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Do you prefer RPGs where you can spam abilities every turn or those where you need to conserve your resources and so rely on auto attacks half of the time?

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I prefer RPGs I can find a party for.

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I like systems where "I swing my sword but different this time" isn't a once-a-day occurance. I always felt that martials should have more staying power than casters and do mote teamworky stuff. Instead the adventuring day is dictated by when the caster needs a nap.

Not saying a hated 4th, I really liked Warlord and wolf pack tactics, it made the game feel more dynamic. I haven't seen something like that in PF or 5th.

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Any system where cleaving with a greatsword, shoving with a shield, bull rushing, tackling, using you pommel as a mace or stuff like that is some kinda feat or special ability are shit. I like it when you need to be smart and use your resources smart, but that's for casters and specialists. Mundane and martial stuff should be something you do all the time, not like 1/day you get to cleave.

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You might like Fantasy Craft. Tricks are pretty cool shit.

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I like the 5e magic system. You have a few minor abilities you can spam over and over, but you must conserve your big spells.

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I prefer systems that don't make people think these are the only two options.

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This nigga knows his shit.

FC's combat system is fun as hell. Sure you can just push in and autoattack, but between the different things everyone can do in combat, the different tricks you can learn and the assorted feats you can apply to combat there's really no need to, since most of your special combat abilities not only do damage on a hit but also change things up in more exciting ways.

I mean shit, I can make a fencer who develops an interest in using greatswords, essentially picks up something between an estoc and a claymore from weapon customization, and controls the battlefield with outmaneuvering and long-reach attacks while using a /spear/ ability to use it one-handed alongside a shield that I've learned to be adept at parrying with like I was in fucking Dark Souls or something.

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I second this.

I know it's just people having played two or three editions of D&D and extrapolating (because all games are D&D, right???), or because they're new to the hobby and assume that D&D's pretty much all there is and all anybody plays, but it's really annoying.

It's also annoying as shit to assume the game is completely combat-centered and so your only options in the game are

a. attack with a spell every turn!
b. attack with a spell sometimes and a weapon somtimes!

C'mon guys. It's 2015. There's no reason to be ignorant of non-D&D games.

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I like systems with less abstract combat so I can envision what's going on in real-world terms, even if magic's involved.

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Neither? Why does resource conservation automatically mean you have to do basic/useless shit every turn? Most good systems have a mix of free and priced abilities.

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Ugh. Useful feedback but not what I wanted to hear. Thanks y'all.

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What did you want to hear?

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That other people can also appreciate the depth inherent in standard attacks. I find positioning sufficiently interesting as to make round-to-round special abilities redundant.

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You didn't say shit about position and tactics in the OP you shitbird

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Go home anon. You're drunk.

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