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How does /tg/ feel

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Furry and sweaty, like an unwashed neckbeard.

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A little tired, 2 weeks until thesis deadline and I still need to put together some 20 more pages, not to mention two more blocks of statistics.

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>How does /tg/ feel

With its sensory nerves.

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Exhausted, but happy. I have a new baby, born last week!

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Who's the happy father?

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About boss monster?

Good game, Easy as shit to teach and normals enjoy it as well.

I don't like the expansion very much though and some of the kickstarter stuff ruins the game.

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Tired. Red tape bullshit stops us from getting anything done at work.

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Well, I ate too much at dinner, so kind of bad.

This is becoming a common problem for me ever since coming back to school. I fear I've gained ten pounds since December.

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Me, I'm the father. Have a little girl.

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Getting ready for Acen, an anime convention in Illinois, followed by a trip to Portland where I might be starting over. I'm hoping the new atmosphere will help me with my crippling depression.

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A little bit sad, but I'll get over it soon enough. I was remembering an old friend I lost contact with and regretting losing contact with them in the first place, gonna put the feelers out and see if I can find them again.

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>>Going to one of the rainiest places in the country to get over depression.

I hope the best for you, but sunlight deficiency has been shown to worsen depression. Probably something to do with vitamin D

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>not walking everywhere

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get the kid tested, i think the statistical percent of children not belonging to who their mother says they are is like 20%

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I think he's talking about that Boss Monster thing, guys.

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Overall, happy, but currently frustrated.

Two weeks ago, something went wrong with my computer, and now my D drive is dying. I have a shit-ton of stuff on that drive that I value, including years of RPG downloads, but I can't transfer it all in the brief windows it's conscious.

And I'm casting a play, but don't have all the actors I need, so I'm staring at the script, and the actors I DO have, and trying to figure out who goes where and what gets cut.

If anyone has any advice on those topics, it'd be great.

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That game sucks, though.

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It was OK. I'm not I to card games or tower defense or however you might describe it, so I wouldn't play it again. But it's worth a try.

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Kind of shitty, honestly. Wedding planning is hell, especially when the bride's parents don't communicate anything to the groom's until the last minute.

Having to pick up all the pieces and run interference on multiple fronts at once, while being irritated with everyone involved.

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>/d/ drive

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My butt hurts. I biked to work today since it was the first sunny day in a while.

We've got a Dark Ages Vampire game starting up tomorrow. I'm a little nervous because one of the players is a bit disruptive.

My GF is sick with a kidney infection. I wish I could make it feel better.

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why are you doing women's work anon, the brides family is supposed to bank roll and plan the entire event.

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Not as much of that as you might think, but some.

I'm more upset about the 70 gigs of RPG and ~100 gigs of various movies/tvshows/etc.

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Well OP here's my blog
My friend committed suicide
My girlfriend cheated on me and has been ignoring me since I found out
My tax return was taken to pay off my student loans
I had an ear infection so painful that I missed a day of work
Most of my temporary co workers got laid off and my co workers are scared of who's going to get axed- except I was late twice last week and performed outstandingly bad for the second time in two years of service
I hit someone's truck on a left turn
My car's battery is currently dead and I have work tomorrow
My cat just got into heat and celebrated by peeing all over my freshly done laundry
My RPG gaming group that I play in is disbanding because over half of them are moving away back to home
The group I'm DMing for went to see the avengers without inviting me and skipped my game without heads up
My baneblade fell out of my trunk and is cracked
The person who I was going to sell my magic cards to decided he didn't want them anymore
My gamer friends don't play anything outside of World of Tanks 360 or Forza or Destiny anymore

And this all happened within the last 8 days

Thanks for reading you can follow me on 4chan™

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I've heard that Portland is some sort of weirdness hub. I've also heard that it is a cultural hub too. I hope, at the very least, that there will be enough things to distract me. Distractions help.

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Good, my faggot boss finally payed me after 2 months of no pay. The cunt didnt even pay me for the two months, but I am so happy to have something to eat other than alphabet soup that I dont care.

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Depressed, tired, a little gassy. You?

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Man I wish you luck. My wife got some mutated form of swamp virus due to a climate change with the flood last year, took her two months to recover. I ran GURPS for her and it made her feel better.

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a bit shit

I have a chest cold

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>mutated form of swamp virus

That's not your wife. You got to get out of there, anon.

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Don't tell him... She'll find out.

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I'm doing well. I'm showing a game at a local festival, I'm applying to pax Prime's indie megabooth., and I'm getting into battle fleet gothic.

I'm happy guys :)

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Well, at least you didn't see the Avengers.

Rough on the suicide though, one of my close school chums offed himself the year before last. Mid 20s, thought I dodged that bullet.

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Thanks for the kind words, friend. She got a UTI the day after visiting the doctor for the kidney infection.

Is GURPS any good? I've never played it.

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Oh? What kind of game & festival?

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Shit, what if you are right? First she wants to try something other than 3.5e and then she stops having sex with me for the whole two months, and on top of that she bled profusley TWICE during her 'sick' months, and yet there was no wound!

Anons I must save my wife from the jewish skin walker conspiracy, what am I to do?
>tfw shitty lvl 1 commoner

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>Blanket assumption that the bride can't possibly be the one posting on 4chan

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Well its due to the assumption that the poster isn't retarded, since they would use the term "my family" instead of "the bride's family"

I thought you SJW types got useless lit degrees

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Had an exam today, it went fairly well so I'm content. I am quite tired though and I think I'm starting to go a bit nutty, having sat at my computer revising and procrastinating for five days now in my tiny student room. I still have three more to go and I'm already wearing out. I wish I could focus like I used to!

Listening to the OST of Flower is helping.

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It's not bad, flawed, needs a second edition or a fix in the form of an expansion, but enjoyable and conceptually sound.

Biggest problem I have with it is that there's no flavour to the villains, no BBEG aspect, the hero gets through and they are a punching bag. Minimal impact on the game.

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But Alphabet soup has all of your vitamin needs.
A B C D E...

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Then why did you assume the poster was a man, because they refer to "groom's family" the exact same way?

Using your logic, this person is a friend or wedding planner, being overwhelmed at the last minute because of poor communication earlier.

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No, Anon, you must acquire jewish skinwalker's wife. Do you not grasp the concept of justice?

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Assuming there aren't two brides

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But that would be forbidden love!

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No, in the English language when specifying a list of parties, the first one is what dictates relation to the following.

it is logical for a wedding planner to make the statement though. but would not negate what i had originally stated.

the original post states their is a groom involved

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>No, in the English language when specifying a list of parties, the first one is what dictates relation to the following.

Oh shut up you twonk. Like any of that shit even means anything. You were wrong and got made a fool of. Getting even more defensive won't help either. Suck it up, tryhard.

>inb4 you try to casually brush it off like it's nothing

Nah, u mad.

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>im not mad, your mad!

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I love GURPS, but in my opinion it encourages a combat light RPG since combat is very lethal. I like that, though. It fits better for scifi and modern age, but it can also run fantasy just fine. Hell, I was running a fantasy game until recently. But its more Conan and less DnD dungeon crawling, you can make it that though, with how flexible it is.
It also has some of its own settings, like Infinite worlds.

Basically some dude invented travel to alternate realities of the earth and now the UN is colonizing those worlds.
Its fun as hell, I am running a game with the setting set in an alt history russia where the boyars republic won the moscow novgorod war and brought republicanism to the balkans.
In infinite worlds you got shit like Izrael bringing in jewish cross time immigrants to increase its population, corrupt russian mining companies run by the mafia that enslave people cross time and sell them off back on the home world where nobody will find them as they are a reality away.
The mothwrfucking swagmen, basically australian time travelling gypsies/nomads that chill in a reality for a while and then move on.
A multiplanetary french colonian empire big enough to make napoleon poo his pants.
You got time traveling SS soldiers conquering planets for the reich.
Fairies that travel between realities using magic, usually horrendously fucking things up by bringing magic to normal worlds in their blissful ignorance
And reality quakes that happen when you travel universes, usually because bits of reality get distorted.
How does it sound?

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Dead drop blues is a puzzle game about an underground package delivery service.

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Also, d6 decides everything. Usually 3d6 is used, and you roll under. GURPS By definition is flexible enough to run anything. There is a wh40k conversion that runs pretty well. Char creation takes long since you got many possibilities, like it takes two to three hours.

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Kinda shitty, my thread got hot pocketed before it even took off. New janny needs to tone it down.

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I enjoyed age of Ultron and so did my Comic loving father.

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I'd fuck that no matter what gender it is

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what if they don't identify with a gender, you shit lord patriarchal oppressor!

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Then they obviously don't identify with this reality and I have lost interest in performing the coitus.

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Well, maybe you need to calm down on trying to make them bait threads, anon.

What are you, my psychologist?

Would you like to be my psychologist?

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About Boss Monster? I dunno, I haven't played it. My local shop has it in stock, but I'm not really interested enough to get it.

How is my life going? Well, I fucking hate my job, my car (which I bought used) is at that magical fucking 2.5-year-point where (in my experience with used vehicles) one thing after
another is starting to go wrong, I've accepted that I'm gay but for various reasons I'm not in any position to seek out delicious dickings, I'm trying to figure out if I'm transgender or
merely a transvestite, I'm trying to get my shit together and finish writing a novel but I'm being crippled by the fear that I'm good at coming up with ideas but can't actually put a story
together, and I'm struggling with depression because of realizations I've had about my upbringing.


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Wasn't bait. It was a >GM's face when, little shitty but still better than all the stat me's and filename threads. I figured it would lead to some discussion and it was but it got 404ed right after the posts ending the trap or not debate were deleted. Tumblr's mad with power.

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Week and half here for 30 pages.

Kind of concerned but I think I'll be okay

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Anxious. Two finals tomorrow and a portfolio with self-evaluation due next week.

Also buttflustered that I can't get some homebrew stuff I'm working on to function like I want it to.

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Doin' fine, thanks for asking!

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I'm alright. final exams are almost over and I'm hoping to get a an actual lab job over the summer.

It would literally be preparing solutions from dirt and pond water but that sounds like a lot more fun than retail.

It would also pay a lot better than retail too. Here's hopin'.

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Extremely happy. My finals are wrapping up this week, and I am passing all of my classes. I just joined an campaign last weekend, and both the group and the game are probably the best I have ever been a part of. I put a metric tonne of work into my character, and unlike usually, both the GM and the other players appreciate it, and put just as much work into their own parts of the game.

Altogether, extremely good. Probably the happiest I have been in several years.

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It's somewhat ironic to me how often envy and compersion originates from the same source.

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Well, I joined it through a /tg/ gamefinderyeah it suprised me too

So you could always try that and hope for the best.

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Is it a shadowrun game that plays on saturdays?

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I was doing well until this faggot wasted a post slot on my traditional games board with some shit about how I feel.

Had to go out of my way and redirect him to >>>/soc/ where that kinda shit belongs.

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Upset. I don't like being alive because it feels like the only things I can feel anymore are numbness and petty, spiteful pain.

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starting two jobs

started a new, second campaign with my friends

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>using the word "normals"

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One in every five? Lol

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I'm using my hatred to fend of depression. I'm having mixed results.

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>I ran GURPS for her
>it made her feel better.

This story doesn't add up.

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Boss Monster is like getting a hand-Job from your sister. It's weird and awkward and doesn't seem to live up to your fantasies the whole way through but then you get to the payoff and you realize that it was all worth it.

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As far as Boss Monster goes, I'm a fan.
As far as myself I'm okay...
Picked up a Shadowrun 3rd Edition at a local used bookstore and a supplement book for it as well.
Then spent the rest of my available money on booze I can't drink.
Yay capitalizing on a big sale while not drinking!

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Goddamn that pic is great.
I'm picturing the Earth itself is repelling this man out of shear fear of his raw hate.

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I know it might not mean much, in fact given the time difference between posts you likely won't even see this post. However, I still feel inclined to reply. I'm sorry things are as bad as they are, it's especially rough having them all lumped together, just know that it gets better.

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Inferior image

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I'm supposed to be preparing for tests and writing essays but I can't bring myself to even start despite how relatively easy it all is.

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Shit man. And I thought having 3 months to find a place to live when I only make 300 every 2 weeks was rough.

Hell if your still here I'll play any computer game you want man. I'll even go back to WoW if that's what you want to do.

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Chilling to some ambient music, Stellardrone and shit. Friend's game got postponed and planning to enjoy some board games.

Supposed to tidy up my appliance for internship but meh. MT is due till end of June (since I'm not 'murikkan).

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My cat died yesterday and the image of her suddenly-worthless hindlegs being dragged about on frantic front paws are burned into my mind.

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>Implying Portland is Seattle
>Implying that the rain in that region is anything but a meme
Portland actually gets about the country average rainfall statistically.

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I was gonna give you shit, but I'll just just say "congratulations" and leave it at that

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Finished that book I've been writing
Feels good.

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My cat died last year, after I've had her for just 1 year.

I will never forget how heartbroken I felt when I saw her broken body on the street right in front of my house.

She has never been good at dodging stuff despite being a cat... but I guess a car is harder to dodge than a tennis ball.

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The solace of knowing that a car doing the damage would have been a bit of a comfort for me. In this case, however, it was sudden heart failure.

Death is stupid. Who honestly thought that shit was a good idea.

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