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Pls stop yelling you're scary when you yell.

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So jumpers, how would your companions react to your apparent death?

Assume that in this scenario they don't know that they're supposed to return to earth with you once you die.


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*So far, I need to add a note that Genomes can have tails. Even if they only use them once in the entire 10 year span and never seems to use them ever in combat whatsoever, leading others to wonder why they had a tail in the first place.

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How many Jumps was it until you visited the higher-powered settings? I'm twenty some-odd Jumps in, and I haven't even been to Jumps like Marvel or anything shonen.

I went to one, just once, and that was for story reasons. With horrible consequences.

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Marvel doesn't necessarily have to be high power. You can jump it as a street hero.

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Because tails are cute, duh. Only reason you need.

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Sadness them happiness when they know I'm still alive then crushing despair when I commit suicide on Earth.

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A dozen or so until I dipped, another two dozen before I went more regularly. I like to take it slow.

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I asked a few threads ago but I don't think anyone responded. Can you gather resources from Warp Paintings? If you can't what jump would let me make a pocket dimension to do so? I want to get equivalent exchange rather than mystcraft from Minecraft but will need a way to get heaps of resources to power it in other jumps.

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>pirating media

The term "pirating" presumes I haven't rendered copyright law meaningless due to widely distributing post-scarcity technologies (e.g. Zim generators and Trek replicators) at my earliest convenience.

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I'm sure Musubi would be would be a near unfixable mess. Panicking and rushing to see if I was really dead. Who knows how far that might go if it's not confirmed either way. Tsukune, Mizore, and Kurumu would probably be sad as well, though me thinks Tsukune least so. Harem mode with the two, or so that's the plan. The girls would probably feel like failures but I would have trained them by that point to stay the course and to try continue to capture the abyssal without harming them too much. They'd try to find my corpse when protocol has been followed if I hadn't already gotten ahold of them.
My second and four and fifth were all pretty up there. I stayed out of things for the most part but the rest of my trips have been uneventful until my twentieth or so.

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You're not actually dying in this scenario, your companions just think you're dead. Jumpchain still continues,no suicide necessary.

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>committing sudoku on going home

I've seen this type of response before, and I just don't get it. Even if you were so supremely unlucky as to be hit by a bus as you walked into your first Pokemon town, you'd still have 1000+ cp of life-changing perks (and possibly an entirely new set of memories) plus your very own pokemon companion and the freebies that came with the jump.

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Then it's just the first two.
90% of those replies are probably me. I only rarely see other people express the same feelings.

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If you did that, though, intellectual property would become the only unique commodity left. Copyright laws would get stronger, not weaker.

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You know, I try to use my Order Geass sparingly, but I think I'd be tempted to apply it somewhat liberally to un-fuck copyright

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First step: Copyrighting genetics? No.

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I think it's a combination of;

1.Some people just have REALLY shitty lives IRL.
2.The knowledge that failing means you lose the chance to ever return to any of the worlds you visited, explore the omniverse or gain immortality.

Personally, if I died on my 1st day in Pokemon world I would go deep into depression, getting to keep the perks and my starter Pokemon might pull me out of it eventually though, but the feeling of failure would remain forever.

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Having my warehouse be the neet hole that it is might help things along for me personally but if I died on my first jump I'd have just have Savant, Save State, and my Pok so I could perhaps delay my death for a time by constantly reloading. It'd be rough.

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I mean, shit, assuming I got past the first jump, that means I get the warehouse, which means I never have to worry about food or shelter again. I mean, fuck it, at that point I can just travel the world and do whatever the hell I want.
Or, if I got far enough into my little "gradually go insane with the power of science" fairy tale, I could help jumpstart the singularity.
If we somehow develop vending machines that can grant cheap magic utility powers and animal ears for a dollar in the next decade, you can fucking thank me.

If I didn't make it through Pokemon (which is really sad, because I took all the "I know how to not die" perks), I guess I'd be super bummed and continue where I left off at home, but with considerably more fitness and technical aptitude.
Might invent pokeballs. So at least Earth would get kickass storage technology.
So there's that.

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With Savant alone you could probably get a pretty kickass job somewhere.
Assuming you can take some classes, your eidetic memory would allow you ace any tests. You'd also be a crack shot with a gun, if you want to, I don't know, work in law enforcement or become a game hunter or something. Not to mention you're basically a human calculator.
I have to imagine there'd be a lot of job opportunities for someone who had the Savant perk alone. The only major caveat being you'd have to actually go look for them, because you don't have the bullshit levels of charisma from 600+ jumps.

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Okay. Some OCP just came along and gave everyone replicators and free energy, completely undermining the reasons fed to the public for the existence of copyright. How are you then going to make copyright law stronger rather than weaker, and how are you going to enforce it, without looking like a complete tyrant?

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I'm sorry, I'm just not sure I see your logic. How is scarcity of resources the reason for the existence of copyright? Something about creators needing to make money in order to support the cost of living? If you think that's the only reason for intellectual property ownership, you clearly haven't been in these threads too long. The uproar when someone tries to modify someone else's entirely free contribution to Jumpchain should disprove that theory.

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Na, I'd still be the same as I am now. Perfect memory or not. I'd be lazy and not do things for the sake of not wanting to do them while having the ability to do so. Though the practical applications would be wonderful. I'd never lose my keys or make a typo again. Worth the 600CP for sure.

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People like having things of value. We are social animals, and we inherently gravitate towards symbols of status and stratification. We will want to have things that are ours and not others'. This requires that there be some degree of scarcity. With material wealth having been removed from the equation, intellectual property will be the only remaining way for us to show status. We will seek out stronger copyright laws on our own, no need for heavy-handed government action.

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Huh... One of the few jumps I had fun in, and it was basic. A sitcom world.

Aaaah, peace and quiet. And occasional hilarity.

>Soul Hackers
Age: 21-years-old
Background: Summoner
Drawbacks: Haunted (+300), Demonbait (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,500 CP

Skills & Abilities:
-Negotiator (Free)
-Occult Connections

-Weapons Cache (Free)
-COMP (Free)
-Dolly Kadmon

-300 CP group import

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Did you miss where I said "fed to the public"?

Yes, we are social animals. We like to show off - and we like to share. Bad luck trying to show off your new creation while both preventing anyone else reverse-engineering it or independently figuring out the same thing, in a world of seven billion people who have plenty of time to experiment due to replicators.

In such a world, copyright and patents are dead or the instruments of tyrants. Now, trademarks, though, those I could see surviving and even perhaps strengthening.

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What are some things you do even though it's completely unnecessary?

I would like to still drive around in a nice car and admire the city light when I can outspeed practically all of them and teleport effortlessly, just because.

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>Blind 'Arry

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I like driving my old Highway man from Fallout even if I have jumpjets/jetpacks, giant robots, or such because of my focus on SCIENCE!.
Nothing more soothing than just driving around alone with your own thoughts.

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The main problem for a world suddenly given replicators is surviving the economic transition without the existing tyrants starting WW3 rather than give up their fiefdoms.

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How many jumps in a chain do most of you do, on average?

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a lot try to do as much as they can.
Some that roll get different numbers for average.

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All of them. I'm not ending it until there are no more jumps to do.

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"Hey look, Anon's dead"
"Wait, again? Ugh fine, I'm getting the mantra transmitters"
"I told him not to spend all his time diving into the underworld and doodling on the Towers of Naraka but did he listen? NO. No, he did not"
"Could be worse. At least he's not exploding this time"

Cooking and busking. Nothing quite like cheering up the companions with a freshly made meal.

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Mate. You have no idea.

Blind 'Arry has an implanted Sharingan.

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I'm seemingly done at 24 for my not power gaming build. Unless something new is made

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I wander off to zone out and think a lot. Not having a strict schedule in a lot of jumps, I often find some out of the way place, and just sit there for awhile, doing nothing. Cloud watching. Enjoying architecture or scenery. Standing on top of skyscrapers for no reason. That kind of thing.
After Elona and the Rogue-Like perk, these interludes became much shorter in terms of time wasted, but it doesn't change the fact that every so often there's a moment where I go off and accomplish literally nothing for awhile.
During those moments, even my drawback companions have a hard time finding me.

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I enjoy strawberries even though I don't need to eat. I continuously archive all of my adventures in a journal I illustrate once I leave a world even though I've a perfect memory. Maybe the biggest is the fact that I sleep despite not needing to sleep. It's literally just wasting time. Mostly it.

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So jumpers, power or skill?

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Why not both?

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Power born from skill. I love the sort of ability where it seems weak until you start exploring the exotic applications of it.

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Just full of the old questions this morning.

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Fly. Also, video games, although holodecks may be involved.


I prefer to buy powers and learn skills.

>> No.39580592

Power UNTIL skill is required. Then both.
Unless I'm holding back or doing the stealth jumper thing. Then just skill.
I do a lot of flippy ninja bullshit in those jumps.

When you've been totally stealth jumper the whole jump, and doing all kinds of dodgy flippy bullshit, and someone finally, FINALLY manages to land a massive attack on you...
... and it does NOTHING.
The look on their faces.
It never gets old.

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I'll take Option C: All of the above, combined with style points and hilarity when it inevitably fails.

>> No.39580753

Skill? Pshaw. There is only power and those too weak to seek it.

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So, /jc/, who did you choose as the model for your Assistant in Nine-to-Five?

Mine's pic related

>> No.39580772

>Not going to FF8 to snag the real thing

>> No.39580788

> not doing both to get sexy whip-wielding secretary twins

>> No.39580809

As a model - sure.
The actual person? Needs a bit of personality correction.

>> No.39580824

>pic related

>> No.39580831

Donna from suits. Best assistant i've seen in fiction

>> No.39580833

>pic related

>> No.39580845

I didn't. I picked up the Foreigner and the Funny Guy. I sadly don't really have a model for them. I sortof imagine the Foreigner sounds like Latka from Taxi, and is possibly Indian.

I didn't actually pick up an Assistant until Transmetropolitan, though. God, Lily chainsmokes like a furnace and hates everything and everyone around her. Including me! It's great.

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No particular character, but mine looks something like this

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Great stuff!

>> No.39580912

If there's anyone I know that can handle finances, it's this guy.
Especially Debt

>> No.39580961

Killer Instinct Jump v. 0.1


Still a work in progress, but I have pretty much all the perks lined up and I just need to write their descriptions. Feedback is welcome, though.

>> No.39581030

Glad to see another jump where I can be a spooky zombie. Is there an overall story here other than fightin tournament?

>> No.39581096

Ultratech is a huge evil megacorp that has taken over the world and everyone hates them, but they do an annual Killer Instinct fightan tournament.

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Best way to turn a pastebin into .pdf?

>> No.39581331

Copy/paste into Word and then save as PDF?

Er. That's how I've done it anyway. Might be harder if you want to give the finished thing images

>> No.39581348

It rubs the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again.

>> No.39581361

jump makers tend not to like it when you pdf their jumps for them in my experience

>> No.39581389

No problem, I want to turn my own pastebin into a .pdf!

>> No.39581690

Spongebob Jump v0.3 - .pdf version

+Changed some items
+Added a drawback
+Cleaned up the writing/format
+Pastebin -> .pdf

Suggestions always welcome!

>> No.39581782

For images.
Otherwise the text program you are using.

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Questions about Warframe Jump:

What exactly is there to do in the Orokin Void? The keys are apparently "single use" so does that mean you need two to get back and forth? What if you have other perks like the Mark of the Rift that let you walk between worlds, could you cross into the Orokin Void if you bought the keys without using them?

Orokin Tech is...very poorly explained. As in, I have no clue why it's worth 800 CP

>> No.39581900

Also what the heck is the energy that keeps being referred to in Warframe jump?

>> No.39581964

OK, Jumpers, I need serious advice. I'm about to embark on an epic quest to rescue the most tragic character in Valkyrie Profile from a terrible fate.

Basically I need you to tell me how to turn Lezard Valeth into my adoring waifu.

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>bubblegum wrapper (1000 CP)
>once a jump you can convince someone to give you everything they own in exchange for the wrapper
>theyll regret it later

This sounds suspicious.

>> No.39582035

Looks pretty good. Can we modify the rock with other tech? I'd like to ride around on an FTL rock

>> No.39582088

Okay so research on Sakura Wars is going to take some time, so until I get the ovas and stuff I'm focusing on Underworld and another project.

Welcome to the neo-victorian era /jc/, I hope you like gas masks.

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Perhaps you should finish one jump before starting another?

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I have my own warframe question. Does the stalker negate your out of jump powers? If so how is it fair to get it as a 0 point drawback if you pick tenno? Unless your weapons from out of jump still work he seems a bit to powerful for a mandatory drawback.

Does he need to hit you with something to negate uour powers or is it a passive aoe effect?

>> No.39582185

I'd definitely be extremely upset that I lost my one chance for amazing adventures. This would be somewhat mitigated by the fact that I now have a near-Cap level body, amazing survival skills, and whatever leadership ability Pokemon Master will provide when QS gets around to adding it.

Gotta admit, though, I will really regret going Drop-In for Savant instead of getting Aura or Psychic...

>> No.39582214

If you mean Gi Joe its done, I just need to add it to the drive this morning. At this point I'm just going to work on one when I'm bored with the other.

>> No.39582215

Would you? I'd still much rather have ubersmarts than some weird chi power.

>> No.39582233

Drawbacks: Life of Squidward, MY LEG!, Straight to Your Thighs (1600)

Drop-In, Age 25. Welp, we're not shrinking per se-but we will create a Stand-like spiritual extension to interact with Bikini Bottom given our true form is too vast to be constrained by reality

Underwater Physics (Free). How are we waterbending like we only have a limited supply of water under the sea?! This doesn't feel right...
A Rock+The Pioneers Used To Ride 'Em (1200). And since there presumably aren't any driving regulations for rocks either, we can speed all we want!
Spatula (Free). Huh.
Glass of Water (Free). Alright, we...actually want to study how exactly the fresh water is staying fresh apparently without any sort of magical enhancement
Krabtastic (1000). A delicious slab of dragon meat fried in the tears of angels set between dwarven stonebread-and for some reason, people actually WANT to eat these things? Huh.
The Wrapper (0). Oh look, it's the platonic ideal of all bargaining chips.

Suffice to say that for this jump our Hate Chip is in dangerous risk of overloading from all the barely repressed homicidal spite towards every living thing. To say nothing of how we're going to nuke a sizeable area of seawater the second MY LEG kicks into action.

In an attempt to channel out all the aggression, we're going to...we don't know, build a vast underwater sandcastle? Gotta be productive.

>> No.39582267

Gah, her face is so...square

And everyone knows that Purple is the best minion ever. If all time.

>> No.39582310

> waifu

Presumably you could use one of Worm's bio-sculpting or bio-engineering powers to turn him female. Or throw him into Spring of Drowned Girl and never let him anywhere near hot water.

I've no idea how you'd make him *adoring*, though. His obsession with Lenneth is practically his only defining character trait.

>> No.39582606

>Valkyrie origin
>silver hair dye

>> No.39582614

I'm a man, though.

Or do you think he won't notice if I'm a dude and he's a chick? It's a honest question -- he might really not.

>> No.39582687

>I'm a man, though.
Not if you pick the Valkyrie origin.

Anyway, ten years should be enough to convince him you're happier as a man and would be happier with him as a woman. Knowing the pervert he's probably already figured out a way to make both of those come true.

>> No.39582821

Does it a rock and The pioneers used to Ride them stack or Is it one or the other?
If It stacks and you put something in the room and then Ride the rock around Would Still be in the room where you arrive? And if not, would it be buried where the rock was originally?

>> No.39582825


It's from Arrested Development.

>> No.39582841

When you say "Everyone has a Blowout Gauge," do you mean everyone in jump or everyone you fight from now on?

Also, will Training Mode provide anything the Arena doesn't?

>> No.39582985

Wait, so do I always have to be wearing cutoffs, or just always have some kind of clothing on such that I cover that much? Can I disrobe to bathe? Wear a swimsuit at the beach?

>> No.39582993

Would Sims 3 wandless magic let you use Harry Potter magic wandlessly, or is it too different to apply? Is it something I should just fanwank as yes?

>> No.39583055

They're different magic systems. Unless you have a perk or power that combines them, the perk won't affect HP magic.

>> No.39583117

Cut offs only reading the wording of the drawback. You can always wear them under a swimsuit.

>> No.39583140

Thanks. Guess I'll have to scrounge up the points for it in HP.

>> No.39583143

HP has a wandless perk.
Conjoined Conjuries from cardcaptor sakura would let you combine the two and therefore should make it how you want it.

>Inb4 "bit anon thats not magic because I don't like calling it such!"

>> No.39583156

Wow. Okay, thanks for elaborating.

>> No.39583165

Good lord, is bitching about others all you ever do anon?

>> No.39583178

I thought that was S.O.P. here. If your implying to the contrary you have a lot of people to talk to.

>> No.39583187

No, you do it a fair bit more then the usual. The whole bringing up an hours old argument doesn't help your case.

>> No.39583188

Did anyone actually go with a Horcrux? (I assume Crux did, didn't he?)

>> No.39583195

Also can someone slap this tasty mother in the drive please?

>> No.39583197

>Citation needed.

Good luck proving that one.

>> No.39583207

I don't know if it's the right version but there's already one of that in the 'to be sorted' folder

>> No.39583209

How about the whole pity party you held earlier with the guy who made GMT? That was pretty shameful, considering you spent an hour or so bitching and whining that people were being mean and not liking your jumps.

>> No.39583227

As opposed to the argument your starting now?

Your trying to hide behind being anon to prove I have a history when in fact you could just be salty-anon mad at me.

Thanks for proving my point. I'll just leave this here.

>> No.39583236

Suppose people like you are just morons to the bitter end. Too bad we can't help you with that.

>> No.39583270

Ah shit yeah so it is. There's only one version.

>> No.39583355

>Dat royal "we"

Anon confirmed for Borg.

>> No.39583599

The Warframe Jump is... well, it's not bad, but it's not what I would have done.

Basically; Orokin tech makes you able to eventually make Warframes. Most everyone think Warframes in-setting are powered suits with fancy abilities, but those who've done their homework have come to find that they instead channel the power of the Void, which is what the Tenno weild. The background info is sparse, but it's implied Tenno can switch out suits to change the focus of their void energies, which can do some CU-RAY-ZY shit. We're talking throw anti-matter around like party favors, momentarily ressurect the dead, stomp hard enough to slow time, ect, ect, ect.

Also, the Void is basically a bunch of old Orokin Fortresses hidden within... well, the Void. It's not explained very well in game. Is it interstellar space? Is it some sort of sub-dimension? A Folded-space pocket? Fuck if we know.

As always, fanwank it.

>> No.39583612

I read it as he only negates your Tenno-derived abilities.

Otherwise it's... yeah, a little too over the top.

Either that, or you've got some really great friends to throw around...

>> No.39583639

>mfw the realisation that by taking that perk I've apparently bought myself some clarktech schematics, and that it's apparently being powered by even fancier clarktech

Holy crap, I take it all back. That CP was worth spent, even if I can't stand how bland the jumpa as a whole comes across. Thanks for the information anon

...the trouble now is figuring out how to try and rewire the rest of my tech to run on Void power without heading into the uncharted waters of maximum overfanwank

>> No.39583655

Well, it's a mib jump, all of them are bland, flavourless and just roughly represent the setting. What can ya do?

>> No.39584195

Question about Doubled Growth Rate from Raildex: Does it...do anything after you reach Level 5? Or is it a sunk CP cost after your esper powers finish maturing?

>> No.39584303

Espers can reach above Level 5. The ultimate state is Level 6, which is pseudo-divinity, IIRC

>> No.39584406

Yeah, it... I was honestly surprised. I just saw "shiny tech" and "build Warframe" and I decided to grab it for giggles. I never realized it was THAT insane. Some extra info would have been nice.


(Valkyrie Profile)
-Background: Necromancer (800CP) -I'm gonna focus on the life aspect. And bringing peace to spirits.
-Race: Human (Free) -Little altforms!
-Battle Forged (Free) -Battle sorcery, I like!
-Plots and Plans (Free) -Oooooh, you are gonna be FUN.
-Song Maiden (600CP) -LISTEN TO MY VOICE.
-Alchemy (400CP) (Discount) -AND AAAAALL THE RESEARCH!
-Great Magic (100CP) (Discount) -Oh the differing magics I can figure out.
-Default Gear (Free) -A few trinkets.
-Sealed (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Silmeria's Rebellion, 19 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

(Imawabi no Dakini)
-Background: Human (Free) -Let's see what we can do.
-Masquerade (900CP) -Heeeell yeah. This will be useful.
-Investigation (800CP) (Discount) -A keen eye!
-Judge Foe (600CP) -I'm able to gauge the strength of a soul? FUCK THE LATTER PART, THIS IS AMAZING.
-Illusion (400CP) -Eh, I'm sure I'll figure something out with this.
-Book of Enma (0CP) -More stuff is good! Boooooks.
Dice Rolls: 15 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

So... this got crazy. And by 'crazy' I mean 'balls out INSANE'. My powers aren't as effective? That's fine, they're still there. AND MY MENTAL FACULTIES ARE UNTOUCHED? While they don't watch me and I get to be in the same timeline as the guy who made the half-elf homunculus stashed in my warehouse?


Then we get into some weird... monster place. But I can have more soul perception? Among other things? Fuck the hell YEEEEEEEES. I could care LESS about the other things you can do, I'm just grabbing those perks and BOOKING it.

That homunculus provided the base for a very specific project I wanted to get off the ground.

>> No.39584697

>Red went Imawabi no Dakini, but didn't take Hitogata

Color me surprised.

>> No.39584712

Anyone else have a mostly shitty time on their first few jumps?

Pokemon I start without any friends or family, in pyjama bottoms and 10 years old. It's going to take a certain amount of time for it to not seriously suck. I'm also asthmatic and presumably slightly chubby (as I was at 10 years old) as I don't have bodymod/warehouse yet.

PMD I then spend 10 years as a Shuckle. Not even sure what that'll be like.

Then I'm in Kim Possible and I'm a rich scientist kid so that'll probably actually be pretty neat.

Harry Potter I'm a werewolf, everyone thinks I'm a dark wizard and I rolled Slytherin. Given that all the Slytherins we see in Harrys year are either retarded or obnoxious that's probably not going to be a lot of fun.

Then Archer where I'm a scientist again, get mad seduction skills but I'm a sex addict in a wheelchair.

Venture Bros I'm an albino dwarf.

That's 60 years of pretty bad times.

>> No.39584873

Eh, the idea of needing to consume my enemies for that really put me off to the idea. I like the idea of being HUGE don't get me wrong... but I also kind of have my own moral code to go by.

So yeah, even if it was tempting, I'm not the kind of person that wants to see other people as 'food'.

>> No.39584882

>sex addict in a wheelchair.
Someone who took that drawback combo as well, neat.

>> No.39584901 [SPOILER] 

A reminder to /jc/ who is the best Yandere to every get.

>> No.39584913

Yuno says no.

>> No.39584932

> Anyone else have a mostly shitty time on their first few jumps?
I... did pretty well in Pokemon, actually. Aside from being a gearhead girl with a prosthetic leg, it was your pretty typical Pokemon journey. Right down to the quirky friends. Weird metaphysical issues notwithstanding.

Inukami was extremely lonely, though. I didn't have a single companion or friend, and they didn't fall into my lap like later jumps, either. I remember being sad and awkward and frustrated a lot.

And then in FMA I lost both my arms and had to do the Katawa Shoujo thing for awhile.
But at least Greed was nice. Y'know, for Greed. He's incredibly laid back and understanding as long as he's the one who gets to decide everything.

>> No.39584954

Yeah gotta give that one to the pink haired nutjob.

>> No.39584999

To clarify, Consume requires sapients, Hitogata just cares about freshness. Canon Hitogata like to utilize both at the same time, but it isn't a requirement.

But if that is still outside your comfort zone, fair enough.

>> No.39585017

I had my friends to make it better, but my Pokemon trip was spent experiencing nothing but horrible nightmares.

Then again, it wasn't so bad, really, after the fifth year. So what if I started hallucinating?

>> No.39585100

I took the self imposed drawback of losing my voice.

SMITE I was trying to stop Zeus from doing what Zeus does. He really wanted in my pants.

Bad luck in a lot of Jumps. I escaped being you know dead, by not engaging in a lot of combat. Seeing a lot of bad luck wasn't life threatening, I could deal with a few mishaps.

In Shadowrun I was like a buglight for Insect Spirits.

No Game No Life Inwas a sex addict, which was not as bad when you have a waifu.

In Changeling, I was a changeling. Also interesting to everyone.

>> No.39585114

There's a 100 CP perk which gives you pinnacle human physique. You have no excuse for any body problems in Pokemon.

>> No.39585174

Pokemon was rough as fuck. I spent a. Set significant portion of my Pokemon journey running from an angry God and/or Team Plasma, and it turns out playing the games really doesn't prepare you for camping out between Routes and hoping to survive the random giant monsters roaming around.

>> No.39585220

Is the loveable rogue perk basically the harem route?

How does Never Nude work? Could I have my junk out as long as I wear a shirt?

I'm not really familiar with the types of dere, what would Juvia Lockser count as if any?

>> No.39585226

Not even once.

>> No.39585259

No. Juvia is not yandere. She's relatively mild as far as ~Dere goes.

>> No.39585346

Oh I was asking which type she would be like deredere and tsundere but I'm not too familiar with them all and I don't know if she actually fits any of them very well.

>> No.39585426

Imawabi no Dakini
> Background: Ayakashi (Iron Fox) [-200CP]
> Age: 15 [Rolled7]
> Liiiiiiiiiiick [Get a Freebie!] ~ Oh. My.
> Too Spooky [-100CP]
> Masquerade [-100CP]
> Investigation [-200CP]
> Judge Foe [-200CP]
> Illusion [-100CP]
> Marked [-150CP]
> Possession [-150CP]
> Wanderlust [+200CP]

Oh, right. Forgot about this.
Anyway, I'm going to hijack my little Keef, on account of she probably won't mind being my body and also it doesn't really matter if she dies because she has instant respawn.
Other than that...? I don't... actually know a lot about this setting. Wander around and look at things, I guess.
Although maybe I could have one of my other companions be my Servant. I'll probably move around a lot.

If I can give them weapons and enhancements while possessing them, I sortof imagine myself making swords and guns and things. I dunno, we'll see.

Being able to turn ethereal at will will be REALLY useful in later jumps, though...!

>> No.39585509

Even with that I was still a topless 10 year old for at least the first day.

>> No.39585516

Whelp. Off to Imawabi no Dakini

Drawbacks: Fanatical Esoteric Buddhists, Wanderlust (1500)

Ayakashi, apparent age 17 (1300)

Designated Servant: Boris (Way back in Heist jump we acquired a penguin as a trained penguin as our animal sidekick, and then imported him as our Torpedo in Mob jump)

Themes: Nuclear Firefly

Personal Appearance: Our face surrounded by a firefly-like radioactive haze

Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick (Free). [rerorero intensifies]
Illusion (1200). Oh, this is going to be fun to abuse with our Inner Universe and custom Nen technique
Marked (1050). Our penguin is now capable of doing something that superficially resembles the kamehameha and kaiyoken techniques
Possession (900). Just in case we actually have to talk to someone
Book of Enma (500). Huh, this must be one helluva doorstopper at this point
Boon (200). Time to work ALL the contract perks
Investigation (0). Spiritual detective noir...starring a penguin

Well, as the second drawback suggests-we're going to have to explore this place a little before we figure out what we'll do here. With our magical might we could probably figure out a way to make our host go FTL to hurry up and get to wherever we need.

As for the enemy cult-if they want our services they can try to publicly chase a fat bird through traffic, into the river canal and wherever else we want to go. Once they do-we intend to give them exactly what they want...and a little more. Between Contract Law, The Deal Maker, Pledgesmith, Crazy Theme: The Law, Conspirator Extraordinaire and Despair anyone who WANTS us to bless them gets exactly what they deserve.

Want to be the most powerful being in the world? Okay! You're technically powerful if you're being vaporised by cosmic fire; you just aren't alive for very long

Want fame and fortune? Sure thing! Enjoy being famous for embezzling some rich guy's pension

Want immortality? Oh, we will ENJOY making your wish come true.

>> No.39585543

So Jumpers have any of you made any sort of outrageous fashion? Does it rival Lady Gaga's fashion?

>> No.39585669

Well between the Zubats and the Rockets I certainly had some problems.
But this is one jump where having a background is great outside of backgrounds, I had a home to return to if things get too hot and buddies to help me along the way.
Mystery Dungeon gives me awesome abilities, but going Partnerless means I risk going stir crazy.
Doing Jurassic Park as a dino next does help with this.
After spending 20 years as a non-human, returning to urbane life in Sims is downright surreal, but it's nice to return to a normal life for a while.
Catastrophe doesn't factor in since I took amnesia, I'm basically trusting the jump to another person.
Thankfully JP jump had me get acquainted with violence so by 80's action I was basically set.

>> No.39585685

*great outside of discounts

>> No.39585686

...Do I really need to say it?
My Pompadour is 3 feet long and perfectly matches my vantablack eyes and coat,My undershirt and underpants are Enchanted with continual light To serve as a foil for the Diamond style Hyper carbon Fiber jumpsuit I wear underneath.

>> No.39585752

For me things didn't start to get difficult until my tenth jump.

Pokemon Trainer was awesome because I made my build assuming I would want to stay, and I still had a fun time despite having to fight Team Plasma and survive being hunted by Rayquaza and the rest of the weather trio.

PMD I got to save people and talk to my Pokemon for the 1st time so that made up for any difficulties I had to go through there.

Generici Medical Drama and The World Ends With You came after that, those two jumps weren't terribly exciting.

After that came Harry Potter, the Prophecy and Bully Teacher were annoying but bearable, and I wasn't even worried about fighting the Prisoner who was coming after me because I'd imported my companions into that jump, and I know all of us together were more than powerful enough to defeat him.

Fast and the Furious was number 8, no complaints there because I fucking love cars and only had to deal with the Rival drawback.

Then in Carcaptor Sakura I mainly just hung out with the protagonist and dealt with my sweets addition by using magic to create candy.

And finally Commorragh. Serving the Dark Eldar for ten years was not fun, and it was even worse because I'd locked all my companions in the Warehouse to stop them from suffering here.

After that I stopped enjoying myself for a while and started focusing on gaining as much power as possible, fortunately that only lasted about ten jumps before I was able to get over it.

>> No.39585953

>survive being hunted by Rayquaza

Might as well just fucking flip a coin to see if you survived that one. Even that might be generous.

>> No.39585959

If you think Generic Medical Drama isn't exciting you should have waited so you could be Doogie Howser, MD.

>Neptunia Re;Birth jump
>Remake system
>Probably too meta unless it's only available in-jump.
>Item creation can probably still be bought, but being able to alter existing dungeons and create new ones?

>> No.39585978

Pokemon Trainer was pretty rough because of Scared + Marked. Team Aqua I might've been able to deal with, but not with Scared. Even though my Tepig was raring to teach them not to mess with me, I was too afraid of fighting them. I ended up cutting a deal where they would leave me alone so long as a payed them an exorbitant sum of money each month. This continued until about the seventh year, when I finally worked up the courage to say no and actually fight against them. This was still rough as I had mostly been doing Pokemon Contests for those Seven-ish years, so my small team (I mostly avoided catching wild Pokemon) wasn't the most powerful when it came to combat. Still pulled through, but it was a rough as heck Jump.

I actually blacked out due to a particularly terrifying encounter just before the Jump ended, and awakened in Mystery Dungeon to find out that I had actually released all of my Pokemon except for my Starter.

>> No.39586014

What about the Weather Trio combining forces to make life a living hell for him by ensuring he never sees the sun and amplifying Thunder wherever he goes?

>> No.39586087

There's at least one jumper convinced he can survive Mewtwo being pissed at him, so you can pretty much just accept that people think that Pokemon are really bad at fighting and otherwise using their powers except when humans are directing them in which case all bets are off.

>> No.39586216

Haha no. One of the smartest pokemon....*not* being able to kill you? I don't think so.

>> No.39586230

Honestly, any Legendary with flying is going to fuck you seven ways from Sunday... Let alone one which is capable of hitting Mega on its own and is the only 'Mon ever to be banned from Uber tier.

>> No.39586286

AH Pokemon Emerald, mah raquaza was OP as fuck.

Take him solo the Elite4 all by his lonesome

>> No.39586303

It's meant to be impossible to beat her in a fight until the final one. I don't actually remember if Wylfred could fail to cause enough disaster and if he was allowed to live if he did, so it's safest to assume you don't get any clemency unless I learn otherwise.
Go Valkyrie and convince him you're Lenneth or do a total brain restructuring on him.
I wonder what kind of project involves a half-god clone body, especially one that sounds like it involves Lezard.

>> No.39586360

I wouldn't be shocked if someone thought they could survive Yvetal.

Here's the first drawback for Hyperdimension Neptunia. Most of the jump is going to be Original/Re;birth1 flavored as they are their own mostly congruent timeline(s) and the rest of the mainline games are a separate one.

DLC Character (+? cp): Neptune wanted a DLC character for her party so she went to Mr. Izawa to have him summon one for her. He picked a Jumper and summoned you to Planeptune. You’re stuck in her party and have to follow her around until you die or Nepnep disbands it and it’s the beginning of Chapter 2. Regardless of origin you now no longer have a history in this world or contacts due to being from somewhere else. And if you’re a Pirate expect to spend a lot of events being scolded about how Piracy is Wrong by cute girls.

>> No.39586443

> Go to Hyperdimension Neptunia
> Dress up like Captain Hook
> Talk like a pirate evry day all the time
> Drink lots of beer and talk really loud
> Insist that all alcohol be measured in flagons
> Otherwise actually be an upstanding citizen

>> No.39586468 [SPOILER] 

Well it's the vessel of a god, but with the power growth of a human, right?

Then there's the Homunculus crafting stuff from Buso Renkin, Asura's Wrath technology, Lord of Light Lifeweaving, Geneforge... not to mention a quick cloning and using of the Elona skill gene tank to transfer skills and stats. Plenty of cybernetic skills too. Oh does the list go ON. Plenty of data from studying myself too...

Let's just say I have plans. Big plans.

>> No.39586523

Luckily "Pirate" in this context means media pirate. If there was a character based on a game series/company that was pirate themed they'd fit right in without comment. Outside of 4th wall breaking events about how they can tell the difference between the different kinds.

>> No.39586535

>don't actually remember if Wylfred could fail to cause enough disaster and if he was allowed to live if he did

Mechanically, failing to meet the quota would summon an overpowered enemy on the next map. Forcing you to use the Plume, which also helps fulfill the sin quota.

Basically Hel would force his hand in the case he wouldnt

>> No.39586542

http://pastebin.com/kVxf3hJB [Zoids, which if I get no further feedback in terms of perks/add-ons, I'm going to translate into a write up and fluff properly + scenario]

http://pastebin.com/MmWMtGyM [FF9, same as above, pretty much all the perks and some items need fluffing. 2 Scenarios, but at least I have a general feel of what I want out of them]

http://pastebin.com/F0jEwNwr [Joke Jump, though eventually I might put enough scenarios into this to make it into an actual jump with something to do]

As stated, if there's no further feedback, they're getting pdfed, fluffed, and sent up to the powers that be.

>> No.39586569

A normal human is no match for the average pokemon but the average pokemon is no match for a Jumper.

That is assuming Pokemon is not their first Jump because then they'd be fucked.

>> No.39586590


>> No.39586601

Yep, all the power of VP gods with the growth of its humans. It's what let Odin become Lord of the Gods and Lenneth become the Lord of Creation.

I love where this plan is going, just watch out for accidentally giving it consciousness or something. VP homunculi are empty and inactive without a soul, but who knows when other kinds of tech gets involved.

Thanks. Then this is what happens, Hel forces you to into doing what she wants, and since it removes your free choice on how to meet the quota things can get a lot worse.

>> No.39586604

>expect to spend a lot of events being scolded by cute girls.

>> No.39586638

That's kinda why Pokemon is limited to first jump.

>> No.39586652

Fuck yes zoids.

Now I have to figure out how to make my giant robot transform into body an animal and a jet without losing effectiveness. Good thing I have Transformers science!

>> No.39586657

Not like that. Well, maybe like that. Most of them do want boyfriends according to what they say in events.

>> No.39586688

Will FF9 get any Dragon Knight related powers?
Or knight powers in general?

>> No.39586713

Well I mean naturally when I finish analyzing it and learn all of its secrets I'm gonna fuse with the body. But yes. I'm gonna have SO much to work with.

It may not be on the grandness of Konota making an army of superpowered robots, but... I've always been one for quality over quantity.

>> No.39586732

Is that "rule" still enforced?

...It was the first Jump ever made, I believe, but we've got 300+ Jumps now which all follow the meta rules. So why should we still pick pokemon first?

>> No.39586755

Because it's the rule. If you don't want to go to pokemon, skip it. If you do, go to it first. just how it is.

>> No.39586767

Freya and Steiner's powers were originally in a separate tree - but it wasn't very easy to balance considering you could get them elsewhere (Say FFTA for instance).

I was also slightly adverse to it just like how I'm a bit adverse to Dyne for Genome's R line, but that's a personal qualm and doesn't matter too much.

Naturally, you can get them to teach it to you if you find them. Alternatively, I'm open to making the Mechanics' 200 line a triple selection, just like the Netabare's 200 line.

Let me know which one fits more.

>> No.39586785

Speaking of Pokemon, what would be a good legendary to pick for the "Hunted" drawback that wouldn't automatically kill you right away? Something that would present a challenge, but still not be a cakewalk to avoid?

>> No.39586803

But why? What's the point behind that rule? IS there even one?

>> No.39586817

It doesn't matter. Do it or don't.

>> No.39586837

Here's how I imagined the scenario going.
>Arrive in Hoenn, it's been 1 year since I started my journey.
>Capture Magikarp that will later evolve into Gyarados companion.
>Before I can start challenging the Hoenn league the weather starts freaking out.
>A few minor natural disasters occur in my area.
>Suddenly start getting attacked by Rayquaza.
>Rely on my Flygon to help me evade him and use my intelligence to come up with plans that'll either let me escape or cause Rayquaza to retreat.
>Can't leave because Kyogre and Groudon are causing more & worse disasters and endangering countless people.
>Work with the police another officials to create a trap for Rayquaza.
>It involves explosives, a lot of explosives.
>Lure him into the trap by having him chase me while I'm riding Flygon.
>Rayquaza should be knocked out/too injured to fight.
>Just in case the explosives didn't work I made a few electrical traps to hold him down.
>Use Zoroark to help me communicate with him and explain that I'm not a threat.
>This should work and Rayquaza should recall Kyogre & Groudon and agree to stop attacking me.
Worst case scenario is that he refuses to surrender and we end up three dead legendary Pokemon.

>> No.39586838

Because while average jumpers are very confident about wild legendaries sucking at battle they are ALSO very confident they can order the Legendary to do anything and they'll do it even if they never actually showed that level of power in the anime or game.

If more people posted their builds, I expect for an appreciable portion to include buying Masterballs and possibly Return so they can get something like Arcreus and all the plates.

>> No.39586844


>> No.39586846

Kyogre is constrained to rivers and seas. It would probably attempt to flood the region to get to you, but that would probably be a gradual thing, so you would have time to prepare, unless you get to close to open water of course.

>> No.39586896


It is literally a degenerated Manaphy with no power whatsoever and no hope of ever evolving.

The challenge is finding a way for Phione to kill you.

>> No.39586903

As I understand it's a leftover rule back when quicksilver first envisioned Jump-chan. That was to be your first Jump, DBZ your last.

Its still a great starting point imo, though I can see why some may want to pass it. So do so if you wish.

>> No.39586935

>Rely on a dragon I might not necessarily have at that point in order to evade a much faster stronger dragon
>I'll definitely have the knowhow to trap a Rayquaza with explosives!
>Totally ignoring the 'if it finds you it will kill you' part of the drawback and assuming that you'll be able to talk it down, the alternative being to kill them all somehow

You're totally blinkered and your chances of survival are somewhere between 0 and 1%.

>> No.39586952

Jiirachi spends most of the time asleep. Hope he doesn't wake up while your there.

>> No.39586953

That makes no sense.

No law or rule may exist for the sole purpose of existing; if that would be the case it may be considered null.

Take it from a Lawgrad.

>> No.39586957

Well, personally, I'd like to be able to try to do the Holy Knight schtick without having to crib stuff from other jumps. Y'know, sword skills + white magic.
I would argue that skills like Shock and Climhazzard are pretty unique as far as jumps go, and anyway, doing the thing where you leave out stuff just because "eh you can get them from other jumps" is not a thing you should do.
If people don't want them, they can always just not pick those skills, but I'd certainly like them. Besides, there seems to be a weird lack of physical-related skills in the jump as it stands now.
I'm pretty neutral to how you do it, though, as long as it gets done.

Really, I just want to be the Burmecian version of Beatrix and maybe actually save them from total genocide.
Maybe someone else will weigh in if they have a preference, but otherwise I kindof feel like, "Whatever's easiest for you, now gimmie Seiken powers."

>> No.39586974

I always thought you didn't get to choose, you just go on a random pokemon generator until a legendary pops up.

>> No.39586980

It is an outdated rule. If you want to skip it and do it later though, go ahead. Single player and all that.

>> No.39587004

Don't mention here though or we'll rightfully shit on you for being a cunt.

>> No.39587012

The idea was that you earn your status as jumper by surviving Pokemon first.

>> No.39587013

Oh, and the ability to jump SUPER high. That... actually I don't think there's a jump that gives you that ability.
Sly Cooper kinda does, but Carmelita and Freya's jumps aren't really comparable.
I can fake it with flight, but it's reeeally not the same.
Maybe that can be a freebie for Burmecian-bred Burmecians? I dunno.

>> No.39587039

Why do people think Pokemon Trainer First Or Never is outdated? QS always envisioned there being more jumps, why does there now being more jumps invalidate the rule?

>> No.39587050

Wuxia, Generic Fighting Game, and Mario all have jumping perks.

>> No.39587052

Generic Fighting Game has Hyper Jump. You could also grab Qinggong Lightfoot from Wuxia.

>> No.39587055

Cool opinion bro.

>> No.39587077

Because when people (in general, even more so on /tg/) see a rule, their first reaction is to try to find a reason why it shouldn't apply to them.

>> No.39587087

>Oh, and the ability to jump SUPER high. That... actually I don't think there's a jump that gives you that ability.
>Doesn't remember the Super Jump builds.
>Doesn't remember Mario.
>Doesn't remember the OTHER Final Fantasy jumps you can be a dragoon.
Not that I'm saying it shouldn't be in there, I think it should, but come on.

>> No.39587091

Noted. I'll update the Mechanics tree accordingly.

>> No.39587130

How could you not survive Pokemon?

You'd have to rub your dick in Arceus eye for him to care enough to kill you... and that counts for all legendaries: they just don't care about Humans and generally don't show themselves.

Not to mention that there has never been a single death in any pokemon anime, manga or game ( excluding big events like the Pokemon Wars that happened eons ago )...

>> No.39587143

It is a good starting point, don't get me wrong. I just think it would be more entertaining to jump into it later. Full randomization you know? I'm actually surprised I'm not the only one who thinks this.

>> No.39587152

My build: http://pastebin.com/e1jCxfRd

>Rely on a dragon...
I started in Unova and made sure to capture Trapinch as my third Pokemon, there's no way it wouldn't evolve into a Flygon after a whole year.

>trap a Rayquaza with explosives
Svant + Technician + help from some the locals.

>'if it finds you it will kill you'
I'll give you that one, but I'm still confident that Rayquaza would agree to stop if I managed to beat it.

>> No.39587158

>It'd be entertaining to steamroll it and capture all the legendaries
Of course it would be for you.

>> No.39587172

I think it's more if people took the severely debilitating drawbacks (like Legendary out to kill you or insanity nightmares)

>> No.39587188

Nice projecting. Why would I want to capture the legendaries? I need those companion slots for more important people

>> No.39587228

Wilderness survival kills people all the time even without fire breathing monsters.

>> No.39587268

So I'm still brainstorming underworld and I have another question.

Should being a hybrid rather expensive? In the movie series, a hybrid would only have one to two "perks" as I'm working on them Such as say giant wereform here. Also even starting off they have far more abilities than the others.

Should I just make hybrids 600 or 800 cp and make someone picky on getting further perks?

>> No.39587269

>trapping a godlike being that can fire lasers from the stratosphere with explosives

No, really. Why would Rayquaza ever bother to go down to the ground? Doesn't he feed on water particles in the upper atmosphere?

>> No.39587270

Regigigas. Even if he gets released, he's got Slow Start, so if you run for it you should be able to avoid being obliterated before he hits full power.

>> No.39587275

Drawbacks override perks and logic. If it says that X wants to kill you for the whole jump X wants to kill you for the whole jump. If the Legendary has access to a Swift-alike or any means of locating you in your sleep you need stealth or GG no re.

>> No.39587299

>there's no way it wouldn't evolve into a Flygon after a whole year.

Errr, if it was easy everyone would have fully evolved pokemon and also it's not like it's impossible that Rayquaza would take less than a year to find you, that fucker can cover some ground. Even if you do have Flygon it might not help that much as was pointed out.

>> No.39587304

Depends on if they're really enough to make people want to be one.

>> No.39587305

>Flying legendary dragon that can fuck up people's days forever
>Somehow trapping the fucker with normal ass hummie explosives, or voltorbs, whatever

>> No.39587307

I have zero interest in catching any pokemon... not a single one.

But I'd love to - for example- take TLA's waterbending scrolls there and teach an entire population the art of waterbending so they can become a bit more self-reliant.

Honestly, - and you know this is true - it seems that most people catch Pokemons to turn them human afterwards in PMD and do nasty stuff to them.

>> No.39587322

You better be running off the continent, cause this guy can move continents (and presumably earthquake them).

Gigas stands to potentially be one of the highest collateral damage (If it's a true golem, it ain't caring bout morals)

>> No.39587331


>> No.39587346

I'd say so, yes.

Hybrids get all kinds of crazy-ass strength and regen, and seem to take all kinds of punishment (they had to shove Marcus into the spinning blades of a Helicopter just to kill him), and on top of that they're ageless like Werewolves and Vampires are.

THEN there's the fact you have to consider, that Hybrids are a result of being related to that one Immortal, and the way the movies worked it seemed like their genetic material could take all kinds of mods that would normally kill them. Maybe have a perk where any biological changes have less issues with conflicting?

Look at the fine print, you'll see why they should be expensive.

>> No.39587355

The fact Crush is free does not mean everyone takes it and does stuff to them.

Doesn't count and you know it. Also, Extremespeed should fuck you up anyway.

>> No.39587361

Yeah because you can totally scratch embodiments of the earth, the sea and the sky with explosives. These are lore level legendaries. And that's before we get into the question of where the hell did you get the explosives in the first place.

>> No.39587368

It was always weird tome that this normal ass dog/shisa got to be the 'legendary pokemon' despite not being a legendary pokemon.

Though the anime disagrees for some reason and included it with the legendary birds.

>> No.39587392

Pokedex was written by ten year olds, don't expect accuracy. Or, if you are, then you can just get a Magcargo to vaporize it - fuckers are hotter than mainline stars.

>> No.39587393

Survival is pretty easy when all you need is a fire pokemon to light fires and a water pokemon to create endless water... not like most cities are even far enough apart to make travelling a hazard.

You'd have to be a real idiot and go Articuno hunting in your undies to actually risk dying "in the wilderniss"...

>> No.39587421

Congratulations - every Arcanine, everywhere, now wants you dead. Enjoy being hunted by an infinite stream of fire-dogs.

>> No.39587440

>not like most cities are even far enough apart to make travelling a hazard.
In the anime they sometimes spent over a week in the woods looking for a town.

>> No.39587452

Well naw, I just presume usually that this guy *is* ridiculously strong, and Earthquakes have pretty severe effects.

I mean, Ray spamming laser beams, yeah that's going to have collateral - but not wide radius collateral like Gigas deciding it's just going to collapse an entire city's water network with a localized earthquake. Take out a power grid with another.

And that's *just* earthquake.

>> No.39587457

Yeah because it's not like there are giant poisonous animals all over the fucking shop.

>> No.39587458

Did quicksilver change the cost of importing your starter into PMD? Because otherwise your points don't add up.

>> No.39587462

>Pissing off bestmon

>> No.39587463

I took Crush, but only because it amuses me to have some poor Eevee fall in love with me.
He later evolved into a Sylveon.

I don't actually think I gave any of my original Pokemon team human forms, though. I prefer them as funky looking animals.

>> No.39587495

> Then Archer where I'm a scientist again, get mad seduction skills but I'm a sex addict in a wheelchair.
> Not being a heroin addicted drop in who listens to Mingus and has a ton of cocaine.

Worst archer jumper ever.

>> No.39587534

This is hilarious. Imagine the faces of every officer Jenny as their trained police dogs all go nuts and try to maul some random guy.

>> No.39587546

Sheeit, I didn't even use any of my original pokemon outside of my starter. They're all on semi-permanent ball-duty.

... Not for a lack of empathy on my part, though. I just didn't want to hit the companion import cap after one or two jumps, is all.

>> No.39587586

We have apparently unlocked the secret of the Pokemon hivemind. Congratulations, just don't die!

>> No.39587592

I have. the reverse philosophy. I used all of my companions and try to hit 8 as soon as I can, then start rotating them to get the most out of import perks, while focusing on several for a core unit.

It's like a typical 5 man band. + 4 subs.

>> No.39587627

Now that I look the PDF does not match the individual pages. Why are they even there in that case?

Oh well, more cp for other stuff.

>> No.39587641


And I'm totally sure that enormous Tentacruel in S1 didn't kill anyone while destroying a city. Right.

>> No.39587697


Well, after KanColle, I got my core 8 companions, and the I just HAD to go and pod someone else... So now I'm trying to work out a rotation between my original companions, my shipfus, AND my latest pod-victim.

>> No.39587700

>The terrible realization that the culture in pokemon is to not mention the dead publicly because this results in people permanently staying in graveyards mourning their dead.

>> No.39587733

I came up with a plan that I think works, Rayquaza is crazy strong but several tons of explosives (Which do exist in the pokemon world.) would be more than enough to temporarily knock him out. He already fulfilled the drawback requirement by attempting to kill me and he failed so I should be able to convince him to leave.

Yes, he lowered it to 150

>> No.39587741

Well that's not too bad yeah ._.
I had 20+ companions on two of my previous runs, and keeping track of them was making my spreadsheet humongous.

I don't even know how I kept a rotation going.

>> No.39587746

Oh boohoo, how often does that happen?

Just get yourself 2-6 pokemon, leave them outside their pokeball and don't wander into dark woods at night.

If you stick to the roads and have a few decent pokemon on hand, dying is really, really hard.

You could always get that wilderniss perk to prevent pokemon from trying to eat you or sneaking up on you if you want to.

>> No.39587768

That's good eating, that's what that is.

>> No.39587776

Update: Added two items as 100CP options.

>> No.39587777

You're still ignoring why he would even come down from the sky in the first place when he can just fire death beams at you all day.

>> No.39587804

Getting good pokemon may be hard at the start and initially at least you are very vulnerable.

>> No.39587808

Drawbacks aren't one time events. They dog you for your entire stay in a Jump. I get that Jumpchain is basically fanfiction, but this is some Deviantart/Spacebattles-tier Mary Sue bullshit.

>> No.39587820

They use a jacket for deep sea diving?

>> No.39587833

Uploaded to drive.
Archivist when you see this, replace current version with the one in new folder please.

>> No.39587870

A reminder that water from a water pokemon equals to their equivalent to spit

>> No.39587927

Red you Are both Vastly underestimating The amount of plot Power this guy has And likely to be the only person who could ever hope to Survive His wrath, This is someone who can destroy the entirety of Canada with one swing of an ax To the right place.

>> No.39587938


>> No.39587972

Yay. Reconfiguring Jump.

Pokemon healing moves are annoying. They either have a single targeting option (Recover/Heal Pulse), take time (Wish), or are lewd when used in human form (Milk Drink/Soft-Boiled).

>> No.39588031

Milk drink is pretty lewd in any form, unless you give your Miltank a glass or something.

>> No.39588032

Roost, Recover, Moonlight, Slack Off, Heal Order, Morning Sun and Synthesis

>> No.39588048

Maybe look for a way to apply "area of effect" properties to a spell?

I think DnD might have something for that.

>> No.39588061

That's like taking one of the missing limb drawbacks and then regenerating it shortly after claiming that you fufilled the drawback by losing an arm. And seriously man even if you do somehow lure Rayquaza to the explosives anything capable of scratching him would be hitting you because he'd be slightly behind you. Also trying to outfly the lord of the sky is fucking stupid, you'd have as much chance in a swimming contest against Kyogre.

>> No.39588067

But why, that's boring! I don't want to flee from a legendary for ten whole years, I want to fucking kick it's ass in an awesome battle and then convince the thing to leave me alone.

Running from an invincible enemy is boring and I at least tried to come up with a reasonable way to defeat a legendary.

>But it's supposed to come after you at the begin...
Yeah yeah yeah, there isn't any explicit time frame for these drawbacks to activate. I fought team plasma first then after dealing with that drawback my other one activated.

>But Rayquaza would just shoot y...
He's trying to kill me, should he should at least get within visual range before attacking. And like I said I have a flying Pokemon that I can use to evade him.

How did you deal with your drwabacks?

>> No.39588070

How the hell does Soft-Boiled work in human form?

>> No.39588082


To clarify for Dan: He's a really pathetic, angry little man (with a lactose intolerance) who tends to fly off the handle and plot needlessly crazy revenge screams. Things like burning down the local burger joint because they won't give him a refund for screwing up his order.
Most of the plots are watching him slam his head against problems with all the subtlety of a train wreck, and usually failing at it, but his willpower and focus is amazingly powerful and he always wins eventually, usually with loads of property damage.

Also, occasionally weird stuff happens, like giant dinosaurs wandering around the city or the head of a magazine subscription company turning out to be a demon. And Dan handles all of this with rampant sociopathy.

It's less that Dan himself is powerful and more like the universe actively conspires to both keep him constantly enraged and allow him to destroy things.

>> No.39588086

Self only/Self only/Self only/Self Only/Self Only/Self Only

I want a move that can be used on myself or allies.

Eggs. That the user laid per the fluff. I hope you're ready to drop your pants.

>> No.39588092

Basically what I was thinking. Even before you buy perks your the best of the series except maybe an Elder.

And I am taking that idea actually. Make it so you can easily add genetic material to yourself and control it. Thanks.

>> No.39588095

How would you even get so much explosives?

Sure they exist in the world but it's not as if you'd be able to get them in the real world either. You're also being chased by a criminal team this whole time. You're dead bro.

>> No.39588097

>swimming contest against Kyogre.
This needs to be done. I'm gonna waltz up to Kyogi, and challenge him to a swim off. Then we're going to repeat it day after day until one day, I will finally become the Swim Meet Champion. Kyogi and I will go to Sea World [or a Pokemon equivalent] and we're going to put on a single show.

Free Kyogre.

After which we're gonna rake in tons of money, buy lots of fish, and generally just chill out. WHILE SWIMMING INTENSIFIES

>> No.39588121

They are called drawbacks for a reason.

>> No.39588162

>not using the bonus move ability to teach your pokewaifu to produce magical healing milk or eggs.

>> No.39588170

Nope, not even.

Remember that Jessie beat up and caught a seviper, a big and poisonous snakelike pokemon.

The Jumper has a body 'close to' Captain America's and possibly superhuman intelligence, psychic powers, aura powers, etc...

You could at the very least beat the living shit out of every Bidoof on your path while letting your Pokemon train and evolve.

Get a psychic pokemon and Teleport makes you almost immortal, same for Fly...

>> No.39588189

>Running from an invincible enemy is boring and I at least tried to come up with a reasonable way to defeat a legendary.
But it's a really bad plan. If you wrote a good story of how you defeated it there'd be less objection Less, I'm sure there will always being fanboys saying you could never defeat Legendary Xmon. It just so happens you got into a dragon race against a mon with 15 higher base speed, undoubtedly higher level, and natural Extreme Speed, whereas Flygon ain't got Extreme Speed, Agility, Double Team...

>> No.39588204


And I'm totally sure that enormous Tentacruel in S1 didn't kill anyone while destroying a city. Right.

Sure, buildings are never empty in real life, cartoons certainly are always realistic in that respect.

Though being an anime it might be 50/50 chance, though even in sentai they usually seem to escape.

>> No.39588226

There's nothing wrong with beating down a legendary into submission with excessive firepower. But something that can fly when you can't - is VERY tough to negotiate with.

You're basically dealing with a Pokemon Lu Bu.

>> No.39588253

Well hate to say it, but he's not gonna be able to tackle a 15,000+ year old sorceress who could literally move faster than he can think. To say nothing of survive a tank round to the face.

That axe he has? It's a nerf bat now.
That gun? Water pistol.
That car he wants to drive into the restaurant? It's made of pillows.

I will give him no ground. No means to channel his wrath. Any time he wishes to scream, he will realize I am there to defuse him. Every attempt at rage will be confronted with logic bombs and magic. For ten years he will NEVER be able to channel his wrath against society.

And I will do it with a smile.

>> No.39588262

I can't afford that and Hyperkinesis and Synchronized souls for the automatic 50% damage boost. As written it only give me a move or move slot anyway.

And that's why I've got a Gogoat alt form with Horn Leech/Earthquake/Rock Slide/Milk Drink.

>> No.39588270

What would be a good human-ish name for a female Froakie?

>> No.39588285


>> No.39588308


>>39588285 wins

fuck i wish i could be this clever

>> No.39588343


sounds like ribbit

which is what a frog does

which is what froakie is based on

>> No.39588346

Well, I guess Tiana wins. Very clever Carlos, very clever.

>> No.39588377

Carlos you're drunk stop referring to yourself Carlos

>> No.39588397

How...are you drunk? How does Rebecca in any way sound like ribbit?

>> No.39588412


>paralyzed bikinibitches on the ground in the face of oncoming kaiju and tsunami
>All them buildings
People died, I don't care if it's a kids show and we didn't see the corpses. Unless they come out and say Arceus prevents any casualties from pokemon rampages, there is no way.

>> No.39588432

rib noise

>> No.39588443

Dan Is a Canon Gary Stu with access to And All his plot powers, When I said that You could probably I had no idea that's what you are doing. Damn you are fucking screwed if you are just Doing it in front of him. You have a scapegoat right?! Because you've essentially Gone and Inflicted on yourself a drawback I had removed because it was a guaranteed failure.... If this is your plan,Well let's just say this isn't a plan.

>> No.39588470

Assuming you do literally nothing else for the entire ten years (what's wrong with you?), I think he might actually die of a stroke as a result of that.

Also, I'm not making up the part about the dinosaurs. His car gets stepped on at one point and it devolves into him trying to kill the dinosaur. Nobody else believes there's a dinosaur but Dan is adamant about it. And then it turns out he's right.
And that's, like, not even the stupidest way the universe screws around with him. There's a guy running around replacing people who get gym memberships with superbuff robot evil duplicates because I forget. Did that guy even have a plan...? Anyway, Dan stopped him because he was pissed off at the gym.

If Dan weren't a complete psychopath I would genuinely feel bad for him.

I mean... I guess what I'm saying here is, "You're not actually fixing the problem, you know? You're just plugging up the pressure release."
It feels like that's a good way to break something. Even if it's Dan's head. Or your head. I feel like hanging out with Dan 24/7 is going to break someone's head.

>> No.39588496

Plot armor doesn't exist unless you make it exist. Derail the plot and there is no magical god making sure it works out.

>> No.39588535

Yeah. Sounds like Red is in over her head with that plan. The very fabric of the universe seems engineered to making Dan angry and giving him outlets towards that anger. All Red seems to be doing is setting herself up as the BBEG.

>> No.39588600

Oh, it exists,And Dan has plenty of it,The universe bears his name!
I removed the joke Drawback because It was a joke Drawback. And the entire misanthrope tree is a poor simulacrum of Dan and read has spent the entirety of the jump , making him angry and keeping him from Having a way to release that anger.
She is very much so, she's Usually smarter and Thinks things through much better. I mean she didn't even Try and find out why he he has such powerful plot powers.

>> No.39588625

And that's just the problem. Remember the Iji scanner I had? And the fact that I got Demigod Atelier from Asura's Wrath? It'd be a shame if someone scanned the core room of the Brahmastra and got the stuff for that reactor...


What you don't seem to realize is that his rage makes me stronger. I am literally harvesting his anger as he continues to flounder and flail.

Magics and transmutations that can turn any weapon into the opposite of that. A specially prepared pocket dimension that is nothing but a sea of endless white pillows. And thanks to a perk? I do not have to sleep, and my own magic sustains me. I could port over sandwiches if I wanted to keep up. I have ten years to burn and ensure he does nothing but control his anger or suffer the consequences.

I do not rest.
I do not stop.
I do not yield.

The world considers him an unstoppable force? I am the immovable object. Pic very, VERY related.

>> No.39588693


>implying I didn't get the gun

>> No.39588736

>unstoppable force vs immovable object
All that results in is a zero sum. The destruction of both entities. Red. Red. You've fallen into a self-wanking trap. You've just killed yourself. You just ended your jumpchain.

>> No.39588803

To be honest-when two forces are in conflict and one of them only has "plot armour" as their listed advantage, I'd bet on the side armed with actual science and magic on coming out on top.

After all, Jumpers can purchase plot armour of their own.

>> No.39588810

Electric, Water, Steel, and Fire type Pokemon resist steel type attacks.

And what is a bit of metal shot at them but a steel type attack?

>> No.39588813

>implying a gun can deal with every pokemon.

>> No.39588869

Whoa, if ever the universe that doesn't have spiral energy could experience Spiral nemesis this would be it! Seriously A law of this reality is that Dan Has a likelihood of getting his vengeance proportionate to the amount Of anger, he Is experiencing toward something. Think a cross between The Incredible Hulk's strength and Batman's Prep time , boosted to squirrel girl levels. You want to stop his Terror you arrange for him to have the best day of his life And when he goes to bed happy and content You Teleport out Mister mumbles and flood His apartment with a odorless, tasteless poison Sedative the exact Weight and of consistency air.
Dan doesn't Just have plot armor, he has plot weaponry,One of the most twisted minds of the planet and willpower Coming out of his ass.

>> No.39588880

But if the entire setting is programmed to make one person come out on top? I'll bet on the setting.

It's like going to Lovecraft and trying to troll Azathoth. Even if you succeed you fail.

>> No.39588902

> A specially prepared pocket dimension that is nothing but a sea of endless white pillows.
Actually he might enjoy that.

I mean, I guess you could stop him just by giving him stuff and making his life super comfortable. There ARE moments when he is genuinely happy and non-homicidal. The problem is they're short-lived because the universe goes out of its way to shit on him.

It's just... I don't think you're really getting how much the universe fucks with Dan, Red. You're basically volunteering to be his 24/7 babysitter. And then acting like it's all his fault. Which, I mean, it sortof is, but it's really only about halfway? I'd say it's 50% Dan, 50% whatever's fucking with him that day.

Anyway, that all sounds so incredibly boring and taxing. Honestly, outside of whatever plot he's got going that week, he's very boring. Lives in an incredibly shitty apartment with a scraggly cat named Mr Mumbles (she's the only thing he truly loves).

It seems like it would be easier to just give him anger management and some pills. And then maybe to fix all the other bullshit going on in the world. That'd be way more beneficial to the world.
Or else just stick him in a virtual reality bubble or something.

Unless... you're purposefully milking him for power? Red, that's so... EVIL. Torturing a man for power! I never knew you had it in you! Bravo!

>> No.39588928

A normal type attack. Steelix or mega Aggron if you want a pure steel tackling you isn't steel type, you apparently have to channel steel pokemagic to actually inflict steel type damage, and you can do that without being made of steel. Snorlax doesn't turn into metal when it uses Heavy Slam. It's pokemagic.

>> No.39588932


...unless this person has actual superpowers, you're. You're not going to convince me that he can stand up to things like timestops, mach 25 running speed and precognition.

Azathoth being untrollable is only a plot thing on a meta-sense. There is a perfectly reasonable in-universe reason why he cannot be trolled: He is the supreme blind idiot god. He is not an ordinary man with plot powers.

"The plot will let him win" is a stupid justification.

>> No.39588944

An unstoppable force is not equivalent to an omnidirectional force. Consider that as force propagates along a single vector, it can be avoided as easily as sidestepping.

Considering that Dan Vs is simply a look inside this hopelessly deluded man's life, as he will clearly die unhappy, poor, and unrecognized, you'd have to take his narrative with a grain of salt. I don't see it so much as him having substantial plot protection as the show having unreliable narrator, who is sympathetic to this poor, mentally disturbed man, and therefore twists the contextual reality somewhat to fit him.

There is no magic in this world. This is only cold hard reality, and that's that this man will die - as mortals are want to do.

>> No.39588977

Dan IS incredibly sad and pathetic. It would be depressing if it wasn't hilarious.

>> No.39588987

Man that's straight up genre savior shit.

Though now that I think about it that particular perk would be perfect. Congrats, you win. Head to the next jump. Do not pass go. Etc.

>> No.39589058

Sticking Him in the matrix would work, so long as you simulated everything else to a sufficiently accurate degree That he couldn't tell the difference He would probably stay in their,I don't think he's paranoid or aware of others enough to do sufficient reality testing.
There is nothing in the show that Suggests Dan is the Narrator, Nor that the narrator is unreliable.
genre savior Actually Might help negate the plot armor, slide Things away from Modern Fantasy towards bleak slice of life and you might have a chance Against Dan

>> No.39589076

Honestly, my issue is that he's more or less acting like an incredibly autistic child who has no sense of impulse control, and how he can only successfully channel his anger by ruining the lives of others through some horrifically insane plans. Where's the rumor in that? How is it funny watching a guy hate everything around him?

Honestly, that shit ends. Plot armor or not, that shit fucking ENDS.

That's not to say that it's going to be 100% anger-blocking. If he successfully channels his anger properly, then he gets nice things. His car's not working? He can simply ask and he gets his car fixed. A restaurant is being an asshole? Simply make a note and move on. He improves as a person, I improve his life. Tit for tat.

If he continues to refuse to improve and act as a horrible person, then he will continue being blocked. Harvesting his anger is merely a bonus.

Now if there was ACTUAL bullshit that's going on, like T-rexes or robots running around? Then hey, GUESS WHAT I'M TROUBLESHOOTING. By which I mean I'm shooting the trouble.

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for this guy to be as he is.

>> No.39589099

>Imawabi no Dakini

I can't seem to find this jump, link please

>> No.39589115

How is that genre savior? Consider all the people on Earth currently who have similar delusions. The actual people who have conditions such as scizophrenia and other hallucinatory illusions.

What we know is that this man has no magic. What we also know is that he's a completely unreliable narrator with tendencies to swap between personalities. There's no reason to doubt that the narration, in order to make his personal fantasies "justified" and "acceptable", has been twisted significantly.

How do you explain that he hasn't already been summarily put into a mental hospital for his ravings? Or that these "plots" he reveals hasn't come back to kill him?

If you're literally using plot protection, then why hasn't plot protection simply reconstructed reality in his image? Clearly he isn't omnipotent in any sense of the word - or he would move closer to his image of perfection.

Instead he remains stagnant, both as a character and as an individual. He literally has 0 growth throughout the whole series. No extra relationships, nothing. He's just a device to exemplify how delusion some people in real life can become. He's like a walking mental institution poster boy.

>> No.39589126

I got it

As someone who's never watched the show, you have my wholehearted support. I'm kind of starting to be annoyed by how every argument for him meaningfully opposing you boils down to "muh plot armour"

>> No.39589134

> The entire series is a result of Dan's deluded fantasies.
> He got lactose poisoning from the burger shop where he had a crush on the girl and they acted like it was his fault, so he dreamed up a fantasy where he burned down the store and (never) got the girl.
> He was actually successful at that magazine company, but his job was tearing him away from his friend Chris, and he chose to stay with his friend.
> There is no magic in this world.

> Dan finally admits that he's wasted his life.
> This is the final episode.

>> No.39589138

Is Maoyuu Hero and Demon King jump done?

>> No.39589177

>I'm kind of starting to be annoyed
Same here. Plot armor wank like this is always annoying to see when they start it up. Same as all other fanboys that come in here sometimes for people like Gilgamesh.

>> No.39589184

I've seen the final episode, that's not what happens. Where are you getting this stuff?

>> No.39589219

hey FF Gilgamesh is a bro and we steal weapons together and shit ok.

Mind you we also like to eat hot dogs but that's another deal altogether.

Now if you're talking about goldie we dun associate with him. A man who dun hot dog is no friend of mine.

>> No.39589231

> "muh plot armour"

Hey. No.
My argument consists of, "This world is awful and there's way more to fix than just Dan", followed by, "Babysitting one guy for ten years nonstop is really super boring."

I can think of way better ways to deal with Dan, and they're not even all morally terrible!

>> No.39589242

I mean Goldie. Never seen anything but people having fun with FF Gilgamesh and his thieving ways.

>> No.39589281

FFXIII-2 Jump Gilgamesh a best

>> No.39589291

This is going to go well with tooth and claw. Nothing like a sixth limb to help real something in for a bite.

>> No.39589301

Now see-Gilgamesh I can understand-he has a sword that can destroy worlds, he has unlimited prototype superpowerful magical artifacts, he's a goddamn Servant-He's NOT invincible and he has massive flaws like that ridiculous pride, but he is a legitimate force to be reckoned with.

This guy? This is some loser with too much time on his hands who can't get over a grudge. I can't buy that he can fight his way out of a paper bag without prep time, let alone a demon sorceress

>> No.39589355

Except he's willing to burn down an animal shelter just because of 'noisy animals'.

I'm not sure it's the world that's awful, rather than it's just HIM.

>> No.39589379

Eh, for what it's worth you by far gave the most understandable argument to me.

Mind if I ask how you'd fix Dan?

>> No.39589419

Pretty sure it's genetic, flashback episodes showed that he was like this as a kid. So Injecting his mom with a retrovirus?

>> No.39589423

If he's so shitty, why not just off him?

>> No.39589424

Best way to fix Dan is to just do a little brain surgery and clip the part of his mind that allows anger.

>> No.39589449

Full Skynet. Kill the Mother. Ally with John Connor. Kill this man.

>> No.39589450

Red apparently has a sense of right and wrong.

>> No.39589461

B5 has the tech to rewrite personalities without the use of surgery. You wouldn't have to go full blow Death of Personality on him, though you could.

>> No.39589525

More potential Neptunia Drawbacks:

Unlucky (+100 cp): Generic nonfatal bad luck.

Creepy Stalker (+100 cp): While you’re in the Hyperdimension you are going to have to deal with a creepy stalker. They won’t listen to you when you say no, follow you everywhere, and attempting to kill them will at best ensure you have a new stalker. They’re everything you find repulsive in a person, with no likable traits. It’s like someone made a robot and used the Abhorrent Admirer page on TvTropes to give them a personality.

Amnesia (+200 cp): When you jumped into this world you impacted the ground at high speed and lost your memories. You still have your skills but you won’t know where you learned them or that you have them if you never come across a reason to use them. Don’t expect to get them back before the final chapter starts.

Side character (+200 cp): You aren’t a main character and everyone knows it. Reality itself considers you unimportant. Even if you’re the strongest person in Neptune’s party expect for that to never matter outside of battle – someone else will always have the spotlight and when you do appear in an event it will only result in being shown up. Linda might commiserate with you if she was in this entry in the series.

Momus Reborn? (+300? cp): For some reason Arfoire’s plan to convince the world Momus exists has succeeded so well that it really does. And while this doesn't make you any stronger you’re the Overlord. Histoire and the CPUs can sense your evil power and will fight you on sight. Luckily, as the Evil Overlord you are contractually obligated to win the first time, but so long as they think you’re alive they’ll keep grinding levels and trying again. So long as people believe in them they can’t die, and if they somehow do expect the world to fall apart even more than it already has once Arfoire takes advantage of what you’ve done.

>> No.39589635

See >>39589450. Killing is the easy way out.

I'd rather make sure he's better off than when I found him.

>> No.39589682

What's a Momus?

>> No.39589698

Red, my argument is not, "Dan is a nice person! Really!"
My argument is, "Other people are also terrible. Why are you focusing on this one terrible man."

Well, personally, I didn't. Because I find Dan passably amusing and I also avoid trying to "fix" a lot of things because I believe myself to be woefully underqualified to make those kinds of decisions.
I find it interesting that Red has more of a track record of that than I do.
On the other hand, Red has never purposefully brought about world destruction, so I'ma go ahead and call that a draw.

But if I were trying to fix Dan...?
Well, the obvious and easiest route would be to just freaking murder him. Nobody would even miss him and he would die unloved. But I generally pay Red more respect than that, and believe she wouldn't resort to such methods.

I could also do a couple little snippy snips on his brain, drug him with happy pills, drug him with really GOOD happy pills that would make him hear colours, stick him in the matrix, give the man some ongoing therapy/anger management, give him some kind of job and try to actively shape him into a better human being with actual money (he seems to respond slightly better to positive reinforcement), or, if I really wanted to devote ten years to this stuff like Red is doing, I'd probably start actively trying to make the world a better place with less insane bullshit and keep Dan around with me so that he benefits from it firsthand.

>> No.39589763

Arfoire spends all of the first game (and Re;birth 1) trying to convince everyone the Evil Overlord Momus exists and is going to kill them all unless they convert to Piracy. It doesn't actually exist unless you take the drawback and become it.

The only "benefit" of being Momus is the evil aura and a contractually obligated win against Neptune the first time you fight her.

>> No.39589803

Huh. This Arfoire is a weirdo. Pretty cute though. I have waaaaay too much of a weakness for pale skin and black lipstick.

>> No.39589926

OK, I'll admit Arfoire will start with a friendlier disposition, but she has every expectation that you'll do what she says. She does know how to make some manner of Shadow Clones so expect for at least one to try to give you orders on a regular basis.

And she's pretty kind of evil. Of the "I will destroy the world and recreate it in my image" variety.

>> No.39590075

Oh, and I almost forgot: I could always just attach one of those mood altering Moodulators from Kim Possible to him. Preferably implanted inside his body or something. Then I'd just stick it on some normal "pretty content" setting.

I keep forgetting I have those. Which is weird, because that's how I dealt with taking the Gray drawback in Neopets. I forced myself to feel better through SCIENCE!
It was kindof weird, because I had to manually switch moods as was appropriate to the situation. Otherwise I'd be cheerful when people gave me terrible news and that's a good way to piss people off. But it was somewhat better than the alternative.
At least I could blame it on being a robot at the time.

>> No.39590124


>> No.39590155

Neat. Guess it's safe to make a build then.

>> No.39590286

Quick question, which Gundam series has the best tech? I just rolled for the 00 series and I want to know whether or not I should keep it.

>> No.39590322

Is it wrong that I sort of image of the piracy anon that was suggested to look like Rance?

>> No.39590369

Technically Turn A thanks to how the Black History works. Anything better that shows up is guaranteed to be available there in some form, since it's the future of all timelines apparently.

He might, especially if you take the maker origin and either Alice Soft or the Rance series as your theme.

>> No.39590377

00. It has some crazy powerful tech, especially by the time of the movie. Keep it.

>> No.39590398

>> No.39590415

Update or?

>> No.39590444

>Technically Turn A thanks to how the Black History works. Anything better that shows up is guaranteed to be available there in some form, since it's the future of all timelines apparently.
Yeah, the far future, after the majority of technology has been destroyed. Mostly it's just a few UC mobile suits left, everything else is gone.

>> No.39590459

No, someone wanted it posted.

>> No.39590478

I just ended up in Late UC. Unicorn is a cool Gundam but I dunno, it seems like I'm at a disadvantage compared to people who ended up in other Gundamn universes.

>> No.39590519

I don't know who Mib is, but it has to be said:

The jumps mib makes are boring. The descriptions are clinical and factual, stripping any sort of escapism out of the jump until I can't pretend I'm not doing accountancy for fun anymore. The tone just rubs me the wrong way by sounding all falsely enthusiastic.

>> No.39590538

Style is very much a taste thing. Did any of the recent jumps have one you preferred, though?

>> No.39590543

If you're going to jump Gundam, may I suggest Build Fighters?

The tech is solid, it doesn't overburden itself with hamfisted angst, and there are other benefits, such as:

>> No.39590556

Late UC's a fun and strange place. Honestly it's all about flavor in my opinion for the gundam rolls. I mean you get to be in a time with space pirate gundams and other assorted adventures

Also dat music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSi8_f4eBno

Also if you really wanted power, that's what the Build Fight drawback is for. That shit's broken even if you dont account for Build Fighter's Try

>> No.39590559

But what about Try?

>> No.39590583

What's the fifth? My mind immediately went to...places...

Also, it would be humorous to just suck-punch someone with your tongue.

>> No.39590600

Prehensile tail.

>> No.39590612

Nah, original novel version of Unicorn Gundam turned into a god-like entity, so you have that. Even then there's still things like the Neo-Zeong's psycoframe based super weapon that melts weapons off. There's quite of other things like the wings of light, too.
Supposedly the WaDoms were from G-Gundam, and in the manga version of Turn A Gundam Corin Nader receives a gundam from wing. Most of the mountain cycles have not been opened, so most likely there's some very interesting stuff out there.
If you pick Build Fighters, you have to stay for Try Fighters and that's a huge drawback.

>> No.39590633

I rather liked the Spongebob Squarepants jumps' tone, to be honest. Very cheerful. I did get the sense of mystique and danger from Imawabi no Dakini. Needless to say Sitcom Jump has more than enough graphics to set a sitcom-y mood

...I might be spoiled by great writers like Babs and great image editers like CCDT but I have to say-ib jumps are utterly dreary and do a piss poor job of explaining the setting.

>> No.39590640

Also acceptable.

>> No.39590651

You've got seven years before Try happens. Use that time to prevent it.

>> No.39590661

>Prevent it
>Not embracing the horror

>> No.39590666

And yet you use the worst girl in Try as an example.

>> No.39590681

>you have to stay for Try Fighters and that's a huge drawback
>Try Fighters
Its a tough job, but someone has to do it. Don't worry anon, I'll take one for the team.

>> No.39590685

>Jumper builds an overpowered gundam because Build Fight gives him ALL THE ROBOTS in theory, and with enough money
>This is exactly what causes the power creep in Try

>> No.39590765

I care less about power creep and more about boredom creep. People like Minato or Team Snibal-Drago-Gira can keep their overpowered suits, because they're overpowered in interesting ways. They remember that at the end of the day, the important thing is that Gunpla Battle should be about personal expression. It's shit like Sekai and Wilfred that need to be prevented. All they do is hammer back and forth with super attacks, the only personality they express is "I like pretty lights durr".

>> No.39590777

Thing is, I love Gundam. I've watched Gundam for a long time, and Try is about the most horrible thing ever (aside from Destiny, possibly and we don't talk about G-Savior). The only thing good about Try is the girls, but you have to deal with the worst possible things such as the chicken how are you and other ass characters like Sekai and Yuuma. You trade going to Turn A, After War Gundam, Gundam UC, Wing, and G Gundam for a horrible, horrible series with some hot girls that aren't even as good as say, Haman Karn.
Don't worry, judging by Try you'll probably be punched by Sekai and left to smolder.

>> No.39590807

I guess it's because those jumps take it less seriously and just play with the tone. You probably like it when perks are more about fluff than just what they do. Out of that valkyrie one, Sponge, dakarti and sitcom, all of them probably have more of that going on than busto move here.

>> No.39590856

I like perks best when they have fluff AND explain what they can do in an understandable fashion. But-yeah, I'm just not feeling as hyped reading busto move than jumps in the past. There's no sense of adventure, just a checklist, because I'm not familiar with the series

>> No.39590858

>Thing is, I love Gundam.
See, I'm the opposite. I've always found Gundam firmly in the category of Tries Too Hard, so BF and BFT works for me because it doesn't take itself seriously but it has fun robot battles and attractive girls.

>> No.39590866

>tfw someone posts a body type I'd use as a disguise
Aaaaaaaand saved.

>> No.39590883

Yeah, but I'm fine with Build Fighters. I love Build Fighters. But Try just really annoys me. You should also try G-Gundam, which is fantastic with things like Bandit and Zebra Gundam.

>> No.39590899

Here's the thing: Try DOES take itself seriously. Build Fighters didn't, it was one big love letter to the fandom and as such let itself be silly. But Try is your generic shonen tournament anime, just with mobile suits, so everything is deathly serious there.

>> No.39590918

>>tfw someone posts a body type I'd use as a disguise
>Aaaaaaaand saved.
Fuck yeah, glad to have helped.

>> No.39590940

So build fighters is essentially just a vacation jump where you can a stupidly OP mech for basically free?

>> No.39590949

>Here's the thing: Try DOES take itself seriously.
See, I saw it as just another parody. If you watch it that way its incredibly entertaining.

>> No.39590964



>> No.39590971

Look, can we at least agree that Build Fight shouldnt have been a Drawback in Gundam Jump, let alone a 0 point drawback

I mean think about it
1. This world has plastic models of EVERY MOBILE SUIT EVER, and people wth the skills to make them if they exist

2.A jumper with enough piloting experience can easily stomp their way into the world tournament (part of the drawback), before the power creep sinks in


4. The only thing you're investing in this setting is money, and that's for plastic parts and putty and paint, and you get a giant robot of actual power in exchange

I mean has no one noticed this before? I'm not usually a nerf batter, but this setting is objectively overpowered than the rest of options, and you dont even need a dice roll to get it, and it REWARDS YOU HEAVILY

>> No.39590978

Pretty much, it'd be a fun capstone to a giant robot arc. Almost like an omake, if that makes any sense.

>> No.39590984

Oh hey, here comes the shitposting whiners!

>> No.39591011

If you think "has to live through Try" equals free, you clearly haven't watched it.

I'm not seeing it. There are a few parts where it could be, but the overall tone plays itself straight.

>> No.39591017

Truly, no fun goes unpunished in this thread.

>> No.39591018

My Gundam lore is piss poor, but knowing what I know now-yeah, it definitely looks the kind of thing where I'd pay 1000CP to be able to do instead of normal Gundam shit

>> No.39591035

Please explain how a "drawback" that gives you free things, and reduces the difficulty of the setting, is a drawback.

>> No.39591046

No, I agree. I just ignore it exists, since it really doesn't fit with the rest of the jump at all. I think a lot of people do, and just don't pay attention to the people who try to powergame with it.

>> No.39591049

>nerf batter
Mmmmm. Nerf batter. I like to lick it off of the spoon after I pour it into my nerfcake pan.

>> No.39591061

Zero point drawbacks aren't drawbacks. They're placed in that section because they override everything else to change the setting.

>> No.39591064

He's right, though

What's being described isn't a drawback. It's a perk that pretty much obviates most of the items section

>> No.39591081


It is literally a FREE option to get all the rewards at literally no risk.

>> No.39591093

>I'm not seeing it.
Are you a big Gundam fan? Not trying to be dismissive, actually asking.

And I ask because that's the reaction a lot of Gundam fans I know have, whereas those of us who aren't fans of the show see it more as a parody. Not as affectionate a parody as BF, but a parody none the less.

>> No.39591096

Honestly when the "change" is getting rid of all risk and planting a honking big reward for you? I'd say it should cost CP

>> No.39591103

Anons, i forgot something even more important. It halves ALL of the customization costs in jump.
This isnt a drawback, this is a perk

>> No.39591104

Does anybody have lists of the different "arcs" that you can do with the jumps we have? It seems to be an interesting way to go.

>> No.39591107

Nobody cares what you think. That much should be clear to you.

Can we ignore the shitposting nerfwhores and just have fun talking about Gundam again? I swear they always go out of their way to ruin any conversation here.

>> No.39591114

Agreed. There are other jumps that have 0 pointers that turn grimdark into grimderp or straight comedy.

>> No.39591144

>trying to discuss internal balance and making other jumps NOT useless is shitposting
>criticism is shitposting
>opinions are shitposting

I don't think you know what that word means, anon.

>> No.39591151

I'm a moderate Gundam fan. Not huge, but I enjoy the franchise. I just don't think it's a parody. I mean, I can sort of see how it could come across as one, but it doesn't quite mesh right. Like there are parody elements, they're just not joined together into a cohesive whole. And the non-parody parts outnumber them.

>> No.39591158

You kinda have to make that yourself. Different jumps would fit into different arcs. For example, Generic Zombie Apoc could fit into a horror arc or a zombie arc.

Similarly, Sekirei could fit into a harem run or a fightan run.

You need to decide what arcs you want, then you fit the jumps in as they make sense.

>> No.39591161

>Making other jumps not useless
>Doesn't realize that every jump makes other jumps useless.
Your arguments are just pure idiocy.

>> No.39591170

Yeah, except for the people who agreed with me. And you're the one shitposting if you aren't bothering to explain how the fuck avoiding all risk and getting most stuff in the item section for free is fine.

I want to discuss a thing I don't fully understand, and if you have a counterargument I'd appreciate why you think it's worth keeping it beyond "it's fun to bypass all the risk"

>> No.39591172

Look. You're trying to interfere with someone's mad powergrab. Clearly you're shitposting.

>> No.39591186

I didn't even go to build fighters, so nice try with that.

>> No.39591190

>Doesn't realize that every jump makes other jumps useless
...I'm sorry, WHAT.

>> No.39591202

That paints you in an even less flattering light. The point is not one of external balance as you seem to be implying, it's about internal balance.

>> No.39591213


It is a "drawback." That literally makes everything CHEAPER.

And takes away ALL risk.

It is like Save State, in that there is LITERALLY NO REASON NOT TO TAKE IT. Plus, it's FREE, so you can STILL get everything else you wanted.

It's like if CHIM had been a free option in TES and didn't prevent you from leaving the setting - there'd be literally no reason not to take it.

Gary tap-dancing Gygax, /tg/ is right when they call us cancer if you represent the majority, since apparently you can only have fun when you have no chance of losing at anything whatsoever.

>> No.39591223

So, what amuses me the most about this argument is that it started over an anon arguing that Build Fighters and BF Try would be better jumps to take due to tits.

Tits should not seperate us, jumpers. Tits should bring us all together.


Booty and hips should bring us together, too. But that should go without saying.

>> No.39591227

Except lots of people agree with him and poor design decisions being called out doesn't constitute shitposting.

>> No.39591228

Currently, there is no reason to roll for a location. Just pick Build Try and win. There is a 0% likelihood of losing in Build Try, taken as 1st jump or not. You're also guaranteed a Gundam basically. Good to use in DMC where you can infinite beam magnum, then wipe out entire settings with infinite beam magnum.

>> No.39591229

>+0 Drawback
>Halves the cost of everything
>get the Gundam you build in that CYOA at the end, not as a plastic figure, but as full-fledged Gundam
>Literally have to deal with ten years of 9-to-5 no threat and get something twice that amount in return

Get the fuck out powerfag.

>> No.39591233

...jeez, no wonder Red went autistic if they had to put up with this shit.

>> No.39591237

Claiming that Gundam invalidates all settings is stupid, so I'm assuming he thinks this jump makes some other robot jump he likes invalid. That's a stupid argument though, because every single jump 'invalidates' some other jump out there by having more power than it, or having better perks or whatever. However, this is only the case even THEN if you only jump for power and not for fun, and I'm convinced that the nerfwhores are all people who only jump for power (but not too much in their minds) and can't have fun.

>> No.39591247

Did you link to the wrong post? Because I don't see what that has to do with what I said.

>> No.39591269

It isn't a drawback. Zero pointers are not drawbacks, I think that was explained to you already.

>> No.39591286

>I'll accuse the people trying to fix INTERNAL balance of hypocrisy, that'll show them!

So help me, we're already in autosage, so I'll go ahead and say it.

People like you killed JoJo.

>> No.39591300

Sure there is. Not everyone jumps to min-max. Some jumpers are fans of certain settings and want to experience those settings. Other jumpers want to challenge themselves.

Just because there's a cheap power option available doesn't mean you have to take it. I, and lots of other jumpers, refuse to take or use soul-fueled powers that are destructive to souls. You can do the same with this jump.

If people want to min-max their way through the chain: great. But not everyone will play that way, so your screaming is unnecessary and kind of embarassing.

>> No.39591302

Then it's the best perk in the jump despite costing 0 cp.

>> No.39591304

The thing is-it's more than just a shift in tone. You're rewarded with the robot you build.

Even +0CP drawbacks like Crawling With Love and Johjo don't give you a fucking reward for taking them.

>> No.39591305

No, but Build Try definitely invalidates a lot of other jumps since you can make planetbusters in one place and win retardedly easy.

And you can't tell me that there aren't people who jump for power. Look at this thread and tell me I'm wrong.

>> No.39591308

You people who bring up past drama just to cause shitstorms are the worst of your shitposting bunch.

>> No.39591313

which basically makes it a free perk

that entirely trivializes everything and lets you get an awesome super custom robot with no danger to yourself

that's still kind busted don't you think

>> No.39591316

Yeah sorry I meant to link to >>39591061
Post fucked up for some reason.

So basically what you're saying is that it's a 0 CP Perk. A free perk basically. SHIT TIME TO RETROACTIVELY CHANGE BUILDS!

>> No.39591323

So. Let's change topics.

I just rolled up Carnivores and read down to the They Walk drawback, and that got me thinking.

Considering the implication that dinosaurs walk, talk, and build societies all while humans still hunt them, does that make humanity pic related?

Cause I am all over that shit if so.

>> No.39591325

Thing is, I don't care that they do. Only you define your life around what other people do.

>> No.39591343

It is in the Drawbacks section.

Moreover, having a FREE option that does this, even in the PERKS section, would be just as bad.

Your semantics argument is both incorrect and irrelevant, and only displays how utterly desperate you are to keep wanking yourself off, as you have literally refused to address ANY of our other points.

Sod off back to Gaia Online, you absolute mongoloid. Not even Tumblr and Reddit deserve to deal with you all day, nor are /b/, /pol/, /a/, /v/, or /d/ so far gone as to tolerate your subhuman behavior.

>> No.39591346

Not surprised the IRC is the one behind the insane monkey shitposting spree going on right now.

>> No.39591354

Making the best perk in a given jump cost 0 cp and then telling people not to take it does not balance the cost against the benefit.

Which is a requirement for balanced jumps.

>> No.39591358

In other words what you're saying is that Good Jumpmaking is making a free OP option in every single jump wherever possible.

It's not "cheap". It's free. Literally you can take it and it just means you can access every single setting simultaneously.

>> No.39591361

>Crawling With Love
Wait what, did the Lovecraft jump get sum Space CQC and I didn't notice?

>> No.39591363

>immediately trying to shift the blame to the IRC
>when individuals can have opinions

Oh my god you are pathetic

>> No.39591365

I'd say that's fair, yeah. Going to get a combistick and razor disk for your time there?

>> No.39591374

>oh look guys we have a scapegoat to blame the shitposting on

whatever helps you sleep buddy

>> No.39591376

People here are really autistic and absolutely obsessed that everyone play like they do and should always do what they say. It's pretty pathetic.

>> No.39591378


I honestly don't mind what it does. The issue is, it should COST CP points-maybe all your CP points-because as it stands its far better than any option in jump AND takes away the need to have any other options.

>> No.39591384


Seriously? One namefag says something and it's this? Guess what, anon? >>39591286 is right because of you.

>> No.39591394

Sort of. It doesn't actually turn it into Haiyore! Nyaruko , the drawback just makes all the monsters look like cute girls and boys. They still act like monsters. It's more like Saya no Uta than Nyaruko.

>> No.39591399

And other people are really autistic and insist that the best perk in a jump should be free so they can buy everything they want.

>> No.39591403

>blaming the IRC for everything

Oh BOO HOO HOO, someone called you out.

You have to intentionally play suboptimally not to take it.

I repeat, you have to intentionally hobble yourself to not take it.

This is why there is "no reason" not to take it - because you have to intentionally do something completely idiotic not to take it.

You wankers haven't learned from your history, so now you're mad that you have to repeat it.

>> No.39591412


That drawback is a drawback, it seals your powers, and makes it necessary for you to win the tournament in order to leave. If you're a shitty pilot, you could be spending a lot of time there with zero exit chance.

>> No.39591416

You're shitposting right now by accusing everyone the second someone dares try to critique anything.

It's just frustrating when the immediate response to any sort of critique is people throwing a hissy fit by trying to accuse others without coming up with a counterargument of their own

>> No.39591445

Worst part is that they go into a SCREAMING END OF THE WORLD FIT about it. I mean just look at the shit right now. It's their doing.

>> No.39591486

>You have to intentionally play suboptimally not to take it.
>I repeat, you have to intentionally hobble yourself to not take it.
>This is why there is "no reason" not to take it - because you have to intentionally do something completely idiotic not to take it.
>completely idiotic
Again, not everyone plays to min-max. You do, I get that. That's fine. But your problem is that you assume that everyone else is just trying da most powah evah. That isn't the case. I gave examples of jumpers who play by their own rules, who refuse power in certain circumstances, and you're ignoring that. You're stating that anyone who doesn't optimize, without thought to consequence of theme, is idiotic.

I disagree.

That fun thing about this is that there's no right way or wrong way to play it. Don't assume that everyone wants to play or has to play the way you're describing.

>> No.39591488

Look at the post DIRECTLY AFTER someone tried to raise criticisms in a civil manner >>39590984 and resorted to blind accusations.

Look, the way I see it-- as >>39591304 mentioned the drawback actually gives you a tangible reward in the form of the robot you build. That alone makes it far better than most +0CP drawbacks

>> No.39591491

It has been confirmed to be NOT a drawback, and you are given sufficient skills to ensure you are a sufficient pilot.

On the other hand, you don't suffer any detrimental results for staying any longer, therefore you can use the extended time to make this "drawback" an even better perk. You can take an infinite amount of time technically, and once you've moved past the Try canon, you can do anything you want.

>> No.39591507

Okay, you know what?

I've got four essays due Tuesday and I'm set to graduate this semester.

See you guys when I'm done writing, shouldn't take too long.

>> No.39591511

I don't see how that drawback is worth the 800-1000 cp I'd expect for this to cost in another jump.

I guess you aren't posing then, because you're clearly not shouting in all caps according to your post.

>> No.39591524

Later mang.

>> No.39591527

Oh hell yes.

Razor disk certainly, but I'll probably stick to those wrist claw things close up. Plasma gun and invisibility capabilities are meh, but necessary for city hunting. Not honorable to rely on though.

I actually don't care about the technology too much. I just want to go around hunting skulls and do that clicking thing.

>> No.39591530

I agree with that. I'm one of those jumpers who prioritise fun over minmaxing.

I don't mean to state that the drawback should be eliminated entirely, just that if it offers you a tangible reward then it should cost /something/ because you're benefitting from it in the long run, and that goes over the line from "change in tone" to "outright rewarding you" in the context of internal balance. Just my thoughts on the matter

>> No.39591560

Just bear in mind dinosaurs probably have better senses than humans. So invisibility might not be worth jack shit when they can smell you from coming upwind.

>> No.39591564

Yeah, I personally don't take it. I can see why people are upset with it, but to insist that a build that doesn't min-max is suboptimal doesn't really work for me. For me, the jump giving me a fun narrative is worth more than it giving me a super-mecha. I can build my own mecha, I can't build my own Haman Karn to waifu. I can't do that, right? Somebody fact-check that, I find myself with a sudden urgent need to know.

>> No.39591606

You can. Everybody will eventually "reincarnate" in Build Try. We've seen people like Domon in Gundam Build Try so far. Just take it and get Haman Karn eventually.

There's no war, so she'll be easier to waifu as well.

>> No.39591610

Essential problem here? They also assume the opposition just wants power. And that makes them bad. Why? Because it does. It's singleplayer but they're still scared of other people being strong.

>> No.39591613

>I don't mean to state that the drawback should be eliminated entirely, just that if it offers you a tangible reward then it should cost /something/ because you're benefitting from it in the long run, and that goes over the line from "change in tone" to "outright rewarding you" in the context of internal balance.
See, thats clear and well stated. I could agree with that. If I took that drawback, and I haven't jumped Gundam yet, I wouldn't want the free giant robots. It just sounds like a fun vacation jump.

>For me, the jump giving me a fun narrative is worth more than it giving me a super-mecha.
Agreed. The BF and BFT are more interesting to me than straight Gundamn. As stated, I'm not a Gundam fan but BF and BFT were fun for me.

>> No.39591621

Good. I wouldn't want too much of an advantage. It isn't sporting.

>> No.39591664

When the counter argument is "I don't care the best perk in a jump costs 0cp" and "Fuck you, I don't care about balance".

See this guy: >>39591610 If he ever made a jump I would expect him to also make the best perk cost 0 cp since he's so willing to support it, and at that point you might as well be writing generic mary sue self insert fanfiction where you get every power ever.

>> No.39591673

Man I'm sorry anon, but I just can't help but picture you as the hunter dude from Jumanji now

>> No.39591685

>Essential problem here? They also assume the opposition just wants power. And that makes them bad. Why? Because it does.
Not an unfair assessment. I honestly don't give a shit about other builds. I mean, I can appreciate some of the combos and wigits created by Red, OAA, and the like, but that's not how I jump or why I jump. I'm glad they're having fun, and I have fun reading about what they're up to, but ultimately this is about me and my experience.

>It's singleplayer but they're still scared of other people being strong.
I don't doubt that there aren't jumpers who are 1:1 models of real world preppers who are secretly stockpiling bullshit in hopes of A Happening. Strikes me as sad.

>> No.39591687

It's not just a fun vacation jump. You can spend an infinite amount of time in Build Try - it's a good place to basically do whatever you wanted to do in the jumpchain as the technology continues to evolve.

>> No.39591694

The problem as I see it is that the VERY FIRST reply to the critique was "oh look, shitposters" so I can emphasise with others assuming the worst when the initial response was met with hostility.

Glad we can agree on that, and-yeah, that's all that needs to be fixed, treating it as a perk rather than a drawback.

>> No.39591708

If they're upset about being called shitposting, countering with more shitposting is a horrible way to react.

>> No.39591710

Except judging by how people can get, anything that's not minmaxing is 'suboptimal'.

Any time someone limits canon options like with Medaka Box, people throw a bitch fit.
Any time someone doesn't bump people to MC levels, they throw a bitch fit.
Any time they're told they can't kill a Chaos God, they throw a bitch fit.

I really want to agree with you, anon. I really do. But jumpers are not people with sensible impulse control. Granted, this is to be expected with a place that's been warped from exploration and adventure to a power fantasy that shoots down its creator's opinions at any time, but claiming that you can't do something sends people into a fucking rage. It will ALWAYS end in rage.

I mean look in this fucking thread. Red for once was going to involve herself into a plot and turn it utterly upside down. RED of all people. The claimed nerfbitch who never lets anyone have fun, the person who's ALWAYS shat on the second they offer jump opinions (remember that shitstorm with Touhou?), and the second Tera goes "nuh uh plot armor", people started screaming.

>> No.39591726

No, I mean build one, not find one. I want the ability to have multiple Hamans. Once the Big Haman is mass produced, the Federation will be defeated!

>> No.39591763

You're the worst of the bunch. We're having a conversation that people here care too much about how others play, and here you are going on a HUGE rant about how you hate how other people play. That's just sad and missing the entire point.

>> No.39591775

I like how many of you have come out in support of having the best perk in a Jump cost 0 cp. As such I fully expect future jumps to come with this feature.

Or possibly be balanced properly, but if that's what you think 0 cp is worth, why not do it?

>> No.39591779

Missing the point.

If the other anon hadn't assumed the worst and gotten hostile instead of rationally explaining why they disagreed there'd be no need for pointless bickering in the first place and we could've discussed our points of view.

Hey-that wasn't a fair comparison. In that particular scenario the reasons for why you'd lose were very poorly explained. I've been trying to take both sides into account and I don't want to get rid of the option-just to stop treating it as a drawback

>> No.39591790

There are worse things to emulate I suppose. In fact I'm actually quite flattered. Never thought I'd get into a jump theme off my second jump, but here we are.

>> No.39591803

>People having a conversation about getting Dan.
>Two people say they kinda don't like fanboy arguments.
What even? That wasn't screaming, that was a normal conversation. You gotta be insane.

>> No.39591811

>implying /jc/ contains anything other than salt and that's why people who ask about balancing issues are bad.

>> No.39591827

Do you make jumps?

>> No.39591840

Completely possible. All technology from each series *will* show up in Build Try. Just needs to be expanded and developed. There's a lot of lore content that deliberately remains vague, so it's not even a hard wank of any sort.

>> No.39591863

Nobody on either side of the argument does. It's ultimately meaningless.

>> No.39591877

I dunno, but it is a valid argument since Gundam can do it, we'd need to be fair and start lifting up power limiters from other places and give them an equivalent 0 CP perk/drawback. Otherwise it's just favoritism.

>> No.39591887

Actually, now that I think about it, I could just copy Minato's work with the Super Fumina. Well, I...I seriously have to put some thought into this now, don't I? Cool space opera robot fights, or infinite amounts of Haman. That's a hard decision to make.

>> No.39591894

>slippery slope

>> No.39591901

Given how salty people are about suggesting that the best perk in a jump cost more than 0 cp, it might not be a good idea.

>> No.39591916

Truth be told, I'm tired of people being passive aggressive with sarcasm-even when it's directed at the people I disagree with. I just want to have a clear line of communication to figure out why people disagree with me; it's frustrating when assumptions and paranoia get in the way of that.

You could always emulate the sniper from TF2 if you want to make long guns a bigger part of your hunter shtick and expand the definition of "prey"

>> No.39591938

One of the pro-dan people here, I'm not actually a fan. Never even seen the show. It's the setting's theme that I was trying to support.

Like how pokemon is a lighthearted monster trainer setting. Or how Megas XLR is a giant robot show that doesn't take itself seriously. Jumping to those and then trying to claim that pokemon is actually a death world or that megas is a tragedy irks me.

I didn't convey my point properly, but there you go.

>> No.39591948

>Truth be told, I'm tired of people being passive aggressive with sarcasm-even when it's directed at the people I disagree with
THIS! That 'youre so salty salt salt' shit just ruins discourse and makes arguments worse. It needs to stop.

>> No.39591956

So, no then. Well, how about you contribute to the community build a jump, and see what its like, or shut the fuck up?

If you want certain features or don't want to see more of other features, then make jumps that do or do not have those things. Otherwise shut the fuck up with your shit posting about I Better See This.

>> No.39591967

My point was just that it was a normal conversation and that this anon was trying to overblow it to cause more drama. That's all.

>> No.39591991

In essence, the argument appears to be "single player games don't need to be balanced" against people who thing "all games need to be balanced".

The very idea of doing things the other way appears to be foreign to both sides, but I know that if I was writing for a prompt that says "balance things" I'd want to do precisely that.

Suck my dick. Shitting on the original intention of a work does not make you a good person, other anonymous who does not have a jump on the drive.

>> No.39592009

Y'all know that this basically went
>Someone has argument, he was being a dick busting in while people were just talking gundam fun but whatever
>Guy freaks out
>They argue
>Legit shitpost jumps in and tries to stir up more drama, whining about the thread in general and dramas past while decrying it as a widespread problem to cause more drama.
>Everyone is pissy and yelling.
You guys basically fell for it. This happens every time there's a dumb argument.

>> No.39592029

And it will keep coming up so long as the best perk in the jump costs 0 cp. I hope you like salt.

>> No.39592032

No. Not a slippery slope, just equal representation with equal cost.

Stop limiting people and put in a 0 CP perk that puts in every incarnation of Dan simultaneously.

Can have both. Re-enact the whole series in Try, while getting more Haman. You have no 10 year time limit in Try. I for one am going to enjoy a very long period of intensive Gundam hyperbolic training.

>> No.39592043

Nobody is even going to care next thread.

>> No.39592057


>> No.39592062

>This happens every time there's a dumb argument.
Yeah, but we usually confine it to autosage so I'm happy to join in.

Find a new talking point, shitstirrer.

>> No.39592065

Except they were still legit concerns. The thread doesn't want to own up that it's some IRC hate machine nor that they keep driving content makers away. Remember how we didn't get monster trainer? Or where's that stand supplement?

>> No.39592073

Not unless you drag it up on purpose while everyone ignores you. We've learned what to do now.

>> No.39592080

Move the jump to WIP since nobody will care. Good solution.

>> No.39592104

You do realize that you can log in there at any time, right? You don't even have to use a scary namefag. Mostly its just awkward flirting, youtube spamming, legit questoins about worlds, and the occasional build. Its harmless.

>> No.39592115

Joining in is dumb, people still care what happens after autosage since it lasts 4-8 hours and takes up like 100-200 more posts. Really it's best to just ignore them. Every post after yours? Someone trying to stir shit for fun. We ignore them.
Ignore him. It's a shitposter. Do not reply. Do not feed.

>> No.39592117

>You could always emulate the sniper from TF2 if you want to make long guns a bigger part of your hunter shtick and expand the definition of "prey"
I think I'm going for more Predator/Jumanji Hunter Guy theme. Close weapons over ranged. Of course range has its place but there's just something invigorating about looking your prey in the eyes while you tear into its belly.

Speak for yourself. I'm too busy fangirling over hunting the most dangerous game.

It's actually dinosaurs in this case but you know what I mean.

>> No.39592129

>We've learned what to do now.

>look at thread
>see the shitposting
>look in past threads
>see all the shitposting there
>all the freakouts
>all the 'us or them' mentality

>We've learned what to do now.

>> No.39592151

Stop whining, after every time this happens people catch on its baiting and just ignore it. Works for a few threads then people forget the lesson, but over this mess people have learned.

>> No.39592156

I'll just make sure to include a +0 cp perk of equivalent power in the Monster trainer jump rewrite. We'll see if people accept it for non-Gundam jumps.

>> No.39592167

>awkward flirting

Hey. Hey, stop that.

Over the line man.

>> No.39592197

Are you actively trying to encourage shitposting? 'Ironically' too, in rage at some dumb argument that's supposed to end after this. Man up, mature a little, and stop support this, whatever side you're on nobody wants this dragged out.

The Gundam guy isn't even here,your horrible methods wouldn't ever accomplish anything anyway.

>> No.39592220

Good idea. Since the Gundam Build Try equivalent allows you to merge settings together, makes things cheaper, and removes some time restrictions, you should do the same.

Instead of having a setting where you can introduce 1 other series, let them introduce every series, no 10 year time limit. The competition thing you already had. Make everything to do with monster catching simpler.

That's an equivalent 0 CP "drawback"

>> No.39592221

Yeah, I don't care. Your jump was broken, came from a shitty place and you got called out on it.

I want a /vp/ based jump about as much as I want a /pol/ based jump: not at all.

>> No.39592241

No we haven't. If people keep "forgetting" then it's not a lesson learned, is it?

>> No.39592245

Either the perk is acceptable or its not. If it is, accept it. If it is not, why is it on the drive?

Is Gundam somehow better than any other series?

>> No.39592254

>implying everyone isn't secretly trying to bang Wakfu
Nigga please, I've seen what you namefags get up to when you think no one is watching.

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