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Welcome to Banished Quest!
You take the role of a young mage labeled a criminal by his people and cast out into the wider world. In the last thread you resolved to travel to Licae and had a chat with a friend. Just a friend.

It is currently the 10th of Svarthi, in the year 936 NH.

Character Sheet:
Current Missions:


Ask Page:

Using names or trips in this quest is heavily discouraged. While it is impossible for me to prevent you from doing so, I ask that you not. I will also not count any votes made while using names or trips.

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Your more reasonable half wins out. {It's probably for the best, Chryssa. As much as I value your friendship it would be unwise to take things any further. Hopefully you'll find someone eventually.}

Her thoughts still and her response is calm. {Indeed, though it seems unlikely considering my current place of residence. Get home safely, I would be loathe to see what becomes of our group without its leader.}

With that the connection severs and you're left standing alone, the only sound shattering the stillness of the morning the sound of your guar uprooting a stand of grass. Your thoughts are interrupted by the sound of the woven grass mat rustling as it's pulled aside, Aylin poking her head out of the ruined tower and glances up at you, confusion writ large across her face. “So where are we going?”

You glance over your shoulder, shrugging. “Licae, and from there Anthus most likely. I've nothing better to do.” Raising your voice, you call into the tower. “Regulus! We're leaving, mount up.”

The construct comes stomping out a moment later and wanders over to his guar without a word, pulling himself onto its back. Aylin eyes him suspiciously the whole way, while you make your way over to your own guar and pull yourself into the saddle. You're about to tell Aylin to pick a guar and climb on, but as you're turning to face her she grabs onto your arm and hauls herself with surprising ease onto the back of your guar, wrapping her arms around your waist to keep herself steady. You dig your heels into your guar's flanks and it sets off at a brisk jog, it isn't long before the beast's heavy footfalls are ringing out across the cobblestone road. Worryingly, you spot a few tendrils of smoke rising in the distance, from where you think Anthus ought to be.

>Ride hard to Licae
>Take it easy, read a book, no rush.
>Chat with Aylin, find out a little bit more about her.
>Talk to Regulus, ask him about Old Rhynia and what it was like.

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>Take it easy, read a book, no rush.
So you got drunk after banging your sister?

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>Read a book nigguh

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>Talk to Regulus, ask him about Old Rhynia and what it was like.
Fuck the kid, I want my Rhynia lore.

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Actually yeah, this.

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>Ride hard to Licae
>Take it easy, read a book, no rush.
Metal codex shows images so it would be easy to read.

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>Talk to Regulus, ask him about Old Rhynia and what it was like.

>Worryingly, you spot a few tendrils of smoke rising in the distance, from where you think Anthus ought to be.
Oh, god fucking damn it Soma, didn't we just tell that dragon to piss off?

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If you ride hard you can't read, just clarificating niqua.

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>Ride hard to Licae

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Here is the image and question to ask about why you are drunk.

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>>Take it easy, read a book, no rush.
I wonder if the metal codex would either improve on the mental fortification technique or give us something completely different.

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>Talk to Regulus, ask him about Old Rhynia and what it was like.
If we're not going to get a glory days Rhynia omake, I guess this is the second best thing.

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I'm not drunk I'm just slightly more than mildly intoxicated.

Omakes eventually. I sort of promise.

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>no adventure
>no chrys
what us wrong with you faggots

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>read metal codec.

>> No.39840670

>Take it easy, read a book, no rush.
metal codex meng

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Hey, it's my favorite QM! Drunk Soma!

>Ride hard to Licae
Write-in: Transfer Vys from sword to crown.

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Last thread when you rolled random encounter, did you simply roll for nothing happening?

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>Talk to Regulus, ask him about Old Rhynia and what it was like.

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I rolled to determine whether you'd encounter any stragglers.
Obviously, you didn't.

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the 22 was shit happening in anthus.

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Supporting sword ting

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>not wanting to go home and read and meditate to the exclusion of all else
who's the faggot?

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So the kids mom is dead and Anthus is on fire.
You goddamn piece of shit.

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>Talk to Regulus, ask him about Old Rhynia and what it was like.
I kind of want to extract as much info from him as possible before we part ways.

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Hey! Soma rolled that. You can't put that evil on us!

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Yeah I missed that vote unfortunately. I'm gonna samefag to reject any other chances of romance so hard now, it will be glorious

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How can we become a slut whisper like Prof?

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>>Take it easy, read a book, no rush.
can we do >>39840675
should be fast. anon clearly means transfer some of the vys from the sword into the pendent.
And we know its put in 20 vys from our reserve then leech 20 from sword.

Also I asked before but are we dumping vys into our pendent automatically? instead of the sword now.
And yeah I would be fine with only 20 vys from the sword unless anons want to pull more vys from the sword. We can "comfortably" dump up to 40ish.

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Aww, does the poor baby feel salty his waifu lost her chance for glorious Mik-dick?

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Try enjoying this quest for yourself, don't vote to spite others or just to ruin it for others.

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Naaaah, that's scripted. I wouldn't worry about it though.

>Talk to Regulator.

>Ride hard, hard, down life's... cobbled road.

>Have phun with phonics.

Calling it.

Your vys reserves are full so no transferring vys right now.

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>Your vys reserves are full so no transferring vys right now.
Dump vys into pendant>Draw vys from sword?
Not very hard.

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>implying the chrys rejection vote wasn't samefagged as fuck

>> No.39840839

fuck you. If chys isn't happening I will make sure nothing else happens.

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I like how this guy thinks. Can we?

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pls no waifu
why couldn't soma just listen when i spammed this? so much butthurt could have been prevented

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>enjoying quests
take a look at this pleb

>> No.39840857

I refer you to what I said in >>39840776
or a faster and more to the point >>39840828

>> No.39840878


Have a slut whisper you name.

I guess. How much vys do you want to transfer from sword to pendant?


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For now

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Could go for a Mortia end. Could go for Darzi and/or Harem. Could go for the Princess. Or the Best friend Princess. But naw.

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I'm with you

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122+50 vys from our current pool.

>> No.39840914

I suggest we call whats-his-name earth guy in Anthus to see if anything is happening there right now. Also maybe inform him that some dragons kinda wrecked the neighbors.

>> No.39840915


I am wary as shit that transferring too much too quickly might cause shit to explode.

>> No.39840918

Lets go for single dad raising dragon son.

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>> No.39840928

50 vys
Will put it at 72
And it was at 147 when it was shiny like a sun. so 100< should leave our sword fine.

>> No.39840933

Changing >>39840913
to >25 or >50 because it was a joke.

>> No.39840943

>25 vys

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>> No.39840962


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>Physically harm yourself.




Writin' for 25. That'll put your Shockwave Sword at 97 (somebody check my math because I'm sorta wingin' it) and your pendant at 25.

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Soma, I just want you to know having a three quarters insane protagonist is fucking great.

>> No.39840984

>50 smart thing to do.

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Soma is shit at writing romance anyway anon. I'm voting to avoid it entirely

>> No.39841010

We should have hayes check this shit out. if our sword could still handle a swing.
it's been reduced in power by about 1/3 so it'll mean by a huge factor.
I want to cut a dragon in half.

>> No.39841025

How do you even know nigga

There hasn't been any romance

>> No.39841041

>Never written romance
>"He's shit at it."

>> No.39841053

like a band-aid

>> No.39841057

Somas definition of romance is
"Weird feelings in my chest"

>> No.39841130

Fuck that, I'm voting to avoid it entirely out of revenge

>> No.39841137

Guys just to continue with a point.
The land idea.
WHile great in theory, the shah could simply say nope.

So I think it would be better to just build up a reasonable amount of land. Buy a lot then, from the wealth there. Build our own city. With our wealth + connections we could easily build a town paying for earth and metal GM's to build a palace/city around it. over a couple weeks.
Make it a half way point between the aleamodian city states and el armin.
And the marquash or something. See if we could buy them out if need be. and expand that city into the biggest port city in the world.

>> No.39841157

>"Weird feelings in my chest"

Only when his imouto is around. Also this way we can hit on fine piece of ass back at Anthus.

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You're adorable.

>> No.39841166

Hey soma it seems your chrys fags who would have thrown the shitstorm you wanted are from Europe/Australia, so why don't you keep running early like you did today.

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Soma is giving me weird feelings in my chest

>> No.39841196


Imagine their horror upon checking last thread.

>> No.39841204

I'm glad you think so considering you will now have no adorable waifu to enjoy in this quest

>> No.39841207

In the future he could simply say we own to much and take it away.
Because we would hold to much power over "water" and food production in the capital.
So if we just do that any where else we could be fine. and make our selves the powerhouse/owner of that city/state.
Make El Armir look like crap in a couple of years. While continuously building wealth in El amir. And migrating people to our state

>> No.39841216

No need they are in full force right now.

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Aussiefags and Eurofags BTFO!

At one point, my waifu was about to be let go from the team. I had to personally scrap together an entire voting block and trawl threads for perfect opportunities to defend her. Then, nearly had the dice screw up my month long effort right in front of my eyes. I ain't afraid son. I've seen all there was to see.

>> No.39841291

>implying Mik has a chance with darzi
you are delusional anon

>> No.39841306

Then again, something like that could happen again, to the less deserving character. I can offer you some advice, if you're open to it, on how to convince a few anons to do as you'd like done.

>> No.39841324

Dunno what y'all faggots are talkin' about, only waifu who isn't a shit is Magic.

>> No.39841331

The chrys ship has sailed anon.

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Am i the only one that finds it funny that other quest hates our players?

>> No.39841353

Don't forget her hot sister Shekels.

>> No.39841360

pls no waifu

>> No.39841365

I hate our players too anon. And I'm not even a butthurt chrysfag

>> No.39841374


What are you talking about?

>> No.39841407

When ever banished quest is mentioned in other quest, it gets shat on immediately.
You get used to it, plus you just have to know how to convince these dumb asses of what to do.

>> No.39841438

>plus you just have to know how to convince these dumb asses of what to do
You mean viciously shitpost in favour of your choice weeks in advance so that by the time the choice actually comes up everyone thinks they're spiting you by voting against your shitposting?

>> No.39841446


No quests should be mention on another quest. I could shit on any anon who mentions a quest on another quest if I see it. Take it to the WQG.

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>BASED Darzi won
Chrysfags abso-fucking-lutely blown the fuck out. You cunts should just drop the quest at this point tbh.

>> No.39841558

no one won
no waifus

>> No.39841564

I see you are taking notes from.

>> No.39841565

>Darzi won
haha, I've got news for you anon. there's no way I will allow her to be our waifu

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What's the matter, kid? Mad your stupid robot whore lost too?
Get the fuck out of my quest.

>> No.39841599

Miks gonna die alone with only a bastard son m8

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Kek. These fucking Chrysfags.

Go back to Silencer.

>> No.39841615

C'mon now, Chryssa may have been an ugly sack of shit with zero personality, but she wasn't a whore. Easily seduced, maybe, but not a whore

>> No.39841619

Shhh let the shit poster run wild, he finally has some fresh bait, i'm surprised he hasn't fucked with the archives yet.

>> No.39841626


It's because of the shitposting- they somehow treat Soma some sort of awe and respect, seeing as he and planefag thrive on shitposting.

Also after sometime you get used to shitposting, heck the first times was me offering assistance to an anon who said he'd make a botnet just to spite a waifufag.

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>BASED Darzi won
o rly
I guess we'll find out

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I think it has something to do with the fact that the most vocal participants of this quest tend to act like a box of wet stray cats

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You know who is a whore, though? That one bitch who got beat up by our brother.

You should go back and reread those few posts where we comforted her, because that's all you're ever going to get.

>> No.39841652

there is going to be so much samefagging when it comes up for a vote it's going to be a 50-75+ vote. it will be glorious, because soma wanted to raise a shit storm. He didn't expect chys anons to not same fag and be reasonable. But they will for sure be unreasonable when the time comes..

>> No.39841659

Can we discuss the land purchasing plan that one anon has been spamming instead?

>> No.39841660


>> No.39841666

>actual robot whore will never win
RIP Fulvia

>> No.39841672

So grand poobah, how would you rate this night's entertainment? A fecal flim-flam? Or a doo doo dustup? Are the rage anon's salty enough, or do the baiters needs more aroma?

>> No.39841675

No that sounds boring as fuck

>> No.39841678

And you just gave him the idea

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Your waifu lost, faggot. Get used to it.
So we can raise our pure Samjan kids on it with based Darzi?

>> No.39841693

I never really got used to it straight up dropped the quest for like 2 months at one point

>> No.39841717
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Nah he just has to run early if he want to avoid the majority of chrys fags it seems.

>> No.39841720

>he likes questing more than shitposting
kek what a fag

>> No.39841724

What questions do you have?

I just think we may be better off trying to make a city in our own image.
With a palace with better shit than our current estate has.
my waifu did lose. But i wasn't that big into it. I am fine with Darzi winning. Seems more natural.

>> No.39841741

>wanting the girl who bandits ran a train on
you disgust me

>> No.39841761

You're a degenerate, your opinion doesn't matter.

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File: 2.91 MB, 365x341, 1419224973606.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my waifu did lose.


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>> No.39841772

I don't understand you people, why are you trying to start a shitstorm on purpose? It's not fun, it's just mildly annoying.

>> No.39841785

I dunno, it seems so forced.

>> No.39841786

Nah I don't care enough.
Just felt like shitposting, and it was a toss up between this and REEing.

>> No.39841794

The first couple of posts got me a little excited, but it isn't as fun when you know nobody cares

>> No.39841797
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What is this /a/?

>> No.39841798

Why anon? Why?

Because it amused me.

>> No.39841800

wtf is plantkin?

>> No.39841806

The shit posters smelled blood in the water, unfortunately for them their bate is too weak.

>> No.39841807

It is forced, the guy literally said on Soma's ask he's trying to start a shitstorm.
Just ignore the waifu posts.

>> No.39841809


>> No.39841812


>> No.39841814 [SPOILER] 
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Thanks Anons, I appreciate this.
Oh, and post is almost finished.

>> No.39841816

Easy, anon.


>> No.39841832

Got your back, seeenpai!

>> No.39841834


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Hell if I know but I found this gem on /k/

>> No.39841839

Not him.
I'm mimicking the same kind of shitposting you see on /v/ in console war threads. Doesn't work as well here, I guess. Presumably because I'm not samefagging and arguing with myself.

>> No.39841856

The only thing worth shitposting about here is that one guy who reads PGQ.
You know who you are.

>> No.39841863
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>tfw my shitposting is only mildly annoying
I'll try harder next time anon

>> No.39841871


Anon, although I might sound like a dick, the quest is an accessory. It's shitposting central here.

>> No.39841892

That's fantastically hilarious

>> No.39841898

Please don't, just go away, I actually kind of enjoy this quest and discussing things in it.

>> No.39841902

I used to read it. Stopped a while before it ended, though I think I did mention it here once.
It wasn't that bad if you enjoy dull SoL stuff, and I did since I usually do not consume any form of SoL media.

>> No.39841907

That's adorable.

>> No.39841914

Don't pretend to be me, you cunt.

>> No.39841927
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As the day wears on you reach towards your chest. You undo the straps at your shoulder and let your chest piece slump forward, affording you some access to the pendant hidden beneath your clothes. You grab hold of the heavy, palm sized ruby where it hangs from its delicate chain and begin to channel vys into it. Tendrils of visible energy wrap around your hand as you push more and more power into the crystal, warping light around it as the ruby begins to glow brightly with the reserves of your vys.

After pumping perhaps half of your vys into the crystal you release it, tucking it underneath your clothing. You rebind your armor, a warmth spreading through your torso and into your limbs. It's a strange feeling, it reminds you of being drunk. That sense of intoxicated warmth as your blood thins and your heart races. Reaching into your cloak you extract the handle of your Shockwave Sword and leech its reserves carefully, at a slower pace. Once you feel that you're back to full power you release the handle and let the blade fall into your cloak.

That done you turn your attention to Regulus. “We're going to be riding for quite some time. Why don't you tell us a tale about Old Rhynia? Something light, preferably. No sense spoiling the mood so early in the journey.”

Regulus stares at you in silence for what seems an eternity before finally his alien, two-toned voice rings out across the plains. “I have a store regarding my creation that I believe may fit your very loose definition of 'light', if you would be willing to listen.”

You gesture elaborately, swinging one arm towards him with a flourish of your wrist. “By all means, regale us Regulus. We've nothing better to do, after all.”


>> No.39841928

>Honestly I felt it needed to happen. It was fairly obvious the playerbase had lost interest in Chrys. I suppose I shouldn't have had insanity affect her personality.
I find it funny that soma made more changes to her personality than he did to our when we are so insane.

>> No.39841931

The whole thread is a fucking gold mine >>>/k/25699386

>> No.39841940
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>reading and participating in the quest since thread 1
>don't enjoy shitposting
>still rarely miss threads
Am I an outlier?

>> No.39841948
File: 59 KB, 500x628, Aylin Katsaros.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Once more silence reigns for an awkward stretch before Regulus begins speaking. “I was created by a young woman. She was hailed as a prodigy. She could not feed herself. She could neither dress or clean herself. However, when it came to the field of enchanting she was peerless. My Mother-” He says the word with a sort of reverence you didn't think his inhuman voice could communicate. “-built the First Edition of the Regulus personality in the alley behind her house as a twelve year old girl. She was swiftly recruited by the Rhynian Empire and given an unlimited supply of resources to pursue her research.”

“I, as an individual, was created when she was many years older. Nearing her sixtieth year as I recall, and I recall everything without error. I was to be her greatest work, the model which she finally declared complete. The model that she showed to her overseers and declared perfect.” He'd pause for only a moment before continuing. “But I was not perfect. I was deemed too willful by her overseers and a new revision was ordered. The Third Edition, Fourteenth Revision of the Regulus personality was limited in a number of ways which I am not, and ultimately it was Fourteen who was placed into service, while I was relegated to the role of a personal assistant for Mother.”

Aylin interrupts. “This doesn't seem particularly light. In fact, this subject matter seems quite heavy.” You must agree, this isn't exactly what you were expecting. It is interesting, but not what you were expecting.


>> No.39841962

I'm going to samefag this vote, whatever it is.

>> No.39841971
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Regulus buzzes in annoyance. “Allow me to finish, I assure you that the ending to this tale is a happy one.” After ensuring that neither you nor Aylin was planning to interrupt, Regulus continued. “As I was saying, I became Mother's assistant in all things. I cooked and I cleaned and I aided in research whenever I was able. Our supervisors, the Dux and his underlings, interrupted frequently but we were largely able to ignore them. During this period Rhynia was experiencing hardships. We had lost the Northern plains to a resurgent Dwoveth Jarldom and the Hiacians were pushing into Provencia. Our research base in the mountains was threatened by foreign invaders but the shitslinging sand monkeys-” Wooah, you were not expecting that kind of obscenity from Regulus. “-Were unable to breach the gates. My Mother had enchanted them, so of course they were impenetrable”

Regulus buzzes oddly, it's high pitched and warbling. Almost like some sort of distorted laugh. “The invasion force was eventually repulsed and the Rhynians regained our research station but my Mother had fallen ill, and was not long for this world. She intended that I take over her research but the Dux was displeased by this prospect and instead ordered me put into storage. I went quietly, for I knew that allowing myself to be put in storage would allow me to live for the forseeable future, and it was a statistical certainty that I would eventually one day awaken. Now I am here today, traveling with two lesser peoples. Is it not a happy tale?”

You cough, turning your attention towards the road. “It's quite the story alright. I think you may want to readjust your definition of a 'light tale'. Typically when one remarks that they wish to hear something light, they mean that they wish to hear something comical.”

Regulus stares at you for a time. “Was that not comical? I found it to be quite funny.” His warped voice responds.

>> No.39841978

Oh no, I was shitposting. Here's a hint I don't actually give a shit about chrys

>> No.39841990
File: 248 KB, 900x619, mtg_plains_by_crimsonmagpie-d2yzze2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aylin shifts uncomfortably behind you, whilst you simply shrug. Directing your attention towards your cloak a quick inventory is displayed in your thoughts of each and every book you own. You deliberate at length about what you wish to read.

>Excidium (7/13 Chapters Read)
>Metal Codex (5/10 Chapters Read)
>On Empire: The Rise of Civilization (Unread)
>The Serpent and The Staff (Unread)
>A History of Pidjata (Unread)
>Devotional Booklet to Pani (Unread)
> The Fall: A Hiacian Perspective (Unread)
> Mysterious Tome (Unread)
> Metamagic Instructions: Beam (Unread)
>Metamagic Instructions: Delay (Unread)
> Utility Effects (3/15 Chapters Read)
{Mark, Animate, (Create) +2, (Confuse), Sleep}
> Enhanced Interrogation (Unread)
{Pain, [Poison], Hallucinate}
> The Varistha's Notes (41/67 Pages Read)
> The Varistha's Memoirs (Unread)

>> No.39842003 [DELETED] 


>> No.39842012

> Mysterious Tome (Unread)

>> No.39842029

>Metal Codex (5/10 Chapters Read)

>> No.39842031

>> The Varistha's Notes (41/67 Pages Read)

>> No.39842040

>Metal Codex (5/10 Chapters Read)
I want to see more moving pictures.

>> No.39842043 [DELETED] 

Need to learn more effects.

>> No.39842049

>Excidium (7/13 Chapters Read)
Let's finish this

>> No.39842058

> Mysterious Tome (Unread)

>> No.39842060

Changing above vote to:
>Metal Codex (5/10 Chapters Read)

>> No.39842066 [DELETED] 

>Enhanced Interrogation

>> No.39842072

>but the shitslinging sand monkeys

>> No.39842074

>Metal Codex (5/10 Chapters Read)

>> No.39842076

>>Metal Codex (5/10 Chapters Read)

>> No.39842079

> Mysterious Tome (Unread)

>> No.39842087 [DELETED] 

>> Enhanced Interrogation (Unread)

>> No.39842090


>> No.39842100 [DELETED] 

> Enhanced Interrogation (Unread)
{Pain, [Poison], Hallucinate}

>> No.39842105


I want to read atleast another chapter of metal codex. If we learn something useful I will join your votes next time. and learn the 3 meta's simple enough we should be able to read 2-3 in the time it takes us to read a chapter. if not right before a meditation on it.

>> No.39842106

Not much left, so we may as well.

>> No.39842107

>> The Fall: A Hiacian Perspective

>> No.39842109

>Metal Codex (5/10 Chapters Read)

>> No.39842114

>Metal Codex (5/10 Chapters Read)

>> No.39842116 [DELETED] 

>> Enhanced Interrogation (Unread)

>> No.39842119

>Metal Codex (5/10 Chapters Read)
lets do this.

>> No.39842123


Stopped reading that when they went to their version of namek.

>> No.39842124


>> No.39842139 [DELETED] 

I guess Enhanced Interrogation and Hallucinate, since that has a lot of votes.

>> No.39842142

Calling the vote, counting.

>> No.39842153

Because spaceships

>> No.39842156
File: 3.17 MB, 4533x4895, 1430895653553.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not posting this

>> No.39842168

We could have participated in an exciting war but you guys just had to be huge faggots

>> No.39842170


>Waterboarding 101


>Mystery Box

>The Fall


Metal codex takes it by one. Writing.

>> No.39842189
File: 4 KB, 171x133, notevenedited.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39842201
File: 1.43 MB, 216x168, 1431130547228.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

YEAH metal.

>> No.39842204

Holy shit, Enhanced Interrogation feels so samefagged.
Why the shit did people even vote for that?

>> No.39842215

>expecting bq players not be huge faggots
this will never stop being reading and meditation quest from here on

>> No.39842216

lol...this actually makes sense I bothered to look at the time on these..
God daYYYYYUM anon.

>> No.39842236

Haha he wasn't even trying to be subtle about it either

>> No.39842252

I'm not even mad you should be proud of yourself.

>> No.39842254

if by people you mean person.
Then you can ask the one anon that voted for it.

>> No.39842264


>> No.39842269


Holy shit it all lines up.

>> No.39842271

>two lesser peoples

>"One question Regulus, how I am a lesser individual if I was able to capture you so easily? Surely as your Mother greatest creation it could not be possible for a lesser individual to overcome you so easily."

>> No.39842292

Deleted them for infallible proof :^)

>> No.39842295

>tfw I like Somas writing but the players make it not worth reading because of their boring choices

>> No.39842297

Lets not piss off the ancient construct now.

>> No.39842298
File: 3 KB, 143x121, ididitlasttimewiththedragonaswell.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pssh, I do that every thread.

>> No.39842314

QUALITY playerbase

>> No.39842330
File: 134 KB, 500x333, Hue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39842332


But we are an arrogant asshole who loves getting in people/construct's nerves.

>> No.39842335

seriously he needs to get a new trip and a new quest

>> No.39842339

>B T F O

>> No.39842351

>regale us Regulus

>> No.39842383

I love that fucking gif, gets me every time.

>> No.39842386

I think he just needs to write his own story. I've been following this quest and participating in the threads regularly since thread ~20 and lately I've mostly been ignoring anything but Soma's posts, the playerbase has just gotten so awful and Soma's not helping, he's simply encouraging this sort of shit.
It's honestly worse than QTG.

>> No.39842393

> I was hype for scenes of war and siege and death and battle.
How long until Soma drops the quest because people keep choosing to do nothing?

>> No.39842408

>I've mostly been ignoring anything but Soma's posts
Lately, that is.

>> No.39842409

Hopefully not long

>> No.39842435

Thinks would be infinitely more interesting if we stopped leaving the baby fucking dragon that loves us like a parent behind.

>> No.39842436
File: 105 KB, 1000x870, 1430567263301.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dumping pics to clear the mood.

>> No.39842466

This quest is a fucking joke. Everybody just wants to accumulate spells that we'll never actually use because we avoid plot and conflict like the plague

>> No.39842469
File: 607 KB, 848x1200, 1430844874296.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39842489
File: 255 KB, 655x1100, 1430845277629.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39842490

I think JQOP wrote one of his rants on the topic once.
The point was, basically, that active research is shit and results in the exact kind of behaviour that is fucking us over.

>> No.39842496

I think I'll stop lurking for the most part from now on and start voting for the conflict choices.

>> No.39842507

We're an insane diplomancer jew who's motivated by profit, dickery, humor, a vague sense of altruism, and magic. Not really the conquering hero, saviour type that stands a mighty bulwark against evil.

>> No.39842513
File: 546 KB, 541x1000, 1430845922927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39842514

What we need is a cleansing fire. Some turn of events that so alienates the fun posters that only a handful of people tune in for the following dozen threads. Then we might be able to get this shit back on track. Or Sempai could just put the quest on hiatus for the summer. That might work too.

>> No.39842515

You got me, anon.

Unfortunately, getting caught was part of my plan.

>> No.39842517
File: 54 KB, 431x514, I can only hold for so long, as mirth escapes to my face unopposed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39842521

stop being a bitch. Think long term. and shit even short term. Having mental fortification, will make sure we don't game over due to something shitty like our insanity bar going over a certain threshold.

>> No.39842529

Hey, guys, I just had an idea! We should ask Regulus about nearby airship bases. We'll need them more than ever with Dragons flying about.

>> No.39842531

I don't follow his quest but I've always found his rants to be spot on.

>> No.39842533
File: 159 KB, 1042x1200, 1430856462503.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39842537

A waifu war would have accomplished this.

>> No.39842546

We don't have to be a good guy to get involved in conflict. This quest has been boring as fuck since even before we got to El amin and now we're headed back there

>> No.39842550
File: 106 KB, 905x601, HH_render_05_BM_905.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39842552

Are we reading it like a normal book, or doing the vision thing?
You realize an airship would just make us more appearant to dragons?

>> No.39842564

Nigga I want game over to happen so I can see soma write interesting and exciting shit again

>> No.39842567

Actually saying how much you don't like how it is now counts as ruining how it is now and you are all actually cancer. like all of you, you too soma while at it

>> No.39842569

considering we only get results when using metal magic on the book. thats the obvious thing to do.

>> No.39842573
File: 322 KB, 1600x1131, 1428213975728.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39842591
File: 132 KB, 1024x715, 1428508098155.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39842592

I like the quest.
I don't really like the playerbase.
I think Soma has made some missteps, though the players share equal blame.

>> No.39842599

I don't see how that can be accomplished while riding though.
Especially since we can't do metal yoga right now, which I think the book made us do at some point.

>> No.39842604

Personally I enjoy the stories we've done.
People are complaining we dont have much of anything going on, after just killing to giant reptiles.
And saving a little girl. and we read a book and now everything is going to hell? Get your head out of your asses.

>> No.39842607

We have to contest the upwards reach and mobility of dragons somehow. It'd pretty sucky to have to ground dragons by pure magic and projectiles, not to mention expensive. Also, they'd be pretty great for the Pavalan expedition.

>> No.39842611

He literally told his players to shitpost just now on his ask page.

>> No.39842612

I don't think the Chryssa thread is dead yet.
I'm not a Chrysfag, but this may have just been what's needed to open up the harem route later on.

>> No.39842621


>> No.39842624

We made that fight as boring as we possibly could

>> No.39842627

We're reading...why the fuck would we need to do yoga to read?
Thats a meditation not a form of reading.
using metal magic to read the book shouldn't be that strenuous...SWEET PANI TITS!

>> No.39842629
File: 154 KB, 736x946, 1428508295128.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39842648
File: 41 KB, 487x892, 1430566779534.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39842650

Mate I haven't got one, he writes a shitload of them and they're spread across Spookies, Livies and pre-deletion QTGs.

>> No.39842665

>implying harem route is good
I want BQ to be exciting again, not filled with shitty romance

>> No.39842671
File: 5.09 MB, 1920x3519, 1426817191702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39842687

Good thing players chose the similar magic route for his super villain quest, and it seems life quest is dead in the water like always.

>> No.39842693

>Votes against going to do the exciting war thing

>> No.39842696
File: 344 KB, 937x830, 1426885070257.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think Soma's just drunk at the moment and his playerbase is reflecting that.
Give it some time, everything will be alright.

>> No.39842708

>implying I voted against going north

>> No.39842717
File: 297 KB, 1280x935, 1427336441396.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39842720

But harem route has all the best girls in it.
And I'm really interested in how Soma would handle it, and romance in general.
exciting doesn't necessarily mean reckless and irresponsible

>> No.39842722

Yeap. This is Drunk-Soma. Twitter prompt said he was more than halfway tipsy. That's why everyone is letting go on their shitpost floodgates. Wouldn't even make half these posts on a normal day.

>> No.39842729

I'm just fed up with doing fucking nothing in this quest

>> No.39842747

Anyone else seeing capachas of nothing, but pizza?
in the past hour thats what i have been getting constantly.

>> No.39842757

Fuck off faggot
I'm sure there's a romantic SOL quest you can enjoy somewhere

>> No.39842761

>Votes to do nothing
>"I just wish we'd stop doing nothing!"

>> No.39842773
File: 297 KB, 900x1273, 1428213825345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course, I think it's a little disappointing the playerbase is so eager to shitpost and samefag, but Soma knows what he's doing, and has some experience with this, I believe he can still go on and carry this quest.
I don't think there's too much to worry about.

>> No.39842774

That's kinda how I've been feeling for a while, but I've been sticking with it in hopes that it would get better.

>> No.39842779

Obviously I'm bitching about that vote because my vote didn't win dumbass

>> No.39842789
File: 345 KB, 1500x691, 1412896976810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39842791

Only a few people think the quest is shit. Mostly people dislike some of the things we're doing, ie avoiding conflict.

>> No.39842800

It's more of a general trend. It's the players voting to do nothing.

>> No.39842806
File: 1.54 MB, 1253x724, 1430176009407.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.39842807
File: 524 KB, 1000x1400, 1412813216982.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39842808


That's how he rolls, I guess.

>> No.39842815

Thanks captain obvious

>> No.39842816

nah people now are throwing shitfits because something is not entirely to their liking and this quest enables that kind of attitude because it is funny to some and soma like why pay attention to this kind of shittery

>> No.39842823


Yeah, I still consider ourselves in downtime until we depart for the south.

>> No.39842826
File: 150 KB, 695x900, 1412763910722.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright, last one for tonight.

>> No.39842840

It's only one vote and you're complaining about us doing nothing.
I'd rather go to Elaudia.

>> No.39842856

That sort of mentality is why the quest is boring.

>> No.39842865

What? It's been relatively civil so far.
This quest isn't perfect, Anonymous, and there is literally nothing wrong with people complaining about the parts that aren't.

>> No.39842869

Soma, I want to see your reaction/response to my question on ask.
Also am I the only one who finds it weird that there's been no mention of nymphos even though Soma is drunk?
Me too.

>> No.39842872


Both are relative close to each other.

>> No.39842912

I qualify 100+ posts as shitfit, just because I use a word you don't agree to doesn't mean you have to something something

>> No.39842939

That's autistic. The content of the posts is what matters, not the quantity.

>> No.39842959

oh I see fuck you then

>> No.39842971

Fuck you

>> No.39842989

Soma, did you check out that forest-y character/monster art thread I linked you on ask?

>> No.39842994


Why? This have always been consider a side trip with a quick return before heading south.

>> No.39843008

I wonder if Soma just fucked off

>> No.39843036

We came here to kill our waifus husband so we can fuck, only to find out the city was burned down by dragons, the dude wasn't even there, and then we decided "nah nevermind, not even worth," and now we riding with a fucking potential orphan and a robutt to find her mom or magic. This side quest sucks dick and I vote never to do side quests again.

>> No.39843045

definitely seems like it.
unless its a so long 5+ post. Which im not to sure it would be..

>> No.39843049

>no mention of nymphos
I find that strange as well.

>> No.39843054

No hes just wasting a bunch of time with his book writing like always

>> No.39843057


He passed out.

>> No.39843068


I disagree about the motivations but that fair about avoiding side quest in the future.

>> No.39843080

This side ques did suck.
dropping the girl off at the academy might be the best possible thing. and fucking off back to our home asap.
another POSSIBLE and likely possibility. Which I would be pissed for cause i've just been staying up for 40+ minutes waiting on this post.

>> No.39843084
File: 284 KB, 620x902, Dhatu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You reach into your cloak and extract the heavy metallic codex which has served you so well as a meditative aid since you bought it. Pulling open the book you press your hand against the stiff surface of the vellum, channeling vys into the pages. Almost immediately the ink begins to swirl upwards, twisting itself into the form of a six armed, approximately seven faced masculine figure. In its hand it wields a wickedly curved sword, which it slices through the air. In its wake a golden rift is open, which the figure swiftly melts into.

You're not really sure what to make of it, to be honest. This has never happened before when you channeled vys into the book. Regardless, the pages begin to flip themselves at a rapid pace as you and your two companions watch in mystified silence. Even Regulus seems impressed. Finally the page stop flipping and the ink once more begins to flow off the page, forming itself into a depiction of a man in a meditative pose, a golden ball sitting in his chest. Iron wraps itself around the figure, words etched in bright orange copper scrawling themselves across the rotating disk.

The text is a commentary on the nature of self. The self, as the text explains, is strength. However, the self is tainted. The self must be purified if one wishes to truly master Metal magic. As one purifies ore by holding it within the heat of a flame. It is important that one do not hold the self within the flame too long lest they lose their sense of self and become like Those Who Came Before.” You note with some interest that 'those who came before' is indeed a proper noun.

>> No.39843086

Fuck *you*!

>> No.39843087

Soma really fucked up this time, he tried to make us go into a distant war zone for the inquest reason of killing some faggot so Mik could waifu Chrys, while El-Amin is in danger of being razed by dragons and our son is alone.
It was just not worth the risk and effort, and since they could not free her up, players decided that they would just give up on Chrys completely instead.
I still think she could be re-seduced though. We just have to fix her sanity.

>> No.39843103
File: 122 KB, 1500x639, Licae.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As the text completes its first full circle around the central figure it starts to wipe out the text which came before it, replacing it. It's sort of hard to follow and your eyes begin to ache, but you manage it. This next passage seems to relate to ways to annihilate the self, as far as you can tell. It suggest eroding one's soul until nothing except an ember is left, reducing yourself to a bare wisp of your true self so that you might recover what is valuable and discard what is not.

You're not sure that sounds like a good idea, but you suppose it's not the worst idea you've ever heard. To you, it almost seems like something you'd perform for a Grandmaster meditation but you suppose you are working towards expertise in Metal right now. It's not entirely far fetched.

The book slams itself closed with a weighty thud and Regulus regards you passively. He begins to buzz, but before he can speak Aylin practically shouts into the early morning air. “That was SO COOL! Do you get to read books like that all the time? That was amazing! Reading is sooo boring but I would read all the time if it was all colorful and swirly and it moved and-”

Regulus cuts her off. “Indeed, that is quite a feat of enchanting. It would require the ink itself to have been inscribed with runes whilst still in solid form and then mixed with pure water generated from a runic array. The pages themselves would then need to likewise be enchanted with the ink itself before the text and decoration is applied over the enchantments.”

Huh, the more you know.


>> No.39843108

>I still think she could be re-seduced though. We just have to fix her sanity.
You're fucking retarded

>> No.39843113

Fuck y͕̞̟̠͍̗̜͚̣̲̺̦̮͗̈̑̋ͨ̀́̕͝ơ̸̗̫̳̈ͫ̊ͧ́̆ͪͥ̅̿̋́̚̚ủ̡͇̻̲̘̞̘͙͚̇̂ͣ̊̽͗̄̽̋͌ͨ̆͋̉́̚͝͝.̴̥̳̣̪̮̠̖͚͔͍̬̮ͫ̊̓̽͌̓̀̕.

>> No.39843123

The rest of the trip is fairly peaceful and you reach Licae by the time the sun is just beginning to set. You'd guess it's about two or so in the afternoon. Riding into town you find that the streets are practically thronged by crowds of eager adventurers, a massive pit opened in the distance where you think the entrance to the Rhynian ruins ought to be. The inn which you stayed in so long ago has burgeoned into a massive, sprawling construction with four stories and six outbuildings, dominating the center of tone. You hear the voices of actors reciting an old Rhynian play carrying from the theater on the opposite side of town, even over the din of commerce.

You note that the early stages of a wall are underway, stone walls with a metal core. Just like in El-Amin, curiously enough. You wonder if that will become the fashion in fortification.

>Check the inn for Aylin's mother.
>Just ask around if they've seen refugees coming through.
>Get a room at the inn and don't worry about it for now. You could use some good food.
>Check out the first ruin you delved, see what they're up to.

>> No.39843132

Waifu is a mental disease, there's no curing the delusion it invites

>> No.39843150

>Check the inn for Aylin's mother.

>> No.39843152

>As one purifies ore by holding it within the heat of a flame
HAHAHAHA metal gm through surya gate is back baby.

>> No.39843155

>>Just ask around if they've seen refugees coming through.
>>Check the inn for Aylin's mother.

>> No.39843164

>timeskip to interesting part of quest

>> No.39843165

>>Check the inn for Aylin's mother.

>> No.39843169

>I'm not going to limit you but it's extremely unlikely. It's said and done, sort of. Maybe.

>> No.39843177

>Check the inn for Aylin's mother.
>Just ask around if they've seen refugees coming through.

>> No.39843178

>>Just ask around if they've seen refugees coming through.

>> No.39843181

>>Check the inn for Aylin's mother.
I'm not even going to pretend I'm not a samefag since I expect this to win anyway.

>> No.39843191

You're fucking retarded for thinking the players will go for that

>> No.39843196

This is what happens when Soma runs drunk.
I wonder if he'll regret it in the morning, like that nympho comment.

>> No.39843199

>Check the inn for Aylin's mother.
>Just ask around if they've seen refugees coming through.
>tell the robot about th message array in the first ruin you delved

>> No.39843203

Still retarded.

>> No.39843205

>Regulus cuts her off. “Indeed, that is quite a feat of enchanting. It would require the ink itself to have been inscribed with runes whilst still in solid form and then mixed with pure water generated from a runic array. The pages themselves would then need to likewise be enchanted with the ink itself before the text and decoration is applied over the enchantments.”
We should really ask robo guy over here for some tips with RUNES.
this guy served an enchanter for what seemed to be years. And understood more than just intermediate runes. and how to apply them.
And in what ways. Things just got good for enchanting.
>Just ask around if they've seen refugees coming through.

>> No.39843208

>>Check the inn for Aylin's mother.
X 3

>> No.39843222

>>Check the inn for Aylin's mother.
X 4
Also fucking every captcha is a pizza.

>> No.39843232

Where did I fucking said I think the players would go for that, you blithering moron?

>> No.39843242

>Check the inn for Aylin's mother.

Get a room anyway afterwards.

>> No.39843243

Can we tell regulus about what we found in the ruin?

>> No.39843248

>>Check the inn for Aylin's mother.
X 5

>> No.39843249

bro this shit is happening!
and oh is it going to be good.

>> No.39843250

Just click two of them then verify.

>> No.39843270

>>Check the inn for Aylin's mother.
X 6

>> No.39843276

>>Just ask around if they've seen refugees coming through.

>> No.39843290

>>Check the inn for Aylin's mother.
X 7

>> No.39843295

>Check the inn for Aylin's mother.

>> No.39843304

>>Check the inn for Aylin's mother.
X 8

>> No.39843306

>>Check the inn for Aylin's mother.
>>Just ask around if they've seen refugees coming through.
Inn if asking around doesn't work.

>> No.39843320 [SPOILER] 
File: 314 KB, 400x225, 1431150478658.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Check the inn.

>Just ask around.

Gee looks like we're tied. I suppose we'll simply do both. Oh, and you'll mention the array to Regulus. I'm glad I'll finally get to expound a bit on that plot thread.

>> No.39843321

>>Check the inn for Aylin's mother.
X 9

>> No.39843335

Hey constant samefag
Out of curiosity how much did you samefag the chrys rejection vote?

>> No.39843352

What array? You mean when we got needle'd in the chest with a lifetime's worth of memories? Or the thing SK is doing?

>> No.39843361

Wasn't here for it. I would have samefagged the fuck out of it. In her favour :^)

>> No.39843373

Runic array, he mentioned it when talking about the metal book.

>> No.39843374

The array that you activated in like... thread 5<x<10 which shot a beam of light into the sky.

>> No.39843387

Stop being salty, the shit posters didn't come until the second thread.

>> No.39843400

Can we fuck the jailbait?

>> No.39843414

>implying it wasn't samefagged to shit
your naiveté is cute

>> No.39843434

Oh you are a shit poster, good to know.

>> No.39843447


>> No.39843461

If you want to fuck a loli, at least have it be an actual loli and not one of the inferior races.
Like that girl whose mother was killed in the brothel, she was cute.
I wonder what's the age of consent in El-Amin, and how well a marriage with the favorite daughter of the Vizier benefit us politically.
>tfw marry a an El-Amin and a daughter of the Grand Vizier and become the most influential person once the water plant gets going
I know it's not going to happen, anon, no need for butthurt.

>> No.39843466

There were only 28 posters. I highly doubt there was any samefagging.
If anything, Soma should have left such an important vote for the next thread.

>> No.39843479

I'm going to vote for it and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

>> No.39843583


I eagerly await that day, and I'll be ready for it.

>> No.39843604

That day will be today, once we're at the inn. Though I guess Soma will end the thread pretty soon, so it will instead be next week.

>> No.39843621
File: 113 KB, 500x1142, Mirza Nisha El-Hashem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, she was a lot cuter than Aylin, that's true, but the roundear has this kind of tomboyish exotic vibe to her, you know?
>she grabs onto your arm and hauls herself with surprising ease onto the back of your guar, wrapping her arms around your waist to keep herself steady

>> No.39843641

Now THAT was a fine piece of loli.

>> No.39843683


I'm excited.

>> No.39843703


Wasn't there an alt pic for that?

>> No.39843712

>reject chrys
>fuck jailbait human chrys instead
kek yes I can already taste the delicious chrysfag butthurt

>> No.39843754
File: 108 KB, 1280x842, 1427663505324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why can't we just get along for once

>> No.39843755


We had a one night stand last time too. We might go for it again.

>> No.39843756
File: 91 KB, 1000x1000, Mirza Nisha El-Hashem(2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You mean this one?
>She can't be older than eight or nine

>> No.39843781

I love those bright orange eyes.
shame her expression is so sorrowful, though I suppose her mother did die recently, still, her image in my mind is the cheerful girl who hugged her father and ate ice cream.

>> No.39843796

>beating chrysfags while they're down
jesus christ anon what is wrong with you

>> No.39843801

>shame her expression is so sorrowful
Mate i can tlel you exactly what we can do to cheer her the fuck uip

>> No.39843808

Anybody know how to get the link to share a Google doc on mobile?

>> No.39843820

Wait forget it I'm blind

>> No.39843828

They've done the same before.
What goes around comes around.
Oh, oh, I know, I know!
Is it buying her one of those felines we saw with the prism as a pet?

>> No.39843832

It's fun.

>> No.39843849

Never underestimate the shittiness of BQ players

>> No.39843853
File: 330 KB, 1200x565, Maximillien Klossner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You navigate your guar through the dense crowds of carts, pedestrians, and shouting merchants hawking their wares. Aylin clings more tightly to you, burring her head shyly into your back. You glance back at her briefly, but assume that she's simply not used to crowds. Chrys was much the same when you first met her, though she handled it quite a bit better than this. In a larger setting too.

You pull up on your reins as you near a guard leaning against a long spear, a bored look on his bearded face. Calling down to him in Rhynian, you speak loudly and slowly. After all, you're not sure what language he's a native speaker of. “Have you seen any refugees pass through here? Humans, from Khmedi. They were wearing ragged clothes, slightly singed.”

He raises an eyebrow before responding in rough Rhynian. “Seen them I have, they run through last night. Not stop even for meal they did. To Anthus, I hear. Perhaps Chiron in the north. Say dragons come.”

You sigh, nodding your head. Perhaps Aylin's mother remained behind? You'll check the inn, at least. Ask the innkeep if they've seen a panicked woman by herself recently, you suppose. You bow as best you can to the guard from your saddle and then dig your heels into the beast's flanks, spurring it into an easy walk as you navigate the flow of people. Eventually you reach the inn, and move to tie your reins to a post. Before you're able Regulus grabs them gently from your hands, speaking in his strange voice. “I will keep watch of the animals, take the girl and seek her mother. I wish you luck.”


>> No.39843858

No we're going to have to put our dick inside her, Anonym ous.

>> No.39843877

You stare at him a moment before nodding. You think you can trust him. Why would he screw you over now? Lifting Aylin with surprising ease from the saddle you set her down on the ground. Immediately she clings to your forearm with the sort of desperation born only from fear. Her eyes are thrown wide, glancing between all of the various and manifold attendents, adventurers, servants, nobleman, and villagers who seem to frequent this establishment.

As you step inside you find the inn packed to the metaphorical gills, every single table full of opportunist, thieves, and cheats. They drink, they talk, they argue. The inn truly is the best source of information on the road, if you can tolerate its occupants. As you begin to navigate your way towards the bartop, where the inn keeper is polishing a glass with a dirty rag, a man shouts out from across the bar.

“YOU! I knew I'd see you again, you dirty camel-fucker!” He shoves himself from his chair, the fine wooden furniture clattering to the inn's floor loudly. “You have done me a disservice which must be corrected!”

The bar falls deathly silent as people move to make room for you and your accuser. He's a young man, perhaps around your own age. A human. He wears a fine black shirt and leather vambraces styled with gold filigree, some manner of tight leather pauldrons garbing his shoulders. None of it seems particularly protective, but his clothes are indeed fine. He's got thick black hair cut to about shoulder length, and a quick burst of nature magic reveals him to have a vys pool far too large for him to be untrained.

You stare at him uncomprehendingly. His name is just right there on the tip of your tongue, but it's just not coming to you. “I'm sorry, who are you again? I seem to make a lot of enemies and increasingly I find myself unable to keep track of their names.”


>> No.39843901

Your jab earns a round of nervous laughter from the patrons of the bar, even as the man you seem to have offended in some way fumes. “Maximillien, scion of the House Klossner! One of the most powerful noblemen in the Norther Marches! You faced me to earn your Master's Robes when you were obviously overqualified and you ruined my reputation as a Vatis!”

You shrug your shoulders, utterly uncaring. “Hey, you win some you lose some. Anyway, I'm kind of in the middle of-”

A ball of flame flies across the bar, which you swat away with a flick of your wrist. It goes soaring off to your left, nearly impacting with a bystander before fizzling out. Seems this man is disinclined towards conversation.


>> No.39843908

Guys we should run
fighting is so reckless
we could be meditating right now

>> No.39843914

Aw, come on boss! Things were just heating up!

>> No.39843917

>Cue yacketty sax.

>> No.39843920

Can you start the next thread late so that I'm able to samefag for ephebophilia?

>> No.39843921


That's the excitement some anon have been looking for. I say let them have it!

>> No.39843925


He just endanger the little girl who is standing right next to us. Fucker is gonna pay.

>> No.39843930

>Maximillien Klossner
Should we know who this is?

>> No.39843936

>tfw people will think this is a serious post

>> No.39843945

He's exactly who you said he is. You utterly fucking #REKT the guy while you were high as hell on Spice.

>> No.39843950


He is just a chump we step over some time ago. No one important.

>> No.39843953
File: 1.85 MB, 500x280, 1423124310855.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39843955

Did he get stronger?

>> No.39843961

You can't ignore his girth.

>> No.39843968
File: 90 KB, 600x411, 13559832.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright go to bed you goddamn drunk

>> No.39843971

Roll ANAL circumference?

>> No.39843986

Nah m8, now that I don't have to be able to type coherently I'mma get another beer.

>> No.39843989

the best satire isn't obvious anon

>> No.39843991

>implying Mik's girth doesn't dwarf his girth
Okay yeah but seriously, let's take this outside, we've had enough inns destroyed already.
Does our +6 to outside influences give a bonus to fighting faggot mages?

>> No.39843993
File: 46 KB, 311x700, S6eiR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39843997

Only if he tries mental combat.

>> No.39844001

Archive here, by the by.

>> No.39844010

Ay nigga you gonna chill with us tonight? Been a while since we had some discussion with ya.
But anon, all battles are fought in the mind!

>> No.39844014

Yeah I'm sticking around, and I'm monitoring Ask. About to start answering some mo' quessuns.

>> No.39844020

any comments on all the bitching about the quest tonight?

>> No.39844047

next thread when?
My finals already finished last week, and i know yours just finished now.
Thoughts on googles stealth marketing of pizza capchas?
were you surprised that amidron is actually smart scientifically?

>> No.39844079

Left out an 'h' of that questions bit there.
Do you like Gojira, Soma?
Regardless, I like this band/song and I'm not sure if I've linked it to you before, though I do remember asking what spiritus frumenti meant. I hope you'll enjoy it, please do comment after listening:
Also this just to put out another track from them, not sure if you'd like this at all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pmwndD2EOw
>10 page essay on gravity waves
That is some university physicist course tier stuff, I was impressed. I wonder how old he is.

>> No.39844095

What kinda beer? American pisswater?
This was like my 12th pizza captcha in a row, what the fuck.

>> No.39844145

New Belgium Rampant, it's an IPA. Pretty good if you like hoppy things.

I don't have to solve captchas. I'm one of those assholes that forked over ACTUAL MONEY to 4chan. I know, I'm retarded. It allows me to shitpost at twice the normal efficiency.

I was mildly surprised that Amidron is actually a scientist but not really. I mean, you write what your interest are in. That's why I write a heavily historically inspired fantasy quest.

10/10/10 some valid criticism which I'll see about taking into account.

>> No.39844194

There's nothing wrong with getting a pass, you didn't have to experience that was switching over to reCAPTCHA and the recent bullshit with it.
>That's why I write a heavily historically inspired fantasy quest
And political Israeli simulators.
And modern fantastical badass adventures.
And scifi.
And superheroes.

>> No.39844207

>which I'll see about taking into account
End of thread research votes when?

>> No.39844211

How do 4chan apsses actually work? Does it remember your idea? Do you have a code you put into the options field or something? Does it work on cookies?

>> No.39844223

please railroad us into dangerous adventure

>> No.39844230

And civs.
And cyberpunk defenestrators.

>> No.39844242

I can dig it, Anon. I can totally dig it.And yeah, Gojira is exactly the kind of shit I like. Dark, fairly chill.

Shit, I was talking about bringing shit to you rather than leaving shit up in the air with no guidance other than "Yo, these are things you've said you'd do". I'm trying to figure out how to do it without railroading but honestly I think just doing what I already do a little more aggressively will be fine. This encounter with Klossner is my first attempt at it.

That said, end of thread research votes are a pretty good idea. I'll actually need to consider that.

You type it in once and it remembers you for a year. P convenient.

>> No.39844243

Have you decided to straight up kill all romance now that the Chryssa plot has been more or less killed?

>> No.39844252

I'm still leaving it in the hands of the players. If people latch onto a new character than hey, I'm not going to step in and actively put a stop to it.

>> No.39844259

The only other immediate romance option seems to be vasuda. Maybe the shy "lesbian" friend whose name I forgot

>> No.39844276

>That said, end of thread research votes are a pretty good idea. I'll actually need to consider that.

Both Joker and Hellborn use passive research and it works out great in both cases. Joker had the votes and the start of and throughout each thread, then moved it to the end. Hellborn has them whenever there's a timeskip.

>> No.39844279

How do you feel about your romance writing skills

>> No.39844295

If I do that though I'll need to figure out a new way to lore dump, because as it is I've mostly gotten across the overarching plot via what y'all read in books.

>> No.39844304

I agree. Mixing research in with game-time stuff is a massive time sink, and that might be why many anons keep complaining about not being able to do stuff. As it is, reading is about half the quest that's supposed to be about adventure and hijinks.

>> No.39844314

Another good idea would be to prewrite the books so they don't eat up a shit ton of thread time

>> No.39844325

Well, both of those quests use characters to dump lore, not books.
You could put them in a pastebin, or throw in scenes at the start of threads for the really important bits.

>> No.39844329

This, if you'd just pre-write all the lore dumps/research, we wouldn't even have any problems, ostensibly.

>> No.39844334

Have research vote at end of thread, pre-write all the books/research in time for next thread, insert into story when appropriate/necessary with some slight alterations maybe.
Timeskip reading, then dump what you would have written for it when Mik goes to sleep? prewritten of course.

>> No.39844348

I can dig that Anon. Vote at the end, pastebins at the beginning. Fuck I need to write those Omakes.

>> No.39844355

Nevermind that this cuts into your free time, when you're not running Banished Quest for us out of the kindness of your own heart.

Because who cares about any of that shit, amirite?

>> No.39844375

That was my main reason for not wanting to do it during the school year, because y'know my grades are already suffering for having run BQ three-ish times a week for most of the semester. However, now that it's summer and I'll only be taking one class with homework due once a week, I ought to be able to dedicate more time to the quest.

I hope to wrap up before the end of Summer but honestly I anticipate spilling over into Fall.

>> No.39844389

Additionally, you're not running that often anymore, so that means you spend even less time on Banished.

>> No.39844390

>I hope to wrap up before the end of Summer but honestly I anticipate spilling over into Fall
Yeah good luck. I expect we'll be halfway into Elaudia by this time next year.

>> No.39844408
File: 3.69 MB, 586x585, All my what.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I hope to wrap up before the end of Summer but honestly I anticipate spilling over into Fall.


>> No.39844420

Honestly, if you're not pursuing this War plotline I've got nothing further up North for you to take care of. You're probably never going to see Elven lands nor will you see Aleamond, which honestly I'm fine with. I wasn't really expecting you to get to those areas.

Which means that all that's left is the Pa'vala and Elaudia, and maybe a few final climactic moments.

>> No.39844422

Remember that he wants to split Banished into Banished Quest and Unbanished Quest.

>> No.39844426

Are you gonna keep your trip and by extension your entire generally awful playerbase for your next major quest after BQ?

>> No.39844432

Oh, and I'll be running more often.
I'll announce on twitter.

>> No.39844440

After BQ, what's the go?
Life quest, that superhero quest, or the scifi one?

>> No.39844445

People would realise it's him one or two threads in.

>> No.39844463

I bet he could conceal it if he really tried

>> No.39844472

Life Quest, at least the first mission. I'll probably call it finished then.
Then I'm gonna write a book and maybe try and get ca$h money money for this shit.
Then maybe Superhero Quest, maybe Sci-fi quest. I've been thinking I'll run superhero quest whenever I need a break from book writin'

I'm just going to keep Soma. I mean, I run Life Quest and Criminal Negligence Quest and neither of those are wildly popular.

That sounds like effort.

>> No.39844501

I'd buy your book, the thought of experiencing the BQ setting without a bunch of shitposting retards at the wheel is very appealing to me

>> No.39844509

You drink a lot of booze, stay up late, and are a math/history nerd. Is your neckbeard glorious and a true mane of mentum? Or are you deceptively fit?

>> No.39844520

>without a bunch of shitposting retards at the wheel
It would still be written by Soma.

>> No.39844532

How much does the prevalence of samefagging in your quest bother you? I'd wager it's swung most of the even semi-close votes in the quest based on how many people display their samefaggotry proudly

>> No.39844533

I got a pretty good neckbeard going right now, I need to shave fo' real. I've been slacking, I need to get back in the gym. I was doing great all last year but decided to be a lazy cunt this semester.

Summus kekus.

I'll probably distribute free copies somehow to my quest followers who are interested, since I mean, it would basically be one massive Omake from the perspective of a disenfranchised northern lord.

>> No.39844539

It actually really irritates me but my general philosophy is generally to ignore it at this point.

>> No.39844559

Can't disappoint your esteemed shipyards ancestry. What were your weights back then?

>> No.39844568

I samefagged for Hallucinate and looking for the mother.
I can't be fucked most of the time. Just felt like shitposting today, and they weren't especially important choices.

>> No.39844574

I think switching back to allowing new IPs in final destination votes was a mistake but I can see how it would be a pain in the ass to actually enforce

>> No.39844586

>Then I'm gonna write a book and maybe try and get ca$h money money for this shit.
Soma you do know that is a scam right?
I love books, but i also know that you can make jack shit unless you are an outlier.

>> No.39844594

Not like there's any actually effective way to stop samefagging.
It's unfortunate, but anyone with sufficient dedication/autism can spam the shit out of any vote.

>> No.39844595

No it wasn't.
All it did was make it tedious for lurkers to vote.
If someone actually wants to samefag all they have to do is get a few different devices and post on them immediately before the decision.
I could manage three votes that way.

>> No.39844599

>Just felt like shitposting today
Me too. I pretended to be an unreasonable butthurt chrysfag for a while but the results were disappointing

>> No.39844603

225 bench, 355 squat, 155 clean n' jerk.

Yeah it was annoying, and I didn't like causing that degree of inconvenience to lurkers. I'm a lurker in most quest. Felt like screwing over my own kind and I'm not Swedish.

I have a history of being an outlier, I'm willing to risk it to get the biscuit.

>> No.39844616

Good lord. You're the guy Deculture wishes he could be.

>> No.39844617

I'm sure there's someone autistic enough to buy multiple copies of your book as a way to donate money to you.

>> No.39844647

I've lost a lot of strength though. Feels shitty. These days I'm only pushing 195 bench, 315 squat, and 135 clean n' jerk. That's absolute max, single rep. Used to be I could do eight reps no problem, back in my prime. I've also fucked my back up real bad because I was taught improper form by my high school fooseball coaches. Ah well.

I can only hope there are many of those people.

>> No.39844667

We're you worried at all that ouro might have been dead?

>> No.39844680

I am so jelly of your stronk Irish potato muscles. Like, peanut butter and jelly. Weak South-Eastern Asian rice body only gets me sets of 140lb 8 reps. I can run real fast though, so I got that going for me.

>> No.39844711

Mildly, but I don't really get worried. I breezed into my SATs hungover from the night before with not a care in the world. I hadn't even opened a book to study since my expulsion from high school.

I'm pure strength, I've got no endurance. My usual workout looks like 3-4 sets on bench stating at 135, doing two sets, and then either a last or second to last set a 155. Then I do leg and arm days. I've lately been replacing leg day with core day, working on them showing muscles.

>> No.39844770

Have you ever worried that you might be a sociopath?

>> No.39844809

Yeah, but ultimately I don't think it matters. I'm sociable and I have no urge to kill people. I feel genuine emotion even if I do so to a lesser degree than my peers.

>> No.39844813

You might want to have some one who hasn't read your quest to help you out on the book, just in case you write things assuming people already know it when they don't.

>> No.39844822

Yeah, I was planning on hiring a professional editor or something like that.

>> No.39844831

Funny enough America is a place where sociopaths thrive and rewards them for it.
I remember reading a study saying that the top earners in wall street would be considered sociopaths.

>> No.39844853

Most sociopaths don't. And most people aren't afraid of sociopaths for murdering people. It's how being emotionally detached from humanity makes sociopaths able to manipulate and do terrible things to people, without feeling strong feelings of remorse that makes people afraid of sociopaths.

>> No.39844863

Do like having little anons dance to your tune Soma?

>> No.39844910

Fun fact: I was thinking about joining the navy about two years ago. I applied and everything, even took a test and shit to determine my aptitudes and intelligence. They said (and this was a recruiter, so I mean, take everything with a grain of salt. Slimy little bastards) that I was highly suited for active combat and that they'd probably stick me in a sniper role.

Indeed I do, I find it endlessly amusing

I gotta admit I'm sorta emotionally detached. I've found that I often treated my exes as problems to be solved rather than people who's company I ought to enjoy. I try to fix people. Probably not healthy, but eh.

Yeah yeah, Fortune 500 CEOs I think.

>> No.39844954

Probably more emotionally stable than me.
I'm the guy who clicks with every one, but at the same times isn't really your friend.
So my social life hangs around my environment and the second i leave you lose contact with me.

>> No.39845009

Holy crap boss. You're like, really weirdly similar to me. I started college at 15, currently am double majoring in Political Science and Economics, and am seriously considering joining the Navy right after I get my degree. Only my emotional and social problems are because of my severe daddy issues.

Full disclosure: most of the probing, 300 character asks you get about how you feel on things and your outlook on aspects of life are from me. I kinda always suspected you at least had sociopathic tendencies, and was trying to figure out if you really were one.

>> No.39845043

I maintain that I'm not a full blown sociopath but yeah, I probably have sociopathic tendencies. I attribute it to moving around so much, I've never lived in one places more than two years since the age I was 9 years old. Gotta learn to separate yourself when you live as essentially itinerant.

>> No.39845055

Imma guess that your sister one of the very few people that you can emotionally connect with on a personal level, and that's why you're willing as well as happy to spend time with her.

>> No.39845073

Yeah, pretty much. We've been constants in one another's lives for a long time.

>> No.39845099

Which helps when you guys are lovers after all.

>> No.39845100

>Yeah, pretty much. We've been constants in one another's lives for a long time.
See, now I want to step up the incest shitposting.

>> No.39845144
File: 688 KB, 250x163, Pip pip cheerio.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Secondary full disclosure: I ask if I've done good a lot because I'm unable to accept or comprehend positive feedback from anyone but very specific people. Just want to say thanks for being one of them and for being cool about it. Don't want to sound like a faggot, but it seriously makes my entire week when you tell me I did a good job.

>YFW you can bond with your QM over similar emotional issues.

>> No.39845158
File: 153 KB, 342x340, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is that bunny getting fucked?

>> No.39845170
File: 1.18 MB, 209x180, Happy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

D'aww, gosh Anon. It pleases me that I have such extensive power over you.

>> No.39845173

I'd assume they'd be getting to do so, if they aren't already. I mean, they're rabbits.

>> No.39845193
File: 389 KB, 1725x2000, 1431154762608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39845197
File: 826 KB, 245x170, ....well then.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

P-please be gentle Soma. It's my f-first time.

>> No.39845260
File: 39 KB, 500x500, 1431146492015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anything else you like to add?
Thoughts on running earlier?
Whats your new schedule?

>> No.39845421

I always knew this guy would show up somewhere.

>> No.39845482

This thread is why quests need their own separate board with mods and janitors who enforce quest rules and id's.

>> No.39846153

I-I could do some amateur proofreading for you, to simulate the plebs, senpai! I could totally distance myself from my Banished Quest knowledge, I swear!

>> No.39846224

Fucking 4chan downtime piece of shit, cutting our chatting time with Soma short.

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