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Come forward /tg/, and propose how your favourite villain from any other form of media, or even a campaign you have played, could be better than DOOM.

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We can't.

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Goal: Setting Right What Once Went Wrong by going back in time to save his family, and coincidentally reverse every atrocity he's committed along the way.

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My Name is Doom ?

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Where were you when Playdom was killed?

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Pathetic, are you richards by any chance?

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Look at me, now back to the home page, and back to me. This thread is now about your lord and saviour DOOM!

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Playdom is kill? MAA is still going and is as fucked up as any other pay2win Facebook game.

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I played on Playdom.com, never joined the Facebook side. Happy to hear it's still going though.

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No one makes an entrance like DOOM!

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Right now people are mad that they nerfed Quick Actions. Now you get a debuff from doing a Quick Action that prevents you from doing more for a round. Kinda like the debuff Tacticians get when they get a bonus turn.

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My villain was wise, caring, silver tongued, skilled, balsy and ambitious beyond DOOM. Also, he actually looks good out of armour

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To start with, mine did NOTHING wrong.

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Helps that he had the same voice actor.

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DOOM is the wisest of all!
DOOM cares deeply for every single one of his citizens and ensures their health and happiness!
>silver tongued
DOOM has a charisma stat beyond comprehension! He can pursade gods to relinquish power and kings to bow!
What part of DOOM is there to not understand?

>looks good out of armor

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Aren't humans just mutated rat people. There is a lot of blame to go around with this anime including squeeler.

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>Aren't humans just mutated rat people.
Other way around. Squealer did nothing wrong, except losing.

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Never got his ass beat by a girl who's power is controlling squirrels.


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>Aren't humans just mutated rat people.
what? is that from something? because it sounds really stupid.

humans are a type of ape, they even look like they should be a type of ape, what is so hard about accepting this.

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My last campaigns that I actually got to see the BBEG was: an nihilistic robotic serpent hellbent on the elimination of all other free will because he didn't like how one faction was a buncha dickasses, he was armed to the teeth with all kinds of high tech weapons and mind control bullshit..

And an immortal elder demon lord in the illusionary shape of an giant anthropomorphic donut in his kingdom of anthropomorphic baked confectioneries. He had an insane amount of will and cha and always talked in rhyme.

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DOCTOR DOOM, RULER OF LATVERIA is a man of taste that knows TOS and DS9 are the best series of ST.

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Domo arigato, Mister Roboto.

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When you have psychic powers to morph DNA you can do anything.

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No menced words, no great mystery to discover and unlock. He means what he says and does what he will and tells you to find him when you're ready.

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Away with such petty frivolities!

It is know from across all of space and time that I Megatron forever will be the better villain!


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And he brought a gun to a knifefight, which, in anime, is pretty ballsy.

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>nobody posting the more recent doomsanity

Not much can one up living as the immortal god emperor of the multiverse ruling from a seat within the roots of Yggdrasil itself

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