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Power Shriek!

>> No.39674225

I meant it would happen instead of Kehpri.

Panacea's shard-based fiddling either makes you spark early or gives you some kind of immature pseudo-spark. Then, after you fight Scion, Jumpchan decides an insane, shard corrupted, conflict driven Oldswalker being unleashed on the multiverse is enough to justify her stepping in and turning you back to normal.

It'd basically be a temporary power boost. You don't have your spark long enough to do anything fun, you don't have it at the end of your ten years, and you have to keep going if you want it for real.

>> No.39674236

What would be a good Weirdly Specific Martial Art? The only non-combat related things I really have are blacksmithing, singing, and cooking.

>> No.39674267

Poke cyoa says items 'you definitely won't get anywhere else' but includes mundane things like guns, medical kits, parachutes, bicycles, etc. Is it literally I will never find those unless I pick them?

>> No.39674270


Is this Jump-related?

>> No.39674276

Dry Cleaning Fu.

>> No.39674283

Model Trains.
Scrap Booking.

>> No.39674330

Thumb wrestling.
Tongue twisters.
Uncomfortable smalltalk.

>> No.39674346

Lawn-furniture style martial arts. All attacks and defenses are done using folding lawn chairs, patio tables, and those big umbrellas you stab into the ground to picnic under.

You must face the gazebo alone.

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You certainly won't get a motorcycle with infinite fuel elsewhere in that jump. Or magic x-ray specs.

>> No.39674375

>And all the booze I've got lying around. And meds.
You took Drummer in Metalocalypse, didn't you?

>> No.39674388

Model building

>> No.39674400

What's a good race to have in Forgotten Realms?
I'm willing to pay out the ass for it and take the drawbacks needed.
(gem dragons look cool but I can't see a CR for them)

Similar question is what are some good magical items to choose from?
I might choose a great item instead of a race if there's something good enough.

For my class I was thinking of going for Bard but I'm not really sure, what sort of stuff should be possible as that?

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Gibbering mouther.

>> No.39674436

Creeper Martial Arts
Any weirdly specific martial art from an anime
Being a Yoshi Martial Arts
Stalker Martial Arts
Martial Arts Teaching (like a schoolteacher)
Martial Arts Internet Flaming

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Hammer Fencing
Paring Knife Fighting
Motherfucker Beating

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No effect since this isn't a reality warping power. The death perception eyes work, from what I understand after reading it, by seeing something that already exists and seems to follow a set of rules and limitations.

Not a reality warper, if he only has time travel.

>Enrico Pucci
Looking at his wiki page, I'm going to say that you can't stop him from time traveling but you can stop him from manipulating the new universe he creates.

Is he a legit god? If so then no effect since gods trump reality warpers.

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"Letting yourself get your hopes up even though you know it's not going to live up to your expectations" style.

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Posted this in the wrong thread, so I'll ask again here.

Went full Spirit Warrior in Digimon, bought the Kazemon and Zephyrmon spirits and the Code Key for Leylamon.

I've still got 600 points - is there really anything else for me to do with this besides MORE SPIRITS? If not, which is best spirit?

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If I'm remembering correctly, a big part of that was to prevent people from bullshitting "I found infinite Master Balls!"

>> No.39674564

Check optimization boards. There's a number of races where power > CR. Like several kinds of fae, if I remember correctly.

Really, if you aren't picking something for it's natural abilities, you want to go full wizard. Just don't do pun-pun or come into the jump as a god (by AOs standards) or you're fucked.

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Ah alright. Well this is me so far, how fucked am I?

>> No.39674665

Bard? You'd want to be more than just a Bard. They're not that great.

>> No.39674700

you didn't take any drawbacks that I can see, and you have a background
so not very, less than most jumpers in fact

>> No.39674703

>not using OOTS to go Bard so you can get Dashing Swordsman
>not weaponizing puns

>> No.39674792

Is it reasonable to assume you may find a single master ball during your stay?

I mean, every pokemon game there is offers the player ONE master ball free of charge...

Or is this too fanwankish? I fear it might be. Although it would be strange for all master ballsto just phase out in the vicinity of the Jumper.

Why do I even ask these questions... I have absolutely no interest in legendaries and all my favourite pokemon are reasonably common. I'd rather keep the master ball as a collector's item I guess.

>> No.39674831

I think you're fine.

One may be reasonable, but remember, the "real world" is not like the games; legendaries move around, for example. The random plot stuff that gives the player a MB isn't gonna happen.

>> No.39674851

>Ranma Jump
>Pick a ranma/pokemon fanfic
>catch some pokemon now that you can survive pissing it off

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Nope. I was a Manager.
And a Lawyer in Transmetropolitan.

I don't really talk about it a lot because it's not as funny as flying dildo copters, but after I took Poison Elementalism in Spyro, I got really, really good at making all kinds of horrible substances. And also really fun substances.

Post-Toriko, where I became part plant and also capable of integrating other plants within myself, I actually gained the ability to concoct all kinds of fun substances inside my own body. Which I can then inject into people basically whenever I want.
Sometimes when I'm bored I just see what new concoctions I can come up with.

That's something interesting about me.

>> No.39674895

I'm looking for a more relaxed or support type class and Bard seemed to fit well since I'm a Sound Dragonslayer.
Not really into the whole "I must hone my body and mind to be pure!" stuff.
Any suggestions for other classes available?

I know so little about D&D it's not even funny. Wanted to get into it at one point too.

It's not just a pure power thing, I'm looking for more interesting or unique races possibly with strange powers.

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>> No.39675112

Space Dandy jump when?

>> No.39675187

... just to be sure here: the perk "Q This", named after the eponymous race of nigh-omnipotent beings able to do things that many gods can only dream of, is ineffective against gods because gods trump reality warpers?

Does "Q This" actually allow you to do anything besides punch a Q in the face if they stand there and let you punch them? ;p

>> No.39675212

Unique racial skills usually implies power. Species that do have weird powers tend to either be not worth the cp or the subject of optimization threads.

>> No.39675293

Imagine Q's fighting against, say, Okami gods. The gods would get fucking stomped. Gods aren't always omnipotent.

>> No.39675408

As soon you make it, baby.

>> No.39675458

So, I know we have a Generic Fighting Game jump that supposed to cover King of Fighters, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat, but is anybody working on them individually?

>> No.39675600

Not that I know of.
I'd love to see a Mortal Kombat jump that offers ridiculous fatalities.
(Drop-in, Monk, Ninja, ??? origins?)

>> No.39675688

Sorcerer and Special Forces perk lines, one of which could be for drop-ins

>> No.39675699

Drop-In, Monk, Military, Criminal(?), Ninja.
Choose the timeline you want.
Drawback where you have Tarkatans that really, really want to eat you for the whole jump.

>> No.39675735

I think focusing only on the Earthrealm warriors is a bad idea when there's tons of characters form Outworld and Edenia, and a few others from other realms.

>> No.39675744

>named after the eponymous race of nigh-omnipotent beings able to do things that many gods can only dream of, is ineffective against gods because gods trump reality warpers?
I was thinking at different power levels, I meant capital G Gods.

>Does "Q This" actually allow you to do anything besides punch a Q in the face if they stand there and let you punch them?
>Reality warper is about to change the universe into their own image.
>Jumper with Q this looks at them.
>They no longer have the power to change anything.
>While they're sitting there stunned at the sudden lose of their powers, the jumper could easily incapacitate them.

>> No.39675916

well, raiden's the closest we get to a sorcerer in Earthrealm
Alternate idea
>Drop-in: Based on Erron Black, Kano, and Special Forces
>Warrior: Shaolin Monks and Tarkatans
>Ninja: Ninjas
>Sorceror: Ermac, Shang Tsung, Quan Chi

>> No.39675945

If we're only doing 4 backgrounds and not more, that's probably the best that can be done, as long as female warriors like Jade and Mileena (who is getting a pod) are rolled into ninja.

>> No.39675981

Why the fuck buy anything else then? Just use this on Chaos Gods and win forever. Or even Scion.

>> No.39675992

I'm not actually doing this unless this gets abandoned, my experience with the games is limited.
But I'd say for Kitana and her pallets you could split the difference between warrior and ninja

>> No.39676020

Who here would waifu Mileena?
If not, who is your Mortal Kombat waifu?

>> No.39676032

>tfw you can tell Jump-chan to stuff her shit
>tfw she's stunned as you kill her
>tfw you steal her power and become Jump-chan
Aaaaand thank you.

>> No.39676036

To the person from last thread, yes, its an internal world until you buy the upgrade.

>> No.39676064

Because the Chaos Gods aren't reality warpers. Though personally I know nothing about scion.

>> No.39676093

Thats actually a pretty cool concept, it implies you talking with jumpchan and understanding her/how she acts but its cool none the less.

>> No.39676112


Don't know enough about original timeline, so I'd say either Jade for vanilla or Cassie if her Cage aspects aren't too much to deal

>> No.39676113

Define "Reality Warper". Since the standard definition is "Able to mold reality like clay".

>> No.39676126

Carrying on my chain from Anno2070. Not much happened there other than me trying to synthesise certain materials.

Medaka Box

Going to be honest in that I'm not familiar with this setting or how strong everyone is in it so I have no idea what I'm doing or what I plan to do.

Mentality: Minus - Feels like I've been forced into this since I have to take the drawback just by picking one of the powers.

Real Eater - An amazing ability to have with a massive range of possibilities. (500)

Princely Charm - Always nice to have more charisma (800)

Scar Dead - Very useful against people with regen or just instantly taking certain people out. (1100)

Octopus - Sounds like it might be good but I don't really get what it does. (1300)

Minus - I had to take it so here I am.. I hope it doesn't have to be extreme and that my companions can handle it. (1000)

The main thing I've picked up here is the Real Eater ability.

One of the biggest things I plan to do with it is convert as much strength into speed using human levels for the rate of conversion. (for easiness lets put 1 ton = 40mph)
Kaiju form has given me immense levels of strength, over 10 mil tons.
Converting 10 million tons into speed gives me an additional Mach 525 000 which is alright since the wiki claims one guy turned his strength into lightspeed.

What possible changes do you think it could make to Scar Dead and Octopus?

>> No.39676132

This is >>39675945 here. Mileena is mai waifu.

>> No.39676154

They can change entire worlds with a mere occupation of their forces. Flesh and space altered with the snap of a finger. The Warp itself changes to their whims. You better believe they're reality warpers. And now thanks to 'Q This', I can kill them. Next.

>> No.39676200

No, you can't. If you do, everything dies. You die. End chain. Next!

>> No.39676205

If you think that's their only power then you're really ignorant and only know about them via this thread's wank.

>> No.39676212

I'm not really into pokemon, but I recognize their value so I have a question.
With 10 years to spend in that world, how many could I reasonable acquire and are there any you would recommend?

>> No.39676232

Ok so I checked the pdf and the guy who asked the question posted an old description, Q This is supposed to only work if you can come into direct contact with the reality warper.

I guess they were looking at the old no image beta version for some reason, If Brutus is around can you please remove that from the "Complete but no images" section, the image version is the final and correct one that you're supposed to use.

>> No.39676243

Err... The Chaos God's didn't always exist so... No... You're blowing smoke out your ass.

>> No.39676256

Chaos gods coming into birth actually retcons them into existing previously. It's like Coyote in Gunnercrig Court.

>> No.39676276

>if you can come into direct contact with the reality warper
So... it's as easy as flying into the Warp? Or waiting for Jump-chan to get us on our next jump?

Shame it isn't multiplayer.

>> No.39676286

Yes, but that doesn't mean that reality cant exist without them or that killing them would kill everyone.

>> No.39676294

I'd suggest getting her early then, from what I can tell she seems to get more unstable over time

>> No.39676307

Uh, no? Are you retarded? Flying into the warp doesn't put you into direct contact with a Chaos god. Also, enjoy being torn to shreds by a swarm of daemons. They LOVE people alone in the warp.

KOTOR, I think this guy is fucking with you on purpose out of buttmad. Might be best to just ignore him.

>> No.39676330

Maybe if you can be there when Kitana wakes her up, you might be able to keep her somewhat sane and possibly on the side of good. Charisma and perks that help with psychological issues would help a lot too.

>> No.39676347

If it worked for Draigo, it can work for a jumper.

>> No.39676363

Oh I don't care about sanity. I casually project an aura of reality warping insanity after all. Whether I get there early or late I'm still going after Mileena.

>> No.39676614

There's over 800, I can't tell you what to like. Anyway, how many you catch in ten years? It seems like you might be able to catch a few hundred if you're devoted to it, but that'd be hard work.

>> No.39676674

Linking some pages from the manga that I can find that describes Minuses.

>> No.39676714 [DELETED] 

Child 950
17 yo female
Fairest seeming
Weisse Frau, Oni (another kith) 850
Winter court
Social focus free
Wyrd free
Wyrd 700
Glamour free
Clarity free
Precocious 600
Oneiromancer 500
Pledgesmith 350
Pactbinder -250
Faerie garden -300
Annoying Bane 0 (ketchup)

Hope this is right, I have plans to make a pact with death some time in the future. But that plan will probably fall through if something more wacky or hairbrained pops up. Pic related, Im a white lady oni.

>> No.39676720

So it's just depression. Everything she said just sounds like normal depression to me.

Though I think he is more severe than most minuses, considering his BBEG power.

>> No.39676743

Sounds more like it's depression that affects the world outside of you to make itself true

>> No.39676761

Well, his thing is that he fails so hard he wins. And he can just outright destroy anything.

>> No.39676800

Child 950
17 yo female
Fairest seeming
Weisse Frau, Oni (another kith) 850
Winter court
Social focus free
Wyrd free
Wyrd 700
Glamour free
Clarity free
Precocious 600
Oneiromancer 500
Pledgesmith 350
Pactbinder -250
Faerie garden -300
Annoying Bane 0 (ketchup)

Hope this is right, I have plans to make a pact with death some time in the future. But that plan will probably fall through if something more wacky or hairbrained pops up. Pic related, Im a white lady oni.

>> No.39676805

It's just super powered edgy hormonal teenager depression.

>> No.39676830

Would a Code Lyoko jump work?

>> No.39676843

Giant forehead drawback (or is that a perk?)

>> No.39676935

It's more than that because the world of Medaka embraces clitches so that by being a Minus the world in a way makes sure you always lose. I remember seeing a page that described it, trying hard to find it. Anyways, will post more pages I find (1/2).

>> No.39676947

Wow, is that all a Minus is? Because I do that already.

>> No.39676954


>> No.39677143

Yeah, pretty much. Even if it effects the world around them I always lose in real life anyway, and I've been like this for 13 years, so another 10 won't be impossible to deal with.

>> No.39677305

Ketchup a shit.

>> No.39677328

>Code Lyoko

I approve.

>> No.39677398

True, it is evil incarnate. Truly those humans who invented it where foul beings from the pits of hell.

>> No.39677438

So I thought of this when I was riding on the bus home.
Well all know the things we take granted here. Showers, Television, Internet, soap.
How do you deal with certain Jumps where they don't have modern things we have?
Example: Wuxia, Fantasy worlds like Ravenloft, Dark Sun, and such, Depending on where you land Jojo, I think you know what I am getting at here.

>> No.39677455

> tries to use the power on jump-chan. > nothing happens. >"I gave you that power anon. Q is my bitch, and so are you.

>> No.39677456

>Not Horse Radish.

>> No.39677471

I neither have to eat nor do I need to bathe (SIMS witch). TV and internet is only entertaining because our modern lives are boring, I'm having real excitement and adventures.

>> No.39677478

Well, I don't need modern hygiene conveniences due to taking Evercleansed. As for entertainment luxuries, I've got a set of perks arranged to keep me from getting bored. Instead of getting listless I just get working on other projects, and I ALWAYS have more projects to work on.

>> No.39677484

Please. I have a fully stocked apartment in my warehouse. I don't have to go without anywhere. Now, the question is, do I choose to go without sometimes? Yes, yes I do.

>> No.39677489

>Horse Radish
>Not Gluten

>> No.39677491

Both are terrible let's be honest.

>> No.39677524

>Not Vegemite

>> No.39677538

But Anon! Horse Radish at least has a valid function. When your sinuses are super plugged up, you take a big spoonfull of the stuff, swish it around in your mouth, swallow it, and then breathe deeply.

Once you finish screaming, you'll notice that your sinuses are not plugged anymore.

Ketchup on the other hand, is not even useful for anything, it's just ... gross.

>> No.39677562

It's basically a bastardization of perfectly good tomato sauce.

>> No.39677574

>try to use the power on jump-chan
>"w-what are you doing with that?!"
>nothing happens
>"S-stop anon, that tickles AHAHAHAHA"
>this goes on for a while until she gently but firmly pushes you into the next jump and then pretends this never happened

>> No.39677621

I'm pretty sure Pikachu hates you guys.

>> No.39677625

I like horse radish though...

>> No.39677636

That's okay, I hate him too.

>> No.39677651

>implying a "tickle jump-chan" power could ever be bad.

>> No.39677655

You monster. Your worse than the midgets.

>> No.39677679

I have at least a 100-terabyte hardrive with media on it, and then connect to some fabulous speaker and tv system. It also helps that I have the luxury apartment attached to the warehouse.

>> No.39677689

You think I'm not bringing these things with me?
Got to stock up on everything while I can and I'm sure some jumps offer a constant supply of entertainment from games and stuff.
Note to self: Install a shower in my iron man suit.

>> No.39677706

You don't even need to do that, if you have plumbing in your warehouse it is easy enough to put a shower in.

>> No.39677754

Ok seeing as a lot of jumpers have means of not needing these how about something more amusing. How would your companions from Modern, Fantasy, Older times Jumps deal with each other like a Modern companion having to deal with bathing in medieval times, or a companion who was in a fantasy world having to deal with a car?

>> No.39677799

I already have self-powered videogames. And several terabytes of tv, anime, movies, and cartoons.

My jumper self has taken such a strong love of viewing and playing everything even if he LIVES those things. It's fun to just sit back and poke fun of things yah know? I also invented my own magical storage system with an MP3 player and HD headphones all custom made.

MST3K will be a piece of cake after 300,000 years of practice.

>mfw dealing with LoSS without any form of electronic entertainment
Never again

>> No.39677808

Mighty Skill: Teaching. I teach myself a lesson about how to do it and then I teach my companions a lesson. Then they know how, at the very least.

Yes, this does see a lot of use. Especially since I've also got F1KT.

>> No.39677833

I try to import people when possible to get them used to it.

>> No.39677840

But what about modern society? They have to deal with that on a daily basis for 10 years.

>> No.39677883

Fuck I meant Modern Society or society from back then or such.

>> No.39677906

Interacting with society is a skill. They even teach it in school. (It's called all the rest of the students.)

>> No.39678027

I try to import a companion into a modern day world as soon as possible.
Action Hero, 9-5, and plenty of other jumps would work to bring them up to date on things like technology or social interactions and maybe even certain pop culture references.

>> No.39678051

Invent them.
Invent them.
>TV and Internet
Pfft, like I watch any TV NOW. And I don't need the internet, I have books. Plenty of books. Oodles of them.
>Try to take Jumper's Books away

>> No.39678083

I had a devil of a time getting Elsa (and Caroline. But mainly Elsa) aboard a goony bird for Husky.

The fact that our particular plane got shot up by flak probably had an effect on her, as she didn't want anything to do with aircraft for the next couple jumps. Oddly enough, she was fine with SOEIVs during Halo.

>> No.39678107

If only there was a paste story for that. It sounds amusing to read.

>> No.39678146

>Not wanting to deal with harem anime-like shenanigans of introducing your companion to the many quirks of modern life

Do you even Jumpchain, bro?

>> No.39678148

I hope everyone from Stark Trek remembered to avoid the teleporters, otherwise you ended your chain right there.

>> No.39678180

That's very interesting.
I took Minus myself, partly because I wanted the extra points, but also because after some cursory reading on the subject, I learned that the main character is also a Minus. So I figured it was an interesting route to take.

So, considering that a fair chunk of my abilities entails creating minions, how would that work with the cliche? Would my minions also fail? Or would they be able to succeed because they are not Minuses?

Mostly I just laugh at them. And then help them out by explaining how something is going to work for them because I'm not a total asshole.

>> No.39678186

This is why I was asking to see if anyone had any shenanigans to share.

>> No.39678190

Is it stated in canon that the teleporters kill you?

If not, your chain is fine.

>> No.39678203

My personal head canon is that the entire 'Dematerialize you and re-construct your matter elsewhere' is a bunch of bullshit the Engineering/Science/R&D Corp of Starfleet feeds everyone just to get them to shutup and stop asking how the damn thing works.

Instead, it probably just fucks around with local space-time in a high-energy manner or some such. Not any safer, but it avoids existential crises.

>> No.39678212


I fanwanked that the cosmic warehouse is the reward for surviving the first jump, and after taking the hermit background, I made sure to have a fully-stocked house with all the amenities inside.

Now, if you're talking about time-wasters, I have a portable holodeck designed for quick set-up with its own dedicated power source. Otherwise I just find something to do that doesn't involve electronics.

Playing video games all day, no matter how advanced, gets old real quick.

>> No.39678253

...you guys remember that's an actual Drawback, right?

Also, that's canon, not fanwank.

>> No.39678274


I have a tradition - whenever I take a new companion, the next jump is that involves going to school - it was ps238 after megaman, so my robot daughter could get socialized without feeling out of place, for Yuriko Omega, it was a certain scientific railgun for the same reason.

>> No.39678279

It's a drawback, but it's an actual fact of the setting either way. Free points.

>> No.39678407

Soap already exists.

>> No.39678438

In medieval settings?

>> No.39678493

Yes. It was expensive and used relatively infrequently as a result, but soap existed in the real world medieval period. Presumably it would exist in fantasy settings. Hell, most of the characters in your average fantasy setting look and smell a lot better than they would if they didn't bathe frequently, so they probably have better access to it than people did in the real world.

>> No.39678502

Yeah. Shame I can't write or characterize for shit.

>> No.39678540

It just takes practice. No one is good at writing or characterization when they first begin.

>> No.39678551

I blame the soap wizard.

>> No.39678555

Adon[is] the body building Bangaa monk lost his fucking shit when he discovered modern body building techniques. It's like discovering a whole new world of training methods. He's surprisingly well adjusted to modern 21st century living. It's almost as if he was built for it.

Deobora the Argonian warrior pimp developed into quite the love of weapons of all kinds. Particularly kinetic weaponry. He also frequents bars and strip clubs whenever he fucking can. He's become quite good at brewing especially since he developed a fighting style from it thanks to Ranma. Since he can bisect a building with a spoon at the point we got to a modern tech world. He became essentially a gay Duke Nukem.

Malefor the former dark master gives zero shits to tech. Modern stuff just confuses him a lot. Especially when it came to interacting with humans or creatures smaller than him. So lots of awkward moments when dealing with computers. Even after such a long time he still only uses comp when he has to. He prefers doing things "old school". He can't fit into cars but he likes XTREME sports though. Being a time wizard might have something to do with that.

Belial the Behemoth loves it since he takes after one of our tech heavy companions. So no issue there. At first he had to deal with basic social interaction outside of the group. He's quite shy.

Zelious the LoSS Dragon companion is the party wizard so he's in constant rivalry with our tech expert. So he refuses to use pure tech based items. So I have to convert its function into magic and shit. Lots of practice for me. Though tedious whenever Zelious picks a fight with him.

Charisma the Charizard is better at tech than I am at times. Being our primary nerd made him have a field day whenever we discover exotic tech. Gives 0 fucks about wizards.

>> No.39678563

What you need to do is introduce mass production for soap if you want it readily available.

>> No.39678628

Don't know about TNG, but the TOS Jump specifically states that the whole "dying when you get in a transporter" is glossed over unless you take Transporter Necrosis. As long as you don't get into a transporter malfunction and wind up torn to bits, or take the drawback, you can beam wherever you'd like.

>> No.39678631 [DELETED] 

Sshhh, don't tell OneArmedAnon but he's being cuck'd


>> No.39678639

Oi. Fuck off.

>> No.39678670

That is regular Seras not Cockney Abridged Seras who OAA is married too.

>> No.39678689

Ah, it's handwaved. Still gonna be awkward when it happens to everyone around you though, maybe even companions.

>> No.39678756

Well, Companions will be respawning. Which... will also be hilarious, now that I think about it.

>> No.39678768

The main character defiantly isn't Minus, you might have been reading about someone else.

>> No.39678822

It's not really death, though. Cellular replacement means you get taken apart and put back together all the time, just more slowly. What makes you you is the overall pattern, it doesn't matter what happens to the matter that makes up the pattern. It's not a case of "if you don't take the drawback Jump-chan handwaves it so you don't die when you normally should", it's "if you do take the drawback Jump-chan handwaves it so you do die when you normally shouldn't".

>> No.39678866

Anon, preservation of consciousness via that is because you're being replaced slowly. One cell at a time, never ceasing function. This is you being erased entirely and cloned. The continuum of consciousness is broken. It's something else entirely and it's not really comparable.

>> No.39678886

Anon says, uncaring when he dies because an exact clone will comfort his friends.

>> No.39678951

I disagree. Continuity is maintained between the two states. Nothing is lost in the process, it's an exact translation of information. That there was a period where the pattern wasn't progressing doesn't change the fact that it's still the same pattern. Is being frozen in time and then removed from that state the same as death? No. So why should we consider this to be?


>> No.39678954

The Transporter Problem never really bothered me.

As a faulty human with a faulty human brain, I've already lost continuity enough times that I should by all rights be on my 10,000th or so "self". I seem to be doing all right so far.

>> No.39678998

Yeah, if you want to be technical, Pokemon just get duplicated - they faint instead of being disintegrated, so you get two of them every time they go through. I like to assume that's also glossed over, but I can't stop you from making unlimited Companions through abuse of respawn mechanics.

You can still only have eight out at a time, though.

>> No.39679009

>Nothing is lost in the process
You are. You stop experiencing things and cease to exist.

Time stop doesn't destroy the matter that is you, anon. It's also not something really possible except in a place where you'd be dead anyway with real world physics.
You haven't, anon. Not in the sense of continuity we're discussing.

>> No.39679119

So, science and philosophy discussion aside, what food is in your warehouse?

I havent been to any food or cooking based jumps yet, so I like to think the warehouse food is just general necessities without anything fancy, like rations, and you have to go buy more fancier stuff outside.

>> No.39679142


>> No.39679145

All the unlimited food perks that I could get. Since I have metavore, I can eat all that I want and not get fat. It's awesome.

>> No.39679162

- Ur-Drakon (650cp)
- Magical Focus
- Enhanced Essence Reserves x 3 (550cp)
- Enhanced Body (400cp)
- Hostile Effect Resistance (100cp)
- Mental Control (-200cp)
- Farsight Crystal (-300cp)
- Portable Geneforge Components (-550cp)
- 5,000gp (-600cp)
- Baton (-700cp)
- Unbound (-400cp)
- Through The End (0cp)

Looks like we're in it for the long run. First thing is to pick a side. I picked the Rebels, because they're made of my people. This has the problem because the Shapers got more powerful. However, not to worry I was there for the Rebels.

I used my magic, and my minions to help boaster the forces of the Rebellion. With the help of my companions we eventually defeated the Shapers after 40 years.

>> No.39679174

All of the meat.
And potatoes.

That's about it really. I'm a simple man with simple tastes.

>> No.39679187

hans dazs ice cream, pizza, and any groceries I buy from markets, bazaars, and stores. Usually Mexican or latin american kind of food I buy.

>> No.39679206

Fancy tuna, Scooby Snacks, sandwich supplies, jelly, omlettes, milk that apparently gets me drunk, Candyfruit, instant coffee, and some perfect mac & cheese so far!

I'm definitely planning to pick up more, thanks to Metavore! Any recommendations?

>> No.39679220

>Time stop doesn't destroy the matter that is you, anon.
But the matter I'm made of has no significance to the argument. The atoms in my body from when I was a child are not the same as the atoms in my body right now, but that doesn't mean I wasn't once that child. Why would this be different? Because the replacement process happens faster? If anything that should make it less jarring to continuity of consciousness. I witnessed the changes in my being over the years, I can tell the differences between my past state and my current one. But take me apart and put me back together and I won't observe anything at all.

>> No.39679252

Those atoms are replaced slowly. The continuum of function isn't broken. Like I said, you can't compare that to your body being destroyed and a clone made elsewhere. Your consciousness is a physical thing very much tied to that matter.

>> No.39679261

Paleodiet. Lots of fish, fruits, vegetables, and some red meat. Sometimes we have pasta. We also have lots of red wine.

>> No.39679271

Infinite pizza.

>> No.39679274

But it's not. It's a pattern of information dwelling within that matter. If I move a computer program from one storage medium to another, it's still the same program. I can't see how this is different.

>> No.39679303

>It's a pattern of information
That's not your consciousness. That's something else they're still looking into the physical structure responsible for. There's been some leads recently. It's awareness of yourself, not the information itself.

>> No.39679324

>A logical discussion with no shit flinging and yelling.
Also This is one of the most interesting conversations I have read.

>> No.39679336

Metavore + Create Food (Dragon's Crown) & Create Food and Water (D&D) = No need for food storage

>> No.39679361

The awareness is an emergent property from the information. There's nothing special about self-awareness, we only assume there is because we have trouble imagining the perspective of non-aware systems. And even that's just because self-aware systems are evolved to best understand other self-aware systems. We come pre-installed with tons of cognitive tools for that, we need to develop our own for understanding non-aware ones.

>> No.39679420

It's actually an emergent property of your brain structure and chemistry, not your memories. People with amnesia that prevents them from forming new memories are still aware of themselves, they just forget what they're doing rapidly.

You don't have to think being self-aware is important because whether it is or is not isn't relevant right now, all we're discussing is that you'd cease to experience things if your body is destroyed. That also doesn't have to matter to you, but I do imagine it matters to many as they don't want to be faced with oblivion.

>> No.39679593

>It's actually an emergent property of your brain structure and chemistry, not your memories. People with amnesia that prevents them from forming new memories are still aware of themselves, they just forget what they're doing rapidly.
That's what I mean by "the information, not the matter". I'm not talking about copying just my memories, I'm talking about reproducing the entire neural structure. So long as the structure is the same, the atoms that go into making that structure don't matter. The process won't just transmit my sense of self, it'll transmit the underlying support system for creating that sense of self. I'll still be the same person.

>You don't have to think being self-aware is important because whether it is or is not isn't relevant right now, all we're discussing is that you'd cease to experience things if your body is destroyed. That also doesn't have to matter to you, but I do imagine it matters to many as they don't want to be faced with oblivion.
All I'm saying is that I think it's a bit paranoid to assume that teleporting is the same as death. It's not oblivion, everything about you that matters will survive the process. What gets lost? Yes, you'll cease to exist. I can see how that would be scary to contemplate if it were permanent, but you'll exist again in just a few moments. You won't even have experienced non-existence because there will be nothing there to experience it. So why be scared?

>> No.39679740

List of what I've gotten from jumps
>Assorted Greens (The Bay)
>Lysine Drops(?) (Jurassic Park)
>Guinness (Kingsmen)
>Japanese-style super curry (MGS)
>Gumbo (Mob)
>Wine (Mob)
>Assorted Spices (Cooking Show)
>Root Beer (Buffy)
>Meat-Flavors Snacks (Franken Fran)
>Whole Oats&Wheat Germ (Mount and Blade)
>Butter (Mount and Blade)
>Grog (Uncharted Waters)
>Rum (Pirates)
>ALL THE MEAT (Carnivores)
>Lembas Bread (LOTR)
>Estus (Dark Souls)
>Sake (Okami)
>Cocoa and Eggnog (Santa)
>Fruit (Godhand)
>Pizza (DMC)
>Misc. Candy (Kirby)
>Ice Cream (KnK)
>Fountain Drinks (Carnaval Phantasm)
>Inferior-yet-effective alchohol (Evangelion)
>Ton Berrignon (FF13-3)
I think that's everything
should be a solid foundation for a fridge

>> No.39679774

>don't matter
In what sense? As in 'functioning the same' sure, but we're talking about maintaining your continuum of self.
>The process won't just transmit my sense of self
Ah, but the thing is? It won't transfer it. It'll simply transfer everything that lead to it.
>I'll still be the same person.
Under some definitions. The problem is that you won't be experiencing anything afterwards.

>All I'm saying is that I think it's a bit paranoid to assume that teleporting is the same as death. It's not oblivion, everything about you that matters will survive the process. What gets lost? Yes, you'll cease to exist.

I don't see how it's paranoid when even you admit that is obvlivion of yourself. You cease to exist. You stop exeperiencing reality. That's all there is to it.

>you'll exist again in just a few moments
No, a perfect clone will be made. It won't matter to anyone else unless they have similar concerns, but the person I'm talking to now, will no longer be experiencing it.

>You won't even have experienced non-existence because there will be nothing there to experience it.

Non-existence can never be experienced. But it is the end of the current consciousness. That matters because you won't experience anything else. Everything afterwards is what the new consciousness of the clone does.

>So why be scared?
Because you die. From a sociopathic outside perspective that might not matter, but as an individual I imagine most do care that they cease to be. For most, I don't think the fact that a perfect clone is still around will matter, were they able to still care.

But good lord I am tired of talking about this. Every time I do I get someone extremely indifferent to the idea of their death who argues unendingly that it doesn't matter that he dies as long as someone like him exists. That viewpoint is one I can't really understand as an individual being and you honestly come across as a frightening alien monster of a person to me.

>> No.39679785

>being this much of a cock to your benefactor
Am disappoint.

>> No.39679879

>That viewpoint is one I can't really understand as an individual being and you honestly come across as a frightening alien monster of a person to me.
...oh. Sorry. I wasn't trying to be creepy. I can understand your viewpoint, I just don't agree with it. I didn't realize mine would come across as alien. Want to just drop the conversation, then, before I (again) say something that sounds innocent to me but comes across as horrific?

>> No.39679887

>Takes all the "you're good at card games" perks from Cardfight!
>Practice card games for a stupid long time.
>Possibly even a Sports Jump with Cardgames on Motorcycles
>Take the Q who perk
>Yu-gi-oh jump: stare at Yugi Moto as you eliminate his cheaty reality warping heart of the cards thing and win the tournament.

>> No.39679920

That seems like an inordinate amount of effort spent to win A CHILDREN'S CARD GAME

>> No.39679921

Don't forget to take the Anti-Shadow Game perk, so he can't even MIND CRUSH you to show you the error of your ways for disregarding the heart of the cards.

>> No.39679951

I just wish there was a Yu-gi-oh Abridged drawback.

>> No.39679997

It's not existentially creepy, it's just a thought process that seems alien from the mouth of a thinking creature. Most animals are designed to be selfish, in that they naturally try their best to preserve themselves. As something self-aware, you have two definitions of self to work with, and that you only care about one strikes me as very wrong.

But yeah, I do want to cut the conversation off before it gets frustrating. I have a hard time understanding you and that bothers me quite a bit, and I've had this talk more than once so there's a build of sense of repetition. Not being able to understand someone, is a very alien thing to me.

>> No.39680040

Go big or go home.

>> No.39680083

personally I already got over this issue in High School while pondering the idea of human uploads

>> No.39680100

>Go big or go home
False dichotomy detected

>> No.39680103

> Yu-gi-oh Abridged drawback

Man, I think Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged opens up way more interesting perks and drawbacks than the actual series.

> Attention, Duellists! (+100 CP): Take this Drawback and gain an annoying catchphrase. Perhaps you preface all sentences with an irrelevant declaration. Or perhaps you insistently mention your place of origin apropos of nothing. You must use it all the time. All. The. Time.

> My Voice Gives Me Super Strength (-100 CP): This Perk enhances your physical prowess to peak human levels, but in exchange, it makes you sound like a retard. Take Attention, Duellists! for no extra CP. You are unable to invoke your enhanced physical powers without actually saying your catchphrase.

> Shut Up, Mokuba (+100 CP): You have an annoying hanger-on who's utterly useless, but with whom you share a background that makes you responsible for their well-being. They will not only whine incessantly and be kidnapped at every turn, but you will also have to rescue them. Even if you'd rather not.

> Screw the Rules (-400 CP): Whenever your behaviour would be limited by conventions, codes, laws, or other such restrictions, you may choose to Screw the Rules by sacrificing a portion of your wealth, which enables you to ignore whatever impediments you may face. Post-Jump, you may choose to Screw Rules that aren't purely behavioural, such as choosing the Screw relativity to travel faster than light; this, however, will require such a huge amount of wealth that you'd be better off building a spaceship. Probably.

>> No.39680136

Not the anon you're talking too, but there's probably more of a philosophical discussion to talk about in regards to the teleporter question of "What is a soul/self?" and the metaphysical question of "Can one define a soul, and how does it move?".

I just think the teleporter=death thing is a bit overblown or overthought about

>> No.39680154

Its only really a problem if you see people as nothing more than meat machines. You look at humans as more than that, by way of either religious spirituality or transcendant materialism, then transporters aren't the big bugaboo.

>> No.39680175

>Steve (+200 CP) : For this jump, your name is legally Steve. Hope Marik never finds out.

>> No.39680184

I've pondered that as well, but I didn't 'get over it' so to speak. My conclusion is that unless the process was a piece-at-a-time replacement of the mind with mechanical structures, then the person would essentially die, or if the process didn't destroy them then they'd simply have a clone that wasn't them. So it isn't something I'd ever want to do, because I don't believe in an afterlife and very much don't wish to die.
I don't really believe in souls, so that never really entered my mind as part of the discussion. Consciousness is not tied to a soul, and if it was then you'd have less reason to care about what happens to your body. The discussion would be moot, as you'd either end up in the afterlife or be re-attached to your new body.
Yeah, that's very much it. I don't believe in any sort of spiritually or transcendental magical thinking.

>> No.39680196

Do you teleporter-tards even Ship of Theseus?

>> No.39680199

>I just think the teleporter=death thing is a bit overblown or overthought about
It’s armchair existentialism born more of shallow introspection than anything else.

>> No.39680232

> spend several jumps amassing huge quantities of wealth
> just for the opportunity to blow it all in one go while fighting the biggest badass of the highest power settings
> You go completely broke every time

> "This isn't possible. You're cheating somehow!"
> "Screw the rules! I have money!"

>> No.39680235

which is a valid concern
but as far as I'm concerned, unless I end up in the afterlife or something, I still think I'm alive, everyone else still thinks I'm alive, I still have the same personality and memories
so the difference is immaterial

>> No.39680260

The problem goes that the person (the meat, even) saying this ceases to be. A you exists, but you don't experience what they do. Do you understand why I mean here? A clone will think its you, maybe even act like you, but you don't experience what he does.

>> No.39680278


...pretty much everything.

I'm a compulsive collector, after I Jumped geneforge that included samples of damn near everything organic I came across. I can clone things and toss the result straight on to the barbeque. I took return for the warehouse, so one of these days I'll go back to earlier jumps and scan all the things.

Things got ridiculous as a result once I got to Toriko.

>> No.39680322

The teleporter is less "ship of theseus" and more "I build an identical ship out of entirely new materials and then burn the old one. is it the same ship?"

>> No.39680351

Souls (or some energy form like them) exist in Star Trek. You (as in the jumper you call you) are in Star Trek. Therefore, at least so long as you are in Star Trek you have a Soul, which maintains continuity.

Unless you took the drawback and lost your soul. But that's your own stupid fault.

>> No.39680371

So let me get this straight

Both of you have fundamentally different ideas of how exactly the process of this transfer works.

One thinks it's a cut, then paste kind of deal [delete the original, copying the blueprints of the bits and bytes and then reconstructing it exactly in a different place]

The other just simply thinks its just simply moving it from one place to another? [Same process accept delete never becomes a thing, just moving what makes the person from one place to another]

And this depends entirely on what you define what exactly 'Self' actually is.

I can clearly see both sides of the reasoning on this.

But I really feel that becomes irrelevant once you take into account the context of a jumpchain where such theories as spirituality DOES exist. It kind of complicates the matter immensely.

>> No.39680389

You know Return is one-time use only, right?

>> No.39680401

Not necessarily. If you're turning matter you into energy you, its still you. You're just a different physical form.

>> No.39680403

Dont you hate it when you lose your soul?

I almost lost mine inbetween the couch cushions, took forever to find

>> No.39680407

Do Souls exist in Star Trek? I'm not really sure. But yeah, in the context of the chain you 100% have a soul and an existential self, even outside of jumping to Star Trek you've certainly been to a place with souls and thus picked one up, which is a funny though. This is more of a real world existentialist crisis.

>> No.39680424

Wouldn't that be cool, though?

The materials can't be that new. No new matter has been created since the beginning of the universe. You're just exchanging one pile of star-dust for another. Does it really matter where it's from?

The Ship of Theseus argument is based not on the recycling of old materials or the continued existence of older materials but rather that identity comes from an essential quality that goes beyond the material. That there's something more to being than existing.

The main reason why the Ship of Theseus doesn't work well with cloning/forking/teleporter issues is that the ship itself isn't conscious, and so there's no way of knowing how repairing the ship of Theseus with new materials affects the ship's self-awareness and identity.

>> No.39680471

I do, as I said I've thought about this before
but for any quantifiable purpose, that me is me
the me that is dead is now the me that is not dead and will continue to be me until that me also becomes the dead me at which point it too becomes the me that isn't dead
so that me and that other me are also this me, and dead me is also alive me so I'm both dead and alive at the same time
so in order to truly be alive I need to be dead at the same time
Wait what were we talking about again?

>> No.39680483

No, I fully believe it's a copy and paste, I just don't see it as being meaningful that one iteration ceases to exist so long as an identical iteration exists somewhere else. It's more important to me that the things that make up my identity exist than that this particular viewpoint does. But I agreed to stop talking about that, so that's all I'm going to say.

>> No.39680500 [DELETED] 

>Wait what were we talking about again?
I have no idea, since your post is basically doublethink being used to sidestep the entire issue.

>> No.39680569

but in all seriousness, I subscribe to the idea of the brain as a biological computer, and what makes a person "them" as being data
if you don't think that, that's fine too

mind you, that doesn't apply to /jc/ since souls are a thing, but since soul-transfer is at least implied in this case is doubly doesn't matter

>> No.39680594

Coming in a bit late but the tranporter process has been shown from the inside on a couple of occasions and there is no loss of awareness. You'd be better served arguing that sleep is death and when "you" wake up some new person is walking around in your meat suit.

>> No.39680596

It's another case of "close enough" in that everyone in Star Trek has the potential to shed their physical forms and have the remainder form an immaterial being of light. Which is pretty much what a soul is defined as.

To argue that the jumper does not have one is to argue that you cannot avoid taking the drawback and additionally that Jump-chan is lying to you about it being safe.

>> No.39680620

hell, if sleep is death, what does that say about forgetting memories?
or, more pertinently, Backgrounds and Amnesia drawbacks?

>> No.39680623

Right, it's really not an issue for the jumper. Just us in real life if it ever comes into being, not likely in the lifetime of any of us.

>> No.39680624

Alright, so I'm in my "30-minute toy/game commercial" arc right now, and I just finished Beyblade, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Digimon, in that order.

Should Cardfight! come next, or is that too high-power for Jump 25? Also, do board games go in this arc?

>> No.39680648

Do you want to play the card game or BE the card game? Valid question in this case

>> No.39680649

The sleep argument is rarely seriously made, as brain function doesn't cease during sleep and that much is clearly known.

>> No.39680651

Obviously we should solve this ages old dilemma by importing both ships into Kancolle.

>> No.39680675

Play the card game, in this case.

>> No.39680694

Oh, if you're just playing the card game you'll be fine.

>> No.39680716

And then you get creepy twins. One had all of her parts replaced and the other was made of those parts. At least they mostly look the same.

>> No.39680717

Both sides here are kinda misrepresenting the other views. The stuff in all of these teleporter/upload/whatever arguments boils down to if continuity of consciousness/body is important. One side views the 'information' as the person, the other side views the 'materials and history' as the person. One side thinks there's too much sentimentality in the other viewpoint, the other thinks there isn't enough. It's usually all down to personal opinion.

>> No.39680777


Geez, that's creepy.

> "Admiral-kun, let's make some friends!"

>> No.39680815

In this case it's down to explicit ruling: If you have not taken the drawback transporters are safe.

There's no opinion in that statement.

>> No.39680818

>Take Screw the Rules
>Someone finally makes a Ducktales jump
>Steal Scrooge's fortune

No really, I have no idea what you would do with that. It'd be awesome, but I don't know what rule you should break.

>> No.39680856

>I don't know what rule you should break.

All of them anon
All of them

>> No.39680893

That argument ended ages ago, people upgraded to general philosophy.

>> No.39680897

...but that requires surviving the fury of Scrooge McDuck, and I don't know if even Jumpers can do that.

>> No.39680902

>I don't know what rule you should break.
yer mum anon
yer mum

>> No.39680957

>Steal the fortune
>Break the "Scrooge will kick your ass rule"
>There's not even a dime for him to take back if he could manage the feat now.

>> No.39681029

I wasn't attempting to represent anyone's side with this>>39680594, I was pointing out that the argument stated in thread that the transporters "kill" you is predicated on a break in persistence of consciousness that is demonstrably not present in star trek.

>> No.39681189

For you huge jumpers, have any of you gone out of your way to build a house or dwelling scaled to your max height?

>> No.39681462

Yes. Yes I have.

The Garden I ALWAYS make sure is massive enough for me to wander around in my max height, and for those times I just want to goof off, I'll build a huge mansion in the middle of nowhere.

But it won't be any normal mansion. It'll have a normal-looking entryway... before everything else is giant. It'll be like this huge scaled-up living area, where I'll troll the fuck out of people.

>"Uh, Red?"
>"Yeah? What is it?"
>"Why do you have massive chairs and TVs?"
>"You really want to know?"
>"... ...do... do you have a micro fetish?"
>"Nooooooo. I'm just huge."
>"Ha ha ha, you're only six feet. You'd have to be at least fifty feet to use all this!"
>"Sixty-five actually."
>"...how do you..."
>cue Jumper!Red slowly growing out ENTIRELY
>"I said so! How are you surprised?"

And then I lean in.

>"Bitch, I'm magic."

>> No.39681519

Just a fun tidbit for everyone talking about spending money and making money.

Here's a piece of my plan for my Jumps when I get the abilities to do so...

FYI the approx worth of the asteroid belt around our solar system is worth in materials:


>> No.39681539

An entire building? No.
But, I did build a single bedroom that is scaled to my 52ft height.

I did it just so my harem could use me as a giant, muscular bed.

>> No.39681540

So I just imagined a little dollset table on top of your real table where guests eat.

>> No.39681576

Mining the asteroids is fine but please leave poor Ceres alone. It's not her fault the gravity of Jupiter ripped her to shreds and left the dwarf planet as her only planetoid remnant. Hasn't her life been hard enough?

>> No.39681587

lol no

I just terraform the environment to my advantage. Heck even bring rainstorms and shit for maximum comf. It's why I have to love very far away from other civilizations. Even though I've been stacking so many fucking body heat generating, and fire based perks that I hear normal people near me notice a significant increase in temperature within a 30 mile radius around me. Also have to build stuff specifically to be handled by me. Or essentially a fire elemental.

Most other times I just shrink down because it's expensive to build for my max height. Unless it's something only I will ever interact with ever. So my ultimate transforming shield, and various extreme sporting equipment for me!

>> No.39681589

What jump did you get the size from?

>> No.39681606

600 quintillion dollars?

>> No.39681621

There should be human sized elevators and escalators to help them get everywhere.

Maybe even a full on train to get them from room to room.

>> No.39681627

Yup. There's a lot of resources to be harvested once you can cheaply and reliably get into space. Shame it's so hard to do so with current real-world tech. What I wouldn't give for a Lofstrom Loop...

>> No.39681651

And you know what. I WOULD DO JUST THAT. Just for the sake of hilarity.

And then it would get even more awkward when the other option to get around is me carrying them everywhere by hand. at which point I tease them mercilessly by poking them a few times.

Oh there's loads of them. I'm like, 71ft default height right now.

>> No.39681653

Pre-Jump Height=6ft

Perks/Jump: Increase:
Height/Body +1
Large/A Songo f Ice and Fire +2
Unnatural size/LOSS +8
Height of a God/Smite +11.5
You need Mass!/Gears of War +2
Size does matter/Destiny +3
Mega Manly Men (Inukami) +0.7
Tall (Legend of Korra) +1ft
Blessing of Growth (FFT0) +50%

>> No.39681683

>>"Sixty-five actually."
>>"...how do you..."
>>cue Jumper!Red slowly growing out ENTIRELY

>> No.39681769

52ft Jumper here.

You going to share those height perks with the rest of the Class miss?

>> No.39681850

You're a big girl

>> No.39681891


Short story: Trek transporters are canonically move operations, not copy and paste operations.

Longer story: If you read the Trek technobabble guides (and observe the show), the normal operation of a transporter isn't copy-and-paste, it's decoherence-and-move-and-recoherence. The actual quanta of matter that you are composed of, get unbound from realspace physics, confined and sent through a layer of subspace, and then get rebound to realspace physics. Basically, it takes advantage of subspace physics and wave/particle duality (the so-called "Heisenberg Compensators" might be involved here).

So the mass of talking meat that disappeared at the origin is now at the destination. There are still philosophical issues, but they're at the "am I the same me waking up that went to sleep last night" level, not the "am I the same me because my brainwaves got copied onto a completely different meat popsicle" level.

Other trivia: TOS versions of the Fed transporter put the subject in stasis to avoid quantum scrambling errors (and very early TOS transporters sometimes caused brain damage), while TNG versions are sufficiently advanced that subjects may remain conscious throughout the process (but the system is still quite capable of stasis).

>> No.39681898

For you.

>> No.39681900

Baneposting already brought down a plane, you want it to crash the multiverse?

>> No.39681917

Sorry, replied to wrong poster.

>> No.39681926

We're crashing this chain. With no survivors.

>> No.39681944


>>39681926 said it for me

You have a lot of loyalty for an anonymous poster...

>> No.39681970


>> No.39681982

If I take off the mask, will you die and lose the chain?

>> No.39682011

Alright, I see that there are a lot of options of increasing size, but how to you control what size you currently are at?

>> No.39682021

It would be extremely heartbreaking

>> No.39682064

You think the chain to be your ally? You only adopted it. I was born in it. Molded by it. I didn't see the spark until I was already a man.

>> No.39682069

Shapeshifting. Become Shiro-level dense.

>> No.39682094

What will break first? Your spirit, or your jumpchain?

>> No.39682158

I love these threads.

I hope they never go away.

>> No.39682191

Started out 5'11".

-Inukami/Mega Manly Men (became 6'7")
-LOSS/Unnatural Size (10'7")
-ASoIaF/Large (12'7")
-Invader Zim/Tallx4 (16'7")
-Korra/Tall (17'7")
-Destiny/Size Does Matter (20'7")
-GoW/You Need Mass! (22'7")
-RO/Scenario 2 reward: Growth Serum (+25%) (29'5")
-FF12/Zodiac Aspect: The Gigas (+50%) (44'2")
-FFT-0/Blessing of Growth (+50%) (66'4")
-Changeling: The Lost/Giant (67'4")
-Sly Cooper/Guts (69')
-Yoshi's Island/Mega Guy (71')

There you go.


Goat Simulator has a size changing perk. Combine this with the size-changing tech that Zentradi get and... well, bam.

>> No.39682234

But Zentradi are scum.

>> No.39682258

Sorry, can't hear you with ALL THIS HUGE.

>> No.39682289

But they're hot scum, so there's that.

>Combine this with the size-changing tech that Zentradi get and... well, bam.
If you built a giant Zentradi size changing device would it make you even more giant? If you used minituriazation tech to make the giant-giant maker travel sized would it still make you double giant while maintaining its portability?

>> No.39682358


>> No.39682361

Given how much of the population is of mixed Zentran-human descent these days, I think you're in a minority thinking that.

>> No.39682377

Thank you for showing me the path to more HUGE!

>> No.39682384

Red is best sempai

>> No.39682391

Disgusting. Those humans have betrayed their ancestors.

Also how does that even work for them?

>> No.39682407

Surprisingly its alot like playing DDR

>> No.39682412

Zentraedi have tech that lets them shrink down to human size. Many do so on a permanent or semi-permanent basis so as to live more easily among humans.

>> No.39682424

They turn to Miclone size before doing anything.

I think. It seems the most logical.

>> No.39682486

Pretty sure that's the way it works, since Klan's inability to go Miclone without turning into a loli and creeping out Michel was a big issue in their relationship. If size play wasn't something she considered a viable solution, it's probably not something most Zentran-human couples do.

>> No.39682502

>Many do so on a permanent or semi-permanent basis so as to live more easily among humans.
Think how easy moving furniture would be if your waifu could hulk out.

>> No.39682514

No no no, I know that. I'm asking how their biology works.

>> No.39682555

Oh. Well for whatever fucking reason, Zentradi genetics are eerily similar to human genetics. Enough to allow for procreation, but not enough to let them use Zentradi Micloning tanks. Which is sad in its own way.

>> No.39682562

Oh. It's never really explained too well. Zentraedi step into the Miclonization tanks giant, step out human-sized. Presumably it's a feature that the Protoculture engineered into them, since they don't seem to have that advanced biotech otherwise, and the Miclone process just triggers it.

>> No.39682583

Its Magic Science! They don't need to explain anything.

>> No.39682594

ctrl + s

>> No.39682613

When did just typing out the BBcode stop working, or did it ever not work?

>> No.39682628

>did it ever not work?

>> No.39682630

It's only ever been the full word to my knowledge.

>> No.39682645

The reason is that the Zentraedi are genetically modified humans, the Protoculture visited Earth in ancient times and picked up genetic samples that they used to make their slave soldiers. That wacky Protoculture, such nuts.

>> No.39682679

Please keep in mind this isn't counting the eventual size with Doubled Growth Rate/Unnatural Size from LOSS. Or the fact that Realm of Myths from Civilization can also make you taller...

...or the 'Bismarck's Blessing' water in FF13 that increases a flora/fauna's size fivefold. I made that the primary water for my five Wells before igniting them, I have no idea how huge that would have made me.

>> No.39682806

So. For ten years... Hunted by cat-folk wearing fishnets and dangerous weaponry.

... Eh. At least they're more respectful (and respectable) about it.

>Kara no Kyoukai
Age: 20-years-old
Starting Time: July 1998
Starting Location: Mifune City
Drawbacks: No Remaining Sense of Pain (+100), Too Nice (+100), Dark Stalker (+300)
Final Point Count: 1,500 Cp
Background: Magus

-Origin (Free) - Let's go with... Growth
-110 Magic Circuits (First 20 free)
-Resistance (Free)
-Magecraft (Free)
-Dual Origin - and for this second one... Promise
-Puppet Maker
-It's All In The Blood (Nanaya)

-Infinite Supply of Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream
-Magic Crest
-Salamander Skin Glove

>> No.39682828

So tell me, what's it like being able to punch gods in the face?

>> No.39682943

I... I don't know, actually. I never bothered to try punching one.

I've always been content with just improving myself and not causing trouble. Except for the Abyssal Ones in Claymore... hooo boy, talk about a THROWDOWN.

>> No.39683069

>My current height is now 114'4.5"
>"Bismarck's Blessing" works for fauna.
>Humans count as fauna thus 5x increase.
>Just thought about how this would effect my Kaiju form that is merged with my LoSS dragon with unnatural sizeX2 thanks to Sword Art "This is my final form."

I... I think I might be too huge....

>> No.39683112

No such thing. It's all relative.

>> No.39683118


>> No.39683134

Really? You're empowered by the God Tree Yggdrakenfuck, empowered by the five wells of Grondholyshit, and you're still just body sculpting? That's... surprisingly anticlimactic.
You should totally punch something!

What should Red punch?

My vote goes for a planet.

>> No.39683150

The Sun. Beat it into submission then consume its essence.

>> No.39683156

> Not punching a god in the face.

Jesus, Mary, and Jose, Red. What the fuck is wrong with you.

That's the entire point of Jumpchain.

>> No.39683162

You must get huger.

Maybe even hugest

Red is Gundam sized, she should fight gundams

>> No.39683179

>My vote goes for a planet.


>> No.39683184

Nice gut, fatty.

>> No.39683226

It is the gut of enlightenment.

>> No.39683252

But... I like body sculpting. What's wrong with just chasing the cosmic equivalent of shinies for adventures?

>That's the entire point of Jumpchain.
...I missed a memo then.

G Gundam Jump when.

But a bunch of nice stuff is on a planet. If I punch it, I lose that nice stuff.

The planet is safe.

>> No.39683261

Pffft. She gets any more enlightened and she's not going to be able to fit into any temple. ... or the multiverse.

>> No.39683273

>But a bunch of nice stuff is on a planet.
Some planets are full of bad stuff though.

>> No.39683356

...this is a bad time to mention that I upgraded both the Trees and myself with Bramahstra -type reactors, isn't it.

I dunno. A planet's still nice.

>> No.39683369

What about a planet full of tyranids?

>> No.39683407

Oh well. Then pic related.

>> No.39683457

You don't have to jump straight to planet cracking, you can use an escalation of force.

>> No.39683506

Actually, that makes me wonder.
Are the size increased from alt form additional or percentage based?

For Example. When you turn into a kaiju does it just add 80meters to your current height, or does it add a 4000% (or 40 fold) onto your height?
The latter would guaranty that your scale stays the same (if you're a big guy, you would be a big kaiju), but could reach absurd levels of size when you start combining them all together.

>> No.39683849

Where can I pick up killer flexing power?

>> No.39683957


Then go to Terraformars, take Johjo, and absorb an entire Mars' worth of posing prowess.

Unless you want literally killer flexing. In that case, taking Flexing as your Mysterious Skill in One Punch man might work. Plus unconventional flexing-based martial arts from Ramna 1/2.

>> No.39684038

>Unless you want literally killer flexing. In that case, taking Flexing as your Mysterious Skill in One Punch man might work. Plus unconventional flexing-based martial arts from Ramna 1/2.
This. Thanks.

>> No.39684095

Be sure to take that skill from Dark Souls that lets you produce an aura of sunlight. Or the one from KLK that makes you produce your own spotlight during dramatic moments.

It won't actually improve your effectiveness any, but god will it look good.

>> No.39684203

I personally prefer the one from Ouran Host Club that creates flourishes of rose petals.

>> No.39684212

Why not both?

>> No.39684222

You could also theoretically get it in the DC jump if you can convince Flex Mentallo to teach you the secrets of muscle mysticism.

>> No.39684228

Well, if you're looking to outdo Captain Ginyu, sure.

>> No.39684264

Are there any jumps besides Dead Rising with a perk that allows you a 3rd person perspective?

>> No.39684283

Splinter Cell has a great one that lets you see through the 3rd person camera and your own eyes at once.

>> No.39684357

We conclude the saga. It's been fun. Thanks for letting me build some FF jumps.

As usual, comments, criticisms, questions.

>> No.39684359

Pact-binder from CtL. Is that about as stupid dangerous as it sounds, or am I reading too much into it because its a Fae jump?

>> No.39684380

no sleep for me tonight, time for building.

>> No.39684410


Oh. Hi there guy. Why are you trying to stab me with scalpels. Yeah, see, they're bouncing off. You can't pierce the abs, son. THESE ABS ARE TOO STRONK FOR YOUR MEDICAL EQUIPMENT.

>Barkley's Shut Up & Jam
Age: 25-years-old
Location: The Old Spalding Building
Origin: B-Baller
Drawbacks: Vidcon Pump (+100), Wanted (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,300 CP

Perks & Skills:
-It's Time To Slam Jam (Free)
-Ph.D in B-Ball (Free)
-Gatorade Blood (Blue Glacier)
-Take It Into Overtime

-Wall Scrolls x3
-Sugar Counter

>> No.39684424

Oh, it's stupid dangerous, but that's partially because it is a World of Darkness jump.

However, the benefits gained from it can be ridiculous - particularly if your legalese is up to par.

>> No.39684426

Thank you, kindly anon.

It's not all that dangerous. You just help out a part of reality and it helps you back. Now, the actual mission or sacrifice to seal the deal might vary enough to be deadly, but it doesn't have to be.

>> No.39684477

>mission or sacrifice
So its an either or? If you do a mission or task, which I assume is on par with Hercs labors, do you not have to pay the sacrifice?

>part of reality
Its Fae, so I imagine this can be fairly figurative. Could you, for example, make a pact with Art to increase your abilities as an artist? If you did that, how much of a bump could you expect?

>> No.39684523

Ah, Final Fantasy 9. That was a good game, I'm going to enjoy this one. I think I shall make "Convince Kuja to wear pants" my personal goal for this jump.

>> No.39684635

I just hope I did it justice.
Right now I'm still contemplating on what to pick up next.

>> No.39684652

Gonna more JRPGs, or perhaps and Anime or Cartoon of some sort? Perhaps some literature?

>> No.39684677

>>part of reality
>Its Fae, so I imagine this can be fairly figurative. Could you, for example, make a pact with Art to increase your abilities as an artist? If you did that, how much of a bump could you expect?
I've always kind of wondered that too. I never played Whitewolf.

>> No.39684713


Yes, I'd imagine you could make a pact with figurative things, although as a personal preference I'd want more granularity than 'Art'. What the hell is 'art' anyway? An actual discipline, like 'painting', might be better.

You'd get a boost commensurate to what you'd put in. Generally, Changeling powers in White Wolf fit one of two models: widely-applicable but weak, or incredibly-specific and strong.

So you might be able to make a pact with Photography that would either give you a general and kinda-weak benefit ("any camera you use is auto-stabilised") vs something very specific but kinda powerful ("taking a photo of someone while they're asleep reveals to you their heart's desire").

>> No.39684751

What about

>>mission or sacrifice
>So its an either or? If you do a mission or task, which I assume is on par with Hercs labors, do you not have to pay the sacrifice?

>> No.39684786

The Perk as-written says "completing a great quest in their name, and then offering an appropriate sacrifice", which suggests that you have to do both.

Assume that accomplishing a mission/quest just gets the attention of whatever it is that you're trying to bargain with; it's the sacrifice that's the actual payment. That's what I'd do, at any rate.

>> No.39684789

Well. I've got Zoids to finish the write up for. But all the perks are done there, and there was just one scenario.

I've got some QC to do on 13-3. A bit of QC/content update to do on RO. Those won't take too long either though. Might just sweep through all of my jumps and update the quality a bit.

New jumps wise...
I've got...two possible FF jumps I suppose. 12 Revenant Wings and 14 ARR. Problem is, whenever I do MMO jumps, they get ridiculously long. Some people get rather annoyed by how long it is.

I might also do Puzzle and Dragons I suppose.

>> No.39684805

I would prefer 14, but your Jumps are pretty high quality, so I will be happy with whatever you put out.

>> No.39684806

The Exact Process for contracts, as far as I can remember it:
>Find a place where Art is dominant, like a gallery
>Express what you want: What are the terms of the contract, the clauses, the catches, etc.
>Offer your services: What great undertaking are you going to accomplish in the name of art? This can be painting an amazing picture every day for a year and a day, or funding artists to do that for you, or whatever
>Wait for a positive response from art, which could take any number of forms.
>Complete your "quest"
>Present a sacrifice: It should be on par with the power of the contract. Usually it's just a single dot in any attribute, which out of game terms means giving up a portion of your strength, intelligence, or similar function
>You now have the favor of Art and Contracts of Artistry

So, it's a simple process.

Anyway, Contracts of the Forge were made with forgery of contracts and images, and not metal. So, you can contract whatever part of reality you want, even if it's only a part visible to humans.

Also good advice.

>> No.39684821

Since we're talking about Changeling, what could your Jumper do to make that particular Jump less tragic and heart-breaking? I'm not sure there's much we can do about the essential unfairness of the world, the darkness of the setting, or the existential dread Changelings have hanging over them because of the ever-present danger of being recaptured, but what could we do?

>> No.39684864

>Present a sacrifice: It should be on par with the power of the contract. Usually it's just a single dot in any attribute, which out of game terms means giving up a portion of your strength, intelligence, or similar function
This is why jumpers making contracts is incredibly stupid. Enjoy crippling yourself.

>> No.39684877

You can't do shit unless you're able to cut reality off from Arcadia.

>> No.39684884

I don't think it's a permanent handicap in that it doesn't reduce the upper limits of your abilities. You just need to spend some time building that back up again. For some things, the loss might even be trivial.

What? You want me to sacrifice some knowledge? OK, take all the science I've memorised from my brain.

Now excuse me while my motherbox pumps me full of sweet, sweet knowledge again.

I'm tempted to see if Konata's go-to approach will work here: give every Changeling enclave a squadron of MAGIC ROBOTS to protect them.

>> No.39684890

You do that, and that won't stop the fae from kidnapping new people.

>> No.39684907

Perhaps not. Are the True Fae susceptible to cold iron or something? Or am I confusing WoD with other stuff?

If there's anything particularly efficacious at fending them off, I might be able to popularise that thing to the point of ubiquity using mass-media marketing and stuff. Suddenly cold-iron jewellery becomes super-popular!

>> No.39684928

That's what I keep coming away with. You dump one stat to increase another and have to do a hard ass quest to do so. I don't get it.

>> No.39684933

The end-result is that you get rule-magic, which can be pretty sweet.

>> No.39684934

More like you dump one stat and do a quest so you can make flowers bloom or something.

>> No.39684937


>Contract of the World

>> No.39684945

You sacrificed a child to enact it. We're talking from the perspective of people who aren't sociopaths, unlike you.

>> No.39684965

>>Contract of the World
Based off of how thats described above, contracting, I don't get how you got what you did. I mean, single player, but I don't see how that was a fair trade.

>> No.39684972

Don't get me wrong, I want to like Pact Maker but it just seems.. well it either seems under powered for what you're getting or an out and out trap option.

>> No.39684978

The world as a figure gets to decide the terms. He agreed to go on a quest to save it from annihilation by an insane child. He did so, then sacrificed the child to it.

>> No.39684997


The thing about the sacrifice is that it has to HURT for you to do so. I could have saved Marche, and helped him find a way home without harming the rest of Ivalice. I had no choice in that matter however, as Ivalice /wanted/ him - partially as I wanted to save him, and partially because of his actions against the world.

Sociopaths are noted for a lack of a conscience. That sacrifice fucking hurts still.

To be fair, it wasn't entirely a fair trade. Hence why, while working out the Clauses of said contract, I've been knocking down the overall, out-and-out power of each option - decreased further when accessed by anyone besides me, the main contractor.

But like >>39684978 said, it was still a trade.

>> No.39685007

You're a monster either way, despite your semantics.

>> No.39685016

You aren't the only one to think that, anon. Far from it.

>> No.39685049


>> No.39685056

Edg is missing the Donte mustache.

That is all.

>> No.39685063

There are alternate sacrifices, it's just the most popular since there's nothing saying you can't get the strength back. You could sacrifice a sufficiently powerful or unique creature, especially one antithetical to the thing you're contracting with.

There are also alternate types of quests. Like the founding of the Winter Court, where the founder evaded winter for a whole year.

Cold Iron hurts them badly. There are a few possible reasons for this, but they are all options rather than hard rules.

From the notes section:
>Some of the options might seem like trap options, and the truth is that there isn't an apple in the bunch that isn't poisoned, somehow.
It's a trap jump. It starts with torture and every ability is narrow and painful. Don't jump Changeling: The Lost.

>> No.39685084


Son. Have you /seen/ the Anti-Spiral. Or Manyfist.
Feeling like shit because you couldn't save a kid constitutes edge? Quite a few 80's and 90's action movies didn't get that memo.

>> No.39685122


Edge has lost it's god damn meaning in relation to the Jumps.

>> No.39685146

How bad an idea would it be to make your sacrifice a threat, i.e. promising Peace to not incite worldwide rage and destruction with your mindcontrol powers?

It could be fun in a fanwanky sort of way but I'm not sure it's such a good idea...

>> No.39685147

He's been getting worse, though. Its like hes got jumpers envy or something and got tired of being the funny jumper and wanted to be one of the cool jumpers.

>> No.39685157

>From the notes section:
>>Some of the options might seem like trap options, and the truth is that there isn't an apple in the bunch that isn't poisoned, somehow.
>It's a trap jump. It starts with torture and every ability is narrow and painful. Don't jump Changeling: The Lost.
Didn't you MAKE the jump though?

Did you make a trap jump deliberately?

>> No.39685165

>jumper's envy

Okay. I'll admit it. This is a bit of column A.

>> No.39685187

He made a jump for Changeling. Changeling is about suffering and tragedy and being sexually molested by a fairy.

>> No.39685194

> suffering
> sexually molested by a fairy

I don't get how it could be both.

>> No.39685202

Because these aren't cute fairies. These aren't even most settings 'distant and weird but can be benevolent and friendly' fairies. These are basically sometimes-pretty eldritch monsters.

>> No.39685205

The fact the Fae in World of Darkness are freaky, eldritch abominations with blue and orange morality.

>> No.39685231

Well, let's see.
-The themes of changeling are Beautiful Madness, Fairy Tales, PTSD, Abuse and Recovery, and that everything has a cost.
-The powers accurately reflect the game itself to the best of my ability, with most inaccuracies the result of trying to translate game systems into story systems
-Most changelings are alienated, alone, insane, and surrounded by other alienated, alone, insane people
-The Courts are methods of blocking out emotional trauma and exist to keep the evil fairies away, which they only successful at by sharing power
-Enemies and situations can be drawn from the nightmares of players, and it's suggested you do so.
-Your hold on reality can slip slightly from missing a day of work or breaking a promise
-It can slip majorly from moving to the other side of town

So, yeah, I intentionally made a trap jump, out of a trap splat in a trap setting. Why? Because I really love the setting and have had a lot of fun playing the game.

>> No.39685249






Grail War: Fourth (Free Pick)
Age: 20

Background: Enforcer [900]

Command Seals [Free]
Servant : Hattori Hanzo [Free]
50 Magic Circuits [700]
Combat Magus [Free]
"Useless" Magic [600]
Runes [400]
Mystic Code [100]

Workshop [-100]

Lewd Leanings [0]

i have no idea what i'm doing in this setting

i'm just gonna punch more people, these people look like they need to be punched

>> No.39685256


>> No.39685259

>Lewd Leanings [0]

Totally didn't see this coming. Nope.

>> No.39685262

Okay then. Well, well done but I think I'll be avoiding it.

>> No.39685272


>> No.39685274

That's fine. It's not for everybody, and you should be free to adventure your way. Have fun, Anon.

>> No.39685291

You know how Adam Sandler sometimes does those wierd ass serious movies that suck and everyone goes: why did he do that? He's good at funny, but he just fails at serious or badass. You're doing that.

Stop trying so hard to be something else.

>> No.39685300

>Adam Sandler
>Good at things

>> No.39685318

>Stop trying so hard to be something else.

His shtick right now is having made the jumps that are basically furry options.
I think he's allowed at least a bit of leeway here.

>> No.39685319

Is it a setting that can be "solved" by a strong enough Jumper or are these Fairies omnipotent-tier assholes?

My heart really goes out to the people of that world and I'd like to end their suffering at the hands of the Fae...

>> No.39685362

Didn't mean to sound harsh, it just seemed like he was having more fun when he wasn't trying to out shonen the other namefags.

>> No.39685369

No, no. I totally get what you mean.

I'm just sayin'. His shtick is giving people furry options. Give the man a bit of slack, you know?

>> No.39685443

Yeah, my bad.

>> No.39685445

In their native dimension the True Fae are effectively omnipotent. Not omniscient, though, they can be tricked. And they have rules binding how they use their powers that you could theoretically exploit. But it would be VERY difficult. You'd have better luck luring them into reality where they're vulnerable. Though even then they'd need time to weaken, a True Fae fresh from Arcadia is still a being out of nightmare.

>> No.39685476

Drawbacks: Waltz of Destruction, The Eidolon in the Cave (1700)

Officially Human, Age 17, Genome: Herald (1100)

Chocobo's Air Garden

Remorseless (Free). We just want to make our own choices. Is that so bad?
Mist: Phobia (Free). This is just us being a dick though
Soul Divider (800). Stacking ALL the perks that stop wounds from healing! Because regen a shit
Mist: Suffering (400). Perhaps the Mist has other applications in the future; further studies will be required
Alexander (0). Conjoin Conjuring this with Via Absolvo to acquire a hybrid Alexander-Bhunivelze device

So...we're basically magical death Saiyan this time? Huh. That's new. We suppose the Bhunivelxander's first mission will be to HOLY NUKE THE SHIT out of the Soulcage.

...and now this Sander Cohen wannabee has stranded us on yet another floating island surrounded by a magical field. Hey guess who has an antimagic-based Semblance? We're gonna knock that field down, THEN go talk to the flashy light.


...okay, that was simple enough. Alright, let's play ball-we can get behind defending the world from gattai.

>No summoner

Dammit. Ergh, actually going to have to fall back on our contacts to get dem jewels

>turned into a giant eidolon frankenstein with Bhunivelse

...whoops. Maybe we can pitch this as an upgrade to Ozma?


Well. That's bothersome. Time to channel Via Salvatio's true potential through the Double Deity.


Pulse. PULSE, GET YOUR FAT FAL'CIE ASS OUT OF THE VOID AND GO STALK THIS LITTLE GIRL. No we don't care if you get in trouble with Final Fantasy Chris Hanson, this is serious business. Leave negotiations with us.

>the eidolons, gathered

Mass teleport. We got this. Let's grab some goddamn mirrors. If possible we'd like to make a quick detour to get a genetic sample of the Iifa Tree for...reasons


>> No.39685536

That's really sad.

When I first read the Jump I imagined the Fae as being beautiful men in grand palaces who kidnapped their 'victims' who when they returned to Earth had trouble fitting in because they had lived in such a magnificent world and their world was dreary in comparison.

I did not expect Eldritch horrors.

>> No.39685555

It's the World of Darkness.


>> No.39685561

Yeah they ramped up the misery pretty hard with Lost, I remember Dreaming being a bit nicer.

>> No.39685570

>memories of life
>Have Eidolons hold the line, hold the line ourself AND charge together

Synthetic Duplication and Via Salvatio to the rescue! Wherever the REAL Eidolons and us end up depend greatly on what Path to Victory has in store for us. We'll probably be releasing the midgets AND our First Circle Souls to even the odds

>crazed emptiness

And there's THIS GUY who wants to start shit. With the entity who can stop wounds from healing and bring back the dead. Standing in the middle of an army of dead Genomes.

...huh, necron. Setting midgets on Gaus massacre mode through the magic of space warping and many, many laser pods.

>C) Dark Matter

Well Ozma, it's been a real bizarre adventure-and it's probably for the best that you and the other big guys stick around to make sure things are settled. Here, have some Leviathan tech and Gaia Class atmosphere samples to make things better than you. In the meantime, we'll preserve that last vestige of the other world, and integrate it into our nanoswarm.

>> No.39685584

What? What no. Why. Why the fuck would you ever think that. Fairies are fucking assholes.

Fae are living nightmares that rape you into chandeliers, and then trick you into becoming THEM by going batshit insane until YOU can rape people into chandeliers so the vicious cycle perpetuates itself.

>> No.39685587

That's a possible durance of a Fairest seeming, unless they were an absolutely perfect garden or a beam of light that was flogged into the perfect shade of red or something. Except the magnificent world was glorious ecstasy so good it hurt, and the handsome man was only pretending.

>> No.39685651

Please stop feeding the magical realm troll.

>> No.39685658

If he isn't shitposting, there isn't any particular reason to care. This time, he asked a legitimate setting question and expressed confusion over a misinterpretation. This is what normal posters do. As long as he sticks to this, there's really no harm done.

>> No.39685678

>Preemptive I Told You So levied for when (s)he starts the MR bulllshit again

>> No.39685810

Is the White Waltz supposed to be summonable like its black counterpart? Because as is it seems like it dies after a few years with the sole advantage afterwards being whatever you learned under it.

>> No.39685873

This is just a question cause Im not sure about the setting, can I use nanobots made of iron to flood the hedge, catch a true fae, and dark binding it and eat its soul? I feel I might need one or two for a pact I have in mind.

>> No.39685888

Probably not. Technology tends to break down in the Hedge. It's a place built on narrative and not physics, after all. Your nanites would probably stop functioning long before they got to Arcadia.

>> No.39685906

Pretty much, if you want to capture a true fae you need to get it out of Arcadia. Then it's possible. This is though, I'd avoid eating one, lest you become one and start kidnapping/raping random people and flee back to Arcadia.

>> No.39685958

I guess I can do that and try to put it in a soul jar or something. this is going to suck isnt it?

I have game perks to try and achente them for power but playing games with true fae seems extremely stupid. Dont get me wrong I think it would be possible to win but tough. Using dresden magic I should be able to catch and bind one (I think).

Any ideas guys? Or ideas for pact prices for death and boons from death? tier 1 Im thinking grant the ability to sense when a person wishes or is ready for death, but thats all I got.

>> No.39686002

If you want random weird powers over death Valkyrie Profile might be decent, one of the origins gets one for free.

>> No.39686054

Aschente would be extremely effective I believe. Even knowing the rules I doubt - based on what I was told about Fae here - that they could play a game without intentionally or unintentionally cheating.

Cold Iron seems a bitch to work with since Cold Iron is unworked, unheated, unenchanted iron. The simple act of conjuring iron or digging it out through magical means would disqualify it from being Cold Iron.

Something that would work although that might have been a troll item is The Wrapper from the Spongebob jump.

>> No.39686081

What about IV?

>> No.39686105

Thats not cold iron, cold iron is regular iron

>> No.39686128

If you need an IV I don't think he can help you.

>> No.39686132

What exactly "cold iron" means varies depending on the work of fiction involved. I can't remember the definition Changeling uses, and I'm too lazy to look it up right now. I think it's a bit more strict in its definition than "any iron", but still encompassing a lot of ferrous material.

>> No.39686173

I thought it traditionally referred to cold forged iron? Which is basically a piece of metal beaten into the proper shape without being heated.

>> No.39686182

It's possibly that Cold Iron in Changeling is simply iron... I admit I don't know much about Changeling but in general - be it in almost all games or tabletops - Cold Iron is almost never just iron.

It's pure, unaltered iron. It is untouched by flame or magic which taints the iron. That makes sense: Cold Iron trumps magic so how could magic conjure up/alter Cold Iron?

... but as I said: it might be different in Changeling.

>> No.39686313


>> No.39686320

The funny thing with Changeling is the True Fae are beings of stories. So while regular iron is spectacularly effective against them for any of a few reasons depending on your GM, going the extra mile and making it fit the common perception by cold forging your iron makes a weapon that will be as spectacularly effective on Changelings as iron is to True Fae and does even worse to the True Fae.

>> No.39686350

>>Iron weapons forged by hand have even more power. Mass-produced, machine-cut knives are not "cold iron," nor is metal that has been conjured, transmuted or even shaped by magic. The most damaging iron has been hammered into its shape with nothing but muscle, a hammer and patience. Hand-forged iron confers an additional benefit, but only against the Gentry -- True Fae suffer aggravated damage from hand-forged iron weapons. Even contact with hand-forged iron causes discomfort to the Others. Against changelings, hand-forged iron works the same as pure iron. Luckily for changelings, pure iron, especially hand-forged, is somewhat rare in most modern environments.

>> No.39686355

Could you hypothetically make a contract with Iron itself? I understand the Changeling reason why Iron repels the Fae is the Fae broke a deal with Iron a long time ago.

>> No.39686374

I doubt you can, it harms you in a lesser degree but still it holds a grudge against all Arcadians.

>> No.39686377

Does this mean you won't be doing FFIV and FFVI?

>> No.39686385

Pretty sure Lycoris said she's doing FFVI.

>> No.39686421

You're not a really an Arcadian as a drop-in right?

Or am I missing something again?

>> No.39686428

Drop-ins get changelinged by magic. You can choose NOT to be a changeling, but if you do that you won't get any perks, like the one that lets you make contracts.

>> No.39686460

ah, didn't know that. Still leaves FFIV(also I-III and the odder titles like the Final Fantasy Legend series for gameboy) out though.

>> No.39686484

You're a Changeling no matter what, unless you choose to be human.
However like >>39686428 said. If you're human you don't get access to squat. Nor can you become a Vampire, Mage or anything else.

>> No.39686503

Alright, updating the List of Final Fantasy constants

1. People throwing parties at inappropriate times
2. People turning into crystals at overly appropriate times
3. Airships

>> No.39686517

Airships and crystals man, whole series was founded on 'em.

>> No.39686522


>> No.39686526

Belts & Buckles.

>> No.39686565

It's only a matter of time where the plot device in some FF game is an airship covered in belts and buckles, which is just a floating crystal made of people who partied too hard, piloted by Cid.

>> No.39686583

Among the possible reasons for iron harming Fae (and being completely immune to their magic) is that there used to be a Contract and someone somehow broke it so badly that iron decided it had enough of the Fae's shit. As for the possibility of making a new one multiple True Fae would love the power it would present, actually interestingly enough it's probably best to not finalize the contract until after your stay in Changeling is over if you do somehow manage it, you can still invoke a mostly formed contract at the cost of a chunk of your soul (it grows back with minor EXP expenditure) so that way you avoid the massive arms proliferation that would result from everyone trying to learn your new contract. Now if you play your cards right there's one particular sample True Fae Actor that's a draconic murder machine (as well as a gentleman of wealth and taste, it can go between the two) that's basically doing the Iron Man thing with an enchanted iron spear slowly making its way to his heart. He'd probably agree to most any pledge of allegiance if you're willing to fix that for him (now if that's the right thing to do or not is a different question...).

>> No.39686763

>It's a good idea to sacrifice part of your soul, you can grow it back by sacrificing experience and knowledge.
This seems like a bad idea.

>> No.39686848

>Burning your life experiences to let you continuously self mutilate your own soul.

Nonsense. This plan is brilliant and has no downsides or potential problems.

>> No.39686852

>Dresden Jump has "soul magic"

It empowers your magic at the cost of a part of your soul but as long as some of it remains it will reform in time.

>> No.39686862

Yeah and that stuff puts me off too. Soul fuckery scares me.

>> No.39687024

Why? Once you get into ethereal shapeshifting, holy magic, etc... isn't the soul just another energy bar?

Would you care if you had to offer 25% of your mana pool, or lifeforce? I mean, I wouldn't and to me those things don't differ much from 'a soul'.

>> No.39687078

I'm totally into soul fuckery and I understand that anon's concerns. The soul is a fundamental part of who and what you are, like your internal organs-it's what makes up your identity. Mana or ki are generally more like energy pools, not things that determine who you are on a fundamental nature.

>> No.39687123


For a good explanation of why burning off bits of your soul over and over is a bad idea, watch the second season of Log Horizon.

Sure, you can grow it back if you go out and do things that make you happy and have lots of new experiences that make you feel feelings and stuff, but damn, if you burn faster than you build, you're in for a world of stumbling about like some kinda freaky zombie with no real awareness of the world around you.

>> No.39687655

Hey folks, what are Some good things to make ammo out of? one of the sleeves of my jacket is now a double Bolter And I'm looking for things That would be worthwhile to load it with, here's what I have so far.
One round universal fire incendiary
One round Anti-sensei BB buckshot
One round slag Transfusion rocket, acquired
One round Broken archangel Blade scattershot, acquired
One round Captain America's shield alloy Armor piercing slug, acquired.
One round Melange Smoke bomb.
One round can be combination EMP/Prometheus's nervous system attacking nano bots.Neural Chaff.acquired
One round: Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder scroll. acquired
One round Sandoriko Pollen smoke bomb
Note: I don't have all of these, but the ones I do have are marked with acquired.

>> No.39687679

Better question: How the hell is one of your sleeves a bolter, and why doesn't it burn your arm every time it fires? And how the hell do you stop it from missing its intended targets with the recoil?

>> No.39687683

Miniaturize an Orgel of Origins or an ar tonelico for a WMD bullet.

>> No.39687891

It's Tera. You think he actually considered some form of logic as to how thinks work instead of stacking them on top of one another like a moron?

>> No.39687917

No, not really. But I can always hope.

Don't forget 6. Nebulously defined but harnessable magical soul energy

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