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I am Sief Atanor, Golem Knight and heir to the Atanor fief. A fief I will be leaving for the time being on a journey east into the trackless expanse of the Iquani lands. I believe that most of the loose ends have now been tied up as best I can. At the very least, I hope that Sir Paxton and Loren will take my request to heart and keep my father from burning down the entire manor while drunk.

I eat a light dinner, my appetite numbed by thoughts of the long trek ahead of me. While Anwa's map is detailed, I have never set foot beyond the border before, and the Iquani lands are wild and untamed. Civilization there extends only as far as Iquani warriors and behemoth riders can enforce it on the low race savages and monsters of the wilderness on their nomadic travels, and half of those nomadic clans would just as soon see me dead as welcome me.

Fortunately, the point at which Prince Juti's sister Princess Qualaji is making camp is not far from the border, a couple of days through some of the lighter forested land to the south then out into the Iquani scrubland beyond, following a river for another three days. Game is plentiful I'm told, though I've had the servants prepare as much dried food and water as I can safely store in Raziel for the journey.

My father made no appearance at dinner, and I don't see him for the rest of the day after our unpleasant meeting. I would like to hope he was hiding out of shame, but that's wishful thinking at best.

I stretch out the stiffness in my limbs from my long time sat in the storage room behind the hanger, changing for bed. While I am exhausted, the tension doesn't leave me, I've got a frustrating, restless night ahead of me.

I awake scarcely a few hours later. The manor is quiet save for the sounds of the forest's nocturnal denizens, my head spinning with thoughts of all that has happened in the past few days.

I'm never going to get back to sleep now.

>Go for a walk
>Go check on Raziel
>Force myself back to sleep

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>Go check on Raziel
Forcing yourself to go to sleep only makes it worse.

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>Go for a walk

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>Go check on Raziel

I wanna bang Loren in Raziel before we leave

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>Write a letter to Mom's family about the mysterious object.
>Take a walk around the property.
Bring a knife or something though.
I also think maybe we should do some very light sparring outside of Raziel, because we might have to do so on our journey at some point, I don't know how good Sief is at person-to-person combat.

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He's a decent fighter, though most other highborn golem knights would consider his fighting methods to be a bit crude. His father was first too depressed then too drunk to really teach him, so he learned most of it from Paxton, who was a career soldier before he was a golem knight.

The empire is well aware that a skilled golem knight is likely to be targeted by enemies when they are at their most vulnerable, outside of their golem, so learned to defend yourself is a requirement.

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>most other highborn golem knights would consider his fighting methods to be a bit crude
I now imagine Sief's personal fighting technique with a sword to consist of slashes, piercing attacks, leg sweeps, punches and kicks, headbutts, tackles, hitting people with the butt of his sword, gripping the opponent's blade/handle/guard/shield at opportune moments, throwing sand in people's eyes, throwing his sword at the opponent to double as a distraction and possibly an attack if he fucks up defending/evading, etc.
Though I suppose this would require him tussling with the city kids or bandits/thieves, instead of learning from a career soldier.

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Rolled 2 (1d2)

Seems no-one's going to break this tie, so I'll just roll for it.

1: Raziel
2: walk

and unless anyone has an issue with it, I will also include writing a letter to Sief's uncle.

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There's no chance of me getting back to sleep if I just lie here, so I pick myself up out of bed, walking over to sit at the writing desk in the corner. There were a lot of things missing from my mother's belongings in the storage room, and if as Virgil said, they were sent back to her relatives in the Foundry Isles, then there could be something there that could help piece more of what I've learned together.

It's been a long time since I saw any of that side of the family, and a long time since I wrote to them either, I've barely had contact with them since the funeral. I didn't exactly have anything good to tell them, after all.

I pull out a sheet of paper and dip a quill in some ink. I suppose I should start with some pleasantries, apologising for not writing in so long, writing a little on what has been happening here, glossing over my father's activities.

I ask after my uncle's health, though from what I remember of uncle Rasmus I can't imagine him ever being in poor health. I ask about his wife, Bethany, and about his three children, my cousins. Their youngest, Anja, would be seven now. Young Steffen would be just coming into his teens. Tyra would be seventeen, which I think I find strangest of all. I remember her as the little brat who once tackled me into a gorse bush, not the sort of thing one forgets. It's hard to imagine her as a woman, despite her age, that's for sure.

With all that out of the way, I turn to the reason for the letter. Asking what they have of my mother's, particularly anything relating to the cube. I suppose that's all there is to it, unless I have something more to add. It might come across as a little presumptuous to reappear after all these years and start asking too much, but my mother's family is head of a notable artificer clan on the Foundry Isles, they may not have the official leverage of an Imperial house, but they are still far from insignificant.

>No, that will do for now, go out and stretch your legs

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Ask if they could possible refer an artificer to us. Even a novice would do.

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>No, that will do for now, go out and stretch your legs

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How far away are the Foundry Isles?

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this would be good, as well hearted and intentioned our golem keepers are, there are only so many of them and they are getting old

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I don't know, I'd rather find someone on our own or something, feel like that side of the family is cold and wouldn't really just send one to us for free, at least not one that wouldn't also double as a spy for them or something.

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Well, if you won't answer >>40069130 then
>>No, that will do for now, go out and stretch your legs

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>>No, that will do for now, go out and stretch your legs

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It's on the north west of the empire, you are on the northern part of the eastern border. By golem you're probably looking at a month or so, by horse like regular people, double that.

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I'm unsure whether we have the funds for paying anyone actually useful and as the update itself noted, writing them after freaking years and asking for free stuff is all kinds of questionable behaviour.

At least wait with the favours until we have a single goddamn accomplishment worth talking about.
It's not like we'll get anything before we head out to Iquani lands anyways and once we actually do impressive stuff we are a lot more likely to seem worth it to our mother's family.

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Do you have a drawing tablet or something? You maps are fairly nice for someone who I assume is inexperienced with map making, and especially so if they're done with a mouse.

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By boat it's quicker, but the waters on the north coast are not always all that great for travel. Garou Tribe corsairs, sea monsters, and worse.

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Nope, I just knocked that up on ms paint with a mouse.

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Are you serious?
Obviously our cousin Tyra is going to be the magitech mechanic waifu.

We'll probably have to advance the main questline first in order for our mother's family to decide we're worth the investment.

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Think she's tomboy mechanic waifu or under all the grease a womanly utter knockout?
>Both are good

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Well, if the artificer is a waifu or total bro, then that's that's, but I think getting a response to this and some news about their family, maybe with a mention of Tyra being an artificer, would be a more organic lead-in to asking for one.
I guess maybe just include that we have been down on artificers or something so they have a reason to mention if they have an available articifus or articibros?
We don't even know how okay incest is considered though, so I wouldn't invest too hard into your cousinwaifu theory.
Is this somehow doable, giving an off-hand remark of having few artificers or something? Whatever you think is more natural, I guess, don't let yourself be influenced too much by anon's headcanons and dreams.

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combine both and you have a winner

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>We don't even know how okay incest is considered though, so I wouldn't invest too hard into your cousinwaifu theory.
Well Sief IS a noble, so it's not like he's a stranger to the concept of cousin-lovin'.

>Is this somehow doable, giving an off-hand remark of having few artificers or something? Whatever you think is more natural, I guess, don't let yourself be influenced too much by anon's headcanons and dreams.
Okay, noted.

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Tomboy is mostly a behavioral descriptor, they have no body shape requirement, the only reason you mostly see leaner, fit girls as tomboys is because sports go well with the boyish image.
Tomboys can be busty, plump, bottom heavy, skinny, fit, muscly, whatever, is what I'm saying.
Not even short hair is a requirement.
Regardless, I think it'd be better to have this happen a month or two from when we get back from the Iquani lands anyway.
Gotta give it some time for things to settle in case Sief enters the Loren route.

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Cousinwaifu isn't real incest anywhere but in modern day western nations.
Hell, it's not even illegal anywhere except in the US

So in a fantasy setting among nobility? It's not only going to be accepted, it's basically a requirement for keeping the whole feudal system working.

With all of that waifu speculation aside, I don't think we want to bother them with any more requests or "subtle" inquiries about artificers right now.
We should wait for the their response first, because part of not writing to them for years means we have no fucking idea what their current family situation is like or what they currently think of us.
Best to use the first letter to test the waters and nothing more.

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>Not even short hair is a requirement
ID Rather Die!

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Loren is going to be more casual but heavily respected lovings, as a noble his marriage has to help the family name. Not that he still wont have her attached to his hip
>Christmas Cake Cutie that she is

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Well, we really have no idea how much this setting is based on irl/european nobility practices though, it might as well be the case that arranged marriages with a 10 year old bride are common.
I agree with you mostly on being careful and not demanding shit, though.
Are you against this? >>40069297
>>Is this somehow doable, giving an off-hand remark of having few artificers or something? Whatever you think is more natural, I guess, don't let yourself be influenced too much by anon's headcanons and dreams.
>Okay, noted.

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If it's just Sief giving casual insight into his current siutation, it shouldn't be a problem.
Showing some willingness to interact with them again, not being a demanding ass and leaving the ball in their court is basically the best thing we can do.

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I make some passing reference to Raziel's maintenance, about how Virgil and the remaining artificers are doing. While I don't request any additional support phrasing it more as telling my uncle about how the golem is getting on, a matter that would interest him, it should be obvious that we are understaffed.

If my uncle reads it and takes it upon himself to send an additional artificer to support me, then I will be grateful, if not, well, I didn't ask, so there's no pressure for him to do anything if he doesn't want to.

With that done, I fold and seal the letter, I'll leave it to Loren to see that it gets delivered after I'm gone. With imperial postal services being what they are, I'm looking at at least a couple of months before I get a response. It would be shorter by boat, but given that the leviathan of the northern coastline is still making a regular habit of devouring ships, civilian and military alike, I'd rather not risk the letter winding up in the gullet of some titan monstrosity.

I sigh, picking myself up, dressing properly, buckling my belt with my sword at my hip. It feels a little odd, wearing a blade in the manor, but I can't help but be a little paranoid recently. Stifling a yawn, I head for the door, stepping out silently into the corridor. With everyone asleep, the manor is still, and I pick my way carefully around the creakier floorboards towards the front door. Right now, I could use some fresh air to clear my mind.


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The air is crisp outside, a slight breeze from the south-west, lacking the biting chill of the northern winds, the moon clear in the sky, illuminating the manor's grounds in pale light. I pace the grounds in silence, watching a fox staring at me from the foot of the house shrine, before darting away into the undergrowth. I'm not the most religious of men, I've never encountered a spirit, not a true one anyway. I doubt I would have any real idea how to deal with one if I did, but my nerves are frayed enough that I offer up a few prayers to the spirits of our land, touching a thumb to the head of the worn old fox statue sitting on the plinth for good luck.

“We used to have an owl too, but someone stole it. One of the old house guard, I think,” a rough voice comes from behind me.

My hand moves to the hilt of my sword as I turn, only to see my father standing behind me, a sullen expression on his face.

He holds up his hands. “I know we don't get along, but let's hold off on the stabbing, please.”

I frown, letting my hand drop from the hilt. “What are you doing here?”

“I woke up with a splitting headache, thought I'd go get some water, saw you walking around outside the window.”

“Just call it a hangover, we both know it is,” I sigh.

“Uhuh. Yeah, one of them,” he nods, stepping up beside me to look at the shrine.

I don't know how it is for him, but for me, the silence is excruciating. I haven't had a proper conversation with my father in five years now, one that didn't end in an argument, or in him passing out in a puddle of something. Why did he have to pick now to make an appearance?


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“You leaving tomorrow?”


“Long journey.”

“It is.”

“Hard journey too.”

“I would imagine so.”

“You ever been to the Iquani lands before?”

“You know I haven't.”

Apparently the spirits do not believe in saving people from awkward conversations. Or maybe this is my punishment for not making offerings more often.

“Oh, well, I could give you some advice if you want. I fought there, you know, in the second war with the Iquani.”

“Paxton and Anwa already gave me plenty of advice,” I shrug.

“Oh, well, okay. Yes, Paxton does know a lot too. Well, be careful,” he mumbles, turning and heading back towards the house.

>“I could always use more advice.”
>“Thank you, I will.”
>Say nothing

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>It would be shorter by boat, but given that the leviathan of the northern coastline is still making a regular habit of devouring ships, civilian and military alike, I'd rather not risk the letter winding up in the gullet of some titan monstrosity.
How much is the postal fee?
Why not make a copy of the letter and tack on a "I sent two of this, one by sea and one by land, do not be surprised if both arrive" or something at the end? It either gets there soon, or it gets there when it would have had we only sent one.

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>“I could always use more advice.”

>> No.40069699

>"...I suppose additional advice couldn't hurt, though."

>> No.40069722

>I pace the grounds in silence, watching a fox staring at me from the foot of the house shrine, before darting away into the undergrowth.
Kitsune waifu confirmed!
I'm joking.

>> No.40069747

>>“I could always use more advice.”

yes please, I want curvy maid and exotic princess and kitsune kitten

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Sorry anon, I was joking, because Sief isn't a degenerate, he wouldn't just fuck around and participate in orgies and shit.
I honestly doubt he would even get a harem, I can see him settling down with an exclusive relationship with someone even if he had some casual sex before, for instance with Loren.
And I especially can't see him cheating, so that means any hypothetical wife/girl would have to be okay with him sleeping around if you want multiple girls in the quest.
Although to be honest I have no idea how much of a degenerate Lordy will allow Sief to become during the quest. Hopefully the highest possible degeneracy level Sief could get would still be below half of his father's.

>> No.40069859

>he wouldn't just fuck around and participate in orgies and shit.
No, he would marry the princess and take the fox as his concubine while enjoying his maid.

Just like a responsible Noble.

>> No.40069928

That's the point, Sief sees such degeneracy as disgusting.
I'm pretty sure Lordy has said at some point that Sief thinks exclusive, committed relationships are ideal.
I assume because of how he saw the relationship between his father and mother, which I think was 100% vanilla as far as partners go.
Admittedly I'm basing this last part only on what the story so far has made me think.
I do not really want confirmation from Lordy on this though, let it come up in-quest when it will, if it does at all.

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>>“I could always use more advice.”

>> No.40069955

If we do have to settle for one and only one waifu, I want to wait to see the exotic princess and how good she is, but I'm leaning towards making her ride our behemoth

>> No.40070013

I'm not saying Sief will only ever have sex with a single person in his whole life necessarily, just that I can't see him as he currently is ending up in a non-vanilla long-term relationship or marriage, and even then I somewhat expect all sexual encounters to be one-on-one.
Lordy could always have him go through character arcs/development, but I'm talking about how he is right now.

>> No.40070040

I assume because plot and keikaku

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Remember to hug our father to remind him of our love!

>> No.40070102

Dude, he's probably covered in dried semen, sweat, saliva, wine, and whatever else filth he spends his days in.
We're not buddy buddy with him at this point, if anything this is the beginning of making our relationship not "I hate you and consider you a disgrace to everything you are, our family, and my mother".

>> No.40070140

good point perhaps just a manly fist bump?

>> No.40070155

“...I suppose additional advice couldn't hurt, though.”

My father stops, spinning around, a smile on his face. “Oh, well, okay. What do you want to know about? The Iquani, great beasts and monsters, the lands themselves?”

I frown, the sudden enthusiasm a little off-putting, though I suppose I should be happy to see him getting so excited about something that didn't come in a bottle or have breasts.

“Whatever you think would be useful.”

“Oh, well okay. Let's see. Low races in the Iquani lands is mostly boggarts, hobgoblins and redcaps, nothing all that weird. Uh, also kelpies in the wetter areas, so if you see a horse just wandering around on its own, don't go near it.”

I nod, waiting for him to continue, this is actually good advice.

“Great beasts, aside from wild behemoths, you sometimes get hippogriffs and griffins, though they're more likely to go for animals than you unless they're very hungry. Basilisks too, so be careful of caves and dark places, if you see a greenish mist low to the ground, don't breathe it in, it's deadly. You might get wyverns coming down south from the Firemarch, but it's unlikely, if you do, just be careful of the stinger, it's sharp enough to punch right through a golem's shell if they can score a solid enough hit.”

My father scratches his stubbly beard, pausing.

“If you're going near any of the old battlefields, be careful, some have been blessed and the bones given proper burials by Iquani priests, but there's plenty more they won't go near because they say they're cursed, or just because it's too far away from their routes to bother with. I think they leave some of them there just to keep us out. Low race scavengers love picking over those places, and worse things besides, angry ghosts, ghouls, warwights even, if you're really unlucky. Definitely do not go near them after dark if you can help it.”


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My father peters away into silence. Looking at me with an uncomfortable expression, which reminds me more than a little of a scolded dog.

“That was good advice. Thank you,” I smile. Credit where credit is due, and it would be nice to get him thinking about more worthwhile things.

“Well, you know, I've seen a lot in my life. Only right I pass it on. Be careful out there, Sief, I wish you had someone to watch your back, but Paxton's still fixing up his golem. Can't you wait until he finishes?”

I shake my head. “No, Paxton needs to stay here and watch our lands. Don't worry though, I've arranged for someone to help me, an Iquani p-....erson, that the prince recommended.”

“Right, that's good, I suppose,” my father nods, giving a puzzled look at my mid-sentence pause. Last thing I want is to set him off on some terrible innuendo tangent about me being alone with an Iquani princess.

“I'll be fine.”

“Okay, well, uh. Good luck,” he coughs, giving me and awkward pat on the shoulder.

“Could you... try to take it easier on the partying while I'm away?”

“I... I'll try. It's not like I want to be drunk all the time, just some of the time. I just... I get to thinking, and I...”

I frown.

“Goodnight son,” he sighs, turning away and heading back towards the house.

“Goodnight father.”

I return to my room with little thought to my movements. I don't know if my walk and the conversation helped clear my head, but at the very least it made me too exhausted to think. When I awaken, the sun is shining, and Loren is humming softly to herself as she sets out my clothes, having once again let herself into my room it seems.

I should leave this morning, so I suppose this will be my last chance for a conversation with Loren in a while. If I have anything to say to her before I go, this is the time to say it.


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More like just a look into his eyes that isn't filled completely with dislike and disappointment before turning away and heading back to our room, maybe with a short "good night". MAYBE a little nod or something. I don't know, I can't imagine what you seem to want happening.
Never mind though, because Lordy has finished his post meanwhile.
What are these?
Just general pleasantries, I suppose?
Maybe a thanks for taking care of us till now?
I don't know, I think we said everything yesterday, didn't we?
Oh! Maybe tell her about the letter and stuff? Er, I guess we could also ask her to make a copy, but I feel it would be better for us to do that? Is this double-letter plan even viable/something you'd allow, or is it better for you narrative wise that the response only comes in a couple months?
no lewdness pls

>> No.40070242

"Loren, thank you for everything you've done for me since my mother died. I'm not sure how I'll cope without having your assistance on my trip, but I know I will miss your company while I am away."

Then give her a big hug and a kiss on her lips

>> No.40070251

>no lewdness pls
Oh fuck off.

>> No.40070263

This, and also mention the letter to our mother's family and our inquiries to the cube, just in case she comes across it in her duties at the manor.

>> No.40070264

>What are these?

Angry ghosts possessing a mass of corpses, bones, weaponry, armor, and in the case of battlefields involving the empire, golem shell parts. They can be as large as giants, or larger, if they have the resources to draw upon and the area has enough of a history of death.

>> No.40070274

>Is this double-letter plan even viable/something you'd allow, or is it better for you narrative wise that the response only comes in a couple months?

I'll allow it.

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Anon, no, bad anon, stop being so shamelessly lewd.
Especially just kissing her out of nowhere and that dialogue suggestion.
Stop it, please.
Don't be so fucking impatient, faggot, just wait a single day if you want smut so much.
Do you really want to lewd Loren now and leave her uncertain and worried during our trip to the Iquani lands, and maybe even fuck someone else literally right after lewding Loren?
That's not in character for Sief.
This: >>40070239
is fine.

>> No.40070330

>Stop it, please.
Seriously you're not fooling anyone samefagging for your own vote, and your incessant "no lewds pls" shit has gotten really fucking annoying with no in character justification behind your meta bullshit. Stop it.

>> No.40070334

we should have told him about the princess when he was in a advice giving mood that way we can do the opposite of it!

>> No.40070360

>just wait a single day if you want smut so much.

In a single day we'll be well on the road travelling with Raziel, and its a lengthy trip to our destination, or do you not care and don't read the quest?

>That's not in character for Sief.
No, whats not in character for him is how you act, when time and time again, me and the other anons tell you to stop being stupid and annoying.

It's already been made abundantly clear that Loren has affections for Sief, and he feels something for her. He may as well indulge them a little, it will be a long while before he sees her again and she's been a valuable long time companion.

>> No.40070377


>> No.40070381


Seconding >>40070242 but hug her from behind and see how she reacts. I need to get some sleep now as its 2am here, thanks for running Lordy.

>> No.40070392

Thanks for playing, anon.

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Yo Lordy where can we find a Griffin egg at?

>> No.40070414

So your a massive metagaming faggot as well as a samefag who doesn't even try to be creative. Using an entirely different quest as 'reasoning' to try to get your way in a vote when it's clear your the minority among the players is just moronically stupid and nonsensical.

>> No.40070433

In a griffin nest, or from a griffin breeder, of which there are several reputable ones to choose from throughout the empire.

>> No.40070449


>> No.40070461

Jesus Christ anon calm down, you're going to pop a vein.

>> No.40070479

>wanting a griffon
Why? We have superior golemtech, don't need no filthy Iquani animal husbandry shit!
Joking, but a griffon seems fairly useless to Sief

>> No.40070489

And you're an autistic 8 year old, now that we've got that out of the way let's get back to playing this quest and not being insufferable faggots.

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>Not Direwolf

>> No.40070511

>not both
>not a direwolf riding griffin
>not airdropped direwolves from griffins

>> No.40070516


Actually the Empire uses Griffins

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>Not augmenting Megabeast with Golem Tech

>> No.40070608

I'm not even that faggot, but are you seriously going to get so mad over this?
The samefagging I can understand being mad over, but you're going to rage like this every time someone thinks kissing someone who practically raised you and has only been teasing and motherly so far out of the blue isn't very natural for someone who considers carnal pleasures to be impure and isn't entirely happy that his body now desires and reacts to the same things as his father's?
>No, damn it, no! I am not doing this. I have important duties to attend to. Training to do. Spirits, sometimes I do yearn for simpler days before such base urges emerged.
And you should trust Warlord not to have Sief do anything that's to out of character.

>> No.40070660

Thank you for continuing to be an insufferable faggot, and yes you are that faggot.

Also clearly you have no comprehension nor capacity to immerse your mind into the MC's head and instead treat everything 100% literal, or more likely you haven't yet gone through puberty.

>> No.40070673

Would the both of you shut up, insufferable faggot #1, #2 dropped that argument 15 minutes ago yet you can't let it rest. Shut the fuck up already.

>> No.40070694

For the sake of this thread, I'm going to refrain from responding.
Wish you the best, anon.

>> No.40070756

i disagree

>> No.40070788

shut the fuck up

>> No.40070809

>tfw Sief has no real musical talent
>tfw he will never play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEQf5lcnj_o on the piano
The anime may be shit but the song's cover is good.

>> No.40070819

shouldn't you be at school?

>> No.40070830

shut the fuck up

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>> No.40070944

Sorry this had to happen to this thread, Warlord

>> No.40071036

>tfw Warlord abandoned the thread because of the autistic retards
either that or he's writing smut, which seems unlikely based on what won the vote

>> No.40071037

Eh, it's 4chan, I wouldn't be running quests here if I couldn't deal with arguments.

>> No.40071054

Someone offered me cake, I had to go eat cake.

I'm almost done with the next post though.

>> No.40071057

it wasn't even an entertaining one though, that's the problem

>> No.40071078

what won the vote was in favor of it...

>> No.40071082

shut the fuck up

>> No.40071100

>a kiss or a hug from behind
>in favor of heavy smut
Anon, you're more perverted than I am

>> No.40071106
File: 879 KB, 1280x720, i8pSpyMK4sDDw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40071112

you are really shitty at foreplay anon also
>heavy smut
dafuq did that come from? don't be daft

>> No.40071149

I thought it was pretty obvious I was implying smut beyond foreplay in my post? That's what I'm referring to by "heavy smut", you know, something that would have taken almost an hour to write.

>> No.40071168

I sit up in the bed, stretching.

“Good morning, Sief,” Loren chirps, placing a shirt on top of the pile.

“Good morning, Loren, let yourself in again, I see.”

“You're such a deep sleeper, I don't really have much of a choice. I doubt you'd wake up if I just knocked, or whatever else I did to you,” she replies, turning to face me, a mischievous smile on her face. It's far too early for this.

“I'm not a deep sleeper, you're just far too quiet,” I sigh, shifting around to sit on the side of the bed, the blankets keeping anything about my morning state from being too obvious.

“A good servant is a subtle one, after all,” she smiles.

“I'm not sure subtle is the word I'd use.”

“Being awfully harsh on your maid today, aren't you, Sief. All primed and ready for adventure and no time for the little people.”

I look up at Loren, arms folded, a look of mock indignation on her face.

“I apologise. I don't want you to ever think that I don't appreciate what you do for me,” I sigh.

Loren's stern expression quickly collapses into a smile.

“I know you do. You're not that hard to read, at least not for me.” she asks, stepping forward and giving me a light tap on the end of the nose.

As improper as ever. I suppose I should be thankful given the sizeable chest now perched in front of my face that Loren is still wearing a real maid outfit, not one of those abominations my father picked up from somewhere for a few of his favorites.

“So what now? Breakfast? Morning exercises? Or maybe you just want to give your favorite servant a hug before you go,” Loren grins, stepping back and stretching her arms out wide.

She stands there for several seconds before turning away with a slight pout. I sigh, rising from the bed and giving her an admittedly awkward hug. Trying to avoid pressing up against anything too soft, which is... challenging.

I suppose it's the least I could do given that I'll be going away for a while, and she has always been there for me.


>> No.40071188

“Oh wow, I can't believe you actually did it. You must be worried about this trip,” Loren whispers next to my ear, her warm breath tickling the sensitive skin.

“It's just a hug,” I mumble, feeling self-consciousness welling up, maybe I really was worried, doing something like this.

“A hug from a handsome, half-naked young man.”

Oh, right, I haven't dressed yet.

I cough, pulling away sharply.

“You are so cute when you're flustered, and I didn't even have to put any effort in today,” Loren giggles, passing me my clothes.

“I will have your breakfast prepared, and I'll be looking forward to a lot more hugs when you get back,” Loren smirks, turning and walking to the door, putting a little more sway into her hips than is entirely necessary, or maybe I'm just noticing it more in my current state.

I groan, burying my face in my hands, trying to drive away a flood of improper thoughts. I mean, I do enjoy Loren's company a lot, and it is true that since... the midwinter celebration incident... I am no longer engaged to anyone, not that I would imagine most of my peers would consider such a thing to be cheating anyway. Honestly I just don't know how to feel about it, at least hitting giants with a golem is simple.

“Be safe, Sief. I don't want anything to happen to you,” Loren's quiet voice comes from the door, her hand resting on the handle.

I open my mouth to answer, but Loren cuts me off once again, turning, a wicked smile on her face. “Oh, and I'll be sure to talk to the tailor about some looser trousers while you're away, those ones look like they're a little tight.”

I groan, shooing her out of the door. Damned woman is too much for me.


>> No.40071189

Ah my mistake then, I'm currently pretty sleep deprived and likely to collapse soon >>40071149

>> No.40071194

By the time I've run through my morning exercises, I'm in a fit state to dress, calm myself down, and get my thoughts in order. No time to be thinking about these sorts of things now, I have important matters to attend to. I write out another copy of the letter, passing it on to Loren to send out by horse and ship respectively.

Breakfast is short and quiet, my father not making an appearance. It's probably for the best, I'd rather remember him for last night's conversation than give him a chance to embarrass himself before I leave.

I step outside to the grounds, finding Paxton standing by the hanger, watching as the last of the supplies are loaded into the storage compartments inside Raziel.

“Sief. Looks like you're ready to go. You'll be camping in forest land for the next couple of days. It's not comfortable, but I'd recommend sleeping inside Raziel, the deep forest is still rife with the low races.”

I nod. It makes sense, I'll be feeling it though.

Right, this is it, do I have anything else to deal with, or am I ready to go?

>Start your journey
>No wait, first I need to... (write-in)

>> No.40071214

>>Start your journey

>> No.40071233

>Damned woman is too much for me.
Damned woman is exactly enough for us, in all the right ways and places

>> No.40071259

>brofist then get underway

>> No.40071267

>the midwinter celebration incident
I unfortunately have to assume that the specifics of this event will not be revealed in response to us asking you about them.
I shall be satisfied to know that it will either be revealed at an appropriate time in the quest itself, or that it will forever remain a mystery.
Fuck one of the manse's serva-
Yeah, okay, assuming we have all the supplies we could likely need(food, clothes, weapons, medicine, money, maps, tools, stuff, maybe a book or two), let's
>Start your journey

>> No.40071275

>Start your journey

Lordy Did we give our artificer the spriggan remains to examine?

>> No.40071308

>Start your journey

>> No.40071377

>Start your journey

>> No.40071379

Our artificer is shit tier, I doubt he'd be able to do anything with it.
And it isn't the remains of the spriggan, it's some wood from the sacred tree.

>> No.40071383

>the midwinter celebration incident

>> No.40071390

You have, but he hasn't done anything with it yet as far as you know.

>> No.40071443
File: 999 KB, 250x251, we just don't know.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate to link to tvtropes, but I really can't be bothered to explain right now.
Although it can't be completely ruled out that something isn't a faux Noodle Incident and will be revealed at some point.

>> No.40071775

“Thanks Paxton. Hopefully I can be back within two or three weeks,” I smile.

Paxton nods, extending a hand, which I give a firm shake.

“Make that giant pay for ever sending her miserable children to our lands, Sief,” he rumbles.

With that said, the servants have finished packing the supplies, so I climb up into Raziel, now equipped to my specifications. Warsword, Shield, runes all in place.

“Ah, Lord Sief. The essence tracing is all finished, you shouldn't have a problem as long as you give the golem some time to recover between bouts of heavy usage,” Virgil explains, tapping Raziel's shin lightly, the thin lines of the tracing lighting up momentarily in a pale blue.

“Thank you, Vergil.”

I shut the cockpit, running my hands along the controls, feeling the warmth of the ambient magic around me. I step out of the cockpit, Paxton standing silent, arms folded, giving a nod as I pass. I spot Loren by the front door of the manor, waving with rather more enthusiasm, a smile which seems just a little sad on her face.

As I pass the manor, I spot my father, sat in front of his bedroom window, watching me, a slight frown across his features. Well, at least he looks sober.

It's a long journey, with only myself for company until I meet up with this Princess Qualaji. Well, here goes nothing.


>> No.40071789

Taking a deep breath, I step beyond the grounds of the manor. It's all familiar territory for now, down the south road until just before Venser, then I cut east into the forest. I pass a few people along the road, farmers, traders, woodcutters, most stop to stare as I pass.

It's early afternoon by the time I reach the point where I need to break away from the road, pushing through the trees of the forest's edge. It isn't long before all traces of civilization has been left behind, just a sea of trees as far as the eye can see.

I suppose I could stop to hunt before I push too deep into the forest. There's probably less game this far out, but there's also less low race savages looking to slip a knife in my ribs. Alternatively, I could just eat some of the supplies and press on.

>Go hunting
>Go a little deeper, then go hunting
>Eat supplies, keep going

>> No.40071831

>Go hunting

>> No.40071833

>I step out of the cockpit
>>Go hunting
Better to endanger ourselves in safer places and save our dried/longlasting food for later than using up our food now and having to hunt in dangerous places.

>> No.40071855

>I step out of the cockpit
Horrible typo. I meant "I step out of the hanger".

>> No.40071957

I know thought it couldnt hurt.to have him look at it although.I.got the names confused. Wanted us to mention it to our uncle in the letter but I was late

>> No.40071958

>>Go hunting

>> No.40071979

>>Go a little deeper, then go hunting
No guts no glory

>> No.40072085

Looks like you're going hunting.

>Roll 1d100

>> No.40072118

Rolled 61 (1d100)


>> No.40072135

Rolled 53 (1d100)


>> No.40072163

Rolled 50 (1d100)


>> No.40072252

Eh, decent enough, should get a rabbit or something.
Or we get attacked by some little shit, that could be the case too I guess.

>> No.40072517

I could do with stretching my legs, and I'm not going to risk going any deeper into the forest to do it. I open up the cockpit, stringing my bow, clambering down to the ground, shutting the cockpit behind me.

It's been a while since I've been out hunting, but I shouldn't be too rusty. I pick my way carefully through the forest, looking for any signs of good game. A rabbit or wood pigeon would do, no sense catching anything larger which I will have to spend ages cleaning and preparing for storage.

It isn't long before I come across signs of rabbits, droppings, chewed greenery. I spot them in a small clearing, a dozen good-sized rabbits, none-the-wiser to my approach.

Crouching low, I ready my bow, picking out a large, healthy looking buck rabbit. I line up my shot, and strike the animal almost dead-centre. The rest of the rabbits bolt, but it seems I didn't do a perfect job of the shot, as the rabbit gives out a pitiful shriek.

Cursing, I run over to the rabbit, snapping the poor thing's neck before it can suffer. I really am out of practice. As I stand, pulling the arrow loose from the rabbit, I hear another noise. Movement in the undergrowth. Sounds like it's heading towards me, which means it's something curious about the rabbit's shrieks, which means it's not a skittish game animal.


>> No.40072537

I move back to the treeline, out of the clearing, crouching down from cover to watch.

An emaciated figure stumbles out of the forest on the far side of the clearing, a second one following a few moments later. They look almost human, a human who hasn't eaten in weeks, but I spot all too quickly the signs that they aren't.

The first one raises a spindly, claw-like finger to his blackened teeth, letting out a low whine.

“I know I heard somethin'.”

“I didn't hear nothin', makin' me run all this way when I'm 'ungry,” the second grumbles, giving the first a sharp kick in the shin.

The first turns, spitting at the second, only to be shoved to the ground in response.

“Stupid waste of time,” the second grumbles, scratching at its bony ribs, dry lids narrowing its bulbous, crazed eyes.

“Wait, wait, wait, look at this. Blood, told ya I heard somethin',” the first cackles, scrabbling along the ground to where I shot the rabbit, lapping up the blood from a blade of grass greedily.

Low race savages. Fear Gorta if I had to guess. Not the most deadly of low races, but still dangerous. I can't imagine it would be a friendly meeting if they spotted me. So what now, I have my rabbit, I could try to slip away and hope they don't hear me. Alternatively, while I have them in my sights, I could try to drop one of them right now with another arrow.

>Sneak away

>> No.40072584

>Sneak away

>> No.40072589

>>Sneak away
Not worth our time, to be honest, but while cleaning up the forest a bit is good, not when it's endangering us, I assume we have a higher chance of success with sneaking away.

>> No.40072653

>Toss the rabbit to distract them

>> No.40072694

>Sneak away

>> No.40072732

Sneaking away wins.

>Roll 1d100

>> No.40072744

Rolled 33 (1d100)


>> No.40072794

Rolled 72 (1d100)


>> No.40072802

Rolled 32 (1d100)


>> No.40072934

Going to need to step out for an hour or so, next post when I return.

Sorry for the slow posting speed today in general.

>> No.40073610

Just don't leave us hanging before we get to the delicious brown

>> No.40073618

Not this thread, anon.

>> No.40073720

I step back from the edge of the clearing carefully, watching my steps as I go. While I could possibly take the two, there's no sense getting injured in a pointless fight, especially when I don't know if there's more of the things around to hear the sounds of battle.

“You brought me out here fer a drop of blood. I should kick you in yer stupid face,” I hear the second snarl, as I slip away, their voices becoming muffled by the trees.

I hear a loud howl a few moments later. I suppose he did kick him in the face after all.


Back at Raziel and a safe distance from the Fear Gorta I set to work skinning and preparing the rabbit, ensuring that the cockpit is open before I get to work. I doubt they'd track me all this way, but if they do, I'd like to be ready to climb into Raziel and stomp them flat as quickly as possible.

The meat is a little tough, but edible, and I cook up a good stew with some wild vegetables which fills my stomach nicely. I'm thankful to Sir Paxton for his belief that wilderness survival was an essential skill to teach a Golem Knight, a belief I don't think many noble knights share.


>> No.40073741

With my meal finished, I climb back into Raziel, stashing away the remainder of the catch for later, setting out to go as far as I can while I still have some daylight. The night is cramped, uncomfortable, and I'm woken twice by Boggarts trying with no success to pry open the cockpit. When morning comes I step outside, frowning at the unpleasant stains left over from having Raziel forcibly remove the low race pests.

Everything clicks and creaks far too much for my liking. One day back and I'm already reminiscing about my room at the manor, comfortable sheets, good food, clean clothes, Loren. Instead I'm stuck out in the forest, aching from head to toe, prying the mangled arm of a Boggart out of Raziel's wrist joint.

After a quick breakfast, I'm back underway. The forest has become truly wild by now. Aside from the occasional band of Iquani I doubt anyone has set foot here in years, maybe longer. Even during the day time I catch sight more than once of low race creatures skulking in the undergrowth, boggarts, fear gorta, and other, older things.

>Go hunting
>Eat supplies, push on for the far side of the forest

>> No.40073769
File: 826 KB, 500x500, .gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A man can dream can't he?

>> No.40073782

>Eat supplies, push on for the far side of the forest

>> No.40073788

>>Eat supplies, push on for the far side of the forest

>> No.40073790

>Go hunting

>> No.40073838

>One day back
>>Eat supplies, push on for the far side of the forest

>> No.40073865
File: 164 KB, 400x400, 400px-Irrational.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon why, why must you always bring attention to my horrible, horrible typos.

>> No.40073870

>Eat supplies, push on for the far side of the forest

>> No.40073886

>Eat supplies, push on for the far side of the forest

>> No.40074341

The tangled depths of the forest, crawling with low races and who knows what else, is no place to get out and hunt alone. Resigning myself to a day without stretching my legs, I reach into the supplies and take out some dried meat and fruits to keep me going, pushing through the heavy foliage and tangled vines.

With the trees now tall enough to loom overhead it's hard to tell how late in the day it is. Little light filters through the canopy, the whole forest kept in a perpetual twilight. I pass remnants of structures, cracked pillars, stone houses split open and overgrown by the passage of time. I can only wonder how ancient the men who built these must have been, or if they were even men at all. Now they are little more than hovels for crawling, skulking things.

I press on past the ancient buildings, seeing a deep orange light blooming through the gaps in the trees. I breach the edge of the forest, to an incredible sight. The land stretches out before me, endless rough sandy earth covered with tough grasses and wiry shrubs, very different from the greener lands of my home. The sun is setting ahead, the earth and sky bathed a vibrant hue as it dips below the horizon.

I open the cockpit, stepping out onto the rim to see the sight with my own eyes, feeling the cool evening wind as it whispers through the undergrowth.

Stunning, but I can't get myself get too caught up in the moment, I'm in Iquani lands now, and that means I have to be extra careful. According to Anwa's map, I need to head south-east for around half a day, then I should find a river which I can follow further east to meet the princess.

>Get going, you could get another couple of hours travel in today.
>Move a bit further from the forest, then set up camp and go hunting.
>Move a bit further from the forest, eat supplies and sleep in Raziel again.

>> No.40074416

>Get going, you could get another couple of hours travel in today.
Time to burn rubber

>> No.40074425

>>Get going, you could get another couple of hours travel in today.

>> No.40074496

>Get going, you could get another couple of hours travel in today.

>> No.40074567

>>Get going, you could get another couple of hours travel in today.

>> No.40074781

No sense hanging around, the sooner I can meet up with this princess, the sooner I should hopefully be safe from Iquani deciding to do something unpleasant to me. I set off into the scrublands, my vantage point from Raziel's cockpit giving me a clear view of the land for miles around. I see animals I had only heard about in books, a pack of coyote picking at the remains of a gazelle, a large couger skulking nearby, and other things I find easier to recognize, a herd of wild horses galloping in the distance.

Fortunately, so far, there is little sign of anything more dangerous, and I press on until the sun has sunk beneath the horizon and the sky has turned dark. I don't think I'll be getting much further tonight, and while I can still see some distance in Raziel, I still risk getting caught unawares.

After a short meal of more dried meat, I settle down into the cockpit to get some sleep. The night is less disturbed than my previous one in the forest, no overambitious boggarts trying to crack open Raziel's shell for one. I awaken with a groan, rolling my aching shoulder, I'm going to need to get out and put my feet on solid ground soon, this is getting ridiculous.

I look out through the viewing wall of the cockpit as I stifle a yawn. Endless scrub as far as the eye can see, and beyond it, something large moving on the horizon.

I squint, a futile gesture given that the viewing wall is as clear as it's going to get. I think it's coming closer, whatever it is.

>End of Thread

>> No.40074818

Thank you all for playing, I wasn't sure if you'd reach the princess or not today, but I'm starting to fall asleep, and I'd rather not continue on and have my writing suffer for it.

Delicious brown next time, for sure!

Any Q&A, feel free, I'll be sticking around for a bit.

>> No.40074832
File: 598 KB, 1024x760, 1431732363937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God fucking dammit Lordy
Why do you keep playing with my emotions?

>> No.40074861

Because that's my fetish.

>> No.40074922

Next thread of OWQ and GKQ when?

>> No.40074935
File: 37 KB, 308x447, 1424968247254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You monster.

What can we do with the sacred tree part?
Griffins when?
Direwolf when?
What does Raz look like? Is it the OP picture?
Expanding the Atanor fief when?

>> No.40074948

owq Thursday
gkq next monday/tuesday I assume

>> No.40075046

OWQ tomorrow, hopefully, or this weekend if that doesn't work out.

GKQ early next week.

>What can we do with the sacred tree part?
Make it into part of a weapon, or see if it can be used as one of the base ingredients for a new function.

>Griffins when?
When you find them.

>Direwolf when?
Garou Tribe lands, no direwolves in the Iquani lands.

>What does Raz look like? Is it the OP picture?
Raziel's rather more of a refined appearance than that, a mix of polished stone reinforced with shaped steel supports and plating. It's a noble house's golem and it reflects that well. No cape though.

>Expanding the Atanor fief when?
If you mean expanding by logging more of the forest, it's a slow process that you could speed up by bringing in more settlers and making more contacts.

If you mean expanding by taking over neighboring fiefs, then you'd have to have a good reason for doing so if you didn't want to get some serious shit from the Emperor and High Lord Vere, and since Vere doesn't seem to like your family, it would have to be a VERY good reason.

>> No.40075107

>No cape though.
Whose fault is this?
I blame the giants.

>you could speed up by bringing in more settlers and making more contacts.
How do the people in our fief feel about the Iquani in general?

How much Dosh to we have in our treasury? And no the IOU's don't count

>> No.40075211

>How do the people in our fief feel about the Iquani in general?
There's a fair bit of unease, there's still a lot of older people in your fief who remember the wars with the Iquani, and the raiding that came before them. Sure, the current Khan has kept the Iquani peaceful for the past fifteen years, but there are a lot of people who think it's only a matter of time before things go back to the way they were.

>How much Dosh to we have in our treasury? And no the IOU's don't count
You're pretty poor, by imperial noble standards, and even by frontier noble standards. You're not going to have to start pawning off your belongings or anything, but your house is relying more on its title than any real wealth to keep up a comfortable lifestyle. Any expensive purchases are right out.

>> No.40075257

Anything besides logging we could do to increase revenue in our territory?

>> No.40075289

Ight so I got a plan for money and expansion
>Kill the Giants
>Sell the remains/trophies
>Establish lumber trading contracts with the Khan
>Use money to attract workers and settlers
>Use them to expand our villages/Manor
>Survey for more natural resources
>Train up some soldiers
>Go adventuring
>Sell the loot
>Fuck delicious brown

>> No.40075319

Profiting on the new Imperial-Iquani trade, your lands may also have good ores and such to mine, but you've yet to come across any in the small part of your fief that has actually been explored by your people.

>> No.40075383

So we need to set up a trade road and have a few small but fulfilling tariffs?

>> No.40075406

If you want. Something to think about anyway. Right now the Iquani are still coming to your lands through the forest, which is hardly reliable.

>> No.40075439

Indeed a trade road with watch stations would be worthwhile to build, especially if we can tax the goods going both ways.

>> No.40075463

Since it'd be cutting into the forest, that's a big operation, and something whose protection we'd have to oversee personally.
First things first, we have to find some mines and shit.

>> No.40075506

Well us or Paxton would have too. As for mines, we'd need explorers to find anything quickly and they'd take a percentage fee.

>> No.40075546

>and they'd take a percentage fee
lol no
They get a set wage depending on how fast they find a mine, and get offered a position of employment.

>> No.40075548

Isn't our lands like 60-70% Trees?

What if we brought that down to like 50 then use the dosh to bring in more settlers and we range out the rest of our lands for other resources to ise while the trees come back?

>> No.40075582

We need to look at the land laws then. Depending on those they could rightfully claim any potential mine as their own.

We need to get more settlers here asap. Maybe we can use our good name for it since we killed 2 giants a spriggan and hopefully a broodmother soon too.

>> No.40075620

>trees come back
Nigga that'd takes years.
Put farms instead, bring in crops for the rest of the Empire.
The added crops would help sustain the swell of new settlers, mix in a few to produce beer/wine for more dosh.
Though it would also take a few years to produce good result too, nothing like the 10+ years it takes for a tree to grow big enough to cut down

>> No.40075637

lol no, it's our land, all the shit in the ground is ours
make new laws if we must

>> No.40075688

That could hamstring us though. You make something too far in your favor and it's bucks against the grain you end up having no one interested. Kinda like how if you have competition and you charge too much no one buys fro you.

>> No.40075883

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that in a quest about fighting giant monsters in a magic-powered mech, /tg/ wants to establish proper trade routes and make their fief wealthy.

Not complaining mind you. Of course there is also going to be PLOT going on, but I'll be sure to give you opportunities to follow up on your ideas for developing your lands.

>> No.40075929

Shhh no plot now.
Only potatoes and economics

>> No.40075958

Warlord we want a wealthy fief so we can get better gear. Which requires expensive good and services to make. Honestly we just want to meet min max.

>> No.40075960
File: 888 KB, 480x270, 18XOS.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why not all three?

>> No.40076013
File: 326 KB, 508x440, 1425608372838-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Excuse me pleb but I prefer my plot to be in the back

>> No.40076081

That's the back-story, which is separate from the plot. You're the pleb, here.

>> No.40076083

Who much of the fief is explored? What the standard explorer contract?

>> No.40076183 [SPOILER] 
File: 303 KB, 1200x900, 1432158544886.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not plot, economics, and apples

>> No.40076202

Proof that spirits are awesome.

>> No.40076702

Right then, thread archived.


Thanks for playing.

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