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Hello and welcome to the Power Armor CYOA: Teamwork Edition General!
There will be Games edition.
Wait for 2.0, Post about 2.0, maybe discuss suit builds or discuss fluff

>Rizon IRC Channels
#PACYOA for Teamwork Edition
#suits for Armored Descent
#/suits/ for Teamwork Edition missions

>How to make a wikia page

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Faction Pages

Galleries of Power Armor images for character creation


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Let's dedicate this thread soley for the purpose of announcing new games or mission relevant content.

Mission signup incoming

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"Gentlemen. As you know Chicago is at War. Most of the Pheonix Collective and Allied forces are spread around the Illinois area trying to stem the main tide of Reddit and Tumblr's assault on our American holdings. We've got waves enemies and battleships coming in from every angle it's all we can do to keep the supply lines through Canada open."

"A few days ago while AC forces were securing the northern Chicago sector, a Super Fortresses managed to breech the contested airspace and reach the Chicago Illinois Area. The Collective were able to divert some of its forces to disable its shields and take out its engines. However, the ship itself crashed directly on Chicago itself, south of the downtown area, and the Collective are needed elsewhere to respond to the gap left by focusing on taking it down

Even without shields and flight, that armor's thick enough to shrug off anything we have deployed in the region outside than the Anti-Matter option, which has not been authorized for the Chicago. It has enough firepower to pulverize our downtown forces alone. Fortunately most of it's faced in the wrong direction.

Its already forced us to pull out anything south of the Chicago area and is denying us from sending anything by air in this area without getting atomized. The ships broadsides are also denying us entry from the Lake area as well.

This leaves a major gap in our southern flank for enemy forces to pour in through.

That's where you come in. We need a covert team of suits to find a way into the ship and disable its power source, as well as make a mess of any of the clankers you find inside.

The ship itself is approximately 2 kilmeters in length and if what we're reading correctly can hold a virtual army of 40,000 inside. You may have noticed it's a replica of the Star Destroyer from the Star Wars films.

You'll receive further briefs, updates, and a more accurate map until you arrive as we continue to asses analyze the situation.

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At the same time this covert operation takes place, we cannot allow any further attacks from the south to penetrate our defensive positions. While the covert team infiltrates the ship, there may be a need for non-covert forces to assist defenders in ensuring a strong perimeter.

Mission Type: Stealth
Primary Objectives: Disable and disarm the active Super Fort
Secondary Objectives: Prevent the penetration of TA/Reddit forces headed into the downtown area

Mission will run on Saturday 2nd of April this week, approximate start time is 2-3 EST, desired number of players is 5-7 and preference will be given to newbies.

Stealth suits medium or smaller strongly suggested.

A small number and larger suits will be allowed for newbies with the purpose of combat training and defense of the southern perimeter

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As my classes are drawing to a close this week, I will be able to shift the given run date pending upon if new players (or newish players) would find another date more convenient to play.

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>Ivan mission

Hell yes, count me in. Granted, I have no idea what my weekend looks like at the moment, but barring any major changes, yep, I'll be there.

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Considering what the janitor said about the rewrite, can we also use it so anons can give feedback and suggestions as to how alter the lore while still keeping it TE?

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Lore discussion isn't something new in the slightest, but do try and keep the "wow the lore stinks" stuff to a minimum.

Who knows maybe we might accomplish something good

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Wow, the lore stinks

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I'm thinking about creating Power Armour that's very Support oriented. I'm going to be very busy tomorrow, but I'd have enough time to crunch out a set of Power Armour and a character.

Thinking of joining the Armour Corps and either a Medium or Heavy class suit. Also, I've read the Factions pdf so I've got a slight inkling of lore. Could anyone bring me up to speed?

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Once upon a time a race of advance aliens known as the Vannai with hyper advanced technology began to run out of a specific mix of gasses needed to sustain a substance known as "The Black Sludge", a nanite like substance source of their advanced technology and what all suits and Vannai tech is apparently made of.

They found these gases in the atmosphere of Earth. For some reason, (perhaps having lived in peace for so long, we don't know why), they were utterly inept at warfare so couldn't do an outright invasion.

Instead they decided to have humanity wipe out each other out by dropping pods with samples of their technology and the ability to pilot a suit mecha

Their first encounter with humanity was through their internet media. Tumblr was selected to recieve the first wave of Pods. However, these pods also contained a specific strain of nanites, A-05, which turned most of them into genocidal mindless berserkers and killing machines under direct sway of the Vannai

The Second Wave was sent to 4channers, these did not have A-05 but a different degree of Nanites, which left their free will intact but increased senses of heroism and courage. However it came at the cost of rendering them unconscious for about 3 weeks.

The Third Wave was sent to Reddit. They too retained their free will, but unlike Tumblr or 4chan weren't given a ton of resources in their pods, and were expected to make the most of their ingenuity and craftiness.

Supposedly these waves of pods came on the same day, the events of "suitfall" are poorly documented. It is known that even before the pods fell from the sky the Vannai had prepared to engineer World War 3 as well as hack and disable all communications and technology, bringing about a Mecha Armageddon unlike any other.

During this time, as the 4chan pod users, were unconcsious for 3 weeks many of them were killed and almost none of them with few exceptions where there to see all of suitfall, much less survive it.

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Aliens invaded, dropped suits of armor for us to kill ourselves with while they watch and learn how to fight.

AC was the original faction built from the ragtag resistance that survived the initial assault. Other factions are offshoots of AC.

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The three most important missions to the story are Falling Down, Unlikely Heroes, and Water Main. These are the first three missions (actual game threads on 4chan) that not only debut the game but also expanded the lore tremendously informing us of the alien Vannai and their plot.

After these missions, due to some major events, other factions would split off and form, in particular the Tumblr Engineers, noble Tumblerites who were found to not be infected by the A0-5 berserker nanites or any nanites at all. Thus the Vannai would not be able to spy on them, as the vannai spy on anyone with nanites, and it would give them the ability to reverse engineer their technology.

At the start, Armor Corps was but a small organization stationed in Vancouver and somewhere in New Zealand and much of the world was a wasteland of isolated towns and cities scraping for resources. Months later, after hard fought battles lined with tears and blood, AC and our faction allies have grown to a global scale across the world, reuniting several of the nation remnants and city states in a pseudo United Nations, and are kicking Tumblr out of their ruined city bases and taking them back in what is called the Bright Offensive.

Since that time we have had all sorts of combat missions (the bread and butter of the game) and fluff missions (non-combat RP sessions for character/plot development).

Some of the main highlights include:
Operation Relay - Where we fought off a TA assault and established a large communications tower to restore Global Communications
Operation War and Peace / Operation Heart of Darkness - A stealth operation which has revealed much about the nature of Reddit and Nanites as well as given us the ability to track all global TA and Reddit movements

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One more thing.

The Vannai are using the experience gained from all nanite infected pilots to add to their knowledge of warfare and weaponry.

By using the memories and experiences of these pilots and adpating it to themselves, and exhausting the efforts and resources of humanity, they are, we suspect and theorize, readying to do a final invasion themselves.

Not it's up to us to find a way to stop them.


Tl;dr basically >>39646768

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Thanks Ivan.

I'd like to ask how I'd be able to jump in after crafting my character. Quite an interesting concept, I remember when Power Armour CYOA was just a recurring CYOA in the general threads.

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What's the entire thing regarding symbiotes? They seem to be just a footnote in the setting, which in and of itself is fine, it's just hard to find out stuff about them. In terms of players, are they simply suits that took the Bio Body Type?

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Wow, the lore stinks

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I'm up I guess as back-up if not enough new players sign up.

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I'm signing up, I just want to know how I'd be able to jump in once I craft my character/power armour.

Might take me all of tomorrow though.

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Symbiotes are an AD thing. We don't have those here, just Bio suits/drones

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My b then.

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What >>39646990 sai actually I think it's an entirely different cyoa and separate from AD. You could fluff Bio suits as Symbiote suits but you still have to follow the same formula and shit.

And seeing as how Ivan wants Saturday, guess I'll take Sunday, damn or iunno because I want to go to the range on Sunday though. Will post more specifics later.

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Let's put it like this; TE hasn't slowly decayed into its current state because of the players, the lore, or even the fucking terribad gameplay

It's because the lack of new, or even any content whatsoever
Fool hasn't run a game since fucking January and there hasn't been a major update since November

Lack of any content from the creator tends to kill off everything
Hell, 2.0 was practically announced 3 months ago and it's still somehow not done yet, and at this point it wont matter a bit, since everyone's tired of how TE runs in the first place

Not to mention the retards making 2.0 don't even understand the fundamental problems with TE

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Hands up for the security detail
need my build?

>> No.39647355

A build is always helpful!

>> No.39647392


Hi Darude. How's the TE-AD conversion going?

>> No.39647429

Would you like the Rip and Tear Huge Guts build
or the shielded Dakka Dakka build?

>> No.39647481


About as well as the MECYOA probably.

>> No.39647489

Pick yer poison friend, the latter may be helpful in protecting allied troops but the first might have a better time killing dangerous targets

>> No.39647503

So basically nonexistent then.

>> No.39647531


Will sign up once I have a not complete shit functional stealth build.

>> No.39647953

If you have space on game day I will join, but as my suit is a Fortress tank I will be doing Guard duty I guess.

Can perhaps help transport the infiltration team to and from the downed vessel if that would be needed, but that is about what I can do for the Infiltrators.

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Btw Ivan, when is this mission happening? What "year/month/day" so to speak, I wonder as my "suit" is currently in a mission in Krakow, but that is slightly after Operation Relay (I think?).

>> No.39648509

This mission is definitively post Relay because it is technically part of the Bright Offensive.

As for Krakow I don't know

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Put me on reserve if newbies want to play, but I'm up for it


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I was referring to the Bright offensive period, had just forgotten the name.

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Over by 10 points

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And body types don't work like that either

>> No.39650182


Been a long time since I played, mimic needed another body type in order to work, and so did variable

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Mimic just copies the body types of enemies and/or allies. Every other body size is perfect for Mimic, tfw Medium and Mimic and barely fight Medium sized enemies in games...but yeah Mimic isn't like Bio or Sexy or Mount.

Also I forgot if you were in War & Peace or if using Bouncer or not but you get one of the bonus equipment. Or if just using Vinny I guess that's cool.

>> No.39650435

I thought it said you needed another body type if you want to have mimic, so I just tacked on naga there

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Rolled 41, 19, 7, 88, 35, 50, 76 = 316 (7d100)

Rolling for reasons

>> No.39651715


>> No.39651737

Rolled 70 (1d100)

This is how you roll for lewd

>> No.39651807

You did well.

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Is disguising a heavy as a tank or small building stealthy?

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I guess I'll join in on something other than a giant melee thing.

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If enemies see a Tank then they're gonna treat it as a threat, so no Tanks are not stealthy. They have good low profiles but Heavies and Forts still can't stealth very well. Only thing that might have the profile of a building would be an Overlord and maybe a Quadruped at rest, a Fort using Collapsible can make their suit look like a slightly smaller building, but then way it's said Collapsible turns your suit into an accessory, now I wonder if my alt's Collapsed Fortress' suit counts if it's in the shape of the Tsar Bomba or not.

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Well Stealth Tanks sorta exist already, Camouflage won't protect you from Radar or other sensors, maybe sorta Thermals. You'll still be loud though and that'll draw attention.


>tfw Poland builds a future Tank
>dunno if it'll function well against other tanks or just against enemy personnel but this makes me excite anyway.

>> No.39655907

Why not simply keep the tank as an "Oh shit" button? Like, if shit goes wrong and the team needs to get the fuck out of there BAM, tank out of nowhere, A-Team style

>> No.39656847

I'd like to join, need to choose a build but will step aside if any newbies want in.

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ded gaem

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Ded game?

>> No.39666046

Ded gaem
No skellingtons of hype

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Lets talk guns
what kind of death dealing boom makers would
you like to see in 2.0?

I'd like to see the variety of sizes widen
maybe some more situational weps

>> No.39666449

Would love to see some disintegration weapons

>> No.39667851

We don't need new weapon, maybe separate upgrades and an expansion of what each weapon can do, but not new weapons until the Black Market.

>> No.39668571


Black Market is coming together with 2.0. The new stuff and old mission rewards are gonna be there.

>> No.39668801

>Turtle being reasonable and helpful two threads in a row.

I don't know what's real anymore.
>captcha Cool

>> No.39669090

He's not all bad.

Being able to customize your kit would be rather nice I think.

It could make the difference between
a single missile and a macross missle massacre
or an RPG and a tank shot
even in crunchy terms

Might be a bit hard to keep track of if we gave
them all interchangeable nick nacks tho
like reducing range for a close combat bonus
or fire rate for more damage
it'd be nice tho

maybe give each weapon a unique selection
of optional upgrades, perhaps

>> No.39670861

We really do need a better weapons system though

>> No.39671225

Agreed. Half their stats are useless

>> No.39673038

Oh cool. If you'll have me ivan I'll join with Joumun.


A interesting idea.

Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.


Also don't forget some missles are built differently. RPGS have a armor piecing tip to be forced past the armor. In that case the explosion is the added effect as it follows the metal.

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.. da aliums r comin ..

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>> No.39676169

Ohs noes

I see a Walking Tank

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>> No.39677387

I wanna say Maplestory boss? Or some other game sprite?

>> No.39677573

>dat groin piston


>> No.39680385


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>Not knowing Metal Slug
I'd call you out on your shit taste, but it's a known fact.

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Was totally gonna be my 2nd guess, but figured MS would be too obvious.

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It's the art style. MS is more pixelated. That looks too smooth compared to it.

>> No.39681799

>games will never have sprite art this good again

I weep for the future of gaming. ll we have is 3d shit that looks dated as fuck even one year later.

>> No.39681820


>games don't have good sprite art

>What is BlazBlue

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Couldn't find an image for my Power Armour/Mech

"Shield of Daybreak" (200)
Faction: Armor Corps

Class: Medium

- Tremorsense (-5)
- Adhesion (Free)

Body Type: Quadruped (-10)

Suit AI: Engineer (-10)

User Interface: Nerve Suit (-5)

Suit Status (0)
Advanced Suit Status (-5)
Hawkeye (-5)
Night Vision (-10)
Thermal Vision (-10)
Radar (-10)
Sonar (-10)

Radio Transmitter (0)
Comm Buoys (-10)

Heavy Shield x2 (-20)
Plasma Shield (-15)

Heavy x2 (20) "Cheeki and Breeki"
- Defenders (20) (Autocannons)

Environmental Controls I (-10)
Grappling Hooks (-5)
Storage (0)

Mycelium (-10)

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>Implying Tin Men

>> No.39687889

Nice! Where do you get those sprites from, Anon?

>> No.39687968

Metal slug enemy, google

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