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>"Iomedae (LG) is literally hitler"
Where does /tg/ come up with this stuff?

Also, I'm curious: What healer build options are there besides Cleric and Oradin? I'm particularly interested in healers that would be available in a T3/T4 game.

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I haven't given it a shot yet because it seems sort of rules intensive compared to games like Dungeon World. I'm also a noob so there's that.

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Where'd this come up about Iomedae?

Also, does anyone know where I can get a pdf of Lords of Chaos?

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Yesterday's /PFG/. But I was about to go out, so did not ask yesterday.

Compared to Dungeon World, basically everything is Rules-Intensive.

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Here. Have a magnet link.

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Forgot to tag your post.

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Is it in a purge all evil relentlessly kind of hitler?

I have an Inquisitor of Iomedae, so I'm curious.

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Wondrous Items and the Stuff they end up being used for by Inventive Players

>Mallet of Building
>used to coup-de-grace via the iron spike option

>Gloves of Shaping
>Fighter with Craft Pottery and Profession Carpenter

>Sovereign Glue
>invisible Arcane Trickster poured it over BBEG's feet, preventing escape

>Wasp Nest of Swarming
>aforementioned AT chucked it at aforementioned glued-in-place BBEG
>AT actually contributed to play: minds blown

I'm sure you people have stories of your own. Any Feather Token (Tree) shenanigans? That time you used Dust of Dryness on the Gillman emissary's water tank? Let's hear 'em.

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It was in a "is an evil nazi" kind of way.

It's not the first time I've heard it on /tg/, so I thought I'd ask wtf.

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Back in 3.0 (Called Shot) I liked to use Pellets of Dust of Dryness as sling bullets to kill BBEG monsters. Wait until it roars, get a good shot; and called-shot it down the monster's throat. Monster then explodes as (10 tons?) of water expand from inside his throat.

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T3/4 Healer - what are my choices? Do any of them make for a decent healer?

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Alchemist is always a good choice both as a healer and buffer, with a mixture of extracts and healing touch.

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I'm gonna go with the standard answer so we can cross that off the list:

>Anyone who can use and/or craft Wands of Infernal Healing

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How well do those hold up in a party where they'e the only source of healing?

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Fairly well if you focus on healing/buffs as the alchemist.

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Good to know.

What about wands? Are they a reliable source of healing?

How does the bard hold up as party healer/buffer?

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On the side of economics: 750 gp for 50 uses of Infernal Healing at 10 HP healed per pop, or 1.5gp per HP. There no cheaper way to get back on your feet, especially when you craft 'em yourself and only pay half.

Or get everyone to invest in Boots of the Earth (ISG, 5000gp) for that tasty Fast Healing 1 while standing still, it'll eliminate most post-battle healing if you have a few minutes to catch your breath.

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CLW pulls ahead if you are one of the classes that can use their own CL for wands.

Otherwise, yeah.

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>boots of the earth

now that's goofy

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I've never played Pathfinder, since 3.5 back in 2003.
But I just joined a roll20 game with a buddy.
Our DM had some unintentionally hilarious stat rolling gimmick and I ended up with
STR 18
DEX 15
CON 17
INT 12
WIS 17
CHA 11
Without adding in the racial trait yet.

So I am thinking of making a human cleric of Destruction/Magic and a ranged hammer hit with bonus damage.
Feats at level 1 are the dodge bonus to ac with the shield +1 AC, for a total of 21.
Do I get level 2 and 3 "Bonus Spells" from wisdom even at first level?

What should I not do?
Thanks in advance.

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>What should I not do?

Not taking Dodge would be a start.

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>Beckett's Guide to Clerics

>Brewer's Guide to Reach Clerics

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It seemed like AC was at a premium and there weren't many other feats that screamed usefulness.

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What's the actual price of slotless items? Like, let's say I wanted to make http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic-items/wondrous-items/wondrous-items/a-b/boots-of-speed as a tattoo. What would I double? The market price of boots of speed (so 24k) or the price of crafting it (making it 12k) ?

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Hey all, I'm thinking about coming back to the game after a while and there are alot of new splats I had no idea about. Basically just here to ask is the Advanced Class Guide any good? I heard that the Advanced Player's Guide/Core Book and the Advanced Race guide were pretty OP, and that the Advanced Combat/Magic books offered some crazy bonuses, but I really REALLY want to play a mammoth Shaman. Is Advanced Class guide too OP to use with previous released classes?

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A lot of /tg/ are shitty people to whom the notion of Justice is repugnant. They lash out at Iomedae because her tenets clash with their deeply held wickedness.

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It costs twice as much to craft AND twice as much to purchase, and you need GM approval.

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So twice as much as market price (24k)? That's all I needed to know.

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Or perhaps some of /tg/ have an absurd/twisted idea of justice, which has led people to think this is canon Iomedae, and thus decide Iomedae's a crazy nazi bitch.

I'd like to hear some of the "Iomedae is a crazy nazi" crowd explain why they think this; ideally. Is there something published that makes her seem unreasonable? Is it just how a GM used her? What?

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Price is doubled in all aspects. The crafting price is also increased.

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>Advanced Class guide too OP
Hybrid classes, bar the Arcanist, are the best thing to happen to the game in my opinion.

First of all get the idea of "OP" out of your head, its only a relevant term only when referring to the campaign and situation at hand. The most "broken" classes are right there in the BASIC CORE FUCKING RULEBOOK. The people that complain about the ACG are the people that complain when Martial classes have actual fucking options.

If anything the other splat books make things more balanced.

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Yeah. Oh. Wait.
It only costs twice as much to craft (so 12k)? Wasn't sure if I had to pay 24k for it just to craft it too.

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Crafting is always half market price, so yes, you would pay 12k to craft a 24k item.

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Okay. Sorry for the confusion.

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Mallet of Building is basically a piston maul in the right hands.

I use gloves of shaping to burst through walls, doors, floors and ceilings and do things like trap people in furniture.

Instant ice the caster's Aqueous orb for instant ice prison.

Tunnel borers can be used with a defoliant to knock out structures or to form fox holes or pits.

Jet caster with an oil lamp in the nozzle is an oil fed flame siphon.

Carriage with a rack of sky rockets is a whirlwind tank/Burratino.

Phosphorescent gel can be used as a crude timer for explosives.

Lightning bottles in a repeater crossbow frame is a make shift pump action shotgun.

Shocking touch with a metal cable lasso or barbed crossbow bolts from a crank crossbow for a way to conduct electricity into targets.

That kind of thing.

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Wizard is pretty damn strong. So I could play a shaman alongside the base classes and be fine? That sounds awesome.

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Where are all the pdf links?

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Vitalist is the best healer in all of PF and is a very comfortable mid-high T3.

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But vitalist is 3rd party and spooky!

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Shaman is actually pretty retarded strong, too. But as long as you pick a specialization or two and stick to them, instead of trying to do everything, you shouldn't ruin anybody's fun.

No, only the Soulthief Vitalist is spooky. The other two are not spooky at all!

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You're saying an objectively better Witch, a class that can spam sleep with no HD restriction is OP?

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What if the Ramziram Priest could cast 9th level cleric spells too?

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Uh, what? I just said Shaman is strong. It's a T1 class, but if you don't build it to marginalize your party members, it'll probably be fine.

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That sounds pretty OP to me?

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Nobody tends to share PDFs in the pathfinder threads.

Here you go, have a magnet link to a Pathfinder torrent.
Copy it into your address bar if you have a torrent client installed and go to town.

Most PF players use d20PFSRD + Archives of Nethys +PRD for most stuff.

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3rd Party is fine. I care about how playable/good it is, I don't care about who published it.

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Seriously, Mender Vitalist has the most potent healing in the game. It also is very definitely T3.

Soulthief and Guardian Vitalists are different playstyles (heal by blasting and damage prevention, respectively), but both are cool.

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So T3 Healers:
Vitalist>Alchemist>Bard>UMD with Wands?

I suppose an Oradin is probably still T3/4.

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I'd likely agree with that, except I'd say Bard and Alchemist are roughly equal healers.

The Bard doesn't need to take a discovery just so he can use his CLW extracts on other people, but the Bard doesn't have as much incentive to stack the crap out of his casting stat or as many healing options (even if the healing bombs suck).

Oradin is cool as shit, but takes forever to get running and can get fucked over if people are taking too much damage (but he can sever links so he doesn't get murdered horrifically from it, thankfully).

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>>"Iomedae (LG) is literally hitler"

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The nazi Iomedae thing started with a section in book 5 of Wrath of the Righteous. She teleports the party (15th level, high mythic, hero leaders of the crusade against the demons) into her shiny sanctum, with no warning or option to resist, and then gives them a surprise character evaluation to decide if they're worthy of her special little quest.

Problems with this include:
>quiz is heavily LG skewed, despite the campaign having no alignment restriction beyond "not okay with demons taking over"
>answering "incorrectly" results in being blasted with 5/10/20 d6 of sonic damage, while Iomedae makes condescending remarks
>PCs have no option to refuse or back out, even if they're non-worshippers or actively opposed in alignment (Desnans say hi)
>talking back or otherwise questioning Iomedae's actions results in her muting you on the first offense, then smacking you to -1 HP on the second (no save or chance to defend)
>quiz shouldn't be needed in the first place, because for fuck's sake the party's spent the whole fucking campaign fighting demons at the head of Iomedae's own fucking crusade

When people complained that this was the equivalent of a paladin abducting and assaulting random people, James Jacobs' inital response was basically "well if my perfect LG goddess waifu does it, it's obviously not wrong :^)", which didn't help.

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That would be the question I'm looking to have answered, anon. It was mentioned a couple times in yesterday's /pfg/ but I was too busy to ask and talk so I only skimmed it; and I've seen it brandied about here before.

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That's pretty shitty. But if you think about it, Iomedae is the soccer mom of Golarion's deities. If you expected her to be anything but "DAMNIT I WILL TURN THIS EXISTENCE RIGHT AROUND IF YOU KIDS DON'T LISTEN" then you fucked up.

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>no save
>no save
>no save
Nah fuck that.
I like paladins and shit, but even I would call bullshit on that.
Hell, I would call her out for the demon she is and pray to the real Iomedae to strike her down if she's attacking people for not having the same opinion as her.

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Wow. That's retarded. And not at all the impression I got from Inner Sea Primer, Inner Sea World Guide, Gods & Magic, Inner Sea Gods, or Faiths of Balance.

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Sounds like another certain female warrior character that was an author's favor.

Fuck Lightning. Easily one of the worse characters in FF.

here here. I'd pray to Dammerich to slap some sense into this crazy.

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If I ever run that campaign I know what part of the book I wont be using.

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She's some jumped up, millenia old Paladin who got her divinity from sucking her deity's dick until she got walked through the starstone test by him.

She's the theological equivalent of a gold digger marrying into old money.

Like everything else James Jacobs touches it turns to pure bullshit.

Few people would have the brass balls to insert their mary sue into the official pantheon.

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I'm not disagreeing with you, anon.

I'm just saying that in everything /else/ I've read about her she isn't THAT much of a huge cunt.

See this other guy's list of shit where she isn't a crazy LG douchenozzle >>39594298

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Apparently witches can add spells familiar to familiar. I however can't find how much this costs, where is it listed down? You trade for the spells, but how much does actually adding the spells cost?

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I just played an entire campaign as a supportive role.
Now, I'd like to play a character that does insane damage. I mean fucking bullshit amounts.
What is the highest possible consistent damage output character build?
I'll be starting this character at level 5 or possibly 6.
No 3pp stuff, I don't want to get my hopes up for something the GM may just disallow completely.

No guarantees on being able to start with really specific magic items, though if I can work them in so it fits the character's theme it may work out. Mighty fists for monks, etc. you know.

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It costs absolutely nothing.
This is what makes a witch coven so good.

Though you pay a fortune to replace your familiar if it dies.

Frex, if your familiar dies at level 1, assuming the GM doesn't intervene to make it easier on you, you will be going two levels with no familiar and no spells.

>> No.39594576 [DELETED] 

the same as adding spells to a spellbook

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the best DPS builds I've seen have been barbarians.

>> No.39594629

Barbarian does fucktons of damage with few real requirements (beyond "have a decent 2h weapon, preferrably enchanted, have 18 base strength, rage and murder bitches," that is)

Pretty much anyone can do a ton of damage, but it's important that you keep in mind your ability to do other shit, too. Nobody likes sitting around waiting for combat to start because they can't contribute otherwise.

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Honestly I'm with you there, it's just that she's only seen in action during the adventure and she's the unimaginative paladin deity of choice.

I've DMed for dozens of people from multiple nations and every single paladin was of Iomedae and every single one of them was the blandest, milquetoast arsehole possible.

This is putting a face to the mass of characters that are easiest to write for but give the LEAST back.

They're the same problem she is: So bland that it's cringey.

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Crossblooded Sorcerer 1 (Orc/Draconic) / Admixture Wizard 19.

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>best DPR
Alchemists pump out the highest DPR in game.

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yeah, same here. That's pretty weird.

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I thought so, but wasn't sure. I've killed two witches last session and had their familiars, bribing them with not killing them in exchange for their spells.

After 48 hours I'll have two familiars and nothing to do with them, but what ever.

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I must be wierd. All of my Paladins (and my Silver Crane-using psuedo-Paladin Warder!) worship either Sarenrae or Torag.

To be fair, though, in my WotR game, the Iomedaen Paladin is p. cool. I think it's just lots of people use Iomedae's bland PALADIN BRAND PALADIN flavor to make more bland characters, and that's only partially their own fault.

>> No.39594746

Oh. no; that's not how that works.

If you kill the witch, the familiar stops being powered by it, stops being a familair and just becomes a normal animal.

>> No.39594791

You can't pick up extra familiars by killing other spellcasters.

You get spells from another witch's familiar by having that witch cooperate with you in a ritual, something for which you usually have to give them spells in return or pay them or do a favor for them or some such - but unless you're part of the same coven, they're unlikely to do it for free).

>> No.39594871

>Familiar Teaching Familiar: A witch’s familiar can learn spells from another witch’s familiar. To accomplish this, the familiars must spend one hour per level of the spell being taught in communion with one another. At the end of this time, the witch whose familiar is learning a spell must make a Spellcraft check (DC 15 + spell level). If the check succeeds, the familiar has learned the spell and the witch may utilize it the next time she prepares spells. If the check fails, the familiar has failed to learn the spell and cannot try to learn that spell again until the witch has gained another rank in Spellcraft. Most witches require a spell of equal or greater level in return for this service. If a familiar belongs to a witch that has died, it only retains its knowledge of spells for 24 hours, during which time it is possible to coerce or bribe the familiar into teaching its spells to another, subject to GM discretion.

I was wrong, I have 24 hours. They'll lose their spell knowledge, but will still have at one point been a familiar.

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This is also the campaign where the party more or less play's second fiddle to NPCs for the vast majority of the campaign, and I believe the greatest thing you can hope for at the end is becoming a deity's herald.

>> No.39594953

Huh. I missed that part. They keep the spells for 24h.

But everything I've seen so far regarding familiars in general has been that once the caster dies, the familiar's stats go back to normal animal stats.

>> No.39594964

Is there anything in core pathfinder that I can use to bust down doors and walls and shit without being a spellcaster?
Alchemist, I guess? They get bombs, right? Or do those just function as AoE attacks and wouldn't work too well for knocking down a wall or three?

>> No.39594979

The AP premise looked dumb to me, so I skipped that one.

And this is coming from someone who enjoyed second darkness despite its flaws.

>> No.39594985

Obviously not for at least 24 hours, and it only says they just retain their spell knowledge for 24. This can be interpreted as going back to animals after, or losing share spells and then just being random intelligent animals.

>> No.39595010

Dude, being a deity's herald is fucking awesome. Those guys are top-notch demigods.

Fuck, Iomedae was a herald.

>> No.39595023

Honestly the NPCs have done nothing but hide behind the party and give my group quests so far.

Stunning Irruption from that evil splatbook + Sunder.

You can legit bash through walls and stun fucking everybody (including you and your friends, but being the Kool Aid man comes with its drawbacks)

>> No.39595036

Investigatoor with applied engineering talent.

>> No.39595053


Shelyn is the soccer mom of Golarion's deities. She's all about unlocking something's hidden beauty and getting all ara ara~ watching her works blossom into beautiful, productive members of society.

>> No.39595070

I'm intending to make a Vanguard Captain warlord with the basic idea of buffing the party's front lines and maintaining a shield wall.

Currently the plan is to take Iron tortoise, Golden lion and one of the following three:

Thrashing dragon, Scarlet throne or Primal fury.

What would you suggest for a would-be shanty-singing, gin drinking holder of the line?

Is the archetype worth playing?

Should I scrap this plan for a full plate using polearm user?

I'm planning this primarily due to my HEMA background, if that helps.

>> No.39595072

You can Sunder walls?

>> No.39595081


There are rules for sundering EVERYTHING.

>> No.39595110

I think we have different definitions of soccer moms. I use it generally as a pejorative, because most soccer moms are cunts.

Shelyn is a hot MILF who I'd venerate with my dick. Iomedae is a stuffy old bat with a stick up her ass (but I didn't think she was nearly as bad as she apparently is in the last book of WotR).

>> No.39595118

>Dude, being a deity's herald is fucking awesome.

Yeah, if you like sucking dick.

>> No.39595127

Could you link the rules for Sundering walls, please?
I'd love to have a look at them.

>> No.39595133

From what I understand Wrath of the Righteous is apparently one of the worst APs.

>> No.39595152

Agreed. Iomede is self-righteous and basically acts like that annoying taking sniper rifle from Borderlands 2.

And this is coming from a guy who unironically likes Dammerich.

heck, I bet even Erastil would tell Iomedae to calm the hell down, and tell her to not be such a hot-headed youngin

>> No.39595170

See >>39595081
You can sunder pretty much fucking anything. Honestly, I think sundering walls and doors and shit is the only reason you'd ever want to Sunder, anyway. Especially when you can kick through a stone wall and yell OH YEAH and then everyone stares at each other going "fuck, what just happened?"

It's okay to like Dammerich as long as you're not a fag about it.

>> No.39595192


Yeah, fucking fighters and their d10 HD and full BAB and bunch of feats!

>> No.39595212



Your average 1-foot thick wooden wall has a hardness of 5 and 120 HP. With an Adamantine weapon you can straight up carve through just about everything - including iron doors - like they're butter.

>> No.39595249

Well, depending on the deity in question...
It suddenly got a lot more /d/ in this thread.

>> No.39595278

120 is a lot of health for a basic wood wall. The stone ones must be really nuts.
Do you get to, like, coup de grace the wall or something? Or do you just stand there and whack it for a couple rounds?
I'm sorry, I've never really even thought about doing this type of thing, so I have no idea how it works.

>> No.39595286

>implying it's wrong to suck Iomedae's righteous cock

Begone, knave!

>> No.39595294

I was referring to the Wizard Druid and Cleric.

>> No.39595302

>heck, I bet even Erastil would tell Iomedae to calm the hell down, and tell her to not be such a hot-headed youngin

Book 2 of Kingmaker has Erastil's opinion on every deity published up until that point, this is Iomedae's.

>Iomedae: “Though I don’t normally approve of a woman with such strange ideas, she has shouldered an enormous responsibility without complaint and her actions have saved countless lives. That doesn’t mean she’s not confusing—she was a mortal woman once. Has she no desire for a family? A strong-willed woman like her needs a strong man in her life to guide her and set a good example.”

>> No.39595315

With gloves of shaping you treat stone as if it were clay.
Meaning that someone wearing such gloves could easily smash through a wall like the kool aid man or the training sequence in Jin Roh.

>> No.39595350

The second one. Walls and other objects aren't even subject to critical hits, IIRC. I recall one time when my group's magus went to town with his adamantine sword on an iron portcullis that was keeping us trapped in a flooded room. It took a little bit, but it's not that hard. If you're something like a barbarian, I'd imagine it could go even faster.

>> No.39595354

A foot thick stone wall has 180 HP and 8 hardness. With an adamantine weapon at level 1, you can probably get through that in roughly 6-7 rounds (maybe less depending on class). That number just gets lower as you get higher level.

>> No.39595377

>She needs the D
Oh Erastil, you old coot.

>> No.39595431

Should i go as a mender life leech sadist or a soulthief life leech sadist?

>> No.39595437

I think most GMs would rule that smashing down a wall isn't the same as shaping a rock into a statue and the gloves probably wouldn't work for that at all.
Maybe you could dig through walls that way, though?

>> No.39595524

Soulthief if you really want to use both archetypes. It suits the playstyle much better.

>> No.39595532


He's pretty much like that with every deity.

And the priest they show in his article is some big-breasted redhead, unusually attractive for a Pathfinder AP.

>> No.39595544

In my experience, men and women make each other into much better people when they get married provided its a marriage based on mutual love, respect, and care and isn't something that was rushed into because some kids got horny. Hell, my dad would've probably been turned into another washed-out codger who wasted his life if it weren't for my mom.

Basically, Erastil just wants Iomedae to find someone to love and trust, and to help some of her burden, so she doesn't go full retard like she does in WotR. And to him the best way is to introduce her to someone trustworthy enough to settle down with.

>> No.39595562

>Maybe you could dig through walls that way, though?

Could you scoop out a ball of rock and throw it at someone?

>> No.39595597

>provided its a marriage based on mutual love, respect, and care and isn't something that was rushed into because some kids got horny

>mfw you realize half the characters who mellow out in Pathfinder APs did so because they got married, and half the BBEGs are BBEGs because they're frustrated, shriveled up single fucks.

>> No.39595599

It'd do jack shit, but I think you could.
What'd that be, like, 1d4 + STR damage with some horrible range increment of 20 or something? Probably get -4 to the attack too.

>> No.39595623

So /pfg/. I'm a level seven witch, so far I've encountered three witches in my travels since level 4 (when the campaign started). At this point I can probably put out the word to get more.

My main question is... how do I coven?

>> No.39595636


>big-breasted attractive redhead cleric of erastil

pics pls

many of them

>> No.39595662

Man, why is Erastil so based! 10/10 god, would sit back and listen to his long-winded tales of the old days.

>> No.39595674

>Pathfinder Troll is Trolling again.
You don't say?

>> No.39595675


Ugandan child wants to support teaching children in his, and other, villages how to play Pathfinder.

This is really fucking cute.

>> No.39595712

Well that's just it. She's young and new to being a god, the newest in fact. She was originally human before becoming a deity and probably is still learning how to be a god of righteousness. I'd give her another couple centuries and then put her up for review, but that's coming from someone who loves the Iomedaen lore.

Plus, god of paladins, she is the most amplified and maxed out version of a paladin possible in existence. Couple that with the stress of losing your herald plus face among your faithful and you really don't have time to spend dicking around with some supposed heroes who are going to give you fucking grief when a god damn deity is calling upon you. Even if I did follow some C/G diety I'd still listen and respect her wishes, as she has something to say and teach to you before she lets you run off with her prized possessions with the mission to save her herald. Call me whatever you like but some of you guys might just need some fucking sense of respect and realize that it's not entirely about you. Also an immediate injection of man the fuck up. It's not like those attacks could kill you OP mythic motherfuckers.

I will not deny, getting wrecked for answering a history question wrong is quite shitty of jacobs, but the other two were alright. But your GM has the power to take that out and put forth something better of their own design.

tl;dr As a player, if you're stupid enough to talk shit to a deity, prepare to get your ass handed to you HARD. As a GM, if you aren't smart enough to adjust a role-playing encounter to better mesh with your players while still keeping to the spirit of the encounter, you need to think about how you GM for a second.

>> No.39595727

I'm actually impressed he isn't harder on the Lord in Iron. I was expecting "GET OFF MY LAWN YOU DAMNED KID!"
Confirmed for hotblooded qt3.14
Back off, old man.

My parents have been married 32 years now, and they are big adorable idiots. I know that feel, anon.

Now, the only question is "Whose cock is good for making Iomedae chill the fuck out?"

I've been reading his updates on the Paizo forums. Shit is super cash.

>> No.39595745

Stone Cannonballs?

>> No.39595757

>Now, the only question is "Whose cock is good for making Iomedae chill the fuck out?"

Make a dashing Aroden look-a-like Paladin.

Make him become the Herald in a WotR campaign.

>> No.39595775

This. Iomedae deserves your attention and respect, even if she does get zealous at times.

>> No.39595801

Personally, one of my theories as to why she's so uptight is that she had a daddy complex for Aroden winkwinknudgenudge and probably blames herself or not being able so have him, so she's gone into super-strict mode also causing her to get a bad case of blue-ovaries

>> No.39595809


Okay nevermind she isn't actually *that* cute.

But she's definitely built to serve Erastil, if you catch my meaning.

>> No.39595819

Would you consider it poor taste to make a love interest for your own character? One of the other players in my group has quite an elaborate "post-adventure story" of what his character will do after the campaign we're in ends, including his character's eventual passing of the Starstone Test and then later confrontation with an evil deity likewise of his own creation. It sounds silly but he's thought a lot of it out in quite a bit of detail and even got me to put thought into what my character would do after the campaign ends (I guess it's a little presumptuous to assume they will, but whatever, we're at that point where death is becoming a non-issue). Although my character never becomes a god, he will be having quite a few more major adventures as an epic-level character after the campaign, meeting several other characters along the way including a love interest.

I find it a little embarrassing, almost like writing fan fiction, and I haven't ever mentioned the fact that the two characters would eventually end up together.

>> No.39595842

Dunno though, soulthief seems to have its features replaced, while the mender seems to bring something new to the fore

>> No.39595879

"Hey, divine being who's scale dwarfs my comprehension, eat a dick!"

Rage against the heavens is popular for a reason, dude.

I'm not saying it's a wise or tempered choice, but when a deity comes before you and acts as if you owe her for allowing you to serve a jumped up paladin it tends to rub people up the wrong way.

Namely the way that leads to people turning heel and deciding that a deity needs to be humbled with the deaths of her entire army from mustard gas.

Yes it's spiteful and borderline suicidal, but people feel very strongly about this sort of thing.

People hold authority in contempt when it is misused, and when you silence a person you prove only that you fear what they have to say.

>> No.39595880


Love interests are kind of expected in most campaigns, hell Paizo includes at least two in almost every AP book.

It's perfectly fine to assume your character, after becoming a wealthy prestigious badass, finds an equally amazing girl to settle down with and have kids. That's what people do, especially wealthy powerful figures in the Middle Ages.

Personally I prefer to give my character a love interest right from the start, someone he's pining for back at home or already married. Nothing motivates a person to a live of Murderhobo-ing like supporting a family. Hell, with Downtime rules you can get even more in-depth with it, so instead of some nebulous "I send them 6k gold" you can say "I'm sending them money to buy a fancy as hell mansion, and a bit more to support sharecroppers growing tobacco so they've got consistent income."

>> No.39595889

>Iomedae needs a man to make her calm the fuck down.
>Cayden Cailean needs a woman to make him settle down.


>> No.39595917

Yeah, thats overly excessive. trying to force a waifu is he worse, and instead having a love inteest should be something organic that develops naturally over time. Your player sounds like they are trying too hard to create a romance story and possibly using it to experience said romance vicariously

I'd say to put your foot down, as there's is nothing ore annoying that a tunnel-visioned shipper. Just be careful though, we don'twant him going super-butthurt mode like a Naruaku fan.

Cayden is the sub

>> No.39595918

>Namely the way that leads to people turning heel and deciding that a deity needs to be humbled with the deaths of her entire army from mustard gas.

Post-RoW Orthodox Russian PCs are something everyone needs to experience at least once.

>> No.39595929

Eh. It'll probably be fine either way.

I believe Soulthief is likely a more effective option for those archetypes, though.

>> No.39595949

Yep. +1.

Cleric/Paladin would feel serious conflict after being present at such a clusterfuck of injustice; Probably leave adventure for a while to find themself, come back with a more just god.

>> No.39595951

Welp, I can't unsee it, might as well board this ship good and proper.

>> No.39595952

Oh high Pat. How's the Woolie Hole?

What kind of domains would worshiping the Woolie Hole provide?

>> No.39595954

Could you please explain further?
Thanks heaps

>> No.39595962


Anon, the Perfect Paladin needs a Perfect Man.

That wouldn't be Cayden Cailean, but rather his son.


>> No.39595966

>join like 3 RoW pbp groups with my Lunar Oracle and his pet wolf
>game crashes every time before we even fucking leave town

>> No.39595970

isn't this also the campaign that had the Paladin sell a +5 Holy Avenger for a 2000 gold potion?

>> No.39595974

You seem pretty obnoxious, Holmes. You some kinda Fedorian?

>> No.39595983

>Lunar Oracle and his pet wolf

>Not making Greta your wolfu.

>> No.39596029

Question to any GMs in this thread:
If a GM were to focus down and kill off one character in an encounter when it really makes no sense for the enemies to ignore everyone else in the party, is that some sort of really edgy plot hook or did the GM just want that character dead for some inane reason?
I'll spare you the details, but basically my last session was just our poor fucking Paladin getting his ass whooped by a Huge elemental and a bunch of ghosts that completely ignored all other PCs. This was very uncharacteristic for the GM, but I'm not sure if this is some plot hook or if he just thought it would be dramatic to have someone die. Keep in mind, this same GM has removed bossfights and nerfed encounters hard to make sure no one dies. I'm really confused. Is PC death a common plot hook or something? This is my first campaign so I have no idea. We're level 4 so I think we can't get this guy resurrected, and it's not like we did something stupid or didn't try to save him...

>> No.39596041

To be fair, its basically pic related but in reverse

Por que no los dos?

>> No.39596046

>Kurgess flexes his manful muscles
>righteous waterfalls ensue in yon Justice Goddess' armour


>> No.39596075

>isn't this also the campaign that had the Paladin sell a +5 Holy Avenger for a 2000 gold potion?
I'm honestly considering making a pastebin. This one fucking subject has made a PF thread crash in burn more times than I care to count.

>gets sword from Orc dad
>sword is just a reasonably powerful outsider slaying sword USED to be a Holy Avenger but its power is weakened because Half-Orc paladin isn't a chosen one
>she sells it because her dude lover wants to be a chick and love makes you stupid like that
>Wrath of the Righteous was made before the gender swapping potion was given stats. It was just assumed to be super expensive.

>> No.39596109

Is the paladin player fucking the GMs sister and/or girlfriend?

>> No.39596113


Because Greta is a bitch, and bitches tend to get jealous of competition.

>> No.39596127

No, they are an ocean apart and as far as I'm aware we're all close friends.
That's why I'm really confused, this just came out of nowhere.

>> No.39596128

Soulthief is more based around damaging stuff to create healing for your group, Mender is more built around using your healing and damage prevention abilities.

Life Leech/Sadist are based around forcing bad guys into your collective and then blasting/transferring ailments and shit to them. This meshes better with the Soulthief method, but that doesn't mean you probably couldn't manage as a Mender Vitalist.

I haven't even gotten to meet her yet! Besides, Matias is a boy wolf who is my loyal wingman


>implying that isn't the plan

>> No.39596140

Still fucking retarded a Paladin would sell a weapon that is "only" a powerful anti-outsider weapon when chaotic evil outsiders are the single biggest threat in the area.

>> No.39596152


Remember anon, just make sure your character has platinum blonde hair, blue eyes and is wearing the rimepelt when passing through.

You don't really need the blonde and blue, but that's something every Winter Wolf has and would, fluff-wise, help your disguise.

>> No.39596160

I thought it was that her lover was originally a chick and she was originally a dude so he got the potion to please his lesbian gf?

I need fanart of this.

that is a good point Carlos.

>bro wolf wingman
radical man.

>> No.39596164

I ran an Elven-Angelic-Aasimar Fighter-Cleric of Keltheald, who came from a long noble celestial-blooded lineage that produced many clerics. He was promised to a Ghaele Azata. But first he had to go out and make the world a better place, as a holy pilgrimage. And there was nothing against premarital sex, either, so wenching was fine.

That character was awesome.

My hour of prayer consisted of sitting on a cushion, drinking elven wine, and looking at the wilderness. Fuck yeah Empyreal Lord of Vistas.

>> No.39596178

>That's why I'm really confused, this just came out of nowhere.

Either he PMed the DM about wanting a new character/dramatic solo death experience, or the DM has something planned.

Last time we had a character die on purpose it was a huge cool moment for them.

>> No.39596206

I'd assume that's what's happening, but this guy really loved his Paladin as far as I could tell, and he just kind of keeled over and the fight continued on for like 2 more rounds. Then we ended the session.

>> No.39596209

Gii has black hair, but his eyes ARE bright blue.

Anivia was originally a dude, but wanted to be a chick. Irabeth was like "I LIKE YOU EITHER WAY, BUT OKAY!" and then sold off the sword to afford the supposedly hilariously expensive potion. She probably just got gamed hard. Merchants can be real fags.

>> No.39596239

Wrong, orc dad gives her the sword to go off and crusade, she sells it to pay for a potion for her waifu, gets it back due to PCs accidentally stumbling across it and you have the option to return it. It is a +1 evil-outsider sword and nothing more. The Holy Avenger the PCs find is in the first/second dungeon, separated from it's owner Yaniel. in the beginning it is just a +1 cold iron sword, but in the hands of a paladin it grows in power until around book 4/5 it becomes a fully-fledged Holy Avenger with some extra mythic bells and whistles.

>> No.39596240

Did the Paladin do something shitty to explain why he'd be the target? Maybe he did something you guys didn't see? IE text the GM secret character actions.

Also possible the GM has a beef in real life; and isn't keeping it out of the game like he should.

Maybe he has a beef with the Paladin and made an inelegant decision to get rid of the Paladin. Has he been disruptive/avoiding all of the GM's plot/otherwise making the notion of GMing miserable to your GM?

>> No.39596252


[I bet the Abadarites did this.]

>> No.39596261

>It is a +1 evil-outsider sword and nothing more

Well sure, when you put it that way, it doesn't seem so bad. I mean, it's not like demons are at all common in Wrath of the Righteous or anything, what would a PALADIN need with an ANTI-DEMON SWORD in such a place?

>> No.39596271

>Gii has black hair, but his eyes ARE bright blue.

Well then, just make sure to wear the rimepelt and get more than a 25 on your Diplomacy roll and you'll be in for Awooo~

>> No.39596283

Love can make you a special kind of retarded.

>> No.39596290

Well you know what twu wuv does to people sometimes.

>> No.39596293

>what would a PALADIN need with an ANTI-DEMON SWORD in such a place?

Irabeth is like, super famous and an amazing Paladin who doesn't even need that kind of sword anymore.

>> No.39596300

The Paladin player isn't the smartest person I know and kind of slow on the intake, you know, so he would do stuff like not realize what to do at times like "hey I should attack this glowy thing on the statue like everyone else instead of whacking the infinite skeletons" but he was an alright guy, and didn't fuck around or anything. Sometimes he'd check his phone for messages when it wasn't his turn, but he wouldn't actually write back or anything. That's about it.
It has to be background drama, then, right? I guess I'll have to read how their interactions go for the next couple weeks. Though the Paladin player is probably going to be really bitter about this, so it'll be hard.
Just a shitty situation overall.

>> No.39596308

oops, forgot the gif

>> No.39596312

Say that to my Abadarian paladin waifu and not online and see what happens.

>> No.39596337

Does fame grant you some kind of anti-demon boon that applies to all weapons or something?

>> No.39596346

>I know! I'll use my boobs as support for this crossbow!

>> No.39596374

Okay, I don't have Gods of Golarion, or whatever its called, so I need some info.

I was looking through ArchiveNethys, and noticed the Goddess Marishi, and considering her portfolio and weapon of choice she seems like a good choice for making pic related style warpriest.

Anyone have any actual info on her and her tenants?

>> No.39596379

Anyone? Should I just hang up flyers?

>> No.39596407

usescryings, send out familiars to find and scout out potential candidates, and follow rumors of witches and hags in the world.

>> No.39596428


She is well endowed with the power of her god. Better watch out.

>> No.39596461

I've never actually played a character who had a pre-existing romance, but I don't have any particular reason for not doing it. It just hasn't been something that would be fitting for most of my characters. When you spin it like that though, it does sound appealing. Maybe I'll make an older character who settled down a long time ago but recently had to pick his weapon up again and go back to adventuring because of X-convenient-plot-reason...

No, I think you misunderstand things. We're both players, and he developed such an elaborate story for what his character will do after the campaign we're currently in that I was galvanized to do the same. Included in the story for what happens to him is that he runs into several other adventurers including one that will become a romantic interest.

I've tried to make sure she's not just a one-dimension love-interest. I tried to make sure all of the characters have depth to them, I mean, since I wouldn't go to all this effort just to tell a shitty story.

>> No.39596479

Norse Pagan. I suppose I'm spoiled by following a philosophy based on a mythology where acting like an arsehole gets you fucked like one.

As for my post I was more explaining a potential reaction rather than actually condoning it.

I'm not denying my own personal bias in this, in any case, that the scenario crossed my mind is proof enough.

>> No.39596492

Hey, can you guys help me out with a character that's all about bullshit amounts of STR?
He'd probably be level 5 to start with, though he could be level 6. My last character just died, you see, and we don't get to know if we levelled up until the party returns to their hideout, so as not to fuck with balance, right, so I don't know if we hit 6 or not. It's a possibility.
Either way, I'd like to play a character that's all about STR.
A minotaur of some sort, perhaps? I don't really know.
I don't want to be super gimped just because I'm playing a monster as a PC, but I'd like to be stronger than the party's barbarian by a whole lot, who has 16 STR at level 5.
Lifting carriages, busting down gates, throwing soldiers around like toys, you know. That's what I'd like.
We use 15 point "standard fantasy" point-buy, but I think playing a monster as a PC would allow me to just have the stats of that monster.
I think my GM should be pretty receptive to 3rd party content, as long as it's not obviously picked just to powergame the character to hell and back.

>> No.39596667

Why are you trying to step on the Barb's shoes?

>> No.39596692

was meant for>>39596492

>> No.39596745

I assume you meant to quote the post above yours?
In which case, the Barbarian isn't just there to hit shit. This Barbarian is actually the party's metalworker, blacksmith and enchanter. He goes into combat with his blacksmithing hammer and uses illusion magic. He doesn't rage often, and assumes more of a supportive role than anything.
I am going for the "big guy in the front" character. There shouldn't be any overlap or issues.
I used the Barbarian as an example of the strongest character in the party, nothing more.

>> No.39596769

Just to add, my last character was also a "big guy in the front" character as a Druid who mostly just mauled things as a bear.

>> No.39596893

A Were-elk, using giant elk as base, has a starting strength of 26.

Then take rage and mutagen warrior.
Stack as many templates on the base elk as you can afford.
It starts with giant, throw on advanced to get 30 strength, continue from there.
ECL is character or creature +1, whichever is higher.

Giant elk is CL 2, so you've got 4 levels of LA with which to play.

>> No.39596944


>Not deer-dog

>> No.39597002

That's fucking cool, dude.

>> No.39597200

For a Human Sound Striker Bard should I go
10 16 12 10 8 16?

>> No.39597221

I remembered the image after I entered the captcha and I didn't want to find another image and having to re-enter it.

Pic related, it's more in line with what I was going for.

Layer on terror creature, advanced, Mutated, etc.

Become the Wendigo.

>> No.39597288

I'm starting a low-level game and I've never into'd a martial before. I'd wanted to try to find a way to one-hand a sword without going magus (as my GM wants to challenge me to make a non-caster), swashbuckler due to their general iffiness, or a SnBer, but I don't know how to go about it without simply holding back the rest of my party. Any suggestions?

>> No.39597291

Failed to post the image, apparently.

>> No.39597328

Go with the Path of War. All of the classes are solid tier 3 choices.

>> No.39597330

I remember a few threads back people were talking about the Zealot from DSP being sleeper OP. Did anyone ever get to the bottom of that?

>> No.39597340

There is no reason to do that in lieu of the other options, but since you're adamant on it the best option for it is the Paladin.

>> No.39597375

What's so good about obscuring mist?

Really only seems like it would be useful if something has gone horribly wrong

>> No.39597404

someone said it was basically a paladin without the roleplaying restrictions

>> No.39597413

GM's not letting us PoW.

>> No.39597477

Then see >>39597340

>> No.39597502

> Wordstrike (Su): At 3rd level, the sound striker bard can spend 1 round of bardic performance as a standard action to direct a burst of sonically charged words at a creature or object. This performance deals 1d4 points of damage plus the bard’s level to an object, or half this damage to a living creature

No range. No restriction about attend object. No save. Untype Damage...

Time to sneeze and destroying ladies clothes and be Shounen Manga Protagonist.

>> No.39597557

No LoS means they can't shoot at you or target you with non-area spell.

Also allows you to stealth. Also Shadow Conjuration version can affect
only enemies if your party is familiar with your tactic.

>> No.39597571

Hey, chiming in again to thank you for this great idea.
I've taken it on a bit of a different route, as sifting through class archetypes inspired a character combined with this, but I'm 100% sure this is going to be my favorite character so far.
Thanks again, man.

>> No.39597594

I thought shadow conjuration only worked with summon monster unless your GM houserules it to work like SE?

>> No.39597601

I don't know: myself, I always had this image of Sarenrae and Cayden being a young married couple, each as hard-charging and headstrong as each other, with Iomedae stuck as Cayden's long-suffering but dutiful older sister constantly having to rescue the pair of them from their own recklessness.

>> No.39597730

Yeah, my guess is shitty background drama.

>> No.39597760

I'll have to see what I can do to boost my Diplomacy, but even if my skill ranks aren't ready, my body is.

I don't see how this is a problem. The Paladin is hardly super-powered. I do imagine the Zealot will be a bit stronger than the Paladin, but that's generally to be expected from PoW stuff.

>> No.39597800

>Shadow conjuration can mimic any sorcerer or wizard conjuration (summoning) or conjuration (creation) spell of 3rd level or lower.

Guess what obscuring mist is.

>> No.39597837

I stand corrected.
Still, imagine if you could use it with everything.
Imagine shadow dimension door...

>> No.39597868

If you only had one wizard school to work with, which would it be?

>> No.39597887

obsucring mist is creation anon. It work. Also work on stuff like Snowball and Create pit.

>> No.39597903

Well, it worked in Kingdom Hearts


>> No.39597913

I know. I'm just saying imagine the possibilities if shadow conjuration worked with EVERY type of conjuration, including teleportation.

>> No.39598034


>> No.39598062


Witch is the weakest full caster in the game. And the Shaman is only "better" because of 3/4 BAB and 2 more skill points. Both classes have truly shitastic spell lists and 9/10ths of their Hexes are worse than doing nothing with your turn.

>> No.39598076


>> No.39598104

Wizards: No sense of consensus.

>> No.39598108

Good. More full casters should be like that.

Classes being amaizng at everything is a bad thing for the game.

>> No.39598126

sounds like someone got a swarm vomitted over them

>> No.39598127

Why do you think Witch is that weak? I'd probably put it as tied for weakest prepared full caster.

>> No.39598144

Paladin or Synthesist then.

>> No.39598153

>Both classes have truly shitastic spell lists and 9/10ths of their Hexes are worse than doing nothing with your turn.
Someone doesn't have a coven. As soon as more than three witches gather their spell lists improve immensely. Witches spell lists get better the more of them there are as you grab spells from different patrons.

As for hexes, you just have to know which are the good ones. There are enough good ones that you can fill your list with proper hexes.

>> No.39598163

Eh, Classic Schools are overated anyway. I enjoy Wood Elemental class.
>mfw Sirocco two spell levels early

>> No.39598170

Transmutation is pretty sweet, but most of the worthwhile Transmutation effects aren't available until you have 5th level spells.

I'd probably go Conjuration. Summon Monster in every slot.

>> No.39598207 [DELETED] 


Check their spell list. They're missing pretty much every single important arcane spell, and they don't even get Restoration without a Patron.

They literally don't get any spells that do anything their Slumber spam wouldn't do better, and anything immune to mind-affecting is pretty much immune to Witches.

Which means 90% of anything higher than CR 10.

>> No.39598233 [DELETED] 


Factually incorrect. It takes more than wishful thinking and ignorance to have a functional Witch past level 6. Before then, they're just coasting on the fact that Hexes don't run on an ammo system.

>> No.39598263


Aboleth's Lung, Calcific Touch, Enlarge Person, Spider Climb, Haste and Slow are all under level 5.

>> No.39598317

Really? I've found plenty of good non-mind affecting debuffs up through 5th level. Not sure about beyond that, but I certainly have enough to fill my spell list, I could list them out of 4th and 5th level if you like.

Perhaps though my DM may be soft on me. My character is actively seeking out other witches, and he has found two that weren't his patron and copied over their spells, but in all honesty I use my own spells far more often than the ones I've gotten from them.

Not having restoration or invisibility as standard does hurt, but I was able to at least grab invisibility through an outside source.

>> No.39598350

No, he's just shitposting. Feel free to ignore him.

>> No.39598374

Ignore him, he is obviously a wizard-wanker

>> No.39598412

So witch are trainer and spells are pokemon. You just filled up your personal Pokedex called familiar?m

>> No.39598461

Essentially yes, because there is no pay barrier between witches as soon as you find another non-hostile witch there is no reason for the two not to barter with one another. It benefits both to have more options and any sane witch would.

Plus if you're actively seeking them out likely you'll be able to find them. Witches are one of the more distinctive spell casters, at least in style.

>> No.39598925

Hey check out this asshole >>39597126

>> No.39598962

I hate you so much. Now you've got me thinking about yet another PC idea I won't be using for a while.

>> No.39598986

We all live that feel, anon.

So many great ideas, so little chance to actually try them.

>> No.39599006

So say we all. So say we all

>> No.39599016

Thanks man, seems like would need some more time mulling over

>> No.39599044

How do you deal with an entire forest where spellcasting is either impossible, the creatures are immune, or magic just doesn't work as intended?
My druid got separated from the party and isolated in such an area, any attempts to go anywhere or do anything are met with getting more lost. Also, a really angry ghost-rider esque thing wants me dead and can track through teleports.
9th ish level

>> No.39599068

Your GM wants you to roll a new character
Embrace your fate

>> No.39599073

>Enlarge Person, Spider Climb
Forgot about these; They're pretty fun.
>Haste and Slow
These are okay.
>Aboleth's Lung, Calcific Touch
Not familiar with these.

I think I'd still rather summon shit; but Transmutation is a pretty solid second choice.

>> No.39599100

I'd actually been meaning to take over an npc wizard we had in our party but i've invested a fair bit into my druid, i hate to see her just die. Party came after me but they're in...somewhere else, they tried going around a tornado and ended up who knows where.

>> No.39599112

>powerless in a forest
What the hell? Context required.

>> No.39599114

Aboleth's Lung is a dual purpose "Let a party member breath water" and "Make an enemy forget how to breath air" spell, IIRC. Calcific Touch is dragon-killer, or would be if it wasn't a touch spell. It's still a useful debuff that deals DEX damage and even slows a creature for a round if they fail their save. If you kill something with the DEX damage, they turn into a cool statue you can take home or sell with the rest of the loot.

>> No.39599131

>implying a Retcon didn't happen.

>> No.39599158

Cursed/Otherwise latent magic that made it a super unstable region, can't leave or traverse without a native guiding you. We wandered in at the start of the campaign and were reasonably fine so I figured i'd be alright, went in to find an npc who'd helped us before and I (apparently wrongfully) assumed the DM didn't hate me.
Screaming charging ghost and getting lost said otherwise.

>> No.39599192

He doesn't say a fucking thing about women being less valuable than men in >>39595532
He just says that Iomedae needs a cock really badly, and that Sarenrae and Shelyn would be fantastic wives and mothers

Additionally, he's the crotchety old man of PF. He's not being misogynistic, he's just saying old man stuff.

>> No.39599193

>Survival checks to find way out, hide trail, grab food, and trap making.
>Cover yourself in mud and leaves.
>Stealth to hide in you environment
>An axe and knife to cut down trees and make tools and traps and primitive caltrops
>Knowledge (nature) to know what beasts there are dangerous and which can be useful
>Knowledge (geography) to figure out best way to leave the forest.
>Knowledge (Arcane) to find out why your magic is gimped
>talk to animals friends for help.
>The providence of the Dice Gods
>a towel.
>a dear or someting to grab on to and ride out of there
>a net of poison ivy and nettles for the ghost.

>> No.39599214

Where's your animal companion?
Also, see >>39599193
Fight tooth and nail.

>> No.39599244

Or wildshape into a bird and fly straight up.

>> No.39599283

He said no magic works there. We gonna have to go full on Vietcong instead.

Worship the Punji Stick, for it is cruel and poetic in it's terror.

>> No.39599287

In high levels Bards/Skalds are the best healers.

>> No.39599296

They're around. I made mistakes with my life and went for thematics and chose to be a spider broodmother over mechanical functionality.
Hadn't really thought beyond brute forcing it with magic. Guess i'll start trying to do shit like that then, but I get a bad feeling that the forest (read: the dm) is just going to cockblock anything.
Tried it, also tried teleportation and various other things. Everything, and i mean everything, cuts off at the top of the treeline. Control winds included, the moderate storm I made to show my party where to go got cut off at the top of the trees

>> No.39599311


>> No.39599343

>I'll have to see what I can do to boost my Diplomacy, but even if my skill ranks aren't ready, my body is.

The Rimepelt gives a +5 circumstance bonus, so assuming you have max Diplomacy and an 18 in Charisma you're looking at a +16 to your roll.

>> No.39599421

>Hadn't really thought beyond brute forcing it with magic. Guess i'll start trying to do shit like that then, but I get a bad feeling that the forest (read: the dm) is just going to cockblock anything.

Why are people so damn over-reliant on magic? You're a Druid, that means you should know how to traverse a forest without leaking magic every step of the way.

>> No.39599445

>Why are people so damn over-reliant on magic?


>> No.39599447

Hmm. Do you think I need to pump ranks into Handle Animal for my wolf companion, or can I afford to drop it and just pump Diplomacy instead?

>> No.39599477

That might save me from random threats but I think the ghost will just ignore it, no?

>> No.39599516

Since the DM is hellbent on trying to make you avoid magic, think of something else for the ghost. Toss salt around. Look for salt.

>> No.39599528

So does magic work fine until you try to leave the area with it or does it just screw up in general?

>> No.39599558


You're getting 4+int+favored+human, you should have more than enough skill-points to keep Diplomacy and Handle Animal maxed at every level.

But no, Handle Animal isn't actually that useful for a companion, especially one you aren't riding, might be amusing to use when Greta is in her wolf form though.

>> No.39599649

Right now I have 5 skill points a level, and they're going to
>Handle Animal
>Knowledge: religion
>Perception (duh)
>Use Magic Device

I figure Handle Animal is probably the one I need the least, because I've never actually had a DM who required me to use it for anything. I was just trying to cover my bases since this guy is for a PbP game.

Also he's an Aasimar with 12 Int.

>> No.39599756

Webs lined with SAlt, Silver You're a druid, use that knowledge (geography) and survival, and possibly some sacred plants like Holly and some poisonous plants for good measure.

make dozens oftraps coated in spider venom. Don't fight hard, fight smart and use every opportunity to trick, bamboozle, and otherwise out manuever the ghost.

Basically, just ask yourself: What would Joseph Joestar do?

Also find a body of water, pray, ad try to consecrate it for holy water. Remember, you're a divine caster, pray a whole bunch and use your religious know-how to help yourself against this otherworldly abomination.

>> No.39599779


Bro, does your party have a dedicated Face? You need to bump an entire level's worth of skill-points into Diplomacy if you want Greta-san to notice you.

>> No.39599818

And patrons are professor. Patron's spells are Starters. It make sense.

>> No.39599825

Previously I would have said "no," but I currently don't have a group for this guy (the DM hasn't posted in literally 2 1/2 months).

What level do you meet Greta for this event? I need a general idea of when I need to get all this stuff working.

>> No.39599838

Lots of Druid ability that has to do with nature is EX not magic.

>> No.39599842

>What level do you meet Greta for this event?

It's a tie between either being super-close to hitting level 5, or just barely hitting level 5.

>> No.39599847

I knew Witch was my favorite class before the Shaman came out for a reason

I wonder, which Professor would assocaite with which patron?

>> No.39599962

Okay. So in the worst case scenario, if I left my stats and stuff as-is (and just dumped my Handle Animal skill point into Diplomacy for 3 levels), I'd have a +14 Diplomacy, including the rimepelt. That's a slightly less than 1/2 shot even under the worst conditions (not level 5, no +diplomacy tool, not rebuilding my character), and I think I'm okay with that. Especially since I have Misfortune from being Dual-Cursed, so I can toll it twice.

She shall be mine!

>> No.39599989

Forgot to mention. Matias is a Totem Guide archetype animal companion, so he can toss me a guidance, too. Bro wolf wingman is best wingman.

>> No.39600006


>Your wolf bro guides your hips into a Winter Wolf's heart

>> No.39600352


It's also worth mentioning that the DM may or may not just give you the waifu regardless of failing the 25, since she's a powerful cohort and fairly interesting character besides.

What other waifus has Paizo produced that are actually good? The only ones that come to mind are Greta and that one girl from Curse of the Crimson Throne.

>> No.39600397

I honestly haven't even managed to get past book 1 of any of the APs (flaky fucking groups!) so I can't say.

I think it's pretty telling that /pfg/ is more interested in evil-map-pirate-chick-who-was-raped-by-sharks than most other female NPCs, though.

>> No.39600426

>I think it's pretty telling that /pfg/ is more interested in evil-map-pirate-chick-who-was-raped-by-sharks than most other female NPCs, though.

To be fair people being into that sort of thing is real common, damaged girls (and guys) are very popular.

Plus she's explicitly written as having massive tits, bubble butt and crazy figure.

>> No.39600473

I can't deny that is the case.

Honestly, I'd just like to fucking sit down and play an AP from start to finish (obviously not in one session, but you get what I'm saying). I don't even give a fuck if it's poorly written and has terrible characters, I just want to finish ONE. That's all I'm asking, random douchebags on the internet who flake the fuck out of a "one post a day" PbP game.

Seriously, you don't have ten fucking minutes to write up one post? It doesn't even take the ten minutes! Fuck!

>> No.39600516

Unchained Unchained unchained

>> No.39600597


What times are you available to play?

B-Because I would be fine looking for a Roll20 group with you.

>> No.39600614

Found your problem. Roll weekly sessions and never look back.

>> No.39600667

Toss me an e-mail at [email protected]

I would, trust me. There isn't a FLGS within a hundred miles and all of my friends live in different states. Shit is suffering.

>> No.39600691

You have ten seconds to explain why you aren't hitting up roll20 and/or the gamefinder threads.

>> No.39600716

I am. Good Roll20 games tend to get bombarded with applications, and the games I DO get into are run by autistic 14 y/os who insist on having DMPCs. That they are building WHILE we are playing.

>> No.39600745

What about gamefinder?

>> No.39600853

I posted in the last one I saw. Just realized there's one up right now, so I'll post in it, too.

>> No.39600868


Having run a PBP game for 8 years, all I can say is... fuck pbp

>> No.39600899

Don't forget to mail GMs. Be aggressive!

>> No.39601245

How should I handle WBL once one of my players has taken Craft Wondrous Item? It doesn't help that the same player is also nabbing any particularly valuable souls that the party frees from their bodies over the course of their adventuring.

>> No.39601286

>How should I handle WBL once one of my players has taken Craft Wondrous Item?
Keep track of their down time. Crafting items takes a fair while.
>nabbing souls

>> No.39601343

If your player's discovered the wonders of the soul economy, just abandon all hope of maintaining normal WBL. Track how much wealth they've got moment-by-moment, compare that number to the WBL-by-level table, and adjust the CR of encounters appropriately.

>> No.39601405

Not him, but the idea of PbP kind of disgusts me.

Actually, text games in general. They're an abomination, and not just because they're slow, tedious, and have action that happens at a snail''s pace but somehow finish in the same timeframe as normal campaigns meaning there is no possible way they're enjoyable to...read, I guess? And that fucking "better than everyone cuz text RP is superior" attitude they breed.

I'm running Rise of the Runelords right now on Roll20. We're playing the Skinsaw Murders right now, and just got to session #36. The games I run are not for most, because I pad the absolute fuck out of my games with extra content, meaning you're lucky if you get to level 10 in less than a year. Seriously, we did character creation in June and they're still level 5. I really cannot imagine a game playing at any other pace.

>> No.39601407

>look up soul trade
Fucking christ that's so god damn evil

Who are they selling it to?

>> No.39601441

>Actually, text games in general. They're an abomination, and not just because they're slow, tedious, and have action that happens at a snail''s pace but somehow finish in the same timeframe as normal campaigns meaning there is no possible way they're enjoyable to...read, I guess? And that fucking "better than everyone cuz text RP is superior" attitude they breed.
Yeah, fuck you too, buddy.

>> No.39601456

Advice from a fulltime ForeverDM that recruits on Roll20 when I need to.

If you're not getting into games, I'll tell you why: You're terrible at communicating, you don't read the OPs properly, and then you send messages consisting of "lol im interested wen we playin?"

>> No.39601475

I get into games just fine, friend, no need to worry about me.

>> No.39601479

Soul gems. They've got a Cacodaemon familiar that can capture a creature's soul when it dies once per day.


Anyway, this is the sort of campaign where downtime is a non-issue, for the most part. There's a lot of traveling and the PCs can take advantage of that for downtime. I suppose you could say it's my own fault then, for enabling the PC. I'm not worried about them generating their own gear though, I just wanted some opinions. Like, when they've gotten to the point where they have more stuff than their WBL would normally allow for because they've been crafting a lot, should I just stop having them find money and magic items until WBL catches back up to them? Or should I keep supplying them with the amount of money they would normally gain and not count the crafted items towards their WBL?

>> No.39601484

Sorry man, it takes you a week and a half to work out one combat, and only one thing can ever be done at a time, because it's not possible for the DM to address multiple simultaneous actions when players are posting asynchronously.

Oh, and then there's the "text based RP is inherently superior" thing. Fuck that shit.

>> No.39601507

That's the glory of the soul economy, my friend. You don't need to find buyers; souls can be used as crafting materials or spell components directly. You can literally bind the souls of your enemies into your armor and weapons to make them more powerful.

>> No.39601518

I like not having to section off parts of my life because SORRY GUYS GOTTA PLAY D&D.

I raided in WoW for years and I'm just sick and tired of dedicating multiple hours of my night off to do one specific thing. Especially since half of the people are generally not even paying attention anyway.

If I had a game with real people at a real table, I think I'd be happiest. But it just ain't happening.

>"better than everyone cuz text RP is superior"
>"text based RP is inherently superior"
Literally no one ever says this.

>> No.39601565

>and tired of dedicating multiple hours of my night off to do one specific thing.

I'm so sorry for the DMs who have you at their table.

>> No.39601578

>Sorry man, it takes you a week and a half to work out one combat, and only one thing can ever be done at a time, because it's not possible for the DM to address multiple simultaneous actions when players are posting asynchronously.
Actually, it takes only a single session to work out combat at most, and that's for big battles. I find it cute that you try to claim experience with this when your only cited example is you GMing a voiced RotR game that moves at a glacial pace.

>Oh, and then there's the "text based RP is inherently superior" thing.
Well, seeing as how you intend to keep on being a petulant child who intends on whining about this perceived stereotype, I'll have to break it to you: It is. I'm sorry if you're offended by the truth, but your feelings don't alter reality, as much as you may will it otherwise.

>> No.39601585

Pretty much everyone in the world is out for him if he is hoarding souls.

Order of Paladin and other go-gooder should start to hunt him down.

Devil will try to jew out his soul gem (Especially Asmodeus) and Demon won't care about the trade and will try to steal / devour his soul gem.

>> No.39601623

Asmodeus won't be please about you hoarding souls since he wants soul to be on lower plane out of their own choice.

Demons want to eat souls and he is carrying lots of it? Guess what chaotic evil do to ice cream truck?

>> No.39601654

>when your only cited example is you GMing a voiced RotR game that moves at a glacial pace.

What? That's a game that I happen to be running right now. You think it's the first thing I've DMed in my life?

Also, this may surprise you, but my players are the ones who insist on the pace staying as it is, because they actually enjoy roleplaying.

>Literally no one ever says this.
I was prepared to leave this alone, but now you have >>39601578 proving you wrong.
>I'll have to break it to you: It is

Also, you can't just say "it is" and act like that's a fact. See, what I said was that I dislike text RPer's attitudes about how they think their version is superior to all others. You're just straight up asserting it and pretending that everyone automatically agrees with you.

Y'all niggas some funny guys.

>> No.39601656

Over Roll20, where everyone is either fucking around on 4chan or watching TV or some shit until exactly the moment when it's their turn to do something?

Every group I've been in is like that. EVERYTHING on the internet is like that. Getting anyone to focus is an effort in futility. I'd rather just let the game run more slowly and stop pretending we're moving at anything but a glacial pace.

I want to find a good game, either online or IRL, but the chances are slim, and shitty games are by far more common. I do what I can with what I've got.

>> No.39601690

>she seems like a good choice for making pic related style warpriest.

Kurgess is a much more fleshed out deity and he basically WAS Armstrong in his life. I'm rolling up something similar and I took him as my patron deity. Take the Sacred Fist archetype if you still wanna punch shit

>> No.39601720

>Over Roll20, where everyone is either fucking around on 4chan or watching TV or some shit until exactly the moment when it's their turn to do something?

I wouldn't know. My players actually regularly interact outside of their combat turn. That's sort of how we have a roleplay-focussed game, you know?

>> No.39601733

Amazing. You are so utterly dense that you can't get when somebody is making a joke at your expense by playing out your fears. You have been whining repeatedly about this for the past -three posts- you've made.

And? Nice fallacy you have there. Are you implying that people who prefer a faster pace aren't roleplaying properly, or something?

I'm always amused at the antics of you anti-text only people. So much ignorance, so much bile, so many unprovoked attacks. Don't you have anything better to do?

>> No.39601748

Oh yes, I'm sure the teleporting/plane-shifting demon/devil hit squads will take a break from their long day of assaulting every paladin and burning down every church in existence to come after this guy for his soul gem piggy bank. That makes sense.
>throwing tantrums whenever PCs do smart things
>being That GM

>> No.39601771

Oh, you're just shitposting. Ok.

>> No.39601775


It may just be you haven't found the right group yet. But I would suggest not looking for games on the roll20 site proper. That community is quickly turning into a festering pile of crap.

>> No.39601786

A joke is shitposting now?
You learn something new every day, I guess.

>> No.39601850

>That community is quickly turning into a festering pile of crap.
There was probably an 8~ month period where the community was actually in a fairly decent place.

These days, 90% of the posts there are new idiots asking someone to teach them, or people asking for a DM to run a specific game so they can play a specific character they've already made, or /tg/ types.

If you already have a group, enjoy it and pray it stays together, because now is the worst possible time to try and start a campaign.

But really, what else is there?
>Roll20, casuals and normalfags, mostly flakes who want to be coddled.
>/tg/ Gamefinder, the worst dregs of the worst cesspit, woe unto anyone who attempts to recruit these failures
>Paizo forums?
>Some other probably terrible older RPG forum site that most likely hasn't even heard that VTTs are a thing?

>> No.39602036

>>/tg/ Gamefinder, the worst dregs of the worst cesspit, woe unto anyone who attempts to recruit these failures

>> No.39602046

I'm actually working on doing this, trying to make lists of everything each PC has so that I can keep running tabs of how much wealth they have and just update it on the spot whenever they gain more stuff. Hopefully I can do it quickly enough that it doesn't slow the session, perhaps while they're talking to each other about their cool new items. If not, I'll just note things down to make the adjustments to their wealth-lists later.

How can I eyeball how much I should adjust CR by? Just aim for whatever looks like it might be a challenge? And if they're taking higher CR fights, then they'll also pull in more EXP inb4 I'm told I'm a scrub DM for still using EXP instead of leveling them with the plot. I'll probably give them less experience than the encounters would normally denote if raise the CR, since it's not really making things harder but just making sure things are still challenging.

For what it's worth, when it comes to online games, I'm text-only because using voice chat is kind of weirdly personal for me. But I don't think it's the only or the best way to play a game, the best way is whatever works for a given group.

All valid ideas for shit to throw at the PC for being evil (although he's not really waving a sign around advertising it and so far the only souls he's captures for stuff like this have been the souls of powerful beasts and monsters, like dragons. The fact that all of these creatures have been evil so far is somewhat coincidental on the PC's part but is part of the reason the rest of the party is letting it slide now that they've recently learned about it... Though I guess it could be argued that destroying a evil soul is still an evil act because you spare it from the judgement the wicked soul was due.

But, this is all still besides the point, as my major question is still what to do about WBL, not how do I handle an evil PC doing evil things.

>> No.39602084

>But I don't think it's the only or the best way to play a game, the best way is whatever works for a given group.
Of course, neither do I. Some people like pizza, others prefer hamburgers. What matters is that everyone has a good time. I was just taking the piss out of that guy because he insisted on bashing text only people with every post he made.

>> No.39602101

Devil don't hunt down Paladin silly anon. Don't you know that lord Asmodeus has his own Paladin?

>> No.39602133

The /tg/ Chatroom on F-List may meet you with some success, since I can say even from personal experience that I've seen games get started there. There's usually at least a couple people with an ad for a game they want to run in the room's banner, although it's not always Pathfinder. On the other hand, it's also not always ERP, so even if you're not into that kind of stuff you still might be able to find a game. Or, you could man the fuck up and pound the party healer into the ground like she wants.

>> No.39602163


I've tried to stay in touch with the cooler players I've gamed with and try to wiggle into campaigns they're already a part of. You know what I don't get? This phenomenon where all the GMs on Roll20 are trying to get their twitch streams off the ground. What the shit is that all about? Webcams and voice only my ass.

>> No.39602164


>> No.39602188

>The /tg/ Chatroom on F-List

If ever there was a worse combination of words than "/tg/ Gamefinder", this is it.

Seriously. Why would you even put those words together in a sentence?

>> No.39602226

You caught me, I couldn't even keep a straight face while I typed that part. Still, until the first time something scandalous happens, that might be the assumption your character makes. Hopefully he's man enough not to be deterred by something as trivial as a little bit of penis.

>> No.39602248


>> No.39602255

Twitch streaming is a new, hot thing. Everyone sees those Acquisitions Incorperated games and a few other live-plays run by entertainers, and they think "I want to do that! My games are funny and people would like watching us!" and then they form this idea in their head about just how perfect it would go, so they attempt to recruit people specifically to fit the mold of the idea they've already sold themselves on.

Honestly? I'd probably stream my games if I gave a shit, but compared to the scrubbed-down, rehearsed, sanitized games you see getting popular, most games (mine included) are messy, not that funny, and most importantly not played by professional actors who know how to perform for an audience.

Plus, I hate hearing my voice. Like, I've heard games I recorded for myself, and I can't even imagine how my players put up with it.

>> No.39602351

For all the flack people give it, I can't honestly say I've ever had bad experiences in there. I'm more laid-back and mellow than a lot of other people tend to be though, so maybe it's just me?

Anyway though, I'm going to stop reply now because I don't want to stir up shitty by talking about my filthy ERP sites. This thread's already auto-saging now, so it's probably too late for a shitstorm to stir up and hopefully nothing will bleed over into the next general. If Anon happens to check the place out and happens to find a nice game there, so much the better for him.

>> No.39602406


You know it's funny you said that, anon. Some of the first words I heard out of my new rando-sunday group when it came down to establishing party dynamics was "Has anyone seen any of the Acquisitions Inc podcasts? I want to do something like that."

Fuck you sideways kid, we're going to be a caravan full of unlikely heroes who stumble into a conflict greater than ourselves if it kills me.

>> No.39602429

>"Has anyone seen any of the Acquisitions Inc podcasts? I want to do something like that."

Get the fuck out of there and never look back.

>> No.39602480


Bro while I love the prospect of hot Pathfinder *and* pounding the Cleric buttslut on a nightly basis, either it turns into a text-based game (which is alright, but can get tedious) or goes to Roll20 and becomes a straight up voiced campaign, which is awkward as fuck when you talk about the E in ERP.

>> No.39602492


The first session was cut short because the GM had done zero prep and didn't want to get in too deep story-wise because one of the other players (a girl) couldn't make it to the first session.

I wager the same think will happen next week and the game will go up in flames like they usually do.

>> No.39602513

>Plus, I hate hearing my voice. Like, I've heard games I recorded for myself, and I can't even imagine how my players put up with it.

The voice you hear while talking is different from the voice you hear recorded which is different from the voice other people actually hear.

People naturally get embarrassed by their own voices because it's really not common at all to hear yourself doing "normal" conversation. Trust me, you probably sound just fine.

>> No.39602522

>voiced ERP
No. Hell. No.
ERP is the realm where text only is irrefutably, unironically, not subjectively, completely objectively the superior option and anybody who wants to try adding voice to that is just asking for trouble.

>> No.39602547

>The first session was cut short because the GM had done zero prep

I have no words. Why would you even...

Seriously, that's not just two red flags, that's two blaring fucking warning klaxons.

While that's probably true in theory, I heard it man. It was bad. Real bad.

Which is why I spend a lot of my time cultivating NPC voices, so I don't have to talk in my own.

>> No.39602548


>mfw I'm now considering if I should revive my old account and check out the available games.

>> No.39602560

What >>39602547 said. Get outta there now.

>> No.39602570


Anon, there's no need for him to bail if it's going to crash by next session.

>> No.39602595

Why deal with the heartbreak like that, man?

Why not? Worst thing that happens, you don't have such a hot time playing and bow out.

>> No.39602628


If I had to describe the sensation it would be like flying an old balsa wood byplane that's missing a wing and also on fire. One way or the other it's going into the ground, I might as well hang around and try to get a good story from it.

>> No.39602656

Biplane. The word is biplane.

Bi- meaning "two".

>> No.39602746

You're going to have to eyeball it, at the end of the day what matters is the gear they have, not how much money they have.

I've heard that you typically need to spend 75% of your wbl on the big six to keep up.

So what *I* would do, is track their big six + pearls of power and metamagic rods for mages; and see where that lines up, because that's the past of wealth that matters for encounters.

As for how much past the recommended value to increase CR by 1 or more? It's tricky. I'd guess for every 2 levels of wealth they are past where they should be, count them as one level higher.

That might be too much though, and you may need to reduce it to 1/3.

>> No.39602819

A bit late now I'm sure, but I would advise replacing wbl by an innate point buy system based on wbl, and magic items providing alternate uses and effects, rather than additive uses and effects.

It's worked great in my game. Sometimes the PCs lose all their shirt or have a magic item sundered, and sometimes I give them a literal fortune. Either way, with the innate point buy enhancements, nothing breaks, and I don't bother to pay any mind to their wealth.

As for XP, I grant it based on play time, objectives, session difficulty relative to the party's capabilities, and a bit for things like motivations, and whatnot. Largely inspired by the XP system in Shadowrun. I put XP/level on a flat chart. Iirc its 50xp/level.

>> No.39602841


Do it.

>> No.39603062

If an ability said that it does damage to living creature and object...

What happen when I use it on Undead or Construct?

>> No.39603403

There's also trying to start a local RPG club so you can get a local gaming group up and running.

Nothing happens.
Pretty sure also nothing happens.

>> No.39603947

WTF? How is that in any way acceptable to, oh, I dunno ALL THE OTHER DEITIES?

Also how the fuck is she still LG?

Iomedae here literally kidnaps people of other religions, directly and violently punishes them if they don't think her way or disagree with her views? That's more or less direct, forceful attempts at converting. Under most settings pantheons this is an actual, bloody overt act of fucking WAR.

The only reasonable continuation to this event is punitive action against her and her primary temples/worshippers.

>> No.39604168

>How the fuck is she still LG?
Good Question. If nothing else; she's not respecting the Authority the other gods have over their own followers; and not acting with honor (what with the kidnapping; abuse; and torture). That's a blatant violation of the Paladin Code. The Paladin God should fall.

>Iomedae here literally kidnaps people of other religions, directly and violently punishes them if they don't think her way or disagree with her views? That's more or less direct, forceful attempts at converting. Under most settings pantheons this is an actual, bloody overt act of fucking WAR.
>The only reasonable continuation to this event is punitive action against her and her primary temples/worshippers.
This would make an entertaining campaign. Priests and warriors of other N/G gods whose worshippers (possibly priests) were kidnapped, tortued, or killed at her hands declare war on her; oust her for her crimes; march on her; and kill any of he worshippers who stand in their way.

Tear down the False Paladin God. Bring Righteous Justice Down Upon the Betrayer!

>> No.39604185

(This makes for a way more interesting plot than Wrath of the Righteous did). Ironically; Wrath of the Righteous is a highly fitting title for this war on Iomedae.

>> No.39604534

That's true, this level of direct intervention is usually what sets off horrific god wars. The kind of things that "forever changed the world" thousands of years before campaign settings actually take place. The kind of thing that's the *reason* for all those ruins to dead gods, ancient destroyed castles, etc etc etc, one can find and explore that are now full of monsters.

The kind of thing that 'modern' religions remember as being caused by the evil god of death and chaos... Someone's about to be remembered for very un-paladin-like things!

>> No.39605115

Just what alignment is this kind of action?
>Betraying your alliances to your allies by:
>Kidnapping your allies' priests/worshippers.
>Interrogating them.
>'Testing' them based on how well they hold up as your worshippers (And How LG they are), regardless of them being worshippers and possibly priests of your allies who do not hold your views or alignment.
>Torturing and murdering them if they don't give you the answers you wanted. (and then resurrecting the ones who died).
>Forcing them into service as your champions.

To me, it seems CE with a side of psychotic; though I suppose it could also be LN or CN with a side of psychotic.

BTW; here's the official reaction thread.

James Jacobs is shocked by the violently negative reaction everyone has to this encounter.

>> No.39605560

Headcanon: Al'Asadriel (Empyreal Guardians from PoW) was working under Iomedae, snapped out at one of her moments of self-righteousness, and was cast out for it. He then went to create his own order, with redemption and liberty of action.

>> No.39605595

Iomedae is an unhinged LN Deity (former Paladin) who is posing as/still considers herself an LG deity.

>> No.39605614

I think I may make LN Paladins/Clerics of Iomedae who detect as LG/give off LG auras, and have sonic trumpeting spells they use to torture information out of people.

>> No.39605621

(But they only use the trumpeting spells in secret)

>> No.39605643

Is Iomedae the PF version of Pelor now?

>> No.39605753

Pretty much; except with, y'know, torturing, murdering, blinding, and deafening her followers or the followers of her allies either because they were rude; tried to fight her; or didn't answer her three questions in a way she was happy with (including trying to fight her or speaking out after the first blast of sound-torture).

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