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So it turns out we're homebrewing our own Mario RPG on the side, rules and stuff can be found over here: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Super_Mario_RPG
Previous thread: >>39618679

I've been wondering, what sort of Racial Features would a Chain Chomp or Bullet Bill character have? The racial stats seem pretty obvious, Speed for the Bills and Power for the Chomps, but the racial abilities are what seem like a challenge to come up with.

Last thread someone suggested giving Bills an ability that lets them bring their next turn forward, but then have to sit out when their turn normally would have occured and wait for turn order to return to normal. That kinda seems like it might be a bit overpowered though.

Chain Chomps have left me totally stumped.

Do you guys have any ideas?

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Okay, I have a quest idea for this.
Waluigi is there. I couldn't think of anything else, but it's all anyone needs.

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Things tend to write themselves from there.

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By "we," do you mean "you" or someone else or the board in general? Because that homebrew has been around for a couple years.

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The board in general, I thought it was.

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I know in the last thread me and two(?) other people were searching for a GM to run for them.
We'd all got characters rolled up, here's my sheet in particular
If anybody would be willing to step up and GM it'd be greatly appreciated.

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For the chainchomps, how about once a day they can use an attack that does their power+coolness in damage?

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I personally don't think that Chain Chomps have the required intelligence/independence to be playable characters. They would do much better as combat pets of some sort, with a high boost to defense but very low smarts.

As for Bills, that feature fits pretty well with their nature of being suited for quick combat. They excel in short skirmishes, but leave themselves vulnerable in extended combat scenarios.

Also, a few ideas for additional races, Clubbas (http://www.mariowiki.com/Clubba) and Little Mousers/Squeeks (http://www.mariowiki.com/Little_Mouser)

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That seems like it could be ludicrous in the amount of damage you could output. Also, pretty much the Bob-Omb racial ability with more damage and without the turn-skip afterwards.

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You know what could be playable?
Super Paper Mario style geometric whatevers. I'm not trying to name a specific enemy, but all the original designs from that game were pretty wild.

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The homebrew has been around, but it's starting to pick up speed with a test campaign. But the board in general is starting to brainstorm more ideas to add or improve. Someone else also suggested Piantas and Beanish getting expansion classes, so there's a fair bit that could be added and not really attributed to one person.

Once a day seems a bit restrictive. I feel like it should be based on something else, like it takes a lot of fortitude to do this attack, so it's Heart/2 for the number of times per day. That way you don't get a lot of attacks, but it also emphasizes that Chain Chomps are usually sturdy, powerful creatures.

As for other racials, I'd say they get +2 power, -1 speed.

Bullet Bills should have that ability limited, like a bunch of the others. If it can activate, you should limit it to a number of uses per day. If it's just a condition like Bowserkin was, then I think it'd be fine, but that doesn't make much sense for it.

I'd say make it available for Speed number of times per day for a Bullet Bill to have two turns in a row, but must sit out the next round.

Another one that might be good for glass cannon types, is if you're at full health, +1 speed. If you're at low health -1 speed. Anything in between is normal speed. Thoughts on why I'm stupid?

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I'm just as suprised as you

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>I'd say make it available for Speed number of times per day for a Bullet Bill to have two turns in a row, but must sit out the next round.

That would probably work a lot better, and it's a lot easier to explain too.

>Also, a few ideas for additional races, Clubbas (http://www.mariowiki.com/Clubba) and Little Mousers/Squeeks (http://www.mariowiki.com/Little_Mouser)
How about Piantas (http://www.mariowiki.com/Pianta) and Nokis (http://www.mariowiki.com/Noki) too?

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Just spitballing here, but maybe an ability where they can just throw themselves as an attack to any enemy that's within a certain range? Sort of like how they act when staked down in Mario games?

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There are also beanfolk and blockfolk. I dunno if Lakitus are Koopas or if they're a separate race.

I don't think Bills or Chain Chomps are suitable player characters. They have animal intelligence or less, and Chain Chomps are too immobile while Bills have the opposite problem and can't stop moving.

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I remember homebrewing Piantas off the top of my head when asked at one point. This might not be exact, but it should be serviceable.
>+1 Power, +1 Heart
>-1 Speed
>Passive: Pianta Chuck - +1 towards all throw-related tests

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Been writing up a chain chomp as a backup/alternate char. Their stat bonus is +2 to Power, +1 Heart, and -1 to Smarts, given that they're depicted in most games as being nearly (or completely) invulnerable, but dumb.

For their features, I've got "Chew: Given enough time (one round per block of matter) a chomp can chew through just about anything. This is too a slow process to have any effect in combat, but it can be useful at times. (This is also how many chomp PC's wound up free. They finally realized that they could chew through their own chains.)"

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>I dunno if Lakitus are Koopas or if they're a separate race.
The different facial features say different race, but the rest of them says Koopa. I'd side with Lakitus=Koopas, myself.

>Chain Chomps are too immobile
Only if they're staked down, but I agree in that Chain Chomps are more like dogs than people. And who knows what the deal with Bullet Bills is?

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Maybe their resemblance to dogs is the key for how to stat them. Their special ability could be a bond to one specific other PC who's holding their proverbial leash. They could get a small bonus to assist or protect that character. Then just give them +2 Defense and -1 Smarts

As for Bills, they'l probably show up so seldom as PCs that you can use the same stats as bob-ombs.

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Beanfolk could just be refluffed Toads, if you want to be super quick and dirty about it. Maybe give them an alternate passive, though I can't think of one at the moment.

A Lakitu is a Koopa by another name. You can spend a PP or two to get yourself a Nimbus Cloud; if you do, you can automatically convert your Koopa into a Lakitu.

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I think Chain Chomps are better left as weapons or pets. Like with Chomp Bros.
And speaking of Bros. What's the deal with them? Are they just like, class 2 Koopas?

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Bros. and Chargin' Chucks are just really buff koopas

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Bullet Bill really likes you and wants to give you a hug but he's moving soooo fast.

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Wiki says Lakitu are a subspecies of Koopa

Also, more ideas. Bloopers (http://www.mariowiki.com/Blooper), Monty Moles (http://www.mariowiki.com/Monty_Mole), and Bumpties and/or Penguins (http://www.mariowiki.com/Bumpty)

I think that they're in the same category as Chargin Chucks, Sumo Bros, and Koopatrol

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Huh, Lakitus bear more resemblance to Nokis than Koopas to me, but then again Lakitus are SMB1 veterans while Nokis have only really been in Sunshine

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Yeah, I honestly wouldn't lose sleep about not stating Chain Chomps or Bullet Bills as PCs. It's such an edge case that it should only come up on player request.

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I would personally love to play as a Bullet Bill. But I think they would be better as just weapons. As weapons they home in, can fire their own projectiles if you power them up to sniper bills, explode, etc.

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Maybe beanfolk are good at lying about their credentials, e.g. passing themselves off as magic beans

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The boo racial ability should only work when nobody's looking at them

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Maybe just duplicity in general, since quite a number of them seem to go out of their way to misdirect the Bros

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One mechanic for bullet bills I think is the fact that they have to constantly stay in-flight or else become immobile. Maybe give them a vulnerability to paralyzation and other actions that cause them to skip a turn?

Also, don't forget that chomps are weak to electricty.

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I could have sworn there's a bit in one of the rpgs where a chainchomp talks to you or two of them speak to one another, but the entire conversation is in Ruff Ruff (and translated like this).

A Mario creature is as intelligent as necessary for a fun scene, is what I'm saying.

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Well, if Fawful's anything to go by, then they're pretty good at appearing relatively innocuous. At least, assuming Bowser's a good judge of character, which is a distinctly unlikely proposition.

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That's perfect, actually. Damn Blue Sky, you're good at this.

Chain Chomps are more like dogs, I agree, but they also can be unchained and roam around.

Bullet Bills can stay in place according to the M&L games.

Most of these are a maybe. I think Bloopers would be too useless on land, though. Monty Mole, not sure what to give them.

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So, as it happens. I'm working with a group to set up a round robin GM game of this. We just formed up yesterday.

A bit surprised actually since I just spent the past hour setting up a roll 20 thing, and comping together a title screen image. Pic Related.

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Is Tiberius here? I haven't received a PM from him at all.

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If I were going to stat out a Bullet Bill it would be this:
> +1 Speed, +1 Power
> -1 Smarts
>Racial Bonus: Can roll a Speed Check vs Difficulty Factor 1 and if Success, goes first, regardless of Initiative roll.
Possible Perks:
>"Metal Bros": +1 when interacting with other metal characters.
>"Rifling": Bullet Bill spins adding to his strike. +1 to Power
>"Bullet of Bullets": A renowned Bullet Bill, one to be feared. +1 to Intimidation checks.
>"Bullet Jill": What gender are you? I mean, really? Get any gender to like you, I guess...

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Bloopers can fly. One of them was Luigi's party member in TTYD.

>> No.39660721

Forgot to put my name there...
>new thread, new name...

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Or, just a simple +1 or +2 to initiative rolls.

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The stats in the wiki really need example.
I'm building a character for fun, and i have no idea what 3 speed or 1 Smarts could relate to.

>> No.39660735

Monty Mole could have a similar ability to boo's outta sight, where it can dig itself underground to hide or sneak around, as long as the ground is soft enough.

>> No.39660736

And I think they're resistant/immune to fire

I doubt that Mario Party is 100% canon

>> No.39660737

Sounds like a plan. Maybe an ability more thematic than just a bonus to lying. They could get FP equal to twice heir coolness instead of heart plus coolness, befitting a race of eloquent but spineless people

>> No.39660753

It says the average is 3 and the max is 7. I guess someone could roll up some pregens as baselines.

>> No.39660754

Mario party IS 100% canon.

>> No.39660764


If anything, Beanish would be the Marioverse equivilent of elves: they live long (at least 1000 years), only instead of being arrogant they're the sort that would make a joke about anything.

>> No.39660769

That's also a decent racial.

If you weren't from the 4 he listed, sorry to say you're not in the party. What is your character?

Neat. Didn't know that, never played TTYD. I take it back, they're possible.

Nicely done, anon. Let us know how your version comes out, we'll post our shenanigans when we go through a session or two as well.

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Julien, the Koopa martial artist.

>> No.39660790

Oh. You should have gotten a PM on roll20, we have 4 party members, and I think you were the 4th. Unless there was another Koopa that I missed. What's your roll20 name?

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Okay, I just got a terrible idea. The equipment you can use is determined by your alignment and whether you have a big fat ass. You can either wear white badges or black badges but not both, and you can wear wither long pants or wide pants, but not both.

Mario = white badge, wide pants
Luigi = white badge, long pants
Wario = black badge, wide pants
Waluigi = black badge, long pants

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I think(?) it's R. Fawcett. It's what shows up on my profile, at least.

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Cheep-Cheep can also just hop around on land if they want.

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What the hell is Birdo? A Yoshi who didn't floss?

>> No.39660841

A nightmare

I mean, hell, she's from Subcon, which is a dream world

>> No.39660860

Oh man, this is going again? Most excellent!

Arguing Mario canon is like arguing comic book or 40k canon, except even worse because there's absolutely no word of god.

Suffice to say Mario Party is in a Schrodinger's Cat esque state of both being canon and not being canon. Until somebody wants it to be canon, it is left unmentioned.

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Birdo is Birdo, but Birdo is not the only Birdo. I like to think of them as Subcon Yoshi.

>> No.39660880

So all the sports games Birdo has appeared in are also nightmares? Or are those not canon? Because I really want my Super Mario campaign to feature regular social activities with the villain.

>> No.39660881

Do Koopas like Bowser or the Koopalings have a moniker? Like, super koopa? I think it should be an optional form for a koopa with enough levels.

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3 in Heart, Power, Smarts and Coolness is average for a Toad or Koopa. 1 speed and 1 Defense is also average.

Chargen max is 7 for the first 4, 3 max with an extra stipulation of no more than a combined total of 5 for Speed and Defense.

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Nightmare seems to be more of a subtrait then a race outright, for isntance, Wart and Antsma would be considered a nightmare frog and a nightmare bat, respectively. In Wart's case, I think there's a whole race of frog people from SMRPG, of which he could be considered an evil individual of, in the same way Fawful is an evil beanish.

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No, Birdo can totally leave Subcon. Birdo was integral to the plot of the Superstar Saga.

I think that Birdo is always the same Birdo.

>> No.39660914

The birdo race probably exists somewhere. Hell, Birdo appears in Superstar Saga. I think it should just be assumed that all subcon creatures exist.

>> No.39660933

Royal koopas?

I'd rule that they're some kind of weird inbred subspecies of koopa. Normal koopa plus levels equals a Bro or a Chargin' Chuck, or something that looks kind of like that.

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It gets even worse when you realize that the Smash Brothers games effectively link all the popular Nintendo characters worlds, so it's ALL canon.

>> No.39660960

Well, Smash Brothers is a pretty meta, multiverse crossover deal. Like how the framing for some of the games has them as being toy models being played with by Master Hand.

...I still would totally not object to exploring Dreamland though. Kirby is cool.

>> No.39660965

I always thought the plot of Smash was some kid playing with his action figures and that they were not "canonical" versions of the characters but rather that kid's interpretation of them.

>> No.39660970

I'd completely forgotten that there was precedent for the dream world stuff in Dream Team.

King and King-in-Training.

>> No.39660976

Tiberius, are you here? Could someone from the group possibly reach me on Skype, or by email?

Skype: saturndono
Email: [email protected]

>> No.39660994

That IS one way to look at it. Beanfolk take their sense of humor pretty seriously. Hell, they even have a natural monument called Joke's End where jokes go to die.

>> No.39661006

I didn't know about the kid. Does that apply to the racing games, too?

>> No.39661019

They study humor on an intellectual level.
Can YOU say you have a PHD in Knock Knock?

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The way I'm running my campaign, Initiative rolls are a d6+Speed

If I were to stat out a Cheep Cheep...
> +1 Heart, +1 Smarts
> -1 Speed
>Racial Bonus: "Yes mermaids are real... and Nessie": Cheep Cheeps are renowned experts of the deep and thus very good story tellers. +1 when interacting with characters out of combat.
>"Sea Trade": Due to trading cross-seas you know quite a bit about the markets. -10% Shop Prices.
>"Hydration": Water Attribute attacks do half damage.

>> No.39661047

They tell jokes so funny it can carbonate soda.

If they have a racial thing it should be something humor based.

>> No.39661073

Maybe you replenish some FP if you say something in-character that makes the GM laugh.

>> No.39661080

Being able to distract a foe with a joke?
Or raise Hearts with a joke?
This is good, too.

>> No.39661091

Man, Chuckola Cola should be like a legendary weapon only Beanfolk can use.

>> No.39661093

I meant HP, not hearts.
My bad.

>> No.39661111

In that case, I'd let Bills double their Speed for initiative purpose. It won't guarantee they'll go first every time, but they'll usually be ahead of the pack.

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was your name harley something?

I approve of this, albeit via Perks or Racial Bonus.

The Mario Universe version of Rogues, if you asked me to play this I might punch you in the face, but then let you play it anyways because, you know, I just punched you in the face and I owe you.

Race: Duplighost
> +1 Heart, +1 Smarts
> - Defense
>Racial Bonus: Duplicate any character. When in combat this constitutes an action. Stats are unknown unless a Perception Check is passed.
>"Egyptian Cotton": Your cover is so nice and your duplications so good that you do, in fact, know the stats of whatever you duplicate.
>"Class Clown": You appearance alone lightens the mood. +1 when talking to characters.
>"Who 'Ya Gonna Call?": Reroll an Initiative roll if it doesn't suit you. You must take the 2nd roll, however.
>"Shifty, meet Dodgey": +2 to crafting items that help with Dodging or Invisibility.

>god help me what have I done

>> No.39661271

Birdo is a dude who thinks he's a girl. At least originally he was

>> No.39661307

I would instead have them be a leveled up Boo. Similar to a Tanoomba.

>> No.39661315

I should be showing up as R. Fawcett, but I have absolutely no idea why the PM system on Roll20 is so broken.

>> No.39661323

I'm Harley. (Made the Bzzap!.) Fawcett is a different person.

>> No.39661359

That explains things. Sorry, there were names and characters flying everywhere.

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File: 1.64 MB, 1000x1500, 1c8b39fc855c6e8b74951595e9a097ac.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would start a Duplighost as a Boo first and buy into being one. I mean, they're both ghosts.

>> No.39661397

Completely understandable.
This is why tripcodes can actually be good, at times.

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>The Mario Universe version of Rogues
But that's not a Bandit.

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Blue Sky, looks like someone is going to have to type out a table for Race Advancement.

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File: 994 KB, 881x1409, 1aa334b808435d0341d54a64a08d2309.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That'll take up too much page real estate trying to accomodate for every different variation of character a player could be. This is the kind of stuff you're supposed to just roll with when it comes up. I won't have a system that prides itself on being crazy-lightweight being bogged down by tables.

Have Captain Syrup cosplaying as Mad Moxie as compensation.

>> No.39661511

>Have Captain Syrup cosplaying as Mad Moxie as compensation.
I'll take that and any more where that came from, Blue Sky.

>> No.39661516

Sounds like a good idea, this stuff doesn't need to be that consistent as long as everyone has fun.

Also, are you sure that image isn't the other way around?

>> No.39661522

Dude, I cant get the roll20 pm system to work right now, the player search is broke af. the other guys have been using skype to talk to me.

>> No.39661557

I've been having the same problem.

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File: 422 KB, 800x624, 32b87a0ca9ca51795e9250cb53fb191b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Note the octopus insignia, shark tooth and syrup tattoo.

>> No.39661600

I was thinking about this since the bros were mentioned. Here's what I got. Assuming winged and giant enemies are just a basic trait.
Goomba- Tanoomba can disguise itself, Galoomba have even more HP.
Boo- Duplighost can disguise itself, Shadow can melt itself into a shadow.
Koopa- Bros specialize in a weapon, Royals are generally powerfull.
Yoshi- Super Dragons have all 3 yoshi powers.
Bob-omb- Bullet Bill? I guess it could be an alternate to giving the bob-omb wings.
But like >>39661480 said. These are better off being more like suggestions rather than set class levels. It should probably just be assumed that you become the class when you give yourself the right traits.

>> No.39661640

I meant I thought it was more like someone else cosplaying as Syrup

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File: 306 KB, 849x1024, 7ac70eeeae2c17b847fad4b91406c11a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It should probably just be assumed that you become the class when you give yourself the right traits.
Exactly. You don't just magically level into the alternate species. You build that shit.

>> No.39661663


If that's the case, your average Koopa character would either be a Magikoopa or a bro of some sort (or in the case of lady koopas, a Sis).

Perhaps "Bro." is the koopa equivilent of the fighter class.

>> No.39661685

Seems to me that, in Mario, being dead is just something you can not let bother you. You got all manner of ghosts and skeletons running around.

>> No.39661715

Well, depends on the setting/timing. You mostly only KO, and in rare cases of actual death, you get Boos and Dry-Bones.

Not sure how you would go about actually murderalizing someone in Mario World, unless it's like a contract.

>> No.39661717


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For as hands-off as the games are about death itself, they don't shy away from the paranormal or the concept of potential necromancy.

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>I'll take it, but Im not going to like it and you cant make me

Guess I'm stating out race for the hell of it.

Race: Penguin
> +1 Smarts, +1 Heart
>Racial Bonus: "Arctic Blast": Ice Attribute attacks do no damage and Water Attribute attacks do 1/2 damage.
>Racial Bonus: "No Better than a T-Rex": Because you have flippers for hands your dexterity is severely lacking. Roll 2 Critical Failures (1) on a roll and drop a held item.
>"Penguin Intellectuals": +1 when books are involved
>"Do the Waddle": +2 for checks when enemies that try to knock you down.
>"Skipped Leg Day": You've focused on your arms, 'er flippers so much that you can flap them to achieve a short distance of flight.

>> No.39661768

Go for it, mang

>> No.39661778

If you want to do it, go for it.

I have no idea if we'll be able to help.

We're totally stealing this if you make it.

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File: 1.68 MB, 160x140, 1209623626002.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Making a consistent Mario World map
Yeah, good luck with that.

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File: 144 KB, 1366x768, Grems.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally done.
Is that okay?
I'd like to find a group for some testing, not gonna happen is it?

>> No.39661816

Sorry, I popped a boner there because some deep dark autistic part of me wants to map out the entire mushroom kingdom etc etc. I genuinely dont know why it sounds so appealing, because I couldnt see it being useful for anything (until this thread).

Brb shit paint skills ahoy

>> No.39661843

>implying the Mushroom Kingdom isn't completely huge and everything can fit in a weird way
It can be done.

>find a group
Someone posted in the Game Finder thread about it, so I dunno. I'd check there and here if someone else steps up and wants to run a game.

>> No.39661844

Yeah, I have no clue how to incorporate the 2d games. But fuck it, I'll start with 64 and move on from there.

>> No.39661964

Don't forget it's neighboring nations, including the Bean Bean Kingdom, Sprixie Kingdom, and Jewelry Land.

Lots of people forget Jewelry Land.

>> No.39661983

Has that one group that posted in the gamefinder found a GM already? Because I've been in a massive GMing funk for the last month and maybe doing this kind of thing could get me out of it.

Thing is, I despise Skype so I don't use it anymore. If you want, you can contact me via e-mail or kik and then set things up to play on some IRC maybe

[email protected]
elecbrosh0ck on that other thing

>> No.39662009

I hate you.

Help me figure out what direction they would be in to start with.

>> No.39662023

Sent you a mail.
It doesn't have much info in it, it's just to get in touch, check if you got it.
I'd love to play.

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Isn't the Sprixie Kingdom essentially in a parallel world, connected by one of the clear pipes? It's not a border country, not in that sense. I'd prefer Sarasaland being closeby, since Peach and Daisy are BFFs and all.

>> No.39662229
File: 351 KB, 640x360, 640px-SM3DW_Map.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Well, the Beanbean Kingdom is said to boarder the southwestern end of the Mushroom kingdom for one, and while I'm not entierly sure on Jewelry Land, it also seems to be next to Dinosaur Land judging by the terrain and Yoshi's ease of travling to the area, which would place it somewhere around either the southeastern or southwestern boarder (Yoshi's Island and Dinosaur World are almost centered to the Mushroom Kingdom's southern boarder).

Here's a map of the Sprixie Kingdom. Looking at it, it might be adjacent to Dry Dry Desert, considering that the islands sprouting from the conteniental area the Kingdom is next to a consist of desertland.

>> No.39662290

Jesus christ, how the fuck am I suppose to map this shit out then? Ive now gone through four revisions for how the world looks.

Any pictures of the mushroom kingdom as a whole?

>> No.39662323
File: 330 KB, 1000x667, mushroom_kingdom_shop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This is starting to seem like more than its worth. But I guess there's this.

>> No.39662371


That's a posibility as well, though it doesn't appear to be actually on a parallel world considering that most of its inhabitants can be found in the Mushroom Kingdom and Dinosaur World, the Sprixies themselves nonewithstanding.

Nevertheless, the way Warp Pipes work, it could be thousands of miles away from any other place, which would put less pressue on Bowser for invading it as opposed to one of the closer countries. In the case of Jewelry Land, he only invaded it after it was struck by a natural disaster, which seems to imply that the reason the Mushroom Kindgom is usually first on his hit list is because they're the kingdom with the least competant military, though so long as the Mario Bros. are around such defenses aren't needed.

Looking at Sarasaland, it's hard to get a good reading of where it would be relative to the rest of the Mushroom World, but as it's an island, it would probably be around the south eastern and general eastern area.

Then again, that's all relative.

>> No.39662375

So, I'm making a Lakitu beastmaster. So how do pets work anyway? Are they automatically smart enough to follow directions? And do spinies pop back into my cloud, or do I have to fish them up?

>> No.39662401

Oh, and do Lakitu Clouds count as pets?

>> No.39662410

Given the occasional Coolness check once in a while to assert dominance, yes, your pet is assumed to be smart enough to listen to your directions.

>> No.39662474

Sent you a mail.

>> No.39662828

For some reason I got a weird idea for an evil faction, a bunch of Shy Guys vying for world domination/assimilation by forcing everyone to put on their masks that turn the wearers into one of them.

I wonder, would that be doable or would it be too magical realmy there is a thread on /d/ about this

>> No.39662872

I never liked the whole "mind control/body transformation Shy Guy mask" gimmick.

>> No.39662936

I can't find it.

>> No.39662946

Gonna be honest and say that I thought of that. I immediately discarded it because its nothing but fetish material.

I've got better ideas for Total World Problem/BBEGs.

>it would be interesting if a PC got 'infected'
>who am I kidding
>PCs would willing 'infect' themselves

>> No.39663004


Like Shroobification? IRC, shroobification usually just turned you into a mushroom.

>> No.39663046

I have to say that defense and speed raising at the same rate as the other stats doesn't lend itself to long-term play... maybe you can only chose one of the lower/better stats as the "auto-increase" once every other/third stat improvement (also, you might just want any alternate non-random character improvement method at all)

>> No.39663578
File: 2.92 MB, 1920x1080, MK8 Screenshot 2015-04-24 07-38-51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let me muddy the mapping waters some more with this official subway map

>> No.39663599
File: 210 KB, 1000x1034, 1430203209211.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.39663640
File: 1.64 MB, 880x527, 1430191039215.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like someone found the thread on /d/

Also, if anyone is going to GM a session, get with me, I might fucking die if I have to essentially make an entire Mario Game bymyself... We could crowd source this shit and save a ton of time.

>work harder, not smarter
>work hard, not smarter
>work smarter, not harder

Take this fancy ass .gif as advanced payment.

>> No.39663694
File: 936 KB, 1843x3423, GET IN THE BAG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39663738

I have a 1/2 shot adventure planned out, based in the Mushroom Kingdom in the original Paper Mario. I just made a roll20 account, so we could do it on there.
My name is Minonan, so hit me up if you're interested.
Although, I've never really GM'd before and I am pretty fuzzy on building encounters and what the threshold should be for checks. But I am in desperate need of practice and guidance.
I'm decent at the storytelling aspect, but I need help mechanically.

>> No.39663919

Ill try to shoot you a message, and then I'm going to bed.

Luckily, Ive been messing around in the Roll20 Campaign Creation for about a month so I have a decent grasp on things.
>that being said, we will see where this crazy train goes.

>> No.39663923

I'm interested too but the player directory needs to put the game you're using first.
I don't think they have Mario RPG

>> No.39663945

No they dont or GMing might be a lot easier. But thats what this is for, to get it in the directory.

>> No.39663964

Just looked further, even after choosing the games, it doesnt look like you can just type the name.
Am i just bad or is finding someone not as easy as on other websites?

Image captcha now... Guess i should stop posting soon.

>> No.39663983

I appreciate the support, guys. I'll check back tomorrow evening. For now, I need to go to bed. What timezones are you guys in, (for scheduling)? I'm in Central Time.

>> No.39663997

I'd probably be interested in this. This is my first time in the thread though, so I'll have to read up and whatnot. Should I drop a secondary email or Skype name or something?

>> No.39663998

Any way to get in touch?
As i said, it looks like i didn't manage to maneuver roll20 to your profile.

>> No.39664022

I'm usually apprehensive about putting my email on the chans, since all of them contain some or all of my name. That said, you could send me an email at [email protected]

>> No.39664031



>> No.39664325
File: 582 KB, 244x519, 1430240418553.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.39664387


The Shy Guys are all male, as far as we can tell.

And the Sprixies all seem to be female.

I think I've just solved a mystery.

>> No.39664412

...they also have similar eyes to the shy guy masks... shit i think you're onto something.

but shygals are still the best

>> No.39664424

Shy Gals are just teenage girls going with the latest fashion trend; Shywear. That's why they look so very different from the real thing.

>> No.39664445


What if there was a whole town of people who weren't Shyguys who dressed up and talked like them anyway?

>> No.39664458

Noone would be able to tell them from the real Shyguys. You'd need to look under the mask for that, but no one looks under a Shyguys mask.

>> No.39664473

Except for their size and shape. No one is built quite like a Shy.

>> No.39665260

Maybe it's a cultural thing and they're not a race at all. The mask turns you into a Shy Guy because a Shy Guy is by definition anyone who's wearing the mask at the moment. They just really think the mask looks good and helps protect your privacy. I mean, you don't want people seeing your face, do you? Especially not YOUR face.

>> No.39665436

Would it be gauche to have a human character that's an Italian plumber? Not actually one of the Mario or Wario brothers, but pretty much an expy for one.

I think it'd be great to actually play as a Mario like character, jumping on stuff and using powerups to attack.

>> No.39665475


Instead of defining who gets to be what species when, how about if there's a perk some races can choose to take that makes them big. You could make your koopa into a Bro or Chuck or Sumo or whatever, a boo into a Big Boo, a Bill into a Banzai Bill, etc. But bechanically bigness always does the same thing - maybe just giving you a bunch of HP. And it's optional, so you can stay a small and crafty koopa if you want, and humans and toads who don't grow that big can just pick different perks instead.

>> No.39665513

There's a lot of unexplored territory there. I mean, you never see Mario and Luigi doing actual plumbing. While they're holding court with princesses someone has to be fixing the toilets. And they're from Brooklyn, not Italy.

>> No.39665529

That's exactly what PP are for, dude. One of the examples is that you're larger or smaller than the average, not to mention gaining wings and other things.

>> No.39665544

>Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
>The security system for the Beanstar is directly tied to Beanbean Castle's plumbing

>> No.39665573

>you never see Mario and Luigi doing actual plumbing
Super Mario 3D World opening, they fix the glass warp pipe

>> No.39665575

And it was played for laughs, right? Because they never had to plumb before. And they wouldn't have done it except to achieve a non-plumbing-related goal.

>> No.39665581

>Playing Mario rpg as a human plumber
>Become the worlds most successful and in demand plumber because the Mario Bros are always too busy saving the world to do any plumbing.

>> No.39665637

Do you get more PP over time, or is it all at chargen?

>> No.39665674


>> No.39665697

Could you get more via Character Progression?

>> No.39665704

Although you can buy perks later on that could function as a knockoff PP (within reason).

>> No.39666240
File: 6.70 MB, 1256x4189, v-related traditional games.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I realise this is probably going to derail the thread a bit, but I figured this was the best place to ask... Are there any other good /v/-related RPGs? All I've got so far is:

Killer Solo
Viral's homebrew F-Zero RPG
Killer Solo
The Legend of Zelda RPG
8-Bit Dystopia
Metal Slug System

Anything else?

>> No.39666469

Did anyone here read Max Landis' Super Mario World script? It's super-long (around 430 pages, i.e. unsellable holy shit that's a 7-hour movie) and a lot of it is shit but there's some cool ideas

>> No.39666470

This seems like something that should be in its own thread.

Your post would work as an OP if you don't include the beginning part about this thread.

>> No.39666556
File: 27 KB, 425x288, PlumbersSMBSS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Even though the Mario shows aren't really Canon, they do a good job exploring what some DM might brew up using this system. Places like "Disco Land" and "Down Under Land" are just asking for some sort of world template you could insert any old theme into in order to make an adventureable place.

Also according to it, human plumbers seem to stumble into the Mushroom World semi-regularly. One could say that it's a plumber's tale.

>> No.39667249


Humor and jokes are also a huge thing for the Beanish. Everything in the Beanbean Kingdom is named after types of laughter; all of their iconography is of grinning or laughing faces.
So maybe something related to that.

I've actually had a concept for a Beanish character based on this for awhile.
Professor Cartan Podbesek, Professor of Jokonomy & Humorology at Woohoo Hooniversity.
He's a joke mage essentially. So when the party fighter trips an enemy, he might say "Have a nice trip, see you next fall." and then the enemy takes damage as if they fell 30 ft.

>> No.39667360

I think the baseline average abilities and thresholds for success are too generous. As it is, the average stat is 3 dice, and each die has a 50% chance of generating a success. That means that an average character attempting a simple task has a 7/8 chance of success. Maybe reduce the average stat to 2 and raise the threshold of success to 5 or higher on a d6. That way a totally average toad doing a totally average task succeeds a little bit over half the time.

>> No.39667398


I've always said that Bowser is half dragon. Hence the unique appearance and relative super power. Then it passed on to his kids.

This also played into the canon I setup for my campaign.
>Bowser first appeared as a warlord known only as The Dragon Turtle.
>Through force and intimidation he united all the different koopa clans/kingdoms/factions.
>After taking full control of the Darklands he named himself King Koopa and began ordering raids against the neighboring Mushroom Kingdom.
>When Princess Peach sent messengers to demand a parlay, Bowser feigned ignorance, blaming it on disgruntled members of former tribes.
>He called for a summit with Princess Peach and used it as an opportunity to kidnap her and her entourage.

>> No.39667448
File: 3.15 MB, 2478x2242, 1430184123328.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you handle halfbreed characters?

Like say a half-shyguy-half-bobomb?

>> No.39667458

....Is that proto Wario and proto Waluigi next to mario and luigi?

>> No.39667495

/tg/ making an RPG out of anything just because.

>> No.39667499

Maybe there should just be a catch-all race for weirdoes, crossovers, and other visitors. Like, maybe they just get +1 to a stat of their choice, and they have some ability that makes them more unpredictable, since nobody in the setting knows what they're capable of.

>> No.39667510 [SPOILER] 
File: 45 KB, 206x292, 1430409762006.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dude, we dont even know how well this system works. No need to muddy the waters with half-breed characters.

On that note, I finaly finished the avatar for my own PC, Tor O'Dinson

>> No.39667516

Racial Stat of one, Racial Ability of the other.

>> No.39667552

What the fuck even is this? Shy Guy/Bob-omb some how makes a human with a bomb for a head? This is why we can't have nice things.

>> No.39667582

tbh, my only problem with this picture is that she is a chubby...

>I blame this on /fit/ and my semi-permanent residence there

>> No.39667588

If she worked out she'd be high-test as fuck

>> No.39667595

Depends on the mood you are going for, I guess.
Even getting a hit on 4 or more gets brutal once you go past needing 3 successes .
Shadowrun overcomes this by giving you stupid amounts of dice, but barring that, even if the "average" stats do need to be lowered, raising the target number is probably bad for a low dice game, especially one with a less oppressive tone, like a mario game.

>> No.39667654

Gender Equals Breed, and then maybe spend some PP to get some traits from your other race.

The type of setting Mario is, means that really going into inter-species breeding is not really appropriate, but on the other hand it is optimistic enough that if a Koopa and a Toad fall in love, they probably can have a baby if they want to.
This is why Bowser Jr doesn't really have any human type traits.

>> No.39667706

It doesn't look like you need more than one success for most tasks, and players get way more than the average number of dice, even for things they're not specialized in.

People failing reasonably often doesn't make the tone oppressive. It makes the tone funny, which is definitely what we want. Heroes and villains should both fumble a fair amount of the time.

>> No.39667707

So the Mario Universe completely circumvents event the most simplistic reproduction/genetic trait models?

>why am I even furthering this discussion, it's completely off topic?
>probably because I'll argue about just fucking anything...

>> No.39667721
File: 20 KB, 500x367, 1407687199775.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The type of setting Mario is, means that really going into inter-species breeding is not really appropriate
>This needed to be stated.

No need to call Mario.
This shit is going down the drain.

>> No.39667740

>So the Mario Universe completely circumvents event the most simplistic reproduction/genetic trait models?
Seems reasonably likely to me. Mario and Luigi were delivered by the stork, for crying out loud.

>> No.39667780

Fuck it, that works for me. I'm okay with some extra-planar baby factory that pumps out whatever the fuck it decides.

Lets get back to the topic at hand: Super Mario RPG
>Stat out the stork

>> No.39667838
File: 606 KB, 216x429, 1430232114004.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.39667855

Blue Pinkhair is best shygal but Green Brownie is a close second.

>> No.39667900

>Blue Pinkhair is best shygal
anon confirmed for good taste

>> No.39668025

Then just up the DC for a given test.

>> No.39668587

Haha, I forgot about that. Now we need a Roger Rabbit crossover.

I thought that was that obvious solution. Apparently not? But yeah, DC can vary from test to test. How the heck would identifying a rare mushroom be a DC of one when you've never heard or read about it before? Should totally be a 4 or more.

>> No.39668702

I see someone never beat Sunshine.
[Spoiler] At the end, Bowser admits that Peach really isn't Jr.'s mother, but Jr. decides that he wants to fight Mario again[]

>> No.39668714

Fuck me, can't spoiler for shit on phone

>> No.39668821

I like to think Jr. is just one more kid adopted by the King of Awesome when he realized the others were getting older.

>> No.39669006

>King of Awesome
I'd be more impressed by him if his plans actually worked.

I mean, he did steal the Star Rod from Dreamland in Paper Mario, apparently, but Mario got divine help and jumped on his head a bunch until he gave up.

As for all these extra races, I think we should just dedicate an extra page separate to them if we really want them. They shouldn't be core, but if someone else wants to use them, they can look at the expansion page.

>> No.39669054

New Super Mario (Pen &) Paper RPG Galaxy World 3: The Lost Levels for Wii U

>> No.39669113

Confirmed for never actually beating sunshine yourself and just going off pages form a wiki.
Bowser never actually says that or confirms it.
Bowser says SOMETHING about Princess Peach, and then he is interupted by Bowser Jr saying that he knows she isn't really his mother. But we don't know for sure if that is what he was gonna say.

>> No.39669118

It seems like Bowser is just into drama and makes loud contradictory claims about his family life to get attention. Sort of how like the Koopalings were his children, but now he says they aren't, probably because he's mad at them. And the Koopalings have three different last names, so Bowser has at least four different babymamas running around, plus a girlfriend on the side.

>> No.39669136

That is a beautiful expansion name.

Also, I wish this was a real game. Silly Mario style RPG set in the Galaxy, with untold stories following Luigi and his unlikely team up with Waluigi.

>> No.39669167

And yet in the example given it has a DC of 1. One success should be the DC for the easiest task that's still hard enough to warrant rolling dice for it. The equivalent to a DC of 8 or 10 in D&D, or 1 success in White Wolf games. Something skilled low-level adventurers can fail at now and then, and something a completely untrained commoner would succeed at around half the time.

>> No.39669306

Well yes, but if it's more than that, you should raise it higher. The average Toad and Koopa have a Smarts of 3, so that's about on par with that DC. However, when you get to realms of more rare knowledge, it should be pretty darn high, considering you should also have a Smarts that's more than twice average. Heck, my starting character already has 6 smarts, so this wouldn't be a problem at all.

Easiest task, I agree, should stay at 1. But my example was meant to be the equivalent of "This is the first recorded species of a mushroom. Roll Smarts to see if you can figure out it's traits." If you have average smarts, it's probably going to be impossible to just figure out what properties it has, so you need higher smarts to have a chance at it.

>> No.39669368

If basically nothing succeeds with only 1 success, it's kind of a misnomer, and it's pointless number inflation.

>> No.39669398

I never said basically nothing succeeds with a 1. If it's a more common mushroom or item, it's fairly common knowledge, and probably in a book that you can look up.

If it's not common knowledge or difficult to remember, like learning arcane magic, it should be higher.

>> No.39669425

The thing I usually do in PF is, give every task DCs they can reasonably reach with their stats but change the result depending on those stats.

Like, a common Toad will easily pass a success 1 check but never get anything beyond "Yes, this mushroom is indeed very mushroomy", while, say, a Smarts 6 Shy Guy will be given a 3 success check that gives a more detailed readout of the mushroom.

>> No.39669520

If an untrained commoner succeeds at it 7/8 of the time (as they would with a DC 1 check and a 3 in the relevant stat,) I'd say that it's not rolling dice for. That would be the equivalent of a DC 2 skill check in D&D.

>> No.39669593

What about more successes in general lead to more information? The example in the wiki is DC of 1 "You know it's a ___ mushroom" and getting s 2 or more is "This is a ___ mushroom. It also grows in another forest south of here. It's commonly used in medicines."

I see your point. Forgot probability. Yeah, if average is a 3, basic checks of pass fail should probably be 2, except for having graduated steps of more info, like in the wiki example.

>> No.39669769

The important thing to remember about dice pools like this is that for every 1 you go up, the character needs two more in the relevant stat to hit it 50% of the time.

At 1, they can do it on one die.
At 2, they need to be average (3)
At 3, they need to be at 5
And 4 you need the maximum starting character limit

I would go with:
1: Something is at risk which is why we are rolling dice, but you probably got this.
2: Normal Task, average characters are at risk, deficient characters even more so, but if this is a thing you are good at, you are (probably) fine.
3: Tough Task, without training in this area you are likely to fail, you need a very good stat, help, and/or a trait here to reliably succeed at this
4+: Super Task, regular folk just aren't able to do this without at least some help and a whole lot of luck. Doing stuff like this regularly is why they call him "Super Mario" instead of regular Mario.

I would also suggest for more granularity a .5 difficulty level, which is -1 die.

For example a 1.5 difficulty task would need one only 1 success, but they roll one less die on it. 2.5 is 2 success but again, they roll one less die.

>> No.39669830

>dice pool examples
Yeah, that's sorta what I was trying to say. Not sure that it came out correctly.

>.5 diffculty
So instead of being able to roll 3 for an average, you'd roll as if you had 2? DC 1.5, roll Stat-1, still need one success? I think it could work, not sure how I feel though.

>> No.39669894
File: 19 KB, 500x250, tumblr_mklwyyEF1I1rrftcdo1_500[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll try my hand at this.

Race: Wiggler
> +2 Heart
> -1 Speed
> Racial Bonus: "White Flower": Wiggler's are easily identified by the white flower growing on their head, making them look very unintimidating. +1 Coolness when dealing with other races.
> Racial Power: "Vigor Up": for 2 FP, a wiggler can trigger Stat UP (Power) on himself. (for the default 3 turns)
> "Overrun": After you succeed on knocking down an opponent, you can make a second attack with your long wiggler body, with a -1 penalty to Power.
> "Hind Legs": With the use of your hind legs, you get a +1 to guard attempt made against melee attacks.

>> No.39670032

For what it's worth, Volt Shrooms aren't THAT uncommon (you can buy them in shops in the actual Paper Mario games), hence the low DC. I used the example with the idea of the character never seeing a Volt Shroom in the wild or something similar.

>> No.39670085

>Racial Bonus:
That seems a bit too much, as that's probably going to be in effect all the time. How many Wigglers do you see normally?
>Racial Power:
This is something I'd make be a PP purchase, not a Racial thing. Most anything could use magic to get a power up ability, I wouldn't just hand it out to Wigglers.
Also, races only get one specific bonus or one of a few choices, on top of the stat modifiers.

Also meant to comment on Tiberius' penguin, it doesn't seem like he has two bonus', one is a bonus, the other is a detriment.

>> No.39670096

What's with throwing extra perks up there? You've got bonus stats and a basic racial ability. The perks are character-specific, not race specific.

>captcha asks for cakes
>one of the cakes is a Mario Kart: Double Dash cake with M&L on it

>> No.39670176


That is pretty fucking good though, haha.

They could be character specific, just not named like all the other perks.
I'd change them to be "See you next fall!" and "Kicks like a mule", and then remove the flavor of wiggler body.

>> No.39670186

The second Racial Bonus seems pretty OP for an initial CharGen.
I like your Overrun Perk idea.

I thought it apropos to add a pool of possible perks to be able to draw from during Character Gen. Not necessary, but helpful.

>> No.39670194

> Racial Bonus
Yeah the idea was to make wigglers look less hostile, but there's not a suitable game mechanic I could find for that. Perhaps it should be left to fluff.
> Racial Power
This is supposed to be the main racial ability, to enter a D&D- esque rage. This is what makes wigglers unique, the abilit to rage and turn red. Perhaps once/day +1 power for three turns would be better.

>> No.39670227

>Wiggler racial power
>not going berserk

>> No.39670253

I have a surely important question.
Where is Diamond City in relation to the Mario world?
Is it on some faraway continent? Is it a pocket dimension under Waluigi's hat? Just where is it?

>> No.39670258

Yeah, racial abilities that require activation don't take FP, but are limited by stats. I'd up it to be something like Heart or maybe Heart/2 times per day.

>Making Wigglers less hostile
I think that's either best as fluff, or maybe build on it as a character specific perk.

>> No.39670290
File: 99 KB, 312x479, 312px-Birdo_MP9[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This should probably be a playable race, though I'm not sure who would want to play it.

Race: Birdo
> Stats: +1 Smarts, +1 Coolness, -1 Power
> Abilities: "Egg" - A birdo may shoot an egg from her mouth. She may hold a number of eggs per day equal to her Coolness rating. The impact of the egg equals her power rating.


>> No.39670311

No... just no. There doesn't need to be more than one Birdo in existence.

>> No.39670323


>> No.39670347

Just run a modded Yoshi? Part of the point of the perk system is that it allows multiple races to fall under the base, most common race. Like how the Shadow Sirens are modded boos.

>+ coolness

>> No.39670348


Pretty sure Catherine's a dude.

>> No.39670375

Seems too close to Yoshi, and Yoshi seems to do it's job better, as Yoshi can swallow almost anything and get more eggs to throw.

>> No.39670387

Birdos and Yoshis are so similar that they should probably just be the same race. They even both have the ability to lay eggs regardless of sex.

>> No.39670495

fair enough.

probably the better option indeed.

>> No.39670540
File: 10 KB, 230x219, birdo boy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39670585

A harmless courtesy

>> No.39670824

Is there a big encyclopedia of NPCs, or are those still in the process of being made. I want to find stats for Bowser, the biggest of bads.

>> No.39670826

Tell that to Peach when she finds him in the ladies' room.

>> No.39670867

Why's she looking?

>> No.39670928

I have a really stupid idea for a campaign I might try on Roll20. The PCs are the security staff at one of the sports arenas where the heroes and villains routinely meet to race go-karts or play tennis or whatever. The locals don't put their animosities aside as easy as their leaders do, and there are fistfights to break up and lost children to return to their parents, and some of the rowdy fans have been touching Fuzzy

>> No.39670962

I would assume characters like Bowser and the Mario bros. are just straight up "you lose".

>> No.39671020


Then why not call 'her' 'Birdetta'?

Also, why are Yoshis given the opposite treatment and nobody bats an eyelid? The whole species -lays- eggs which can hatch into baby Yoshis, making them a purely Female species, yet everyone goes out of their way to refer to them as the masculine persona they've adopted?

>> No.39671095

The Yoshis seen in the games only lay unfertilized eggs that are more like owl/rabbit pellets as they are usually made from the undigestable remains of their prey, explicitly for use as a weapon instead of reproduction.

For all we know they aren't even laid and are brought by the stork like the Mario bros were.

Fuck, let's not fucking do this I don't want another DEEPEST LORE thread.

>> No.39671105

Royal privilege.

>> No.39671221

So she's the royal cloaca inspector?

>> No.39671301
File: 228 KB, 612x467, 1362618983157.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are humans so rare on the mushroom world anyway?

>> No.39671396

Because they're not native to it? My guess is that every human was at some point flushed down a toilet from Brooklyn, and only like five men and three women have ever made it, so they haven't really had time to spread.

>> No.39671442

The Mario Bros. are canonically from Brooklyn, the princesses aren't explained and Rosa/the Wario Bros. aren't exactly human (Rosa is a space wizard goddess and the Wario Bros. are more like greedy elves with tumblrnoses), so most likely because humans are outsiders.

>> No.39671450

Are we really keeping that idea for how humans get there? I guess it could work since almost all of the male humans in the Mario World are plumbers. You could explain off that the princesses were brought there magically, then found and adopted by royalty.

>> No.39671490

>the Wario Bros. are more like greedy elves with tumblrnoses
If Birdo is Subcon Yoshi, maybe the Wario Bros. are Subcon Mario Bros.

>> No.39671573

The princesses were clearly discarded babies from Brooklyn, disposed of in the sewer and rescued by Toad royalty

>> No.39671617

if that were the case they'd have brooklyn accents (because that is genetic) and some actual character

>> No.39671631

And Captain Syrup was a teenage runaway who fell into a sewer drain, probably while trying to warm herself from the decomposing shit vapors.

>> No.39671734
File: 101 KB, 520x724, dk_swinging.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's one we haven't thought of yet. Kongs exist somewhere in the Mario World.
Race: Kong.
>Stats: +1Speed, +1choose -1choose.
This is in case you want to make an extra fast Diddy, a powerful Donkey, a smart Cranky, or a cool Funky. Basically the Kongs specialize in one thing while also being very agile.
>Abilities: Special Tool- Every Kong has a special tool that they can carry and use masterfully. Choose any tool, and equip a wooden or banana version of it.
It's a bit similar to the ShyGuy gadget.

>> No.39671737

The princesses may have came from ancient Italy (after Rom, but before Mussolini).
The Wario Brothers are "just there". If you found extremely ancient toadish or loops relics, you would find carvings of them being general assholes.

>> No.39671772

Does that mean Mario is a ripoff of Wario instead of the other way around?

>> No.39672042

>Somewhere put there, there is a W-princess, with mold people citizens, who are constantly hounded by iguana people and their kimono Dragon king

>> No.39672051


I prefer my idea for their racial ability

>Expand Dong
>Once per combat session, roll Smarts (TN 2) to obtain a banana
>On use, banana heals 5 HP and user obtains banana peel.
Peel stuns one enemy for one turn on use.

>> No.39672444

Nah, Yoshi's Island says the Mario Bros. have always been Mushroom Kingdom natives (what with the stork). They do have what appear to be human parents, so there's a strong chance the current cast of humans definitely aren't the first humans.

>> No.39672497

And since we're counting spinoffs, we see CK, Mario, Wario, and Peach as children together in Yoshi's Island DS. I think the safest thing to assume is that there's an easily accessible parallel world like the Sprixie Kingdom that just has a lot of humans in it, and some kinda Brooklyn.

>> No.39672578

I'm pretty sure that's baby DK, not Cranky. The Kong family just invites a huge mess into the whole thing.

>> No.39672737

Why are Namekians a masculine asexually-reproducing race?

>> No.39672763

Fetishes for every taste, my dear Anon.

Fetishes for every taste.

>> No.39672793

You're inviting contemplation of the notion that Baby Mario/Luigi/Peach/Daisy existing in the same timeframe as their grownup counterparts is NOT a problem.

Not cool, man.

>> No.39672807

>They do have what appear to be human parents
So who's the father, Lou Albano? Bob Hoskins?

>> No.39672811

Any asexually reproducing race will seem more masculine, due to not needing the female sexual characteristics that are only a burden on sexually reproducing creatures.

Evolution is cockblocking you, bro.

>> No.39672819

Mr. and Mrs. Mario obviously

>> No.39672825

Her name is bernice, it's an upside down P.

>> No.39672838

What, if any, masculine-seeming asexual organisms exist in nature?

>> No.39672871

Wario is an actual being, Walugi is a magical construct created and sustained by Wario's greed - Mario had a doubles partner for tennis, so he had to have one too.

>> No.39672966
File: 141 KB, 700x353, KimonoDragon3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>kimono dragon
Now I want to see Bowser wearing a kimono bow in the front

>> No.39673015

The original Mario Bros that came from Brooklyn.

>> No.39673030


>> No.39673902
File: 268 KB, 520x400, 57326fa1a086ed50bd9831266465239a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.39673959

That reminds me, would Diamond City (and for that matter, Kongo Jungle) exist somewhere in the Mushroom World?

>> No.39674110
File: 12 KB, 162x229, 1209427575563.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't see why not. There are known to be giant metropolises (Mushroom City), and there's no way Kong Island (more like Kong Archipelago after Tropical Freeze) wouldn't exist in this world. Besides, it'd be pretty cool for the party to meet the likes of Ashley or Kat & Ana.

Reminder that Mona canonically has a crush on Wario.

>> No.39674576

Didn't you actually list Diamond City as a potential hometown?

>> No.39674728

Indeed I did.

>> No.39674804

If I knew a thing about DMing, this would be the setting.

>> No.39674885 [SPOILER] 
File: 73 KB, 226x335, 1430435375005.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ask and you shall receive.
>honestly, what the fuck am I doing with my life that I can make this?

>> No.39674937

God's work, Anon, that's what you;re doing.

>> No.39674957

That is absolutely fantastic

>> No.39674970

Just do it anyway anon, there seem to be no shortage of anons who would love to play this system, and I am sure if you qualify it with being a new GM they'll cut you some slack.

Best way to learn about GMing is to do it!

>> No.39674983

Very nice anon. That tie...

>> No.39675048

He said bow in the front... so thats what I did. I felt that pink on pink wasn't aesthetically pleasing so I changed it to white.

>> No.39676050

Hey TIberius, Sploda/ZaG here, how did the meet and greet go? Will the game will be on using Roll20?

>> No.39676104

Its gonna be on Roll20 in an hour. You shouldve gotten a PM on roll20 about it.

>> No.39676141


>idea for a campaign
I don't even care, we have players here that wanted to try the system. If you could work the stats into a sports game, go for it.

>> No.39676153

Yeah I got one yesterday. Cool, no worries then.

>> No.39676349

>how did the meet and greet go
Well, we're not assholes, haha. Spooky(me), Boonevere, and Tiberius and I were able to at least talk and went over some basics about what he did with the characters. Also, this is mostly a test run for a session or two, so don't expect super deep plot. If this seems to be a success, we can shoot for a bigger plot, but otherwise we'll play it by ear.

>> No.39676494

Ah, that's great to here. My last (and before this, only) experience with Roll20 wasn't so great.

And yeah just a simple, good plot to start off with would be great for this game, it should be all we need to have fun.

>> No.39676530

What the fuck is wrong with her

>> No.39676569

>crush on Wario
I think that's a crush on his money.

Too close to Shy Guy for racial ability. Expand Dong, as silly as it is, works much better for uniqueness.

You mean Waluigi is Wario's stand?

>> No.39676574
File: 16 KB, 320x288, Hobgoblin describes its trash meal.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She has good taste

>> No.39676785

Really, I always imagined he tasted like rotten tomatoes.

...not what we were talking about, huh?

>> No.39676893


DK 94 does show that Mario actually wandered into the Mushroom Kingdom by accident chasing Cranky Kong, which implies that Mario was born in the Mushroom Kingdom, later moved out into either Italy and then to Brooklyn or Brooklyn directly, and only after the events of Donkey Kong figured out where the Mushroom Kingdom was again.

>> No.39676925

I want to think of ideas for it as a setting, but I'm drawing blanks.
Do any of you guys have ideas?

>> No.39676963

The sweetest fruit is the one you know you're never going to taste, and no woman will ever have Wario.

>> No.39676982

>stable income
>hard worker
>sense of humor
>loves good food
>big strong arms
ain't nothin' wrong with liking wario

>> No.39677001

But that's not a food or flower.

>> No.39677024

Daisy needs some foreign ingredients to bake a cake. Of course, that's a lot of work for someone making a cake and ruling a kingdom, so she's hires some adventurers to gather it for her. Cue having to fight off Piranha Plants and Bullet Bills to obtain legendary Star Spices.

Otherwise, you could be the advisor/representative of another country, looking to partner or undermine the Mushroom Kingdom. Your end goal is either total help or total power depending on what you want. Have to win the favor of or discredit Princess Peach and have a coup or something. Maybe have to cut a few deals with Bowser and then have the two groups double cross one another if they want.

>> No.39677048

A beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world

>> No.39677050

Wario hired you to be actors in his microgames, but someone's sabotaging his games and putting you in danger.
There's a woman who is constantly being kidnapped, and hired you as bodyguards.
The Toad army is trying to replicate Bowser's factory, and has hired you to help build it. But Bowser has sent an army led by a Quad of Bros to take it out. Or you're part of Bowser's army to destroy it.

>> No.39677061
File: 181 KB, 480x640, 419e03324600c150b8494e601ea9ce0a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All the hearts Wario stole are strictly incidental to all the money he stole. He is the embodiment of "get money, fuck bitches."

>> No.39677106

There's an evil grody princess named Beach that constantly sends her mold minions to harass the Komodo Komradery, a peaceful commune of reptiles, and make a husband of their leader. On one such mission the Molds get lost, wander into the nearby Koopa Kingdom, and end up kidnapping Bowser by mistake.

>> No.39677108

Not while he surrounded by his wall of Money, anyway.

>Wario hired you to be actors in his microgames, but someone's sabotaging his games and putting you in danger.
I actually really like this one.

>> No.39677188

I meant W-Land, but those are great ideas.
I really like the foreign ambassador idea, it's always fun to interact with something like that from an outside-in kind of way.
the Wario adventure would be great if you actually made your players play videogames from one of the Shakespeare titles to pass certain rolls
That's a really good idea, it would let your standard adventuring party interact with the kingdom without needing some knowledge of it, because it's so spontaneous.

>> No.39677411

I like to think that the party wouldn't be the only ones aiming to get Bowser back. Every Koopa, Goomba, and Shyguy knows that Bowser is cool enough to reward them handsomely for rescuing him, provided their story of how Bowser totally didn't need their help and escaped by himself is cool enough. So in addition to everything else you have every ambitious member of the Koopa Troop racing you for him.

>> No.39677434

>5 men
Foreman Spike?

>3 women
Captain Syrup?

>> No.39677546
File: 6 KB, 118x175, KingToadstool.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


If we're cointing spin-offs and obscure game references:

-Don't forget the Mushroom Lords of Super Mario Bros. 3 (or the Mushroom King himself, for the matter. Where IS the Mushroom King, anyway? Shouldn't Mario rescue him or something?)
-Subcon is ruled by a human king, who also has a human assistant.
-Mario Tennis takes place in a city predominantly inhabited by humans.
-Jewelry Land is also ruled by human nobility.
-That weirdo in Super Mario Sunshine who dresses likea Pianta.
-Professor Elvin Gadd, of course.
-Foreman Spike, who is also most likely an outsider who came from Brooklyn.

The inhabitants of Twilight Town, Cragnons, and Cave People could all be considered subspecies of humans in the same way that Clubbas and Buzzy Beetles and the like are distant relatives of Koopa.

>> No.39677606
File: 26 KB, 266x369, Smrpg_booster.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Silly me forgetting Booster as well.

>> No.39677629

Princess Buni (an Indian berry)
and Princess Dahlia (another member of the daisy family asteraceae)

>> No.39677722

King K. Rool and his cronies came to Bowser and proposed a good old fashioned villain team up. That was years ago, and the Kremlings have been crashing on Bowser's proverbial couch being useless lazy crocodiles. It is clear that his last bout with the Kongs broke the king's spirit. It is up to YOU, as Bowser's personal trainers and life coaches, to whip his fat sad butt back into shape, rebuild his confidence, and most importantly: get him out of Bowser's house.

>> No.39677909
File: 214 KB, 900x789, 1429848836290.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thread is sinking everyone, onward to the next thread!

>> No.39678339

Does Waluigi help him get more money?

>> No.39678690
File: 85 KB, 480x560, b2c1e6f740ac9008adc41a8875eb2e59.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39678897

The PCs wouldn't be the ones playing the sports. If you really wanted to know who won something you could just do a couple of opposed checks.

>> No.39678981

I was thinking of Professor Gadd

>> No.39679673

What even is Waluigi's deal anyway? i mean Mario's the hero, Luigi's the lovable but cowardly sidekick, Wario's a greedy asshole...

...and Waluigi's just Waluigi.

I don't get him at all. What does he DO?

>> No.39679925

Waluigi only exists because Wario wanted a brother, because he can't be caught not having something that Mario has. So he got some street weirdo to do it.

>> No.39680006
File: 34 KB, 400x400, 5312.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think it's safer to call him a deviant of sorts and move on. He's a negative Luigi, so he's a bit of a wretch.

>> No.39680048

Has he appeared in any of the Paper Mario or Mario & Luigi games? An RPG where you play as all four plumbers would be pretty cool

>> No.39680180

The Wario Bros. have never appeared in a mainline game together.

Didn't someone say they were making a new thread?

>> No.39680356

When Camelot (i.e. not Nintendo) was making Mario Tennis, they realized Wario had no suitable doubles partner. So they made one up.
Where Luigi is cowardly but he can buck up to get shit done, Waluigi thinks the world is out to get him.

>> No.39680362

The only thing Waluigi's been a major part of, is as the main villain in Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix. Otherwise, he's spinoffs only.

>> No.39680380

Waluigi IS.

>> No.39680599

Plus, I like to think he's out to claim Daisy as his own.

>> No.39680666

New thread: >>39680644

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