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"Where is he? Where did he go?" Julie searches around frantically for the voice that seems to pierce through the darkness.
I find myself searching between shadows as the voice taunts us once more. "I am here, you just have to find me."

I am Itsukuma Masami. Today, I've decided to do something reckless and dangerous. For me, that's almost every day.
This whole "attack Fortune and rescue Mom" thing has gone on way too long. It seems every time it feels like I'm getting somewhere, Asai puts up another roadblock to confuse me. I didn't expect him to roll over and fight me, but I didn't expect this level of resistance.
Right now, I'm inside of a pitch-black room searching for a monster who is hiding amongst the shadows. His method of attack?
I don't really know just yet, he hasn't decided to attack. His strategy right now is to hide among the faint glimmers of light that surround the room. He's here, among them. If I can get past him, then I am that much closer to finding Mom and leaving this place.

"Kaori!" I shout to my sister, "Can you try to find him?"
"I-I'll try." She hesitates. I realize that I need to find another approach to solving this problem just in cas.e

"Julie!" I yell, taking out Belle's sword. "With me! We're gonna try and strike him together!"
With a leap, we jump to every glimmer of light we can spot in the room. Our blades wildly slash at each of them in an attempt to catch anything with our swords. Within several slashes, my sword catches on something or someone.
"Julie, did you get anything? I think I slashed something!"
"I don't think I got anything, and everyone with us is fine!"

Julie scans the area that I was able to hit, and sees no one. Wherever he is, he must have moved.

>He may have ran away! Let's get out of this room before he decides to try again!
>Stay and wait, he could be waiting for us to move!
>Try using a card
>Ask someone in your group to do something
>Wait for Kaori to use her powers to find him.

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Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Card%20Priestess%20Quest
Twitter: http://twitter.com/QM_CardHeart
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/1XJESY5p

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Everyone, I will not be around for roughly an hour or two after this post due to having to drive home in bad weather conditions.
Thread resumes when I return.

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>Stay and wait, he could be waiting for us to move!

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>He may have ran away! Let's get out of this room before he decides to try again!

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>Stay and wait, he could be waiting for us to move!

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>Stay and wait, he could be waiting for us to move!

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>Stay and wait, he could be waiting for us to move!

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>Stay and wait, he could be waiting for us to move!


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"Wait! Hold on!"

I stop Julie before she decides to rush on ahead. Instead, I grab her and keep her back with the group.
"What if this is a trap? What if he's expecting us to move, and then he'll get us!"

"Masami." Julie brushes my hand off. "You're just being paranoid."
"I don't think I am!"

Of course I would be the one to say that.
"Hold on." The principal steps up, his sword is drawn. "I think I see what the trick here, is. Stand back, children."
Julie isn't very happy with him suddenly putting himself in danger, but she doesn't seem to stop him.

"I think I see what is going on here." The principal waves his sword around in the air, pointing it randomly at the darkness.
Within an instant, though it's too dark to see exactly when it happens, a black blur seems to dash across the end of his rapier!
"Ergh." The principal stumbles backwards. Julie jumps in front of him and searches around frantically.

"Wait, hold it." He tells her, "What's your name again?"

"(Hey Masami, don't you have a card named that, too?)" Kaori whispers behind me.
"(She IS that card.)"
"WHAT!?" Kaori audibly chokes.

"Girls, not now." The principal stops our chatter. "Listen, see the small specks of light throughout the room? The monster is seeing which one of us crosses those specks of light. When he sees one of them disappear, he knows there's a person there, and then he attacks! He attacked my arm just a second ago."

"Then.. What do we do?" Julie asks, confused.

"Let me.. think about it." The principal falls silent.

>Try invisibility!
>Try moving so fast that it can't keep up with you!
>Try something else?
>Maybe ask if anyone in your group has any ideas.
>Wait him out.

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>Try moving so fast that it can't keep up with you!

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>Try invisibility!

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>Try invisibility!

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>Stay and wait, he could be waiting for us to move!

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>Try invisibility!

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>Try invisibility!


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Stealth is the way!

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He's trying to use tricks to see us?
I think I have an answer to that!

Quickly, I put on the invisibility card.
Then, I pridefully stride forward!

That's when I feel a hit right across my back, oof.
I drop invisibility just as Julie catches me.
"What was that!?"
"I don't know! It can somehow see you still!"

That's when I remember a little detail, everyone here is trapped in the 'other' world. It might be able to see me from the real world.
Concentrating, I slip into the real world.

- -

Here, everything is broadly lit. I'm not entirely sure why that is, but it's comforting to be able to see the whole room.
Searching around, I don't see the monster anywhere. Maybe he's able to hide in plain sight, as well?

I take a few steps forward and-
Something hits me from behind again!
I spin around to see what just hit me, but I'm met with another hit from behind!
Don't tell me, he can see me in the real-world too?!

And what's worse, I'm completely alone here! I can't fall back to the group!

I drop to one knee as another hit comes from behind once more. I spring back up and frantically search around for the source of the assault.
I'm really feeling worried right now.

"(Masami.)" I hear a faint whisper in my ear.
I turn my head to see who it is, but don't see anyone.
Just then, something rushes straight past me.

"(It's in both worlds at once. It picks and chooses which world it can see you from.)"
That must be Kaori, that means she found how this thing works?

>Try attacking it.
>Try putting up a trap for it to attack
>Return to the group, form a plan
>Use a card

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>Try putting up a trap for it to attack
Traps are good.

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>Return to the group, form a plan

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>Try attacking it.

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>>Try putting up a trap for it to attack
>Try putting up a trap for it to attack
Try putting up a trap for it to attack

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>Try putting up a trap for it to attack!


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Stealth and traps, looks like Masami is fighting dirty today.

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To be fair, this monster is doing the exact same thing.

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Indeed, nothing wrong with some cheating!

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Can that really be considered cheating?

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G-good girls don't cheat!

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I have an idea.
This thing is tracking where I'm moving by breaking its line-of-sight to dots in the other world, right?

Concentrating, I let invisibility combine with Amber.
In front of me, though completely invisible, is a shadowy copy of me with an invisibility card on.

I send it out a meter or so ahead of me as I start to walk.
Sure enough, I can hear a whooshing noise as the monster begins its attack.

What he doesn't realize, is that between my fingers, is Belle. Quickly concentrating, I let Belle overtake me.
Wasting no time, I swing my sword directly where my shadow is standing just as the monster collides with it.

"HA! I showed you-"
I stop myself. The two halves of the monster are still flying.
It's barely slowed down at all! Now there's two of them!

Both sides fly straight toward me as I put up Belle's shield.
"EEK!" I shriek as one of the halves splits off from the other!

That's when..

Did I get hit?
The monster half in front of me is quickly taken out with a stab of Belle's sword. The one behind me seems to be stuck?

I heed the mysterious voice's words as I hit it with everything I got!

In an instant, the shadowy form disappears and a single card is left in its place. I pick it up and examine it.
"Wow! That was great! Thanks!"
No response.

"MASAMI!" I hear Kaori's voice.

Spinning around, it seems that monster was the one that trapped everyone in the other world. Because all of them are standing here looking very confused.
"Kaori! Great call with that monster!" I wave to her.

She stops, blank look on her face.
"What are you talking about?"
"That monster! You know, you told me its weakness!"
"I.. didn't say anything."

I look toward Julie, who looks very pretty in her suit.
She shakes her head. "Nope, not me."



>Use a card!?
>Run in circles!?
>Flail wildly!

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Freeze up! It might do something nasty if you flail about! N-not because you're terrified about something being on your back or anything!

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>Flail wildly!

>> No.39961401

>Run in circles!?
>Use a card!?
Bellevedere, can't get at us through armor!

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>Run in circles!?

>> No.39961465

>Do lots of things!
Writing last post of the night!

Sorry for short thread.

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Waiting warmly!

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"AARGH!" I start doing anything in mind to get this thing off my back!

I put on Belle, thick armor should protect me from it!
Then I start flailing around! Even Kaori and Emillion start to help by hitting it with their tiny fists!

I didn't notice it before, but I can certainly feel it now! It's a heavy weight that feels like it's hanging on for dear life!
I start hopping in circles while chanting, "GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!"

Soon Aiko and Ryouta and pounding on it, then the principal! Everyone is hitting it!
I can even hear it yelling!
"(stop stop stop! Please)!"

Wait, what did it just say?

I stop as I feel the weight suddenly lifted from my shoulders. I can't hear anything, but I can suddenly see something sprawled on the floor in front of me.
Though, it's hard to see it, it's almost as if it's difficult to focus on with my eyes.

"What is that thing!?"
"Are you a monster?"
"Eek! Kill it! Kill it!"

"Wait!" Julie puts her arm up, trying to focus on the blur.
Slowly, it starts to become more and more visible. Until there's a girl in a black dress sitting on the floor. Her arms are over her head, and her skin has more than a few little red spots on it in the shape of fists.

"What is this?!"

I lean in, trying to focus on her. It's still a little difficult even when I'm looking straight at her.
"Hello." I say, I realize my face is almost touching hers, and I'm still having difficulty seeing her.

"(H-hi.)" She says in return. Her face reddens very slightly, maybe from embarrassment?
"What's your name?"

She stops, thinking about that question for a second before answering.
"(I think.. I don't remember.)"

I sit up, reaching my hand into my pocket.
I'm missing a card. Taking out my deck, I notice that the invisibility card is gone.

Oh no. Mom is either gonna throw a fit when she finds out or be extremely happy.

>Thread End

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Thanks for the thread everyone!

Have you seen the pattern yet?

Thanks for everyone who participated. Next thread is on Saturday. Feels like we're making progress!

Let me know what you thought!

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Aww, poor girl.

Thanks for running!

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A-are we making new sisters a lot?

...Are we becoming a mommy? I don't think we're ready to become a parent!

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Soon all the cards and monsters shall be capable of giving and receiving hugs!

Except Asai, no hugs for him.

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Thanks for running.

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Thanks for running!

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thanks for running
i'm not completely sure about the pattern, maybe using cards in their world frees them, or there's something deeper to that

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I said it before, every card Masami has is a new sister waiting to turn human.

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