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What, in your opinion is the worst Hatedom relating to tabletop games?

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Please note that it is possible to not be a fan of something and still think that it's haters are a bunch of blithering retards.

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D&D. There are enough haters for every edition that people actually play to derail a large percentage of threads into an edition war trollfest, or into one of those "playing D&D - there's your problem" things.

Close second is GURPS, there used to be a time you couldn't discuss it on /tg/. And there it's mostly people who haven't even played the game, at least not enough to know its legitimate weaknesses and talk about those.

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In tg it's not the game hatedom. It's the wannabe janitor hatedom that can't stop foaming at the mouth at every goddamn post.

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What the fuck is a hatedom?

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neologism, opposite of a fandom

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I want TVTropes to leave

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According to Google, this word and everything associated with it is retarded.
Hatedom, that is, not neologism.

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Just like everything else spawned on TVTropes

It belongs in the trash

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Look, tvtropes has spawned a lot of damn useful terminology for discussing fiction. They aren't all gold, and God knows the community is more cancerous and autistic than a theoretical hybrid movie that combines the plots of Rainman and 50/50, but you can't knock everything there.

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I agree. If there's one thing I really thank tvtropes for it's the fact that it's terminology and its ubiquitous following on the internet have made it way easier to discuss abstract writing concepts.

Of course, no reason to go there anymore since it's been slowly hijacked by morons over the years. All anyone uses it for now is discussing fan fiction.

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>It's the wannabe janitor hatedom that can't stop foaming at the mouth at every goddamn post.
TBH on reddit everyone is kind of a janitor, so it only makes sense they would bring their shit habits here too

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Do we know it started with TV tropes though?

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That single guy who goes in every Dungeon World thread. I still think it's funny because I don't know shit about DW, but damn. That is some dedicated butthurt.

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I actually feel sorry for you.

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It almost certainly didn't start on TVtropes, just like about everything else on that site. TVtropes started by aggregating common slang terms for tropes and elements that have been in use for a long time and because it showed up at the right time to become really popular it serves as first exposure for a lot of people.

Granted, some of their tropes are actual quotes from books/tv/movies that simply get used to refer to the same thing over and over again until it just becomes the name for it (ex: "Why don't you just shoot him?"

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Why do I get the feeling that people like you are why 1d4chan reads like hot garage?

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>Look, tvtropes has spawned a lot of damn useful terminology for discussing fiction

No it hasnt, please fuck off.

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