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I want a laugh /tg/.
Stories, images, anything humorous in nature in reference to the grim darkness of the forty-first millennium.

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I would really like to know if someone mailed them one of their own finecast models.

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Please tell me its fake

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Keep in mind that was published well before GW started producing Finecast models. Their stuff was all plastic and metal back then, with the exception of Forge World's true resin.

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That doesnt mean its not retarded

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not wanting counterfiters is a perfectly reasonable thing

that said they are laying it on a bit thick

also they should probably try and get people to like them again before they worry about that shit

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>counterfeit models may contain large amounts of dangerous lead

Buy our resin models! That shit is totally harmless, right?

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Those first five describe Failcast to a tee.

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Made me kek'd, even if I don't know exactly what is going on. Is Lotara a character from the novels ?

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It was from a thread

Lotara is an HH character yeah

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There's also this one

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don't know about you guys but this little fuck gets me chuckling every time I cross by him looking for other images.

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what ever is happening here I like it.

>pic related
I want to see a Admech shlub doing this to some sort of xenos creature on a new planet. I like to think their surveys are... blunt to say the least.

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yo, this is a SFW board. you'd be better off putting that on imgur and linking it in your post.

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Goddamnit I JUST masturbated

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The Chaos Gods are 4 ancient beings that all constantly bicker, battle, and fight, despite being drawn to each other. Just a thought.

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That really does read like an In-universe rant about heretics.

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actually, I could see this being more likely than anything else. I mean, they are older than dirt (in some cases, literally). But seeing them as a couple of old folks in a retirement home in the warp just appeals to me.

- Slaanesh is the one that hoards all of her/his/it's medication that they give em and is always trying to score with someone. Be it the doctors, orderlies, or even other old folks.
- Tzeetch is the one that always wants to play that really obscure card game like canasta or gin rummy. Either that, or he's planning on how to escape so he can go see his kids
- Nurgle is the one that always has to get around in a mobility scooter, talking about what disease is gonna kill them next, or how the food they serve them could be done better.
- Khorne is the one that always has an outburst somewhere and starts attacking the orderlies or barricading himself in his room. He constantly refers to old wars he was in, even if it was impossible for him to be there.

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That always gets a chuckle out of me.

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That is canon.

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More pictures.

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I must say that I do like this picture...maybe more than I should.

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The saga of Brother Morpheus and the Third Samus's Club Crusade

feedback appreciated


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Remember commissars, when in doubt, affix bayonets.

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I have a few

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Here's a fucking classic

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Jesus who the fuck let this guy in?

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Somebody who knows board rules? I've been hit with a temp ban for posting a skelly with tits.

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It's okay he didn't spoiler it so no mods will see it.

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dat expression

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Why not a bit of WF?

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Last of my dump with a personal favourite.

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>no Typhus
I was there for that thread. Does it look like Emps is looking at that woman's butt? Must remind him of one of his past wives.

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I got a million of em

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You have the smurf ork one?
Like a 1 page comic iirc.

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i have no idea to be honest. I'll see if i can find it, in the meantime, have this little gem.

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I did read it with the SpongeBob theme song in my head, and it was perfect.

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This the one you on about mate?

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I call this "When the Imperium gets its act together every once in a while".

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This is probably one of my favorite reaction pics.

I'm impressed the artist managed to get a look of contempt, disgust and anger from a fucking helmet. Good job on that one.

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This was a WD battle report was it not? That was the first issue I ever got. *noostalgias*

They were better times.

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tech priest looks like he/she just woke up

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I like the Cadian's reaction. That looks like personal rage, and it looks like he's pointing at the CSM.

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Basically the 40k equivalent of a field thresher.

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>"Hey Brother Straightmanus, what do you call an asshole Krieger?"
>*Captain Wunarm smacks his battle-brother upside the head Primus-style*
>"I mean, what?"
>"An entrenching tool."

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>tfw art you made years ago shows up
feels good

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depends on how the janitor or mods are feeling.

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Brother Karuis hasn't been the same since that Necron got a good shot at his head with a Gauss rifle.

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that krieger has never been more ready to kick ass.

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The vocaroo links still work on this one

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I love this so much because the only real exaggeration is that 80% of the crew would die in a standard warp voyage (maybe 5%, tops).

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>Using "shall" and "shalt" interchangably

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Meanwhile Vanus and Venenum are the well behaved kids that are trusted to stay home alone.

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i remember that thread. fuckign great

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All guardsman party.

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>his fucking neck
He looks like hes wearing a mask

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>there are people who find this cute/funny

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I'm surprised nobody has posted this yet

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man i read the hole thing waiting for the punch line, it was worth it.

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the translations is off. looks like dude used google translate.
>Perhaps it is a message from astropaths of terra?
instead of
>The probability! A message from my sons?
>Ladies dont get you laid? You feel like ...
>there is a way!
>Without Surgery. Without WAAAAAGH!
>from 8:00 to 18:00, right turn near 2nd circle of palace of slasnesh.

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Sam Neill has been parting his hair on the left ever since Jurassic Park. Then he joined the Imperial Fists.

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I hate cats

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Ultramarines Actually.
That head is modeled after Titus.

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Sam Neill looks like several of the emperors sons.
That's really interesting.

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It's a cool idea, but it's actually just a Shard of the Void Dragon. It's why it hasn't escaped, mind-controlled the entire planet and destroyed everything.

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I'm out

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Translation is wrong

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Buckley is a Warmachine guy, but several Ctrl+Alt+Del strips do cover Games Workshop material...

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pic related

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goddammit forgot to attach the pic
Pic related

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C'mon, captcha... don't you think I know what a hamburger looks like? Or cake?

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Are you tricking me? That one has a joke in it.

That's not ctrl alt del.

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I've seen that in picture form...

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Family Circus redeemed itself after decades of mildly amusing banality with this strip.

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Dat Ass indeed!

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All joking aside, that acolyte clearly has great things ahead of him if he can beat nearly 100 xenos to death with an inactive chainsword.

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Image limit reached.

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It took me a minute, until I said "Ben Stillers" in a terrible mexican accent.

I'm not sure which I'd rather find on a Space Hulk, if I'm honest.

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>Bark Heresy
My sides.

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is this haruhara haruko?

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Nah, Seras Victoria.

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What's the story behind this?

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LÄLZ the bottle of vodka and the chapska make him like "For father Emperor tovaritch!"

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New thread:

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But eldar chicks all have huge knockers. You know, for storing psyker potential and stuff.

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Are there any warhammer adventure VNs?

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Water damaged then i cut it out of anger

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>Bark Heresy
And that's where my sides hit launch mode

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Sadly DoW 2 made the Farseers look...less powerful. If you know what I mean.

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Did anyone finally translated this or at least made scans of the raws?

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You know, that planet has betty active deities that move it's celestial bodies from the planets surface without so much as a headache. For some reason i think one exterminatus wouldn't work.

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Horsefucker here saying yeah, all the alicorns might survive. That's a grand total of four possible survivors, only maybe two of whom can into space.
And magic friendship is hard to come by when all your friends are dead and the only place to find new ones is Warhammer 40k. Best bet is to throw their lot in with the Tau, I guess.

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Does anyone know where I can get some of those models?

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>I wrote that
Holy fucking hell how. Where did the years go? I have accomplished NOTHING

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I know it is very late but I gave it a crack


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So I was with my Chaos Cultist friend and he told me it would be weird if the Imperium invaded our base. They did.

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Get the fuck off the 40k board (jk).

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>ruining the punchline in the title

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>Someone tried to sell plaster counterfeits, he never saw his family again.
>The one who suffers most from counterfeiting is you, loyal customer! So you had better goddamn buy the legit stuff even if it's way more expensive and just as crappy.
>In some countries, they'll chop off your hands for selling counterfeits! Aren't you glad to be living in such a civilized society?
> If you make counterfeits, I swear. WE WILL FIND YOU. AND WE WILL KILL YOU. We don't care where you live or who you are. WE ARE GOING TO TRACK YOU DOWN AND FUCKING MURDER YOU.
>It doesn't matter if you're some black market organization, a hapless shopkeeper who was unlucky enough to get a fake batch, or even some poor schmuck who's desperate for cash. We will USE FUCKING EVERYTHING WE HAVE AT OUR DISPOSAL TO FUCKING BRING YOU DOWN. WE. WILL. RUIN. YOU.
>But we don't have to worry about that from you! Right loyal customer?
>Also if anyone you know makes counterfeits, you're going to tell us. We're watching you, and you're going to sell out everybody you've ever fucking known if you know that they make counterfeits.

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I once heard a similar story, except replace the cultist with a hippy, the sister of battle with a nun, the Noise Marine with a city bus driver, and the Emperor with God.
Also the "nun" requested she be fucked in the ass since she needed to retain her virginity.

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My oint was, if they can move a god damn star 24/7, I don't see why they couldn't just swat the imperial ship out of the sky, or contain all the nukes, or put up a shield to stop them.

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