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Sorry its taking so long, I just got over a really nasty ear infection-fever that was leaving me...not..lucid...And I just read a shit load of H.P Lovecraft and that just didn't mix well. At one point I was having a walking nightmare that hastur was taking over my body.

...Anyway, here are the Gi Joe Drawbacks.


I'm hoping to have a pdf waiting for edits before I leave friday, we will see.

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Oh my, that sounds awful. I've had fever hallucinations myself, but they've never been Lovecraftian nightmares. I'm glad you're feeling better now, Hastur should remain in Carcosa where he belongs.

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Work on hero and demon king continues at a pace. New options and backgrounds are being added.

>> No.39482924

could you increase the font size?

>> No.39482930

Yeah it was a bit much. I also think the medication I was prescribed had something to do with it for some odd reason.

Thank you for the thought. I do feel a lot better though I still have sinus congestion. So I'm trying to get this out but we will see, all I need to do now is gear I think.

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Will there be a Rebuild of Evangelion Jump?

>> No.39482988

I believe that was the case, no word on progress though.

>> No.39482991

Someone was previewing perks not too long ago, so I think so.

>> No.39482998

Megacorp was it you who was going to do the X3 Earth Conflict jump?

>> No.39483007

No Sorry, I wanted to do Sakura Wars, Underworld, and Tenra benshoi Zero. I have a list a mile long but that's not on it sorry.

>> No.39483066


which Hastur was it?

>> No.39483121

Nothing like that, sorry.

>> No.39483287

I would love to see Sakura Wars, and to a lesser extent Underworld.

>> No.39483328

Thank you I've heard support for both, and some interest in TBZ though not many have actually read that one.

I expect Underworld to be done first simply because I need to watch lets plays of SW to know more about it, I know it mostly from the TV series I bought.

>> No.39483331

I can try, if the software allows it I will

>> No.39483332

So is that show any good?

>> No.39483353

There's an Anime Traps Wiki? Oh my, yes.

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Real question from a /lazygit/:

Why is there no real, empty Jump template which you would only have to fill in and balance to create new Jumps but not (re)design or (re)format?

It would be a bit lazy, but we could create more and higher quality Jumps because there'd be less time spend on creating the basic format.

In the end almost all of them look the same anyway so why force everyone to begin from scratch?

>> No.39483493

Does anyone know what jump has the perk that lets you hit top speed instantly? I'm pretty sure I read it somewhere, but can't find it now.

>> No.39483495

...why? Formatting literally takes seconds for most text only jumps. You just put the various categories in and you're done. Are you honestly so lazy you can't even be bothered to type out origins, perks, items, etc?

>> No.39483500

You haven't made it yet.

>> No.39483548

Super Mario RPG, Shell Charge.

>> No.39483601

I mean, those that have made more than one or two probably have one to make things easier for themselves. They're not just shared is all. Not that I think they should be or that a general template should be a thing.

>> No.39483607

While I can't speak for any other jump maker, I can say this personally, that formatting is really not the big slog you make it out to be. It's honestly the easiest part of making a jump, so easy it can barely even be considered a part really. You just type in the basic categories and then go on making the rest of the jump.

I don't really see the need for a single template, and jumps are different enough that having one would limit creativity rather then boost it. There are plenty of jumps that differ significantly, ranging from Babylon's 100+ page Warhammer Jumps, to jumps with huge extra scenario's like Dirge's Final Fantasy 13 series or Ragnarok online jump. Hell, even something as small as choosing to have a different number of origins or perks per origin sets a difference.

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Are there any jumps with tech that allows you to convert energy into mass?

>> No.39483715

For what it's worth, I for one agree.

Will vampires get a free skintight leather catsuit?

I think Muyo is working on it, but he's very busy for IRL reasons

>> No.39483720

Thanks, much appreciated.

>> No.39483790

>Will vampires get a free skintight leather catsuit?

I'll consider it a free option for being a Death dealer.

>> No.39483945

>death dealer

Oh. For some reason, I figured origins would be divided by race not occupation

>> No.39483990

Oh it won't be. Death Dealer is probably going to be a perk for vampires than an origin or an occupation. Its probably going to go.


I might further divide Hybrid with the different mixes, or maybe just make a form creation table since there so different in form.

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According to quantum theory Mass is energy Cortex...

What Kind of energy are you trying to get out of the system? Thermal?

>> No.39484049

If the creator of Medaka Box is around, could you quantify what "similar" changes induced by Real Eater entail? For example-for a Reality Marble, what sort of "similar" abilities could it turn into? My understanding is that it's too different from a Marble Phantasm to become one of those so what else could it be?

>> No.39484050

IMO I think he is trying to go full Total Annihilation.

>> No.39484067


Well in that case we need to make an Enders Game jump where you can get the Little Doctor weapon.

Good luck getting someone to make it though, I'm certainly not. Fucking Card.

>> No.39484090

I've got functionally unlimited energy; I need to convert it to organic mass. I know it is theoretically possible, I'm wondering if there is a jump I can just steal the end result from.

>> No.39484100

>Little Doctor weapon.
Lord of light could probably Do something like thatThey are sufficiently advanced when it comes to High-energy physics

>> No.39484112

You know, I WAS going to hope for a different edition. But fuck it.

Swat Kats jump is live.

>> No.39484130


>> No.39484134


What kind of energy do you have?
Kenetic? Nuclear? Static?

A better question might be what's producing the energy?

>> No.39484157

Read up on some theoretical physics stuff. Alchemy would be more efficient.

You would nuke level energy to make a sword from energy.

>> No.39484183

The Perpetual Energy Generator from Invader Zim. It doesn't give much in the way of details, but it mentions keeping a large city running forever, so I'm operating under the assumption its default output is electric power.

>> No.39484203

This is autism incarnate.

>> No.39484229

Question for Jumpmakers do any feel a bit of pride when introducing someone to a work that that they doesn't know but now know because of your jumps?

>> No.39484263

Looking good.

Probably the best way to do villain without it being horribly unbalanced or take up twice as many pages.

>> No.39484284 [DELETED] 

I created massive, fetishized orgies in Animal Crossing with my Mind Control geass.

"I order you to have raunchy sex with everyone as much as possible!"

It was orgasmic.

>> No.39484294

But is he happy?

>> No.39484320


>> No.39484331

I really don't understand how this connects to where I was asking jumpmakers if they felt pride when introducing someone to a work they know but others don't

>> No.39484338


what about star trek replicators?

>> No.39484353


Full Metal Alchemist jump might help with this, though it technically violates the "The Law of Natural Providence" you could make the argument that they couldn't do it because alchemy stunted the universes understanding of Quantum physics.

At that point you just need up and down quarks. Photons could be used to power a conventional steam turbine, but then all you have is electric energy, you're not creating the particles you require.

It's at this stage you need to fan wank something if you're seriously trying to explain turning "Energy" into an atomic mass.

Technically we all have Nuke level energy holding nuclei togeather.


Yeah, I know, who am I kidding

>> No.39484395


No, dispite what you've heard transporters and replicators convert matter into a digital signal and then reform the signal as matter.

You might be able to use the Riker dupilcation method that was in that episode that everyone claims makes transporters kill you. [Spoiler]everyone is wrong by the way, the explanation they used is contradictory[/spoiler]

>> No.39484414

> Lovecraftian walking nightmare

>> No.39484450 [DELETED] 

Want to hear some more fun stuff I did with my geass?

>I commanded every noble in a Song of I and F to use Joffrey as their personal cumslut and for Joffrey to comply with their demands but feel intense agony with every orgasm.
>I ordered Hermione, Ginny and Malfoy to start dating and sexing it up and for Harry and Ron to watch them while they go at it.
>I forced the fellowship to amputate Frodo's limbs and skullfuck him for all of eternity keeping him alive with healing/regen perks.

Want to hear more?

>> No.39484477

Drawback: Morbulus Comes (1600)

Villain, Age 21, Not a Cat Person (1500).

Rockin' Music (Free)
Orb Design Plans (700). You know what's awesome? Nanoswarms. Nanoswarms and this thing.
City Map (Free). Won't lose our way with this
Back of the Alley (550). Obligatory rogue innuendo here
Think of the Profit! (400). There's other villains here, right? Why not let them in on a cut of the underground catnip smuggling ring we'll soon be setting up...in exchange for certain concessions
Crazy Theme: The Law (100). Suddenly years of dodging the system way back in Ace Attorney are paying off
Maniacal Laugh (Free). Devoid of inflection or joy, but still technically a laugh
Milk Supply (50). Hey, it builds strong bones
Grunt Work (0). Those drones aren't gonna direct themselves-well, the ones not already managed by AIs

Plan is to set up an underground catnip smuggling ring-with EXTRA STRENGTH catnip cut with nethicite and red lyrium, building up an army of catnip addicts ranging from decadent politicians to street-level soldiers. All of whom will have an oppurtunity to prove their loyalty in our vast, global conspiracy-and many of whom will be delegated to frustrating the kats' attempts to stop us.

Why the infrastructure? Because if Morbulus becomes immune to OUR powers, than clearly the solution is to delegate its containment to someone else. We can initially overwhelm it with halted time, seal it into something portable-then teach someone else to build a mako reactor on top of it. Memo: Only engage through inorganic drones and long range high energy weapons.

Also, we're totally making more of those orbs. Somehow, through artificial alloys perhaps. So's the orbs can improve each other as they improve our other things.

>> No.39484535

>the action causes the Antispiral to not quite do his usual schtick
>he's not even blowing stuff up
>he's just this weird shadowy tentacle thing that runs a catnip drug ring

This is fucking amazing to imagine.

>> No.39484591

Alchemy requires a practitioner though, doesn't it? I'm trying to stick to things that can operate autonomously once I set them up. Fanwank it is then. Luckily, I make good friends with Dragon while I'm in Worm.

>Thermodynamic Laws!
Jumpers casually abuse them, though. And since this is the last piece in my Mass-Production Jumpers project, that trend will continue.

>> No.39484613


That energy is coming from somewhere cortex

Make sure you've done the Madoka jump so you can harvest the shattered dreams of cute girls to make up the deficit.

>> No.39484808

You could perhaps turn it into a Reality Jacks, or Reality Tiddlywink, or Reality Conker.

>> No.39484812

Val already answered you on IRC, and I agree. A Marble Phantasm is vastly more powerful than a Reality Marble (in most situations), and one cannot be changed into the other.

But you could, for example, turn Unlimited Blade Works into a field full of guns (think Mami's gun summoning in Madoka Magica), or Ionioi Hetairoi into an army of wild beasts.

>> No.39484821

What sort of trophies and mementos do you have in your warehouse that are of particular emotional attachment?

>> No.39484846

Pictures mainly.
And as of Fairy Tail, paintings.

>Captcha wants to pick hamburgers

>> No.39484860 [DELETED] 

>>I ordered Hermione, Ginny and Malfoy to start dating and sexing it up and for Harry and Ron to watch them while they go at it.

> Suddenly dumblydore flew in on his broomstuck and started shredding at us angrily. "NO TALKING IN THE HALLS!" he had short blonde hair and was wearing a polo shirt from Amrikan ogle outfters. "STUPID GOFFS!"

>> No.39484878 [DELETED] 

Don't even respond to him. He's just trying to shit up the board with his bullshit.

>> No.39484885 [DELETED] 

It is I, Dumblecop of the Darkmeal!

>> No.39484905

B-But Hamburgers

>> No.39484907


>-4 STR in full effect

And that's why women can't be warriors.

>> No.39484932 [DELETED] 

I like to collect heads of people I don't like but will never get the chance to see again after my 10 years:

I've got:
>Joffrey's head
>Harry's head
>Ryuko's head
>Frodo's head
>Dumbledore AND Gandalf's head (for the laughs)

I'm now trying to find a way - through perks or powers - to "revive" them as talking heads to live in my warehouse for all of eternity.

skullfucking is my biggest fetish

>> No.39484948

Well, it's good that you still see the value in a bit of pillow talk afterwards.

>> No.39485245

About how large is the lair?

I'm not clear what the Surge Coat is; is it a coat of paint, an actual coat or something else?

Does the Hyperspace Module work for expanding space on things other than missile compartments?

What happens if you injected Katalyst X into something already naturally large, like a kaiju?

What are the capabilities of the Turbokat's gadgets like?

>> No.39485340

>About how large is the lair?
About the size of a small base. If it's got enough space to act as a hangar bay, runway, comm center, AND training center, it's fairly large.

>I'm not clear what the Surge Coat is; is it a coat of paint, an actual coat or something else?
It is an actual coat. That lets you do amazing things.

>Does the Hyperspace Module work for expanding space on things other than missile compartments?
It'll work on any weapon compartments. Don't expect it to expand storage shacks though.

>What happens if you injected Katalyst X into something already naturally large, like a kaiju?
Oh fuck, I don't even know. The biggest we saw was Dr. Viper using Katalyst X-63 to BECOME kaiju sized. But I'm gonna say it gets less effective as you use it on bigger things, unless you make a LOT of the stuff... and even then, don't expect multiple doses to work.

>What are the capabilities of the Turbokat's gadgets like?
It's a fucking swiss army knife with wings and boosters. It's VTOL, space-capable, has laser cannons/missile racks, 4 extra boosters... it's like if Batman designed a fighter plane.

>> No.39485416


Bit puzzled on Foot in the Door-the wording implies you HAVE skills but the perk itself only mentions it gives you a bonus to being hired. Does it provide you experience as well as employment opportunity?

>> No.39485499

It makes your already-existing skills more impressive to people and makes them more willing to take you on. Like if a Law Firm saw you could kill people grotesquely, they might hire you as an 'outside consultant' on how murders may work. If a military sees you throwing fireballs, instead of 'KILL THE MUTANT FREAK', they'll likely stop and realize it's better to have you throwing said fireballs at their enemies.

It literally lets you show off to get hired places and gives you a boost at success when it should really be nonexistent.

>> No.39485574

In Transformers, do my Deployers share my discounts?

>> No.39485685

So, having been away for a day or two, all this talk of plans and whatnot convinced me to type up my own Post-Spark Plan

The start of the plan is basically Red’s Garden of Eternity, only with just one tree and without the felwell and well of lost souls – I’m going full nature deity here. However, the garden will be on Alpha Centauri for a very special reason. After getting a certain number of gardens set up and linked, I then transfer my own consciousness into the trees. At this point, I should have enough magical muscle to create more gardens. Now, using Forgotten Realms magic item creation, I make a rune array that grants +30 to Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma while only taking up 1 square inch and cover all the trees in them. Assuming each tree is 100 feet tall and 10 feet in diameter, this gives 144,000 square inches, or 4,320,000 to the above stats per tree, which should be enough to overwhelm the planetmind. I then just make more trees and enjoy being a super intelligent reality hopping planet.

(Sorry if it’s a bit sparse – I’m not much for writing)

>> No.39485712

First time doing this thing. Do you set up your warehouse/housing supplement before your first jump or do you only get it after Pokemon/whatever?

>> No.39485737

After Pokemon, unless you skip Pokemon in which case you get it straight away.

>> No.39485771

All of the Villain perks look most appealing to me but I don't want to do crime, not like it forces me to do criminal stuff anyway.

Does buying the Katalyst X-63 give us instructions on making more or will we have to figure that out ourselves?
Is it permanent or only a temporary growth?

>> No.39485863

Ok, thanks.

>> No.39485870

They wouldn't stack. It's really basic rules that enhancement bonuses are simply the best of the various ones.

>> No.39485875

You could be a villain who targets other villains. "No one can have this city but ME!" kind of thing.

And Katalyst X-63, you can eventually figure out how to make more. It's probably permanent since they had to make a cure for it in-show, but if you don't make a cure I'd try to work out the kinks... like madness.

Also, final version of Swat Kats. Just some grammar errors and flavor text changed a bit, nothing big.

>> No.39485995

Man, all these people with huge post-spark plans.
Mine is just 'throttle power level to just-above-average for a setting' followed by 'spend a couple decades in my favourite worlds until I get bored then hop to a new one after going home and setting up my extended family for life.'

I am the most domestic interdimensional horror. I just want to spend eternity making bread and hanging out with cool people and going full dragon on anyone who fucks with them.

>> No.39486011 [DELETED] 

>guy who talks about potatoes supplement gets banned
>anyone who bad mouths Red is banned shushed out of the the thread
>this guy still around

Good fucking job, /JC/. really, really fucking good job on keeping your priorities straight.

>> No.39486037

Ha Ha! Time to plane!

Male, 26 - [50]
Ace Pilot [50] PILOOOOOOOOT!

Rockin' Music [free] Spanish Guitar Intensifies

Unassuming [free]
Scrapyard Skills [150]
Got Your Back [150]
Heir to the Sky [300]
Emergency Maintenance [300]

F-14 Tomcat [free]

Aw, Crud [+0CP]

Man, I love flying jumps! Every chance I can go "Ace Combat" in a place I'll gladly take it. Oh, and I'm totally going to upgrade the SWAT Cat's plane with Macross, ADF Falken, and Code Geass tech. I want to see what they can do with a Veritech Super Jet. I am going to have SO MUCH fun! I get to test out all my new experimental aircraft equipment!

As for me? Well, I've stacked some "bullshit way out of box" perks, so getting away with working on my jet and hiding my identity shouldn't be too difficult.

Why no officer, this isn't a high-tech spacer-capable transforming fighter plane, it's just a crop duster. Really.
>And the missiles?
Long-range self-contained pesticide delivery systems.
>What about the guns?
Ariel rapid-dispensing seeder apparatuses.
>...They don't pay me enough for this job.

>> No.39486041 [DELETED] 

Barely anyone was replying to him, anon. And now you just gave him attention.

Report and ignore.

>> No.39486090

Nice. I sort of went a wanderer/scientist route. Mainly researching and searching for answers to things that catch my interest.
Making complex AI, Robots, and Technology along the way. Wandering around worlds that catch my interests or my companions interest.

Of course going back to worlds I've been before to catch up with old friends and family.

>> No.39486123

>Morgan Pic

>> No.39486271


Muh nigga


>> No.39486292


Swat Cats
> Identity: Villain [-50CP]
> Cat: Siamese
> Age: 25 [Rolled5]
> Rockin' Music [Get a Freebie!]
> Good For The Press [-100CP]
> Stress Test [-100CP]
> Aura of Authority [-100CP]
> Scrapyard Skills [-300CP]
> Maniacal Laugh [Get a Freebie!]
> Grunt Work [-50CP]
> Think of the Profit! [-150CP]
> To Crime Another Day [-300CP]
> Origin Outfit (Lab Coat) [Get a Freebie!]
> Catnip [-50CP]
> Milk Supply [-50CP]
> City Map [Get a Freebie!]
> Scrapyard [-200CP]
> Surge Coat [-150CP]
> Aw, Crud [Get a Freebie?]
> Inadequate Steele [+200CP]
> The ENFORCERS Can Handle This!! [+200CP]
> They're All Red Wires [+300CP]
> Too Many Drawbacks? [-100CP]

All the villains are now incompetent? What a shame! The Enforcers can actually do their job? How awful! Why, it's almost as if Megakat city is suddenly a better place to live!
Surely nobody could have PLANNED this.

Anyone can sit in a cockpit and shoot villains. It takes someone special to stop them in their tracks without resorting to dystopian bullshit.

So, hey, I dunno, maybe as one of the only competent villains left in the city, I develop a stranglehold on crime. Maybe I become a shadowy puppet master, collecting parts and schematics for nebulously sinister reasons, whose presence is whispered of with the same derision normally reserved for names like "Slade".
Hey. Listen. This could have been so much worse.
You cats really should thank me more!

No but seriously give me all your schematics naow.

>> No.39486343

Sorry, Mr. Fun but Jumpchain has ALWAYS been a powerwank: we've got autists dreaming up planet-sized bonatical gardens underwater and gathering perks for it... who cares if some go sexual.

It won't turn Jumping into any more or less of a powertrip fantasy.

>> No.39486404

Hey, he's still right. Lewd talk just shits this place up. I'd rather be talking about what to build in jumps rather than listen to some 14 year old who can't keep it in his pants.

>Jumpchain has ALWAYS been a powerwank
No, it was about adventure and exploring different worlds. Idiots just turned it into a power trip 'cause no one has self control anymore, amirite?

>> No.39486433

This guy knows what is up.

>> No.39486469

Alright, first Jump.

Pokemon Trainer:
Name: Elizabeth
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Location: Johto
Origin: Hermit
Starter: Cynadaquil (Tinder)

Survival Training, Ranger, Pokeglot, Savant, Mechanic, Physical Fitness

Bag, Pokegear, Pokedex, 5x Pokeballs, 3x Potions, Red Hat, Medical Kit, Rebreather

Wanted, Damned

I kinda like this. Might write a story about it. Wanted initially because I'm an unknown child with no ID, having been raised by a guy who stayed away from civilization and warned me about trusting others. Things spiral out of control, run to the wild with my cyndaquil and stay hidden for awhile. Eventually join up with Team Rocket to try and get my hands on a Lunar Wing to stop the constant nightmares.

>> No.39486490

If it was about exploring different worlds:
>perks would be less wanky
>dying and it causing everything to end wouldnt be a thing because it actively encourages people to become immortal gods
>these threads wouldnt be filled with people explaining how they created a religion in every world or become ultimate supervillains.

I challange you to find ANY humble Jump writefaggery in these 300+ threads.

Jumping is and always will be a colossal powerwank. Period.

>> No.39486511

I-I can't
it's too much, the words, the wall of words has overwhelmed me and shattered my resolve

>> No.39486561

You know what I want to pick up in FR? Spellfire.

>> No.39486562

OAA's writefagging seems pretty on the level to me but that just an opinion.

>> No.39486590

53. Swat Kats
Age: 23, Origin: Ace Pilot
Perks: Rockin' Music, I Don't Deal With Criminal Scum [-100], Scrapyard Skills [-150], Heir to the Sky [-300], Emergency Maintenance [-300]
Companion Imports: 8 companions [-200]
Items: Origin Outfit, Catnip [-50], Milk [-50], F-14 Tomcat, Missile Design System [-100], Scrapyard [-200], Hyperspace Module [-150]
Drawbacks: Aw, Crud [+0], Loser [+100], Inadequate Steele [+200], They're All Red Wires [+300]

Umanora the Drop-In
Perks: Rockin' Music, Good for the Press [-50], Ounce of Paperwork [-150]
Items: Origin Outfit

Gobin the Ace Pilot
Perks: Rockin' Music, Unassuming, Fit as a fiddle [-50], Got Your back [-150]
Items:Origin Outfit, F-14 tomcat

Ydajahr the Enforcer
Perks: Rockin' Music, I don't deal with criminal scum, Passing the Buck [-150]
Items: Origin Outfit, Currency Stash [-50], Police Equipment

Prydalf the Enforcer
Perks: Rockin' Music, I don't deal with criminal scum, Aura of Authority [-50], Foot in the Door [-150]
Items: Origin Outfit, Police Equipment

Lexington the Villain
Perks: Rockin' Music, Maniacal Laugh,
Items: Origin Outfit, City Map, Missile Design System [-100], Katalyst X-63 [-100]

Jose the Villain
Perks: Rockin' Music, Maniacal Laugh, Grunt Work [-50], Think of the Profit [-150]
Items: Origin Outfit, City Map

Mike the Bike the Ace Pilot
Perks: Rockin' Music, Unassuming, Scrapyard Skills [-150]
Items: Origin Outfit, F-14 tomcat, Tool Kit [-50]

Morvin the Ace Pilot
Perks: Rockin' Music, Unassuming, Fit as a fiddle [-50], Got Your back [-150]
Items: Origin Outfit, F-14 tomcat

I generally do quick greentexts about being a fuck-up or how my companions are really making my day shit. It's just not as memorable as blowing up the moon.

>> No.39486607

There's not really much in the way of writefagging in general.

In terms of builds, there's quite a few Anons, myself included, who don't really do phenomenal cosmic power.

>> No.39486617

>Oooo a pastebin!
>sudden wall of text of shit I've never ever heard of before
>Lists get more extensive as it goes on

Top fucking kek

>> No.39486619

Okay, what?

No one's gone into detail about religions, and edgelords will always be edgelords. That's just a fact of life, buddy.

Perks being wanky is because people kept bitching about why they couldn't be mc-kun, and eventually people started to make their own jumps to have more and more power. Notice how some people's jumps are less bullshit than others? It's not a thing everyone does.

And yeah, dying's a risk. Who would have fucking thought? That's what makes it a CHALLENGE, a thought experiment on how to achieve your goals while avoiding screwing up so badly that you get killed. But apparently we can't have that and now it's all about how we need more flavors of godhood.

>I challange you to find ANY humble Jump writefaggery in these 300+ threads
How about OAA's Hellsing writefagging? Or when Red got fucking THRASHED in Light of Terra? Or maybe when the Antispiral Anon realized what he's doing and seriously took a step back from his antics?

You say it's 'always been about a colossal powerwank', but maybe that's just people like you trying to make it as such. We were doing perfectly fine before the god rush.

>> No.39486660

>Switching reality marbles
>The thing that works because you're crazy
This seems like a bad idea.

>> No.39486667

Perspective and opinion anon. I happen to think he's an overdramatic hack.

But he's having fun, and others are having fun reading his shit, so I don't bitch about it. I think we would be much better off if more people followed this philosophy.

>> No.39486688

I am in total agreement with you.

>> No.39486690

That's only your opinion. I've been here since the threads were in double digits and the intent of the CYOA was to facillitate exploration and adventure in new worlds. Acquiring power is a side effect, not an endgoal of jump design. Hence why the entity said it recruited you because it was BORED, not because it wants you to entertain it, not take over the world in its stead.

Look up Ar Tonelico. Look up Light of Terra, or more recently Akagi/the FF13 jumps. Look up any number of jumps where people have lavished time and effort to convey the overall tone of a setting. Is this CYOA an escapist fantasy to an extent? Yes, but because it lets you visit and interact with other realities. Does this lead to a great deal of awesome hilarity? Yes, but if the goal was power alone then there are plenty of CYOAs on the general that do the same thing with less wordspace.

It's not about the destination. It's about the journey.

And besides-given how lewd has affected the CYOA general? I'm glad we've steered clear of it

>> No.39486785

Is it possible to apply infinite ammo perks to my aircraft's weapons?

>> No.39486792

Well, that's 70 years of my life I'm never getting back.

Between evolving-tactics eyeless monsters, powerful Awakened, and Shit Just Going Wrong, the world of Claymores was... not fun. Not fun at all.

But hey, this next world will be more relaxing, right?

>Ranma 1/2
Nevermind I take it back.
Age: 14-years-old
Jusenkyo Curse: Pool of the Drowned Girl OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE
Drawbacks: Water Magnet (+100), Spring of the Drowned Jumper (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,300 CP
Origin: Martial Artist

-Martial Acrobatics (Free)
-Weirdly Specific Martial Arts! (Floral Design)
-Willing Sensei
-Ki Projection
-Construction Master

-Bandana of Infinite Bandanas
-Flame-throwing Staff

>Seras Victoria
Just. Sodding. Guess.
Amazon Warrior
-Amazon Durability (Free)
-Hidden Weapon Space

>Elizabeth Victoria
Amazon Warrior
-Amazon Durability (Free)
-Hidden Weapon Space

>Varric Tethras
Spring of the Drowned Dog
-Some Kind of Ninja (Free)
-Construction Master

Spring of the Drowned Panda
Martial Artist
-Martial Acrobatics (Free)
-Weirdly Specific Martial Arts! (Pizza Dough Tossing)

>Madarach (the Tentacruel)
Spring of the Drowned Girl
-Some Kind of Ninja (Free)
-Construction Master

>Hooligan Tuesday
Spring of the Drowned Cat
Amazon Warrior
-Amazon Durability (Free)
-Hidden Weapon Space

>Ria Astval
Spring of the Drowned Boy
Innocent Bystander
-Homemaking Skills (Free)
-Gambling Acumen

>The Foxes
Spring of the Drowned Boy
Innocent Bystander
-Homemaking Skills (Free)
-Gambling Acumen


>> No.39486832

>kid has two genderbending parents
...I swear there's a manga about that. Either way, I fully expect the concept of 'gender' to be as effective as what clothes you like to wear after this. And for the kid to be confused as HELL.

>> No.39486838

>I happen to think he's an overdramatic hack.

You and me both.

>> No.39486861

Please tell me this wasn't the time that your daughter was conceived.

>> No.39486867

Oh my~
This will be interesting.

>> No.39486869

>spring of the drowned panda

That more than anything blows my mind. I am now imagining a panda trying to sneak into a sacred shrine to steal some antique martial arts artifact-

...why is his weirdly specific martial art pizza dough tossing and not something related to wielding multiple weapons?

>> No.39486874

You know, we'd be better off if you guys just didn't reply to the guy saying "Stop having fun/making jumps/taking perks/having a goal I don't like!"

>> No.39486876

Well I dont have to say anything

>> No.39486877

I got the teleporter instant ammo maker from Starcraft and I pretty much just let that cover infinite ammo for anything smaller than artillery.

>> No.39486890

Jumpers, what is your preferred method for dealing death at a distance? Do you wield Magic or Technology? Or simply a well-crafted bow or firearm? Or perhaps an eldritch combination of all three?

>> No.39486892


We still have no idea how the fuck that happened.

>> No.39486901

that's a lot of words that have very little meaning to me

>> No.39486902 [DELETED] 

No jokes I've been there,Not fun,And you have it worse since you're going to have to take it from your Wife instead of just being put on equal terms genital wise. I coped by doing sugar bowl Immediately after To Reset my sex drive. Of course that cock blocked my family and my companions So they were pretty pissed off,But I had to get clean, you know?

>> No.39486909

You know, I just noticed half your jumps involve airplanes. Do you dig jets or something?

>> No.39486917

Teleport and apply sword to face.
I haven't poured this much effort into making the best sword not to use it all the time forever.

>> No.39486936 [DELETED] 

...what... the fuck.

>> No.39486946

Throwing it

I've got infinite blade works and a lot of practice in hurling objects great distances.

>> No.39486956

Something he discovered in Red Dwarf, and something that he and Dante have shared a LOVE for: Pizza.

And he's learned how to make heavenly pizza. Six hands is effective, it turns out.

Yes, there is still the use of unorthodox weaponry in said pizza-making.

>> No.39486969

I'm more of a person who would fire a sniper rifle at my enemies at a distance. I'd rather kill my enemies off with them not knowing who I am or where I was.
I mainly focus on Technology because SCIENCE! and because I like Sci-Fi
I mainly own Firearms and explosives more than melee weapons because I'd rather kill from a distance.

>> No.39486974 [DELETED] 

He's trying to be Jim Profit 2. Report and hide.

>> No.39486975

Take the infinite ammo modification from DMC and Bayonetta.

Now you have infinite bombs/guns/missiles, etc.

Also: pic is another project I'll work on in Slice of Life, asides from creating the /k/ flotilla.

>> No.39486993

At least you're being a good sport about it. If nothing else I can respect that.

>> No.39487036 [DELETED] 

Who the hell is Jim profit?

>> No.39487041

Yeah that's what I was planning to do, I just didn't know if it only worked on handheld weapons or not.
>Red digs Jets
>Antispiral thinks that 'Motorbikes are cool'
The only reason we have vehicles at all is because of Jumpers.

>> No.39487057

>"Mom. Dad. You never... said anything about this."

>"Now ya know why."

>"I'm so sorry Liz. If I'd known this'd happen we would've gone somewhere else."

>"Well, now it explains why Aunt Rotom always referred to 'that' world as 'Confusing Pools.'"


>> No.39487087

...huh. You know, I never really noticed that.

I just honestly wanted to make jumps that were interesting to folk. Stuff with a lot of variety in them, lot of gear that people can take and use to their heart's content... just kind of make something for themselves and have fun, you know?

It doesn't always have to be about power. Sometimes people just want to be able to look at a sick vehicle or machine and go "Yeah, I have that." And I like being able to help people out with that. That's not to say I'm NOT a fan of power at times, considering I made Bayonetta and will probably make Binbougami soon. But there's nothing that quite replaces the joy of giving people options and going "have at it".

>> No.39487178

No, they don't. Because they're not any chassis or assignment but Deployer. Soundwave and rest really just use them as scouts and force multiplier. Think them as mobile weapon platforms.

>> No.39487187


>> No.39487198

Hey, nothing wrong with it, tricking out a jet sometimes is always fun. All of the jumps with jets just gives me a chance to make it more important to me, since I can carry it around, upgrade it, and fly it around in several jumps. It becomes another personal artifact. You never really lose a love of gadgets.

>> No.39487302

Ah shit, forgot to post Liz's curse.

>sneaks in 'Pool of the Drowned Cat' under Elizabeth Victoria

>> No.39487306

>I just didn't know if it only worked on handheld weapons or not.

That's why I took the perk in DMC and in Bayonetta- doubling up just to be sure.

Theoretically, there's no reason it shouldn't work for larger weapons, even it it might take some additional research.

If you can give rocket launchers and single-shot pistols infinite ammo, it's not to much of a stretch to up-size them and mount them on vehicles.

>> No.39487344

Not enough dakka

>> No.39487362

That could definitely work for me, I just want to give my Nosferatu the ability to shoot missiles forever.

>> No.39487396

Why would it be weird? "Mom" "Dad" wouldn't be in the vocabulary. Maybe it's "Father-Mother" or "'Mother-Father". "Parental Unit" could also work.

>> No.39487412

Jets are awesome! >:3

>> No.39487418

She's not a robot. Probably.

>> No.39487459

I'm not a robot, and I call my mother and father "Parental Units". But that's mostly because it amuses them, they've got a weird sense of humor that I've inherited.

>> No.39487479

One-Armed Anon I know you didn't Neglect your child buy not teaching them to address you And yours as one static thing no matter what form They are in.

>> No.39487487

Sure thing, Robert the Robot.

>> No.39487488

Anon's after my own heart.

I blame my temporary insanity on getting those infinite ammo perks, after all, if my cannons can fire all day, why not mount some more?
As a result, my early jump vehicles were abominations; sins against ascetics, engineering, and physics. But they had guns, by the Murdercube, did they have guns.

>> No.39487489

She's suppressed her heritage according to fanwank, so really we have no idea.

But there's dragon, vampire, werewolf, Brush God, Pagan God, other god, demon, and a fuckload of other bloodlines in there.

God help us when that kid re-powers up.

>> No.39487491

Updated the Claymore jump, I realized that the companion import was a little uneven due to race purchases, and that if you wanted them to have a Warrior background you may have to spend a sizable amount of their cp to bring them up to Half Yoma rather than just go with the free Quarter Yoma. So Race is now free along with background for the companion import option. Mostly just to bring the free cp for background more even if you were to choose Warrior or another background over the Awakened Being for your companions.

>> No.39487550

>What do you think it?
Is it really powerful? Especially against living things?

>> No.39487557

I got "Parental Unit" from Coneheads.

>> No.39487613

So, my approach to bottomless magazines isn't based on an infinite ammo perk. No, I studied the shit out of Digitstruct technology. I was loony as fuck for most of borderlands though, so what I had came from what I could stuff into my warehouse during ebbs in my madness, and the storage deck that I bought.

I combined this with, at first, the marcus munitions vendor, and later the terran micromanufacturer. Also with large stockpiles of stored ammunition. So, I have ammo and can digitize it, and have magazines with small digistruct modules in them to construct new ammo into the magazine.

To bridge the gap between my mech bay where I store all this, and me out in the field is the local uplink from the warehouse supplement. the ammo is digitized, transmitted as data, and reconstructed in the magazines of my guns.

Not TECHNICALLY infinite ammo because I have to keep filling up the micromanufacturer with precursors and materials and can technically run dry, but it's good enough since that'd take more time than it would for me to die of thirst in most cases.

>> No.39487632

Yeah I had a similar trouble for a few jumps
>I now have unlimited ammo
>Therefore I should be shooting more guns more often
>Have to keep guns firing even at night just to get a peaceful sleep.
>Wake up suddenly one night
>Companions wake as well when I start screaming "What's wrong?" they say
>Look at them as if the world is ending
>"The guns went silent.... all of them"
And then we found out that a nearby country got sick of our shit every day.

So I went to war and then slept in peace once more.

>> No.39487678

>He isn't able to empty a warehouse of raw material through his guns in 3 seconds

>> No.39487684

But can it block.

>> No.39487699

You know, recording the sounds and making a machine to simulate the kinetic force of guns firing would work just as well.

>> No.39487819

Nope. If I'm in a situation where I need to deliver that much metal at high speed, I'm more likely to turn to one of my mechs, or magic.

>> No.39487855

Man, that just kills what would be an otherwise awesome concept for me. Exploring, meeting characters from all over and then moving on. Taking fantasy to a whole new level by interacting with it but never supplanting the worlds and stories. I love and know. Fighting in the black gate, taking the heat off of Luke with an X Wing, living in worlds where you see amazing things.

Not this "I STRONG, AND MY DICK IS BIGGER THAN YOURS" bullshit or the hug is mentality that the community has.

If anything, I guess it's taught me to be grateful that the stories I love and cherish exist. I may not agree with some things the author did but hey, it was their story. And even the lowest points needed to be there to make you enjoy them. Boromir had to die, that "will they or won't they" dynamic that drove me mad made me care for the characters in the story, seeing a girl out of her depth become a vampire and eventually get good after surpassing her own fears and absorbing the man she loved...

Eh, maybe I'm just overthinking a CYOA

I really don't care for his shenanigans.

>> No.39487860

Nope! Shields were tossed out in favor of Tesla cannons. Why use energy to protect when it can be turned to attack?

Besides, who needs to block when if you get damaged, the whole machine goes up in a fiery conflagration large enough to swallow whatever attacked it.

They were like bundles of dynamite wrapped in guns.

I'm not embarrassed to admit I still have a few left lying around. I'm saving them, you see.

When I see my chance? Pic goddamn related.

>> No.39487894

Well at least you have more Bunnies than me.

>> No.39487941

Then play it that goddamn way. Your opinion, your philosophy, and what you want to do is NOT the only right way and it never has been. If you don't like how others play stop paying attention to it. If you don't want powers don't go to high power settings. If you don't have the self control to have powers but also to have fun or limit yourself then that is your personal issue.

>> No.39487966

>Eh, maybe I'm just overthinking a CYOA
You're thinking too much or not enough. Exploration IS what drives most jumpers, but even it isn't that's why everyone, regardless of edge, defends the single player nature of JC.

If you want to be a low powered jumper and bro it up with all your childhood heroes, you can do that. There are several well known low power jumpers and no one bitches at them, because that's their deal.

JC is what you make it, anon.

>> No.39487981

Put in a much more violent way than I would have.

Seriously. Why does there even need to be this 'them or us' thought process. Everyone has different methods of having fun, stop shitting on other people for theirs.

>> No.39488010

Yeah, but that's boring.

>> No.39488014

I'm sorry if it comes across as angry but I'm getting sick of people doing this, and some of 'em even do it just for drama. It's singleplayer, like the other reply said it's what you make of it. It's YOUR chain. Nobody is making you play it how you don't want, you know? So people coming in and trying to tell everyone else how they play is wrong is getting under my skin because nobody has ever told them that.

>> No.39488042

>Why does there even need to be this 'them or us' thought process. Everyone has different methods of having fun, stop shitting on other people for theirs.
Because there's a couple of shit stirrers that show up every so often with the LOL JC IS GODPOWERS HUE NOT FUN HEU shtick. Someone takes the bait and we end up with this repetative discussion.

When people cry powerwank or god-circle jerk we need to have the discipline to just ignore them.

>> No.39488057

Missed most of the last thread, wanted to chime in on the whole 'imaging other people's jumps' thing.

People always bring up the whole KotOR PacRim debacle but most of the time it's gone on without problems. Firefly and LotR went on without problems because I asked Marvel anon first, he was up for it and I didn't change any content (except for the name for one drawback in LotR because I had a fucking dynamite name for one and Marvel anon had gone offline, I also confirmed it with him afterwards).

If someone's disappeared and someone's asked the thread and gotten no response I reckon imaging someone else's is probably fair game too, most people would probably be thrilled to have their shit imaged, it means people really like it and they don't have to do some pain in the arse copying and pasting. Just don't change content.

>> No.39488060

Hmm Do we have the original trilogy as a Jump?
I only remember Clone wars and KOTOR being the only star wars jumps/

>> No.39488066

Good point.

>> No.39488085

If someone touched my jumps without my permission just because I wasn't around I would be pissed.

>> No.39488094

What are your jumps?

>> No.39488118

None of your business. Why stick my neck out in this case? It'd cause more problems that it'd solve by stretching this conversation out.

>> No.39488124

But if you don't come around how would we know?

Would a absent jump maker really return just to bitch someone out for making something pretty?

>> No.39488127

I can't stop laughing.

Why am I laughing?

Oh god, I have tears in my eyes.

Am I laughing or crying? I can't for the life of me tell.

>> No.39488138

>When people cry powerwank or god-circle jerk we need to have the discipline to just ignore them.
The problem is then they start shitting up the jumps because how DARE they not have god powers. Look at how Touhou went, MoeAnon just kept making it more and more bullshit because people would not shut the fuck up about wanting more power.

And then we all get on jumpmakers because it becomes a case of "why are you ignoring the REAL fanbase" or "why are you denying OUR fun" and it becomes a fucking nightmare.

>> No.39488149

>Hey I haven't been to the thread in a month or so I wonder what's going on?
>Someone has stolen my work and altered it.
Then the shit would not end.

>> No.39488158

I was just going to bring this up if anyone attempted such a thing, but you have a point.

>> No.39488192

Yep, the second reply to you is another method they try to cause shit and we should ignore them too.

>> No.39488228

Tell me about your shoes, jumpers. Do you wear boots? Sneakers? Are they magic? Do they have jets? Nobody ever thinks about this, it's all about the swords and the jackets.

>> No.39488232

I don't see how it matters. If something is wrong and everyone wants it changed and someone does it and then sticks with it that just seems all the better. Like if everyone agreed to change Fallout so that there is no power nerf most people would be very happy about that. Though, I'm personally the type to leave something the way I like it and not change it just because I think its fine even if I know others are right. Being mad about your trip getting imaged that you'd not have done yourself is just really dumb. I'd be happy and give thank because I'm unable. Completely stupid.

>> No.39488245

I wear shoes with socks and I may wear saddles with those socks if I felt like being that guy.

>> No.39488249

Might have wanted to figure out the extent to which you're likely to be representative of jumpmakers. You could just be some guy arguing for the sake of it, wouldn't be the first time on 4chan.

My point was that shit doesn't get altered, just put in boxes and put next to pictures.

>> No.39488259

If you don't like god powers, don't take them. That's how you deal with that.

There are a couple high powered jumps that I don't take the capstones for because I think they're bullshit. I still take the jumps, because the world is interesting.

If a powerset doesn't fit with your jumper or your chain, don't take it. If a jump doesn't make sense for the story you're telling, don't take it. All of this is option, all of this is single player. Do what's fun for you and encourage others to do the same

The only thing we should unliaterally shut down should be multiplayer and lewd. We kill the former because it kills the thread. RIP MR. We kill the later because every jump is a lewd jump if you're creative enough, so an explicitly lewd jump is just lazy.

>> No.39488266

>Like if everyone agreed to change Fallout so that there is no power nerf most people would be very happy about that
Speak for yourself.

>> No.39488270


I am in the process of doing Star Wars Rebellion, which takes place after the Rebels destroy the first Death Star at the Battle of Yavin.

>> No.39488296

I am fairly excited I can't wait to see it when it is done.

>> No.39488297

Taking my work and scribbling on it with your awful images, sticking your name up there, that's altering my work. That's shitting it up. Do not touch anything I make without my permission. It's like taking a Steven King book, inserting your fanfiction into it, and then trying to republish it.

>> No.39488298

>If you don't like god powers, don't take them. That's how you deal with that.
>pic related

>> No.39488311

Mind if I ask how it differs from the original trilogy since it seems to be set in the approximate same time period?

>> No.39488324

Thanks for the info! I think I'll outfit each with a Ion Blaster and a Magma Frag launcher.

I'm sticking with a motif, so my Deployers will take the form of UAV-45 Maleboge's, as I'm snagging a CFA-44 as my alt-form as quickly as possible.

POINTS: 1200

Start: Prime (100) +Autobot- Defected from Decepticons
Age: ??? [F]
Status: Leader +courageous

Chassis: Large Chassis +40ft high

Altform- YF-23 Black Widow (later CFA-44 Nosferatu)

Skills: That's Just Prime +programmed to inspire others

Deployers (200) +x4- each 6 ft high, semi-indipendent, deployable for long durations, 300 points to spend
-Ion Blaster (200) +full auto assault gun
-Magma Frag Launcher (100)
-Look like UAV-45 Maleboge's

Master Builder (400) +mastery over cybertronian tech, can build anything with enough materials

Matrix of Leadership (500) +increases charisma and physical abilites by a huge amount

Gear: Energon Melee +Greatsword
Magma Frag Launcher +3 round magnetic grenade launcher, can be used as mines, remote detonatable

Drawbacks: Traitor (+100) +Defected to Autobots, targeted more often by Decepticons
Missing Voice Module (+100) +speak with radio snippits

End Goals: Kill Megatron and remove his arm for the Fusion Blaster
collect artifacts- phase module, stasis beam-thingy
steal Red Energon
Learn how to build Spacebridges and other transport tech
learn how to create cyberform material with Synthetic Energon
add transformer tech to kaiju armor/ship

>> No.39488329

I don't have a single non-magic piece of clothing, and I use an enchanted Seven-League boots from Elona that let me walk on water. I like taking long walks and no fucking ocean is going to get in my way.

You kind of missed the point of "If everyone agreed, there wouldn't be a problem" which deflates his whole point.

>> No.39488334

Fair point, my bad for taking the secondary bait.

>> No.39488360

Don't blame you, it's hard not to sometimes. It's something that takes practice.

>> No.39488385

Boots for the most part, heavily enchanted, because why not. No jets however, but at a few points I did replace my feet with cybernetics that had jets in them, and my power armor has jets in the boots.

>> No.39488386

Wow, we're just all missing points today aren't we.

>> No.39488389

No. Stop that. I may not be pro-MoeAnon, but I'm starting to get sick of people using him as the antichrist of jumpchain. He did things a high powered way sure, but fuck man. If it pisses you off so much just release your own version of Touhou. In fact, kill two birds with one stone and do a PC-98 version. That way you can have a lower-powered jump and you can please the actual fanbase by delving into lore only the most neckbeardy of lorefags know.

>You could just be some guy arguing for the sake of it
I was putting forth a question meant to provide discussion. I genuinely didn't know that there were people THAT opposed to making image-jumps of past jumps.

In retrospect it may have come across as a bit salty, and for that I apologize.

>> No.39488411

Jump 272: Swat Katz
Age: 24
Species: Russian Blue
Origin: Villain 50CP

Complications: Aw, Crud +0CP
Inadequate Steele +200CP
They're All Red Wires +300CP

Skills: Rockin' Music Free!
Maniacal Laugh Free!
Crazy Theme (Law) 300CP

Items: Origin Outfit (Mafia outfit) Free!
Milk Supply 50CP
City Map Free!
Scrapyard X3 600CP
Lair 300CP

And so it begins! Well it looks like Swat Kats are pretty dam good, The Enforcers got their act together, and the villains are on the low side now.....excellent!

Truly this is a time for great expansion! Of course everything "must" be kept above board because we are respectable firm and would not want to tarnish our public image with everything being so competent now days. Now there might be some "contract" work to the other villains, but strictly nothing to connect them to us....or that would be the case if I didn't have two Siamese twins gunning for my position as "CEO" who try to tip the police, mess up a plan, or just try to overthrow me in some manner. They are pests but it's good to keep on your toes at all times.

Luckily I have friends in other places. I wouldn't expect my fiends in the Enforcers to do anything questionable, but some information here, a tip of where some naughty villains are there, etc. I wouldn't want to compromise their job and their usefulness after all.

Of course I also have a small team to help take care anyone causing trouble or misbehaving. I Even set up a pretty extensive scrapyard and secret base for their use! I can't have my people being caught after all. The General might be okay with the Swat Kats but that doesn't mean he will be okay with other vigilantes flying about.

NOW! It is time to make some money! Watch the Show! And see how the little puppets dance~

>> No.39488415

Don't wear them, I tend to travel on foot a lot so I like to feel the changing terrain beneath my feet.

>> No.39488426

So. I gotta ask.

How does this interact with your Lust Mantra Affinity?

>> No.39488430

Rebellion was a 4x Strategy game that places the player as Supreme Commander of either the Rebellion or the Galactic Empire

You would manage planetary construction, to raise armies, and build and research starships and aim to defeat the other side.

It assumes that the Battle of Yavin (and a New Hope went in canon) but leave you to decide where to go from there.

>> No.39488448

Companions: Standard import 200CP
-Light of Terra. Origin: Villain. Species: Chartreux
--Skills: Maniacal Laugh, Grunt Work, Think of the Profit!
--Items: Origin Outfit (Mafia outfit), City Map

-Giratina. Origin: Villain. Species: Somali cat
--Skills: Maniacal Laugh, Grunt Work, Back of the Alley
--Items Origin Outfit (Mafia outfit), City Map

-Tiffania Westwood. Origin: Enforcer. Species: Scottish Fold
--Skills: I Don't Deal With Criminal Scum, Passing the Buck
--Items: Origin Outfit (Enforcer longcoat), Police Equipment

-Taylor Hebert. Origin: Enforcer. Species: Norwegian Forest cat
--Skills: I Don't Deal With Criminal Scum, Foot In The Door
--Items: Origin Outfit (Enforcer longcoat), Police Equipment

-Katerina duPois. Origin: Ace Pilot. Species: Egyptian Mau
--Skills: Unassuming, Fit As A Fiddle, Got Your Back
--Items: Origin Outfit (Custom flight suit), F-14 Tomcat

-Gria Ravenger (Ginna “The Great”). Origin: Ace Pilot. Species: Bengal Cat
--Skills: Unassuming, Fit As A Fiddle, Got Your Back
--Items: Origin Outfit (Custom flight suit), F-14 Tomcat

-Yuriko Omega. Origin: Ace Pilot. Species: Tonkinese Cat
--Skills: Unassuming, Fit As A Fiddle, Got Your Back

-Elven Servant (Sasha). Origin: Ace Pilot. Species: Snowshoe Cat
--Skills: Unassuming, Fit As A Fiddle, Scrapyard Skills

>> No.39488459

No water allowed in the bedroom.

>> No.39488505

>just make new jumps
>Implying that won't be construed as shitting all over the old jumps
>no matter the quality of the old jumps
Once a setting is taken, it's sacred to leave it be. We won't run out of settings, but a lot of settings are going to get taken by shitty jumps and we have to accept that.

>> No.39488511

I feel like a hippie but I do this too. I have never liked wearing shoes and with a few toughness boosters I no longer have to.

>> No.39488512

Woops! Forgot the items for the last two companions but they are basically the same.

>> No.39488535

Dude's just trying to start a fight man, ignore it. No matter what you say he'll find a new issue to make out of it.

>> No.39488554

Hey now, I LIKE Fallout's set-up. Makes one think outside the box, and it's thematically appropriate- It's a horrible universe out to kill you, and there's always something that can wreck even the most experienced Courier's day.

Plus, the "limits" imposed on us are pretty generous. This is a setting where handheld nuclear launchers exist.

So what if you can't run 800+ mph, you're still as fast as a Deathclaw, or a Casador, and that means no one can out pace you.

So what if you can't use trains like nunchuks, giant super mutants are a thing, so now you're as strong as them.

Hell, there's even a Bloatfly that can lob plasma blasts so strong they can one-shot a fully leveled and armored character.

You're not as limited as some might think.

>> No.39488560

Fine. Can't we stop bitching about it then? Just move on and make more fun jumps?

Is that so hard?

>> No.39488574

Yes. That's exactly what we should do.

>> No.39488599

That's what everyone except the people picking fights do. We should just ignore the ones trying to do so and move on and have fun. Like make builds for Swat Katz or Claymore or Medaka or some other recent jump.

>> No.39488615

Yeah the name thing's not great either, I didn't with LOTR or Firefly though and nor would I advocate it.

Weak analogy though bro. Again we're talking about images rather than content, it's more like taking a copy of It and reprinting it with pictures a scary clowns (and doing all this in a universe where nobody makes any money from books, people just give away books). Plus how do you scribble on with images? There's this whole odd thing in your post where you're heavily implying that your issue is with changing text - scribbling, fanfiction, etc. weird use of words.

It also wouldn't replace the text version obviously. Obviously the moment someone said they're not cool with it nothing would be done, just if someone's been known to be AWOL and people have asked the thread a bunch of times and not gotten anything back that it shouldn't really stop them from doing something that some people will ignore and some people will really like.

Actually mucked that post up, intended to respond to this guy:

>> No.39488658

I'm not arguing for the sake of it. I'm arguing because you're bringing this up and arguing with me. I'd rather you drop it.

Putting image on my work is like graffiti. It's altering it, as far as I'm concerned. I don't care that you don't care, but I do. Others do too, I'm sure. Permission is necessary because of this, because not everyone is like you and doesn't care about theft.

>> No.39488685

>Plus how do you scribble on with images?

Some of us don't like image jumps. I've never seen one that was easier to read than plaintext.

>> No.39488697


Technically you don't have to overpower the setting or interfere with the plot. You don't even have to be near it in most cases, you just have to survive.

Sure you can try interfering, and in some cases probably would even if it 'ruins' the plot of the story. For example if you didn't take drop in, and the plot would cause horrible things to happen to the people the current
'incarnation' would care about.

After all to the jumper-you the worlds are real places, and the 'characters' are real people.

To the us here there fictional, but jumper-you would probably be considered a jerk if they actually went 'Can't help despite that I can because the plot said bad things will happen to you'.

Although going 'this world will bend to my will or else because I say so' is also usually rather bad.

So why not just explore the world and let the circumstances determine what occurs, and save worrying about plot/destiny(effectively the same thing if your living in the story) for if you get drawn into it?

>> No.39488702

My intent was more like taking a book and drawing doodles of dicks in the margins.

>> No.39488727

We've already established that he's stirring up shit and not to reply. So stop fucking replying.

>> No.39488728

Might as well repost this. Not Epicureanon, but I like the cut of his jib

>> No.39488770

They're dumb and your explantation for why they exist could be given about any world. It's unnecessary and it damns any equipment you brought in with you. There is no reason beyond, "look at thing."

>> No.39488799

You really think any differences from standard are "look at thing"?

>> No.39488873

Arguably, yes, but this one thing that it wants you to look at just happens to be bad and damning for the jump for no other reason then look at.

>> No.39488986

I'm genuinely not having a go, just don't entirely understand your position and think it's a good thing to discuss as I much prefer imaged jumps. I accept that my perspective is ultimately of very little value on this, all my jumps are already imaged so I don't really have anything at stake. I also don't even want to image other people's jumps, sounds like thankless work.

I asked the IRC what they thought, there was a really good point actually. Someone pointed out how difficult it'd be to update jumps if someone else imaged your stuff, really only works if it's definitely a final version which you can only really verify by asking.

Back in my day all the jumps had images but there were only four of them and we jumped them all every day. In those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on 'em. Give me five bees for a quarter, you'd say. Now where were we? Oh yeah: the important thing was I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time. They didn't have white onions because of the war. The only thing you could get was those big yellow ones...

>> No.39489015

>think it's a good thing to discuss
I don't. It's a common shitstorm topic and I'm sick to death of discussing it.

>> No.39489102

For Medaka can we switch off the Unknown Hero thing? Otherwise that's a pretty severe curse.

>> No.39489116

This time around, we actually got opinions from the people who'd be affected, rather than a bunch of Anonymous shitflinging. It felt oddly productive.

>> No.39489187

The canon character with it can't. He eventually gets it converted with Real Eater to something he can turn off, though, so it might be possible for you to use your other powers to affect it.

>> No.39489240

Too hard to read, the pictures get in the way. This is why I don't like image jumps, the only one I've read that was readable was Strike Witches.

>> No.39489263

Some /jc/ theory time people.

Should you always take a capstone? are they always better/stronger than other perks?

>> No.39489300

I usually take one or two capstones every Jump. I prefer large noticeable increases in power to many little ones. I usually only take smaller perks if they have neat effects attached to them or they're free.

>> No.39489303

I don't care where you stand on the whole thing; Strike Witches was absolutely fantastic.

>> No.39489306

Both of those vehicle alt forms look good, I'm surprised to see someone not go for triplechanger really.

I like the speaking with radio snippets, one of the things I actually liked from Bayformers.

I wonder if Master Builder lets us make synthetic red energon or something similar.
I'd also want to pick up some genetic modifying tech like whatever Shockwave uses to change some altforms around.

Anyone have an idea for what sort of Stand Optimus Prime would get in this continuity?
I'd want to give all of the good guys Stands so that they have the advantage.

I'm not up to the part in the series so I don't know, how much of a boost is that legendary beast splice?
Like how much of a beating could a medium sized chassis take? How strong would it be? Would it make Megatron look like a bitch or not?

>> No.39489312

Not necessarily. Oftentimes I've found it's more cost efficient to buy up all the discounted perks, since many come in handy down the line. Whereas your personal capabilities are much more limited if you only buy capstones. Not to mention lots of lower-cost abilities can be developed better through training/experimentation

>> No.39489324

They might be, they might not be. Some jumps are only worth it for the capstone, some jumps have no capstones.

It depends on the jump.

>> No.39489346

Capstones SHOULD be. They usually are. They don't always interest me though, so sometimes I don't take them.

>> No.39489367

>Strike Witches was absolutely fantastic.
It was, but its the exception rather than the rule.

BSG would have been better served as a imageless jump, as would lots of other image jumps.

>> No.39489404

Not always sometimes other perks may be more useful to you, but Capstones should be well worth the price. They should tempt you even if they aren't discounted.

>> No.39489486

No. There's jumps where a combination of low level perks can be more useful than a capstone.

And. Also. Dirge here. I'm not dead. I just had a 27 hour shift. So I'm going to collapse for another 12 hours before going in for work.

>> No.39489530

Oh thank god you didn't leave. I know we can be real shitheads but please don't leave.

>> No.39489531

The text is okay, it could use editing, but the images are kinda wonky.

>> No.39489567

I was. going to post about jokes and all, but my net died off, so I ended up going to work and never left.

>> No.39489599

Where the fuck do you work 27 hours straight?

>> No.39489606

>I just had a 27 hour shift.
Fuck man, that has got to suck.

>> No.39489643

>Too hard to read, the pictures get in the way.

>> No.39489744

We're commissioning a smeltersite. And unfortunately, the whole project is on a time crunch...so we end up working weird awkward shifts. Got people going in on weekends, got people on weird rotations in and out, the whole place is fucked.

>> No.39489786

Go to sleep, Dirge. Sweet dreams and we'll see you Thursday, I guess.

>> No.39489836

aye. laters.

>> No.39489846

Any jumps with settings that have a crippling fear/hate of dragons? I need this for self-induced suffering reasons

>> No.39489856


>> No.39489896

Most jumps without dragons, actually.

>> No.39489906

Protip to Epicureanon, if he sees this:

Have the words have a stroke of black, with a fill of white, so people can read them easier on the images.

>> No.39490102

This was supposed to be a nice, calm, relaxing vacation.

Thankfully, the Jusenkyo Jumpers were polite in their pursuing of their identity, and when cured of the curse were apologetic to say the least. Made quite a few friends here from people who once suffered the curse.


... What, noooo. Why would you say it's karma catching u- FOR GOD'S SAKE STOP GROPING THEM.

Gilgamesh. Stop trying to rob people of their weapon heirlooms.

>Swat Kats
Location: Megakat City
Age: 22-years-old
Drawbacks: Madkat Menagerie (+600)
Final Point Count: 1,600 CP
Origin: Drop-In

-Rockin' Music (Free)
-Good for the Press
-Stress Test
-Ounce of Paperwork
-It's a Virtue
-Something's Up
-Cutting the Knot

Companions & Imports:
-Standard Import (200)

Items & Equipment:
-Missile Design System
-City Map

Time to play the Big Good of Megakat City. Support the Swat Kats, support similar vigilantes in their quest for JUSTICE, and generally let my Companions play their own stories.

BECAUSE FUCKING HELL. I NEED A BREA- God dammit Madkat get out of my computer screen.


>> No.39490170

>decide to start a new chain
>decide to skip pokemon for reasons
>roll randomly to see where I go
>it's XCOM

Boy oh boy, this bodes well.

Have I offended you somehow Jump-chan?

>> No.39490202

OAA the two story secretary sounds like a fun jump.

>> No.39490236

Needs to do something so people don't look up the skirt.

>> No.39490242

>lel bees and onions

Please don't do this again. It's annoying

>> No.39490261

Not enough d8, you must acquire more d8, they are her favorite dice.

>> No.39490323

>having differing opinions is stirring shit
>giving said opinions is stirring shit

Well, damn. I know better now and will never go against the norm again. I don't know why I even tried to say how I'd like a jump to be or cared at all.

Thanks anon!

>> No.39490370

I rolled a d360. There's a lot of d8's in 360. Forty five to be exact.

Maybe it's pokemon. I didn't think she would get so salty over pokemon. Clearly I was wrong.

>> No.39490392

She fucking loves Pokemon, anon.

>> No.39490394

It was a Simpson's reference, you pleb.

>> No.39490419

They're probably too young to get it.

>> No.39490424

Or he could just stick to non image jumps.

>> No.39490442

Yea you rolled a d360, not forty five d8.

>> No.39490443

Nah, Dragon's Crown was amazin'.

>> No.39490467

What if he glued 45 d8's together and rolled them at once?

>> No.39490472

But BSG was shit.

>> No.39490495

If that's your opinion. Regardless, since he has done something you don't disagree on being good, then giving him advice to make BSG prettier is just as valid.

>> No.39490556

You're not the only one that thinks that, >>39418065

>> No.39490573

Why are you dragging up posts from like three days ago?

>> No.39490591

Oh for fuck's sake can we drop this nonsense already.

Nobody agrees on anything on this thread. Just let it fucking lie before we start more fires.

>> No.39490592

Because we were talking about the jump?

>> No.39490603

Overreacting a little bit there anon.

>> No.39490655

No, I agree with him. These past few threads have been worse than CYOA general and tumblr put together.

Just gotta wait for it to hit Conduit levels. We COULD have done more builds and awesome stuff like >>39488560 and >>39488599 said, but no. We literally cannot let this bullshit go.

>> No.39490677


She will be mine /jc/.

>> No.39490680

A question jumpers! What does your Flagship look like? Is it a Jurai-Tree ship, a Star Destroyer, or maybe a custom creation?

How do you take your ship with you from jump to jump? Do you re-build it? Shrink it down with magic/science?

If you took a purchasable ship, how has it changed over your travels? What interesting things have you added to them?

For me, I love the dagger shapes of the Star Destroyers, so I patterned mine after them.

>> No.39490690

You haven't been in that thread recently. I can tell. This thread is argumentative, but doesn't have an actual shitstorm. It's not even relatively bad, let alone as bad as this place has been in the past. Bitching about another general just kind of invalidates whatever you're saying too.

>> No.39490731

Its probably just saltyanon trying to stir shit up again.

We occasionally have bad weather but we tend keep things in the clear for the most part.

>> No.39490739

I fused my tree with The LoT. So it's basically a metallic living tree monster with wings. I'd add some bio-ship parts in there if I didn't think it'd be redundant.

>> No.39490767

Hmm, yeah. You have a point. Any time the thread gets a little pissy we get this one guy starting shit and bitching about how we're doomed and Conduit. Same guy, same kind of posts. Probably just another way to try and start fights. I think I'm just gonna let him rot and talk about spaceships.

>> No.39490781

I go with the Light of Terra. Given that I got Fleshmetal, making it a living thing capable of reshaping itself to fit the circumstances, I've more or less stopped imagining the specifics of what it looks like given that it will probably be different in each jump. I assume its general shape is a broad delta wing for aiding in heat dispersion, though.

>> No.39490797

I shrunk my Light of Terra. 20km is good for intimidation, but not so much for maneuverability. Plus I stapled the Outlaw Star ship arms to it so it can punch fools.

>> No.39490819


Let me just say I've got two. One for space and intergalactic travel. One for on-planet traversing.

The first is the Light of Terra, upgraded by the combined efforts of human, mutant, ork, and tarellians under the guidance of my schemata. I've enhanced her with almost-but-not-quite-Tower-level tech, every form of tech I've learned (still figuring out how to rig up some mantra tech to her), and made her less a flagship and more a full-on space-traversing city.

The second is my personal pet project, the Lady Lightning. Started as an airship in Skies of Arcadia, and I've been steadily upgrading her since then. Right now the plan is to rig the engine to be a monster of a solar-powered machine (hooked up to sunstones and solar-energy-radiating-gems) and supplemented with three Bit-Beasts related to wind, lightning, and sky.

>> No.39490826

If I get "magical blood" from the Spyro form supplement, does it improve my magic pool/magic power in any way, or does it just make my blood magical.

>> No.39490836

Those poor horseshoe crabs.

>> No.39490898

No, but looking at the thread trend right now? We have been on an argumentative streak.

Used to be the threads would only be a massive arguing fest when there wasn't a jump posted. Now we've gotten to the point where we'd rather argue than actually jump when we've got new content.

>> No.39490902

So that's how they make those lucky horseshoes...

>> No.39490906

Did you replace the Moonstone Canon with a Sunstone one?

>> No.39490948

When will the horses' evil ever end?

>> No.39490954


I just mounted a Sunstone Cannon on top of the Moonstone one.


>> No.39491001

You need to invent a cheesy battle cry for when they're fired. Like "Sunrise to Sunset Cannon!" or "From Dusk 'till Dawn!"

>> No.39491020

bitches love cannons!

>> No.39491045

We can agree on one thing.

This version is better.

>> No.39491061

Well, they're not bled dry. I think they are released after the procedure as well, but don't quote me on that.
At any rate, I view it as a necessary evil to prevent everyone from dying of horrible infections.

>> No.39491077

No we can't, and fuck you for dragging even more shit out.

>> No.39491082 [DELETED] 

Leave this place and never return. Start your shitstorms somewhere else.

>> No.39491090

honestly we should have just let Reborn run the threads since the start

>> No.39491130

>Confusing, misspelled opening
>Terrible formatting
>Infodumps that don't actually tell anyone anything
>No information in several items
>terribly balanced

Wow, this is a piece of shit.

>> No.39491154

Not Jump creator but I would assume it does a little. Or at least inherent magical properties you might be able to call upon in rituals.

>> No.39491167

Carrying on my chain with a retcon of my Transformers jump, it was the last one I did but then there was the update to it so I'll gladly re do it.

Setting: Luckily I actually rolled the one I wanted, 6 for Prime. Would have paid it otherwise.

Assignment: Scientist

Chassis: Medium, 8m tall

Everything Else:

Robots In Disguise (free)
Altmode (free)
Triplechanger (200)
Science! - Is this like a cybertronian phd or a normal one? I go for genetics or the closest thing transformers have to it. (free)
Overclock - Not really sure how I already stack up against a normal cybertronian with my human genius perks so I don't know how useful this is. (300)
Master Builder - Whatever tech Shockwave is using I want to copy it. (500)

Legendary Beasts Spliced Upgrade! - Ice. (1000)
Quetzalcoatl for flight and snakey coolness.
Kraken for land speed, multi limb stability, claws and tentacles.
Examples of each in the probably shitty pic.

Energon Melee Weapon - Drill. (free)
Energon Battle Pistol (free)
Neutron Assault Rifle (free)

Autobots Roll Out! (1500)

Inefficient (1400)
Traitor - Defected to the Autobots. (1300)
Missing Voice Module - I have companions to talk for me. (1200)
Starscream Syndrome - Will this be a new character or will one of the current autobots become a massive dick? (1000)

Companions are next post.

Since I'm only on season two I don't have many plans yet.
I want to get the forge hammer to use myself.
Pick up the other artifacts like the phase shifter.
-Get to the red energon first.
-Possibly forge weapons out of red energon.
-Figure out how to modify myself into getting both of the tron vehicles I want as additional forms using my science perks.
-A bunch of other stuff I've probably forgotten.

Am I on par with the Large Chassis strength wise by picking Medium along with the Legendary Beasts Spliced upgrade? How durable am I?

How many Energon Melee Weapons can I have for free? I want to shove a drill onto the end of each of my tentacles.

>> No.39491187

First one is free.

>> No.39491190

Don't respond. The fucker is deliberately trying to start shit.

Ignore and report. Ignore and fucking report.

>> No.39491240

I like your altmodes. They look pretty frickin' sweet. Just wanted you to know that, anon.

Pic barely related, minor geneforge project

>> No.39491293

This. The guy is poking every angle he can because he's bored and trying to start a shitstorm. Keep ignoring him.

>> No.39491310

You know not what forces you tangle with! Or you do, and still do it anyways.

Either way, land-sharks of any kind are terrifying.

>> No.39491312

Really? It looks like they've broken their 'center' so to speak, so I dunno if they'd survive it.

>> No.39491337

I'll take twelve.

>> No.39491386

No they actually fold there naturally if you annoy them, to hide their belly, they are really just curled up. The needle though is going into one of very few places on their body that you can directly access their bloodstream.

>> No.39491397


If we take Legendary Beast Splice and triple-changer, can we have a dragon and a jet as our alt-forms, or are we forced to make any alt-form we acquire be a mythical beast?

In terms of physical power, which is the best upgrade?
1. Re-Formatting
2. Matrix of Leadership
3. Legendary Beast Splice

Does Legendary Beast Splice affect the size of our robot-form? I seem to remember all the Predecons being taller than any other Transformers.

>> No.39491399

>yfw no canon companions

>> No.39491410

Dragons naturally have magical properties. Bloody magical just makes those properties more potent and last longer separate from the body (spilled blood, saliva, scales, bones etc).

>> No.39491411

That's literally pods, anon.

>> No.39491422

That's relieving at least. They're losing population but they're an ancient relic of an otherwise extinct line so I'd hate to see them get killed more than necessary.

>> No.39491429

Okay, jigs up-that was totally our bad.

We swear we didn't intend for them to escape into the wider multiverse. It was just a stupid, stupid thing we did way back when we first got the geneforge, we had a singular personality, and we fucked around a lot more. We were just kind of throwing around the football with our companions one day when Asami was all "Hey, you know sharks? They get a really bad rep. They don't even want to eat people and they have cute puppy eyes"

And we were like "Puppy sharks? Gimme a sec, I just had a brilliant idea"

And then because it was our first time at the Geneforge we didn't have a way to keep down birth rates or account for rapid mutation and...yeah, packs of land sharks were a thing.

It could be worse. If our calculations are correct the land-sharks' dog genes should've stopped them from ever forming into a landsharknado.

>> No.39491442

Too expensive for me but if you got a spare one yourself there you go.

>> No.39491446


>> No.39491467

>yfw you discover pods are a thing.

>> No.39491495

"I'll take Worst Value In The Warehouse for 1000, Alex"

>> No.39491521


Huh, learn something new every day. Didn't know the things were living fossils.

>> No.39491551

You do realize just about everything else can be installed in your warehouse right?

That and portals and about the only things you can't install later. Though teleporters might be a suitable replacement.

>> No.39491554


Legendary Beasts Spliced - Dragon with fire breath. (500)

Legendary Beasts Spliced - Unicorn with acid breath. (500)
Energon Melee Weapon - Drill that becomes his horn. (free)

Lugia -
Astrotrain! (500)
Typhoon class Submarine form - Might change this one.

Tron Light Jet (3 man version)
Matrix of Leadership. (500)

Eve -
Tron Light Cycle
Matrix of Leadership (500)

Hopefully having companions as the Tron vehicles I like will help me with my Science! and modify myself with those alt forms like Shockwave can apparently do.
If it isn't possible then I'll have to Golden Chains it or something.

Thanks, I ended up picking them as a second choice because I actually wanted a vehicle form but I'm happy with how they turned out.

They also work well with my Kaiju mode altform since I'm sure giant versions of them would be intimidating as fuck.
I'll also constantly annoy companions by saying "release the kraken!".

I'm also happy with how my companions turned out but I'm not really sure about the submarine one, it'll probably barely get used.

Now I really want a dog shark, that thing looks cute as fuck.

I can deal with that, I'll have to science my way into getting more since there's no price on them.

I was told that all of the alt forms had to be of mythical beasts.

I'm interested in which offers the biggest physical boost and if the Splice gives a size boost.

>> No.39491575

What is "local net"?

>> No.39491590

Don't give the sharks any ideas.

>> No.39491591

The bigger they get, the more dick shaped they get. I approve.

>> No.39491592

That's correct. Uh, assume each additional one is 50cp.

>> No.39491594

I. Actually don't quite recall.

I mean, most of the time I don't even need shoes.

I still sometimes fly in my old Striker, though, even after it becomes redundant.

>> No.39491600

Whats the status of the Zoids jump?

>> No.39491630

>Jumpchan loves Pokemon
But which one's here favorite? inb4 Arceus.

>> No.39491645

For Warframe do I have to take Tech in order to buy Orokin tech

>> No.39491656


>> No.39491703

Antimatter Manipulation Principle is fun. It lets you do weird gravity distortions, and seems to be the explaination for 99% of the tech in FF13

Antimatter Genesis Principle is funner. It makes things out of Chaos...using antimatter.

Antimatter Temporal Principle is funnest, because it uses antimatter to stop time. No wonder the fal'cie killed all the scientists who were working on it.

...oh yeah, the question. We have Super Sneakers powered by antimatter and augmented with antimatter-based paramagic via Sufficiently Analysed Magic. Because even though we know how to open, like, ALL the portals, sometimes you just gotta go fast

>> No.39491762

>antimatter-based paramagic
You're casting magic fueled by pure antimatter? What does it even do?

>> No.39491765 [SPOILER] 

She could do better.

>> No.39491831


>> No.39491911

99% of the time? Well, it's actually a very complex and fascinating quantum flux reaction involving the creation of a magical supercollider, with tremendous ramifications in the field of particle physics-but it boils down to things going boom in various interesting ways. Or casting exotic forms of reality warping through exploitation of exotic particles created by colliding antimatter with mana...by making other things go boom.

With the sneakers though? AMP ensures we can keep running on ANY service, AGP once miniaturised with Gadget Master should hopefully created surfaces to let us run midair (without technically using magic!) and ATP mimics seven-league boots (by halting time when we click the heels and run over before time resumes its flow). There's also a dangerous forbidden technique involving kicking the gravity, time and molecular composition out of a football in a certain curve, there's a reason we don't go around empowering people to emulate Shaolin Soccer

>> No.39492003

I have hover boots. You know, kindof like Shadow the Hedgehog? I built them... in Sonic Jump, actually. They're mostly superfluous, because I can actually fly under my own power, but they make it look way cooler AND trick people into thinking my flight is totally tech-driven in jumps where I want to fly but don't want people to know I have superpowers.
Team Sonic never figured out I can do that under my own power. They totally thought it was just the boots. For like, the whole jump.

In reality they're not really strong enough to do more than hover, or slow a fall. I could probably upgrade them into full on rocket boots and actually boost my speed, but... meh.

>> No.39492260


say that like it's a bad thing.

>> No.39492279

It is, but we haven't gone full anything anyway. Some individual anons have always been like this.

>> No.39492299

>implying we hadn't already gone that route by the time Chima and Bloody Roar rolled around.

>> No.39492377

I sort of want there to be a Greek Mythology jump so I can help Hades out and kick Zeus in the dick.

>> No.39492391

Don't we already have a Norse mythology jump?

>> No.39492413

Uh, yeah. That's kind of the basis for my justification for a Greek one being able to work.

>> No.39492453

We have SMITE, Percy Jackson and Age of Mythology. All of which allow you to befriend Hades and strike Zeus in the genitals.

>> No.39492483

Smite and Percy Jackson probably wont work (PJ Hades is a cock), but Age of Mythology might, depending on how much the gods are like their myths.

>> No.39492529

What is Return? Alex

>> No.39492567

An option with incredible potential, if you know where to use it. It's 10 years to return somewhere for nostalgia, or to do something that was impossible when you dropped by a long time ago.

Not to mention it's the only way to grab Pokemon storage technology.

>> No.39492611

You could always just study it in the first 10 years and replicate it elsewhere, you don't need a physical copy.

>> No.39492627

Except, here's the kicker, you can only Return to worlds you've already been to when you purchase Return

Which means you need to wait to take the Warehouse

>> No.39492628

Slice of Life - Monsters (previous setting: Pokemon) + Specialized Setting (Pokemon Storage Technology)

>> No.39492643

I kind of want to take her with me and replace Admiral Cain with her. But then, anyone could be a better admiral than her. She went full retard.

>> No.39492663

Just grab all the text books on that stuff while you're there in the first place. You could probably find the research online too, it's not like they charge people to use it so it's probably open source.

>> No.39492701

Except you're wrong

Hell if you full RAW you can only ever got to Pokemon with Return.

>> No.39492704

Or Tech (The Culture) via a Ranma/The Culture crossover fanfic.

>> No.39492715

Who is she?

>> No.39492728

Has anyone ever taken that?

>> No.39492754

That doesn't dispute what I said at all

And the only world you go to before Warehouse, unless you choose to wait on having the warehouse, is Pokemans.

>> No.39492782

The thing about return is that it's an item/emplacement. It means you can use it at any time, with its function to go to 'a world you have visited before'. Obviously that would be a world you've been to before you used your return. The intent is 100% clear unless you're being dumb on purpose.

>> No.39492835

I remember Merchant mentioning a Trojan War jump he was thinking of doing a while ago, but apparently he ran out of steam on it for IRL reasons

>> No.39492841

I have, it's pretty neat to revisit a world before. Though as it stands it's pretty lame. Would be nice to act as a kind of time extension or being able to go back to more than one world you've previously been too. But then again being able to interrupt your time in a jump with time somewhere else is pretty neat once you realize that implication.

I'm torn between using it for LoSS or Sonic.

>> No.39492888

>Monado Buster
I'm on it, man! Please, ya gotta believe me! I just need more time!

>> No.39492902

Huh, I stand corrected

>> No.39492932

>it's an item/emplacement.
It's in miscellaneous, along with changing the key to being the ability to make a portal, it is not implied to be an item at all.

>> No.39492936

Is it Reyn time?

>> No.39492963

It's sure implied to be something you don't use immediately, so you're arguing semantics.

>> No.39492981

Not quite... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sY5m21TXguM

>> No.39492990

I took it, but it's purely psychosomatic on my part.
If I ever were to decide jumping was too much for me, I can just pick a world and go back to live there. I also flip-flop a bit on whether I could still use it if I ever were to "die", thereby allowing me one last chance to end my chain in a nice vacation world.
It's basically only there for my own peace of mind, and due to the "narrative" of jumper structure, means I'll never actually use it and the points were effectively wasted.
But whatever. It makes me happy that it's there.

>> No.39493001

Turmoil. She came in and tried to take over the city. With a zeppelin. She is the kind of crazy that I would stick my trust in: the kind of crazy that has a plan that will work. If she ended up in BSG? While she might not necessarily treat the civilians nicely, she won't leave them to the tender mercies of the Cylons. But then, seriously, NOBODY IN THEIR RIGHT GODDAMN MINDS WOULD.

>> No.39493058

So what's wrong with Admiral Cain?

>> No.39493108

That just let me to this amazing video.

>> No.39493146


"The defense has been broken. Dribble the ball. It bends to your will. Think of the ball and the power to dunk it will be yours!"

>> No.39493160

She found civilian ships that were left stranded in space when the Twelve Colonies got nuked, stripped them of all useful parts, press-ganged their able-bodied crew members (and executed their families if they did not comply)... and that's without getting into condoning the torture of a sentient being, because the Cylons did that to humans too.

>> No.39493200

Hey guys, remember this? Well I got board and decided to update it a bit. Still very incomplete, but I may decide to keep working on it and actually finish the thing pretty soon.

>> No.39493241

So she's pure scum, got it.

>> No.39493352

Speaking of nBSG

how does all of this will happen again work if I didn't take all of this has happened before?

because chances are I replace cain and I'm deviating from the plot

>> No.39493670


I am genuinely surprised that anyone with this level of autism is even capable of realising other people even exist, let alone being capable of trying to interact with them.

Aas a reward, tell whoever takes care of you that they have to switch best friend iron hugbox on for five minutes.

>> No.39493724

Character action games for days, son! I'll make Based Kamiya proud!

>> No.39493738

>dat pic
Who is she and where is she from?

>> No.39493885

That pic looks so much better than her show artwork.

>> No.39493903

What perks are there that would let you grant wishes and make deals, I know about sorcery from viking saga The actual wish spell from D&D settings, and the deal maker from Disney but are there any other perks that would help?

>> No.39493925

I think someone mentioned changeling having something along those lines

>> No.39493929

Changelings can probably do it.

>> No.39493948

A combination of all you've listed, plus the deal making skill from Changeling would probably suffice.

>> No.39493964

Stole one of these babies from Axis. Made a couple of changes to suit my personal aesthetic tastes.
I've also got a Dolos that I converted to a mining vessel along with a handful of Musashis.

>> No.39493990

The better question is: could you be a deal maker and not be a prick? That'd be interesting to see. That archetype is always always the bad guy, so seeing that toyed with would be interesting.

>> No.39493995

The Elf tree in Viking Saga.

>> No.39493999

Derp. Forgot pic related.

>> No.39494021

Sure, it's all about how willing you are to screw them over and what lesson/cost you want to charge them. Is it something they'll be better without? Is it something they'll grow to be better without? Just think about that kind of thing.

>> No.39494046

Most of the "grant wishes" perks I know of do have that kind of "trickster" vibe to them. I think the best way to not have to deal with that is to just get a bunch of magic/science perks and use those to grant wishes.

>> No.39494084

The asshole in me is already trying to find a way to game the system.

Does being a serial kill who dresses like Mario count as being related to video games?

>> No.39494104

It's Turmoil from Swat Kats.

>> No.39494109

I was thinking of using it like Yuuko from XXXholic and tsubasa reservoir chronicle I am sure it's possible to not be a prick about it but it's going to take care an a lot of warnings when I know something is going to turn out bad (and even then sometimes people are likely to go ahead)


Thank you I'll definitely look in to changeling the dreaming, and I got most of the elf perks from Viking Saga.

>> No.39494138

1. Why would you even want to do that?
2. No, it doesn't.

>> No.39494152

He has an asshole inside of him. It's probably a pretty severe condition.

>> No.39494460

1) It's not a digital signal, it's a "matter stream", though (1a) replicators do use digital templates to reshape the stream from the source material into the intended form, and (1b) people could be sent/stored digitally if you really wanted, but the memory requirements for storing a living being at a quantum resolution are exorbitant (plus the writers really didn't want to confront certain metaphysical concerns).

2) TNG-era replicators can convert energy to matter, but (at least in the TNG era) it's such an exorbitant power hog that it's many orders of magnitude more economical just to keep storage tanks of suitable raw material. As the joke went on 24th century starships, "flush twice, it's a long way to the cafeteria".

Anyway, unless you can get your manipulators on better tech in the Trek universe than what the Feds in the 24th can offer, I'd suggest a different jump. If you don't mind working with organic devices (and possibly having the Chousin peering in your direction), Tenchi Muyo's Royal Trees are a good option as the Light Hawk Wings are direct mass/energy converters, and 3rd generation trees are non-sapient if you've ethical concerns. Otherwise, maybe Halo Forerunner tech or the more esoteric mod-perks from Minecraft?

>> No.39494497

Actually, 4th generation trees are non-sapient. But they can't generate wings.

So take that as you will.

>> No.39494551

I think the Light of Terra is great, but I made something a little smaller and inconspicuous, along with not wanting to defile a work of the Holy Omnissiah. I took a ton of reverse engineering perks and powers like the Worm reverse engineering power, along with genius level intellect. Using pre-fall Eldar tech and Necron derived technology, I could create a Necron Tomb ship analog. It has two FTL drives, a hyperdrive because a hyperdrive is very fast, and a pseudo-Warp drive called an Alcubierre drive, which will be one of the many doomsday weapons on board the ship. Using the Alcubierre drive is similar to Star Trek, but the particles in around the ship are accelerated too, destroying anything they hit.

>> No.39494629

If hes hooking if up to a dedicated infinite power source why should the inefficiency matter?

>> No.39494634

Isn't the Alcubierre Drive that theoretical engine that NASA was trying to figure out not too long ago?

>> No.39494665

I assume you found some hypertech way to keep the Alcubierre Drive from killing you, too? Because that's one of the objections that has been raised to the concept, that the radiation flux it produces would kill the occupants of the vehicle.

They've been playing with the idea for a while. There are a lot of obstacles in the way of actually building one, but it looks like at least in theory it's viable. Though as I said, it would kill you to be inside the warp bubble. The concept needs work.

>> No.39494697

>If hes hooking if up to a dedicated infinite power source why should the inefficiency matter?
Because quality > quantity.

>> No.39494703

Brilliant strategist, though. She just happens to be ruthless for a variety of reasons.

>sentient being
Sapient, not sentient.

>> No.39494708

Yeah, it's an actual real to god warp drive that's semi-possible in real life which is why after centuries of development that I think I could develop a functional Alcubierre drive. It's not practical it requires negative mass, but physics in jump chain are so strange that I think could get something with negative mass.
That's where the lich aspects come in my friend. Worst comes to worst I temporarily upload my consciousness to the ship to survive the radiation, then transfer it back to my body waiting in the warehouse.

>> No.39494724

Not exactly. The Alcubierre drive doesn't accelerate anything, it warps space (originaly based on a weird effect of shifting gravity) so that the ship doesn't have to travel as far. Now, you could probably still weaponize it to devastating effect but you're not actually moving at relativistic speed so crashing into the planet is not the answer.

>> No.39494730

I thought that you would be fine in the warp bubble, but it's everyone in the general direction of "somewhere in front of you" that would be fucked due to the particles suddenly screaming out of nowhere and fucking up their day?

>> No.39494762

Negative mass, huh? Oh if only we had a half-life jump which gave us crystals that could do negative mass...



>> No.39494793

I get that part of. Always loved the idea of a warp drive. But the particles that are accelerated to relativistic speed around? Those can destroy a planet or two.
See, there's like 50 trillion jumps that blatantly defy physics, so it's just a matter of picking whatever's most efficient. So Xen Crystals are probably a good thing, but I might go for something else.

>> No.39494795

If I remember right, it depends on if you're going faster or slower than light. Slower than light it's just people outside the bubble, faster than light it's you, too.

>> No.39495009

So, Drow Tales. Is that series any good? Is it worth the read or would it make a good jump? Its been brought up in conversations a couple of times and its always called shit, but its never explained why.

So, JC, is it worth the read and would it make a good jump? Why or why not?

>> No.39495044

Do you like Drizzt? If yes then you'll enjoy Drow Tales. If no then you'll hate it. Since I'm assuming you have a bare minimum of standards you will no doubt not enjoy Drow Tales.

>> No.39495094


It's either gonna end up as fetishy 'elf has enslaved you oh noes roll 1d6 to see how long your boner lasts in days' or 'here's my detailed plan for forcing the elfs into a concentration camp and also photos of my elfskin coat (had to use prostitute skin but imagion, k?'

>> No.39495105

It's basically Goblins but with Drow.

>> No.39495185

Whether or not they're intelligent is up for debate, considering how they behave, but they are demonstrably able to feel emotion.

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