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>> No.39688344

How do you guys hide your powerlevel while still joining the MCs as a side character?

I always end up re-attaching my head or switching into kaiju form when it gets slightly dangerous and that kinda steals the spotlight... I can't let myself die, right?

>> No.39688366

>re-attaching your head

Wait, you spend most of your time with your head separated from your body? Are you the Headless Jumper?

As for myself-Hybrid from Evangelion is my go-to. Prior to that, I just kind of rolled with things.

>> No.39688408

>Headless Jumper

... Where can one find this perk. Headless Horseman build a go.

>> No.39688448

Check the Skullgirls Jump!

>> No.39688468

Vampire from JoJo could do it.

>> No.39688470

Well, Pull It Together, Man! from Lego apparently lets you put your head back on if someone chops if off but DOESN'T destroy the brain. So hypothetically I suppose you could indefinitely wander around headless; still probably best to keep it somewhere safe. Maybe in your warehouse.

...I don't even know if that's what that anon was doing, to be honest.

>> No.39688496

Dullahan / Headless Horseman jumper is go.

Now I just need to find a good horse.

>> No.39688512

Convince Death to give you Binky when Marvel finally finishes Discworld?

>> No.39688516

I seal my collected corruption in a random soul in the daedric star artifact once I corrupted it. I can access it whenever then without shining like an evil beacon. Just magical power I either drain myself of through expelling it in various forms but mostly enchant. Complete mental resistance through perks and enchanted items to seal the deal.

Are there any perks that just let you hide your power? Magical or otherwise? I can't think of any.

>> No.39688519

Oh yeah-and you'll be wanting A Horse in the Sewers from FF12 to have an appropriately impressive stead. Maybe splice in that uber-horse from Toriko later on once you have more bioengineering expertise AND an animal talking perk like Whisperer to give it more horsepower (pun intended)

>> No.39688520

JoJo skeletal horse?

>> No.39688527

Wait I died? From pacific rim lets you live without a head but you get dumber

>> No.39688541

>implying Death would just part with his buddy like that

Death is a traditionalist, yo.

>> No.39688555


Crazy Horse is a mural of string in the vague shape of a horse with questionable healing properties, not something you can actually ride.

>> No.39688630

Zombie Horse, not Crazy Horse. But yeah, it's not a real horse. Closest thing to a horse Stand is Made In Heaven, but you can't really ride that, either.

>> No.39688633

... Huh?

I could swear I saw a perk in the JoJo jump that gave you an actual skeletal horse mount... did someone drug me?

>> No.39688649

Possibly. Or you could just be thinking of a different jump.

>> No.39688674

Wait wha-

>A Horse in the Sewers – 100/200/300/400 CP
>A horse’s whinny fills the air and the air heats up slightly. It just takes a blink of your eyes, and standing in front of you is a flaming horse. Actually it looks like it literally is made out of flames. It gallops at a pace substantially quicker than the pace you run at – well that’s to be expected, it’s a horse! Firemane grows as it is fed fire in both height and overall size. It’ll let you ride it around and won't burn you – but if it gets into a fight, best have a water hose ready to minimize the damage. So far, the biggest specimen we've seen was about a good sixteen feet tall. We had twenty odd mages tossing spells at it to keep it growing though.

>100 – Firemane absorbs fire.

>200 – Firemane absorbs both fire and water.

>300 – Firemane can also turn invisible when it runs.

>400 – Firemane gains the ability to discharge massive bolts of lightning.

Right. I think I just found something that's fucking awesome.

>> No.39688675

D-did YOU drug me?!

Must have been a different Jump then, and the Zombie Horse got me confused for a second...

>> No.39688733

I never understood where the lighting ability came from.

Question for anyone who took the Light Eternal IF scenario in FFXIII-3, what did you do with the Double Deity?
I rolled well but now I can't decide what to do with it.

>> No.39688742

>skeletal horse mount

Theoretically it's possible to get one in either Elder Scrolls or World of Warcraft.

It gets better. Zodiac Ascendence: Aries/Hellfire enables you to, and I quote, "Once per day...transform into pure fire, and can manipulate a body of fire equal to your size"

...the final fantasy jumps in general are full of things that remind me of Summon Greater Steamroller from JoJo

>> No.39688760

> Dullahan Jumper

Durarara!! Jump when?

>> No.39688770

Rule 1 so when you make it.

>> No.39688780

Yeah, they're pretty cool jumps. Lots of weird powers that seem minor until you start thinking of novel applications and combos. It appeals to the munchkin in me.

>> No.39688792

You could have gotten an on-fire horse from your very first Jump, Anon.

>> No.39688820

Couple things:

-Modified it to have a Beyblade configuration, and used the weapons recombination template to fuse it with the riyu jingu bang
-Studied its spiritual makeup, made it far more mobile through nanomachine enhancement and attuned it with our hindu demigod cybernetics so it manifests whenever we're using lots and lots of mantra
-Based on mantra techniques, developed a martial art to use in tandem with it based on manipulating eradia (the white light mentioned in the Savior perk tree) to shoot huge spiritual lasers
-Used it to direct souls into Bradeline's Well in jumps without a confirmed afterlife. Because having souls just lying around seems untidy.

>> No.39688827

Rapidash a great

>> No.39688836

It's not even about the munchkin potential, for me. It just feels hella fun reading how x perk breaks reality in a very specific and entertaining way, like some of the things in JoJo. Like the on-demand parade summoning

>> No.39688846

I went with pic related instead.

>> No.39688935

WoW Jump has Headless Horseman's Reigns. Flying horse mount.

>> No.39688994

Eh. I have a team of Pokémon I roll with no matter what incarnation. The transformation into a Dullahan would occur likely over a few jumps.

Oh. Oh dear.

>> No.39689154

Looks really fun.

Quick request though, could you give some clarification on ability usage in The Troupe's Performance scenario? Are you just not allowed to use your powers to make people join you by force, or are you not allowed to use them at all? Like, could I use my powers to burst through a wall like the Koolaid man in order to reach someone, then perform an unpowered play for them? Am I allowed to use my abilities to improve the play, such as using the SFX ability for, well, special effects?

Related note to this, what jumps do you guys know of offhand that give you acting abilities?

>> No.39689266

Hollywood Jump, for a start
MCU's Armed to Disarm gives you intuitive sense of how to charm someone
Overlord has that one monologue perk

>> No.39689285

This is megacorp, im on my phone so no trip. Anyway is anyone writing a dedicated rogue trader jump? Im considering it.

>> No.39689300

Freelancer in 40k is Rogue Trader

>> No.39689463

How would Gift of the Thousand Master interact with D&D magic? Would you get extra spell slots? Would all your spells be Maximized? Both? Something else entirely?

>> No.39689510

I'm only quoting the text, and Marvel Anon ought to give the definitive answer on this but

"While a normal Mage may fire off 7 Magical Arrows of Light, you fire barrages numbering in the hundreds, and can even cast truly ancient and powerful spells able to destroy small armies (assuming, of course, that you know them and can speak ancient Greek or the other languages required for the incantations"

makes me suspected that "both" is the right answer

>> No.39689649

Is it an option or a dedicated jump that lets you play a rt, or a astropth, ect?

>> No.39689696

Why would you want to be an Astropath?

>> No.39689698

Uh, I don't mean to rain on your parade, but I've been told many times that if you lose something like 75% of your body then you get sent home, even if you'd survive it.

>> No.39689715

It's just a head, though? Surely that's gotta count for less than 25%

>> No.39689736

It would only work if you didn't need a head. If you DO need a head, but could survive as one, then you lose if you don't attach back to your body quickly.

>> No.39689753

oops, I meant to include, that if you still need a head, then you've effectively lost like 80-90% of your body when it comes off, because your head is "You".

>> No.39689764

See >>39688470, >>39688448 (though I personally can think of better things to spend 1200 CP on), >>39688468 for stuff myself and others suggested to survive decapitation

>> No.39689774

...probably just a straight-up CL/DC boost, honestly. Though that one's totally up to you; fanwank responsibly.

>> No.39689784

>your head is "You"

Honestly I'd say that's debatable given all the weird soul shit metaphysics you can pick up just by existing in certain jumps. To say nothing of attaining a...malleable physiology as per Prototype or Dead Apostle

>> No.39689804

Undeadification, mate. Some forms let you still keep on ticking if someone winds up making you lose your head.

>> No.39689816

There's a whole bunch of ways of getting perks to get around that though. The easiest would be to just get monstrous biology from the Gunnerkrigg court jump and choose Dullahan as your monster.

>> No.39689823

agreed, but it does apply to jumpers with a relatively human physiology

>> No.39689831

Woops, meant to quote >>39689736

>> No.39689836

I kinda assumed the Lego perk implicitly let you survive headless long-term given I figured there'd have been a note about losing body mass otherwise, but fair enough

>> No.39689876

Wat? Is this real?

I thought you just couldn't die, excluding vampirism, lichdom, etc...

Who cares if you lost 99% of your body if you can survive like that by going cyborg or whatever...

>> No.39689902

Wait those exist?

>> No.39689922

Welcome to JumpChain, where we do our best to circumvent everything.

Honestly, official ruling back when QS still had an iota of input was '70% of Central Nervous System' had to still be intact.

>> No.39689927

early in a chain, yes

>> No.39689928

Not that I'm aware of. Not sure where Roquier's getting that from.

>> No.39689929

It's to prevent jumpers from just claiming things like "I survive the nuke because a few of my cells are alive."

It's a good rule, otherwise Prototype would make most other jumps ineffectual.

>> No.39689965

Prototype has an explicit clause saying that you count as dead if you get reduced to less than 70% neural mass. I don't think any other jump says that.

>> No.39689974

Don't think that's in the rules, mate. I think it's just that if at any point you're dead-dead, even temporarily, you're going home. So getting your head chopped off and your body vaped would be fine if you had some way to get your head back to your warehouse medlab.

>> No.39689978

I Thought was only if you went Prototype in well Prototype?

>> No.39689983

I may be remembering it incorrectly if what >>39689922
is saying is true, but I was distinctly told that I couldn't survive as just a head, even with JoJo vampirism that showed that you could, by quite a few people actually.

>> No.39690000

It was an example of the classes in rogue trader, and ill probably give it a buff. Navigators are were its at though with thier warp thrower eye.

>> No.39690001

They were wrong. It's the nervous system that needs to survive. So long as your brain is intact and functioning, you're still in the chain.

>> No.39690065


This is nonsensical.

>1. Fanwankery is impossible to stop and since it is (currently still) an imagined, singleplayer adventure I don't see any point in making extra rules to try and stop them anyway.
>2. Jumpers can be made out of energy, be a spiritual entity, grow to the size of a kaiju... I reckon most Jumpers have at times lost up to 100% of their original flesh. It's stupid to force people to remain at least 70% human.

Really, I don't see how this rule can still be applied for todays modern Jumper.

>> No.39690089

not their human body, just their body total, like if an energy being lost 70% of themselves.

>> No.39690101

On the one hand, I agree realistically given the...quirks of certain origins like Angel-I'm not eve talking about Evangelion's, I'm talking Supernatural's.

On the other hand I've always tried to jump within the rules and it disappoints me to realise that yes, this one is kind of outdated in the context of various origins.

>> No.39690103


That and good luck trying to convince anyone to work with something Quicksilver ruled. Last few times he's tried to state anything it's been shit piled on him.

>> No.39690111

Then ignore them. Unless it's in the official rules then it doesn't apply. People can't enforce random fanwank at their convenience and frankly it's a really stupid rule. Hell, even then you can just ignore the rules at your discretion. It's not like people can stop you.

Also, that's not how the nervous system works. Your nervous system is present throughout your whole body, not just your brain.

>> No.39690126

I'm fifty or so jumps in and I'm still human.
Granted, extremely peak human bordering on freak of nature, but still human.

>> No.39690171

Sorry, I left a word out. CENTRAL nervous system is what the perk specifies. I assumed that would be implicit, but I guess I was wrong. Happy now?

>> No.39690213

sorry, I was incorrect about the body thing, I was thinking of the prototype rule about prototype's blacklight virus.

However, I'm still pretty sure that some of the oldest members told me that I couldn't survive as a head even with JoJo vampirism a long time ago.

>> No.39690220

Technically I left behind humanity early on because I decided to go to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon directly after Pokemon; I forgot whether this was also an original rule or not. Then by jump 9 I was a cyborg, a reploid by jump 10 and...it all kind of escalated from there.

>> No.39690235

>rules are made to be ignored and fuck them
>fuck you i'm a jumper i can never die
This is how you sound. Right now. Is it really so scary that there's still the possibility for RISK involved? Oh no, people can still lose!

Grow the fuck up.

>> No.39690239

So how exactly do I go about.. uh.. playing?

>> No.39690272

Where've you been since Thread 50?

We've always been like that.

>> No.39690285

Read the CYOA in the OP image; select what perks and stuff you want, and any drawbacks. Then jump to the next place (usually getting a Warehouse and Body Mod first, which should also be in the OP). How you pick where e you go next is up to you; all the other CYOAs are in the drive linked in the OP.

Pick your stuff, live ten years in a world, writefag, and repeat.

>> No.39690286

So, the brain and spinal cord. And it might be implicit to someone with only casual knowledge about physiology, but "nervous system" as a term refers to both the central and peripheral nervous system. So thank you for clarifying.

>> No.39690300

Well, you choose a pdf someone made that's on the drive

You do a build for it, post it in thread

This part is optional, but you can write out what you're gonna do in the setting. The important thing is to use your imagination.

And then you repeat.

There's absolutely no multiplayer by the way, so don't feel any pressure

>> No.39690307

For that matter worm changers only have a core and the rest isnt vital. Angels too though they are big in a ratio to the angel.

>> No.39690321

That's no excuse, the rules are there for a reason, and at the very least people shouldn't be bragging about ignoring them.

>> No.39690342

Bullshit, otherwise this place would have collapsed into magical realm shit with multiplayer and lewd everywhere.

Quit trying to justify jerking off to the rest of us on how you're so above the rules. If people are saying you can't live as a head, then realize it applies even if you're a spirit being or a robot or whatever the fuck you are now and grow up. Christ, it's like I'm on tumblr with this "nuh-uh I'm a special snowflake species" bullshit.

>> No.39690345

Treat it as maximized meta magic.

>> No.39690354

Ok, so in all the pdf's I've seen so far you either stay, go home, or move on. Is there ever an option to just hang around for another 10 years? Or to just jump to the same chain?

>> No.39690372

>Christ, it's like I'm on tumblr with this "nuh-uh I'm a special snowflake species" bullshit.

TRIGGERED. I'm going to take my vampire-dragon-werewolf-god Jumper and go home.

Kidding. Kidding.

>> No.39690378

Then guess what? You can't live without your core. It goes, you go.

Same as Angels (which the wiki says they all have a core, so go fucking figure), Gems from SU, and all kinds of shit. You're not invincible.

>> No.39690379

Nope, only way to do that is to get the Return item from the Warehouse, which allows you to go back to one Jump for 10 more years (no more CP, though). Also, if you "win" the chain, you get an oldschool Planeswalker Spark, and can go back to wherever you want.

>> No.39690411

Nobody's bragging about ignoring rules that don't exist in the official source and were concocted by random people based on interpretation of how they thought Jumpchain should operate. If it's not in the rules then it's a not a rule. This should be obvious.

Untwist your panties, Jesus.

>> No.39690482

Its not breaking rules, if you want to stay human you are welcome too. Noone is stopping you. But a lot of us left those weak ass meat bodies a long time ago.

>> No.39690503

>random people
Uh-huh. Sure. Quit trying to talk like you're the majority.

This has been an issue for some time, with people claiming they can unlock omega god mode and never die. Or people going "I'M AN ANGEL NOW TIME TO DESTROY THE UNIVERSE", or fanwanking taken to extremes saying 'If It Bleeds' lets them fucking kill jumpchan. You say 'no one's ignoring rules', yet literally every single thread there's been bullshit about how 'oh you should ignore this' or 'oh you can tell them to shove it, your rules', and screaming about how people can't replace the main characters every single time with their special jumper cock.

That isn't just ignoring rules. It's fanfiction mary sue bullshit and you know it.

>> No.39690521

The core is probably far less than a head. At least for the changers. It could break the 25% rule.

>> No.39690529

>"durr hurr silly humans"
>"you're a tool if you wanna stay in a meat vat"
Literally tumblr.

>> No.39690535

>. It's fanfiction mary sue bullshit and you know it.
Welcome to jumpchain dumbass its all marysue bullshit

>> No.39690539

So? Is it your problem? Why do you feel the need, or indeed even the right, to dictate to people what they can and can't do in their fucking magical space adventures? The rules of Jumpchain were very clearly laid out in the source material and they haven't changed. Everything else is, and always has, been largely up to the interpretation and imagination of the people playing the game. What gives you special authority to determine what other people can and can't do? So I'd say you're the problem here, not them.

>> No.39690554

he's got a point no one is forcing you to stay human.

>> No.39690559

Mind getting your tiny dicklet out of my face and listening for a second?

This rule makes absolutely no sense. Risk? There are MANY, MANY ways to achieve pseudo-immortality without relying on regeneration, stacking durability perks being the most common.

ALL this rule does is limit your ability to adept your form. Want to be a cyborg? Nope, you need at least 30% of your body. Want to be a flying head? Nope, you need at least 30% of your body. Want to be a fuckin speck of spiritual energy? Nope, you need at least 30% of your body.

I have no idea what your obsession is with staying human or how'd you'd even judge what 30% of which body you have to account for, but this rule is simply not viable.

>> No.39690583

It says 30% of your body.

You never fucking listened. No one said it had to be a human body. Sounds to me like you're just trying to find a way to stuff your dick in everyone else's faces.

>> No.39690595

Video or Ice conduct thats the question. Which you /jc/ chose ??

>> No.39690639

>The rules of Jumpchain were very clearly laid out in the source material and they haven't changed.

HAH. Good luck finding anyone who even follows those in the first place.

>> No.39690662

Out of those two? Video, it eventually turns into what is essentially minor reality warping. Just look at what Eugene did with it in Second Son.

>> No.39690669

Unless it's on an image it's not rules to me. As a single player endeavor it shouldn't matter anyway.

>> No.39690675

For that matter virtual jumps turn you into data. No matter there and no different if I upload to a robot body. Or are we immortal in those jumps on the account of damage affects a health bar and not affects our bodies?

>> No.39690676

Eh, Video personally. Way back when this was on the CYOA general I'd usually go electricity because it was the most versatile or smoke because it's the easiest to recharge, but after checking in and thinking things through I figure Video is the closest standalone Conduit power to bona fide reality warping

>> No.39690679

I pick Video every single time. It's by far one of the most ridiculously powerful and downright awesome Conduit abilities. Plus it essentially makes me a reality warper whenever I'm in a digital world like Digimon or the Matrix.

>> No.39690690

Cool story bro

>> No.39690699

If you go to worlds with less tech then ice. Opposite said otherwise. If you really wait so long that your conduit power can dwarf every other power you have you're doing it wrong.

>> No.39690700

I'm not sure. But I'm..pretty sure most virtual jumps have things that can attack your data, and that damage to your data still hurts you to some extent; maybe you have killer migraines when you go back to your physical self that can be lethal if you took too much in the game?

>> No.39690704

Ahhh yes, "text jumps and pastebins." We have dismissed those claims.

>> No.39690710

Then just say you win JC forever, kill her off and become perfect. By that point why are you even here?

>> No.39690724

Thanks, brah
>Then just say you win JC forever, kill her off and become perfect
That's the plan.

>> No.39690749

You guys are all arguing over a rule that isn't even real, QS never said anything about this crap. Only thing is an extrapolation from the rule in Prototype that itself only applies to people who go prototype, and only says
>If a significant portion of your CNS is damaged (70%) then you are counted as dead
Even that isn't nearly as bad as a lot of you are making it out to be. For one thing the Central Nervous System is just your brain, and spinal cord.

>> No.39690764

But why? It's boring. Are you going to go back to the CYOA general now, play something else?


>> No.39690782 [SPOILER] 

Every Day until you like it

>> No.39690787

Guys seriously shut the fuck up. As was stated here >>39690213 Roq was misremembering a different in jump rule and the fact that you really can't survive long-term as a severed vampire head in Jojo.

So on the other hand what interesting species have you acquired as part of your jumper?

>> No.39690791

I scaled Firemane up slowly to include the other "Horses of the Line". The 400 was http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Ixion_%28Final_Fantasy_XII%29.

Yeah, after I finished writing The Troupe Scenario I looked back and kinda went "Well I'm gonna have to clarify this". You can use your abilities to enhance the performance, just that you can't use it in order to directly force anyone to join you.

I'mma clarify the wording on White Waltz a bit. Probably just make them into slightly more generic summoning spells. The whole "Black Mage Lifespan" thing makes sense in flavor, but wording gets rather iffy.

Think we had another anon who expressed interest in doing FF IV.

>Not accounting for clones during Memories of Life.
>Turned out ok still.
I can accept that.

>> No.39690797

Ur mom

>> No.39690799

I haven't done it, but between those two, I would pick Ice, being able to move through solid objects and create huge amounts of ice is cool.

>> No.39690807

Fine, for those who believe that rule to be just: solve this.

>I miniaturize to the size of that anon's dicklet
>I remove my head and whatever else I'd need to retain 31% of my body
>I implant this into a kaiju sized mecha and extend my consciousness over it

Now, what would kill me: the destruction of my fleshy core, the destruction of 70+% of that mecha, etc... WHAT KILLS THIS JUMPER?

>> No.39690815

Perhaps make it that you start with a White Waltz each jump?

>> No.39690838

Not a bad idea at all. Recurring pseudo-companion sort of. I'll consider it while I mull about and get to some of these clarifications.

>> No.39690839


>> No.39690866

I think antispiral's plan for dealing with Garland clones is contingent on Path to Victory and the other precognition stuff he stacked to figure out who's the real Garland (and presumably make him stand up) before bum rushing him with all the Eidolons

>> No.39690885

if the fleshy core you have is the anchor of your consciousness, then that, it it's the mech as a whole, then destruction of the mecha. Simple.

>> No.39690886

Kanons is doing a regular jump version of his 40k end jump. Wait to see what he creates before donig your own version, please.

>> No.39690891

Hold on-how does Ice let you moe through solid objects?

I mean. Other than kool-aid man style.

>> No.39690894

My goal in this is to destroy my benefactor. In an existence were there are beings so powerful as it I don't want to serve under anyone. I want to have the power to fend off most things on my own. My build is built around becoming as omnipotent as possible in the shortest amount of time. I still follow the rules presented but just the ones that are in the worlds that I go to. Doing Pokémon so I'm still largely following what everyone else is. I may still interrupt things differently. however.

>> No.39690907

That....works. ._.

Frankly, as long as there's some sort of inspired plan and it wasn't just a "YO SUP I WON", I generally don't have any issues with anything. I mean...the scenarios are just a thought exercise in themselves anyhow.

Though...I do need to give that second scenario a bit more polish. The concept is neat, the delivery...wasn't so neat on my part.

>"Will the Real Garland Please Stand Up?"

>> No.39690914

the original Ice Conduit could phase through solid objects and fly.

>> No.39690919 [SPOILER] 

Didn't realize we had an Oglaf jump. I'm quite interested in seeing it.

And no I'm not familiar enough to rule one it.

>> No.39690922

The wounding of your body sufficiently to kill you, or else the destruction of your entire body, would be the end of your jump. Obviously.

>> No.39690925

>killing your benefactor

>> No.39690930

I find it odd you want to kill someone who does nothing except give you good things; it's not like drawbacks are mandatory and she doesn't expect you to keep working for her post-spark. My question still stands though.

Precisely what do you intend to do, after-as you say-you win everything forever?

>> No.39690941


>> No.39690974

>A thing that is literally just using you for its own amusement
You guys are funny.
See above. As for the second half, nothing. Just watch people. Make sure no threats pop up or come after me. Help people that deserve it. Nothing overly malicious.

>> No.39690975

I don't believe you have the license and registration to wield this much EDGE.

>> No.39690979 [SPOILER] 

...huh, really? Kuo could do that?

Damn. Must've underestimated her weird misty flying thing.

Looking forward to it! And yeah-that was the plan, pretty much. Don't be afraid to call me out if you think a plan won't work; it'd be pretty out of character for Jumper Me to just sort of charge blindly into things or hurl around vast power blindly.

>> No.39690996


>> No.39691010

Well, I think that's overly meanspirited, smallminded and petty but I can at least respect that you aren't declaring yourself Supreme King of Everything Ever 9001 post-Spark to every other being.

Honestly-and I don't mean this as a recommendation rather than an insult-I think you'd have much more fun with regular CYOAs if the destination matters more to you than the journey.

>> No.39691011

So tell me, /jc/. What's the most adorable thing you've ever created?

>> No.39691017

My fleshy core is the anchor.

Thank you, I may now reduce myself to a single atom, implant myself into any body, flesh or metal, and I cannot be killed until that atom is destroyed.

This is what you're saying correct?

>> No.39691027

>not wiping her mind over and over until she's insane and making her be physically dependent on you so she knows what is like to be helpless and reliant on an omnipotent, bored being

Do you even EDGE son?

>> No.39691034

It's a tie between this, and the sharkdog we're going to post. Honestly, there's no big story here; we were young and silly and playing around with the geneforge.

>> No.39691041

Dude you try that and you wake up on earth with nothing. We're not even talking nothing from your jumps, I mean nothing at all, you're naked in the street of a perfectly regular earth with no assets to your name. You've got to remember that the Benefactor is a omniversal level entity that considers your adventures a slight diversion. To put it simply you are the flea in this speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZGIEHtqlPU . (Thank you Jojo for such easily explained philosophy arguments)

>> No.39691044

That's insanely adorable.

>> No.39691054


>> No.39691061

>giving yourself a weakpoint like that
>not turning yourself into a virus that will infect hundreds of people and multiply across the multiverse
>not spreading your viral form across the multiverse until everyone has become you
>not making sure that to kill you they'd have to wipe 70% of the multiversal population

Git Gud

>> No.39691082


Ok, so I've had Real Eater for a while, and mostly I've just been using it to turn my Electrokinesis into Whateverkinesis.

But then I rolled the Queen Administrator's shard in Worm and shat myself.

> You have an absolute awareness of and control over not only insects, but pretty much any and all invertebrates
> You can change one property of a skill to any other similar property
> change 'invertebrates' into anything. Parahumans, say.
> I am Khepri without brain surgery

>> No.39691089

Guys. Guys.

It's time to put the edge comparisons to rest. When a person who feels like utter shit because he was unable to save a child is considered edgy, we've ran it into the ground.

>> No.39691090

And on this thought

>not slowly lowering Jump-Chan's defenses until you can implant your main core into her, turning her into your host and controlling and omnipotent being while making sure you're truly unkillable

>> No.39691093

It wanted entertainment. You assume that it'll really not think that the idea of being challenged isn't entertaining? A being that picked someone who thinks like me? Maybe your Jumpchan but not mine.

>> No.39691108

for one, if you shrank yourself to the size of an atom, good on you, you've found a great set of perks for shrinking things. From what I know they're pretty rare.

For two, you could be a robot and do the same thing, you just have to keep enough of what's classified as YOUR body intact.

For three, if you manage to do all of that, then yes, you've become the most difficult jumper to kill with anything other than nukes or magic.

>> No.39691112

"The new property must be of a similar type and strength as the old one"

It's debatable, but I'd say having absolute control over all parahumans isn't "of a simliar strength" to absolute control of all insects in a limited radius

>> No.39691114

When Everyone is Edgy, No One Is

Though that is pretty edgy

>> No.39691122

But you are the benefactor

>> No.39691131

I could change invertebrates to vertebrates and affect the vast majority of parahumans anyway.

>> No.39691165

But if everyone is edgy, doesn't that mean we're in a razorblade factory?

>> No.39691169

My point wasn't the similar type part, it was the similar strength part. And again: I know you could argue this but I just don't think "controls other parahumans" is a similar strength because there's something called the Manton Effect which stops the MAJORITY of parahuman powers from total Queen Administrator-level mind control. I believe the exceptions are a) the Endbringer known as the Simurgh and b) Regent, and even he founds it straining to control more than 1 parahuman at once. His dad and sister also had similar powers IIRC.

>> No.39691177

No. It means you're in Jumpchain on a bad day

>> No.39691181

>interesting species
Alternate forms? I tend to stay human, but I got an Arachne-type thing from a drawback in Inuyasha, an Eevee form from PMD, and rolled Bajoran for the Star Trek TNG Jump. It was fine until the Cardassians mistook me as a smuggler for Le Resistance.

For companions, I've got an Eevee (with human and Andorian alt.forms), a Shirshu with a human form, and a Robot with human and Caitian alt.forms.

>> No.39691184


Every day?

>> No.39691197

Change your power to Relationship Modifier if you're going to be controlling people. It's better at doing the job. Combine with some heavy Psionics in D&D. You'd be set.

>> No.39691209

No John, you are the demon.

>> No.39691226

This guy knows what's up.

If you're going to edge you may as well go the full monty.

>> No.39691239

>Spongebob Jump: Mermaid Man's Belt
>Any mind control perk of which there are THOUSANDS

Gee, a whole 2 Jumps to break your shitty invented rule!

>> No.39691244

Yes. Every day.

Why do you still come here? Are you masochistic?

>> No.39691245

Actually I was going to suggest he change it for either Thought Implantation or Biosculptor, or medical/biological science-the latter two of which could potentially create pheromones that can affect parahumans

>> No.39691249

For something like that I'd say you'd take a significant loss to other aspects of the power. Maybe you only have ~14 feet of range or kinda lost most of the multitasking. It's intended to take one power and hand out and approximately equivalent one.

>> No.39691270

Same can be asked of you, or anyone else here.

>> No.39691288

I know, but while you'd be right to say that 'parahumans' are taxonomically superior to 'invertebrates', I don't think you could make the same categorical assumptions about 'invertebrates' vs 'vertebrates' as control of one isn't necessarily stronger than control of the other.

Given that the Queen Administrator shard's whole function is to control other shards, I'm pretty sure the Manton Effect doesn't apply. It didn't to Khepri.

Also, I get the feeling that the Manton Effect applies most strongly and consistently to powers that things physically or cause direct harm. Panacea and Narwhal are anomalies in that they can surpass the Manton Effect vis-a-vis physically affecting others, but there are a ton of mental/perception powers that don't seem to be stopped by Manton.

Case in point: almost all Stranger powers, including Relationship Manipulation and Memory Alteration.

Fair enough!

Presumably with enough SCIENCE!! I could just straight-up make a science-helmet that lets me emit science-waves to control people. With science.

That's... also true. For some reason it feels cheatier.

How would you counter something like Relationship Manipulation, anyway? It doesn't seem to be something that strength/willpower works against, and it can make lasting changes that persist even when you're unconscious. It's limited only by the range you can perceive.

With a combination of teleportation and perception-enhancers, you could take over entire communities with trivial ease.

>> No.39691302

There are far more invertibrates on earth than vertibrates

>> No.39691323

I refer anyone who EVER complains about Jumpchain to this >>39690535

With that said, once you accept it and realize that namefags will drama and anons will shit and circles will be jerked, you realize you don't have to follow what they say as it is simply a CYOA. With that said, though, don't expect pats on the back or people to accept YOUR rules and PoV. Don't force them on them, don't take what nerfers and whatnot say. Just have fun with your own jump. Is that so hard?

>> No.39691335

I was going to agree with what you said, but you turned it into a tirade against namefags and made it an anti-nerf speal.

Nice job shooting yourself in the foot.

>> No.39691355

Two things...One, where does it say that it lets you shrink down to an atom with that? It says you can shrink, but not how much, so you have to use discretion.

And two, WTF do you mean mind control perks for projecting your consciousness onto a robot? and even then, if you projected yourself onto a person, they wouldn't have all your powers, they'd be whatever they were before, but with a new driver.

Please, stop. Seriously, you're not being clever, or even mildly smart, you're just bitching and moaning.

>> No.39691420

And what? Namefags don't cause drama? Nerfing doesn't exist?

Where do you buy your rose tinted glasses? I want a pair.

>> No.39691454

what warehouse

>> No.39691457

The same can be said of anons.

In the end we all spark bullshit. Everyone's guilty of it.

>> No.39691495

'cause anons are so innocent.

Fuck off.

>> No.39691511

Humans are silly and think their fleshy boney selves matter!

>> No.39691518

Well yeah. I assumed that anons were terrible too. The point I was bringing up that the poster was defending only namefags and nerffags.

The point is that EVERYONE is terrible. In their own special snowflakey ways.

>> No.39691527

>namefags will drama and anons will shit

10/10 reading comprehension>>39690894

>> No.39691528

For fuck's sake, people.

>> No.39691533

It says right in the text that stronger wills can resist or become immune to your attempts. I would say that targeting a normal person is gonna be a breeze, targeting a parahuman is gonna be tougher to outright impossible.

What I did was Thrallherd (3.5 PrC), Psion Telepath, and Beguiler. So I can wear down a person's will, and make them my own.

>> No.39691538

>> No.39691545

>you have to use discretion
How low can you go, anon? So it's not enough for you to impose your shitty rules on others, you're actually changing other people's Jumps now. Pathetic.

>blablabla mind control blablabla

Gee, anon, do you happen to be autistic? My point stands: you cannot objectively decide what someone's true body is, or what to do when shapeshifting, body swapping, lichdomming, etc... are in play.

Your "RULE" is not canon and never will be.


Please realise that I, a woman who intends to reverse age Dio brando into a fetus to become pregnant with him and do so indefinitely, consider you to be a mentally ill shitposter. That's how sick you are.

>> No.39691566

Go away, Quicksilver. Run while you still have time. And for what it's worth, I'm sorry your dreams and hopes were crushed like this

>> No.39691571

Do you have an entire folder of cute catgirls crying?

>> No.39691572

Awwww. Who's a fwuffy widdle abomination? You are. You are!

>> No.39691576


>> No.39691581

Oh stop whining.

>> No.39691604

Thanks for letting us know you're about, oh prince of gays.

>> No.39691617

You mean you don't?

>> No.39691618 [DELETED] 

You first, fagget

>> No.39691654

wow...just...wow...YOU are given a body each jump. Taking over someone else doesn't mean that they become your body. If you find a perk specific to that, then go right the fuck ahead.

And HOW THE FUCK is that changing a jump, I'm just saying that it's retarded to think you could shrink a planet with that belt to the size of a pea.

and Lastly, you are the worst kind of tublrite for thinking that even if I WAS doing what you said, that it would be more sick than your fucked up mommy fetish bullshit with Dio.

Fuck you, and have a nice day.

>> No.39691694

The problem is

1) Your entire argument is founded on a rule that doesn't exist. This has been stated multiple times, even the person who brought it up admitted they were misremembering.

2) It's mommy. If you get her going she starts shitposting. If you think she's being retarded ignore her instead of feeding it.

>> No.39691701

You just keep fucking doing this. Why do you keep doing this. Are you incapable of accepting other people's views?

>> No.39691737

that's not even what I was talking about, I was just talking about the whole body transferal and shrinking stuff.

But you are very right, I shouldn't have even spoken to "her". I'm very sorry for feeding this...I hope it's a troll, god I hope.

>> No.39691783



When people made it clear they did not want me sharing my build, I accepted it.

It's very, very rare to see me mentioning you-know-who nowadays.


I don't mind it when people start a personal fanwank or discuss their preferred method of killing Jump-chan. It's their adventure, let them shit it up.

I CANNOT handle people inventing rules and trying to mess other people's builds. That's a scummy and stupid thing to do.

But you are right, I am nipping for his bait and that's just stupid. I'll just ignore the shitposter with his shitty rules.

>> No.39691829

Sure am glad we decided to respond to the namefagging shitposter. Turned out just great.

>> No.39691832

You guys ever just be that smug fucking cat that ruins shit for someone? And they can't do anything because you're just a cat.

>> No.39691843

No anon, you are the shitposter.

>> No.39691848

>their preferred method of killing Jump-chan
Shitton of charisma and HUEG perks, as well as all ranks into Endowed

Of course not, that's fucked up. I just ignore her forever.

>> No.39691852

If you think so, then what does responding accomplish?

>> No.39691931

No, but sometimes I cat like Smoke and Mirrors.

>> No.39691939

Well hello BulgeAnon.

I doubt she'd be impressed, still. Prolly done everything she can to entertain herself.


>> No.39691947

So pretty much exactly what happened to Skitter when she jailbroke her shard, only without the brain damage?

>> No.39691953

The Cosmic Warehouse Supplement created by Quicksilver. Should be in the Quicksilver's Jumps folder; the one with 150 CP is correct.

>> No.39691964

The warehouse and bodymod supplements on the QS folder in the drive. They were made to be taken directly after your first jump. The warehouse is a hole in the universe where you can store your shit and bodymod is exactly what it sounds like.

>> No.39691980

Is it weird that I like to thank her every now and then?

I'm kinda 'religious' IRL so I'd see myself lighting candles for her and thanking her for another wonderful day before going to bed each night.

>> No.39691991

11/10 reading comprehension

Also, I did not want and/or need to know that. Fuck off.

>> No.39692010

Actually I would argue thousands or millions of insects to be more powerful or dangerous than most parahumans.

>> No.39692018

Squishy mammals think too highly of themselves.

>> No.39692025

No, I do that too. Though I imagine a more personal interaction, where I actually talk to her directly. I like to imagine that she hangs out in a side-room off my Warehouse, so I can just knock on her door and catch up whenever I want to. "Thanks for another day of adventure, Jump-chan. I love you, good night."

>> No.39692051

Given that the alternative title for Worm could be "Oh God, the BEES!", I'd say you're right. Never underestimate a woman who has telepathic control over every poisonous insect in the city.

>> No.39692065

>everybody has amicable, nice, familial connections with the Jump-chan

>tfw my Jump-chan is an enigmatic dickish cat with omnipotence.

>> No.39692067



>> No.39692095

I'll agree to disagree, then. I've seen what the Undersiders and Travellers are capable of when pushed into a corner-and they're not even in the highest powerlevels of the setting. Besides-even Taylor probably couldn't control millions until pushed into Kephri mode

>> No.39692099

So QB?

>> No.39692109

You making her a cat is weird. Otherwise I understand, I don't really interact with my jump-chan even though I consider her personable enough.

>> No.39692119

After jump that doesnt matter

>> No.39692133

Word of God is that Taylor has no limits based on number, just on range. Queen Administrator hijacks the targets' nervous system for more processing power, it's impossible to overload it with too many bugs. As long as she can fit that many creepy-crawlies into her radius, she can control them.

>> No.39692138

She gave you the unique opportunity to live the most diverse and beautiful life in the omniverse!

How could you call her a dickish cat? How could she not like you? Oooh, d-did you attempt a lewd?!

>> No.39692139

It specifically mentions living beings. Which means the power inherently breaks it.

>> No.39692160

>Oooh, d-did you attempt a lewd?!

>condoning sex with a cat
Dude. Fuck the hell off.

>> No.39692166

Could they beat lung?

>> No.39692188

EH, I just thought the idea was neat. Having a little white cat occasionally pop in and out and having the snarkiest of commentary to give.

Considering she can understand and comprehend other moralities, I'm thinking she's a step above QB.

Which is good, as I may have put QB through quite the amounts of abuse.

>> No.39692192

>not trying to dry hump everything
>not failing miserably

the guy would try to fuck a rock if it put out

>> No.39692209

Manton Effect keeps a power from effecting both living and non-living matter. It can effect either one, it's just effecting both that requires breaking it. Since Master and Stranger abilities affect brains and not (in most cases, anyway) electronics, they're subject to Manton. And even then there are parahumans that can defy the Effect, it's just rare. More common after secondary triggers, but even initial triggers have been seen to do it.

>> No.39692222

QB did literally nothing wrong.

>> No.39692236



>> No.39692239

Even then OAA would fail miserably.

>> No.39692251

>fuck a rock
I always figured him more for fruit.

>> No.39692258

Y'all talking about the old OAA. He's married now.

>> No.39692264

>The Manton Effect refers to a parahuman's inability to affect a living being

>though powers that effect living beings seem to be exempt.

>This effect prevents telekinetics from crushing someone's heart inside their chest or force field users from bisecting a person.

>> No.39692275

> familial
Nah. Jump-chan only appears to me between jumps, and even then she doesn't "appear". I just hear her voice making smarmy commentary as I choose my perks.

She's basically Truth's older sister.
She's "friendly" in the same way that Truth is "friendly", but she finds it equally amusing for me to suffer as if I were to make others do the same.

If I have any insecurities she's sure to dig at them. If anything, jumping has taught me to have a hard outer shell.

>> No.39692296


Okay to be fair our latest writefag DOES portray us as bantering and she IS an adorable hikkikomori of a cosmic being once you get to know her but you have to understand: Our Jump-Chan is supposed to be a terrifying, incomprehensible force on par with the Outer Gods in sheer eldritchness. Every time we make a choice reality fractures in ways that can't be explained as a giant pop-up screen appears. After thousands of years our best research into the true nature of CP is about as close to being realised as modern earth humans are to figuring out how to commercialise time travel or break the second law of thermodynamics. Each time we communicate directly with Jump-Chan the precise nature of the exchange is literally indescribable.

So suddenly having her as an omnipresent narrator is less to show that she has a humanly comprehensible mindset, but that our consciousness has advanced to the point where we can actually communicate about things other than jump descriptions without going mad from the revelation in a few words. Heck, we even set up a pseudo-religion to her in Age of Ice. That's what friends do right? Set up religions for each other?

>> No.39692300

Pip>>>>>> OAA

Just look at that smooth motherfucker. Tell me that isn't the face of a winner.

>> No.39692309

Yeah it's not. And I don't care about your fanboyism, go fuck yourself.

>> No.39692330

Come on, OAA. Your butt can't be THAT raw, can it?

>> No.39692346

OAA just ignores people like you. I on the other hand think you're a bitch.

>> No.39692360

The Undersiders technically beat Lung twice; first time Taylor stomped him by catching him unawares and second time a lot of villains including the Undersiders coordinated to take him down, but Taylor ended up landing the finishing blows.

As for the Travellers-suffice to say one of their members can make a miniature sun, and the other can teleport-swap anything in his visual range.

>> No.39692371

Why, thanks.

>> No.39692392

>AS' Jump-chan is eldritch but adorable.
Just like you!

>> No.39692393

And this is a power that controls living things. I dont see the problem?

>> No.39692421

Not taylor. Insects. Insects beat lung twice.

>> No.39692428 [DELETED] 

Are you really so sad that you gotta make fun of a namefag?


Holy shit this place really is cancer now. Fuckers are just jelly that OAA can actually come up with a good story instead of crying because it's not handed to them on a platter.

>> No.39692429

Those words should never be together.

>> No.39692445

I'm guessing it's that shitposter from the other day who whined about it. They're mad that their post got deleted so they're whining again.

>> No.39692452

I was this anon >>39692239
I wasn't meaning anything hostile I was just making a joke.

>> No.39692459

Don't forget Ballistic, who can make anything have the velocity of a bullet regardless of mass (up to a limit, but it's a pretty high limit) and Genesis, who can make whatever sort of avatar body with whatever powers she wants (though the crazier the powers the more draining it is to maintain). And then there's Noelle, but we probably shouldn't count her as an asset to the team so much as a major hindrance.

>> No.39692460

Seriously look at him and tell me he's not.

>> No.39692481

Don't make jokes. No one here has a sense of humor anymore.

>> No.39692487

It's all just joking. Honestly, I find it funny that anons get more uoset than he does. At least he can take a joke instead of biting like that.

>> No.39692492

Or maybe your humor was bad.

>> No.39692494

We both have different ideas of adorable then because I can't see it.
I don't usually put eldritch beings in the same category as adorable.

>> No.39692501

Fuck off, there's a difference between jokes and kicking others to laugh at their pain.

>> No.39692521

Case in point.

>> No.39692532

Nyaruko and Saya both make compelling cases.

>> No.39692546

Nigga you best be changing that attitude or you'll make happy cthulhu sad

>> No.39692547

Thanks for proving their point

Seriously, this is fucking 4chan and we're talking about an imaginary represantation of the guy. He's not even mad, as far as I can tell. So why are you taking it his far? Is OAA mad? Is he going WAAAAA? I can't see it so I assume he's more mature than that

>> No.39692559


>> No.39692569

#BASED Oglaf

>> No.39692570


>> No.39692571

Yes but Saya is only adorable because the MC has a damaged brain if I recall.
Nyaruko has other forms which could cause you to go insane if seen so I don't see that as adorable besides the one form she favors because of the MC.

>> No.39692584

Really? Interesting. I always figured JC as being a figure that you can't really perceive. She flickers in and out, like you're sending a shadow. When she speaks it's like a thousand voices at once, and none at all. When she walks you hear nothing as she flickers between realities, sound lags behind and you always hear her footsteps after the fact.

Her face like her body flickers, from one moment to the other she's a different person. Male, female, animal, insect. She only stops by every now and then, and every time she flickers less. Like more Jumps you have, and closer you are to becoming like her.

>> No.39692596

Only if she buys me dinner first. I ain't no cheap date.

>> No.39692603

Fine, have a moe Primordial then

>> No.39692607

Cthulhu is a boy.

Now, he does have a cute daughter if you're still interested.

>> No.39692615

>Now, he does have a cute daughter if you're still interested.
Fuck yeah I am. Gotta pic?

>> No.39692626

So basically a giant floating orb with a face?

>> No.39692654

This is the largest I could find. Her name is Cthylla.

>> No.39692662 [DELETED] 

Damn, are people really apologizing to eachother for some harmless banter ON 4CHAN?!

This is tumblr-tier insane. Do you really think namies care what anonamies think about them? I would be long gone if that was the case.

... in all my years on 4chan, to actually see this happening. Pfffff...

>> No.39692669 [SPOILER] 

Here you go mate.

>> No.39692679

Huh. Pretty eyes.

>> No.39692688

Just a reminder from /tg/ everyone's waifu/husbando is a shit.

>> No.39692692

You know what they say, it's always easier to get lost in someone's eyes when they don't have pupils.

>> No.39692695

You know, normally I would complain about Great Old Ones being misrepresented by moe animes. But a) Cthylla was written by some other doof than Lovecraft and b) her story was pretty damn magical realm-y to begin with so just for once I don't care enough to be upset

Yes but moe

>> No.39692698

no u

>> No.39692714

Isn't she suppose to give birth to Cthulhu after he dies in the far future?

>> No.39692716

Lovecraft was a bad writer and I don't really mind/get upset about fanart having an original take (yes, even as a cute girl) of the source material, so I usually just appreciate this sort of thing on its own merits.

>> No.39692734

Again I really don't see how Eldritch beings can be adorable but whatever.

>> No.39692745


>> No.39692750

Exactly. Magical realm.

There is a realm of adorable far beyond your comprehension

>> No.39692759


>> No.39692767 [DELETED] 

>Lovecraft was a bad writer
>coming from a tumblr-tier group of writefags


>> No.39692788

Manton Effect is frankly a bunch of general guidelines that just happen to have been referred to as a single thing in universe. Sure they're usually correct when making assumptions on unknown enemy capabilities 4/5 times. It's just that the fifth one ends with chunky salsa.

The only one that's in effect pretty much everywhere without massive deliberate fuckery is that powers are not self destructive for the host to use (Oni Lee doesn't count since the shard still has a host, hell it's even mostly the same guy). The other big one that's actually useful to go by is powers rarely do internal effects on targets other than the user. The forcefield guy can disembowel you with them but not by just forming one with you bisected by it, this is one of the ones more commonly talked about as Manton Effect.

Honestly though it's just a bunch of guidelines that aren't always applicable even in Worm. Don't get me started on the guys who whine about random powers breaking the Manton Effect because the telekinetic can move organics and inorganics.

>> No.39692792

Your shitposting aside, Lovecraft is generally agreed to have been terrible at writing on a technical level. This isn't something that first came from my mouth or the mouth of his enemies.

>> No.39692797

Ok I'll admit those tiny reapers are adorable.

>> No.39692836

Is Shepard the dad in this scenario?

>> No.39692928

>Oni Lee doesn't count
Did his shard turn him into a monster or something?

>> No.39692962

Nah, it's 'cos Bonesaw sewed him into the flesh of another parahuman to make a horrible frankenstein flesh monster under her control. And then used them to terrorise someone's family.

(Bonesaw is basically evil Franken Fran, though the author has admitted it wasn't intentional)

>> No.39692970

It gave him brain damage. Every time he uses his "teleport and leave a clone behind" ability, it eats away at his personality a little bit more. He's high-functioning autistic at this point.

>> No.39692977

No, he was Star Trek teleporter argument the shard only with a few seconds of delay on the original getting destroyed. Apparently there were transcription errors over time and he ended up largely motiveless, just following the suggestions of anyone reasonably charismatic around.

>> No.39693022

So what you're telling me is that I should take Fran to Worm and have her fight Bonesaw.
That shard seems a bit defective, Eden should've tossed it.

>> No.39693102

>So what you're telling me is that I should take Fran to Worm and have her fight Bonesaw.
Absolutely, yes. Especially if you import her, thereby giving her a history in that world, meaning that Bonesaw is just seen as a rip-off by the rest of the parahuman community.

>> No.39693105

Looking back, I think it was a bad idea to be a dinosaur when I don't have the shapeshifting to give myself hands.

>> No.39693132

>So what you're telling me is that I should take Fran to Worm and have her fight Bonesaw.
From what I understand about Fran, she wasn't a fighter and would much rather talk to Bonesaw and try to make her see things the 'right' way.

That said, if you got Bonesaw away from Jack then that might actually work. Bonesaw was working for the S9 in the first place because her parents told her to be a 'good girl' before they died and Jack convinced her that working for him was being good.

So in this instance (assuming you took Jack out of the picture somehow) you'd end up with two Franken Frans on your team.

>> No.39693140

Oh dear. Were you a fluffy dinosaur?

>> No.39693148

I didn't need any more reasons to kill Jack but I just keep finding them, jeez.

>> No.39693166

T-rex, but I went realistic with it so only moderate fluff. Tiny, tiny baby claws with no opposable thumb, and that makes life hard.

>> No.39693169

>two franken frans

Oh god, they'd...they'd try to fuse wouldn't they

>> No.39693180

I've got another one: In the intended timeline Eden had planned before the crash, he was actually one of the heroes. Imagine all the evil he's done put through the context that we know for a fact that he could have been good.

>> No.39693183

They'd remain separate, if only because it'd let them do surgery twice as fast.

>> No.39693201

Oh? Do we really get Eden's plot laid out in that much detail?

>> No.39693229

No, but we get an interlude set in that timeline. One of the heroes is "Black Knight" who has blade powers, is very charismatic, and whose real name is Jacob. So it's pretty heavily implied to be Jack.

>> No.39693231

I don't think this is better?

>> No.39693427

>thinking I'm tumblr-tier

>implying I'm not far worse.

>> No.39693429

Final Fantasy 9
> Race: Cleyran
> Age: 17 [Rolled7]
> Specialty: Drop In (Mechanic)
> Location: Alexandria [Rolled2]
> SFX [Get a Freebie!]
> The Dragon [-100CP]
> [Sword] [-100CP]
> Magic Stone Methodology [-200CP]
> Lindblum Airship Manufacturing Expertise [-300CP]
> Iifa Seed [-300CP]

This is gonna be weird.

So, primary goal is to stop the Burmecians from getting totally murdered. Because in canon they kindof all get totally murdered and then everyone totally forgets that they even existed. Even the last few remaining Burmecians are just kindof like, "Okay." And it's dumb. And I'm gonna stop that.

I'm also gonna try REALLY HARD not to fangirl it up around Freya. Especially because she's not really even all that famous or anything and she'd just be like, "Uhhhh who are you crazy girl?"
But she can hit the damage cap and has a kickass outfit and is looking for her lost love and nostalgia's a bitch. Red has Selene, I have Freya.

Probably gonna build a shit ton of robots to fight the blackmages with, but I'll need to look for alternate methods, too. Gonna have to save Garnet's ass, too, so that she doesn't get her summons ripped away.

Other than that, I think I'll try to scan all the machinery that's making the Blackmages. Most of it's all under that one town, I think?

Also, this Iifa Seed is totally awesome. By placing it in my warehouse, I'll be able to use it to test what does or does not constitute a soul. Artificial soul creation research just got a boost!

>> No.39693451

>That's what friends do right? Set up religions for each other?

Wait. Then Vanille's actions in 13-3...


>> No.39693461

The normal Fran separated herself once iirc.

>> No.39693640

Oh, and... while I'm on the subject...

> Magic Stone Methodology
I can now steal power from gods. To an extent.

> 1) Seal a god away behind a sufficiently powerful barrier, such as the one gained from Percy Jackson.
> 2) Jack a Mako Reactor into that bitch.
> 3) Convert gods into Materia-like byproduct, ie, a "magic rock".
> 4) Learn abilities from your new magic rock.

Given the roundabout way of accomplishing this and the fact that a single materia is formed from only a portion of the overall power available, this does not give me the full transfer of abilities or energy. I also have no idea what "abilities" would constitute, especially if they're largely passive.

But it is REALLY COOL.

>> No.39693705

In half? Thirds? How many we talking here?

Can this process be replicated by others?

>> No.39693716 [SPOILER] 

New Jump coming soon!

You like it? Yes? No?

>> No.39693755

There's already a sonic jump.

>> No.39693758

... Sonic Boom?

>> No.39693774

Actually , I scrapped my Orrus Pattern SPYRER ARMOUR To add it to my jacket,And just put Both of the bolters on one sleeve,Since it already had Sleeve mounted bolters And a force field I simply moved Them to a different sleeve And put the force field On another jacket. Plus I know a lot About technology,I even got the bonus reward In destiny, which I believe is comparable to 40K Human Tech. Plus, I rolled a critical success When I was trying for it, so not only Did I plan this And think it through, The dice Gods agree that I can do this.

>> No.39693818

I use the locket from girl genius, it adjusts your power level appropriately, though usually I just curb stomp whatever setting I'm in into a better place. I love being out of context problem and leaving a world better than when I got there.

>> No.39693860

she made two of herself by putting her right and left halves of her brain into different bodies, or rather, split herself in half, then put more stuff on the halves.

>> No.39693956

Hmm. That should be replicateable. So with Bonesaw and FF herself you could have four Franken Frans total.

I wonder if they could clone those brain halves for more.

>> No.39693964

Better/worse yet: Just give them bacteria mosaic organs. In Terra Formars there was a guy with a bacterial MO who could duplicate himself

>> No.39694029

Oh god, original character do not steal jump.

>> No.39694060


>> No.39694077

Darn, the one setting where a jumper would fit in perfectly.

>> No.39694110

He was actually some type of sea sprout, not bacteria.

>> No.39694114 [DELETED] 

A better world?

That's weird... I was just blocked for like 10 minutes. Does that always mean what I think it means?

>> No.39694131

Outright duplication seems like kind of a cop out.

Granted cloning could be seen in the same light...hmm. I'll have to think about this.

>> No.39694150


The Redux

>180 No Scope
>360 No Scope
>720 No Scope
>Infinite No Scope

>Infinite Mountain Dew
>Infinite Doritos


>> No.39694190

>>Infinite Mountain Dew
>>Infinite Doritos
Is it bad that I find that an appealing prospect? I mean, sometimes you just can't get proper soda or junk food when you're in the middle of Generic Dark Ages jump, or something.

>> No.39694241

Obnoxious soundtrack perk/drawback.

>> No.39694256

I drink nothing but water, fruit juice and milk regularly so. Nah, junk food a shit

>> No.39694280

>Wombo Combo
>Hype Get!
>Infinite Weed
>Snoop Dogg

>> No.39694295

Your drinking habits are boring.

>> No.39694341


Yes, I Seek out the sources of suffering and strife and destroy them at the root. Sometimes these sources are obvious like The Impending heat death of the universe or Nazis, sometimes They are more subtle like a Flexible system of success in that encourages a Horrible Amount of courtly intrigue between noble families, whatever the case may be I find i, I kill it, I replace it with something More pleasant. Do The greatest good For the greatest number,And do evil onto evil. I have enough power to Change the world and the way it works, thusly I have a moral obligation to do so For the better.

I'm going to level With you Mommy Sometimes it seems like you're trolling people with the whole Repeatedly umbirth Dio Thing, especially when you Were so Insistent that it was a loophole in the pod rules, I'm not going to make a judgment call and I completely understand Doing your thing In jumpChain because it's not possible IRL,But you have to be subtle about it and you have to Lurkmore So you can do it in a way that avoids rocking the boat. So yeah, it probably was a ten minute timeout I'm not a Janitor Or anything, but I believe the eyes of the moderators are upon you. If you are a troll, I'd suggest moving to a new IP Address and persona soon.

>> No.39694372

Are there jumper-cloning abilities other than Naruto's clone-related techniques, We Are Many (Metalocalypse) and Self Duplication(Teen Titans)?

>> No.39694380

Hey fuck you, at least I have a healthy liver

We...kind of have that. It's called Girl-Chan in Paradise.

>> No.39694404

I think the journey to the west one had one. You can also make a simulacrum with D&D magic.

>> No.39694418

Ooh, I've been meaning to do Journey to the West.

>> No.39694426

Ok. I'll have you know, my liver is perfectly healthy and robust.

My kidneys on the other hand...

>> No.39694449

still short of 21 myself, so my only tastes of alcohol are trying out da's latest homebrews.
For mainstay drink I mostly experiment with different combinations of iced tea and juice, plus leftover powerade or whatever when I have it.

>> No.39694460

Yeah, it's the drop in capstone, among other things it lets you make clones. But they can't use any supernatural abilities.

>> No.39694506 [DELETED] 

That's pretty great: I haven't really seen a lot of Jumpers who try to actively better the world.

I tend to be a bit more chaotic, ocassionally preventing extremely gross events but usually just having fun doing things my way which do tend to be on the "good" side of things.

I understand, but I have not broken a single rule and I doubt I'm really at risk of getting banned. If people still want to annoy the janitors with false reports, I can't stop them. I contribute to these threads, have made cyoa's and Jumps, post anonymously on occasion but this is my name. I have no real intention of leaving. /tg/ and /jc/ are all I have and I refuse lose it all again.

>> No.39694525

What Jumps have you made?

>> No.39694530

He was actually a green sea squirt. The bacterial MO was that little Chinese girl who just emanated a cloud of 'FUCK OFF AND DIE'.

And so the Johj did so.

>> No.39694534

Hm. Does it limit how many clones it makes?

I'm doing the math on making an Army of Myself through combined usage of Self Duplication and We Are Many. It's rapidly turning into a matter of "I can have as many mundane copies of myself as the situation calls for"

>> No.39694542

>have made cyoa's and Jumps


>> No.39694603

Lily, Jotun, and Black Bay for Conduit and Spongebob for us.

He also is working on a Magicsmith CYOA that I haven't seen an update on in a while.

>> No.39694628

Here's the thing, you have to know the your fetishism isn't well recieved. Similarly, any time anyone has to resort to using technicalities, "I haven't broken any rules," they know they're in the wrong in some respect.

You've got fetishes: great. So do I, but I keep mine to myself because I know that the vast majority of jumpers, most of whom I do not know some of whom I do, do not want to hear about that shit. I respect that. You do not.

Calm your tits with your magical realm shit.

>> No.39694689

4 CYOA's

I was going to make a 5th one but kinda realised they have absolutely no love for cyoamaker and I'm not a machine.

2 Jumps (... granted, the second one is on the verge of being finished...)

Be honest, how good an idea would it be to get my "creations" linked to this namery... I think I'll wait till the hostility against me dies down a bit and I can be sure I'm not getting banned any time soon.

>> No.39694731

So not only are you a shitposter, but you're quickly backpedaling.

Hate to break it to you, but it's the same thing as Red rewriting Reborn, or Antispiral with Nyarly, or MoeAnon with his vore fetish. You already made a huge fucking deal of things. You weren't even nice about it, you were just a giant jackass. No one's gonna forget that.

>> No.39694750

Everyone would forget about the first if you stopped shitposting about it. I'm on your 'side' but I rapidly no longer want to be now that I've learned that YOU are a shitposter yourself.

>> No.39694753

People here can be a little Touchy about people they don't like, post them anonymously Or Create a second ID/Go anonymous For a your next jump and make sure You don't have it overlap with this persona.

>> No.39694777

Well then quit trying to shoot your own side because I didn't say that first one was a bad thing. You saw how fucking atrocious it was, right?

Red was justified, this idiot is not.

>> No.39694780

Frankly, you'd be better off changing the name while keeping the trip if you must, the name just reminds people of your magical realm.

I also see that lately you've attempted to be a normal poster, or at least engage in normal conversations. You should keep that up and DEFINITELY not get into arguments. As someone who has formerly been in a similar situation (formerly considered a shitposter, had to really bow and scrape to get people to treat me nicely again), I can empathize, and tell you that it's a hard fucking road. You have to let them sit there and shit talk and insult you, because if you don't then everyone blames you for the argument.

>> No.39694786

Bad. A bad idea.

>> No.39694798

But not nearly as many care as you think. When someone takes the bait it's their own goddamn fault.
Just fuck em. Thanks for the things you do.

>> No.39694821

If you're going to namefag at least have the courage to stand by your creations. The only real justification for namefagging in these threads is for creators so that people can ask them questions.

Don't take a big shit in the thread and then start tiptoeing around coquettishly when somebody asks you to provide some evidence that you've contributed in a meaningful sense to these threads.

>> No.39694830

Doesn't seem to. Go nuts.

>> No.39694841

Well. Rolled 18 for survival in Shadowrun. I didn't make it.

Basically what happened was The Big Dragon himself Lofwyr comes to you and tells you that he's out a cortex bomb in my head. Not only that I owe him favors. So he saw through just about every illusion I had. I wasn't gonna face him head on. Instead I went along, with the plan. I did his dirty work that turned out to be more and more dangerous. The last task I couldn't do, I didn't have enough juice left. It was sealing off a huge bug invasion. I went down swinging.

RIP Necromatic Cheshire Cat Build.

>> No.39694857

I think you're right.

I can handle people hating on me, but I wouldn't want people to shit on my work just because I made it.

I have no idea how I was a huge jackass except today against that anon with his cancerous rules.

But nice of you to remind me how disliked namies are... yeah, no way in hell am I linking amything to this name for the time being.

>> No.39694875

I don't hate namefags. I just hate the way you act.

>> No.39694908

This is the second time today I have heard something a magical realm.

I have never posted in those threads - couldnt be arsed to write down a build - but are you talking about that lesbian who did that shota?

Trust me, I am not her.

>> No.39694912

>I wouldn't want people to shit on my work just because I made it.
Well, if you did do Spongebob then I imagine your future works will get plenty of hate on their own. I mean, you had all kinds of lewd fetish shit in there before people shouted you down.

If you want to do lewd and fetishy, then go back to CYOA general.

>> No.39694913

Look, drop the name & trip. You'd be better off as anon. If you at least gonna namefag, show your work. Otherwise we'd just assume you're blowing smoke out your ass.

>> No.39694915

I put my name on all my jumps

If you're afraid of attaching your name to your work, then you're doing something wrong. Start over with a new name and try not to be a shithead this time; That's the magic of the internet.

>> No.39694931

Magical realm is a term referring to making a fantasy realm/idea about your sexual fetishes and forcing it on others. so when we say that, we mean your Dio thing.

>> No.39694949

See: >>39694931

>> No.39694973

>But nice of you to remind me how disliked namies are... yeah, no way in hell am I linking amything to this name for the time being.

But on the other hand If you come up with several decent jumps from a name People don't like They will eventually grudgingly tolerate you

That's not What magical metal realm means in this context, magical realm means to include kinks in something that isn't meant for kinksIn front of other people or to inflict kinks onto people who did not agree to a kinky scenario, like I said, you have to be subtle about lewd, even Entirely kink oriented lewd in jump chain

>> No.39695003

fuckin namefags

>> No.39695013

>But nice of you to remind me how disliked namies are.
No, that's not it at all. People dislike namefags who act like tools. Like you.

Babylon, Kanons, Marvel, Stupid Dog... There are plenty of namefags who are respected, because they contribute to the community without shoving their sexual fantasies in our faces.

It isn't namefags that we hate, and if you're feeling the hate you should try and figure out why.

>> No.39695066

Or just kinda ignore everything you say and do, including your generally terribad jumps. That's also an option.

>> No.39695067

Cool cat? More like warm dog.

>> No.39695112

Frigid pussy is best pussy.

>> No.39695121

Oh god, do people still think my Dio thing is a fetish?

I've seen bestiality, vore, gigantism, cheese pizzaing and the likes here and most of those did not get an ounce of hate?

But pregnancy is somehow way to lewd... pregnancy, becoming pregnant. Giving birth. Motherhood.


Or is Dio so well-liked that I can't touch him.
Yes, the method of getting pregnant is a bit nasty but there is no other way.

>> No.39695147

You keep fucking going on and on about it. Seriously, just stop.

Follow the golden rule.

>> No.39695179

Rather selective bunch.

>> No.39695193

ignoring the fact that you make 4chan sound more fair than it could ever hope to be...
yes, the way you've presented it before, that is EXACTLY what people seem to think

>> No.39695269

Pregnancy itself? No. But the obsession? The continual age regression? The repeated unbirthing (and re-birthing I suppose)? Not only is it very much off the deep end on the magical realm and creepyness scales, it's also kinda crazy.

>the method of getting pregnant is a bit nasty
You're completely destroying somebody as a person, depriving them of their memories and reducing them to an extremely vulnerable state (infancy) so you can indoctrinate them into being some platonic ideal you've decided he's supposed to represent. It would be kinder to kill him. And more honest (and quicker) to just mind rape him into submission. Either way, they die as a person in the process.

>> No.39695283

Not that he doesn't deserve it tbh

>> No.39695293

>But pregnancy is somehow way to lewd... pregnancy, becoming pregnant. Giving birth. Motherhood.
Nice try at moral indignation, but you fail. If you had just brought it up and dropped it, okay.

But the how of the thing, the way you went into detail, and lets be honest, some of the details, just screams of fetishism.

Yes, those things exist here but there isn't the overt sexual overtone placed on them that you place on your actions. And those that do seem to go overboard, ala Moe and his vore, do get plenty of shit.

I'll give you that one, pokefuckers do get a pass here and that's irritating. But I've just learned to accept it. You should too.

>> No.39695325

Kicking or punching?

>> No.39695335


>> No.39695336

Yeah he's an asshole, still, I know that out of those three choices I'd choose death. It's only right to offer at least that kindness to one's enemies as well.

>> No.39695345

Kick, punch, it's all in the mind.

>> No.39695356

Best answer.

>> No.39695358

Headbutting and pimp slapping.

>> No.39695383

Depends on whether I'm a dude or a lady for that Jump.

>> No.39695398

I'm not sure why it matters.

>> No.39695401

I'd like to cast a vote for >>39695358 for Best Answer.

>> No.39695408

Throwing cars.

>> No.39695414

Kicking is more ladylike.

>> No.39695431

I don't think so, I'm not sure where you got that idea.

>> No.39695443

Shows off the legs more, so there's that in favor of ladykicks.

>> No.39695455

Punching, I suppose. If we're resorting to that. More likely to be using Eagle Claw or Bak Mei Kung Fu styles, but we did pick up some drunken boxing skills too.

>> No.39695466


It is just so unfair... I mean, the Jump begins when he is already 12(?) years old and beyond saving.

He IS my favourite character of all time and it hurts that even the Jumpchain seems to want to keep us 'seperated'.

It was never a sexual thing... remember

>I began by asking how I could best works towards saving Dio
but you guts told me he was unsaveable due to his childhood
>I then decided to reraise him so my favourite character could be happy
but you guys told me just making him a kid again wouldn't change his memories
>I could then do nothing but "reset" his entire life by completely reversing it and having him be born again
This you all hated

I TRIED to keep it as normal as possible but you guys kept telling me my milder plans would fail.

I really should stop talking about this... since it serves no one but it annoys me that you guys see this as some sort of nasty fetish.

>> No.39695470

Clearly that anon intends to do some panty flashing with all those fancy high kicks. Gotta appease the fanservice crowd, after all.

>> No.39695474

When you see a porn star or other attractive woman, you don't think "dam, she's got nice arms." You tend to see her legs as more attractive. Kicking shows off the legs while punching shows off the arms.
Thus, kicking is feminine while punching is masculine.

>> No.39695491


>> No.39695505

There's two kinds of people: those who are perverted and those who admit it.

>> No.39695538

You are all wrong. I prefer punching as a lady because I like to play against type (and like bruiser-lady characters). I kick as dude to show off my exceptional legs, and because I like to pretend I'm the MC from Yakuza 4.

>> No.39695558

Elbow drops. If necessary, climbing nearby skyscrapers to elbow drop. If really necessary, building a helicopter to elbow drop out of.

>> No.39695583

>Parappa the Rapper jump when?

Do I look perverted to you, anon?

>> No.39695608


>> No.39695765

Come on and slam, and welcome to the jam. A jam full of basketball-mutated monsters, ghost Bill Cosby, a rapping genie, and an asshole Jordan.

... And now my blood tastes like Gatorade, which I'm told actually mixes well with Kaiju Blue.


>Strike Witches
Age: 14-years-old
Background: Drop-In
Drawbacks: Discipline (+200), No Pants Allowed (+100), Rival (+100), Strike Witch's Quest (+0)
Final Point Count: 1,400 CP
Starting Location: France

-5th Generation (World Upgrade)

-Enchanted Eye
-Perception Sign "Flawless Awareness"

Allied Weapons of War / Classifieds:
-Bomber Jacket (Free)
-Call Sign (Free) - If you guessed Dragon, you got it.
-Striker Artificer Toolkit

... I see you being smug over there JC. Y'know what, no. I won't use Life Finds A Way to worm my way out of this one. I'll show you what for.

>> No.39695772

>a fairy
>an eeveelution
>midriff showing
I'm starting to think that's too mu-
>zettai ryuoiki
You pervert

>> No.39695782

So you finally embraced being a grill for good.

>> No.39695790

>14 years old
>No pants
>Doesn't say if male or female
Oh my~

>> No.39695797


preach it, brother.

>> No.39695809


Just entertaining the benefactor's shenanigans. Fucking cat... Next jump is gonna be a swap back over.


>> No.39695833

>Next jump is gonna be a swap back over.
So he says, but we'll see what happens after he enjoys the carefree life of a pants-less girl for ten years.

>> No.39695837

You chose this future not me.

>> No.39695841

>pantsless dragon girl loli OAA

i wanna commit a crime

>> No.39695866


>> No.39695872

Don't do it!
You know what they do to petty thieves in prison.

>> No.39695911

I was looking through Gurren Lagann earlier and I noticed a few things that needed to be improved.

1.You now arrive three years before the battle of Teppelin. (I fucked up on the timeline calculation.)

2.Font fixes.

3.Grammar fixes.

4.Changed the note about the Beastmen. Anyone who picks the complication can now switch to their Beastman form after the end of the jump.

5.Specified that the jump takes place during the anime, not the movies.

6.Specified that you're able to increase your Spiral Power during the endgame sceanrio.

>> No.39695937

>implying he won't use shapeshifting to be a grill with a little something extra for his wingmates

>> No.39695940

Exactly the same as going through 12,000+ years of being pantsless.

Realizing that kilts are, in fact, the best thing ever.




>> No.39695954

>stealing Dragon girl OAA away while being chased by seras and fighting all the companions

/jc/, I have found my calling in life

>> No.39695955

NEVER! You will suffer for my amusement.

>> No.39695968

They're only kilts when you're a dude.

Otherwise, it's going commando in a skirt.

>> No.39695983

Which feels pretty great let me tell you.

>> No.39695984


... This has to be a joke.

And people dare claim women are hypocrits. Unbelievable.

>> No.39695985

jumpmaker waifu supplement when

>> No.39696012

Plis no. I've already stated I'm a shit waifu.


... You know that's a fair point. However, my point does still stand.

>> No.39696018

This has been a joke for a while. Alot of people make fun of how OAA is the waifu of JC or how OAA is a failure at getting women.
Some anons find amusement in fucking with namefags.

>> No.39696024

What's hypocritical about it?

>> No.39696040

"Dragon-sama, your gun is... s-so big!"

>> No.39696052

>anime, not the movies

Oh neat, Rossiu gets teleport-punched in canon

Also that means the Anti-Spiral is possibly significantly weaker than his portrayal in Lagann-Hen so-there's good news!

>> No.39696079

>implying you'll be the waifu

>> No.39696083

Don't even joke about that.

>> No.39696088

The thing here is-people aren't going into DETAIL about acts. Just making fun of the guy for being all awkward and shit

>> No.39696089

I am staring at you disapprovingly through the internet, you know.


>OAA is the waifu of JC

Lies and slander.

>> No.39696093

>... This has to be a joke
It is.

Except the part about stealing OAA away tho. I plan on becoming best waifu

>> No.39696097

"S-shut up! It's for yaw!"

>> No.39696107

Best response.

>> No.39696108

See >>39696088

>> No.39696109

You have wrought your own destiny, OAA. How are we supposed to resist when you keep turning into a cute girl? And now you're doing it with your butt just hanging out there.

>> No.39696119

There was a time before you came about where all the namefag were joked about being waifued from OAA, to QS, to Red, and etc. Because of the Waifu cyoa in Cyoa general.
This is just a joke that has been stretched thin and is getting a bit tiresome.

>> No.39696128

>shotalovers, and bara fetishists
So... normal 4chan?

>> No.39696129


Read this: >>39696088 When we have fun with OAA, its in fun and we don't get into the wierd details you get into.

Face it, namefag, you're just not funny. You should probably stop telling jokes.

>> No.39696136

>Waaah waaah someone's getting more attention than me!
It's only as tumblr as you make it. We're not your personal caretakers. We're not your soundboard. We're not your love life.

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