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>> No.40056730

Would you allow CSM player use the 30k units of their legions(for example allow Death Guard player to use Deathshroud terminators) in 40k games?

>> No.40056844

Sure, unbound exist for a reason

>> No.40056930

If he is using the Codex Chaos Space Marines and just inserts the units there? Probably not.
If he's using Unbound? It'd be legal, sorta, but fuck Unbound. Seriously.
But playing against the appropriate legion list with a regular 40k army? Anytime.

>> No.40056931

I'm thinking about taking a shitload of Ork bikers as allies for my CSM? How are they?

>> No.40056958

How do you field these, what can they accomplish, what are their purpose?
(Talking about vanillanoughts)

>> No.40056997

New player here. Is Choppy a good investment or should I play Shooty? Is it easy to balance terrain in such a way that both styles have value?

>> No.40057030

They're alright as rifle dreads, but AV 12 is weak for their high cost.

Ironclad dreads in drop pods are much better.

>> No.40057083

If I want my generic psyker to use daemonology will his kill himself with perils before doing anything useful?

>> No.40057108

Give them autocannons and let them sit back and ping away while holding an objective.

Alternatively build them for melee and get them two heavy flamers and a lucius drop pod.
The nice thing about this drop pod is it is opened topped, and you DON'T have to disembark after landing.
This means turn 1 you land w/ drop pod assault and can shoot your dual flamers from the drop pod which you are still embarked upon.
On your opponents turn he has to destroy the drop pod BEFORE he can hurt the dreadnought.
This significantly increases the chance of survival for the dreadnought and gives you a great chance of being alive turn 2 to either continue to burn people from inside the drop pod or walking out and assaulting people.
(Note if your opponent has D-scythes you are fucked).

>> No.40057116

Yes. That's what you get for being a filthy closet-heretic

>> No.40057148

Despite the internet meme, Choppy doesn't suck, and can really wreck an opponent if used correctly. HOWEVER, it's very difficult to use correctly, and usually requires a hefty amount of pre-planning and strategy to correctly make use of, and can be easily outmaneuvered by Shooty. It is also difficult to get your melee units into CC without them dying in droves (unless them dying in droves is part of the plan, which should be the case for most melee blob units), and the inability to Assault after Deep-Striking really hurts their ability to tie up enemy units.

Shooty is the safest bet, and the most reliable way to win a game. However, if you get tied up in melee combat for any reason, then you're in trouble, especially against dedicated assault units.

The best strategy, in my experience, is to utilize fast melee units and large blobs (Raptors, Bikers, and Cultists, in my case) to force the enemy to maneuver their forces into the open where my ranged units (Havocs, Noise Marines, Defilers, and Preds) can shoot them up to high hell. By taking a mix of both, it forces you opponent to either stay in cover to avoid the ranged shooting, but then leaves them vulnerable to the mobile Raptors and Bikers armed with Flamers or Meltas that can burn them out of it, or they can focus fire on the melee units while the ranged infantry pins them down and my Defiler and Preds move up the field and blast at them point-blank.

TL;DR Shooty is generally better, but (most) good armies utilize both effectively.

>> No.40057151

A single level one or two psyker will be completely reliant on the random d6 generated warp charges each turn in order to have enough dice to be able to cast more daemon summoning spells which typically need 6-8 dice to cast.
This means you are very likely to not have enough dice, and when you do you are very likely to perils (let alone the fact you might not even get the summoning powers.)
You could try to do it just don't expect much from it daemon summoning typically requires an all or nothing approach to do.

>> No.40057166

Choppy is largely inferior to shooty. Some armies *can* run choppy lists, but need very specific set-ups, lists, opponents and a lot of luck to pull it off with a reasonable chance of success.
- drop pod, multimelta; drop behind enemy lines, hopefully eat a tank, force the enemy to deal with him
- dual autocannons; stick to cover and hunt light vehicles
That's really it. Everything else is overcosted and underperforms.

>> No.40057175

Autocannons in a mortis configuaration
Drop pod+multi-melta/missile launcher (anti-tank weapons)
Drop pod+ anything because they won't survive past one turn
Ironclad in a Lucius pod

For vanillas their best bet is to just take autocannons and be ranged support, or take a drop pod and go for suicide-melta

Actually I did have a question about lucius pods. If I have a dreadnought in a lucius (not deployed) can he pop smoke while inside to increase his cover save, or no?

>> No.40057228

In general

Shooty > Choppy

However in many cases

Shooty and Choppy > shooty only

>> No.40057230

Sure! Csm is underpowered atm and most heresy armies are balanced at the same scale, so even if you let them take the units without going unbound, they'll probably still lose if you're playing a higher teir codex.

>> No.40057290

Anyone else here have inconceivably bad luck?

I had a game yesterday where a squad of 5 guys all died to gets hot in one shooting ohase

>> No.40057293

What about furioso dreads with meltagun and heavy flamer in drop pods?

>> No.40057342

That happened to me once, my poor sternguard. 7 plasma gun shots, 5 gets hots, one missed and two died. Then the rest of the squad was mulched.
Also, my 5 vanguard got into a fight with two broadsides and four shield drones and lost (all five dead, two drones killed).

>> No.40057350

I meant santic you dick

Well I'm not using an actual genric psyker, I'm using Inquisitor Hector Rex, but I want to be able to keep Sanctuary up on his squad for the whole game and he doesn't have the special snowflake rule that GK have.

It's only a 1-warp charge spell but I want to be sure it goes off each turn.

If I threw 3 dice on it each turn will he die from perils quite fast?

>> No.40057428

That's not what Unbound means.

(I'd be fine with it, too. Just saying.)

>> No.40057481

Nope. I've had inconceivably good luck.
I had a Vindicare assassin take a bunch of hits from a building detonation, which is 4d6 S6 hits, enough to wipe out a lot of units.
Rolled 1,1,1,1 for the number of hits. He then proceeded to make all his saves and rose out of the rubble unharmed. Fucking assassins.

>> No.40057556

Even better.

>> No.40057587

Fuck Unbound? What if it's used to do what it was intended for?

A fun list like 13 Carnifexes?

>> No.40057588

Looks like a better version of the normal SM ironclad dread. Librarian dread also looks good.

As long as a dread has AV 13 and is reasonably cheap it's pretty good in a drop pod.

>> No.40057633

More like 13 dreadnoughts.

>> No.40057639

Playing Dark Angels vs Space wolves and I am down to my last 5 terminators.
4 man blood claw unit walks up to them, shoots them with 4 bolt pistols, hits and wounds them, I roll 4 1s for my armor.
They charge the last terminator and kill him at I4 becuase my TH goes last.

>> No.40057745


Forge World decided the photoshopped Lord of Skulls was a good idea so decided to make a non-tread version.

>> No.40057769

Yeah it beats dumb tread feet. Looks really cool.
Can't wait to see those legs on a knight.

>> No.40057772

>Not running 23 Riptides in Battleforged formation

>> No.40057844

See this one? When I used to run around with my trip, I said this was going to happen, nobody believed me.

As far as I know, it'll be involved in Imperial Armour 14, which will be Chaos vs Tau. Tau will also get a Knight Titan equivalent and a possible Titan equivalent. I also said there would be Riptide version, armed with sword and shield in the book. The book will basically include the fluff on the Tau developing suits to deal with the Knight Titan threat and extra stuff for Titans.

So, so far, I have 1 thing right.

>> No.40057869

I thought IA 14 was gonna be AdMech vs Tau.

>> No.40057879

Why the fuck does every tournament ever hate Forgeworld models and rules so much? Both regional GTs and my local events basically outright ban FW. So my poor LR Achilles and Charcaradons sit at home. It sucks

>> No.40057904

The first time I fielded a Forgefiend with 3 plasma cannons I managed to roll 3 ones that ended up killing the thing and none of the 3 small blasts managed to hit the enemy

>> No.40057945

My local events all allow Forgeworld :^)

>> No.40057964

Because they're a bunch of tiny bitches

>> No.40057971

Well... It might be.

I suppose they'll just release the Chaos Knight's rules on website.

Cause FW has some good stuff in them... But most likely so it's easy to organise so people don't complain and jump up and down and go "hur dur pay2win" like they do about anything that involves money. Just run Charcaradons as Blood Angels or something.

>> No.40057975

Fuck you in the goat ass dude. But seriously, my local scene blows. You get 1 CAD, no LOW, no supers, no forgeworld. Pussies

>> No.40058003

I would but thats a little difficult considering that I have 50ish tactical marines with chainsowrds, and not blood angels shit. Also, there is not a goddamn thing in any forgeworld book that is more broken than the core fucking game.

>> No.40058019

Oh baby

>> No.40058023

Have you tried explaining that to them? Show them the rules and show them that they aren't broken?

>> No.40058045

Yes. its stupid. Its a carryover from like 4th ed

>> No.40058065

My store allows whatever you can bring. Anything.
I watched a game where someone squared off with their revenant and harridan.

>> No.40058074

Sounds 400% retarded br0

>> No.40058100

>Forge World decided the photoshopped Lord of Skulls was a good idea so decided to make a non-tread version.

My thoughts are literally what you posted.

It..looks like a fucking terrible photoshop.

Dat Knight on the otherhand, i like it.

I always believed in Chaos Knights. but i expected the slanneshi ones to come first.

>> No.40058124

Just paint it all slanneshi and you'll be good to go.
>tfw no sonic cannon knight

>> No.40058148

Based on this, the model.

>> No.40058211

Other model I have... Surprising that it goes alongside Samus during the Ruinstorm. Maybe there will be Slaanesh and Tzeentch as well.

>> No.40058236


Reminded me of this conversion.

>> No.40058264

I like it a lot, would pick up if the lord of skulls wans't complete dicks for such an expensive model (both cash and points-wise)

>> No.40058270

Does Cult Mechanicus get everything that was in the Skitarri book?

>> No.40058293

Because imbalanced pay to win units do not belong at tournaments.

Neither does 40k really, why the hell are you not playing Warmachine or something if you want competitive wargaming?

>> No.40058315


>Because imbalanced pay to win units do not belong at tournaments.

Doesn't that describe a lot of the units like Knights and the Riptide to some ?

>> No.40058350

Read the spoiler

>> No.40058365

It does, and the game needs some sort of rules for how many superheavies/gargantuans you get to bring, maybe limiting it to one per 2000pts or something.

FW isn't the only source of p2w in 40k, just the major one.

>> No.40058411

>just the major one.
Lolno, the Eldar Codex is far more P2W than anything forgeworld has put out.

>> No.40058438

>pay to win

The good units cost just as much money as the shit units.

If you buy a shitty $75 tank or whatever, it doesn't make $75 centurions or jetbikes p2w.

>> No.40058500

Reposting for more feedback, now with mock up cover made from art I found

>> No.40058541

Is it porn? Because that cover looks like porn.

I can't wait to get home and read this lizardporn!

>> No.40058576

nah the artist just liked his pin ups, still the elf with lizards fit the angle I was going for

>> No.40058578

>ctrl+f volkite
>still no mention of the white dwarf stuff here
Get on the ball faggots.

>> No.40058614

For whom is that?
Translation from frogspeak pls.

>> No.40058625

Gonna assume that is for the mechanicus book

>> No.40058648

I wish I never mentioned p2w, cause other people have picked it up.

Forge World isn't pay2win at all, most of their stuff is worse than vanilla stuff.

Off the top of my head, the best stuff outside of super-heavies are

Tetra Scout Squads
Eldar Hornets
Manticore Emplacements

Probably some other stuff, but I can't remember.

Forge World shouldn't be banned, in my eyes. But, that's just me.

>> No.40058704

No kidding been looking all day for leaks or admech discussion, and nothing

>> No.40058735

i Dont necessarily want competitive, but big events are a good way to play a lot of games with different people

>> No.40058801

what are the first and third things you mentione

>> No.40058805

I've been out of the hobby and in considering getting back in. The Imperial Knights look pretty interesting, but how well do they do on the tabletop and are they considered overly cheesy and is be seen as a faggot to use them.

>> No.40058855


The Tetra are cheap Tau skimmers that can mount Markerlights and the Manticore emplacement is the Imperial Guard Manticore Missile Tank only the turret is mounted on a stationary platform.

>> No.40058872

There are those that think they are really cheesy, being immune to weapons <S6.
There are those that think the low model count and them being vehicles as opposed to being MCs makes them balanced.
I'm part of the former.

>> No.40058923


Since the Imperials and Eldar can have low model count Lord of War armies when are the other factions options to do that going to arrive ?

>> No.40058951

If you want to play them, run them alongside some imperial guard or skitarii to appease whiners. Doing that is pretty fluffy and lets do some fun stuff.

>> No.40059012

The army pretty much breaks down to either your opponent brought the tools needed to take on the knights or he didn't.
In this way the knight players list is irrelevant only what his opponent brings or did not bring.

In more casual environment where everyone is expected to bring a TAC list and list tailoring is frowned upon this pisses people off because most TAC lists cannot win.
Meanwhile in competitive environment people are prepared for them and it ends poorly for the knight player.

They can be fun to play with, but if your local area is full of douches of either stripe you are screwed.
Luckily in my area pretty much anything goes and people have fun with it.

>> No.40059064


>TAC list

A lot of the new formations don't exactly encourage that.

>> No.40059104

>you DON'T have to disembark after landing
Is this new? I always thought you did.

>> No.40059151

Oh man, tailoring for knights can get ridiculous. This one fellow at my shop was fighting the knight player (escalation league) with is IG. He had a shadowsword (the volcano cannon one), a void shield generator with tank traps, and a bunch of vanquishers. They all hid behind the shields and the traps where the knights couldn't assault them. It was so hilarious. I didn't get to watch the game but seeing him set up was great.

>> No.40059183

It is a specific rule for a specific drop pod vanilla pods still require you to disembark after landing.

>> No.40059191

The lucius is different. It's an assault vehicle which means you can stay inside and exit it later.
It also gives anything behind it and touching it shrouded on the turn it arrives.

>> No.40059193

I got into this 40k thing recently, and I want to start a Tau army, but I don't want to be called a WAAC faggot, How do I avoid this? Also, would pic related be a good start?

>> No.40059235

Tau are fine. Just don't use more than two riptides in games lower than 2000 points.

>> No.40059250


>> No.40059302

That's a fairly good start for a Tau force. Using a wider variety of unit types can also help prevent your force from looking like some sort of cheesy spam list.

You'll also want to make sure you only have 1 or fewer riptides

>> No.40059358

Would it be possible to make a army entirely out of Sniper Drones and Pathfinders?

>> No.40059385

If you don't use marker lights and riptides your games will be fun for you and your opponent

If you do, people won't like you and the games will be boring

>> No.40059400

Well playing Tau makes you a faggot regardless of your army's composition.

>> No.40059409


Riptides haven't been a problem since the last Eldar codex.

>> No.40059418

It's possible to pull something off, but you'd probably need to stretch that to include stealth suits for anti-armor, as well as fire warriors or kroot as your troops.

>> No.40059424

>stop liking what I don't like

>> No.40059432

>that biker marine freaking the fuck out

>no body believed me

but, i believed you anon. i mean knights sell like hotcakes so i kinda expect dark eldar or orks to get something similar.

also my prediction is that knight conversion is the generic one, we'll get a khorne one soon to tie into deamonkin and khorne winning whfb 1.0. they'll put out tzeentch/nurgle/slaanesh knights way later

>> No.40059459

How many dreadnoughts can I take with the Brethren of the Fell Handed SW Champions of Fenris book?

Just Bjorn and two venerable dreads?

>> No.40059490

>Melee Riptide Knight

I don't like the idea of that, unless it was Farsight's idea. It really doesn't fit with the sorts of things Tau are meant to be doing.

>> No.40059505

Nothing has been a problem for Eldar since their last codex.

>> No.40059552

So what is actually wrong with the new Eldar codex?

>> No.40059562


No, it's just "stop liking Tau."

It's a pretty common trend, you should try lurking more.

>> No.40059571

>> No.40059594


It probably wouldn't be any good against anything similar.

>> No.40059607

>stop liking Tau
and why should I do that?

>> No.40059636


Why should people who dislike Tau stop disliking them?

See? These are the critical questions you're too stupid to think of for yourself before applying your downs syndrome phalanges to the keyboard.

>> No.40059657

Well then it would just be pointless.

>> No.40059666

Not him, but why does either side feel the need to evangelize?

It's toys, people! It's little plastic figures with some fiction written about them. This ain't politics, religion and economics! Take a chill pill!

>> No.40059698

Okay, I have been wanting to get into WH40k, but the lore is pretty insane. I just have a few questions because I know bits and pieces here and there.

1: what the fuck are tau and tyranids

2: what is the warp other than a thing that makes psychic people go crazy

3: why is everyone (other than the emperor) crazy and/or an asshole in this universe

4: why do players apparently hate everything made after 2005/2006 or something

5: Where did the emperor come from, did he just appear or something or did he get born with awesome powers?

6: Can I get a fenrisian wolf in the actual game or are those glorious bastards only in lore.

>> No.40059702

Everything got buffs, Wave Serpent and Scatter Laser got nerfed, only the Wraithknight went up in points cost

>> No.40059717


How dare you try to be reasonable. I declare a fatwa upon your family and house.

>> No.40059779

>A fun list like 13 Carnifexes?
I want to do this so bad now.

I'm short of this by 8 fexes.

>> No.40059785


iirc, most knights that followed Horus went over to Slaanesh. I know it sounds unlikely, but there were quite a number of Slaaneshi Knights and scout titans in the fluff at one point. Khorne was more one for Daemon engines and androids (mini, man-sized daemon engines).

>> No.40059810

1. Tau: Space commies with mechas. Tyranids: Zerg/any alien race that consumes and evolves rapidly.
2. Literally hell full of demons.
3. Grimdark/black and black morality setting.
4. People don't like change/accusations of pwercreep/powercreep/change in staff/etc.
5. Shamanistic ritual iirc.
6. Fenrisian wolves are in codex space wolves.

>> No.40059848

Also there are no wolves on Fenris.

>> No.40059851


>> No.40059863

Also it should be noted that the Emperor is an asshole too.

>> No.40059865

What >>40058855 said.

The Manticores also have options for AA missiles.... But their standard profile is different to the mobile version. It's harder-hitting, but no D3 hits, iirc. Either way, the emplacements are dirt cheap for what they are.

>> No.40059884

The burst cannon no a Riptide is regarded as inferior because of Gets Hot on a 12 fucking shot weapon. Markerlights can increase your Ballistic Skill up to ten, but BS6 will let you reroll ones to-hit.

>> No.40059899


>> No.40059906

Idea was for something to be able to beat Knight Titans in melee combat. Essentially, I assumed it to be a similar to a Knight Titan but with a 4++ general save, rather than just against shooting.

Who knows, though. We'll see. I'd be perfectly happy with a giant gun, in fact, I'd prefer that.

>> No.40059924

Tau aren't communist, they've got a caste system going on. They're pretty close to being Platos Republic.

Also probably worth mentioning that Tau are very much straight up scifi instead of the space fantasy theme most other factions have.

>> No.40059984

>Tau are very much straight up scifi instead of the space fantasy theme most other factions have.

Imagine that you're running Dungeons and Dragons. three of your players roll up a wizard, a rogue, and a fighter. The last guy rolls up a cyborg from Eclipse Phase.

In a normal world, you would tell the last guy to get the fuck out. In the world of 40k, you are forced to accept his presence whether you like it or not, and shoehorn him into all your material.

>> No.40059999

2. Not only is the warp hell full of demons, but it is also used in the way hyperspace is used in other fictional setting: FTL travel and communications. Ships travel through hell to achieve FTL speeds, wich causes all the fun side effects you might expect from doing so.

>> No.40060032

so basically Event Horizon?

>> No.40060054

The chances of actually losing a wound to gets hot is pretty damn low

>> No.40060056

Except in 40k Tau fit the setting, add some needed variety and serve to spotlight the grim dark and fantasy feel.

>> No.40060064

Not bad, free upgrades, I think re rolls on the warlord trait and some formation wide special rule from the mechanicus codex.

>> No.40060077


The Tau aren't supposed to be anywhere near close combat usually.

Also no matter how good it is I doubt any Tau Super-Heavy Walker or Gargantuan Creature will be able to (or is meant to) stand up to its equivalent in melee.

>> No.40060109

I figure it's going to be a heavy-railgun toting tank or walker. A new tank sounds neat, I'm sick of just bigger and bigger suits.

>> No.40060166

Does anyone have the link to the cult mech spoielrs?

>> No.40060217

I agree. A gargantuan walker doesn't seem fitting. The Tau love mobility and the riptide is supposed to be the biggest suit they've made that could still stay agile.

That said, I think I would also be disappointed if it was just a scaled up Hammerhead. A superheavy tank would fit better, but it's also a bit boring.

>> No.40060306


Yea so I'm starting an admech army

>> No.40060324

>What is Stim Ejector (who you should be taking anyway on a Riptide)

But, I know what you mean. You can buy that gun for a Hammerhead which does Heavy 12 (Heavy 6x2) but no Rending.

>> No.40060378

What the hell would be the point in ejecting stims? Higher BS but lower WS? They're already WS2!

>> No.40060413

Jesus christ, that is insanity.

I guess Eldar wasn't #1 for long this time around.

>> No.40060415

Well, as I said, that was what I had heard. Essentially there IS something coming that the Tau created to deal with Titans (and possibly Knight Titans) as the Tiger Sharks are currently the only thing they have.... And even then you kinda need the formation to run them better.

So, I wouldn't be surprised if a Knight Titan equivalent is released for the Tau update and a Titan equivalent is released for Imperial Armour/Forge World.

Plus there is rumours, iirc, of a Kroot ally dex so possible cool stuff in there.

>> No.40060439

Injector* I'm tired. Some reason Ejector seemed right....

But yeah, injector. FnP is GOAT. You can fit 3 Riptides in a 1000 point list, all 3 with Stim Inejectors iirc... or maybe it's just 2.... I'd need to re-add it all up.

>> No.40060456

It's 3 detachments in one so from a tourney perspective you can still take drop pods you have the points

>> No.40060459


>3 Riptides in a 1000 point list

That's asking for return cheese.

>> No.40060486

I'm just pulling your chains.

>> No.40060495

Git gud scrub

>> No.40060498


Now consider the fact that if IA14 really does add the 30k mechanicum to 40k...

>> No.40060512

Fuuuuck, I know what my next project is going to be

>> No.40060519

i want to widen this thing with some extra tracks and wheels to use as a battlefortress

any pointers or ideas

>> No.40060544


>> No.40060550

I can see GW doing their own superheavy flyer. Or yet another superheavy tank.

i suspect it won't be another mech FW has already done a lot of battlesuits and GW probably want to stick too the idea of tau not using giant mecha to combat titans. Keeps tau feeling more distinct which is something GW have had a tendency to go for.

>> No.40060594


Forge World confirmed that it was going to be a ground super-heavy for the Tau on their end.

>> No.40060627

riptides duel wielding riptides when?

has anyone actually faced some of these gouda lists? is there a possibility of getting put away hot and wet by a tau player? i'm not sure my slaanesh deamons would like being fucked over like that

>> No.40060753

Hey so pretty new to the hobby and I don't know where to check for news and rumors but any clue as to what the next box set would be? I got shield of Baal and that was wicked cool and would like to know if there is another in the works.

>> No.40060775

I've faced 3 riptides at 1250.
was a crappy netlister who thought cheese could make up for lack of skill.

Wasn't much trouble. Managed to tie up 2 of the riptides early with gargoyles and gaunts. Spent the rest of the game killing the small army he had left and focusing objectives which is why I won.

Actually killed a riptide when he made the mistake of putting some kroot into cc to try help a riptide, killed the kroot so once he lost combat ran down the riptide in sweeping advance.

>> No.40060777

I don't have an issue with it. Hell, I do it for my noise marine army. I am the loudest faggot at my store.

>> No.40060805

Knights vs Tau on Agrellan.
That would be cool.
Or SM vs Tau on Agrellan.
That, too, would be cool.

>> No.40060841

Quick question guys would is the Crimson Slaughter better than the vanilla CSM codex? I've been looking into it and it sounds like it is in some sort of way from what fellow players have been saying

>> No.40060858

Depends on what you want to run. Makes lords better, makes princes WAY shittier.

So usually, yes.

>> No.40060883

why does my favorite space marine special character have to have the most boring chapter tactics ever (that also synergize very poorly with his special rules)

>> No.40060946

There's no rumors of another that I've come across. We can speculate that there might be one between the codex update after all the ad mech comes out and the next update after that (containing those 2 factions)

>> No.40061098

Because fuck you why should you have fun.

>> No.40061142

you mean the iron fists character? i feel like he should've just been a super special forge father with a big gun instead of hammer and shield

>> No.40061152

hey man you know what? I'll make a list with him anyway

it will be full of shit that doesn't utilize the chapter tactics

and I will lose every game

>> No.40061165

Is there really a Game of Thrones model on display at Warhammer World?

>> No.40061225


As bad as that is there are worse things you can field in 1000 point games.

>> No.40061245

I was referring to Señor Kantor, because +1A to friendlies with 12" helps with bolter drill a lot, but he isn't the only one who suffers from the problem

>> No.40061320

alright, lay it on me anon; what are the filthiest lists you can make at 1k? i wanna get an idea of things since i haven't played a game in months but i'm gonna try to get in some games this week

>> No.40061416

3 Wraithknights

>> No.40061478

I know, bro. I know.

Not much return cheese you can do with that.

I still rate the x3 Deathstrike Missile Launchers or x6 Manticore Emplacements at 1000 points to be better.

See above, is pretty nice. But you can take super heavies now and shit, so it makes x3 Riptides look like nothing.

>> No.40061526



First Detachment:

1 x Mek

2 x Gretchin.

1 x Klaw Stompa

Second Detachment.

1 x Mek

2 x Gretchin

1 x Klaw Stompa.

You probably won't ever see this however.

And in case you are wondering the 15 point Mek is said to be an HQ and the wording in the Ork codex makes it seem like one (or it can be argued that its one as they have done on many forums with no clear answer as of yet).

>> No.40061546


>Not much return cheese

See this then for an attempt: >>40061526

>> No.40061691

>Eldar player places down a squadron of three Fire Prisms.
>Call him out. It's only one Eldar vehicle per unit.
>He shows me the new codex. They really can be squadroned despite how Eldar are supposed to be an elite army.
>What the fuck games workshop!

>> No.40061720

Word is Marines are getting it too.

>> No.40061762

Yeah but predators suck

>> No.40061791

4 flyrants.

>> No.40061876

Gives access to a couple good relics, one for Lords one for Sorcerers - which gives them access to diviniation. That would be great if CSM had anything worth putting prescience on.

>> No.40061931

>Yea so I'm starting an admech army

flavor of the month'd
You are GW's target retard.

>> No.40062015

Is 30k balanced against 40k? Does 30k have advantages over 40k?

Even though FW is approved by GW I still think that FW stuff has better rules. Otherwise why would people take FW stuff in the first place? Am I wrong?

>> No.40062053

People tend to cherry pick the best forgeworld stuff, which is why it gets seen as OP

>> No.40062058

30k is at a disadvantage below 1500, is balanced from 1500 to 2500, and has an advantage over 2500, until 40k brings in Apocalypse units, at which point it's balanced again.

>> No.40062076

FW stuff isn't necessarily better as it is fresh and cool. A lot IS better but it's not necessarily a rule. Like, tarantulas aren't that good, but I want to use them because they're cool.

>> No.40062089

>Is 30k balanced against 40k?
yes, they work fine together.

>Does 30k have advantages over 40k?
At higher points, somewhat. 30k squads are expensive at first but are cheaper to add new guys to the squad. You can get more guys in a squad this way than normal 40k can.

>FW stuff has better rules
For every Sicaran there are three Trojans.

>> No.40062110

Stop being a butthurt little bitch. Some of us have been waiting for Skitarii for over a decade.

>> No.40062144

Only to WAAC faggots like you.

>> No.40062168


>Is 30k balanced against 40k? Does 30k have advantages over 40k?

I've heard Forge World (supposedly) said that 30k wasn't balanced for use with 40k.

>> No.40062199

>> boring

>> No.40062204

>Tau player
>don't use markerlights

the guy probably wants to at least TRY to win, anon

>> No.40062217

They just said they hadn't playtested it so they didn't know if it was or not

>> No.40062243

30k is more "balanced" since everything is balanced against meq and everything is meq

and people cherry pick 40k stuff. there's also weak stuff, okay stuff, and OP stuff in gw or forgeworld books. take a look at samus, their new fancy new sculpt. the rules aren't that good yet they look fun and tricky

they're decent for their points but overshadowed

>anti infantry? thunderfire
>monsters? grav cannons and centurions
>anti tank? marines in drop pods with melta guns

>> No.40062287

So when can we expect to see a Blood Oath scan? Come on guys, we got the Knights formation out the day they arrived!

>> No.40062306

>confusing sentinels with regular yellow

>> No.40062357

Excuse me /tg/. I recently looked at the Death Korps tactica and I'm wondering where those two detachments listed there came from.

>> No.40062482

They're not bad but their side armor is crap. If it was AV12 it'd be better. It's easy to get flanked.

>> No.40062890

No. I'm not. Unless he isn't using SoT. Then I have no pity for him.

>> No.40062926

I hear you. Highly situational though. A squadron of them helps, I think.

>> No.40062927

either way the synergy with +1A isn't the best, mostly as a defensive I guess by making Pedro y amigos less appealing to charge

>> No.40062944

>> decent for their points but overshadowed

>> No.40063085

So this one guy from my flgs, a particularly whinny kind of person, says Skitarii crumble easily to basic anti-troop tactics, especially Space Marines, how full of bullshit is he?

>> No.40063123

they're t3 4+ models anon, they're not that hard to break

>> No.40063133

I believe otherwise but I enjoy close range firefights.

Plus Kantor lends some efficacy vs. Orks, and it's always fun to ruin their time. I've never met an Ork player that I got along with. I'm not saying they aren't out there. I just haven't encountered one that wasn't a pain in the ass.

>> No.40063181

If you aren't smart with your Skitarii then yeah it won't go well.

However, give the Vanguard some drop pods (or BA rhinos) via allies and they'll massacre nearly any SM unit in a single volley.

>> No.40063626

personally, I was planning on running 2 ranger units and a vangard unit, armed with as much plasma as possible, and 3 onagers in a unit with 2 icarus arrays and 1 neutron laser as a battle-forged maniple as base setup.

>> No.40063704

They're cheap troops with decent firepower and 4+ armor. For their cost they're great troops, but I wouldn't field a whole army of them.

They make a great complement to expensive, elite units or heavy vehicles.

>> No.40063727

forgot to add that the vanguard and ranger units are full sized

>> No.40063758

I prefer naked rangers myself, and stick to vanguards for special weapons

>> No.40063812

Siege of Vraks book

>> No.40064204


Skitarii are an offensive army, not a defensive one. They will outgun space marines though.

>> No.40064219

I just mathed things out and at base I'm looking at 975 points and with all the features outside what was stated I'm looking at 1230 points.

>> No.40064233


Kantor's other rules are kind of weird, I'll admit, but people don't take him for that. Come on now, people take him for the Sternguard, and that's a super boring but efficient and fluffy rule.

Kantor's bolter drill is also the ancestor of the current IF chapter tactics.

>> No.40064245

glass cannons?

>> No.40064273

It was Lysander who had Bolter Drill, not Kantor.

Not really. Skitarii are about average defensively and offensively. They're very middle-of-the-road

>> No.40064276


Not THAT frail. They're average.

>> No.40064298


Skitarii ranged firepower is extremely high. They can regularly down multiple Flyrants on the first turn.

Their melee power isn't bad either but that's lol melee. The extreme movement and Haywire is pretty good though.

>> No.40064761

Why should I play any army that isn't in the top tier? Winning is important right? Can I find enjoyment in playing an army that isn't able to fight against the top lists?

In all seriousness, I play Blood Angels and it's hard to be happy with it when I can't compete against Wolf Stars or Eldar.
I just want to be happy with my army but I have to ask people to pull their punches because I just can't compete with some lists.
I think it's dumb to try and make 40k competitive but there will always be those guys who get their fun from breaking the game with absurd lists that aren't fun to play against. Either I play and lose or I don't play at all.

>> No.40064827

>Blood Angels and it's hard to be happy with it when I can't compete against Wolf Stars or Eldar.

The funny thing is I also play Blood Angels and I am one of the only marine players 2 that has managed to beat several Eldar players in my local store (The only other that is not tau or necrons is a ravenwing DA player), I will agree that Space Wolves are a pain in the ass to deal with.

>> No.40064843

and now I just checked the battle-forged detachment rules again and just noticed that only the warlords unit gets preferred enemy, gonna have to make a few changes.

>> No.40064879


I spend 99% of my time building and painting models and looking at 40k shit online, so there's no reason for me to play an army I don't like as much to win all my games the 1% of the time I do play. Not to mention that army won't be best forever.

>> No.40064930

There are no rules anywhere in that torrent, prove me wrong.

>protip: you can't

>> No.40064990

Base is now list is now mathed out to 1020 points. 2 full rangers with max arc rifles,1 full vanguard with max plasma as warlord unit, onagers are mostly the same, just with stubbers and manipulators now.

>> No.40065114

>i mean knights sell like hotcakes so i kinda expect dark eldar or orks to get something similar.

>official Looted Knight

My wallet is not prepared.

>> No.40065128

And once again I fail at checking my post before posting.....

>> No.40065239


You can get a decent Green Tide going under 1000 points. Most armies at that point level don't have the means to deal with 100+ Fearless FNP T4 bodies, unless they were specifically list tailoring against it and brought 14 Tomb Blades or 6 Wyverns.

>> No.40065259

Fun fact:
In the unlikely case that C:SM removes Black Templar and they don't get their own Codex, they can't play fluffy even with unbound due to Crusader Squads.

>> No.40065271

Give him his luck back u thief

>> No.40065358

unedited Source?

>> No.40065410

Have you seen the latest MWG batrep?
List-tailored Sisters of Battle vs Knights.
Knights win, barely scratched.

>> No.40065429

Don't buy more than one Riptide and refuse to use markerlights to ignore cover or ask the opponent if you can increase the cost.

>> No.40065444

Are knights really meant to be a stand alone army? I understand needing a knight to fight against bullshit lords of war like the Obelisk, Wraithknight, Stompa, and Lord of Skulls but fielding nothing but knights?! Seems lame.

>> No.40065458

I foresee riptides becoming lords of war in the new book. 2 or more in an 1850 game is just fucking stupid.

>> No.40065470

>Lord of Skulls
Anyone taking a lord of skulls is shooting themselves in the foot

>> No.40065480

It would make sense, since it's about the same height as the others, but they'd need to give it a fairly large price hike, since that makes it much faster and gives it free stimulant injectors.

And then give it a formation that lets you take 8 in a list anyway.

>> No.40065481

thinking of rewriting my chaos warbands lore yet again. As much as I like what I wrote then it feels like I need to go out of my way to explain why they would field possessed, mutilators, obliterators, maulerfiends/forgefields, helbrutes etc

abridged version
>chapter that crumbled due to foul xenos incursion after a few centuries of being unable to recruit, less than half a company survived, fortress monastery was lost along with their gene seed
>too small to fold into another chapter, sort of falls by the wayside
>bitter over their constant requests for aid having been ignored, feels abandoned by the Emperor and Imperium
>does mercenary work and helps out radical loyalist chapters for access to equipment
>has been taking up anyone who will join them be they marine or human
>abhors chaos, but whispers from the warp feed their bitter feelings and it is only a matter of time before they completely fall into damnation

honestly though, they'd do better on the table if they rediscovered the guiding light on the emperor and used all the regular humans to form an official astra militarum regiment instead of bickering forever about how best to equip them

>> No.40065498

They are their own faction like space marine chapters or IG regiments. It makes sense fluff wise that they'd do operations on their own often enough.

>> No.40065502

>same height
what about the people how model kneeling or prone riptides?

>> No.40065507

Riptide as gargant can fuck off

>> No.40065510


>> No.40065556

It just seems to me that Knights are like Skitarii in that the designers envisioned them as units you'd ally with your main force, not build a whole army around only them. Of course they give you that option but the expectation is that most players will use them as allies, not stand alone armies.

>> No.40065603

what game is this for? far too large to be for epic, far too small to be for 40k/30k

>> No.40065614

That's regularily used as a sort of "Humanity's First attempt at Warp Travel" kind of thing. So yes.

>> No.40065655

How is it too small?

>> No.40065657

Any good replacement models for Tyrannocyte? I need like 5 and am NOT paying 60 bucks a pop

>> No.40065659

Knights are also usually more tolerable when they're a centerpiece for another force rather than a group on their own.

>> No.40065665

Win by cheese, that's all you can do. BA just don't have cheese...

Fill Elite choices with Death Company (on viable option) Get 3 squads of x5 Assault Marines (with Melta's) and they come to 8 points per Marine AND get a free Rhino if they don't take back-packs, use them to suicide shit and Rhino for LoS when it's inevitably wrecked. Command Squad with Grav-Guns.

There is a formation, I think it's Shield of Baal, which gives you free weapon upgrades to Vanguard and Sterguard (2 of Van, 1 of Stern) so you can fit them out with whatever you want. 10 Sternguard with 10 Combi-Plasma's or whatever is pretty good.

That's it, really, your relics are top-tier shite, your formations are practically worthless, your generic HQ's are shit (vanilla and Spess Furrys can get Chapter Masters, BA can't, so you can kit them out how you want). The only good characters for BA are Dante and Astorath. Astorath is worth taking cause you're going to be running 3 squads of Death Company anyway. Corbulo is worth two Sanguinary Priests. SP count as HQ's. Lemartes is his own Elite choice (comparable mini-characters like Lukas and Snikrot become 'free' choices if you buy their related unit, Lemartes doesn't), Preds lost Scout, Mephiston lost 2WS 1T, has no Invulnerable save, making him useless (can't run him on his own, as he'll get 1 hit by S10 weaponry, putting him in a squad means Fleet is useless and he becomes a buffing pysker, better just to take a normal one). Tycho is the only character in fluff who is dead yet has a codex entry, but wait, it gets better, he has TWO codex entries. Why? He's been dead for years. Replace him. 1st Captain is basically a Master-Crafted TH + Stormbolter Captain. That's it. Ergo, he's terrible.

Oh and Shield of Baal relics are even worse than standard codex. The Necrons, who don't appear till the end of the story, get their most powerful relic in Shield of baal. +1S to shooting + melee + re-roll failed to hit for 20 points? Yes please.

>> No.40065685

That isn't small.... That's for 30k, it's this. It's based on an old epic model.

How is it too small? How can anything be too small? What you on about? Are you a giant?

>> No.40065702

>envisioned them as units you'd ally with your main force

You're right.

>> No.40065713

That's a silly hat.

>> No.40065725


>> No.40065755


The Sisters rolled like COMPLETE. SHIT.

Plus honestly Meltas are not the way to take out knights. I know that it's all sisters really have in that regard, but still.

>> No.40065756

>GW website down for maintenance

Odd. Also, apparently Astra Millitarum codex has gone from the website. They could be having an update soonish, but this makes no sense. Strange.

>> No.40065790

What sorts of things could that bring, anyone have an idea? Feel free to speculate wildly.

>> No.40065792

They're competing with what my friend calls "The Golden Dildo's" aka Adeptus Custodes, for Silliest Hat Of The Imperium.

Speaking of Custodes, I heard somewhere that after the Heresy, they took off their armour, is that right?

I always wanted Custode army, and one will be given when Burning of Prospero is released (Xmas earliest), but it's kinda pointless if they don't even wear their armour in 40k and don't leave the palace, can't fluff that and I'm a fluff whore.

>> No.40065799


If Riptides become Gargantuan, then I have hope the Orkanauts might become Super-Heavies and be actually worth taking. Then again GW might just be lazy and decide not to as well. Not as if Orks will get another codex before 2020 anyway.

>> No.40065805

or they are retiring the army

>> No.40065817

Perhaps they were nearly out of stock and it was better to pull it so they didn't have to do another printing run, if they're getting an update in the next few months.

Probably cheaper to just pull it than do a small print of a book that's obsolete soon.

Or, as I posted here >>40065702 they're doing a big prep for Cult Mechanicus and shit got pulled accidentally, it's happened before.

>> No.40065841

>retiring Imperial Guard before Sisters.

Are you this really retarded?

>> No.40065850

It IS lame. Watch 40 minutes of unfun despite listtailoring.

>> No.40065852


What units get the volkites though? How much do they cost?

>> No.40065871

That is a massive speculation and very wild.

IG is one of the popular armies, they wouldn't pull it suddenly like this. You can't go "lol no representation for the thousands of billions of soldiers defending the imperium!!".

So, no.

Imperial Guard need some female models. They put female torso's in the Guardian box (well they have slight boob armour, might be green-stuffed) and they did it for Dark Elves and Dark Eldar. I can't see why Cadian Shock Troops can't have them. 50% of Cadia is maintained by female soldiers, other is male. So, I dunno why we can't have some.

Unless IG will be merged with Sisters of Battle to make Armies of the Imperium :^)

I'm going to be getting Raging Heroes "Not SoB we swar guv'" models soon. Pic related, for all you SoB lovers (look, nuns with guns! Literally!)

>> No.40065872

Yes, it sucks when your army isn't loved by the designers like Space Yiffs. Space Wolves have _never_ had a bad book.

Our melee relic for the most melee focused space marine chapter?...

A Str - AP 2 power sword...

...god damnit

>> No.40065891

Thanks anon!

>> No.40065896

Exorcists are S9 (or is it 8?) AP1, right?

Take 3 of those, then Multi-Melta squads in Repressors and drive around shooting shit. Exorcists can fire without DLoS I think.

>> No.40065904


>> No.40065905

Those Davidians Troopers are nice

>> No.40065926

Exactly. Better not go into Space Furrys as their Relics are pretty insane.

BA's got new kits, but they didn't get new units. Space Wolves not only got 2 new flyers, but a new Dreadnought Variant, new Dreadnought weapons (basically Blood Talons of BA from 5th) a mount for their Chapter Master AND a new character (Murderfang).

BA's got some new kits, which are amazing, but no new units. New dude doesn't count as Space Yiffs got a special dude for their campaign as well. But we get a 1st Captain! WHO SUCKS :D

If I didn't like BA's fluff so much I'd just go with Red Scorpions, but Red Scorpions fluff never really allowed for allied armies cause they hate everybody.

>> No.40065933

What's the benefits between the Ultramarines 30k legion and the Sons of Horus 30k legion in tabletop?

>> No.40065943

Sons of Horus have a much nicer color scheme.
Abaddon should have kept that Turquoise.

>> No.40065952

>Exorcists can fire without DLoS I think.
No, but kinda; their weapons are just Heavy D6 so they'd fire like any other weapon, but since you measure from the pipes you get an elevated 360° point from which you shoot, which let's you hit most things

>> No.40065965

>(look, nuns with guns! Literally!)
Which,funnily enough, is how they looked in rogue trader.
The 2nd edition gave them the looks we expect now.

>> No.40065967

Yeah. I like the Knights of the Chalice, but no way to represent them on table.

They also do lots of lewd models for Dark Elves and Lust Elves.

Well, basically there is Dark Elves (fantasy) Void Elves (Sci-Fi version), Sisters of the Orphanage (Fantasy) Sisters of Eternal Mercy (Sci-Fi version) and Lust Elves for both.

That image isn't all of them, it's just the troops, they have HQ's and walkers as well.

This picture is the fantasy version, which I was tempted to get the angels with spears instead.

>> No.40065977

Any release dates?

>> No.40065987

Ah. Well, I was sorta right! But they're still S8 AP1, right?


This picture has the HQ's for the three factions, obviously SoB are the top ones.

>> No.40065993

Really I think BA are fine as long as you aren't up against a Wolf Star. But seeing as so many Space Yiffs also tend to be WAAC-fags you'll only ever see wolf stars.

Tau aren't so much of a problem any more. Neither are Eldar, depending on the army list. But I haven't encountered anything as game breaking as an army full of T 5, 2 wound cavalry with Str 10 weapons and 3++

You can beat a wolf star with massed shooting but that's the complete opposite of how BA are supposed to play.

I guess that's why there are allies. If you can't beat em, join em.

>> No.40066009

Is there anyone who likes the Taurox for being a Taurox? I am of the opinion that they don't look good as Imperial vehicles but make fine looking Trukks when looted, and everyone I've met either shares my opinion or doesn't like them at all.

>> No.40066032

Might be, but can't find any. Not going to link cause that'd be advertising, but they're done by the Raging Heroes guys, who did the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy stuff. This is the models they did for their 2nd kickstarter.

I pledged like $180 and the models at retail would cost $265, but because I also got in before it ended (Kickstarter is over) I got all these in the pic free.

Day 8 would be an amazing Canoness or something similar.... Maybe a Saint Celestine stand in.

>> No.40066034

there's no real need for dedicated female guard minis
Gaurd have a few majority gender neutral lines of minis. Even the masked cadians could easily be men women.

>> No.40066045

>frog speak

Say it right, Frenchie.


>> No.40066068


>> No.40066078

Holy shit you're one lucky dude.

>> No.40066086

I've seen people try to pass regular Cadians as ladies and works very poorly.

Don't get what people have so against, say, one lady torso and head in a box set.

>> No.40066087

Unless you need boob armor to identify a female.

>> No.40066090

Rex has a predetermined list of powers. IIRC, technically he counts as an HQ choice from Codex: Grey Knights so per BRB, he'll be fine to use Sanctic powers without perilsing all the time
>Psykers from Codex: Grey Knights can manifest Sanctic powers as they would any other psychic power, but they cannot generate Malefic powers at all.
So even without the specific rule in C:GK, Rex will be fine.
Black Templars son.
I actually really like them. I'm planning on getting one for an allied Guard Detachment to combo with some DA Drop Pods. Meltavets get zipped downfield, Pods put the pressure on, who knows, it just might work.
I'd rather it be a halftrack, but, I really like the way they look. plz no bully

>> No.40066117

Not really so much the tactics, but the lack of care to BA's.

I mean, the guy who did Space Yiffs, apparently, is a massive fanboi of them. So that's why they got a Dreadnought with a 3++ shield (to the front) which also acts as a weapon so the Dread gets +1A due to having two weapons! :^)

Librarian Dread has a Force Glaive, which is Specialist, so no +1A for them. Sanguinuary Guard are supposed to be the elite of the elite, yet they have AP3 swords..... which only benefit is Master-Crafted AND they're 2H. If they had a special rule that gave them +1A due to having their Bolter ON THEIR WRISTS, I'd be OK, but not this.... Compared to Space Yiffs Frost weapons, which are better than generic power weapons....

BA's are just no longer an army of "uniqueness", you have to play them like Vanilla marines, which destroys the whole point. Everything unique the BA's have is shit. Death Company are only viable option, out of 13 fucking Elite choices.

Why can't the Furisou have x2 Frag Cannons? Why is the Librarian Dread stuck with specialist weapon? Why are Blood Talons shit? Why did everybody bar the Grey Knights get a new flyer AND the flyer that BA got in 5th?

I don't get either treatment of GK's or BA's. GK's have literally every weapon they want due to the Forge World they have..,. Yet they don't have loads of cool and useful vehicles. Spartan Assault tanks? Why would GK's need a AV14/14/14 HP5 vehicle with 25 transport capacity and x2 Quad-Linked Lascannons? Let's stick with Rhino's and Land Raiders!

I dunno.

My only hope is SoB get an update and model revamp. People always say it'll happen, but it never does.

Custodians, I don't understand stuff I see.... But they're gonna be the only choice.

I just hope Red Scorpion fluff is updated to cover plot holes.....

>> No.40066119

>this would require new scult and a new mould, giving GW another excuse to jack up their prices
>only a small % of guardsfags would appreciate a female head and torso option

>> No.40066122

Shoot da choppy ones and chop da shooty ones!

>> No.40066139

There are 3rd party kits out there that will let you put wheels on them, FYI.

>> No.40066153

Well, I'd like something like this, you know, like official artwork....

Other armies get it, why can't IG? Or give me mask options like you said. I really don't see what the problem is with wanting 1 or two torsos out of a box being female, or, fuck, just being put on an the bitz sprue. They put lots of "junk" on sprues as extra, why can't I have a female torso or female head?

>> No.40066169

I might put some on the front the. I've seen conversions, but didn't realize there are actual kits. Cheers.

>> No.40066183

Yeah, I mean, those IG infantry boxes are good for another decade or two.

>only a small vocal % of guardsfags would give a fuck


>> No.40066193

>Other armies get it
Only Eldar, Dark Eldar, Slaanesh and Sisters of Battle.

>> No.40066206

Cool. I'm sure they could deal with Knight Titans! If you're lucky.

Aye. I'm just torn between what to get and what not to get. As my pledge basically gives me that amount of money to spend on models, so I pick and choose what I want from the range, instead of being stuck. So I dunno what to get.

They already released some fully nude models awhile back, well, they have no vulva, but they make perfect Slaanesh daemons, no hole to fuck, but you wanna fuck them.

Some of their models are basically using the same moulds with different weapons, which is fine.

As you can see, their Lust Elves make great Dark Elves/Eldar. The horse-thing with human arms as legs is very Homunculus Cult like.

>> No.40066209

>official artwork

Let me laugh even harder.

You could have posted 3e IG codex art of female guardsmen or any of the female IG models GW did back in the day, but nope.

>> No.40066212

Eldar can't do a "true" low count low army like knights can.
They have to take at lest one of their Core formations to unlock LoW spam.

>> No.40066221

Do like I do. Statuesque minis heroic sized female heads. You can thank me later. Or if you want basic cadian lookalikes, go Victoria minis arcadian guard females.

>> No.40066255

So, 4 factions out of 15 (well 18). When 5 of those are all male... It's not like it's a small amount.

My point is, with a force where 50% of the people are female, I don't get why we can't have 1 torso or face.

That's all. It's pushing people to buy things like pic related.

Dunno why throwing it on a sprue is too much trouble. It obviously is.

>> No.40066272

But it is official artwork, FFG has the license to do it.

I linked it because it had a well designed 'boob plate'. I could have linked loads of other cases of female models or mentions, but I specifically did it for a reason.

Whatever, you win because I used FFG officially licensed game artwork. Better call GW that they're publishing artwork of their product!!!

I know of Vic Minis, see below you.

>> No.40066311

no prob, hope you like the content I actually made, going to try and eventually put it into a more comprehensive PDF format, with more detailed fluff plus rules, art and conversion ideas for all individual units, including some house rules to use in non official matches, the end goal is to have something so one would not need to thumb through and between the Grey Knights, Space Wolves, Inquisition And Assassinorum Codices constantly to play this army

>> No.40066323

Also I saw this picture on the web, I believe it's the new Warlord Titan.

It's pretty big.

>> No.40066337

>no hole to fuck, but you wanna fuck them.
that is the truest definition of hell in it's most distilled form

>> No.40066342

I imagine getting stepped on by it would be extremely painful

>> No.40066355

>with a force where 50% of the people are female
>implying Cadian bitches aren't as stuck in the kitchen as bitches on other planets, except their kitchen is called the PDF

>> No.40066356


You're a big Knight.

>> No.40066372

Lemartes is the most clear example of GW simply not giving a fuck.
Arjac and Lukas both don't take up a Force Org slot if you take Wolf Guard or Blood Claws but Lemartes does?! Seriously what the fuck?!

I'm waiting on GW to FAQ it eventually but it's been 6 months.

>> No.40066386

for you

>> No.40066405

FFG has a license to make and sell 40k related games on a license from GW. GW can revoke their license, but they can't just come in and go "this our shit now." All FFG stuff is still FFG's stuff, GW's just giving them the ok to sell it and use their IP. When is the last time you saw FFG art in a GW book?

>> No.40066426

If I remove it's legs, would it die?

Indeed it is. See picture.

Women brag about multitasking man, they can unwrap MRE's and shoot at the same time!


Also, if you want an answer, email them. They have a rule problem email specifically for broken or stupid rules. Which they look over and then fix if need be.

Here it is brosicle:

[email protected]

Seeing as GW art is basically done by people they find by browsing Deviantart, it's not really a stretch by saying it is GW's. I mean, if GW goes "no more license for you", the artwork has to go, right? So, it is technically GW's due to GW owning the licensing/image rights for all depictions of 40k on products for sale... I think.

I dunno, whatever.

>> No.40066496

God this makes me so fucking mad. FFFFFUUUUCCCKKKKK.

I'm going to email them.

>> No.40066546

It's because GK shouldn't have been a faction in the first place and their only 'real' codex is 50% stolen from another codex.

>> No.40066572

holy shit, is that a volkite weapon in 40k?!

>> No.40066576

Well, I think they CAN be a faction, but they need more unique stuff, a lot more.

There is loads of room to play with them...

Give them access to all Imperial Vehicles and you'll sell a lot more stuff.

I've always wanted Sisters of Battle to be able to field Malcador Infernus, which is a giant flamethrower tank (or biochem tank if you upgrade) which is very SoB, but it's IG only.

So, give GK's access to loads more stuff.

>> No.40066585

>slanesh units
Great, i just started slaanesh and was thinking of getting preying mantis from them.
>The horse-thing with human arms as legs is very Homunculus Cult like.
That is something i want more of and that GW should do, both for Dark Eldar, but also Daemons.

>> No.40066588

30k fags gonna get mad.

>> No.40066608

I had though FW had sworn off volkite weapons in 40k?

>> No.40066610

It's not just 'throwing in a sprue' - it's completly redoing a sprue. They won't do that unitl they can't use their current one anymore.

>> No.40066616


>> No.40066621

>women brag about multitasking
And my grandfather brags about being a successful womanizer in his heyday. Both are spouting a torrent of pure bullshit.

>> No.40066636

Have you tried scrivener?
You can make something akin to GW's epub/mobi codezies.

>> No.40066668

Multitasking is a fancy word that means "half assing multiple things at once" like Rustic means "rusty, splintery, paint peeling, nicotine stained and asbestos filled"

>> No.40066682

That reminds me of that naked tau mini that actually does have a vulva. And not in the face you pervert

>> No.40066692

Oh my god, I would say you can't be this retarded, but you are.
: of, relating to, or suitable for the country or people who live in the country

: made of rough wood

Seriously, just hang yourself.

>> No.40066696

>Well, I think they CAN be a faction, but they need more unique stuff, a lot more.
This goes for basically anything ever.

>> No.40066701

>Seeing as GW art is basically done by people they find by browsing Deviantart, it's not really a stretch by saying it is GW's.

I miss Wayne England art.

>> No.40066712

Found it

>> No.40066729

He isn't talking about the dictionary definition, mr. autist, he is talking about what you actually get in the real world.

>> No.40066752

I'll sling you the standard aswer of the "Literraly" fags.

Language evolves, meanings change for better or (usually) worse, mistakes becoming real are a diamond dozen nowadays.

You are literally the biggest language sperg I've encountered lately.

>> No.40066767

>made of rough wood
A) I see no incompatibility with this definition as far as "splintery" goes.
B) That's never what people mean when they say it.

>> No.40066776

I meant it as a joke, anon.

Yeah. They have lots of cool Slaaneshi things. Like these things. Avatar of Shaah is awesome. Problem is, pledgers didn't manage to unlock Beast of Faith which was a giant monster for the Not!SoB.

Hah! Awesome, I can't see it on that picture (the vulva) but it's awesome. Plus the minis on that site in general, book marked it for possible future stuff. Thanks.

Nice, I see what you did there.

>> No.40066787

Just so I can make sure I've gotten a full grasp of the vehicle rules, a Vindicator can move 6 inches and still fire its Demolisher Cannon at full ballistic skill correct?

>> No.40066800




I think GK's are cool, I've always liked them, I just don't like the "super sekret ultra rare uber duber 1337 CIAMI6KGBNSA CHAPTER NUMBER 666!!!" chapter.

So many plot holes. Okay, they can have any weapon or vehicle they want to defeat the daemons. Do they ask the Mechanicus for their uber weapons? LOL NO!

>> No.40066831

Exactly? When an update comes, THEN throw it in.

And why wouldn't you want the kits to get updated? Catachans were pretty shit when they came out and both kits come a ton of duplicate pieces and shit. Cadians come with 2 sets of sergeant bits, vox bits, grenade launchers and flamers per 10 dudes. Imagine if they gave you one special weapon per type, bolters and bolt pistols for sergeant, etc.?

>> No.40066841

Look up Rustic on ebay, Fb or Craigsliar.

>> No.40066843

>Plus the minis on that site in general, book marked it for possible future stuff. Thanks.
Not the sob stuff though, they are pretty horrible and only useful as superiors if anything.

Also, the lust elve flesh golems and harvesters look like something i'd like in sob, to expand their whole penitance thing.
You know what, i'm gonans tart writing a fandex, where the 'themes' that'll reflect in the end are holy warriors and penitence, similar to how dark eldar could be split up into cabals and coven.

>> No.40066866

It's weird seeing space marines like this.
They look like their homeplanet is called jersey and their recruiting ritual is called the shore.

>> No.40066920

Hah. Cool.

I like the War Pulpit cause it's got naked chicks chained to the front of it.

Needs to be more lewd in models, proper lewd, but lewd which is well placed.

Knights of the Chalice could be good Space Marine Terminators, if you give them a terminator helm instead.

Or you could run them as Crusaders for Warbands.

There are loads of possible stand-ins for SoB.

>dat cheeky smile from the guy on the left

It is a bit weird, I guess it was their attempt at "realistic" depictions of BA's.

They do this stuff (pic related) more now, which I think is OK most of the time, but some people hate it.

Also, I complained about GW removing unit artwork from unit entries and replacing it with models. Then, suddenly, they release codexes which give you more details about specific units, before the unit stat entries, which include artwork....

I don't get it, did GW do it to bulk out the books? I can't see them spending money on it... but they have.

I'm happy again.

Also, WHFB 9th edition -should- be June. So, dunno what's after Cult Mechanicus this week.

>> No.40066929

>war pulprit
>a penitent engine, just in tasteless

>> No.40066933

>an Inquisitorial ordo based around the Hunters from Bloodborne

I have no idea how it would work but I want this.

>> No.40066950

>Needs to be more lewd in models, proper lewd, but lewd which is well placed.
See, that's the thing. Nudity can have meaning beyond lulz tits and should be used as such.

>> No.40066960

>Knights of the Chalice could be good Space Marine Terminators, if you give them a terminator helm instead.
I don't like their looks at all. Terminators are big and beefy, which visually clashes with more feminine looks; the artwork looks godawful because of that

>> No.40066972

Look at WHFB witchhunters for possible models.
Also, Malifaux might have some.

You just need to come up with a fake latin name for the ordo.

>> No.40066986

>Worm riders
Just what i needed!
Just bought the old slaanesh champion riding on a six titted steed of slaanesh snake, those'll fit right in

>> No.40066995


Well I already have an idea for the model, get that Inquisitor remake of Gideon Lorr, replace the weapons, replace the hat and greenstuff a collar over his mouth. But what hat, I can only think of one model in the 28mm range with an easily removable tricorn..

>> No.40067002

Just in tasteless? Just as tasteless?

Sorry, I don't understand.

Is it tasteless? Not your thing? You saying it's a Penitent Engine in everything but name? (which is the whole point)

I think it's pretty cool. It's a very sexual machine in 40k anyway. In DoW, when you move one, the girl makes moaning noises and gasps. Yeah, it's pain, but it SOUNDS sexy.

Exactly. The nudity in these models makes sense, it's not done just for the hell of it.

Hmm. Well, I like them as they are, was just a conversion thought. If I got them, I'd run them as Crusaders in a Henchmen Warband with Jacobs.

They're not all great or all my thing, it's just nice seeing a company doing Not!40k stuff and tweaking it a bit. Instead of 100% doing Not!Xunit models, they've gone and made their own game and made models for it.

Plus I respect them for the nudity, which GW has backed down from since the early 2000's.

Ordo Monstrum?

Nice. I'm glad when people enjoy them. I'm just chuffed I managed to get them so cheap. Lots of people don't know about them, so, I got into the mood today of showing them off.

>> No.40067035

I know you already said you had a model, but Raging Heroes (yeah I'm basically plugging them at this point, sorry) will be doing this at some point.

Reminded me of the Dawn of War Retribution girl.

>> No.40067061

People are inherently more critical of female models. They will see and raise a shitstorm about flaws that they would either overlook or forgive in a male model. If you don't offer a huge bribe or put a gun to someone's head, then GW is not going to take the risk of making female models when they don't have to.

>> No.40067066

>Is it tasteless?
No, it's just that i disagree with
>Exactly. The nudity in these models makes sense, it's not done just for the hell of it.
What point other than fetish fuel is there to the two hanging on the side? The GW model contrasts the strength of the machine with the fragility of the human host; as well has this 'dirty,old but strong machine' vs 'clean, unprotected mere human' going on.
Also, crucifixion.
What's the point of the two hitchhikers except for lol human boobs on the machine breasts side?

>> No.40067077

Does nudity need a justification though?
Can't it just be a thing that is, just how some people wear a hat and some don't?

>> No.40067096

>Instead of 100% doing Not!Xunit models, they've gone and made their own game and made models for it.
Funny thing is that i made up rules for making my own Daemonettes vs Sob game on a warp board which changes each turn; but then i realized that i don't have any experience with that and even if my kickstarter would succeed i'd probably fuck it up.

>> No.40067101


>the Ordo Belluas are a secretive, sinister branch of the Holy Ordos dedicated to hunting the elusive foes that threatened humanity. >The Ordo Belluas, whose members are also known as Hunters, was founded by the Inquisitor Gerhmann, who had over his career grown to discard the investigative duties of the Ordos in favor of what he called 'the hunt'
>Those figures who escaped the Ordos wrath were the prey of Gerhmann and his growing number of acolytes. No matter where they fled the Ordo Belluas would follow to bring swift death.
>But the growing audacity of the Ordo Belluas has caused them to fall afoul of many members of the other Ordos, who view the Belluas 'hunting' to be infringing on their jurisdiction
>for their part, the Belluas care little for their fellow Inquisitor's complaints. The foes of the Imperium are beasts, as Gerhmann would often say, and beasts are not left breathing when they threaten their masters.

There, that wasnt so hard was it?

>> No.40067102


>> No.40067112


>> No.40067121


>> No.40067180

Indeed, only ugly and fat people have a right to be naturalists.

>> No.40067216

>giving a shit what people think

They didn't give a fuck releasing all those female IG models they did, Sisters, death cultists, inquisitors, Eldar, DE, Shadowsun, female adventurers, etc And don't get me started with WHFB range.

>> No.40067272

Please get started with the WHFB range.

>> No.40067294


The base model isnt a problem, the problem he's going to face is how to model a saw cleaver.

>> No.40067313

That should actually be a pretty easy greenstuff job.

>> No.40067326


I dunno..getting the curves and everything right seems like a bitch.

>> No.40067348

Isn't it to show these two women (or men) have been punished for their 'sins' and this is what you can expect if you do the same?

It's a moral tactic.

I've not played Bloodborne and while I could have written stuff for him, I didn't think I'd be the right person too. Nothing to do with "hard" or "easy". But well done for doing it, surprised somebody actually did.

Ouch. Well, I'm sure people out there will support you! Maybe you should ask around.

I just think it'd make cool unit variantions, just like they made Dark Elves Spearmen have female options. They also added two female only units to Dark Elves, one to High Elves and 1 to Wood Elves. They made Kalabites and such have female torsos and so do the Guardians... I just don't see why they got it and that's OK, but the IG can't.

Eventually, IG will be updated, eventually IG models will be updated. Why can't we get some options then? You know, when they redesign stuff.

>> No.40067355

I guess Studio went "Well, tough, we're nicking it."

>> No.40067368

>Isn't it to show these two women (or men) have been punished for their 'sins' and this is what you can expect if you do the same?

It's a moral tactic.


>> No.40067379 [SPOILER] 


>> No.40067422 [SPOILER] 


>> No.40067453


>> No.40067462

>> No.40067966

No, satan, this hobby panders exclusively to turbomanchildren, like myself, and gives enough skub room argue about the most inane, stupid, bland, pedestrian, idiotic subjects imaginable: fluff and crunch.

>> No.40067996

A flower vase.

>> No.40068070 [SPOILER] 

Such a beautiful creature!

>> No.40068151 [SPOILER] 

I prefer this.

>> No.40068225

Can the Crimson Slaughter take Khorne Daemonkin as allies?

>> No.40068332


>I have hope the Orkanauts might become Super-Heavies and be actually worth taking

I'd rather those just become cheaper Walkers myself.

I don't believe they would make very good Super-Heavies.

Not to mention that would ruin several formations that include them.

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