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Previously on Jumpchain: >>39870838

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Lets discuss ONCE AND FOR ALL if this jump deserves to be on the drive.

>Stay civil
>Present clear arguments
>Stay civil

Its time we settle this.

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The first words out of Rufus's mouth? "What the actual FUCK was that?" My reply? I calmly explained to him about Jenova and the weapons. His reaction is very pic relevant. We proceed to show him Sephiroth in his sleeping little prison as well. Well... I do. Everyone in the party is flabbergasted. So yeah... how about we take those cells out of people, huh? Rufus is speechless for nearly 10 minutes before just nodding his head. He'd just learned more about the FF7 world in a few days than most learn in a lifetime. I'd have felt more bad for the guy if he wasn't still something of a greedy prick. This definitely gave him some perspective though even if it broke him emotionally. He was... decidedly more cooperative after that. Sephiroth? Less so. He decided now would be a fun time to wake up. And the planet decided it had enough bullshit and let loose the other weapons... Fug.

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ZE CAPTAIN'S QUESTION OF ZE DAY!" What is the spookiest thing you have ever done while Jumping?"

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Does haunting the murderer of a priest pretending to be their vengeful spirit count?

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Report and Hide, everyone. Report and Hide.

Arguing with it just feeds.

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Once i ate a walrus by teleporting it into my stomach. Not so scary as it was messy.

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>See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5x875He5ns
>Double Check Ace Attorney Jump
>Only the currently out Ace Attorney games (reasonably)
I'd love to make a jump but the game isnt even out yet. Any way to substitute the feel of the setting? I just REALLY want to solve crimes and do law stuff with 19th Centruy Britain, plus Sherlock Holmes

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Does being scared shitless because a woman has glowing blue hair is about to kill you count?

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a LIVE walrus?

Tell me you were in kaiju form or something at least...

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Is anyone doing a FEAR jump?

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Please don't respond to the troll post.

Thief Answers: Bandits killing guards while you're away and they're KO'd isn't a kill.

Trickster's blessing would increase your plant alt-form.

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...why did you eat a walrus, anon?

Also which jump was this?

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I don't think so.

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ZE CAPTAIN would say that counts. Nothing wrong with going with the classics!

ZE CAPTAIN agrees. Not as spooky, but you get a Purple S for effort. Why S? Because S is the Spookiest letter in the alphabet !

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Sometimes, when the villain's on his or her last legs?

I will just sit there and stare, not doing anything, ESPECIALLY if the hero refuses to kill them.

For in my eyes, they can see that I KNOW their canon fate, and that I thus consider it beneath me to intervene.

And all with that stupid cat smile on my face.

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It does annoy me that this jump is rather high-quality. The lewdness makes it a big NO, but the quality is surprisingly decent. Who made it?

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no i was regular human sized. and it was in the elder scrolls jump. So a horker, i guess. It seemed like a good idea at the time! Live walrus isn't very good on the stomach.

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Try telling that to the Nords.

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Don't feed, anon. Report and hide.

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Stop replying to troll posts.

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It was Dragon's Dogma Anon.

Also, the poster's doing it to try and start shit. Just ignore it, seriously.

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Same guy who did Dragon's Dogma, apparently

Oh, that's alright. Must've eaten a few horker steaks in my own time there, though I cooked mine.

Raw meat a literal shit, too unhygienic even if you have perks that literally immunise you to disease

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I became the Shadow during my Korra jump.

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of man?

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I regularly scare people who mess with me. It's fun.

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M8, buddy, pal, just leave it, pls, for me.
I did it and two others.

Stop being a shit whomever keeps posting. I made it knowing it wouldn't get up there. It's fine.

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Illegal content or rule violation? The report thingy says that false reporting gets you banned so which one is it?

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Rule violation.

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I still remember a Sherlock Holmes jump discussion we had. It sounded fun, all the adaptions would be in place of a location roll, and it'd include some weird takes like Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century.

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Would it be better for a entire sherlock jump that includes adaptations?
Cause there might be some sherlock settings that are in sci-fi or such

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Which rule? Is it NSFW content on a blue board? I know it's probably breaking some rule but I'd rather be sure before I file a report.

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You could easily do a Sherlock jump that was just the original books, or you could go crazy and make this big thing that celebrates all Sherlock Adaptions (Sherlock Hound too). Either works in the end.

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What defines spookiness? What does it mean to all of you?

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You dont have to say.

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Here, we see the classic form of spoopy - the humble skeleton.

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Some would say uninspired and bland.

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NSFW content on a blue board. It's deliberately encouraging lewd talk, when it's against the rules.

No need to keep it going, no need to make a big deal. Report and ignore, then move on.

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ZE CAPTAIN does enjoy the all knowing stare an the smile make "all" the difference as it raises the spooky meter even higher!

ZE CAPTAIN thinks that spooky of all kinds are welcomed! No matter if you are someone else is doing the spooking. In fact it might be a little refreshing to be on the Spooked end.

ZE CAPTAIN does indeed love playing with shadows! It is one of the classic ways to spook and there are always creative ways to use it!

ZE CAPTAIN thinks that a regular dose of spooky helps keep the mind sharp and ZE body healthy. Keep on spooking on!

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>Skeleton army
>No Giant skellyton who's real heart is hidden in it's pinky.
Anon try to be more creative here.

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So the rest of the jump revolved around use hunting down the actual Sephiroth while he went around fucking shit up and gathering giant materia to nuke the world his way, as well as fighting off the other weapons. It was pretty intense and hectic. Meanwhile Shinra was getting slammed hard by accountability. We never did catch Scarlet or Heidegger. They vanished in the chaos. Shinra labs did manage to figure out a way to remove Jenova cells safely and we kept Sephiroth busy while they did that. Cloud volunteered to be first for the removal. I am glad it was a success. Sephiroth... we shot him and Jenova into the sun along with the extracted cells. Not perfect but enough to prevent Geostima from ever cropping up in any truly meaningful form if it was a possibility. Cloud got most of his shit back and a proper government was established now that Shinra kind of... was incapable of maintaining its hold anymore. Reeve for first (Proper) President of Midgard! Over all success. Cloud got his life back and hooked up with Tifa. Aeris got closure with Zack after we worked with Shinra to develop tech capable of of allowing souls in the lifestream to communicate with loved ones for short bursts of time.

I think that about concludes it for my FF7 jump unless there's any lingering questions. Feel free to share your own FF7 jump shenanigans as well.

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Well then you seem more creative with your stories than I am. I am starting to feel a little jealous.

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I just want to know: Why? You must know what this place is like. You must have known what the reaction would be. People have left because of things related to the fallout. You certainly had the option of just keeping it to yourself.

Why do this?

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Pls. Leave. Make your own drive, copy all the jumps, include that one and never post it again. But just leave. Please. We don't want your jump here.

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Sweet. Gonna do it then.

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That's not necessarily false, anon. Which is why there are many flavors of spooky.

>> No.39899302

What's that from?

>> No.39899324

Spooky's House of JUMPscares

Cute little game that gets whacked later on. Wakfu's making it a jump.

>> No.39899328

He wanted attention and he got it. It was a pathetic attempt by a pathetic content maker to either stay relevant or blow this place up. He's playing the pity card now while he is probably the one posting that piece of shit jump all the time.

Ignore it. Don't feed it. Hide it.

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>Fights weapons super robot style.
>Got president Shinra to commit suicide
>Got Sephiroth to do more than masturbate in a corner to his alien mom.
>Made Cloud possibly likeable.

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Spooky's House of Jumpscares. It's a game that seems like it's just cute cardboard cutouts at first, until the interface screws start popping in and ruining your day.

Then come the actual monsters.

>> No.39899338

It's funny, because the first thing I thought of when reading that image was dolls, and by extension Wakfu.

>> No.39899388

Doesn't help that the thing that does it is a mannequin with Happy Mask Salesman's face.

No actual mind control, though, he just kills you and puts strings in your corpse.

>> No.39899389

You have not disappointed me, Admiral. Not this time at least.

>> No.39899399

Because I really only care what I think. I wanted it posted once. Once. The end. Clearly not what happened. I voiced I wanted it posted no more but beyond that I there is nothing more that I can do. Though I suppose I ultimately knew this would happen and just didn't care enough to not to. Not like I'll be untruthful about it. I'd prefer it be dropped as I already stated I accepted it wouldn't get on there which I didn't care and still don't.
Make no mistake I wouldn't cry at all if this resulted in people that hated it leaving. I wouldn't say pathetic. Maybe subpar.

>> No.39899418

And you expressed so clearly here what a scumbag you are, and what a waste of a person you've been.

>> No.39899442

Little disappointing there.

>> No.39899458

The more you throw vitriol, the worse it gets. Just report the jump and let it go, man.

>> No.39899465

Yeah, but what are you gonna do? Everything just kills you in the end.

>mfw Specimen 4

>> No.39899482

We've done this once before and lets see if we can again. Jumps that should be created for one reason or another:

>> No.39899487

I didn't want to say anything, I just couldn't help it after seeing that. I might overuse this word but it really was disgusting.

>> No.39899507

Metroid. Because all the reasons.

>> No.39899508

Dude, just leave it already. Ignore the trolls and let them starve. It's the best thing we can do.

>> No.39899509

>I'm a dick

Fair enough. I hope to never interact with you again and that you never contribute anything after this, but I can at least respect that you're honest about how much of a cunt you are.

Is it...dangerous? I mean. What's the worst the manniquens can do to you?

Say, that reminds me-how many of us put on the Darth Vader helm during either the KOTOR or Clone Wars jumps?

>> No.39899526

I've got a lot on my plate at the moment, but as long as we're waiving Rule 1, I think a Taiko no Tatsujin jump would be fun.

Also, Underdog.

>> No.39899541

Advance wars. It'd be an amazing setting for some of us tech heads here and there's more than enough quality content to throw something together.

>> No.39899548

Which jump was most damaging for your psyche? I'd say Generic Sugar Bowl for me.

>> No.39899558

Why don't you start a bizzaro version of Jump Chain called "Slider San" or "Leap Senpai"

Make it lewd leaps/slides only

>> No.39899568

My next jump is ff7, I intend to use this jump going door to door as a Jenovas Witness. Spreading the good word of our lord and savior the lady of alien space mutations Jenova.

I plan on going to every house in the world and handing out pamphlits.

It will be good.

>> No.39899573


Gah, talk about settings I love which CANNOT possibly be made into jumps.

The Bartimaeus Trilogy, because cool djinns, eldritch horrors and asshole wizards

>> No.39899589

Specimens 2, 8, and 10 appear to assimilate or absorb you, Specimen 11 is partially implied to be a powerful demon (if not Old Scratch himself), Specimen 4 can go through walls, float over chasms, and has no chase music so you don't know when she's chasing you until she's in attack distance (plus she eats you), Specimen 6 can't be outrun and only moves when you aren't looking at it, and Specimen 5 can make you hallucinate.

There's also Specimen 9, which can attack you in ANY room you idle in for too long without pausing and insta-kills the protag of the regular game (I doubt Wakfu will make it insta-kill us, though).

>> No.39899592

>Advance wars
You know what is good in life.

>> No.39899594

Hilarious, but-I kind of want to slap you through the internet right now.

Besides, CYOA general has no shortage of Lewd X wat do type CYOAs. In fact the latest hotness appears to be some sort of VN CYOA

>> No.39899599

I think she tried something like that before the Cetra caught on and tried to kill her.

>> No.39899607

>Sugar Bowl
>damaging your psyche

You took Drawbacks, didn't you?

>> No.39899617

Too much sweet. I couldn't handle it and got mental cavities.

>> No.39899623

It will be worth everyone trying to kill me for the pun.

>> No.39899695

>mental cavities

Surely you can't mean you don't want to become the sweetest, most innocent little thing anyone ever did see?

>> No.39899702

This place has no shortage of lewdness, it's just semi-hidden and is propagated by a bunch of perverted anons.

It's hilarious that we're giving a free pass to all jumpers doing funny stuff with pokemon but throw a shitstorm at any jumps that has lewd content but isn't about beastiality. It's a bit sickening.

>> No.39899711

>Mortal Kombat
Roll for the timeline.
>Second Life.
It could be amazing or horrifying or both.
>Chrono Trigger
Not sure if we have this or not but could be a good world.
>Infinite Stratos
The weird machine mech stuff could be good for some people.

>> No.39899721

I want
More Tales of... Jumps
A Multi-Tier Spore jump would be nice.
Some more MMO jumps. I like jumps that let you buddy with with lots of companion/allies.
East of Eden might be funny.
Why do I not remember an Onimusha?

ARIA and Dark Cloud. The former I'm inching closer and closer to doing, the latter I'm holding off to do until later.
Can't help you much with regards to representing the full game, but I'll have Taiko no Tatsujin in a jump of mine later on down the line.

>> No.39899728

Das some stale bait, man.

The point is that the lewd doesn't belong in the document itself, and we don't need Jumps of settings that exist only for the express purpose of lewd.

>> No.39899755

>multi-tier Spore jump

Creature stage a best.

>> No.39899764

I can play the part, but I can't handle the pure hearted.

>> No.39899766

> Building hugeass factories.
> Being Hawke's underling.
> Teasing Flak.
> Comparing notes with Lash.
Oh man, that would be so cool.

I took extensive anatomical and behavioral notes of the Colossi in Shadows of the Colossi, as well as the lizards, birds, and fish in the surrounding area. I took the drawback that gives you a bunch of extra Colossi, too, so I have notes on types people have never even heard of.

I did it partly as a basis for ideas for future robots and bio-monsters, and partly in remembrance of all these things I had to brutally murder in order to progress with the chain.

>> No.39899783

Naw see-lemme rephrase that a bit. I'm aware jumps like Fallout, PMD and Futurama and what not have perks that make you an expert dancer at the horizontal tangle-or even the humanform pokemon thing. Point is-the settings themselves of jumps on the drive? They universally have some narrative or plot that extends beyond lewdlewdlewd. That, and the emphasis is on adventure, not your waifu and you. It's all left to the imagination, not laid flat out. Even Type Moon has an ongoing narrative thing-the point is jumps aren't written to emphasise those, they're writtent o emphasise the adventures you can have.

And uh. I'm not sure how to break this to you but the jump that should not be does have bestiality in it

>> No.39899816

One of those is unpreventable. If you give people the option to interact with something, someone will fuck it.

Creating a jump specifically about fucking is the problem.

>> No.39899819

>more tales of... jumps

Recursive jumpchain? Am I missing something here?

>> No.39899825

What have the pure hearted ever done to you, anon?

>> No.39899840

Don't reply to bait, that rule is always in effect, but it's worth telling you three that there's another reason not to reply to them. The person who always whined about the pokemon thing is a certain trip user everyone hates and who shouldn't be responded to either, and I'm betting it's them right now.

>> No.39899845

He means like Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Vesperia and so on.

>> No.39899855

Too good for me.

>> No.39899859

Pretty sure anon means the 'Tales of' RPG series.

>> No.39899868

I agree that they're different kinds of wrong but I think both are ruining these threads.

Why don't we allow the CoC jump? Because it inspires lewd talk which is banned. What do we when people are talking lewd about their pokemon companions? We allow it and ask for details. This is stupid.

There are few things cringier than reading about how some random jumper gave his vulpix a human form and messed her up.

>> No.39899913

>messed her up
That is a weird euphemism.

>> No.39899915

You're cockblocked for 10 years unless you buy the ridiculously priced 1400 cp perk that does nothing after the jump. Can you really say that a decade of blue balls isn't enough to damage anyone's psyche?

>> No.39899920

Don't reply to bait.

>> No.39899922

Oh right. Huh, now that I think about it-is there any reason why Chrono Cross/Trigger wouldn't work as a jump?

>> No.39899951



If it exists some anon will have sex with it. /b/ established that a while ago. However Pokemon isn't expressly for fucking.
why must i reply to bait?

>> No.39899956

Time travel is wonky to deal with, but otherwise no.

>> No.39899962


Another thread gone to shit.


>> No.39899972

Because you hate us and want to contribute to killing the thread for no ultimate gain.

>> No.39899990

There is an easy solution here, and that is to talk about something else.

Jumpers-name your favorite genre of music.

>> No.39900004

Classic rock.

>> No.39900012

Surely you've greater mental fortitude than that?

>> No.39900014


>> No.39900026

I just hop between whatever song fancies me at the moment. A jumper of music if you will.

>> No.39900027

I'm fine with people doing those things to their pokemon in private, but why do we allow them to talk about it? That's the issue. They can do whatever they want even though it's sick but at least not bother the rest of us with it.

>> No.39900036

People keep telling me there are perks out there that can actually weaponise the power of metal-what are they? I know Ar Tonelico but from what I heard it's song science-magic, not actually using the power of music to attack people.

>> No.39900056

Sabaton and Metalocalypse are your friends.

I, however, prefer baroque.

>> No.39900058

Strange, every time I've seen someone talking about it, they get the same kind of reaction that people posting lewd jumps get: told to go away.

>> No.39900068

>NSFW content on a blue board
No it isn't its text. Mods ruled that text isn't nsfw. Its why smut general and shit gets a pass.

What it actually should be reported under is trolling/trying to incite a flame war.

>> No.39900073

I want to make Steelheart, but only after the trilogy is completed.

The option to gain tremendous power at a very high risk to losing your identity; or just become a bad-ass normal surrounded by dangerous assholes with super-powers.
It could be a good but challenging jump at almost any level.

>> No.39900077

I just spent a loooooot of my downtime off-stage in the warehouse with my companions that jump. Wouldn't have bothered if Lets Put Our Hearts Together, and the Memento Doll weren't so enticing.

>> No.39900080

Only you are bothered by it. The rest of us shrug and move on because we're not children and because it's not lewd-orientated content, just a goddamn post. Also most people are sensible enough to not go into details and goddammit I really shouldn't respond to bait but you're just so STUPID it beggars belief.

News flash: You can't police what people talk about, even though I wish I could still filter your retardation.

>> No.39900088


I like old stuff from different genres, country, rock. I mean old, old. I like how the old recording equipment sounds, it's kinda raspy and old-timey, reminds me of my grandma.

>> No.39900092


Never heard of that series; what's it about?

>> No.39900100

I know there's one in Sabaton.
There's probably one in one of the metalocalypse.

Power metal of various flavors.

You sir, have shit taste.

>> No.39900116

How survivable is Golden Age drawback from Destiny?

>> No.39900125

Sliders and Quantum Leap jumps.
For similar reasons.
Jumps where you don't have the option to just sit still doing nothing, but where you keep getting thrown into new situations every week.
They're like accelerated Chains on their own.

>> No.39900126

OK so I've finally bothered to get around to updating Sonic the Hedgehog.

I really hope this doesn't upset too many people. I changed as little as possible hell even adding some Perks and doing further discounts and stuff. If it becomes too unbalanced let me know. I'm up for a little more re-balancing further and adding more stuff from the games if you want more.

>> No.39900138


>> No.39900142

I think the time-machine would cause trouble in other jumps, but numerous settings have those. The plot in Chrono Cross is also a bit weird.

Basically, weird dimension/time shit. If you can make that pan out, you should go for it.

Genre is for the weak. Enjoy all the good shit. All of it.

>> No.39900143

OHMAHGOODNESS THIS RUINS MY CHAIN- Ohey more stuff was added neat.

>> No.39900147

>a lewd post is acceptable when it involves sex with pokemon
>just ignore them and let them have fun

Did I miss anything or was that your entire post?

>> No.39900149


No love for classical? The 4th movement from Svorak's Symphony No. 9 is glorious to fight battles on the moon to.

In Dogs of War, we reanimated enough skeletons to form a giant ball of skeletons and rolled it around to make a skeletal Katamari Damacy ball, rolling it over all who opposed us. It got kind of sticky after a while from collecting fleshy bits so we had to roll it over Tomb Lord territory a few times

>> No.39900161

>Zeti Origin
>Get 1600cp Freebies
Jesus fuck man, you did not even bother balancing this did you?

>> No.39900162

Don't even man, I was one of the people who were upset by the idea but so much bullshit has happened since I don't want to cause any trouble and don't have the energy to anyway. I just want things to recover.

>> No.39900169

Can we keep our old builds from the old version? I liked my build and I have no intention of going over one of my first jumps again.

>> No.39900175

So what did you do with your bone ball?

>> No.39900190

Alright so...other than >>39900161 it looks pretty solid I guess? But yeah-zetis OP, and I don't even know what a zeti is

>> No.39900193

Big red star appears in the sky. It's called Calamity.

Calamity gives a fraction of the population superpowers. These superpowers invariably make people evil. There are no good superhumans in Steelheart. There are, but they don't use their powers because USING the powers makes you evil. There are only Epics, and the fiefdoms which they control.

America has passed the Capitulation Act, officially declaring Epics as above the law. America is in turn carved out into the Fractured States, small Epic-run city-states constantly at war with each other.

Steelheart takes place in Newcago, where the eponymous Steelheart has converted the entire city into steel (one of his many abilities) and rules with an iron fist. Where other Epics live in luxury underneath his rule, humans are subjugated and oppressed.

The Reckoners are a rebel group trying to take down the Epics by any means possible. They're the focus of the story.

>> No.39900201

Alright, let's have a look-see!


The description sounds a lot more powerful than they are in the game, though game Wisps are well worth 200.


The prices on perks and items seem a bit disjointed. It'd be a better format if things were consistently listed next to things of around the same value.

That's all I've got for the moment.

>> No.39900209


Classic stuff is okay, relaxing, helps me sleep at night. It's just not the type of stuff I listen too in my free time.

>> No.39900221

Well I sincerely doubt shit will recover, so I hope you enjoyed your bout of anger.

>> No.39900226

Folk, alternative, metal. Not concrete, these i simply prefer. Whatever fits the environment/activity.

>> No.39900232

>using the powers invariably turns you evil

Man am I glad Wakfu put that perk in Vanguard.

>> No.39900242

I wouldn't say the blame is mine since it was unrelated to the problems later, I just wanted to express that even someone combative like me is tired of it.

>> No.39900270

You mean after the jump? Well, it wasn't going to fit in the warehouse by the time we were done. Also it was starting to smell, so it seemed like a good idea to give it to someone special before Nagash's cronies got their hands on it. So-on the final day of our stay there, we rolled it all the way to the edge of the Great Maw and shoved that fucker into that thing's mouth.

We attached a note titled simply "The ride never ends"

>> No.39900272

The note anon. Read the notes.

A new background, New items, more perks,

Oh dear. I guess I'll look into it again. Do you want me to up the Price for it?

Sure whatever go right ahead. Personally think you should look into it for changes if it interests you.

I'll rearrange everything. If you desire me to. This was just a lazy update anyway to see how things go. And it didn't goo too well. Back to balancing and reformatting

>only one cake
>the other is teeth
>it accepts it
Failure all around

>> No.39900275

Isn't there eventually a reveal of a method to keep and use your powers without going evil? I seem to vaguely remember that.

>> No.39900284

>Jumps that should be created for one reason or another:
Everyone time a question like this is asked someone says it so I'll say it this time. Saints Row; It needs to happen.
Another that needs to be made is five nights and Freddy's Somehow has to figure out how to do this. (though I admit my desire to do it is the lay the poor kids souls to rest probably making the rest of the jump a boring night watchman job) Still it could be an interesting jump. There has to be a way to get around the fragile animatronics problem like having breaking them wind up making things worse for you.
Lastly I think we need a Watchmen jump. Some will want to save the world their own way, some will want to troll Ozy, some will want to save Rorschach; so there are a lot of reasons to want one.

>> No.39900292

Use of Epic abilities induces megalomania and a desire to subjugate and rule over others. Literally no Epic is capable of using their powers without going power mad and trying to take over.

>> No.39900302

Out of curiosity what would happen if I shoved the black materia into my matter furnace? I still have it from my FF7 jump and haven't decided how to destroy it.

>> No.39900306

How many different tasks will I be able to do at once with multiprocessing? Will I be able to do different though intensive things at the same time like casting spells from two different types of magic at once?

>> No.39900314

Yes, Transference Epics are able to grant their powers to others without going insane, and those who have recieved the power need to use it REALLY often for the mental effects to start showing up.

>> No.39900319

Just-try and learn from this alright? You don't have to believe me, but I've made an effort to be civil to everyone I've communicated with in these threads and it's frustrating to see two anons blowing something out of proportion when they could've just talked things out-


-okay admittedly I don't understand the appeal behind that particular genre

>> No.39900330


Nah salty still lost his shit when we talk any lewd but pokeporn, remember the when that one anon was talking about making a lewd guide?

The real problem is feeling its ok to allow Salty to be here or this type of behavior is ok. Because sooner or later, Salty will attempt to deep six /jc/ entirely.

>> No.39900342

I think the best idea would be to change all the freebies into discounts, but admittedly I don't know much about Sonic. Maybe you have to buy them 'cos you're a young Zeti (whatever those are)?

>> No.39900353

Yeah. It allows you to do a bunch of small things at once. Or few really mentally taxing things at once.

>> No.39900361

I suspect it'd explode. But then I'm a pessimist.

>> No.39900366

That honestly sounds a bit like TES dragons/Dragonborn to me, and Paarthurnax turned out just fine!

Right? I'm not so much trying to disprove you as I am a bit scared at the thought of that drawback to the powers.

>> No.39900391

People with strong wills are still likely to go evil, because they'll convince themselves that they have the mental fortitude to use the power without it taking over. Its very seductive, very addictive.

>> No.39900394

There has NEVER been a good Epic. Also, ALL Epics have a fatal flaw to their powers that can be exploited to basically ensure their deaths.

Trust me, you REALLY don't want to be an Epic unless you're cool with subjugating everyone and wanting to rule all of the lesser mortals that are normal humans.

>> No.39900397

Most likely would corrupt the matter furnace since it is not a goo things can come about by sticking things called black materia into it.

>> No.39900406


Sounds like it would be an awesome Jump.

>> No.39900415

Okay, there have been good Epics, but there has never been a good Epic capable of actually using their powers.

>> No.39900420

To be fair, pretty sure the Cardfight perk would work wonders here.

>> No.39900434

Well I'll be. I know what powerset to avoid now, at least! I'd much rather remain a benign trickster.

>> No.39900436

I'd make an obligatory joke about multiversal conqueror Jumpers, but actually quite a few Jumpers seem to stick to their morals from what I've seen of those "what lines don't you cross" or "how bad can you be" type questions I see asked now and then.

>> No.39900455

What if you're totally ok with being evil? Are there any actual downsides?

>> No.39900459

Say, how powerful are Epics compared to-I dunno, the DCAU or Worm parahumans? Could any of them conceivably threaten Scion (post Warrior)?

>> No.39900463

Oh god it Sylveon quick someone post the bows are flesh gif

>> No.39900465

The card perk though isn't will power, its immunity to corruption, in fact the more it tries to corrupt you, the more powerful you get.

>> No.39900466

That perk wasn't 'strong will' so much as 'no corruption'.

>> No.39900472

You should be scared, the powers will be tempting and not balanced to the non-Epic options. The consequences could be catastrophic; as in you might kill your companions and not even care.

Or you could be a Reckoner/Loreist/Soldier with no new powers and no big risk to your mental state.

>> No.39900474

Like QS said, all of the powers have a fatal flaw that's easily exploited.

I still find it funny that one of the most well-meaning Jumpers turned out worse than Anti-Spiral.

>> No.39900486

Right then. Save it either as Godzilla threshold weapon I guess or jettison it in a jump where no one ever achieves space flight. Don't try to disassemble it.

>> No.39900497

How else do you think I'm gonna channel Hamon once I reach JoJo?

>> No.39900511

So, you're saying exterminate the entire world. THEN use the powers. Got it.

>> No.39900520

>not going Vampire
>not taking Bodily Mastery

I am...both disappointed and relieved, actually

>> No.39900528

Doesn't that bring the discussion of how much people could change after seeing so much stuff, doing so much, living for so long and possibly ego might effect a person change someone since no regular human lives more than 100 years minus some exceptions.

>> No.39900534

The only one that might actually threaten Scion might be Calamity. Turns out that star in the sky is an Epic in high orbit who is giving everyone else Epic powers cause he's Evil like that and wants to see the world burn.

It's not corruption though, it's an inherent part of the Epic power. Going mad is DIRECTLY caused by power use. If you want to avoid the corruption, you have to avoid using the power.

This Innate thing means it would probably follow you to other worlds too, since it's not really a drawback as much as it is part of the power itself.

>> No.39900537

I never understood why that creeped people out really.

>> No.39900551

Well of course there's going to be change.

The problem is how everyone seems to assume that change is for the worst.

>> No.39900555

I can get the ability to manipulate my bows in a lot of places, but where else can I get an Arrowhead or Ripple Magic Kung Fu?

>> No.39900560

During the Mount & Blade jump I'd secretly use some of my magic or advanced tech against particularly difficult foes while no one was looking.

Afterwards I'd play innocent while they yelled and tried to convince everyone that I was a witch.

Spore and Endless Space.

Spore because you could create your own species (Even though a lot of use already do that.) and potentially conquer an entire galaxy.

I want Endless Space for the technology, it's an interesting setting but a lot of the story is really boring.

>Second Life


>> No.39900573

Nah, that's corruption. Sounds more like a cop out to try and sell the thread frankly.

>> No.39900585

Then have it your way. I can't tell you what to do. Sorry for the inconvenience.

>> No.39900589

There are perks that make the jumper immune to mental changes/insanity like that as well if I recall even if it isn't 'corruption.

>> No.39900594

Some people assume the worse because they might fear that they would lose their sense of empathy or perhaps they might see themselves isolated from regular humans because of said powers.
But this might just be me babbling on and thinking too much into it.

>> No.39900595

>n inherent part of the Epic power. Going mad is DIRECTLY caused by power use. If you want to avoid the corruption, you have to avoid using the power.

And yet there are ways insetting that you can reduce the amount of corruption the power causes by use. So that would actually directly imply there might be a way to remove it entirely, at least as far as some bullshit hax perk like cardfight anyway.

>> No.39900601

That seems a bit of an overreaction to a slight disagreement don't you think?

>> No.39900604

Can you explain how power rings work? They refill your energy but only when you are at full energy? You also say it never goes below having ten rings in it then say you can use them to exert yourself at full power... So it lasts infinite seconds because it stops using them when it reaches the last ten?

>> No.39900612

Have you seen these threads before?

He's doing it to avoid a shitstorm.

>> No.39900628

I tend to get really detached after twenty jumps. I come to a jump with a plan and want to interact with x, y, and z. If it is not that I could not give a single fuck. Its not like they're really real people, the universe is frozen and dead after I leave until at some point I wish to return.

Often times I go for amnesia drawbacks just because holy shit does being a small god get boring in most settings.

>> No.39900631

I've seen more problems caused by people overreacting to disagreement than from people disagreeing in the first place to be honest.

>> No.39900638

You will lose empathy for others, you will be irritable and quick to anger, you will be less likely to care about consequences (even to yourself).
You will have a fatal flaw (in jump) that will shut down your powers.
But, (if the jump gets made), you will have access to powers that rival high end jumps.

>> No.39900642

To be fair you did accuse him of trying to sell a cop-out when he was explaining the power. He being frank when he says he can't tell you what to do.

Abomination and the Animal Crossing perk springs to mind

By the way, could you give some examples of what powers there actually do?

>> No.39900669

We could be done like Worm, where Shard powers get emulated post Jump, so no more pesky shard shenanigans.

>> No.39900671

You accused him of a cop-out.

And he's been shat on heavily for trying to defend his end of an argument.

I don't blame him.

>> No.39900682

Whatever dude, you're in more of a mood to start a fight than I am.

>> No.39900683

Is capitulation really an overreaction in this case?

>> No.39900747

Drawbacks are limited to 600 CP right?

>> No.39900773

It's a sad outcome that even QS is starting to dislike speaking his mind in fear of shitstorms.

>> No.39900780


This is a reason the trilogy needs to be completed before the Jump is made.

The POV characters are still learning how the world works and the final book may turn most of what we know on its head.

>> No.39900791

Technically you are. In the games Zeti are pretty powerful. But I guess I'll change all of it to discounts. I intended for them to be super powerful but highly focused more so than any other background on there. I guess making it freebies was a bad call. So I'll Go change them to discounts.

>re-read that passage
God I'm retarded. Alright let me explain. Power rings act as a secondary source of energy. If you're too exausted to do anything the Rings act as a substitute to allow you to still pull off your bullshit powers. And they can act as an auxillary power source to some of your more complex powers. I'll reword it as I'm updating the jump for now. If you don't want to expend your energy doing something you use your collected rings instead. 50 rings can either last a while for sustained effects or all at once to protect you from injury, use for it for some bullshit magic blast etc. That's what it was intended to do. Sorry about the confusion. I get right to clarifying that.

Intended for you to take as much as you'd like. But I'll limit it to a generous 800cp if you want me too.

>> No.39900798

Because of how many different zones there are. If you wanked that the biggest is about the size of a small country or bigger and that the smallest might just still be the size of a personal home it would be massively occupied and explorable. Clearly there would be many areas that are better than others but just imagine the shear amount of content. It would be a fantastic vacation destination. Having the people that used their characters be actual game characters instead of being controlled. Roleplaying servers being actual worlds, clubs be hubs for the various worlds, and personal homes and islands being signs of prestige. The fun to be had.

It could be fantastic or horrible if done correctly. I've thought about it. Many of the drawbacks would be pretty obvious.

>> No.39900838

I'm fine either way, but 800 CP sounds like an alright cap to me at least.

>> No.39900844

Yes. QS did not capitulate. He went "fine, have it your way, break the rules for all I care". He's not admitting anything, or showing any respect for that anon. He's acting like a bored king allowing a peasant to do it his way.

His post was pretty funny though seeing as how we were talking about megalomaniac Epics.

>> No.39900850

>Exterminatus in a little black ball.

Hang onto that shit you crazy bastard.

>> No.39900891

Hydrokinesis to not only drown Manhattan, but keep the water at different levels.
Turning an entire city into steel.
FISS powers; Illusions; Reincarnation; Force-Fields; Shaped Matter Disintegration; Teleportation linked to Danger Sense; Luck Manipulation; Pre-Cognition; Alternate Reality shenanigans are a few examples.

>> No.39900908

What about a Problem Children jump?

>> No.39900909

Why does it seem like superhero novels are doing a way better job of being interesting than comics right now?

>> No.39900920

>not continuing an argument over canon setting rules for fear of shitstorm
>bitched at for not showing respect
Wow, QS really can't win.

>> No.39900940

Because DC and Marvel don't know what to do with heroes.

>> No.39900941

Welcome to JumpChain.

>> No.39900950

That anon wasn't bitching, he seemed supportive if anything.

I hate to bring this up again, but you know anons like you overreacting and attacking each other over posts directed at QS is what drove SoAnon out, right? So learn your lesson from that.

>> No.39900955

Or maybe he's just sick of being yelled at whenever he so much as tries to give his opinion on anything or tell people how a thing actually works.

Ever think of that? It's like that 40K story where there is always a viper in the Christmas stocking.

QS is sick of vipers.

>> No.39900970

Jesus. The anon you're complaining about made like two posts and you've been continuing to make sweeping statements of hate towards the entire thread for like a half hour since. You're causing more shit than anyone else.

>> No.39900984

How could it have come to this?

>> No.39900994

I'm not even the same guy. Not everyone who disagrees with you is one person, and I'm appalled that you're trying to defend someone who compared QS to a despot with literally no evidence to back that up.

>> No.39901003

Maybe it was a joke? No wonder SoAnon got sick of you people when you're this dense and defensive.

>> No.39901010

Alright Let's have everyone calm down.
Anons what is the most dickish thing you've ever done in a jump? Could be small could be very dickish.
In 9-5 I mixed reece's pieces, M&Ms and Skittles into the same bowl in my workplace.

>> No.39901031

I replaced everyone's milk with soy milk.

>> No.39901035

Because superhero comics are monthly affairs that are dozens of years old and a business unto themselves. The book equivalent would be those old pulp magazines and two fisted tales.

>> No.39901039

You fiend!

>> No.39901067

>claiming QS has no respect
>calling his attempts to describe canon stuff 'a cop-out'
>'lol it's a joke'
If that's a joke, it's not a very good one. Just saying.

>> No.39901088

You automatically assuming the worst of everyone and taking extreme offense to it is an outright poison to discussion.

>> No.39901120

You are worse, because you, or people who use exactly the same argument as you, only ever seem to post that argument when people point out being a dick is neither nice nor friendly.

>> No.39901123

Because comic books are expected to keep going on forever so writers have to shoehorn ways to keep drama going leading to poor writing and a preponderance of retcons? It's the reason nobody can have a stable relationship, batman can never become a well adjusted person and Peter Parker can never catch a break.
Also, books get closure, which certainly helps make them more interesting than comic books.

>> No.39901128

And I would do it again if I knew it would annoy my fellow workers.

>> No.39901133

Changed Pizza Bat Jr's ringtone to Banana Phone and made it so he couldn't change it back.

>> No.39901146

You didn't even know they were being a dick, is the thing. I read it as them lauding how QS acted, not attacking him. People otherwise just jumped on it.

>> No.39901159

>Really want to make a Floraverse Jump
>Not enough information to make one yet
wiki soon please fluffy, I have a mighty need

>> No.39901169

This is the Rajaat thing all over again. I don't care if Epics go evil, because I'm not an Epic but a jumper loaded on anticorruption perks. These are somehow worthless to make the setting harder than it should be and that's a shitty fanboyish thing to do.

>sorry for inconvenience

You know this was sarcastic and you know this leaves a very bitter taste to his capitulation.

>> No.39901186

It'd get there eventually I'm sure.

>> No.39901218

So after taking into account all the suggestions and criticism I've updated it properly this time. Thanks anons this jump looks MUCH better after your suggestions. Dodged a bullet there with the balancing issues.

Any thing else you anons wanna add to the jump before I close this for good? I would really like to see peoples reduxed Builds for this.

Ok this Captchas acting retarded It accepted a burrito and cats eating Chinese cuisine when I was supposed to find pizza.

>> No.39901232

You check out today's update of Itchy Itchy? So many questions on that cliffhanger.

>> No.39901244

Nope, I haven't read it since she bought candles or something, think that was the last page I saw.

>> No.39901261

>a jumper loaded on anticorruption perks
Gasp, you wanted your prior purchases to MEAN something? You monster.

>> No.39901276

The Jump hasn't been made yet.
Wait for the first draft, you might like how its handled. If not you can critique it then.

>> No.39901289

17. Sonic
Name: Nob D. Rat, Age: 13, Location: Central City, Origin: Mobian [-50], Era: Adventure
Perks: Vacuum Immunity [-100], Heightened Tolerance [-100], Iron Density [-50], Super-Sonic Speed [-150], Super-Sonic Reflexes [-150], Superstrength [-300],
Workaholic [-150], Eggscape Artist [-200]
Items: Gloves and Shoes, Tarot Cards [-50]
Drawbacks: Super-Drowning [+200], Mute [+100]

>> No.39901300

>settings shouldn't have rules!

See, I can strawman too.

>> No.39901301

That's fair and I can accept that.

>> No.39901310


How dare these fucking monsters actually try to make jumps that reflect the individual settings!?


>> No.39901319

Does the Zeti packaged set under Superior Condition include all the upward bounds you can progress towards or is it just the starting point of the superiors?

>> No.39901332

You're being really dumb. You and I both know that perks effect you and your powers. You don't need to use your defense of someone you like cloud your understanding of that.

>> No.39901338

Part of the fun of jumping for some is being able to break or bend those rules and shake things up.

>> No.39901361

>Stands can only be harmed by stands?

It's obvious that a setting has rules but it is also obvious that a jumper should be able to integrate his perks into each jump.

That's why stuff that hits incorpereals hits Stands and stuff that protects from corruption should protect from Epics corruption.

>> No.39901365

Drawbacks: Malevolent Architecture, Terrible Voice Acting, Plot Magnet, Mute, Super Drowning (1800)

Central City

Unchanged, Age 18

2kewl4physics (1500). How? Why? Jump fiat is as good an explanation as any other; this is clearly Jump-Chan trying to spice things up a little after Borderlands
Super Sonic Speed (1200). WHEEEEEEEEEEE
Super Anchoring (900). -EEEEEEEE okay that's enough of that
Super Strength (750). 2stronk
Extreme Gear: Gravity based (550). Never let a little thing like a gravity well get in the way of a morning jog
Iron Density (350). Because you just know accidents will happen when recklessly experimenting with high speed
Vacuum Immunity (150). Hey, might come in handy
Hammer Space Hammer (0). BONK

This was a simpler time, for simpler things-it was literally my fifth jump. I didn't have grand plans to take over the world, or strive against the gods. I didn't try to steal technology like some sort of cosmic master thief. I didn't have a billion voices in my head to micromanage my every decision. I just-ran places. Explored. Got into trouble, got out of it-crashed into buildings like the Kool-Aid Man because I didn't take the damned reflexes perk. Also because I had to communicate in sign language to a bunch of anthropomorphic animals-and I don't actually know sign language.

Yes, it was a simpler time. Losing that stupid haircut was the second best idea we ever had since those halcyon days

>> No.39901380

You know, for all the talk of spooky earlier, I'm surprised none of you Jumpers thank Mr. Skeltal.

But that brings me to another topic! Besides Jump-chan, who are you grateful for/to on your journeys?

>> No.39901384

THIS. Trying to enforce things brute force like that is just bad form and railroading. It also kills the interest of jumpers.

>> No.39901404


>> No.39901416

I thought Stands could be hit by enemies that have incorporeal attacks, Soul attacks, and other ghosts.

>> No.39901439

Naw just the starting point. If you want that sped up growth potential for strength and speed you'll have to take the perks for that.

Don't you want to wait for the Sonic Adventure by reploid for that?

Anyway what was your adventure like in Sonic land Anon?

I hope my changes didn't Disrupt your build TOO much Anti-spiral Anon

>> No.39901441

They probably can be. Ghosts can interact with them, so presumably things designed to affect ghosts and spirits can affect Stands. That's ultimately just fanon, though.

>> No.39901465

I am a person who respects my friends and allies. How can I not be grateful for having had this chance to meet them? By that extension Jump-Chan deserves BIG thanks.

>> No.39901467

My parents. All three hundred iterations of them. They've pretty consistently been good people. I haven't always gotten a chance to interact with them, sometimes they're dead by the start of the jump. But they always raised me right.

>> No.39901488

What jumps have upgrades for the Warehouse itself?

>> No.39901501

Dear Jumpchan,
Today I learned _______________.
Sincerely, hugs and kisses, Jumper.

>> No.39901508

I think we're talking about different floraverses.
I think you're talking about the Poppy o'Possum one. The one I'm talking about is the world Seeds and some other stuff is set in.

>> No.39901526

Oh, yeah. I was thinking about Poppy. I never heard of Seeds before.

>> No.39901528

Even your Vampire sire in WoD?

>> No.39901536

Nah, main change was really just getting the hammer and extreme gear instead of super sneaker-and THAT was mainly 'cos you added more room for drawbacks so. W-, well at the time I decided to spring for the Authentic Sonic Experience and went full INTERESTING TIMES for ten years. Other than that, it's kind of a blur (literally, spent most my time just getting the speed under control)

Now that I think about it-I kind of look like Shinji IRL

>> No.39901550

That Anon is a shit.

>> No.39901553



Or how about a Might and Magic Jump? It's a big series, there should be plenty of material.

I also like the idea of an RTS Jump, like Total annihilation - something grueling where a Jumper must rely more on his skills than his powers, and there isn't an easy way to avoid conflict.

>> No.39901559


> Era: Modern
> Location: EggmanLand [Rolled8]
> Race: Mobian (Cat) [-50CP]
> Vacuum Immunity [-100CP]
> Dramatic Ham [-50CP]
> Action Ham [-50CP]
> Super Sonic Speed [-150CP]
> Super Sonic Reflexes [-150CP]
> Iron Density [-50CP]
> Workaholic [-150CP]
> Poker Face [-100CP]
> Culinary Thumb [Get a Freebie!]
> Multiprocessing [-200CP]
> Sylish Gloves & Shoes [Get a Freebie!]
> Tarot Cards [-50CP]
> Friendly Whisp (Violet) [Get a Freebie!]
> Recolor (Blaze) [+100CP]

I'm more or less restricted to the Modern Era if I want to be a Blaze recolor, which is SURPRISINGLY IMPORTANT to me.

Clearly, my first action is to show up on Eggman's doorstep and demand to become his sidekick. I literally proclaim my devotion to him and do not leave until he says yes. I AM the annoying tagalong.
Afterwards I help build things and make him sandwiches.

And that's basically it. I spend the whole jump as Eggman's apprentice. Because he's awesome, hilarious, has high tolerance for recolors, and makes cool things.
I also study like all the designs for everything he does. But this is slotted in before I had an easy means of scanning stuff, so I literally just end up studying a lot.
And I told him how to make FMA Red Stones. So that's neat.

I also wear rocket boots and sometimes antagonize Sonic for giggles. And Blaze when she's around. Especially Blaze.

I don't know what the last game I'll live through in this timeline is. I'd really like to know.
BTW, it's spelled "Wisp".

>> No.39901562

Well you DID get in the fucking robot somewhere down the line

>> No.39901577

>Dear Jumpchan,
>Today I learned how to petrify beings with my eyes using Blue Magic and a dead Basilisk.
>Sincerely, hugs and kisses, Jumper.

>> No.39901650

Zeti should just get "Longevity" free. That's 400cp for 300cp investment. Discounts for everything else. You are a young version of your species right? They need a 100cp ability. That would put it to 500cp for 300cp which is pretty good investment.

>> No.39901664

Its pretty great. The art is fantastic and it keeps me hungry for world details. Last week a sort of intermission bit between chapters started called Itchy Itchy which you don't need any background in the rest of the comic to follow that has been pretty neat. I'm completely on edge waiting for the next update.

>> No.39901688

>Dear Jumpchan,
>Thanks for letting me get episodes of my adventures from Courage Jump and a radio with my voice interviewing famous people from Tropico Jump. Now I can watch myself listening to myself while listening to myself!
>Sincerely, lots of love, the increasingly Narcissistic Jumper.
>P.S. The chocolate chips are in the usual spot. Praise be to Jumpchan!

>> No.39901711

Man, be careful with that Blue Magic. The last thing you want to learn is the "Make Jumper vomit his internal organs" spell.

>> No.39901737

Sea slugs do that.

>> No.39901738

I'll have you know sea cucumbers know many valuable skills. And that one, but still. There's also "Shape of the Loofah"

>> No.39901742

>Don't you want to wait for the Sonic Adventure by reploid for that?
I didn't know. I'll change it to classic.

And I have very little plans for Sonic-land. It's mostly a vacation jump. Wander the zones, build houses, leave them to be abandoned, repeat. During those times when Eggman is being a butt, I'll just use magic and psychic powers to get him to leave me alone.

>> No.39901779


Not the Bioshock ones, that's for sure.

>> No.39901801

Dear Jump-Chan,
Today we learned why kids love cinnamon toast crunch. Through that, we believe we might just have made the breakthrough to divining the true nature of CP. For if we've learned one thing from this journey, it is that Choice controls everything-and without Choice, you cannot protect anything, let alone yourself. We stand on distant shores, unable to comprehend your transcent glory-but each day, we come a little closer to intuiting your true nature. Will we finally understand who and what you are when this journey ends, or will we spend eternity unable to answer that enigma?
Sincerely, hugs and kisses, Jumper

PS: We still on for dinner tomorrow? It's our jumpday anniversary party thing, so-we won't peek at your present if you don't peek at ours!

Lord of Light and Unholy Heights both have nice aesthetic warehouse mods. Generic Fighting Game and Killing Instinct can grant you a gym in there.

Our companions, be they saints, gods or monsters.

>> No.39901804 [DELETED] 

>> No.39901816

>not taking adventure and waiting for Shadow to go "ULTIMATE LIFEFORM"
>then crashing through the wall as a horrible Final Form monstrosity and show him up.

>> No.39901854

My Companions.

>> No.39901861

>Not being an obviously more ultimate-er him.
>Not calling him an alpha test

>> No.39901876

SHIT I misspelled something from one of my favorite modern Sonic games!

I guess I should include what era gets you where.
But generally:

Classic: Start you around Sonic 1 to Before Adventure 1
Adventure: Adventure 1 to Sonic 06
Modern: Sonic Unleashed onward

So technically you'd be in the Adventure era as that's when blaze first appeared.

>changing for something a Zeti naturally has
I'm stupid. They naturally have one Wonder skill, Longevity, and Technopathy
Would make no sense to not make them all free. Discounts on everything else.
If I have to I'll up the pricing on them, and restrict them to Modern era because of their entry in the wiki. As they're pretty powerful in the games.


>> No.39901903

Forgot to mention that you are a young variant of one. Not even as special or powerful as the one seen in the games. Should check and see if I mentioned that. If not I'll pencil it in.

>> No.39901919

I'd leave the 'you're not special and will never be powerful' bit out. Always thought it was dumb to dry and drill inferiority into people's heads like that.

>> No.39901943

> Adventure 1 to Sonic 06
So Sonic 06 is part of Adventure?

>> No.39901947


>> No.39901975

Dear Jumpchan,
Today we learned that "like rabbits" was no joke. Really we should have seen it coming, given the fertility powers we took in supernatural and for our misc meta, and given that Usagi was a proven mother already, but the ease with which things progressed shocked even us.

On the upshot, we only have one week in october that we really need to focus on for our children's birthdays.
Sincerely, Jumper, Usagi, Kousagi, Koyomi and Josh

>> No.39902014

Alrighty then I'll leave it out.

06 kinda was supposed to bring a new age of Adventure like games to the table. Had it been successful Adventure era would have lasted MUCH longer. But alas it effectively killed it. Because of the way it played and what console it played on it could be either. I chose it was part of the Adventure era due to the what it represented. The last in the series to represent this kind of style. If you disagree feel free to explain why. I'll change it if it contradicts established knowledge.

>> No.39902018


. . . .Well, at least we have really nice handwriting.

>> No.39902022

>and Josh
I bet he feels left out compared to the rest of his lapine family.

>> No.39902026

The thing is if the jump is made it sounds like letting people go "lol anti-corruption" would completely shatter the balance. I'd say if it is made (probably after the third book as mentioned here: >>39900780) it's probably best to phrase it such that the mental changes are required for the powers to function. Sure you might be able to go in with psionics and forcefully return yourself to about normal but just preventing the changes causes the power to fail.

Because seriously from what I'm hearing these are Endbringer tier powers (minus the durability).

>> No.39902029

Could've at least been Jack like jackrabbit or something yeah.

>> No.39902042

That's exactly what people were complaining about. You're intentionally altering the mechanics to try and make sure it no-sells our perks and renders them useless for no reason other than trying to protect this setting you like.

>> No.39902046


Wasn't even Peter, like Peter Cottontail. . . .

>> No.39902074

He'll have to inherit my legacy from JoJo someday, needed to have a name that could abbreviate thusly.

Jack, though, I'm totally keeping that for when this goes further.

>> No.39902093

OK this is just a minor update and a price re-evaluation for the Zeti background only. Since they essentially get like 1200cp worth of perks for free. I Double their pricing for the background. Should be fair right? R-right? Oh god pleas be right

>> No.39902124

In my rush to leave for home I forgot the fucking PDF.

But anyway here it is. Have to leave for a while will be back to answer any questions you might have.

>> No.39902128

>1200 CP worth of perks free

Really? I'm not familiar with the series but >>39901650's suggestion seems a bit more sensible than that. 1200 worth of perks free seems rather...extreme.

>> No.39902140

Peter's kinda a badass too.

>> No.39902143

Generally I recommend just pricing the background at half the value of any perks beyond 100 they get for free. Oddly enough this is why despite me generally preferring all origins being free jump design wise Percy Jackson only has Drop In free (Monster costs 100 because it gets high quality multi purchase perks discounted).

>> No.39902144

It really doesn't matter as long as the pricing is consistent, to be honest.

>> No.39902152

How about, using them makes you go crazy and perks help you resist it, but you'll eventually hit the point where the corruption overwhelms your resistance? Also, post jump going without using them for awhile causes their influence to fade. Maybe give drop-ins a super expensive perk to resist the corruption?

>> No.39902153

Wait hold-I misread something. Um. Okay-at this point, I'm not sure how to approach this-but I'm definitely okay with a doubled price background at least.

>> No.39902164

That's altering the effects of another jump's perks.

>> No.39902171

What do you mean by consistent? As it stands the background alone is still a pretty good bargain

>> No.39902182

I mean 1200 free perks isn't a big deal as long as the price of the background reflects it. Makes sense?

>> No.39902184

Personally, I consider it to be part of the Modern era due to the vast difference in tone from basically all previous games... and the fact that Sonic Generations also places it there. Crisis City is in the last third of the game.

Not that I'm exactly looking forward to that, mind you, but it makes more sense to me to have it there.

>> No.39902203


Yeah, Peter is a strong name any man would be proud of. Very hard, fills you with confidence.

>> No.39902204

No, it's saying that it eventually gets to the point where it overwhelms another jump's perks. Like how getting durability perks doesn't mean someone can't hurt you by punching you really, really hard.

>> No.39902209

We're talking about an immunity perk, though.

>> No.39902222

You don't have to be a dick about it.

>> No.39902226

Oh yeah-like the "God" background in Lord of Light. Agreed.

>> No.39902232


Well how about you stop being so cocksure!

>> No.39902251

I've had a hard Peter fill me with confidence before.

>> No.39902255

Oh, I'm looking forward to Sonic '06. The chance to take out my frustrations on that game is too good to miss. Everyone will be punched. EVERYONE. There will not be a single character who won't be punched, not even the nameless NPCs. They all deserve it.

>> No.39902257

Local drawbacks override external perks.

The corruption aspect should be placed in a drawback, possibly mandatory for taking the epic powers

>> No.39902277

>misspelling Dvorak
>have to find a way to murder the Instrumentality
More seriously, that movement a best. Good choice is good for any given battle

>> No.39902279

Let me get this straight. If you pick Sonic as your first jump so you have no other perks... You die the first time you try to use your super speed? Maybe not die but at least tear your legs apart.

Also, Zeti still have a free 600 cp perk, is that intentional?

>> No.39902282

Drawbacks do, but not really persistent aftereffects.

>> No.39902285


Da, is very hard being Peter.

>> No.39902290

I'm generally assuming the backgrounds will be three types of (relatively) normal people (with maybe the transference type available as a capstone) and Epic as the final (500-1000) origin. Although yeah perhaps letting you effectively choose how much you lower your defenses might work (with the addendum that the powers are better the more you lower it).
The thing is going by >>39900534 the person giving out powers is doing so with the intent of them driving the user mad. It's not too huge a leap to assume that if you're completely preventing the madness from occurring that it will just revoke them.

Admittedly I haven't read the series proper and more was proposing a possible solution.

>> No.39902325

He's not around after the jump.

>> No.39902390

Honestly it was fine with 300cp. Just don't give them everything for free.

Longevity doesn't seem to be a 400cp perk. "Living long as time" is like 100cp maybe 200cp perk. Superior Condition is should also be 300cp.

>> No.39902575

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

>> No.39902586

Dear Jumpchan,
Today I learned how to build circutry that allows a bound soul to function as an AI. Unfortunately, they keep self-terminating within 10 seconds of creation. Will work on this.
Sincerely, hugs and kisses, Jumper.

>PS: A great man told me necromancy requires sacrifices. Not on your part, but on others. Seriously, somebody's gonna at least lose an arm at some point.

>> No.39902622

>not wanting a second chance at life

What kind of whacked-out souls are you working with?

>> No.39902636

Would it be possible to get a set of Potara Earrings as my Undercon Wonder in the InfiniCon Jump?

>> No.39902649

If you pick up DnD Psionics you can pick up a power that's basically the fusion dance.

>> No.39902650

Well if that's the case then I'll bump down the prices further for them since it really isn't that big a deal then. I'll lower it accordingly.

>difference in tone
Shall I redirect you to shadows explicit death or his backstory in Adventure 2 or the entirety Shadow the Edgehog? It really is no more serious than the others in the adventure era. And it has literally nothing in common with the modern style gameplay. The closest to it being Lost world.

This version means that everything gets a price reduction. But doing the calculations again Zeti gets 1000cp of freebies 200cp in discounts. And not much else since. So I might bump down the price of Zeti back to 300. Is this acceptable?

>> No.39902654

Dear Jump-chan,

Today I learned that Homunculi are scumbags! Except Greed, he's cool. He gets to live.

Sincerely, hugs and kisses, Jumper.

P.S. I'll wait until I can actually raise the dead to go there. Wish me luck in stick-figure land!

>> No.39902718

Probably some firmware quirk. I was pretty drunk when I threw together the whole nerv-sys-analogue tree. You'd think I'd have a good understanding of human pain receptors by now...

>> No.39902741

Do you need to buy another perk to survive sonic super speed, or does it provide some protection despite saying it doesn't?

>> No.39902749

My companions and, like this >>39901467
anon said, my parents.


>> No.39902769

Fighting Foodons
Saints Row
Lost Kingdoms
Spiral Knights
Dark Messiah
Crusader Kings II
Custom Robo
Legend of Grimrock
Oregon Trail
Sins of a Solar Empire
Sword of the Stars

>> No.39902773

Have you tried going to your Madness Place?

>> No.39902779

>working while drunk
You're a shame to necromancers everywhere.

>> No.39902791

>Spiral Knights
Before they chased out OAA he and Reploid had this planned.

>> No.39902793

I need these. So bad.

>> No.39902797

Spiral Knights is being worked on, in fact being released as an imaged jump.

Everything else is open
do Custom Robo pls

>> No.39902822

>"Living long as time" is like 100cp maybe 200cp perk.
I'm sorry, what? A majority of those perks have reached 300-400CP in other jumps.

>> No.39902823

>implying anyone outside Japan could properly do a Custom Robo Jump
We only had the one english gamecube one.

>> No.39902828

One-Arm's just on break, don't worry.

>> No.39902832

We had the one on DS too.

>> No.39902835

Man, I've been doing this upwards of 12,000 years. I could rig up a 7th level mass-revival with both hands behind my back and only two drams of virgin blood work with.

Not my fault I underestimated the potency of dragon liquor. Hell, it's been aging in the warehouse for the past seven jumps too. Shit would have probably killed me if I was still mortal.

>> No.39902843

To be fair, we had the gamecube and the DS one

Doesnt help none of the N64 ones are translated as far as i know

>> No.39902844

Dear Jumpchan,
Today I learned that it's really important to tell my allies about my "projects" so that they don't think I'm actually some spy trying to use their resources to build a superweapon.
-Sincerely, hugs and kisses, Jumper.

>> No.39902850

Ha, show me a recent jump with a perk that's just 'you live a long time'. Most of those are part of being a vampire or a zombie or something with a bunch of powers bundled in.

>> No.39902851

Umm question wouldn't metroid jump not allow a suit like samus' be owned by jumpers it was there would only be one made? Also the suit is fairly powerful in the setting itself right?

>> No.39902871

Uhh. Well since Sonic was done during the early days of Jumpchain it originally didn't provide any protection. So you have to either buy either Reflexes, Iron Density or both.

>> No.39902872

I'm working on a Metroid jump- slowly- but it's been slow going between other projects and life in general.

Here, have some of the perks:

>100CP Student of Nature
> Animals with minor replicas of your Perks keep popping up. They are almost invariably friendly to you. All they seem to do is play and show off with the Perk though, and they’ll always have a useful trick or two that you might not have thought of.

>600CP Meta-Neo-Dark-Reborn-Omega-Mecha-Jumper
> Somehow you just. Don’t. Die. You possess the uncanny grit, determination, and just sheer dumb luck to dodge death. You may be on death’s very doorstep, but if you can hold on- and you can- then something will find you and do their very best to restore you.
> Sure, you might be part cyborg, part parasite, part radioactive, part cloned tissue, part magic- and beholden by some means or another to the party that just invested so much time and effort to bring you back again- but you’re still alive, and that’s what counts, right?
> One caveat- this perk won’t kick in until whoever tried to do you in in the first place is no longer observing you.

>100CP Meditation
> First and foremost, the Chozo were enlightened beings. You have learned the art of meditation to achieve calm, engage in reflection, and approach personal enlightenment. You have also learned contortion in the process.

Yes, there's an Other M drawback.

>> No.39902878

If I can't get a pet wolver companion i'mma be real disappointed.

>> No.39902881

That's up to the jump maker. Plenty of jumps give you things that would otherwise be one of a kind. And while Samus' suit is pretty amazing in the setting and should be priced accordingly, it's nowhere near the sort of thing that is too strong to be offered.

>> No.39902883


I had forgotten this perk existed. This pretty much exactly fits a niche I was looking to fill too, since it reads like it would go a long way towards compensating for the weaknesses of Path to Victory.

It's probably going to be really cool.

>> No.39902895

I just want to be a gremlin.

>> No.39902898

>Other M drawback


I kid, I kid. Surely it couldn't have been that bad!

>Ridley perk

You forgot to add the caveat of TOO BIG

>> No.39902904

What would happen if you carried the Joker Pulls Boner Drawback over to Madoka?

>> No.39902905

how much should it be priced? Like 700, 800cp?

>> No.39902911

I want to be infused with Chozo, Metroid, and X-parasite DNA while also filling my veins with Phazon. If these aren't purchasable I am just going to spend my entire stay gathering up the samples to splice into myself.

>> No.39902914

The one I'm eagerly awaiting is Gravity Falls, and I think Alera Anon is working on it. I know someone is.

>> No.39902929

It is, in fact, Alera.

My big plan for Gravity Falls is to sit down and have a completely normal conversation with Bill Cipher, then part on amicable terms.

>> No.39902932

The suit is top level tech, but only for two reasons, Morph Ball, and the ability to add other tech into itself. Otherwise it's a pretty good suit of armor. However I don't know that either of those are really such great things as to restrict them, high price sure, but not prevent people for getting it. There are already perks out there that would let you combine tech like the suit does, and the morph ball isn't special as an ability, it's just a really unusual thing to be able to do in setting because of how it works.

>> No.39902934

When's the last time you saw him?

>> No.39902940

...Why would you want Phazon in your system? Don't you know what that does to a person/animal/plant/mineral/planet/LOCAL SPACE TIME?

There'll probably be something about hybrid splicing and crap, given Metroid Fusion.

>> No.39902954

Because I want crazy mutant blue koolaid powers and I don't give a single shit about remaining remotely human or sane looking. I will just embrace the madness.

>> No.39902956

There better be a discount for Space Pirates and TOOOBS
>You learn the secrets of tubes, as long as there is a ponderous and unorthodox amount of tubes on something you build it works even better

>> No.39902961



>> No.39902963

I'd really like a Mana Khemia/Atelier Whoever jump. Or something like Endless Frontier.

>> No.39902994

>Delicious candy

>> No.39902995

Needs a science perk, probably called TUUUUUUBES!, and I would kill for something like the scan visor from Prime. Maybe a pet Metroid too. If you want to give people something like powered armor, maybe copy some designs from the other hunters from the, aptly named, Metroid Prime: Hunters?

Oh, and a drawback where you lose all your powers an hour into the jump and have to find them hidden throughout the world.

>> No.39902997

Those "Homura is a weirdo" 4koma.

>> No.39903000

I take it Student of nature is for things like the Etecoons and Dacora? Sounds fun. Can I take them as pets? Not to train as assistants or anything, that's clearly not the intent, I just don't think I'd be able to resist the urge to take cute friendly magic animals with me.

Meta-Neo-Dark-Reborn-Omega-Mecha-Jumper has way too long a name. I get the joke, but come on, cut at least two prefixes from that. As for the perk itself, looks okay. You should probably include a clause that people who make absolute sure that you're dead will keep you from using it. You sort of have that already with the "they need to no longer be watching you", bit, but this way you can't miraculously survive getting your brains exploded. Unless you could do that anyway, of course.

>> No.39903012

Last time I heard about gravity falls was just before I picked up my name.

Last post from them I can see on archive.moe was Apr 28th.

>> No.39903013

>path to victory

Ain't PtV mainly a precog effect? My way of compensating for its weaknesses was to simply stack other precog perks to get a clearer idea of the intermediate steps in the "walkthrough" it provides

>> No.39903019

I don't know about him, but I want to add phazon to myself because delicious candy.

Actually though Phazon's pretty cool stuff I would just want to research it and how it actually works before I did anything with it. Though being Primal zerg, and a Prototype, as well as a few other things, I think my has the upper hand against Phazon.

>> No.39903028

What's so top level about Morph Ball? You mean the whole "transforms you into energy and encapsulates that in armor" thing? I never really bought that explanation, the Morph Ball is clearly big enough to contain Samus curled into a ball without any transformation.

>> No.39903056

That's the stated reason, and yea it sounds silly.

>> No.39903065

>I think I have the upper hand against Phazon

>> No.39903109

The version of PtV the jump gives you has two main drawbacks:

1. It only tells you how to do what you asked it, so you can screw yourself over by not asking the right questions or by being put on a path that has some terrible downside unrelated to your stated goal.

2. It just tells you what you need to do, it doesn't actually help you do it. Like, it'll tell you that throwing a knife at a certain angle will cause it to ricochet 37 times and strike the target, but it doesn't actually help you pull that off.

2kelw4physics sounds like it would help with the second weakness, but not the first.

>> No.39903112

When you inject Cthulhu with Cthulhu Juice you just end up with Double Cthulhu, you know?

>> No.39903192

I'm going to go ahead and point at my note on Generations, then, since you chose to ignore that entirely, and I feel like that's where the greater argument lies, whereas my own personal feelings about tone or setting are pretty immaterial.

I mean, when Sega goes ahead and lists things out in three different sections, all like, "This is the Classic era, and this is the Adventure era, and this is the Modern era, and this game, which has Crisis City, is in the third group", I tend to take that as a pretty solid indicator, given that they are the creators of those games.


> 06 kinda was supposed to bring a new age of Adventure like games to the table. Had it been successful Adventure era would have lasted MUCH longer.
I disagree! '06 wasn't even called '06. It was just titled "Sonic the Hedgehog", and was released alongside a shitty GBA port of the original classic game. Sega was planning to reboot the whole series in a new direction, like, "This is the new face of Sonic".
And then it failed pretty miserably because rushed and poorly implemented game mechanics with many, many bugs tend to be bad for business. So they backpedaled and went for lighter and happier. But '06 was always meant to indicate a radical change in the way Sonic was going to be from that point, down to the dramatic change in Eggman's character design.

>> No.39903201

Researching 14 ARR. It'll be in my backlog unless somebody wants to take it. Which I don't mind. Between the four? of us, there haven't been many others who made FF jumps.

>> No.39903210

Yeah, the name is a bit ridiculous. I'll consider it once v1 is actually ready.

Meta-Omega-Reborn-Jumper is basically 'if they don't check that you're really dead, your survival is guaranteed, up to and including aid from mysterious third parties'.

>+300CP Bag of Spilling
>Your non-skill endowing Perks, except for your three most favored and those from this Jump, are missing. Obviously hostile Perk Guardians will appear throughout this Jump, each with a single missing Perk of yours. Defeating them will restore the relevant Perk. (Explicitly, killing the animals created by Student of Nature will not restore Perks.)

Sound good?

>> No.39903212

>Delicious candymind

>> No.39903219

You know, other than the mind control coming from the phazon planet/dark samus, a number of beings weren't changed all that much by the phazon.

>> No.39903246

I started playing FF14 two weeks ago. Its a pretty cool game, the dungeons are well designed.

>> No.39903247

Ah forgot about that forgive me. Then I shall rearrange things accordingly. Can't argue with established canon. God I'm so forgetful.

>> No.39903248

Dark Samus? What the crap kind of lazy ass name is Dark Samus?

Perhaps you mean Metroid Prime, the BBEG for which that trilogy of games was named for?

>> No.39903291

That's a lot of boss fights to have. I've got close to a thousand perks now. Can we bundle similar ones together? Otherwise I'm going to spend the entire ten years doing nothing but hunting down Perk Guardians.

>> No.39903301

If you're volunteering to make it, go right ahead.

>> No.39903302

>Lost Kingdoms
Solid 6.5/10 game. Card Captor and Yugioh would work so well with it too.

>> No.39903330

Nope. I'd rather play FF14 than spend time writing a pdf about hypothetically playing FF14.

But if you got any questions about the jobs in the game I could probably answer them. I don't really know shit about crafting yet, just been focusing on my murder levels.

>> No.39903353

Good point, I'll make a note to touch up the language so something like that's an option.

>> No.39903358

Played it already. But don't really care to renew subscription.

>> No.39903368

The final weakness is that PtV is EXTREMELY BORING.

Use some creativity, man.

>> No.39903389

Why bother with creativity? Use PtV to figure out how to make PtV interesting.

>> No.39903390

So, one perk tree devoted to snark, one perk tree for merchant shenanigans, and one perk tree for fluffy tail?

>> No.39903417


Hey, PtV, how do I achieve Goal X?
> Step 1 to 495

Uh. Okay. How do I do it in an interesting way that will provide the pleasure of creativity and originality?
> Stop using PtV.

>> No.39903449

Dokapon Kingdom

>> No.39903456

>Use PtV to figure out how to make PtV interesting.

>> No.39903475

It's what Metroid Prime is called after it's in the suit. I don't get your issue with calling it Dark Samus.

>> No.39903515

FUCKING GAME SERIES IS GOAT. I want a little bit of something from each series. Early era based around patience, timing, and puzzle solving, The later era being more action oriented with larger set of moves, weapons and raw power. Just like how the games progressed

>> No.39903517

Perhaps we should call it the baby.

>> No.39903573

Does it remind you of the babe?


>> No.39903575

Darkwing Duck

>> No.39903603

It's disgustingly boring, naming a character simply in contrast to her opponent. It suggests that they're a caricature empty of character, existing simply to oppose the named individual- and Prime has plenty of character. She taunts and manipulate enemies, she encourages worship like behavior in her minions, she's petty and vengeful, she shows tactical and logestical acumen, and her fighting style is utterly different from Samus.

>> No.39903611

>Hey PtV how do I achieve Goal X in the most entertaining way possible for myself and Jump-Chan?
>Hey PtV what is best in life?
>Hey PtV where is the greatest adventure in this world?
>not Ensouling PtV to be your personal secretary for achieving maximum overfun

>> No.39903636

It sounds really, really useful, but that one aspect is what's stopping me from taking it. I keep waffling on what I want to take, I'm bouncing between:

For holodeck and shenanigans. Depending on precision, it also might offer the possibility of doing stuff like simply blinding and deafening everyone in range when I need to get serious.

>Soft Physics
For toon shenanigans, but it seems maybe just a little too silly, and I'm not sure exactly what this power does. Plus, it could make me too tough when combined with mind protecting perks.

Boring, but really, really crazy useful

>Complete Arsenal
Huge number of applications and, by definition, useful in pretty much any situation and can shore up any hole left by other perks and abilities. Plus, seeing all the crazy powers it spits out could be fun too. The problem is I feel that the powers being weaker means this ability will be overshadowed by the other perks picked up over time from other jumps.

>> No.39903643

If "Let's Get Dangerous" is not a perk I will shank someone

>> No.39903661

In a similar vein to >>39903575, Ducktales.

>> No.39903667

Would you shank a duck?

>> No.39903695

>Not taking the best power.
Enhanced mastery all the way man. Just think what a millennium or two of using that perk to learn magic/clarktech/magiteck would let you acomplish.

>> No.39903700

Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Maybe not based entirely on that jump, but a general feel of a world with detectives and cartoons.

Also, a 0 CP drawback that adds a question mark.

>> No.39903728

>I'm just drawn that way perk and/or drawback.

>> No.39903733

>Hey PtV what is best in life?
>Hey PtV where is the greatest adventure in this world?

"Paths given are effective based on your desires, but your power decides those parameters by analyzing you. Your biases can very well leak into the path."

Basically, if you ask those questions, it'll tell you what you already suspect or know, which may or may not actually be correct.

> Complete Arsenal
Imaginary Form actually does everything that this one does, on top of that you get more control, on top of that the powers are top-tier instead of merely mid-high tier.

The only downsides are that you do one big thing instead of three or four smaller ones, and that it requires you to transform yourself into something odd.

The first downside is less problematic for Jumpers than for parahumans, because we can get our Required Secondary Powers elsewhere.

The second downside can be circumvented entirely by This Is, In Fact, My Final Form.

>> No.39903763

>Drawback where Doom is immune to dip and is after you

>> No.39903770

I would shank forty ducks. That's as many as four tens.

> Enhanced mastery
> learn magic

"This power only effects your skills, developed attributes like strength or energy pools aren’t affected."

You might end up not being able to cast those spells, because magic tends to not only be a learned skill but also a developed attribute in terms of a kind of fuzzy enlightenment. 100 skill in Destruction, but a total beginner's magicka pool, to use TES lingo.

>> No.39903801

>40 ducks

But that's terrible!

>> No.39903823

Also keep in mind that failing to follow the path perfectly will mean the path changes itself to compensate for your failures. And the Path is precise enough that stuff like spending a second looking at the Path without autopilot on will cause it to change to adjust (please note you don't have the autopilot feature). Admittedly it probably won't change too much from that but it will be troublesome.

>> No.39903824

Darkness Jump. As in the comics.

>> No.39903826

I already have huge reserves because LoSS dragon combined with Inukami Kitsune and gift of the thousand master and that Iji perk that cuts resource use in half. And a bunch of other magic stuff. There are very very few spells I wouldn't be able to cast. And learning magic for that long would certainly increase my mana pool from all that practice. Even if not to the extent that enhanced mastery increases my my skill in using said pool.

>> No.39903876

>Drawback where there's pictures of you playing patty cake floating around

>Drawback where you die if you laugh too hard

>The deed to toontown in your name as an item

>> No.39903903

I can only see bad things happen if a jumper has the deed to toontown.

>> No.39903915

That Imaginary Form trick is what I'm planning on doing. It effectively lets me do anything, I just need to put some time into figuring out how to, first. And I have a VR hyperbolic time chamber to experiment in, so I have all the time in the world.

>> No.39903926

That's pretty bad, huh?

What if Toontown follows you between jumps?

>> No.39903939

>install your Rollercoaster Tycoon park within Toontown
>Mr Bones' Wild Ride

>> No.39903953

Do you really wish to unleash toontown onto other worlds?
You monster.

>> No.39903957

That's what I did.

Honestly, I find my magic skills get underutilised thanks to Imaginary Form. Why bother learning specific spells when you have a power that explicitly does everything?

>> No.39903998

As a side note, one of these days I'm going to have to figure out just what exactly went down for me in Sonic '06.
Because I don't know exactly what the hell happened, but it basically involved me running around with Silver for awhile, swearing at everything in a constant tirade that would have turned me blue if my fur wasn't already that colour, and turning Mephiles into a Philosopher's Stone.

Also, pissed off Eggman a bit at the time because I was really fucking crabby starting out, and then abruptly disappeared to work laterally against him.

> Egg: "Once I possess the flames of disaster, I'll be able to rule the world!"
> Me: "Do you have a way to contain it?"
> Egg: "Not offhand, no."
> Egg: "I WAS GOING TO."

>> No.39904018

Please tell me you took the Edge drawback.

>> No.39904076

No. Why the hell would I take that? That would lock me in for the entire jump and I wouldn't be able to enjoy anything. I was really very upbeat and happy to be working with Eggman the rest of the jump.
I just hate Sonic '06 and it negatively affected my mood.

Also, my build's right here: >>39901559

>> No.39904114

Imaginary Form is limited by the actually semi possible. Complete Arsenal can get you great not at all doable by form changes stuff like seeing the future and doesn't require you to work out forms to actually do stuff.
>Note that while you can become anything you can imagine, this doesn’t mean you can just imagine “A thing that does X” and have that ability.
Sensorium is also amazing because it can do illusions for any senses including stuff like balance or touch. They're much less likely to think it's an illusion that they lost their arm if they can't feel it anymore but can feel the pain of having lost it.

>> No.39904150

Coupled with Crimson Saint, Sufficiently Analysed Magic, and a couple stacks of Genius, you can probably work out the physics/math/magical theory to make Imaginary Form literally do anything.

Although I do like Sensorium. It seems like it could affect even people and things immune to mind-manipulation, because you're actually creating the sensations, not hacking the mind.

>> No.39904184

In a related vein, I think Sensorium could be good for intimidation because it sounds like "feel indescribable agony in every fiber of your being" is a valid illusion. Might not work on people with strong wills, but people aren't going to fuck with you if you can make them feel like they got punched in the nuts 100 times.

>> No.39904217

That sounds like a pretty primitive usage. You could just actually punch them in the nuts 100 times.

Maybe you could even make them experience agony that they would not otherwise be capable of experiencing. Torture them by mangling organs they don't even *have*.

>> No.39904222

What kind of precision does Sensorium have? Does it let you give everyone in range their own, unique illusion, or does everyone share the same illusion? Could you make one guy think he's on fire, or would you have to make everyone think he's on fire?

Also, I had a fun idea for Sensorium where you'd use you illusions to create your costume. Then I realized this is actually a stupid idea because then people can tell when they're no longer in your range by looking at you.

>> No.39904236

Ah okay, assumed you were talking about the power as a base as opposed to perk combo. Although Complete Arsenal would likely happily supply you with matter creation and/or ridiculously precise shapeshifting to let you pull similar stunts.

>> No.39904243

Seems like both would work, really, given that the perk mentions both misdirection/deception, which might indicate individually-tailored illusions, as well as holodecking, which indicates mass shared hallucinations.

>> No.39904268

Likely, but not reliably. It could always decide that the best powerset for doing something is transforming you into some kind of sanity-shattering sentient black hole, instead of letting you do things the way you want to do them.

I don't like it for the same reason I don't like Path to Victory: between controlling the results or controlling the methods, I'd prefer the latter, even if it means my results become a little unpredictable.

Perks like Precise from DC can go a long way towards helping you both do what you want and get what you want.

>> No.39904338

Yeah reliably, it gives you what it judges as the best powers for the situation (as of a few minutes ago), by the time you hit that perk combo something along those lines will likely always be one of the best powers for the situation (specifics may change but you'll certainly get something along those lines). Even if it's not you don't actually have to release old powers, you can hold them as long as you want.

>> No.39904356


Hmm I wouldn't mind a daughter, she wouldn't go without being spoiler considering how Father Alexander treats Shinji and Taylor. I would have to give up a slot as I'm taking Stick Shift with me for a little while at least.

Anyway the Transformers Jump:

Do you have any idea how terrible it is when a you and a childhood hero don't get along? One of my few pre-jump memories left is of watching Optimus Prime kickass on tv.

Well I'm not that person anymore by any means but the way we always grated and argued with each other was pretty saddening at times.

True I was technically a Decepticon who joined the autobots but it was more than that. I think Prime just knew what I was capable of in battle. So basically I was in charged of my companions and was given Stick Shift as another team member. And whenever we did reactivated on Earth we ended up in our own base.

Also I got that fusion canon I wanted! We stoled Megatron's arm and Rits made a copy for me. Eventually he got his back, Stick Shift though helping the Decepticons was a good idea. They left him tied up and covered in a industrial waste.

But I tell you no one was more feared in our group than Rits, apparently even her background she received the nickname Dr Disassembler. Things got even more crazy when she actually showed up with DC technology. She had a giant robot programmed to guard her lab on Cybertron and it had 'This robot is programmed to eat your spark".

Also Father Alexander actually started up Christianity on Cybertron, I have no idea how he accomplished it.

>> No.39904357

I know, but it's just the loss of control that I don't like. I appreciate Arsenal for its versatility, but I'd rather not trust that my power knows better than me.

>> No.39904394

>Also Father Alexander actually started up Christianity on Cybertron, I have no idea how he accomplished it.
The Cybertronians were given life by the sacrifice of their god and ritually partake of his body and blood. I don't think they have too far to go to accept Christianity. Just change the dogma to assume that Primus is separate but connected aspect of God in a similar manner to how Jesus is. Bam, there's your Cybertronian Christianity.

>> No.39904434

You know, I could just turn the Toon Jump into a Who Framed Roger Rabbit Jump, though it'd be delayed a bit as I'd feel the need to read the book.

>> No.39904461

"When I killed your brother, I looked! just! like! THIS!" (-300 CP): gain a horrifying combat form

>> No.39904510

Nah, Toon sounds more free form.

>> No.39904533

Could you combine that with "This is in fact my Final Form?" Because I imagine that a shoegoth/angel hybrid would be impossible to look at with that perk combo.

>> No.39904593

I suppose thats how he did it, but as I've never asked and I'm not allowed in his places of worship under threat of being set on fire.

I swear its been decades since one little church explosion and he still blames me for it! I mean yeah I was hoping for a little fireworks when I forced that demon to crash on that church, but how was I supposed to know it would of been that big of a bang? I did it to safe all of our lives!

....Anyway, I suppose I could ask, that sounds like something he would do.

>> No.39904596

>Your non-skill endowing Perks, ..., are missing
So, are you trying to say that attribute buffing perks are missing? The way I read that I've got all my skill perks but not the attribute perks that fuel them. So, for example, I've got the Art of Yun-Woo from Wuxia, but not the umpteen endurance enhancing perks that allow me to use it all day long.

>> No.39904622

Good point. I might throw it in as one of those fancy new scenarios I've seen in the Final Fantasy. Or would that get in the way of a real-jump being made.

>> No.39904709

That's the intent, yes. It's meant to represent Samus losing hardware but not software.

...Would including the hardware/software line help in the future?

>> No.39904821

...I don't get what you even mean by this statement.

>> No.39904902

I think he means that, instead of making it a Roger Rabbit jump, he'd keep it a generic toon jump. However, he would have something similar to the scenarios in some of the FF jumps that would make it so there's Roger Rabbit stuff going on.

>> No.39904919

Doom draft 3, likely to be uploaded.

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