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I need pictures, pictures of paladins!

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How about a knight?

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Tauroneo was my go-to General in Radiant Dawn. Gatrie's fine, but he wasn't nearly as cool.

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Paladin you say!

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>I don't enjoy killing, but when done righteously, it's just a chore, like any other

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My nigga.

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Gods I hate lawful stupid characters

although she ended as Chaotic Evil in the end

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She is a true Paladin


>a paladin can freely dispatch prisoners of Evil alignment that have surrendered and renounced that alignment in favor of Lawful Good. They are then sent on to their reward before they can backslide.
>An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is by no means anything but Lawful and Good. Prisoners guilty of murder or similar capital crimes can be executed without violating any precept of the alignment. Hanging is likely the usual method of such execution, although it might be beheading, strangulation, etc. A paladin is likely a figure that would be considered a fair judge of criminal conduct.
>The Anglo-Saxon punishment for rape and/or murder of a woman was as follows: tearing off of the scalp, cutting off of the ears and nose, blinding, chopping off of the feet and hands, and leaving the criminal beside the road for all bypassers to see. I don't know if they cauterized the limb stumps or not before doing that. It was said that a woman and child could walk the length and breadth of England without fear of molestation then...

According to Gygax himself, on a scale of 1 to 10 pic related is an 11 on the paladin-o-meter.

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And by that Stalin, Hitler and Mao were all Lawful Good.

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They didn't du nuffin

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I think it's safe to say that Gygax's definition of morality is pretty fucked up (and also textbook lawful evil that thinks they're being good somehow).

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Gygax, may he rest in piece, was the godfather of neckbeards who was making half of the stuff up on the fly; with only a rudimentary level of research, planing, or practice. His word is not absolute in any mater.

This is akin to saying Albert Einstein is the end-all authority of nuclear physics because he spearhead it's development. A mass of things he conceived/developed have long since been disproved or developed to the point where his contributions are no longer prevalent; remembered only out of respect.

And Einstein did megatons more relative research than Gary "Studded Leather" Gygax.

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gods how I hate the Alignment system

Khmer didn't du nuffin

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Khmer did it wrong because it managed to involution Cambodia

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shit someone help me where's that picture that gets tossed around here a lot that's the big burly fighting man dual wielding shields

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That's a really damn good photoshop of well-known pathfinder art, I am impressed!

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Transforming this into a everything edition.
Requesting pictures of brown haired dudes, anime-esque preferred. Thanks.

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Asian Paladin for a bit of variety.

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Can I join the party?

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I'm looking for pictures of fantasy boxers.

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gonna request some psion pics

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a fightbrain is fine too

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