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>> No.39722443

So what are you supposed to be? Some sort of Floronic Wolverine?

Have you been to DC yet? I'm sure Ivy's got something to say to you when you steal her schtick and then fail to die of it.

>> No.39722516

Not a florinic wolverine. I don't have claws, he does have a Vibranium spear & Vibranium mesh. His mutation is the cholorokinesis & regeneration. Basically he has algae in his blood that allows him to heal good. Does it make sense? Fuck no. Does it have to? Nope.

I have yet to get to DC. I'll do that later on, I doubt Ivy is gonna care I'm stealing her "schtick". She'll be too busy trying to get Batman's D.

>> No.39722549

I know Ivy has on and off had a crush on Batman, but isn't she currently still with Harley or something?

>> No.39722582

She's like idk, I haven't read anything about her in awhile. I think Harley went straight and narrow, and like joined the Suicide Squad.

>> No.39722594

Ivy loves Harley, but I don't think Harley has every been interested in Ivy.

>> No.39722624

There's certainly enough comics willing to imply Harley's willing to have a go, but yeah. She likes the D.

>> No.39722630

Harley has a crush on her, but it'll never eclipse her love for Mr. J.

>> No.39722734


>> No.39722748

>Not using Kek and other super planning perks to turn Batman's life into a harem anime.

>> No.39722813

Funny thing is, Harley probably just thought close friends. Like Batgirl & Supergirl are, but not like lovers.

Real looker that one is.

>> No.39722837

Now that I'm thinking about it, the simplest one I remember off the top of my head is a fanfic where Harley demonstrates she earned that degree and remembers Batman is too much of a hardass to let some ponce like Bruce Wayne hold the purse strings unless he IS Bruce Wayne, just like Hugo Strange keeps telling people.

>> No.39722855

And she blackmails him or something? Considering the post you're responding to.

>> No.39722858

> Real looker that one is.
He's attractive in a holy shit kind of way.
If you're into guys who might start frantically stabbing you while fucking you and never slow down for either, I can see where the attraction would lay.

>> No.39722869

>dat pic
Is DC really going for the tryhard award? Between that and all the edge in the new BMvSM trailer I think I'm gonna vomit.

>> No.39722872

I don't see it. I can dig punks, and I do dig crazy guys, but him? He looks like some ugly loser. Especially them teeth.

>> No.39722885

She decides he told her on purpose and, being on the outs with Mister J, decides she needs a new boyfriend. Wacky shenanigans ensue, many of which would not be out of place in a harem anime.

>> No.39722891

I think they said it was a joke pulled on everyone. That his version of Joker is gonna be much older think Batman Returns, with bleached skin, instead of makeup. Also he's gonna be ripped.

>> No.39722892

Considering there's some anons into girls like that in these very threads? I wouldn't be surprised.

>> No.39722893

No Comment

I may have tried to steal Harley though.

>> No.39722898

If he got rid of the silver teeth and the tattoos he'd be ok. There's no saving Batman V Superman though if it's really going to be as dark as the trailer.

>> No.39722899

Them's fillings.
That guy's way overdoing it on the punk, though. The real joker has more class. Not a lot of class, but he's got it.

>> No.39722908

There is no part of what you just said that doesn't make me want to swear off the DC cinematic universe.

>> No.39722910

Tell me, do you bleed?

>> No.39722912

Fillings are really fuckin' ugly. Maybe I'm just judgmental over here with my perfect teeth, but I just cannot tolerate how they look.

>> No.39722946

The whole thing just looks like it was made by suits.

"Oh, dark is the new thing? Well, lets make sure its extra dark. Slap as much grit on there as possible."

Not the worst line in a Batman movie, but a strong contender.

>> No.39722980

The best scene in the entire comic and they had to fuck it up.

At least he still has a face.

>> No.39723004

They're trying WAY too hard, and unlike the Avengers they're trying to throw everything all at once. I mean Avengers was all about the build up. You had Thor, Captain America, Iron Man 1 & 2, then you had Avengers. Following Avengers you had Thor 2, Ironman 3, Captain America 2, Guardians of the Galaxy (Best one yet) & Agents of SHIELD. After Avengers 2, there's gonna be Captain America 3, Iron Man 4 (I think), Ant-Man, Daredevil (technically it was after Avengers 2 was already made), and other stuff. So they've made the brand pretty strong.

Compared to DC films which they're gonna ram Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and who knows how many others into that one film. It's like "Since when was this the Justice League Movie?"

>> No.39723032

>Adventure time
>Pudding Drawback
>Use Real Eater to turn Generate Mayonnaise into Generate Pudding
>Spend jump sucking thumb.

Man, I'm going to fit right in as some sort of silly scientist. No need for magic when the 600 point wizard perk is "be a huge monster".

>> No.39723053

I took perks from the princess and wizard tree to become Not-Science Princess.

>> No.39723069

Exactly. They want the payoff of the giant cape blockbuster but they aren't willing to lay the groundwork. Its greedy, short sighted, and over all emblematic of how the DC cinematic universe always fucks things up.

Nolan and Burton were the only ones to do anything of worth for DC cinematic.

>> No.39723076

Wait, Science Wizard. Same deal, I am a scientist and a princess. I guess I'm both.

>> No.39723116

>Nolan and Burton were the only ones to do anything of worth for DC cinematic.
You're joking, right? Burton's movies were the worst in the franchise. Even worse than Schumaker, who at least had a campy sense of fun to his Batman films. Burton's are meandering, poorly paced, inconsistent in tone and possess some truly wretched dialogue.

>> No.39723189

Schumakers films were drek. Burton made Gotham look like 30s noir blended with semi modern tech. Beyond that they were a good blend of the camp of the TV show and the grit of the comics.

The dialogue was bad, I'll give you that, but the first movie was good.

Again: Schumaker a shit.

>> No.39723204

I liked Batman and Robin.

>> No.39723230

You should probably never admit that. Even on an anonymous internet board. NSA brah. NSA.

>> No.39723231 [SPOILER] 

Ice opinion there anon

>> No.39723234

I doubt they care.
I love it. It's just pure cheese.

>> No.39723264

Didn't say he wasn't. Just that he was less shit than Burton.

>> No.39723301

I did too. It's a fun movie, I don't see why people dislike it. Sure, it's stupid as all hell, but it's entertainingly stupid. You can tell that everyone involved with making it enjoyed themselves, and that gives it a certain charm.

>> No.39723333

A lot of people probably grew up reading the comics and it's completely different from the Batman they would have experienced. I grew up watching the Adam West show every morning, so I fell in love with the campy and stupid side of Batman long before I really experienced and started to like the grittier stuff. So to me, a campy and stupid Batman movie is just fine.

>> No.39723370

True, dark and gritty Batman is a more modern characterization, so I can see why people used to recent comics would find it off-putting for it to be silly. But even now Batman comics tend to have some element of camp to them. I mean, this is a billionaire who dresses like Dracula so he can punch clowns. It's impossible for it to not be at least a little silly.

>> No.39723393

Quads confirm campiness is good.


>> No.39723433

Anon, maybe you should... chill out?

>> No.39723483

So, Jumpers, how many of you preserve/protect/promote canon relationships in the Jumps you visit? Do you help the MC and his main squeeze get together? Do you promote your preferred ship over the canon one? Or do you involve yourself personally?

Pic related, because I totally NTR'd Robin.

>> No.39723501

Comics Starfire is a gigantic slut. She already fucks everybody. Robin isn't even always with her, but when he is, it's not like he has any reason to care when he already knows she's fucking everyone else too.

And to your question, no, I don't care. There's a rare few cases where I pick up a girl before she's met someone, but I don't otherwise interfere for good or ill in someone's love life.

>> No.39723586

I'm going to assume I'm with the pre-52 Titans, I guess. Just with the more up-to-date character design.

>> No.39723603

I don't think you understand. Comics Starfire has ALWAYS been a huge slut. new 52 just made her an even bigger one. You're getting all the same shit I just spelled out. If you want a Starfire that isn't a slut the absolute only available one is the Teen Titans version.

>> No.39723615

Oh, I think that's probably where the confusion arose. I had the Teen Titans Jump in mind.

>> No.39723619

Then you're fine, she's a sweetheart.

>> No.39723636

>NTR'd Robin.
This is never an immoral choice. Robin is douche.

>> No.39723639

Yeah. I picked the Tamaranean background, and we had something to bond over. I was considering podding her, but the Teen Titans-verse is a pretty good place to be, compared to some of the places I was going, and I didn't think that she'd be hardened enough to come with.

>> No.39723685

The BioShock Infinite jump let's you buy a weaker version of Elizabeth, but could you pod the full power version instead? How much of her power could she use in other jumps?

>> No.39723696

She's probably try to drown you for some contrived reason after a stupid plot twist.

>> No.39723704

> I- I'm sorry, Booker!
> I'm from a different universe!
> I'm not the Elizabeth you think I am!
> T-this... THIS IS MY FETISH!!

>> No.39723714

>How much of her power could she use in other jumps?
From the game it seems like her power dwindles with time, like she has a finite unreplenishing supply of mana, so there's that.

Burial at Sea?

>> No.39723754

Isla Sorna
Staff (950cp)
Male, 24yo
Behavioural Research (800cp)
Probably Not A Good Idea (600cp)
Dinosaur Whisperer (300cp)
Scale Specifics (200cp)
Personal Park (-200cp)
Its... Its A Dinosaur (Raptor)(-400cp)
Companion Import (Jager) (-500cp)
- Dinosaur
- Life Finds A Way
- Thunderous Roar
- Clever Girl
- Its... Its A Dinosaur (Raptor)
Jurassic World (-300cp)
It Rex Everything (-100cp)
Scavengers (-50cp)
Biosyn (0cp)

>> No.39723766

So, for the Fate jump, how much SP would it cost to buy my servant the Tsubame Gaeshi skill? The wiki doesn't give it a rank.

>> No.39723787


Okay. Okay. So it turns out, even just having Flamemon as a base Mon results in this... SUSANOOMON? Jayzus.

And then Examon is-

I shoulda watched more Digimon. God dammit.

Location: South America (French Guiana)
Age: 27-years-old
Drawbacks: Exalted (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,200 CP
Origin: Research

-Human Peak Technology (Free)
-Reverse Engineering
-More With Less

-Medikit (Free)
-Arc Thrower
-Mind Shield
-Nano-Fiber Vest

>> No.39723850

Er, you couldn't buy it. It's just a skill Sasaki learned. The same as how other servants would come with the knowledge of how to use any sword techniques they had in life, Sasaki comes with the knowledge of Tsubame Gaeshii for free.

>> No.39723887

Black Forest, Germany
Male, 24yo
Monster (Werewolf) (950cp)
Predator (850cp)
Infectious Bite
Chain Breaker (800cp)
Beast Domination (650cp)
Old Foe's Curse (500cp)
Cursed Existence (200cp)
Embrace the Night (-100cp)
Research Notes (-300cp)
The Dead Note (-400cp)
All is Lost (0cp)

Bigby is cool is my books.

>> No.39723893

Can't. Basically, if there's anything cool in Type Moon? Neither you nor your Servant can get it. You're basically screwed either way because of it, and will probably die even if you hide.

>> No.39723895

Really? I thought all the skills represented stuff learned in life. Like archer's Eye of the Mind (true) and magecraft.
If it's just a learned skill does that I can use mimic (LoZ) or copycat technique (ranma) to figure out how they're doing it and then teach my servant how?

>> No.39723901

Nope. See >>39723893
It involves the Second Magic somehow so you can't.

>> No.39723915

That's pointlessly cynical. I can buy pretty much every other servant skill and a copy of every other noble phantasm. It's just Tsubame Gaeshi that's unpriced. And I happen to think it's really cool.

>> No.39723928

Good luck getting around all the conceptual bullshit. And remember, you can't learn anything dealing with True Magic, and Tsubame Gaeshi invokes a bastardized aspect of the Second Magic.

>> No.39723932


Basically, Type-Moon stuff, you're gonna find a lot of things are flat-out unique and locked to the character associated with it - unless purchasable with SP or CP.

On the bright side, it does mean you're encouraged to create your own shit.

>> No.39723944

Your own shit can never, ever be as good as anything canon though. Pretty much the rule.

>> No.39723949

Well if you really want it its actually purchasable in the Wuxia jump.

>> No.39723967

For some of them yes. Some skills represent learned abilities, others don't. The Servant stat thing is very poorly handled. As is most of Type Moon to be honest. Bloody Nasu.

As to whether you can copy some stuff, it depends. Some skills like Eye of the mind (True) are just combat experience over time. Other's like Golden Rule are supernatural abilities that sort of represent feats or abilities they have. It's basically a case by case thing.

>> No.39723991

True Magic? I don't believe I have ever said anything regarding the 1st, 3rd, 4th or 5th magics. It's certainly possible to learn them, though how you'd go about doing so is beyond me. The only thing I've ever spoken about is that the 2nd Magic won't allow you to do anymore then what Rin can until post chain. Otherwise it's basically giving you a Spark.

>> No.39723997

Doesn't matter because in this specific case it is the second magic.

>> No.39724004

Er, I know. Tsubame Gaeshii is perfectly learnable if you can convince Sasaki to teach you or just copy it off him. The only limit is that you cannot use the 2nd magic to travel to other worlds until post chain.

>> No.39724083

The problem with Tsubame Gaeshi is that it's not really something that Servants get. Sasaki just knows the technique because the summoning searched specifically for the person that created Tsubame Gaeshi. It isn't a Noble Phantasm so you can't really put a price on it in the supplement.

On the other hand, we have no idea how the mechanics of Tsubame Gaeshi work, so it's hard to say how hard it would be to learn it. In story Sasaki just suddenly started to refract reality by swinging his sword for literally his entire lifetime.

>> No.39724110


If Jump-chan has constructed entire universes based upon Earth fiction for me to play around in, then there's no issue doing whatever I want. I might help a canon couple get along, or push my own ship if I feel strongly enough about it. I support whatever couples make the most sense, as I have an aversion to cliched relationship tropes and idiotic writing that causes misery purely for the sake of empty drama.

But if Jump-chan has sent me into a 'real' universe that has somehow manifested in Earth fiction...Then things get more complicated.

Since Jump-chan won't tell me which theory is true, I generally don't interfere unless I feel very strongly about a particular pairing.

>> No.39724150

I actually have a slightly horrifying theory about why all the jumps are based on Earth fiction, and the reason why there are no supernatural elements where we live. They're not exactly: The entire universe we live in is a massive archive cataloguing all possible multiverses that exist, have existed in the past, will exist in the future and MIGHT exist if some shmuck makes the right choice. Humans were created by Jump-Chan to subconsciously foresee these multiverses and express them as fiction. Jump-Chan is the supreme being, we are all her pocket calculators and this whole journey happened because she wondered what would happen if she let just one unconscious observer take a closer look at the things they're observing.

>> No.39724203

Huh. French Guiana. An enigmatic host and clandestine world.

It's MGNQ all over again, except with science fiction.

...FUCK, this would've been the perfect place to test the Biomagitech Tatau. See how they use it versus the invaders and EXALT.

Ah well. Missed opportunities.

>Lord of Light
Location: Hellwell
Age: 25-years-old
Drawbacks: Unique Neurology (+100), Epilepsy (+200) (Strong Alcohol), Kali Ma (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,500 CP
Origin: Demigod
-Companion Import to Demigod

-Divine Physique (Free)
-Attribute Induction (Free)
-Aspect Cultivation (Free)
-Wild Mutant (Mutation: The Emission Vents. http://pastebin.com/svvag7Kr)
-Chosen of Death

-Opulent Warehouse
-Worthy Weapon

So. I know what my Wild Mutation is. But no fucking idea what the Attribute or Aspect are / will be.

... FUCK.

>> No.39724216

Hey, guys, what's your Naruto build? Also How do yo go about getting Mangekyo Sharingan?

>> No.39724223

My theory is just the multiverse theory taken to it's fullest extent. All those fictional universes are real because all possible universes are real (and given that the laws that govern reality can change from universe to universe, a lot more universes are possible than we'd think) and jumpchan just sends us to fictional ones because we're more likely to recognize them.

>> No.39724239

Don't Indian gods usually have multiple arms?

>> No.39724249


Guess who's the freak of this bunch.

>> No.39724259

Don't you have a fertility/renewal thing going on?

>> No.39724265

That makes sense too, though that does make me wonder if Jump-Chan is superpowered future Elizabeth DeWitt

>> No.39724271

Er, that is-a version of Elizabeth Dewitt from a future where she didn't decide to depower and commit suicide

>> No.39724295

> Jump-Chan is the supreme being, we are all her pocket calculators and this whole journey happened because she wondered what would happen if she let just one unconscious observer take a closer look at the things they're observing.

That's pretty cool. If humans in general are the random element bringing forth diversity out of a universe of sterile laws, then Jumpers are a sort of magnitude beyond that -- introducing greater instability and chaos into worlds that have already been created out of the chaos of others.

I wonder if she's studying us like scientists study particles. Instead of weak/strong/gravity/whatever forces, she might theorise that the fundamental forces of the human soul are powertrip/whiteknight/waifu/SCIENCE!! based on our adventures and our behavioural tendencies.

Does... does that make the Jumper her attempts at finding Booker again, in the utter randomness of the multiverse?

"Booker" being her archetype of a lone hero who struggles against the odds and his own personal foibles to rescue the helpless from the establishment.

>> No.39724402

As per discussions last thread about Dynasty Warriors and so forth, here's the working proof of concept for Musou Orochi. Drafting the perks shouldn't be an issue. Let us know if you have any issues/concerns/suggestions.


>> No.39724508

Naruto has way to much interesting things to buy so you have to get creative.

It's canon that eyes can be transplanted and retain their power which means that they are somehow the source of their powers and not a focus or catalyst.

This means you could reverse-engineer them with enough science perks and knowledge in bio-engineering.

... But I feel most people will consider this fanwankish because it sort of circumvents buying them with CP (though that could just be considered the easy way to get then)?

>> No.39724656

Just read the Jump, and one bit that strikes me is how the Elizabeth we can get as a Companion, "appears to you from a tear" yet she "cannot, for instance, move into other realities through tears". Wait, wut?

I can only guess that yet another Elizabeth opened the Tear through which this one arrived, given she babbles about other versions of herself, but then I have to wonder why the other Elizabeth sent her here...

Elizabeth 'Prime' is (or working with) Jump-chan?!

Also wondering: is there a Booker in this version? is there still one if we choose the PI Identity?

>> No.39724682

>is Jump-chan Elizabeth?

>Heh, I got ninja'd while typing my post.

>> No.39724786

Nah, some girl who can open portals =/= Jump-chan. No matter how hard she can open portals.

>> No.39724808

She's not just some girl who can open portals, though. At the end of the game she becomes a quantum superposition, capable of travelling to and existing at all points of space and time.

>> No.39724842

Within her universe, though. Jump-chan can access all realities.

>> No.39724850

Which is again, nowhere near being JC. She can be anywhere. She still can't do anything.

>> No.39724922

It's mostly a joke on my part. Hence, why I said superpowered future Elizabeth DeWitt.

>> No.39725389

I need an opinion, /jc/. I'm trying to organise my chain into 'themed arcs', like shoving all the comicbook superhero ones together, all the high school ones together, etc.

How would you rank the fantasy jumps, in terms of escalating power-level? Which would you recommend?

>> No.39725544

Which Jumps specifically are you talking about? What is and isn't Fantasy to you?

Of the top of my head I think the highest 'Fantasy' power Jumps are:
In the middle I'd place stuff like
>most shounen, i.e. JoJo, Naruto, HxH, One Piece
and low power I'd go for
>Avatar: TLA and TLOK

But I consider most Jumps fantasy so... yes, it might be better if you first define what Fantasy means to you.

>> No.39725568

I suppose I meant more in line with the traditional swords-and-sorcery-type fantasy. I could do anime (like Log Horizon) or games or whatever, but I'd like to spend some time in a series of fantasy Jumps.

I'm a bit torn on Final Fantasy. I think in general I'd give them a miss and make them their own 'arc', but I might be able to close one eye and shove FF9 and others like it under the more traditional fantasy model.

>> No.39725573

It's also available in Wuxia for 500. You can even shove it on a mentor to have someone who can teach it to your other companions.

>> No.39725605

Quick question about Origins: Shiki's apparently connects her to the Root. Is this something unique to her Origin of Void, or could other Origins conceivably share a connection to the Root or other metaphysical concepts?

>> No.39725624

Er, something unique to her yes. It's, to my knowledge, not exactly a good thing to be connected either. Most origins don't really give more then a minor boost anyway. Presumably her's is linked to her super MEoDP

>> No.39725662

Then I don't think I can help you... I tend to avoid some of those like the plague i.e. Forgotten Realms which can end your chain by achieving godhood...

However one of my absolute favourites is arguably a Fantasy Jump...
>Ar Tonelico, with the reality warping, steampunk song magic
I suggest you rank that one high-power.

and the Glorantha jump which exists solely in my head.

>> No.39725692

Varies. Saito from Familiar of Zero got slapped with that Unholy Heights perk because there was no fucking way I was going to live through ten years of that shit.

This also had the added benefit of making it so I could keep her in line with harem perks, but...

Come to think, I kind of did similar in Harry Potter, as well.

On the other tentacle, I was a total bro to Alto in Macross Frontier and the MC in Rosario+Vampire, so go figure.

Issei is still getting slapped with that Unholy Heights perk and waifu'd, though.

>> No.39725725

The way I see it canon is in flux anyway so my actions and possibly drawbacks leave canon hook ups in the air anyway. Though actively pursing a relationship only if there is chance of a long one. So it hasn't come up yet. Although I don't consider me pursing a person ntr if they are not with someone yet.

>> No.39725737

Which Unholy Heights perk? And there are actual harem perks?

>> No.39726238

'A New Arrival'. Let's you retcon the gender of any person and/or creature you want.

And yeah, there's alot of different harem perks. Negima, Rosario+Vampire, Familiar of Zero, Sekirei, ect, ect, ect.

>> No.39726259

It's not like it isn't easy to divest yourself of enough realms style divinity to leave.

>> No.39726290

Which perks let me become a (small-scale) reality warper?

Currently considering,
>Video Conduit - Infamous
>Soft Physics - Worm
>Custom Hatsu with a lot of vows and limitations - HxH
>Song Magic - Ar tonelico
> I AM/MINION/etc... songs - Disney Princess

Did I miss any...? I'm not going for omnipotence but rather the ability to turn everything into a Disney musical while I burst out into song.

>> No.39726413

>> No.39726423

take blood from an uchiha and a senju with wood release, genetically engineer a plant that blooms mangekyo sharingan, use as forbidden that burn your eyes out when ever, have as many replacement eyes as you want.

>> No.39726453

I get your point, but what if you do Forgotten Realms after Okami or Terra or Percy Jackson,...?

You are then technically already a child of a god, demi or god.

Divine Rank 0 -to give an example - which already constitutes divinity has its requirements almost always met as a Jumper:
>wikia: Creatures of this rank are sometimes called quasi-deities or hero deities. Creatures that have a mortal and a deity as parents also fall into this category. These entities cannot grant spells, but are immortal and usually have one or more ability scores that are far above the norm for their species. They may have some worshipers. Ordinary mortals do not have a divine rank of 0. They lack a divine rank altogether.

I'd hate to do a forgotten realms Jump later in the chain to accidentally discover I am divine by default...

>> No.39726475

>forbidden jutsu
can't type it the morning

>> No.39726477

Awww sweet! Thanks, you guys!

Also, in unrelated news, I can pick ANY ship that was in active service during the Second World War as a companion in KanColle, right?

ANY of them?

>> No.39726502

Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure that for the purposes of FR jump, the staying condition only counts for in-context FR divinity. So you can technically be a "god" from another reality, so long as you don't get worshippers or anything in the jump proper.

>> No.39726517

It's not explicitly said. Current theory is that scrapped ships can't be brought back, but it's really up to fanwank.

Personally, I go with anything is fair game. Otherwise there's not really much room on the American side for diversity.

>> No.39726541

>Not wanting the Arizona, or the Big E from American Ships.

>> No.39726554

Oh wait I misread it and thought you said there wasn't much choices in ships.

>> No.39726576

That could work then... I might do a FR Jump early on then to get some of class abilities, but I'm still not sure if it's worth the risk.

Jump-chan is a nice girl though so if I don't go pretending I'm a god she might just ignore that I technically have godlike powers and allow me to jump on.

This is getting me really pumped for a Civilization style God Jump though where you get be one of the many gods in a pantheon and try to maintain a stable amount of worshippers for XX000 years in a world with a genre of ypur choosing... I might get working on that.

>> No.39726587

They're both good girls.
Personally, I centered my fleet around Hornet, North Carolina and Hood.

>> No.39726630

>Civilization style God Jump though where you get be one of the many gods in a pantheon and try to maintain a stable amount of worshippers for XX000 years in a world with a genre of ypur choosing...

Black and White Jump! Get a huge Creature! Make a kung-fu fighting cow that increases belief in you by punting heretics over the horizon!

>> No.39726658

> Oxford Educated

What, I have to be from Oxford instead of Cambridge? This Jump blows.

>> No.39726668


Thanks, guys, but I was thinking more Constitution and Victory.

Masochist mode go!

>> No.39726763

Oh god, I loved that game but you're basically a floating hand in it or a HUGE creature and the game is more of a strategy builder than a being-a-god-simulator.

But it is going on my list of Jumps I'd love to see:
>Black Butler
>Black and White

I'd love to be a real god though, a small one with a limited portfolio attempting to help out her worshippers struggling to compete with more powerful gods of heaven, death or power.

>> No.39726802

Most of Worm isn't that high, for the most part they're actually pretty weak. If you're just basing that list off the highest of the highs, Pokemon shits all over Worm.

Also ranking DBZ alongside Marvel should be a sin.

>> No.39726824

Not sure why you listed Terra Formars, but you technically ARE a real god in Okami. You can even be empowered by the grateful prayers of your worshippers and everything. It's just that in the setting's context gods need prayer too badly to go full Old Testament. You can also be a pagan god in Supernatural; again lack of prayer has made the average pagan god depraved and generally not as big an issue in the grand scheme of things as they could have been.

You can sort of get the experience you're talking about if you go to Populus.

>> No.39726867

Well, why not. They'd make good secretary ships.

>> No.39726912

Making progress on Ravnica. Rakdos perks are mostly complete:
Still working on the rest of it. Probably won't be done for awhile but figured I may as well bring up that I made progress. Also would anyone be interested in the option of getting one of the legendary creatures appropriate to your guild as companions?

>> No.39726921

For your first point, I have to ask if pokemon has a creature that could easily wipe out every single alternate earth in a few months(keeping in mind that the number of earths is in the millions at least)?

I agree with your second point...if you mean that marvel doesn't deserve to be up there with DBZ.

>> No.39726934

I'm looking at the Elder Scrolls Jump now. Hey, which game's rules are you using to base your Jump off?

I'm thinking of going with Morrowind's. Sure, there are a lot more skills and spell-schools to learn, but nothing beats having Mysticism's teleportation spells back.

>> No.39726955

Because the idea of having wood-hulled ships on the front lines and possibly even WINNING amuses me.

That, and I don't want to force them through all of that paperwork full of terms that didn't exist yet when they were first launched.

>> No.39726956

Damn son.

>> No.39727003

I rate a Jump's power by 1. How strong the perks you get there are and 2. How strong the natives are.

Worm gives you some of the most incredible and gamebreaking powers and it houses quite a lot of crazy-tier dangers.

Why can't I list DBZ next to Marvel... I wouldn't like to get on either Goku's or Galactus bad side.

Oops, messed up the name there. Those black, definitely not black people, cockroachpeople are not what I meant.

I was talking about that hinduistic space reincarnation divinity Jump... which name I can't remember now.

I'll look into Populous. Can't believe I never noticed that one before while I absolutely love the games.

>> No.39727014

Asura's Wrath.

>> No.39727060

you can always give your proxy to a bunch of things till you are divine rank 0 again if you somehow rise above that level, then post spark retrieve your proxys from an army of squirrels or whatever you raised to divine rank 1 temporarily.

>> No.39727083

I think Lords of Light is meant, though Asura's Wrath has cyborg godhood. Demi anyway.

>> No.39727095

All Goku can do is kill you. Galactus can seal your soul into eternal torment, completely unmake you, deform you into a mad, pained beast, or make it so you never were.

>> No.39727108

It isn't necessarily a case of running on game mechanics. It's not like teleportation ceases to exist because it wasn't in Oblivion/Skyrim, there may just be some stupid justification for it losing popularity like the Levitation Act was for levitation.

Depending on the era chosen different things will likely be available

>> No.39727117

A reminder that there is a new Dragon Ball series in the works.

>> No.39727127

Yes, Lord of Light which I somehow confused with Loss of Tera which I confused with Terra.

According to /v/ they can something a lot worse...

Still, for a Jumper dead is dead whether through a KI blast or soul-devouring.

>> No.39727139

> Levitation Act
> mfw this is an actual thing

>> No.39727209

Sorta-kinda? It's friggin' weird.

It all started in Supernatural, where I became a Pagan God of Agriculture, The Wilds, and Rebirth. Thing is, at that point I had stacked up more fire-manipulation abilities than anything else, so I didn't know if I had anything to work with.

In the end, stupid_dog gave me the 'go ahead' on the Force of Nature being along the lines of 'plant life grows where my fire touches,' under the excuse of how ash is nutrient-dense and can help plants grow in the long term (particularly volcanic ash).

To answer your question: Yes, I am fertility (that part was inadvertent) and rebirth, but I have more fire than anything else associated with it.

It's weird.

>> No.39727298


Oh well, that's a perfectly respectable Aspect. Whathisname, Agni has it. It's unclear to what extent his apparent ability to level mountaintops, scorch the surface of the moon and vaporise a dude on the other side of a mountain is his Aspect and to what extent it's his Universal Fire, but apparently his successor's flames are much less potent even though he's using similar gear.

So yeah. Go fire, if you want. Just don't use it in an enclosed space against Yama's red robe. Agni tried that and blew himself up without scratching the robe.

Surprised you didn't go for Bhunivelze's scythe since your other powers tie in with the cycle of life and death.

>> No.39727392


Now that I think about it, Sam's Aspect in Lord of Light is his mastery over electromagnetism, isn't it?

... I wonder if my Aspect isn't going to be a levelled-up version of my Conduit powers.

>> No.39727449

Yep. And he had what was clearly the most broken Aspect: Pimp slaps the strongest rakashas effortlessly, lets him fly, equipped with gear can devastate a battlefield, tricks the Karma Devices.

>> No.39728041

>Latest update to my Chain.

>Previous: Changeling

>> No.39728170

Lord of Light of Terra (formars)

>> No.39728284

In the Gunnerkrigg Court jump does the King in your Head downside go away post jump or does it mean you have a permanent uncontrollable reality warping aura?

>> No.39728354

I'd be interested, I like companions.

>> No.39728367

Hell yeah I'd be down for more Companion Options.

>> No.39728371

It's probably going to be terrible.

>> No.39728391

Eh. Messing with souls would be a slippery slope at this point for me. A scythe that allows domination of them forged from two dead fal'cie would be a nosedive.

Also, I've blown myself up many times already just using Cosmic Fire.

So, on a scale of 1 to Magneto, how bloody broken was he?

>> No.39728403

"Can exist without a body and can possess the bodies of others because human consciousness is also electrical impulses anyway" levels of broken

>> No.39728446

Less raw power than Magneto, more skill at using its more esoteric abilities. In a straight contest of electromagnetic force Magneto would win, but Sam has so many weird tricks he could probably beat him anyway.

That didn't happen until after his "inner fires were kindled" by Taraka, though. He needed the energy boost that came from being part-Rakshasa. That's what the God version of Native Demon is based on.

>> No.39728449

Forgotten Realms (Shitty Jump) is survivable pretty early on. Just so long you have some metagaming knowledge. Like, if you're gonna start out in the Abyss make sure you state you're in Graz'zt's three planes. He's a devil masquerading as a Demon Prince. So he pretty much runs his three planes in a civilized manner.

Second, don't visit the Underdark unless you're high enough level or enough jumps behind you. There's bunch of stuff that goes bump in the night, and they have a high population density in the Underdark.

Dragons should never be messed with, unless they're little. Even then take caution because for their CR, they're WAY higher threat than they should be. The stupidity of 3.5 is the CR system that didn't really portray real threats well enough.

Always make sure you bring a rogue. NEVER EVER dungeon crawl without one. Traps are deadly business, and if you're going against Kobolds. Well just make sure you have a rogue. Also pray to your gods that kobolds are Tucker's Kobolds. Otherwise you'd be seeing your friends & family back on Earth soon.

>> No.39728491

>Forgetting ten foot poles

>> No.39728500

>That didn't happen until after his "inner fires were kindled" by Taraka, though. He needed the energy boost that came from being part-Rakshasa.

True. We know contact with Taraka strengthed his Aspect/Attribute. We don't know that that was the *only* way: if he'd spent centuries doing shounen anime training instead of getting wasted as Siddharta, he might have hit that level anyway.

I'd like to think that Sam could easily have been much more monstrously powerful (devouring rakshasa or whatever I'm pretty sure is within his capabilities) but was determined to win based not on overwhelming force but proving himself to have been *right*.

Eh. Also pray that one of FR's resident canon Mary Sues doesn't arbitrarily decide to just shit all over whatever locality you happen to be in/around.

"City X explodes because the Blackstaff and Elminster decide to double-team Mystra" is a very real possibility.

>> No.39728507

Volcanic ash has the nutriants because it brings stuff from the bowels the planet to the surface in a highly concentrated form. That would be helpful if you had smoke powers, because pyroclastic ash is no joke.

>> No.39728524

It varies, depending on my mood and the couple in question. I may or may not have "accidentally" turned Ron Weasley into a castrato with a rusty spoon and nudged Harry and Hermione together.

I also encouraged Nodoka to go after Negi sooner in the hopes of getting them together. It..sorta? worked. I think I just made the whole harem thing worse, but at least lead girl wasn't his cousin or whatever Asuna turned out to be.

And Star Trek TNG was spent making a game of cockblocking Bashir. Super-fun, even if I didn't get Ezri to hop on board the chain.

>> No.39728525

>Smoke Conduit


>> No.39728553

> not taking Hermione for yourself


>> No.39728568

>Expecting the girl whose solution was bigamy to reduce harem shenanigans.

>> No.39728574

Ten foot Poles how could I forget?

"What use is a 10ft pole?"

First it's way to make sure the area you walk in isn't trapped, or if it is, to set off the trap while you're far enough to be safe. Also it would alert the rogue to where to look so that they can do their job better.

Also touching the doors withone is good, trapped doors are a pain. They can also act as balancing purposes when you have to talk across unstable ground like a tightrope or something. They can be used as a polevault, getting you across ravines.

That's not very nice to steal someone's love interest.

>> No.39728593

> That's not very nice to steal someone's love interest.

It's OK, I tied up all the loose ends by using mind-powers to pair up anyone without a love-interest with Hagrid.

Yes at the same time.

>> No.39728627

>That's not very nice to steal someone's love interest.
Too true. All the best girls in Jumpchain are taken already. Okay, not all of them, but a significant majority. No way to get around it without feeling at least a little skeezy. Even if you do the "hook up with her before the canon romance starts" route, you still know you prevented someone from having happiness.

>> No.39728651 [SPOILER] 

Ah... Hrm... HMMMMM... How to respond to this.

I usually try and leave relationships like that alone. Usually. In some cases I might drop a hint to the protagonist that a character he's ignoring is in love with him, in some cases I drop the bomb on the person in love that their object of affection is a complete dunce and isn't getting the message. Harry Potter is one case where I just don't know what the fuck I'm gonna do, because on one hand the canon pairing does happen, but on the other hand the author has flat-out stated another pairing makes more sense and SHOULD have happened.

And then I have my moment of weakness.
Look. I'm a rat bastard. We all know this.

>> No.39728681

To be fair, you weren't stealing her away from anyone, considering that she ultimately killed her own love-interest.

>> No.39728698

>You prevented someone from having happiness.
You prevented one instance of happiness. Presumably you're making the one you took happy, and it's always possible (and likely) the other person will find someone they'd be happy with. With anime especially, it's really rare for someone to only have one person who was interested in them, so with a rival out of the way you can predict who they'd end up with.

>> No.39728701

And this route, Pip does wind up surviving - even was a bro over the last few years of Hellsing.

>> No.39728724

This: >>39728698

Pip seems like the sort who'd have no trouble getting women.

>> No.39728734

>Not taking Order of the Stick first for the "be good at D&D type worlds" perks.

>> No.39728746

I know. Still feels a bit mean, though. Especially when the pre-empted romantic partner doesn't have any other options. Not everyone's a harem protagonist.

>> No.39728768

Rowling is a very respectable author but when it comes to Hermione she suffers from terrible Mary Sueish writing.

Hermione is Rowling, she has admitted that many, many times which explains the whole becoming a beautiful swan, being extremely intelligent and attracting world-renowned athletes.

I used to thank god every night that she kept it together long enough to not make Hermione end up with both Harry and Draco but went for the logical choice of Ron.

The last we need is Hermione dating some godly Jumper... I beg you to reconsider :3

>> No.39728786


She and Harry are too cute together. Besides, getting them together didn't stop me from being "a bit of experimentation" on her part.

It was fairly early on. Hadn't yet figured out that my plans just do not work.

>> No.39728827

That's actually why Hermione wound up with Ron. Rowling said she wrote it as a parallel to her first marriage. So it's still Hermione being a self-insert.

>> No.39728857

There's just no winning, is there?

>last sentence
Madame. I'm married. What makes you assume that.

>> No.39728859

Yeah, but we're not even talkin harems. Look at Lloyd Irving for instance. If you took Collete (good lord why?), he's got Sheena and Raine (maybe?) that'd still be interested in him, so it's not like the guy is gonna end up alone. Most characters are like this, there's at least one other person they had an interest in or who had an interest in them because it creates a side plot/conflict to the romance, which writers like to include in stories.

>> No.39728875

>implying book Hermione looks a tenth that good

>> No.39728886

A few questions about Transformers Because my build was recently invalidated so I'm redoing it. Can you Create more Cybertonium Through FIM alchemy? With science you have to choose a specialty? or could you just choose"engineering" and gain access to Transformers technology.

>> No.39728925

Minecrafts Cheat Mode: what is the upper limit on items it can recreate? Specifically, could it recreate who vehicles in one shot or would you have to do it part by part.

>> No.39728931

Again, true, I still feel slightly skeezy about it. I know that the canon romance will work out. I don't know that whatever romance I produce as a result of my actions will. It's stupid, but I imagine that there would still be some nagging guilt at the back of my mind for adding that complication.

>> No.39728956

>waifuing anyone in HP
Look, the reality of the situation is that all the ladies in the Potterverse are kind waifish and I'm not a fan of DFC's. If there were more women there that looked like Sophia Vergara or Christina Hendricks, I might consider it.

But it appears that a perponderence of magic leads to a dearth of curves, so I just go there for the lulz.

>> No.39728972

Ugh... the first thing I'll do in the Harry Potter Jump is grab a katana and *double slash of the heavenly moon* *Kyaaaaaaa!* her.

I have a strong suspicion Rowling will rise from her flesh in the form of a shrieking banshee. I'll just have to get rid of her before she infects another innocent girl.

Then I'll start dating Ron and be the good gf he deserves...

The more I read about Rowling hating on Ron and flicking her bean over Hermione K. Rowling the more I hate her.

>> No.39728989


So. You're a God of Fertility and all that stuff associated with life.

With a waifu (now also a demigod) who's a vampire.

>> No.39729006

Is there a problem with this?

>> No.39729009

Yeah, it's a parallel thing. God of life married to goddess of death, perfectly good mythological resonance.

>> No.39729049

I suppose so.

Honestly, no. Just not something you'd expect.

>> No.39729092

>god of life with a goddess of death
>mfw the dialectical polar monism
OAA/Seras OTP. Confirmed for eventual universe creation.

>> No.39729109


>> No.39729139

Stand up for undead rights, the unliving are living people too!

>> No.39729158

I'm agreeing with Red on this one,You already have a kid so Creating a Universe is pretty much the Endgame jumper Version of that.

>> No.39729173

>remove undead

>> No.39729195

Ash is basically our version of Hitler.

>> No.39729211

Their kid is Elizabeth from Bioshock, IIRC.

She's well ahead of the world-creating curve.

>> No.39729219

I was going to say "Pretty sure a single vehicle is okay." and then I realized that the USS Enterprise is a 'vehicle.'

I have no clue, but it's probably going to be absurd no matter what. If it was limited to a cubic meter, it would've said, right?

>> No.39729241

Ash did nothing wrong

>> No.39729260

Nope, she's their kid from Fire Emblem Awakening. She just happens to have the same name.

>> No.39729262

Three, actually.

One of them is flat-out biological via Future Child from Fire Emblem: Awakening.
Then there's Elodie from LLTQ, who started as more of an apprentice / pupil and it's evolved from there.
Now there's Bioshock!Elizabeth, yeah.

>> No.39729268

>If it was limited to a cubic meter, it would've said, right?
That's where my thinking went, but I wanted to throw it out there in case the creator made a ruling that I was unaware of.

>> No.39729276

No, Elizabeth's their adopted daughter. Their biological daughter is also named Elizabeth, though. And also is a time-traveling dimension-hopper trying to prevent a horrible future. So they might be alternate universe twins.

>> No.39729280

Cybertorinum isn't something you can make out of thin air. It has no other equivilant. If you want Cybertron technology, then go Scientist. In case you're gonna want to pick "Engineering" like you want as your first perk. That would allow you access to a lot of the technology. At least the knowledge of how to build more.

However Cybertorinum is hard to come by outside of other Transformers & Cybertron.

>> No.39729293

God does it get confusing at times.


>Both of them at once

>> No.39729295

Depends on the size of the vehicle, I'm Pretty sure I remember the jump Creator saying That it's one square foot cube of material or one handheld item.

>> No.39729310

You should give one of them an annoying nickname they hate, like Lizzy.

>> No.39729337

A square foot of material?

What the shit? Minecraft uses metric for one, and a square foot is still no material since there's no volume.

>> No.39729343

Yeah it's 1m^3 or cubed meter. Or yard if you're like me and use Imperial units.

>> No.39729363


What if I was to defeat A transformer and use alchemy to shape off a One-yard cube of Cybertorinum From their corpse and duplicate that with mine craft duplication?

>> No.39729390

I like how this turned out.
hey, have you done FF13-3 yet?

>> No.39729399

Someone had asked this before and he was confused. Turns out its supposed to be the Minecraft definition of item, but he forgot to copy that definition over. I think it was inventory of Steve that had the full definition if you don't play minecraft.

>> No.39729419

I have, yes. I took the Civilization Scenario.

And shit got crazy. Wound up just flat-out breaking Double-Deity and now I have Cosmogenesis.

A giant plane filled with nothingness and floating discs.

>> No.39729420

That would work.

>> No.39729463

ok, 'coz recreating or revitalizing a dying universe seems like a near-conclusion to this train of thought

>> No.39729489


>> No.39729521

It's the secret bonus reward for if you take the hardest optional scenario. It gives you a universe. A mostly empty one, so it's not that useful on its own, but it sure is cool.

>> No.39729533

Bhunivelze's little Magical Realm. It's the boss arena Lightning fights him in at the climax of 13-3.

I... still don't know what I'm doing with it. I know that AMP and the modifications to it will let me manipulate the Chaos still in there, but... Considering what Chaos does to people in the game, leery about letting that nonsense even see the outside.

At this point I should just not mention the plan for Nechronica.

>> No.39729534

>Valkyria Chronicles Jump: 1200CP

Randgriz-(Rolled 8)



>Age & Gender
2.Male-(No Change)

1.Educated Young Man-(Free)
2.Valkyrian Science-(150cp)
3.Manufacturing Line-(200cp)
4.Make Peace, Not War-(300cp)

1.Safety Goggles-(Free)
3.Hidden Hideaway/Laboratory-(200cp)

Enemy of the State-(+200cp) [Empire]

Move On

First off, nice jump, I really like the perks and items here, especially Make Peace Not War. Second I'm going to enjoy upgrading Gallia's tech.

That Ragnite stuff, yeah that's going to be used for Nuclear Fission. Seriously, this stuff is like super powered uranium from what I read, and the electricity generated from it can be used to create battery operated equipment and vehicles.

I also realized that I might be able to get some Valkyrur powers by using my contract magic from Changeling, but I can't think of a good enough deal to make for them.

>> No.39729543

>Order of the stick

Now that I think about it, two jumps both in 3.5 D&D that both include perks that ease experience gain means I have to be careful not to hit the "Don't Be A God" issue if Forgotten Realms is done second. I guess I'll have to dump a lot of "killed monsters" XP into magic Items.

And I'd prefer to avoid having to drop a lot of divine ranks on squirrels. If I can't take a God as a companion, the squirrels are probably barred too.

On that note, the bookkeeping for the transition is going to be a bit of a pain. OOTS doesn't allow most random races so I may have to rebuild like 20 levels or so.

>> No.39729549

sounds useful, especially if you just keep dumping stuff into it. Do you control physics in there?

>> No.39729557

it's not like there's anything wrong with this concept, jus' a neat bit of symbolism is all

>> No.39729575

There are no physics there.

Unfortunate thing is, outside objects start deteriorating once exposed to Cosmogenesis' air. Which I suppose would make it good for testing durability and density, if an item you make can withstand it.

>> No.39729587

You do, but you can't use it to store things. It's full of primal chaos, very inimical to outside matter. Things you create inside it can withstand it fine, though. It's meant more as a side-project for a jumper than as a useful tool. You know, a little bonsai universe to play with when you're not doing other things.

>> No.39729599

You know what that universe is REALLY good for though? Casting several instances of the DnD Genesis spell to make a much safer, more stable pocket universe of expanding size.

>> No.39729637

Eh. I've mostly been using it for meditation. Empty pocket universe? No sound. Is perfect for it.

>> No.39729667

Ive got about 5 genesis worlds on my person at all times now. its great, the hard part is getting in there and casting over and over though, it only gets bigger by a small amount each time.

>> No.39729688

60 feet per week, yeah. That's casting 8 hours a day though, if you can speed it up with perks and cast all day you should be able to shorten the time.

>> No.39729716

I have been using shadow clones casting for me and using gift of thousand master, Im looking into making a machine to cast it via ff8 magic machine perks but I havent actually done it yet. Once I do though I expect it to go much faster.

>> No.39729842

Question about this perk,The way it's worded would imply that the second and third are covered by 300.2 version, but then it skips to 500 points for eight? so it's 400 points for Three companions? This pricing feels weird , Please explain.
AUTOBOTS ROLL OUT! (200 to 500cp) - Your companions get an upgrade, they get 500cp to spend on this Jump like they were the Jumper. First 200pts is for your 1st companion, 100pts for 2nd & 3rd, or 500pts total for all 8.

>> No.39729864

>Roll for next location
>Fire Emblem Awakening
>The jump where you can purchase your future child as a companion.

H'mm, I'm tempted, but is it worth it?

>> No.39729877

Do you want to be a father?

>> No.39729931

Yes 400cp for three, so it's more cost efficient to spend the 500cp for 8 companions. I started using the 50cp per/100cp given in my other Jumps, but before I used the 200/500cp thing.

>> No.39729970

This is a part of my Chain where I don't have 8 companions I can't save the rest of the imports for later, right?

>> No.39729971

Do you want a kid?

Are any of your perks genetic or otherwise inheritable?

Does the idea of embarrassing them in front of their friends tempt you?

>> No.39730018

Don't forget all the dumb dad jokes he could make now!

>> No.39730077

>Are any of your perks genetic or otherwise inheritable?
Shouldn't your child retroactively inherit some of you abilities as you gain new ones, or am I over thinking things?

>> No.39730108

Considering if you raise them properly in game they can generally become stronger than the parents. I'd say go for it.

>> No.39730120

No? Just save TF till later if you don't have 8, or earlier when you had one or two companions.

>> No.39730197

In the game their inheritance is locked at the time you recruit them. They're from a bad future where you died, not one where you kept jumping.

>> No.39730267

Why is Storm Hawks not a jump? How did I not know about this series?

The crystal tech is pretty damn cool, I must say.

Hot damn, I'd pod Cyclonia in a heartbeat.

>> No.39730290

>Why is Storm Hawks not a jump? How did I not know about this series?
Because you haven't made it yet. What are you waiting for?

>> No.39730327

When you make it, can you include that one guy who's always playing a violin in the middle of combat as companion?

>> No.39730337

You could always go Fanon.
Ronald deserves the hate he gets. He is probably the second biggest douchebag on the "good" side.

>> No.39730357

Why? She's uggo.

>> No.39730457

Of course you need to consult the genetic and temporal fuckery involved in these shenanigans.

To this day I don't think any of us had come through a conclusion on what even One's kid has

>> No.39730545

For Light of Terra, how many slots do all the companions from the various parts actually take up? Does the additional ally from PT2 take up their own slot? Does each individual member count as a companion? How about the Choirs from the DLC. Does each Choir collectively count as one Companion, or does each individual counts as a Companion? How about with the Racing Groups from the second DLC?

>> No.39730560

The jump outright says it. How about you go back and actually READ them?

>> No.39730625

Anyone else collecting pets/animals?

I have 5 Pokemon from Conquest, my PokePartner is also a pet but more like best friend he has 6 Pokemon. We both have raptors from Jurassic Park. I went Beast Master Hunter/Shaman in WoW.
Dracoturkey in Wakfu, and Pet Owl in Harry Potter.

>> No.39730678

I did all the parts at once really late last night and missed where it said that. Apologies.

>> No.39730699

man fist dont even get me started on the animals, I cut my animals back and put the critters in stasis till later. once I get one of these genesis worlds big enough I am going to rebuild monster hunter and carry it around with me to kill time.

>> No.39730939


I was considering making it.


If I do, I'll add this.

>> No.39731088

That would disrupt too much of my chain,Transformers Was an early jump for me. I'm building around it, though. Next question: If a vehicle has weaponry and you choose that vehicle, do you keep the weaponry? And if so is it upgraded to transformers standards or Does it remain the way it was?

>> No.39731130

So is it volumetric or item specific? The Inventory of Steve perk can be read either way.

>> No.39731141


I look forward to it.

>> No.39731216

I believe there have been tank-like transformers before so I'd say go for it but since their vehicle form is usually a way for them to avoid attention it's a pretty weird choice though.

>> No.39731251

How in the hell does that tank cannon even work?

>> No.39731358

>No Generic Japanese Game Show Jump

I need to get working on my other stuff so I can make this.

Takeshi's Castle is so godlike.

>> No.39731588

>it's technology

It just does. Don't question it. Accept it.

>> No.39731600


>> No.39731731

I assume it probably fires a laser instead, and there's just a mirror in the joint to reflect it out

>> No.39731995

I'm really sorry guys, I forgot to leave my real world logic at the door when I came in today. I mean 'duh of course it just works' is the answer.

>> No.39732195

Well let that be a lesson to you then.

>> No.39732308

Listen here, boy, cause I ain't gonna be explaining this shit twice.

>the gun is connected to the transformer by a tube
>in that tube is an elevator like system that refills the gun with tank shells
>the shells are fired through either a miniature, controlled explosion or by passing through a high-velocity field
>all this peppered with some cartoon magic

Ya get it now or are ya gonna stay salty, white boy?

>> No.39732328

Anyone know if Underworld imported/bought companions get discounts?

>> No.39732922

They do apparently according to the archives.

>> No.39732948

>You could always go Fanon.

>> No.39732979

Don't dare post that abomination again.

Usually yes. There's been multiple times that military weapons can be used in robot form.

>> No.39732998


>> No.39733023


>> No.39733065


Did you succeed?

>> No.39733083

In most fanfics I've seen, Tonks is usually variably stacked (ie: somewhere between "large" and "huge", depending on her mood). That's probably what Anon meant by Fanon.

Also, if you don't like their figures, take them through DC or Sekirei afterwards, and import them.

>> No.39733191

>Busty Tonks
Citation needed. I've never read that, although I admit I don't read much Tonks-centric fic.

>> No.39733329

Are you sure you wish to challenge me, Fisty?

I have an entire archive brimming with pics like this from back when I did my Transformers Jump: I traversed the realm of the Transformers fandom and have seen things you can't even imagine.

Your pics look so much better than the one I posted. Not fair. ;-;

>> No.39733410

>Planning for the OOTS and following Forgotten Realms jump
It really does suck to be a Wizard. Phenomenal Cosmic Powers, 8 hours of sleep required. Or not moving, whichever. And Sorcerors have to deal with Spells Known or start cheesing.

She's a Metamorphagus. Being stacked at will is one of the many things she can do.

>> No.39733422

I suspect it's an inference based on the implications of Metamorphamagus magic

>> No.39733455

We already had that series of Transformers that shall not be named posted in the thread at the jumps conception. /jc/ has seen some shit.

>> No.39733729


>> No.39733766

>Fire Emblem Awakening Jump: 1000CP


>Starting Class

>Age & Gender
2.Male-(No Change)

3.Single Pauldron-(400cp)



Move On

I decided not to go with the Future child option because >>39730197 and because it'd just be too weird. Not really sure what I'm going to do here aside from try to help the main characters. I've been meaning to play this game for a while but I just keep putting it off.

>> No.39733797

There is a good probability that I am.

>> No.39734102

Question about Forgotten Realm, if I pick a dragon as my race do I have to be an adult dragon or can I be a younger one?

>> No.39734124

Considering the age roll don't you start as as a really young one?

>> No.39734150

Also, considering dragons have different CR levels depending on age? It depends how much you pay. Cheaper for wyrmling more than you can afford for great wyrm.

>> No.39734382

I hadn't actually considered that...

That's what I was thinking of, it's pretty easy to just pick a younger dragon for cheaper and then gain power over time if it's possible.
Plan is to be a young dragon and then age it up in the Civ jump.

How strong would a 2000 year old dragon be? What would it be capable of?

>> No.39734483


You don't have enough CP to start as anything but a very young dragon.

I'm not sure how aging works through the jumps, but with a life-extension perk and a long Jump like civilization you'll easily reach maximum size and power.

If you haven't already, go through each dragon's entry because many of them have unique magical tricks and benefits, like shapeshifting or being able to sustain a dragon's body with a human's diet.

>> No.39734588

Or you could always just SCIENCE! that shit.
After ten or so biofuckery perks, you can probably invent a serum that causes a redistribution of fat cells.

First off, I think the Kingsman is WAY too expensive. You're basically forced to start taking drawbacks to afford anything.
Second, I appreciate your trying to circumvent the issue by giving the lettering borders, but it's still pretty painful to read.

Kingsman: The Secret Service
> Background: Millionaire [-100CP]
> Never Knocks [-100CP]
> Silver Spoons Feed Silver Tongues [Get a Freebie!]
> Oxford Educated [-100CP]
> Talk Isn't Cheap [-200CP]
> Blue Blood Privileges [-300CP]
> Fan Of The Three JB's [-100CP]
> Flaunting Your Wealth (x5) [Get a Freebie!]
> Always On Tap [-50CP]
> The Gentleman's Guide [-50CP]

Blahblahblah, rich layabout, blahblah, possibly sinister, blah. Oh, and I have a copy of the Kingsman guidebook. I'm sure I won't use that to my advantage in any way whatsoever.

I imagine I'll be incredibly hands off here, except for occasionally funding one side or another for shits and giggles. And buying all kinds of videogames and books and movies for shits and giggles.
And in the last few months starting up a massively destructive global conspiracy with robot armies and a Skynet computer brain for shits and giggles. With a note for the Kingsmen to find after I've already moved on to the next jump telling them they'll never find me.
For shits and giggles.

>> No.39734659

Don't forget taking your Kitsune form, Infamous powers and probably tons of other stuff with you as well.

The Civ Jump starting in 10000 BC is a once in a lifetime opportunity to let your powers grow for 12 300 years mid-chain.

>> No.39734678

They're usually at least the equivalent of a 20th level sorcerer, are colossal in size, and have multiple stats over 20.

>> No.39734834

Top-Kek is back /jc/! Here with a Teen Titan follow up.

So I took rival as part of my drawback which was Morgaine le Fey, she apparently became interested in stealing my magic, and honestly I was probably too cocky...She actually managed to keep me in a coma for a few hours. Turns out Ritsuko used her new super science to burst though with a super suit and free me...I must admit, it was hot.

I also had a stalker known as the Archaeologist, he literally wanted me as part of his collection, though honestly it was no big deal. At least not compared to Morgaine.

Also a little bit of bad business....We fought Doctor Light at one point and he made the mistake of trying to flirt and basically the whole "join me and we will rule together" spiel. Honestly she just full on belly laugh holding her stomach. He was looking at her angry... and then I remembered comic Doctor Light.....

....So yeah after we captured him I helped him escape custody secretly some time later and then I butchered him. Hell, I am a Mummy /jc/ we are not known for taking it easy when it comes to love.

>> No.39734903

Oh yeah, comics Dr. Light. Also known as the really edgy storyline that ended with the Justice League mind raping Batman for calling them all monsters for using mind rape on someone.

>> No.39734957


Basically though Teen Titans is a different version I couldn't help myself. The wraith of Top-Kek can be cruel and as merciless of the desert sands.

>> No.39734968

Unless you picked up a perk to remain dexterous while huge like the one in LoSS, high age category dragons tend to cap at 10 Dex, which is human average. Also, they typically suck a maneuvering while flying.

>Continued contemplation: Rainbow Warsnake + Contemplative for maximum spells known (All cleric + Warmage + at least one domain)

>> No.39734999

Are you a mummy or a skeleton in Killer instinct?

>> No.39735020

That pic just made me realize: As a mummy, you can disgorge swarms of locusts from your mouth. You podded Taylor Hebert. If the two of you don't team up for an awesome combo attack at least once I will be very disappointed.

>> No.39735025

CR is different for different age categories, with enough points you could start as a great worm dragon(or a wyrmling epic dragon). Combining with the Lifeless Being perk from tales of symphonia, you could start as a wyrmling any sort of dragon and then set your age high enough to be a great wyrm.

>> No.39735040

you can have a lot of CP in that jump.

>> No.39735070

Having all of the demon lords free and wanting you for lunch is not a good plan.

>> No.39735088

nevermind that half the drawbacks seem....sort of nonsensical and death inducing.

>> No.39735163

Technically Light Blindness + Abyss is survivable if you pick the right bit of the Abyss and GTFO, then continue while wearing a light-blocking helmet and using some sort of alternate perception mode or a really dim display to let you see outside of it.

That's 700 cp right there. 400 more for spellcasting to be really slow can be mitigated by coming into the jump with a battle moon or bayonetta guns or something.

>> No.39735208

Depends on your color and what age group you want.

>> No.39735217

Final Fantasy Tactics, still WIP. Because evidently no one was working on one.

Before I write out all the perks, someone sanity check this. You get one reaction ability only and one support ability only. No limits on anything else, I don't want to overcomplicate things. Does that sound okay?

All pricing is very preliminary, feedback on that welcome. Or on anything else. If this whole thing is shit then someone please tell me kthx.

Also mimes are giving me a headache and I might take out the Lucavi host option if it's dumb. If it's dumb, someone tell me.

>> No.39735248

Erm...don't we already have one? Or is this another FFT I don't know about from the illustrious line of FF games?

>> No.39735253

That's Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Completely different.

>> No.39735318

Tactics Advance is about a young boy who gets sucked into the magical world of Ivalice.

Tactics is about a young noble who has to fight off demons and shit.

>> No.39735358

Oh, my apologies. Too many FFs, too little attention span

>> No.39735385

and Tactics A2 is about a young boy who gets sucked into the magical world of Ivalice and wears a ludicrous hat

>> No.39735424

Arithematician is stupid outside of game mechanics where you don't have a CT score.

Pricing Squire Replacement Special Classes is going to be hard, especially when one is literally "all the other swordskill classes put together".

Maybe have the equipment requirements stick when miming skills? I'm pretty sure mimes can only equip the special female equipment.

>> No.39735481

Shit, lost the link to >>39735217

Also, what about command skills and movement abilities? Or can we get move+3, ignore height, and move-find item at the same time?

>> No.39735486

Can you choose an extinct animal as your Animagus form?

>> No.39735519

Going to be honest in that I'm not familiar with most things D&D so I have no idea how good those things are.

I've somehow not picked up a Kitsune form yet, I do have a spyro dragon form and infamous powers so they should age well.
I really should pick up Dresden Files magic as early as possible.

>> No.39735588

Updating transformer since my previous build got invalidated.
+600 You are Sam Witwicky
rolled a 2 G1 assignment leader
large chassis free robots in disguise, free
that's just prime free Science!: Engineering-100cp Master Builder -400cp)
ASSSTRROOOOTRAAAIINN!:Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte -500cp
AUTOBOTS ROLL OUT! X4 -500:PokéWaifu,TJ,Tina,mother box
Energon Melee Weapon:Drill spear free Energon Battle Pistol free
Magma Frag Launcher free

PokéWaifu, assignment soldier
medium chassis: Anaconda Energon Melee Weapon: whip free
Energon Battle Pistol free Science!: Medical -100
Body Reading -200 discounted for soldier
Magma Frag Launcher -50 discounted for soldier
Hover Board -50cp Ion Blaster -100 discounted for soldier

assignment scout small chassis: rollerhog robots in disguise free
Energon Melee Weapon: machete free Energon Battle Pistol free
cloaking -200 discounted for scout Scatter Blaster free for scout Null-Ray -100 Aim assist -200

assignment soldier robots in disguise medium chassis: Lancer APC body reading -200, discount soldier
Neutron Assault Rifle -50 discounted for soldier Magma Frag Launcher -50 discounted for soldier
Energon Melee Weapon: Buzz ax free Energon Battle Pistol free

mother box
assignment scientist Energon Melee Weapon: machete free Energon Battle Pistol free
Neutron Assault Rifle : free scientist medium chassis free with scientist
robot in disguise:M18 Hellcat , free Science!X2: Engineer and mechanic -100
master builder -200 discounted for scientist overclock -100, discounted with scientist

>> No.39735595

I haven't done that one yet. Probably will go Mummy. I was a Mummy in Dark Stalkers

Yep. In fact when I did PS238 some time ago my misc powers where to generate and control any insect in a swarm from my body. So yes we actually used that once or twice in a pinch. During the SH9 fiasco I sent an insect swarm at her to save her life from Mannequin.

>> No.39735598

There was a different way he could have gone about the classes. But he chose to use them as the core perks...so...that leaves him with a bit of a conundrum as to balancing them.

Yet if he removes them entirely...well you probably see that already. The more meta he takes the entire perk tree, the more issues he's going to have to work out.

>> No.39735632

>Arithematician is stupid outside of game mechanics where you don't have a CT score.

You mean because they can cast their uberspells really quickly? I'm going to make it explicit that the math magic is pretty slow since you have to do so much calculation. They have really slow speed ingame, I assume that's what's implicitly going on there.

>Pricing Squire Replacement Special Classes is going to be hard, especially when one is literally "all the other swordskill classes put together".

Yeah, right now it's 600CP total to be Cid, which is probably about right since you get no other discounts as Special. Most of them will be 300+100 for the background, I think.

>Maybe have the equipment requirements stick when miming skills? I'm pretty sure mimes can only equip the special female equipment.

Maybe. The mime issues I was worried about: mimicking all of your allies at once doesn't really make sense if you assume everyone is acting simultaneously, and mimicking actions but not movement really only makes sense in the context of a strategy game where they're two separate things. I dunno.

>> No.39735640

Animagus is literally a self-taught skill.

You could pick any animal you want to, living or extinct, assuming transfiguration into one is possible for a wizard of your power.

>> No.39735648

20th level is the traditional max until you get to Epic levels and start punching gods and elder evils in the dick. You're tougher than almost any other mortal being. Sorcerers are spontaneous casters that have less spells but can spam them.

Colossal is a size category for creatures that are over 65 feet in length, often up to 100 or over. And I think 150 tons or so in weight? You're fucking huge.

Stats are human average at 10. Normally, the best of the best have like 20-22 in a stat, that's supernatural pretty much. A Red dragon great wyrm has

45 Str 10 Dex 31 Con 26 Int 27 Wis 26 Cha (Wizards thinks dragons are hot), as an example. That means that, outside of dex, your stats are several times beyond humans in every way.

>> No.39735657

*It may not seem like it, but right now, I am still damn powerful even locked in a pure human form, and bear in mind my family isn't stuck as humans, so they spend the ten years here as massive dragons generally we are an occasional ally of the autobots, also make sure to show prime the entirety of the show phrasing it as “here are the records of the timeline as it stood , let's make it better” and see what happens, remember no actual time travel means no need to worry about creating actually finish off every Decepticon I can and throw them into a car crusher, then keep the cube, it spits out so I have a supply of Cybertonium, keep these cubes stacked neatly in pallets in the warehouse.*

>> No.39735665

My thing is what the fly fuck happened between the events of FFXII, FFTA2, and FFT? I know FFTA has a weird wish granting reality warping book that redoes reality and turns unlucky innocents into monsters and other shit in the process. So it was never actually real to begin with.

But FFTA2 takes place in actual Ivalice just tossing the MC back in time and shit. Don't really remember how far but it was sometime after FFXII. What the fuck happened that made FFT the way it was? No airships, no other fantasy races, you actually have to go looking for all the crazy shit. DEMONS. Many of the espers in FFXII are suddenly even more of an asshole than before in this one.

I just wish there was a game that at least explained how all this happened. But nope! none. I really am tempted to use the Return feature repeatedly on the FFXII jump JUST to see the shit that went down. But I have a feeling I'll regret what I find.

But if someone can fill me in on any hints the games might have given for it I would love to know.

>> No.39735707

Charisma is also force of personality and ego, and guess what dragons are made of? Their maximum age category is literally a multiple of their charisma score.

Play FFXII again. They literally explain this - the dick precursors are the source of Mist and therefore Magic. They leave, it leaves, magic dies. It just takes a really long time.

>> No.39735721


>command skills

You don't need a 'slot' for them. If you know how to Jump, use Iaido, and cast Black Magick then you can do all three. I don't want to try justifying not allowing that. But the limit on support and reaction stuff is so important ingame that I feel I should limit it in the perk section.

>movement abilities

Yeah, that was the plan, and I guess that could be problematic maybe. I could do this the same way as the support/reaction stuff if people think it's a better idea. I just thought this way was simpler, and most classes just don't have interesting move abilities.

>> No.39735729

Shame on me, seems you DONT get to pick your animagus form as it is tied to your personality.

But who knows... your animagus form could still be a dodo.

>> No.39735741

Yeah sure, but it's not just force of personality and ego that has all those half-dragon people and creatures running around everywhere you know.

>> No.39735766

Almost all of them can shapeshift and as being of ego, what is reality to tell them they can't have kids with a Xorn?

>> No.39735801

Well sure, they shapeshift, and with that massive fucking charisma score they can get into anything's pants. And they do, because I really don't understand why.

>> No.39735808


For those who can't read moonrunes.
12 and Tactics are "parallel" timelines so to speak. There's a point in time where they might have crossed realms - but no one is quite sure as to whether it's the same person (Saint Ajura, don't remember her English name)

Vaan's adventures in Star Wars Ivalice is year 706. A2 is a little while after that. 12-RW is right after the end of 706, around 709 - 710 iirc.

Tactics Advance and A2 are tied together in the same world, which is fine, since the "Real World" is yet a third parallel dimension. Luso is dragged the same way Marche and gang were.

Tactics proper in its own parallel timeline happens FAR after the cult of Saint Ajura is established. Basically, even if they were part of the same dimension, too much time has passed.

Vagrant Story...well Vagrant Story is somewhere in itself. Was fun researching all of this when I made 12.

>> No.39735835

We have an Advance jump, nowhere near the gloriousness of the Real Final Fantasy Tactics.

>> No.39735853

Ashe fuckin' things up for everybody yet again. Muh Dalmasca

>> No.39735863

Or you could do what I did, and not take it, but pretend you did, using your poke-form, just to screw with people's heads.

>> No.39736032

Wait they did. Baltheir appeared in Tactics if I remember correctly. Don't remember the specifics but it did happen.

Oh yeah! Yep you're right. I need to play FFXII again fuck.

Thanks for clearing that up anons.

>> No.39736059

>Vagrant Story

Come to think of it, we have FFTA, 12, and FFT once it's finished. Vagrant Story Jump would make it a complete set, huh? Not sure there's enough meat there for a full jump, though.

>> No.39736064

> Anon, what the hell is that?
> "It's a cactus."
> A what?
> "A cactus. I'm an animagus."
> An animagus can't be a cactus.
> "Well I am."
> An animagus form is a representation of your true self!
> "Right, I'm a cactus."
> "Fuck you, I'm a cactus."

>> No.39736153

I really don't like Perks like these: that give you something you can easily acquire by yourself.

It raises a lot fanwankery, accusations of fanwankery, etc...

I - personally - just assume these perks offer you an easy way to get them but that you may still work towards achieving them by yourself.

The pokemon transform. is a good idea though but less so for people who have a non-animal or humanoid pokemon form.

>> No.39736167

Time/Space warps. Same reason why Cloud is in FFT. Vaan goes for time trippin' rides too.

There's enough in there to make a jump. I had enough material after 12 to make a 12-RW jump. I just chose not to in the end cause there wasn't much of a point. I could probably dig up enough to do Vagrant too.

>> No.39736300

> Not choosing cactuar form in FFX for maximum cacti.

Get on my level.

>> No.39736324


>I could probably dig up enough to do Vagrant too.

If you did, I'd totally jump it. VS was fun. I was thinking of writing it after FFT but probably won't, since I don't think I'll get around to replaying it any time soon. I haven't played the game in like forever so my memory's really fuzzy.

>> No.39736402

Ah thanks. I was thinking of going for a Wyrmling Prismatic Dragon, is that a good idea or is it likely to backfire on me somehow?

Its stats make a Red Dragon look like shit with 73 Str 10 Dex 65 Con 64 Int 65 Wis 64 Cha.
If 26 charisma is great then I have no idea how extreme 64 is.

I'm still not sure how the stats work at higher levels, like 40 strength wouldn't be 4x human average but I don't know how the stats scale.

>> No.39736437

It's a good idea if that's what you want to do, Prismatics are the most powerful kind of dragon I know of, and their stats and abilities are ridiculous.

>> No.39736616

Personally if I were to go for an epic dragon I would probably go for wyrmling time dragon. Off hand though, I think it's about 2200CP for that though.

>> No.39736633

Epic level is stuff is so broken it's so unfunny. The FR Jump should've had a ruling against epic stuff off the bat.

>> No.39736660

Someone mentioning Civ reminds me, I have a few questions. First can the other Civs with through the optional win conditions or is that only available to jumpers?
Second I take it all the other World leaders are considered god kings?
Lastly, How exactly are the other Civs balanced against you. For those leaders who don't have much personal power (like a normal person) do they get more people and more resources to start off?

>> No.39736677

I am going to stop Delita's nuts into paste.

>> No.39736704

It gets kind of old seeing you bitch about FR ever chance you get, regardless of where I stand on it. You need to lay off.

>> No.39736709

I disagree, it would be unfair to send someone to a D&D world where there are epic level characters and say but you can't acquire that. If they get their through their own work they have earned it. Also there are a lot of things in the jump chain that are absurd, epic levels is just one of them.

>> No.39736798

Truly, this Anon knows what's up.

>> No.39736846

Or you know....have less gamey or better made gamey stuff.

Its kinda shitty, still considering that a jumper can seriously multiclass better than most people+you got some extra bullshit, then even if there was a cap in Epic.....well tough shit but you still multiclass like a genius or something.

Point is Epic nerf ain't all that serious(mind you i would prefer instead of a nerf a better re-write of the jump instead, so much awesome shit in that setting....would prefer buying it, hell a better rank in Noble title or something, but no there is nothing interesting, just gamey gimmicks that are not even that well written....how annoying).

>> No.39736910

Read my post. I said
>Regardless of where I stand on it.
He complains every time. It's not about the content, it's about it being tiresome to see him do it over and over and over again.

>> No.39736946

I was there when the guy made it, he didn't sleep for like 48hrs, wrote up the jump start to finish in like 5hrs and most of that was just copy/paste the classes.

Epic levels were in the DMG, as an optional thing. Like "We literally just copied pasted 3.0's Epic Handbook." Might as well have Unearthed Arcana with Gestalt. Multiclassing Gestalt as well.

>> No.39737002

Again, I do not care. I'm not making a stand on the quality or whatever the hell. I'm saying it's annoying seeing you make the same complaints several dozen times anytime anyone mentions FR. It really is. You've said your piece, why do you need to keep telling us? You even had your chance to do your own take on FR with that Underdark idea, but you didn't out of your own choice.

Also, just to clear it up a little, that anon's point is that FR is a setting full of Epic level Mary Sues like Elminster and it'd be unfair not to let people get up to his level and slap him in the face.

>> No.39737048

Simply do what the rest of /tg/ recommends to DMs and assume that if you're smart enough to powergame, so is everyone else. If you can get gestalt, so can others. If no one in-setting sees that a certain combination would be good, there might even be a reason.

Or just write a Greyhawk jump or something.

>> No.39737122

Look dude, the jumpmaker has made it quite clear that he was trying to give people options. A lot of options, enough options that it would be difficult to choose. He also made it relatively clear that he was aware that the jump could use improvement but he wasn't entirely sure how to get that job done. I'm pretty sure that he also said something to the effect that he would welcome someone else improving the fluff of the jump so long as they didn't lower the number of available options or interfere with the crunch.

We get that you hate the jump and hate 3.5, but please put your hate boner away. It isn't pleasant.

>> No.39737226

>implying jumpers aren't already inherently gestalting

>> No.39737233

except there are character like Elminster in the books who use those rules. Since you can encounter Epic level characters my point stands. Gestalt characters are not in any books that I am aware of.

>> No.39737249

What is gestalting?

>> No.39737275


A ruling to help make up for a lack of players.

It lets you choose 2 Classes and then merge them, taking the best of both classes. Everything overlaps, not stacks.

>> No.39737305


He'll probably be a cool guy if you just keep this from happening.

>> No.39737321

He has traitor blood. That'll always come out no matter what, it'd just be later rather than sooner.

>> No.39737329

Question for Jumpers who like commanding troops, or Leader Jumpers.
Do any of you give speeches to your troops? Do you copy any speeches from other historical leaders, video game characters, movie characters?
Are you influenced by certain figures in leadership, tactics, or the well being of your troops?
I sort of take notes from pic related

>> No.39737331

The only significant drawback is that your character is still only one character and doesn't get the actions of the two characters you're theoretically replacing. That and the fact that it ruins the balance unless everyone is doing it, which makes for a lot more paperwork.

>> No.39737348

Nope he's getting a bullet to the back of the head. A nice anti-midian silver cased blessed holy oil explosion right to the dome.

>> No.39737358

If there is an FFT jump, that is one of the primary things I will change.

Harsh. Fortunately there are jumps that will let you replace his blood one way or another. Or rather, literally change his mind, if you truly feel the need.

>> No.39737359


I looked through every page on dragons I could find and did not find Time Dragons.
Where are they hiding???


That is all.

>> No.39737371

I do the Saint Crispin's Day speech every so often. Not because I think it's particularly effective, just because it entertains me.

>> No.39737378

You get 2200 CP by unleashing horrific Elder Evils on the world, among other things.

>> No.39737390

Time Dragons are in the last issue of Dragon magazine. They're mostly the 'most epicest of dragons ever'.

>> No.39737422

Not a whole lot really unless you are absolutely new to the game then I'd seriously suggest you just play normal D&D.

Its okay if you only have one or two players when you need five or six.

>> No.39737433

Jumper me is a lot more clever and creative than regular me. I would assume I don't copy other speeches. If I do give a great speech I want it to be my own. With words crafted especially for the situation.
Also that way I can more tailor it to the crowd and people in attendance. I think it's easier to deliver an impassioned speech if it is your own words.

>> No.39737437

I usually feel that if I need to do mind control there's little reason not to kill them, I'm already doing it in one sense.

>> No.39737450

Underdark is in limbo because the person I've been making it with has a hellish work schedule. I understanding wanting to get epic levels and slap Elmister silly, however one Jump shouldn't allow you to reach that by spending CP at the start.

It's like wanting to be Asura at maximum rage, where he's literally blowing up planets by punching them. You can get there but it takes time and effort.

"option" was his way "I don't know what to do so I'll throw everything & the kitchen sink". 3.5 I dislike because it was literally caster edition. Druid, Cleric, Wizard, Sorcerer were way better at everything. There's a tier system, T1 was "Literally do everything" that includes Wizard, Spell to Power Variant Erudite, Artificer (T0) & I think Cleric.

T2 was basically T1 but more limited. Sorcerers, Druids, Favored Souls...etc. if T1 was 100 Nukes, T2 was 10. T3 was where the game was balanced.

A little more research would've been nice. The guy did say he didn't know where to take it, but then he vanished.

It does ruin the balance, and like a lot of 3.5 it was up to the DM to basically slap the player silly to ask for it.

Dragon Magazine. Like a lot of what Pazio did for Dragon it wasn't playtested, and was literally closest thing to "official" homebrew you could get.

Minimum number people needed to play is 2.

>> No.39737491


Traitor blood? Delita just has filthy commoner blood. Maybe you're thinking of Argath.

Now, Argath actually deserves a punch in the jeans. I can't really argue against anyone wanting to stomp that guy.

>> No.39737493

>The jump where the people are at epic level in the setting shouldn't let you get epic level.
That's dumb.

Also stop talking, the 5e wank and FR jump bitching is really tired. Agree with you or not (in some ways yes, in other ways no) it's annoying to do so over and over again. It accomplished nothing.

Also, no you can't reach Asura's level. Pretty sure that jump says so.

>> No.39737497

Light Blindness + Abyss + Ponderous Spellcasting + Tasty is 1600 cp of drawbacks. The first elder evil is another 800 cp and the Weresheep drawback is 600 cp. So a total of 4000 cp is possible with only one elder evil being unleashed on the plane.

Build Elminster in gestalt from scratch. I'm pretty sure he's smart enough to take advantage of it.

>> No.39737524

I just mean that people who can become scum like that will eventually, he'll just find another excuse.

>> No.39737617

But you can reach Elmister's level in FR Jump. I haven't mentioned 5e in awhile, but what I like about it is that you're not "phased out" of 99% of Monster Manual by time you reach past level 10. Although I dislike how they treat monsters now, it's as bad as 3.5e's. 4e was the best for DMs, horrible for players.

I know FR Jump is a sticky issue and it just makes me rage on and on. For that I apologize, just more and more I see it I just have to comment.

>> No.39737656

Really, my advice would be to work on Underdark when you feel like that, since it's better than retracing the same thing over and over. Since your partner is busy though, I guess the only real use for those thoughts is to divert energy into some other jump-related project if you have one.

>> No.39737672

Better yet, use a Transformers alt.

>That was a destroyer
>"I know that, but how?"
>It's my Animagus form I guess
>"B-b-but it's supposed to be a reflection of your inner self"
>It is, I guess my inner-self weighs twenty five hundred tons and carries five inch guns. Pretty bitchin' actually.
>Says who? You're just tin-can phobic. Check your human-centric privilege shitlord.

>> No.39737726


I'm not much of a poet or public speaker, even after grabbing charisma-related perks to offset my social ineptness.

I put on my war face, unfurl my wings, draw my sword, and give a war cry. That usually suffices.

>> No.39737760


The better kicker for this is to go into into Kancolle before as a ship gear, and invoke your ship parts when they say this

>> No.39737774

Is your war face as good as gunny's?

>> No.39737778

Or drag your ship girls along and let them get morally outraged.

>> No.39737816

Well right now I'm about to go on vacation here soon. So I'll probably put my full force into making stuff then.

>> No.39737826

>You're just tin-can phobic. Check your human-centric privilege shitlord.

So what exactly are you going to do about it?

>> No.39737867

I feel like Harry Potter is the easiest place to fuck with everyone's heads after a few well selected jumps

and it's amazing

>> No.39737873

Nah. Caroline would sooner be snickering at the fact that I took the name Beauregard.

>> No.39737886

Wizards are just such big idiots in that setting.

>> No.39737915

>The entire structure of Hogwarts

Yeah wizards really don't know shit about OSHA compliance

>> No.39737941

In the Railgun jump, when choosing a Sister can I pick one of the ones from the omake chapters?

I'm pretty sure OSHA didn't exist back then and they've never heard about it since. See also: Like all of their other architecture.

>> No.39737959

Oh god yes. I can see it now. Going to something like the Zerg Quest and becoming a 23 meter tall Ultralisk hybrid or something.

"I feel pretty."
"Everything looks so small."
"I wonder how my parents are doing."
**Still more screaming**

>> No.39737963

Wizards: No Sense of Right or Wrong

>> No.39737978

I think Reploid said pretty much any Sister 'cept Accelerator's. Hell, he didn't even make a big deal of it when an anon asked for an exception.

>> No.39737999

You know, I was tempted to spend points on my own strain in Zerg, but ultimately as a Primal I figured I'd be able to have the same ultimate effect by just eating a bunch of other non-primal Zerg.

>> No.39738050

Or up and down

>> No.39738084

I couldn't swing the points for Primal. Wanted other stuff.

Went Drop In and grabbed Essence Spinner and figured I'd get their eventually.

>> No.39738098

Or style, both literal and figurative.

I am extremely tempted to go full magical boy during the Pentawizard Playoffs.

>> No.39738109



oh wait it got taken hostage

f-fine i didn't want your stupid wish anyway



Age: 28
Identity: Experimental Zoanthrope [950]

Beast Change! [Free]
Martial Artist- Tiger Style Kung-Fu [Free]
Breaking the Silence [850]
Hear My Roar [750]
Juggernaut [Free]
Minor Manifestation [650]
Defense Breaker [450]
Kinetic Recharge [50]
Impossible Genome - Supreme Tigrex [-450]
Companion Import- Chance (Rabbit) [-500]

Rebel's Shroud [-600]


Public Enemy Number One [0]


so basically nothing has changed

In addition! After I get people to abandon Australia entirely because nobody wants to be on the same continent as the supremely destructive and angry goddess-beast, then I'll have a fair amount of time to figure out how to grow individual body parts in my Warehouse.

Like those of the very same Supreme Tigrex that I used as my base.

And then, I will make armor out of them.

>The armor, with a good Talisman, gives me Spirit +2, which increases my attack and crit% when a monster in the area is enraged.
>MFW I am the monster.

>> No.39738159

Yay. Even if the cat ears aren't fully functional now they certainly will be post-Franken Fran.

And I can tie her into my motherbox, too, so that's nice. Let's see if I have to buy it myself. Remote hacking like Misaka does is hax. As is throwing people out of your head by controlling the neurons.

>> No.39738215

Would you say your rage is.....Primal?

>> No.39738255

Ah, just take her to CATastrophe and the cat ears can become fully functional.

>> No.39738363

Okay, I just checked out Time Dragons in the Dragon Magazine.

2400CP to become a Wyrmling and in exchange you become a godlike being that stands above all dragons -and even some other immortals - with incredible powers over time, ranging from stopping time to travelling through time.

I cannot imagine any reason to not become a Time Dragon.

... Gz, Wizards, for making something this overpowered.

>> No.39738384

>Harry Potter Jump
>Begin the class where you learn about magical creatures.
>"Anon! That's... that's a dragon!"
>"Yeah I know, he's my friend."
>"But..Dragons are wild uncontrollable beasts! How did you possible manage to befriend one?"
>"Well, to be honest, it's not really a dragon. This is just one of my friends in his Animagus form."
>"But, that makes even less sense."
>"Say's the girl who's best friend contains the soul of an evil nose-less psychopath."

>> No.39738386

Saving that for once I've got 8 companions, much like several other jumps where I want to make sure everyone gets it.

20002 is the last one I need to have a full party for OOTS, but there's still some other things I need before hitting the forgotten realms, like infinite dirt, item duplication, and a recruitment item.

Dragon Magazine is traditionally treated with all the respect of homebrew, even if Elmnister helps with some of the columns.

>> No.39738420

>that pun

>> No.39738422

Paizo, not wizards. Also, it is CR 24 at it's weakest. Really not a feasible thing for a player to be in a game. Could be rather fantastic for a jumper though.

>> No.39738442

Meh, I think Dragon stuff is acceptable most of the time. Usually it's not much worse than official stuff and can have neat flavor.

>> No.39738463

Dragon magazine is usually held as being better than home brew or 3rd party. Some say it is essentially 2nd party(not the people who realize that technically the player is 2nd party) really you could call it 1.5th party along with the majority of the dragonlance material.

>> No.39738515

>/tg/, what is THAT GUY doing in your party?
>Trying to get the DM to use something from Dragon Magazine
>That guy is most certainly THAT GUY, anonymous poster

>> No.39738530

According to /tg/, doing pretty much anything can you get labeled as That Guy.

>> No.39738547

funny, I find it more likely that THAT Guy is typically trying to get all and sundry to believe that monks are op and that psionics are broken and that the blatantly chaotic evil actions of his paladin are totally lawful good.

>> No.39738595


My group jokingly brings stuff to the table to show me to get a rise but always bring real characters too.

On the topic of Dragon Magazine, some of it is nice stuff and some of it not so much. I did like their lists of extended Familiars. The Humming Bird and Butterfly were two of my favorites.

>> No.39738759

The nice thing about dragon is that it provides options and flavor. Not always good, but certainly not always bad.

>> No.39738766

>Have a stack of harem perks,
>Use 'A New Arrival' on a main character to free up their harem
>now female main character falls deeply in love with you and can't understand why you would be disgusted at the thought.

Might want to be careful about combining A New Arrival and Harem Perks... unless you really like the Rule 63 version of a character.

>> No.39738810

Oh yes. I ended up stealing a LOT of ideas from the magazines. Sometimes not even for D&D.

>> No.39738827

Question about Blink in Worm, would it be possible to teleport part of things like just a persons arm or just the wheels on a car?

>> No.39738858

It's personal teleportation only.

>> No.39739041

But it clearly says "You can also Blink targets you're touching or take them with you, whether that is people or objects, up to around five times your size" so I don't know where you got that idea from.

>> No.39739157

Parts of a car, yes. Parts of a person, probably no. Manton effect would prevent you from harming people that way. If you got a second trigger, though, you could do it.

>> No.39739182

Not all powers respect the manton effect, so it depends. Some of them outright ignore it or parts of it, such as Corrosive Contact which pretty much laughs in its face.

>> No.39739206

True. But given that it's such a common feature of how powers work in that setting, I'd assume that it applies unless explicitly stated not to.

>> No.39739212

Here's the Underdark WIP


Honestly IDK what to do with it now. Martial tree is like the least detailed out, because I have no clue what to go with it. Caster is finished, Divine again it's like "Ok, what do I do with it."

The goal was trying to make a generic Underdark jump without going into a system. Like it would be systemless.

>> No.39739232

It does mention removing the Manton Limit after the jump in the notes, is that what it's referring to?

>> No.39739235

...what do you think I did in Harry Potter, anon? Ron, Harry, and Draco all got slapped with that perk, and I turned my ten years in Harry Potter into a harem Visual Novel.

If I'm going to have to deal with Wizard society and all it's attendant bullshit, I'm at least going to have fun doing so.

>> No.39739267

Harry is a little shit but I can at least see why you'd go after Harriet, but why the fuck would you want Ronalda and Dracona?

>> No.39739275

The Manton Effect basically is whether your powers can affect life forms or inorganic things only; the vast majority of powers respect this divide, and things like teleporting other people can only teleport the whole, not just part of a person.

>> No.39739332

It is also whether a power affects you or others. Sort of a safety thing to prevent you from burning yourself to death or turning yourself into cancer.

Apparently Draco(na) looks good in leather pants.

>> No.39739334

So during the jump teleporting an arm wouldn't be possible but it would be afterwards?

I plan on teleporting peoples arms at max speed into themselves while saying "stop hitting yourself" repeatedly.

>> No.39739354

Not exactly. The notes don't mention it, but parahumans gain their powers in moments of incredible stress, their trigger event. There's a neat little thing Wildbow wrote up about the correlation between type of stress and what sort of parahuman you trigger as, I can dig it up if you're interested. Anyway, if they later experience an event of similar nature but even greater stress, they have a second trigger where their powers get upgraded. This can take a number of forms, but the most common powerup is for the Manton Effect to no longer apply. Don't try to force it, though, self-triggering is impossible. The Cycle demands conflict, shards refuse to reward people trying to cheat their way to power.

>> No.39739359

Not him, but I would imagine that a female Draco wouldn't be quite as douche-y.

Ronette would just be horrible.

>> No.39739390

Poor, poor anon. Female Draco would be just as bad, plenty of female purebloods in the books showed you that.

>> No.39739397 [SPOILER] 

You must have missed the Rule63 Harry Potter threads /tg had at one point.

Trust me, I wasn't complaining about the results.

>> No.39739413

I assumed such a restriction wouldn't end just because the jump ends, since it is inherent to the power itself..?

>> No.39739414

>There's a neat little thing Wildbow wrote up about the correlation between type of stress and what sort of parahuman you trigger as, I can dig it up if you're interested.
Please do

>> No.39739452

It's worth noting that the limits removed post jump appear to be more the competitive balance limits than organic/inorganic. Reasonably sure it's not intended to let say someone with Inorganic Avatar to start fusing people to his form or a Biosculptor to start being able to do non-living matter too (although maybe they could do stuff on say a crystalline life form post jump).

So yeah a great deal of powers can be used for ludicrous gibs post jump (Captain Fishface for example occasionally rips out people's hearts via Orbital Lock).

>> No.39739454

Eh, it's really debatable.
She certainly wouldn't be an innocent flower, but I doubt she would be as quite as scummy. More of a queen bee than anything else.

Besides, hate is my fetish

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