training: Japanese-style streetfighting free with Bishokuya
hunting techniques, free with Bishokuya
Zen food medication -100
gut instinct free with born if it
routines -200
appetite energy -150: convection microwave style.discounted for born with it
They Went to Le Cordon Bleu: Monique,painwheel, tina,TJ,RJ X3 -250
Gourmet Cell TreatmentX5 Monique,painwheel, tina,TJ,RJ -250
Gourmet Cells -100
Basic Cooking Utensils: Free
Mobile Kitchen-50 CP
Gourmet Rucksack.-25
The Gourmet Case:X5-25
Melk Knife -100
Basic Cooking Skills:Free
Gourmet World Chef: -200

Gut Instinct: -100
Grafting: -100
Intimidation: -100 CP
Gourmet Cell Mutation: elemental mutation heat -300

Dynamic Vision-200
Gut Instinct-100

Beast Tamer -200

>> No.40165191

>Could I watch someone cast a spell and instantly acquire the ability to cast that spell?
Pick up Lore from FF6 jump. That's what it does.

>> No.40165207

I think Ninjanon said no. It copies physical and chakra, so if the spell was entirely physical actions you could reproduce it, but if there's even a little bit of magical manipulation through non physical means, nuh-uh, use another perk.

>> No.40165211

#This is the best ten years I've had in literal ages! First off , the title character is the first worthy opponent. I've had since my time in super robot wars. And I did indeed rival the hell out of him, even entering the IGO's tournament and competing against him,. Thankfully, none of the straw hats seem to remember me, unfortunately I am perhaps the only person alive who can say with authority that Kamehameha hurts more than an eighteen hit nail punch which hurts worse than uso Koka: Gomu Gomu no Gatling.I make Monique an awesome whip out of the Akami, it does everything. The creature's tentacles do, the cementing my reputation as a “gourmet blacksmith ”in front of the whole world. Of course, this isn't all I do with my prey, it's just not every part of every animal is edible.I make a special point of showing up where Toriko is doing plot things and trying to outdo him on them. Which I pull off pretty successfully, learning food . Immersion takes me a bit longer than it did him , but by the time we are hunting PAIR. I'm practically the fifth heavenly King and don't think the people who were imported are just lazing about the warehouse, mother box is enjoying the high-pressure bidding and analysis that comes from being a gourmet ingredient broker, Tyrion and Pam are running my hotels, railroads and apartments and generally living it up. I finally figured out the secrets of the Orgel of Origins, so now My star makers now have unlimited mass, as well as energy to work with and can replicate themselves every minute , creating entire habitable solar systems in no more than a month. While me and the wife are away doing plot stuff Mars is becoming a notable Bishokuya on her own, specializing in near invulnerable ingredients like the Crush Turtle or stronghold rhino and forms a romance and combo partnership with Tengu Brunch , who of course gets poded.

>> No.40165213

I'm not balancing it with other jumps so... Yeah. Heck, I'm amazed at the lack of a shitstorm over the easy and quick resurrection that revive gives.

Things have went far better than could possibly be expected!

>> No.40165243

Next up figure out how to make the Kinetic Cestus generate more of whatever fuel you last put in it, I know how to modify things to have infinite ammo and can create infinite mass. Plus, I know how to turn mass into any kind of matter , so it shouldn't be that hard right?
I rolled a eighty.... At least it's not a critical fail.#

Oh and in case anyone is interested , here's my full course menu
hors d'oeuvre: chilled Supear.
Soup: Overflowing Honeycomb Soup
Drink :mellow cola
fish dish: ANOTHER
meat dish: pulled Jewel Meat with King vinegar sauce sandwich
Main course: roast BB pill bug seasoned with Melk Stardust
salad course: Ozone Herb with Mors Oil sauce.
Desert: Pudding Camel

Rolling to see if I complete my full course menu.

.d 1d100
:: Total 15 / 100 [15%] :: Results [15] ::

That looks like a yes to me :-)

>> No.40165285

Way to jinx it!

I'm cool with it so long as you would need to go in depth to abuse the shit out of it and so long as that maximum time of a couple hours is as far as you can go before it no longer works.

True Res from D&D has arguably fewer restrictions.

>> No.40165312

Wow, you actually managed to decide on a Full Course Menu? I'm impressed, every time I've tried I've been paralyzed by indecision. There's just so many good things to eat there. I can't decide. I may just be uncreative and copy Acacia's.

>> No.40165417

What was that one jump that gave you a normal human alt form?

>> No.40165444

>I know how to modify things to have infinite ammo and can create infinite mass
Bullshit, man. How would you even modify the Cestus to do that?

Is this another one of your "I shrink Mars" plans again?

>> No.40165484

To be fair, the infinite ammo thing is something you can get from DMC and Bayonetta. Personal weapons only, but yeah.

>> No.40165517

Assuming I'm using the same logic he is:

Kinetic Cestus + Bayonetta's infinite ammo modification = Kinetic Cestus with infinite ammo

Then you simply have to assume unloading the thing doesn't remove all of the ammo inside of it.

>Assumptions, etc.

>> No.40165524

Yeah, and how does he plan to turn 'infinite mass' into ammo? I don't buy it.

>> No.40165642

Quicksilver, can you please answer this >>40156660

>> No.40165689

That's part of it
I'm trying harder this time.
Which is why I'm also combining it with the Orgel of Origins,And a beefed up Star Trek replicator to replicate Fuel continuously, Each blow will Turning spring-loaded flywheel which will crank the Orgel of Origins Feeding energy and mass into the replicator Which is boosted by DMC weapons Crafting and unorthodox parts from Bayonetta.

>> No.40165717

>Each blow will Turning spring-loaded flywheel which will crank the Orgel of Origins
I'm sorry, what?

This whole thing makes no damn sense. What are you even going on about.

>> No.40165751

Yeah, well, True Res from D&D has much higher requirements than "Are you a Wizard? Yes? Here you go!"

>> No.40165819

Minecraft can get you technically infinite mass, because you can create worlds, strip mine them, and store the mass in AE systems (basically pokemon inventory system) in other dimensions.

You have effectively limitlless mass from a single jump, tada. The only 'limit' is how long it takes to get it, and if you set up an automated process using robots from other jumps, you really won't ever run out.

>> No.40165884

dictation messed up . each blow will turn A spring-loaded flywheel Which will turn the Orgel of Origins. Sending power and mass into the replicator, which has been beefed up with the infinite ammo modifications. video related. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_K4PSV4MO70

>> No.40165993

Once you hit a certain level death kinda becomes a revolving door.

Granted I don't necessarily LIKE that fact that everyone gets perfect revive absolutely free, but of all the things that I could be morally outraged about this is far from the top of the list.

>> No.40165995

If you want infinite mass, and have a way to convert one thing into another, you could just upgrade a gun to have infinite ammo, tie the trigger down, and collect the bullets to convert into other stuff.

>> No.40166013

Unholy Heights

>> No.40166051

Better have a soundproof room or else you will constantly hear gunshots and might harm your hearing or become annoying after a while I am sure.

>> No.40166083

Better. Faster. Stronger. Harder.

Changelog: Added The Ten Elements And You!

>> No.40166087

well yeah but I'm a jumper where is the challenge in that? I have FIM alchemy Any kind of infinite mass will give me whatever a fucking want, I have something special in mind for this.
A Australium Disk inset with the MCU infinity gems

>> No.40166134

>yeah but I'm a jumper

Stopped right there. More of your bullshit.

You shoulda stayed gone.

>> No.40166138

So, you gonna focus on fixing PS238 now?

>> No.40166151

By the way, Arcane heals undead. It'll be in the one uploaded to the drive.

>> No.40166162

Screw off. I'm not involved in this conversation, but people like you who take this place so assblastingly serious that you tell content makes to leave just because they have some stupid ass plan you don't like, makes you a giant asshole.

>> No.40166168

>well yeah but I'm a jumper
And dropped.

>> No.40166193

It is fixed.
Why thank you.

>> No.40166254

>It is fixed.

>all the preferences for drop-in
>Jumper Sensei lets us pick ANY supernatural martial art. Also for drop-in
>Rank 5 FISS for 750CP


>> No.40166260

My one suggestion is to limit revive to fairly intact and fresh corpses, getting gibbed means it won't work on you and generally it seems to be more of a short term thing rather than being able to bring back the guy who died a couple of weeks ago.

>> No.40166265

Do the imps count as companions, or just a lot of summons?

>> No.40166281

He has kicked up shit and pitched gigantic fits when people point out flaws in his logic and mention how specific plans won't work. And his answer has been, and it seems always will be, 'fuck you I'm a Jumper.'

>> No.40166305

Odd definition of 'fixed,' huh?

>> No.40166309

I see more pissy shit kicking on your part.

>> No.40166310

It works without a body at all, just making a new one out of nothing. I think there's a limit on the time though, I think he said 4-6 hours.

>> No.40166329

In case you hadn't noticed, you dingus, drop-ins can't pick a homeroom. Everybody else can get discounts for both their background and their homeroom. And every single other superpower gets stronger endlessly conduit style. Whereas FISS never grows stronger.

>> No.40166330

That's dumb, and way too restricted when there are revive options that don't need that.

You do know dying means the chain is fucking over, right?

>> No.40166341

Fairy Revive has the same limitations as the Revive Spell.
They count as summons of course! They're far too dumb and have far too little self preservation instincts to be considered companions.

>> No.40166353

Okay, if that's not how that would be done, how would you go about it?
Drop-in gets Two backgrounds worth of discounts because everyone else Basically gets Two backgrounds.
What this anonymous said.

>> No.40166357

>well yeah but I'm a jumper where is the challenge in that?

Mate. We have a code of conduct.

If you're going to wank that fucking hard, keep it under the desk instead of flopping it about.

>> No.40166373

Shit stirrers don't actually read anything, I think. They hear complaints in the thread, then echo them endlessly without thought just to cause fights.

>> No.40166388

Is it possible to improve your ability to channel elements over the ten years, or even the 'chain in general, or is it a hard cap that can't be overcome?

>> No.40166459

>And every single other superpower gets stronger endlessly conduit style
Conduit powers have never been a case of 'endlessly stronger'. That's a retarded fanwank someone came up with. That's never been the case and you know it.

>> No.40166498

You can "Theoretically" Improve beyond channeling five elements at a time.

Theoretically, as in there is no strong evidence one way or another. However not even Vlad the really long lived can channel more than five elements at a time. And he's a master of the arts!

>> No.40166520

>Alternate Channeling
Without explaining what normal channeling is- or what it's good for- this Perk is confusing. From the description, I probably want it (lets me do more stuff/mitigates a limitation), but I didn't even know I had that ability or limitation.

>> No.40166540

Really? My bad then. All the other ps238 powers do still grow endlessly stronger though.

>> No.40166560

I meant more in the sense of 'if I don't pay to start with 5 elements, will I not go beyond 3?'

Sorry. Good to know that 5 is the probable magic system cap.

>> No.40166568

Maybe not 'endlessly', but Conduit powers do grow in strength.

>> No.40166576

Can you grow from channeling 3 to channeling 5 on your own?

>> No.40166594


You know why I'd rather Tera leave? Because he's fucking cancer. He's a piece of shit, his jumps are shit, and he constantly drags his real-life fucking drama into /jc/. He makes a huge fucking deal of leaving, and then comes back like nothing happened. Whenever /anyone/ calls him out on his bullshit, he acts passive-aggressively and plays his fucking victim card and backpedals and I'm fucking sick of him. And then he leaves the IRC because he got shouted down for his stupid fucking idea and shits the thread up with it instead.

So, yes. I would rather he stay gone. I would rather YOU go, Tera. I'm sick of your shit.

>> No.40166605

>"Hey cool, I have electrokinesis!"
>"I can time travel under my own power!"

>> No.40166608

Normally you need a staff to channel magic. This way you can improvise with random pieces of wood and chains!

Yes, it's like going from apprentice to journeyman. It's a natural progression.

>> No.40166615

Do you need to get the weapon perk to be able to add elements to your weapon, or would that come through the channelling perk? Do you need a perk at all? What about casting on self? Maybe you could add a bit about the three casting types.

>> No.40166629

Brows has become the Salt element soon Brows will become the avatar of salt.

>> No.40166631

You're dragging name drama into the thread and being a hypocrite, especially when all of you make a big deal about anons attacking you.

>> No.40166637

This is fantastic information- on both counts. Maybe include it in the Jump proper though?

>> No.40166672

>Do you need to get the weapon perk to be able to add elements to your weapon, or would that come through the channelling perk? Do you need a perk at all? What about casting on self?
You do not need a perk, those all come standard.
Adding to the to-do list.

>> No.40166676

I'm not sure Cole's a representative sample. We'd need to see what sort of crazy shit other Conduits pull with enough time to hone their abilities. The only other one with that level of experience we have to compare to is Augustine, and she's certainly not at that level yet. I think Cole/Kessler was just really strong, inherently.

>> No.40166682

Oh sure, they grow in strength. But it was never endlessly or allowing you to do concept-warping shit.

Which is pure bullshit when tera stated that the characters start at Avengers level powers, Hulk included, and grow from there.

>> No.40166694

>all of them

Nah, this is just Brows. Brows is always angry. Do you not know this?

>> No.40166698

Are they always the same imps? If I give them all magic clubs to hit things with and armour to take a hit will they always have it, or will they need to be rearmed from jump to jump? I imagine they drop it when they die magicka style so they can pick it up again later.

>> No.40166715

I'm pretty sure all jump makers don't like people attacking them. I'm not saying all of them are starting drama, though.

>> No.40166719

You're correct on them needing to pick their stuff back up when they die.

>> No.40166723

Salt is a subdomain of the Ocean gods. Saltwater, etc.

Hahahahaha, you're fucking hilarious, when have I ever made any post whining that anon-kun is mean? Fuck, the most I've complained about is not getting attention from anon at all.

>> No.40166755

Oh, okay.

>> No.40166800

>Constant Channeling
>Lets you do magic while drunk
I want to imagine this will make getting blackout drunk much more fun.

>> No.40166852

It's an amazing mental image I know.

>> No.40166882

Note to self, develop quite Imp Rearming System, then sue the IRS for using my acronym.

>> No.40166900

I 100% agree.

>> No.40166901

*quick IRS, not quiet... although it should be quiet too, Imps are loud enough as is.

>> No.40166982

Well... a few more jumps gone through

free choice
100 Business Manager
free something strange music
free sarcastic one liner
200 Run the Show (multitasking)
250 Franchise (Ranma, Naruto, Nabiki, Anko) 400cp each
Paranormal Expert 100, I ain't afraid of no ghost, doorbuster, I have a hypothesis
Spectral containment unit, ghost traps, proton pack, pke meter
250 Workaholic (man hours to man months)
400 Profits Are up!
-200 Paraplegic

Sent to Horror Movie!
100 Researcher
100 bleeder
200 Sometimes dead is better
400 Unpossessable
free methodical
200 immune (disease)
200 excorcist
-200 Pedophobia

Aside from the frequent, evil, child ghost attacks, I'm fairly well off. Nothing I kill comes back to life, and generally is more at peace with

whatever problems they had in life, and I'm immune to most of the worst problems of horror movies. And seriously... I could arm wrestly thor. Straight combat

isn't going to be a problem. Life isn't perfect, but the horrors amount to a part time job. I spend more time working on Asgardian science than anything else.

As it's desk work, and theoretical... well, I get a few years worth of progress in every day.
Free: basic magic. 10 elements, 3 spheres at a time.. haste, revive.
100?: Advanced: ice and steam as 1 element, 5 spheres at a time.

free: basics, portal, rain, grease...
100: constant channeling
300: advanced magicks
600: create magicks
100: song magic

free vanilla robes
100 Magick Tome
300 grand tome of magick
-600 Magickless

Not much to say, here. I have no magic or supernatural abilities. I still have a lot of skills, a warehouse, and a fit body. I study the setting in my library and keep well away from the action. I spend a lot of time as a smith. Technically, I _was_ a wizard. Of course, after this, I'll be able to use five spheres, teach others to use them, and even put spells into books.

>> No.40167021


128, 19, 273, 125, 335
sims 3
Isla Paradiso, free choice. I'm a mid twenties
Occult 200
free Green thumb
100 alchemist
200 Inappropriate
200 No bills ever
200 steel bladder
100 omni-plant seed
100 resurrect-o-nomitron
-100 Censorship

Well, my options were franken fran (nice, but too much mad science at the moment) Archer, Full Metal Panic, Red Dwarf, or Sims3. Sims 3 it was!

I spent a good amount of time collecting recipes, gardening, and floating about. I grew the omniplant seed for more seeds, and took a large number
of skill-training potions. With food from scooby doo, cleanliness from the body mod, a stainless steel bladder, and no bills... I'm an epic hobo! I may or may not sleep in a matchbox.

I did learn a few new spells, minor as they are, and eventually master all of the sims skills. Really relaxing after a bunch of fairly hostile environments in previous jumps. :)

>> No.40167032

Normally I'd roll my eyes, but then I remember the huge bullshit tera threw up when Red was taking their last break about wanting to be her and getting angry at her plans. So it's not like this hasn't happened before.

>> No.40167227

You know those last two parts were my way of apologizing to her right?

>> No.40167269


Only after getting your shit called out, son.

>> No.40167278

Really? Wow, you're bad at that, then.

>> No.40167280

Anyone have upcoming jumps they're looking forward to?

>> No.40167302

>That's apologizing
Yeah and a gun is a peaceful negotiator

>> No.40167345

DBZ Xenoverse because it will be a great jump I bet.

>> No.40167368

That's because I'm bad at realizing when I need to apologize.
I'm bad at being a person in general. It was me explain my feelings about red, why I have such Strong stuff against her. And the truth is, I'm not as good as her, I will probably never be , and it took all of that for me to realize that And be honest with myself about that.
See above.

>> No.40167377

This kid's hilarious. Give 'im a hand, boys!

>> No.40167480

Xenoverse like the other anon, and Ravnica.

>> No.40167593


Xenoverse, for reals. I don't know if Log Horizon jump is ever going to be a thing (I might need to make it myself at this point) but I'd love it a lot

>> No.40167621


>> No.40167634

Wasn't someone making a Log Horizon jump, except it was so gamey it was basically 'here's how this game works' and not really a jump at all? Maybe I'm getting mixed up.

>> No.40167681

Okay then newest version.

Changelog: Clarified staff, channeling, and added to notes. Also clarified imp summons.

>> No.40167798

I think you're confusing Log Horizon and Forgotten Realms. If I recall correctly, the problem with Log Horizon was that it left you in a position where it would be impossible to do anything of note because it left you 30 levels lower than most of the cast, in a setting where leveling once or twice takes years of constant training.

>> No.40167865

For Magicka, can we take any kind of robe we want for the robe item?

>> No.40167890

> bad at being a person in general

You could just stop being a person. It's easy!

>> No.40167894

Yes any of the wizard models.

>> No.40167897

Oh. I'm dumb and don't pay attention to things

..Is that a thing?

Well, you don't necessarily have to change the plot via being high leveled? A lot of the things about LH is that the game mechanics are surely but slowly becoming less relevant or abused- oh god it's the tippyverse applied to MMOs

>> No.40167901

Yes, yes indeed.

By the way, I know what you're thinking, Space Robe is way harder to use than you think.

>> No.40167948

Ah, right. My bad.

>> No.40168080

Levels are a huge deal in Log Horizon, even post merge- every NPC has a level that determines their potency in various areas, and if you want to do the neat engineering, you need to do high level questing, and then you need to have a high level to work them.

Everyone who gets taken seriously in the series is a 90 or higher. The first couple of arcs are basically spent establishing 'if you want to get taken seriously, level 90. if you want to not be abused by the level 90s, be level 90. if you want to work with level 90 components for crafting, alchemy, engineering, magic, or whatever, level 90.'

Also there's a new set of 'quests' that have just come out that are level 90+ content and in typical fantasy fashion threaten the countryside and the main story quest is level 90+ and has stripped the entire world of it's normal protections (the stuff that would protect the status quo for NPCs, basically).

>> No.40168109

Yeah, sub-90's get treated like slaves, basically.

>> No.40168151


Hopefully my accelerated-learning perks and Data Drain will help me make up the difference. Levels presumably matter less if you can use raid-boss attacks!

>> No.40168172

Literally, in some cases! Basically all of Log Horizon's sub-90s membership got rescued from a sweatshop or whatever the fuck was being planned for Serara. I don't recall what the Bard's circumstances were, and Randy got recruited because otherwise he would've perma-died.

>> No.40168197

>go in as a late-game Jumper
>equip and train sub-90's to use power armor
>launch the low-level revolution
>become Glorious Leader

>> No.40168204

I may just be blind, but where did you put the notes on channeling through staffs, weapons, and self casting? Or am I just getting confused about what your changelog is refering to?

>> No.40168206

Looking much clearer. Is it only possible to create new Magicka if one takes Warlock's Forbidden Magicks?

>> No.40168211

And so that is how Communism spread in Log Horizon.

>> No.40168216

>low-level revolution

... vidya equivalent of the Grot Rebels?

>> No.40168319

Yes, Comrades!

>> No.40168370

You could always develop the skills the old fashioned way. It would be significantly harder though.
Pretty sure it's in the Basic Magic perk.

>> No.40168375

This is why I went tech instead of magic in my Jumpchain: the potentials of mass-production.

>> No.40168393

Magic, Tech, once you get to a certain point they're impossible to tell apart.

>> No.40168416

What is the old fashioned way? Does Forbidden Knowledge somehow get you out of experimentation? Or does it just ensure that you have the foundation of everything you need to know to make Magicka spells?

>> No.40168444

>Mass production
Magitech Big Zam?

>> No.40168461

Ah, I downloaded the latest one and must have opened an earlier one. Derp. It's right there, thanks.

>> No.40168464


Cyber Robe, actually.

>> No.40168541

Nonsense, Ninja Robe. Gotta go fast!

>> No.40168595

Anyone working on a Xenosaga/gears Jump? Seems high-powered enough to accommodate those who want more end-Jumps, and also comes with robot waifus in both Rei-Ayanami-Expy and delicious brown skin versions.

>> No.40168618

>End jump.
Ew, fuck that. Stop trying to force that shit.

And no. Someone is working on a Xenogears regular jump and a Xenoblade regular jump.

>> No.40168641

Rei a shit.

>> No.40168642

>What is the old fashioned way?
Studying. I suggest grabbing Understanding as a step towards it otherwise you'll have to start from scratch.

>Cyber Robe, actually.
Make sure you avoid water Anon.

>> No.40168643

Isn't KOS_MOS mary sue the robot?
I keep hearing things about that but I don't know the setting.

>> No.40168659

Evader and Muyo are working on Xenogears.

Oh look, it's the guy who hates content again.

>> No.40168686

I don't hate content. I hate things being made into end jumps arbitrarily when they don't need to be. It's a pretty big difference.

>> No.40168734

So what defines something that needs to be an end-Jump? What's with the need for an end-Jump, anyway?

>> No.40168787

You need an end-jump to get your spark.

>> No.40168938

Top Gear.

>> No.40168955


So what determines whether a Jump can/should be written as an end-Jump or not? This isn't the first time I've seen a suggestion for a Jump slapped with a "this doesn't need to be an end-Jump" complaint.

>> No.40168972

Not gonna lie - first thing I'm doing in a Xenosaga jump is stealing Kosmos and Telos.

The sheer rage that will result in thus will make it all the more delicious.

>> No.40168995

Personally? Something that puts you near Goku level as far as destructive power. Dude can blow up galaxies, and not much outside of DBZ is a threat.

>> No.40169005

He's been around for a while. Any time someone mentions 'end jump' he gets triggered and screams about how it's killing /jc/ or something, completely ignoring that you need endjumps to get your spark and bring things to a close.

>> No.40169027

Nothing a little warding can't fix.

>> No.40169034

Nobody is going to take you seriously for using this kind of term. Seriously, it's a fucking joke.

And you seem to forget that the issue is with things being made into end jumps when they don't have to be. You don't see me complaining about DBZ being an end jump, or endgame TTGL.

>> No.40169063

I agree that he comes across too strongly, but some jumps really don't need to be labeled end jumps. Some people have been told a jump would have to be an end jump even when there are more powerful settings not as end jumps, or it doesn't put you at DBZ power levels. In those cases an optional variant might work, sometimes it might not.

>> No.40169074

>being made into end jumps when they don't have to be
Except you're not dictating that, the jump maker is. Who gave you the authority to tell people how to make their jump? If they do a good job, that's that.

>> No.40169078

> implying anyone wouldn't

Although KOS-MOS kind of needs to go through the plot to develop some personality, I actually PREFER her early-game cold robot-girl attitude to her laterz blander, Holy Maiden persona.

T-ELOS, despite, or because, she's a murderous psycho-bitch, is much more interesting.

Xenosaga comes pretty close to bestowing galaxy-shattering power, although I disagree that end-Jumps should be about raw force.

An end-Jump should force you to grow spiritually, giving you the enlightenment to travel dimensions. I consider Persona a perfectly valid candidate for an end-Jump scenario: understanding the Collective Unconscious could be a great first step when it comes to traveling to fictional worlds.

>> No.40169081

This should have been tossed out sooner, but here you guys go. An update for the jump. Still not runnable I think but it has much more meat to it.
What's new:
>'free' tier Perks
>Minor addition to the race options thing for more jumper freedom and choice veriaty
>A whole bunch of items
>Companion options. Currently only two.
>Spelling and grammar stuff no one cares about.

>> No.40169092

Magicka Author here, I'm going to bed.

>> No.40169141

I can't control anyone, but I can give my opinion. If I don't see any reason why to block someone from going to a setting I'll say it. And yes, people have the right to voice their opinions here. Whole point of it being a thread.

The problem with your definition is that not everyone has the same concept of 'growth' as you do. And a lot of people want to deal with their more mundane mental issues early on, which is why you see some people taking Persona relatively early.

>> No.40169157

You still haven't answered what makes DBZ or TTGL acceptable end-Jumps while others aren't. "Power-level" is frankly a dumb gauge: the Elder Scrolls potentially makes you powerful enough to survive entire eschatons.

Come up with a decent guideline for what makes a Jump suitable for "end-" status, and people might actually listen to you.

>> No.40169161

Good night. I like the jump heaps.

>> No.40169179

Because there is no appreciable challenge once you can use a Big Bang Kamehameha x10 to blow up the galaxy, or use your full spiral power to throw a galaxy like a shuriken. That's why.

>> No.40169182

You say 'block someone', I say 'gives options for a journey'. What if they don't want DBZ as an end-jump? What if we want more choices?

>> No.40169195

Aren't endgame scenarios optional? Nobody's forcing anyone to use anything as an end-Jump, even though scenarios have been written for them.

Also, while markers of spiritual growth will differ, markers for raw power do too. "Destroy a galaxy" is a pretty arbitrary benchmark.

>> No.40169211

Everyone else is blocked from going to the setting. You can only pick one, so if settings you like are arbitrarily made end jumps when they don't need to be, you can't ever go there and experience something you love.

>> No.40169231

No actually, some jumps are designed exclusively as an end jump. Granted, that's only DBZ for now, but it's what I'm usually arguing against. I don't mind optional end-game scenarios.

>> No.40169239

Hardly. With enough understanding and communication skills you could probably talk Goku or the TTGL cast into killing themselves. Power isn't everything.

>> No.40169249

And while waiting for input on my update and such i'm gonna post a build or two.

Jump: Mother/Earthbound
Allotment: 1000
Age: 12
Origin: Drop-in
Starting location: Podunk (Rolled 2. Looks like Mother plot it is. Good thing I got music perk from Shovel knight.)
Gear head: 100
Psi: 200
Spring therapy: 150
Rolling counter: 300
legendary bat: 100 (Surprisingly stronger than any melee option I can craft currently.)
Saturn table: 50
Improbubal allowance x2: 100CP
Ending: Move on

>> No.40169263

And other people's power isn't what I was talking about. Worm isn't an end jump because of Scion. I'm talking about the jumper.

>> No.40169371

A long while ago I suggested Samurai Jack should be an end jump because (1.You're going to be in near-constant danger from all the monsters, bounty hunters, natural hazards & etc. (2.Defeating Aku and getting Jack back to the past seemed like a reasonably difficult objective.

However the idea was shot down because everyone agreed that Aku could be easily beaten by any of the many holy/magical weapons offered in countless other jumps and that everything else would be a breeze to go through if you were taking this at the end of your 200+ jumpchain.

So taking this into account, along with the endgame scenarios for Tenchi Muyo and Gurren Lagann, it seems that an endjump or endgame scenario MUST have you face off against one or more capital G Gods. (Beings like the Choushin in Tenchi or the Anti-Spiral in Gurren.)

>> No.40169402

>Lesser kitsune-bi
>Can grow as big as an ox cart
>Has fluffy tail
Why would anyone NOT want one?

>> No.40169408

...I thought the point of a Spark was that you could just visit settings at will? I can get the idea of wanting scrutiny in what should be considered the last hurdle before being given a spark, but that doesn't mean that there aren't any settings that warrant it. If you could accidentally die from being even in the general radius or same planet as some characters, I'd consider it worthy of being your last stop before sparkhood. Buuut maybe that's just me.

>> No.40169442

You know, you keep going on and on about "it's cancer" or "it blocks content", or other bullshit for weeks now. Months.

But I've never seen you make a guide on how you feel end-jumps should be other than "m-muh power".

You keep bitching endlessly without ever giving us an example. You continue to dictate while never backing up your words. For someone who claims it's 'content killers' you've sure as hell been trying to kill content yourself only because for whatever reason you hate the idea of choices. Completely ignoring the fact that you could go anywhere post-spark and visit them yourself.

>but anon, nobody cares about post spark!

And yet no one's stopping you from going there and experiencing it. You sound like you only want to go just so you can get choices for power and shit.

A list. A single list that details what you think makes and end-jump and what doesn't. Just a little guide. People have asked you and all you do is bitch endlessly because "WAH I DON'T LIKE IT". Put up or shut up, I'm sick of you complaining every time someone wants to do something neat.

>> No.40169464

You can't build for jumps any more nor does anyone want to hear about your post-spark. It effectively doesn't exist.

I gave you an example. But, you keep saying it doesn't count in your rage. You wouldn't be happy no matter what I said because you don't want to discuss it, you want to scream.

>> No.40169497

Uh, isn't it less him saying don't make it and more don't make it be an end jump, I'd like to go to that setting without ending my chain.

>> No.40169499

Are you bitching at someone for wanting to make builds in a cyoa thread?

>> No.40169501

An example? Bullshit, you've constantly been asked to give a guide, and you never give any such thing. You're just dodging the topic in your bullshit.

>> No.40169511

I don't because all the jumpers have fallen from the true path of being humans.
The Imperium of Man would be displeased.

>> No.40169518

Define a guide. Because I did just tell you what I think makes something an end jump. Are you dissatisfied with my criteria? That's quite a bit different than claiming I've never stated one.

And as an anon just pointed out to you, dumbass, I never told anyone not to MAKE content, just not to make it an end-jump. Something quite different than what you claim I want.

>> No.40169521

No drop in?

>> No.40169529

Yo, you know you're looking worse than him right now when all the yelling and insults are on your part.

>> No.40169554

That's Hedge Mage.

>> No.40169560


So...The issue is that you don't get CP to make the builds in if you just visit the setting, and that visiting post-spark is a boring thing? I could see that. But you could do a theoretical build for most of those. I guess one of the biggest things would be having two versions of a jump? One that allows for greater gains but locks you into a chain-ender, and the other with lesser options but allows you to continue. Might be more work, but if pleasing people who have problems with it was the goal, that seem like it'd do it.

>> No.40169588

Theoretical builds don't mean anything, they don't matter and I can't integrate them into any story or writing I do.

The thing about your argument is, is that I don't mind end-game scenarios, which is basically what you're suggesting. I never had anything against them no matter what anon thinks I said. So those are fine. I also don't have any issues with jumps that are just plain too high power to be anything BUT end jumps, like DBZ. No problem at all.

All I'm complaining about is making settings that don't have to be end jumps, because they're not so overpowering that they must be, complete no-pass 100% end jumps. Having an end-game scenario would be a different matter.

>> No.40169606

So even having a non-human pet/companion is displeasing to the Imperium? Huh. All the more reason for me to be glad I don't live in the 40K universe.

Allotment: 1000
Age: 25
Origin: Drop-in
Starting location: East
Advanced Formulae: 100 CP
Simplified Formulae: 100 CP
Homunculus: 800 CP (Burst super speed? I'm ok with this. Assuming my perks are enough to mitigate the side effects this should be an interesting jump. Otherwise i've just become the ultimate couch potato who occasionally does stuff.)

I think i'm gonna wait to repost my jump for more feedback and such when the threads are more chill.

>> No.40169627


On the other side of that, the major problem with not making things like DBZ and the like end jumps is that..well they're redundant. If you get to the point you can make Goku kill himself or snap the Anti-Spiral's neck easily, you really should just get the spark. Any perks and gains you make within the jump itself will essentially turn most things after that into sightseeing anyhow.

>> No.40169639

Non-sanctioned Xenos are to be exterminated by orders of the Imperium of man.

>> No.40169650

I do think DBZ should be an end jump. Said so a couple times.

Though I will point out, that not everyone goes to a setting for power. Why do I still want to make builds then? Because this is a CYOA, I come here to do CYOA.

>> No.40169666

Stop being so tsundere for the Eldar.

>> No.40169709

All Non-sanctioned Xenos must be exterminated that is all I'll say.

>> No.40169730


Fair enough. But I don't think it's really in anyone's right to tell a jumpmaker "stop doing this", at least without putting in a level of scrutiny that hasn't..really been put on Jumps up till now. After all, my shitty jumps were archived and are used somewhat, so obviously standards can't be a thing that really affects that sort of thing. I guess it kinda comes down to 'Do jumpmakers have a right over their jumps'? I'd say yeah, but like I've said before. That's me. On the other end, the tradition has been that if a setting has a jump, making a jump of that setting afterwards is bad form so. If your favorite high powered setting is an end jump and you don't agree with that, making an alternate version would be problematic..Yeah, it's a sticky situation.

>> No.40169758

Would it really kill you to read "end-Jump" as "end-game scenario"? Instead of throwing a hissy-fit every time someone mentions one?

>> No.40169772

Bad example, I understand. I guess I'm not familiar with the setting in question to know if that's an equal comparison or not.

>> No.40169792

Their choice is ultimately their own, but I think it's important to take critique and discussion. It's why this place exists as anything more than a distribution platform. I can't make anyone do anything, but I will state my opinions and argue for them if questioned. If left alone or ignored I tend to drop things.

Like you've found out, though, I'm a lot nicer and more measured when I'm not being attacked. Which happen a lot in this knee-jerk place. I can be nasty, but I do have my reasons for things.

That would require me to lie to myself and miss the chance to maybe convince someone that a setting would work better as a regular setting (potentially with an end-game scenario as you say). I don't like ignoring what's in front of me.

>> No.40169799

The problem with the Eldar isn't that they are xenos so much as it is that they are really inconsistent in dealing with humans. Constantly changing their stances on things due to having crazy mood swings, and then not explaining many of their dissensions such as when a farseer sees a possible future and tries to prevent it, and they don't tell humans a reason. The history of relations between the two species is full of that kind of thing, and humans not understanding the Eldar either, leading to alliances breaking down and everyone feeling betrayed. If the Eldar were more consistent, explained themselves, and the Imperium tried to understand that the Eldar do actually have some ability to see the future and aren't doing everything just to be dicks, they would likely be allies(at least as much as humans and elves are in Warhammer Fantasy which itself is a huge step up from 40k relations).

>> No.40169854

"Even your race has trembled before his might, though you may not have known it. It was he who guided us to the Ork known as Ghazghkull, and commanded us to steer his path to your world of Armageddon. Ten thousand Eldar lives would have been lost if he had not done so. What sacrifice is a million humans for such a cause?"

I think it's a bit more than just the Eldar being "inconsistent".

>> No.40169856


Well, I figured everyone has some reason for doing what they do. Sorry to say we don't see eye to eye, but I guess part of it is because I do like seeing...novelty. Maybe it's just because I was having problems with my own jumps, but I felt like I was hitting a rut and doing the same thing. And that's with..what, two jumps? I guess the idea of not being necessarily balanced against other settings and having a 'special' or 'unique' label is too tempting. God knows I'd kill for the ability to pull off something like Light of Terra and the DLC, but I wouldn't know the first place to start.

>> No.40169858

Yeah, that's why I jokingly call them tsundere. That's basically it. "Stupid mon'keigh/filthy xeno, it's not like we're fighting together because we have a long history of alliances and cooperation and ultimately would rather work together than get overrun by these tyranids, b-baka!" Obviously simplifying it, but they're far more prone to working together than they are with any other faction, and there's a long history of there being alliances between individuals and factions.

>> No.40169880

I'm assuming >>40168618 is you. If not, apologies in advance.

I'd like to point out that at this point, nobody has attacked you, but your response is unjustifiably rude in light of your self-characterization of being "nicer and more measured". Frankly, you started shit, and then complained about being attacked? That's not cool.

"Could work as an endgame scenario instead of an end-Jump" is far more likely to accomplish your objective of convincing anyone of anything as opposed to "fuck that stop forcing that shit".

>> No.40169910

Well I am rude, but that post was more about 'ugh not again', and to explain to him that we DID have xeno games upcoming as regular jumps.

>> No.40169917

On this topic: Yeahhh, Eldar and Humans have the potential to get along, but the Eldar (rightly) more concerned about saving their own asses then anything else. But you can't expect much else out of what is essentially a dying race, and an alien one at that. Yeah, they're assholes, but if a million humans would die unless you killed a trillion 'jujubes' (a small creature that has a population of quadrillions and are pretty animalistic and dumb compared to you), you'd make the same kind of choices they would.
They're dicks, but it's not like it's something they do purely out of dickishness.

>> No.40169938

Nobody cares what your post is about when you adopt that tone. Instead you end up inviting responses like >>40169442, which, while equally rude, are a lot more understandable, since you provoked them.

Being rude's just counterproductive, bro.

>> No.40169943

It is a bit more than the Eldar being inconsistent, but on this count you can't blame them that much considering how little value the Imperium puts on human lives. I mean you can't tell me that a million humans would be sacrificed by an Inquisitor, Rogue Trader, Planetary Governor, or some other big shot just because it seemed easier than doing paperwork.

>> No.40169956

I expect to be attacked, so I have a bad outlook at the start. I'm not keen on being the long-suffering nice guy who gets filled with barbs without biting back. So yes, I have a bad attitude.

Though really, I didn't intend to get sucked up into another argument and just wanted to tell him about the jumps being made.

>> No.40169966

can't tell me that a million humans wouldn't*

>> No.40169995

> I know I have a bad attitude and don't want to change
> didn't mean to get sucked into an argument

Dude. Seriously, pick one.

>> No.40170028

Funny enough, I have a bad habit of underestimating how much people crave arguments and how they won't ignore a post with bad tone.

>> No.40170042

You know who else the Imperium should ally with? The Tau.

>> No.40170103


Given that you're the one who deliberately posts in an obnoxious manner, it's hardly appropriate to then suggest that it's other people's desire for arguments that leads to you getting called out.

>> No.40170146

Well okay. I just really don't want to continue on with it either way, I'd rather we step aside for these people to talk about 40k or anything else fun. Despite how I may seem I really do prefer things stay peaceful.

>> No.40170155

>DAT pic.
Feel like he's about to start singing that we should be prepared, as such, change of topic time.

What role did everyone take in Disney Princess, and who got the other roles?

>> No.40170166

Villain. I don't know who to put in other roles.

>> No.40170185

Gladly. Just... Try to be nicer? It pays off, even here.

>> No.40170187

Princess for myself, Gaston as Villain, Hercules as Hero, Tinkerbell as sidekick.

>> No.40170205


Just, straight up. I was the princess. While being Male.

It got awkward.

>> No.40170248

I guess that's understandable.
I don't like it, but I understand.

I never stated that the Imperium was right either. I just felt like pointing out the it's the very Eldar mindset alone is causing issues. They do not like alliances with humans. They are willing to do them, but they will avoid it if possible.

I think that was my point. I'm working on like 5 different things right now so my apologies if anything I have stated are confusing or unrelated.

>> No.40170368

>Sidekick-Genie, purchased with CP

>> No.40170394

That must have been an interesting jump.

>> No.40170405

So, who's your favorite canon companion you have or would like to have?

Pic related for me, if anyone can keep this party together it's him (them? it's a combiner robot)

>> No.40170435

Ryoko, who is impossible to have.

I don't think I've been to any jumps with a canon buy.

>> No.40170447

It was a wild ride of just plain fun.

I used the opportunity to study Gaston, so I could be the Gaston Expy in RWBY jump, since RWBY is missing a Gaston Expy

>> No.40170452

Got her during Forgotten Realms Jump via planar travel. >>40170405

>> No.40170473

> RWBY missing a Gaston expy

No one gets their shit kicked in by Pyrrha Nikos like Gasto-- I mean, Cardin Winchester.

>> No.40170480


It's my own jump that gave me the option but it counts, right?

>> No.40170521

Cardin's a dick, and named for one of the people involved in the death of Joan of Arc. He's not Gaston.

Though I AM going to turn Jean into my Lefou.

>> No.40170534

> dick
> persecuting women

He's totally Gaston.

>> No.40170559

I imagine my answer is entirely obvious.

>> No.40170566

Cavestory jump when?

>> No.40170572


>> No.40170609


Looking for this? >>40158780

>> No.40170730

As a Cavestory fan this pleases me. Expect a build soonish if it's complete enough.

>> No.40170769

What can an alpha level biomancer from 40k actually do? The wiki read like a selection of Force powers, and Alpha plus (in general, not biomancer) is described as planet killers, but there wasn't anything on high level biomancers or just alpha level... Other than beta is the highest humans can normally go and stay sane but I'd hope the perk gets around that given its cost.

>> No.40170797

Fuck tonight's a shitty night. I just woke up to this crazy thread and other more pressing irl problems. But everything seems to have calmed down somewhat.

So I bring you an update on my still WIP Spyro Classic jump.

>> No.40170835

What's in the box?

>> No.40170847

Another box

>> No.40170853

It's just a dumb way to ask him what's new.

>> No.40170882

I know I am just trying to have fun here.

>> No.40170884

There are human Alpha level and even Alpha + level (which we can't get for some reason) that are sane. See Malcador. It's just rare and most people can't handle it.

>> No.40170905

A-a box?



I updated so much I kinda forgot.
It's mostly extra fluff, a warning for highpowered/magic jumpers in the notes section, new items, an ending thing. And stuff

>> No.40170914

Squid skateboard! I think I love you...
And the rest of the jump looks great too, such nostalgia.

>> No.40170933

Is this warning supported at all by canon?

>> No.40170986

OK, cool. What sort of power level are they at? It seems telepaths get city wide power pretty quickly, but I don't know if Biomancer would let you heal people anywhere in the city, or boil everyone's blood or whatnot.

As a general thing how does biomancy stack up against things like Geneforge or organic manipulation from other jumps?

>> No.40170998

I don't know anything about that much detail.

>> No.40171043

I was at first pretty much a thought experiment at first. But after looking over the series. The games that support the 'magic is fucking dangerous when left unchecked' and 'foreign magic is bad' thing is the first one and the last one in the classic series. Both caused by an outside source however. First one is by Gnasty Gnorc, and the last one was caused by the totally not the prototype villain to Legend of Spyro The Sorcerer.

In the first one all the places flew out of wack without regulation by dragons in the first one, And the last one was somehow resulting from a deadly freaking magitech machine that amplified magic from a parallel shadow dimension powerful enough to drag people into it and almost trapped them there forever.

Of course you could say the first one could be entirely enforced by Gnasty's magic.

If this is too big of an assumption to place into the jump without it just simply being a drawback. I'll do just that.

>> No.40171062

Righto then. Thanks for letting me know it doesn't drive you crazy. Hope I can catch Babylon some time to ask. I don't expect it'll be as versatile, but it seems to operate on a larger scale... The perk that makes you alpha level does mention fine control though, which could be good.

>> No.40171065

It sounds to me more like the typical perils of powerful magic instead of some innate aspect of the setting that causes backlash against your magic, so a drawback would be better.

>> No.40171102

Drawback it is!
Unless someone else says otherwise

>> No.40171295

Jump: Cavestory
Allotment: 1000
Age: 28
Background: Mr.Traveler
Starting location: Sandzone (ALL THIS SAND! Soon it's gonna be filled with Salt when I fuck over the Doctor's plans.)
Moon song: Free (Aw yis)
Moonjump: Free (Lost after jump)
Huzzah!: Free (I shall punch through walls as well!)
Yamashita dreams: 100 CP (Resource sustainability is a very good thing to have.)
Spelunker: 100 CP
Fingers of the north star: 200 CP
Energy weapon system: 200 CP (Oh hell yes. THis is gonna be fun.)
Arthur's blade: 300 CP (Honor the memory. Avenge the death. Today we rise.)
Companion import
Allotment: 400
-Yamashita dreams: Free
-Gentle scent: 100
-Aren't you forgetting something?: 100
-Keeper of the garden: 200
Ending: Stay h- No.. I must go. There is still much to do.

Mr. Digger. I think you have a fantastic jump here.

>> No.40171480

>All those perks
>all those other perks from past jumps
The right person in the right place can make all the difference in the world evidently.

I wonder how the plot will play out now?

>> No.40171513

Anyone know if an alpha biomancer could do simple mutations on a large scale? I'm thinking making people faster in a kaiju attack so they can get away, and swapping that to bone armour and force dispersing fatty gels near the kaiju to protect from falling debris. Healing large groups of injuries at once, though I imagine diseases or conditions would require personal attention.

>> No.40171548

I don't know about Alphas, but after reading up on the Biomancer ability list for you, it seems like boosting their own physical abilities and those of others is a common power, as is healing.

>> No.40171602

Thanks again. I guess until I can catch Babylon and ask I'll assume they have the same range as the telepaths.

>> No.40171608

Drawback: Totalbiscuit and the Yogscast, THE STARS ARE LEFT (1800)

Rolled Castle Aldriem

Wizard, Age 23

Basic Magic (Free). Yer a wizard, anon
Basic Magicks (Free). Decent spread of broad academic knowledge right there
Constant Channelling (1700). A great boon to those of us who like to text and cast spells at the same time through the magic of Stacked
Rapid Spellcasting (1500). Which thanks to the power of Hybrid, can be internalised into our mastery of Hokuto Shinken
Advanced Magicks (1200). Now THAT'S more like it.
Sausages (Free). Might get hungry during our Great Old One genocide, who knows?
Grand Tome of Magick (900). In lieu of being imported as a stupid wizard we offer our companions this
Forbidden Magicka (300). Perhaps with Two Can Play At This Game we can even develop magicks that tamper with the fourth wall itself...
Alternate Channeling (100). Staffs aren't portable after all
Cheese (0). You think this is a JOKE?! You have not witnessed the eldritch horror that is Casu Marzu google it if you dare

It was destiny, really. The Great Old Ones are our sworn enemies, the beings who compelled us to become more than human in the first place, to acquire unparalleled power and control, to peer into the fundamental nature of choice itself. Let there be millions of battle-capable thoughtform avatars, miles-wide cyclones of cosmic and warp fire united through the Anti-Spiral Force and post-Reality Marble alterations to metaphysical properties.

As a few side quests, we intend to capture Grimnir with a magic stopper device and use an adapted cortical psychic patch to extract his knowledge, recruit the druids to assassinate insurgent cultists and covertly spread knowledge of magicka to the general public in order to fortify this world against GOO incursion.

This is not war. This is pest control, and that which is dead cannot eternal lie when strange aeons bring Death to life.

>> No.40171648

Well that's poetic. Good tale there AS-anon.

>> No.40172417

Looks good for WIP. Will there be a body mod like in LoSS?

>> No.40172485

Sadly no, not this time. Not as much to work with when it comes to dragon capabilities. It's more strictly defined than in LoSS, which had a much more crazy variety of dragons.

>> No.40172508

I see, what different colors are there besides Purple which you pay for? Could you choose Purple and just get the benefits without having your scales change?

>> No.40172530

is she who I think she is? well, he, since rule 63

>> No.40172565

Bearing in mind it was around 2am when I finished the thing, there are a few bits that need tweaking.

>So, is the Teratoma Hive meant to become invincible if it's just sitting there hitting you?

No, I should put an upper limit on the thing.

>Also, what happens if the attack rolls tie? Nothing? One side or the other gets the victory?

Either both hit or neither do, layers choice.

>The Tide of Flesh and Sorrow should probably have a 'rounded up' or 'rounded down' added to it's bit about infecting your crew.

Yes, it should. Round down.

>Do you fight 44 if you don't have the flag? The roll indicates it's the flag of their enemy that makes them attack you. (Also 64 is missing numbers, just says double the tribesmen fight as usual)

Feral tribesmen leave you alone if you don't have the banner, and I'l add revised stats.

>Do the paths that 'add X to your travel time' mean you loose supplies?

Yeah, you make two more rolls and use supplies as usual.

>Does the conversion field turn all damage into light or just a percentage?

The hits it does tank are totally converted, but like all shields it has an upper limit to what it can deal with before it goes down, and it can't deal with extremely bizzare exotic weapons. Kinetic weapons are easiest to deal with, then plasma, then energy, stuff that fires things like explosive prayers or the like just floats through.

>If the Arclight Lance 'instantly vapourises' large chunks of enemy ships with the reaction, and the reaction keeps going till they're far enough apart... what happens after the first 'instant'? It sounds like they'd have seconds to get away with their ship vanishing around them. It's awesome, but it also seems crazy powerful. (I rolled 3 so it's more for curiosity).

It takes awhile for the reacgtion to build up. The bigger the target the longer it takes.

>> No.40172580

Yes that's SlavSilver Rule 63.

>> No.40172600

Funny you should mention that. The purple dragons are rare thing wasn't even mentioned [among other retcons] until Shadow Legacy AKA Legend of Spyro classic edition. The kung-fu, the fighting, the antagonist, the plot twist. Everything was a prototype to the Legend of Spyro Series. Including the Roles of Elders and Masters/Sensei's which where merged together to make the Guardians in the sequel. The elemental thing the way it is now etc.

So if you go color of royalty your scales will be purple. But that doesn't mean you can't change colors during your stay.

>> No.40172639


>Is exactly ten supplies left A Winner is You! or MISSION COMPLETE!, they're written as more than or less than ten respectively.

Ten or less, 11-19 and 20+, so exactly ten is MISSION COMPLETE!

>One last question. If you choose to integrate the parts into the Light of Terra itself, that's just like the extra shields you can buy during part three, right? I ask just to make sure I can free up the CP I had spent on extra shields and get some more lasers or something.

The Void Shield Array is the Imperial Guard special item from LoT part 3 if installed into the ship.

>Despite my plethora of questions, I had a lot of fun with this DLC. Good stuff!

Seriously, thank you for the post! It's amazing seeing someone who went through what you've put together so thoroughly.

>> No.40172693


Two questions.

What are you supposed to roll for the encounter table?

It has how many times your supposed to roll, but I don't see what your supposed to roll

>> No.40172698

Thanks. Just how far a range does an alpha biomancer have, and what sort of things can they do? The description on the wiki makes it seem like it's just general body mod type stuff, plus a few Force like powers, but if alpha is only one rank short of alpha plus, and the latter can destroy worlds I'm wondering just what it can do.

I imagine the whole focus thing gives you more options at a local level, but improving the health and fitness of an entire city would be cool, as would adjusting them to survive better in bad weather or healing them.

>> No.40172705


Forgot to get rid of the 'two' part of 'two questions' after I realized the other one.

>> No.40172723

I think 2d6, once for the tens and once for the single digits.

>> No.40172851


It's possible, but not reccomended. Control dilutes over large groups and large areas, and if you are rushing it it only makes it worse, meaning the chances of random mutations turning up increase dramatically.

You'll do what you intended, but some people will also end up with spikes and extra tongues and backwards limbs and suchlike.

>> No.40172870

It's reffered to as a d66 by Games Workshop who love these charts in the old WHF quest game. You roll two six sided dice, put the numbers next to each other. a one and a four become 14.

>> No.40172965

That seems fair, and makes a lot of sense. Just how far does their range extend? One of the wikis mentions high delta telepath can read the minds of a good size town at once, and an Alpha telepath could puppet control hundreds of people simultaneously, but no mention of what high level biomancers can do, or just as important for me, their range.

While you're here I might as well also asked a question I asked a few threads back: can necrodermis get infected by fleshmetal? I rolled to see how much damage my jumper took and he's was damaged on both legs and an arm that the Tomb Spyder 'helpfully' replaced. I'd like to get feeling back in those limbs, but if that'd have to wait till the next jump then that's fine.

>> No.40172972

> Well maybe a couple but they're losers dedicating their entire lives to a project that will ultimately fail anyway. NOT LIKE YOU AT ALL....wait.
I shat a gold brick laughing you asshole.

>> No.40173327

What can high level Psychers do?

The Howling was an event in 401.M34. Black Templar Space Marines ended the Catelexis Heresy by executing the Cacodominus, an alien cyborg whose formidable psychic presence allowed it to control the populace of 1,300 planetary systems. However, the Cacodominus's death scream echoed and amplified through the Warp, burning out the minds of a billion astropaths and distorting the signal of the Astronomican. Millions upon millions of ships were lost in the resulting upheaval and entire Sub-sectors slid into barbarism without the Adeptus Terra to guide them.

Obviously you aren't going to get to that level without seriously throwing in with chaos and that's the only time something that powerful has turned up so far in the fluff.

For Alpha biomancers, the range is planetary, but the more people you choose to manipulate, the less you can do to each. Turn a guy on the other side of the world into Space Marine Plus? easy. Turn two thousand people in the same room into Space Marine Plus? best you can hope for is making them more physically fit, unless you want to risk random mutations as well as the changes you want.

>can necrodermis get infected by fleshmetal?
No. Necrodermis is essentially an artifical version of Fleshmetal already, just lacking in a fair few areas and considerably better in others.

>> No.40173354

Awesome, that's far better than I was expecting. Thanks so much for answering all my questions.

Guess I'll have to make do until I get to the next jump then.

>> No.40173403

Might I ask-if I were to infect a ship already coated in Necrodermis with Fleshmetal, what sort of strengths and weaknesses would they cover for each other? Essentially-how does necrodermis compare to fleshmetal and vice versa?

>> No.40173524

Should be the final version of the DLC, no major changes, just a few clarifications and spelling corrections, plus a list at the end of what happens if you convert the Land-Train to ship parts.

Necrodermis is much more durable, but it's extremely static. Once it's set it's basically impossible to change it or modify or upgrade it. it regenerates fast, but only to what it was.

Fleshmetal is somewhat weaker and doesn't regenerate so quickly, but it regenerates better. Microfractures heal up forming a reinforcing lattice, the equivalent of scar tissue is much thicker and more durable, and it can adapt and gain a tolerance for certain things, the same way a drinker can become much more alcohol tolerant.

As to how they interact? I never considered that, and I should have. It's down to the individual, but if I was remaking the jump I'd add a note saying they can't interact.

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