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Olive Garden, much like their food, a shit.

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So who has done the whole genie routine, and were you a Disney genie or monkeys paw?

On a related note, who has done the contracter route, and what did you get out of it?

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So, I said I'd post my companions' builds...

Magnolia Leavanny
Background: Civilian
Basic Ninja Training [Free]
Chakra Enhancement Specialization- Speed [500]
Elemental Chakra Affinity: Water, Earth [300]
Fine Control [Free]
Wood Release [0]
Sword of the Seven Swordsmen- Nuibari [-300]
Hunted: Kirigaure [-200]
Low Priority [0]

Magnolia has a bunch of sewing and sword expertise to use that sword with, and that Wood release just adds onto her pile of plant-manipulation abilities (Grass-type, Gemstone Lore- Moss Agate, Wood Make from Fairy Tail, some kind of plant-related Semblance from RWBY). She'll probably be a fine ninja.

Lien Mienshao
Background: Orphan
Basic Ninja Training [Free]
Elemental Chakra Affinity: Wind [Free]
Taijutsu Specialist [Free]
Bukijutsu Specialist [500]
Samurai Training [350]
Genius of Hard Work [50]
Dosh [0]

Lien has the advantage of being a fighting-type as well as having previous experience in the field of ki-attacks, thanks to my own tutelage. That sword is in good hands.

Chance Lopunny
Background: Civilian
Basic Ninja Training [Free]
Elemental Chakra Affinity: Lightning [Free]
Fine Control [Free]
Chakra Enhancement Specialization- Speed [500]
Medical Ninjutsu Training [350]
Talk No Jutsu [150]
Dosh [Free]
Melody Arm [50]
Signed Icha Icha Series [0]

My husbando will use the same speedy hit-and-run style that suits him so well.

Background: Drop-in
Basic Ninja Training [Free]
Elemental Chakra Affinity: Earth [Free]
You Have Reserves [500]
Chakra Enhancement Specialization: Strength, Speed [400]
Plot Armor [200]
Singular Reality [-100]
Chakra Weapon Infusion: The Hurting [-200]
Thick [0]

The Wolf hunts in Kumogakure! Really, it'd be dumb if he DIDN'T make The Hurting into a chakra weapon.


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Annie of the Stars
Background: Orphan
Basic Ninja Training [Free]
Elemental Chakra Affinity: Fire [Free]
Bukijutsu Specialist [Free]
Taijutsu Specialist [500]
Therapy No Jutsu [300]
Implanted Byakugan [0]

I'm not sure what this implanted Byakugan means for her interaction with her Remote Parasite, but at least now she has complete depth-perception. She's also now an expert at befriending, as any magical girl ought to be!

Solaire of Astora
Background: Orphan
Basic Ninja Training [Free]
Elemental Chakra Affinity: Lightning [Free]
Bukijutsu Specialist [Free]
Ninjutsu Specialist [500]
Chakra Enhancement Specialization: Strength [400]
Senju [100]
Raijin [-150]
What do you mean it's an Illusion? [0]


I'm sure Solaire can put a fucking Lightning Sword to good work. Also, he's Senju, which means he's my relative? Weird.

Hoshiguma Yuugi
Background: Orphan
Basic Ninja Training [Free]
Elemental Chakra Affinity: Earth, Fire [400]
Taijutsu Specialist [Free]
Bukijutsu Specialist [300]
Chakra Enhancement Specialization: Strength [200]
Lava Release [0]
Genius of Hard Work [-300]
Blood-Lust [0]

Bloodlust is, once again, free points- Yuugi was more or less like that already.

I have one more companion left, but I think she merits her own post...

>> No.39803202 [SPOILER] 


Background: Clan-Born
Basic Ninja Training [Free]
You have Reserves [Free]
Elemental Chakra Affinity: Lightning, Water [500]
Storm Release [300]
Uchiha [-100]
Angst [0]

Hoo boy...

Zekrom has always been pretty distant from the rest of the group, and only really helps out when she deigns her assistance will lead to the creation of an ideal world. The last time she helped out was in Touhou when I was the epicenter of an incident, and that was only reluctantly.

And then I had the bright idea to give this ludicrously-powerful dragon the Sharingan, and a reason to be really emo and brooding.

Turns out, she ended up going Full Sasuke- Trying to exact revenge and claim the power to forge an ideal world herself at the same time. Once she learned of the power of the Mangyeko, there was only really one person she loved enough to be a worthy sacrifice- me.

The reason why she's so distant? A screw-up all the way back in Fire Emblem: Scared Stones, by now hundreds of years ago, where I succumbed to vengeance and betrayed my ideals and those I loved for a chance at vengeance. And now she's done the same.

I didn't die. The fight came close, because Zekrom is insanely powerful- But Zekrom had to steal and dispose of Notre Dame in order to fight me effectively, meaning I went into a full berserker rage. By the time my other companions managed to find it and use it to calm me down, I had already beaten Zekrom. And then beaten her some more. And some more. And some more. And...

I have the unfortunate distinction of being one of the few jumpers to ever kill one of their most valuable companions.

Pic related to my feelings on the subject.

i am the master of suddenly sad

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Q this (Star trek tng) vs Zion. I just blocks all parahumans?

>> No.39803457

Zion has every parahuman power, he doesn't simply have some kind of reality warping. And you have to be touching him. And that's not even his real body. So there's three ways it's not going to work.

>> No.39803507

He doesn't have every power. Any shard currently in use by a parahuman who didn't get one of Eden's shards is inaccessible to him. Granted, that still leaves him with a ridiculously huge arsenal of powers.

>> No.39803545 [SPOILER] 

That's what I do. It's what I live for. To help unfortunate people with no one else to turn to.

Yes, it's true that in the past I've been a meany... people weren't kidding when they called me a witch. But they'll find that nowadays I've mended all my ways: I repented, saw the light and made a switch.

And I fortunatly know a little magic, those are perks I bought along my Jumps. So lately - DONT LAUGH! - I use it on behalf of the miserable, the lonely and depressed.

Are they longing to be thinner or do they want to get the girl? I can do that! It's so sad yet true that in every Jump they come flocking to my side, crying "Spells, Mommy, please!" and I help them. Yes I do.

Now it's happened once or twice someone couldn't pay the price.
And I'm afraid I had to claim my just reward. Yes I've had the odd complaint but on the whole I've been a saint to all those poor unfortunate souls.

I should go to bed...

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Why is the WoW jump missing so many professions? And how come the prices dont start till 300? Damn this jump is a clusterfuck.

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We've already had a shitstorm about that, I believe.

I vaguely remember being told that the author really, really likes wow which led to him going a bit fanboy.

I'm not sure though... it's what I heard from the people who witnessed the shitstorm.

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What you talking about? The WoW Jump has all but one profession and that profession was left out because it has stuff to do with Glyphs which is a gameplay thing. I included a lot of glyphs already into the base powers.

Specializations are 300cp because they're that, specializations. You get a class for free. That's 4 powers for free, another 4 powers for 300cp. The professions are cheap & there's no drawback limit.

I like to stick to core material at hand. I also make some decisions to separate the MMO aspects from lore. I went more with lore with some gameplay.

Honestly you should look at latest version:


>> No.39803771

While you're here. Would you mind explaining precisely WHY Jump-Chan is "afraid" of some two-bit world conqueror in Dark Sun? It's one thing to try to make a drawback challenging, it's another to bullshit that a multidimensional entity is afraid of someone who's basically in a coma.

>> No.39803786

IDK, JC is afraid of ending up like Rajaat. Or if he can create magic, what's stopping him from escaping? JC isn't God (capital G). I mean you saw her throw a fit with Outsider over "stealing you". He has less power than Rajaat.

>> No.39803836

Im doing the math and Im stuck with 50 cp there is no buy coin option, companions only get 100 cp which isnt even enough to specialize, inscription is used to make magic scrolls and you left it out completely, you bsrely even have any drawbacks and the one 600 is an insta lose option.

there are also no real buyable items other than armor and weapons and the no discounted abilities. Wtf is going on with this jump?

>> No.39803841

I...sincerely doubt that. This is the same Jump-Chan who threw you at Chakravartin, Bhunivelze the Chousin and freaking Lovecraft jump-and let me tell you right now, if you're trying to assert that some mutant halfling is scarier than those fuckers then you're going full fanboy. Fuck, there are things in Warhammer Fantasy that could probably eat him for lunch and JC doesn't give two shits about those-she even offers to hook you up with the sodding CHAOS GODS! Or the Dark Presence in Alan Wake!

I'm not even asking you to change the drawback's effect. I just think it is a stupid, STUPID piece of fluff to assert that your precious snowflake of a BBEG can spook someone who can link an apparently infinite number of worlds and hand out pre-Mending Sparks as end rewards

>> No.39803844

He isnt even that powerful, why do you keep pushing this stupid shit?

>> No.39803857

That was just flavour and you know it. There could have easily been perks that let you screw over the outsider, JC is perfectly capable of messing with Gods. Yes, capital G Gods. Those drawbacks in since jumps that make Gods hate you? They could easily be origins that let you be those God's, with only balance stopping it.

>> No.39803863

...almost forgot. The very existence of the Anti-Spiral in TTGL and Scion in Worm is proof that JC is more than capable of wheeling and dealing with entities that could squash whatshisface like a bug.

>> No.39803870

... I had no idea you made it, manyfist?
I really should do better my best to remember who made which Jump.

My "biggest" complaint is that the Jump feels a bit gamey. You get to pick a class and can use a hotbar worth of spells, the same for professions and gear.

I mean, most Jumper will have at least some magical perks by the time they do WoW... and I'm sure an apprentice in most settings knows more spells than a wow mage.

The professions and gear is a bit odd as well, even though I might not pick blacksmithing this shouldn't mean I forget my ability to light a forge... or pick a flower with Herbalism.

I think this makes it a hard Jump to integrate in the whole Jumpchain.

Also, lumenpdf a shit

You had to do it, didn't you. You just had to start a shitstorm within the first 20 posts...

>> No.39803909

>Stacking the same class in Order Of The Stick and Forgotten Realms?

Both run on the same 3.5 mechanics, so in theory it should work - but while in FR you can buy additional levels, it's not clear what level(s) you get in OOTS when you buy a class. It kinda looks like you either get one level or as many are as needed if you subsequently buy a prestige class?

>> No.39803965

Speaking of levels. How d'you think Soft Cap would interact with DnD classes? Would you say it's still capped at canon DnD levels or...could you reach undiscovered wizard/fighter/rogue levels?

1. I don't like filling the thread with nothing but bickering and I've attempted to give examples why I think the fluff is poorly worded, but the alternative of not giving any critique at all is worse

2. I realise you're a troll, but-this has to be the most blatant pot calling kettle black accusation I've seen here. I still remember when you deleted your own posts to try to dodge being banned.

>> No.39803996

This is probably a horrible idea, but I cannot keep quiet.

Oglaf Jump.

>> No.39804003

>Speaking of levels. How d'you think Soft Cap would interact with DnD classes? Would you say it's still capped at canon DnD levels or...could you reach undiscovered wizard/fighter/rogue levels?
D&D already has no cap. There are infinite epic levels.

>> No.39804025

Ignore the Lewd jump suggestions. Don't feed it.

>> No.39804040

No food, no food.

Quick, someone change the topic!

>> No.39804058

Jumper, do you like hurting other people?

>> No.39804064

Do you?

>> No.39804066

Um. Alright then.

Jumpers-who is your archnemesis? That one opponent or group you've met who you define yourself in opposition to, with whom conflict means the most to you?

>> No.39804072


... probably? Shards and Zion all pretty much are reality-warping extradimensional beings; I'd allow it. Just remember you do have to be in direct contact with the parahuman/endbringer/Zion to disable them and some of them have danger sense or instant death fields or whatever. Also, some of their powers may well be sufficiently "natural" or biological to still work, and Zion's humanoid body is just an avatar; he'd be able to create a new one for a rematch.

>> No.39804084

I have never, ever deleted my own posts because I don't believe I ever post something that violates the rules.

Could you give an example of a post you think I deleted?

I am against the Rajaat thing as well, but Manyfist doesn't seem to want to change it and the alternative is stealing his Jump... so I deal with it.

Oglaf is not bad, but it IS something that should never be made into a Jump. Why?

The lewdness. Period.

>> No.39804085

I do~

>> No.39804108

It's also worth noting that Scion has an almost infinite amount of matter to draw on for creating his avatar. No matter how many times you kill it, it'll just reform back. I believe it was implied that even after 50+ years of constant destruction he wouldn't even be close to running dry.

>> No.39804114

Most of Page 6 in archive.moe searched under your username

The issue here is: Manyfist has had a long, long history of not listening to critique in any way, shape or form without even bothering to explain why. Which is...aggravating, to say the least.

...there was really no need to spoil that.

>> No.39804120

of course you would Valeria.

>> No.39804124

By the way, exactly how far diminished is Scion/Zion from a "healthy" Entity? I was told he's sort of like the shell of one after being unravelled; are healthy Entities supposed to be more powerful than even him?

>> No.39804127

Speaking of jumps yet to be made, I was wondering how you guys would feel about I Am Number Four? To me it seems that it would be relatively quick to make, considering it has about 12 powers and three races and whatever.

>> No.39804134


Core classes don't have caps - but prestige classes normally do - so congrats, you just found a way to uncap prestige classes that would otherwise arbitrarily end at level 5 or 10 or whatever. Softcap means you could be (for example) a Wizard 3 / Cleric 3 / Mystic Theurge 14 with enough practice!

>> No.39804142

Go for it if you think there's enough content; can't say I'm familiar with the series though

>> No.39804158

You can buy up to 8 companions slots and still only bring 1-7. It's not 100cp per, it's +100cp/50cp spent. Like if you buy 8 companions they get 800cp/each. Not total.

>no discounted abilities
Uh you realize that you get discounts based on race for specializations right? Certain general perks are also discounted for your class or given for free.

The "Time Lords Of Azeroth" is an instant lose if you start messing with the timeline. There's no respawning, and if you mess with timeline in a way the Bronze Dragonflight doesn't agree they can send you back to Earth. It's basically "play along with plot or don't rock the boat".

You can buy mounts. There's not much items to buy in WoW that's not related to someway to your weapons. I'll probably add some battlepets and give links to mounts that are buyable.

It's based on World of Warcraft. It's gonna feel "gamey" however I made it so it was less pure game and more lore with mix of gameplay. If that makes sense.

Sure you can have dozens of spells from other Jumps. However I don't take account for those jumps. WoW has 4 abilities per class, 4 abilities per specialization. I wrote all the fluff text by myself. Herbalism is more than just "picking flowers" it's identifying them & knowing their properties. Not every flower is gonna be useful. Herbalism, Skinning, and Mining (aka gathering professions) are a bit hard to wrap your head around. However if you're a Zen Master Herbalist the possibilities open up.

What I did for WoW Jump was take four abilities that fit the class. That's the general abilities. They define the class. Specialization you go further into a branch (or two). They have their own 4 sets of abilities. Why 4? It's an even number and some classes honestly don't have a lot going for them.

I tried to combine a lot of different abilities together. Added glyphs and fluffed it. So each ability is more like 4-5 seeing how a lot them are just same variation with different damage types.

>> No.39804173

I'll throw something together in the mean time; HOWEVER, if anyone else wants to try their hand then be my guest. You're more than welcome.

>> No.39804180

Oh I do listen, I just don't choose to do them right away. I mull them over and after awhile I might change something along the lines. Depending on my mood the day of change.

Rajaat stays locked up. I'll probably elaborate on it later.

>> No.39804193

Yes, he's considerably diminished. His "reserves" are still apparently sufficient for "3600" years of normal activity, whatever that means (presumably that of playing his role as Earth's golden superhero), or to exterminate all life on some ludicrously large number of parallel Earths.

>> No.39804213

I have not deleted a single post I made. Why would I? I don't think I am breaking rules.

I do remember being banned for 24 hours for a post in which I expressed my disbelief over the fact that people were actively defending a few namies getting pesteredb by anonamies which you don't see often here and seemed a bit over the top. I abide by the mod's decision off course, but I did not really understand why that got me banned.

Still, even if some of my posts are getting deleted I am hardly ever banned so I don't know what is going on there.


I really don't care much about the Rajaat thing which is arguably less offensive than the outsider thing... a glorified psionic whale stealing you away from the Most High Jump-chan? Nope, not doing that Jump.

I assume Jump-chan was simply playing along to spare the blubber's feelings and the same thing applies to Rajaat. This might be a bit fanwankey but honestly, a piece of blubber outsmarting Jump-chan is just plain offensive.

>> No.39804216

I remember WoW jump's early stages when you...disagreed with literally unanimous opposition from the thread, including several other jumpmakers. You must understand: I'm not very confident in your judgment.

I should reiterate: It's not like I'm asking for more abilities or less severe drawbacks or anything. My gripe is purely fluff-based, from the perception that you're essentially giving special treatment fluffwise to an insignificant character despite the fact that JC has dealt with things like Chaos Gods, Scion, the Anti-Spiral, Bhunivelze and so on and so forth.

In all honesty I'd probably be completely fine with the drawback if you simply took out any mention of Jump-Chan.

>> No.39804236

For Dark Sun? Sure I can do that. Honestly I added that last bit as an after thought.

>> No.39804254

Oh. Alright then. Thanks for listening, I suppose.

>> No.39804292

Full,10 level pestige classes can usually go epic too. It's just the ones that have a clearly defined thing they do and then are over, or ones with no obvious pattern to continue a progression with that don't.

>> No.39804335 [SPOILER] 

Is anyone working on a Qualia the Purple jump already?

If not, are there any objections to one coming into existence?

>> No.39804341

What's it about?

>> No.39804343

No idea what that is, but now I'm intrigued. Go for it if you think it'll work

>> No.39804363

True, but (unless I've missed a ruling somewhere) that's a separate progression that has to wait until the character level exceeds 20. For example, without softcap, you could only do Wizard 3 / Cleric 3 / Mystic Theurge 10 and then have to take 4 levels in something other than Mystic Theurge before you could begin its epic progression.

>> No.39804373

Where could I get the ability to make a temporary hole with a spell or ability, rather than an item? I'd rather an option other than DnD for now since there are way too many options for me to decide what I'm getting in those yet.

>> No.39804401

Not so much one arch-nemesis as a rogue's gallery.

Largo from Bubblegum crisis was the first to really get pissed at me. I took the GENOM perks and as rivals I stopped many of his plans. When he went full on super boomer terrorist he kept targeting me. And then when I though he was destroyed for good turns out he was taken by the Mists to Ravenloft.

next is Dracula, I trolled castlevania Dracula so hard he started absorbing different universes versions of himself to take their place and thereby have a limited capacity to chase me. Hellsing Alucard though resisted the attempt but Dracula was able to enter that world anyway. So it became really chaotic with Dracula mucking things up.

Also Uncle Mathias. My crazy Uncle was sent to Azkaban for trying to kill me as a baby, thinking I was some inter-dimensional horror that took the form of his nephew and was going around messing with worlds for the fun of it.....Which is right from a certain point of view.

>> No.39804403

It's a mindfuck. I don't know where to begin the description of the plot, so I'll just give the main characters' powers.
Yukari literally sees living things as robots, and reality conforms to her perspective in such a way that she can disassemble people and later put them back together without harm.
Gaku (pictured in my previous post) starts out with no power, but after Yukari fixes her injured hand with parts from a cellphone, she gains the ability to contact her alternate selves in adjacent realities for advice. This ability evolves over time, and its scope expands.

>> No.39804405

>Qualia the Purple
>Reality warping
>Parallel worlds
Good luck. Would be awesome.

>> No.39804406

Define "temporary hole"? You can make a miniature black hole with that one FF12 ability. Or Kazama from Inuyasha makes this gateway to the void that can poison you if you're not careful and you use it to suck up poison.

Or-Wakfu Eliatropes are super good with portals

>> No.39804418

Something to make a hole through a wall or in the ground that disappeares when the effect ends. More like a temporary tunnel I guess.

>> No.39804429


I. I honestly have no idea how the hell you'd write perks for that. This kind of sounds like the same problem Bioshock Infinite had.

I mean, if you can figure something out go for it. I just don't know, man. This sounds like it might be better represented as the CYOA general kind of CYOA

>> No.39804438

You could...probably make something like that with the Spin from JoJo, actually. It's kind of like Hamon, except all its reality warping conceptual nonsense is themed around rotational energy instead of sunlight.

>> No.39804443

How the hell are you going to make purchases for that?

>> No.39804451

Has anyone categorized a list of Jumps that have perks that allow you to fix/improve other people's mental health?

I ask because it's been bugging me for a while.

>> No.39804459

Just use dnd magic and crafting perks to make one. Or go soft physics in worm.roadrunner yourself by painting a picture on a wall and running through it while others coyote slam into a wall.

>> No.39804477

Try Nechronica. Probably the best possible for that.

>> No.39804498

Probably by breaking the abilities down into component parts, instead of handing them out wholesale. I haven't much in the way of plans yet; I didn't want to finish half the jump before discovering that it was already spoken for. Now that I know it's open, work can begin.

>> No.39804527

You'd probably be better off doing Wizard 1/Cleric 3. The extra two Wizard levels don't give you anything, and Cleric 3 qualifies you for Initiate of Mystra. Although, since you're giong up to epic you might want to get up to Wizard 5 eventually for Spontaneous Divination for added flexibility.

>> No.39804567

Y'know, I've always seen Cleric as a losing proposition. Don't you have to worship a specific god to be able to use your cleric powers? I'm pretty cool with the concept in Age of Mythology but mostly because the gods there are pretty laisse faire when it comes to managing worshippers-or at least the Titans are. I'd rather not be on some cosmic being's leash (Jump-Chan excepted)

>> No.39804589

You can get Divine casting from worshiping ideas instead. It's possible to gain the ability to grant Divine casting yourself, though you won't do it in FR, so you could even "worship" yourself. Or something like Self if you do it early, to tide you over until then.

>> No.39804611

I hate being stupid...

I always thought you could just pick and mix a few classes until your levels total 30 i.e. 20 bard 10 Sublime/ 30 wizard / 20 truenamer 10 warper/ 10 wizard 10 warrior 10 cleric?

Was I wrong? Are you not supposed to just pick a class at level 1 (possible higher if you want a boost ) and then just level it?

I imagine Leveling happens by meditating/sleeping and picking your skills and feata from an interface/book that appears in your mind...

>> No.39804639

Epic levels don't have a cap. There are Epic Destinies that take up your level 21/24/27/30 feats for various goodies, though, and offer respective immortality ends for when you're finished with the character.

>> No.39804651

Er... Wizard 1 isn't going to get you the 2nd-level arcane spells required to enter Mystic Theurge (unless you're planning to blow two starting feats on Heighten Spell and Combine Spell).

Depends on your GM. A standard 3.5 campaign has your PC start with one level in one class, and you level up from there as you get sufficient XP in the course of the campaign.

I'm curious, where did you get the 30 levels idea? Oddly specific number.

>> No.39804692

I'm not familiar with either of those settings. Is it like Haki or Chakra? Some sort of personal energy that supposedly has limits but can pretty much do whatever the writers want?

>> No.39804746


I was never allowed to join my cousins in their tabletops so most of my 'knowledge' comes from skimming a few manuals and video games like NeverWinter Nights.

There the max level was 30 and it made sense because most base classes stop getting bonuses/feats at level 20 and most prc only went up to level 10...

This is quite the revelation does this mean I can take ALL the classes in time or does it just allow me to become a bard 20 sublime chord 8689 or something?

I never realised FR was so complicated and open-ended.

>> No.39804762

Basically yeah. Though Harmon is more directly like ki as its energy the body produces though breathing techniques. Spin is rotational energy as I understand it.

>> No.39804763

No, that's a terrible idea. You should hit up other PrCs that will actually still be giving you class features.

Captcha is now cats and dogs. What even.

>> No.39804786

Is there enough material for a full jump?

>> No.39804837


But there is no limit, right?

So I could pick the most jack-of-all-trades dual-base class I can find whatever that might be and end up with almost all prestige classes?

>> No.39804838

Yeah but epic levels have increasingly higher experience requirements. Level 50 would require farming Cthulhus, and give much less bang for your buck.

>> No.39804952

What Jump's the outsider from?

>> No.39804988


Aren't there a lot of beings that Jump-chan is technically more powerful than, but who are nigh on omnipotent within there own universes, though? I don't see the problem.

>> No.39805016

Honestly I'd say there's too little material and what little is there would be ridiculous to hand out. Maybe some of the sight based stuff but sure as hell not the ridiculous alternate timelines BS that makes up the vast majority of it.

>> No.39805018


It is canon that he is a former human and became the "prophet" of an eldritch horror type entity. He might also be a big whale.

The Jump start by saying that he whisks you away from Jump-chan, THE Jump-chan, and offers you a Jump in 'his' world.

It is utterly bladphemous.

>> No.39805022

Persona. There's literally a perk called Psychologist that lets you fix people's mindfucks.

>> No.39805025

It's longer than Imawabi No Dankini, and that worked out alright, so I guess so?
Given that I'll be breaking abilities down into pieces too, I don't think I'll be wanting for perk content. The challenge will lie in getting the fit right for both the source material and jumpchain at the same time.

>> No.39805039

It's an abstraction that mostly gets handwaved. Much like the actual term "omnipotent," it doesn't mean too much, so don't stress over it.

>> No.39805059

Would it be bad form to include a Superpower Wiki Random option in a Jump? I'm considering doing Read or Die but I'm too lazy to go look up all the different bizarro powers you could get in that setting.

>> No.39805072

I don't object to it, but I don't see how the setting would work as a jump.

However, getting robot vision, or something like it, could be scary/neat.

>> No.39805074

The Superpower wiki is pretty shit. Exceptionally so, even.

>> No.39805076

The video games had to work within the programming/hardware limits; pen-and-paper games don't have that problem.

In _theory_ you could take all the classes. In practice, since every new level both requires more xp than the last and reduces the amount of xp you get from any given challenge, you'll reach a point where levelling up requires ludicrous challenges and/or takes ridiculous lengths of time. So normally most people focus on a small synergistic group of classes, even if planning to play all the way into epic levels, so they can get the most "bang for their buck".

>> No.39805086

Yes. This shouldn't even be something you have to ask.

I mean, if you did what Wildcard did with his jump and draw inspiration from hitting random a few times and ignoring obviously overpowered options.

>> No.39805097

Yes. Yes, it would. Superpower wiki a shit.

>> No.39805149

I might do this, then.

Jumps I might be interested in working on:
> Chuubo's
> Mage: the Awakening
> Read or Die
> Prince of Egypt

>> No.39805155

The first time I rolled for superpower to give my Stand I got Omnipotence, the second time I got Wooden Sword Creation or smth.

I'd say it's a bad idea.

Nigh-omnipotent? He's the designated spokesperson of a big cthulhu.

>He only bestows relatively weak powers to the people he finds interesting.
>He has never shown the ability to be capable of directly influencing the material world.
>He appears in the Void through dreams and such where he is arguably omnipotent but only inside his own domain.

He's really, really overrated and couldn't lift a finger against Jump-chan, let alone act outside his world and steal you away from her.

I don't know why people somehow don't mind the Outsider being wanked to so badly... to the extent that he actively overpowers Jump-chan.

>> No.39805175

Because Jump-chan is an arbitrary designation of a completely random character, and your head cultist shtick is incredibly obnoxious. Please stop.

>> No.39805211

Rajaat. R A J A A T.

/jc/ flipped its shit when Jump-chan was merely implied to be afraid of Rajaat, but the Outsider is allowed to overpower and outsmart her.

It does not compute, does it?

>> No.39805218

Please don't use the superpower wiki. I'd much rather you stick to canon powers for all of those-

>mage: the awakening

-yeah, that last one? I'm...I'm not sure how you could make that work post-Jump. Because-it seems like the kind of thing you might have to make an endjump or something

>> No.39805263

I was thinking of not letting Mages Ascend, so no Archmastery. That, and playing the morality penalties of increasing Wisdom straight. And Paradox. Those should serve as reasonable caps on magely power. Maybe not allowing Legacies, too.

Archmastery and Legacies both involve serious soul-alteration, which might qualify as making you no longer sufficiently 'yourself' to continue Jumping, in much the same way as attaining godhood in other Jumps disqualifies you from further Jumping.

Mastery in various Arcana is impressive but not much more-so than what you could acquire in other Jumps.

>> No.39805292

Can't you buy of paradoxes with successes, and isn't your dice pool based on your stats? Jumpers have very high stats.

>> No.39805314

Hmm, I think you're thinking of ritual casting. Ritual casting is a problem in normal nMage too. Maybe the high-poweredness of it should be considered a feature rather than a bug?

I mean, Megasatan is a definite possibility for a vanilla nMage character, much less a Jumper, which might be a problem for some, but you could always just not do it.

The Elder Scrolls opens up the option of the endless alchemy feedback loop giving you effectively infinite everything, but nobody says that should be an end-jump because of that.

>> No.39805327

Paradoxes are a DM's tool to reign in a player from dominating everything and to create some new conflict. "Roll for Paradox" "It would see that the universe itself has bounced back, not liking your latest spell it bitchslaps you three ways to Sunday. Try a different approach."

>Alchemy Loop


>> No.39805340

Actually it was more along the lines of her lianing you to him

>> No.39805348

You can buff your Intelligence with Alchemy, which governs your Alchemy ability, which means you can make better potions, which means your effective Alchemy score is even higher, ad infinitum.

>> No.39805375

I'm well aware of what Paradox is in nMage. I'm not sure why you would feel the need to explain it to me.

> Alchemy Loop
Potions increase your intelligence, which in turn increases the potency of your potions, which in turn let you increase your intelligence further etc, with no real upper limit short of the game itself crashing.

It's a geometrical progression problem. Kind of like the Pink Tide, or Pun Pun. Recursive feedback loop with no upper limit.

>> No.39805376

Use alchemy to create potions that increase intelligence, enchanting and alchemy. Use enchanting (and potions) to create items that increase enchanting, alchemy and intelligence. Use enchanted items and potions to create more powerful enchantments and potions. Repeat ad infinitum.

>> No.39805398

A thought occurs: Would Paradox still work normally in a world where the majority of sentient beings believe in magic like, say, Codex Alera or DnD?

>> No.39805400

If I remember you can stack it so high that anything you do would crash the game do to the limitless height of the stats outpacing the game itself.

Every vanilla TES game had this exploit. You can crash that reality with no survivors.

>> No.39805415

There was a sticky on /v/ just before Oblivion came out about some guy punching the final boss so hard the game crashed. So yeah, it's pretty satisfying.

>> No.39805457


>> No.39805502

Only if you go out of your way to work out a Rote for a particular spell. Normal Maginess is Gnosis+lowest Arcanum.

>> No.39805524

No exactly, read the Jump.

It is an abomination.

>1. He begins by implying you have been traversing The Void - which is canon to Dishonored and now somehow an absolute thing across all Jumps.
>2. He then claims that Jump-chan is "one of many" reducing her 'established' omnipotence.
>3. The Jumpmaker then has Jump-chan throw a tantrum to the Outsider as if they were equal.
>4. Jump-chan implies the Outsider stole you away from her to give you his mark.

Note that the Outsider himself is 4000 year old servant of an eldritch horror called The Void and realise that Jump-chan is reduced to the power of a 4000 year old human servant which is canon mortal and replaceable.

I think it is absolutely despicable to fanwank your precious BBEG to the extent that Jump-chan is reduced to less than a big Cthulhu.

How is this not insane?

>> No.39805561

Because you're supposedly a person in your own right, and are free to do as you wish. If the Outsider wanted to come up and pitch his own offer, that's fine. It's fluff text to begin with, so it's expected that you might tilt it a bit when you read it if that clashes with your own understanding of events.

>> No.39805587

That the Outsider is actually a 4000 year old Human might have been unknown to the Jumpmaker because this was only revealed years after the game was made in an Interview I believe.

Still, a crummy entity like the Outsider who has no influence whatsoever outside his domain, should not be compared to Jump-chan imo.

>> No.39805662

That original concept was from Quicksilver. Also it can easily be read as the Outsider sneaking off with you while the Benefactor was busy with other stuff. Frankly you're a crazy obsessive bitch whose shenanigans got tiresome ages ago trying to push her view of everything as the only correct one. You're pretty much the only person I've considered using an ignore option on, only reason I haven't is because I can't find it.

>> No.39805698

So how do you guys handle material components for D&D jumps after you leave the world? Do you just rule that you can straight up pay with gold? Does jumpchan set up a little stall in your warehouse where she sells you whatever you need to cast that spell you where thinking about?

>> No.39805716

hmm thanks for mentioning that point. I'll use that for my pathfinder jump.

>> No.39805728

The little material component stall? I'd love that.

>> No.39805732

I was thinking just pay gold, but I love the idea of Jump-chan with a lemonade stand style reagant booth so much I'm stealing it.

>> No.39805752


Okay okay, I submit.

It might even be a good thing, the Outsider being comparable to Jump-chan.

He's an easy-going guy so I'll just arrange with him that when I die and the Jump-chain ends, I'll continue my chain under him.

He's the divine representative of the Void that connects all Jumps so I don't see why it should be impossible. Hell, he might even give me 2000 CP instead of 1000 CP per Jump and 24 Companions!

Fine, I'll shut up about it but you can't deny that this would be absolutely valid thanks to the Jump's canon. Even though I'm not seriously considering fanwanking it that way.

>> No.39805768

There's an epic feat to waive material components, and since I emulate a lot of spells to begin with, I don't need to pay attention to cast times, focuses, components or the like with those.

You tried. Here's a response.

>> No.39805809

Hmm... Emulating spells... I could just go to FR and find wizards, pay them to cast a bunch of spells in front of me, and make my own versions in other magical systems. That makes picking an FR class be more of a 'what can't I copy' choice rather than 'what do I want to do'.

>> No.39805829

I meant it more along the lines of Shadow Illusion and Miracle and the like, that let you replicate the effects of other spells. But there's no reason you couldn't do it like that if you have the right talents before you take FR.

>> No.39805830

Yay, something I don't know about. ;-;

Are we talking about gems and the likes or herbs and flowers aka something you can plant for yourselves?

I guess I'd have to store enough reagents and find a way to copy them or create more.

>> No.39805850

Are there any perks that let you cast one type of magic in another magic system?

>> No.39805872

Of the top of my head I think At Tonelico has one, and there are two or three more scattered around other jumps.

>> No.39805890

You're forgetting that due to the Outsider doing what he did you only got 500 cp. Also just because he's within a few tiers of the Benefactor doesn't mean he's necessarily equivalent or better. Going by the dialogue he's more a pest than an equal.

>> No.39805894

Conjoined Conjures lets you chain together magic systems, at least as I read it. It's nice for playing your talents off each other instead of lining them across. In theory, you could also use those martial arts learning tricks like the Ranma perk or Naruto's special eyes to assist you in recreating spells, I suppose. There's some other things, but can always just take the time to say "Okay, I have experience with this magic and a sample of that spell, so let's reverse engineer it."

>> No.39805896

[/spoiler]Apologies for spoonfeeding request but-in all seriousness, how do you ignore tripcodes on 4chan? Is there even an option for that? I just can't stand that insufferable attention whore's whinging anymore[/spoiler]

Conjoined Conjures from Cardcaptor Sakura springs to mind. For best results, use with Spellmaker/Altar of Spellmaking from Elder Scrolls

>> No.39805898

"Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view."

One way to reconcile it is that, just as we can partake in worlds as an Identity of someone already there, the "Outsider" we meet is actually a ROB, one who happens to wear the identity of the Outsider in the Dishonored universe that we visit in our jump.

I suggest the same thing for the Light of Terra jump, to explain why Jump-chan could have any problems with the Deadlight or the Ruinous Powers: they _aren't_ the Ruinous Powers, they're ROBs with the Identities of the Ruinous Powers, and the Deadlight is a ROB's item.

>> No.39805922

There should be a little arrow pointing down right next to the post number. Click on that then filter then tripcode.

>> No.39805954


Not that exactly, though conjoined conjuries allows you to mix two different magic systems and power it of either or both sources of power.

Personally I think magic needs some shots in the arm for Jump-chan. At least when it comes to crazy perks like science has.

>> No.39805987

Jump-chan gave you 500 CP because the Outsider had already given you some powers... she interrupted the Outsider which seems to suggest that she was not outclassed, but was later unable to give you a background within the world which contradicts her superiority. Hmmmm...

I think I'm just going to ignore the Jump. I mean, if the community approves I can't do anything but argue my case and hope for the best but I do have the right to just ignore it as a Jump.

Or perhaps this will be my End Jump and my final work will be finding a way to destroy the Outsider which is relatively easy canon but also the Void which might be impossible.

I don't really know what a ROB is but it sounds interesting and if it makes sense all the better!

Would you mind explaining the term or direct me to where I can read about it myself?

>> No.39806014

>Ar Tonelico Creative Composition.
>See someone cast demiplane creation spell.
>Sing worlds into existence.

>> No.39806026

I can use Elemental Synergy(LoSS), Conjoined Conjures(Card Captor Sakura), and Crystal systems (Geneforge) to substitute for all that. My magic pool is so huge I can just blow it on high end spells in emergencies and still have more than enough to effectively fight. I didn't even realize I could do this until just now! And I have mimic from The Legend of Zelda! Fuck man I'm going to have a wonderful time in FR and related D&D jumps.

>> No.39806041

Thanks. Whelp, hope this works

>crystal systems

Huh, so-you have magical crystal powerarmor that helps you cast stronger?

>> No.39806071

Get the Sonic power rings and as long as you start at full you can blast at full power for a few seconds without using any power until the rings run out, at which point you use it like normal.

>> No.39806094

Kinda. I have been stacking a bunch of enhancements on my magitech Shield energy cannon...thing. It can generate a bunch of stuff and through it I don't have to worry much about buring out. Plus all the crystal shit I've been stacking it's got a rotator slot for any given situation. Nethicite for anti-magic, blue spirit crystals for raw power, various restoration gems, and crystals for barriers and other spacial distortions. Now that this has come up I have a proper usage for the blue spirit crystals now simply using it to power rituals and other such powerful set up spells.

THAT'S BRILLIANT Now I just have to slot them into my shields power source loadout and we're good to go.

>> No.39806121

So some more ideas for my pathfinder jump. Right now I have it set you can use CP to buy classes, skills, feats, kinda like the FR jump but I'm finding the idea of identities/background and perks system to be superfluous after doing that. Although I do want to have some Jump-chan like perks for Wizards and Psions, but I'm having some trouble deciding how to do it.. Exp since offering skills is another mechanic.

How do you guys think I should handle it?

>> No.39806167

I dislike how FR is essentially "use CP to make an FR character". It'd be a shame if Pathfinder followed in its wake.

>> No.39806184

So you don't like Jumps that let you make authentic characters for a setting?

>> No.39806200

Eh, different anon, but I'd prefer if it wasn't literally just us making a rpg character. We're jumping, not playing pathfinder.

>> No.39806222

Not that anon either, but personally I think DnD gets special dispensation simply because of how mind-bogglingly complex the available starting races. And yeah, what >>39806200 said.

>> No.39806225

I like the idea of buying power sources.Kinda Like what Ravenloft did. I bought divine powers there. Maybe similar options could be offered.

Maybe a couple of perks based off of useful feats and stuff.

>> No.39806232

Correction your jumping into a setting with a character that fits that setting. Its hardly the first Jump to fit essentially a settings mechanics into a CP system. The vampire Jumps do it, so does the Elder Scrolls basically.

Though I would listen to alternative ideas. What would you suggest?

>> No.39806251


That's not an easy question.

I assume there are way to many classes and races to bind the perks to those choices so the only set of limited choices you could attach them to are the background or location choices?

>If one of the locations is canon psion-heavy, being born there could give you a discount on psion perks
>if you grew up as an orphaned apprentice to a mage, yould get discounts on those perks
>stuff like that...

It won't be easy but due to the multitude of races and classes, I don't see another way... even though you are reluctant to implement those systems.

Did that help?

I like this idea!

>> No.39806256

Make it like a normal jump. Look at Ravenloft or Dark sun.

The jumps directly based off of games are often criticised for such, and have been in the past.

>> No.39806266

Setting and pathfinder game rules are completely different things. Doing it this way encourages people to go to the jump for power gaming reasons, not for the setting.

>> No.39806268

I suppose. I mean technically a Mage background could assume that you've had a background in magic for a long time.


Here is a very, very early rough draft of it. Let me know what you think.

>> No.39806284

I really disliked that because it was so vague though. I actually would like the system megacorp was suggesting since then you know exactly what you can do with what you're buying. Ravenloft's version just feel like I'd either be paying a whole bunch of cp to be a generic wizard or cleric, or fanwanking myself to have stuff that isn't implied in the perk.

>> No.39806286

Annnnnd I already did Persona. With near-maxed drawbacks. Fuck.

Ah, well. Thanks Anon.

>> No.39806297

...that looks insanely lazy. You're just telling people to make a Pathfinder character practically, with no regard to balance for the jump. If you can't be bothered to actually make this into a proper jump, don't bother at all.

>> No.39806322

Does that mean it should be restricted to tier one and tier two classes? I mean, let's be honest, who really goes to D&D for things that aren't magic? Fantastic martial talents are easily available elsewhere, and there's plenty of sci-fi around for tech.

>> No.39806328

And I have yet to hear reasons why.

This is baloney. You mean letting someone make an authentic pathfinder character in the manner of which the game is played is somehow more power gaming than normal? That makes no sense.

>> No.39806330

You should always take game mechanics into advice and try to fit game mechanics into jump format. I messed up pretty bad in that way with VtR. If you want a better example, look at CtL & WoW. Way I did WoW was I took mechanics, boiled it down and made it work as series of perks.

PR Jump I think should include the races you can buy & classes. However make sure you throw some limits there. You're not trying to be "Sparkly Dragon" but an Adventurer. Otherwise it's pointless to have classes if you're gonna be a Rainbow Dash the Dragon. Those are monsters, and while some can be playable doesn't mean they should. The entire point of a Jump isn't a power grab from get go. It's an adventure.

Perk trees are nice, just don't pull FR Jump and make all the origins decent. They should be boiled down to "Archtypes" like "Why did you want to adventure?"

Drop-In is self explanatory

"Farm Boy Seeking Better Life" is an Archtype could be called "Seeker".

"Orphaned at birth, raised in a monastary. Wish to see more." Could be called "Orphan".

You get the point by now. You're an adventurer, and should have background that is suited to why you became one. Nobles don't often go adventure and risk their lives for wealth. Unless you're a former Noble, "Fallen Nobility" which is perfectly good reason to adventure.

>> No.39806340

It really should be handled like some of the other DnD jumps. FR was a shambles made by someone sleep deprived within an hour. It is not a good role model.

>> No.39806351

Because we aren't playing pathfinder? You're making a jump for the setting, not running a pathfinder game. Look at Changeling or WoW.

>> No.39806352

>fantastic martial talents

B-but iron heart surge

Try Psychonauts. Naruto and Worm have a surprising wealth of therapy superpower perks too

>> No.39806356

>who really goes to D&D for things that aren't magic?
I absolutely refuse to take the easy way out and grab magical abilities when I have the option to. If anything, I'll jump the DnD jumps for the chance to have a legitimate high fantasy adventure that isn't constrained by any plot bullshit.

>> No.39806366


The FR jump is an autism simulator.

Pick 30 levels for yourself. Put them in a list.

Pick thirty levels for companion A. Put them in a list.

Pick thirty levels for Companion B. Put them in a list.

Pretend I did that eight times. That's the FR jump. It's terrible and anything that tries to emulate it should be deleted.

>> No.39806376

I already like it... but I like all Tabletop Jumps.

I always imagine Jump-chan overseeing your whole adventure, dolled up in wizard hat and surrounded by manuals, rolling for your next encounter.

The backgrounds seem nice and allow for some imagination: a ratman aristocrat in Numeria? Great!

However >>39806297 not everyone agrees with me on this so I'd just advice you to do what you feel is right.

>> No.39806386

What else is there? the Book of Weeaboo Fightan Magic?

>> No.39806395


The worst thing about the FR jump is that Stupid_Dog was like 3/4th of the way through an actual good FR jump when that other anon ran in, spewed out a pile of crap and vanished.

I think Stupid_Dog said he wasn't going to finish his jump, despite it being worked on first because he didn't want to deal with the anons crying about 'oh god you replaced that jump how could you YOU MONSTER'

>> No.39806397

Its not lazy, its merely very simple and crude at the moment while I explore how to do it. Pathfinder is a very complex system so I'm deciding the best way to do it at the moment.

But your insults do nothing to convince me I'm wrong in that manner at the moment.

So how do you think I shoould treat classes as opposed to backgrounds?

>> No.39806405

It seems to rely quite heavily outsourced. I'll just assume it's just a placeholder. How about just have some base skills and powers that can easily expand into future classes should they choose to do so. Heck a jumper just might invent their own class given those baser powers and skills.

I just chose 3 domains and took the listed spells from those pools. I just assumed given time I'd learn all those spells from them. But you're right it was pretty vague. Same when it came to Psionics and Magic, chose a specialization and got powers based on them give or take some universal base powers in each.

What is a class? A miserable pile of powers and skills!

>> No.39806407

I knew I had forgotten something.
Whelp, guess I need to do some manga reading.

>> No.39806422

Don't even include classes, just group them all into one all-encompassing background. Want to be a wizard or an alchemist? Take the magic background. Fighter or barbarian? Martial background. And so on. Want to multiclass? Work towards it like you would in reality and learn the intricacies of spellcasting or sword-punching, reality doesn't always operate on arbitrary numbers.

>> No.39806433

The thing is that there's a difference between saying you're a magus who took a perk that makes you better with weapons and dabbles in psionics and saying you're a level X magus with the weapon focus, weapon specialization, and improved weapon focus feats and a level in Psion.

People are saying you should do the first (and even that's a bit gritty), not the second. Part of the point of jumpchain is you can do settings you're not especially familiar with without doing 8 hours of research into the rules system.

>> No.39806442

You have two choices do what I did for Dark Sun and make them capstones. Ravenloft also did this. Or do what FR did and port them into classes you pay for CP. Paying for them with CP, leaves you with "What to do with perk tree?". I know that in 5e they have backgrounds, they like give you stuff to flesh your character out. I'm sure something similar is in PF.

>> No.39806489

Thank you, I think the problem is some of us know and do want to do it like Pathfinder, while others want to go in without knowing anything about pathfinder the system.

Well what if instead of that I were to simply allow people to buy simplified occupations or perks like "magic", "warrior", "Rogue" and such and say that one could either consider filling it in with a canon class or just consider it a stand in?

>> No.39806498

>I just chose 3 domains and took the listed spells from those pools. I just assumed given time I'd learn all those spells from them. But you're right it was pretty vague. Same when it came to Psionics and Magic, chose a specialization and got powers based on them give or take some universal base powers in each.
I think what annoys me the most is that I'm not sure what I should do in terms of leveling if I, say, pick up both arcane and psionics. Or Arcane and Divine. Because if you rule that it works like in the game then you'll be much much better off specializing in just one. But if you can learn all of them at the same time you've essentially fanwanked yourself into being a gestalt (or worse) character, and the jump doesn't necessarily imply that you can do that. So I'd much rather it stated clearly "if you buy this then you get this and this" rather than "you psion now".

>> No.39806523

Yeah that is what I am considering at the moment.

I realize thats an issue that needs addressing. Knowing pathfinder and trying to do it "right" may of clouded my judgment.

>> No.39806538

I think you misquoted? Did you meant to quote mega anon?

Still, I'm going to use opportunity to agree and disagree with you.

I do like your idea of picking a broad background and skillset, and I might have been biased because I was never allowed to play tabletops, but your idea is very, very prone to fanwankery.

What can an Elf with a magic background do? Cast all spells from all arcane classes? Some of them? Which of them?
And how is this "fair" to the people of Gol who ARE bound to specific classes?

You do have a point of not needing 8 hours of research though but... I'm still tempted towards preferring a generic tabletop template.

>> No.39806546

Oh uh-no need to read up on therapy stuff for Naruto. It's just the two very useful perks, nothing in canon; I suspect they're there to contrast with the fact that the setting itself is badly in need of psychotherapy

>simplified occupations

Sure, I'd be okay with that

>> No.39806561

>without doing 8 hours of research into the rules system.

Big part of the reason the existing FR jump is terrible. Just a bunch of names and page numbers.

Want to know what this is? fuck you. Go look it up.

>> No.39806562

Have you looked at the 100 cp Drop-In perk in the hunterXhunter jump?

>> No.39806629

Thats a good counterpoint, though I'm kinda on the fence of class restrictions anyway. Some of them don't make sense to me outside of a game balance perspective. I kinda want to allow someone to pick a class as they want, but I'm also for the idea that exp a Jumper wouldn't face some restrictions.

>> No.39806669

What if I try to hybrid it? Like allow a perk or background for "magic" but then say put in rules for class buying in a different section, like alternate rules? That way both groups could do what they find more appealing?

>> No.39806693

I like reading the source material before adding the jump to my jumpchain.

And there's another one for the list.

>> No.39806695

Yes and doing it like Generic 3.5 (AKA Forgotten Realms) would make it slightly better for those extremely familiar with that particular ruleset at the exclusion of everyone else.

Also you're making the mistake of assuming that crunch and fluff mirror eachother 100%, a Wizard in setting doesn't "take a level in fighter" he spends some time training his martial abilities so he isn't quite as squishy. It's generally better to allude to mechanics and spell lists instead of presenting a jump where crunch is the only thing that matters.

>> No.39806696

No. That just leads to confusion and arguments from both sides. Pick one and stick by it, that way you can control it easier.

>> No.39806716

>nothing in canon
Lies and slander. Naruto himself totally has the Therapy no Jutsu perk. Just look at the 180 Gaara took when he punched him enough. And Obito too. There's probably more, but I don't remember them.

>> No.39806748

There is no way past confusion and arguments on /jc/, I've learned this already.

>> No.39806758

There is no way to avoid it, but it is entirely possible to work towards reducing it.

>> No.39806759

No no what I mean is-it's not like he actually sat down and did Psychiatric Degree Katas or quested for the Legendary Child Psychology Bloodline in the Mental Asylum Dojo for 10 issues to develop the Hypnosis Rehabilitation Release, it's just a convention that happens whenever he beats up a dude.

>> No.39806770

No, there is. You can in fact head things off, don't try to run like that. Having two sets of rules means it favours people who know the system and can game it, giving them more then those who use the simplified system.

>> No.39806798

I think that's the real problem with tabletop (jumps) there is simply to much of it.

So you either restrict the Jumper in his choices and give him a disadvantage, or allow the Jumper (full) autonomy at the risk overcomplicating the jump and possibly breaking quite a lot Jumps by picking "obscure" classes à la Truenamer...

Balancing the jump while maintaining a sense of freedom and dignity for the Jumper will be your main obstacle.

At the risk of bringing down the wrath of /tg/ upon me, I think a tabletop is a bit to "autistic" for that approach.

I realise physical training as a mage technically gives you some ability as a warrior but does this translate to skills and feats? Can I pick a mage narrate being physically active and load up some epic fighter feats? Could a fighter Jumper study up on some high level spells?

I agree that crunch is not something to strive for but it does prevent quite a lot fanwankery and blatant powertripping.

Sticking to the canon setting of a Jump and staying out of others Jumps prevents a decent amount of arguing.

But discussion will always be a part of jc and that's a good thing I think.

>> No.39806896

>Can I pick a mage narrate being physically active and load up some epic fighter feats?
If they've been at it for years and are skilled enough to handle it, yes. It's mostly portrayed as leveling up, and some GMs will award you XP if you spend most of your downtime training. Hell, some won't even let you multiclass unless you give a good reason/spend a while training.

The big problems with tabletop game settings is both in the abstraction that is integral to the gameplay, and the subjective nature of the DM and how he handles that abstraction.

>it does prevent quite a lot fanwankery and blatant powertripping.

Considering how people are making builds for FR, that is blatantly untrue.

Unrelated, but what the fuck captcha none of those things are steaks

>> No.39806956

I figured she let him. Just so it would make for a more interesting narrative. Remember, we are her entertainment, not a way for her to prove herself and/or her abilities and powers.

>> No.39807001

I admit that I'm leaving FR as a late-jump so I can stock up on drawbacks and be a Time Dragon... ;-;

Okay, I get your point and you're probably right but we indeed don't have a DM so I don't really see how we should handle making those decisions.

assume I'm at least Dante levels of strong and got some training perks or even just a Sharingan to copy fighting styles... am I then a 'lvl 20 or (246) warrior' within a week since I basically meet all requirements?

Those are the questions I just don't feel comfortable answering...

>> No.39807344

You're not thinking like a jumper mommy, pick up this isn't even my final form, Wyrmling Time Dragon,And a Dragon form from LoSS Combine the two forms, and Then hit up civilization to grow into a great wyrm .

>> No.39807552

So after updating Alan Wake so the formatting wasn't hot garbage, and fixing a few things. I have learned how to use GIMP and am ready to tackle my next jump, anyone object, or already working on a Darkest Dungeon Jump?

>> No.39807608

Great ideas, but you can do it even easier: dragon abilities are tied to their physical age, not mental age or experience, and the OP Aging Fruit makes you age 1 year a second... so you can be a Great Wyrm in an hour. But this does cost you your devil Fruit so I'm still gonna note down your combo and steal it for later!

The real problem I'm havinv is that it's so hard to not powerwank in settings where a leveling system decides your power: how do you calculate your Jumper powers into the equation? Do you start at lvl 1 and get a powrrboost for every level up even though you have strength of a lvl9999 character?... especially in tabletop settings this is very, very annoying.

Things are kinda quiet around here though... is it sleeping time in the US?

>> No.39807614

Go ahead. And no, as far as I know there is no Darkest Dungeon jump. Also I have no idea what that is, but it sounds cool

...I feel like I've been typing "go ahead, I have no idea what that is" a lot recently

>> No.39807623

Easiest wank: The "tree" is separate from your other abilities, you start off as DnD L1, everything else is anomalous. You end DnD at L20 under normal conditions.

It's the "easiest" wank, since you could very well be using hyperbolic time chamber and get to L20+ easy.

>> No.39807650

>Dankest dungeon
Isn't that the one where everyone is miserable and mindbreaks are as common as oxygen?

Will I be able to assemble a group of qt mortals to assist and protect?

Says you I took it early as fuck. Along with LoSS, Ravenloft, SAO, Tales of Symphony and DD. Shit's going to be so Ca$h. My suffering shall be eternal

Captcha what the fuck are you doing. Shoes and a sandwich are NOT BREAD

>> No.39807715


1. yes

2. well not really qt, but yes?

>> No.39807736


So how would two purchases of Sorcerer stack? (OotS and Forgotten realms)

Would it just increase my level?

Would it double the available number of spells/feats I could get?

Would it improve my progression speed?

Also, I'm thinking of going Sorcerer/Psion: does this mean I can only get 10 levels in each, or can I level up both classes to 20 by focusing on them one at a time?

>> No.39807769

That's true of every Jump though. People who know a setting can game it far better than someone who doesn't.

I also disagree that it allows any more pick mage then go vombat than the regular system, very few Jumps restrict perks, we just allow a discount. So making a weird snowflake character or buying perks for powergaming is still a valid strategy.

I'm simply going to work on doing both for now and we will see after that frame work is done how it looks.

>> No.39807841

I want to know this as well.
Also: What happens if you buy different classes in different jumps? If you buy Cleric in OotS and Psion in Ravenloft are you a multiclassed Cleric/Psion or do both of those level separately.

>> No.39807849

Speaking of OoTS does anyone have the latest version of it? It's not on the drive for some reason.

Good on you Megacorp Anon. I can't wait to see what it'll look like.

>captchas having memes for images
This is getting out of hand

>> No.39807959

This is the version I got:
Not sure if it's the latest one.

>> No.39807988

You're thinking of the oMage style of Paradox, which prevents magic use because it conflicts with consensual reality. In nMage, Paradox arises from the Abyss which separates the mundane (where you are) and supernal (perfected and ideal) realms.

In a sense, Paradox is a function of the flawed and inimical nature of reality. One of nMage's taglines is that reality is a lie. It's sort of like you're in a reverse-Matrix: life is shitty and you're powerless, but in the 'real world' you ought to be perfectly enlightened and capable of shaping erality with your will. Mages are called the Awakwned because they are aware of the lie and can reach beyond the mundane world to manifest reality-warping power that by right everyone should have access to.

nMage Paradox can thus be assumed to function in all non-ideal realities. The Gnostic separation of Man from his divine heritage is a common enough theme. Dragon Age has the Golden City being corrupted and whatnot.

If I wrote the Jump, I would specify that Paradox would always be a thing, because you're always going to be struggling to impose your will on reality up till you get your Spark; Paradox may however be less hostile in non-WoD settings. So Jumpers can expect two levels of power-up:

> post-Jump
Mage-Jumpers no longer suffer physical or psychic damage from Paradox: Paradox instead manifests as localised oddities that, while not diretly harmful, may give away the Mage's identity, intent, and paradigm, which could potentially be used against them. They can still burn Mana/Tass to mitigate these effects.

> post-Spark
Mage-Jumpers may bevome Archmasters, uniting their will with that of the cosmos. They still need to collect Quintessences to wield Imperial magics, but aren't bound by any Pax Arcanum, so they can dick around with mortals as much as they like.

>> No.39808087

That doesn't seem to be the latest version.

It doesn't have the demon roaches.

>> No.39808115

Yeah it does. Second item in section 4.

>> No.39808133

Aren't those 2e/4e only or whatever?

>> No.39808165

Thank you for your kind words.

Right now I'm thinking of making some sort of background "PFRPG Character" which will following supplementary rules in the back of the jump allowing someone to buy skills, classes, and feats like in: http://pastebin.com/ih6ZvMQa

Or I could do it like Manyfist's WoW jump and either make it a gigantic jump or restrict classes even more than the above would simply for lengh purposes. What do you think?

It would be awesome if we could get a Mage Jump that worked. Thank you for considering it.

>> No.39808176

>you're always going to be struggling to impose your will on reality

That's quite interesting because-while I don't mean to insinuate any of the following bypass the ban on Archmasters, would ownership of a Reality Marble, the Malleable Reality perk, the King in Your Head perk from Gunnerkrigg Court help alleviate Paradox or increase your Mage powers by creating a subreality that is more aligned with your personal beliefs? For that matter, how is an "ideal reality" defined? Would the realm of the Magic Gods in Raildex or Paradiso in Bayonetta be considered ideal realities, since their inhabitants are all cosmic entities and/or humans altered into sufficiently supernatural beings? In short, does WHERE you cast nMage magic affect how badly Paradox screws you over and how strong the effects of said magic are?

For that matter, is having been a Changeling in the past good or bad for a prospective Mage?

>> No.39808278

That's really up to the individual in how you stack your perks. I would consider the class purchases primarily as buying experience in that class. So buying it again, especially in Forgotten Realms jump, which specifically says you can buy additional levels, just gives you more experience. Some classes are giving you basic capability though, like not everyone can be a Sorcerer, so buying it again might give you more of that special something, but I assume it would be very minor. A Sorcerer can't do anything without training, and making him half dragon (dragon blood being one of the common sources of Sorcerery) only benefits him via the increased Charisma stat, if he doesn't train his Sorcery, it won't do anything.

For Multiclassing, I would consider everyone multiclassed, even before they got to a D&D jump, as soon as they started training different skills. You can train your D&D classes to as high a level as you want, there isn't a total class level cap or individual class cap. So you can go Cleric 100 / Sorcerer 100 / Psion 100. It would just take a massive amount of experience. That's the hardest part I think. I don't know if everyone is going to want to treat it this way but leveling up a new class is just as hard as if you had been training it your whole life instead of whatever you had been doing. So if you are already a combat god when you go to FR, learning 1st level spells is going to mean you have to fight gods to get the required experience. If you're using Experience in the D&D sense, then this applies even if you don't count your previous skills for multiclassing, since the Effective Character Level system takes into account your other strengths as well, so an advanced jumper would probably have tons of "HD" supernatural abilities, and high attributes, which will increase your ECL and thus what level of encounter is required for you to earn experience and train a class. Learning magic is hell for Giants.

>> No.39808281

I think having been a changeling is a bad experience for everyone. Mage included.

>> No.39808319

Firstly, no one seemed to like Manyfist's WoW,It was Simplified and gameified to the point of Idiocy.Secondly, how are you going to handle All the archetypes for Pathfinder? Might I the ability to import Pets or giant robots For a Synthesist capstone?

>> No.39808360

Don't listen to >>39806422

He's a fucking idiot. Classes define the power and abilities of people in the PF setting. By not including classes, you'd be crippling us. You're cutting us off from all the powers and abilities in PF for no fucking reason to appeal to some stupid anon who doesn't understand a goddamned thing.

>> No.39808376

I'm fucking retarded. Thanks anon!

This could open a huge can of worms for reality manipulation or plane generation anons. As there are tons of perks that let you generate your own plane of existence that functions completely separate from your own.

I don't really like Manyfists methods of dealing with the WoW jump. Felt too reliant on game mechanics and not enough on fluff. I for one make a conscious effort to separate the two unless absolutely necessary or for gimmick purposes.

>> No.39808383

It's especially important in PF too, because of the archetype system too. It's not something you can completely destroy and prevent from existing and still have a real PF jump.

>> No.39808504

Would the High speed divine words servant skills be able to reduce the casting time of Dnd spells?
If not is there any other way that one would go about doing so?

>> No.39808531

>bad experience

It's a while away, but I'm sure I'll be fine!

>> No.39808554


So you guys think I should remain doing something like this then?
warning its very basic and not done at all.

I was considering doing both. Allowing for a simplified system and yet allowing people who know PFRPG to make things closer to the game mechanically.

>> No.39808590

You should just tell people to choose a class and archetype (don't forget to mention them, they're a big deal), yes. I don't understand the point of the mage or psionic backgrounds in this case though, and I don't see why you should pay for your first level in any class. Pay to multi-class maybe.

>> No.39808592

> Reality Marble, the Malleable Reality perk, the King in Your Head perk from Gunnerkrigg Court
> This could open a huge can of worms for reality manipulation or plane generation anons.

I am thinking about how nMage magic differs from other systems like Nasuverse magic and whatnot. I think being able to manifest pocket realities will help your spellcasting, with the precedent in nMage being demesnes, areas where reality is more malleable.

At the moment my 'fix' is to treat all areas of personal reality as demesnes: Paradox doesn't trigger at all for spells within that pocket of reality. So in the real world, bringing forth your undead faerie dragon construct might result it in immediately blowing up due to Paradox, but within your Gunnerkrigg reality or your Reality Marble, it functions pretty much as you'd expect it to.

AFAIK, most reality-warping perks tend to be limited in terms of scale or time, which is fine. You can't maintain a Reality Marble long enough to cast a truly world-shattering ritual spell. Gunnerkrigg Court-style reality-warping is generally on a very limited scale: I'm presuming Your Own Little World is explicitly an entirely different world and you can't reach from one to the other, so if you want to megahex someone you'll either have to pull them into your world directly or, if you have King In Your Head, manifest your reality close enough to them that they're trapped in it, at which point you can hex 'em without Paradox.

In any case, when bringing magical constructs from personal realities into objective reality, they become subject to Paradox anyway. So yes, you can become an almighty solipsist, but you could do that anyway. If you want to interact with the world and other people, you're going to have to play by the rules, which includes Paradox.

I'm considering having Paradox affect explicitly supernatural powers from other Jumps, albeit to a lesser extent than setting-native nMage powers. Thoughts?

>> No.39808632

>I'm considering having Paradox affect explicitly supernatural powers from other Jumps, albeit to a lesser extent than setting-native nMage powers. Thoughts?
I'm against it. If it was only during the jump I'd survive, but I still don't like it.

>> No.39808657

>I'm considering having Paradox affect explicitly supernatural powers from other Jumps, albeit to a lesser extent than setting-native nMage powers. Thoughts?
Do it. It completely makes sense in the lore and in the setting.

>> No.39808663

Er...bad idea, to be honest. Especially since loads of other supernatural beasties like Vamps/werewolves don't suffer paradox despite not fitting consensus reality, and outside Jump supernatural powers aren't derived from the Abyss

>> No.39808676

Well I was considering allowing people to pay for more than one level, so you could in theory start the game with a higher character, you would have no CP for anything else though.

I guess just letting people pay something like 100 cp to pick an additional class or archetype may work...Or should it be more?

>> No.39808688

See now: If this was Ascension, it MIGHT make sense but as anon mentioned earlier nWOD Paradox is due to Mage abilities being tied to the abyss rather than the reverse matrix thing

>> No.39808706


I myself wouldn't mind, but I can see where problems might arise.

>> No.39808722

Don't know.
Automatic Quicken epic feat. That'll eat up a lot of feats though since you have to take it nine times to auto quicken 9th level spells. Then again, a jumper has nothing but time. You'll get them eventually.

>> No.39808730

Yeah, and? It's still a perfectly valid lore limitation. Think of it like Fallout with a better justification.

>> No.39808747

At this point I'm considering having it affect only those powers that are explicitly supernatural or counter-natural. So The Elder Scrolls magic, which relies on a different set of metaphysics, would be stifled; FMA clapchemy is supposed to function on arcane, but still natural, principles, so should be fine.

Perks relating to the Jumper's only altered physiology will also not be affected. So you still have your Conduit powers, if you're a Kryptonian or Asgardian or whatever you're still all that. Most 'Jumper-native' powers should be treated as spirit Numina anyway.

It makes doing anything in nMage trivially easy if you could just default to blowing everyone away with no-Paradox Avada Kedavra.

Only during the Jump, of course.

There's precedent for setting- and mood-related penalties: Hellblazer permanently 'kills' your Companions for the duration of the Jump; Fallout nerfs everything you bring in.

Thank you.

> vamps/werewolves don't suffer paradox despite not fitting consensus reality
nMage doesn't care about consensus reality.

> outside Jump supernatural powers aren't derived from the Abyss
This is a point. Perhaps I'll make it a Drawback.

>> No.39808774

I'm unsure. Multiclassing isn't something you do a ton of in PF, or at least the people I've played with haven't.

>> No.39808784

This will guaranteed fuckover shit like Espers from Raildex, Conduit powers from Infamous, shard powers from Worm, etc. Those have very specific ways of working and it might just screw over those guys the hardest. Me being one such unlucky jumpers.

I can see it as a neat drawback, but unless I got it from the setting it shouldn't affect my non-setting powers. And it doesn't even make sense since most powers aren't even native to the setting nor do they derive power from it. 90% of my magic and powers come from my own reserves not the abyss.

I like that. Besides I'll be doing some looking up on pathfinder shit anyway.

>> No.39808795

People fucking hated that in Fallout you loons.

>> No.39808806


No pls

>> No.39808816

I dunno, by that logic V:TM jump should make all your powers be dependant on blood and Changeling should require you to siphon off Glamour to fuel everything-which I'm sure you'll agree is kind of absurd given the scope of some out of jump powers-

-but on the other hand, it DOES sound like an excellant drawback.

>> No.39808826

>There's precedent for setting- and mood-related penalties: Hellblazer permanently 'kills' your Companions for the duration of the Jump; Fallout nerfs everything you bring in.
Yes, well while Fallout was an attempt to keep the danger of the setting intact, the Hellblazer jump was a complete pile of shit anyhow.

Hellblazer really shouldn't be an example.

>> No.39808833


Hell blazer and fallout received a hilarious amount of hate for those choices. Please don't.

>> No.39808846


Fuck you, those ideas are complete shit.

>> No.39808847

Fallout was a really stupid attempt at arbitrating how people can interact with a setting.

>> No.39808850

Agreed. It's been ages and I still kind of want to slam the Hellblazer jumpmaker's head in a drawer a few times just because of how stupid that mandatory drawback was.

>> No.39808863

>Hellblazer kills your friends
Are you serious? What the fuck? In fact I took a background that made my life tied to my partner's, so this jump would kill me just for jumping it which is bullshit.

>> No.39808864


I still maintain that Fallout was terrible and against the overall spirit of Jumpchain.

>> No.39808871

By the way, would you kindly consider a +0CP drawback to preserve the continuity of your actions in previous nWOD jumps?

>> No.39808887


Man I had forgotten that incredibly shitty Jump. The rage is coming back to me now.

>> No.39808920

You still can though. You could even pick multi-archetypes.

Tell you what, keep an eye out and probably tomorrow schedule willing I'll try to have another jump set up out.

>> No.39808968

OK, looks like default-nerfing out-of-Jump powers isn't going to be a popular decision. Look, how about this:

> Default
When you enter nMage Jump, you start with a completely 'normal' human form. Treat it as an alt-form. Using out-of-Jump powers will make you start manifesting traits that reflect the relevant nature. Use Electrokinesis? Prepare to start manifesting Cole's blue-glowing veins and whatnot. So if you wanna give your Jumper nature away, it'll be clear to in-setting characters that you're definitely not what they'd consider human, which might lead to excitement with Hunters and stuff. You could always use shapeshifting/illusion to cover up these 'tells', but at least you have to make the effort. This IS, In Fact, My Final Form works as it normally does and lets you sidestep this problem.

> Drawback
Paradox-ify your out-of-Jump powers. 300 CP to make them susceptible to Paradox; 600 CP to remove them entirely.

Sure! I'm also considering another 0 CP Drawback/Perk that lets you toggle to oWoD if you'd prefer. Pros: steampunk starship battles near Uranus! Cons: Traditions a shit, Technocracy a best; consensus reality is a thing and will sic Paradox on you for using out-of-Jump abilities

>> No.39808978


Actually I just checked, it says they won't respond "this" jump which to me means they simply return after it.

I could be wrong though.

>> No.39809035


Meh, still seems like an arbitrary drawback but at least its better than the previous.

>> No.39809044

I still to this day think the Fallout nerf was not needed. It should have been a drawback and nothing more. The jump maker should have left the choice of difficulty up to the jumpers, not shove it down everyone's throats simply because most higher powered jumpers would steam roll it. Hellblaser was just an even worse case of it. I hate forced drawbacks with literally no in setting justification whatsoever.

That's more like it! Love the drawback. Not sure about the default though. Perhaps have it so mages or other with truesight or something see right through your human facade? That sounds neat as a drawback though.

>> No.39809049

>Technocracy a best


>> No.39809063

Things like that are why I houserule away certain aspects of some jumps when they cross lines like that. If it isn't a gauntlet, it should be MY decision what my power level is, and not the jump's. And usually I'll stick at, or at least near, the levels that people from that jump are at. If I feel it necessary to truly cut loose, however, I'm not going to let that sort of nonsense stop me. It's not a thing I do often.

>> No.39809096

You wanna be some kind of treehugger or weeaboo fightan edgelord, or you wanna be a motherfucking legit MAD SCIENTIST?

>> No.39809099

It's very very rare that I get the feeling to do something like that. Such as recently, with this Darksun nonsense I want to just ignore the stupid Rajaat thing. Fallout is another place I want to just ignore an arbitrary and senseless rule, though I've been unable to bring myself to do this anywhere.

>> No.39809152


I also frequently ignore stupid and arbitrary rules made solely to restrict the actions and power of the Jumper. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

>> No.39809160

Hey, the Sons of Ether exist you know, and they're 100% mad scientists. The fact that they used to be part of the Technocracy before a political shakeup and still maintain semi-friendly rivalries with some of the more esoteric Technocratic groups is worth noting, though.

>> No.39809204

Suddenly I don't want to do nMage anymore, I want to do oMage now.

>> No.39809248

I'd say have it be an optional drawback.

>> No.39809272

Yeah. Fortunately, that sort of thing is really very rare in the chain. But if I'm in a desert and I have the ability to open a portal to the elemental plane of water or something... you know?

>> No.39809276

Does nMage not have the Sons of Ether and the Void Engineers (Who are the best Technocrats and who also have the friendliest relationship with the Sons of Ether iirc)?

>> No.39809303

I mean, equivalents. Them not having the exact group is different.

>> No.39809328

No. The closest things nMage has to the oMage standouts are the Free Council, who have a bit of a SCIENCE!! aesthetic (but also hipsters, edginess, and punk), and a particular Mastigos Legacy that thinks that all consciousness is waveforms.

>> No.39809367

The Traditions want to bring back the Age of Myth where only a few people had any tangible power and everyone else led horrible and short lives. Meanwhile the Technocracy is busy using magic and consensus belief to increase the general living standard of pretty much everyone except the Traditions.

What's really hilarious is that the Technocracy were intended to be the villains for this.

>> No.39809382

Ah, that's kind of lame. Sons of Ether and Void Engineers (plus the idea of groups based on outdated, 'debunked' science and one based on theoretical and ever-shifting future science) were really really cool.

>> No.39809408

Well, they are taking away what makes magic SPECIAL, which I imagine most Mages would take issue with, but yeah I get the point.

>> No.39809423

What would you guys consider to be good early jumps to do?

>> No.39809453

All three Pokemon jumps, Nintendogs, and what I like to call the "Magical Girl Classic" jumps, those being all Magical Girl jumps that are not Madoka-related.

>> No.39809509

So here's how I deal with with this issue in my chain, feel free to tell me if you agree/think I'm totally fanwanking irresponsibly.
I've always seen the reason that it takes far mor effort (xp) to get a single level in Y after, say, 14 levels in X is because of maintenance training. Think about it, just like Usain Bolt runs every day to keep himself in shape a level 14 X is going to have to study his tomes/practice his katas/do mental exercises/practice sneaking and shit. and the higher up you go the more effort it takes to remain that far up. A bleeding edge takes a lot of sharpening and all that. So in a sense when that level 14 X trains to become 14 X/1 Y he's essentially dialing down training on the X side just enough to not rust while also practicing on the Y side. Going straight to 15 X instead just means that they're training X extra hard until they get better at it. The increased effort is represented by needing more xp.
A jumper is in the same situation unless they have something that allows their skills to never degrade through lack of use/training. Then, given a two people, both being multiclassed 14 X/3 Y characters, one of which is a jumper and who's skills don't degrade, we can assume that it would take about equal effort for both of them to get to 15 X/3 Y, but a jumper would only take as much effort to get to 14 X/4 Y as a single classed 3Y character would.
Does this make sense or am I just shit at explaining things?

>> No.39809514

Technocracy had noble goals, but they're rapidly becoming more and more Orwellian. While having better lives for normal people is good, absolute police state and control to a ridiculous degree, plus the eventually elimination of imagination, creativity, and wonder, are not.

>> No.39809515

If you go by the manga Sailor Moon probably isn't a good idea as an early jump considering how frequently everyone on Earth dies (to be resurrected a short while later but that doesn't matter).

>> No.39809517

>Jump-chan gave you 500 CP because the Outsider had already given you some powers... she interrupted the Outsider which seems to suggest that she was not outclassed, but was later unable to give you a background within the world which contradicts her superiority. Hmmmm...
It could be that because he is a lesser being she was limited. One theory is Jumpchan creates the universes that you go to wholecloth. But this time, while you were between universes, Outsider notices you and what you do and invites you to his place. Usually Jumpchan would create the universe with your identity accommodated, but since Outsider invited you to his specific universe she's just sending you there, and maybe she is morally opposed to reality/mind-fucking people that hard into thinking you were there the whole time, so she doesn't give you a past history with them.

>> No.39809520

Pokemon is actually a legitimately good early Jump. It has cheap options for essential skills like survival, stealth, and combat, and Pokemon Companions stack up really well against the threats you might face in other worlds, as well as having great utility (need to fly, sail, or tunnel? a Poke's got you covered, somewhere) and great loyalty.

Plus you can make them human and then fuck them. Or just fuck them.

I'm a big fan of Teen Titans. Tamaranean Physique is a good, cheap Flying Brick package, and Teen Titans (the cartoon) seems much less lethal than most other comic book settings, where dying seems pretty common.

Also, Devil May Cry. Fucking awesome powers, great Companion.
> stop time
> craft weapons out of demon souls
> block anything. ANYTHING.
> it has a better God Hand perk than the actual God Hand Jump, if you can believe it
> combat precognition
> weird science lets you turn people into DEMONS

Just make sure you get some survivability, and then stick close to Dante. You're pretty likely to survive, especially if you're a girl in this Jump.

> Cons: might get fucked by Dante
> Pros: likely to survive; might get fucked by Dante

>> No.39809522

Nah. That's just the radical ones. Most Traditionalists want people to have both magic and science.

>> No.39809545

LoSS take all the Malicious drawbacks. Trust me I made it myself! :^)

But seriously Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Slice of Life, Generic Magical Girl, most Saturday morning cartoon jumps[ninjago, Swat catz, etc], Lots of easy going jumps to go to provided you didn't take any of the higher tier drawbacks

>> No.39809554


>> No.39809576


>> No.39809583


The Superpower Wiki is a horrendous piece of shite.

>> No.39809622

The answer is yes, but only when they deserved it.

>> No.39809628

Hmm. Makes sense to me, at least. Never thought of it that way though; I looked at more like athletes' reaching their peak performance and needing to train more to break their old records as they git gudder

>> No.39809646

I based it on the same thing. It's just that athletes also need to practice all the time to stay gud after they git gud.

>> No.39809671

Honestly yeah a bit. Admittedly for me it's less hurting people and more deceiving them but it's the same principle. Especially fun is when you follow to Kontomine school of lies where you technically tell the truth (I do still consider it lying though, just especially funny lying).

>> No.39809679

No, they're also in 3e. It was a web supplement, and all four options were shit, but it was there. A couple people made some decent homebrew additions to them, although that doesn't count for the Jump.

>> No.39809697

Got a link to said shit options? My curiosity is unbounded.

>> No.39809775

Yes and no. I don't like to wantonly hurt innocent people. But bad guys are going to get their shit pushed in. Those who fuck with me but are ultimately innocent I'd probably avoid unless I'm cornered or in a bad mood which usually results in several injuries. No killing, nor leaving them in a position that would otherwise doom them.

I do like to poke volatile peoples buttons though. Or just outright play mind games with them. It usually results in me being a really campy villain in some jumps. A completely harmless dork in others. Or a high-tier level threat that isn't higher due to docile and complicit behavior. I like being a giant magical lizard way too fucking much.

>> No.39809827

Some would say that it hurts people to make them incapable of physical or emotional pain.

If that's the case, then it's the only way for me to sleep, or even hear myself think.

>> No.39809878

Had to go Google for it, but here.


>> No.39809928

I don't think whatever realm the Magic Gods were living is was supposed to be ideal, they can just create an ideal world if they feel like it.

>> No.39809961

Vampires & Werewolves don't alter reality like Mages do. They have magic but it's far more limited. In nWoD the God Machine which may or may not have created the Earth, most certainly does keep the monsters in the night functioning. It's part of it's plan, it makes sure that status quo rules the day, and that conflict is its way enforcing that.

Mages pretty much use the same "magic" kinda like the Angels. They use loopholes in reality left there by GM. So long they're not "Fallen" they can use these exploits. When you fall as an Angel, you lose the ability to use these exploits and must re discover them. At same time you have unique ability to distrupt GM's machinations like no other.

>> No.39809996


>does not include the ending choices, I'm coming up with series-related nicknames for those

>> No.39810027

A lot of jumps are dangerous, Fallout sets a dopey precedent against the spirit of things.

It's a better jump than Hellblazer obviously, probably a more obnoxious mechanic though.

>> No.39810028

The Fallout nerf was a poor attempt to tell a poignant tale about the futility of war, and how man is locked in a pointless cycle of conflict. 'War, war never changes.'

So, naturally, the jump tried to enforce that idea via power nerf so your jumper can't go 'Fuck you, sunshine and rainbows for EVERYONE!'

I just ignore it, honestly.

>> No.39810030

I assume this is because you became a powerful enough empath to have your radius of effect encompass the whole world?
In which case it was very amateurish of you to do so without being able to shut the connection down. I mean really, what where you thinking anon?

>> No.39810040

That pokemon looks like a slut.

>> No.39810056

>they can just create an ideal world if they feel like it

Eh, I was assuming they did just that since I wouldn't settle for living in an imperfect world if I were a Magic God

Hold on-nWOD angels are basically doing the same shit as nWOD wizards but in reverse? Is...is the implication here that there MIGHT be a way for a mage to become an angel?!

>> No.39810058

Oh neat, this is my first time seeing the Harlock.

>> No.39810061

>Meanwhile the Technocracy is busy using magic and consensus belief to increase the general living standard of pretty much everyone except the Traditions.
>What's really hilarious is that the Technocracy were intended to be the villains for this.

That's because most of the Technocracy is now owelian conspiracy that will grind everyone into cogs and most of what is said in the handbook is being told to new recruits and is bullshit.

The guidebook even spells out the main campaign feature is "fighting the corruption within before it all comes falling down" and not actually dealing with the traditions.

Did you even read the book?

>> No.39810088

He is

>> No.39810106

> Mages pretty much use the same "magic" kinda like the Angels. They use loopholes in reality left there by GM.

Actually, no. The God-Machine is a reality warper, but it has no connection to the Supernal Realms, and in fact the Realms are utterly opaque to the God-Machine. The Supernal Realms constitute a higher reality than what the God-Machine can perceive or manipulate.

>> No.39810114

God damn Traps and Reverse Traps they keep making me question my sexuality.

>> No.39810147

I mean, from what I can tell the world they were living in sorta sucked. They didn't have a choice but to live in there though, since any universe they appear in gets destroyed by their presence according to N12.

>It may have been wrong to refer to that place as dark. In fact, the word “place” was not entirely accurate either. Non-existent things could not be explained. Nevertheless, a few voices lurked within where no one could interfere.

>“The concepts of distance and time don’t matter here, remember? And I can’t leave regardless. Even if I did, I’d just end up gathering unwanted attention on a global scale like Othinus. I was a hair’s breadth and an infinite distance away.”

>“Does the same go for the others?”

>“Old man, did you start forgetting things once you became a mummy? The zombie girl, the chimera, and everyone are here. It’s just in destiny’s hands whether we run across each other in this place where the tiniest gap extends to an infinite distance”

>“If you think about it, you could call this our way of being ecological. We do it because the world is too small for us to live in, but it isn’t easy putting up with being here.”

>> No.39810159

>He is
I call bullshit. That has tits, anon. Tits.
Things with tits can't be male right? R-right?

>> No.39810175

So it's a really weird take on the evil Demiurge concept of Gnosticim, where he's blocking humanity off from its true nature.

>> No.39810180

I am not!

Also not a trap, but that's another issue.

>> No.39810184

Oh yes-but these days we're in sadism rehab, so we don't get to do it as much

We don't know whether our changeling experience was good OR bad. Because our own explanation for how we got changelingfied involved getting super, super drunk with the True Fae during our wedding anniversary and partying so hard that when we woke up-we were a Changeling.

And indescribably hungover.

>gain a human altmode

That is actually kind of a relief to us because our "base" form is kind of. Well. It would have made things very, very awkward.

...purely hypothetically, what would you say is the most likely reaction by the nWOD mage community to a new sentient universe suddenly appearing and crawling around the void between worlds?

>> No.39810187

Never has for me. I mean if what I am looking at looks like a women, clearly I'm attracted to a woman. Certainly that one, it even has tits.

>> No.39810216

Tell that do /d/

>> No.39810250

The God Machine is solely in the new edition however, it did not exist outside of what were intended as the rantings of a madman in core. It's just that said rantings were considered interesting by the player base and therefore got their own splat later on.

>> No.39810259

Before God-Machine Chronicles, nMage was just straight-up Gnosticism.

Except with the God-Machine Chronicles, it's now DOUBLE GNOSTICISM, since there are two sets of Demiurges. Kinda.

Using the Gnosticism example, the God-Machine is less like a Demiurge and more like the Archon of this world. It is the highest local authority in the fallen world, but it has no say regarding and no access to things above/beyond it; on the other hand, humans can apprehend a higher reality, and can gain access to it...

... except the higher reality is also full of malevolent evil Magic Gods who are the real Demiurge, who caused the rift in the first place, and whose whole deal is taking shits on humanity so it cannot ascend and challenge their reign over all things magical and awesome.

One of the player's possible goals is to blaze their own trail to that higher realm, where they can start to shove the Exarchs' shit in.

> ...purely hypothetically, what would you say is the most likely reaction by the nWOD mage community to a new sentient universe suddenly appearing and crawling around the void between worlds?

You'd probably be flagged as an Intruder, and they'd start looking for ways to banish you to the Abyss.

>> No.39810274

Okay guys, here is a Jump.

It is not completely finished but I have to leave for the next few hours so I'd figured I'd give you guys a chance to tell me how bad it is.

I'm really just trying here, so throw some ideas at me if you want to or ignore it or whatever.

NOTE: The CP prices are a mess because I am to stupid for the system I am using. This will require some trial-and-error. If it makes no sense or feels wrong, tell me why and I'll correct its price.

>> No.39810349

It wasn't quite so simple, and it took a LOT longer (and I forgot my name earlier too), but yeah.

Anytime anything capable of feeling pain is injured or dies? I feel that.

This was, in all honesty, a terrible idea, and I know you-know-who is laughing right now, because even centuries after purging her direct influence from my mind, my intentions, however benevolent, have doomed at least one world.

I only wanted to help.

It's to the point where I regret not putting a "Your Approval Fills Me With Shame" perk in OOTS.

Yeah. I've got the PDF ready unless anyone has any big objections.

>> No.39810368

They really picked the most boring to go with huh.

>> No.39810398

So I realized today while enchanting a little girls coat to launch angry dire badgers at people that my sense of right and wrong may have been skewed a bit.

Where were you and what were you doing when you realized you had lost it on some level?

>> No.39810402

It's why I'm not a fan of it either, I don't know how about all the different classes, races and items but it's up to me to find out about them.
I'm not even going to try to optimise my build, I'm just going for what looks like fun.

>> No.39810438

When Ko'el went full Farsight after failing to prevent it for the second time.

But by then I didn't exactly care. The screaming had to stop.

So until someone powerful enough to wreck my face and merciful enough to spare my life (or at least who can quiet the screeching noise in my mind long enough for Santa, Cra, the Outsider, and Mani to talk some sense back into me), things are bad.

>> No.39810444




You do realise literally nobody is going to take that drawback right?

>Cinematic Bookmark

...yeah, description says it all really


Anything's soul? Even cosmic beings like True Ancestors or Galactus?

>Death scythe

Personally I think it's worth much more than 300 CP because infinite edge

>Memory purification

To clarify-is this mind wiping or actually changing their past?

>Faustian Contract

I'd rather have a "you are super good at contracts/you are super good at charisma'ing people into contracts" than a power that doesn't work as per canon

>true form

Is the hermaphrodite thing really a part of the show's canon?


Is it possible to wish for other things that servitude? Will they keep your soul at the end of the 10 years? Is this therefore a trap option?

>> No.39810524

I'll be frank. It could use some work.

You're offering weapons that can "cut anything" for 300CP or FREE, giving strength perks enough to "break a concrete bridge with a punch" again, for FREE. Not to mention it really feels like you're forcing people to pick a supernatural gig (which again, gives horribly bullshit things), when it's much better to go with a background choice like:


All while keeping the supernatural race options separate so people aren't forced in. Yeah it's a big part of the setting, but notice how it isn't the ONLY part. Plus >>39810444 more or less sums up a lot of things.

Honestly, it could really, really use some work.

>> No.39810583

>where were you

In an abandoned alley somewhere in Kara no Kyoukai jump, trying to help Fujino Asagami out of a bad situation while being stalked by the Crawling Chaos and Souren Araya. Mostly because we were technically family in that jump, and like all Type-Moon wizards our family was apparently composed of complete monsters.

>what were you doing

Kicking a thug in the testicles so hard his pelvis shattered.

>> No.39810655

>stalked by the crawling chaos

>> No.39810677

Don't worry, it's not Nyarly. It's N-fake Scandinavian consonant mess. He's some old magus that fused himself with a bunch of dogs to become a shadow dog monster.

>> No.39810711

I should really, really get myself dressed but I'll answer these questions.

It is a legitimate backstory of the main antagonist of season 2... It is bad but that's how it is.

Should it be worth more points?

I really have to rewatch a few episodes for this... sorry.

It was to destroy the soul of anything it pierced, a legendary weapon. How should I balance it for other Jumps?

>Death scythe
Same deal. Those are the canon rules but I can imagine I'll have to balance it. Suggestions?

>Memory Purification
You are rewriting their minds without changing their past(victims of a murderer dont come back to life) but the old history is considered invalid for supernatural purposes.

I'll consider it.

>true form
He gets surrounded by feathers and his feet elongate into high-heels... so he either becomes "a Bayonetta", a guy in a seductress costume, or partially a woman. Which one is better?

They WILL attempt to claim your soul if you choose to take them along as companions but if you're physically immortal(don't age) it becomes impossible and they are bound to you forever.

Geez, I'm really running late but I'll check any more questions later and see to it they are answered.

>> No.39810718

You mean Nrvnqsr Chaos? It's pronounced "nero chaos"

>> No.39810770

Sadly it WAS Nyarly, actually. Took that one 200 CP drawback. Regretted it immediately.

N-whatever showed up in Tsukihime jump right before this one, though. Which incidentally was where we had a brief moment of clarity on Dark Binding i.e. that it was slowly turning us into a spiritual patchwork abomination utterly annihilating our already frayed humanity, dooming us forever to be a monster shunned and abhorred by right thinking men.

Except we didn't think about it that far until much later, because we spent most of Tsukihime making Blade references at random people on the street to try to figure out which of them were Dead Apostles in disguise.

>> No.39810811


This was a bad idea... I can't resist replying.

I get the backgrounds but most of the story involves supernatural butlery, so I really wanted to make them the background options.

I have no idea what a drop-in, or foreigner would do there besides create even more innuendo with Ciel ( which I left out ).

Is there a point to Black Butler if you're not getting yourself a Butler?

But I do get this is FAR from finished! It needs a lot of work but I figured it couldn't hurt to get some opinions on the direction I'm taking with it.

>> No.39810826

That's dumb.

>> No.39810860

That would be the Vampire Bloodlines jump.

The turning point was Heather. Poor, poor Heather, driven to complete devotion to me by my blood before I realized it happened. And she was so... Honest, and happy... You know?

Looking back, it was that jump that dug up my darker impulses and ultimately got me into becoming Paradise. One of my better combos.

>> No.39810869

Replace Dark Binding with Chooser of the Slain. All the power of having soul servants, none of the negative feelings of being an evil monster if you don't want to be.

>> No.39810873

>trancy touched

Listen, I know it is but-you're missing the point. Would YOU take that drawback? I know I wouldn't. I just don't think you can put a CP price on "you gonna get raped" so I think it's for the best that you just make another drawback entirely.

>Laevatinn and Death Scythe

Well, while you're rewatching the show-try to figure out the benchmark of things it can kill? If it works on supernaturals as well as humans,

Less certain about the Death Scythe, to be honest. Maybe absolute effects like timelocking can stop the blade?

>true form

"a Bayonetta" or simply a saucy costume both sound better than forced gender reassignment


So, it's a trap option to anyone without immortality. Might want to make it clear if you're intent on keeping that

>> No.39810895

Heather, also known as the only free (I think?) companion I never, ever took. Vampire blood bonds are some evil shit.

>> No.39810924

I don't have a problem with Death Scythe's effect, but I think the issue was more the cost? It's like a 600 point item in a high powered jump really.

>> No.39810973

Addendum-I've just wiki'd the weapons

Laevatinn does destroy souls on contact BUT it appears to be designed for duels between demons, correct? So maybe add a note that it can only utterly destroy the souls of beings with a similar metaphysical clout as the Black Butler demons.

Regarding the Scythe-on second thought, I suggest a caveat that other spiritual/magical arms/armour/barriers can be resistant to it? As in, you can still technically cut through them but it'll take much, much longer than physical targets? Since they appear to be a physical construct maybe extremely powerful spiritual presences or artifacts can outright no-sell it? Admittedly the wiki seems very unclear on what the scythes can do, but if other scythes can block them it stands to reason spiritual constructs in general might be more resistant.

>> No.39810996

>Laevatinn and Death Scythe
I think a good benchmark to set these at are that anything you kill with Laevatinn gets it's soul destroyed by it since that still leaves killing the thing in the first place. And the Scythe should probably be stopped by any other conceptual weapons.

>> No.39811032

Ah, but the thing is this is chronologically set way, way earlier on in my Jumper's chain and a big part of why he ended up deciding to go maximum Anti-Spiral in the first place so. It's too much of a plot fulcrum to swap out at this point on a meta level, if that makes any sense

Something something it's about the journey not the destination

>> No.39811077

What is Chooser of the Slain from again? Sounds like Valkyrie Chronicles if I had to guess.

>> No.39811078

From the wikia
>Additionally, a Death Scythe can be used to engage in combat. Death Scythes are notorious for being able to cut through anything, including other Grim Reapers.[2][3] However, there is an exception: a Death Scythe cannot cut through another Death Scythe.[4]

But I'll balance it: increasing the cost is impossible since literally every Grim Reaper has one...

Was he raped? I remember the experience messing with his mind but he DID use it as an opportunity to elevate his social status.

>True Form
The anime is really unclear. It shows feathers, a pair of high heels and very long nails.

I think it is assumed that a true demon is genderless and so their true form goes into... weird zones.

edit: good ideas, guys

>> No.39811081

That could work too, I guess. The wiki really doesn't clarify this stuff, so I'm inferring from pages linked to it


>> No.39811108

>Is there a point to Black Butler if you're not getting yourself a Butler?
Uh, yeah? There's plenty of reason to go there.

Legal shenanigans, trade empires (oh look, Prince Soma and Ciel dealt with PLENTY of merchants and trading companies), circus folk (remember the guy who made prosthetic limbs out of the bones of kids?), or even just standard supernatural cult stuff. They had to get the information from SOMEWHERE. Or even just be a nobleman who's doing all kinds of stupid shit, you'd be surprised what people gobble up. I mean look at the crazy shit Ciel's other servants do. They're not a demon, they're not supernatural, and yet they are flat fucking terrifying. Mine the options!

>I have no idea what a drop-in, or foreigner would do there besides create even more innuendo with Ciel ( which I left out ).
If that's all you can think of for criteria, I don't think you should be making this jump. There's a difference between making a jump for the setting while having a goal I really made Macross for being a Zentradi, but more options means more fun, but only focusing on one single aspect to make for criteria is not good jump making.

>> No.39811128

Valkyrie Profile. Simlarly named but completely different from Valkyria Chronicles.

>> No.39811144

Ah. No wonder I wasn't seeing it. Thanks mate.

>> No.39811190

Meh, if a jump wants to make me a supernatural race I don't like I don't go. Such as Vampire.

>> No.39811227

After FMA [taking wrath homunculus], I went to FFXIII and lost my fucking shit spending that jump as a fuckhuge rampaging dragon fucking up the local wildlife. When those monstrocities hurt my companions in a laps in judgement. I even fought a fal' cie after I accidentalied one of their residents. I was far too angry to put up with their shit peacefully so I punched it in half and destroyed the place out of spite. Afterward I was still fuming, but not blind with rage anymore. But afterward I REALLY got mad...at myself for losing control in the first place. I went back afterward to fix it of course but not before having to deal with most of the humans and apologize, and fix it up. Took roughly 3 years to fully fix it.

It wasn't my proudest moment. And to this day I still think that Fal' cie deserved it.

>> No.39811253

Fal'cie are cunts, don't worry about it.

>> No.39811272

A reminder that Crona would be the best person for a Jumper to have as their son/daughter.

>> No.39811284

>that Fal'cie deserved it

That's true, though. FF gods are collectively maximum overbutt

>> No.39811293

... like, chronologically? Because there have been a lot of little losses, and then there have been BIG losses.

But I think the very FIRST time I ever realized I was slipping was Invader Zim. Because, here's a pro-tip: don't take a background that is of a comparable age to your actual age. Suddenly having three hundred years of experiences jammed into my skull was really confusing when I had barely three hundred years of experience to combat it with.

I ended up finding myself agreeing with just about everything the Irken Empire did, and/or justifying it with the experiences of previous jumps. Like, duh, of COURSE the Irken Empire should be in charge! We're the smartest people here! Have you looked at this place? I've been to over twenty dimensions and these are by far the dumbest. And we're way cooler than any of them, too. The Irkens should rule because we are cool. It rhymes, therefore it's true!

Anyway, I spent most of the jump attempting to assist them in some shape or form, even knowing that it was probably not good or even something I'd have agreed with formerly.
Although I did manage to avoid blowing up any planets! So that's a thing.

>> No.39811308

This. I think people are letting their dislike of the jump maker cloud their judgement a little.

>>39811108 makes a lot of good points though. A single option does not a jump make.

>> No.39811332


God damned cat. If she'd just be forthright and honest about this, but noooooo. Has to play her little game. No. NO. I am NOT a Harem Protagonist. I don't even have any perks to manage one for fuck's sake!

... Well. Now that we're done there. I am getting the fuck out, and I am not taking any Ultimatum, and I am DONE. NO GOING BACK.

... Not that the way forward is any better.
Age: 27-years-old
Nature: Cursed
Location: Modern Earth
Drawbacks: Unholy (+100), Whatever vs Capcom 4 1/2 (+0), Boooorriiiinng... (+300) - TO HELL WITH YOUR TWO-PLAYER MODE, MADAME. NO. /NO/. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Oh you mean a spar? Sure why no- Waaaaaaiiiiiiit a minute...
Final Point Count: 1,400 CP

-Basic Moveset (Free)
-Joking Taunt (Free) "I can beat you with one arm mi- Oh. Huh. Would you look at that."
-Sexy Taunt (Free)
-Badass Taunt (Free)
-Altered Form (Werewolf) (Free)
-Livewire (Free)
-Moonstruck Idol
-Wyrd Strength
-Delicious and Nutritious (Murderous / Hateful Urges)
-King of the Creeps
-Little Bit Beastly

Gear & Companions:
-Iconic Accessory (Scarf) (Free)
-Cool Coat
-Possessed Gear (Janpaseiga)
-Crown of Makai
-Merry Minions (Moths)
-Merry Band

ALright. Who's rigging my dice. I try to roll for success on fighting the Eternal Legions of Hell? Failure. I roll for success on dealing with any other combination of drawbcks? Failure. I ROLL FOR SUCCESS FOR DEALING WITH FUCKING /MORRIGAN/, AND IT'S A SUCCESS?!



(Thankfully, Aensland doesn't want to come alone.)

>> No.39811346

You mean the ambiguously gendered weirdo who is obsessed with tits to the points where it gains a MADNESS related to it that it later forces on the entire planet?

>> No.39811348

>Getting to sail on my own Arcadia spacecraft and fight alongside Captain Harlock

Yes. This is the best thing.

Time to sail the sea of stars.

>> No.39811371

>Refuse to turn this into a Harem Rom-com
Yet you took those harem drawbacks and perks. Also your point doesn't stand since you took Boring so you can get Morrigan following you now.

>> No.39811387

And that sounds like the perfect adopted child of a Jumper in my book.

>> No.39811392

She didn't want to come along. Just wanted ten years of someone to fight against and alongside.


>> No.39811409

Also, I have no harem perks. Drawbacks, yes, because Tenchi Muyo is a massive TRAP, and Hel it turns out is very SALTY about when someone successfully defeats her Helhound.

>> No.39811465

I was more upset that I lost my temper and destroying the place.
And yeah Fal' Cie suck.

All Crona needed was some good old fashioned therapy. Everyone just keeps making shit worse.

So friendship punches vs madness punches. Who will win!

>> No.39811574

Technically, Smiling Goddess Leaves and Super Study Buddy are harem perks.

>> No.39811590

You can't lose what you never had.

>> No.39811635

You CAN leave those suitors behind. Fortunately.

Eh, I can understand. I was hesitant to go to either Vampire jump, and when Manyfist said "Oh bloodbags only give you a fourth of the nourishment" I went "FUCK IT DOING IT ANYWAY". Plus LOSS lets me survive off of magic, so there's that wonderful thing too.

>A single option does not a jump make.
PRECISELY. I mean if you're going to make a jump, at least PRETEND to care for more options and balance it out between everything. Just letting your bias show through makes a jump drop in quality.

>> No.39811669

If you enjoy the tears of heartbroken young women I suppose.

>> No.39811729

Yeah because forcing them to go along when their love will never be reciprocated is SUCH a better option.

>> No.39811759

>Not reciprocating
If you enjoy the tears of heartbroken young women I suppose.

>> No.39811824

Not everyone's Harem Lord, dick.

>> No.39811839

Then don't go to the harem jump, ass.

>> No.39811883

>going to a harem setting means you automatically have to fuck everything
>no self control
>no deviation
Wow, I guess I just gotta go around being a baby eater. Nice to see I can't possibly enjoy anything other than sex.

>> No.39811920

No, it means you took perks and drawbacks that had girls chasing after you, picked up an unwanted harem and are getting teased about it. You and your little defender need to stop taking shit so seriously and getting your panties knotted up. You complain about the thread's attitude but then you completely lose your own sense of humor and contribute to the problem. It's sad.

>> No.39811983

I understand.

I'm not sure I want to re-do everything but I'll make sure to at least add a foreigner background which allows you to just enjoy the world of Black Butler with no specific discounts except for a free party ship and an endless supply of opium.

Good idea? Or to silly?

... I'd like your opinion or someone's opinion on Demon Hounds:

>Demon hounds have the ability to change from humans to dogs and back, but remain dog-like at all times and cannot talk. They do not seem to possess the level of intelligence other races do, and thus, are somewhat easily controlled and manipulated.

They are really, really cool and have some nifty supernatural powers so I'd like to add them as a buyable Companion.

However I am kind of afraid that the "Pokehumping" crowd will want a big furry immortal demon dog with the ability to take on a toned human form for less-savoury reasons.

I wouldn't want a Demon Hound to be reduced to a jumper's outlet for their bestiality urges...

Am I being silly? I suspect I am. Should I just suck it up and deal with it? I'm not experienced enough to know how to handle this...

>> No.39812019

Foreigner background should at least get perks based around commerce and politics if nothing else.

And trying to police what immortal godlings will sleep with is an exercise in futility. See the Greek gods.

>> No.39812026

People that make me want to hurt them? Oh certainly. I do try hard not to kill them though. Just give them a sound enough beating to sort them out.

That out of the way, how many people here have tried 'fixing' the Neon Genesis Evangelion setting? How successful where you?

I've been working my way up to try and do that eventually and I wanna know if anyone else has been able to.

>> No.39812061

>are you being silly

...yeah, yeah you are. Human form companion imports of a thing, most people understand the concept of discretion when it comes to lewd and I'm sick of "pokefucker" being spammed like some sort of witch hunt.

Look just. Include it if you think it fits a given background/is a viable companion type thing. Or don't. I really don't care.


Well, as long there IS a drop-in option. Though it's...generally considered custom to include perks like "you have hella willpower" or "your charisma is pretty alright" for drop-ins which aren't meant to specialise in anything. Maybe a sanity preserving perk? Sanity seems to be in short supply in this setting.

>> No.39812063

You got a point on that one.
I guess he couldn't handle the banter.

>> No.39812085

*are a thing

>> No.39812110

I didn't bother because I don't like anyone in it. If I rebuild my build when Rebuild is out I might see about helping Rei, since she's the only person who isn't insufferable.

>> No.39812112

So. What are the best necromancy perks? What offers the best individual control? What offers the most numerical control?

I need to know this for reasons.

>> No.39812121

Honestly, I think the issue might be deeper than that. I'm getting similar vibes that I got back when KOTOR's original Halo jump was out, showing clear favoritism towards a single aspect of the world. In his case, it was the invincible giga-ultra spartans. In your case, it's all the supernatural stuff.

I'm not sure a single mundane perk tree is enough to balance out the entirety of the supernatural stuff. It feels heavily skewed. I suggest you merge a couple of of the existing perk trees together into a single origin, cut out a few extraneous perks, and make a couple mundane ones for parity. Focus on the legal and contractual bullshit and monetary shenanigans that happen all the time in Black Butler. It isn't just supernatural. Go broader.

Then again, that's my opinion. Do what you wish.

>> No.39812146

Mr Bone's wild ride.

>> No.39812155


>> No.39812189

Nechronica has the most adaptable intelligent undead, most everything else is just 'summon spoopy skellingtons'

>> No.39812200

I can do that: a few ambassador/ trade company related perks will be made.

Demon Hounds are dogs, and in the anime prone to humping people and being fujoishibait in human form.

I'll guess policing a Jumper is indeed futile so I'll just add them because they ARE pretty cool and unique: besides an infinite fire breath they have a power called Door Opening which unlocks everything that can be considered a Door in their presence. I don't think you see that power often around here.

I'll see about the drop-in option... It will be hard to balance since nothing is stopping them from contracting with Demons or befriending FA and stuff.

I'll see about balancing them.

>> No.39812224

Noted, but I was looking for more necromancer abilities. Mindless hordes and the like.

That's good though. I can fit that in.

>> No.39812247

Nechronica necromancers can make those. They just have to do so one at a time, and are also capable of making life like or extremely mutated and powerful intelligent undead.

>> No.39812273

> in the anime prone to humping people and being fujoishibait in human form
>child molestation drawback
>master/slave vibe

Okay, someone explain Black Butler in general terms, because these details are really throwing me off.

>> No.39812279

You should try Warhammer Fantasy Necromancy. :D
It is obviously not going to end your jump horribly.

>> No.39812297

Well, as mentioned by that other anon, Nechronica probably has the strongest individual undead necromancy. The one with the highest amount of undead is probably the elf capstone in Viking saga. That one lets you control entire armies of them. And gives you cold immunity. And let's you grant those wishes with ironic prices thing. Really, it's a real good capstone all around. The fact that it isn't the best one in the jump really does reflect just how _good_ all the perks are in that jump.

>> No.39812305

Interesting. Can they retain control over these creations? I had the impression they just made shit and set it free to terrorize the broken world while giggling to themselves.

>> No.39812321

Over the mindless ones? Yes. Intelligent ones they can control via trapped implants or through brainwashing into loyalty, though those are both indirect methods.

>> No.39812382

Eh. Good enough.

Now this is more the speed I was looking for. Thanks anons.

>> No.39812434

Okay long story short:

Ciel is a kid who was part of this huge family that directly served the Queen. But this cult killed their family and was going to sacrifice Ciel to bring a demon to serve them. SOMETHING happened, and the demon decided it'd be way more fun to serve the kid instead and slaughter the rest.

As a result, the demon became the kid's Butler and will more or less do anything because he thinks it's hilarious as fuck, and Ciel treats him like a servant so casually that it's slave-like. As time goes on, they run into some SERIOUSLY fucked up things like Grim Reapers who go rogue, a creepy stalker who dropped his entire life to become a noble and get closer to Ciel (to the point of slaughtering kids to replicate the sacrifice scene), and other supernatural shit. All while dealing with the utter bullshit that humans get up to as well.

Mommy is just blowing the whole "molestation and everyone wanting to hump everyone" bit way, WAY out of proportion.

>> No.39812473

Hold on-the demon is basically Abridged Alucard?

>> No.39812476

You know I want some more opinions on the pathfinder jump as I can't help but still be conflicted.

Honestly I think the simplified form is too unfaithful to the Jump. Complain about not knowing about a popular rpg on a board about rpgs all you want. I can't help but feel the simplified form has been done, between all the fantasy series I'm going to cover well trodden ground simply out of necessity. Turning it into "magic" perk well you have that in both ravenloft and Dark Sun. Its practically the same perk despite being about two different if related magic systems.

As such I'm tempted to keep something close to what I have now and allow you to use CP to get skills and feats and the like. Anything less and really its less pathfinder and more "generic jump format v150".

Don't get me wrong the format is good for most other jumps, but when we have so many classes and races to be I can't help but feel the traditional method isn't suitable.

Now the other pathfinder campaign jumps will be more traditional. If because the amount of core classes and races are smaller.

But consider this the foundation needed for the rest.

>> No.39812477

>obsessed with tits
Perfect! We can bond over that!

>> No.39812503

Clarification: You're planning to make a generic pathfiner jump...and specific pathfinder campaign jumps?

>> No.39812506

If you say so. At the end of the day, go with your gut and make the jump how you want to make it.

>> No.39812517

Kind of, except way, WAY more polite to Ciel and doesn't bitch whatsoever about it.

Thing is, he's also kind of going to consume Ciel's soul after the whole deal. He's also kind of waiting for it to reach a certain point for maximum flavor. So he's still a complete asshole, just a patient asshole.

>> No.39812521

He is making a default Pathfinder Aka Golarian jump, and he wants to make jumps for some specific third-party settings that use the Pathfinder system.

>> No.39812566

Like a jumper?

>> No.39812610

>Ten years
Heh, but no.

>> No.39812613


Ultimately yeah. Golarian is the first and its going to cover paizo's stuff and dreamscarred for lack of a better campaign for it.

Then I'll cover Midgard, Thinderscape, and Cerulean Seas. Maybe more.

I'll probably take a break and do other Jumps inbetween, but thats the goal.

>> No.39812633


>> No.39812666

How bad of an idea is it to take Qilby with me so I can learn more about being an Eliatrope?

>> No.39812668

Not cool, Red, making me sound like a lunatic fujoishi by ommiting half the stuff that happens.

Why don't you mention:
>Ciel trapping it up
>the transexual Grim Reaper obsessed with Sebastian
>the hermaprodite Fallen Angel who switches gender mid-season
>the naked, humping Hound
>the overt homosexual themes (foreign prince, that police officer,...?)
>the old guy who had a harem of little boys
>the demoness who pulled a saliva sword out of her mouth
>the constant "Ciel is cute! SMILE" act going on
>Sebastian sexing up a nun, and a doll which he seduced with his demon powers while the transexual Reaper watches
>the bathing and dressing of Ciel by Sebastian every few episodes

The show IS yaoi-bait. Don't be ashamed, Red.

>> No.39812685

Isn't most of that anime only stuff? I remember the anime going completely off the rails compared to the manga.

>> No.39812687

Ho. I see. I mostly am just considering it on principal. It could make for an interesting challenge as well.

>> No.39812734

Asuka and Shinji are just so fucking annoying. I understand why they're that way and that they're both extremely damaged kids who should be given a second chance and rehabilitated, but godDAMN are they awful. Rei is basically a dead doll that's just starting to pick up person hood, so she's not as overtly annoying, and saving Rei... whichever the first one is, would help her development without being too difficult.

>> No.39812776

>Implying I didn't uplift my people immediately

>lunatic fujoishi
Definitely and maybe.

>The show IS yaoi-bait.
Well, people did not object to the Supernatural jump. No reason to do so now.

>> No.39812789

how about you stop trying to fetishize everything. If you want to make the jump fine but stop fucking ruining by forcing in with your bullshit lewd.

>> No.39812795

Your enemies are around the same level as you so you are basically at a stalemate unless there are complex alliances.

>> No.39812804

Yo, he has a point. The anime is full of that shit.

Like an anon above said, people are letting their hate for the jumpmaker color their view of the material a bit too much.

>> No.39812850

>people are letting their hate for the jumpmaker color their view of the material a bit too much.
Incorrect. People who are not familiar with the setting are asking questions, understandably disturbed by what Mommy is... Saying.

Isn't that "Same level as your civilization"?

>> No.39812852

The guy wanted a description without things like that. I merely gave him a description.

If you want to focus on all the sexualized stuff, maybe you shouldn't be making the jump. Just saying.

>> No.39812853

His whole problem is that there wasn't anything new. His boredom brought on by knowing just about everything because he remembers all his past lives made it so he did all that stuff to relieve it even if just a little bit. Quilby would positively jump (heh) at the idea of visiting all new worlds. If you have the charisma to reign him in from his most egregious excesses he would agree to tone it down so that his ticket to the multiverse doesn't dump his ass.
So, yeah. Go for it, man.

>> No.39812862

yeah but its possible to make a jump without saying "hey Im gonna make this and you are going to have to be a trap, be a homo, get raped, etc" If it has that stuff ok fine but that doesnt mean you have tofucking shove it in everyones faces like you are proud of it.

>> No.39812884

It depends on how well you can keep him entertained and keep him from killing everything at the same time.

If you can do both, heal his psychosis by giving him a way to forget things between reincarnations, or put him somewhere he'd never get bored again, great!

Otherwise, bad move.

>> No.39812895

Fuck I made a mistake. Yes what you said anon.

>> No.39812905

It doesn't make you have to be like that, though? Like this is the equivalent of saying "There's a crossdressing perk? A male companion? A bad drawback? Stop making me be a raped gay crossdresser!" that's insane. You're being too touchy. I agree the jump needs an overhaul but come on, anon.

>> No.39812940

look he could simply state what the setting is without that but instead mommy goes out of the way to force it on you instead of talking about it without the lewd, its not hard to omit the squick instead of pushing it like a dealer.

>> No.39812966

If its not important to the setting and doesnt really concern anyone then why mention it at all?

>> No.39812974

People asking questions, or the Civilization one?

Wakfu, a question.

What was that one ?French? animation about basically prostitutes running a brothel you mentioned a couple of months back? At least, I think that was you...?

>> No.39812980

Literally insane.

Yes, but my Jump is based off the anime which is at the very least finished. The manga IS a lot darker but I'm not sure it's even close to ending. Or has it?

The Anime IS undeniably fujoishi-heaven with so much innuendo and pederasting it is borderline a yaoi anime.

I don't mind though and I'm severely limiting it in the Jump, almost removing it entirely, but denying the anime is bait is not cool...

My Jump is a chaste, little flower next to the anime.

Watch it before spouting literal shit, okay?

>> No.39812996

Civilization one.

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