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It's not going to happen. We had an Ork thread on here a day ago and one Anon or two brought a couple of points. >>39898171
Now what's this all about that the Eldar Gods > Chaos Gods? And that Anon is right. Do people actually think the other Gods won't intervene to keep Slaany alive?

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And does anyone have a source on that Anon's talk about how the Eldar Empire made the Dark Eldar look like the Swedish UN?

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And why do people think the Laughing God is better than Tzeentch? He can only fight Slaanesh, not the second strongest Chaos God.

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Do the Eldar understand their own legends or are they basically pic related?

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As I said in the other thread, the Eldar, if they win, will build monuments of non existence to repersent the dead factions and say "we won".

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The Emperor will still probably be alive because he's the Emperor, and I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to bring back some followers while he goes to fight the Gods. Maybe that would be great for a vidya game. $70, and who would Big E bring back? I'm thinking Cypher, Logan, Dante, and Draigo.

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>other gods
>help slaneesh
do u even fluff?

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Without Slaanesh, the Great Game would only have three players. The Emperor hates their game, Gork and Mork can't play, and the Hive Mind doesn't know how to play.

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Not when the Big E got Ynnead's back
Warp God Bowl
Fukken confirmed

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>Not joining in to make sure Slaneesh double-dies

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In that case, let it happen.
He didn't kill Tzeentch when he and the other gods shattered him.

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I forgot to mention Papa Smurf.

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There isn't one.
The closest thing to a source he gave was that the DE codex described them as pre-Fall Eldar, then he subsequently ignored the guy who pointed out that pleasure cults didn't exist until around M25.

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Wait, who the hell thinks that Eldar Gods are stronger than Chaos Gods?

As far as I remember, Slaanesh single-handedly wiped out almost the whole Eldar Pantheon upon birth, Nurgle took Isha as her personal sex slave, and Khorne piledrived Khaine across the heavens until it shattered in a billion pieces.

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I recently read somewhere that even though the other three gods could stomp Slaanesh, they don't because (s)he would enjoy it. They're also worried that Slaanesh's domain of excess technically embodies all of them (excessive murder, excessive hope, etc) so if any of the big three fall they get added to Slaanesh, so they don't take each other out either.

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The Eldar gods were weakened by their lack of worship by the majority of the Eldar, except maybe Khaine who was at the very least respected by the Eldar (the Dark Eldar to this day respect him). And Slaanesh was on a birth-high, and got into a tug-of-war with Khorne over Khaine, and it either tore Khaine into fragments, or he went "FGSFDS" burst into the Materium, shattered, and settled in the Craftworlds.

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This is fine by the big 3, they all hate slaanesh or find heshe unnerving, plus then Eldar get respawns and Eldar are like 100x tastier than humans and slaanesh has been keeping them all to itself

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Slaanesh was on par with Khorne upon birth, gorged on billions of fresh Eldar souls, so he tore through the Eldar pantheon and Khaine put up a supposedly decent fight against Slaany buying time for Cegorah to escape (some hints suggest nurgle helped with this while he was stealing isha, sweet in a sorta abusive husband way)
Khorne was infuriated with Slaanesh for confronting Khaine as he believed Khaine was rightfully his, so they had a tug of war over him, different fluff says different things but some say they ripped him apart into fragments, others say that khaine refused to allow of them to take him so he jumped into the materium and blew up into avatars

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>Do people actually think the other Gods won't intervene to keep Slaany alive?

Don't the other gods hate Slaany? Pic related says they have a bad feeling he's the rising star of the family and Khorne and Nurgle in particular have a great dislike for him. Only one I could see doing something is Tzeentch, but he might get out used by Cegorach.

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>>39950566 (OP)

>Do people actually think the other Gods won't intervene to keep Slaany alive?

Don't the other gods hate Slaany? Pic related says they have a bad feeling he's the rising star of the family and Khorne in particular has a great dislike for him. Only one I could see doing something is Tzeentch, but he might get out rused by Cegorach.

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>Do people actually think the other Gods won't intervene to keep Slaany alive?

Don't the other gods hate Slaany? Pic related says they have a bad feeling he's the rising star of the family and Khorne in particular has a great dislike for him. Only one I could see doing something is Tzeentch, but he might get out rused by Cegorach.

Also, remember the last time one of the Gods tried to interfere with a newborns feeding frenzy. Slaanesh told Khorne to go fuck himself. If Ynead is strong enough to kill Slaaners then Khorne will get his shit pushed in.

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It's stated as a love-hate thing. All the Gods despise Slaanesh bastardization and theft of their own domains to give himself power, but at the same time desperately seek his attention and pleasure. This is shown most popularly with Khorne constantly shattering and reforging the goblet that he received from Slaanesh.

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But Ynnead is just a legend, one that is supposedly going to be powered by all the dead of the smallest faction, population wise, in the game, and yet somehow defeat Slaanesh, a God who has feasted on the bulk of the center of the Eldar Empire as well as 90% of their pantheon of Gods.

Every time someone brings Ynnead up I just keep imagining some Scythe bearing Eldar Jebus walking up and getting his shit slapped, getting eaten, and then that giving Slaanesh the power to bust through the gates of Khaine and eat Commoragh.

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This thread is still alive?
What about excessive failure and weakness? He is excess after all.
Khorne, kill Slaanesh please.
Apparently Ynnead is alive.

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>Apparently Ynnead is alive.
Since when?

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>But Ynnead is just a legend

Ynead has been 100% confirmed for years in everything from the main codices, novels and short stories.

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>he might get out rused by Cegorach.
But then Nurgle stole Isha from Slaany.

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>That picture

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He's got Ynnead's back? You got sauce on that? Coz i lust for Ynnead to falcon punch Slaanesh in the dicks

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>they all hate Slaanesh

Elf-spewed propaganda. The Chaos gods, when they're not actively playing against each other, seek the aid of the other gods in their own demonic incursion if something is messing with them.

Like when Nurgle asked all three gods to help him test out a new plague, and only Khorne would help him at the started. Slaanesh later wanted in, Nurgle figured "the more the merrier", and Khorne saw it as Nurgle saying "You're not good enough to help me alone", so he washed away both his brothers armies with a huge tide of blood. Meanwhile Tzeentch had himself a little giggle, because just as planned, etc.

The other 3 gods see Slaanesh, as well as each other, as frienemies. None of the 4 will sit idly by and let another one die, as it means one less player (or pawn) for the game.

In the previous example, by outright denying Nurgle assistance alongside Slaanesh, events conspired to see Slaanesh be the dividing force, but not because the other 3 gods "apparently hate him" but because it was just as planned.

Nurgle didn't get to test his plague.
Slaanesh didn't get to participate much at all.
Khorne didn't get skulls and praise because he did the chaos god equivalent of flipping the board over.

None of the other 3 will sit idly by and let some not-god from an upstart race mess with their favourite pasttime.

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Maybe Big E and Big Y will Falcon Punch Slaany at the same time. Who knows.

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I want the setting to change a bit, i know it's the whole "sandbox mode before end times" but I would LOVE some sort of fluff progression, like whether Ynnead is actually born or not, it's the twilight zone that is the current fluff which is agony but addicting.... grrr neeed moarrrrrr

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>Elf-spewed propaganda

Except it's from Chaos codices. Khorne fucking despises Slaanesh and would love nothing more than to see him ruined. The other two fear him as a potential threat.

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please cite the exact book it's from. I'd like to know how old this is.

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The entire point is to have your own games decide how it ends. Look at what happened to Fantasy. Is that really what you want? To lose the setting entirely? There is no way to satisfy everybody by ending the setting and it robs you any capacity to tell stories.

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Thraka is trying to summon Gork and Mork, Tau are doing something that Tau do in their spare time, Vect is trying to kill his ex because she's ruining his measures to keep Mortartion and Fulgrim out of the Dark City, and the Ad Mech is trying to find a mother load level STC. That's some progression.
Since day one it's been stated Khorne hates Slaanesh.

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No,no,no,no i'm not lookin for an ending! I'm just looking for at least some movement, like, whether failbaddon's new crusade acutally does anything, Ynnead, the Dark eldar spooky daemon warp gate thing, whether the tyranid rape train really has brakes or it was just probing and is now sending the rape-Bagger-288, that sort of thing

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>despises slaanesh
>love nothing more than to see him ruined
>other two fear him as potential threat

Khorne has worked alongside Slaanesh countless times, in wars that have helped and hindered the both of them. If Khorne really was so impatient for Slaanesh's demise, surely every battle they every fought alongside each other would have resulted in some sort of "we killed the common enemy, now I'll kill you". Buuut it hasn't.

Tzeentch has proved numerous times that he is capable of manipulating his brothers into doing pretty much what he wants. If Slaanesh is going to get into a position to nom on his brothers, I'm sure Tzeentch would have a batman-style contingency plan to halt the process before it can happen.

Nurgle has no current issues with Slaanesh. The Isha story happened at the fall, when Slaanesh was done fighting Khorne for Khaine, Isha cried out for help when Slaanesh came for her, and Nurgle answered, fighting his newest peer. Nurgle won, Isha's his and since then (the fall) he and Slaanesh have also worked alongside one another, with no mentioned attempts at further warring for Isha.

Chaos is solid.

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Khorne is tsundere for Slaanesh. True Fact

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Why does that sound like a band name?
Doesn't the lore state that Khorne is getting close to lose his temper and murdering Slaanesh.

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That's why I asked, pal. The Chaos gods have always been cited as not liking the others methods, because the four are each made of different emotions.

A story about the Chaos gods from 26 years ago, for instance, seems like a very thin straw for people to clutch at with the whole NUH UH RHANA DANDRA WILL HAPPEN EVERYONE HATES SLAANESH SEE THEY SAID SO IN THE FIRST BOOK EVER BEFORE THE ELDAR EXISTED WHEN THEY WERE JUST INTRODUCING THE CHAOS GODS

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>Doesn't the lore state that Khorne is getting close to lose his temper and murdering Slaanesh.

That's Khorne's relationship with everyone. When actually in Slaanesh' presence it's pretty hard t keep your gusto for killing him going, what with his ability to turn into your idealized being. For Khorne I'd imagine she'd turn into some muscle girl with stylized skulls all over and a giant chainsword at his side.

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If it isn't then i'll make it one, have you witnessed the glory that is the bagger 288? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azEvfD4C6ow&ab_channel=Rathergood

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Well Khorne might intervene because Khorne probably feels like if anyone should kill that purple faggot(not Fulgrim) it should be him.
I'm 99.9% sure that is not true. Gods are immune to that cheap trick.
Give me a minute.

>> No.39958840

>Gods are immune to that cheap trick.
If it works for those chalices Slaanesh gifted to all the gods I'm pretty sure it would work for their creator.

>> No.39958910

>Every other god's face when
It hasn't worked before, and Khorne is still stronger than Slaanesh. Tzeentch is actually worried about the fallout of Khorne's dream to kill Slaanesh would have.

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I would also be interested to hear how old the chalice story is also

and if it was in fantasy or 40k

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Which is sort of confusing. I don't see Khorne having an Immaterium wide ban on his soldiers being sloots, Bloodbrides are a thing after all, whatever they are, but psykers are absolutely out of the question. Then he somehow goes on to hate Slaanesh more then Tzeencth? I don't get it.

>> No.39959088

Slaanesh is hated more than Tzeentch because Khorne sees Slaanesh as degenerative scum which has something to do with them being them being so fundamentally opposed to each other.

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Slaanesh isn't fundamentally opposed to anyone. That's the point. He's a mooch on the other God's domains. I think that's why Khorne hates Slaanesh so much more vocally, it's simple to tell why he hates the other two, but Slaanesh just has to much of an irking similarity to the exact same thing he does.

Tzeencth is hated for being a cowardly magioso just as much Slaanesh is hated for being a degenerate and Nurgle is for being a lard ass

>> No.39959177


He hates Slaanesh more than Tzeentch because Slaanesh is an arrogant, prissy, decadent motherfucker who mocks Khorne with his excessiveness.

Daemonettes beating bloodletters to a fight and desecrating the skulls with insults to Khorne before they get there.
Slaanesh cuts with elegance, speed and grace, not usually with the intent of killing, but more inflicting pain and causing sensations, rather than fighting for the sake of fighting.

The main reason I'd say he isn't a fan is because in a way, Slaanesh misrepresents Khornes love of war. Khorne demands bloodshed for the sake of it, but Slaanesh wants to get off on it.

Khorne doesn't want to enter Slaanesh's magical realm, but he won't stop asking. That's why he hates him more than he hates Tzeentch.

Also, the Blood Pact have Gore Mages (psykers powered by blood) and there's that Blood Raven Librarian who became a Daemon Prince of Khorne, if memory serves

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One of us is wrong. Can someone clear this up? I thought that the Chaos Gods were fundamentally opposed to each other depending on the god.

>> No.39959351

No, lots of the God's domains overlap. War can be an arena of great technological progress in order to nuke the other side or it can be a slow slogging and constantly halting stagnant pit of disease. There are both simple and quick executions and long nights of torturing an enemy to learn his secrets. In that way Khorne's domain ends up being overlapped by all his brothers.

That's why in 40k where there is only war, Khorne is the storngest because his domain is directly on top of that, but all the other Gods still get their 2 cents during every battle for being associated with many other goings on.

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Okay, but I still stand by that
>what with his ability to turn into your idealized being. For Khorne I'd imagine she'd turn into some muscle girl with stylized skulls all over and a giant chainsword at his side.
Wrong. The Laughing God fights Slaanesh over the souls of those murder clowns that get their souls eaten by Slaanesh unless their god saves them. Nothing has happened to him.

>> No.39959556

But if Slaanesh killed Cegorach or made him lose then she wouldn't get to see her favorite little Harlequin every time a Solitaire died

>> No.39959568

They're to equally matched so it's a 50/50 deal.

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what the fuck even is this thread anymore?

>> No.39959775

Two people talking about Slaanesh' relations with other warp beings. It's not that out of wack.

>> No.39959795

OP here. I think things are still on topic, but I have a gut feeling a certain skubtastic namefag will probably derail things sooner or later. I think everyone knows who I'm talking about.
Sort of this.

>> No.39959970

There's no cite i know of, but it's logical since both were/will be born with a hate boner for chaos

>> No.39959990

He has a point.

>> No.39960015

Hopefully they touch tips and unleash a holy firestorm of shiny white goodness upon chaos

>> No.39960062

Slaaneshni please leave. If anything, it'd be like Batman and Robin.

>> No.39960309

I'm a spess elf ;_;

>> No.39960400

Which group? Amish and snooty, stoic and snooty, scary and snooty, or in skin tight latex working at the circus?

>> No.39960556

spooky circus latex wombo-combo... I like em all really but mainly <<<<

(I love Ulthwe but that's because i have a major boner for psykers and Eldrad is ballin' out of control)

Silly captcha, burgers are not sandwiches

>> No.39960703

You might pass the test to stay in my trench.

>> No.39960821

Thank you kind anon, may our souls be forever guarded within the craftworld/comorragh/webway

>> No.39960859

>That color

>> No.39960967

It's made me want to do another craftworld of ghost like warriors in this theme...

>then have wraith guard in that ghostly colour
>Ghosts of Ghostwarriors
>Double down spooky

>> No.39961033

Go for it Anon.

>> No.39961538

What are you going to call them?

>> No.39961936

Hmmm I'm not sure yet... Craftorld Spoo Kai?

I dunno, maybe a more serious Craftworld Ren Ais? (like rebirth I dunno i'm not very imaginative)

>> No.39961950

>Craftworld Ren Ais

>> No.39962317


Elrdrad is my favourite because slaanesh ate the little know-it-all[/spoiler

>> No.39962574


It's made up bruh

>> No.39962663

>It's made up bruh

>> No.39962703

Read the comment chain, it should make more sense that way

>> No.39962764

Gotcha Anon.

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You can argue all you want. It explicitly states Khorne hates the fuck out of Slaanesh. Literally the first thing he did when Slaanesh was born was fight him. No one gives a fuck about your tenuous speculation.

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What the fuck are Deldar meant to do if Slaanesh disappears? They're pretty much free to reign over the galaxy eternally without Slaanesh to keep them in check, or adversely their entire society as its structured collapses without the real need for slaves...

This is so stupid. She-Who-Thirsts is the singular most influential chaos god in terms of acting as a grimdark engine for all the Eldar.

So I can only conclude they'll never kill the bitch. So long as there's space elf perverts grievously pounding off to injury porn, there'll be Slaanesh.

>> No.39964538

Fulgrim may be the thing trying to enter the Dark City.

>> No.39964597

Who said they NEEDED the slaves?

>> No.39964692


Well, their entire existence depends on how many kicks they can get off torturing the cattle of lesser races in every conceivable way. It's what staves off the big herm in the sky, isn't it?

I mean, they sure as hell enjoy it, and would probably do it otherwise- but their whole deal is that they really can't stop either, lest their souls be consumed in the warp.

At least that's what I've gathered from Path of the Renegade.

>> No.39964747


That would be fucking cool tbh. It's about time he showed up again, provided he's not already living out his days on planet whore island.

>> No.39964805

I'll take this opportunity to dump some eldar art.

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There's been a lot of anti eldar discussion going on lately. It saddens me.

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>> No.39964987

I'll stop for now, unless this thread picks up again.

>> No.39965134

In my headcanon it's Morty and Fulgrim. Morty's going to smash the STC Malys stole and spread a disease across the Dark City that will make every living moment for the DEldar more painful than the last, Fulgrim is going to round them and give them to Slaanesh to torture.
>planet whore island.
That's his home you know that right?

>> No.39965160

I know what's going through his mind.

>> No.39965224

Thanks for the art, Anon.

>> No.39965225


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>> No.39965314

You're welcome. I've built up a small collection over the years.

>> No.39965374

That picture makes me think the Avatar is waking up due to that naked Elfdar.
I'm calling that "Slaanesh vs Khaine".

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I don't recognise some of the symbols but generally that isn't very hard to understand. I can read that shit.

>> No.39965616

Think of an Eldar version of it.

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>> No.39965673


I can't unsee those t-rex arms. That poor bastard can't even have a wank.

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>> No.39965730

Not that he needs to.
What is the context of this?

>> No.39965758


Avatar doing his best Holy Diver impression there.

>> No.39965785


>> No.39965818

>What is the context of this?

No idea where it's from. Just saw it in a thread ages ago and thought it was cool.

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>> No.39965871

I want to know what the deal with the Mohawks are.

>> No.39965873


>> No.39965876


>> No.39965901


Inspired by ancient Greek hoplite helmets. Eldar take their inspiration from several ancient cultures and Tolkien elves.

>> No.39965904

Have you ever seen a Greek Hoplite helm, with the topping, cause thats where its from

>> No.39965911


The crests were a common feature on ancient Greek and Roman soldiers.

>> No.39965927


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>> No.39965962

Thanks, Anons. I'm going to bed, so mind keeping the thread alive before you bunch call it quits?

>> No.39965965


I'll dump some Dark Eldar art while I'm at it.

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>> No.39966063

That's a Banshee he's dragging. This isn't going to end well.

>> No.39966080


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>> No.39966191


Jeez! I'm cool with Malys getting shafted by Chaos but I'd at least hope Vect would find a way to quarantine yet another segment of Commoragh to warp-hell.

And it's merely speculated that it's his home! Officially he's just MIA.

But yeah, you're right.

>> No.39966217

He and some others have made plans.

>> No.39966283

Don't worry. Commorragh is in good hands.

>> No.39966292

Eldar have a weird and cool mix of cultural references.

Like someone with no knowledge of 40k saw my Avatar model and was like "that's got cool Mayan imagery". Then the Greek helmets on DA, Harlequins with their Theater Del Arte style, some bits from Japanese style, Shining Spears as the European Jousting Knight.

>> No.39966342

Enjoy the rampaging daemons.
I think I saw in a thread that they had Egyptian(the Necrons will send the cease and desist orders soon), Asian, Greek, and European. How actuate is that?
>Like someone with no knowledge of 40k saw my Avatar model and was like "that's got cool Mayan imagery"
Pardon? So the Avatar is Mayan?

>> No.39966381

The headcrest that the avatar has gives off a Mayan vibe.

>> No.39966425

The helm, face and armor are vaguely mayan in style. Big headpiece, armor is plates with symbols and loincloth, facemarking and paint. All vaguely mayan in appearance.

I don't think it was necessarily modeled after that, but I can see where he's comming from.

>> No.39966428

Also you're crazy if you think Vect doesn't have a thousand different contingency plans for a daemonic attack. He knows Slaanesh is coming for that booty.

>> No.39966476

Yes I am trying to imagine theoretical physics in eldar and I'm forced to wonder if they even understand it themselves. Like how the admech apparently don't know what the fuck they're doing and its their lack of education which is slowly killing the imperium

>> No.39966477


Dark Eldar are pretty kickass. Regular Eldar sucks. Who wants to have an army of straightedge pansies?

>> No.39966508

As fallen as the eldar have become, they are nowhere near as backwards as the Imperium.

>> No.39966526

not sure, but another culture with elaborate head dresss like seen on old Farseers and some special units.

Back banners, some of the armor has a lose plate look kinda like samauri armor, Shuriken weapons.

Helmets as have been pointed out. Which can look a little like Roman centurian helmets.

shining spears as knights, Harlequins as central european Renaissance theater.

Swooping Hawk wings look like those of the Winged Hussars cavalry.

>> No.39966562

Does anyone know why they didn't manage to release updated models or any models at all for their HQs but somehow managed to invest resources in doing plastic succubus, plastic archon and another flyer? WTF? We lost like 6 unique characters and got left with a 20 year old drazhar who doesn't even look like his concept art anymore.

>> No.39966585

meh, I play Il-kaithe, so they get a decent Dark Eldar vib (also used scourge bits for 4 different aspect warriors)

Up soon is modeling and painting some Dark Eldar allies. Fluff is that the succubus was around while the Avatar of Khaine was in action and was all about that shit. Her and her witches have basically become Fantasy witch elves, obsessed with Khaine, and are half way to becoming aspect warriors.

>> No.39966596



>> No.39966610

something something, copyright issues.
GW fucking around with trademark and copyright laws so long came back to bite them, and they retaliated by pulling rules for anything that they might not have total control of copyright over the model of.

>> No.39966629 [SPOILER] 

we art now?

>> No.39966635

The entire Eldar prophecy doesn't work because Chaos Gods CAN'T die. Unlike other Warp Gods, Chaos exists on a conceptual level, and they completely ignore causality. The Eldar can't kill Slaanesh because Slaanesh is impossible to kill- it both simultaneously does not exist and does at the same time- a Schrodinger state.

And to top it all, Chaos is capable of time travel, and fun fact- those Chaos God "birthdays" are full of shit. The creature that started the hedonism cults that "created" Slaanesh in the first place was a Keeper of Secrets in disguise. She Who Thirsts has always existed yet never existed at all.

>> No.39966671

Or at least fluff that's been contradicted plenty of times.

>> No.39966681

>> No.39966693

>Unlike other Warp Gods, Chaos exists on a conceptual level

The Eldar Gods were all conceptual. They were Gods of Dreams, War, Fate, Hunts etc.

>> No.39966694

The Horus Heresy is brand new fluff, and it has people hopping back in time to a ridiculous degree. At this point the Emperor had to know about the Horus Heresy before the launch of the Great Crusade given how many people were running through his labs that had yet to be born.

>> No.39966708


>> No.39966755

>so unequivacally true and will not be contradicted in the future.
It's 40k fluff. Fuck, it's 40k fluff about gods and the distant past.

At this point you right next to HPL "I intentionally contradicted myself so you wouldn't be able to create a consistent canon" in terms of consistence. Only written by multiple people over a long period of time. So HPL + all the other writers since then. Don't try to pull a Durleth and make it all fit together, it doesn't.

>> No.39966759


Speculation is a good thing, but only when backed by cited facts. Calling an argument an opinion just because you have no present rebuttal makes you look like a pleb.

>> No.39966763

I'm pretty sure right around Descent of Angels, Black Library lost track of what they were even doing and the rest of the series is a glorified series of extenfed free writing sessions that missed the part where free writing was supposed to be part of the pre-writing stage

>> No.39966780


>> No.39966796


>> No.39966803


Nigger, the fluff stating Khorne's hatred had been postedin the thread. Not that it was even required seeing as how basic that knowledge is. He was objectively wrong.

>> No.39966827

only the last guy, but do you really need me to cite example of 40k fluff being inconsistent and changing?
Because I will, but that's like asking me to cite that Sharkespeare wrote stuff in iambic pentameter.

>> No.39966829

No fiction is consistent. Not even Star Wars with the old canon was consistent with itself.

>> No.39966838


The age of said fluff was never cited.

>> No.39966840

but Slaanesh is an eldar god ;)

>> No.39966842

The funny thing is nothing you just said stops 3rd parties from making counts-as archons and shit that could be later proxied for malys/vect/baron etc. It's purely up to the imagination of the user at this point with GW already having revealed their hand in how they want to go.

I'd fully be down to pay $30 for an actually good Drazhar model.

>> No.39966864


The age of said fluff was never cited.


No I don't, because I also get that it's inconsistent. What I'm looking for is consistencies. But thanks for the help

>> No.39966884


>Prove idiot wrong
>Shifts goal posts to when it came out

What the fuck are you talking about? Age has no bearing on fluff.

>> No.39966897


Except it does?

>newcrons vs oldcrons

>> No.39966907

it's among the stupider things GW has done. and that is saying something.

Completely failing at understanding copyright, legal team fucking up so bad at writing an argument, no communication between design/production and legal, then basically throwing a tantrum when things didn't go their way.

>> No.39966925

The age of the fluff isn't relevant outside of your own headcanon thanks to GW's stance.
But even on those grounds you're wrong, as seen by the current chaos daemons codex. All Daemons of Khorne hate Slaanesh and all Daemons of Slaanesh hate Khorne.

Nurgle and Tzeentch are mortal enemies
Khorne and Slaanesh is the other pair.

>> No.39966952


Man, Torture-Device is such a sweet 40k artist... It really sucks that as a person he's such a dildo.

>> No.39966966


Holy fuck are you so thick you don't understand what a retcon is? Retcons aren't old fluff. They are fluff that has been explicitly contradicted. Stop posting.

>> No.39966967

very few works of fiction are fully consistent, but there is still gradiants from "pretty consistent singular control and oversight to keep things in line" (see Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere), to "generally consistent on core elements, with details getting changed" (Lord of the Rings), to HPL and the cthulhu mythos.

If on a 0 to 10 scale of consistency the Cosmere is about 9.5, with the cthulhu mythos being around a 2, 40k is probablly 3.5, 4 tops.

>> No.39966973


>mortal enemies
>same faction
>fellow great game participants
>worked alongside each other to take down Tzeentch when he had his crystal staff
>has their daemon servants work alongside each other to overcome unforseen problems

It ain't my headcanon. It's what the text in the books says. They're allowed to hate each other. But saying they hate each other to the point of actively trying to kill each other, I don't know what the fuck books you're reading.

>> No.39966983


No. You won't break me. :)

>> No.39967011

What characters/creatures do we not have models for yet? I'm specifically talking about models that *should* have existed but to date don't have a model.

I'm only really familiar with the DE stuff. It seems like that was their biggest offender in terms of a partially incomplete project.

>> No.39967012 [DELETED] 


>Mfw dis nigger

No point even talking to his twat. You just prove him wrong and he's still trying to argue.

>Hurf durf, just because the Gods fight each other and hate each other doesn't mean they don't fight and hate each other

>> No.39967016

Except, assuming I'm reading the argument right, you're saying Khorne doesn't hate Slaanesh above all others.
He does. Just as Tzeentch and Nurgle hate each other above all others. It's literally written into their rules.

But just because someone hates someone else, doesn't mean they can't work together in the name of self-interest. See: the Allies in World War 2.

>> No.39967027


Their daemons fight each other, because daemons are disposable. I like how your arguments feature a personal insult, it makes me feel like you really care about what I have to say

>> No.39967033

>inb4 he argues the Soviet Union and western powers actually loved each other.

>> No.39967040


>Mfw dis nigger

No point even talking to his twat. You just prove him wrong and he's still trying to argue.

>Hurf durf, just because the Gods fight each other and hate each other doesn't mean they fight and hate each other

>> No.39967048


I like how your arguments involve ignoring facts and not understanding what words mean. No, wait. I hate that. Kill yourself.

>> No.39967058


>mfw you reposted that comment after I replied to it with >>39967027

>> No.39967062

I thought the cold war was a cuckfest between the USSR and the USA who cheated on each other for cheap eastern women for stupid reasons

>> No.39967064

big thing was the mycholid (or whatever) spore droppod from the old Tyrannids book. There was no model, other company makes a model, GW throws a fit, GW loses case, GW pulls rules.

I'd have to go back to old codex for other examples. There aren't that many, but anything with current rules must have a model. If they didn't get to make the first model, don't plan to make a model, or have any sort of copyright dispute, the rules are gone now.

>> No.39967072


Another anon here. Khorne hates Slaanesh but he doesn't hate him to the point of throwing away winning. The chaos gods love winning.

When it's time for the Chaos Gods to work together, they will work together. In fantasy, when the Chaos Gods attacked the Elven Gods, Khorne and Slaanesh fought against the Elven Gods and broke them.

The fluff states that they are united in their goal of consuming reality. This goal transcends their personal hatreds.

>> No.39967081


Thankyou for being sane and polite, anon.

>> No.39967101


You tried to argue Gods don't hate each other. You were proven wrong. You tried to argue they don't fight. You were proven wrong. You tried to argue age has bearing on canon because you don't understand the difference between retcons and old fluff. You were laughed at.

What are you even trying to achieve because you've added nothing worthwhile to this thread?

>> No.39967143


I didn't mention the gods dislike for each other because it's so established in the fluff it's common knowledge. I also mentioned how they are formed from contrasting emotions, hence their dislike for each other.

They do fight each other, but with daemons, because they're disposable. When they put Tzeentch down, they did it, not their servants. But they didn't kill him. Nurgle didn't, even though he HAAAAAAAATES him and had the perfect chance.

Age has a bearing on canon because this is a fictional setting, and things change. The Chaos gods have grown as characters, because they are alive.

I was laughed at by people with different opinions, so I don't care.

I'm trying to educate.

Please continue, this is fun.

>> No.39967194

>I'm trying to educate.

By consistently getting basic fluff wrong and constantly resorting to 'that doesn't count' when presented with fact?

>I was laughed at by people with different opinions, so I don't care.

No you were laughed at by people who know what the word retcon means.

>> No.39967205


>all personal insults now

Out of half-decent arguments? :)

>> No.39967215

>Age has a bearing on canon because this is a fictional setting, and things change.

Only when it is actually a retcon. If nothing in new fluff contradicts previous fluff then it remains canon. Age itself is not a factor if it has never been contradicted.

And regardless, it wasn't even old fluff. It was literally a basic rule included in new codices. So you're wrong on multiple levels.

>> No.39967232


>> No.39967259

wait shit


>> No.39967265


I don't think you understand what I was asking for citations for.

The Hatred: Rival Daemons and Warp Storm zapping rival daemons, if that's what you're referring too, is more evidence that proves me right.

The minions of the gods carry out the personal vendettas of their masters, (ex: Daemonettes that reached a fight before some Bloodletters desecrated the skulls of the slain with insults to Khorne).

The Warp storm is the gods throwing shit at the enemy army and the rival servants of the god in question. It's not like Khorne throws a thunderbolt at Tzeentch. Khorne knocks over his pawns so Tzeentch can't have as much fun at the time.


>> No.39967324

You're trying to point out that they hate and oppose each other, and fuck with each other's plans, and in the case of Khorne is the personification of violence and murder, but they wouldn't actually hurt each other.
Because there are no examples of them as the Gods, trying to directly kill each other.

While at the same time claiming that they aren't simple beings capable of birth and death, but eternal concepts. But asking for examples of them acting as discrete beings with lives and thoughts like mortal beings.

And at the same time claiming that 40k fluff is consistent and not-ambiguous.

Do you see the problem here?

>> No.39967359


Try harder :)

>> No.39967378


>I don't think you understand what I was asking for citations for.

What were you asking for then? The initial claim was that no gods hate or fear Slaanesh (>>39958167). This was quickly proven false with evidence. Then an anon, presumably you, gave pure unsubstantiated speculation about how they all love each other (>>39958609) and tried to argue that age effected canonicity despite that being wrong by definition. Bringing retcons like Squats and Newrcons has nothing to do with age and everything to do with stuff being outright rewritten. Not only was it wrong, it was a moot point because it wasn't old fluff.

So you were just wrong really. Throughout the entire thread. It's not that hard to admit to. Whatever goal post you've shifted the argument to now, no one cares.

>> No.39967441

>told them to send a chick this time

>> No.39967457


>claiming I claimed no gods hate or fear slaanesh
>not citing the "evidence"
>claiming i claimed they all love each other
>not taking the words "current issues" to mean "grudge", their passive hatred of their main rivals still stands
>stuff outright rewritten
>like that everyone fears slaanesh thing, that i still haven't gotten a citation for, making me more skeptical of it being recently written
>you were just wrong really

Next :)

>> No.39967475


>there's that Blood Raven Librarian who became a Daemon Prince of Khorne, if memory serves

This is the kind of shit you have to put up with when you give someone your ip to make a game with.

This is the equivalent of any anon making headcannon and suddenly everyone takes it at face value.

>> No.39967512

>This is the kind of shit you have to put up with when you give someone your ip to make a game with.

Stop being moronic. Psykers can serve Khorne as long as they abandon the use of their psychic powers.

Also Kyras was being possessed by a Greater Daemon of Khorne at the time.

>> No.39967517


Can't deny though, that guy was badass.


>> No.39967535

Everything the new releases are lacking in one pic.

>> No.39967690

I geuss my debate opponent has left. Chaos prevails, Rhana Dandra shall not come to pass, and the big four are bros4lyfe.

>> No.39967845

I'm pretty sure it was from the Tome of Excess, so it's pretty new.

Each tome tries its hardest to trump up the god in question and fluff them out in more detail, so I'd take them with a grain of salt. Only one you can really trust is Tzeentch's because it pretty much states from the beginning "fuck if I know what's going on"

>> No.39967890


Firstly, the Chalice is not from Tome of Excess. It's from WHFB Chaos Daemons army book 7th ED.

Second, the FFG Tomes of Chaos don't trump up their gods. The Tome of Excess makes it clear that Slaanesh is most likely get his ass kicked if Slaanesh and Khorne went into a deathbattle.

>> No.39967906


Aha! Black crusade, Tome of Excess. Thanks anon, I'll give it a read.

Only took 9 hours to get an answer, but still, fun thread.

>> No.39967958


Thank you too fellow anon. I had a feeling the chalice was a fantasy thing. It certainly sounded like it

inb4 anyone puts in their opinion that the fantasy world is set in the 40k universe and it still counts

>> No.39967966

Don't thank me man, I'm just doing what I do.

>> No.39968090

The happening in the Warp is mostly the same in fantasy and 40K.

>> No.39968125

And TWC was what really kicked this all off right?

They have their own official models now but IIRC they came later.

>> No.39968143

I'm not sure it really matters to anyone but the die-hards. I automatically assume anything in fantasy happens in 40k too because the gods themselves translate so easily between one setting and the next.

>> No.39968154


But there is no warp in Fantasy. Didn't anyone tell you?

Fantasy and 40k remaining seperate keeps inconsistencies to a minimum. That single implication in a standard bearer from over a decade ago that was never confirmed by anyone is not enough to convince me that the settings of fantasy and 40k are the same.

When something isn't confirmed, it's speculation. Nighty-night :)

>> No.39968261


Oh and one last thing to appease people saying that the three chaos gods secretly fear becoming consumed by Slaanesh would either:

a) not interact with them in neutral / friendly situations (4chaosgods vs something else, tzeentch / nurgle actively answering a request to fight alongside him) - Chaos gods have done this before, see 5th edition rulebook, daemons section
b) have some some sort of backup plan for if bad times do go down (changling, isha being used as a peace offering, etc)
c) gods are arrogant, so the "Fear" they felt was probably a passing notion, or recurring "what if?" in their heads. And if this is the case, please refer to options a and b.

Rhana Dandra ain't happening.
Cegorach is too weak, the Chaos Gods are too strong, and noone is going to sit idly by and watch Slaanesh get nommed by a fraction of the eldar souls that he consumed on his birth.

Goodnight, Eldar shitlords!

>> No.39968343

>Cegorach is too weak, the Chaos Gods are too strong, and noone is going to sit idly by and watch Slaanesh get nommed by a fraction of the eldar souls that he consumed on his birth.

Yes this is essentially the question I've always had as well. There's more credibility in banking on the emprah succeeding than there is on the eldar winning first.

>> No.39968346

Depends on which version you want to read. The other one is that Khaine and slaanesh bitchslapped each other for weeks, but because Slaanesh was still glutted on the power of the other gods he cast him down. Then tossed him out of the materium out of spite when Khorne wanted a snack.

>> No.39968522

>But there is no warp in Fantasy. Didn't anyone tell you?

There is a warp, you idiot. Warp has many names. Realm of Chaos, Aether, etc.

You forget another thing. There is something in fantasy called WARPSTONE. Made from pure WARP ENERGY.

Also Don't be a moron.

The legends of the Chaos are copypasted between fantasy and 40K sources. The shattering of Tzeentch, Khorne's black swod, etc.

The line of Slaanesh steadily gaining more power and the Chaos Gods fearing his ascendancy is in 40K and fantasy.

>> No.39968628

sorry to burst your bubble but warpstone is just named that, it's not from the warp, it's actually fragments of the old worlds second moon, morrslieb

also, warpgates that daemons can come out of exist on the warhammer world at the poles, because thats where magic lives

>> No.39968721

No, you idiot. You don't know anything about WHFB.

Warpstone is created from Warp energies that solidified. It doesn't just come from Morrslieb. Anywhere where Chaos energy or Dark Magic gathers gather and coalesce, you will find Warpstone.

>also, warpgates that daemons can come out of exist on the warhammer world at the poles, because thats where magic lives

The exploded Warpgates are giant self sustaining warp rifts where the walls between reality and the warp are permanently sundered. Other rifts pop up randomly across the planey whenever there is a build up of magic or emotion.

>> No.39968733

Also forget to mention that magics winds blows across the world from these Warp Rifts.

>> No.39968993

Only cos GW fucked up the codex by making it OP

It'll be years before they get nerf gunned back to sane levels

>> No.39969144


No no, Phil Kelly fucked it up.

He's always the one fucking things up. Eldar, Orks, Wolf-wolves, no army is safe from his foul touch.

>> No.39969156

Phil Kelly. Writes awesome fluff. Writes shite rules.

>> No.39969201


>shit rules
>eldar codex, op story, op rules
>ork codex, average story, below average rules

bring back andy chambers already, we all know kelly doesn't give a shit unless he's writing for his favourites

>> No.39969734

>bring back andy chambers
We can't. Cruddance consumed his biomass. Tomatoes aren't hamburgers, Captcha.

>> No.39969780

What have you people been up to on this thread?

>> No.39970247


that cheeky git

>> No.39970436

An Anon once said that his face looks very punchable. That Anon is right.

>> No.39970503

Look at his beady little eyes. He knows what he's done and loves it

>> No.39970539

Slightly related, the Fall of Macharius has some dreams and references about the pre fall Eldar

>> No.39970646


anyone have any more info on this?

>> No.39970778

Have a shitty run down
>priests everywhere, Eldar are happy but don't really do anything anymore
>some do degenerate things in excess
>new priests start showing up
>the city slowly gets more and more excessive in the night time
>old priests are being murdered
>eldar now fuck, do drugs and kill each other almost 24/7
>suddenly Slaanesh becomes real
This all comes from dreams that IG experience when they sleep inside a sealed webway that leads to a prefall Eldar city

>> No.39970905

Why? Where did the Hive Touch him?
And this before the pleasure cults became a thing or is the start of the pleasure cults?

>> No.39971066

The new priests are probably the cult leaders.

>> No.39971151

And why didn't anyone try to stop the cults before?

>> No.39971180

They did.

All who tried ended up dead. Beaten to death in the streets, forced to overdose, or just disappeared.

>> No.39971240

Were the cults that powerful? Did the Eldar have a police force or something?

>> No.39971322

How so?
The new admech release, with the exception of Kastellans, is remarkably close to the stuff in that picture.

>> No.39971343

The cults spread fast among the populace and especially in the ruling class. They took over the empire,

>> No.39971457

How fast did it take for that to happen?

>> No.39971822

I think the old priests were pissed about the new ones, but I admit I didn't really follow the dream sequence that closely. If you want, I can post it later

>> No.39972092

They work together yes, but none of them like each other, they mildly dislike to strongly hate each other, khorne hates the fuck out slaanesh, tzeentch and nurgle dislike eachother, this has been stated numerous times in fluff, they are all however not above working with each other to achieve a common goal, their lesser daemons also feel this rivalry to a much smaller extent than their gods do

>> No.39972118

>How long

>> No.39972121

Slaanesh is basically a hermaphrodite crossdressing slut who taunts khorne constantly and probably quite likes the idea of khorne hate fucking her to death, Khorne while probably tempted to do this doesn't wanna give slaanesh the satisfaction and hates her

Kinda like the super hot girl in school who use to be mean to you and was a total bitch, but you would wreck her shit if you could

>> No.39972185


pretty much what i posted


and the same with this

um. thanks?

>> No.39972223

Could Khorne kill her painlessly as possible so he can't recieve the satisfaction of its death?

>> No.39972267

She would probably still receive the satisfaction of knowing khorne gave in, she wants khorne to make a move and who knows maybe if he did try killing her he would find he actually enjoyed it a bit which would be bad

>> No.39972302

I think there's another reason why Khorne's so angry. He can't think of a way to kill Slaanesh without her getting a win.

>> No.39972472

He's...yep. Technically he's an Eldar God. A Chaos one to boot.

>> No.39972550

But still the weakest one.

>> No.39972566

Whose power is steadily rising and the Chaos Gods fear that one day he will eclipse them all.

>> No.39972602

Indeed. My theory is that normally Slaanesh would've been mutilated by Khorne off the bat after he defeated the Eldar Pantheon if it wasn't for the fact that the gods he/she/it ate are still inside of him/her/it stubbornly refusing to disappear.

Indeed. He's the youngest, yet fastest in terms of developing his powers.

Still he has a long way to being strong enough to fight all three.

How to weaken somebody like Slaanesh?

>> No.39972942


your opinions are so cancerous you're killing off this noble thread

>> No.39973262

>For Khorne I'd imagine she'd turn into... a giant chainsword

>> No.39973762

Proof is what I demand. From a recent 40k codex.

>> No.39973961

Almost as bad as ND. Let's think of good opinions. I think 40k needs to be 4% less grimdark. Imperials are Catholic Space Nazis at their worse. The missing 4% is turned to 4% more metal.

>> No.39974004

>not Chainaxe
It's like you want Khorne's wrath to visit you.

>> No.39974019

>Implying it's not a chainsword made of tiny chainaxes

>> No.39974042

>And that Anon is right. Do people actually think the other Gods won't intervene to keep Slaany alive?
I think the question is invalid because Slaanesh is never going away. While Slaanesh is currently the weakest god, if the time line ever moved forward he / she / it could become the strongest easily.

Hell, Slaanesh lures the champions of other gods into serving Slaanesh.

>> No.39974050

I think Khorne likes axes more. Don't make Khorne feel conflicted about this. You know how he feels about conflict.

>> No.39974077

But that would mean the endless war would have to get shaken up.
>Lures other Gods's champions
She won't get him.

>> No.39974095

Or him.

>> No.39974109

>Every God only has one Champion

The Great Game between the Chaos God fluctuates often. Sometimes Nurgle becomes stronger than all the others combined when plagues are running rife. Other time Tzeentch takes power because his maneuvering let him.

The Great Game will continue regardless of who is in what position.

>> No.39974112

Or him.

>> No.39974137

Won't it end like Tzeentch's shattering? Strange how the other three haven't tried anything to Khorne.

>> No.39974177

Khorne's favorite weapon is the Ebon Sword.

A sword that can shatter dimensions and worlds and can kill gods.

>> No.39974203

>Strange how the other three haven't tried anything to Khorne.
This happens all the time. Tzeentch baited Khorne into savaging Slaanesh then taking the sword that can kill Gods from him / her / it.

>Tzeentch's Shattering
Do you mean when his staff was shattered into countless pieces? I don't see how Slaanesh getting more power relative to the other Gods does that.

Or do you mean the time when Khorne and his legions shattered a huge chunk of Tzeentch's Labyrinth?

>> No.39974206

Khorne remains on top most of the time because he has the equivalent of the nuke resting at his side,

>> No.39974210

I was thinking about that, but why do his followers use chainaxes a lot?

>> No.39974291

It's Tzeentch not his staff. The staff was 2nd Edition and the Blue Scribes's fluff says it was him.
I'm actually curious about that sword. Who made it and where did it come from? Why am I picturing pic related as that sword? So as long as Khorne has that sword he'll always be on the top?

>> No.39974328

>Who made it and where did it come from?

The sword is older than the Chaos Gods and it's likely that not even Tzeentch knows where it came from.

>So as long as Khorne has that sword he'll always be on the top?

He can be toppled but it can be quite the challenge and risk for his Chaos Gods to attempt it.

>> No.39974360

his brother*

>> No.39974383

>The sword is older than the Chaos Gods and it's likely that not even Tzeentch knows where it came from.
Must have been formed from the War in Heaven. I'm going to ask why Tzeentch didn't use the sword himself but I'm going to get the answer "because plans" aren't I?
>challenge and risk
They don't like those do they?

>> No.39974690


I liked that theory and hoped the ebon blade would turn out to be Anaris, the 100th (and mightiest) of the swords that Vaul, the eldar smith-god, forged for Khaine in the war in heaven.

But I can't find anything describing Anaris as black. Anaris meant "Dawnlight", and Farsights blade of alien origin is called Dawnblade.

So either:
1) Anaris is still missing
2) Farsight has it
3) Tzeentch may have spirited it away from Khaine when Khorne and Slaanesh were ripping him in half, as Tzeentch, the wizard who doesn't fight, probably wouldn't want his brothers to get hold of such a thing. The blade may have turned black due to corruption.

No concrete evidence, but some nice speculation. Shame I couldn't confirm it as the ebon blade, Khorne wielding Khaines weapon as a great "equalizer" is pretty neat.

>> No.39974724

I'm thinking it's two and three. What does Farsight's sword looks like?

>> No.39974906


It's pretty big. I'm fine with Farsight having it, I prefer that than him finding some random Necron weapon, which is usually the common theory about his wep.

But since the weapon is named Dawnlight, and the fluff cites it as existing before the chaos gods did (such as the war in heaven), so what if being held by Tzeentch corrupted it (changed it) from a blade of light to a pitch-black sword.

But I'm fine with either

>> No.39975020

Who knows? Tzeentch painted it black maybe? To say that is like saying if there was a lore in both the Imperium and Chaos codices that the Emperor couldn't even fathom the idea of making deals with Chaos, BL wouldn't have did that idea that he bargained with the Chaos Gods to make his sons. That still doesn't make sense to me. How would a 38,000 year old godlike man who has seen the pinnacle of human science not know how to make 20 clone sons using the same uncorrupted Warp he's powered by?

>> No.39975179


I think Farsight having it makes the most sense, all the Tzeentch stuff is pure speculation. Plus Farsight is pretty fighty and aggressive ever for the Fire Caste, so him ending up wielding the sword of the god of murder seems pheasible.

I also prefer the idea that the emperor made the primarchs himself, and the Chaos Gods just scattered em. Makes Big E look kinda shit, plus it tears open all kinds of plot holes.

>> No.39975274

>I think Farsight having it makes the most sense, all the Tzeentch stuff is pure speculation. Plus Farsight is pretty fighty and aggressive ever for the Fire Caste, so him ending up wielding the sword of the god of murder seems pheasible
Could he be turned into a fusion of weeboo communist and an avatar of Khaine? Not the Avatar, but Kahine turning him into something like a Living Saint?
I also prefer the idea that the emperor made the primarchs himself, and the Chaos Gods just scattered em. Makes Big E look kinda shit, plus it tears open all kinds of plot holes
My Anon. Not to mention it makes the Chaos Gods look bad. That means they made their greatest enemy. They're chaotic, not flat out idiots.

>> No.39975517


>can he be turned into a thing

probably not, he fights with it with his battlesuit, and it's too big for him to realistically wield. Still suits him though

>> No.39975532

Well can the suit be infused then?

>> No.39975619


Ah hell. The most recent eldar dex has explained the disappearance of Anaris but it's not in the hands of a named character, or doing anything at all right now. Goddamnit Phil Kelly, Farsight or Khorne should have it.

The Shard of Anaris is an Eldar artifact. When Khaine slew Eldanesh, he took the sword of Anaris and claimed it as his own. However when Khaine was shattered in battle with Slaanesh, the sword was also splintered. The shards of the blade have come to rest on many Craftworlds, and legend tells that the shard of Anaris was then crafted into a blade to be borne by the craftworld's mightiest warriors.


>> No.39975673

Can Cruddance consume his biomass too? Maybe the biomass of Chambers and Kelly might do something to him. So there is now a sword that is like the Avatar of Khaine?

>> No.39975739


Jeez, it's not even that, it's one of the army relics you buy for a HQ. Don't know how many points it costs, but it sure has rending and instant death. No AP or S bonus as far as I'm aware.

And that's supposed to be the shattered fragment of the mightiest weapon that Vaul forged? It should be on par (or better than) weapons like Drach'nyen.

Phil wolfdamn Kelly. Can't write for shit.

>> No.39975855

>And that's supposed to be the shattered fragment of the mightiest weapon that Vaul forged?
Maybe Khorne shattered it with his sword when Khaine tried to fight back?
>It should be on par (or better than) weapons like Drach'nyen.
There's only one sword I know of that is like that, and I think it's the sister blade of Drach'nyen.
>Phil wolfdamn Kelly
Sounds like an actual Space Wolf.

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I'm mainly complaining about the fact that it's the fragment of the Eldar-smith gods most powerful sword ever forged, and yet in game it is a
>close combat weapon
>Instant Death

It should be better than that imo

>> No.39976002

I don't play the game. Wouldn't instant death make sense?

>> No.39976278


It makes sense but if the weapon doesn't have an AP value (I don't own the book so I can't be sure) it's really hard to pull the instant death off. You can get lucky with a rend, but it shouldn't be rending. It should have a good AP, and maybe also rending

>> No.39976313

But if it's shattered does that mean it only landed in Eldar hands?

>> No.39976497


The fluff seems to imply that either the eldar got all the bits, or some of them and the others haven't cropped up yet.

But Kelly also refers to it as a shard and shards, so who really knows? Not even him, it would seem.

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Maybe this explains Farsight's sword.

>> No.39976556


It could do, it would explain why it's got a tiny smidge of Tau aesthetic to it, especially in the hilt, the main bit you'd need to make, especially if all you found of the original weapon is a bit of the blade

>> No.39976599

Right. So that's one mystery solved.

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>> No.39981973

Or Hawaiian helmets.

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