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>The princess was a dragon in disguise

what do?

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If Skyrim taught me anything, it's dragon slaying time.

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..Her, of course!

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That dragon is a liar.

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>The princess was a dragon in disguise

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Eh, I'd still hit it...

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Not unexpected, given what we know of the queen.

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>The dragon was a princess in disguise.

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I write a shitty fapfiction for /tg/

Is that what you want?

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Not OP but why not. Make it extra shitty if you can.

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...then why the fuck are we rescuing her? I mean, it? It's a giant fucking firebreathing fucking lizard, with enough magical power to compress itself into the body of a fucking teenage girl. It can get itself down from that goddamn tower. No way I'm risking my neck for this bullshit. Bloody royals and their bloody 'dark secrets', you tell me what I need to know when you give me the contract! Fucking...

I'm off to the pub.

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It wants to experience being rescued from a tower. At the end, you do get paid.

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Get back to your containment thread. Tower-Girls is there for a reason.

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>He is a loose cannon Knight without a Lord
>She is a Dragon-Princess on the run from the current King of Dragons who usurped the throne

>Together, they travel the land delivering Justice and and foiling the Dragon King's evil schemes

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No, it's a lizard. Their menstruation is completely different (if it even exists)

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This gave me an idea.

>Princess kidnapped by dragon
>Dragon well known for being a clever shit
>Get to dragon
>Dragon throws its hands in the air and claims to be the princess, poly morphed by the dragon

not D&D, fuck that cheaty 'detect evil' bullshit.

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Ain't about the fucking pay.
I don't have time to play dress up for some autistic fucking dragon that "wants to know what humans feel like" when there are hundreds of people out there who genuinely need my help.

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I "Conquer" the dragon

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Which is strange. ND wants to be a lesbian.

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>dragons transforming into princeses just for the experience of being kidnapped and rescued by adventure parties
this amuses me to no end.

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>>Dragon throws its hands in the air and claims to be the princess, poly morphed by the dragon
>not D&D, fuck that cheaty 'detect evil' bullshit.

If she look like that?
Nothing. I have no reason to slay her, and she's a bit too spiky in all the wrong place for me to want to bone her. If she's handing out quests, I'm always up for a little freelance mercenary work.

If she looks like Pic Related?
Seduce her. We will travel the length and breadth of Skyrim, FUS RO DAHing and hammering our foes. My magic and stealth will keep her alive, and her hammer and shield will keep me alive. The Empire will fall before us, and then we shall turn on the Stormcloaks. I will take the Jagged Crown - retrieved by MY hands, not his - from Ulfric Stormcloak's severed head, and we will declare ourselves High King and Queen of Skyrim. Those who oppose this claim will be dealt with old-school style, and my version of old-school style includes the fact that we slew Alduin the World-Eater, are the Headmasters of the Academy of Winterhold, leaders of the Companions of Jorvaskr ruiners of the Thieves' Guild and the destroyers of the Dark Brotherhood. Oh, and we're Thanes literally everywhere.

Then we shall forge an empire anew. One built in the old style, on the rivers of the blood of our enemies. Our exploits will be the things of legend; our exploits on the battlefield, in the dead of night, in the places arcane, in the bedchamber, at the throat of the world, in forests and mountains and plains and tundras. Vampires, the weak, imitation empire that has been a shambling corpse since the death of the last Septim, and the Thalmor alike, shall be crushed, driven before us, and we're gonna enjoy the lamentations of their women.

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She's always been a dragon. What's the problem?

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No problems whatsoever, pic related. I hope she knows how to use those feet, IYKWIM.

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>more fuckable than not-scaly

Furries and scalies still aren't considered acceptable here and you really should stop advertising your affiliation with this particular deviation. It's nothing but trouble for everyone.

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Monster girls will always be /tg/

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>Furries and scalies still aren't considered acceptable here
Somebody apparently thinks he lives on some entirely different kind of board, I think. /tg/ INVENTED scalies.

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She's curvy and looks so soft as to be indistinguishable from skin, whereas the OP image has FUCKING SPIKES in places that parts of your body you aren't going to want stabbed (IE, all of them,) are going to come into forceful contact with during any kind of energetic grappling.

I also would hit >>39741668 so hard that whomsoever pulled me out of it would be crowned the next King of England, so, you know... I'm flexible. Just so long as she is, too!

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We go ask the Royal Household for questions only the princess would know the answer to.

Or you perform a 'petri dish' test with some illusion spells, to make them think you're stabbing them.

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This is much more reasonable.

> Detect Evil on the Dragon and the Princess.
> Both are Evil.
>> Well fuck, what now?

> Detect Evil on the Dragon and the Princess
> Neither are Evil
>> Well fuck, what now?

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A: smite both
B: ask for the riddle that is sure to come.

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Monstergirls aren't the same as furries/scalies. Learn the difference, it may just save your life one day.

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I'm half fucking troll. And a barbarian to boot. Kill them, eat them, or fuck em. Or all three. I'm either getting paid or sitting on my ass. No steady jobs for an 8ft tall man with the face of a troll. Hard enough to find some poon in the big city. Too ugly for the whores. Might also be cause he doesn't bathe, ever.

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>Ask her if she still wants to get married.

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Be annoyed since I probably won't get paid, bitch a lot, bitch more.

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>mfw I'm the princess
>mfw I'm not a ladydragon

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wish I was a ladydragon
so i could get the dragon

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i love this epic /tg/ meme

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What i wanna know is where's the princess?

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What meme?

Dragons are hot, bro.

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im not sure you know what a meme is anon

saying being attracted to dragons is a meme is a massive stretch you might be able to say its a tendency of /tg/ but not a meme

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yes please anon

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The guns will tear her to shreds if she tries to fly out. First you have to sabotage the air defence radars.

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Uh sure. Let's go to the palace where your hoard is so you can get your tribute.
Now you're going home, alright?
You got to be careful with delusional kids or they'll hate you for a really long time and i can't be bothered by being black-listed by the future queen.

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dragon laying time*

>> No.39749188


I'd like to have sex on top of one of those

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No. Dragon punching, smashing with maces and hammers, slashing with axes and swords, and magic blasting time.

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Well I guess everyone has their fetishes.

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Dragons are good for three things.
1: Souls. I need those to unlock words of power.
2: Experience points.
3: Unless they're like Odvaving, Parthanax, that dragon in the Soul Carain that you can summon with that shout.
That's all I need dragons for.

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If Skyrim taught me anything it's that Skyrim fans have shit taste.

>> No.39749301

You forgot bones and scales.

But y'know, there are mods...

>> No.39749375

>mfw that artist
I want votefags to leave

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That's your opinion.
Daedric armor. I haven't played in a while, is dragon or daedric the better choice?

>> No.39749419

Dragon is better, but heavier. Not that it matters if you get high enough armourer skill.

>> No.39749435

Enchantments and what you said do matter.

>> No.39749450

Dragon weapons heavier, stronger.
Dragon armor weaker, lighter.

Yeah. I know. You'll always want the weapons though really. A couple points here or there of encumbrance don't mean shit.
Dragonscale trumps glass easy, so it's just plain best for light armor. And looks damn fine too. Love the stuff.

Mostly though at the point where you're picking between daedric and dragonbone. you can pick what you think looks best. I generally go dragonbone because it doesn't look unambiguously evil.

>> No.39749452

Depends on whether or not you want to look like a massive edgelord.

>> No.39749488

So it's a personal choice. I guess I would have to play the game again and get to that point. I would if my PS3 wasn't messed up right now, and my computer is not in the best of states.

>> No.39749508

Fucking votefags
This is a Monarchy and proud of it!
Long Live the Dragon Princess!

>> No.39749551


Vorefags still need to leave

>> No.39749574

Is she disguised as a princess or a dragon princess disguised as a human?

>> No.39749625

>not covering your low weight waifu in daedric armour for that obviously female shape
>not being an edgesexual

>> No.39749663

Nice freudian spell correction.

>> No.39750104

That's what I meant to type originally

>> No.39750810

...which artist?

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I charge her.
With my horse.
In the court.

>> No.39750979

>playing tesv

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>tfw found new artist

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>I charge her.
>With my horse.
>In the court.
The first thing I thought of was basketball
Holy shit someone draw a knight mounted on his noble steed dunking on a dragon or something

>> No.39751054

>not wearing all ebony, all the time
Get a load of this fucking pleb.

>> No.39751084

>Bear witness to your new monarch. The Red Princess is two conjoined twins, identifying as a single being, with gills and webbed limbs. Her body is covered by a network of interlaced vines that extend out from inside her throat. By her crown she was sworn to topple the gods. The monarch can only be permanently killed by striking the left heel or palm. Her sovereignty is made evident with her sword, a blade of rainbows which cuts to the limit of the eye, and she is comes riding an enormous stag with gem-studded antlers.

>> No.39751185

>And lo, did Sir Barkley verily doth put the slam upon the dragon, and welcomed that beast hearby unto the jam.

>> No.39751210

>attempting to dunk on a creature that can fly over mountains

>> No.39751227

He has a bonus against dragons, fool

>> No.39751247

>implying a mere dragon can escape the chaos dunk

>> No.39751256

>not having +100 slam vs dragons
>being this much of a pleb
get on my level

>> No.39751263

>dragon moves to block your dunk
>reveal the second b-ball in your other hand

>> No.39751293

Goddammit, now I keep imagining a Basketball Wizard's list of spells.
>Chaos dunk
>ally oop (temporary flight bonus to one party member)

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I charge her.
With my horse.
In the court.
Unless, well actually it probably will.

>> No.39751360

>no dribbling
that's the real B-Ball wizardry right there

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I charge her.
With jump leads.
It's the only way we can break the forcefield and escape the tower, cap'n.
She's doing what she can, but a dragon can only generate so much power.

>> No.39751463

>just hook the leads up to my junk, Scotty

>> No.39751481

>Kirk uses his desire to bang pretty much everything to 'turbocharge' the dragon

>> No.39751493

>and that leads us back to "and tehn they fugged :DDDDDD" for dealing with dragons

>> No.39751505

Happened sorta.
Halfdragon turned out to be crypto-royalty-scion.
We'll see if there's a birthright we can claim.

>> No.39751651

Ahhh, taking a vacation from Space Station 13, Freeman?

>> No.39751671

Hot Rape

>> No.39751714

Because I like it.
Druager Death Overlords. That is all.

>> No.39751741

+4 to hit vs dragons motherfucker

>> No.39751796

Then why the fuck didn't she save herself?

Tell you what, i don't care. I was promised money for saving her, she's saved, now gimme my money

>> No.39751799

Overlords ain't shit, you giant pussy. Now lions, those are scary.

>> No.39751817

Dragon Priests. And I don't recall lions being in the game.

>> No.39751924


Well this depends massively on the conditions of how you found her. Namely:

A) Were you sent on this quest by a royal family member?

B) Was there an actual dragon there BESIDES this one?

C) If B is true, then has the non-Princess dragon been slain?

Because if A, you're looking at the possibility of a royal family that just happens to be a dragon - which depending on the allignment/races bullshit in your universe, could be absolutely fine. For that matter, she could be -adopted- because hell, having a dragon as a kid can be goddamn useful if you do it right.

B basically determines the possibilities of: (No other dragon) might she have been running off on her own accord, (another dragon) this could have been a friend, enemy, or even a lover of her's.

If C is true, and B is true... well you have some possibilities that might be a problem.

>> No.39751955

Overlords get some crazy overpowered bows though. Fuck those shits.
That said, running up to them and twatting them over the head with a good sword in one hand and a damn good restoration spell in the other works for me.

>> No.39751983

What would you do if you had to rescue the dragon princess from the mighty acid breathing barbarian man?

>> No.39752129

Give him an antacid and some breath mints and be on our merry way.

>> No.39752420

You're the first to mention vore here

>> No.39752477

Neither, full on dragoness that happens to be a princess
She almost certainly could burn, tear, and/or magic her way out but that's just not how it's done

>> No.39752747

Don't forget their shouts. It's so much fun to Fus Ro Dah people, but when it's on you?

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Our current quest is a rescue the princess plot.
Our parties Assassin was sent to find and kill the traitors responsible for the murder of her kingdom's princess, along the way she met us and we've been helping her.
After finding one of those responsible it was revealed that the murder was staged so the princess could 'flee' the kingdom so now we are off to rescue her and kill the rest of those involved in the kidnapping.
The Assassin doesn't talk about her kingdom much other then it's far to the east and the name translates into 'The Immortal Dragon Flower Empire'.


On finding the Princess is actually a dragon in disguise, we all stop and turn to the Assassin and demand she actually explain to us what does 'Dragon' actually mean in the kingdom's name.

Then I suppose we let the Assassin have some privacy with her Princess and then we likely become impromptu deputy royal guards.

The Princesss' name is even Kiyohime. None of us will be surprised if this is what the DM is going to pull

>> No.39753276

>dragon was an easy fight, but princess is already dead
>tell dragon we can either kill it, or disguise it as the princess and take it back with us
>collect reward and run before the king realizes it's not his daughter

>> No.39754739

her anyways

Why would I do anything different?

>> No.39755797

But he's totally not projecting, guys!!!

>> No.39756785

>implying all dragons breathe fire or use fire-based attacks

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File: 4 KB, 125x100, mexican tricks you with h(...).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39756881

Like a cuckoo, dragon replacing the children of royalty with its own so they grow up in the lap of luxury

>> No.39757194

Like a cuckoo, dragons jumping out of clocks to tell you what time it is

>> No.39758276

>It wants to experience being rescued from a tower. At the end, you do get laid.

>> No.39759050

The important questions are He or She and glorious dragon form or boring human form?

>> No.39759066

Jesus christ its multi-layered

>> No.39759494

Not this time, Carlos.

>> No.39759797


>> No.39759837

>Implying he's projecting
Literally all that artist does is pregnancy and vorefaggotry, it's an astute observation

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half sounds good

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