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>TFW there will never be a good African fantasy setting

>You will never raid the uppity saharans
>You will never have your soul stolen by a woman who is actually an hyena who is actually a witch
>You will never tear apart a lion with your bear hands to join the chieftain's personal cadre of elite guards
Why live?

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hyenas are cool.

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And nothing of value was lost.

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DeGenesis is a sci fi game that deals a bit with a strong africa, but it 1) totally gets rid of the North Africans and 2) hammers in REVENGE REVENGE REVENGE by one faction; which I was sorta disappointed with. Neolibyans and Anubians were cool as shit, though.

But that's just the gist, in practice the writing is eh and I have no real clue how the game works.

We do need some Mali-Ashanti-Songhai-KanemBornu-Ghana setup. West African Imperial states, yo. And some crazy mythologies....

>inb4 Africahadnothingofvalue

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I know the average educational level of this board is American (i.e. somewhere equal to a gluesniffing nine-year-old) but that's some weak sauce right there.

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Until they turn into witches and steal your soul.

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Get educated

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I was actually thinking of doing this for my groups next campaign. Africa meets sword and sorcery.

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Sword and Sorcery is definitely the way to go. High Fantasy would fall flat.

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but look how much he likes bathtime.

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Uh-huh. That and I love me some Bronze Age. It's gonna be some abomination of Conan/Africa/Egypt with a touch of Eldritch/cosmic horrors and darkness. Magic will be unstable, dangerous but fucking powerful. Most magic is performed via rituals and will be tapping into the reserves of reality warping of the slumbering Eldritch horror-gods. There will be one or two magic on the fly users who are personifications of one of the slumbering beings. Still hashing it out but it'll be a nice change of pace from our lighthearted and silly campaign.

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You could always use AFMBE.

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i i cant even decide what to say in response to your fagotry this time /pol/

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tfw playing in a 2 year long D&D campaign set in a homebrew arabic setting, roughly based on 17th C ottoman empire.

Oases have been found, camels have been ridden, scimitars have been wielded, and horse archers cantabrian circled.

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Guild Wars Nightfall was pretty good and cool.

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If you know enough about African history, culture, and folklore that you're bothered by the lack of a decent fantasy setting revolving around it (and feel that the currently existing roleplaying game settings oriented around this subject aren't sufficient), why not write up a homebrew setting?

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Wow that's some serious /pol/-tier bullshit.

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This. I generally use real world cultures as a basis for the ones in my homebrew settings, it's pretty easy.

You don't even need to explicitly tell your players that it's African, just tell them about the most important elements of the culture beforehand and see if they figure out it's African or not.

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We have the an African thread every week.

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The city of Carthage...
Africa 2000yrs ago.


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thats a pretty interesting port design

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>Semites 2000 years ago

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Well yeah, carthage and Egypt are the coolest parts of Africa.

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carthage was the Port of the Mediterranean, they had a system based in modular parts for easy repair and assembling of ships, than the roman copied later, like every good idea the Romans encountered.

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well thats pretty cool

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>subsaharan africa equals the whole of Africa
>african americans created egypt, rome, carthage, etc
pls go

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I believe a similar design (probably not by intent, just by efficiency) was the shipbuilding Arsenal(s) of Venice (there were a shit ton of smaller ones, but one big famous one)

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Arabs used to be based as fuck. Shame about their present state.

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Plus they used lot's of differents warriors, mercenaries, allied warrios and earlier carthago citizens (than were lousy fighters) but of course for what they are renowed is for they Elephant, know extinct, than were akin of the forest elephants of the congo.

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Venice was based as fuck too, like a new carthage, it only lacked the Elephants and sacrifice of children.

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>No mention of Spears of the Dawn


A sandbox oriented (but perfectly good for running well-plotted adventures) OSR style African fantasy game by Kevin Crawford (using the same system and technically fully compatible with Stars Without Number). A setting based on African history and mythology (with different countries being based on different African cultures), interesting character classes, advice on creating situations reminiscent of African folklore, African monsters and magic, etc.

Everything you wanted. Pretty cheap, too.

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>You will never tear apart a lion with your bear hands
Well, that would be hard, unless I would play as a bear

But anything else - stop whinning like a little baby. Both GURPS and Savage did countless good and complex settings for fantasy Africa. It's just your lazy ass that couldn't find them or "GURPS/Savage/Any other solution sucks, because I say so"

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>People still believe in bullshit about children sacrifices
It's not even funny anymore

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>African setting
>No whitey allowed
>Playing as an ebony paladin-prince involved with court intrigue, fighting off monsters, battling other African fantasy nations
>Suddenly fantasy Chinks show up
>They've already industrialized
>They've got firelances 'n shit
>They park their big fuck off ships on our coast
>We can't handle their manpower, firepower, navalpower
>Get enslaved anyways

Fantasy Song > Fantasy Africa

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Dude, they found rest of children in a moloch temple, if it was some kind of sacrifice or burial thing is another matter of course.

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I have a hard time believing this, having been to Johannesburg a year or two ago

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Came here to post this.

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>nothing outside of africa exists

shit-tier lazy world design

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>fantasy settings with a fully fleshed out geography which ends up leaving nothing to the imagination
autistic worldbuilding tbqh

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tbh it makes a lot of sense. With how incredibly common infanticide was in the ancient world sacrificing a child instead of leaving it to die via exposure does not seem that strange.


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>not just playing a historical campaign with fantastical elements
It would be so easy, OP

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To be fair most settings are made by Americans, which means that they are good as long as you dont scratch a little-

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how does the predetermination of historic events play into this though

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No, just no you dumb fuck.
Does Legend of the Five Rings bother with mapping out lands beyond the Empire & Shadowlands in their core rulebook? Does Lord of the Rings bother with mapping out the bits beyond Mordor and the West? No because those areas aren't fucking relevant to the book.
For what it's worth the rulebook occasionally mentions Northerners (Europeans), Near Easterners (Arabs) and Far Easterners (Orientals) but it doesn't really expand on them because they're not the fucking focus of the book. Use your own pseudo-medieval/ninja/Arabian Nights setting if you want to expand them.

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There are still specialist who think that thre is enough archeological evidence to sustain that thesis.

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The God(s) of the setting have predetermined plans. You can muck with them, yes, but really all you're doing are altering when/how/why they happen. Think ala Bioshock Infinite. Constants and variables.

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>Think Bioshock Infinite

I hope not

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>hating on bioshock

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>Liking Bioshock

You don't actually do this, do you? Is this some weird hipster irony thing I don't understand?

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There is plenty space to play without caring about that.

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I'd take horde of blacks over horde of gypsies any time.

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>predetermination of historic events
It doesn't. Everything up untill the moment your players enter the world is as RL with something fantastic added. At that point, derail. Because in the long run, we're all dead, and whatever you do will not matter all that much in the grand scheme of things. Or will it?

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Well, maybe people with an interest with African mythology should do a better job promoting it.

"African mythology" is really wide though, that's dozens, or maybe even possibly hundreds, of cultures put under one umbrella.

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I dunno, I don't think Gypsies rape babies because they believe it will cure AIDS.

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Because we can do that in real life

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>tfw sweden
What kind of utopian society do you live in where it's a choice of EITHER black hordes or gypsy hordes?

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If this were true then there'd have to be a ton of pictures floating around. I don't see a shred of evidence of this.

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The International Space Station

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>A thousand years from now archaeologists uncover the only surviving relic from the 21st century
>It is an archive of all of your 4chan posts
What legacy did you leave behind?

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Pictures of elf- don't mind me

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except that China did go to Africa and brought back some giraffes and some mercs and were like meh and deconstructed their fleet.

It took Europe 4 centuries to take most of Africa. it took the rise of the repeater and industry. Until then, it was an almost equal slugfest. Africa had the numbers, the kingdoms, the muskets. Europe had to wait until someone got weak, or they got the better tech.

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>you will never illicitly buy a ziploc bag of JLaw's paprika queefs
I'm a monster.

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Based Kart Hadast bros

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Spears of Dawn

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stormfront pls go

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depends on which arabs you meant. the rich bastards in UAE are already building something similar to an arcology city while the rest in poor as fuck places in the Levant are well, let's say they used to have a huge library and now they prefer making car bombs instead.

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All made be Westerners too, the fuckers study Islamic shit in the Uni instead of any truly useful career and have to import all kind of workers, from Pakis for building to European/American for architetecture.

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Mah nigga

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I can't wait until the world gets away from Arab oil. It's like those guys who win the lottery and piss it all away after a few years.

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They aslo fund all those Salafist shits than make living with Muslims so poisonous, the fuckers hate dogs. DOGS.

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Actually, having oil can be a fucking disaster for an economy.
See Dutch disease for the economical part, and think about having landowners, that just have to puke oil to be filthy rich, in charge for the political part.
It's actually hard to get away from that kind of shitty economy.

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Yeah, but the Arab had smart people than invested the oil moneys, so they own a lot of shit of everywhere. At least the princes/sheiks, like they would think about they subjects.

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I'm working on it.

The jist of things is that God (I'm still working on the name for him) created the world and made a sort of "Garden of Eden" which I based on the Green Sahara period during the neolithic.

He creates the first man who's shenanigans as an Anansi/Eshu/Hare/Legba type trickster leads to the downfall of man's original immortality, but also the creation of the arts and gives us the knowledge of how to use Juju magic.

Juju magic is essentially the ability to confine a spirit (sometimes unwillingly) to a fetish (this can be anything from a box, to a spear, to clothing, a city, whatever).

There are many perils lurking around like gigantic hyenas, owls, and baboons, great hairy man eating ogres, zombies, and malevolent bush dwarves.

But the greatest monsters are witches, about as terrible as the European dragon. These...things are not even human. They're predators who take the shape of men. Soul eaters, blood drinkers, cannibals, necromancers, and other horrors are among their ranks.

The first humans (Mgunai) were immortal and consisted of 5 tribes respectively based on the Khoisan, Pygmies, Nilotics, West Africans, East African Caucasians, and the Bantu.

After the first man's lulzy adventures, humans lost their immortality. Spreading away from the green savanna all over the continent.

There exist enormous chameleons who bring messages from the high god and monitor activity on earth.

In the north is now the great waste, home to pale desert barbarians. Not necessarily all bad, but most foreign invasions burst from the desert.

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>implying carthage wasn't already a roman city 2000 years ago.

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The garamatas (the ancestors of the Touaregs) lived in ancient cavern cities than used the fossil water to maintain cities in the mid of the desert, using slaves for it. They ancestors used to hunt pygmies/some fast black dudes in chariots too, look it up for ideas about the desert barbarians.

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True. But there does exist common themes like European mythology does.

>one high omnipotent creator god
>not much focus on creation myths, the origin of humanity is most important
>people chill with God until we messed up and he left for heaven
>god sends an animal with a message of life, and one with a message of death. The chameleon usually succeeded in bringing the message of death because life messenger is either stupid or an asshole
>child heroes born who can speak in the womb and come out naming themselves and walking around
>sagas of famous witchdoctors, blacksmiths, and supernatural hunters in the bush

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Always wanted to do a Venice themed Fantasy army

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Accurate. In fact part of the reason the early west african states formed was for organized defense against the desert people.

Ancient Soninke lore implies that the "doglike" tattooed enemies their heroes fought were the folk memory of Garamantes.

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I fully agree with the sentiment, although keep in mind that some of them are less stupid than you might be thinking. The emirati, for example, are keenly aware of this and are working on several huge-scale renewable energy and tourism oriented projects right now so that when the oil does run out, their economies won't crumble immediately. You could, of course, claim this isn't necessarily a good thing since them remaining in power means several of today's most socially backwards, barely democratic regimes are adamantly refusing to go away and do not get the resistance they ought to from Western countries. You think Israel is shitting all over human rights and is let to do whatever the fuck they like because of emotions? Imagine the Israelis literally fueled the economies of Europe and Eastern Asia. That's what the emirates are doing right now.

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>African fantasy setting

That'd require some history and folklore to draw from.

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Carthage was completely helenized by the time they started ruling the Mediterranean. Oh and they were also semites from Syria.

>> No.40125567

That's a quote from a KKK member in the early 20th century.

And you're retarded by the way.

>> No.40125586

Can you prove it wrong?

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>"[never] carved a block"

Pic related is from Abu Simbal, which is a NUBIAN piece of architecture, not an Egyptian one (so even if you're one of the faggots who tries very hard to close their eyes and say that the Egyptians were white, there it still is). Ingenious, beautiful, and unbelievably long lasting. Of course, if you're not a retard, there's also, you know, Egypt.

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They were Phoenicians bro, they hated the Greeks and the Greeks hated them.

>> No.40125659

The Abu simbal temples and statues were commissioned by Ramses II and build by egypteans.

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Outside of the tsetse fly belt people rode horses.

And the fact that we still have tools and weapons going back centuries sitting around in museums is common knowledge.

People lived in wooden and stone houses where it was sensible to such as the savanna and forest mosaic of central africa. Mud is a better tropical building substance anyway considering its ability to keep the inside of a room cool when it is sweltering outside, and warm when the nights grow cold.

People sailed around the east african coast. Swahililand was a sea based civilization. And the Niger river in west africa was teeming with boats. Mansa Abubakri of Manden even attempted an atlantic sea expedition.

Listen, you clearly know nothing about this subject. So just stop.

You wouldn't put any other region of the world under this much scrutiny and you know it.

>> No.40125679

The greeks were massive hoeniciaboos, almost as much a they were egyptaboos. But that was hundreds of years before Carthage built their maritime empire, and by that time, the entire Mediterranean and Black Sea coast and shore were completely hellenic. Hell, they were Hellenic by the time of Dido.

>> No.40125694

The Egyptians weren't black, nor White (if for that you mean Germanic or Nordic), they were they own thing, related to other Semitics and Ethiopia,and of course not related at all with the western Africans than a good portions of black americans are (and who tend to push this).
That's how Egyptian Coptic women (the ones than are more close to ancient Egyptians right now) look, a few invasions be Nubians, Greeks and a large etc don't change all the genetics of an entire nation.

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This is what Egypt thought of Nubians.

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File: 92 KB, 900x500, Kidnapped-coptic-girls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here the pic, heck.
Everyone copy cated things of others, like right now. Isn't a new thing, people find the behavior and attire of far away people exotic and the elites tend to wore it/commision buildings do display wealth. That's why you can find in Japan for example statues of Heracles, than started as a possible copy of gilgamesh, than voyaged to Japan because the Hellenic Kingdom of Bactria, than was buddhist.

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>you will never...


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I feel like this is a 5000 year old /pol/ post.

>> No.40125759

>Egyptians were white
Not him, but they we'rent black either fuckstick. Ancient Egypt is one of those cultural hodgepotchs that had a majority of people going in and out of it.

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Egyptians literally thought that they were a race above all non-egypteans.

The jews thought the same about themselves and the old testament is jew being extremely petty and racist, such as calling the top deity of an enemy "Lord of the Flies" aka "Lord of Shit".

The Assyrians skinned their enemies draped their walls with said skins.

Welcome to history, motherfucker.

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Or look at Alberta right now. The oil price takes a dive and suddenly everyone in Calgary is out of a job.

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The Egyptians did not speak a semitic language.

Not everybody in the middle east is a semite.

Egyptian was a unique branch of the Afro-Asiatic family. Like Berber and Cushitic.

>the ones than are more close to ancient Egyptians right now
Common misconception. All Egyptians are pretty much the same as they've been since antiquity. The only real change was religion.
It depended on the dynasty. Egyptians considered pretty much everyone outside of their valley to be barbarians, especially the Hyksos.

Not to mention the Egyptians were extremely butthurt over getting curbstomped by the pre-kushite Nubians of Kerma.

Nubians often were used as famed archers and intermarried with the Egyptians.

Let's keep things objective here.
Kind of. The migrations of Greeks, Persians, Arabs, Nubians, etc. are very overstated. Keep in mind EVERY ancient and medieval army numbered over 900,000 million and had superpowers according to their records.
Protip: Everybody thinks they're better than everybody.

>> No.40125807

Where's the picfrom? Image search gives me nothing.

>> No.40125811


So like Mexico with pyramids? I suppose Mexico has pyramids. So basically it was just Mexico?

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Wait, are you talking about pre conquest Mexico?

Or post conquest?

>> No.40125831

It's not about "migration" as it is about cross-cultural influence. Egypt existed at the same time as Persians, Greeks, Semites, Arabs, and Nubians were establishing their own states and developing their own preferences and weapons and styles. Each society influenced the next- sometimes in big ways, sometimes in small ways. No culture was an isolate in a place as populated as that.

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File: 37 KB, 561x600, BEARHANDS_e745f7_3876121_zpsd30414ff[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bear hands

Jesus christ

>> No.40125844

What is Timbuktu?
What is Ghana?
What is African metallurgy?

Everything in this shit shows the ignorance of the writer, not the supposed ignorance of the Africans. Well done idiot.

>> No.40125846

Colonial Mexico had a pseudo caste system based on origin and religion.

So probably.

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File: 479 KB, 1418x900, Egipto - Kadesh - Giuseppe Rava - Vae Victis - Chariot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did not say they spoke a semitic language, but than they were closer to Semitics and Amhri or Tigre etc people of Ethiopia than to western Africans like the Afrocentrists wish they were. Alos the Hyksos were pretty cool, they preserved egyptian culture and imported Chariots. Chariots are awesome anon.

>> No.40125853

Which is funny because didn't the Nubians wreck their shit and take over all of Egypt for 100 years or so? I vaguely recall something about a Nubian dynasty in history. Then the Sea People came and fucked everyone, then fucked off to do whatever.

>> No.40125857

You know, those aztec cities were a very recent development by the time Spaniards washed on their shores.

Oh and apparently a disease killed them all before first contact.

>> No.40125868

Arab oil isn't really that important to the US or Europe, it's more important to the rest of Asia. the US gets the vast majority of its oil from itself, Canada and Mexico and Europe gets most of it from Russia. Arab oil basically just allows prices to be kept down but it is by no means "fueling" our economies like back in the 70s when the embargo happened.

>> No.40125878

>I vaguely recall
is probably not something to base an argument on

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I'd be more interested in a decent cyberpunk Africa. I love SR's Nairobi, for instance, but their Lagos is kind of a lazy Dark Continent treatment.

>> No.40125891

They'd be in better shape if everyone in the Province wasn't a greedy nigger who thought the oil boom was an excuse to price gouge each other on almost everything.

>> No.40125895

>US gets the vast majority of its oil from itself
The US isn't even bothering with their reserves until the Arab oil dries up.

Their domestic product is only a fraction of what it actually could be

>> No.40125899 [SPOILER] 
File: 12 KB, 208x243, 1432386490531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Semites you say?

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They need to have tech in order to become high tech, you know.

>> No.40125906

That's wrong tought, the Spaniards arrived before the disaes, than only started (small pox from a black slave) in tenochtitlan at 1520 during the siege. Later the Mayan cities were pretty devasted be plagues too.
Also I think you mean North America, but the claims of 95% of the population killed be plagues is dubious at best.

>> No.40125923

>There exist enormous chameleons who bring messages from the high god and monitor activity on earth.
Setting approved.

>> No.40125925

>>40124142 >you will never ruin Egypt's economy for eleven years with one visit.

>> No.40125934

Alas searches give me nothing, I don't suppose there's more of this Semen demon anywhere

>> No.40125951

Mansa Musa was the equivalent of a Arab oil sheik.

>> No.40125961

It's actually more like;
>Europeans show up in oogaboogaland
>Try and get a good deal going
>Natives start sneezing
>Realize that how trade is organized right now just won't do it for you, as you want the best deals
>Ally with the underdogs
>Break the status quo
>Rek the top dogs
>Exterminate anyone who disagrees
>Install puppets
>Exploit just about everything

>> No.40125968

They are still pricemakers.
That matters a lot. The price recent price dive was (at least partially) provoked willingly in an attempt to make unconventional oil unprofitable.

>> No.40125971

Brits aren't european.

>> No.40125974

40% of US oil demands are met domestically, about 20% from Mexico/Venezuela and 15% from Canada. Only 12% comes from the Gulf.

>> No.40125975

Most arab oil sheiks dont throw gold at homeless people for funsies.

>> No.40125976
File: 100 KB, 640x413, Accompanied by a sacred ship bearing an image of the god Amun, Taharqa is robed in a priestly leopard skin and crowned with the double uraeus that declares him Lord both Nubia and Egypt..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh yeah, definitely.

Apologies for my obtuseness.
they were closer to Semitics and Amhri or Tigre etc people of Ethiopia than to western Africans
Obviously, they were caucasian people after all.

On closer inspection though, they had more in common with North African Berbers (No, I'm not implying the Berbers were black) genetically than either West Asians like Semitics and Persians or West Africans.
The Nubians of Kerma kicked Egypt's ass so hard they tried to erase all evidence of the humiliating defeat.

The Egyptians later retaliated and conquered them after the Nubian alliance with the Hyksos grew weaker.

After this the Nubians eventually conquered Egypt during the 25th dynasty for about 100 years. They restored traditional egyptian culture from foreign influence and started making big tombs again. The Canaanites loved the Nubians for their aid against the Assyrians.

This royally pissed off the Assyrians who crushed Nubian Egypt and drove the ruling class even DEEPA into Africa, near what is now Ethiopia and established the city of Meroe which became more traditionally "african" in culture.

Later they were conquered by Axumite Ethiopia.

>> No.40125982

Eh? Of course they are.

>> No.40125991

But that exactly what a oil driven economy lead to.

>> No.40125995
File: 16 KB, 200x200, 1428681800382.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Brits are about as european as russians, which is not at all.

>> No.40126010

>Implying they were the only colonizers to ever use this tactic.

It started with the Portuguese m8o, and then the Spaniards. The rest came after. The Ottoman Empire also sorta used this same tactic when starting out.

Britbongs are Euros wether they want to be or not

>> No.40126017

but they use the pound

>> No.40126018

You'll have to show your working on this one, are you going from an ancient world angle or what?

>> No.40126033

> You can't vote yourself out, britbongs...
> You're here FOREVER

>> No.40126038
File: 102 KB, 373x500, 3079849093_4ed1806302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On the subject of worldbuilding, how do you keep from becoming too "attached" to one faction when writing history?

Everytime I try I get all invested in one side and they wind up being these unconquerable mary sues with no bad parts to their culture, or they become unstoppable conquerors of everything.

It's like, putting effort into building these cultures so that one can just be absorbed completely by another.

>> No.40126042

>white amercans created rome
pls go

>> No.40126043

>Chariots are awesome anon.
They are. They were like the main battle tank of the day.

And weren't truly supplanted until the advent of the heavily armored knight (though Cataphracts were by far superior).

>> No.40126045

Yeah no. I have family in joburg. It's not anything like that.

>> No.40126047

The greatest thing about the whole Bhaal thing is that the jews went "Lord? More like LORD OF THE FLIES MIRITE?" and this stupid joke stuck around throughout history.

In the Torah there is a story about how the jews and the Bhaalite worshipers had a god-off. The jews challenged the Bhaalite priests to invoke their god and make it rain. After many hours they failed. The jews asked the same of God and he did so. They then went "We told you see goyim" and massacred literally every none-jew present. This was especially cruel because the jewish prophet was literally superhuman, outrunning chariots and calling storms and lightning.

>> No.40126059

They conquered the Upper Egypt, not until Shabaka they conquered the entire Nile valley. Egypt was wreacked before the nubian conquest too, mostly be Mesopotamians.

>> No.40126067
File: 279 KB, 500x384, 1430871603139.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're not to me, and my opinion is all that matters.

They're barbaric inbred white skinned niggers who lagged 100 years behind europe in every single area of civilization during their entire history except for when a german started ruling them.

And the entire world hates us actual europeans thanks to them killing a bunch of dindus and redskins.

>> No.40126068

But russians were european 100 years ago.

>> No.40126091

No, they give dollars to different charities, hospitals or political campaings in Africa/asia or even USA, search it in google. Of course is more a political move than anything.

>> No.40126094

>EU = Europe
Okay there m8

>> No.40126098

I'm from Ghana originally.

My relatives say that South Africans would eat me if I go there and that they're basically rampaging Zulus everywhere. I know that's hyperbole, but yeah.

What's the real story? I actually want to see Saffrika some time.

>> No.40126111

cry harder bitchboy

>white amercans created rome
Claimed no one in this thread

>> No.40126117
File: 88 KB, 600x709, absolutely barbaric.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Implying they didn't

Americans retroactively created all civilization since the country got founded.

>> No.40126130

Kek. The Bible becomes funnier if you add /pol/ memes to everything.


>> No.40126138

Built by brits and french

>> No.40126139

Nice bullshit.

>> No.40126144

Should've gone with Jewsus tbqh ladm8

>> No.40126153

Not enough to bankrupt an entire country for over a decade though.

>> No.40126162
File: 206 KB, 695x960, tumblr_m43hp7Joxu1qdqgjdo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all that white revisionism in this thread.
I just want /pol/ to fuck off.

>> No.40126165

You live right in the middle of Europe you faggot.

>> No.40126169

>I have never heard of Kush, Aethiopia, ancient Somalia, Mali, Soghai, the middle african city states.png

>> No.40126171
File: 949 KB, 1024x795, find_a_way_or_make_one_by_brandonspilcher-d7y8ev9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.40126172

>Everytime I try I get all invested in one side and they wind up being these unconquerable mary sues with no bad parts to their culture, or they become unstoppable conquerors of everything.
Then decadence happens.

>It's like, putting effort into building these cultures so that one can just be absorbed completely by another.
Then fragmentation happens.

Alternatively, go the GRRM way, were everyone is a cunt from the start.

>> No.40126175
File: 30 KB, 344x315, 1431985002831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

While europe was entering the renaissance and creating the Enlightenment, the english were busy mildly inconveniencing the french by dying on their soil or killing eachother after bankrupting their country during the aforementioned scuffle with France.

>> No.40126179


It's written by Russians. You have to forgive them, their grandmas probably were locked up in response to some politicians turning their children into roadkill.

>> No.40126196

To be fair old testament is basically revenge fanfic of a nation that was constantly fucked over everyone ever and still somehow believed themselves to be the master race.

>> No.40126200

Because they don't want too, but they can. They have the external debt of a few countries, and could wreck them in a whim.

>> No.40126204
File: 264 KB, 723x576, 1d9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This has got to be bait, right? There is nothing more hilarious than niggers and liberturds attributing the success and achievements of other people's to their race.

Egyptians, Carthagians, Persians, Moors, Arabs, none of them were sub-saharan africans like afrocentrists want them to be. In fact, arabs and moors enslaved niggers long before and for far longer than the english did.

Shit, persians used to be whiter than greeks, according to the greeks themselves.

>> No.40126212

So the system OP wants is Rogue Trader.

>> No.40126220

Being retarded doesn't change your geographical location to not europe.

>> No.40126229

Personally I want /tg/ to be able to worldbuild on african themes without feeling the need to tell how they feel about black people.
Cool myths and legends, interesting historical elements to build around. That kind of stuff.

>> No.40126230

They were fucked over by everyone but they also fucked over everyone. Constant warfare, as is the way of the land.

Which is why The New Testament is a very poor sequel. God is completely mischaracterized.

>> No.40126231
File: 230 KB, 1200x727, Hanibal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can you be so wrong in only one picture.

>> No.40126236

That's the thing, they're not even geographically in europe. They're cut off from it. Asia is more european than Britain.

>> No.40126245
File: 583 KB, 1614x2562, meSZ2GG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>muh white romans

>> No.40126248

I prefer the Cathar heresy explaination to it, the God in the Old testament is satan, the creator and perveter of the world. It explains so much...

>> No.40126252

Hannibal wasn't even the ruler of Carthage.

>> No.40126253

Also, the reason they had no bronze tools was because they just skipped straight to the Iron Age, for some reason.

>> No.40126262

That's a nonsense though, the channel is less of a barrier to movement of people than the alps.

>> No.40126267
File: 80 KB, 272x199, 1425905994445.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope you're aware that rome started to completely go to shit around the time they started appointing non-romans as emperors.

The latter roman emperors didn't even speak latin nor were they born in roman colonies and, in extreme cases, fucking hated Rome and romans, like Galerius.

>> No.40126270

So Italy is not part of the Europe instead?

>> No.40126271
File: 6 KB, 254x198, europe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No you are in europe buddy. All the maps say so.

>> No.40126272

I always found that explanation hilarious. God is good and all powerful but he still allowed Demiugre to drown every human on earth except Satan's chosen? That's pretty beta. Jewgod is way better than betagod.

>> No.40126278

I wish they weren't. The entire south needs to sink into the sea.

>> No.40126282

Exhibit A.

Here we have the /pol/fag false flagging to poison all discussion of African history so we associate it completely with Afrocentrist madness.

>> No.40126284

That's part of what I mean. The only thing they got right is the pectoral for fuck sakes, and it's a campanian one (discovered in a lybian tomb). That's why people tend to laugh at American when they talk about history online and it's a pity because I know some than really know they subject.

>> No.40126292

Said betagod didn't even care that much. He didn't even create Earth. World is more like an ant farm and Demiurge a retarded child who owns it.

>> No.40126300
File: 111 KB, 292x257, forty k.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>African history

Being enslaved by egypteans, arabs and turks isn't history, anon.

>> No.40126307

>literally a word that Europeans invented
>it basically means "black

>> No.40126313

Technology isn't linear.

The Romans came up with steam powered toys.

>> No.40126315

>Implying it's not a false false flag to poison the thread with raging about /pol/.

>> No.40126332
File: 440 KB, 1280x931, romans_vs_romans_by_amelianvs-d5a9n77.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, the Legions were the ones apointing Emperors. When you don't have proper Roman legionaries is what tends to happen, bad emperors. At least the oldie Roman legionaries would choose a proper Patrician or Plebeian senator as Emperor...

>> No.40126341
File: 412 KB, 2024x1841, moors.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look how black they are.

>> No.40126346

I typically put a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk Africa in my post-apocalyptic games.

Africa has no places that will get nuked in WW3, it has shitloads of resources, and the main reason why it's a shithole is because the West and China are leeching the resources out of it/corrupt government officials leech money out of it and put it on European bank accounts.

Once the West and China are nuked to hell, things can only get better for Africa.

And with no UN, there's nothing stopping the African nations from becoming hypercapitalist cyberpunk shitholes straight from Japanese scifi.

>> No.40126352

> Implying the false flag isn't a false false flag.

I guess it's far too late for >>40126229 ?

>> No.40126353

This is what happens when you overeach your empire and lose shitton of native people in wars. By the end of its existence roman empire was more germanic than roman.

>> No.40126359

The Senate still appointed emperors, but they were "persuaded" to appoint the generals with the most legions and most loyalty from said legions.

Rome reached peak when the Emperors themselves appointed adopted sons as successors.

>> No.40126363

Moor means North African/Maghreb habitant , also it's how the Spaniards called the Muslims in general. That's why Muslims of the Filipinas are called moros.

>> No.40126375

False etymology.

Moor comes from the ancient self designation of the Mauri berber tribe of north africa.
And here the faggot has been found out and responds with hyperbole.

>> No.40126379

Oh yes, I forgot it was sometimes used to generally refer to all muslims too.

My mistake, it's an entirely different sort of bullshit madeup word.

>> No.40126390
File: 119 KB, 516x429, Castillia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That was an arab depiction of moors.

Also, the word europeans used for all muslims was "saracens".

>> No.40126397

The ill-fated expansion pack for Empire Earth 2 had a cyberpunk Africa campaign. You end up creating a globally significant neo-Masai empire out of the downtrodden slaves of a megacorporation. Using giant mecha.

The Trinity Universe has Africa supplanting Europe and the US as the financial and cultural center of the world. There's literally an in-universe article in the Aberrant setting chapter titled "New York: Out, Adis Ababa: In".

Africa is a shithole in the Fates Worse Than Death universe (but then so's everywhere else, notice the setting title).

I'm more interested in a cyberpunk Middle East, personally. It never goes anywhere deeper than "Israel gets nuke and oil runs out".

>> No.40126406

>I guess it's far too late for >>40126229 ?
It was always too late. "PoC" threads always evolve into either some /pol/shit being an idiot or some tumblrina feeling raped by everyone's existence. Usually both. Now we need to just wait for "native americans discovered europe first" folk.

>> No.40126413

>period art at all reflecting reality

They drew painted jesus white and put everyone in renaissance clothing. Everything was historically annacronic

>> No.40126418
File: 110 KB, 686x822, John_F._Kennedy_White_House_color_photo_portrait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Anon, this is an US board.

This was their first coloured president.

>> No.40126427

>native americans discovered europe first

Did you come up with that on the spot as an example of retardation or are there people who actually believe that?

>> No.40126446

The Middle-East is a shit setting for fucking scifi, because oil WILL run out, and from there, the Middle-East will just become a fucking desert death zone.

>> No.40126454
File: 54 KB, 384x362, 20120116012906-cantigas-alfonso-x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But that's is an artistic impresion of something the artist saw dude. You have Koreans painting Jesus as korean, with the traditional dress and all, it's not only ancient art.
And here you have a battle lost be the Castilians vs the Andalusians. Painted be a Crhistian.

>> No.40126464

>/pol/ in charge of knowing shit.
It's a well documented fact you dipshit.

>> No.40126465
File: 221 KB, 320x238, [scolds internally].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>voting a FUCKING CATHOLIC into the white house


>> No.40126470
File: 410 KB, 2024x1951, Maler_der_Geschichte_von_Bayâd_und_Riyâd_003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All of those are dated from the 12th century AND made by themselves.

>> No.40126474

>I guess it's far too late for >>40126229 ?
It's a stupid knee-jerk reaction by assholes who think they're being 'persecuted' by SJWs, and think they see signs of them everywhere. So any time they see a woman or minority presented prominently in a work, they get triggered (heh heh) and drag out racist and just plain inaccurate bullshit to 'refute' it.

It's why people were crying about the new Mad Max movie being SJW, because women, even though the claims have largely been shot down since then. (haven't seen it yet myself, no spoilers!)

>> No.40126488
File: 10 KB, 360x479, 1430377919210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And here we go.

>> No.40126501

>haven't seen it yet myself
So what the fuck are you still doing here? Go and fucking watch it. Twice.

>> No.40126505

Unless it... doesn't. I mean, yeah, the oil will run out, but there's no way of telling what'd happen then. Nobody saw the Arab Spring coming just a couple years ago, and it completely changed the entire region top to bottom. Shit happens over time. Emirates could succeed in their "sustainable economy" plan, some new religious organization could rise and unite half the area, Israel might be able to not become nuked, etc.

>> No.40126521
File: 201 KB, 1276x584, 1427876217425.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's kind of funny how there's more people complaining about /pol/ than actual posters from /pol/.

>> No.40126524

If what is happening you call it "spring"...

>> No.40126538
File: 57 KB, 798x436, faggots of the lowest order.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.40126543

How does that change the fact that if WW3 happens, the entire Middle-East (excluding Iraq, Turkey and the bits stuck to central Asia) becomes a desert death zone?

>> No.40126548

>and it completely changed the entire region top to bottom
Yeah. ISIS, Muslim brotherhood and other shitstains are a fucking force for freedom and democracy to be reckoned with. Under their guidance middle east shall flourish like a desert flower.

>> No.40126553

Are you implying it isn't a desert death zone already?

>> No.40126566


It's a term. It refers to the fact that things are changing, not that they're changing for the better.

I said "changed". Not "improved". "Changed".

>> No.40126576
File: 27 KB, 254x339, Oil baron laughs at western cuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40126577

Have we ever managed to accurately predict what future human civilisations will be like?

Seems like we're always caught by surprise when the next big thing comes along.

>> No.40126582


How about a good fantasy setting of a people that actually had an impact on history? They're always generic raiders from the east.

>> No.40126595


The economic growth rates in a lot of Africa right now are what we saw in Asia in the 60s and 70s; by midcentury we'll wonder why we ever thought they would stay poor. I suspect we'll see plenty of African Tigers come up.

>> No.40126602
File: 196 KB, 580x1000, 1430923664805.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not really. WW1 and 2, for example, were predicted before they happened.

In fact, WW1 happened virtually because everyone involved in it thought it was going to happen and sped themselves towards it when it could have been avoided.

>> No.40126605

>I said "changed". Not "improved". "Changed".
Everyone can change for the worst! It takes no work at all! I can leave my job and start huffing paint right now but you wouldn't call it a clear sign of my ability to change, wouldn't you?

>> No.40126606

The economy in the Middle-East prevents it from becoming truly a desert death zone.

Kill the economy, enjoy Tatouine.

>> No.40126609

When you dismiss far-fetched theories like that with stupid responses like "hurr stupid natives can't cross oceans", you ignore a vast amount of history that really has been forgotten, or new discoveries being made.

People used to say the idea that vikings built a settlement in Canada 1000 years ago was complete and total BS too... And yet, now it's an accepted fact.

>> No.40126622

Everyone knew WW1/2 was coming but very few people accurately predicted what it would be like or what the impact of it would be.

>> No.40126629

>They're always generic raiders from the east.
I'm kind of surprised that not!mongols didn't become a stereotypical world ending demonic horde. Weren't they the single biggest threat to western civilisation ever?

>> No.40126636
File: 240 KB, 734x1000, Bismarck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bismarck knew. And there were others who knew WW1 wasn't going to be over by Christmas, though I forget their names.

>> No.40126637

Can you change the lives of millions of people by doing so? And the entire geopolitical world with them?

>> No.40126646

There are also actual historic documents that are proving that. But they tend to mysteriously never show up in official version.

>> No.40126648

Orcs and goblins.

>> No.40126652

Apart of plagues? Them and the Huns, than were another confedaration of Horse Nomads. But well, we Europeans are the descendents of a Horse nomad federations after all, than defetead the descendents of the Farmer confederation, than defetead the Hunter Gatherer clans...

>> No.40126653

I think some British politicians realised, they were close to not even joining in the war if you believe certain historians.

>> No.40126658
File: 106 KB, 690x440, 1899-vs-2000-9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


turn-of-the-last-century france had some fairly solid predictions
plenty of ridiculous ones, also.

>> No.40126663

Yep. Not just western, but all of it. I mean, the reason islam is so dogshit right now is because the mongols wiped out Baghdad, which was THE cultural, economical, artistic, mathematical and everythingal of Islam. They destroyed like 4 shahdoms and sultanates, subjugated russia and cut it off from the west and wiped everyone who couldn't hide in castles or mountains in Hungary and the Romanian principalities.

>> No.40126670

People are starting to take meth all the time. So i guess we can eagerly await a great social uprising of the rednecks who shall now guide humanity into a new, golden age.

>> No.40126673

There's a lost book (some retarded medieval monks probably recycled it to write another retarded bible) by a Greek explorer who lived in Marseilles who sailed along the West and North coast of Europe, presumably mapping today's France, England, Scotland, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Iceland, and discovering the polar circle.

>> No.40126677
File: 132 KB, 804x469, bamazehcom-8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>twf no 19th century Mad Max

>> No.40126680

Mongols brought the black death from China. They used to catapult infected bodies inside cities.

>> No.40126691

>golden age

Read over my previous posts, then come back. I'm not your strawman. Goodbye.

>> No.40126700

Probably, lucky for us that they spent most of their energy ruining China instead.

>> No.40126701

Farming being largely automatised? They were basically right.

>> No.40126704

It is well know that some semitic people did human sacrifice , maybe even to children. Romans were know to do small scale human sacrifice, and so were other Latin peoples. Anatolian Greeks were not directly documented as doing human sacrifices but there is a lot of physical evidence for it. Celts, Germanic peoples, Slavic peoples, and even post conversion Turks did human sacrifices. Really 15th AD century Turkish sultan by the name of Murad II killing 600 people as part of his father state funeral and did so openly. Hell china was also in on the game till 384 BC.

Is it so hard to believe Carthage did so as well?

>> No.40126721

Huns, Avars, Kipchaks, Mongols and Oghuz Turks.

The Might Five of asiatic, steppe-born destruction of civilization.

Yet none of them get the recognition they deserve.

>> No.40126726

I remember someone describing the Mongol invasion of Europe as this.

>mongols: oh, our scouting force has been destroyed by the natives? okay, back to beating the fuck out of china.

>> No.40126730

it's not hard to believe. But we have no proof of that. As well we can say that everyone had gladiatorial fights because romans had them even if we can't fight any signs of that.

>> No.40126745

Eh, didn't the Scandi's hang people on their holy trees?

Also, the Netherlands is filled with ritual bog sacrificial corpses.

>> No.40126752

They already beat the fuck out of china. They were mostly beating the fuck out of persians and turks by the time they reached Europe proper.

>> No.40126761

It wasn't even like that, the scouting force went back because they'd only been allotted a certain amount of time before they had to report their discoveries, and then when they got back there was a succession to deal with. Pure luck more than any competent resistance.

I think India is the only place that the Mongols invaded and actually got beaten.

>> No.40126767

I think it's safe to assume that fucking everyone had human sacrifices.

>> No.40126780

Eh, I'll remember that for when those Squatslavs talk shit about the steppe people on /int/ again.

>> No.40126782

Vietnam. They invaded Vietnam and it went about as well as America's invasion.

Turns out not even mongols are exempt from foreign diseases.

>> No.40126784

The black death was brought be rats in merchant ships, but it's true than the mongols used corpse to infect sieged cities.

>> No.40126795

EVERYONE performed human sacrifices.

Even the Chinese used to throw people into rivers to appease the gods.

If anything religion has become LESS barbaric over time.

>> No.40126801


Here in Nova Scotia there's some legends and possible ruins, that indicate the Chinese could have built a colony on the East coast of Canada. It could turn out to be nothing, of course, but who knows, in 50 years that could be an accepted fact alongside the existence of L'anse Aux Meadows.

>> No.40126808

That one's false though, the roman sources mention that they were indians who wound up in the area now known as Holland.

And by Indians they meant 'people from India.' which the Romans though they were because the Romans believed the Caspian and Baltic seas were directly linked. Note that the original sources make no mention about the 'indians' language, appearance, religion. However it is mentioned that the 'Indians' were able to communicate with the Romans and Germans meaning that the language was similar to the local language or a trade language was in use.

All these factors rule out the possibility of a Native American crossing. In fact the first connection between that tale and the Americas comes from the 16th century.


>> No.40126810

>Squatslavs talk shit about the steppe people on /int/ again
We do? Why? After the mongol momentum really died out their remains mostly served as mercenary forces for the lack of better shit to do.

>> No.40126813
File: 55 KB, 679x427, 1429921015149.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why? Slavs talk shit about mongols because they're butthurt. They got fucking destroyed by mongols and mongols basically created Tsarist Russia.

Mongols are the only enemy Russia faced who couldn't get beaten by their amazing tactic of running away and letting winter do the fighting. Mongols just used the frozen lakes as shortcuts and conquered them faster.

>> No.40126814

Well, I dunno man.

Throwing someone in a river for a sacrifice seems less barbaric to me than a carbomb that kills 100 people.

Funny thing, last night I dreamt I was watching the news with some medieval sultan, and he got so mad about IS blowing up cultural heritage from his time.

>> No.40126822

Fun fact: the first Chinese emperor invaded Vietnam so bad it turned it into the swampy jungle shithold it's today. By redirecting a river.

>> No.40126849
File: 29 KB, 554x534, fedora.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>retarded bible
Great! Now we have /pol/ AND fedoras. Can this thread get anny better?

>> No.40126850

Yeah. Those are my favorite kind of tactics. Like the roman legions building a fucking mountain to deal with some jewish rebels.

>> No.40126853

> I mean, the reason islam is so dogshit right now is because the mongols wiped out Baghdad

More like because we're stuffing dollar bills down the House of Saud's ass nonstop. They're basically ISIS that's trading oil in dollars, which is why the US being buttmad about ISIS is fucking hilarious.

>> No.40126860

If you have nothing useful to add to the conversation, you should refrain from posting.

>> No.40126861

Only parts of China at that stage, it took them something like 70 years to finally defeat the Song.

The Mongol invasion of China and especially the war against the Song Dynasty was absolutely fucking insane. It's one of those major parts of history that we don't pay nearly enough attention to in the west.

>> No.40126865

>the main reason why it's a shithole is because the West and China are leeching the resources out of it/corrupt government officials leech money out of it and put it on European bank accounts.

You realize everywhere tries to do this to everybody else?

It's not a matter of one group being dicks. Every group is dicks, and they were bigger, less subtle dicks before the last 60 years or so.

If you think the only reasons Africa isn't doing very well is the presence of large, well organized entities to trade with, your world view is fucked.

Pro tip: Any exploitation is a result of weakness. Exploitation isn't the cause of weakness.

>> No.40126866

>Romans were know to do small scale human sacrifice

I'm not exactly sure what you think the circus games were...?

>> No.40126875

That's a fine Roman traditions started be Scipio in Numantia, perfectioned in Alesia be Julius Caesar and blown out be that guy.

>> No.40126879

>Pro tip: Any exploitation is a result of weakness. Exploitation isn't the cause of weakness.
/pol/ adores that sentence, until it occurs to them that it means their glorious white race is weak to Jews.

>> No.40126882

>being ever right on anything
This fucker is a well known shill.

>> No.40126883

The circus games and gladiator fights weren't human sacrifices. Training a gladiator took money and effort and it was especially bad for business if a fan favorite died.

>> No.40126884

Source? I hate to sound like a nay say-er but during the time when there was Greeks in Marseilles their shipbuilding skills were not open to task for that shit. Norse peoples were way ahead of anyone else in the area of shipbuilding, at lest for making ships for the open sea. Even they did not find Iceland till 860 AD. The North sea is a much harsher place to sail then the mediterranean sea.

>France, England, Scotland, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark,

As for those it is know that the Greeks mapped up to the south western part of Denmark and had mapped the coast line of Scotland if rather poorly.

>> No.40126892

Jews ARE white.

>> No.40126894

It started as human sacrifice for the death, then it started expanding...

>> No.40126905
File: 307 KB, 768x1024, 1387341230857.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40126908

It originated as human sacrifice

>> No.40126911

Exploitation perpetuates weakness though, it may not initiate it but once you are being exploited that is the reason you remain weak.

>> No.40126912

The reason greeks were in Marseilles was cause their ship-building was open to task. They colonized every single inch of the mediterranean (and black sea) because they were a sea faring people.

>> No.40126915

The thing about the Saudis, while you can't reliably say anything about them as a group, the rich people giving money to terrorists are sometimes doing it because it's basically an extortion racket against them, rather than a love of the cause they're donating money too.

>> No.40126924

You wanna tell that to /pol/?

>> No.40126926

Your take on history is very, very skewed.

>> No.40126940

I wonder who's behind this post?

>> No.40126948

Dude, some people have found Semitic and Greek rest in America, the problem of course if it's legit or not, but the Semitics and Greeks were good sea voyagers and isn't that far away to think than some found a way to get to the Americas.

>> No.40126951

>See thread about African RPGs on /tg/
>Fear the worst because /tg/
>Control+F "Spears of the Dawn"
>1 Result
>Faith in humanity restored for today

>> No.40126952
File: 193 KB, 807x692, madMax-MAIN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only thing rich Saudis love is oil, power and their sex slaves. They are basically Immortan Joe's.

>> No.40126959

I think by Africa you mean Asia Minor, Arabic peninsula, Egypt and Mesopotamia. And that was cause they were right on top of the silk road AND the supremely fertile lands of the Nile and Crescent. Direct contact to China and ownership of the fertile crescent was a recipe for empires.

>> No.40126962

Why would you listen to /pol/?

>> No.40126971

Jews are white only when it's convenient to them.

>> No.40126972

Well Africa is fucked in a historical sense as well, I didn't want to bring this up earlier because it has the potential to derail the thread...

But the slave-trade fucked up West Africa culturally, and economically in ways that most people don't usually consider. For example, for the last few hundred years the most dangerous job in that area was, and still is being a fucking FARMER. Because tied to your plot of land, and crops, you're the most vulnerable to assholes who want to enslave or murder you. Whereas a herder can just whip his flock harder and forget about the handful of animals that are too slow to keep up.

Not only that but most of these nations would have a population roughly double their current amount. And while availability of food in Africa for that many people would certainly be an issue, the prosperity of nations has always been measured in part by the size of their population, which acts as the manpower of its labour and military forces.

>> No.40126984

That's what happens when you enslave your own people.

>> No.40126998

>What is African metallurgy?

Sub Saharan Africa never invented Iron working, so good question. It spread south from Phoenecia.

There was no "native" metalworking of any kind.

>> No.40127000

>That's what happens when you enslave your own people.
And the award for the most retarded post in the thread goes to...

>> No.40127005

They shouldn't have sold they fellows for muskets and booze.

>> No.40127010


>> No.40127015

There's a German post-apocalyptic game called Degenesis in which the Africa/Europe roles are reverse i.e. Europe is a frozen shithole of scavengers and hunter-gatherers while Africa has regained a 20th century level of technology and is an enormous military/economical powerhouse. (an asteroid hit cooled the Earth down, so Europe froze over and all of North Africa turned into paradise on Earth)

>> No.40127016

...you do understand that Zheng He and his fleet visited the cities of the East African coast right?

Y'know, Somalia and Swahililand?

>> No.40127024


I hate to be the guy who qutos wiki but "In ancient Rome, human sacrifice was infrequent but documented. Dionysius of Halicarnassus[25] says that the ritual of the Argei, in which straw figures were tossed into the Tiber river, may have been a substitute for an original offering of elderly men. After the Roman defeat at Cannae two Gauls and two Greeks in male-female couples were buried under the Forum Boarium, in a stone chamber used for the purpose at least once before.[26] The rite was apparently repeated in 113 BCE, preparatory to an invasion of Gaul.[27] According to Pliny the Elder, human sacrifice was banned by law during the consulship of Publius Licinius Crassus and Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus in 97 BCE, although by this time it was so rare that the decree was largely symbolic.[28] Captured enemy leaders were only occasionally executed at the conclusion of a Roman triumph, and the Romans themselves did not consider these deaths a sacrificial offering.[citation needed] Gladiator combat was thought by the Romans to have originated as fights to the death among war captives at the funerals of Roman generals, and Christian polemicists such as Tertullian considered deaths in the arena to be little more than human sacrifice.[29]"

>gladiator fights weren't human sacrifices.

Classical gladiator fight no, but guess what tradition it came out of.

>> No.40127028


>> No.40127029

>We had nothing to do with it! Those dirty savages enslaved themselves! I swear!

>> No.40127033

Well the Romans and Greeks did the same.

The problem is more when slaves are your most valuable export.

>> No.40127051

>native metalworking
If you're going to use such nonsensical criteria, Europe never invented metalworking either, they just learned it from other people...

>> No.40127065
File: 171 KB, 599x880, 1427756692137.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No one in my country's history has ever been to africa until airports got invented.

Except maybe as janissaries because most of our history was spent fighting off turks, mongols and tatars and failing spectacularly.

>> No.40127071

Are you retarded?

It's common knowledge that west africans independently discovered Ironworking.

FFS part of the periodization of Africa is based on the beginning and ending of the native Iron age.
They didn't learn from anyone else.

Holy crap, read a fucking book for once.

>> No.40127073

You? It's a well know fact that lot's of nations of Africa, like the Mali,dahomey kingdom or the benis empire etc sold other tribes to slavery, be it Arabs or Berbers or later to Dutch, English or Iberian slavers.

>> No.40127075

Mediterranean and Black seas are inland seas, aka completely different beasts from the fucking Atlantic or the stormy shithole that is the North Sea.

>> No.40127078

Humans didn't even invent fire! Homo erectus had it already!

>> No.40127093

>It's common knowledge that west africans independently discovered Ironworking.
Are you nuts? Iron working and stell working were devoloped in Mesopotamia (well, the hitites).

>> No.40127104

There were slaves everywhere. It wasn't just West Africa.

The Zanj rebellion, for instance.


500,000 East African slaves rebelling in the Caliphate.

All killed.

If you want to explain Africa's general shittyness you don't need to look hundreds of years to the past, you need to look at it now. What's the issue? Failing nation states. Why? Because they weren't made by the people living there but drawn up by dead Empires for arcane geopolitical purposes.

How to fix it?

Redraw Africa's borders to reflect the actual nations.

Will it happen?

Never. Well maybe if Kurdistan works out, it'll set a good example at least.

>> No.40127123

If that happens, Africa will be divided in hundreds of little states, I don't think it will be good for them in the long term .

>> No.40127125

Anon, it's pretty much known for a fact that to the Sauds, shipping their youth and their religious minorities off to become terrorists has been a security valve for decades now.
Likewise, their monetary support of pro-wahabitist preachers is actually strengthening their position within the Middle East both politically and religiously. If not for that, they'd be considered a menace camping out on Mecca.

>> No.40127127
File: 217 KB, 1172x1484, 1425244682213.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kurdistan will never work it out. They don't want independence, they want sovereignty in an area of the country because if they got independence, there would no longer be any competent government to industrialize them and give them jobs and it'd just become a second Kosov and they know that.

t. turk

>> No.40127128

Well we know (or it's generally accepted) that the Carthaginians explored the Atlantic coast of Africa.

>> No.40127140 [DELETED] 

Because what I have learned from African culture is that before White People came to fuck everything up.

Things were already fucked up... Like worst than dark age Europe fucked up.

>> No.40127141

>It's common knowledge that west africans independently discovered Ironworking.

No it isn't.


>In summary, there is no proof that iron working technology was taken across the Sahara into sub-Saharan Africa; nor is there proof of independent invention. Given the multitude of potential problems with radiocarbon dating in the first millennium BC, archaeologist trying to date the earliest African metallurgy need to make routine use of luminescence dating of the baked clay from smelting furnaces.

Even though the origin(s) of iron smelting are difficult to date by radiocarbon, there are fewer problems with using it to track the spread of ironworking after 400 BC. In the 1960s it was suggested that iron working was spread by speakers of Bantu languages, the original homeland of which has been located by linguists in the Benue River valley of eastern Nigeria and Western Cameroon. It has been since been shown that no words for iron or ironworking can be traced to reconstructed proto-Bantu,[17] so clearly metallurgy was acquired long after the original dispersal of Bantu-speakers

Summary; Iron working spread top down from Phoenecians.

No evidence it was independently made and no evidence it was introduced, instead, a gradual growth in iron artefacts over time spreading from the North

>> No.40127142

The fact that you can't even spell tells me about your comprehension of not only the english language but also world history.

Iron was discovered in Anatolia in the 18th-19th century BCE.

And somewhat later in west africa around 1500 BCE in an independent tradition.

The trans saharan trade hadn't even begun yet.

>> No.40127144

Bait and /pol/ shitposting aside, this is an interesting thread. I for one have always been fascinated by African Mythology, mostly because I know nothing about it. There really weren't alot of books about it when I was a kid, certainly not as much as the Greek and Norse myth books, so I never really learned about it as a kid. Same thing with Vodun and stuff like that, I'm interested in it because I know nothing about it.

>> No.40127157

Population wise they'd be comparable to the smaller European states, which are the best places to live in the world, mostly.

If there's a large threat they could do what Western nations have historically done and banded together against the outsiders.

This is really the only "best" future I can see for Africa.

>> No.40127165

>quoting wiki

>> No.40127167

So, for you, only English Speaking people can into world history?

>> No.40127180

Best than no quotings. At least in the wiki you can trace the sources in end.

>> No.40127183

Check the sources if you disagree.

Africa has almost 1,500,000,000 people now, with sharp regional, lingustice, cultural and religious divides.

No standard African anything.

>> No.40127186

That's not a summary it's an assumption, all we know for sure is that there's not enough evidence.

>> No.40127193


Pretty sure they're counting on the Americans to handle that in the event of independence.

>> No.40127195

>Population wise they'd be comparable to the smaller European states, which are the best places to live in the world, mostly.
Because of their stable economy and highly direct democracy. In Africa this will translate into easier time to a small time warlords to rise into power.

>> No.40127198
File: 100 KB, 500x381, Mansa_Musa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you understand that Bantu people come from the forest fringe of Cameroon?

I'm talking about the Mande and Nilo-Saharan speakers of the Sahel.

Steel artifacts going back 2000 years in Tanzania have been discovered.

Tests on material excavated since the 1980s show that iron was worked at least as long ago as 1500 BC at Termit, in eastern Niger, while iron did not appear in Tunisia or Nubia before the 6th century BC. At Egaro, west of Termit, material has been dated earlier than 2500 BC, which makes African metalworking contemporary with that of the Middle East.


>> No.40127227

They are the best palces to live in the world because they have something special (fiscal paradise, sede of the most widespread religion etc), or like San Marino an non important no one cared for them. The rest are well because in they history were part of a greater power than protected them, look at the WW2 to see how fast can they be recked to hell and back.

>> No.40127233
File: 112 KB, 464x356, let the suomi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course. Every shithole subhuman country-less, history-less and cultureless people count on america to do their job for them. See: Albanians.

>> No.40127236

I'd argue they're stable and with that system BECAUSE they're small

>> No.40127248
File: 22 KB, 239x346, 51rDQeXYk-L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Read "A Treasury of African Folklore" by Harold Courlander

It's amazing

>> No.40127265
File: 74 KB, 600x450, Modell_Knorr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mediterranean (and black sea)= North sea

Look the sailing in the North sea and Atlantic ocean is way harder then sailing in the Mediterranean sea. This is know fact now days. The Greeks and Romans said the same thing back then. Sailing from the west coast of England going up and around Scotland to the east coast of England was viewed by them as to dangerous to be commercial viable even if Scotland was conquered. To sail in that area you need a ship designed for rough waters, high waves, and storms.

The locals in that area could not even do the feats you are claiming till the 9th century AD with the invention of the Longship and the Knarr. It is notable that Iceland was found not long after those ships were invented.

I ask again: source on your claims.

>> No.40127279

That doesn't mean that you can just cut Africa into small pieces and expect that won't end in a disaster. Those won't be tiny european countries, those will be tribes.

>> No.40127287

You heathens need to learn how to read.
Yeah, Israel was fucked over several times, but usually after periods of successful governance. The Israelites do well for themselves for most of the Old Testament. The raping and pillaging comes after they become absolutely degenerate.

>> No.40127298

Dude, peopel have found Egyptian trinkets and Romanians bronze swords in Scandinavia, and people had trade from the English Isles to Iberia since pre-historic times. And the Semitics did trade and explore the Atlantic coast of Africa.

>> No.40127299
File: 18 KB, 408x418, 1421269409053.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Israelites did well for themselves only after they listened to god and massacred everyone around them. Every time that they tried to be nice to people around them, God punished them.

>> No.40127319

And look how that turned out.

>> No.40127323

>but usually after periods of successful governance
Said governance has little to none archaeological base. Jerusalem didn't look like it was described in the bible. Fuck. If Salomon really had 700 wifes the he and his harem were only people living in Jerusalem at this time according to archaeological data becouse the town was small as fuck. Bible is as factual as greek mythology.

>> No.40127333
File: 33 KB, 405x276, 1424058793741.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It turned out pretty alright, probably because they're currently massacring everyone around them.

>> No.40127374

And no one moves a finger, you have to give them that, if they were Serbians the USA/UN would have bombed them to hell and back long ago.

>> No.40127393

You DO realize that African ethnic groups are only called "tribes" out of convenience right?

And "tribe" doesn't mean small or irrelevant.

There's 30 million members of the Yoruba "tribe".

>> No.40127402

>That's what happens when you enslave your own people.
>And the award for the most retarded post in the thread goes to...

How the heck do you think that with only the crew of a merchant European slavers got their slaves? They bought them from the local slavers. European did not even start the African slave trade, that was the Arabs. Europeans did expand it down more of the west coast of Africa though.

>> No.40127406

YHWH hungers for blood and if his chosen people don't feed him he gets angry at them.

>> No.40127407

>not populating an entire city with your waifus
What, you think Solomon was a faggot like you?

>> No.40127412

You do know that the Atlantic slave trade started when explorers found west African slave markets? African princes set them up to sell slaves to the Arabs, who needed lots of eunuchs. The slave trade had been in existence for centuries by that point.

Some guy had the bright idea of buying some of the people at market and shipping them to America which was suffering from critical manpower shortages. That's why a society that let slavery die out from sheer apathy suddenly started using them.

British folk also signed up for indentured servitude in exchange for a free trip to America, but they got freed after seven years. The Africans, probably because they didn't speak English and were used to the idea of slavery, never had that option. I'm not sure, but I think the racist justification for it all came some time later.

>> No.40127429
File: 19 KB, 320x213, 1429958460066.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Serbians didn't get killed en masse by naz- oh wait.

Uhh, they didn't have a kingdom that got destroyed by an invading for- oh, hm.

Serbians didn't get persecuted and killed by muslims that infested their count- oooohh...

Well, if they wanted to not get bombed, they should've probably controlled the american media and government and bomb war-thorn english infrastructure until they got their holy land back. Stupid serbs.

>> No.40127484

Also instituted Chattel slavery in the Americas, the most abominable form of slavery there is.

>> No.40127485

Google "hyena butter"

>> No.40127488

>Serbians didn't get killed en masse by naz- oh wait.
That are two completely different things. For jewish people death was something special, it was a tragedy and communion with the God. Slavs were just dying. Comparing those two is just out of place.

>> No.40127509

Google "pseudo-penis"

>> No.40127515
File: 35 KB, 680x505, moot fixing pol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, Ustase killing serbs was completely unlike Nazis killing jews. I shouldn't have been so insensitive.

>> No.40127523

Also I'm still wanting my Movies about Nazis burning Gypsies or retards, It's pretty tiring to only see jews in american movies.

>> No.40127551

No one cares about gypsies, anon. It's impossible to make people sympathize with them. In fact, a movie about Nazis burning gypsies would have the audiences cheer.

>> No.40127554

When the Greeks were in Marseilles, the Norse were still scratching their hairy caveman ass with mammoth tusks.

>> No.40127567

That's why I want one, I would wank until I cum blood.

>> No.40127575

Fun fact, genetics do in fact show that Jews are Europeans.

And that Palestinians are Jews.

>> No.40127583

Ashkenazi khazars aren't jews.

>> No.40127584

Wait, are you saying here that there wasn't trade between the Mediterranean and the British Isles in the ancient world?

>> No.40127594

Damn, anon. You beat me to the punch.

>> No.40127602

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nq_J2C6Hrz0 Jews are smart enough not to do this.

>> No.40127605

Ashkenazi Jews and Possibly the Sephardim, I think Palestin still got jews before the terrorist created Israel.

>> No.40127611

Nobody protected Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, et all.

Yes, they're vulnerable to larger powers, but that's true for every group on the planet except the USA and China.

Nation states combined with liberal democracy and regulated capitalism is THE optimal form for growth and human development.

Nothing else has ever been close, and the reason Africa is terrible is they fail the first hurdle (nation state)

>> No.40127626

Yeah, they only sent the drones away and kill children.

>> No.40127632

Is there a balkan/yugoslav wars rpg? It seems like a very fun place to live in.

>> No.40127646
File: 1.78 MB, 1305x2000, 1424736812663.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't forget lying about what they're doing.

>> No.40127647

If you mean Fun in the Dorf fortress term, then sure, tough Croacia and Eslovenia or eslovaquia are pretty sweet and will be good to live in a few years.

>> No.40127674

I'm not advocating something like a UN mission to tear apart Africa.

Instead, more like advocating referendums in each sub Saharan country (except Nigeria, Ethiopa, and South Africa, for other reasons) in favour of secession states.

If those pass, then there'll be a very risky era of post WW2 Europe style ethnic movements, and probably a lot of tension for the decade that will take to resolve.

After that, with the optimum stability of a nation state, investment should flood in, leading to a post WW2 Europe economy.

Africa would become the engine of the worlds economy, and as innovation booms always follow population booms, and Africa currently has the largest population boom in history, Africa could transform the 22nd century.

This is fairly pie in the sky, I admit, and there's a shit ton of problems I'm glossing over, but this is my "perfect world" fix for Africa, to let Africans fix themselves.

>> No.40127707

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Right in muh feels.

>> No.40127710
File: 808 KB, 1000x1281, 1250812621787.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Russians learned those tactics from the Mongols and their predecessors.

The Russian victories against Napoleon and Hitler were nomad tactics adapted to modern warfare.

Darius I would have recognized it as the same thing the Scythians did when he invaded.

No really, does this sound familiar:
>Darius crossed the Black Sea at the Bosphorus Straits using a bridge of boats. Darius conquered large portions of Eastern Europe, even crossing the Danube to wage war on the Scythians. Darius invaded Scythia, where the Scythians evaded Darius's army, using feints and retreating eastwards while laying waste to the countryside, by blocking wells, intercepting convoys, destroying pastures and continuous skirmishes against Darius's army.[26] Seeking to fight with the Scythians, Darius's army chased the Scythian army deep into Scythian lands, where there were no cities to conquer and no supplies to forage. In frustration Darius sent a letter to the Scythian ruler Idanthyrsus to fight or surrender. The ruler replied that he would not stand and fight with Darius until they found the graves of their fathers and tried to destroy them. Until then, they would continue their strategy as they had no cities or cultivated lands to lose.[27] Darius ordered a halt at the banks of Oarus, where he built eight frontier fortresses spaced at intervals of eight miles. After chasing the Scythians for a month, Darius's army was suffering losses due to fatigue, privation and sickness. Concerned about losing more of his troops, Darius halted the march at the banks of the Volga River and headed towards Thrace. He had conquered enough Scythian territory to force the Scythians to respect the Persian forces.

The only difference was Darius was smart enough to quit while he was ahead.

>> No.40127732

>This is fairly pie in the sky
People are talking of the next super power than Nigeria will be since the '60 anon, I heard it all before, and Africa is at best making baby steps when no falling again and again like in Ethiopia than had famines not so long ago.

>> No.40127749

There's a guy on here who takes whatever homebrew he finds interesting and adds the line "And then the Slavs arrived", and subsequently writes in the Balkans.

It's incredible.

My favourite is the Spetznaz in the Underdark

>> No.40127764
File: 50 KB, 413x449, 1430389684398.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Darius seems to be the only fucking person in the entire history to not get fucked by this tactic. Excluding the Mongols, every war any eastern european nation has ever been involved in seems to end with "They burned their crops and poisoned their wells and ran away until the invaders died like retards without killing killing anyone".

>> No.40127823
File: 61 KB, 401x500, Cossack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Slavs like to use the tactic not just on the defence, but on the offence too.

I feel so sorry for all the peoples destroyed by the Cossacks on their Eastward march. They never stood a chance.

>> No.40127831

Your point? The only way to be successful is to exploit the degeneracy of those around you.
But to say the Israelites were punished for being nice to others is a mischaracterization.
When they left Egypt, they took some of the Egyptians with them who assimilated into their culture.

So no, Anon. If you look at it, the Israelites were really punished for absorbing non-Jewish culture that was considered degenerate. Which was most of non-Jewish culture.

>> No.40127858
File: 234 KB, 1280x720, theswedeonlylivesforwaaaagh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I completely crushed the cossacks, the muscovites, the poles and the crimeans under the plated boots of the swedish

>> No.40127876

>implying the jews ever left egypt
>implying the jews ever went to egypt

Moses shouldn't have been doing so much drugs in the desert, half his stories are made up bullshit.

>> No.40127878

>implying Solomon didn't keep his harem outside of the city.
Seriously, would you keep your collection of nubile concubines directly in your capital? Small population or not, everyone will want a piece of that.

>> No.40127879

Why slavs?

Try Japanese or Germans, untill few decades ago, they were the real warmongering locusts of destruction.

>> No.40127893


crazy how nature do dat

>> No.40127910

Slavs just have a fatalism about their cultures that contrasts really well with fantasy cultures.


>until a few decades ago

How old are you, Anon?

German united in the 19th century, and Japan in the 17th.

>> No.40127912
File: 426 KB, 700x1050, 1427140417718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because slavs are inherently hilarious.

>> No.40127944

Well, supposedly the deal isn't with the number of dead so much as it is about percentage. If you believe 6 million Jews died, than it's still a tenth of how many Russians did... but it was also 50% of their entire people.

Now you just need to believe 6 million Jews died.

Also, the method of death. Apparently, killing people in war is one thing, "industrialized slaughter" is another.

>> No.40127954
File: 100 KB, 500x500, liberators.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Holomodor was pretty industrialized, too.

>> No.40127978

Wolfenstein: The New Order actually made a scene about this. The protag (who is a Jewish American, but looks like a fucking Aryan demigod) acts horrified about how Germany persecuted the Jews (stuff like not being able to go on buses or into public avenues), then his black companion points out that at the same time, blacks were in pretty much the same shape.

Then the game reveals that Nazi victory was due to, I shit you not, THE SUPERSCIENCE OF THE JEWISH CONSPIRACY STARTED BY MAIMONIDES, and everything gets full wacky

>> No.40127998

People butthurt over Palestine need to wash the cum out of their eyes. Hell, even the Palestinians themselves should. Their ancestors were [spoilers]Jews and Israelites raped and converted by the sword to Islam.[/spoilers]
Maybe the Israeli government should start embedding this idea in the 'Palestinians'. Start a nationalistic awakening or someshit. Finally unite their nations both physically and mentally.

Or maybe not.

>> No.40128003

I like how /pol/ suddenly melts into a puddle of bleeding heart righteous pro-native pacifism when it comes to Palestinians. The poor, poor, victimized Palestinians!

>> No.40128007
File: 184 KB, 650x879, romanbritain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, I am not. I did say that the waters around Scotland were to dangerous to sail around it as far as the Roman though of the matter. Those if there was heavy good needing to be moved from one coast of Roman Britain to the other they would always take the southern route rather then the northern route. It is part of the reason why the Romans did not conquer Scotland, because the land was not valuable to them.

Sailing in the English channel itself is not that bad.

>> No.40128020
File: 870 KB, 986x1369, carthage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I remember that and it was fucking retarded. It actually took me out of the game. Even though the holohoax's numbers are grossly overestimated, blacks have never, ever has had it as bad as the average jew/slav/gypsy had it during both world wars.

Fuck, I wish I could've punched faggot for going "hurr durr america sux too".

>> No.40128038

That'll never happen. The current Israeli's are basically Nazi Germany with militant fundie Judaism as a faith instead of believing in esoteric Levensraum and Wille Des Volks.

>> No.40128041

>Maybe the Israeli government should start embedding this idea in the 'Palestinians'. Start a nationalistic awakening or someshit. Finally unite their nations both physically and mentally.

Shit, never read that before. That's genius.

And given the birth rates probably the only long term solution for Israel

>> No.40128048
File: 290 KB, 754x554, 1428679444675.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe because nobody here actually goes to /pol/ AND it's not just a single person talking to himself. Maybe you should also stop using /pol/ as a strawman.

>> No.40128062

>The current Israeli's are basically Nazi Germany

Apart from the no industrial death thing.

The numbers of Palestians are sky rocketing, in contrast

>> No.40128070

>Jews mating with goyim and especially palestinians

Not bloody likely.

>> No.40128078

Well, it's not because Americans treat their black people so nicely.

The only reasons Americans aren't as bad as the Nazis is because the Nazis had to stack genocide on top of racism and discrimination.

>> No.40128080

Fuck you with a menorah, the Da'at Yichud was fucking brilliant so far as pulpy retro WWII science fiction goes. It was EXACTLY in place. Just offensive enough for Jews to go "WTF" while in the same time flattering them enough to not ban the game or something. I actually considered incorporating the organization into a Hunter: The Vigil chronicle (as a bunch of enlightened God-Machine scholars who invented the Hebrew language thousands of years ago by assimilating God-Machine code they found in the desert. Hence angels being named in "Hebrew" - it's the other way around)

>> No.40128087

I don't know if you're trying to offend Israel or Nazi Germany more. The fact you're even making the comparison implies a complete lack of even the most basic knowledge of both, so it's hard to say.

>> No.40128127

It's not an american thing, it's a protestant thing.

Also, even without adding nazis to the equation, blacks in america had it comparatively a lot better than russian serfs in their own country, or jews in any country, or armenians and so on.

>> No.40128135

>Jews in any country
What is medieval Spain (before the memequisition)

>> No.40128138

For fucks sake, Netanjahu is basically a Jewish version of Hamaz.

>kill palestinians
>hamaz gets mad
>hamaz bombs israel
>more people vote for netanjahu
>send IDF to kill palestinians
>hamaz gets mad again
>hamaz bombs israel again
>people vote for netanjahu some more
>send IDF to kill more palestinians
>ad infinitum

He's a fucking nazi cocksucker who deserves a cyanide pill, a bullet to the brain, an unceremonious burning of his corpse and a couple of Russian soldiers to piss out the ashes.

>> No.40128176
File: 39 KB, 200x200, 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Jews get pogromed out of spain
>Kingdom immediately begins to prosper

What a coincidence.

>> No.40128191

Except he's a fucking political mastermind. You can like it or not, but here's the fact: EVERYONE IN THE WORLD, including in Israel, America, the UN, EVERYONE sees how he is (especially in Israel, where his mind-bogglingly disgusting decadence and messiah complex are far more apparent). He's CARTOONISHLY evil, and yet he's elected again and again and again and again and nobody in the world does ANYTHING. He'll still be in power after the Obama administration ends (an administration that, at most, got to say a few bad things about him and paid for it - before that, Bibiyahu had the American government around his little finger) and by then you can be pretty certain he'll once again hold the new American president by the balls. Either he's a genius or the rest of the world is retarded.

>> No.40128219

I'll go with the latter. Jews have weaponized their victim complex so hard that if any government moves against them, their entire countries will burst into tears and criticize them.

>> No.40128525

jesus christ fuck off with this shit, Before the lower and upper kingdoms even combined to form egypt nubians were apart of the empire. Egypt wasn't black or white but a mix of people united under one cultural banner mostly semitic

>> No.40128539

I'm not a slavaboo or anything (definitely a mongolaboo, and a little bit of weeaboo and bronzeaboo, anyway...), but I've always admired the resilience of the slavic people's.

They've basically been kicked in the face by history since forever, but they don't let it stop them (even when sometimes they should).

>> No.40128543
File: 208 KB, 899x315, stop using this pic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot pic

>> No.40128615

That's still a point for the Jews. Everyone knows that they're lying, and still can't help giving them infinite benefits? That's some pretty successful maneuvering. Whether it's moral or ethical is completely irrelevant. There's no graver mistake to make than to underestimate the intelligence of the Jew.

>> No.40128618
File: 35 KB, 640x432, TziDOqc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mfw someone actually believes this.

To be honest I'm disappointed with where Africa is at and want them to seriously get their shit together.

But this.......this is just wrong.

>> No.40128703

I love the leopards/cheethas chewing the black dudes head.

>> No.40128723

As rich as Africa is in natural resources, they are very capital poor geographically. Africa has some of the worst geography on earth for building a modern nation. They COULD do it if they had control over their own resources but it'd be so ludicrously inefficient that surpassing America is laughable.

>> No.40128777

>they are very capital poor geographically. Africa has some of the worst geography on earth for building a modern nation.

How so?

>> No.40128813

Well obviously Africa is a big continent and not all of it is capital poor. But a lion's share of it is. It's very hard to manage intra continental trade because the geography doesn't allow for easy building of rail lines and there are few navigable rivers. They would need a huge injection of capital to build the infrastructure necessary to combat the hostility of their geography (like the middle east cause oil)

>> No.40128816

Because it's motherfucking huge.

You want to know why Europe went from retarded cavemen to goddamn masters of the world?

Europe = tiny and has fucking paths to seas/oceans everywhere.

That means easy transportation of goods, soldiers and ideas.

>> No.40128848

Then why is Asia triving all the time?

>> No.40128849

And America is so capital rich it's like God himself ordained the place. The largest navigable river system, ZERO land based threats, we control any possible launching point for a naval based attack. And ontop of all our rivers and relatively tame terrain, our coast line is one of the easiest to sail on the planet, so much so that it's like a river in its own right.It's so disgustingly cheap to move shit in America

>> No.40128869

East asia? Yes. In principle water>>>>>>>>>land. It's something ridiculous like 70x cheaper to transport goods via water

>> No.40128881

Asia has huge amounts of flat easy-to-travel steppes and shitloads of rivers.

America was build by fucking Europeans after all the natives mysteriously dropped dead.

And if it wasn't for trains, the USA would just be Eastcoast and a shitload of Wilderness.

>> No.40128892

It's a LOT more complicated than that but that's a contributing factor.

By that logic, are the coastal areas better developed?

By my knowledge, nowhere is really prime for rail lines except savannah. It's a lot of work to make a land railway ready, but Africa has a huge, surging population and low pay standards so rails should be possible.

>> No.40128894
File: 11 KB, 300x286, kurdistan.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What.......what the fuck? What the fuck are you even talking about? Kurdistan is THE nicest place in Iraq. You know what they have been doing since the war? Building ski resorts and the oil industry. They would have advertisements,"Come to Kurdistan, the Iraq where no one dies!" It was that good. Now that ISIL is around the Kurds/Pashmerga are the only ones really putting up a fight and seriously fucking up Abu Bakr's plans.

The real reason Kurdistan won't work sadly is not that they would have no competent leaders, it is because the creation of Kurdistan could destabilize the region even more. There is no standard map of what is considered Kurdistan but we know that all the areas stated so far include parts of Turkey(US ally), Syria(hellhole), Iraq(an even bigger hellhole), and Iran(no one wants to fuck with the Jerusalem Guard). Some of the maps even include land connecting to the Mediterranean but that will never happen.

Turkey is our ally and hates the Kurds so any cooperation there is never going to happen, no one wants to touch Syria and Iraq (which is why ISIL/the Islamist State/the Caliphate/Al Qaeda in Iraq was able to become a thing in the first place), and the chances of Iran GIVING land to a country that is friendly to US interests are as likely as seeing Maliki running a barbeque without fucking pissing everyone off.

There actually are a few ways Kurdistan could work out but the nature of those options make them very unlikely to happen.

>> No.40128904

So your suggestion is basically for Isreal to tell the Palestineans that, "it's not their fault because muslims raped and murdered you until you converted", and now they're going to convert them back.. by using rape and murder?

>doesn't know how spoilers work
And this is how we know you're from /pol/

>> No.40128905

Yep, Hurricanes are so safe.

>> No.40128912

As far as I know all the major cities in economically successful African countries are near the sea.

>> No.40128935

Uh huh. Because the mississippi isn't the largest navigable river network on the planet by a factor of like 5. More importantly, the US could afford to build railways because our terrain allows for it to be done cheaply and we're a capital rich nation. We're so capital rich that it makes us lazy and inefficient

>> No.40128936

You guys are using capital in a sense I've not heard before. Are you not native English speakers or schooled in a different field of study to me?

Capital to me is the financial sense.

I suppose it could be stretched to include geographical features? Just not heard it in that context before.

>> No.40128938

Asia has the Himalayas and other big mountains and is full of jungles in the south, and people had made some cozy and impressive civs threre since the dawn of history, being also the biggest continent.

>> No.40128957

Which is true for humanity as a whole, by the way

>> No.40128958

Capital mean paramost/very important too in English, why you americans relate everything to money explain many things to me.

>> No.40128968

America is one of the less terrible places to get hit by a hurricane because of the large amount of barrier islands surrounding our coast. That's why any sane person should be flipping their shit and trying to save our barrier islands but of course our government is grossly incompetent.

>> No.40128969

The jungles in the south all connect to the sea, hell, South Asia used to be fucking PIRATE CENTRAL.

>> No.40129002

>There actually are a few ways Kurdistan could work out but the nature of those options make them very unlikely to happen.

What's to stop them continuing as they are, only more so?

Meaning remaining a well organized, distinct, culture and people with a backing army and a stable, surprisingly progressive and fair government?

They're part of Syria and Iraq in name only, and as for Turkey, well, the Turks in Istanbul have European birth rates, and the Kurds in the East have... Kurd birth rates.

At current rates Turkey could be majority Kurdish in two generations.

Seeing as how wealth correlates with low birth rate, and Istanbul is unlikely to suddenly become poor and the East Turkey Kurds are unlikely to get rich, something has got to give.

Maybe more Kurdish politicians in Turkey proper, and a Northern Ireland type situation.

>> No.40129004

More than the mediterranean?

>> No.40129018

>CIA reports that climate change is a serious hazard to american safety
>Pentagon reports that climate change will become a major problem in the deployment of military assets in the future and will cause far more military conflicts across the globe

I wonder what it must feel like to give unbiased scientific information to the US government only for them to shove it up their ass and just say you're a fucking commie atheist for implying that someone oughta keep an eye on the climate.

>> No.40129033

Maybe when a cat 2 hurricane cockslaps us as hard as Katrina did cause we have no barrier islands, MAYBE THEN people will give a shit.

>> No.40129037

>why you americans relate everything to money explain many things to me.

I'm Irish, buddy, but the money fetish is a human thing, as an extension of the human drive to get more resources.

It's not one people or another, it's all of us.

>> No.40129076

Anon, do you live in America?
Ask some older black folk about living in Mississippi in the 20s and 30s, where a public lynching was basically a carnival.

>> No.40129156

Also, historically speaking, a lot of Africa's resources are deep underground, or in the middle of fucking jungles. Meanwhile historical Europe had much closer to the surface resources, as a legacy of the glaciers scraping off vast amounts of surface soil and rock over the eons.

>they had fucking bog iron
Where you literally poke around a swamp with a stick, looking for lumps of iron to collect. Like that kind of easy access doesn't help with development, compared to digging up something that's more than 200' down.

>> No.40129183

Well, white people from Mississippi make Orks from Warhammer 40,000 look like polite and nice upstanding cultured people, so there's that.

>> No.40129198

Africans can literrally put dirt from the flor, and using a bloomery furnace, make iron.

>> No.40129221

Gulf coast Mississippi isn't that bad

>> No.40129230

All Africans?

Because Africa is big yo.

>> No.40129261

>They would need a huge injection of capital to build the infrastructure necessary to combat the hostility of their geography
Which is what China is doing in many cases. Despite all the fear mongering that is done about their rising power and how they'll "overtake us" in a few decades if things continue at their current rate, noone has ever adequately explained why this will be absolutely horrible and herald the end of civilization as we know it (I don't need anyone to tell me that a radical shift in geopolitical power will 'change things').

>> No.40129265

Not all of Europe has bog iron either, mostly the Nordics. I was using Africans as that anon used Europeans.

>> No.40129287
File: 936 KB, 245x190, troy and abed well there you go.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is a fair point. My post was regarding Kurdistan as it's own separate nation altogether but as long as they are left alone there is a good chance for them to develop even further. A similar but distant situation would the great economy of Utah in the US coupled with the mormon's....I am having a really hard time explaining this in a way I am happy with so bare with me. Mormons are absolutely American but occupy an interesting part of American culture where they are still considered very separate from the rest of the populace. A happy ending scenario for the Kurds would involve something similar.
>Higher birth rates
>Currently being left alone for the most part
>Tourist industry linked to their mountain home
>Strong economy even when nearby economies flounder
>So on

The problem I see with your scenario does not come from the Turks. They don't like the Kurds at all but I don't see a real desire to mess with them that much. It's more of a "fuck you guys, stay in your part of the country". The problem is how ISIL targets Kurds(specifically religious groups like the Yazidi) and how much Assad in Syria is handling EVERY other group in the area.

The real persecution in those two areas (I don't know enough about Iran to speak on it) could push the Kurds (who identify as a whole, as far as I understand) to develop a stronger independence movement. The Kurds seem to be more interested in securing safe and prosperous lives rather than their own country now but if they come to the decision that the only way to secure that is with their own government it will change the whole dynamic of that region.

The scenario you mention is similar to the Utah model. It probably is the most reasonable solution. Who knows what will happen though.

>> No.40129293

And China is not going to be in a very good position to do so for very long. They're facing an unparalleled demographic catastrophe.

>> No.40129370

More competition will actually be a good thing.

>> No.40129386

Yeah maybe actual competition will motivate the American government to stop being so...stupid and evil

>> No.40129388
File: 63 KB, 608x420, 21_B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

who /cush/ here?

>> No.40129395

Is that the same thing as being down with the swirl?

>> No.40129421

You're confusing national borders for geography in several cases, when the latter is what everyone else is talking about. Naval attacks could theoretically be launched from anywhere else in the americas, against the US, with great success. While the lack of land based threats is purely because of the long period of peaceful relations between the US and Canada, and the fact that Mexico was marginalized when the US annexed half of it ages ago.

>> No.40129521

that some corto malteze character

>> No.40129591

Well a lack of realistic land based threats is important. Any nation on earth that could feasibly build a navy large enough to be more than a nuisance has a myriad of land based threats that make building a large navy unrealistic or wasteful. Because of this, the US can invest in a fuckhuge navy making an invasion of the US logistically impossible. You would simply before you made it here

>> No.40129621

Navy can't stop an invasion of Russian fission material loaded on ICBM's

>> No.40129640

>but I don't see a real desire to mess with them that much
So I guess you haven't heard how the Turkish government and military have been letting ISIL run through their border while fighting the Kurds, when they're not 'accidentally' shelling them with artillery?

Turkey is literally the shittiest NATO ally there is, and the only reason they were ever allowed in is because they control the Bosphorus.

>> No.40129730

Well, Turkey is a better NATO ally than Israel would be.

*ta dum tish*

>> No.40129826


>> No.40129847

There's also the huge ocean on which the US dominance in air and space can take out any large grouping of ships, should the day come.

>> No.40130099

>They're facing an unparalleled demographic catastrophe
How so?

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