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>> No.39696299

How does this work exactly.

>> No.39696317

Ponce was a ponce.

>> No.39696318

See that PDF above you?

Make a build, then browse the Drive from there.

And have fun - after all, you're here forever.

>> No.39696320

It's a series of linked Choose Your Own Adventure settings.
Read the CYOA in the OP image; select what perks and stuff you want, and any drawbacks. Then jump to the next place (usually getting a Warehouse and Body Mod first, which should also be in the OP). How you pick where e you go next is up to you; all the other CYOAs are in the drive linked in the OP.

Pick your stuff, live ten years in a world, writefag, and repeat.

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Jumpers! I have a question for you.

We've talked about mottos, battle themes, even the speech when we want to unleash the asskicking... but what about the times you want to show mercy? When you find something out about the enemy, or feel like it crosses a line to strike them.

When do you show kindness to those who would strike you?

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Okay, so for Digimon - does buying Kazemon, Zephyrmon, Ranamon, and Calamaramon then allow me to buy AncientKazemon and AncientMermaimon as two seperate Side Evolutions? If not, what are good candidates to use in place of those?

Also, how child-friendly can I be while still retaining the ability to transform into pic related?

>> No.39696359

Sometimes even when it's a bad idea!

I'm a big ol' softie that way.

>> No.39696365

That depends on the person if they pissed me off enough the best they are getting is some broken bones if they are on the side of good in the plot.
If they aren't I give no mercy.

>> No.39696386

FUCK I am still tired I mean. They get broken bones if I know they turn to the side of good in the plot.
Who is that person in the pic because I want her and I want to pod her.

>> No.39696389

Take away all their abilities Including super intelligence Give them a new set of memories,,Change all their identifying features including DNA, set them up with an apartment And a job and let them start over.

>> No.39696401

It's Lilithmon, one of the Seven Great Demon Lords.

You turn into her using the Code Key of Lust.

>> No.39696410

Again, I get the shit kicked out of me trying to stop Selvaria from being an hero
despite my initial projections it actually worked

>> No.39696427

You know someone's gonna make it sooner or later if just as a joke, right?

And oh will people abuse it.

>> No.39696433

Fuck. Forget it then I'd rather not have a digimon besides those I get.

>> No.39696436

Really the question for me is when do I NOT show mercy. I stopped being a fan of violence pretty quickly, I usually (minus the obviously evil guys) give my enemies some way to surrender, if not attempt to avoid violence outright

>> No.39696444

I show mercy most of the time, and I have ways to remove abilities like spirit bending. I'm up for redeeming most people like Riley if they even can be redeemed. But sometimes some people have to die. That fucking asshole David Bowie and his stupid cat had to die for example. Can't see his serial killer ass being redeemed.

>> No.39696461

So, uh... I just worked on a bunch of fiendish math..

is that by combining the Little Sister companion, We Are Many, and Self Duplication, and duplicating yourself and your Sibling out to the 10th generation and having every original and duplicate clone themselves eight ways with We Are Many, you wind up with 93 clones with some semblance of power (down to 1/64th your jumper's abilities) and 234 of them total (all the way down to 1/16384th your power)

So, you'll probably ask me... what good is a clone with that little power? You probably don't need to go that far down actually, I just thought 10 was a nice number to go to. Seems like 7 or 8 generations is enough for what comes next.

Pentakai Bench from King Arthur. Gives your allies a boost that's 10% of your power. Gives you a boost equal to 10% of your allies' power. I assumed that was pre-bench power levels.

I was playing around with the math, and You yourself will get a power boost equal to about 96% of your starting power from this clone army. Your allies all recieve something on the order of 101-106% of your power. (I didn't calculate it all the way out to the 15th tier, but it'll plateau out around 106%)

And this is just your clones/sibling clones. Your companions and native allies will receive that same 106% boost. You're still stronger than them, since you're getting that 96% boost, but working with you they're as strong as you'd be alone.

I shudder to think what the result would be, when combined with the Pink Tide...

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Did you link the wrong post?

>> No.39696465

Mercy is usually the most foolish thing you can go for. Kill or control.

>> No.39696475


That. That I did.

Oops. Dropped the spaghetti.

>> No.39696491

Good. I don't think that JC is ready for Endowment: The Jump

>> No.39696504

>this is what Evil actually believes

>not redeeming the scum of the earth just to show that it can be done

Come on, now.

>> No.39696513

No. No we would not.

No but srsly I actually meant this guy: >>39696083

>> No.39696519

There is a fine line between naive and being stupid.

>> No.39696520

Ha ha, no.

Suffice to say that if they deserved mercy, they wouldn't have been full-on enemies in the first place. You cannot afford to show mercy to Nyarlathotep, or to the moron flinging around shounen power like a drunken fratboy. Oh sure-we might let them LIVE, but only to serve another end. And thanks to the power of magical contracts/slave collars we make damn sure anyone we try to make sure anyone we have fight never raises their hand against us again, one way or another.

>> No.39696564

Only if they amused me. If I didn't think it was funny, I make sure they die in fear.

>> No.39696574

When my girls tell me I should. Generally. I figure Usagi makes a decent enough conscience. Lot more fun than some cricket.

>> No.39696578

He's a psycopath with a stand. He can't be redeemed just like that creepy asshole mandrake or Fabius Bile. Evil is seeped into the very fabric of their being. Sometimes you just got take out the commissar hat and boltpistol.

>> No.39696589

I... hmm. I don't know.

I mean, the good stuff I've done I prefer to do when no one's watching. A wish spell here to correct a heart problem, another wish spell here to make sure someone else gets a full and healthy life, and not some measly amount of twenty more years.

I guess... I guess if I was up against someone hostile and I didn't really want to fight them, I suppose I could just sit there and take it. Let them get it out of their system, or something.

>> No.39696631

He's still a mortal-ish being who wasn't born evil - same with Fabius. The Mandrake was born needing to eat souls, but wasn't born ENJOYING it. That was learned.

The point is, if I can redeem beings that are literally MADE of pure, solidified Evil? I can turn these guys around.

>> No.39696655

So i brought the Skull Girl with me using the Friendly Face perk in Skullgirls. Any ideas on how to make it for she doesn't go insane?

>> No.39696674

Nice double-dubs.

Anyway, one idea is to take You Can Be More in Worm and stack it with as many therapy perks as possible.

>> No.39696678

Remove Skull Heart.

>> No.39696683

How do different multipliers work together?

I think that if you have a magical based multiplier to speed(enchanted gear), a technique multiplier (Soru/Flash Step) and tech based multiplier (Exo Suit) they should effect each other but if it was all magic then it would stack linearly.

What are your thoughts?
Three 2x multipliers can = 8x or always just 6x?

>> No.39696688

Bending over and kissing your ass goodbye.
Marie is suppose to cause destruction because of the Skull heart as I remember.

>> No.39696699

Also why the fuck do I want to combine a Skullutula with a Skull Heart. Evil skull spider parasites are no good.

>> No.39696701

So I am thinking of taking the Civ Jump with the max number of enemies and the drawback where you can import enemies. So how dead am I if I choose all of the fallowing? Since they are not all gunning for me and because I am intending this to be a giant Clusterfuck I am not intending to fight them all at once (and some of them not at all) The Johj are there because we are going to need a big threat to keep all the world conquers occupied for a bit. Any suggestions for civilizations that should be replaced?

England (Ruled by Saber)
Babylon (Ruled by Gilgamesh)
Barovia (Ruled by Strahd von Zarovich)
Latveria (Ruled by Dr. Doom)
Amestis (Ruled by King Bradley)
Hyrule (Ruled by Zelda)
USA (Ruled by Teddy Roosevelt)
Japan (Ruled by Nobunaga)
Paradigm (Ruled by Alex Rosewater)
Mars (Ruled by the Johj)
Nechronica (Ruled by the Necromancer from Nechronica)
Mushroom Kingdom (Ruled by Princess Peach)
Koopa Kingdom (Ruled by Bowser)
Wallachia (Ruled by Dracula from Castlevenia)
India (Ruled by Gandhi)

>> No.39696732

Well, you know, demons and devils in DnD are literally made of evil and THEY can be redeemed, technically. They can't stop being made of evil but they can behave good. So you have a chance.

>> No.39696742

> When do you show kindness to those who would strike you?
Generally when I'm fangirling it up for whatever reason. I'm not exactly proud.

Katz wanted to feed me to the spiders, but I eventually brought him around by being really good at motel upkeep and being too damn hard to kill. He eventually decided it was just easier to keep me around as a sidekick. That was a good day.

Speaking of, since I posted my FF9 build, I've been thinking about how I probably turned into a giggling trainwreck around most of the primary cast and acted like a total dork. So.

HEY JUMPERS! Have you ever met someone you really super admired for any reason? Maybe they were a childhood hero or you just really loved their style? How'd you deal with it? How did THEY deal with it? Did your spaghetti fall out everywhere?

What was your biggest fanboy moment?

>> No.39696767

How you even getting 8x? Math isn't even that hard. You add multiplives together not multiply them.

>> No.39696774

Wait, they can actually stop being made of evil, it just needs god-level spells or Wish.

>> No.39696780

Ultimate Mercy

AKA The Emperor's Mercy

>> No.39696802

Fabius has been corrupted by the powers of Slaanesh. He has killed millions if not billions of innocent souls. He does not deserve death. That would be too kind. Yoshikage Kira is irreedemable because of his stand, Killer Queen. He is a born pyscopath and sociopath with an ability to erase anything he touches. Stands represent part of the user's soul, I don't expect Yoshikage Kira to change anytime.
By defeating the gods and possibly erasing the skullheart inside of her? Maybe a true wish?
The Necromancer, Dracula, Johj, Dr. Doom, Saber, Gilgamesh, Strahd, and King Bradley are your major threats and would be a huge threat. Everyone else is easily defeatable. You would need to act quickly to stop the Johj seeing as they literally reproduce like cockroaches.
DnD alignments are an awful, awful thing. That morality axis is flawed. Plus, most of the ways to redeem a demon or devil is to completely change them, erasing them of all their individuality.

>> No.39696819

I try to make a reputation for myself so SOP is to offer a chance to surrender before the fight even begins. Mooks, minions, and the like only get knocked out or otherwise incapacitated baring unusual circumstances. Really I'm all about second chances so its rarer for me to kill then to show mercy.

>> No.39696826

Babylon 5.

I was torn between nostalgia, melancholy, and holding my spaghetti in the ENTIRE FUCKING JUMP.

>> No.39696834

Most, but there are actually legitimately repentant demons. There's even a canon succubus paladin who was in one of Wizards' adventure books. She eventually hard her god reward her by removing the evil subtype.

>> No.39696854

I have people who I'd fangirl over but I try to behave. I don't want to look like a big idiot in front of them, after all. Instead I try to be their friend and learn from them.

>> No.39697004

Always. I am of the opinion that none are beyond redemption. Whether it's a lack of perspective, a mental or spiritual ailment, or just a shitty childhood, I believe that all can redeemed and changed for the better. All it takes is time and care. And if there's anything I've got, it's time and care.

>> No.39697014

>You would need to act quickly to stop the Johj seeing as they literally reproduce like cockroaches.
They are there to be a big scary threat, and part of the reason there are undead rulers to help control them. I figure I can ally with Saber, possibly temporarily ally with Doom, Gilgamesh, and Bradley most likely to help take care of the Johj; Strahd I beat once already but I am still a little sore over getting my eye ripped out in Ravenloft so I am going to try and end him... again. I think my advantage though is I am not going for a military victory but unlike the others who as you pointed out will likely be easily defeated I can likely hold my country against most of the people I picked out. I am a bit worried about Gilgamesh and Doom. Maybe I should try and substitute someone for Reed Richards to help with doom and I have Saber there because I am expecting her to draw some fire from Gilgamesh. Then again my plans could all go to hell do to positioning. Hmmm how dangerous would Ultimate Reed Richards be if he were thrown in to the mix?

>> No.39697102

Well that's what I was asking, if they can multiply instead of just being added.

Say I can go Mach 1 while running naturally but then I get some enchanted boots that let me go 5x faster bringing me to Mach5.
Then I learn the Flash Step technique from Negima which lets each step propel me 15 feet which is basically double the usual, it would make sense for the total speed of that to be Mach10 while using the technique since they work in such different ways.

>> No.39697112

Usually it's assumed they're added unless there's a reason to assume they aren't.

>> No.39697130 [SPOILER] 

Whenever I'm fighting someone who's obviously been forced into a conflict, or when I see that my opponent genuinely wants to surrender. (Which is very easy to do when you can tell if someone's lying.)

That's not mercy, in fact killing them would be far more generous.

>biggest fanboy moment
DC. Not only did I get to meet Batman, Superman and the rest of the Justice league, but I also got to encounter Lex Luthor, travel to metropolis and visit the watch tower.

Hey Many, the Deadly Fetch from Changeling can only counter your magical abilities correct? How would it react to being grabbed by a Gundam and thrown into deep space?

>> No.39697184

>When do you show kindness to those who would strike you?
Everyone deserves kindness. If someone has a chance at redemption, I'll try and show them where they can change their ways and work for a better future. Most people don't choose to be evil, they're misguided or desperate and I can remind them there are escapes.

Mind control or forced alterations to their personality are out of the question unless they literally ask for it and can't do it on their own power. It takes a lot for me to not give people a chance at being good. If I can show people the path to being good it's easier for them to take it. Redemption doesn't mean anything unless someone chooses it on their own.

If they continue to choose to bring suffering to others, I will fight them.

>What was your biggest fanboy moment?

He's great. Takes so much boisterous pride in his job yet never ends up doing any serious harm. He is doomed to lose forever yet approaches every new scheme learning from his mistakes and just having a great time being the bad guy. He has a whole kingdom of loyal minions thanks solely to his larger-than-life charismatic persona. And at the end of the day ruling a kingdom he has a happy family to return to.

Big fan of the guy, flattered him heavily about his qualities and got some autographs. He just soaked up the praise, because he knows that he deserves all the praise he gets. I spend the jump proving I was better than a minion and offered him a trip around the multiverse so he could come back with the tools to take over the Mushroom Kingdom for good.

>> No.39697196

Congratz. You just killed whoever it was you were trying to redeem.

>> No.39697216

I don't like killing or hurting people so I am generally pretty merciful. I generally try and avoid such direct fighting that would force me to kill an opponent, maybe try and teach them something of their moral failings. Still even those I have reason to hate and want dead in the end it's pretty hard to pull the trigger when you see someone beaten and defenseless. If I can let them go I usually do, and if I can't I usually look for some way of detaining them or making them not a threat any more.

>> No.39697224

So thread Why be a God when you could be a King?

>> No.39697269

Reposting the updated version of Gurren Lagann.

1.You now arrive three years before the battle of Teppelin. (I fucked up on the timeline calculation.)

2.Font fixes.

3.Grammar fixes.

4.Changed the note about the Beastmen. Anyone who picks the complication can now switch to their Beastman form after the end of the jump.

5.Specified that the jump takes place during the anime, not the movies.

6.Specified that you're able to increase your Spiral Power during the endgame sceanrio.

>> No.39697271

You can be both. There's literally a background that is that.

>> No.39697280

They're invulnerable, so he'll return in about a day.

>> No.39697289

>a God when you could be a King?
Why not be god king and rule by your divine right and do both? Actually I would rather do neither. Both jobs are rather hard and thankless. No matter what you do someone will hate you and your constantly being asked to solve other peoples problems. I like helping people but I like it when it is my choice and not constantly thrust in my face.

>> No.39697295

>implying that being pantsless for 10 years is an issue
>when you've been wearing a kilt as part of your primary outfit for 12,000+ years.


>Full Metal Panic
Location: USA
Age: 21-years-old
Identity: Drop-In
Drawbacks: Fumoffu! (+0), Bounty (+200), Socially Inept (+100)
Final Point Count: 1,300 CP

-Demolitions (Free)
-Close Quarters Combat

-Electrical Discharge
-AS Shotgun
-Lambda Drive

>> No.39697318

I think Doom sums it up best.

>> No.39697360

Doom is a big wrong dumby.

>> No.39697396

What makes you say that?

butthurt god who was outwitted by Doom detected

>> No.39697418

What's a God to a Nonbeliever?

>> No.39697453

Chuck Norris

>> No.39697462

>Lambda Drive

No. No. Bad OAA.

After seeing your insanity in the IRC I do not trust you with that damn thing. WHY THE SONG SCIENCE.

>> No.39697504

You are all now imagining OAA using the Lambda Driver to not only weaponize the Will of the Planet in a VERY literal way, but also to translate the Collective Unconscious as fuel.

>> No.39697513

Please go back to your dying thread. We don't want your meme here.

>> No.39697532

The judge, jury, and executioner.

>> No.39697541


>> No.39697545

What is a dank meme to a dying thread?

>> No.39697555

>translate the Collective Unconscious as fuel.
I'm sure that NOTHING AT ALL can go wrong with that plan.

Holy crap, Red. OAA is already sacrificing children for his plans, now you want him to consume planets worth of people?

... you've changed.

>> No.39697566

I see, what about Annoying Bane? If I pick something like crude oil as my weakness should I expect to find myself avoiding tanker trucks during fights, and needing to travel to oil platforms for important missions?

>> No.39697573

wait what?!
what did you do OAA?

>> No.39697576

>sacrificing children
Where the fuck do you even get that? And you realize the collective unconscious is just the infinite psychic plane of subconscious thoughts, right?

>> No.39697587


>> No.39697588

>Red. Red never changes.

>> No.39697596

One contract and one Marche later apparently turns you into pic related

>> No.39697597

It's how he made his contract. He sacrificed Marche.

>> No.39697609

>And you realize the collective unconscious is just the infinite psychic plane of subconscious thoughts, right?
That you want him to burn as fuel! Those trees... they've done things to you. Old Red would never have suggested that.

>> No.39697617


Okay no. All's good. Little fucker tries to destroy a world in a fit of insanity and even successfully creates what amounts to a suicide cult.

>> No.39697624

It has to be common or extremely well known. I would say Gasoline would be your bane, so just inhaling Petrol fumes would cause you to take bashing damage.

>> No.39697625

Red isn't evil, she is however a staunchly neutral demon, who does not go out of her way for anything, unless it's funny. She may be the number one person behind Wakfu's decent into insanity.

>> No.39697659

Same. The only thing stopping me from courting Delen 1st season is my respect for john motherfucking starkiller sheridan. If not for that I would of built an empire to build the machine to help me tap dat.

>> No.39697721

Ugh. Just say no to boneheads.

>> No.39697736

Jumpers, lets assume that the unthinkable happens (at least, unthinkable for a lot of us); you actually die during Jumpchain. This in includes extra lives and any other fail-safes you might have. Whether due to fate or to pure bad luck, your Chain is now over, no matter what you do.

What is the song that plays when your journey comes to an end in this manner? Your Death Theme, if you will.

>> No.39697750

Honestly, from the way it sounds (and after talking to the guy), he DID try to barter with the world to use anything else. It's not like OAA is the kind of person to just willingly slaughter someone for giggles and power.

The funny thing about the psychic bit? It's a lot like the Warp. As long as living beings exist, it will exist, and it's not like he's keeping it on all day every day. Really, better to use a renewable resources that can recover from occasional taps than to suck on souls for breakfast.

>She may be the number one person behind Wakfu's decent into insanity.
It's not temptation if it wasn't there to begin with.

>> No.39697768

>Your Death Theme, if you will.

>> No.39697785

This question is fucking stupid and I'm tired of it.

>> No.39697786


>> No.39697789

This song plays because just because my multiverse adventure ended doesn't mean it has to end when I return to earth. I will wander and have adventures in my world.
This plays. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBN86y30Ufc

>> No.39697807

Is there any situation Queen isn't appropriate for?

>> No.39697822

Being incredibly lame.

>> No.39697823

Spamming SAO with GMOD videos?

>> No.39697839

>Your Death Theme, if you will.

>> No.39697851

>GMOD videos

>> No.39697864

2nd Scenario, finally fleshed out a bit better.
Far as I can tell so far, this won't change people's builds (significantly)
Addressed some of the issues brought up (Actually there was just the White Waltz thing).

Anyhow, standard run of the mill fare.

>> No.39697868


>> No.39697869

Garry's Mod.

Lots of obnoxious meme videos made using that program on YouTube.

>> No.39697936

>Death Theme

Well, everyone's gonna end eventually right?

>> No.39697939

Where are We Are Many / Self Duplication from?

>> No.39697997

I always figured you'd end up as ouroboros

>> No.39698015

Haven't you learned from talking to these threads, Red?

Everybody's a black-hearted monster.

>> No.39698036

Mine's purple. It's all bruised up.

>> No.39698039


>> No.39698062



>> No.39698072

>not green-hearted

Although, it does make sense. We've all spent so much time fighting monsters - it only makes sense that the weaker-willed among us would have become monsters ourselves.

I mean, I'm Lilithmon now for crying out loud, and I didn't even have to be supernaturally corrupted for that.

>> No.39698075

Devouring myself huh? Well, who knows? I might eventually just go mad and do just that.

>> No.39698085


Do you... Do you need a health potion, man?

So, you'd say WakfuAnon's green-hearted?

>> No.39698088

Metalocalypse and Teen Titans respectively.

>> No.39698104

No, I'll be okay!

>> No.39698121


>> No.39698128


Holy fucking shit!

>> No.39698146


If only she had never talked to that tree, the Sitcomverse might be safe.

>> No.39698149

oh...ok...so there's...other places to amplify this.

>> No.39698157


>> No.39698169

Oh, right. With no self-control and no such thing as restraint.

Guess all this not punching planets and not devouring civilizations is all wrong. The fuck have I been doing with my life?

>> No.39698181


Why are there TWO Metalocalypse jumps?

>> No.39698189

>The fuck have I been doing with my life?

>> No.39698190


>> No.39698209

>The fuck have I been doing with my life?


>> No.39698217

They both got released at the same time by people who thought it was a surprise. So nobody knew the other was working on one.

>> No.39698219

"So...it's finally over? After all this time...all these worlds...I'm home."

>> No.39698241

Pretty much two people were working on it at the exact same time and didn't realize it. They decided that there Jumps were different that they are both left in the Drive. One is much more a Generic Heavy Metal Jump. Pick one, do both, whatever. I personally plan to use the one of them as a Heavy Metal Jump up until the Brutal Legend is made.

If it's still being worked on.

>> No.39698256


So what? You can take it twice?

>> No.39698260


Mercy of the highest order. I can't handle death very well especially when imposing it on others. The most I can do to others is mildly injure them. Especially when I can literally feel the power gap between me and them. Of course not everything is rainbows and honey, as I had to kill plenty of things. Mostly monsters, Orks, Demons, and other hive mind like beings. Fuck Hive minds. And fuck nature too if it's going to be a bitch. No mercy for powerful beings, primordial forces and other such monstrosities. Also fuck nature too.

>mfw dealing with nature "fighting back" against the ebil humans plots

>> No.39698282

No, you can only pick one. Just one.

>> No.39698284

>Fern Gully when?

>> No.39698292

>Spyro hates nature beings/planets that hate humans and tries to kill them for working towards a better life.
You know what? You're good people, Spyro.

That's actually why I like Ar Ciel so much. It goes crazy, but before and after then it actually loves humans and wants to let them develop tech and be happy.

>> No.39698331

>that spoiler

Wait wait wait.

So Wakfu was Ar Ciel all along?

>> No.39698338

You know, despite the... well, Jumpers being typical, there's a surprising amount of Anons who are all about non-violence and offering mercy.

Kind of funny, really.

>> No.39698356

Ar Ciel is a hands-off planet. It only intervenes with humans in small ways and only rarely. Wakfu actively tries to control people.

>> No.39698389

When you say Little Sister, do you mean the Bioshock kind?

>> No.39698420

Is it really control to mitigate the consequences of centuries' worth of trial and error?

Does the garbage man control you?

What of the librarian? Does he or she control you?

>> No.39698445

I don't really mean to judge Wakfu, but I'm just defining Ar Ciel's sane behavior.

>> No.39698446

Raildex companion. The Misaka Clone.

>> No.39698492

I thought he meant the Slice of Life little sister?

>> No.39698540

Shes half human later, best of both worlds. Plus she has a little genocide streak in her. Perfect companion material.

>> No.39698548

Well, I don't know of any other jumps that give you clones of yourself that have your abilities. But it also relies on Pentakai Bench (you get a boost equal to atleast 10% of your allies base power, and they get a boost equal to 10% your base power) from King Arthur, and Little Sister from Slice of Life (who has a 'much weaker version of your powers') that I figured to be at 1/8th Jumperstrength.

But if you're saying you know other jumps that let you buff your allies, I'm definitely looking for more. Viking Saga gives you some handy magic care of Odin to do that, but it's nothing so quantifiable.

Right? I think I just one-upped Demonbane.

>> No.39698558


>> No.39698592

Demonbane? No, you're still rather laughably inadequate compared to him, since he can summon infinite copies of himself or anyone else on his side. Not to mention the whole omnipotence issue.

>> No.39698695

Who here thinks that the Fullmetal Alchemist OST could go with a lot of situations that you would run into during the chain? Is it a pretty good catch-all as far as a soundtrack goes?

>> No.39698710

With "Self Duplication" from Teen Titans you're allowed to make infinite copies of yourself, it's just that each is half as strong as the last. But with Pentakai bench, you get that 10% boost. So, I can create an infinite number of clones, and 10% of infinity is still infinity.

So I guess "One-upped" is the wrong term, but it's still on par with the infinite copy thing.

>> No.39698721

Er, do you mean base Demonbane? Cause then yeah, but Elder God Daemonbane? I'll just leave this here http://mangafox.wikia.com/wiki/Elder_God_Demonbane

>> No.39698748

The big issue there is that they are independent of you. They aren't automatically followers or companions.

>> No.39698780

You do realise he could just summon clones of you as well right?

>> No.39698821

Isn't the copy thing from Teen Titans only 'nearly' infinite? I'd imagine that'd kinda of put a damper on your plan.

>> No.39698907


What's the first thing I want to do?

See how well it works with the Orgel of Origins.
... What am I even doing. I'm trying to connect willpower and music.

>Ouran High School Host Club
Drawbacks: Commoner (+200), White Lily (+300), Whoops (+100)
Final Point Count: 1,600 CP

Skills & Abilities:
-Bishie Sparkles
-Princely Bearing
-Dramatic Declaration

Items & Gear:
-Manager's Platform

... H'ooooooh boy.

Shit just got fabulous.

>> No.39698971 [DELETED] 

Teen Titans clones get all of your powers but the more you make the less powerful each one is.

>> No.39699007

It's not infinite, and you'll start creating base human level versions of yourself pretty quickly.

>> No.39699078

Ah, You're right. it is "Nearly" infinite. Guess I'm not quite there yet.

And if I defeat one of his instances, so can my clones and I, courtesy of Samurai Jack's summoning perk. But since my cloning abilities are only NEARLY infinite as it turns out, I guess I'd still be outnumbered.

They all start out as copies of me, so they'd all possess the same intent as me at their duplication. They're independent consciousnesses, but it's not like I'm going to be spawning random personalities with diverse goals who happen to wear my skin and my powers.

>> No.39699103

That's where Pentakai Bench comes in.

>> No.39699136

Thing is, he can just make an Anti-Jumper Demonbane that shuts down all your powers. Cause Omniversal Reality Warper.

>> No.39699185

Well, it sounds like that Fuck Q perk that was being discussed in the last few threads would come in handy there.

Not that I'd actually be likely to fight AGAINST Demonbane. We share common foes.

>> No.39699236

Well, that'd entail touching him first, and you'd die long before that.

But yes, if you do actually end up as his enemy, it's pretty safe to just off yourself. It'd be quicker. Just be good when within a multiverse of him.

>> No.39699289

Someone needs to fence off his multiverse, for the safety of dimensional travelers everywhere.

>> No.39699318

Naw, EGD is a good guy. Hopefully. Well, his pilots seem nice. Kinda.

>> No.39699349

Not all dimensional travelers are, you know? It's important they stay safe too!

>> No.39699393

The more I read about the True Fae the more I want to wipe them out, these guys seem like even worse assholes than the chaos gods.

>> No.39699432

Yeah, too bad it's impossible. Best you can do is find a way to seal reality off from Arcadia.

>> No.39699604

They're not really assholes just that they don't understand the concept of mortality, and the moral implications of kidnapping. They run off of rules that are alien to most, hell they have enough entire Court that dedicated themselves to uncovering their secrets.

To you, they're mad gods that play with lives of mortals for spite. To them you're just another thing that they can bend, break, and replace. You're not a person, they don't understand that notion.

>> No.39699621

Complete amorality is functionally indistinguishable for immorality.

>> No.39699759

What jump is Data Drain in?
What other "Copy Powers" powers are there?

>> No.39699773

M, 15yo
Hermit (950cp)
Starter - Jäger (Growlithe) (850cp)
- Egg Move (Howl) (800cp)
Physical Fitness (700cp)
Technician (400cp)
Ranger (250cp)
Pokemon Master (-50cp)
Starting Gear
Bike (-100cp)
Rappelling Rig (-150cp)
Medical Kit (-200cp)
Capture Styler (-400cp)
Cursed (-200cp)
Marked (0cp)


My last chain ended with a big boom, and was sent home.

>> No.39699784

Generic virtual.

>> No.39700017

>that'd entail touching him first

Actually, I think this is surmountable.

There's a perk from Johnny Test that all but ensures that unless you overuse a tactic, your enemies won't see an attack coming.

Miss Fortune from sailor moon, allows you to guarantee the success of a single attack once per day.

Rolling Counter gives you a moment's delay before you take damage.

I feel like that at least gives me a non-zero chance of going "tag you're it" and unraveling the reality-warping abilities.

>> No.39700108

All of which falls flat against the fact that EGD is on the level of JC herself. He's a omniversal being with unlimited power who can go fuck you to any of your powers.

>> No.39700142

>All this Demonbane discussion
Look, the only Demonbane that matters is the one made of Honey Nut Cheerios

>> No.39700231

>Honey Nut Cheerios
>Not Cinnamon Toast Crunch
So Demonbane can't see why kids love it then.

>> No.39700336

What about the Demonbane being piloted by your mom? Or Jump-chan, since we're going for all of them (n)ever.

>Say hi to jump-chain over the intercom, silly.

>> No.39700338

The Honey Nut Cheerios Demonbane is objectively better than the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Demonbane, 'cause it's made of little Os.

>> No.39700384

What about a Demonbane piloted by a Jump-chan from a universe where she is your mom?

>> No.39700424

Jump-chan's always been my mom! Her whole plan is to bring me from Jump to Jump by turning me into a foetus, implanting me into her womb, and giving birth to me anew! Over and over again!

>> No.39700449

>blue and orange morality apologetics
Oh, so its us vs. them? I'm completely okay with that and am more than willing to demonstrate why they need to back the fuck off.

When the True Fae step through their Hedge into the normal human 'verse, they're completely fair game. No reason not to >remove.

>> No.39700465


Any smart people in here who can chime in on this? Is it actually possible? Or is it all a hoax?

>> No.39700469


>> No.39700480

Don't reply, that's still taking the bait.

>> No.39700514

There are several forms of FTL that are conceptually possible that organizations such as NASA are currently researching. The issue, of course, is that all of them are far too advanced for us to build and test with modern technology.

>> No.39700539

Hey, /jc/, how do you guys build up your absurb manufacturing capabilities, anyway? I know many Jumps give you enhanced intelligence and STEM-skills to the point where you can out-nerd the nerdiest-nerd ever, but you still need infrastructure and equipment to put it all into practice, right? Where do you get all that stuff?

I'm especially looking for a Jump that gives you Grey Goo, nanomachines that break down anything into its component elements and can then recombine it into anything else. Anything like that out there?

>> No.39700542

People keep trying recreate it in other labs and it keeps working. It's making some people very sad. That's not to say it will work in deep space but the tests are getting to the point where they'll bother sending a bunch up and seeing how far they go.

>> No.39700559

I've bought a couple perks for it, otherwise I just have blueprints and automanufacturies.

>> No.39700567

Is it possible that we might see the very birth of long-range spaceflight? What a time to be alive!

>> No.39700569

Metal Gear, Iji, Tenchi Muyo

>> No.39700575

I'm planning on using area-wide psychic monitoring combined with teleportation and mecha-technology to blanket True Fae incursions in cold-iron-flechette-firing robots.

>> No.39700592

>It's making some people very sad.
But why?
It's a horrible time to be alive. Why do you want to be at the birth of something where you'll never get to experience it instead of when it's mature and you can?

>> No.39700615

> automanufacturies

From where, though?

I'll take a look at those! I'm not touching Tenchi Muyo, though; I'm guessing that's going to be my end-jump.

Related question: where do you guys get raw materials from? I've got Rani, my Tyranitar, using her earth-moving powers to bring ore and stuff to the surface, but that's still kinda slow.

>> No.39700626

>From where, though?
I built them and stuck 'em in the warehouse.

>> No.39700640

Being there at the beginning and possibly helping in any way is just as important. Without it getting off the ground in the first place, there's nothing to mature to.
Although I am sad that I'll never get to have a cute alien girlfriend.

>> No.39700661

Important or not, it doesn't matter. I don't care about being important, I care about experiences. By being alive now, you miss out on experiences just for the sake of an empty, meaningless feeling of importance.

>> No.39700667

Generic Videogame Designer.

>Stole the Shelf [?cp]: You can get a copy of any canceled game in it's most complete form. The copy will come in a box containing a game disc and a hard drive with all the files, resources & code used to make the game. Be careful who you show these games too, companys will be very mad if they discover you somehow managed to acquire their property.

>> No.39700671

Every article I've seen about this in the last few days gets progressively more fantastical in it's claims.

I suspect at least half of the hype currently going about is the result of science-illiterate journalists taking things out of context and flat out making things up "because it sounds more sciency".

>> No.39700683

Because if it does work, it appears to break the law of conservation of momentum. That one's really important and just about everything in science depends on it being true.

>> No.39700703

So, if this thing actually is real and really works, we might have to retool our understanding of science from the ground up?

>> No.39700713

From what I've seen, there's two realistic options.
A) it's either an instrumentation error or something's funky with the test.
Or B) it actually does work, but since nobody knows how it works, they don't use it in fear of something going wrong and a black hole being made or some other horror movie shit.

Of course, there's always the possibility that it works perfectly but is functionally useless for anything other than satellites.

Then again, I don't know shit about shit, so take it with a large grain of salt.

>> No.39700719

But there is beauty in this. Finding out you're wrong can feel bad, but at the same time, it means you've moved closer to the truth and actual understanding of the universe. That's very exciting in a way.

>> No.39700738

Bah, the only people who will be sad about that are not really scientists. They're engineers at best, and not even very good ones.

Actual scientists are super excited when a long-standing "rule" is proven false, because it means there's a butt-load of NEW THINGS TO STUDY!

>> No.39700750

Yeah, but if you can break that conservation law in a controlled manner you end up wondering if we were missing out on a method for doing literally magic for years.

>> No.39700786

There's that feeling of wasted time, but also that feeling of a wonderous new discovery. I may just be a lowly biologist, but even the notion of shattered understanding is so very amazing despite any negative feelings.

>> No.39700790

Cold iron production is the hardest part of any anti-Fey plan. You can't magic it into existence, and you can't mass produce it, in order for it to be effective it has to be made by hand and without any magical fuckery. Not a practical war weapon.

The Fey will be a pain in the ass to fight. Unless they're not immune to directed energy weapons, in which case fuck 'em.

>> No.39700813

I'm hella strong, bro. I can squeeze chunks of iron ore into flechettes just fine. I could probably hammer iron into sheets with my palm and then fold it like origami.

>> No.39700830

Yes, there is that initial feeling of disappointment at first, but then there's the realization that you need to SCIENCE! more and figure where you went wrong all these years. The first one to figure it out is gonna be big, and everyone will want that recognition.

>> No.39700873

Yeah but you need to find and mine up the iron without magic. Do you have skills for that?

>> No.39700882

>Generic Videogame Designer

You fucking better have a perk that essentially turns us into Helix Snake aka the ultimate bug tester/glitch finder. He literally broke formerly unbreakable games. He broke a single PC game so hard and for so long the effect has followed him into literally EVERY GAME HE PLAYS. I would kill to have bug finding/testing skills as good as him.

>> No.39700891

And it has to be pure, as pure as Iron can be.

>> No.39700900

I guess it depends on what you mean by 'magic'. My Tyranitar could probably do it through various Pokemon Earth-moving skills. Or I could get at it with sufficiently-advanced science.

>> No.39700901

As pure as a waifu.

>> No.39700942

Any supernatural or mass mining stuff is probably a no go.

>> No.39700946

Just watched Wanted and was wondering what bullet bending abilities are there?
Similarly are there any shooting perks on that level that I could shoot other bullets out of the air?

>> No.39700955

How about walking into an iron mine and using my super-strength to punch ore out of the walls?

>> No.39700974

What use is a pure waifu? I want one that's into the same things I am.

>> No.39700975

You could probably do it with DMC's Gunslinger.

>> No.39700999

But then how can you forge her into a weapon against the true fae?

>> No.39701002

F1KT and Soft-cap allow you to get impossible levels of skill, which would include bullet bending and the consistent ability to ricochet bullets into people from weird angles.

>> No.39701015

And while you're doing all that fabrication and material extraction, you're not fighting your war.

How many can you do in an hour, in a day? How many are you going to expend in a fight? How many days of fabrication will it take for you to support and prepare for one fight?

Beginning to see the problem?

>> No.39701025

If it's by hand like that, it'd would be OK. Basically you have to do everything by hand, forge it by hand, shape it..etc.

>> No.39701034


Exactly these. There are a lot of people who seem to think science works like religion, where you get your book of truth, and anything that contradicts it is automatically wrong, and the heathens must be burned, but that's not how it works.

When someone brings up a new idea that contradicts established knowledge, yes, there will be people trying to shoot it down.

Trying VERY hard to do so - but most of that effort is because they WANT the idea to be right, and they WANT it to succeed, but it can't succeed if it's not TRUE - and if it's TRUE, then everything they throw at it to disprove it will fail.

Any idea that can get through all of that, and still not be falsified is accepted as true, not because it's owner is a better debater, or because the person who came up with it is well regarded, but because it has been proven to be REAL, with mountains of evidence, independent testing and review, and every effort has been made to prove it's not true, and all of those efforts failed.

>> No.39701046

War is 99% logistics, fella. Acquiring materiel, setting up a supply chain, crafting, training... all of that *is* fighting.

I can probably recycle most of what I use, anyway, retrieving them with telekinesis or whatever.

>> No.39701056

And theres the fact that if you're making flechettes, or anything, for firearms they'll need to be made to a very specific set of tolerances and specifications. You're strong, but how much fine control do you have at strength? Did you take any skills like DCs Precision?

>> No.39701064

My manufacturing process is primarily a super souped up replicator large enough to make a couple of human-sized robots and hooked up to one of many infinite power sources I have available. If that's not big enough to just make what I need it makes raw materials/parts for the robots. For large scale or complex projects the robots are given access to fabricate through sufficiently analyzed magic.

>> No.39701094

>directed energy weapons
Honestly, I think this is the best bet against the Fey. Lazers, particle projectile guns, directed energy weapons, all that goodness. Maybe it won't do as much damage as Cold Iron, but those don't have the logical nightmare of trying to mass produce Cold Iron for a war effort.

>> No.39701117


I'm rethinking firearms, really; overexposure to gunpowder and propellants and whatnot might reduce the 'cold iron-ness' of the iron.

So I might just control a flying cloud of razor-sharp unforged-iron pellets instead. With telekinesis and sufficient acceleration, any of those would hit like a bullet, and be recyclable too!

Hmm, yeah, I was thinking about that. Sufficiently-analysed magic and Crimson saint put together might enable you to set up a summoning/material fabrication chain, pulling raw material and servants out of thin air.

I'm tempted to believe that Worm's Sting power works wonders against the True Fey, since it unfolds a projectile through an infinite number of dimensions when it hits. Even if the Fey are sort of 'partially in the Hedge', you can still hit them where it hurts.

>> No.39701131

Careful. You're sounding like one of those people who think SJWs don't actually exist.

There are most certainly actual accredited scientists who do not want to hear about how everything they know is wrong. They might have the same sort of accreditation as the guys who work at conservative think tanks but that doesn't mean they're not scientists. Just bad ones.

>> No.39701160

I've heard this a lot. Why can't I use SCIENCE! to make a mini sun to produce the iron via fusion? Its how all iron in existence was made anyway and while it may be inefficient I can totally sustain that.

>> No.39701175

>implying SJW's aren't just satire
>implying /pol/ actually knows anything

>implying this post isn't a joke

>> No.39701198

Could always just give them melee weapons and armor of cold iron. Higher initial cost, but less worry in regards to re-supply.

>> No.39701209

Don't you know? /pol/ is always right.

>> No.39701216

Whenever i can. I really only show serious violence when they insist on being a pain in my ass. Even then i may try to help them if they want to be helped. I won't spare every enemy, but i spare enough.

>> No.39701233

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!


I spec dual wield pistols. Here's everything I have in my build that may help you with that.

Weapon Channeling from Hellsing is the most obvious choice, as it allows you to make projectiles ricochet and change paths in midair. The jump also gives you the Jackal, which is, in my opinion, a gun that would feel right at home in Wanted. Or the Casull if you need the points, it also works well.

Also available:
Lots of shit in DMC.
Probably something in Bayonetta
The Hunter capstone in Destiny
Sharpshooter from Horror Movie
The Art of Yun-Woo from Wuxia

You may want to try for some form of wind or metal control powers if you really want absolute precision.

Perfect Situational Awareness from Archer and any kind of brain boost like Savant from pokemon trainer will also help you do the physical calculations for aiming with stuff like that.

>> No.39701235

Yeah, but I'm not very keen on getting people into melee with True Fae. You gotta hit them with sudden and overwhelming force from outside their detection radius for the best chances.

>> No.39701252

Cold Iron is immune to their magic, so there's that to consider.

>> No.39701282

That's like the Exalted 'perfect defence against Shaping' argument. Yeah, your weapons and armour (and presumably you yourself) are immune to their magic, but they can also just drop an anvil made of pure bullshittanium onto you. Or surround you with illusions and make you run off a cliff.

>> No.39701317

For additional resources, look for abilities that increase your control over your own body and boost your reflexes.

City of Heroes has a perk tree about shooting guns, you may find something useful there.

Actually, I just looked. The Blaster line in City of Heroes has a capstone that is literally explained as "the movies Wanted and Equilibrium combined". Also allows for bending bullets.

>> No.39701446

One of the Starblessed marks from King Arthur gives you perfect precision with ranged weapons. Frequently overlooked but very useful.

>> No.39701494

I figured I might as well show that I'm not dead. However, I have been suffering from a terrible lack of creativity lately. So if anyone has any ideas, whether it be for Star Force (Spyro, you still want in on this?), Sonic Adventure, Spiral Knights, and the like, please tell me. ZX and Legends will come in on their own time.

I'm debating on whether to make Sonic Adventure have the whole 1/2/4/6 perk tree or cut it to 1/2/4 due to a lack of material and the desire to not overlap with the existing generic Sonic jump.

I'm also unsure of whether my current plan of placing perks for turning into an EM lifeform in the Starforce perk trees is a good idea at all, when I could just as easily keep them separate from the perk trees, in the form of exclusive EM body options for each background. Problem with that alternative is that I'm down one perk for each tree, and it might become the Classic scenario again, where the exclusive companion imports shaped people's background choices. If anyone has any ideas, that would be awesome.

And as for Spiral Knights, well, I need two perks for Strikers, and a perk for Guardians. OAA and I also have plans to make a Clockwork denizen supplement (or hell, another jump altogether) for those that want to be gremlins or stuff. Chime in if you can.

>> No.39701524

Sonic Adventure could always crib a little from the other 3d Sonic games. I doubt, say, Unleashed or Shadow are going to get their own jumps.

Sonic 2006 drawback.

>> No.39701554

Quick question, can we pick Pixar characters in the Disney Princess jump

>> No.39701556

Oh, I'm already cribbing from Shadow. For one perk, at least. But Unleashed would be terribly disjointed from the rest of the material, and '06 isn't in the timeframe for the jump. Pity, it'd have made for a wonderful drawback.

>> No.39701568

I'm a frayed knot.

>> No.39701588

Is there anything in Sonic Rush or the sequel that could be used? I never played them, but as far as I remember they were released around that same time.

>> No.39701626

B-But Disney owns Pixar now!

>> No.39701629

I have a few questions about the Civilization jump.

First, When it says you can import any species you met, if you met Superman could you import Kryptonian. I would feel kind of cheesy doing that but I would at least like to know if it's an option.

Second, if you take Realm of Myths do you have to grow taller (don't say shape shifting) I am kind of happy being short and cute.

>> No.39701631

>Read jump
>Princess Dante being saved from the Evil Chimchar by Prince Sailor Jupiter

>> No.39701648

I really want to do Star force. But I'm too caught up in doing other stuff so it's alright if you do it.

And I plan on Adding more stuff to Sonic. Usually adding stuff from the more recent games of Colors, Unleashed, and Heroes. Like Item boxes, a possible new race option, and more tech and game design perks.

Also This is what I have so Far for Super Smash Bros jumpchain. It's FAR from complete as I'm taking my time with this one. If You catch anything don't be afraid to point them out. Or suggest some new stuff.

>> No.39701672

I agree, sounds like cheese.

I'd imagine that you can choose, but I didn't make the jump.

Why can't I say shapeshifting?

>> No.39701716

How about you actually fix the shit quality of the existing Sonic jump?

>> No.39701722

No Items, Fox Only, Final Destination drawback.

Nintendo Character Request perk to add one fighter to the roster.

>> No.39701728

>there's going to be a smash jump
yep, I'm down with this

>> No.39701738

How about you not be a giant fucking cunt? Nah, that's probably impossible for you.

>> No.39701755

>but that doesn't mean they're not scientists

Actually, yes it does. I can call myself a Dentist, and buy a paper from a diploma mill that agrees with me, but you'd be an idiot to let me hold a drill in your mouth. (Seriously, my hands shake.) All of the pretending and grandstanding in the world won't make a false claim to being something true, and if a person claiming to be a scientist isn't willing to do science, they they're lying about what they are.

>> No.39701760

Say, how many of you Jumpers have been involved in conspiracies over the years? I know one Jump has a perk that basically makes you Illuminati, but what else?

>> No.39701761

Some of us want a quality Sonic jump, lucky Reploid can fix that.

>> No.39701764

Well, go ahead then. We could always do a collab on Starforce, just pop in and say hi to Reploid on the IRC when you have time.

If it's the more recent games, that should be find. I'm not borrowing much from Heroes either, though I'd caution you against simply adding perks and items to a jump without restructuring it to compensate. It ends up in a lack of internal balance, at least in my experience.

>> No.39701769

Pull yourself together man!
Before I have to get the torch.

>> No.39701785

>No True Scottsman

>> No.39701801

You're not using that right. I'm not saying he's right, but you're using a term you just plain don't understand.

>> No.39701840

>When do you show kindness to those who would strike you?

It varies, really. I'm a pretty in-the-moment sort of guy, and folks that were my enemies can become my best buddies with little provocation and then go right back to bitter foes. whether or not I go easy on them depends on who they are to me at the time.

>Have you ever met someone you really super admired for any reason?
I don't think Captain Picard expected the Bajoran freighter captain he'd just met to squee and clap her hands together when my Companions and I materialized in the Enterprise's transporter room. And I know Quark didn't expect someone he's just tried to hire as a Dabo girl to clean him out at Tongo.

I think I actually managed to impress Sisko, too. I used the Headless Chicken to make hit-and-run attacks on the Dominion during the war, taking advantage of how the modified hyperdrive works compared to conventional warp engines. Weyoun 11 was especially annoyed at our frequent raids.

>> No.39701850

>ad hominem

>> No.39701869

It Honestly is shit. Just like early LoSS. And it was only until recently did it become remotely decent.

So you guys won't mind if I redo it?

>> No.39701873

>Fallacy Fallacy

>> No.39701879

I most certainly do mind if you ruin a build I made months ago.

>> No.39701887

I'm sorry, but you don't certify scientists. If they have a fancy piece of paper from Yale saying they have a phd in climatology and a job doing climate experiments they are a scientist. Not wanting to listen to people prove something that might make them have to do all the experiments again to control for this new thing doesn't suddenly make them not a scientist.

>> No.39701892

>I agree, sounds like cheese.

Well if you think about it Kryptonians are super powerful because they are from a different colored sun, presumably because they are native to this planet they would only receive the powers a Kryptonian would have had on Krypton unless they were exposed to different color son for an extended period of time. It's still a bit too cheesy for me but it's not entirely unreasonable... until you add the resources an average jumper has to bring to bear in to it. Then again you can say that about almost everything.

>Why can't I say shapeshifting?
Because even if you can shape shift, would you really want to spend pretty much all day every day in that form. It seems kind of like it would be rather uncomfortable.

>> No.39701912

Go ahead. I'd love a better one.

>> No.39701914

It depends on the perk. Venture Bros. shapeshifting would let you live life as David Bowie without apparent issues, AFAIK.

>> No.39701934

Generally it's considered poor form to fuck around with this sort of thing this late in the game. Pisses a lot of people off and starts tons of arguments. Pretty severe ones.

>> No.39701938

>poor-quality jump has been around for months
>builds will be altered if it is fixed so it's not terrible

And this is why Jumpchain has no quality control. Make up your minds, people.

>> No.39701955

>Because even if you can shape shift, would you really want to spend pretty much all day every day in that form. It seems kind of like it would be rather uncomfortable.
Wait, what? I mean, I guess I might have heard of shapeshifters who've described it like that but most of them don't have any issues with one form over another.

>> No.39701960

Builds will be shit up and ruined.

>> No.39701976

Do it. It needs a revamp, and you're the jump creator.

Just go ahead.

>> No.39701978

As long as you help me out on Starforce when I get round to completing it. Besides, it's your jump, it's up to you to change it. If you feel that you need to restructure it to do justice to the setting, go ahead.

Or, you could, I don't know, work with me on Starforce and Adventure instead. If you need help with structuring Sonic, feel free to ask too.

>> No.39701979


I have a coulpe of mottos

Row Row Fight The Power
Adapt and Overcome

but my favorite one that has never steered me wrong

No Mercy For Stooges


>> No.39701980

It's better to work on new jumps instead.

>> No.39701994

Just rebuild it and offer it as an alternative. If people want to use the new one instead of the old one, let them.

We've had issues with multiple versions of the same jump before, the simplest way to resolve it is to offer it as a binary choice between the two versions.

Since you made the original, you're not really going to object to yourself making another, so I say go ahead if you feel like it. Let people choose which one they want to go through.

>> No.39702004

Just do it. I, for one, welcome the idea of a not-shitty Sonic jump.

>> No.39702005

Are you goddamn serious? You're one of the people who bitches about grandfather clause and now you open your fat mouth to support it? Make up your mind.

>> No.39702026

Keep the old one.

>> No.39702027

>implying jumping to a fur-verse will not be shitty

>> No.39702028

Well, clearly you're going to get crap no matter what you do... so just go ahead and do whatever you want!

>> No.39702032

That's kinda like saying that someone who went to seminary college and claims to be a proper Christian is still a proper Christian even though they firmly believe in Zeus and the Greek pantheon, and spend their time preaching about them. 'cause they got a piece of paper from a respected school before they went completely off the rails, and they still happily miss-apply the title to themselves.

A person who refuses to do science is not a scientist. They might be a lab technician, but they're not doing science anymore. It doesn't matter if their reason for refusing is laziness of not wanting to correct problems in their experiments, they're still failing at the basic function of the title they're pretending still applies to them.

>> No.39702035

Given that the jump is shit your build is shit by transitive property,

>> No.39702046

Given that you came to this thread with your first post screaming shit about everything, you are also logically shit and thus your opinions are shit.

>> No.39702055

Well, what's Quicksilver to do besides just agree with whatever's worked before?

He's a creator with no control over his own creation besides his ability to appease angry consumers.

>> No.39702061

If you want to update it, do it. It's your work. I hate these faggots that get worried about their build like it's going to spontaneously combust if the doc changes.

I also support having multiple version of the same setting which gets people's indignation flaring. Come on, this is about CYOAs, more choices are a good thing.

>> No.39702066

Shut the fuck up, man. You're one of those people who bitch at him no matter what he does.

So the original author wants to do something. It's his right. QS was only trying to defuse a situation by offering an alternative, and you shit down his throat. No, fuck you man. Fuck you.

>> No.39702068

It probably will. It's mostly going to be buffing and some price reductions here and there for what's already there. And adding a couple extra perks and possibly a new backgroud/race option.

I'm doing it anyway. I don't want that jump to remain that shit. Besides they'll probably just replace it with the Sonic Adventure jump anyway if I didn't do anything.

I'm already working on a new jump. I just want to make my other old jump not shit.

Whelp might as well go all in!

>> No.39702069

He could not be contradictory. That'd be a start.

>> No.39702082

>I'm fucking over everyone anyway to be a piece of shit and ruin their builds.
Well I take back what I said about you being good people earlier, you're fucking garbage.

>> No.39702084

Yeah, you just need to close your cake hole.

>appease /jc/
Only with blood. Only with blood.

>> No.39702087

Jumps don't get replaced Spyro.

>> No.39702090

Show me on the doll where the scientist touched you.

You don't get to pick who is a scientist. The scientific community does. So long as they don't get thrown out of it, and I don't hear stories about it happening, they remain scientists. Science is not a religion, you don't get thrown out for heresy, deal with it.

I'd like to see what you think my first post was, because I apparently rocked your world.

>> No.39702094

You could not be a gigantic cunt?

But you can't have everything.

>> No.39702097

You could not be salty. That'd be a start.

>> No.39702099

I would say go for it, if and only if it improves the quality of the jump. I can't speak for others, but I wouldn't mind re-doing a small part of my build if it lead to an overall improvement.

>> No.39702117

do it
in fact, disregard >>39702082 and get to it post-haste

>> No.39702121

Or you could not be an entitled chimpanzee that flings its own feces the moment the handler shows up to feed it, but since that'll never happen and you people will screech and shriek at QS no matter WHAT he says, this conversation is pointless.

>> No.39702137

Whine about me all you want, but he did just come in here and contradict a long standing opinion of his AND a rule here for no fucking reason.

>> No.39702139

So... Shitstorm?

>> No.39702143

Yeah, Sonic is a super barebones Jump. If you so desire, I would be glad to see an update with more content.

>> No.39702155

>Disregard people with opinions different from mine!
Screw you too then, jackass.

>> No.39702162


>> No.39702164

Eh, we're early but aparently that's what we're doing.

>> No.39702167


Try "because any attempt to provide his own opinion and/or enforce a rule is immediately attacked."

You have killed him on the inside. You and your ilk have killed the spirit of Jumpchain's creator.

Think about what that means for us.

>> No.39702169

Please do, the current version of the jump is really kind of bad.

>> No.39702172


Well most of this is about imagination and I imagine it would be uncomfortable. Heck I have the shape shifting perks from Darkstalkers that lets you do it but it seems like it would be like scrunching yourself down all day every day and you might be able to do that for a while but even if it didn't start to hurt after a while I would imagine it would get old quick. How long until you would just say fuck it and want to stretch out and be your base form.

>> No.39702179

>He stated his opinion because stating his opinion gets him attacked.
That's basically what your whining, which you always do, says.

>> No.39702180

because he was looking for a solution that created the minimum amount of conflict
I don't even plan on doing sonic jump
I'm just sick of people acting like revisions are some kind of personal attack

>> No.39702181

Nah, we just hit autosage. We're right on time.

>> No.39702203

No mercy for stooges

>> No.39702206

Fucking over people's builds MONTHS after the fact is bullshit. It's like going back and changing your jump just to screw over someone using a combo you don't like or beating the jump in a way you don't like. It's pure scum behavior.

>> No.39702231

He stated the opinion everyone has thrown at him before because his own opinion gets him attacked.

It's called "caving in," it's a thing parents do when they don't care about dignity and just want their kids to stop throwing a tantrum.

He is trying to give you what you're always demanding and you're screaming at him about it like it's suddenly a heinous crime.


>> No.39702235

you're not going to change your build over it anyways
you know it
I know you know it

>> No.39702244

I guess I can see that.

I just stopped thinking about my jumper as a purely biological thing with a set form a while ago. He's part biological, sure, because biology is great for all sorts of things, but he's also magic, psionic waveform, and consciousness and myth. I woudln't see it as scrunching down.

>> No.39702245

Him not stating his opinion also gets him attacked on the basis of "Why is this shitlord not making a decision?"

Deliberately ignoring Rules as Intended to put together something the author didn't want is what starts you on the path of getting trapped in the Forgotten Realms jump. I hope you don't go there.

>> No.39702254

I'll be forced to throw it out.
This has nothing to do with rules.

>> No.39702273

>Think about what that means for us.

Given that he's only responsible for something like 3 out of 300+ jumps, and virtually all of his work needs to be updated with errata, I'm guessing it means very very little.

>> No.39702274

That post pissed me off because I FULLY support the anti-grandfather clause view and always have, so no idiot, you're completely wrong.

>> No.39702291

Yeah, because you people whine at him no matter what.

He tries to make rules, you break it while bragging.
He voices an opinion, you shit down his throat while he talks.
He attempts a compromise, you stick your dick on him.

Considering he's only trying to keep, you know, the very /jc/ that was made thanks to him up and running for ungrateful shits like you, I'd pay a bit more respect. But no, you're too salty.

Fuck off.

So a jump creator trying to fix his own jump is 'bullshit' and 'scum'? Wow, no wonder this place went to shit with wankers like you.

Just fucking update the jump. By this point these guys are so salty over nothing, just go all in.

>> No.39702311

No, he wants to fuck it over and toss it out entirely. It's only 'fix' in your view because you're a chronic suck-up.

>> No.39702321

>Given that he's only responsible for something like 3 out of 300+ jumps, and virtually all of his work needs to be updated with errata, I'm guessing it means very very little.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is literally what's wrong with /jc/.

>> No.39702322

What about Reborn?

>> No.39702323

>expecting him to know your posts specifically apart from all of the entirely anonymous posts he describes

>when you have no identity

See, that's the funny thing about 4chan. Unless you use a name, nobody knows what you did or didn't do but you.

It's an honest mistake, anon.

>> No.39702324

Perk A is written in a certain way with the intent of giving you a certain power.

Player A reads it to mean that they can combine it with Perk B or otherwise use it in a way that should not work if Perk A has its intended power and limitations.

Author A clarifies Perk A does not work in a way that allows for that kind of shenanigans or re-balances so its price is commensurate with what you get.


>> No.39702326

While I kind of understand where you're coming from, if you use that "combo" often enough you know the rules behind it and a change in the jump can be ignored.

If you don't use that ability a lot it's your chance to revisit the jump.

>> No.39702338

Not really no. Our problem is whiny idiots who bitch about the past at every opportunity.

>> No.39702348

Long ago. Not anymore.

>> No.39702350

every time someone goes back and updates a jump, people either update their builds or declare grandfather clause, mostly the latter
so no anon, I don't believe you

>> No.39702356

How about he not go on the same tired, canned, and constantly repeated speech about how much he fucking hates anons here while generalizing them when it doesn't even apply to what I said? It makes him a retard.

>> No.39702379

I talked about combos. I didn't specify idiots getting it wrong on purpose.
>Ignore updates
And I never do the later. Look at that.

>> No.39702382

So say that you're grandfathered in. Unless it's some huge change, like going "the perks were never intended to work this way", you can do that.

Either way, complain all you want. It won't change anything except that people will look at you as if you are behaving in an even MORE infantile manner.

>> No.39702392

If he wanted to throw it out, he'd just have it taken down. And then where would you be?

If you want to be your own person, be a namefag. Otherwise you're just some faceless nameless collective entity that has no separate identity from the rest of Anonymous.

>> No.39702397

>you can do that.
No you can't. That's never been valid.

>> No.39702403

That's what you think.

So the guy who bitches about builds being ruined at every possible change? Or the guy who screams 'grandfather clause'? Oh oh, or what about the guy who demands erratas for old jumps?

>> No.39702406

What I don't understand, is why people are against the grandfather clause. Particularly when it comes to long-finished jumps. What's wrong with saying that if you've built on a finished version of a jump (i.e. makes it onto the drive) and the jump is later changed, that it's fine to keep your old build?

If this thread weren't so insanely caustic to notions like that, maybe it wouldn't explode into a shitstorm every time someone talked about updating something.

>> No.39702413

>>Ignore updates

Why not?

This is the cause of the issue, and if you were to just do this then we could get the salt levels to reasonable levels.

>> No.39702440

If it results in the jump-maker rewriting the jump you got it wrong. Probably on purpose, but possibly because he forgot to clarify things initially.

And yes, "interactions with other perks" is one of the things to keep in mind when writing perks.

>implying salt isn't the intention

>> No.39702443

I'd certainly rather that than people deciding a jump is out of the creator's hands the moment it enters the fucking drive

>> No.39702468

>I'd certainly rather that than people deciding a jump is out of the creator's hands the moment it enters the fucking drive

>> No.39702486

I agree with your agreement.

>> No.39702495

>implying salt isn't the intention

I'm implying autism is the reason, as far as the intentions, who really knows?

>> No.39702496

I'm importing DEAMONS from DMC (so I have an entire civilisation of demons I can harvest parts from and convert into Devil Arms). I'd say Kryptonians are pretty OK.

>> No.39702523

H'ooohboy, where to begin.

Shit got fabulous. It turns out, being able to call a breeze filled with rose petals on demand apparently makes you an enigma. Coupled with- GAH.


Location: File Island
Age: 18-years-old
Flaws: N/A
Final Point Count: 1,000 CP
Origin: Spirit Warrior

Digivice Addons and Upgrades:
-Fractal Code Scanner (Free)
-Spirit Directory (Free)
-DNA Evolution
-Sustained Evolution
-Side Evolution - Dracomon
-Warp Evolution

-Digi-Spirit (Free) - Flamemon
-Power Lock Wrist Brace (Free)
-Data Storage Chip (Brakedramon)
-Code Key

So we go:

Flamemon -> Side Evo to Dracomon -> Coredramon (Blue) -> Wingdramon -> Slayerdramon -> DNA Evolution with Data Storage Chip (Brakedramon) -> Examon

Also, holy shit I guess anon doesn't want an update to TerraFormars with some of the recent plot reveals. Guess I can't touch it anymore.

>> No.39702527

Same, and didn't a namefag (I wanna say OAA but it might have been someone else) use Kryptonians as well?

>> No.39702552

I went with base humans for my Civ. Up against Namekians, Orks, Ogres, and other nightmares.

And then suddenly, Nuclear Firelord Gandhi.

>> No.39702577 [SPOILER] 

>Update to Terraformars
...you know what I want OAA. I-is...is it possible?

>> No.39702592

> Short, Cute, Doesn't want to do something because it would be uncomfortable.

So I just realized I am a hobbit.

>> No.39702599

Spyro, if you wish to redo it then just do it. I mean haters gonna hate, even if it turns out the new stuff isn't as much a "nerf" as they make it out to be.

>> No.39702606

>I'd certainly rather that than people deciding a jump is out of the creator's hands the moment it enters the fucking drive
This. Fucking THIS. There is nothing that's more demotivating to jumpmaking than to be told we don't even have the right to do anything the second an alpha version is released.

You know what's absolutely hilarious about this? CCDT edited his own jumps from a few months ago. Elder Scrolls EASILY comes to mind, and he never got shat on for it. Nothing at all. And yet when Spyro tries to do the same thing, or QS mentions a compromise due to the salt levels, they get shat on. It's not fun when you're told you don't even have rights to something you made.

It's quite frankly bullshit, how we can't seem to agree on anything or compromise anymore with this 'you do anything that changes stuff it's ruined forever' crap. I mean what if I wanted to make an update to MCU for Age of Ultron stuff? Am I going to get shat on because I don't have the right to alter my own jump, even when it's to give people MORE stuff?

>> No.39702609

I woulda shortstack baggins

>> No.39702618

Me too. Me too.

>> No.39702619

Ah, my bad then. I think someone did though. How did you have Namekians? Does Civ let you have races you haven't met?

>> No.39702634

It didn't state one way or another, so I just went with what sounded awesome.

If the jump-maker (Muyo) later says it can only be civs you've ran into before? I'll go back and change it.

Even if it means no more Super Kami Guru.

>> No.39702643

oh but we can't do THAT
a couple people might feel triggered

>> No.39702651

I agree. Jump creators own their jumps and should be free to edit and revise as they feel the need.

Its not like they're getting paid for that shit, so as consumers of jumps we can't bitch about wanting our money back. But beyond that, since jump creators do what they do for the community, and because they enjoy it, they should be trusted with their own creations.

Jump creators own their own jumps. Why is this hard to agree on?

>> No.39702661

>I mean what if I wanted to make an update to MCU for Age of Ultron stuff? Am I going to get shat on because I don't have the right to alter my own jump, even when it's to give people MORE stuff?

I've been honestly thinking about that. You should probably just make a whole new jump based around Earth 19999, maybe focus on Agents of Shield or something, because the are technically different universe.

Or does MCU mean Marvel Cinematic Universe and there is an Earth 19999 jump out there in addition to 616 already that I'm just blind too.

>> No.39702662

Y'know, I usually opt to quietly disappear during our usual daily shitstorm, but

> this

>> No.39702667

You will also get shat on for not doing it when someone realizes that that they can't buy the thing in the movie they just saw, so there's not even a "no shitting" option.

I think part of it is people hoping to force the creation of multiple jumps with almost the same perks so they can spend another 1000 cp on Being Fast or whatever. And the autists, but they're not THAT common.

>> No.39702669

and now I feel like shooting myself for using that term in this context

>> No.39702676

OK erm remember that 'preview' of the Super Smash Brothers Jump? Yeah that was a fuckup

HERE is what I actually have down so far. If you have any suggestions on what to change add or criticize let me know!

>> No.39702681

MCU means Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Stop drinking or drink moar, your level of sobriety is not fit for JC.

>> No.39702684

Gah. I know, right?

Here I am wanting to add a Johj Origin and the ability to emulate the Red Surgery on operatives.

But anon decrees no.

>> No.39702687

>inb4 "ownership of ideas has no place on 4chan"
>inb4 "you're arguing that consumers should have no say in what product they consume"

I'm warning you, we've seen people say these things before.

>> No.39702689

Yeah, MCU is the cinematic jump, there is a general Marvel jump in the imaged section

>> No.39702698

>Johj Origin

>> No.39702702

I know. Conduit was a shitty place. But we don't have to go down that road. For the most part we've been okay about respecting jump creators rights. I think we can do better, though, and we should.

>> No.39702709

Jumpers, what anti-corruption and mind control perks are there?

I want to use dangerously powerful items like Soul Edge and the Skull Heart

>> No.39702733

Re-Birth - Cardfight Vanguard

Resist and Bite - Sabaton.

The first lets you gain a power boost from being corrupted, and the second lets you cause distinct pain to whoever's trying to corrupt you (I can't remember the details exactly).

>> No.39702736

Nidoran (700cp)
Import - Jäger (550cp)
Free Skills
Natural Skills (450cp)
All Terrain Hiker (100cp)
Hyperkinesis (-300cp)
Exploration Badge
Aura Ribbon x 2 (-400cp)
Heal Ribbon x 2 (-600cp)
Treasure Town
Antiglot (-300cp)
Followed (-100cp)
Distrusted (0cp)


>> No.39702773

>the Skull Heart
but why
not only do you have a skull shaped load of PURE EVIL lodged in your chest at all times, constantly whispering horrible secrets into your mind and compelling you to destroy everyone you know and everything you love, you also have to put up with the damn thing making you look like a skeleton every time you change your appearance.

all for the ability to summon skeletons and manipulate bones like every other 2-bit necromancer

>> No.39702778

8-bit necromancer, thank you.

>> No.39702785 [DELETED] 

Yet instead you're in full support of fucking over the people who actually build for your CYOAs out of spite.

>> No.39702801

Umm... I actually like updated jumps. As a typical anon I really only dislike it when prices for perks I bought are raised. However I am usually to lazy to grumble about it in the thread. I think jump creators should be able to update their jumps whenever they want. It's their jumps. Hell I use a not taking program and may have to rewrite a bunch of crap but it's usually alright I mean a few perks change or are added I don't see the big deal.

>> No.39702805

There is no actual point in that vitriol. Make a substative comment or just shut the fuck up.

>> No.39702811

You must be 18 years old to post on 4chan.

>> No.39702824

OK out of all the recent updates the only one that I needed to redo a build for was because it made imports cheaper, so I had more points to spend on other stuff. I am all in favour of updates made to improve the jump. Sonic especially could do with a content and general quality improvement update.

>> No.39702832

See? The only way this anon will accept an update is if you bribe him with 1000 extra cp and the ability to keep all his old perks.

Yes there is. He's demanding that updates only be done in the form of a new jump he can then take in addition to the old one.

>> No.39702839

Make a point or shut your hole, kiddo.

>> No.39702845

Doctor Who and Harry Potter have Mental Fortitude and Occlumency respectively. They're the only ones that come to mind.

>> No.39702849

There is a point when half the reason any of these people update something is specifically to do three things.

1) Generally worsen things by making things worse, more expensive, unavailable where they were before, or otherwise out of spite.

2) Prevent a combo they don't like out of spite.

3) Prevent a method of victory they don't like out of spite.

So what they're all saying is that they support these spiteful actions just by saying "WELL I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT", which is true, but it doesn't keep them from being cunts for it.'

I'm really not, you presumptuous retard.

>> No.39702852

>this slowly growing rift between the /jc/ community and it's content creators

All of you fuckers need to calm down and get back to jumping, not every little issue has to be blown up into megashitstorm 2015.

Go to a different tab, write up some horrible fanwank, just do something other than argue about a non-issue.

>B-but anon his opinion is WRONG!
Take a deep breath and calm down nigga.
Why can't we all just get along?

>> No.39702860


>> No.39702861

>Yes there is. He's demanding that updates only be done in the form of a new jump he can then take in addition to the old one.
That may be, but I have no idea how you got that out of his comment.

It's a bullshit POV, btw. Not yours, but the one you fleshed out.

>> No.39702865

Hundreds. Off the top of my head: Kids Next Door, Mother, Adventure Time (In Item Form)...

Man, the list just goes on. Just look through some Jumps. Practically every other Jump has a Willpower boost.

>> No.39702869

You work hard, screw over all your companions, betray, subjugate, pervert nature indiscriminately and maybe
just maybe, if you're lucky
You become a 3 bit necromancer

>> No.39702875 [DELETED] 

>waaah people are calling me out for being an entitled child!
>look, i can make sweeping generalizations about things without providing any actual proof!
>am i kool nao gaiz?

>>>/gaiaonline/ is that way, kiddo. Not even /b/ deserves to be afflicted with you.

>> No.39702879

You transcend salt and have achieved pure asshurt toxicity. Kudos.

>> No.39702888

No, you're just a fucking moron who completely misunderstood my point.

>> No.39702891

/jc/ runs on content, anon. The only way to prevent arguments is to feed the engine more Jumps or writings as fuel.

When the Jump-train runs out of fuel, it begins to burn salt instead, just to keep itself going.

>> No.39702899

It's not the /jc/ community that's causing trouble. It's just a few dedicated shitlords who like to stir things up and use every drop of a pin to do so.

The content creators get support in thread, though more is never bad, and we keep churning out builds and content.

>> No.39702900

I don't believe you. I have every expectation that if there were a new Age of Ultron jump you'd be happy to have 1000 more cp.

Premise the first: "I hate updates"
Premise the second: "I love new jumps"
Fact: There can be multiple jumps set in the same timeline. See FFXIII through FFXIII-3 and the Megaman jumps
Conclusion: Therefore, the only way to have the new things and not break the first premise is to create a new jump in the same timeline for the new thing.

>> No.39702903

>out of spite
Well shit. You got me. I've been doing all of this to fuck with you. To ruin your fun and take out that STUPID dog!

Mark my words, I will destroy jumpchain! And then the world will be mine!

>> No.39702904

> Getting along
> /jc/

>> No.39702915

Welp. Sorry guys.

Looks like anon doesn't want Johj Origin, or a Terraformars update. My hand is tied.

>> No.39702920

Joke all you want, but what was the last 'update' to a finished jump we saw here? Something out of nowhere just to spite people who won the jump a certain way. This is what all updates are in my experience.

>> No.39702924

> no reptilian aliens

Confirmed for disinfo, please stand by for drone strike.

>> No.39702929

>no mention of HEUG
>no mention of amazing abs
>no mention of glorious curves
... I doubt the seriousness of this document.

>> No.39702934


>> No.39702939

>Gef the Talking Mongoose
>The Biggest Secret

>> No.39702971


How oddly prophetic.

>> No.39702990

>wanting to be a Johj


>> No.39702996

I sure hope you're not saying that every update has been like that~

Because then your ignorance would be showing.

>> No.39703000

Real Eater + Generate Mayonnaise = Doctor, is it normal to piss ketchup?

It also allows for the instant defeat of anyone with a weakness to a sauce.

>> No.39703004

You'd be surprised anon.

And also surprised at the perk tree for Johj. WHich is all unavailable to existing 'No John, you are the johj' drawback.

>> No.39703011

Eh ignore the dumb. I know it's hard on 4chan and particularly in these threads but please try.

>> No.39703027

You are beyond pathetic. At this point you're just mewing and crying. You should stop, you've already embarassed yourself.

>> No.39703032

>quicksilver rant
Look. I like the guy too, but he's not the divine emperor of jumpchain. It was always meant to be a community thing. Let's not put him on a pedestal here.

>> No.39703039

Yep. Guess we can't have an MCU update either.

Or for that matter, any new jumps. I mean if we made jumps, they're at risk for updates. So we can't risk that. I mean what if a build is ruined by the new jump? Then we might have problems!

Guess I can delete all those WIPs I had.

>> No.39703040

>Johj Origin
I'd rather see a Zerg Jump, but that'd be fun too.

>> No.39703043

Heavy Build
Body Builder (500cp)
Strength 2
Endurance 2
Height 7'0"
Speed 2 (400cp)
Dexterity 1 (350cp)
Sense 2 (250cp)
Height 8'0" (150cp)
Winged (Dragon Wings) (0cp)

Oh look, I have a nice set of blue wings. Dragon wings it seems, I'm also 8'0" which is cool. I no longer needed by glasses, I mean they kinda were beat up anyways. I went with a more rounded physical base, which suits me fine.


>> No.39703049

Please also note the Dick Dastardly in the background.

He is twirling his handlebar moustache. Each half of his moustache ends in a sharp point, like those of a triangle.

There are three things added to the chart that were not there in the document it is a modified version of - Life Fibers, Destroy Jumpchain, and Murder Stupid_Dog. A triangle has 3 sides. The Illuminati is represented by a triangle.

Illuminati confirmed.

>> No.39703064


Ignore him. Go for the update!

>> No.39703080

>Guess I can delete all those WIPs I had.
Please no. I like your jumps.

>> No.39703085

Some people like the skull heart.

Sure, it's a cunt. But aren't we all?

>> No.39703098

That person asking about conspiracies earlier was just trying to get Red to confess her true loyalties!

>> No.39703104

But I'm not a female sexual organ, anon.

If I were, I wouldn't be able to type due to lack of appendages.

>> No.39703130

l;khfdgdrhgjnmfcgxdfrt78hjk bnjh

>> No.39703133

>Choose background
>AND game
>AND weight class
>with perk discounts for all
what are you waiting for?

>> No.39703136

>Sure, it's a cunt. But aren't we all?

But the Skull heart is like... the ultimate cunt

The Cuntimate even

>> No.39703141

Wait. You're NOT a piece of genitalia using its psychic powers to access the internet? Have I been lied to this whole time?

>> No.39703142

Nobody gives a shit about the three people who complain that they might have to add/remove a single perk in their build, do it anyways.

>> No.39703144

Wait, how'd you click "post?"

>> No.39703158

I know you and OAA are being sarcastic here but seriously ignore the dumb posts about updates are bad and your only trying to screw people. It's not worth the time to dignify with a response.

>> No.39703159


By the Illuminati.

>> No.39703172

Hey, some of us actually USE our perks for things. If we can't count on that purchase meaning anything, if it can be taken away from a jumper on a jumpmaker's whim, then what's the point of ever taking anything to begin with?

>> No.39703189 [SPOILER] 


>> No.39703198

So I kinda had this erm burst of creation one day.

>why is there no Attack on titan jump
>because it has literally nothing to offer

For an early to mid tier jumper it has some wonderful things to offer. It's no more redundant than any other jump. So I jotted down a bunch of fucking notes on a AoT jump. And I don't think I could balance it properly at my level of jump making experience. So if any anon would like to try their hand at this you're welcome to try.

If you want to I'll upload a pastebin as well if you want a more ...malleable copy.

>> No.39703263

60m is no longer the tallest.

>> No.39703267 [SPOILER] 


>> No.39703286


>> No.39703294

Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind der Jäger!

>> No.39703310


>> No.39703360

Thank you. There's at least someone else who agrees with me on one count.

>> No.39703415

Too bad it's a shit opinion that shits on the people who make the jumps to begin with.

>> No.39703446

There is only one thing that I don't like about changes and updates to Jumps.

It is when I don't know when one has happened.

Seriously, can you put like a version number or date somewhere? Especially if you put it at the title so that I don't have to worry about having to open each file on the drive and compare it to the ones I have on my computer just to make sure I'm not missing anything.

Not saying all files need this retro-actively done, but if you could keep this in mind when making or updating jumps I would very much appreciate it.

>> No.39703472

Nobody has to be shat on at all. All I really ask is that Jumpmakers take into consideration that people are counting on the skills and items they buy, and to try not to fuck with that unless absolutely necessary.

As a player, I don't want to be shit upon any more than the jumpmakers do.

>> No.39703495

That's an agreeable sentiment. More people should start keeping version numbers and changelogs in their jumps.

>> No.39703522

Featuring legends, cheat units that want you dead, and even a few in-jokes, here it is.

Some notes:

1. I tried to hew close to the campaign for this - unfortunately, Delgado doesn't do much.

2. If anything just seems WRONG? Let me know.

3. Go on, look at the last table. You know you want to.

>> No.39703552

>Nobody has to be shat on at all.
Except you shit on people the second they suggest something. You don't want to take what you dish out to others. Maybe you shouldn't have shat on Spyro so much?

Sorry, but you lost all credibility when you started throwing insults all around. Jump makers have a right to work on their own jumps, and if it needs work then it needs work. Fucking deal with it.

>> No.39703601

Okay, I get that you're trying to pull a Babs, but come on.

>> No.39703610

I think you have me conflated with the other guy. All *I* want is for grandfather clauses to be accepted as common practice and not "some horrible fanwank"

Failing that, I'll settle for jumpmakers taking care to only invalidate builds when it's actually necessary, and beyond "gives you your spark without being an end jump" I can't really concieve why it'd be vitally important to go back and fuck up people's builds months down the road.

>> No.39703646

Is Bloodborne still in the works?

>> No.39703649

>and beyond "gives you your spark without being an end jump"
And you lost your argument. Why the fuck would that ever happen? You set an impossibly stupid reason just to justify it. It doesn't work like that.

>> No.39703655

It is yes. Nubee is waiting for the DLC to come out I believe.

>> No.39703688

Probably for the best. Wouldn't want anyone to get upset if he had to add stuff because new content came out.

>> No.39703702

Are these people Companions? Is this basically a prologue? Can we avoid the story?

>> No.39703737

Or you didn't really read his post, he provided that as a reason why to remove something.

>> No.39703738

Some jump makers have an intention when creating perks.

Jumpers who indicate that this intention is not being perceived by posting builds that rely on perks that are not intended to work in a certain way prompt clarifications in the form of updates to indicate that no, the perk does not do that.

Or possibly that the perk also does other things that people don't seem to be taking advantage of.

Or possibly in the form of changing the price to match the perceived power of the perk.

Saying that the author should have no say in how the perks are supposed to work is to insist your fanwank is more important than anything else.

>> No.39703752

To change perks intentionally to screw people over is more often how this is invoked than in how you pretend it is.

>> No.39703791

Take the Data Drain perk.
Visit the Ranma jump.
Take the fanfic perk, choose something with Planeswalkers. I'm sure one exists.
Punch the Planeswalker to death, Data Drain his Spark.

If the author did not intend for a perk to be able to do the thing you want it to do so badly, write a jump that grants the desired perk and fuck off.

I don't care that you're so emotionally invested in getting a certain perk in a certain place. Fuck off and find a perk that is actually supposed to do the thing instead of being a That Guy from a Rules as Written thread.

>> No.39703806

It's more that an author sees someone make a perk combo and decides to outright change their perk, not because the combo was wrong but because they don't like it.

>> No.39703820

So all jump makers just hate your fun and haunt these thread specifically to shit on all fun? Is that what you're saying?

>> No.39703827

The whole "get a spark" thing is hilarious, since the chain ends with the spark. You've basically reached "the end" - congratulations.

>> No.39703832

Yes, exactly, the perk was not supposed to work like that when they wrote it and they're letting you know that. If they wanted the combo to work they'd let you fucking do it.

>> No.39703847

If they don't want their jump's perks interacting with the perks from other jumps, maybe they should make stand-alone CYOAs instead.

>> No.39703861

Everytime they go out of the way to update something that's old that seems to be their goal, instead of actually improving anything.
Uh, no? I said combo, idiot. The perk DOES work that way, but someone combined several perks to get an effect.
>If they wanted the combo to work
They don't plan combos. They don't arbitrate them. It's something combining several different people's work. This is an entirely different issue from 'you misinterpreted the text'.

>> No.39703876


Note: Exporting it to PDF ate my 'Outro' page and a page of drawbacks. I would like to apologize profusely right now for shoddy craftsmanship. I will be updating it with another page of drawbacks, some more items, and a BETTER OUTRO PAGE.

I am seriously ashamed of the existing one.

>> No.39703887


>> No.39703895

now all I need is aliens to complete my life

>> No.39703906

Given that one common thread of bitching is jumps that change other jumps I have no sympathy for you. Jump B's perks do not get to unilaterally change the way Jump A and its perks work.

>> No.39703908


>> No.39703909

> Zerg Route

OAA, you magnificent bastard I READ YOUR BOOK!!!!

>> No.39703925

If you're bitching about combos, then you're gonna have to bitch out every single jumper other than yourself considering everyone makes them.

>> No.39703932

Stupid auto correct. That was a squee!

>> No.39703933

and Jump B does not get to prevent Jump A's perks from working in B's setting.

>> No.39703987

>updating it



>> No.39704008

I'm bitching about some non-specific combo that apparently relies on things that work in Jump A and not Jump B. As they refuse to say what it is, I'm assuming they're trying to use two obviously incompatible perks together like using Spiral Power to empower things that don't breed.

It really depends on the setting. A perk to kill vampires with one set of weaknesses will not necessarily help you kill vampires that do not have those weaknesses.

>> No.39704014

So you're jumping to conclusions to ignore the point of posts you responded to.

>> No.39704028

If its so obvious that the perks should work together, then they could tell me instead of claiming that the author of a jump has no say in how the perks in his jumps work.

>> No.39704039

It's not about a specific example. It's about a combo (That's acknowledged to work) that's been invalidated because of an update solely meant to make it impossible just because they dislike it.

>> No.39704054

The only person who can acknowledge that a perk works in a certain way is the guy who wrote the perk. Since he apparently changed the jump to more explicitly say no, I don't think it was acknowledged as working.

>> No.39704055

Eh. Making XIII-2 and working out the timeline was seriously mindwracking I tell you.

>> No.39704060

WELL GUESS YOU CAN'T UPDATE IT ANYMORE. Too bad, but anon's word is law.

Anyhow, building time.

-Background: Primal Zerg (500CP) -TIME FOR FUN.
-Burrowing (Free) -DIG DIG DIG.
-Primal Awareness (Free) -Track down... must have essence.
-Essence Spinner (-100CP) -OH MY GODS I NEED THIS.
-Psionic Waveform (-700CP) -And I'm mega awesome.
-Primal Pack Leader (-1000CP) (Discount) -HUUUUUUUGE. BASE HEIGHT OF 23 METERS.
-Primal Evolution (Free) -I will always evolve.
-The Sons of Korhal (-700CP)
-The Golden Armada (-400CP)
-Slow Evolution (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Zerus, 50 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure


>> No.39704075

Combo, you fucking idiot. A combo is not a perk. Can you not read? You also can't see the word 'acknowledged' either, which makes me think you're being retarded on purpose.

>> No.39704104

A combo is made of perks. If one of them is not intended to work with other perks in that fashion, then it is not intended to work in that fashion.

>> No.39704121

It's bullshit to say "you can't use my perk in a combo"

>> No.39704122

>Not intended.
It's not about intent, illiterate idiot. It's about it being ACKNOWLEDGED and then removed for no reason other than dislike, not because it wasn't intended to work a certain way.

And like the other guy said, if they don't want their shit interacting with other jumps then they need to go make regular CYOAs.

>> No.39704130

I was with you at first but now your argument is getting REALLY stupid. Just drop it.

>> No.39704145

>Primal Pack Leader

See. See. I knew you'd beeline for that one.

All those damn capstones though...

>> No.39704161

Right, whatever, the author has no say in the disposition of their jumps. I hope that jump creators take this to heart. I know I will.

>> No.39704168

I had to. Essence Spinner is fucking VITAL to my biology plans with just how fucking detailed it is... and psionic waveform is... well...

Let's face it. Psychonauts, Alpha Centauri, now this. I figure I may as well just start loading up on psionic power boosters and improve my mind to crazy-ass levels. I mean, what could go wrong?

>> No.39704170


I need this.

But by the opening text, I wonder, is there a protoss route? I only saw the one starcraft Jump on the drive.

>> No.39704179

There will be a Protoss route.

Consider that... a bit of foreshadowing.

>> No.39704197

their say in how their jump works ends at the end of their jump. They don't get to dictate how it interacts with things from other jumps.

>> No.39704202

and Primal Evolution?

Did I condemn everything to being OMNOMNOM'd?

>> No.39704208

Pssst... it's not foreshadowing if you out and out say it.

I love the new jump, btw.

>> No.39704229

>Did I condemn everything to being OMNOMNOM'd?
OAA: Patron Saint of Furry Munching.

>> No.39704231

I assume we'll have to choose only one of the terran/zerg/protoss routes? Or can we jump all 3?

>> No.39704232

The shit in the post was meant to be foreshadowing.

I may as well just come out and say it though, it will be happenin'.

ONCE I burn through this backlog.


>> No.39704237

Oh, hardly! Sentient beings are still off the menu, it's just that... well, let's just say I have even more reason for hunting trips in mythical worlds.

>> No.39704276

Sentient or sapient? Important distinction in any case, doubly so in this one.

>> No.39704307

I'm not eating people.

>> No.39704326

Sapient then. Sentient would include things like dogs and most other animals that are capable of recognizing their own present state to some degree.

>> No.39704461

All 3. Could consider it as Alternate Universes?

>> No.39704564

All 3, alt-verses.

Unless the original Starcraft jump-maker has changed her mind since we last spoke, which I do not believe so.

>> No.39704643

>can't magic cold iron into existence
That may be so for WoD magicians, but there are plenty of other magic systems from other universes out there. Jumper, yo.

>> No.39704679

True, but if you magic it into existence you've tainted it. It's no longer Cold Iron. Part of the reason that it hurts the Fey as much as it does is that its completely magically inert. Using magic to bring it into existence or form it robs it of that ability.

>> No.39704707

So is the current SC jump going to be considered the Terran jump, or will those be seperate?

>> No.39704714

That's the existing plan, aye, the current one is the Terran jump.

>> No.39704731


Or maybe they just take place at different times, like with Star Trek?

How many years do the games cover?

>> No.39704793


I avoid cannibalism, but I don't think there's anything terribly wrong with slurping down a blood sample, or using a bit of DNA to make a brain-dead clone to NOM on.

I've partially held off going to marvel and DC in the hopes that there would be a primal zerg route I could do first. And then I could use my Warehouse Return credit to go back to pokemon. And then get some Gourmet cells from Toriko. Blue magic is a good combination too...what else need nomming?

>> No.39704813

With FF9 Genomes, we're restricted to one perk like or the other right?

>> No.39704828


oh yeah!

I can use the geneforge and other DNA-manipulation perks to create monstrosities of science for the sole purpose of consuming them.

That's what I was forgetting.

>> No.39704833

that's how I read it

>> No.39704853

>Using magic to bring it into existence
What if I use psionics? Or divine fiat?

Basically, what is "magic" in Changeling?

>> No.39704866

Yes, the two trees are exclusive from each other.

>> No.39704891

>Or divine fiat?
That'd probably ping as magic.

... what psionics allow you to manifest materials?

>> No.39704984


Isn't divine fiat basically the definition of WOD magic?

>> No.39705038

Honestly, I think Mass Effect has the best way to deal with the Fey. Mine your Cold Iron. Have a bunch of motherfuckers pounding it into a certain shape and size, then put it into weapons based off of ME tech.

From the wiki:
In Mass Effect, to generate ammunition a weapon shaves a projectile the size of a sand grain from a dense block of metal contained within the weapon's body. The projectile is launched at supersonic velocities by decreasing its mass in a mass effect field. Thousands of these tiny rounds can be produced from a single ammunition block. Ammunition is never a concern because of this, but managing the weapon's internal heat is; if a weapon is fired too rapidly, heat will build up inside of the weapon and it will overheat, forcing the operator to stop firing long enough for the weapon to disperse that heat buildup.

>> No.39705070

I'm just basing it off of TT gaming logic. All wizard, god, and cleric stuff is considered magic for the purposes of resistence and whatnot.

So to fight the Fey you'd need pure science and human engineering. Psionics are iffy, but they might be possible.

That's pretty fucking solid. The hardest part would be getting uniformity in the cold iron blocks, but even that could be done with the right tools. Just need to make sure everything is done by hand.

>> No.39705081

Does resource cache let you find vespene gas and the crystals in other jumps or is it just for similar resources?

Can you spawn baneling squads in other jumps if you buy them?

Deadly Dance's pre-req is either misnamed or missing (I guess it could be on that missing page you mentioned).

I had a few other questions but can't remember exactly what they were... I think one was a more quantifiable explanation of one of the 'you are a bad-ass' perks.

Other than that this looks really good, I can barely hold myself back from making a build for it.

>> No.39705095


>> No.39705110

>Resource cache
Similar resources, I'll add a +50 bit to allow you to find caches with vespene and the like.

>baneling spawner

>Deadly Dance pre-req
I fucked it up, it's pre-req is Raynor and Kerrigan. Fixing it next edition.

>> No.39705113

>Psionic Waveform
... WELP.

Between that and Elonas Magical Body I'm one step closer to being a First One. Fucking A, man. Fuckin'. A.

>> No.39705124

That just might do it.

>> No.39705309

Aside from burning so much XP when you create things, it would do it. Then again, I'm not a fan of burning XP to make things unless they're ridiculously magical, so.

>> No.39705390

For the one piece jump, can I have a fruit function differently if it already exists? For example have the shadow shadow fruit affect inanimate shadows instead of animate shadows.

>> No.39705436

The benefit from Primal Hunger seems ambiguous. I could see it granting speed, stamina, a sixth sense on where they are...
More specific language would be appreciated.

>> No.39705445

No, it's solely cosmetic changes. I believe the pdf says so as well.

>> No.39705486

So. Minor changes to FF9 build. Because dammit, the multiverse IS ready for FTL airships

Drawbacks: Edible, The Treasure Hunter
Perk: Lindblum Airship Manufacturing Expertise

Huh. This is...different. Why is our thoughtform on the ground? how are we even having a headache when a) the humanoid shell projected into reality shouldn't be capable of feeling pain and b) we don't, strictly speaking, have a head?

>Elizabeth Ramsay


...and we're a pirate, apparently! Time to get all Tinkerbell in this motherfucker so's we can have a FLYING PIRATE SHIP. And trace the cannons with arcane formulae to make them alchemise things with every shot!

>Drawback: O CANADA 2005 (60)
>EngineersX2 (56), SurgeonsX2 (54), Spies (53), Carib Trackers (52), LandsnechktsX4 (44), Barbary CorsairsX2 (40), Swiss PikemanX4 (32), Black RidersX4 (18), FusiliersX3 (12), Outlaw Dacoits (8), Lil' Bombards (0)

And just when things were going back to normal-a terrible adversary from Age of Mythology jump comes OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE to do battle. Even has his goddamn sidekick monkeys somehow

>Free prisoners or natives

Accio prisoners/natives/delete as appropriate!

>Capture treasure ships

Accio treasure ships!

>destroy the Spanish forts

Accio-oh god, the Lazer Bear is in conspiracy with the Spanish! We knew it!

>after the battle

Well, the other factions are currently trying to put out nuclear flames and the natives are running away from infinite shadow spiders due to our otherworld intersecting with reality so-we're good to go we guess?


>all this EVOLUTION
>by the Jumper who sticks lambda drivers into orgels or origins
>tfw one of you is clearly going to try and build biometallic lambda driver at one point

Sasuga OAA and also Red

>> No.39705541

>The Lake of the Moon

We can't believe this is what everybody's been fighting over. All this fuss over something we grabbed in Harry Potter like, a bazillion jumps ago. That said, fuck breaking something just for for funsies-we're going to convince our captain to a) acquire samples and b) temporal lock the edifice instead of destroying it outright. Might as well do science with the waters.

...again, not entirely sure where all the wealth went when the final battle was decided with raining down meteorites on the other factions, so-we guess the crew got REALLY drunk? The point is-the crew and captain can have their cashmoney, we want an undiluted sample of the Fountain of Youth, and to preserve the source. Which is totally what we're doing. Because really, now that the Lazer Bear has finally been defeated in battle nobody is in a position to argue with us.

>Rolled a tiny scrap of a copper scroll

...whelp. Is this supposed to mean something? We. We guess this is our treasure.


...we're going turn this island into a floating island, just for funsies! It'll be this world's first floating pilot harbour, and through our magitech we can begin a new age of airborne piracy.

>> No.39705546

I don't know if this has been covered already but Iji nanofields are immune to non-nanoweapons. I imagine magic or things with enough force would bypass this but do they work for most things in other jumps? If you go to halo or some other shooter are you going to be fine taking on armies by yourself?

>> No.39705632

>so much XP
It would cost 14 xp to true create a bastard sword. 74 xp for a masterwork one. Just go kill a goblin or something afterwards and you'd be fine.

>> No.39705644

>"Some fruit users in this world may already have some Devil Fruits listed here, but your benefactor of these fruits assures you that they are JUST different enough so as not to conflict with this rule"
The cosmetic change says 'as an added bonus'. Depends on how JUST is JUST.

>> No.39705651

I'd imagine JUST is not gonna be entirely different abilities. The cosmetic change already prolly qualifies as different, if not through outright JC Fiat.

>> No.39705677

Eh. True, I suppose it would work ideally if you had a mob spawner from Minecraft. Pop a couple zombies and you're golden.

>> No.39705923

For those of us who aren't well versed in StarCraft how many Zerg can a queen control, and how do buildings work in this jump? Can you make your own army with factory's (whatever the Zerg call them) pumping out units or are you limited to what you've bought? What about tech, do you do it once and keep it?

>> No.39705973

And what counts as strong essence? If I go through a zoo like it's an all you can eat buffet will I get anything from it? The Zerg are buglike, so could I get insectile traits from bugs?

>> No.39706255

Is anyone still working on the Eberron jump? I remember someone was working on it some time ago. Also, is anyone working on any other D&D jumps like Grayhawk or Planescape?
And can anyone point me to the Order of the Stick jump? It doesn't seem to be in the jumps folder.

>> No.39706365

So, both Firebending and Hamon are powered by sunlight, right? If we have Firebending Genius would it be too much of a fanwank to say we combine both to make golden flames that function like Azula's blue flames but are ultra effective against undead?

>> No.39706434

Not with the jump, but real eater might do it.

>> No.39706457

I don't think that's too off-base, especially seeing how "golden flames that are super-effective against undead" is something Hamon can do on its own. Adding firebending would just up its power and range.

>> No.39706538

Is Primal Evolution really worth 800cp for non Primals considering Essence Spinner let's you induce specific mutations in yourself and others while Primal Evolution is only the strongest and only for yourself which may not be the thing you want from a creature? I know it's flavourful and all but it seems a bit much for a little convenience at a loss of utility.

>> No.39706565

I think the reason primal evolution costs more is that it applies to all your alternate forms (albeit lessened in magnitude) as opposed to just your Zerg form.

>> No.39706635

I guess that makes sense. Taken by itself that is very useful. Less so if you've got Final Form but that's his voice to focus on internal balance I suppose.

>> No.39706640

Choice, not voice.

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