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Previously on jumpchain...
Smash Bros jump happened!

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I never liked pink. Third worst color.

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Sins of a Solar Empire

Couple hundred years max.

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Any word on the Looney Tunes/Hannah Barbera Jump?

I've got plans for Slice of Life that involve Acme Looniversity and the sort of things you can get training in when High School teaches you how to be a toon. Especially if we use the premise that Bugs Bunny does all his own stunts, as it were.

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What's this?

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Yeah, that jump looks good. Though I'm a bit biased since the "you can take advantage of glitches in reality" perks synergize really well with Soft Physics from Worm, the power I rolled. I barely remember what causality is, at this point.

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Does experimenting with 'abyssal black steel' in new and interesting ways count? Does tinkering with machine-made to try making ones capable of doing tasks you wouldn't expect them to be used for like brewing and pouring Matcha tea perfectly?

But seriously. That black metal that abyssals use is REALLY damn cool, if a bit unpredictable. It also tends to form into rather bitey mouths.

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Somebody's making a Looney Tunes jump? When did this happen?

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I would, but I already have a few other things planned and I don't know the setting very well.
You can do it though, pls.

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The guy who did Elona mentioned that they were planning to do it. I have since heard that life is distracting, but I don't check the IRC so I have no idea if they've posted anything since the last time I asked.

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I could indeed, but I prefer for fun mode.

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Oh. I didn't include the build for my warehouse and such yet, so here you guys go.

Allotment: 150 CP
Electricity: 10
Plumbing: (Free. Had the Mario bros install it after beating Smithy. Engineer helped. Had to make do without it for a while though which was... interesting.)
Heating: 10
Shelving: free
Houseing: 20
Workshop: 10
food supply: 10
Pods: 20 (Have not bothered to use them yet but they're there if I care to.)
Return: 20
Medbay: 20
local net: 30

Allottment: 1000 CP
Delux bedroom: 100
Royal bathroom: 200
Dining area:50
Delux kitchen: 150
Bar: 100
library: 200
Garden: 150
Theme: 50

'The bay'
Allotment: 20 CP
Matter furnace: 6 (Plumbing actually feeds into this.)
Excercise area: 2
Aerophonics: 4
Autovet: 2
garadge: 1
Beef vat: 4
Machine shop: 1

The arena
Allotment: 100 CP
What if?: 40
Extra opponents: 10
Spectaor seating: 10
Terrain adjustment 2: 40

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>Not having a trophy room to display the relics of past foes

Why are you even jumping?

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>Toon jump

>Crash through walls and leave you-shaped holes in them
>Walk on air as long as you don't look down
>Pull things out from behind your back
>Get ACME's number and order ridiculous things
>Paint a hole on a wall and have a train come out

>Drawback where you're the guy who always loses
>Drawback where some Judge Doom style guy is after you

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Why is the Wakfu version in the drive the outdated one and not the update?

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That's actually how I've run my entire chain.

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>imagine it
>nothing out of the ordinary, nothing causing a commotion
>just miles and miles of suburban houses
>every day the wife cleans the house and the husband does nine to five, working like cogs in a machine
>children going to school and learning immutable laws and the progress of science
>no problems or putzing or predicaments
>cold facts working day in and day out, never a change, never moving forward


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TLDR: it's not a true hivemind.


When I went in to Dead Space I took the drawback that forced you to defeat ALL the Brethren Moons in order to progress.

So the first thing I did? Make a fuckload of money. I have a lot of capitalism perks, I made shitloads. Through some clever legalese and monetary acquisitions, I proceeded to buy out Unitology. All of it. It worked for Rapture, it'll work for the Uberchurch.

I proceeded to "discover" the "Lost Journals of Michael Altman". In these journals which were TOTALLY written by him, the original method of convergence is refuted and the truth of the Brethren Moons is revealed. The church's dogma shifts heavily during this time in a massive PR campaign. The Markers now only offer False Convergence, an affront to what Convergence truly is and should be. This is such an affront, by claiming to offer Convergence only to twist it to their own ends, that there is only one solution: Glorious Jihad against the brethren moons. The False Prophets will see themselves undone.

Convergence, in turn, remains a core tenet of Unitology (Even I can't change it that much), but it shifts slightly to become an innate part of human evolution. Part of our own intelligent design means we are evolutionarily destined towards a united path. This is a crock of shit, but I can take advantage of it and make it come true on my own.

Because of this, and with EarthGov successfully informed, the end result is that humanity unites under a common cause: The extinction of the Brethren Moons. Whether it be for religious reasons or to avoid extinction, Humanity stands together.


>> No.39836814

Thanks to some mysterious emails appearing in the inboxes of tech corporations, manufacturing facilities, and EarthGov offices, Humanity's ship and weapons tech is advanced severalfold. Ships with MAC cannons and hyper-efficient FTL drives, ultradurable defensive plating, and a bunch of other goodies are churned out very quickly thanks to mass scale efficient manufacturing methods. The tech isn't particularly different, just better.

Now, I had to give the Unitologists something to replace their fetish for becoming animated corpses controlled by aliens, so I capitalized on my own "Innate Human Evolution" ruse to provide my own Convergence. If mankind is already united, might as well make that unity stronger.

Did you know that the Zerg hivemind is basically mental FTL communications? And that, if there's no Overmind already using it, you can basically turn it into an open mental wavelength for the entirety of humanity to communicate with each other over. Thus begins the Communal Bond, which uses a variant of my Splicing Virus to let everyone tap into the Zerg Hivemind on a basic level.

In broad strokes, the Bond allows humans to cooperate and act in perfet unison, capable of synchronizing thoughts and actions between each other to the point that they think and act as one. I put a LOT of engineering into making sure the damn thing can't directly affect the individual's consciousness or allow for mind control or personality drift. Each person remains an individual. Hence, not a true hivemind.

Imagine a pack of MAC Cannon enabled warships working as a single cohesive whole, with the crew of each synchronized with each other and the other crews to the point that they could almost be considered a single entity if not for the fact that each individual maintains his or her own personality. Instead, each individual contributes ideas and feedback, allowing the collective whole to plan and act far beyond what just one person could.


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There are a FUCKTON of societal implications that result from this and the actual writeup on the thing explains it and its societal effects in more detail, but that's what it is in broad strokes.

Also, mankind experiences a sudden surge of fluffy tails and superhuman bodies. They're facing extinction, might as well stack the deck by turning everyone into Fluffy Captain America.

Linked minds, Combined thoughts, Tough ships, and Big guns. With these four tools, I believe Humanity has a fighting chance if they can prepare long enough. New methods of power generation help to combat the resource problem they have, and by going greener they get even more bang for their buck. We're going to have to burn through several planets worth of resources to win this war, but we have the technology. We can get it done.

So with all of this and a ton of spaceships, Humanity is able to hold off against the Brethren Moons, and eventually push back. The going is slow, and many people will die, but in the end, humanity succeeds. The Brethren Moons are wiped out.

And that's the story of how I spliced Zerg genetics into a massive death cult to save all of mankind.


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That is a hivemind. You've warped and corrupted humanity into a nest of insects for your own amusement.

>> No.39836850

I visit movies and magic shows all the time, and during the latter I always volunteer for magic tricks.

That reminds me - we know there are perks to make you immune to hypnosis and corruption, but are there any ways to make myself more suggestible temporarily, while still being able to shut it down should I grow bored with the new persona later?

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The alternative is extinction.

>> No.39836880

Humanity was made extinct by you before the Brethren Moons could even get there.

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Technically, the Jump SOL setting perk in Slice of Life doesn't say anything other than the setting you choose has to be an actual setting. So if there's one set in a school, you presumably go to that one. At which point you can spend 10 years learning how to do what they teach.

If nothing else, Specialized Setting should let you learn tropes from other animated genres considering Tiny Toon's setting conceit of "all those cartoon characters are doing it live".

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>an invading, powerful, incomprehensible foe
>a hive mind is required to defeat them, lest extinction result

Now where have I heard this before?

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I guess that depends on your definition of human, the concept of personality death, and a lot of other things.

And technically a Hive-Mind implies loss of individuality and personality, all conglomerated into the whole. This is known as a group mind.

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Your argument of semantics falls on unsympathetic ears. You've destroyed humanity to make yourself a weapon, and then brag about it with pride. You have become a monster.

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You're jealous cause the ears that the words are falling on aren't fluffy.

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Childhood's End by Arthur C Clarke?

No wait... in that one the hivemind _was_ the invading powerful incomprehensible foe, and it did result in extinction of humanity.

By turning them into a hivemind.

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My ears are fluffy, but they sit flat against my skull as I hear the poisoned words of a traitor to the fluff.

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Wait. Empowering people with group telepathy is genocide? How do you get that?

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Why, he just gave everyone free internet?

>> No.39837077


And again, a lot of work went into isolating it from the memories, thoughts, and personalities of individuals. Think of it as a biological internet where you can type REALLY FAST.

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Yeah. This is pretty horrifying. Granted I've always known Quicksilver was slowly going off the deep end with that virus of his, but fuck. Theorizing about it and seeing it in action are two completely different things.

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He destroys humanity by turning them into a hivemind. No separation. No privacy. Personality? Individuality? These are concepts that he enforced at first, but even that will be whittled away in this configuration and subsumed.
You don't understand that systems change and grow, or that what you began is a step on the way to more. Or what evil even simply the elimination of privacy is.

>> No.39837173

Lots of people have trouble keeping their computers safe for five minutes on the internet, and now you want to hook it up to their brains?

Ouch, I predict a massive amount of brains getting hacked, lots of "exiled nigerian princes" emptying other people's bank accounts, and record levels of brain-spam, all within the first few minutes.

>> No.39837203

There is absolutely separation. And privacy. And personality, and individuality.

It literally CANNOT cause personality drift between individuals, by the nature of how it was designed.

You can turn the damn thing off. It's voluntary. It's integrated into your mind like a sixth sense, and you have an "eyelid" that can block it out completely.

The explanation was in broad strokes and glosses over a lot of things.

Hence, the ability to switch the connection off.

>> No.39837218 [DELETED] 

Woah woah, calm the fuck down there. No one said no separation or privacy. He said they can choose to share thoughts.

How you got "quicksilver is a bastard just like all jumpers are bastards because all change is evil and things always go evil" I don't even know.

>> No.39837245

You say that because you don't understand how it works. My bird flu cannot jump the species barrier, can it?

This switch is new, but a switch doesn't stop a hack, much like a firewall won't.
>Calm down.
Oh god, here comes the guy who's taking this way too seriously and jumps to the defense of his mentor. Lighten up, you're part of the problem with this thread if you can't take this overdramatic stuff for what it's meant to be.

>> No.39837264

>His hive mind is terrible, it erases individuality.
> QS, no it doesn't.
>You don't understand how I've decided to fanwank it!

>> No.39837289

See >>39837245
You and the serious squad are a major issue with this thread. You make it unfun to talk to anyone here because the minute somebody tells a joke, or overdramatizes things, or engages in banter, you jump in and blindly start defending people when they aren't even really being attacked.

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Continueing with my jumping escapades I went from Castlevania where I can now absorb souls to get stronger, to another jump where souls make you stronger.

Jump: Dark Souls
Allotment: 1000 CP
Background: Drop in (0 CP)
RP age: Inconsiquential
Start location: Majula
Estus flask: Free
Shadow gauntlets: 50
Dagger: 50
Ring of restoration: 50
Economic: 50
Great grey wolf pup: 400 (Named Urd)
Lonesome Gavlan: 300
Destined meeting: 100 - Young sif (Give them closure with Artorias, but don't take them as a companion. A bit bittersweet but at least some light has been brought to the dark.)
Ending: On to the next adventure!

Even in dark lands one can find some level of peace and light if one tries hard. This struggle was an uphill one but I believe I left things at least a little bit better than when I came. The one thing I am truly proud of was using Get out of there! to punch the corruption out of Artorias. It was a bitch to actually get close enough to do it, but getting closure between him and Sif while keeping the Chosen undead from killing both felt damn good and made it worth the while.

>> No.39837293 [DELETED] 

Or maybe you're a fucking retard who likes to accuse people like that anon who thinks everyone's a dick jumper.

>> No.39837325

Okay, fuck this. I'm sick of this thread. I'm sick of people like you who always think the worst of anyone who tries to have fun here because I'm maybe teasing him a little. I can't even explain to you what I was doing without you coming in and attacking and insulting me. I quit. All my jumps are abandoned.

>> No.39837367

>Not understanding how it works
>Having engineered the damn thing from the ground up by isolating the specific common zerg strain that accesses the hivemind and genetically engineering it to understand it from its basic building blocks.
>Having specialized in genetic engineering from early in on my chain and having worked with it throughout my many years
If I can't make it work, I don't deserve my Jumper Bullshit License.

Seriously, calm down. We're shooting the shit with each other since there's nothing else to do. It's harmless.

...Ouch. Well, you're always welcome back. I thought it was fun.

>> No.39837383

>Hence, the ability to switch the connection off.

People can switch off their internet too, but they don't.
I predict massive swarms of Russian controlled zombie botnets within the first day. :)

>> No.39837386

>Can literally turn shit to gold

>> No.39837393


I'm not defending QS, I pointing out the stupidity of basically fanwanking someone else's idea into something other than what the guy telling the story is saying.

If its a jest, its a dull one.

>> No.39837408

This is your daily reminder that sarcasm is extremely hard to portray in text format and that attempting to do so frequently causes massive misunderstandings.

>> No.39837421

Nice going, second jump maker today people keep it up.

>> No.39837466

>Pods: 20 (Have not bothered to use them yet but they're there if I care to.)

The think Pods are really awesome for, if you've taken up warehouse-smuggling for fun and profit, is that they can be used to smuggle people from one place to another, through any security check, even over interstellar distances. When you get to the destination, you de-pod them (ie: make sure they aren't going to accidentally follow you to the next jump), collect your fee, and move on to the next client.

>> No.39837513

That's clever.

>> No.39837533

jump: Gurren lagann Prt 1
Allotment: 1000 CP (+400 from drawbacks)
Background: Drop in (Free)
RP age: 18
Start location: Teppelin (Forced)
Beastman: +300 CP
Spiral power: Free! (Locked until 10 years are up due to beastman drawback, unless something sparks it early.)
Badass shades: Free
Badass cape: Free
Camping supplies: 50
Mecha import: 400 (Behold! My airship now has spiral power functionality!)
Get yer head on straight!: 50 (More punching power for the Admiral!)
Everyone stop fighting please!: 400 (Diplomacy-fu go!)
Believe in the me that believes in you!: 300
Companion import: 200 - Engineer Edea. (Might as well have two brilliant engies)
Hey it's... that guy: +100 (Bound to piss someone at Teppelin off with my actions. Might as well get points as well.)
Ending: Move on (I'll be back!)

The plan: A troubleing start, but trusting Edea to get my head straight so that I can focus on my real goal. After deploying out on a mission end up bailing and link up with dai-gurren. This is gonna be awesome.

Hoho. I think I'll consider that for the future.

>> No.39837611

Is the forced mental change at the end of the Worm jump actually mandatory or is "no matter what" just poor phrasing for "even if you failed the jump"?

Also, does Spanner in the Works apply to your own precognition/plans or the precognition/plans of allies?

>> No.39837632

Gurren Lagann CYOA
it's for agility +100 CP
hey, it's that guy. +100

sixteen years old
soldier -100
spiral energy free
punch through the heavens -400
Mecha Import: big Banchō
fighting skills free with soldier
Giant Robot Pilotting License -200 discounted for soldier
Ending choice. Optional endgame scenario.
hey folks, I think it's clear that I'm not Someone Who belongs among Real people like you folks,I think I'm going to take The Gurren Lagann endgame scenario Get my spark and go. I've wasted everybody's time

Contessa's ability?
Path to Victory
You ok there Tera?
No, I'm not.
Stay if you want to tera, nobody actually hates you
What's going on?
I'm the second worst poster,The first likely Being a deliberate troll, everybody I Look up to/respect here Either hates me or makes fun of me,I can't people well enough to fit in with you folks, might jumps are largely regarded as crap, OP or both.
It would be better if I wasn't around.
.d 1d100
:: Total 10 / 100 [10%] :: Results [10] ::
So pretty good. I guess, I probably survive with ten out of 100 right?* I roll low.

>> No.39837739

/jc/, is there any perks or race options that allow you to have kids with most or any other race? And that your offspring has at least some powers and abilities from you?

>> No.39837752

My new jump will have that perk,
After finals I'll continue it.

>> No.39837759

I mean, I get it, if you don't feel welcome, that's one thing.

But man you're being overdramatic about it.

>> No.39837764

Go away, Mommy.

Fire Emblem Awakening gives you your kid from the future that inherits some abilities, I think.

>> No.39837768


Jump-Chan: wow, I was holding out there for a while, but it's good you stopped when you did, you really jumped the shark after one piece.
teratophilia OP:I guess several decades of mourning is a bit much for a coat wasn't it? Jump-Chan:Yeah , it's been a decent run though.
teratophilia OP: indeed, you've given me a life or lives, I should say that I've been wonderful beyond anything I could imagine.
Jump-Chan: yeah, you could of been a bit less obvious with your ridiculous level of your durability and power though, I mean haven't you heard of the Superman problem?
teratophilia OP: yeah, sorry about that, you edit this stuff down , though, right?
Jump-Chan: yeah, every jump gives me about half a season of content, the highlights are mostly the naughty bits though.
teratophilia OP: OK.. Well, I really can't thank you enough. So enjoy. I guess?
Jump-Chan:Eh I could take it or leave it, it isn't really enough to keep going.
It is at this point, dear reader , that I realized my entire life which has spanned a length greater than human history was the kind of TV show you'd watch the last half of of if you were flipping and found it , but wouldn't go looking for. *

ooc I can't deal with Everyone's hate anymore, I can't abide my own remarks or ignorance either, everyone is Shiting on me because of my mental illnesses And I generally don't believe I can get better at anything besides the actual Writing element of jumps,And everyone has such a head start on me. I don't think I can Catch up to those of you were actually enjoyed And supported Me and my Work Thank you,And don't cry. This is the good end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IoO5nkxT_4

>> No.39837797


Wow three in one day. Saltyanon is smiling out there somewhere I'm sure.

>> No.39837811

Here's my chain if anyone's interested.

>> No.39837815

He might be, but you know there's a problem when we have now 3 people who left today.

>> No.39837825

Well, if you're looking for pity you won't find it. Your actions, like saying you do things better then everyone and copying other people's work brought that hate upon you. It sucks to hear about your apartment and all, but I can't say that I'm really going to miss you.

>> No.39837847

Your post would be a nice start if we were to exhibit all the problems with this thread.

>> No.39837865

So it should be a hug box instead? I don't have any duty to make him feel better about himself.

>> No.39837878

So calling out people for being narcissistic, plagiarizing, and blogposting on 4chan is suddenly a problem?

>> No.39837882

Oh? Is the choice now between what just drove three content makers from this thread and this hugbox bogeyman of yours? I wonder which is worse.

>> No.39837883

This jump was pretty much about as awesome as could be expected. It took a fuckton of willpower to break the 'Keel ze humens!' stuff and I arrived well after Kamina's passing. If there's one character death though that while super sad is also something that I wouldn't prevent it's his. A lot of REAL important stuff came from it. I actually managed to divide beastmen loyalties as well by arguing that Nia was a rightful heir to the throne of the Spiral king and as such he'd gone mad casting her out for such a petty reason, as he did with many others before her. What where to happen if something DID happen to him, however unlikely, and there was no heir?

That got a lot of beastmen thinking. A lot more ended up coming onside than expected because survival ended up taking priority over loyalty, and eventually even Viral decided to come onside. I of course let Simon do the awesome stuff he does best, only helping him realize what he needed to a bit sooner. Pretty much all the beastmen that came onside ended up realizing that living in Tepplin under LordGenome's rule was a way shittier way of life and most of them decided that besides fighting out of loyalty for the 'spiral princess' they are also fighting for a better way of life.

>> No.39837895

If you've got nothing better to say, shouldn't you just reserve your opinions to yourself? Or did you just want a parting shot?

>> No.39837912

No, separate incidents. This is Tera pitying himself for shit he causes himself. Lycoris often threatens to leave but never actually does for more then a few days and OAA is taking a break. All three were caused by separate incidents.

>> No.39837925

All three were caused by the thread atmosphere that you contribute to.

>> No.39837927

That's quite a run Tera. I hope you return for another run some day.

I hope things work out for you.

See you Space Cowboy.

>> No.39837951

Hey, fuck off. I like SoA's jumps.

>> No.39837962

...I do too? I was just explaining that Lycoris often gets angry and take breaks. I don't believe he is permanently gone.

>> No.39837973

I'm starting to see why you call yourself Admiral punch. How hard was it to convince Dai-Gurren to work with beastmen? I could see it being kinda easy to excuse yourself, but a large showing of them?

>> No.39838011

I must be missing something, is Lycoris SoAnon or are you talking about an different person all together.

>> No.39838015

She's only ever said that she was leaving the the thread before and has only threatened to quit over something once before, I think this is the first time she's outright said she's quitting and the only time she's abandoned her jumps. So I don't think this is the same thing.

>> No.39838024

Sorry. I just don't want it worse by saying 'oh they're not REALLY' gone and that being the last straw.

The last few days have been shit.

>> No.39838034

So will there be a protoss jump soon?

>> No.39838040

Yes, they're the same person.

>> No.39838048

Her IRC name is Lycoris.

>> No.39838055

. This part didn't paste For some stupid reason.
*I should have taken a poetry perk, ladies, gentlemen, Miscellaneous others it is with the deepest regrets that I cannot sufficiently describe the battle that took place, how the the struggle against the anti-spiral a being that could be considered my opposite number drove me to actually use the ORB itself having sat in a stasis chamber for these many millennia, my of the arguments that caused Monique to rip out Yoko's weave yes, that ponytail is in fact a weave, of how Leeron and Leonardo da Vinci finally found worthy rivals and, in time, love. But I can't and I have not time you see the lady awaits and she has a prize for me.

I can't help the shit i Cause myself,I try and I examine and I get advice every damn part of the way because . I don't think I'm good enough, and everyone seems to agree with that. I kept trying Because I didn't want saltyAnonymous people to win, but you win now You'll never have to complain about me having a Pokémon Wife, or the spelling of my jumps ever again.. I suck You rule You win Goodbye For the foreseeable future If not forever!
Thanks,, I did have a good run and for a while there were some people trying to Help it but Isn't worth it anymore. I might come back if the atmosphere changes, but don't count on it.

>> No.39838059

Not until Legacy of the Void is released for canonical accuracy and content quality.

We have a person ready to make it.

>> No.39838061

Yay you're back.

>> No.39838066

Did you just factionalize the beastmen? Sweet christ. I bet LordGenome was fucking furious with you.

>> No.39838068


Ah. Well we will see I suppose.

>> No.39838072

Fuck I hope not. They were one of the cool jumpmakers.

>> No.39838093

Oh... and that just recently started beta-testing :(

>> No.39838109

Liberal use of 'please stop fighting!' and pointing out that it was LordGenome that gave the orders. It was him that set beastmen against humans. It was him that caused both sides to lose so many, directly or indirectly, through his actions. If that didn't make them wanna kick his ass I don't know what would.

Oh he was very salty i'm sure. In fact he might have been tapping into the elemental plane of salt for a bit there.

>> No.39838121


Yeah I guess I don't blame you. Its not good for your health if your not able to keep up with it.

Honestly SaltyAnon is just amusing to me. I've seen though his game a long time ago.

We can hope for change though, have fun in whatever you do Tera.

>> No.39838140

Better that we have a jump completed and doesn't need extensive revisions later, than a jump completed and needs to be revised when new lore and such comes to - maybe necessitating major perk changes and causing people grief.

>> No.39838238



>> No.39838256

Oh I agree.

>> No.39838277

Kicking logic to the curb. You're doing it right.

>> No.39838363

After so many jumps I decided it was time for something of a 'vacation' jump by this point and sometimes you just need a bit of slice of life. This would also be a good chance to hone my new spiral powers in relative peace.

Allotment: 1000 CP
Background: Drop in human (Free)
Age: inconsequential (But 28 for the sake of those interested)
Mind state: How I am (250)
Starting location: The town (Like i'd start anywhere else)
Sociable: 250
Running errands:250
Nook and associates: 250
Old friends and neighbors: Free

>> No.39838451


>How I am
based anon detected.

>> No.39838572

Why thank ye.

The next jump... well this is where the admiral bit came in.

Allotment: 1000 CP
Background: Admiral (Free)
RP age: 25
Captains orders: Free
Yamato Damashii: 100
Becon of hope: 300
Abyssal fleet girl princess - Airfield princess (Flagship/mobile base): 300
Airfield allotment: 600
-Remodeling equipment: 200
-enviromental adaption: 100
-Innocence: 100
-Dread: Free
-Upgrade speedx2:100 (Gotta go fast!)
-upgrade firepower x2: Free
-upgrade detection X1: free
Destroyer ship girl - Max Schultz/Z3: Free
Max allotment: 600
-Remodeling equipment: 200
-Role-model: 100
-Memories reborn: 300
-Upgrade armor x1: free
-upgrade firepower x1:free
-upgrade range x1:free
Light cruiser girl - Kiso/Kuma-class: 50
Kiso allotment: 600
-Remodeling equipment: 200
-Role-model: 100
-Memories reborn: 300
-Upgrade armor x1: Free
-Upgrade firepower x2: free
Abyssal fleet girl demon - Aircraft carrier demon: 250
Aircraft carrier allotment: 600
-Remodeling equipment: 200
-enviromental adaption: 100
-Role-model: 200
-Dread: Free
-upgrade firepower x3: 100 (One free)
-upgrade armor x1:free
-upgrade auxilary x1:free

I decided to have a healthy mix of ship girls and abyssal girls for my fleet since I wanted to aim for a diplomatic victory between humanity and the abyssals. This one had a lot of ups and downs... including losing my right arm up to the elbow.

>> No.39838646

Okay /JC/, tell me.

What's the most vindictive thing you've ever done? If you're not all that vindictive, what's the best prank you've ever done?

Hard Mode: No Umbridge.

>> No.39838670

>Airfield Princess, and Aircraft Carrier demon
>Seaport Princess or Battleship Princess.
I had high hopes for you Admiral Punch

>> No.39838767


Said loss of an arm was curtosy of Battleship Water Demon's 'twins' deciding my arm looked yummy after I tried giving her a face full of fist. A tactical retreat followed very shortly after and I had to do without the arm for nealy a month before making a prostetic which was a mix of Smithy's living steel and Abyssal black steel. Useing a lot of engineering and resources provided to me I made basically the naval equivlent of Mother base from MG:Peace Walker. Constantly staffed by marines from various nations and used as something of a mid-pacific super port.

Sorry to disappoint, lad. I did get seaport onside very easily though, along with Hoppo. Can't break up the duo of dawww. Didn't feel the need to pull them out of that world though, especially when they have a chance to enjoy the coming peace.

>> No.39838775

I deliberately waited for the Buster Call to arrive at Enies Lobby before having my shipgirls sink the entire fleet. Without killing a single Marine.

I then walked directly up to Spondam - and did absolutely nothing besides stare at him with this smug look on my face until Luffy showed up.

The best part? Nobody even realized the shipgirls were with me.

Nobody suspects the pink dog.

>> No.39838927

Oh. I think I remember you mentioning this from a previous thread. Didn't you also start scooping up abyssals with the fulton system for recruiting?

>> No.39838999

I may have dedicated something like fourteen thousand years preparing to fuck over a single character I don't like. Somewhere around that. It culminated in six years of crippling psychological warfare, in which everything he thought special or significant about himself was systematically stripped from him or corrupted into a mockery of what it once was. At one point I let him have a happy romantic relationship just so it would hurt more when it all fell apart. This was a villain, by the way, and a particularly evil one. I'm not a complete sociopath, I'm not doing this to someone undeserving. But I can't deny that my primary motivation was "fuck that guy for being such an awful Mary Sue". And that's why I don't take fanfic-verse drawbacks anymore.

>> No.39839107

I'm not too vindictive but invisibility and ice powers are great for pranks.

>> No.39839172

Well it is different to mine. I feel like I'm going hard mode in Kancolle.

Kantai Collection: 1000/1000
Origins: Admiral
Age: 41 (50) Gender:Male 950/1000
Abilities: Captain's Orders (Free), Dread (100), Yamato Damashii (100), Winds of Fortune (150), Beacon of Hope (300) 300/1000
Gear: Admiral Uniform (Free), Marriage Ring and Documents (Free) 300/1000
Stats: Auxiliary, Detection, Range
Companions: Destroyer Shimakaze (Free, Perks: Innocence (Free), Role-Model (100), Ballad (150), Memories Reborn (300) Upgraded Equipment (50), Stats: Speed +, Range, and Armor),
Destroyer Makigumo (Free, Perks: Innocence (Free), Role-Model (100), Ballad (150), Memories Reborn (300) Upgraded Equipment (50), Stats: Detection +, Armor, Range),
Abyssal Fleet Girl Northern Princess (Free, Perks: Dread (Free), Innocence (100), Malicious Aura (150), Savage Salvage (300) Upgraded Equipment (50), Stats: Armor, Firepower, Range +),
Battleship Nagato (150, Perks: Innocence (Free), Role-Model (100), Ballad (150), Memories Reborn (300) Upgraded Equipment (50), Stats: Armor +, Firepower, Speed),
Battleship Bismarck (150, Perks: Innocence (Free), Role-Model (100), Ballad (150), Memories Reborn (300) Upgraded Equipment (50), Stats: Armor, Firepower +, Detection),
Abyssal Fleet Girl Princess Seaport Hime (300, Perks: Dread (Free), Environmental Adaptation (100), Malicious Aura (150), Savage Salvage (300), Upgraded Equipment (50), Stats: Armor, Firepower, Range, Detection) -600/1000
Drawbacks: Seasick (+100), Rival (+200), Iron and Blood (+300) 0/1000

>> No.39839303

Indeed I did. It was incredibly effective.

Hoho. You have an interesting run going there. Good luck to you fellow Admiral and may the winds be in your favor.

>> No.39839356


Occurs to me that I've chatted quite a bit about my build, but never actually posted it to see if my math was right!


>> No.39839361

It is around mid jump but it is still going to suck. I am going to need as much luck as I can get.

>> No.39839407

Oh. I suppose I should include entries for the four core members of my fleet.

Max Schultz/Z3: The ship girl incarnation of the German destroyer Z3 Max Schultz. Loyal to a fault and very orderly and task oriented for a destroyer, she can come off slightly a stick in the mud. However she will put her own life at risk, even going into the midst of an enemy formation, if it means she can rescue an ally in peril. Having been sunk while trying to rescue survivors in her old life, this might have something to do with it.

Kiso/Kuma class light cruiser: The ship girl incarnation of a japanese cruiser of the same name. She looks... familiar for some reason, but she is very confident in herself and has a lot of pride. It sometimes comes off as a bit arrogant but she never really demeans others. She seems to enjoy the thrill of battle as well. Very much one of the guys.

Airfield princess: An exceptionally cheery abyssal. She is kind to a fault with her allies and comes off slightly nieve. Even as an abyssal she is incredibly likeable and sociable and loves to chat with others... or at the very least hear herself talk. She also has a fondness for all things cat. Despite technically being an installation she's actually capable of moving decently well. As an installation, she can technically resupply the group in the field. Seems to believe Lofton Henderson is her father.

Aircraft carrier demon: A hot headed bruiser of an abyssal. She enjoys mocking and throwing barbs at her adversaries and absolutely hates people that are close minded. Tends to use a lot of pronouns like 'ore' giving her a sort of ' rude tough guy' feel, but she's actually quite laid back and friendly to allies. While she's technically an aircraft carrier and has a fair number of abyssal planes to make use of she actually favors useing her two air strips like dual weilded broadswords instead.

>> No.39839432

Nice American Admiral

>> No.39839483


Awkward moments were had, but everyone had fun in the end!

Also, someone tell retired old Mikasa that we had to clean up after her mess.

I mean, come on. The entire Second Pacific Squadron came up as Abyssals? Yeah, they were incompetent back in her day, but come on.

>> No.39839491


Despite the general hectic pace of that jump, I was able to successfully initiate plan: 'Nothing good will ever happen to Gendo.'

>> No.39839636

We actually still don't know who Aircraft carrier used to be. Even she doesn't have a clue. It's been a pain trying to get her to get even the slightest hint. She might well not have been a ship but rather whole cloth abyssal.

I kicked the shit out of Seiga Kaku in my touhou jump and dragged her before the yama to be judged? Went straight Paladin on the evil bitch. She got condemned to hell for a VERY long time shortly after and Eiki gave me a lecturing for using 'excessive force'.

>> No.39839645

I was kinda a huge asshole to Saito when Tabitha got around to summoning him. It was a sort of perfect storm of me disliking his character in general, having taken the always getting into trouble drawback, runes messing with me (especially since I viewed him as competition), and trying to make sure Louise doesn't have to deal with his bullcrap this time around. In hindsight I went kinda overboard but frankly the guy's a generic shonen protagonist with next to no personality. Probably didn't help that since he was summoned solely as the Heart of God pretty much all he was good for was serving as a Macguffin ritual sacrifice.

>> No.39839664

Whoo, another USN Admiral.

I went with battleship Washington and, in a bizarre coincidence that even professional gamblers would say is long odds, DesRon 16.

>> No.39839730

Not vindicticve at all i'd say considering some of the shit she's done. Hopefully you made sure Yoshika was cared for/in better hands/not falling apart and such.

>> No.39839812

Query: How _common_ are substitution perks?

Things like Conjoined Conjuries and Crimson Saint, which let you treat one thing as/the same as another? They don't have to be quite that scope; anything with that theme is a valid data point. I don't need a comprehensive list; just off the top of your head, /jc/.

I'm considering an optional endgame scenario for Qualia the Purple. Unified Theory of Everything

>> No.39839845

Usually both rare and cap stones.

>> No.39839852

>looking over jump
>almost done, so close!
>biggest complaint is margins
>notice that it splits everything per section
>so tiny ass sections leave a huge blank space

Not very common. So it'll be neat to see another chance to get one. At least for some.

>> No.39839874

Question for Jumper Admirals from Kantai Collection Have you felt horror seeing any of your shipgirls or friends dying in Kancolle?
Even if it is a bit lighthearted IJN Propaganda (No offense it sort of shows) It is still a war you are fighting and losses should be expected.

>> No.39839898

Given my 42 ship girl fleet?
No. There was a close call with Hood though. Silly battlecruiser.

>> No.39839930

Well, as it stands QtP has one which lets you treat your teaching perks as learning perks, but I'm asking because the endgame scenario will require you to pick up several substitution/equivalency perks to even attempt it, and I'm not sure where to set the starting line, so to speak.

>> No.39839982

I had nightmares about them all dying, once.

Then there was the close call we had. It was so bad Old Ironsides actually fired a few broadsides because she was the only one still in fighting condition.

Then some souped-up Kongou Kai Ni and Shimakaze Kai dropped in and bailed us out.

It was the worst.

>> No.39840033

We've lost men, yes. We've nearly lost members of our fleet as well. However horror is not something that's been felt. Sadness? Most certainly. Lost ship girls have returned as abyssals. That has been unsettling for many as well. However seeing them return to duty to fight again for a peaceful sea? That strengthened our resolve. We drive forward. Always forward. One day... in a more fun sea, even abyssals may find peace.

We did have to cook up a little something called 'rebuilds' to dull the horror some people felt for PR reasons when working with abyssals because some can get pretty scary. Rebuild look somewhere between a mix of abyssal and ship girl, with more emphasis on the ship girl and have the advantage of being less terrifying to allies, and making them easier to identify compared to hostile abyssals. How do other admirals identify friendly abyssals from hostile ones?

>> No.39840069

I go in assuming anything that doesn't attack me on sight is at least a neutral.

>> No.39840075

I'm really not sure how the hell you are going to do Qualia the Purple as a jump.

Also just a note here, it took Gaku way way to fucking long to realize she was a lesbian.

>> No.39840149

Given my use of the drawbacks 'Iron and Blood' and 'Shellshocked' from that jump, I beleive I can answer in the definitive of 'All The Goddamn Time'.

Kantai Collection was not a good jump for me, personally. But considering the shipgirls I got? Damn well worth it.

>> No.39840230

Is that an Abyssal helicopter?
Neat. I want three.

>> No.39840263

I misread that as 42 virgins.

>> No.39840302

My jump also ended up turning into decidedly less IJN Propaganda with the US working together to defend the pacific from abyssal attacks. I ended up becoming an intermediary between the two to help organize things.

Yes. Yes it is.

>> No.39840320

Hmm question does one of your shipgirls have a super serious kind of personality?

>> No.39840337

And they shall remain that way

>> No.39840344

That'd be Constitution, being the oldest and most mature of the bunch.

>> No.39840365

I feel that one would be the best person to tease but I am the kind of asshole who likes to make serious characters fluster with anger, embarrassment or shyness.

>> No.39840653

Very Carefully.

To be specific, I'm going at this from an effect-based perspective instead of a causal one. That way lies pic related.

My way produces things like this:
>>Hotline (400, Discount Everyman) - You can utilize any telephone or instant messaging service to contact alternate versions of yourself. While none of you have knowledge of the future (beyond what could be gleaned by being familiar with fictional media while dwelling within fiction yourself), you may offer different perspectives on things that have already happened or are currently happening. The real draw of this perk, however, lies in its utility for learning. You (plural) have gained experience with an infinite number of skills in your lives, so you can call on yourself to help you learn anything: you can apply any teaching-based perks you have to yourself as if they were learning enhancements.

Everyman also gets parallel world jumping, self-duplication and some body adjustment... but each is packed into its own perk, some of which require others and all of which are pricy. I'm not entirely confident in my wording (everyman plays hell with second-person pronouns) or mechanics, but the methodology has proven sound so far.

>> No.39840692

Wakfu in drive is weird, posting lastest version.

>> No.39840721

I think one in drive had scrolls for legibility
speaking of which, pic related

>> No.39840722

Pretty sure the newest one had text backgrounds so that you could actually read it.

...And also got a lot of people pissed at whoever put it together from the fragmented images, for whatever reason.

>> No.39840723

Eh, that means we can literally learn any skill we want? Kinda iffy man

>> No.39840732

Well alright, I am fully prepared to not understand any of it when you release it.

>> No.39840753

Yeah, that whole teach any skill that can be taught and exists somewhere to ourselves is kinda bullshit.

>> No.39840803

So, with a few teaching perks you can make the vast majority of low-cost purchases (and some capstones) completely useless? I don't like it.

>> No.39840810

So... 200 cp for knowledge of everything that isn't the future.

And isn't Hatou's whole schtick about being a quantum immortal?

Are you sure you can balance this without breaking everything? If you can, go ahead, I'm just concerned.

>> No.39840821

You can learn any skill you want, provided you can learn it. It's not any iffier than a straight learning improvement in function, but the fluff might confuse people in practice. Which is why I'll proofread the hell out of it (and ask others to do the same) before I declare it finished.

I'm making no such claim at this point. It's pre-alpha shit right now, good only for proof-of-concept.

>> No.39840830

>Old Ironsides
Good taste, anon.

>> No.39840876

>You can learn any skill you are potentially able to for 200
Stil BS, not the least because we can just ask our alternate selves for any other info we want as well. It's practically limited omniscience for anything not of the future.

>> No.39840935

Right, so far from what I've seen? Getting the feeling that this jump is gonna be full of bullshit. Like, I'm doubting this can be anything but an end jump if that's what you offer for 400cp

>> No.39840938

Seriously though, Infinite Knowledge and Parallel World Jumping both sound like they're really difficult to balance.

Hotline allows you to learn literally any skill thats physically feasible to you, even if you had no idea where to get the information of how to learn it. It also allows for infinite information via scrying, and access to the sum total of human knowledge in any jump.

Parallel Universe Jumping just sounds like shenanigans galore, how do you plan to balance this in a CYOA that's literally all about universe jumping?

This all sounds kinda insane, for what a single jump would offer.

And if you're making what at first glance appears to be a Proto-Jumpchan perk set for one origin, what are you going to do for the others to balance?

>> No.39840940

The immortal stuff isn't in, and probably won't be due to the nature of jumpchain. Maybe a perk that makes you increasingly lucky as a situation becomes more deadly? Still in theme, but not as blatantly problematic.

>> No.39841028

But in that same vein, Hotline itself offers an infinite amount of knowledge of everything that happened before right now.

QtP is on its own is extremely powerful, to the point that it rivals and in certain cases could beat Tohou in terms of sheer power scale.

>> No.39841076

Alright, it seems I underestimated the scope of how confusing the flavor text on Hotline is. It does two things:
Free second opinions (common sense perk)
Teaching Perks = Learning

The rest is flavor. It'll be rewritten to make this clearer. If that is broken at 400 points, then I'll raise it. That simple.

The thing is, the perk trees on Everyman and Qualia (the Yukari-Alike background) are going to be big, and the points you can get will not cover either of their full potential. You'll need to choose a subset.

>> No.39841110

THe problem si with that teaching = learning thing, is that it basically means you get nigh infintie knowledge, since you can just get your other selves to tell you everything and learn any skill you want. That's why it's broken.

>> No.39841121

What is the scope of the teaching perks?
If I was in Harry Potter, could I use it to learn any type of spell that could possibly theoretically exist under Harry Potter's magic system? After all, in one of an infinite number of timelines, a version of me could have been able to invent it.

I'm still iffy about parallel universe jumping, too, but I'll reserve judgment until I see the perk.

>> No.39841150

Seriously. the more i hear of this place the more end jump material it sounds. It all seems horrifically OP. Like, beyond Touhou bullshit

>> No.39841181

One of the characters destroys the world a nigh-infinite number of times. She immediately hops over to a parallel reality if killed, can cross them at will, and has access to an infinite number of potential pasts through Hotline.

>> No.39841185

I would suggest that you state that the teaching is limited to things you could otherwise learn yourself in your world, and just helps with you learning that. Otherwise multiverse shenanigans are too great.

>> No.39841189

As I've said, the flavortext oversold just how useful the information you get is. They weren't intended to be full-on mentors, more like a study group who helps you out along the way.

This is what happens when you start dropping teasers too early, before enough proofreading has been done. I apologize.

As an aside, every captcha I've gotten tonight has been pizza. Damn it.

>> No.39841232

You're cool, tera. Hope to see you around again some time.

>> No.39841244

...which is not going to be supported in the non-endgame version, as I said. Your shitstorm-mongering is showing.

Please put it away.

>> No.39841295

Riiiight, forgive us if we doubt you, but considering your 200cp perk amounts to infinite knowledge, I still can't see how the hell this is a non endgame jump.

>> No.39841358

Good news everyone! I think my jump is now complete! Have a look and see if you can pick out anything that might be unbalanced, or such if you would kindly?

>> No.39841574

Unrelated I suppose, but are you by chance a muscle wizard, Mr. Punch?

>> No.39841727


I feel heart container needs a bit more explanation.

Here is the character page of the Banner saga jump I'm working on. I seem to be running a bit short on idea's for abilities especially discount abilities for the backgrounds in pic related. I would appreciate any ideas from people who have played the game.

>> No.39841824

I like the design, but that font is hard to read as fuck.

>> No.39841855


you should have seen the font I was using before I switched to that. Nothing is final, and I'll probably change it before I post the full version.

>> No.39842242

Mayhaps I am? I am at the least on that road it seems.

Done! Hopefully better.

>> No.39842378


I'm too sleepy to pick out anymore problems. Hopefully another anon can read through, the fix looks good.

>> No.39842433

The only complaint I might have is that the first few drawbacks don't seem to have much correlation with the game itself. Or maybe I'm just not seeing it.

Bomberman 64: The Second Attack
> Location: Alcatraz
> Age: 21 [Rolled3]
> Origin: Privateer [-100CP]
> Race: Cat Mimic (Angel) [-50CP]
> Element Analysis [-100CP]
> Situational Awareness [-100CP]
> Master of Appraising [Get a Freebie!]
> Loot the Unlootable! [-150CP]
> Fragment of the Divine [-300CP]
> Heart Container [-200CP]
> New Game Plus [Get a Freebie?]

You know what's weird? Bomberman is like the first world ever where I didn't go straight scientist. I gotta say, a lot of the science perks are pretty meh.
Except for Element Analysis. Oh my that's gonna get used.

Anyway, for this and BM64, I've found it much more productive to be a rampant and unapologetic [TREASURE HUNTER]. After all, the fine art of being a [TREASURE HUNTER] is all about knowing where to be and what to do at just the right time, isn't it?
That's how I saved Artemis and Orion. That's how I got the Omni-Cube. That's how I picked up exactly one (1) Gold Card in Zone 3 of the Black Fortress.
That's probably how I ended up in Alcatraz.

Anyway, my plan is to sidle up to Bomberman and help him out! Clearly! Absolutely no ulterior motives at all!
Even though he'll be collecting a lot of very rare, very special, super powered stones.
Totally innocent. Yep.

Also, should probably watch out for Sirius.
He's still alive, you know.

>> No.39842493

This isn't the latest version either
The latest one before it was reverted had a scroll in the background. And had an end scenario for when you become "god"

FOUND IT! Or at least the latest version I could salvage from the Archive.

WakfuAnon Can properly reupload the true version later

>> No.39842554

A'ight. Thanks for the input.

My creativity failed me a bit in terms of cooking up drawbacks more relevant I'm afraid. I would definitely be interested to see just where this jump takes you though.

Out of curiosity and on something of a side note what would you do with the cube/have you done with it?

>> No.39842596

Sorry to see you go, man. It's been fun. I wish you all the best from this day forward.

>> No.39842661

> Out of curiosity and on something of a side note what would you do with the cube/have you done with it?
I haven't done anything with it yet. But my jumpchain is in a constant state of being rewritten, so it's more a case of I haven't thought of anything interesting to do with it. I guess I'm not even really sure what it does exactly. I guess it sucks energy out of worlds and gives it to the user? Maybe...?

Anyway, I can definitely tell you that what I do with it during Bomberman is a fat load of nothing. I stole it partly just to have it, and partly to make sure it wouldn't fall back into the plans of Sirius. I wanted to save everyone on Altair's side, and Sirius getting his power back would've been a direct contradiction to that. So instead I just stalemated everyone. That really was the primary motivation.
That and, "Ooh, shiny!"

But if I ever think of a use for it, I'll let you know.

>> No.39842786

Hahaha. Alright then. Hopefully you wipe the floor with Sirius during this jump should he pop up. There's no telling if the madman will come across some other source of phenomenal cosmic power.

>> No.39842991

With fluff anyway

I attempted to Fix the margin problem by collapsing the Items, and companion/imports section into one.

Next time I'll keep a better eye on this. Once again comment, build, and criticize as much as you need. It's mostly done for now.

>> No.39843078

My life for the past few weeks has been a hectic mess of working, family visiting, just plain nonsense, and surprise time consuming activities.

I'm sorry.

Stealing this for my ideas document, which is currently scribbled on index cards.

I haven't even started and won't have the energy for the next few days.

>> No.39843235

Sorry for bothering you. I didn't realize it was quite so bad. I hope things calm down for you soon.

>> No.39843333

I have a question about the Forgotten Realms jump- If I take the "pig" drawback, can I alter the pig with magic? I plan on shrinking it down with Harry Potter magic and then shapeshifting a small hollow in my back- that's where I'll place the pig.

Is that doable, or am I going to be forced to cart around a full-sized pig for 10 years?

>> No.39843453

It's still as heavy as your full carry weight, so you're going to have a hard time holding anything else. You're going to need to set the thing down for combat unless you go full caster and use eschew materials.

>> No.39843500


>> No.39843512

Just be glad you don't have jury duty.

>> No.39843557

I was thinking of going Prismatic Dragon + Psion + Dragonfire Adept + Sorcerer.

I pretty much AM the weapon.

Pic very related.

>> No.39843592

That'll probably work, even if it's overkill is most other jumps. Try not to become a god accidentally. I hear that's bad for you, especially since several gods in the Forgotten Realms got their power by killing the last guy.

>> No.39843684

Shush. You care. That's wonderful to know and I'm going to get this out for you. At the very least I should have something like free time Monday evening.

I am, very much.

>> No.39843805 [SPOILER] 

I love it. If you asked me a week ago how excited I would be about a Smash Bros jump I would have said "Hardly," but you managed to sell it. Bravo.

>>(1000) 3rd Party Newcomer, Sm4sh, Middleweight, Fundamentals, Interchangable Specials, Balance, Taunting, Jumper Stage Theme, Gratuitous Cartoon Violence, SMASH Platforming
>>(800) Pandemonium, Mii Smash
>>(600) Video Game Osmosis, Unique Taunt (Pepper Mill prop)
>>(300) Unpredictability
>>(0) For Fun and Glory, Standard of Excellence
>>(-200) Directional Manipulation
>>(0) Fighting Game

>>Fighting Game moves:
>>Special-Up [Kill La Kill-Spine Squall] (Super floaty + attack damage improvment, but slowly harms self over time. Toggleable.)
>>Special-Neutral [Cortex Command-Annihiliator] (Chargable energy weapon)
>>Special-Side [Cortex Command-Dummy] (Tosses out a Dummy. If it hits an opponent on the way out it grapples them, if not it stands in place until it takes a hit. Limit one out at a time)
>>Special-Down [Psychonauts-Palm Bomb] (Hovers in place a moment, then slams straight down. Mostly useless on the ground)

I'm a sucker for communicable powers, and Mii Smash is a good one. Also, you can never have enough pepper. NEVER.

>> No.39844026

>impending: http://pastebin.com/S2CjLF7Q

(first draft)

>> No.39844123

Yeah, probably not. It's pretty blatantly just a way to transfer perks between you and your companions.

>> No.39844133

> No "you are the demon" drawback

>> No.39844156

>Buy perks from other jumps

>> No.39844179

Ultraviolence need to be changed for monster origin,

>> No.39844217

Oh god. It's good, but... I just.
IT crosses some lines. And those lines are major. Like, the rest of it's fantastic, but those flaws are just HUGE.

altdeath for example implies multiplayer with the 'transfer of Perks' bit.

Source Port is just all wrong. Unless you're setting it up in a manner similar to the Light of Terra 'trilogy,' no buying perks from other jumps. And even then, LoT only allowed you to carry CP between it's three variations, and not to ANY other jump besides.

>> No.39844249

Oh boy now I can be a de-
>have to destroy all of humanity

O-ok I guess I'll settle for doing it the hard way with DNA samples and splicing...again.

>> No.39844280

See: >>39844217

>> No.39844306

>go through several hard jumps taking a ridiculous amount of flaws and complications
I think its time to relax with my demon buddy in Squirrel and Fox. After having to restrain ourselves with a pacifist run being a CAPITALIST WOLF OF AMERICA sounds great. Its not often we find a setting where unmitigated carnage is so good feeling.

>> No.39844439

You should make sure that nobody is making any Hexen/Heretic/Strife jumps unless you want to end up with a gigantic egg on your face. Even if nobody is, it's still sort of a dick move to call three different jumps at the same time.

Also, just make -altdeath create a consequence-free deathmatch. I'd pay out of the ass for that sort of thing.

>> No.39844682

How do we feel about Jumps that focus on individual entries in a franchise if there's already a Jump that covers the franchise as a whole?

I'm looking at a World of Darkness (generic) Jump, that might cover minor splats like mortals/hunters; I'm also looking at a Skyrim and Morrowind Jump when we already have an Elder Scrolls Jump.

What do you guys think?

>> No.39844708

I think it's a good idea

>> No.39844729

A generic WoD jump sounds good, as does a focused Skyrim jump, but the current Elder Scrolls jump covers morrowind and oblivion.

>> No.39844748

As long as the jumps are distinct and have largely dissimilar perks, I don't mind, but expect salt.

This does mean that the WoD jump will have to cover splats not covered elsewhere. It might be easier just to make more splat jumps, to be honest.

>> No.39844807


For the WoD Generic Jump, I was thinking of something that you could use as a 'base' for future Jumps. We already have a precedent set for Jumps allowing you to 'import' circumstances from one Jump to the other; in the nMage Jump I'm currently working on, I'm including a perk that enables you to retain whatever changes you've made to the World of Darkness in previous Jumps (so if in Vampire you've killed the Prince of New York, for example, he stays dead in nMage, although as a different 'character' you won't be credited for having been the one who did it).

The WoD generic Jump will give you the chance to pick up WoD Merits that seem generally useful but aren't tied to splats. Stuff like Second Sight. I might include some Hunter stuff to represent someone beginning to dip their toe into interacting with the supernatural (although the best Hunter Jump is really Darkstalkers playing as a Mortal).

Looking over the Elder Scrolls Jump, it looks like it does a pretty good job of covering most bases, so I guess I'm not that invested in doing another one.

>> No.39844842

Needs a World of Tonks jump. Not a World Wars jump, just the tonks pitted in endless conflict.

I need good solid tonks.

>> No.39844845

We approve of this plan.

In terms of sheer, petty spite? A systematic campaign of psychological warfare and magical pranking to make Maximilian from Valkyrie Profiles lose his marbles, culminating in bringing his mother back from the dead to yell at him in public.

In terms of it being personal? Crippling Marche, forcing him to acknowledge the world he was planning to destroy was real and then forcing him to remain there forever.

Everything looks fine to me at the moment. Although-would you mind clarifying what the elemental stones are, how many of them are there and about how hard collecting them would be? I think it might help to give the 600 CP drawback a bit of scope for how difficult it could be.

>> No.39844847

We already have a Harry Potter jump for all your tonks needs, anon.

>> No.39844871

>world of tonks

Where is this going? An entire star system of planets made of Harry Potter characters like that world of guardsmen /tg/ was talking about?

I'm down with that. And I'd be grateful if you could include a +0CP drawback that lets your actions in other WoD jumps carry over.

I won't lie: I'm morbidly curious what the True Fae would think of a Jumper...who keeps popping in and out of their reality.

>> No.39844881

Nonsense! More Tonks, more I say!

>> No.39844903

So far the Perks/Drawbacks I'm using allow the consequences of actions to carry over without allowing character continuity.

> Shadows of Darkness [0 CP; must have completed one other WoD Jump]: One of the major themes of the World of Darkness is that consequences matter, and in this realm, you are no exception to the rule. This Drawback enables you to preserve the changes you have wrought to the World of Darkness, although you will not receive credit for it. Whatever actions you performed that enabled you to make lasting change in such a dark place will now be attributed to some mythical hero — perhaps a champion of the Camarilla, or some mysterious anarch, or a fabled fae knight — who has long-since vanished. Former allies (unless you took them with you as Companions) won’t recognise you as the one who fought by their side, although it may do you good to see that your allies still flourish or gloat over the grave of some enemy laid low.

>> No.39844952

>not knowing your early History Channel/Military Channel memes
Get it together man.

>> No.39844959


Hear me out: I would gladly pay CP to KEEP the fame/infamy from things I did in prior jumps as well as have former allies recognise me. Or would that make things worse and actually make the drawback give you points?

I dunno, up to you-but I'd really like to make the place actually continuous with the other WoD jumps

>> No.39845001

but, but ALIENS!

>> No.39845237

Would Girls und Panzer count?

>> No.39845403

> Or would that make things worse and actually make the drawback give you points?

Yeah, that's the problem. You've already got the abilities you bought as CP from your earlier Jump: nothing's gonna take that away from you. My solution allows you to start with a more familiar world, and allows you to make the World of Darkness incrementally 'better' or at least more suitable to you... even if you never get credit for it.

Being able to enjoy all the benefits of your earlier actions feels like it would be giving you too much.

>> No.39845408


In addition: perhaps I should specify that, post-Spark, you could always come back and declare that it was all you all along. You would have exceeded Samuel Haight levels of weirdness by several magnitudes at that point, though.

>> No.39845437


O-okay. I don't like it and I'd gladly pay CP if you rwant, but-fair enough, if that's how you want to play it. I have this ongoing narrative involving my actions in V:TR carrying over into Changeling but-hey, maybe a trip to a BIZARRO PARALLEL UNIVERSE where nobody knows my name but everything else is the same might be fun.

>> No.39845529

I don't see a problem here. the Changeling Jump says "all actions are canon", which is exactly the same as my proposed 0 CP Drawback: your actions are canon, the continuity of your character isn't.

>> No.39845546

Yeah, it's the last part that bugs me. But eh, it ain't that big a problem and I'm just one anon. Go with whatever you think works.

>> No.39845551

So Jumpers, what are you planning on doing Post-Spark? I personally am going to go to Harry Potter Methods of Rationality and troll/enlighten the local Harry throughout his first year at Hogwarts, and then, he will realize that he's the only one that notices me.

>> No.39845570

Is that an unbendable rule of the drawback?
What if I filmed my first WoD jump or get officially signed letters from the people there to show this jumps counterparts?

>> No.39845579

something something shitty question blah blah never going to end yadda yadda shitposting etc

Honestly? I'll try to reacquaint myself with my family and friends on Earth. Maybe spend a few years improving people's quality of life.

Then, I'm taking some friends on a multiverse adventure. Maybe starting my own chain with that group of people.

>> No.39845627

This reminds me of the Lost Son from the bible. Wouldn't it be awkward to tell your family you became a multiversial god overnight and then listen to their requests fueled by greed and jealousy? I'd make a golem instead, exactly like me, to replace me here and go do some other stuff while ocassionally checking up on them without them knowing.

If a lottery tears most families apart I don't want to imagine what sudden omnipotence must do.

>> No.39845629


It has more to do with WW's "no double-splats" rule. No half-werewolf half-vampires and whatnot; no Changeling Mages either. I'd much rather avoid the problem of "How people will react to you when they think it's possible to become a vampire-changeling-mage like you are". You retain your vampire/changeling perks anyway, but that's because of your weird Jumper nature, not because those hybrids are actually possible.

> What if I filmed my first WoD jump or get officially signed letters from the people there to show this jumps counterparts?

If you take the 'continuity' Drawback, these people won't be counterparts: they're the actual people. They might even remember filming/signing those letters, but would be unable to explain how you got your hands on them.

You could of course mindrape them into accepting you as who you say you are. With judicious use of Jumper powers, you could step into your old shoes; if you want to, you'll just have to make the effort.

Personally I think it'd be a more interesting story of "how I exceeded my former self's legend" rather than "how I continued it". Imagine having a small smile to yourself as you overhear someone talking about how an abnormally strong vampire killed the city's Prince six months ago.

I suppose I could always do the alternative and allow full continuity by default, and instead leave it up to the Jumper if they want to 'mysteriously disappear' and take up another identity using mind-alteration and shapeshifting.

The main obstacle is that almost all Mages start nMage with years of apprenticeship and arcane instruction under their belt. If you've spent the last ten years as a vampire, and you start nMage immediately on the tail-ends of that, how do you justify your training/status in Mage society?

>> No.39845720

>No credit.
That's stupid. You know CTL and VTR already have crossover without this right?
Absolutely nobody cares about post-spark.
It doesn't stop you from shifting back into your vampire form and going back to your city to rule either.
>Former self
Sounds like you're trying to force your headcanon for how things work when you have a background in a jump. There is no former self, they're all the same for me.

You also miss that by shoving somebody into the shoes I had, you're going to be breaking canon pretty hard giving a vampire or changeling the powers I used that had no equivalents.

>> No.39845979

Could you turn the warehouse forcewall on and off if you want to, or is it always automatic? It's not a 'stops anyone other than you' force field is it?

>> No.39845994

I spent the entirety of Twilight harassing everyone.

Highlights include wiping Bella's memory of Edward every single time they break eye contact, placing that flash burning paper in every single place to scare the vampires with fire and shaving some dogs.

>> No.39846097

Why would you ruin the greatest love story of all time? uwu

>> No.39846115

It is able to be toggled on and off at your command.

>> No.39846530

Odd question, but how do you guys imagine your forcewall looks? What colour is it? Is it translucent, transparent or opaque?

>> No.39846552

Probably what I did to Dr Light in the TT jump was probably the most vindictive. I realize he was an entirely different character than his comic version, but that's what you get for mean mugging a Tomb Princes GF.

As far as pranks and lolz go that was my entire WFB Jump as my companions and I ran around with Genevieve saving lives and advocating undead rights. Keep in mind I took waaaaay too many drawbacks and is responsible for my current condition...But I was even worse at the time.

Once we saved a medium sized town by raising their cemeteries as troops to stop a horde of Beastmen. We crashed a party being hold by the nobility and there we were, I was caught up in my madness and complaining to the head waiter they weren't serving a type of grape from my "youth" in Nehekhara that had been extinct for thousands of years. Genevieve was trying to convince the mayor to keep the zombies around as citizens, and even Father Alexander was making a scene as his religious argument with the local priest of Sigmar was getting real good.

And then it turns out they were waiting for reinforcements and a like a dozen witch hunters to show up, and we had to fight our way out.

Also I cursed Gendo a lot, like not so much harmful curses, just little prank ones, like getting hit in the head with a coke can and the like. Though once he and Rits broke up I seriously cranked up the curses for about a week. And Rits even used it as practice as I had given her curse magic from Van Hellsing with Echidna.

>> No.39846576

Mainly a bubble if as boring as it sounds. It does move if someone pushes against it but then returns to original shape after being pushed too much and throws the person back out of the warehouse.

>> No.39846578

I figured generic forcefield blue, slightly translucent, exceptionally smooth to the touch.

>> No.39846687

What happened to that guy who was doing a Rebuild of Eva jump?
I was pretty hype for that.

>> No.39846698

That would be Muyo and he is a bit busy if I recall.

>> No.39846810

He accidentally clued me into jumpchain, I spat out the doom first draft, and he went "oh god I gotta work more on rebuild." So he has not forgotten. He is busy with other projects too, though.

>> No.39846973

Seeing as I used it as the basis of all of my jumper's forcefields, the same as those:

Amber hexagons with glowing green lines running between them.

>> No.39847215

I'm looking for a perk that would grant improved mana regen or chi regen in massive quantities.

Any idea where to look? I'm good on capacity, but not on recharge.

>> No.39847297

started alien abductions on most of the cast of twilight. not really damaging but very unnerving to think that aliens are watching all the time. and maybe a few serious modifications to the more annoying characters.
all in good fun...for me.

>> No.39847312

You didn't probe anyone, did you?

>> No.39847349

Wuxia has one for chi accumulation while fighting

FFTA has one of the best ones so far. I think FFXII has one. Getting some magic absorption abilities can work out too.

>> No.39847361

PS238 via Miscellaneous Meta
Fate/Jumpchain has the Dragon Core
Both Tales jumps, assuming you stick the magic rocks into your body
In principle, perks that let you recover from being fatigued faster ought to make you recover ki faster, even if they don't help with mana.
Any jump that has an MP recovering item + Minecraft's item duplication perk
Infinicon's Undercon wonder set as any item that improves MP recovery.

>> No.39847382

If it's just chi, I think Wuxia, Jade Empire and Touhou all have good options for controlling your chi. Also Jagan Eye from Yu Yu Hakusho might help?

Less sure about mana-but do note that Inheritance jump magic lets you rip magic out of living things to fuel your pool, if you're into that sort of thing. What you could do is-learn or get Kanka in Mahou Sensei Negima and pool your magic and chi reserves together to an extent. I think one of the Elder Scrolls birthsigns increases mana regeneration rate, but I can't seem to remember any other perks like that

>> No.39847415

Damn, Wakfu's a pretty good show now that I've watched all of it. Favorite was probably the Legend of Ogrest, it's really charming, and during that jump I want to figure out some of Otomai's alchemy.

>> No.39847416

Generic Fighting has an ability that lets you refill all your energy bars/pools while exhausting yourself.

Combine it with the right perks and you could just Scream/Grunt your way to full bars for the loss of stamina which you regain with resting, eating, ect in a few minutes or hours.

>> No.39847472

Glad you thought so, anon. Personally I'm slightly conflicted by the OVAs but they're a pretty fun ride too. It's nice to see Nox is apparently inspiring a whole new generation of Xelor villains.

>> No.39847509

Lot of good, only a little bad in the OVAs for me. I'm glad Ogrest isn't fucking up the world anymore, though you can never live down flooding the planet (even if Dathura was apparently betrayed him? I haven't read any of the game or comic material). Yugo's attitude is getting a bit bad though.

And yeah, apparently Nox was so impressive Xelor badguys just want to crib his style. Can't blame them though, Nox was the best. Wonder where he got the ice powers though.

>> No.39847511

Doom draft 2, here we go: http://pastebin.com/1iZwGH20

I addressed most of the concerns I heard save one; I left picking your location as 300CP because it literally lets you skip most of the Jump. 'Registered' does the same thing, so it has the same price. The other stuff has been edited.

>> No.39847656

Jumpers, how many of you have taken the chance to recruit characters from one jump and introduce them to the version of them native to another jump?

Like having the Mario, Mario RPG, and Smash Bros version of Peach in the same room.

>> No.39847705

Eh, can't say I'm a fan of exceptional price hikes. Lots of 100 CP starting location choices let you skip out on plot stuff. Also a bit unsure about Registered, to be honest. I mean, this jump's a meatgrinder; I figure anyone who doesn't want to kill demons en masse won't jump here anyway.


Are "unwilling participants" protected from all sources of damage? Do you set the time/number of kills, and if so can you trap someone by setting an indefinite number of kills?

>Walnut Creek CD-ROM

Does this do anything after the jump? Can you use it in the middle of battle i.e. reality warp conditions to defeat someone?

>john romero's head

D-does your chosen Jump gender affect this at all? Can you be Joan Romero's head?

>> No.39847727

I've long contemplated the idea of the Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh, and Gilgamesh Group

>> No.39847744

Not that weird; in the games everyone does elemental damage and Xelors include at least one ice attack. Even the robot Foggernauts with their Stasis have fire and earth.

>> No.39847763

>Gilgamesh tries to steal weapons from Gilgamesh's gate of babylon while Gilgamesh raids his future self's pantry

>> No.39847802

The assumption is you are in the deathmatch, and you'd want to leave eventually. It says you set the time and kills right there in the perk.

Walnut Creek lets you 'mod' Doom, and by extension loot those Mods for stuff you can take with you into later jumps. It's a old school Doom fan's Perk.

.oremoR nhoJ :mih emoceb tsum uoy ,sretsnom nwaps oT

>> No.39847821

Kind of.

One of my early jumps was Valkyria Chronicles under a Chaos Supplement. Had Selvaria Bles (broken bird of a powerhous) and Marina Wolfstan (aloof sniper) bought as companions, and chose the Jump-chan ending, putting me into the jump again.

Seeing them meet their not-Chaos personalities was hilarious. Seeing the shenanigans that arose when I took all four for the ride for all of the chain - even more so.

>> No.39847845

So...apart from looting the mods the perk has no effect after the jump?


Time and kill settings wasn't clear. So what you're saying is-there's nothing stopping me from trapping people for years inside there to fight and die endlessly?

>> No.39847892

I wanted to ask. If I go to this jump am I stuck there until I achieve my goal or do I get to leave sooner by achieving said goal. So if I go Space Marine do I have to kill all the demons? Or as a Demon do I have to kill all the humans? And as a Drop-in I just have to get the hell out of there?

There's no mention of a 10 year limit. And I don't exactly like getting involved with the plot unless a drawback is involved.

>> No.39847900

>Laughing Cacodemons.jpg

>> No.39847937

I hope it's alright. Enjoy.

>> No.39847941

Well, I assume you'd have to be in there too. That and it's outside time, which resumes when its over, so no matter how high you set the timer or kill count it will end eventually, and it will be as though no time has passed. The only thing you might accomplish is driving them insane. That raises the question of what resetting their condition does though, if it's mental then does that include memories, because not being able to remember the death match would suck.

>> No.39847946

If you want to be tapped in there with them too, I guess? I can tweak that. It wasn't the intention.

If you are a Space Marine or Drop in, you are free to leave after reaching the end of E3M8, E4M8, MAP30 (for the next three) or MAP28 in Doom 64. You just have to 'beat' one of the games.

THere's no ten year limit because there is literally nothing to do for the whole ten years. This is an objective-based Jump, full of carnage and violence. Jumpers who come here know exactly what they are getting into.

For Monsters, you just have to kill the company of Space Marines, plus the Last Marine (Doomguy) who comes a bit later.

>> No.39848012

I was pretty sure Nubee and OAA were making this.

Two things I don't like about your version

1) It uses a 1/3/6 scheme. This is boring and outdated, 1/2/4/6 is way better and more often used these days, as it adds more perks and variety.

2) No companion import, and no canon companion purchase. These are things that made the original Dark Souls jump really cool and got people excited, and them being missing takes a lot away from it.

That's just from skimming the sections, I'm sure I could find more issues should I read this.

>> No.39848027

Word to the wise: Always announce when you're working on a project instead of messing it up when other people were already working on better things for us.

>> No.39848053

My jump based on the television series 'Heroes'.

>> No.39848062

Just checked IRC, NuBee forgot his name.

>> No.39848087


Ah, sorry. I don't really use a name in thread often. One and Dog both helped actually. Sorry about the outdated tier scheme, I just went with the prices that seemed to fit with the perks I had in mind. As for the companions part, NPC Interaction in Bloodborne is much lower than in Dark Souls 1 or 2, being more like Demon Souls actually. An import/companion purchase option didn't really feel right for the setting.

>> No.39848099


Yes, I'm real sorry for the misunderstanding.

>> No.39848109

You couldn't even let us by a doll or something? Come on.

>> No.39848124

Metroid Jump when?

>> No.39848130

With Body Insertion, can you insert and remove yourself, thus using it like generic possession?

>> No.39848140

It was never shown to do that in the series so I would assume not. It seemed that you literally needed to push them in or out from the outside.

>> No.39848151

Rule 1.

>> No.39848153

It's in the item section, now that I'm reading it." Doesn't seem to do anything" though, which isn't the same.

>> No.39848158


The Doll herself is possibly a Great One, possibly the most important one in the game. In fact, when attacked she bleeds pale blood. PALE BLOOD. If killed, she never stays dead for long either. The ending where the hunter becomes an Infant Great One and her taking care of them can be seen as taking the Hunter as her surrogate child. So I didn't really feel right letting you get her. Sorry.

>> No.39848181

Meh, this whole jump is a great big disappointment overall, what a shame. I shouldn't look forward to things.

>> No.39848193

Looks great, but it also looks like its pretty barebones, kinda skeletal there.

Unfortunately Im not sure what its missing. Sorry.

>> No.39848205


I already sorta half-mentioned a special interaction between the Insight Perk and the Doll, in the Insight Perk. Thinking about adding a note about it.

>> No.39848221

> Anno Domini 2015
> Looking forward to things

>> No.39848261

Updated this with clarifications on things people didn't understand last time. That's the only change so far.

Part 2 is currently in progress - the Locations section is done, and I'm working on the Crown (who you're working for) and Type (why your colony is being established) sections today!

The current Colony Types I have in mind are Religious Refuge (bonuses to morale and community unity), Debtor's Asylum (don't know what bonus they'll get yet), Penal Colony (more soldiers on hand to keep prisoners in and rival nations out), Profit Venture (gold, cash crops, etc.), and Blatant Conquest (knock over a native alliance/state/empire, obtain your own province).

>> No.39848274

I never specified whether or not there was character continuity for a reason. This was more or less it.

>> No.39848281

Wakfu, have you gotten the fact that the version of the jump on the drive is outdated sorted yet? Spyro posted >>39842493 a while ago, which might not be the latest version you have but it's significantly newer than the one on the drive.

>> No.39848298

You never specified to leave it up to us, I imagine. That's the better course of action instead of a yes or no.

>> No.39848304

If you really want a jump to cover a specific thing you either have to catch the guy writing it or write it yourself.

But with characters, you can always pod them.

>> No.39848344

I'm severely depressed today so that's pretty much how I feel about everything. Even minor disappointments are effecting me pretty hard.
Pods are overpriced garbage and will always be overpriced garbage. I've maintained that since like September.

>> No.39848345

>hot Quicksilver


Drawbacks: Watching, The Hunted (1500)

Old Yharnam, Age 30

"Blood Bullets" (Free). It's go time for our Wretched Egg powers
"Rally" (Free). Ew
"Hunter" (Free). Oh boy, here we go
"Messengers" (Free). Perhaps we can figure out just what these lil' guys are with a few genetic samples
"Insight" (1350). How on earth does this work if our base form doesn't have a brain?
"Arcanist's Touch" (1050). Ichor Omega is going to be extra strong-which is crucial for surviving this dreadful hunter's dream
"Auger of Ebrietas" (Free). If you can hear us through this thing, LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE. PLEASE.
"Workshop Equipment" (750). Guess this can't hurt either
"Blood Artisan Plus" (150). Not entirely sure what gems made out of OUR blood would look like. Here goes nothing
Victorian Doll (100). To the geneforge...necromancy perk anthropomorphic personification!
"Good Blood" (0). 2bloody4us

Oh no. Oh no no no.

This is going to suck.

We didn't want to take Watching, but let's face it: It was inevitable given who and what we are. Oh god, of all the times for that goddamn KnK harem perk to bite us in the ass. Suffice to say we're very, very grateful we a) have things from Elona that specifically protect against alien impregnation (and presumably vice versa) and b) that we have an Aspect of Stasis to make things stay the same super hard dammit.

So the whole jump is basically us metaphysically tiptoeing behind our avatar in the Hunter's Dream (TOTALLY ORDINARY HUMAN HUNTER COMING THROUGH, NOTHING TO SEE HERE) just trying to admire the architecture and stay out of the way. Collect certain umbilical chords, chuck 'em in the Warehouse and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES imbibe them here. Try to leverage Rumormonger, Corruptive Influence, Madness Wavelength and Psycho-Science to exert a little control over the dream, mostly again for hiding purposes.

Oh yeah-and shoot down the Moon Presence on sight.

>> No.39848347

Can you use body insertion to stick someone in someone else, then stick that person inside a third person? Could you continuously repeat this to create some kind of eldritch Russian nesting doll?

>> No.39848349

You really need to reduce the font size some, as is it's ridiculously large. Also could use some non power perks for the origins, if for no other reason than ensuring they've got decent skills for their background. Also Person Finding seems kinda weak compared to the other 800s.

>> No.39848375

> I'm severely depressed today so that's pretty much how I feel about everything. Even minor disappointments are effecting me pretty hard.
Haha, what a story Mark!

You still have one ray of hope that will pierce through the darkness and bring joy to your melancholy.

The Room jump soon, fellow jumpers.

>> No.39848384

Just because you dislike pods doesn't mean everyone should stick in ways around that to every jump regardless of circumstances. You're effectively throwing a bitch fit because the creator didn't go out of their way to appease you. You're acting like an entitled prick.

>> No.39848389

My body will never be ready.

>> No.39848393

Podded companions don't count against the 8 active companion limit.

Also, if you think you can seduce the doll, the Blue feather from harvest moon will make them a companion. I wouldn't be shocked if another jump had a similar item.

>> No.39848405

I don't actually know what's going on with that (seriously how'd it happen?), but I'll upload the latest version I have.

Thanks, anon!

>> No.39848412

What bitchfit? I made two posts. If you have a problem with companion buys and imports though, you need to get in a time machine to stop them from being a thing.

Also didn't all of you just lose a jumpmaker to this sort of attitude yesterday? Where you jump on and attack a person for their post because you read it as negatively as possible? You should learn from that.
Can I get a drawback that sticks me in the world of The House that Drips Blood on Alex?

>> No.39848418

No Russian dolls, just one in one.

In jumps where you would have to explore the entire universe to find your target, it would be worth it.

>> No.39848425

Chill it, if the jumpmaker has decided that stylistically it doesn't fit the mood of the jump to have canon companion option, that's his choice. He did go to the effort of putting it all together.

Just because some jumps do it doesn't mean a precedent has to be set.

>> No.39848426

Should've replied to this.

I just don't care about the active companion limit. I'd rather have the pods be a lot cheaper and not break the limit. There's too many people worth bringing along and the price is rather high because of a side benefit that never interested me.

>> No.39848443

Chill what? I don't understand you. First you decide to jump in and insult me and rage at me, then I tell you that I wasn't having a bitchfit like you say, and point out why you jumping on me is a bad thing, and suddenly you're accusing me of being angry again.

>> No.39848464

Bad jumps are bad no exceptions. Go lick his boots somewhere else and dont force us to accept a lousy jump.

>> No.39848469

When your posts are composed solely of whining about how the jump is ruined because it doesn't give you everything you wanted and how Pods are stupid it reads as a whiny jackass throwing a tantrum.
Also to be clear >>39848384 was me, >>39848425 was someone else.

>> No.39848485

You can thank the recent Rifftrax Live viewing for reinvigorating my faith. If you are in Freedomland or Canuckistan, there is an encore showing Tuesday. Look it up, really funny stuff.

> Can I get a drawback that sticks me in the world of The House that Drips Blood on Alex?

It will be one of two 300 CP drawbacks. The second one makes you Tommy Wiseau for the duration of the jump.

>> No.39848490

If you want a jump created to your exact specifications you will need to write it yourself or pay the author. And I don't see you offering money.

So can I remove possessions by shoving the victim into someone else and removing them after dealing with the possessor?

Unfortunately, given the salt levels there will always be too many people to take along because any supplements that might make it possible will get you bitched at. Even 300 jumps in.

>> No.39848493

The jump is overall disappointing to me. Am I not allowed to say that? Can I not have an opinion that isn't positive without being accused of all kinds of horrible things by you? I didn't even express it in a particularly angry why and now you're practically shitting blood about it.

>> No.39848501

He wasn't saying the jump was ruined. He was saying he was sad it didn't have the exact option he wanted. Which is fine, as he got his complaints out in the open and moved on.

Well, we almost moved on. You seem to be stuck on this for some reason.

>> No.39848503

Drawback: Brain Power (1200)

Rolled New York City

The company, Age 21 (1100)

Disintegration (Free). Our weapon of choice for this jump: Shattered Lego shards
Microwave Emissions (Free). Time to stack Angel blasting powers
Vortex Creation (700). We are kinda curious about where it goes. Maybe just take a quick peek in there?
Psychometrics (500). REVEAL YOUR SECRETS ROCK
Future Painting (400). Remember kids: Green is not a creative colour
Liquifying (0). The world needs platinum fondue. It just doesn't know it yet.

So-keep the peace. Uphold the masquerade. Slap that powerstealing creep whenever he looks funny at us. No problem, gotta unwind after 10 years of being propositioned by awful things with tentacle faces.

>> No.39848515

$10 this is the same jackass that ran Lycoris out.

>> No.39848525


>> No.39848539

Slice of Life/Valkyrie Profile/Okami/FF8 anon

>> No.39848544

SoAnon, made Skies of Arcadia, Golden Sun, Okami, Final Fantasy 8, and Valkyrie Profile, and she was supposed to be making Final Fantasy 6. Look up thread where a bunch of overreacting anons with the same attitude drove her out of the thread by jumping on her like this.

>> No.39848567

Bad jumps are bad. If you cant turn something into a decent jump, dont. Someone else could do a better job and youre just wasting a setting.

>> No.39848578

Ah. Good jumps those.

The only person overreacting is that one jackass. It's fine to complain about things we don't like. Either the jump maker will listen or they won't. I for one accepted his reasoning on not buying the doll as a companion outright.

>> No.39848589

Nah, I'm someone else. Mostly just annoyed with his attitude of deciding to whine about a jump being a disappointment and then give as little actual criticism as possible.

>> No.39848600

Maybe if you list out all the reasons that they're bad, and arrange them with a suitable defense lore wise and meta wise, he'd consider putting them in.

>> No.39848602

You can push a person out of someone, and I guess straight into another if they're lined up nicely.

Microwave emissions are discounted not free. I have no idea what happened with the liquifying, that's 800CP

>> No.39848605

>I'm too lazy to do something myself, but I'll gladly scorn the FREE work of others if it doesn't fit my exact specifications!

That is you. That is how you sound.

Jump-makers, like janitors, do their work FOR FREE.

>> No.39848606

You mean >>39848469 ? Yeah he's the only one this time, but you have to admit it's the same attitude that caused that.
You jumped on a person with vindictiveness for innocently expressing an opinion because it didn't agree with your own. This is bad. Look what that kind of thing did earlier, other than you just being unreasonable this kind of shit has actively harmed the thread and drive off content makers.

>> No.39848612

Guys please I understand some people are less than thrilled but lets have the rest of thread be chill please?

>> No.39848627

Quickly, name 4 jumps you like.

>> No.39848628

>takes the power
>visits another jump
>"Let's take the possessing whatever and shove it somewhere else!"
>Patrick Star.jpg

>> No.39848630

FFFFFFFF typo, consider Future Painting excised from the build.

Isn't Liquifying discounted for the company?

>> No.39848634

I hate everything.

>> No.39848648

One Punch Man
Forgotten Realms

>> No.39848650

Yeah in hindsight went a bit overboard. This is what I get for posting while half asleep and recovering from a nasty bug.

>> No.39848652

FF8, Okami, Valkyrie Profile, Slice of life

...yeah, but-I do honestly like all those jumps.

>> No.39848655

Seija, is that you?

>> No.39848659

Toriko, Zerg, Claymore and Harvest Moon

>> No.39848668

Discounted means half price not free

>> No.39848669

I don't want to admit it but I can't really deny it either.

>> No.39848684


>>ulterior decorating

You've got a few spelling errors here and there.

Also, while I know what Doom is generally about, many of the perks don't make sense to me - specifically the editing stuff.

>> No.39848686

...um, the 0 was meant to represent I was out of CP at that point. 400-400=0. Not that it was a freebie.

>> No.39848689

So, how does a God of War jump sounds?

Good idea? Bad idea? 'Fuck-off-and-die' idea?

>> No.39848702

>no replies

Since when is it bad to call someone out for being lazy and entitled?

>> No.39848705

Apparently Muyo was going to do it.

>> No.39848709

My bad, I've never seen someone lay it out like that

>> No.39848718

Endjump-tier, sounds like, considering the only worthwhile thing to do there is murder entire pantheons.

>> No.39848721

It's bad to get angry and start attacking people for making one post about their opinion just because it's "I'm disappointed.". The really aggressive and overreacting behavior that's been here this past week has been severely damaging for us.

>> No.39848739

You can do that in Smite. It depends how strong the gods are, because gods aren't automatically end jump tier (See Valkyrie Profile, Okami, Smite again, Supernatural, Percy Jackson)

>> No.39848761

>Claiming the only negative comment is"I'm disappointed"
>When "Go lick his boots somewhere else and dont force us to accept a lousy jump." refers to the same jump

>> No.39848763

To be honest, I've never been sure on how strong the God of War gods are meant to be. In combat they seem to pretty much be punch-kick-energy blast DBZ style in a predictable pattern. But in cutscenes they perform greater feats, and when they die the world as a whole gets wrecked. I think it's a comparable powerlevel with Percy Jackson deities.

>> No.39848777

Scorn is the proper reaction to indolence and undue entitlement.

Anything else is enabling. If you ask for a functioning car, and someone builds you a functioning car for free, it is not acceptable to complain that its rims don't spin and it doesn't have neon lights.

You're enabling an ungrateful neckbeard just for the sake of avoiding heightened emotions.

>> No.39848778

Get pissed at that guy, but the only thing the other guy said before getting attacked was "This disappoints me." It was him I was talking about, not the one that was blatantly shitposting.

>> No.39848782

Youre right. Heres another FREE jump made for us, doesnt matter that its bad huh?

>> No.39848785

Ar Tonelico

>> No.39848786

Pacific Rim, Girl Genius, Deus Ex HR, Cooking Show

>> No.39848790

>People aren't allowed to have negative opinions.
Okay, what? What is wrong with you? Also how do you not get that your lofty attitude has outright driven people away.

>> No.39848794

...come on dude, really? Really?

Everyone else-let's just ignore and move on.

>> No.39848803

>implying I can tell with certainty which anonymous is which

>> No.39848805

Yeah, told you this guy was blatantly shitposting. He saw an argument and jumped in to cause problems.

>> No.39848809

>Youre getting that car for free but you didnt ask for it and youre not allowed to get another one but have to live with that one for the rest of your life


>> No.39848817

There's a difference between "ungrateful" and "negative opinion." It's not my fault you can't see that.

Your false equivalence is showing.

Illegal content is, by law, not to be accepted.

Bloodborne is not illegal.

>> No.39848822

Well, those were separate replies to the post so you can easily do that in this case.

>> No.39848830

Oh hey. That actually go made?

Hilariously enough, the quality is more than decent.

>> No.39848842

>> No.39848849

Who gets to decide what being ungrateful is? You? What have you done or contributed to this place that a person saying they're disappointed warrants getting attacked viciously by the high and mighty you?
Oh fuck off, you.

>> No.39848862

To bad those "ungrateful" neckbeards didnt want it on the drive! We should definitely allow every jump to exist and not criticize them!!!

Bad jumps are bad no exceptions whether theyre lewd or just plain shit.

>> No.39848864

So long as a) No name is attacked and b) People can post more than once in a thread I will not be able to be certain it's not just one guy making multiple posts complaining about a thing.

>> No.39848873

That's you assuming the worst of people, and as this thread has shown, that's a bad thing.

>> No.39848881

attached, I mean attached.

>> No.39848886

>Making a lewd jump
>It's not even from a good lewd setting

>> No.39848888

It actually kinda is. A couple things that seem like typos (Corrupted Champions getting several discounted later for things that seem like normal Champion items) but otherwise pretty well put together.

>> No.39848898

Oi, oi. All I am saying is that there is a difference between "bad" and "illegal".

One of those is objective.

CoC is objectively illegal.

>> No.39848899

No it's not, it's all just really poorly written and nonsense from a game about having sex with animal people.

>> No.39848900

Look, this is just my opinion and you can disagree, but I think you all have points. And the important thing is to not deal in absolutes, keep an open mind, keep discussion civil or hide/report blatant shitposting, criticise constructively instead of just saying "it's bad" and acknowledge that not everyone likes a certain thing at the same time.

...can we change topic and let the salt wash away? Please?

Jumpers-what is your favorite kind of pizza?

>> No.39848903

Ever notice how nobody on either side of this argument has provided any actual evidence?

>> No.39848926

Only if you get angry and bitch when someone makes a second jump for a setting.

I hate that that has become a thing. This shit is supposed to be about making choices. I welcome being able to choose between versions.

>> No.39848927

A Song of Ice & Fire
Avatar: TLA
Scientific Railgunr

>> No.39848928

Too many to count. Pic semi-related!

>> No.39848929

Free Pizza...

Joking aside, I like pepperoni.

>> No.39848933

I prefer pepperoni and extra cheese, because I was brainwashed by early 90s Ninja Turtles as a child.

>> No.39848946

>muh illegal content rules enforced by imaginary communities in an imaginated game on a wapanese postcard collection agency

Go tell the police about these bad bad people posting lewdies in your pure waifu headcanon.

Objective my ass. Bad jumps are bad no matter what the reason.

>> No.39848965

I'm sorry, but this is the internet. Trolls are a thing, and I feel perfectly justified in assuming the guy who apparently thinks Bloodborne jump and the CoC jump are equivalent is a troll.

The initial premise of the "Bloodborne Jump is not an acceptable jump" is that "no cannon companion perk = bad". It is most certainly true that you can't buy a local as a companion, so there's no way to win that point against them.

>> No.39848986

...I see we are speaking different languages here. A pity.

Good day to you.

>> No.39848987

Looking through the Blue Elixir seems to effectively cost 150 CP since without that it's a one use item. Also Inner Beast lacks a CP bonus.

>> No.39848988

We murdered an experienced jumpmaker for daring to consider "updating" HIS jump and almost lost all of them.

Good luck getting people to accept more than one version of the same jump.

>> No.39848994

He is a troll, what I'm telling you that he's not the same person as the one who said he was disappointed in the Bloodborne jump. That person was jumped on just for saying that, the troll joined later.

You're also wrong in thinking he said it 'wasn't acceptable'. That's you taking too much offense and overreacting to someone's post. Which I'll remind you, has driven out content makers.

>> No.39849000

>poorly written
There's much worse formatted and written on the drive than that one. For being from a smut setting, its alright.

I have a preference for grouping by background rather than by price but other than that the amount of formatting faults in it are pretty limited.

Typos are somewhat common (scrap rather than scrape and such) with some awkward grammar in places (the dress) but I've also seen the same in other text jumps.

It may not be to our liking but you can't deny whoever made it actually put effort into it. I appreciate that.

>> No.39849004

Pizza served at a diner full of malfunctioning animatronics.

Cuteness optional.

>> No.39849016

Worrying question time:

What jumps give me the ability to detonate myself with the force of a nuclear bomb? What jumps give me the ability to survive doing this?

Pic unrelated but funny.

>> No.39849019

I can, because this is garbage from top to bottom and you can fuck off for supporting it.

>> No.39849022


>> No.39849039

> What jumps give me the ability to detonate myself with the force of a nuclear bomb? What jumps give me the ability to survive doing this?

The Dr. Strangelove jump's "Mein Fuhrer, I Can Walk" perk.

>> No.39849049

Anon, what have I told you about biting bait?

It is pizza time now.

>> No.39849053

Hm... Well, Touhou comes to mind. I am SURE there was something specific like that somewhere else.

>> No.39849068

Uh, what? Why are you calling the posts against a lewd jump bait? Are you an idiot?

>> No.39849073

The drawback from Teen Titans, Overheating. Just spam your powers and then go nuclear repeatedly.

>> No.39849091

Kirby does
I think Lord of light's raksha background does if you die you explode violently.
Teen Titans drawback lets you literally do that.

But when in doubt PS238 MiscellaneousMeta and Percy jackson Monster tree lets you choose a feature like that.

>> No.39849095


Any discussion of it, for or against, is bait.

Even this, by virtue of technically being a continuation of that conversation, is bait.

Anything that does not consist of ignoring the very idea and letting it rot is bait.

>> No.39849119

Protip: unless you like salt and being reported don't acknowledge the existence of this sort of thing at all.

>> No.39849125

>With judicious use of Jumper powers, you could step into your old shoes
Point of order: no he couldn't. Drawbacks trump perks, so if the drawback states that he'll have no fame and people won't remember him, and it doesn't qualify that in any way, then that's what goes down.

>> No.39849128

The CoC jump is higher quality than the bloodborne jump which lacks companions and non-cringy writing. Its lewdshit though and I posted it sarcastically.

But thats not important, what matters is that one anon decided to make a shitty bloodborne jump and prevents actual, decent content makers from making a good bloodborne jump.

ONE anon gets to claim the sequel to one of the best jumps here and we all know any decent jumpmaker taking on bloodborne will be hated for it "becush theyce alredy 1!!!"

>> No.39849142

Oh boy, he completely abandoned any pretense of not shitposting now.

>> No.39849144


>> No.39849145

>hating lewd
What's it like living in the American south? Beat any gays recently?

>> No.39849156

Do we actually have a 5NAF jump? If not I can see it being something that some might be interested in. Could actually make for a half-decent low power jump as well.

>> No.39849165

>baiting THIS hard

>> No.39849173

Meh, even someone who took Aura or Psychic from Pokemon could wreck it.

>> No.39849187

Why? From an objective stand point its a pretty well built jump that does what it intends to do (provide a setting for a lewd jump based on CoC).

It may not be something I'd want to go to, but its hard to argue that it doesn't achieve its objective.

>> No.39849189


I know right?The hate and blatant irrationality shown in regard to any sort of lewd is terrible.

>> No.39849195

The problem is that any Pokemon team besides "six Magikarp" or "six Sunkern" could wipe the floor with the animatronics.

Even POKEMON outclasses its power level so intensely that the danger of the animatronics (which is meant to be the draw of the setting) is nil.

It'd have to effectively be a vacation jump, but then what's the point in vacationing at Freddy's?

>> No.39849200


You guys serious cause you know that jesus himself could make a bloodborne jump x1000 times better than this one and we wouldnt accept it.

Shotgunning settings is a bad rule and we lost content makers because of that.

>> No.39849215

NuBee made it. NuBee made darksouls. You're shitposting, go away.

>> No.39849225

You will be presumed to be breaking rule 3: No trolling.

>> No.39849229

Actually, I did.
Faggot squealed like a stuck hog.

>> No.39849240

>People this assmad about no companion imports
Can't you just bring your 8 companions along no matter what and you can use the housing supplement to give one of them up to 500 points of stuff anyways?

>Traveling with companions, spending points on something that's not giving you a direct power boost

>> No.39849241

I imagine that getting fired would be a jump loss condition. With damaging said animatronics too badly being grounds to get fired if I recall.

That said, point taken. Perhaps it would be better as just a starter jump?

>> No.39849242

3 questions I don't know if anyone has ever asked:

Do the ten year periods take leap years into account?

Do you spend 10 Earth years in a jump even if said jump takes place on a planet where a year is longer or shorter?

The warehouse forcewall can keep things out, but can it keep things in? Could I throw a bomb in the warehouse and then use the forcewall to block the explosion?

>> No.39849245

Don't bother, just report and hide. He's not giving reasons why it's bad and he isn't even bothering to be consistent in his posts.

Anything with seafood

>> No.39849257

That's incredibly stupid.

>> No.39849265

>Do the ten year periods take leap years into account
Why does it matter?
What are you really going to do with all of three days?

>> No.39849266

1. I think so.

2. Presumably.

3. I have no idea.

Actually, that could work! I hear losing your colony charter for reasons of "blatant and blasphemous witchcraft" is gonna be an AoE lose condition, and getting fired is already a loss in 9 to 5, so that works!

>> No.39849267

Anon, I've been hiding ever since that guy attacked me but I'll come out to say, this trolling anon isn't me. I was the one that said the jump disappointed me and then defended myself some from being attacked, but that's all I did. I don't have any part of this anon's shitposting, which I don't even think is about companions.

>> No.39849268

>your first jump ever is 5NAF

Goodness, that sounds like a sadistic Jump-Chan

1. I think they're supposed to be 10 full years

2. And I also think unless specified otherwise it's 10 Earth years

3. Given you turn it on and off IIRC I...think it could keep things in?

>> No.39849271

>then use the forcewall to block the explosion
Or you could just, close the door and not have to worry about it?

>> No.39849273

But insisting on posting about things that are against board rules IS Trolling. So technically they will be right regardless of your intent.

>> No.39849280

Is there anything going on in that setting outside of the restaurant? Is there even enough for a full jump? I could see it working as a gauntlet, but people tend to dislike gauntlets.

>> No.39849290

NuBee making Dark Souls entitles him to the entire series? Dark Souls was great but clearly he hasnt got it in him for bloodborne.

You should stop while youre ahead not try to crank out five more shitty jumps and ruining a good game for other persons.

>> No.39849294

>Perhaps it would be better as just a starter jump?
No. That's stupid. You're stupid.

Pokemon is the perfect starting jump.

>> No.39849295

If that's against board rules, why do we still have /WST/ and lewd quests constantly?

>> No.39849299

It's lazily written, has stupid gimmick mechanics, does a terrible job of conveying the settings beyond the basics and has a link to the wiki because the author decided to just let you buy random shit from the game with no indications of how they'd function in the chain.

Bloodborne meanwhile does a decent job of conveying the setting and isn't completely mono focused on getting raped as a hermaphordite by other hermaphordites.

>> No.39849305

Explain precisely what is wrong with the current jump. I quite liked it.

>> No.39849310

>Do the ten year periods take leap years into account?
Do what you want. No one is going to bitch at you for what, 2 days?

>Do you spend 10 Earth years in a jump even if said jump takes place on a planet where a year is longer or shorter?
DEFINITELY Earth years.

>The warehouse forcewall can keep things out, but can it keep things in? Could I throw a bomb in the warehouse and then use the forcewall to block the explosion?
Time inside warehouse only flows while you're inside. Nothing sentient can be inside warehouse if you're outside. Does that answer your question?

Too soon to think about it, I think. Let's wait until part 4 and the movie come out. THEN there will be enough material.

>> No.39849317

Unenforced rules continue to exist. Which is why people bitch about quests on /tg/.

>> No.39849328

/wst/ is a CONTAINMENT thread.

>> No.39849337

I wish it was an IP farm and everyone that posted there got a perma-ban, but alas.

>> No.39849338

Then why not just ban it?

>> No.39849342



Is that a real thing?

>> No.39849352

I admit its a decent jump but not good enough for what is probably the best game of the year at least for the ps4 and revival of a great franchise with amazing lore.

The lack of companions, the overall cringyness and I dont know it just feel inferior and wrong.

>> No.39849358

Indeed. One hopes a kinda Anon will get on it.

I imagine some stuff could be cooked up easily enough if there isn't anything going on (That I know of)

Or a masochistic jumper.

>> No.39849364

Yup. Warner Brothers bought the rights.

Quite clever, actually. When was the last time YOU heard of an animatronics horror movie? It's a new ground for moviemakers to cover.

>> No.39849366

That's not precisely. You're waffling.

>> No.39849369

What other food-related settings could be used for a jump? Maybe some of the pop-cap type ones?

Diner Dash? Fighting Foodons?

>> No.39849376

/jc/ is a CONTAINMENT thread as well.

Did you forget we got forced out of the CYOA generals for being autistic, obsessive, powerfagging fucks?

>> No.39849379

Yes. Somehow. I don't know how though, the thing that makes FNaF interesting is that it tells the story through implication instead of outright saying what's happening. I don't think that would work well for a movie.

>> No.39849397

>it's a decent jump

Good. I agree. It's certainly nowhere near bad enough to whine for someone else to redo it

>various complaints

Why didn't you just articulate those issues instead of immediately assuming the jumpmaker wouldn't listen to criticism?

>> No.39849403



McDonalds? It's a setting by now.

>> No.39849409

I thought it was for all the lewd shit we talked about incessantly (get muh husbando in x jump then give birth to them 10000000x times across the multiverse).

>> No.39849410

Well, we already have Toriko so-Cooking Mama?

>> No.39849426

>stuff could be cooked up easily enough
I like a little bit of good OC in jumps, but it needs to be handled well. Implications that there's more cover ups and creepy ghosts/satanic rituals/whatever out there in the world could be good in theory, but I'd have to see some proof of concept before I can decide.

>> No.39849429

You may be on to something. I remember them having vhs mcdonalds movies back in the 90's.

>> No.39849431

No. That was just one idiot who mercifully seems to have left forever. Honestly the CYOA general talks about more /d/ stuff on a regular basis.

And yeah, I enjoy jumping and regular CYOAing.

>> No.39849436

>Fighting Foodons

RIGHT in my childhood, anon.

>> No.39849445

That's not 'precisely', anon.

What possible companions? The great ones that are loony? The doll that you can buy a non-powered version of for 50cp? All the beasts that want to kill you? The people who succumb to becoming eldritch baby-makers within a single afternoon?

No, cyoa general forced quicksilver out because they were assmad his cyoa was taking up more time than their sissylife shit. The autistic fucks didn't come until later.

>> No.39849446

You want me to spend a long time finding every bad thing in it and end up to late to actually argue against you guys. Im not gonna write out an entire list.

I'll give you a good one though. Becoming a Great One instantly ends your jump and Hunter is the only origin. Nub chose to omit everything that was not hunter related and forced us into it. Wheres the Celestial origin? Why dont we get to CHOOSE who we ally ourselfs with?

>> No.39849452

Only if there's a PETA inspired drawback.

>> No.39849455

Imagine going there after visiting Toriko. Foodons made out of Gourmet World ingredients by a chef who's mastered Food Honor would be completely unstoppable.

>> No.39849460

Actually, it was because we took up 90% of the CYOA Gen posts at the time and they wanted to talk about something else.

Jumpchain has its own thread as a result of being too popular.

>> No.39849470


>> No.39849482

I'm surprised we don't have Food Fight yet.

We already have Generic Cooking Show jump, but it might be possible to pull together some weird pastiche of various food shows like Good Eats, Unwrapped, or Bizarre Foods?

>> No.39849483

Stop it, anon, I just finished eating. I'm not supposed to be hungry again!

>> No.39849492

This is a frequent thing in the gen. Every time a new jump comes out and is really popular people bitch and flip their shit that it's being talked about instead of the same old shit so they try and kick it out. It keeps happening and it's hilarious.

>> No.39849498

Oh man you know what else from that era of saturday morning cartoons haven't we exploited?


>> No.39849504

You can also get Explosion from PMD, I'm sure there's a way to boost that to nuclear levels, but damned if I know how.

>> No.39849516

Meant CYOA, oops.

>> No.39849518


I am SERIOUSLY considering doing a Fighting Foodons Jump but I just don't have the time to sit down and watch all the old episodes.

Is there a manga of it? I dunno, I'd love to but it would be a weird Jump to be certain.

>> No.39849520

As a counterpoint, see >>39849445. Great Ones are not so great because they're crazy and have driven everyone who has worked with them crazy, so I personally don't see the point of a Celestial origin.

Being a Jumper it seems to me you don't have to fight for the cure since you're leaving 10 years and Jump-Chan handles the curse for you; just fuck off and let some other fool get grabbed by the Moon Presence. Or snipe it from afar, whatever works. The point is-don't be that fool in the cutscene who reached out to it.

>> No.39849523

>inb4 "get Wakfu to make it"

>> No.39849528

>Good Eats
Please no.
Because then I'd have to buy another pod and bring Alton Brown along with me to cook in other jumps.

>> No.39849529

Yes, you really are expected to have specific complaints if you want things change in a jump.

Thanks for making one.

>> No.39849539

>willingly becoming a blubbering mass of tentacles and fungus
>wanting to ally with the insane disease piles who are bugfuck crazy
I'm sorry what

>> No.39849556

Also correct me if I'm wrong but what other origins do you suggest apart from "Deranged looney cultist"? I'm sure Nu will hear you out if you want to join the Vileblood covenant (for whatever daft reasons you have)

>> No.39849558

>tfw no Iron Chef Jump

>> No.39849563

Didn't One-Arm plan to make that at some point? Or was it Toriko-anon?

>RIP Fyrdsman

>> No.39849568

Ruel is the best member of the Brotherhood of the Tofu.

>> No.39849569

Well I'd certainly like to have the option of being a Neuroi in the Strike Witches jump, and they're aliums that strip mine planets.

>> No.39849584

Increasing your physical attack stat. You'd also need something that increases the range/area of your attacks though if you strictly follow PKMN rules for that, since it only hits adjacent mons.

>> No.39849586

>becoming a great one
>implying that shouldn't be something to be avoided at all costs

Geez man, even Anti-Spiral is noping out of that mess.

>> No.39849587

>Not kidnapping celebrities in jumps that take place in the "real world"

>> No.39849595

I'm honestly glad it happened to us, because this thread is more active and usually nicer, and hell most of the content is better too.

>> No.39849607

Aren't Neuroi mindless?


I'm sorry, I can't hear you over him being irrelevant for all of Season 2.


>> No.39849613

I find arguments here tend to be like monsoon season; they surge for a while, die down and then it's back to tropical beaches and tranquil scenery. Until the next one pops up. Real kicker is losing important people as collateral damage.

>> No.39849614

Hm? Not me. I'd love an Ultimate Muscle Jump.

I've suggested Fighting Foodon as above and a couple others. The problem is that a lot of the Jumps I want to do are lacking in content.

Some have TOO much content. I learned my lesson about having too many options with Nechronica.

I'm currently working on a simpler Jump for people to mess around in currently as a break.

>> No.39849623

The drones, probably, but there's something in charge. Also, that Neuroi Witch was certainly capable of faking it and the Warlock powered by a Neuroi core acted on "its own".

>> No.39849625

Yep, normally it's harmless but this thread seems to have gotten to two prolific content makers and the last one got rid of another one. Very bad day for us.

>> No.39849628

>not the god-emperor

Except for going full BBEG at the end

>> No.39849635

What? Nechronica was magnificent! Or is it about it having had too much ground to write about?

>> No.39849640

Used to watch that every evening after school with my mum.

But yeah, doing it Bizarre Foods style where you just jump from one place to another eating shit and cooking shit would be amazing. Perks/drawbacks dealing with contests like the big confectionery challenges they had on the Food Network, BBQ pitmasters, etc.

>> No.39849644

That's true, that doesn't mean he's not the best.

Adamai is a shit
Nechronica may have been hard to make but I love the final product, huge jumps are hugely amazing.

>> No.39849649

Nechronica was fine. I've seen worse. Far worse.

>> No.39849652


Nah. Yugo gambled everything on his plot armor like an idiot and Adamai actually had enough sense to tell him not to do it.

>> No.39849658

For a while back, I'd honestly hope people had learned to avoid this shit. On the bright side. At least a certain attention dependant recent interloper also seems to have been banished by the hullabaloo.

>> No.39849664


Okay sorry for going berserk but this really got me mad for some reason.

We could use an ACTUAL dropin background that is unrelated to being a Hunter like most jumps and a backround that allies you to the Great One or Celestials so you can CHOOSE to be one of the "bad guys" without being out of character or ending your jump.

Theres no point in limited Bloodborne to only Hunters for jumpers who are supposed to have choices.

>> No.39849666

All I remember about that show is Clawdia.

>> No.39849674

But at what cost?

>> No.39849679

You got me all wrong anon-I was only referring to the END of the OVA, when he went off hand in hand with Ms Clearly-A-Future-BBEG to be her future Sith apprentice or whatever. Not contesting that the dofus thing was a bad idea.

>> No.39849685

>mfw didn't even know what furries were at that age
>mfw she's 50% at least

>> No.39849694

Ah, no its was one of those weird settings where they leave a lot of it undefined so you can Sandbox it. The too much content was ALL THOSE OPTIONS AND ITEMS. Oh my god. That was a chore.

Mind you the Weapons were easy. Just a short description of a Meat Cleaver or a witty joke. Mutations and Enhancements were a pain.

Coming up with Perks descriptions for all the skills was also a bit of a chore. Some of its really straight forward. IE Grow back a lost part. Other stuff I had to stretch from Game Mechanic to Jump Mechanic.

Fun but tiring. Glad so many people liked it.

>> No.39849697

Shaman King too.

>> No.39849703

Ah, okay.

>> No.39849711

I called dibs on that. I'm working on it but got burnt out on rereading all of Shaman King in one sitting.

Currently working on something different.

>> No.39849712

Those are reasonable suggestions.

I personally still think anyone who wants to be allied with the Great Ones/Celestials has a fate worse than death wish though. Again: The ANTI-SPIRAL didn't want any of that.

>> No.39849721

Someone's working on that.

>> No.39849729

Yeah, Toriko.

>> No.39849744

>Fly around being the Neuroi Witch
>Tempt Yoshika
>Get her to follow me back to the castle, write "you're not supposed to follow strange aliens, they might do stuff to you" on the ground with a laser
>Listen to Yoshika get bitched at for being tempted by sweet alien ass and titties.

>If any witches get lost or something, drag them home, and let them know they shouldn't do that unless they really want the aliums to take them.

>Increase paranoia, try not to get exploded by the super-hive.

>> No.39849768


>> No.39849771

Wrong trip shitstirrer

>> No.39849776

I'll admit I could fake it, but Mio would be able to tell with her Special Eye unless I spend a lot of jumps ensuring I had the right sort of core-and-forcefield physiology. Angels aren't quite right on their own.

>> No.39849790

>Special Eye

Just call 1-800-CONTACTS.

>> No.39849811

Ok so we got the Fox Box mostly sorta covered.
What about Toonami?

ReBoot, Batman Beyond, Cyborg 009, Astro Boy, Zoids, SD Gundam (because its pretty different from the other gundams), and Rurouni Kenshin are the ones I can remember that aren't the 'oh god pls no' dragon ball settings.

>> No.39849822

Dirge was doing Zoids, he recently finished FF9 but haven't seen him since.

>> No.39849842

>Rurouni Kenshin
That is the only shounen I can stand. The characters were interesting, the Meji period is interesting, and had just enough humor. I'd jump the shit out of RK

>> No.39849848

>Cyborg 009

>> No.39849865

>Tetsuwan Atom

Man, I'd love that. Mahoutsukai Sally, Tetsujin 28 and Mach Go Go Go

A bit busy myself at the moment, but if anyone starts those I'd be glad to help out.

I think that might be the weebiest post I've ever made.

>> No.39849867

Didn't Red say she wanted to do 009 and Skullman into one jump?

>> No.39849877

He's still working on it.

We talked about his WiP for Zoids just the other day!

And we NEED an Astroboy and Cyborg 009 jump

>> No.39849880

Tried Samurai Champloo?

>SamCham jump w-

-nah, trust me on this: There ain't enough material to make one.

>> No.39849887


Tell me your tales of genocide, when did you >remove?

I know that there was much discussion about ridding the world of Beholders, which I totally support, but there was no mention of Illithids. Anyone else planning on getting rid of those psionic bipedal squids? Any other races that you plan on wiping out?

>> No.39849896

Didn't they have at least one not-gundam giant robot anime? Eureka Seven? Also MaR and Rave Master.

>> No.39849898

All elves in Lord of the Rings.

>> No.39849903

Zoids is at 90% completion. Just putting finishing touches on scenario and some administrative fluff.

With the current shitstorm weather, I'm holding on the release, will probably release as a batch, since Orochi and 12-Revenant Wings I can also get done pretty quick. Depending on when the weather dies down, I might just lump this together with Puzzle and Dragons.

>> No.39849930

>illiteracy drawback
>grafitti-painting perk
>baseball episode drawback
>untrained swordfighting still works perk
>bounty hunter origin

>> No.39849942

Kender, Zombies, Elves in certain jumps, and a dragon type or two. I was pretty hungry

>> No.39849951

Great choice. They're all kinds of nasty.

I think I'd have to get rid of giant demonic spiders in whatever setting I find them in. If we ever get a Diablo jump, I'll probably ignore the big guys and just spend my time killing spiders. 'Cause fuck those things.

>> No.39849960

Squirrel and Fox. Joined the evil 'Muricans and unleashed kaiju hell upon the hill.

Funnily enough its pretty much my go to plan once I get the spark as well and return home. Fuck the Norks they killed my grandmother.

>> No.39849971

I'm not going to eliminate any species.

Instead, I shall teach them the joy of the Krabby Patty.

Even the Na'Vi, the Drow, the Brethren Moons, and the Aboleths.

>> No.39849983

>first two and untrained swordfighting

Okay, you have me there

>baseball episode

+0CP I assume

>bounty hunter

Um...huh. I...personally don't think that'd fit but. Maybe?

Look, I love the series and all. I just don't think it'd work in a jumpchain format; for one thing the main action is over in less than 10 years IIRC

>> No.39850000

I killed the fuck out of the Na'vi.
In my defense, I explained why we needed what we did and offered to pay. But they refused. So fuck 'em.

>> No.39850033

Nice quads, but

>not letting them see inside your mind
>not showing them all the proof of why their lifestyle won't work

>> No.39850049

> remove
I burned Black Bullet to the ground.

I also declared absolute genocide against all vampires in Vampire: The Masquerade. Both times.
And in Forgotten Realms I made a point to purge all the undead I heard of or came across. Although it's somewhat difficult to genocide them, given they're created by outside sources, but god damn did I destroy a lot of them.
I really don't like most undead, actually.

>> No.39850074

>becoming EEEVIL due to RL politics

Surely you're above such pettiness, being an immortal of such great experience and wisdom?

>> No.39850079

>letting Na'vi anywhere near your mind.
Nope. Nooooopppppeeeee

>> No.39850095

>not liking undead

You wound me, Konata. Imagine what Amon Top-Kek would say!

>> No.39850099

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a universe in possession of undead must be in want of a cleansing.

>> No.39850110

>thinking they can actually affect you at all

>> No.39850117

I ate one of them with prototype shit, connected to their hivemind to let them know all that I was, then annihilated them in fire.

>> No.39850122


I was worried about how my Origin idea was gonna be received, so yeah, this definitely sounds reasonable.

If I implement more standard Origins, does this sound good for discounts?

Drop In = Arcane/Blood/etc Stuff

Hunter = Strength/Stamina/etc Stuff

With a third origin (Choir Spy? Workshop Member?) getting the remaining stuff?

>> No.39850128

Oh hello there, did somebody summon us?

If it hasn't been made clear. Every single Great One is getting the Balefire Special, courtesy of our Angreal nanoswarm and SMWS

>> No.39850131

Still ain't gonna risk it.

>> No.39850135

mah small blue companion of African descent

If you weren't an amoral yandere tease, I'd totally hang with you

>> No.39850141

>the Ottomans are a faction in AoE III
>Ottomans having New World colonies

>> No.39850146

Brethren Moons.

>> No.39850165

I dunno, seems to me like being permanently blind in a stupidly deadly place such as Yharnam would be worth more than 100 CP.

>> No.39850171

Is this you?

>> No.39850173

And yet here you are cosplaying as an undead monster.

Have you killed Hsein-ko yet?

>> No.39850188

Wait, doesn't that mean Mr Hive Mind couldn't counter spells anymore, since his opponent would get a counterspell that he could target the original counterspell with?

>> No.39850192

No I'm evil because I've got devil arms, am constantly fused with a ravenous Kamui and a Shushu, and half a dozen other bullshit.

I am the demon lord and fuck everything I have even a mild reason to dislike.

>> No.39850194

>killing Best Jiangshi

>> No.39850221


You would probably be really surprised at how many characters are blind in Bloodborne and have figured out how to get around it, not even kidding. I figured since it was more a passive disadvantage than an active threat to your life I could fit it in at 100CP.

>> No.39850239

Pretty close. This is a horrible evil run. I've got the demicube from Bomberman, Mako Reactors, Angelus Stone, etc.

I will harvest all the worlds and then have a sick nasty boss fight with everything in 40k.

>> No.39850260

To be fair, assuming you don't have super zatoishi skills being blind in a city full of shambling blood starved abominations and elder gods sounds pretty fucking painful. Those guys probably had years to figure out how to fight while blind

>> No.39850297


Got me there. You aren't the first to bring this up either, so I'll see what I can do.

>> No.39850315

Eh, being blind ain't so bad after a couple jumps. By like 20 you've got seismic senses and enough psychic and magical bullshit that you probably haven't actually been using your eyes all that much anyways.

>> No.39850326

I love how people keep posting this.
So what's the tl;dr Bloodborne argument going on?

>> No.39850369

I was thinking more about how the jump should be weighted on its own merits instead of assuming you've been to specific places with seismic/psychic/magical senses.

I don't.

See >>39850122 and >>39849664 for the cliff notes.

>> No.39850397

The best part is that, despite it's illegiality, it's actually higher quality than so many legitimate jumps.

>> No.39850406

Oh god, don't get me started.
See, the problem with undead is this:

First of all, a lot of them are gross. And not just gross in the "ew corpses" kindof way. I mean a lot of them are dripping skin and pus and entrails. As a follower of the one true path of cute and fluffy, it is my duty to purge such monstrosities from existence.

Second, a lot of them start taking a "humanity is prey/inferior/let's turn the world into a deadland hellscape!" point of view, and as an ally to humanity and, y'know, life in general, I am patently against that kind of shit. So they gotta go.

Then you got places like D&D, where being powered by negative energy means that undead just EXISTING starts to take its toll on the surrounding reality causing decay and chills and bad stuff. And that varies from setting to setting, but there are totally settings where undead are like active anathema to the world. So that has to stop.

So basically it amounts to, "You're disgusting and/or straight up evil."
99.99% of disgusting undead are also mindless or evil, due to narrative causality.
Mindless undead are basically gross robots, and so don't get moral consideration.
Evil undead are evil. And usually not even a good evil. Undead evil tends to be more like, "Let's eat people," and man, I just ain't having that.

I'm pretty neutral to well-groomed skellies, though. Or ghosts. Ghosts are fine.

She's fine.

>> No.39850416

>I was thinking more about how the jump should be weighted on its own merits instead of assuming you've been to specific places with seismic/psychic/magical senses.
That's the traditional take on jump building.

>> No.39850432

...well, yes? What's wrong with that? I can't think of a good reason to not do that.

>> No.39850469

What's your stance on Necrons?

>> No.39850495

I could use a recommendation. Are there any jumps with particularly interesting spirit worlds? I'd like to have some shamanistic fun.

>> No.39850499

I agree. I think jumps should be constructed to allow you to take them at any point during the chain. Sure, some jumps are more dangerous due to the nature of the universe, but the jumpdoc should be crafted to allow people to take it whenever they want.

>> No.39850504

"Nothing good comes from 40K."

>> No.39850519

Thanks, pal. Typos fixed.
Also, I looked over the event perks for that guy and still think that shit is unnecessary and isn't needed as it's mostly lewd.

>> No.39850551

Um. Avatar, Imaginary Friend, Wheel of Time, Journey to the West, Okami, Supernatural and Dragon Age spring to mind.

Changeling and Problem Sleuth are also technically intersting, but they're respectively bloody dangerous and batshit insane even by the standard of the other recommendations

>> No.39850562

>event perks
Meh. I still think they should be included.

>> No.39850571

Bleach. *Laughs*

Soul Hackers, Persona and soon to come out Digital Devil Saga.

Dresden Files.

A whole lot, really.

>> No.39850584

Thanks. Much obliged.

>> No.39850588


Not him but I appreciate what the quality Jumps you produce despite the ani-lewd Anons constant bleating.

>> No.39850594

I disagree. Sure, I tailor jumps with the consideration of "Could they take this jump 2" in mind, but I also consider "What's the potential reward they could get out of this, especially if I tune the difficulty to that?".

And I follow a completely different logic when I run scenarios.

>> No.39850604

I have no power to enforce this, as I am over the internet. However I would really prefer if we just all ignored that thing-not because I am a prude, but because it tends to divert from on-topic discussion.

Technically lies; Hooligan Tuesday and Sanguinus are both bro-tier

That is-Last Airbender and Korra, not JC's avatar

>> No.39850625

It isn't original DD anon, just another person editing his stuff.

>> No.39850635

I understand where they're coming from even if I don't feel the need to scream the reasoning at people. CYOA general used to be way more fun before the /d/ CYOA of the month started hogging all the attention instead of adventure based CYOAs. It's part of why i ended up immigrating here actually.

>> No.39850656

If you're so hellbent just price them as the 150CP Unimplemented ones. I don't want them and most wouldn't. Compromise.
The first I did I fucked and I wanted to fix that as I didn't want to release it like that but my life got messed up really hard for a few months so I was just hoping someone else would pick it up.

Also, sorry to the first anon that picked up DD:DA for putting my stigma of CoC with it's not name, clarifying two people worked on that, and that I just messed it up the first time around.
I just got back from working and noticed it posted. Figured I post the fix.

>> No.39850666

Would a Hero 108 Jump even be workable?

>> No.39850683

Sounds like a generic super world.

>> No.39850700


I believe so, but the blocky everything would take a while to get used too.

>> No.39850704

You'd be surprised!

>> No.39850713

>If you're so hellbent just price them as the 150CP Unimplemented ones. I don't want them and most wouldn't. Compromise.

>I have no power to enforce this, as I am over the internet. However I would really prefer if we just all ignored that thing-not because I am a prude, but because it tends to divert from on-topic discussion.
I won't be discussing it past this post. Thanks for putting up with it.

>> No.39850719

Could work.

I vaguely remember that world being kind of messed up though. I'm not sure whether more people are going to say "screw animals, HFY" or "they're basically using the animals as appliances, fuck humanity."

>> No.39850742

The setting holds no interest for me anyway. I'd appreciate it if you don't bring it up again in the future to stave off arguments.

Damn, for a second I thought you meant Wonderful 101 jump.

>> No.39850748

>Future Flintstones
Hm, we don't have a Flintstones/Jetsons jump do we?

>> No.39850755

I remember that show!
... It was okay.
Just "okay."

>> No.39850761


How about "Fuck those guys in particular" in regards to the Human dude and his two Zebras that are constantly stirring shit?

>> No.39850772

>pls don't talk about x because it might butt bother someone
Shut up anon, let the people who like it just talk to themselves and don't get involved. You are exactly how shit gets stirred to storms.

>> No.39850779

There wasn't a plan to bring it up again. To clarify I've posted it twice. The first time and just now. With no fixes it won't be brought up by me again.

>> No.39850788

I feel you. Like during time of Stardust and other CYOAs like that, it was pretty awesome. Now you look at CYOA gen, they complain about Stardust. Yet they say nothing about the myriad of Sissy boy CYOAs, Trap CYOAs, and the like.

>> No.39850802

Huh, that's an interesting comparison.

We do not have either of those jumps. Would you want to put both of those in the same jump, or split them up and let there be a 0 CP crossover drawback?

>Great Gazoo drawback where a reality warper torments you
>You ask Jumpchan how that's any different than normal

>> No.39850827

>Saying "fuck that specific group"
>Not saying "fuck everyone"
>Not conquering the world with an army of robots

>> No.39850831

They complain about Stardust?
Why? Stardust was awesome.

>> No.39850845

The best thing I can say about CYOA Gen is they CAN appreciate gems like that new robot fighting arena. Or the return of Conduit; speaking of Conduit, most fanworlds honestly are pretty good quality.

I've attempted to phrase my objections tactfully and without resorting to outright antagonism, but I appreciate the threat of an escalating uproar. Actually I was >>39850604 as well; just refreshed the page and missed anon's clarification.

Alright, thanks for understanding. Have fun I guess.

>> No.39850856

There was a run where CYOA gen was great. Stardust, Magical Realm (at first), PACYOA... Those were all fun CYOAs. I spent an embarassing amount of time spreadsheeting out different SD builds.

The last CYOA I saw in there that caught my interest was Battlemage which was created by Star Dust Anon, interestingly enough.

>> No.39850859


There isn't any elf women with a foot long cock raping you in Stardust, there's too much actual fluff and things you need to think about instead.

Suffice to say, CYOA general does not approve of fluff or thinking.

>> No.39850870

The gist seems to be "we're sick of the same thing posted again and again". So, entitlement and neckbeard hormones-same problem as everywhere on 4chan really, including here.

>> No.39850885

I remember when they railed against SDA for putting even the smallest amount of fluff. I wonder if he'll ever come to JC. He does good imaging work.

>> No.39850900

That's a bit harsh; the guy behind Fancy Adventure and that vampire CYOA, the guy who did Empress/Rebellion/a bunch of other CYOAs where Hastur was the BBEG, Thrallherd, most of the island survival CYOA makers and whoever did the psychopomp and Mars CYOAs put some real heart in their fluff. In a non-lewd way.

>> No.39850914

>SDA in JC
Yes please.

>> No.39850933

I enjoyed the longform Magical Realm CYOA. Got the building blocks of a setting from it.

>> No.39850937 [SPOILER] 

I don't remember SDA ever being involved with JC?

To clarify-I get those CYOAs are more uncommon but there are some real gems there. At the risk of being off-topic I'd like to post my favorite counter example

>> No.39850963

I still like Quicksilver's Busker CYOA. Reminds me of simpler times.

A while back someone made really, really detailed Island CYOAs-actually, 4 huge images collectively called The Isle. I liked those.

>> No.39850994

He hasn't, I was just wondering if he would ever.

>> No.39851021


As a long term lurker in both cyoa and JC threads I can safely say these claims are huge exaggerations meant to claim the JC threads better than the cyoa threads. Honestly it stinks of elitism.

>> No.39851104


...This is actually very good for my build, since I need jumps that offer perks to prevent/cleanse spiritual corruption.

I'm going to Jump cardfight-vanguard and Inuyasha soon, are there any other Jumps with similar perks?

Pic related, I am going to cleanse the SHIT out of this place.

>> No.39851130


Why not go to Skullgirls, Fate or Tsukihime, Shadow of the Colossus, Darkstalkers, one of the DnD ones for paladin stuff and Castlevania instead? Plenty of better settings than that to get anti-corruption stuff from.

>> No.39851200

Not him, but D&D Paladins are pants on head retarded. Some of those other suggestions are great but D&D Paladins are murderhobos with good PR.

>> No.39851218

Eh, true. Sometimes I confuse them with WoW paladins because I haven't played a TRPG in ages.


Almost forgot-dream power from Kirby.

>> No.39851249

>Jumper as a D&D Paladin
>Not falling and/or becoming a Blackguard

>> No.39851267

>actually being evil enough to Fall


>> No.39851312

You can also fall by grossly violating the code of conduct, which requires that they respect legitimate authority, act with honor (not lying, not cheating, not using poison, and so forth), help those in need (provided they do not use the help for evil or chaotic ends), and punish those who harm or threaten innocents.

>> No.39851338

>Not choosing the 4e option so you can be a paladin of yourself

>> No.39851373


>not believing in you who believes in yourself

>> No.39851462

I noticed an Attack on Titan draft posted a while back. Is that going to be coming along anytime soon or will it be one of those things that waits until more is know about the story.

I don't read the manga but I frequent /a/ and noticed there was some stuff people were hyped about.

>> No.39851497


I collected all the Island CYOAs once, tried to make a full setting out of it once.

Maybe one day when I don't have anything on my plate I'll go back to it.

>> No.39851508

She gets some serious man shoulders when she becomes a zombie.

>> No.39851529

>Attack on Titan
I'm pretty stoked for it.

>> No.39851532

Well, she also grows to be about fifteen times her original height, so her frame has to shift proportions around a bit.

>> No.39851545

Most titan-shifters get fairly wider when they do their thing.

>> No.39851557

That's a big zombie. There's no size limitations on turn undead right?

>> No.39851586

Fuck off and stop spamming your porn shit here.

>> No.39851588

Sixty meters is the biggest around. Well, known.

>> No.39851597


Why yes, I am a D&D paladin. Fell after making the stupid mistake of prancing into commoragh unprepared, atoned, and slaughtered my way through van helsing, castlevania, and darkstalkers on my own little penance crusade before my companions forced me to chill out and come back to my senses.

>> No.39851637

There's a limit on how many hit dice of undead you can turn at a time, so sort of. More powerful equals harder to turn. It doesn't matter, though, since titan shifters don't themselves become undead. More like they generate giant zombie mecha that they ride around in. There's still a normal human embedded in its spinal column controlling the thing. I'd imagine that would give a huge bonus to its ability to resist the turning, being under the direct control of someone else.

>> No.39851645

Hm, I'll have to consult with my cleric manual. Sixty meters is pretty big, that's a lot of concentrated undead to turn.

>> No.39851649

I think I'm just going to use the current one.

>> No.39851650

>Go to Attack on Titan
>Use the gear to fight them
>Get snatched out of the air by one
>By the time you arrive, you're so tough it breaks its teeth trying to eat you
>It finally settles for swallowing you whole
>You shift into one of your kaiju forms and explode out of it in a shower of gore, then proceed to stomp the remaining titans

>> No.39851688

>Go to Attack on Titan
>Pull out a rifle
>Shoot them all dead without much issue

>> No.39851706

>working on Titans


>> No.39851725

You just have to shoot the neck. With savant from Pokemon you already won.

>> No.39851735

Tad big for that, friend. Railgun maybe if you know what to shoot.

>> No.39851761

Shoot through very thick flesh to hit a precise spot, though. It's not as simple as it sounds, even if you have the skill. You'd need a damn good rifle. Of course, you probably have a damn good rifle, so hey, go nuts.

>> No.39851774

All of you are fucking garbage.

>> No.39851790

Welcome to 4chan.

>> No.39851803

No, this thread is worse than normal. It contains everything wrong with this general.

>> No.39851805


>> No.39851812


>> No.39851819

>Doing any of that shit
>Not finding a way to control them so you can use them to film a reimagining of Remember the Titans

>> No.39851820

But nobody has a Garbordor as a partner from Mystery Dungeon.

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