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Post ur giggles m80

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(User was awarded reddit gold for this post XD)

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nice /int/posting

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I love this chart. Love.

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Agreed, it's lovely.
I've used all three in a PARANOIA game

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favorite lel

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For your health

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this made me cringe to the fucking crab nebula.

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Dude... Can you even look at yourself in the mirror anymore?

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This is not your magical realm.

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>This is not your dad's magical realm

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2nd panel looks like jacknife

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Kek. Behold, science.

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Not brutal enough.

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That feel when Asurmen becomes Randy Orton.

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I think that army would create a new universe when the women give birth.

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I want to know if the mis-spelling of "loose cannon" was intentional. Top kek if it was.

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If this was a YLYL, I would have lost here.

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Wait, if they're perpetual motion machines why do they need the blood as fuel?

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They're perpetual motion BECAUSE of the blood fueling them.

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If they were perpetual motion machines, they would continue moving without ever needing more fuel.

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I'd fucking move and change my name... Goddamn.

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Since such a thing is impossible, it is almost certain that perpetual motion simply means that the machines are always moving because of a constant unbroken supply of bloodfuel.

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Then they're just very well supplied engines, not perpetual motion machines.

That said, given the wonkiness of DF physics, they might be perpetual motion machines if they were left alone, but require more blood/fuel when you start extracting energy for other purposes.

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You have to admit though, "very well supplied bloodmachines" doesn't sound quite as cool as perpetual motion bloodmachines.

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You are correct.
And the image clearly wasn't serious, I'm just autistic.

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I need more dorf fort caps.

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oops, wrong pic

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what has been updated for dorf fort
kinda tempted to get back into it

i'll have FUN

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What is that from?

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It's that one french cartoon, Wakfu i believe.

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HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA this is awesome!

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Why did the dwarves die?

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It's dwarf fortress. Dwarves dying is not interesting.

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The biggest killer was making the beard. I had to construct a cast, then alternately flood it with magma and water.

Some dwarves were caught by magma during the filling, but it was minor compared ro the problems caused by having the magma and water both coming out of the mug alternately. Blockages would form from left over magma or water, then dwarf would have to go and remove it. Half the time the force unleashed by the removal tossed them into the cast or off the tower entirely. Combine those factors with DF's odd pathing and priorities system, and you get a lot of deaths.

After that there was the parts where I messed soemthing up and had to deconstruct sections. Dwarves are very bad at remembering not to deconstruct something that someone else is standing on. So removing a 10x10 floor could potentially kill quite a few dwarves.

And then there were the usual hazards in DF. Like monsters in the deep, items falling through dozens of floors and killing anyone in the way since momentum doesn't decrease, and tantrum spirals.

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The fuck? Well-supplied blood machine sounds fucking terrifying.

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By the way a Perpetual Motion Machine in DF is an actual thing. A waterwheel hooked up to a pump will generate more power than it uses.

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Comics called Über, it was storytimed earlier today, you can still catch threads in the Archive.

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I think that's the plot of Crysis 2 or something.

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>the parents find this funny
>are not even as disturbed as the kid was
What the hell is going on in that house?

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>You are as evil as this many hitlers
Although, if they're dead, does that make them evil still? What's the half-life of evil?Yes, I'm aware they're not all actually Hitler.

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>Jewish revenge for Holocaust.jpg

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There's no such thing as three.

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That, uh. Yeah. I'd probably just eat a shotgun shell after that.

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Oh god, I think I just took SAN damage from these. WHAT NUMBER DO I CALL? TELL ME YOU FUCKING POSTER!

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The most intense prank war of all time. Mom won this battle, but war, war never changes.

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You think this is bad? I don't have a screencap on me but there was a story of a guy who in his drunken stupor decided to actually act upon the idea that cat is fine too... it went as bad as you can image. Or perhaps a little worse.

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>not choosing the version with the calculations and chaos jokes

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>all those spelling errors

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Silly anon, it's the goblin/cat orgy that is perpetual, the generator just converts it to a usable form.

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doubtful. I kept wondering why he would need 6 single eyeglasses until I realized he meant "manacles"

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im going to seem like a pleb, but source?
And is this the same comic as the one with the skull whos actually a good guy and calls them interlopers.

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should I get this?
is there a joke to it besides "I have a player thats a deviantart cringey marysue"?

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If I had to guess the joke is this super mary sue who likely suspects they will have this grand future doing face to face combat will instead be forced to be star fighter pilot where her powers are pointless in a division where she won't be able to gain respect and will likely be sent on suicide missions.

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>implying you can't use the force as a fighter pilot to do awesome maneuvers
>implying surviving multiple suicide missions isn't a great way to gain respect

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>wraith squadron
>flying starfighters

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Gotta wonder if it was a stepmom. 16 is a bit young to be having kids. It happens, but it's highly unlikely.

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well then somebody explain who the heck these guys are!

wearing a babydoll?
like, just the doll?

I mean, I can't really blame the guy for thinking she meant something raunchy if she was naked too.

Though I'm sort of wondering how you wear one of those. do you just like, string it around your neck as a necklace? hold it in front of you and feather dance?

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I don't think you know what a babydoll is, in this context.

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It's lingerie

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new AGP when?

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>not going bard for clown
>can even still get the familiar

>never speaks
how about that Silent Spell penalty.

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Perpetual motion machines in Dorf Fort work via a screwpump forcing water into a reservoir which then empties back into a lower reservoir, past a water wheel.

its recycling the same blood to power itself indefinitely, thusly its perpetual motion

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aren't you a bit young to be on 4chan?

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22 in june. just really virgin.
if anything, I'm a perfect fit.

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I regret that I wasn't there when that thread was still active...

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Actualy in Dorf Fortress you can make perpetual motion machines, basically fill a channel with a liquid, then have a water wheel powered by the motion of water in the channel that in turn powers a pump that raises the liquid enough that it can then fall back into the channel to create motion that powers the waterwheel.

The problem then is that over time thirsty dwarves have a tendency to drink the blood out of the channel, requiring replenishment.

Fortunately the game is designed so that it will likely produce an excess of goblins or an excess of cats (or more likely both) and thus the perpetual motion machines can be refueled.

Also note that in that diagram the blood is mostly going into a resevoir designed to squirk high pressure blood on beseiging elves/humans/goblins, thus horrifying them into wiping themselves out as they try to run from your blood cannons.


Typical commoner mistake.

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The best thing the Assassinorum Execution Force is actually this in tabletop version.

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D&D Comic by IDW.

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Fell's Five, and yes, same one.

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Dungeons and Dragons is a different series than Fell's Five.

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give me a sec, I know that screencap

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found it
/k/ is full of madmen

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Is there a more clear version? Ice cream is not sushi Captcha

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I think not
what´s wrong with this one?
>strangle me!

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that hypocrite, if he recognized it so easily, then he must have fapped to it too.

It's like he's southern baptist or something...

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Too blurry on my phone.
Hey, it's Mark!

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>if he recognized it so easily, then he must have fapped to it too.
I've never fapped to Rustle, because I'm a firm believer in lolis being not for lewds, yet I'm pretty sure I would recognise the art style.

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Pity the rest of the doujin hardly delivered on this page of promise.

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there's no need to lie, anon. We're all friends here.

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Is he okay?

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Every fucking time.

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It's not unlikely to have kids at that age, it's unlikely to have them and then still end up being married by 35.

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Don't think so. The guy did second worst thing possible staying there mid-way like that, his spine is probably fucked.

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He died before they could get him out, I believe.

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I just marathoned Markiplier's Let's Plays of Dead Space 1-3.

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This is a babydoll anon. It's a form of women's lingerie which has a wide variety of styles but almost universally consists of (a) Flimsy things and (b) See-through bits. It is the defacto high-class "fuck me" queen of sleepwear for women.

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I have to catch up on him and Jack.

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What the FLYING FUCK? Is that reverse dominoes? Some kinda Popsicle spring trap? How was that done???

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Chuckled uncomfortably but more feeling sensation of incredible disgust and slight anger.

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What's the maximum life span of a holocaust survivor?

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I know this is a joke, but I once ran a Space Station 13-inspired game for a single friend, completely unplanned and improvised.

It was the most fun and compelling roleplay experience I've ever had.

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Please, PLEASE, don't remind me.

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I would hope in the circumstances that Id at least have good sense enough to keep my clothes on until she came back and confirmed it even if I were to assume that was her intention.

This has to be about the guy's step mother right?

No, this story is frankly unbelievable who the fuck brings in monopoly for a late-night 2 player session if they want to stop being bored?

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We have yet to determine this.

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Christ, she's ugly. A shit ton of makeup, features that don't fit her face shape, a gaunt and flimsy body, and her lips look mangled and scarred.

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You're overreacting, she's not the most attractive woman I would personally agree but ugly is someone you would actively glance away from in the street.

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I would actively look away from this woman in the street. It's like she's a living resident of the uncanny valley. I know it can't just be me.

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it's not just you

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The longer I watch the funnier it gets

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I always felt things like that were a lesser evil kinda deal. You can deal with a monster that will destroy your city then every city in the world or you can deal with a monster that will destroy your city fighting off that other monster before going home and not destroying every other city in the world.

I do not actually know what movie that is in the gif but I used Godzilla as an example anyways since I remember people complaining about it.

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>> No.39852757

Works for Godzilla, not so much for Superman (the scene is from Man of Steel).

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>Ballerina Iacta Est

I think that's grammatically wrong - it should be Iacta Ballerina Est.

>UA trips
On the one hand, /tg/ is the most socially aware and experienced of all the boards.

On the other hand, we've largely become socialised through trial and error. Which occasionally leads to odd quirks in our conception of what is "normal".

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I'm more disturbed that he kept dodging the "did it die on your dick?" question.

Like, he's saying "oh I'm a criminal because I fucked a cat", when he really means "I'm a criminal because I fucked a cat to death and then phoned up my parents to brag and made an ER surgical team cut a dead cat off my dick."

Like, he found an entry below mere "cat fucking" on the horrible person feat table and then spent XP to buy it.

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The original line was 'Alea iacta est'. So 'Ballerina iacta est' is an appropriate renditioning.

>> No.39853179

I don't quite get this, are kobolds nowadays the No care for bodily harm kinda retard enemy, isn't that more of a goblin thing?
I thought they were the cowardly "oh look at all these snares that I made" kinda retard enemy.

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This game sounds really fun now!

>> No.39853438

I bought this game pretty much because of this screen shot. I regret nothing.

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>> No.39853604

Cloud Strife has really let himself go

>> No.39854326

This is clearly from in between the end of VII and Advent Children.

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>> No.39854485

Well, that picture is getting burned.
Also, that would be an awesome magic item.

>> No.39854847

what game?

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>> No.39855013

Dragon Commander.

I absolutely hate the RTS portions, and adore the whole rest of the game. It's a real pickle.

>> No.39855067

dem posterior dimensions

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>> No.39855925

>> No.39856197

Not how he died, though. The elevator was compressing his lungs, and he suffocated.
What a way to go.

>> No.39856204

I can't help but feel the guy that wrote this had read the section on xenos in the Guardsmans Primer and new exactly what he was doing.

>> No.39856240

>not using stoprighttherecriminalscum.jpg

>> No.39856287

high test as fuck

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>> No.39856791

I remember seeing this a long ass time ago, but never found source. Should I be disappointed or happy?

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>> No.39857188

I laughed far harder than I should have.

>> No.39857488

what is this from?

>> No.39857498

I thought Latin didn't care how the words in a simple clause were arranged.

>> No.39857554

Star vs The Forces of Evil

>> No.39857684

>I think that's grammatically wrong - it should be Iacta Ballerina Est.
Latin grammar is all about endings, not syntax.

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>> No.39857764

Khârn lives! He hungers for vengeance!

>> No.39858004

Am I the only one who thought "oh holy fuck why is her neck so god damn long"

>> No.39858037

it's not the first time she's been strangled

>> No.39858127

It's animated by shaft

>> No.39858158

Khârn lives in death!

>> No.39858549

Revenge is his!

>> No.39859747

That's just his Canadian cousin eh

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>> No.39860062

When not writefagging, Shoggy continues to be awesome by forging a giant dorf.

I can't wait for someone to build a giant human at the same scale.

>> No.39860582

Is that even skyrim at this point?

>> No.39860601

You can't tell unless you find skooma on the Khajiit's body

>> No.39860957

Uhh... What mods are on that game? For research purposes only.

>> No.39861173

Looks like CBBE and Bodyslide. I don't know the armor set.

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>> No.39862891


That preceded any writing on my part by several years. The time that I formerly allocated to DF now belongs to the text editor.

If I ever finish up the stories I'd like to return to DF though, I have another project I want to do...

>> No.39863363

>Holes or areas obscured by bubbling
>Finecast are counterfeit

>> No.39863518


>> No.39863998

I can't remember the name of the thing that was used to generate that sentence and it's really bugging me.

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>> No.39867613

It's /vg/ skyrim.
Those faggots don't even know that the games a series, they only bought it for the waifus.

>> No.39868046

... And infinitely intelligent, fwiw

>> No.39868157


I think that graph would suggest that it becomes infinitely stupid, not intelligent.

>> No.39868195


>> No.39868220

I just read the billboard in that webm.
"Holster your weapon... at Gomorrah"

>> No.39868588

>Why, sometimes, I even hope that my purity seals will point the right way someday!
Fuck they got me

>> No.39868747

Looks like it's dead anyway: http://adage.com/article/creativity-news/snacklash-snickers-online-effort-brandjacked-a-familiar-face/135030/

>> No.39868877


>> No.39868916

God, that art style is so fucking hot, it's a shame there wasn't really any strangling, and the story was so boring.

>> No.39869307

The only thing that really makes that not-Skyrim is the body, hair and outfit, all of which are slightly fanservicey.
Compared to the mods a lot of people use, that might as well still be vanilla skyrim.

>> No.39869344


>> No.39869573

If anything thats an improvement

>> No.39870638

Depends on your fetishes I guess. You can probably find it on e-hentai if you search by image

>> No.39870670

Wait the caption probably screws with that. Well you can browse there anyway.

>> No.39870714

Xkcd is garbage no matter where you're from.

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>> No.39875035

Is this real? Please tell me it's real.

>> No.39875648


>> No.39876160

Out of interest, what forum does it even go in? It doesn't seem very /tg/ to me.

>> No.39876184


>> No.39876208

Dorf Fort is 100% /tg/

>> No.39876368


Technically Dwarf Fortress would primarily be a /v/-related, but /tg/ loves the fuck out of the game and it's contributed a lot to general /tg/ culture. Pretty much no one objects to you talking about DF here except for the most pedantic of people.

>> No.39876730

>wanting to play monopoly
I don't believe it

>> No.39876757 [SPOILER] 


>> No.39877674

I've seen this one like 50 times and it still gives me a giggle

>> No.39877850

Crank 2. Watch both of them right now.

>> No.39877957

Not /tg/ but /k/ has oft been our brother in arms and reference for realistic gun rules.

>> No.39878005

I always have fun on /k/, even as the nogunz yuro I am

>> No.39878917

Right now Arma III is on sale for $30. I can either get that or Crusader Kings 2. Which should I get?

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