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Previously on Jumpchain:

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Bungin' up a bit of Kid Radd for your jumping pleasure.

>> No.39968114

The LoT second dlc gives you a device to 'tellyport' back to Mektown from 'wherever you may be' and then a freebie. Is the tellyporta just for the LoT jump, or can you go there (and presumably back, though it doesn't say that) from other jumps?

>> No.39968162

Didn't this jump used to have a perk that made AI more friendly?

>> No.39968223

Say, is But There Is No Spoon meant to be discounted for Drop-Ins? Because if not, it's a little saddening to see Drop-Ins apparently don't get a discounted capstone

>> No.39968239

But There Is No Spoon.
>Outside of digital
worlds, virtual entities will utterly adore you and networks will somehow work better or be more
lenient for you. Passwords are easier to guess or discover, and the internet will never go down
for you. Everything digital will strive to make you happy. You're the one. Dude.

I believe he's said in the past that it isn't discounted on purpose. Reality warping isn't cheap, you know.

>> No.39968259

Oh, I see it now. I skimmed over all the gobbledygook in that perk and never noticed the only part of it I was interested in, oh well.

>> No.39968276

>reality warping isn't cheap

...huh, somehow missed the part about turning inanimate objects into data and focused on the AI charisma part. Alright, that makes sense. It does bug me a little drop-ins don't get a discounted capstone of any sort but I'll deal

>> No.39968277

Yep, it's But There Is No Spoon.


The main problem I'm having with pricing that damn thing is that it essentially turns you into god for duration of the jump, and it'll help trivialize any digital world jumps afterwards. I wanted to make y'all work for it.

>> No.39968304


The Drop-Ins are essentially god by Sprite standards, and a lot of their perks were based off Tron's ideas of how users work...which means, yeah, you become a master of that realm. I'd rather that not be something cheap.

>> No.39968325


So, the 8th choice for location is awesome for those wanting a quirky (and very public) starting point, and if the wiki is any indication the perks suit the jump quite well. There's no items to buy yet, but I'd hope for things like unusual smartphones, suitcases full of money and/or guns, strange trucks, cruise missiles, passports, ubiquitious concierge service, that sort of thing?

>> No.39968397

Does the "You aren't supposed to be here" perk do anything re games you play in the "real" world? Or to the "real" world itself?

>> No.39968496

So both the 600 and 800 perks for Drop-Ins have no discount? Not complaining, just confirming.

>> No.39968506

You can't balance your jumps against any others, with sole exception of Pokémon Trainer. Jumps have to be balanced internally, so don't worry if it trivializes other digital jumps. By the time you're 20 Jumps in you already trivialized them.

So, what needs to happen is to give Drop-In a 600cp & 800cp discount. Drop the Drop-In only on the Spoon perks. That way you can be a Boss Sprite that somehow has hacked it's way to being a user or something. Does it make sense? No, but you're gonna pay out the wazoo for it.

The 100, 200, 300, 600, 800 scheme is kinda weird. Don't be afraid to have two abilities per bracket. 800 should be limited to the last spoon perk. You're throwing away most your CP for awesome perk, and that's cool. 800cp perk should be worth it & it is. However forcing someone to pay 600cp no discount then 800cp with no other discounts in those brackets for an origin. That's what bugs me.

>> No.39968515

Drawbacks: Harbinger of the Cool Ragnarok, REAPER.EXE (1800)


Rolled Shoot 'Em Up

Naxi.exe (Free). Best if we don't lose our way
Administrator Access (1600). Well then. Programming reality just got a helluva lot easier
I Could See The Spoon (1000). Not quite sure what this does out of the setting, but it can't hurt to stack anti-reality warping
But There Is No Spoon (200). Our primary goal here is to use Reality Hacker, App Master and Fastest Fingers to literally hack the world until there's no way for either the Seer or Reaper to attack us
You're Not Supposed To Be Here (50). Again, no idea what this does after the jump, though the thought occurs that with Real Eater we might just be able to set vidya convention upon reality. Which, in tandem with Two Can Play At This Game and It's Not A Glitch It's A Feature, is a huge force multiplier
Radical Gear (0). Gotta spend the extra CP on SOMETHING. Oh well, being a retro game setting and all we might as well assume our Protoman form instead of going full Anti-Spiral from the outset

Wow, we haven't used this avatar since...Mega Man Battle Net. As in, back when we WEREN'T a multiversal divine collective consciousness. Lotta memories in this shape-but for our purposes, the important thing is we still remember how to create Data Weaponry and Trap Chips. Not to mention flex our Video Conduit powers.

With Path to Victory, finding the lesser virus' source ought to be a cinch. The Seer himself will take probability manipulation and foresight blocking (Scarlet Destiny and Of Destiny Born spring to mind) to stall his sight so that we can encode corruptive data into every single aspect of this reality. Apparently his processing speed stalls when fused to a sprite, so the goal is to overwrite reality itself to gain administrator access to probability and causality itself, hit him with our newfound datawarping powers and THEN assimilate him.

There is no Neo, only two Agent Smiths.

>> No.39968543

Did you not hear the fact that it basically makes you a god in this one jump? It's an internal balance issue already. It fits as it is.

>> No.39968583

And you clearly didn't read my post. I said that's fine, however put something else for Drop-In.

>> No.39968613

On the other hand, getting just that one perk and its prerequisite costs 1400cp, so you need to take drawbacks - and looking at the drawbacks? At the very least you're going to be Blessed With Suck for the duration of the jump, just so you can - maybe - be god-tier in any future jumps involving virtual worlds.

If that floats boats, sure, but maybe provide alternative 600/800 perks for Drop-Ins who aren't interested in being God-tier?

>> No.39968749

I think I found a way to have a real Code companion who is not unwilling to give geasses.

Step1: buy a Code companion and a random geass in the Code Geass jump for 1200CP total

Step2: use Lip Service to transfer your geass to one of your companions

Step3: have him use the geass until it grows to full power in both eyes

Step4: have HIM kill the Code (all Codes want to die, don't sweat it) which turns HIM into an immortal Code

Step5: enjoy having a Code companion who can hand out geasses like candy

It's even possible your old Code respawns as a normal human per the companion rules but that is not a problem since the Code transfer was completed succesfully.
What IS important is that you now have an immortal companion who can hand out a wide array of unique powers. Would this work?

>> No.39969130

Jump (7) - Magi

Title "The Independence of Rose: DO IT YOURSELF!"
Theme Jumper Tantrums/ Role Reversal

roll//6 - Age 24
roll//6 - Qishan

Magical Aptitude(freebie for Sorcerer)
Master Magician(500) (discount Sorcerer)
Deep Reservoir(800) (discount Sorcerer)
Dungeon Creator(1400)

Rose, FANALIS (DEAL WITH IT!!!) (1500)
Anir, new male companion, Fanalis (1600)

Rose's Berith//Male, Life
My magic// Light PEW PEW PEW!

Your Lordship, Rose Edition(1000)

Yes, Rose, I know you think I'm an idiot. Yes, I know I should stop obsessing about my Pudding magic. Yes, I know I shouldn't have turned the people of Calradia into Puddis. Yes, I know you would be a way better jumper than I am. FINE ROSE FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE! HAVE IT YOUR WAY! See this world? Have fun with it, because we can't leave until I've been a King for 50 years and I AM NOT LIFTING A FINGER. OH NO, THE AMAZING RROOOOOOoooooooooSSE WILL HAVE TO SAVE THE DAY. I suggest you find that Djinn, and get starting because we're both pretty immortal and I have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD.

Oh, and this is Anir, he's your companion. I don't know whether he's immortal so I suggest you hurry and don't you even think about "borrowing my Trident". Now... carry me like a baby. Yes, you heard me: I won't even walk, stupid.

So... am I stuck here forever or do you think my know-it-all bulbasaur Fanalis can make me a King? I am stubborn.

>> No.39969177

Man for a Bulbasuar she must have some serious strength of will to put up with this.

>> No.39969191

I don't know if you get through it but I imagine you'd have to get used to being dangled by your ankles by vine whip.

>> No.39969213

She was a cute stubborn bulbasaur but the PKMD jump made her a bit too intelligent and she realised her "her cool master" was nothing more than "a semi-insane, socially inept godling".

We're having fun though, and I don't think I could manage my jumps without her nudging me in the right directions every now and then. She's a better person than I am and she's not even really human. How depressing.

>> No.39969260

Just be careful man, when you hit DC she might get flocked by green power rings.

>> No.39969271

Or worse, red power rings.

>> No.39969289

From the sounds of it they'd be neck and neck.

>> No.39969313

For some reason this makes me picture Asura having Red rings constantly bombarding him, pissing him off and resulting in him punching the rings, only to result in more rings showing up while being strengthened by his rage.

>> No.39969316

One vacation jump for Rose it is! You heard that, Rose, we're going on a vacation so you don't end up killin- FORGETTING how much I admire and value your friendship!!!!!

Pick a jump, Rose, ANY JUMP because I have no idea what kind of jump a bulbasaur would enjoy. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp meeeee

>> No.39969342

Asura fighting The Butcher is a VERY amusing mental picture.

Ah how about Kirby's Dreamland, or Generic Sugar Bowl? Or you could go Terraformars to get the killing out for her system... hopefully

>> No.39969354

Does anyone here listen to music when forming jumps? If so, what is it?

I have a minor form of tinnitus so I always need some noise going on. To spice things up, I try to choose music that matches the theme of the jump.
Like right now I am making my build for "Betrayal at House on the Hill" while listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Izs-NiotQGg

>> No.39969381

Jumpchain peoples, because you seem to be reasonable to ask with how many settings you touch on. I'm looking for a book series to read, something light and 'candy' but of a decent length. Writing quality doesn't need be spectacular, I'm just looking for something to read on the train and bus. Codex Alera was my last series of the kind.

>> No.39969388

Rolled 2 (1d2)


Kirby's Dreamland sounds cute and I don't know what a Generic Sugar Bowl AND THERE IS NO WAY I AM GOING TO UNLEASH AN ANGRY MAGICAL FANALIS ON THOSE ROACHES... they might even kill her which would only get her angrier.

I was thinking of Harvest Moon myself, because she is a Grass Type after all and with her Life Djinn she could sate all her gardening needs.

So 1d2 roll, Kirby is 1 and Harvest Moon is 2.

>> No.39969393

Grow the biggest cabbage.

>> No.39969394

Man I looked at the thumbnail and saw a dragon, I must be tripping balls

Grow the biggest cabbage

>> No.39969395

Dresden Files
Animorphs (These last two haven't been made into jumps and probably wouldn't work as jumps)

>> No.39969401

>the biggest cabbagemind

>> No.39969423

Bulbasaur must bring cabbage to the front of the mind. That's an oddly specific thing to say word for word.

>> No.39969426


Cabbage? That's offensive but also incredible funny. I'll see if I can subtly get her interested in cabbage farming.

Now I regret not naming her Cabbage... perhaps as a cute nickname!

>> No.39969438


Allll of the red power rings...

>> No.39969445

Sometimes. I tend to let youtube autoplay stuff from the epic/hero/power lists, e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ym8JjY4fy-M so if I happen to be writing a build at the time...

>> No.39969463

The Watch tetralogy by Sergei Lukyanenko. Start with Night Watch, then Day Watch, then Twilight Watch and finish up with Final Watch.

The protagonist is entertaining. The world is interesting and while its a fun read, it isn't at all demanding. The short short version is that its Russian urban fantasy. Give it a look.

>> No.39969475

I don't think I'm ever without sound. Tinnitus here as well, artillery does that to you even through earpro.

Lets plays, music, audiobooks. Whatever takes my fancy at the moment really, not related to what I'm working on.

Does your tinnitus 'look' like rings on a pond? I've always had a weird minds eye image like infinite grey rings whenever I become aware of it.

>> No.39969664

It depends on my current state of consciousness. If I'm fairly awake anything from almost anything but if I'm tired I cannot focus at all if I'm listening to anything with words louder than a whisper. Even then sometimes.

>> No.39969669

>tfw you want to keep posting builds but the thread is so empty that you feel bad about it because you don't want to fill it up with your stupid stories

Post builds, guys. I'm not popular enough to be different.

>> No.39969696

I don't post builds. I just talk about bullshit, no one wants to read my bullshit.

>> No.39969704

Keep going, they're entertaining and maybe will inspire others.

>> No.39969722

Well uh, if you want thread activity you can just ask the usual 'what jumps do you want to see.'

>> No.39969752

I thought these threads were started in the first place specifically to post jumpchain builds as opposed to CYOA builds

>> No.39969778

I understand the whole drop-in capstones really. But can you lower the price of one of the drop-in non-capstones? Or at least increase the drawback cap. As it is drop-ins are 50 cp short of completing their perk line, which really really irks me.

>> No.39969818

Wow this jump has absolutely nothing in it worth the price. What is with the secret perk? Why even take the 2k perk if secret perk is unobtainable?

>> No.39969837

I would but I am already working on one that I kind of "promised" you guys I would make but writing up builds is just too much fun.

Anyway what kind of jumps would you guys like to see?

>> No.39969845

Ones based around items more than skills/perks.
Something sorta granular, building spaceships or vehicles or a simcity or the like.

>> No.39969849

A Bartimaeus Quadrilogy jump would be cool

>> No.39969854

I think he means what settings

>> No.39969865

Is there a difference?

I read the first book and had the drop the rest because the teen Angst overpowered me. It's a good setting though and the Djinn contracting is pretty unique.

>> No.39969868

Anyone pay attention to Babylon 5 Anon's pastebin? Something interesting is happening.

An utterly titanic sonic weapon, the Facemelter is tricky to maintain and to use, but with a truly skilled operator it represents one of the most powerful weapons available. Fueled entirely by a combination of Blue Meth, Bath Salts, Jenkem and Progesterex the weapon is a psycho-sonic cannon, one that amplifies any sounds made by the operator as he or she manipulates the instrument ensconced in the heart of the device.

Capable of projecting the unstoppable waves of screaming discordant energy through the vacuum of space, Facemelter can either release a massive pulse of sound centered on the vessel itself and obliterating anything nearby in a burst of sonic fury or it can focus a throbbing bass note into an explosive sonic crescendo that can utterly annihalate enemy ships, the sounds trapped within their hulls, bouncing and resonating till the vessel is throbbing like a drum, the crew literally liquified.

Unfortunately, when installed, it will make your ship look like a giant cock and balls.

>> No.39969889

>Anyway what kind of jumps would you guys like to see?

I want to see Disgaea. Dammit Muyo, stop having a life and dedicate yourself to the sole purpose of our entertainment!

or, you know, take your time and do a decent job of it without starving. I guess it's your choice.

>> No.39969897

Well...yes? There's a world of difference between the generalisation that is "a setting about vampires", Blade, Van Helsing, Twilight and Vampire: The Masquerade

>Thousand Sons
>Forge of Nightmares

Well. Colour me hyped. I do hope to see Age of Ice Part 3 first though.

>> No.39969913

It's a ork tellyporta
do you really think those things work well with humans?

>> No.39969944

I'm asking if it works post jump, when I'm more durable. Is it like the 'summon a merchant' perk from Anno 2070 except taking you to Mektown? It would be incredibly open to exploitation if it can do that, which is why I suspect it can't, but then I have to wonder why we get it at all especially since we get another prize that will come with us.

>> No.39969953

Why is there a power of cheese perk thats unbuyable and a 2000 cp perk that does nothing?

>> No.39969956


It can only get you to and from Mektown, but you can get there from other jumps.

If you try to abuse it then Gork or Mork kick you out of the universe for being a smart git and it stops working.

>> No.39969972

So it does have restrictions, they're just implied. Thanks. Good to know I can come buy some Ork stuff later on.

>> No.39969987

Male, 23yo
Species - Dragon (950cp)
Magitech Training (750cp)
Elemental Training
Flight Training (650cp)
Narrative Casualty (450cp)
Crystal Rewiring
Shape Customization
Elementalism (Lightning)
Elementalism (Fire) (350cp)
Dexterity (250cp)
Unbreakable Will
Elemental Synergy (-50cp)
Silver Tongue (-150cp)
Bag of Gold (-200cp)
Dragon (Summer) (-600cp)
Malicious Curiosity (-300cp)
Drunk on Power (0cp)

LOSS Bodyshape
-Double Growth
-Un-Natural Size
-True Elemental Affinity
-Bloody Magical
-High Magical Output
-Colossal Grace

The craving! It can only be a magical craving. Not since I was a Blood Elf in WoW did I have this craving. It aches not to feed it, and when you do the rush is unbelievable. However the cravings come back. Malefor is a very interesting fellow, he sends his minions to capture me. Then he came down himself after casually defeating all that he sent.

Summer uses her Relationship Modification power to change his relationship with me. I know it wasn't going to stick for long, but it was enough to give me an opening. With our combined might, we convinced him to leave us alone. In return I gave him some trinkets, junk that I threw together. Made it real shiny and glowly. He bought it hook line and sinker, when I told him it was a powerful weapon. All it really did was glow, so when he faces off against Spyro. That's going to be a nasty surprise for him.

>> No.39970014

While you're here, I'd like to ask one more question, and pass along just how much I like this jump. I've had so much fun going through it, trying to stop myself from biting off more than I can chew (I might have even succeeded). It has been a blast.

My question, right. OK it's two questions, but about the same sort of thing. How fast does the Durandal Warp Engine let you slip in and out of warpspace? Does it take seconds? Tens of seconds? Minutes?

Secondly just how crazy can you get flying with an inertialess drive? Are you like a giant space dragonfly?

>> No.39970023

>Space dragonfly
>Not a space butterfly

>> No.39970032

Space butterflies float, space dragonflies dart around like they're shonen protagonists.

>> No.39970054

Shonen protagonists dart around? I thought they attacked things head on

>> No.39970076

Yeah, the metaphor got away from me there. OK, they dart around like Byakuya's their role model.

>> No.39970080


The Durandal allows you to make the transition to warpspace in roughly ten to fifteen minutes if you do things safe and sensible. You can cut that down, but the margin of error gets much, much bigger.

The more power the drive has, the faster you can move the LoT, so powering down a few lance batteries and suchlike and yeah, space dragonfly.

>> No.39970100

Cool. Thanks.

>> No.39970135

Does anyone know of any perks to make the unbelievably crazy, insane, murderiffic into a sane well adjusted person?

>> No.39970142

mindbreaking but does the end justify the means?

>> No.39970148

He could be asking to bring back people like Azula who went insane after everything.

>> No.39970157

Note to self; upgrade LoT to have a couple of Orgel of Origins helping to power it so it can be a dragonfly *and* fire all of the lasers at the same time, instead of wasting time swapping between 'modes'. However long it takes to swap is probably too long (unless I can dart, stop and start firing, stop firing and dart again really quick).

>> No.39970160

Memory wipe spells from HP if you don't mind the morality of it?

>> No.39970170

That 600CP perk for captains in Kantai Collection depending on who and what

>> No.39970327

I suddenly got the mental image of someone trying to wipe a late-game Jumper's mind, only to find the previous jump beneath it

>>OBLIVIATE. And to enact my master pl-
>You will always remember this day as the day-
>>Err, Obliviate?
>> I Give up. You're too fucked up in the head.

>> No.39970361

>Anyway what kind of jumps would you guys like to see?
I'm a fan of dumb bullshit and Yakuza is full of it. Even better yet is the combat just tends to run off of the rule of cool and cliches. Perks could be pretty fantastic and fun too.

>> No.39970369

12 Obliviates in they hit that jump where the jumper picked amnesia and psychotic.

>>OBLIVIATE!!! *Panting nioses*
>Who the dick are you? eh whatever. FIREBALL!

>> No.39970383

let's just say the person I'm trying to bring back from crazy is significantly more messed up than Azula. and I'm trying to avoid the whole mind break thing because I really don't like that kind of thing. you don't mind break your waifu.

>> No.39970456

Building builds is the best

Jump (8) - Harvest Moon

Title "A Vacation for Rose: the Cabbage farm"

roll//2 - Mineral Town (Best town get)
roll//6 - Age 24 (third time in a row)
City Boy(100)

Friendship(freebie for City boy)
Expert Trader(300) (discount for City boy)
Blessing of the Goddess(450) (discount for City boy)
Master Cook(500)

House Expansion(900)
Blue Feather(1100)
Farm Hands(1200)
-Rose, drop-in, Gaia Speaks To Me(300)
-Anir, drop-in, Gaia Speaks To Me(300)


*cough* *cough* Oh Rose, I chose this jump just for you because you *cough* love nature so much! Long ago, I inherited this Cabbage farm from my long lost Great-Great-uncle Beatricio. *cough* *cough* ALAS ALAS, I have grown sick and frail... I can hardly move my legs and the pain... OH THE PAIN! *cough* *cough* What? Of course I am not exaggerating.*cough*
*cough* *cough* *cough* *bark* *cough* I trust Anir and you can handle the farm while I recover? Now, get started on those cabbages while I go see Nurse Elli.

This was a great idea, guys! Rose gets her vacation, Anir gets a nice and slow first jump and I get Elli to nurse me back to health. I'll also have an excuse to call her Cabbage from now! I'm not even THAT sick!

How about you guys rate my most diabolical plan yet?

>> No.39970474

Maybe Aggregate Impact Psychotherapy from Generic Magical Girl jump?

>> No.39970479

Solarbeam to the face/10 so good job.

>> No.39970489

This. Combined with purification blast. Afterwards use the therapy perk from hunterXhunter to iron out any remaining mental maladies. That should leave them well adjusted.

>> No.39970506

And, as always, Worm can help, this time it's not even a power, it's a perk! You can get one that makes people around you get over their mental issues.

>> No.39970529


Which perk is that

>> No.39970630

You are not alone. It helps them heal, helps get past problems stopping them from healing, and more.

>> No.39970725

New York
Choose: Changer (800cp)
Rolled 6 (Assimilation)
Male, 24yo
Rogue (700cp)
Outside Context Problem
Leave Me Alone
Always a Market (550cp)
Enlightened Self Interest (250cp)
Funds x 2 (200cp)
Little Black Book
Tinker Tech (50cp)
Tinker Data Core (-250cp)
Worm (-300cp)
Full Line Up (-600cp)
-- Summer (Relationship Modification)
-- Kim (Mathematical Calculation)
-- Eve (Iterative Improvement)
-- Charlotte (Miniaturization & Efficiency)
-- Brenda (Programming & Computer Science)
-- Susie (Reverse Engineering)
Uber & Leet's Jumper Special (-500cp)
Wanted (-300cp)
On the Radar (-100cp)
Personal Problems (0cp)

It seems that this is especially true here. Before my JumperSelf took over, my life was in shambles. Drugs, bad relationships, and an attempted suicide was the trigger. However as success became apparent, criminal organizations around the area wanted in. When I took over, I stopped paying the protection racket.

When they came to "remind me" of the "protection" they offer. That's when I earned the wrath of their boss, after I sent them all back in wheelchairs. About this time is when Leet & Uber caught on that I was a Jumper somehow. Also they inadvertently got Cauldron's attention turned to me.

That was ok, b/c I gave them some sound advice in form of Worm series. At first they didn't believe me, but after the first few months that were detailed out & happened exactly as it was in the series. That's when they trusted my advice.

They made sure Jack Slash and Arsenal were dealt with. Endbringers were delayed in their showing, but in meanwhile I used Cauldron to help me find several people I needed.

All but Summer from the build are folks I picked up. Summer used her Relationship Manipulation power to get them to agree to accept my mark and my protection. They gave me their powers out of "love". Me & Summer left them high & dry after that.

>> No.39970788

I'm very sneaky when it comes to these things; back in the PKMD jump I convinced her to never evolve because she would become incredible obese in human form.

That's not true but I like Bulbasaurs more than Venusaurs. We're the best of friends though and she knows I need her so I doubt she would ever abandon me.

I saved her from a Pokemon shelter so I really do think she cares a lot about me! I'd never really hurt her anyway.

>> No.39970795

To clarify, the girls were under impression that the mark was going enable them to leave Earth Bet. Using "Lip Service" from Medoka Box. The mark is from Dishonored (secret ending).

So that's how I got 7 powers. After the Jump was over we left them in Worm-verse.

>> No.39970826

I sure hope that taking their powers didn't involve taking their shards, or your head would probably explode.

>> No.39970868

Isn't that a bit greedy? The Worm shards are already absolutely godtier by themselves, why would you need 7 of them? Remember the 2 golden rules: "Cito ignominia fit superbi gloria." and "Ne quid nimis."

>> No.39970903

I don't know what that means, but I like to imagine it's something along the lines of the evil overlord lists advice on not swallowing an energy field bigger than your head.

>> No.39970937

Azula or Yuno- tier craziness I'm not sure you can "heal". There comes a point when a person is so insane that it becomes a major part of their identity.

Could you imagine a sane Azula? What kind of person would she be? I don't think she would be Azula at all: what made Azula Azula has been destroyed. To make her normal would be the same as killing her because the woman you end up with is certainly not her.

>> No.39971034

>"Cito ignominia fit superbi gloria" = "The glory of a boastful man soon turns to disgrace"
>"Ne quid nimis"= "Moderation in all things."

Simply 2 phrases about the Classical Greek and Latin way of thinking that arrogance and pride lead to disaster. For example that when a god offers you 2 blessings, you accept one and politely decline the second. The thought of being offered one, and through your wits and cleverness gaining 7 would be horrendous to them.

>> No.39971095 [DELETED] 

trigger but let's just say the first thing this person's craziness will literally fix pretty much everything that is going wrong in a certain part of this setting. like the entire setting. and she's not really a person yet.

>> No.39971102

>Old way thinks using wits and cleverness to get the upperhand is bad.
No wonder it's the old way of thinking.

>> No.39971122

true but let's just say fixing this person's craziness will literally fix pretty much everything that is going wrong in a certain part of this setting. like the entire setting. and she's not really a person yet.

>> No.39971134

A question occurs to me, Is your unbalanced waifu a product of many bad experiences or was this something done to her?

>> No.39971135


Oops meant to link


>> No.39971160

Not really, what defines Azula is her ruthlessness. Her insanity is built on her own insecurities and was always under the surface, not a major facet of her personality, until the finale where she went off the rails and broke.

>> No.39971165

>innovation a shit

Is that you Anti-Spiral?

>> No.39971175

What jumps offer a really good sniper for a companion? I may be able to spring for a pod if I can't get one as a companion. I'd prefer an actual character rather than just creating someone to take along if possible.

>> No.39971176

Ummmm. Yes. Both. Continously for thousands of years.

Im going to need more metaphysical ammo to heal her.

>> No.39971179

The Greeks sucking up to gods is not surprising.

>> No.39971192

I worded my post strangely. I did not mean to say that doing so would be a bad thing, the morality of it is up to you to decide. I wanted to explain why I think that you are not healing but rather destroying her.

I don't think that's bad when you save an entire setting with it, but I do think that it is not the lawful good option... maybe lawful evil, I'm not sure.

>> No.39971216

You're extremely wrongheaded, considering your morality makes it wrong to give psychological help and heal a person in an insane asylum back to mental health.

>> No.39971253

The thing is I dont really for 100% know if this is going to work great or go HORRIBLY HORRIBLY WRONG.

>> No.39971266

Will "If it bleeds" prevent things that can revive themselves (like Roa/SHIKI) from doing so?

>> No.39971276

Sabaton, acquire white death

>> No.39971292

I ask, because if your willing to do the Forgotten Realms jump (I like it but I know many have mixed feelings at best), D&D magic has a fix for just about anything that's been caused by an external sauce.

>> No.39971294

You get Simo Hayha.
If you want one that's more gung-ho, you could also pod Carlos Hathcock.

>> No.39971307

Yeah, I went sorcerer and max crafting build

>> No.39971316

Hubris, that was the word I was looking for. Remember Narcissus who rejected a divine nymph and was cursed into becoming a flower?

The Greek believed true Pride was a careful balance between Hubris and severe humility.

I am inclined to be wary of all things Hubris even as a godlike jumper. But that's just me and I am perhaps too timid.

>> No.39971348

Well, just look at your own post to see how messed up the Greek way of thinking is. A dude didn't want to fuck some crazy minor nature goddess, and they decided to curse him with something fatal for it because they're assholes. It aint hubris, he might've not liked the nymph's look or her personality, or he may have been scared of how crazy gods normally are or that she'd picked up an STD from a satyr. People should have some free will over who they sleep with, Greeks.

>> No.39971357

Oh right, that makes sense.

I think the jumpmaker (Marvel Anon) mentioned that if it can revive itself, it'll come back from If It Bleeds. You might be better off with Sometimes Dead is Better from Horror Movie jump.

>> No.39971370

Greek gods were assholes all around.
Except Hepaestus. Maybe.

>> No.39971375

See, this is why I took Percy Jackson late enough to be able to muster enough firepower to wipe out the entire Olympic pantheon. Fuckers are literally worse than the Twilight vampires.

>> No.39971378

But if it bleeds specifically makes them stay dead.

>> No.39971380

Exactly, which is why taking your moral lessons from the Greeks is a bad idea.

Also Hades was cool.

>> No.39971388

Hmmm... I'd prefer a character, rather than a real person, but if I can't find anyone else I'll do that, thanks.

>> No.39971392

Then a couple of Wishes is a good place to start, combine with heavy therapy for best effect. I'm curious, who are you trying to save?

>> No.39971398

Been looking over a few bits and pieces from the feedback.
I did a few changes, mostly just to the Drop-in perks. Hopefully this new version makes things worth getting. Also, I've buffed a few of the other gear and perks, though not all.

The secret perk isn't meant to be gotten, and I deliberately made the Book of Epiphanies out of your price range. It was sort of a joke, but I forgot that jumps are serious and that the ultimate goal of a jump is to get you that much closer to eating universes. 'pologies.

>> No.39971399

They can't revive themselves, but other people can revive them still.

>> No.39971402

The Abyss

>> No.39971406

Hephaestus tried to rape Athena that one time. Also caught Aphrodite and Ares in a net in public because the former was cheating on him; granted Hephaestus had a hard life by greek god standards and Aphrodite is kind of a dick like that.

The only non-dick ones I can think of are Hades (Lawful neutral all the way, doesn't cheat on his waifu and in older versions of the story Persephone went to him willingly) and Hestia (Goddess of the hearth, so never really does jack shit)

>> No.39971407

Garrus from Mass Effect could work.
Possibly Boone from Fallout.
There's probably more.

>> No.39971409

Hephaestus was the nicest one, and Hades was pretty bro-tier, all things considered. He could get a bit grumpy, but would YOU wanna be stuck with the dead for all eternity just because your younger brothers rigged the straws? As the oldest son, HADES should've inherited the heavens - but nooo, everyone just HAD to draw straws.

In some versions of the myth the kidnapping was staged because Persephone knew Demeter would never let her go.

>> No.39971414

>I did a few changes
What are they?

>> No.39971420

I never said it was wrong: I believe that curing the extremely insane, especially when they are capable of functioning by themselves, against their will is not healing.

If insane is simply who or what they are, then you are remaking them in an image you believe is superior or the norm. Who says Azula hasn't got the right to be a crazy bitch? Kill her or "heal" her, but I'm not inclined to believe one is always superior to the other when both involve the murder of an individual.

That's just my opinion and I'm perfectly fine with agreeing to disagree.

>> No.39971424

If you get the Double Deity from FFXIII-3 you can cut them from resurrection all together.

>> No.39971427

>Also caught Aphrodite and Ares in a net in public because the former was cheating on him;
How is this a bad thing? His wife is a cheating whore but instead of murdering her or divorcing her (which he really should've found a way to do), he decided to catch her and Ares in a trap so everyone could laugh at them.

>> No.39971436

really, one attempted rape is incredibly low on the "Dickness of Greek Gods" scale. Especially when compared to, say, Hera.

>> No.39971441

Are the Egyptian gods any better? I always heard they kept all that stuff in the family down on the Nile.

>> No.39971442

Where are they from? My Google-fu is failing me.

>> No.39971449

Oh, don't get me wrong-he was totally justified. Really, apart from >>39971436 it was the closest I could think of to a dick move on his part at all.

>> No.39971451

World of Darkness

>> No.39971455

See >>39971160

Your opinion is still monstrous in your complete rejection of mental care.

>> No.39971461


All Drop-in perks are discounted, and I've changed the names of the Spoon perks. I also clarified "You're not supposed to be here", and dropped some of the restrictions on a few perks. Chimera and Eye of the seer dropped some of their drawbacks.

>> No.39971472

From my memories, the Egyptian gods were more benevolent most of the time. You had some like Sekhmet that went batshit at times, but usually when the Egyptian gods fucked someone over it was each other. Like Horus and Set with their semen eating contest.

>> No.39971476

Meh, imagine one of your companions confessing her love to a mortal who rejects her so cruelly she slinks away into nothing, and permanently dies.

I'm sure at least some jumpers would not stand for it.

>> No.39971486


>> No.39971489

I would hope that my companion was made of tougher stuff than all that.

>> No.39971496

Ohhhhhh boy

>One time Hather went batshit insane, started murdering everyone until Ra had the brilliant idea of disguising beer as blood and tricking her into drinking it all up
>Isis once poisoned Ra to blackmail the secrets of magic from him
>Set murdered Osiris, chopped him up into little pieces. Then when Horus, his son, came to avenge him he tried to rape him; in some versions of the tale he succeeded and Isis threatened to cut off his dick if he didn't man up and kill him properly. Horus then killed Set

Put it this way: They're less That God, but more Magical Realm. Osiris himself seems to be a harem protagonist considering Set's wife apparently cheated on him with Osiris once, and Isis herself behaves a lot like a yandere-Osiris lost his dick because a crab ate it while he was chopped up, so she made a new one out of gold for him. And then somehow, they had Horus.

Because fookin' deities, man

>> No.39971501


Ah, I remember that. That was a bit fucked up, but yeah. The greek gods were kind of imperious, the egyptian gods were..just a bit odd.

>> No.39971508

Basically Horus and Set, at the end of a competition to see who would rule, decided to make man love and then try and trick the other into ingesting semen, so that when Anubis came around with his stick that made semen talk everyone could laugh at the guy who ate some.

>> No.39971511



>> No.39971521

Set really likes cabbage, so one day Horus got the idea to "poison" Set's cabbage garden. This is because Set killed Horus' daddy Osiris, cut him into 13 pieces, and scattered them up and down the Nile so Isis couldn't revive him. Of course, Isis and Osiris were husband and wife as well as brother and sister, but Set and his wife Nepthys were also THEIR brother and sister respectively, making Set Horus' uncle.

Oh, right, did I mention the incest? There was a LOT of incest.

>> No.39971538

This. At least Anubis and Thoth seems to be firm but fair in the Hades kind of way. Thoth even gambled with the Moon to increase the number of days in a year.

>> No.39971543

>his stick that made semen talk
Jesus Christ, what kinda fucked up magical realm did I fall into.

>> No.39971544

Ancient Aztec Gods are the best.

The fucking Sun died every single day fighting against the forces of evil and as long as the people would resurrect him through human/blood sacrifices he would keep on fighting forever. He was a real bro.

>> No.39971561

All drop-in perks are severely nerfed you mean. Seriously, they're like two lines now and utterly horrible compared to what they were.

>> No.39971568

They're both still better than BLOOD FOR THE SUN GOD over there in Mexico.

>need constant human sacrifice to keep doing their jobs
>being Quetzalcoatl is suffering
>failed to create the world and humans properly FOUR TIMES IN A ROW
>Tlaloc. Just Tlaloc. Screw Tlaloc.

>> No.39971575

Have a look around and see if you can find a way to give it a permanently bound physical form, that would probably be a good place to start. (I'm assuming you mean the V:TM one from my wiki dive, lotta different abysses in WoD. Correct me if I'm wrong)

>> No.39971577


>Poisoning the Cabbages with Semen

>> No.39971601

Learn to read the PDF before you start complaining. They're the same damn thing.

>> No.39971603

The mage one was what I was aiming for


>> No.39971625

How... Why?

This sounds like a really bad idea. Tell us how it turns out, okay?

>> No.39971641

The when I see it the entire reason the abyss even exist it's because the mages f***** up. it keeps on trying to keep mages from f****** up again.

>> No.39971646

Oh, it gets worse. See, the gods are mostly benevolent to mortals, but death itself is not. If you even want to make it far enough to be JUDGED after death, you've gotta go straight into the magical realm.

Somebody tell this anon about the Book of the Dead.

>that first one
>and this is how Hathor became the Egyptian goddess of love, intoxication, and music
>sex, drugs, and rock-'n-roll

Every time.

>> No.39971655

In all fairness, while the 600 CP is unchanged the 800 CP one's become a lot less easy to understand.

Would you mind restoring the 800 CP Drop In capstone's description or at least clarifying the present perk's? I'm not really sure what a "Sprite’s idea of what a user is meant to be" is supposed to be capable of and the other description listed some feats

>> No.39971659

They aren't.

>You are a User, and your will be done. You become the Sprite’s idea of whata user is meant to be. Inside virtual worlds, you are able to manipulate the data and code with merely a glance and a gesture. Not only that, but almost all virtual entities have a certain fondness and admiration of you, and even non-sentient systems seem to work magically well for you. There is no spoon. Whoa.

In the new one to

>Now that you have made yourself immune to the effects of data weaponry and damaging...Time to turn the tides. Now, you can choose to strike the data of somebody within a digital world instead of their "health" or "toughness." Nobody within these worlds can no-sell it, and you can damage them pretty badly to the point of causing a corruption with about 3 good hits. Not only that, but altering code is as simple as a touch to you. You can convert digital inanimate objects into other digital inanimate objects with a touch, and alter someone's code by touching their forehead. Outside of digital worlds, virtual entities will utterly adore you and networks will somehow work better or be more lenient for you. Passwords are easier to guess or discover, and the internet will never go down for you. Everything digital will strive to make you happy. You're the one. Dude.

In the old. The power level difference should be extremely obvious, even in the 'AI like you better' side benefit that was the only damn reason I wanted the perk at all, now even that sucks.

>> No.39971665

I doubt it, since I went through quite a lot of mental care.

To give an example, I was as a young adult diagnosed with ADHD-Pi and needed the treatment if I was to ever complete my studies. On the first day - those drugs are heavy stuff - I lost most of my hobbies, interests and habits, and I kind of died. You could literally place the me from the night before next to the me of that morning, and they would behave very, very differently.

I witnessed my grandmother going through the exact same thing when she was treated for her schizophrenia, which I agree was necessary. She became a very different person, not even a happier person, and it was like having lost someone.

It wasn't bad or wrong or evil but it wasn't like curing cancer or having a back surgery: something fundamental changed.

>> No.39971672

Er...you are on 4chan, you know. I don't think anyone fucking cares if you swear here. There's no need to be shy.

...that said if the Abyss was a person, it'd be insane in ways humans don't have words to describe so uh.


...I'm not going to lie: I don't think there is a single perk in Jumpchain that will let you make the entire Abyss sane in 10 years. Because there are things down there which are ENTIRE UNIVERSES and PHYSICAL LAWS bent on pure destruction.

>> No.39971676

Doping is different

>> No.39971679

>censoring yourself
>on the Internet
You must be 18 to post.

>> No.39971692

Sorry the phone did that and its a bitch to correct

>> No.39971706

>auto-censor on mobile

So it begins.


>> No.39971708

Please see>>39971679
Blame the phone my screen is partially broken too so I cant use all the buttons correctly

>> No.39971711

My point on finding a way to incarnate it being the first step still stands, your going to want to pick up some magic immunity first and have all your other anti crazy ready to go though.

I will kinda agree with >>39971625 that this either going to be utterly terrible or completely amazing though. Do tell us how it turns out.

>> No.39971721

The Egyptian gods in Percy Jackson are mostly decent if slightly dysfunctional. They've got their flaws but most of them are fairly decent people (Isis is a bit of a scheming bitch though). Their one main shared flaw is that they're a bit rigid on the hierarchy and such.

>> No.39971741

Well so far I have realm of myths from civ to be able to waifu it, the art from musician to show it human emotions, and Im working on the rest.

>> No.39971747


I was hearing that description was long, so I condensed it. More Words =/= More Power.

The data alteration bit was even buffed. Before you had to touch something, now you can scramble data by looking at it. How is that not an upgrade? I'll put in the feats as examples, though. That did get a bit unclear.

>> No.39971768

That perk isn't long, it didn't need to be neutered like that. And you did nerf it.

Compare the new.

>almost all virtual entities have a certain fondness and admiration of you

to the old

>virtual entities will utterly adore you

The nerf should be obvious.

>> No.39971776

Oh yeah, it also helps that they're somewhat changed to remove the really messed up stuff like the semen eating contest because it's being marketed to kids.

>> No.39971801


>> No.39971808

Is there perk/skill/power that allow jumper to take/steal/copy someone's power with out content of that person???

>> No.39971814


>> No.39971837

>magic immunity

At this point I'd like to point out that the Abyss is arguably not even magic at this point; it's the laws of reality bent and broken by magic into a paradoxical state of existence/non existence. It's uh. It's basically a more patient form of antimatter.

Bear in mind that insofar as we can assign it human psychological problems, one of its issues would be multiple personality disorder. Because the Abyss, the ENTIRE Abyss, is full of more than one things-which-resemble-an-individual-consciousness-but-aren't-really-because-metaphysics

Oh yeah-and there's an Aeon (anthropomorphic personification) of the Abyss. He's called the Other, and he's an old man of indeterminable ethnicity who lives outside a shack near the other Aeons' citadels. He's polite and encourages people to rest in his shed, but never smiles and it's explicitly said his politeness is a trap set by greater abyssal entities.

So uh...hope you don't mind that your new waifu is a wrinkly old guy

>> No.39971844

Honestly you'd be better off trying to waifu Tartarus or Hell.

>> No.39971852

Combine Prototype consumption abilities and Hellsing Dark Binding to absorb pretty much anything you can kill in it's entirety. Still gotta do a bit of working out but its one of the most efficient power sponges I can think of if you don't mind eating people. Also avoid innocent souls, they don't go down well.

>> No.39971861

Er, you mean the greek Tartarus and christian Hell right? Because IIRC the Lower Depths and by extension Inferno are apparently one of the few things that actually scare Abyssal Intruders.

>> No.39971882

I do. I don't know anything about WoD Hell, but the Christian Hell is either just 1) A bitch that likes torture. Easier to make her like/spare you. Or she's 2) A relatively empty plane that simply lacks the presence of God, so she'd be quiet and lonely and pretty easy to waifu.

>> No.39971991

I'm looking more for ability to copy power without killing. I would love to have that ability in worm. Can lips service take powers that wasn't gifted ??

>> No.39972050

To the guy trying to waifu the abyss: Consider getting Judgment from the Ling Arthur jump and using that to start purifying the damn thing. I'm sure that even if you can't purify it outright the holy dragon should know a bunch of rituals to purify it piecemeal at least. Just look out for the inhabitants wanting to murder you for trying.

>> No.39972054

By the way, who or what are the Moderators? In future jumps, does that perk essentially turn you into Moot?

>> No.39972055

Theorectically you could Real Eater Lip Service into taking instead of giving powers but it would still only work on one power at a time.

>> No.39972075


Fuck. Yeah, the Moderators are essentially the only "major" government in the net, at least for sprites. And...yes, but for everything. The Omega Moot.

>> No.39972078

>holy dragon's face when you want to use his powers to waifu the abyss

>> No.39972104

No it has to be gifted, most of the Megaman jumps get you decent power copying. It's not as absolute as Data Drain but they also generally don't require killing the target.

VWES from X is probably the best for your purposes, Classic only does weapons (although you don't actually need to even fight the user), Net battle usurps all powers and requires you to shove them into cyberspace and kill them, and Zero is learning the skills and styles of those you fight.

>> No.39972117

For added hilarity, take the Dragon's bride drawback during the King Arthur jump and rule that the dragon trying to get into your pants is the holy dragon and the whole reason it turns up to aid you at all as per the perk is because it wants to jump your bones.
That way you also have to deal with the dragon being exceedingly Tsundere/jealous about the holy waifuing/purifying the abyss.

>> No.39972125

Don't forget that Zero doesn't let you copy things you couldn't do already, so it's actually several orders weaker than X and Classic.

>> No.39972155

There isn't a King Arthur jump.

>> No.39972157

>No Megaman Legends jump.
Fuck it. I think I'm gonna make that the next jump I make unless someone is already working on it.

>> No.39972159

Actually you have it the other way around. X does weapons only, but Classic does tools and weapons. Battle Network only lets you get them from digital enemies, and it's only five absorbed at a time.

It lets you copy skills, but whether you can actually execute them is another thing altogether.

>> No.39972161

It gives you ideas on how to modify your armaments to duplicate the enemy stuff. So while it's somewhat weaker it's still amazingly useful especially if you've got a couple tech perks to use it for ideas.

>> No.39972164

Yeah there is. It's in the drive.

>> No.39972166

Reploid is already working on it.

>> No.39972171

Could've sworn there was something about it working on organics post jump. Can't find it now though.

>> No.39972173

Wild Card and I have plans for that, though life gets in the way. It's probably best we finish the Megaman series to ensure continuity and standards among them.

>> No.39972178

You can only copy things you can already do and could learn anyway. It sucks pretty bad, to be honest. A total waste of points, you'd be better served taking another cap and getting a different copy ability somewhere else.

>> No.39972194

I don't see it.

>> No.39972202

Fine by me. Possibly include a perk that lets you make your own reaverbots/get access to reaverbot tech? That would be amazing.

>> No.39972213

Completed without images. The fourth one from the left at the very top. It even has it's own folder and everything.

>> No.39972234

Nope, nothing of that sort. I try to be very careful with copy powers in general, so if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

That depends, to be honest. For a jumper that went through hundreds of jumps? Yeah, probably. But a third of builds I saw took the Resistance capstone, so that says something about it.

If you want to get in it when we finally find time, drop Card a message when you can? I'm not too familiar with the setting myself (it's actually one of the less familiar Megaman games to me), so I could use help.

>> No.39972248

Well, the other two Megamans seem to have better copy perks. If I was doing all three I might stack Classic and X copy perks, but the Zero one wouldn't add much.

>> No.39972269

Sure thing. I like to think I know a pretty fair amount about it, having done a lot of research and played through both 1 & 2 twice. If I got the time to lend a hand i'll gladly.

>> No.39972277

That'll do it, I tend to ignore those.

>> No.39972290

Bear in mind that it's hard to do justice to it in Jumpchain because of the sheer abundance of similar powers, but it's what gave Zero the ability to go toe to toe with X.

Awesome. Though if you do have other projects lined up, perhaps it'd be a better idea to start on those first. I don't foresee myself having much time until next month (all my existing projects are on hold now, I feel terrible about it), and Card's probably in the same boat.

>> No.39972304

Disagree. On top of copying shit, you also gain exceptional skills in melee combat. In addition, from the looks of it, the copied abilities from Zero don't take up ammo or require any form of extra power? They diversify you skill set. If you want to copy more powerful shit, then use the other Megaman copy Perks. This one gives you diversity and variety for your preexisting fighting style, which I appreciate.

>> No.39972328

No problem. I was planning on tackling another Nintendo IP before I finish off my Bomberman jump trilogy with Bomberman Hero anyways. That's two whole jumps. Should easily keep me busy til' next month.

>> No.39972335

Yeah thanks, Im specifically not aiming for the old guy, I assume hes like a facet of the abyss? Im sure everyone has a cranky old man in their soul somewhere.

I know it will take a lot of time so the plan is currently to put in am hour a day playing music with the art on a violin with tones of loneliness/longing (Ive been a pirate the last few jumps so I should have that down.) then use my time travel items to jump a day ahead, giving me 24 days for the price of 1 jump day (thats legal right?) That way I will have significantly more time to woo her.

>> No.39972356

>time travel items
Those exist? You mean a time turner? Because I'm not aware of any other time travel items

>> No.39972382

There are four or five boyncing around the drive not counting magic.

>> No.39972456

Er...technically yes. Technically he is more an ambassador than a proper incarnation, but considering how incoherent the Abyss as a whole is he's still one of the dominant personalities.

...honestly if you're serious on this you might want to play for longer than an hour a day and you'll probably need an amp for more than a few Abyssal intruders to hear you at a time. Did I mention that being close enough to play music to the Abyss probably means that reality is so borked soundwaves might not even work the same way as they do normally? It's deliberately unclear what the Abyss is actually like but it's universally described as utterly divorced from reality as we know it.

>> No.39972514

Yep, the intruders are why Im only hoing for an hour a day. Was considering using hidey hoodey to avoid being botherred while I play. Otherwise Im looking for music perks to make my sound carry, They have to be somewhere. Its also stated that the abyss only screws up magic from supernal mages so general magic buffs to aid my music shouldnt hurt.

>> No.39972520

There's two characters from Worm that would make good snipers, even if they aren't actually snipers. There's Flechette/Foil, whose power on top of allowing her projectiles to pierce through any sort of nonmagical defense gives her perfect aim (though you'll have to contend with crossbow bolts and throwing knives), and Harbringer/Number Man, whose power is math.

Then again, you could just buy a companion and give them Mathematical Calculation/Sting.

>> No.39972523

>Unfortunately, when installed, it will make your ship look like a giant cock and balls.
Did no one notice that?

>> No.39972529

I think it's a bit shady to poke around someone's account.

>> No.39972572


Does he assume direct control at any point? I'm sorry, I can't disassociate the word with the ME space squid anymore.

I'm still trying to figure out the logistics for that one, and if it's possible to install them in such a way that the ship doesn't look like a huge phallic symbol

>> No.39972856


>> No.39972858

It's a Slaaneshi weapon, what did you expect?

>> No.39972880

>Does he assume direct control at any point? I'm sorry, I can't disassociate the word with the ME space squid anymore.
Nah, he's called that for a whole "dark herald of death" thing. The name wasn't his idea, he changed it as soon as possible to "The Numbers Man" and became an accountant. A super-accountant who's an integral part of the conspiracy to save/conquer the world, but an accountant all the same. He's kind of a boring man, at heart.

>> No.39972923


He sounds like my favorite character already.

One last thing: Whatever you do, DON'T accept if she offers to leave you her number. Tell her you want to talk face to face, I dunno. The point is: The Nemesis Conundrum, the Abyss' set of physical laws, drives you insane from understanding it, and corrodes reality around the afflicted victim

>> No.39972986

Good advice

>> No.39972995

Would index help with that?

>> No.39973093

The Raildex perk? Er...maybe? Truth be told, I'm not very familiar with Magical Index but I'm told the corruptive influence of grimoires is VERY strong so. Maybe? Even the heavy hitters in Raildex would probably struggle against the Abyss-yes I realise this includes people like Fianna of the Right and Accelerator; maybe the Magic Gods above Othinius, Aiwass and Aleister Crowley are on par with the Exarchs but none of these people have been in action long enough to tell for sure. Otherwise I'd recommend Power of Dominance from Castlevania, Re-Birth from Cardfight Vanguard, Resistance from Shadow of the Collossus, Pure of Heart from Skullgirls, Holy Sacrament from either Tsukihime or Fate and Holier Than Thou from Darkstalkers

Fanboyism gets thrown around a lot in these threads as an accusation, so-I just want to make clear that when I say these would HELP and not IMMUNISE you to the Abyss' influence, I don't mean this as a fanboy. I'm just trying to get across the enormity of what a fucked up, complete breakdown of reality on a metaphysical level it is-the Abyss as a whole is greater than universes, which POPULATE its deepest depths. It's the void between the material world and the supernal realm of ideals. Individual Abyss entities have essentially "you lose" as their stats so-frankly, you can never have enough preparation against it. Because it's not even a place really-it's the antithesis of a platonic ideal, for lack of better explanation.

>> No.39973115

If something says immune, it means immune. Not resist.

>> No.39973119

I would second Power of Dominance. Having control over your soul is very hand. Getting stronger/new abilites from the souls of monsters is even better

>> No.39973173

I know some of the stuff I suggested has immune; I'm not here to tell you whether you can soak it or not. I'm just saying-it'll SUCK. And-the creator for SoTC stated a concentrated attack from multiple deities would break through the protection. The Abyss is collectively stronger than entire pantheons.

THIS. PoD is probably the strongest choice, but even then-facing the Abyss would suck. It would not be a pleasant experience, simply because it's not just corruption of the soul, but of reality as a whole. It and /maybe/ Index might actually let you no-sell individual Golmoths and Acamoths, but anon was referring to seducing THE ENTIRE ABYSS so I felt the need to emphasise what a challenge he's in for.

>> No.39973183

Its a woman to this anon, why would he seek to understand it? That would be impossible.

>> No.39973218

It's time to do the Kill La Kill jump. I REALLY want to become the Three-Star Deva of the LARP-ing club, but I guess the Kamui and Hybrid options are better. Sadness.

How would you go about messing with the plot so your uniform, or the fibers inside your body, don't dissapear when Ryuuko goes shonen goddess?

>> No.39973226

I was under the impression that realm of myth allowed you to treat (Thing!) As a person, whether it be to fight it, lewd it, wife it, or just talk to it.

So while doing his thing in the abyss he might be able to talk directly to an anthropomorphic personification of the abyss in its (albiet fanwanked) form.

God thats gonna be mind shattering without an assload of mental perks.

>> No.39973242

I would also like to note that it does not help you terribly well against Castlevania's chaos entity. I would know since it nearly killed my ass.

>> No.39973272

Realm of Myth does more than that, it's your generic folk hero power. You can interact with inanimate features as if they had intelligence and will, but it also lets you do elevate your skills into the realm of the supernatural. Nothing's impossible for you. It might be incredibly difficult, but you can at least attempt to do it.

>> No.39973273

Wouldn't it work to just not give the ones inside your body to her? and to keep your uniform in your warehouse so that she can't steal it?

>> No.39973279

Visit your warehouse for the few minutes she's absorbing them all?
Just take out discomilf way earlier on so it doesn't come to that?

Would shooting her in the face with that life fibre bullet work? I plan on doing it after Satsuki chops off her head.

>> No.39973311

That's actually a pretty good question. Have we ever even actually seen the life fiber bullet get used?

>> No.39973412

I don't remember it ever being used which seemed weird to me. Why introduce this apparently amazing bullet but then never have it used?
I think they didn't use it just to fuck with expectations.

>> No.39973416

And that is why I am attempting it. Poor thing needs a little love and attention from somebody other than those darn mages, you know they really do ruin everything what with having no sense of right and wrong.

>> No.39973474

Huh. Well worst comes to worst I just watch through Kill La Kill again to refresh my memory. I'm going to assume it does what the jump says it does though if it hasn't been used.

>> No.39973534

It might shield you from the mental effects of the Nemesis Continuum but the real danger of it comes from it entering the surrounding area of anyone who know it, with intensity scaling depending on who all knows it.
The other fun bit is the Abyss is composed of unreality. This leads to all sorts of oddities as you've got creatures with all sorts of really weird powers that are completely impossible, this ranges from lacking a concept of death to fucking up casualty nearby as they impose Un-time on their surroundings. One of the abyssal Legacies as the final step has you use time magic to go kill your past self, thereby making it so that you never existed and become an abyssal entity.

>> No.39973548

>One of the abyssal Legacies as the final step has you use time magic to go kill your past self, thereby making it so that you never existed and become an abyssal entity.
That is awesome

>> No.39973628

Yes, but I like Life Fibers. They might be parasites, but a parasite capable of elevating primitive monkeys to modern age humans is too valuable to destroy. I'd like to keep them dormant instead.

Discomilf will die. That way the Original will remain dormant and I get a big supply of Life Fiber threads to analyze and recreate.

>> No.39973833

A reminder that Megaman Legends 3 will never happen.

>> No.39973875

Capcom will never be forgiven.

>> No.39973966

Reposting a question to OAA as it doesn't appear he's come back.

Suppose we import a Pokémon as a Mosaic Organ / Zoanthrope / Brute Hybrid, and said Pokémon we imported had the capacity to evolve (like, say, importing a Joltik). Would you say we gain the capacity to evolve in that manner or not?

And yes, I'm aware it's likely easier to just import the final evo instead of starting from the bottom. But, STORY POTENTIAL and all that.

>> No.39973987

Read the news? Looks like Konami's games division might be about to fold. That'd effect Metal Gear and Silent Hill. SH jump when?

What other Komani games do we not have jumps of that would be fun to jump? The only thing sticking out in my head is Contra.

>> No.39973994

>Coming back

Keep dreaming.

>> No.39974007

Look m80, he'll come back when and if he's ready. I'd just hold on to your question until you see him in thread again.

>> No.39974055


>> No.39974097

Isn't that the number puzzle?

>> No.39974102


>> No.39974194

Contra: Hard Corps

>> No.39974252

But he's in IRC right now!

>> No.39974272

And is he ever coming back to the threads?

That's the crucial thing.

>> No.39974286

Would he be there if he weren't?

Air Gear SOON

>> No.39974296

I can't image who is masochistic enough to even try to balance that.

>> No.39974340

>not a masochist

He took the top-tier Drawback in Total War.

>> No.39974356


Plenty of people can hang out in the IRC and think the thread can burn. Just because someone's in the IRC doesn't mean they haven't 'left' or anything like that. Trying to go 'oh but it's okay they're just on IRC!' only ignores the bullshit that MADE them go on break. Come on poeple, let's learn from our mistakes for once.

>> No.39974424

If I could post pdfs to IRC properly, I would never put them up in thread.

>> No.39974425

No bullshit is happening right now but you ranting about the thread and doomsaying. If anything should be learned, it's that negativity like yours only leads to drama and further problems. Go back to talking about jumps.

>> No.39974443

Have you made any jumps?

>> No.39974523

7 so far. You can try to hunt them down as you wish, I've purposely made them obscure.

>> No.39974538

Oh, so you won't tell me. I don't really believe you then, I know the guys there and none of them would say this.

>> No.39974559

If you're on, just ask - since I'm there right now anyways. I have a policy not to discuss or advertise my jumps on thread besides an obligatory "alert" post.

>> No.39974600

Right now? No I'm not. I'm waiting for something to be done. Once that happens, if I see this kind of attitude again I'll probably rant at you in both places. It flies in the face of my philosophy and what I think is healthy for both parts of the community, so I feel pretty strongly about it. But that's for later, for now I have work to do.

>> No.39974641

Hey, In the servant supplement for the fate jump it says you dont get free personal and class skills and noble phantasm if you become a servant.
Do you get the E rank class skills without paying additional 50 cp when you purchase a class for free or do you have to buy them if you become a servant?

>> No.39974654

Still hoping for that servant supplement update.

>> No.39974666

To be fair, I get more constructive criticism on IRC than I do in thread. By the time I post to thread generally it's just a minor obligation, and the editing has already been done. Hence - if the thread wasn't there, no love lost.

>> No.39974694

The thread is incredibly important to keep this a thing. It attracts new people and provides a place of anonymous conversation for everyone. I'm not telling you that you have to get WIP feedback here, but posting a finished PDF here and at least acknowledging thread feedback about it is essential. If people here feel betrayed or backstabbed because they've never been told about a jump they'd be completely justified for it.

>> No.39974710

Just once, stop taking the bait.

He's just sowing salt. Don't let him.

>> No.39974734

Okay anon.

Let me ask a question then. Has anyone ever made a weapon that runs on a weird powersource, just for its own sake? I like hearing about people's weird and offbeat creations.

>> No.39974741

Fanwank, then. As canonicaly Servants get class skills even if they did not have them in life or even in their legend I will assume E rank comes free when you purchase a class.

>> No.39974749


>> No.39974754

I plan to give the Dwarf Fortress dorfs mechs powered by alcohol.

Pic related.

>> No.39974769

>Durin Lagann

>> No.39974854

I made blastia that use warpstone in place of regular blastia cores. The results are less than orderly.

>> No.39974862

>using Warpstone
>for anything

Why would you do that?

>> No.39974897

I wanted to see how terrible the results would be. This was not a good plan to do good things, it was a terrible plan to see how bad things could get. On the upside I can now make localized warp storms, on the downside I can now make localized warp storms.

>> No.39975380


>mfw Durin Lagann
but if you give them mechs powered by alcohol they will drink all the fuel!

>> No.39975492

I created techno-organic mini-Raptors powered by happiness. I was still studying emotion/willpower based tech at the time. The little guys where a hit with the kids. Perfect little pets that look like they were straight out of zoids.

>> No.39975509

You guys know what we need?

A Cookie Clicker jump. Thing has it all.


>> No.39975650

>Cookie Clicker

A word of advice, don't take your shipgirls there with you.

>> No.39975705

>don't take your shipgirls there with you.
Do I even want to know what (what I assume to be) some sort of minigame has to do with shipgirls?

>> No.39975729

>Has no idea what Cookie clicker is.

>> No.39975768

Someone in the IRC pointed out this never got updated in the drive.

It's exactly the same as the one in the drive but for the companion import in this one.

Update pls.

>> No.39975775

So. Guys. Jump theorizing.

Mario Party. Would it be well-received?

>> No.39975787

He's referring to the Danbooru crossover pics where the shipgirls get jealous of, of all things, the Admiral's grandmother because he's paying attention to her cookies and not to them.

>> No.39975806 [SPOILER] 

Cookie Clicker is basically a free browser game. Very simple... but shit gets rather terrifying down the line.

>> No.39975813

The sheer amount of Salt would ruin marriages, sever Companionships, and give everyone hypertension.

Mario Party will destroy anyone who doesn't brainwash their Companions or just go without.

>> No.39975815

Have to admit, I have no idea why you're talking specifically shipgirls here.


Ah. Gotta see that at some point.

>some sort of minigame
How to describe... It's a classic idle game, but the best there is. And if you make certain mistakes, it gets creepy. And brilliant.

Speaking of brilliant, who here heard of Frog Fractions? Go play it. NOW.

>> No.39975833

Oh gods... how horrifying.

>> No.39975834

WHAT HAVE YOU DON̝̟ͨ̌E̖̼̮̙͇̥̒͌ͨ̉͡

>> No.39975848

It's like you want my waifu to murder me because I nabbed that star.

>> No.39975852

>Not knowing it was your destiny to usher in the new age

>> No.39975870

I love Frog Fractions.

>> No.39975932

It could be, depending on if it's a well written and balanced jump.

>> No.39975958


>> No.39975970

Aww come on. It can't be THAT bad?

Can it?

>> No.39975975 [SPOILER] 

You just know someone is gonna make waifu grandmas.

>> No.39975998

Oh, but it is. Just ask /v/.


You fools. You've bought the Grandmapocalypse here.

>> No.39976006

Weeeeell, if THAT'S the type we're talking, I do already have Nyarly cuddling me periodically...

>> No.39976029

>Mario Party
>All day, every day. For ten years.
>Ten. Years.
Even if there's nothing in the jump that can harm you, the true danger will be whether you can stop yourself from using suicide to leave sooner.

>> No.39976032

>Druin Lagann
I like you.

In other news, expect the first draft of FTL Jump soon(tm).

>> No.39976071

They were going to use the fiber bullet when Ryuko went berserk, but Aikuro hesitated and she caught on, and didn't give him another clear shot. It was never mentioned again.

Personally, I assume it was either destroyed offscreen during the purge of NB facilities Nonon conducted, or that Absolute Domination caused it to become unusable (animating the component fibers to shred the gun it was loaded into).

>> No.39976087 [SPOILER] 

Why do I like stupid builds like these so much? I should be gathering godlike powers not annoying my companions.

Jump (9) - Kill La Kill

Title "Black Mordroth, and his plan most tricky!"
Theme Bad LARPing as the BBEG

roll5- Academics
OVERWRITE(100) Hobby -
Three-Star Student(650)
-The Raven
-Hobby Committee Chair, president of the LARPing club
-Transformation ability, I get a HUUUUUGE black cape that I can control with my mind, two horns on the side of my head and a long, black dress as my uniform

Gifted(freebie for 3*Student)
Goku Uniform 3*star(freebie for 3*Student)
Radiant Presence(850)
Enhanced Uniform(1050)
-Second Transformation, I become encased in a big, flying LARP rulebook and I slap people with myself
-Rose, LARP club 1* member, Poison Cabbage
-Anir, LARP club 1* member, The Crimson Guy



Muhahahahaha! Yes, Ryuuko, it was I, Black Mordroth of the Heavenly Devas, who killed your father. Did you come to stop me: to end my diabolical plan most genious perchance? YOU ARE TOO LATE! It has already been set in motion but I shall humour you, Ryuuko. Defeat my most powerful Lieutenants of Evil, The Crimson Guy and Poison Cabbage... I said, AND Poison Cabbage... - "Get your ass out here, Rose, and stop breaking character: the honour of Lady Satsuki depends on you." - Yes, Poison Cabbage! Uhm, right, and I shall allow you to challenge me, THE LORD OF HELL! *throws down smokebomb and runs away* MUAHAHAHAHA!

Honnouji Academy has got a new Deva, the LARPing Club President "Black Mordroth". I have no idea why Lady Satsuki got it in her head to make me a Deva but I can't complain. I might change names every now and then when I feel like retiring my character though. This is a picture I drew for you guys that Rose wanted me to burn... I DIDNT!!! OOC:This is what happens when google doesnt have decent images.

R8 or h8, my LARPies.

>> No.39976124

I am hyped. Looking forward to it.

>> No.39976137

>if you make certain mistakes
What kind of mistakes?

>> No.39976151

Yes. This pleases Anon.

>> No.39976168

Don't buy the Bingo Center upgrades. Those shall spur the coming of the Grandmapocalypse.

>> No.39976303

Okay, so here is the Primal Rage Jump WIP 0.2 build.

Change Log:
Added a pic to the front page
Spelling errors corrected
Note added to the bottom on Bonds of Forbidding
Blerb on Necrosan added to Notes
Added a Boom Box item cause I can

Mostly just made things more organized and went through formatting it. No changes to pricing or anything to that effect....except I think I reworded Herd Animals. I dunno, can't remember off the top of my head.

Anything else anyone can spot? Any more clarification needed? If not then I'll go back, clean it up some more and remove the WIP bit.

>> No.39976396

Does the Elf magic in Familiar of Zero work with any type of spirit? I'm probably not going to take it for my chain I'm just wondering if I'd be possible to combine this with the Origin Spirit from LOK. It could be a useful source of near-infinite magic.

>> No.39976664

Why does mystical origin cost points if it Is purely cosmetic?

>> No.39976773

.....It made sense at the time?

You bring up a good point though. I think I'll drop it to like 50 CP cause it IS only cosmetic.

>> No.39976804

Fair enough, Have you considered Including a more expensive version to grant powers as well?

>> No.39976810

Isn't that what the element and magic additions is for?

>> No.39976847

FMA jump has a Red stone for 600cp as a fake philosophers stone but makes it very clear that if follows the manga/Anime2009. Thing is that in the manga the Red stone was just a different name for the philosophers stone but in the Anime2003 they were fake philosophers stones.

What are you buying then? Because if the jumps follows the manga there'd be some strange shit going on with you merging both storylines. Did the jumpmaker ever explain this?

>> No.39976899

You're buying the first anime's Red Stone. It doesn't exist otherwise.

>> No.39976922

They grant you elements, I'm talking about mystical powers derived from being A mystical creature. It doesn't let you shrink your enemies ,launch volleys of spikes from your back or turn them into cows.

>> No.39976938

That's what the magic one is for.

>> No.39976973

A wild DLC appears!

>> No.39976993

Well holy shit.

>> No.39977039

Hell yes. I wish I wasn't caught up writing, otherwise I'd go through this right now. At least it's here waiting for me when I finish.

>> No.39977089


>> No.39977116

Your jumps make me feel stupid. They are amazing and some of the best on the drive but the huge amounts of lore confuddle me.

You did just get me interested in LoT just so I can immerse myself in that DLC.

>> No.39977171

The Red Water does either way or only if you picked that item? Couldn't a genius alchemist discover it himself?

>> No.39977203

Oh man, this is...perfect. I was about to ask you if this is a sign you're feeling better about making Age of Ice part, but-

>that endnote

E-even more DLC?!

Also I was wondering-how to psychic powers work if you hypothetically jumped as a Necron and had the spyder fully upgrade you?

>> No.39977256

>how to psychic powers work if you hypothetically jumped as a Necron and had the spyder fully upgrade you?

There's a metal skeleton walking about with a screaming, burning soul floating around it like a tiny nightmarish satellite.

Sometimes the soul shoots deathbeams.

>> No.39977297

>There's a metal skeleton walking about with a screaming, burning soul floating around it like a tiny nightmarish satellite.
>Sometimes the soul shoots deathbeams.

>> No.39977728

Buffed Evil Genius
Nerfed Heylin
Buffed Strength
New perk, Speed.

>> No.39977906

We do not deserve you, Babylon 5 Anon. You are fucking awesome.

>> No.39977943

Indeed. Our One True God.

>> No.39977951

But without my Charisma Perks I can't talk him into being a Loyalist again!

>All of this Heresy
Jesus christ why!

I don't think I can do this DLC. My Jumper is fragile during the LoT

>> No.39978031

Repeat after me.

What happens in the warp stays in the warp.

>> No.39978066

>deadlight intact

How long has it been? A year? Ten months? Time passes strangely, in the grip of frenzied withdraw from divinity. But I remember: Before the Choir and that...incident at the races, there was one other.

>Gained temporary companion: Magnus the Red

A few token comments about disgusting furfags and some genuinely curious questions about the choices we'd made (Magnus got VERY interested when he learned about Stands, Origins and our magical contract lore) and a partnership of sorts was formed. W-I recall his specific words were "I have already acquired what I needed from your long and bizarre adventures. Consider this alliance ironclad so long as your employment entertains me". And besides, I wasn't going to turn down a quest leading to archaeotech treasures after having survived this long.

>Worlds: Jerazol, Grace, Zayth, Burnscour, Undred-Undred Teeth (2000)
>Nemeses: Magos Vathek, The Burning Princess, Myrchella Sinderfell, Ferran Ghast, Tobias Belasco

The opposition was either numerous, powerful or both. The only advantages I held were that none of them fielded Necron forces, finding a balance between numbers and power. Battles were picked wisely; the Princess was lured to Grace where her energy signature was disrupted long enough for a few well-aimed shots to decorporalise her. On Zayth Magnus' foresight and clout won the day, enraging the natives against the heretic and recruiting her cultist followers with promises of Tzeentchean favor. Alas, Vathek and Ghast's alliance proved almost lethal until we mired them in a war of attrition on Burnscour. Suffice to say I might have died of disembowelment by bolter had I not replaced most of my flesh with necrodermis.

>Rewards: Psychic Supremacy, Molten Warrior, Psychic Vampirism, Hrud Fusil, Gravity Sails, Laboratorium
>Final reward: Elsewhere Coil


>> No.39978145

Why does the speed perk have slower punching speed than running speed?
Any chance of a mime ability perk?

>> No.39978204

And last but not least, there was the burden of carrying and retrofitting all the loot on board the ship. For THAT, I was doubly grateful for the necron footsoldiers who had stuck with us thick and thin (and who I swear were starting to give me funny looks on the last legs of the journey). I'd laughed off Magnus' promise that he would use forbidden lore and Warp knowledge to restore a measure of my severed divinity-only for him to, somehow, set our soul on fire until we lurched around like an unholy Stand trying to rip free of its user. After the initial screaming, I had to agree it was technically an improvement over being trapped in a metal endoskeleton. And so the mundanities of the journey were made just slightly more welcoming. It took a long time for it to sink in: I could FINALLY bend reality, just a tad, like I used to. It felt...right. Perhaps it was then that our powers rekindled (no pun intended) a passion for fire I hadn't felt sense all those centuries ago in Raildex.

Magnus strode off without a second glance when we reached the final salvage site. Looking back, I- no, WE wondered just how much of our past he'd read, and whether he saw an echo of his good intentions turned sour in our survival after Ravenloft. Working with him was certainly less traumatic than working with a Daemon Prince had any right to be. But for whatever the reason, the Elsewhere Coil had a note attached that simply read:

"You can escape from reality. Perhaps even the Immaterium can be escaped, with time. But you can never escape your origins"

We'll have to go back, one day. We're honestly curious whether he ever did find a way out with what he learned from our memories.

>> No.39978457

> Buffed Evil Genius
> Robotics is now significantly more expensive.
> No other discounts are added.
Mm hm.

Xiaolin Showdown
> Location: Xiaolin Temple [Rolled8]
> Origin: Heylin Mage [-100CP]
> Shen-Yi-Bu-Dare [Get a Freebie!]
> Suave [Get a Freebie!]
> Secrecy [-100CP]
> Shen Gong Wu Sense [-100CP]
> Quick Thinking [-150CP]
> Fast Learner [-200CP]
> Elementalism: Wood [-200CP]
> Heylin Magic [-350CP]
> Evil Competition [+200CP]

Doesn't change a lot about what I do in the jump at all, since I wasn't planning to build robots or anything, but it does mean I know less about how Jack's robots work.
It just means I learned most of my robot skills from Eggman, after all.

Besides, I can still totally summon rock golems.

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