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No one else was making one so I thought, why not.

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And look, a goodie.


Y'all know what that means. Who made the Dark Souls jump, again? =)

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Several questions1. Which is better For a triplechanger Quetzalcoatlus /Livyatan melvillei Or Ratt Tank/Iowa class battleship?
2.You're not supposed to use Renegade jumper supplement right? And if you are how does Jumper machine burner interact with backup plan.
3.In Final Fantasy XIII, Can you load up a Manadrive With spells You learned from other jumps?
4.How does avatar cycle from avatar the last air Bender interact with backup plan? Can you die to Seed That world with a jumper?

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Since the last go was apparently too meta, and I don't need another perk to switch genders when I've got Venture Bros. tier shapeshifting, let's try another version.

Let's try for a Miscellaneous Meta Power that's not ridiculously overpowered for 400 points.

Name: Female Lead from a Yuri Manga

1) Guys want to be me, Girls want to marry me (For perks where this is relevant, same sex = male and opposite sex = female. Does not directly affect gender preferences of others, unlike Seduction master)
2) I can cause flowers to bloom behind me, either local ones or from seeds in my inventory.
3) Steel Bladder (as the Sims 3 perk. Everyone knows girls don't poop.)

Perk 1 is actually why I'm aiming for.

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I think the guy who made Dark Souls is working on Bloodborne.

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If I recruit any of the Intoners other than Zero, do I still have to deal with the weird Flower Infection thing in other worlds?

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Yharnam shouldn't be too bad if you've already gotten a bunch of blood and fire based abilities by the time go there, plus some mental resistance/willpower perks of course.

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And Quetzwhatever

>> No.39423188

>mfw having a shit ton of blood magic powers when entering into bloodborne jump

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>4.How does avatar cycle from avatar the last air Bender interact with backup plan? Can you die to Seed That world with a jumper?
Cortexanon said Backup Plan doesn't release your soul if it activates properly, so the Avatar Cycle wouldn't be triggered.

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I'd be tempted to go there after dark souls and dual shield my way to glory.

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Iowas are too big even with ASTROTRAIN. The smallest Iowa was 265+ meters long, ASTROTRAIN only goes up to 200 m.

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I did not catch that,Dang.
Apparently you can't have a machine mode and a beast mode so it has to be one or the other. Hence my question

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>dual wielding vibranium shields from both the marvel and mcu jump
You could tear open some assholes with that.

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That's kind of silly, but whatever.
The latter then, tank/battleship is truest combination.

And kind of fitting, since the Ratte was supposed to have naval guns.

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Yes to both of these. Also, I hope the creator includes a purchasable Hunter's Dream. I would love to have another little hideaway to go to.

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A couple Teen Titans questions: How powerful are the various Kinesis powers, and how easily can they be combined? Cause I'm thinking of buying all 7 listed.

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Can we teach Elder Scrolls magic to people after the jump? Especially the companions I acquired after I did that jump.

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Each kinesis power only gets you basic stuff. Earth manipulation lets you lift and throw rocks or surf on them, Plasma manipulation lets you create shields and fire beams or bolts of plasma, and telekinesis gives you control over objects & people.

The abilities can get more powerful over time but they can't evolve to Esper or Conduit levels.

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Conduit powers are OP as fuck.

>> No.39423551

Is tt done?

>> No.39423589

Technically yes. But I'm still working on the graphical version.

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Is possible to destroy human brain with Soul-Self telekinesis without breaking the skull ?? Can spiritual construct destroy soul beings like hollows/shinigami ??

>> No.39423653

With Supernatural Durability, could you withstand the heat from Extremis, or is that a bit too hot?

>> No.39423676

>I'm Raven's brother if I take the super cool Half-Demon option
Woe is Me

Guess I can't be half-demon if I want Raven

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Your harem is large enough.

>> No.39423711

Will they stack with Marvel kinesis of the same kind?

I want to try stacking electrokinesis before the Avatar jumps and Raildex.

>> No.39423727

Is Incest a problem Anon? She's only your half sister. You didn't pass up on the Karma Sutra perk on Fallout did you?

>> No.39423729

Can someone tell what are end game abilities from conduct powers ??

>> No.39423747

For lightning you get one way time travel powers.

>> No.39423760

Incest is best, put your sister to the test!

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>Is possible to destroy human brains with Soul-Self telekinesis without breaking the skull
No, Soul-self T.K is actually really limited, it's only as good as the Telekinesis power you can buy.

>Can spiritual construct destroy soul beings like hollows/shinigami ??
I believe so, but you might make your own soul vulnerable to harm if you did.

How hot was Extremis again?

Yes but you probably won't get that much of a power boost.

Endgame Electrokinsis is time travel. No confirmation on the others, but Video could potentially allow you to warp reality or induce videogame physics.

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I think for Cryokinesis, you're basically a walking Ice Age. For Smoke, you might be able to put out erupting volcano levels of smoke. I know that you're a living air purifier from what the wiki says.

>> No.39423790

I don't think Conduit powers t have "endgame" abilities. They just keep growing forever as long as you're alive and you keep using them. Time Travel was described as Kessler's "newest" power, not his ultimate power.

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Wincest is true Justice. You know this in your heart.

>> No.39423817

Damn, for something you can take so early, Conduit abilities are absolutely OP for a late game jumper.

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What kind of Plasma are we talking about? Plasma Plasma, or Plasmeus(The goop villain) Plasma?

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>max Cyro
>walking ice age
>no, literally, everything freezes as you pass by

>> No.39423863 [SPOILER] 

It's just as well. Her powers would make getting too emotional awkward.

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Pick one and only one.

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Don't forget, Conduit powers can evolve really, abstract, abilities. (See Electrokinesis = Time Travel.)

If you want to get really high level, then I think Ice can eventually evolve Time Freezing and Smoke could probably get you Entropy Control.

Plasma as in ionized gas. Like Lightsabers and energy shields.

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>Video Conduit
>visit Metal Gear Rising
>set physics: Looney Tunes

And then everyone wonders how they managed to get back up after being cut in half, their spine removed, and then exploding. Also, where all the blood went.

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Googe Drive fucks up my mobile and my desktop broke down a while ago.

Are the Jumps stored elsewhere as well? I can't handle going without them for 2-3 weeks ;-;

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There is nothing purer than a love that breaks through silly cultural barriers like this.

>> No.39423903

They are occasionally posted here, you know.

>> No.39423905

Ok sauce naow please

>> No.39423906

Teen Titans Universe-
Work with the Titans, obviously
Rolled for 12
Free Martial-Arts
Discount Super Strength
Discount Super Speed
Discount Super Durability
Ionikinesis I'm coming to realize I have a lot of Plasma based powers
Probability Manipulation
Free Costume
Free Theme Song
Holographic Disguise Rings

Annoying Super-Team+100
Nemesis+300 Almost the entire team has one

Build is up +1 Waifu acquired

Maybe two or three, Jinx and Argent a cute

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>Go here: https://archive.moe/tg/
>Search for JumpChain.

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Say about what would someone who's been a smoke conduit for around 800 years be Capable of?

>> No.39423953

You evolve into Tommy Chong.

>> No.39423965

Burn out disease, stupidity, etc?

>> No.39423969

Yeah, by the time you're a few thousand years old you're pretty much going to be a god within whatever area you chose, considering that people like Cole and Eugene went from "kind of strong" to army-destroying humanoid superweapons in a matter of years.

>> No.39423998

Living volcano, make people hallucinate from your smoke, healing smoke (it's a thing), multicolored smoke. More that I can't think of now.

>> No.39424019

Smoke on the water?

>> No.39424036

I'd think blanketing the majority of a country in a miasma of hallucinogenic mist that lets you control people's minds and/or reprogram the memories or personalities of anyone who inhales it would be well within your capabilities.

>> No.39424043

And fire in the sky

>> No.39424072

Would something like this be within my capabilities?

>> No.39424076

Ragardless, it's not going to have the clear OP situations like "Video Conduit in Digimon". Just regular OP applications.

>> No.39424093

Oedipus died miserable.

>> No.39424100

Yeah, but then you have to worry about Captain Planet showing up to stop you.

>> No.39424120

I personally went electric conduit. Combine it With Lightning is My Art and The Laws Are Mine from Van Helsing and you're a minor reality warper. Then get it to the OP levels of growth we're talking about and you're effectively able to give the middle finger to physics.

>> No.39424133

Oedipus did it unwillingly.

>> No.39424143


>> No.39424157

And he was Greek, so that kind of guarantees the Bad Ending.

>> No.39424172

Look, the man's a Counter Guardian with the backing of Gaia. Don't laugh just because his weakness is weaksauce.

>> No.39424205


It's not like I Wouldn't take all the smoke back once was done with it,Could I have done My Mars plan with smoke duplicates Rather than Shadow duplicates?

>> No.39424208

So a few things about the Transformers jump.

1. How do I compare to the other Medium Chassis bots after picking the Spliced Upgrade strength/durability wise?

2. What are some mythical creatures that have a bunch of legs like spiders, octopi or scorpions?

3. Not really a question but I thought that the Annoying Teens drawback would have worked better if the teens already in the show were the ones pestering you instead of these random new ones.

4. One of my alt forms will be a Quetzalcoatl like suggested last thread, a bunch of depictions show it without wings, how would a wingless version fly? Hidden jets?

I want to look as much like this as possible.

>> No.39424271

Welp. Time to get caught up on builds. I might be shit at combos but that doesn't mean I should stop jumping.

>Dragon Warrior Monsters
Location: Grassy Plains
Age: 17-years-old
Origin: Great Stump Resident Geddit? STUMP? Ahahahah my humor a shit.
Drawbacks: Deeper Dungeons (+100), Chosen One (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,300 CP

-Monster Doolittle (Free)
-Wilderness Survival
-Good Sense of Direction
-Dungeon Portal

-Sirloin Steaks
-Pork Chops
-Beef Jerky
-Brave Book
-Smart Book
-Tiny Medals

Next up, Negima. As it won that coinflip.
...Ah fuck. I need all the drawbacks.

>> No.39424313

You two are half demons and you're worried about the moral implications of incest? That's just odd.

>> No.39424322

I can't answer 1 or 3, not being the author, but my thoughts on 2 and 4: Your Quetzalcoatl form could just have some sort of antigravity technology. There's plenty of precedent for that in Transformers. And as for multi-legged mythical creatures, I'd suggest mining Shinto mythology for that. They've got a lot of spider and octopus spirits. Akkorokamui, tsuchigumo, ushi-oni...lots of their monsters have multiple limbs.

>> No.39424356

So are you going to fall for Negi or lose both your memories and supernatural powers? (I know debt is also 200 points, but it is not nearly as funny to imagine.)

>> No.39424380

Raven may be, I mean she is a half demon meant to bring about the end of the world, and her chosen vocation is superhero.

>> No.39424395

Is it truly incest?
I mean you've been not related to her for hundreds if not thousands of years but suddenly now you are?

Same with Naruto, accidentally made some companions part of the same nearly extinct clan so technically we're related but not really.

Not like you need to worry about your offsprings genetics, they're fucked anyway.

>> No.39424400

You're forgetting there are two kinds of half demons. The diving headfirst into evil kind, and the rebelling against my family because they're asshats kind.

>> No.39424411

Never underestimate the power of debt anon

>> No.39424459

Wouldn't really call this evil personally.

>> No.39424464

Maybe if Chao has the debt and is using One-Armed Anon to try to ensure Negi is too distracted might prompt shenanigans as well, but I'm currently imagining memory-less One-Arm inadvertently activating seduction mode. Negi's probably too young to really be affected, but the rest of the class...

>> No.39424467

Do after ~200 years there is still need to recharge conduit powers or our pool of power is big enough to be nearly limitless ??

>> No.39424485

Running the super OP stuff will almost certainly cost proportionally enough that you will want to regularly recharge.

>> No.39424486 [SPOILER] 


Okay now that I've got hitting things out of my system TIME TO HIT MORE THINGS


Club: Drama [900]

Background: Three-Star Student [300]

Gifted (Acting) [Free]
Radiant Presence [100]
Resolve [-100]
Classmates [-400]

3-Star Uniform: Masque Regalia [Free]
Life Fiber Blade [-700]



Masque Regalia lets me use acting as a supernatural skill- That is, I can look and sound like anyone I like, and copy their physical abilities, too. So long as I'm acting like them. Well, not so much "copy" their abilities as replicate them. And Even life fibers can only do so much.

In any case, I have Nudist Beach on my ass, and they're not a problem for the most part with my enhanced senses and ability to kick their ass without using Life Fibers. Or I could always turn into one of their number for a lark

Nui, though...


>> No.39424522

Or, contrariwise, powerless One-Arm trying to get the rest of the class boy/girl/whateverfriends. And then having to do it for every other girl they run into.

>> No.39424533

Well, only related through the demon side.
Percy Jackson jump would have gotten that idea taken in stride.

>> No.39424542

I wasn't sure if antigrav was a thing but I'll be using that for my flight then.

Thanks for the suggestions. One of them reminded me of the Kraken which is what I might end up taking but it would be like this fan art if possible. It has tentacles, claws and arms so it's got all I want really. (there might even be legs down there too)

Not sure how long Kessler had been around but he didn't need to recharge from a source did he? I think 200 years should be a safe bet.

>> No.39424545

Can you stop trying to get OAA to cheat on his wife?

>> No.39424554

Negima is also a fun jump to do after sugar bowl. Hit Mars for a day or two to heal the world and then let Chao deal with the fact that Mars is no longer going to die on schedule.

I am sure the Lifebringer will cause no complications to this.

>> No.39424564

How many jumps let you be related to someone important anyway?

I know Ice and Fire has the noble backgrounds, what are some others?

>> No.39424602

Teen Titans. :V
Tenchi Muyo, but that's mostly because the family tree is "everyone"

>> No.39424633

2. Hekatonkheires, the Hundred Handed Ones. Super strong Greek giants that helped overthrow the Titans. Enjoy 100 arms and 50 heads.
4. Probably jets, maybe some ion propulsion?

>> No.39424636

Guys. I'm already dead in Negima anyway.

>You may freely import companions to join you in Mahora Class 2-A, though they will probably not appreciate being turned into a 14-15 year old girl; Any companions you import are so converted, but do not count against the 8-companion limit in this Jump, and gain the memories and powers associated with their new form.

Also: Drawn into the Love War is a drawback that will not happen. Sorry fellas. It's a no-bueno situation.

>> No.39424665

Is it time for despair?

>> No.39424680

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure for the Brando or Joestar backgrounds, AtLA's Noble background, Percy Jackson, Codex Alera if you want to fluff it and have Aleran & High Lord.

>> No.39424681

Megas XLR makes you Coop's brother if you take the Driver origin

>> No.39424688

Fire Emblem Awakening lets you be related to the Evil Dragon God Grima
Ar Tonelico, arguably, what with being based of the same process that resulted in the other origins.

>> No.39424703

So what you're saying is that all of your companions are now girls, even the orks.

>> No.39424742

This is one wild ride that will likely not end well.
Despair is intensifying.

>> No.39424755

I'm sure they won't mind not being imported once. It's not a big deal to miss out on that once.

>> No.39424778

Who are your companions? Why would turning them into girls make them angry?

Asides from Seras, who else do you have long for your wild ride?

Besides, if they've been with a jumper for any length of time, getting turned into a girl won't rate very high on their weird-o-meter.

>> No.39424785

So let them sit this one out?

>> No.39424787

Extraordinarily fair point. It means they do miss out on some power-up potential unfortunately.

>> No.39424823

Import them as whatever the hell Kuroumaru Tokisaka is in UQ Holder. It's the same setting and gives them the chance to re-man themselves.

>> No.39424840

Nali R. Espeon (Female)
Aveline Volcarona (Female)
Madarach (the Tentacruel) (Male)
Rotom Alma (Female)
Ria (Female)
Derun Alma (Male)
The Foxes
Kassa the Ringtailed (Male)
Seras Victoria (Female)
Astrub Knight Jeray (Male)
Varric Tethras (Male)
Hooligan Tuesday (Female)
Blind 'Arry Slagshifta (Male)
Medium Dave Slagshifta (Male)
Covert Demonic Dragon, Kasumi Rogue (Male)
Battle Sister, Gelee (Female)
Bigby (Male)
Duchess Utarefson (Female)
Gilgamesh (Male)
Sazh Katzroy (Male)
Dante (Male)
Killer B (Male)

Gilgamesh, Dante, and Killer B being imported alone would seal my fate.

>> No.39424888

They do? Reading the jump, it doesn't seem like there's any way for a companion to get cp, so everything they could gain you could just teach them later. Which is a shame, since building a Pactio partner would be nice.

>> No.39424916

>Dante, and Killer B
Those would be chill whatever happens, that's for sure.

Weeeeell, it's not like he prides himself on his MASCULINITY, specifically... So who knows.

>> No.39424919

It's less the 'granted CP' thing, and more the fact that being that close to the plot grants a few moments of powering up. Like every moment involving that resort-in-a-bottle-hyperbolic-time-chamber-thing.

>> No.39424998

To answer 2) Yes, you can.

>> No.39425005

Thanks but,
>AtLA's Noble background
I don't think that background is supposed to let you be related to any of the canon nobles, I suppose you could interpret that the option that way since it's left vague but that seems like a stretch.

>> No.39425027

I meant to say 3) Yes, you can, but the Renegade jumper if you want to use it, do it without mentioning it.

>> No.39425030


>trying to get OAA to cheat
>trying to ruin something so pure

>> No.39425054

Do... Do you not learn how to make those on your own?
I know I've focused both super-science and magic into studying spacetime. Gravity literally effects time dilation.

>> No.39425094

My last two attempts to make one both ended in hilariously-huge explosions.

>> No.39425131

And here my plan was to use my Video Conduit powers jump into a computer running an emulator and grind on Dragon Quest slimes (or a suitable substitute) while the fast forward button is held down.

It might even work. :V

Also, I'm pretty sure you can buy those hyperbolic time chamber things in setting. You'd probably need to visit Mars or beg for Evangeline to help, but it's certainly a thing.

>> No.39425149

>Whether the Chief of one of the Water Tribes or simply a wealthy merchant family, your parents are high-ranking officials within your nation.
From the first example, you could have Chief Hakoda (Katara and Sokka's dad) as your father. And since the chief is the leader of those nations, that's fairly up there.

>> No.39425177

>Test to see if I can train in a game boy.
>Test to see if I can drag loot out.
>Test on a PC emulating the game boy game.
>Test with Fast Forward on.
>Test with better loot.

I plan on having a "everything drops lootable loot" perk by then, but it's roughly on the order of "alter the flow of time" in bullshitness.

>> No.39425243

That just means you're on the right track.

And yeah, buying something in-setting is an easy way to do it (that's how I got a dark-matter engine in Futurama). If you can hit Tron-level time dilation with your Conduit powers, that's 50 years virtual to 1 year physical.

>> No.39425252

I traded Eva various things for the knowledge to make the Resort. She loved my Geneforge "upgrades" I gave her, for instance.

It also helped that I was her apprentice, so I had an additional "in" from that angle. Letting her drink my crasy-ass magical blood whenever she wanted certainly helped as well.

Kanka, Gravity Magic, Magia Erebia, and the blueprints for the training Resort were the things I really wanted to acquire in-jump.

I'm not above groveling a bit or having to call Eva "master", and I have plenty of blood, so that's not an issue either.

>> No.39425261

Hey, Nui doesn't make people that mad-

>Trying to get OAA to cheat


Era: 12,000 years later
Background: Demigod [900]
Age: 410

Shut up! [850]
Mantra Generation [Free]
Imposing Declaration of Title [Free]
Mantra Affinity- Wrath [Free]
Mantra Training and Techniques [750]
Cyborg Hindu Godbody [550]
Action Commands [150]

Mantra Transmitter [100]
Mantra Capacitors [0]
Resplendent Wardrobe [Free]
Mantra Reactor [-200]

A Rival



>> No.39425276

Well, I know cousin banging is considered all right if they're distant enough in Japanese cultures. I'm reasonably certain both of Sasuke's parents were related to each other for example.
I'm not sure it's a blood relation at all. I mean, Trigon is a 100 meters tall demon thing right? I doubt he can procreate physically at all.

>> No.39425320


Forgot the appropriate pic.

>> No.39425328

You're welcome.

>> No.39425330


>> No.39425341

I think Trigon has shapeshifting powers of some sort.

>> No.39425370

It's magic, evil demon-gods ain't gotta explain shit.

>> No.39425395

The thing is, they're really not purchaseable items. The only ones we see are made by Eva, and even high-tier magic world people are shocked by them. They're not a CP option for a reason, and getting one in-jump pretty much DOES require buddying up with Eva.

Go read the actual Pactio description, too.

Might well work. Will pretty much guarantee you're drawn into the main plot, though, which most people seem to want to avoid.

Oh, and to the person talking about Renegade Jumper Wolverine:
Normal Healing Factor is the standard Wolverine-level regen. Getting Healing Factor+Speed would put you at the top tier of his depictions, the "my arm regrows fast enough I can continue the punch that got it chopped off" level. And Adamantium X can apply to bones perfectly well as is; getting Adamantium+Body would certainly help you adjust/grow spike/whatever, but isn't really necessary just to have the metal bones.

>> No.39425411


Lesse how mad I am.

I got Unleashed from Monster Hunter, giving me a Rage Mode.

I'm a Wrath Homunculus.

And now I'm empowered by Wrath mantra.

Oh, and I have a dead companion to be mad about.

... I could be angrier, though.

>> No.39425448

Negi got one from Princess Theodora for being super special awesome, so there's someone that makes them on Mars.

Who presumably isn't a loli vampire with a thing for a harem protagonist and a huge bounty on their head.

>> No.39425475

So, basically a feedback loop.

>> No.39425478

Does this mean snorting Berserker Packs and bath salts?

>> No.39425491

I fully plan to use Let's Put Our Hearts Together and fix Mars's whole dying thing before Chao's Reveal. Killing the Mage of the Beginning is going to be a bit harder.

>> No.39425521

>Go read the actual Pactio description, too.
No, I mean actually build the partner. Like the jumps that let you import or get a companion who gets cp to buy things with.
As it is, you'd need a companion who already is strong from out-of-jump things, someone in-jump who is already strong, or enough power to boost your partner to useful levels. I know the class is pretty badass, but your pactio only gets the cheap artifact option and no perks to keep up with crazy bullshit that goes on later. Even if they only got 300 cp, that's Fit and Chi right there.

>> No.39425554

>Will pretty much guarantee you're drawn into the main plot

That's cool. I'm a magitech specialist, so large scale engagements are my bread and butter.

It'll take a few months of dedicated mining/manufacturing, but by the time the Mars trip comes around and I get dragged along, I'll have a plenty big army waiting to deploy.

Once there, a few weeks of unpacking and final checks done in space will have them ready to port in at my command.

Having an army at my beck and call certainly goes a long way to even the odds, especially with the gear I've made for them.

>> No.39425590

That's good to know with the healing factor.
Adding Body to Adamantium lets it work better with things like shapeshifting or that bone clan in Naruto?

Not sure if I'll actually make him wolverine or not, the healing factor will probably stay.
It's tempting to stack even more speed on top of the regeneration but I don't know if that's possible. (or maybe something else on top instead)

I'm not sure if I'll be able to take this guy on at this rate.

>> No.39425684

Have you tried the "Bribe Chao" plan? She's trying to prevent the future disaster of Mars and so are you. The fact she'll probably know your terms to start with is probably a bonus.

>> No.39425866

So #2 of my examples? Someone in-jump who is already strong?
My point is I like giving companions perks when I can, and for a jump where getting a powerful partner is pretty important for a mage, it feels like a wasted opportunity not to have such a thing.

>> No.39426057

So. Dragon Warrior Monsters. I... basically raise monsters and train them into little one-man armies?

Good skillset to learn I gotta say.

>Mahou Sensei Negima
Position: Assistant Instructor
Age: 15-years-old
Location: Mahora Girls Academy
Pactio Position: Magister
Drawbacks: Debt (+200), Sealed (+300)
Final Point Count: 1,500 CP
Background: Mage

-Magic (Free)
-Pactio (Free)
-Pactio Master
-Gift of the Thousand Master

-Focus (Free)


>> No.39426122

You'll be fiiiiiiiiiiiine

>> No.39426154


>> No.39426462

And now you continue to raise (combat) monsters and train them into little one-man armies.

Assuming you can't avoid the plot.

>> No.39426635

I have a question for the van helsing jump maker.

Would you mind if I made some supplementary companions as alternates to the ones you made?

>> No.39426670

Pump your brakes, what?

>> No.39426796

I gotta head out for a bit, but Teen Titans is ALMOST completed. I only have 2 more pages to do.

I changed Acrobatics to Rogue for the Thief tree, which gives you speech skills in addition to the previous abilities.

I also unfortunately had take the freebie away from Mystery, it's now only 50% discount for all powers, sorry.

>> No.39426813

>Had to
No you didn't. You really had no reason to at all, and don't pretend you were forced or have any kind of regrets.

>> No.39426814

You do know there's an import option, right?

>> No.39426913

What's all this about?

>> No.39426931

I don't think the question is that hard to understand.

That first part is the problem.

>> No.39426941

...why Mystery in particular? That seems kinda unfair considering all the other Origins have their freebies. I just don't get the rationale here.

>> No.39426943

You can read the post I'm replying to. He removed something and pretended he did so regrettably and that he 'had to'. We both know this isn't true. If you do something, you need to own up to it.

>> No.39426949

Oh, there's no reason to be an ass about it. You don't like it, use the old version.

>> No.39426969

Is there a lower limit on the strength of the clones from Self Duplication?
Like will they eventually all be human level strength or can they get even weaker than that?

How does equipment/gear work with the clones? I know the guys clothes get copied but what about weapons or armour?

>> No.39426970

>Grandfather clause.
You mean that thing that everyone hates and nobody considers valid? Yeah, no. Nice try. And he's the one being an ass with his language, don't try to turn this into an argument because of some narrow-minded defense of him.

>> No.39426988

>Nobody considers valid.
>Except all the people who do silently do this.

No, we just don't talk about it much.

>> No.39426998

>Silent majority
You know that's a fallacy, right?

>> No.39427003

I think because it's the Drop-In equivalent and they often don't get a freebie for the 100cp perk.

>> No.39427024

Human level. you don't have to worry about eventually getting an old man clone. No items or equipment is duplicated except for basic clothing.

Ah, anon, you're acting like I just handed you a parking ticket because you got to your car a few seconds after the meter ran out.

Mystery is free but the other backgrounds all cost 100cp, therefore, mystery shouldn't get a free 100cp perk since you're not paying for anything. simple as that.

Now I really do have to leave so ttyl.

>> No.39427027

Oh I understand it perfectly. I'm just wondering why.

You're literally asking the jump-maker if it's alright for you to just create your own OC, which is kinda ridiculous given that the roster is almost entirely OC as it stands.

>> No.39427051

I'm acting like you used weasel language instead of owning up to what you did, why you did it, and how you feel about doing it.

Also, drop-in's historical reason for being free is the lack of memories, not the lack of a free perk.

>> No.39427052

People don't like nice things.

I mean it doesn't really effect me much since I fanwank like it's going out of style, but yeah.

>> No.39427082

He's not saying Drop-in is free because it doesn't get a perk, he's saying that it doesn't get a perk because it's free. See the difference?
There's a precedent for Drop-in not getting a free perk.

>> No.39427083

If you say so it must be true then anon. After all you know everything.

>> No.39427102

There's a precedent for them getting a free perk too. This isn't my main point, but you can't make an argument either way for it like he attempted.

>> No.39427123

So its ridiculous to make your own OCs in a roster made up of OCs?

>> No.39427138

It goes both ways really. Some have it free, others don't.

>> No.39427140

There's more precedent for them getting it at a discount instead of free. You get it at a discount here, so stop bitching like it's the end of the fucking world.

>> No.39427141

Thats not true.

Nor though is it entirely inaccurate.

>> No.39427176

>There's more precedent
I'd wager this is false, but if you want to prove this claim you need to find evidence because you made the assertion. So go ahead, go count them up in all the jumps on the drive. I'll be waiting.

Heya Chicken Little, are you ignoring my main point, or that I only mentioned this incidentally, or that all I did was tell KOTOR off for using weasel language? You're vastly exaggerating what I've said to get offended about it.

>> No.39427351

Can I bribe her to change her name so I'll stop being reminded of Sonic?

>> No.39427407

Just for clarification, you do actually start Kill La Kill four years before the events of the show, right? 'Cause a huge part of my build and plans to save everyone kinda revolve around when I start.

Also, what's a good method to farm/reproduce life fibers and what the hell is a hyper life fiber?

>> No.39427421

A life fiber that's had too much sugar.

>> No.39427574

Quick question but, how powerful are the powers granted by the cauldron vials exactly? Like what powers could a great cape have? Also what powers could be granted from the contractor shard, what counts as mid-range? Also what could an object charged with one day of power and one one month of power do? Just trying to figure out limits here.

>> No.39427669

I personally just gave them a roll on the list the jump provided. I figured it was either that or start custom making powers. I figured either way somebody was going to rage at at me.

>> No.39427717

Are the index grimoires worth trying to read them all?

>> No.39427787

Only if you have the index perk, otherwise it would be a bad idea. Reading them all though would give you a great range of magical ability.

>> No.39427824

So as it turns out, printing the entirety of Mahou Sensei Negima that I had saved in the manga hard drive and giving it to the headmaster was the worst idea.

"You're going to Mars. No argument."


>Great Detective
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Age: 22-years-old
Drawbacks: I Am Sure... (+0), I Wear No Mask (+600)
Final Point Count: 1,600 CP
Background: Pro

-Infinite Patience (Free)
-Fuzzy Thinking
-You Know My Methods
-Taking Over
-In Service of Justice

-Detective's Notebook (Free)
-The Badge (Free)
-The Hat

-Meddling Kids (Animal: Kassa the Ringtailed. Humans: Seras Victoria, Elizabeth Victoria, Bigby, Sazh Katzroy, Varric Tethras)
-Friend on the Force (Dante)
-Friend on the Force (Sazh Katzroy)

>> No.39427838

Could I get example of possible feats?

>> No.39427842 [DELETED] 

Dammit, I put Sazh in there twice.

Replace 'Friend on the Force' with Killer B.

>> No.39427881

I guess Dante is that cop the Chief is mad at for not being serious enough.

>> No.39427912

Yep. Dante's the Loose Cannon of this partnership.

>> No.39427993

Is the person who made the mobile suit gundam jump there? Can we purchase the Turn A or Turn X if we choose the Correct Century?

>> No.39428014

The resource I've seen people pointed to is this:
Also keep in mind the vials are explicitly weaker than the rolled powers. If you roll on the table then you should probably throw some limits on the result.

>> No.39428063

>Also keep in mind the vials are explicitly weaker than the rolled powers
That calls for SCIENCE!

>> No.39428223

I've actually worked out a combo of crafting perks that would let me SCIENCE! my own entirely new shards. But I'm worried to use it because it's so powerful that it feels like it would ruin the Jumpchain. Why even stick with the format of the game if I can just arbitrarily grant myself new perks? It just becomes pure wankery at that point.

>> No.39428293

All of them ended on one note. Every case was connected and every plot was entwined with another.

And it all had a king's hand in it. With yellow-clad cultists and gibbering monsters, the plot itself nearly came to fruition - Hastur nearly rose.

Thankfully we caught it, I and my comrades. The ritual was stopped before it could finish. But I can't help but feel that, though it wasn't the King in Yellow...

That something slipped through.

Region: Smallville
Age: 24-years-old
Flaws & Future: Joker Pulls Boner (+0), Weakness (+300) - Sriracha Hot Sauce, Nemesis (+100), No Killing (+100)
Final Point Count: 1,500 CP
Identity: Accident

-Unrealistic Proportions (Free)
-Scientist (Free)
-ELdritch Blast

-Sidekick x2 (Seras and Elizabeth)

>> No.39428378

You picked that so the newspaper headline could be about your weaksauce weakness!

>> No.39428416

Your weakness is sriracha? Okay, I have the perfect nemesis for you, then. Meet the Condiment King. His gun shoots hot sauce with such a high capsaicin concentration that skin contact is lethal.

>> No.39428453

Thing is, you still have that restriction of having only one shard. I do kind of get around that with my own combo, but nevermind that. What crafting new shards WOULD be useful for, is giving them to your companions. I mentioned I am a pretty companion centric person. And that means Pink Tide.

So, I grabbed the Vial Case with full intention of unlocking the full power of those. Shenanigans were had.

One of these days, I really should write down the whole system I have set up for my companions. Thing is astounding even me at this point.

>> No.39428476

What the best dragon perk in /jc/, I want to kick Smaugs ass dragon to dragon.

Authentic dragon perks for this, not just kaiju perks.

>> No.39428514

Spyro. Definitely Spyro.

>That something slipped through.
Setting up another sub-plot, OAA?

>> No.39428570

Well regardless of your options to be a dragon, there isn't an option to fight Smaug. Best type of dragon though is Spyro, and not really by a small margin.

>> No.39428580

They're not literally shards, my designs are shard-equivalents. Enormous biomechanical symbiotes folded away into another dimension for the sake of compactness, granting the host they're connected to incredible powers. They don't have the limitations that the Entities' do, and can network together to give a host more than one power. All completely viable with crafting perks available in the chain. It's a majorly OP combo, I don't even want to post it because it's ultimately just masturbation. No one needs to hear my stupid omnipotence plan.

>> No.39428592

Just based on what different Grimoires can do in canon

>Aztec Calendar Stone Grimoire

>Automatically force anyone who raises a weapon against you to kill themselves with it
>Shooting bones at the speed of light with enough force to rip through a nuclear bomb shelter
>Automatic protection spell fast and powerful enough to defend against said attack


>Potion that can cure any disease or curse and grant immortality

>Book of the Law

>Said to grant such abilities as seeing the future, Crowley-like abilities, and ending Christianity if opened. No one can open it though.


>Immortality elixer


>Spirt and Angel binding

Also some spells from Grimoires but we don't know what Grimoire they're from

>St George's Sanctuary - distorts space-time and distance to defend the caster from attacks
>Summoning legendary weapons (sort of Gate of Babylon stytle), like the sword Freyr, which automatically beats the enemy
>Scarlet Stone of Pexjarva - causes the bones in the legs to rip themselves apart
>Eli Eli Lema Sabachthani - Anti-Christianity spell, destroys christian spells
>Summoning crimson wings

Was also able to do stuff like mimic a Magic God's attack and enhance Fiamma's power, but that's not something you can do with grimoires without help.

>> No.39428708

Take This is, In Fact, My Final Form from SAO and you too can have a Raid-boss tier Dragon form and the ability to mix and match alt forms.

And even use abilities from alt forms in your other alt forms.

Spyro Dragon + SAO Dragon + Huge + Huge + etc.

>> No.39428786

Why not only import the female one? It doesn't say you have to import all of them.

>> No.39428915

I loved that movie.

>> No.39429011

1.) That's up to you to fanwank.
2.) Anazai, Kraken.
3.) Naw those kids always seem competent due to plot armor.
4.) Jets or Anti-Gravity device.

>> No.39429020

Ok, here are a few things that might help first the dragon perks from dragon commander are usable when your using your spyro dragon form that might help but for some extra dragon fun get some scales of a prismatic dragon from the forgotten realms jump (your likely going to do some plane hopping) and then go to Terra Formers and use bribed the surgeon to make the prismatic dragon your base organism. Then it's all a matter of triggering your Terraformars powers while your in dragon form. If you chose to go a neon conduit with this build it might help.

>> No.39429217

Damn just noticed.

Tempted just to fanwank it back to the hobbit, though fighting a balrog is just as good I suppose.

>> No.39429225 [DELETED] 

> Dante

Implying that Dante actually cares about hir gender.

>> No.39429240 [DELETED] 


>> No.39429267 [DELETED] 

What's the matter, cis-scum? Jimmies rustled?

>> No.39429276 [DELETED] 

Tumblr is that way.

>> No.39429296 [DELETED] 


>> No.39429320 [DELETED] 

Yeah, everyone knows the right gender-neutral pronoun is "xir".

>> No.39429339

Is going to Dragon's Dogma to be a dragon worth it?

>> No.39429345 [DELETED] 

No, it's 'it' or 'they' if it's anything at all, not some made up garbage made by a bunch of insane people on an internet forum.

>> No.39429379

theres loads of ways to get dragon form. but grigori is a Dragons Dragon.

>> No.39429403 [DELETED] 

You know furries started that shit right?

>> No.39429431

It sure is smelling really Tumblr-y in here right now. Smells like...bullshit.

>> No.39429434

I havn't even played the game and I know Grigori is a badass.

>> No.39429465 [DELETED] 

I was actually just teasing you, man. It was a joke.

>> No.39429521

>I'm gone for hours setting up a new computer and other things
>come back to several people telling me to be a half-demon and waifu Raven anyway

I should have seen this coming, but I didn't

>> No.39429532

In the fallout jump all powers are lowered enough so you can't go rape the entire jump, but I have a question. If I brought advanced technology like the Iron Man armor or some Lightsabers would they get nerfed too? And if so how exactly would that work?

>> No.39429550

You can 'gift' people the heartlessness of an arisen which would link them to you and allow you to with them if they touch your mark, their scar. It also makes them immortal, gives them an immunity to diseases, and makes them more resistant to damage. You would also become super huge and gain more magical power than just about anything else in the setting barring a few thing. You also learn the dragon's tongue which happens to be latin.

>> No.39429557

KanColle questions here, mostly as I'm planning on drawing my Shipgirl form.

1 - Which elements of the rigging go into the design and which ones don't?
2 - How much suffering is it being a Destroyer?
3 - What's this "tonnage" thing all about?
4 - Would being a Russian Destroyer make me a shota instead of a loli? Apparently they use "he" in Russia.

>> No.39429565

Really? People on 4chan have historically been pretty okay with the idea, and unless you're having kids it's not like there's any real moral quandary here.

>> No.39429573

Well Wildcard hasn't been around, for a while actually. Anyway as I recall yes, your tech is also nerfed to be similar in level to stuff in setting.

>> No.39429583

>to talk with them wherever*
Bah, typo.

>> No.39429605

I plan on having children with all of my Waifus who want a child, after my jumping is done

>> No.39429627

Justice, look at this tree, look at it, you are this slutty.

>> No.39429644

> trolls trolling trolls

>> No.39429663

So? It's not like your child is going to have problems from incest, that shit usually takes a few generations of incest to happen. Besides you're a Jumper, if you're worried about the off chance that your waifu is related to you on one your jumps, then you have to worry about all your other jumps. How does PokeGenetics factor in..etc.

>> No.39429671

I still think that's just so fucking dumb. If you're powerful enough going there you're still relatively fine but with even ten trips under your belt you could still get your ass handed to you by a guy with a gun.

>> No.39429673

>If I brought advanced technology like the Iron Man armor or some Lightsabers would they get nerfed too?
Yes. My understanding is that it doesn't exceed the level of anything that could have existed during the jump or pre-war, which means your armor may be Iron Man armor but you're not going to be able to fly around in it, but it'll still be awesome against everything; power armor was what started winning the war against China when the US was getting its ass kicked. Your lightsaber... basically it'll be the same aside from being able to cut through everything, but it'll still act like a laser when it hits a thing. Just not as extreme.

>And if so how exactly would that work?
Jump-chan did it.

>> No.39429714

You know, DC has more demons than just Trigon who are more or less on his level - for example:

Belial (Etrigan and Merlin's dad)
Onimar Synn (Demon from ancient Thanagar, eats souls & makes zombies in addition to fully understanding Nth Metal)
Abraxis (conquered his own dimension, invades others - kinda like Trigon does actually)

>> No.39429716

I think most people agree, I don't think it was ever popular and a lot of people just ignore it.

>> No.39429768

I think there's a lot more to worry about with your genetics to be honest, considering 90% of it isn't even human.

>> No.39429769

Which is a crying shame because even though the powers and bits you can get from there aren't that good I'd really still like to go through it but not with reduced powers. It's the straw that breaks the camel's back.

>> No.39429772

Even having kids probably wouldn't be any more of a problem. What if they turn out to be part demon/dragon/alien/robot/elf/dwarf/whatever from a jumpers fucked up mess they call dna?
I don't think having a kid with Raven will effect that much.
Not that I'm full blown advocating incest.

>> No.39429795

>but with even ten trips under your belt you could still get your ass handed to you by a guy with a gun.

If you take Infamous (the Conduit powers one) as your second jump, it's got enough durability and regeneration that most guys with guns wouldn't be able to hurt you a few jumps later. Especially if you stack a few more durability perks.

>> No.39429804

It does go against the spirit of Jumpchain by making that mandatory and not a drawback.

>> No.39429822

He's talking about the power nerf in Fallout, which affects all of your powers, so no it infamous would not help.

>> No.39429832

Tell me, Jumpers, most of you have been in various militaries.

Have you earned any medals or other such honors for your service across these many worlds?

>> No.39429839

Hell, I've Reshaped my DNA so much I think I have a sextuple helix or something now.
But I keep coming across so many delicious genetic-based super powers!

>> No.39429845

Yeah, probably, but I never pay attention. Insignificant mortal trinkets.

>> No.39429860

Medal of Loyalty to Nod

>> No.39429933


I don't know much about C&C, are they justice?

>> No.39429967

How does it go against the spirit of Jumpchain? If anything, its IN the spirit of Jumpchain. In my opinion, Jumpchain is about going to exotic and varied locales and facing there various different challenges. I suppose it's not that unique, but to be fair, it is in the spirit of Fallout which is supposed to be very dangerous, regardless of how powerful you are. Not trying to be confrontational or anything.

>> No.39429986

>forgetting the best demon in DC

>> No.39429999

The spirit is a personal thing, but one of the goals is to pick up abilities settings and see how you can make use of them elsewhere. The Fallout jump cripples that.

>> No.39430009

That's a poor argument because that could be said for almost any of the worlds. If you meta-game and power play the worlds that's your business but when you feel the need to make a world more dangerous for the sake of just doing it that's dumb.

>> No.39430028

No one in C&C is Justice.
But in my Opinion Nod comes closer than GDI does

>> No.39430042

It kinda stinks of someone wanting their jump to be more special then everyone elses and so artificially jacking up the difficulty. Plenty of jumps could be said to be worthy of a similar mechanic, but only Fallout does it.

>> No.39430070

>How does it go against the spirit of Jumpchain?
To take collected powers and gear to other worlds and entertain your benefactor with your decisions?
Honestly, Fallout's pretty boring without that stuff.
It's like Dark Sun but less and in America.

>> No.39430075

Yeah, but how well that works depends on the jump. Some settings like DC, Marvel, Tenchi, Raildex, Transformers, and Worm, have threats ranging from street level to universal level, so no matter how strong you are you'll find an exciting challenge.

With other jumps like Fallout and Black Lagoon, there's no real fun to being there if you're basically a God to them.

>> No.39430084



Ha, ha.


>> No.39430095

If you go to them late, which is your personal decision to make. It's not someone elses right to take that from you.

>> No.39430122

What anon is getting at is no, you're being a loli regardless. The captured Russian ships were referred to later as females by the Japanese.

>> No.39430135


>> No.39430157

Ah, okay.

>> No.39430172

>With other jumps like Fallout and Black Lagoon, there's no real fun to being there if you're basically a God to them.
>no real fun to being there if you're basically a God to them
>no real fun
>basically a God
So, what's it like going through life without imagination? Is it hard?

>> No.39430184

Who's taken the Mysterious! Perk from One Punch Man, and what did you take?

I'm currently thinking something like the ability to force tab a to fit properly into slot b - successfully shoving someone into a teapot without killing them or forcing a loose plug to sit firmly in a wall socket.

Or taking my Tardis backpack and jamming a car in there.

>Implying implications about holes being holes.

>> No.39430203

>Sengoku Basara
I was a Warlord that jump so I was the one giving out medals.

>Thundercats 2011
I was actually a cleric here not a soldier, but I persuaded Claudis to go to war a agisnt the lizards after we killed Mumm-Ra and foiled the invasion, so I may have gotten at least some kind of honor.

Took the humanoid dinos drawback and formed my own army out of the hunters to defeat our new foe. No medals but probably got a lot of praise and recognition.

>Stargate SG-1
The SG teams are a military unit right?

Took part in the war for cybertron, did my best to kill Megatron, Starscream and Shockwave. Most likely too busy for medals.

And that's my whole military career so far, surprisingly very few rewards now I look at it.

>> No.39430238

What's so funny? I'd understand if it were the Russo-Japanese War, but KanColle is WWII right?

>> No.39430250

>nod is more justice
You're going to have to explain this to me.

>> No.39430273

Kane is for keks, not for justice.

>> No.39430289

Even if Kane is doing so for the wrong reasons him and Nod actively help the people in the Yellow and Red Zones.
GDI just leaves them to rot while guarding the Blue Zones

>> No.39430302

I received it several exceptional service medals for my time in WWII, but they were revoked Afterwards since apparently you're not supposed to Bathe the entirety of every Nazi country in universal fire.

>> No.39430313

Pretty sure they just recruit from them without improving their lives too much. Otherwise they'd lose their powerbase.

Oh okay. Carry on then.

>> No.39430342

But that's what you do when you're dealing with contagion and CBRN. It's not nice, but that doesn't mean it isn't just. GDI is practicing containment, which any sane group would do.

Nod "helps" people in contaminated zones, but they also recruit those same people to be suicide bombers. So... yeah, your definition of justice makes me scratch my head.

>> No.39430373

You guys do realize even taking half demon, your only related to her in one alt-form, one you don't even have to be in all the time?

That's not weird unless you make it weird.

>> No.39430410


Unless its someone the jumper actually spawned, you're going to have a hard time arguing incest if you're talking about a jumper and someone from a universe he jumped into.

>> No.39430448 [SPOILER] 

Are you all talking about banging Raven?

>> No.39430455

You guys need to realize that Justiceanon is rarely just. He just spouts that shit because it makes him feel good. That's fine, we've all got our themes, but his is more like a catchphrase or a colored uniform. He isn't just as a general rule.

>> No.39430513

He's still the most just out of pretty much all of us.

I mean, considering we spawned Konata, Edgefist, Anti-Spiral, and Valeria?

We are not very good at promoting justice.

>> No.39430580

>He's still the most just out of pretty much all of us.
That's still kind of a weak argument. That's like saying that the least corrupt Drow in Meznoberranzan is a paragon of integrity. He's just the least douchy Drow.

>> No.39430614

To be fair to Justiceanon, justice is pretty hard to be 100% faithful to just like his waifus and ever growing harem. A jumper solely focused on justice would be absolutely monstrous, especially if he was more utilitarian minded.

>> No.39430617

So Justice is Jumper Drizzt Do'urden?

>> No.39430628

Speaking of military service whats the status of the Civil War jump

I have mausers to distribute damnit!

>> No.39430659

>A jumper solely focused on justice would be absolutely monstrous, especially if he was more utilitarian minded.
But that would be both consistent and interesting! Someone who cries justice and just does whatever he wants and finishes off with saying JUSTICE is cartoony, and not in a fun way.

Unless he's secretly been jumping as The Tick in which case I retract my entire argument.

Oh come on, he's bad but he's not that bad.

>> No.39430716

This is a stupid argument and you should feel stupid.

What's your favorite perk without any combat applications? Something you just picked up for fun.

>> No.39430732

Shapeshifting. All day. All fucking day.

>> No.39430746

Rockin' the Mic from Jet Set Radio. I listen to Professor K's broadcasts almost religiously.

>> No.39430797

Teleportation, but I use it for both. I like teleporting behind people and teleporting their underwear or pants off. Used similarly for combat expect for it's used on weapons and armor.

Strictly for fun would be that one talented perk in Mahou Sensei Negima that used to become a masterful chief even though I don't need to eat.

>> No.39430816

Too late. Justice is now Drizzt.

>> No.39430821

A Predilection by the Intelligentsia to Engage in the Manifestation of Prolix Exposition Through a
Buzzword Disposition Form of Communication Notwithstanding the Availability of More
Comprehensible, Punctiliously Applicable, Diminutive Alternatives, from the Jumpchain-compliant CYOA focused upon the story and setting of the popular internet-based sequential art serial titled "The Order of the Stick."

>> No.39430835

There's a perk that lets you get people to understand whatever you're saying, no matter how thick and technical it is. Combine it with this for functional hilarity.

>> No.39430839

I try my hardest to help the most people at once
But I'm not perfect, and I'm selfish at times.

>> No.39430842

I just took psychic power, because the psychic power in One Punch is the thing I want most. Though for Mighty Skill I took forging, to stack with my other crafting buffs. Plus it's really cool to be the psychic that rapidly forges manacles upon those that I capture.

>> No.39430848

Flight. Though it does have combat uses. Hell, most perks affect combat indirectly at the very least. My...cooking ability doesn't affect combat, I guess?

>> No.39430860

One of the soundtrack perks I picked up, not sure which is the best but I love having background music everywhere I go.

The montage perk in heist jump is pretty good too for skipping past boring parts of things like travelling.

Also all the possible harem perks, I quite like the Star Trek one.

>> No.39430880

In PS238, I picked an ability to grant these 'triggers' to people. These 'triggers' activate when the target performs a certain action, and then plays a sound byte that can be heard by anyone or modified to only be heard by one target. So I can tell when the waiter is bringing food for me or when someone is tracking mud into the warehouse. I realize there are some nasty applications of the power, but oh well I have a companion with sensorium from word who can introduce other nasty things already.
Yes, but then that character becomes fun to only write about as a nemesis or a villain, but not a protagonist.

>> No.39430923

Solo Pilot from Pacific Rim. I'm a Kaiju it's pretty much useless for me, but it's cool.

>> No.39430925

Him and OOA are pretty much it for "good" Jumpers.

Although Amon Top-Kek as a undead rights activest, isn't so bad. And he is a family man.

>> No.39430937

But if he never goes home how can he be a family man?

>> No.39430971

Wakfu is on the side of good.

>> No.39430974

Aren't Red and Horcrux basically good people?

>> No.39430988

I'm a good jumper, I just don't advertise it. I'm not creative like others, I can't tell stories about my adventures and have them be anything other than boring.

>> No.39430994

Something that has no combat applications at all? Probably Purple Prose. Hell, even Workshop can be a actively contribute to combat if you happened to get in a fight near it, and Softcap is useful for everything, including combat, so it's hard to pin down.

>> No.39431001

About a good 80% of jumpers identified as 'good' when we had that list of question a thread or two ago.

Whether they're actually good or not is a harder question certainly, but there's no shortage of people who think they're squeaky clean..

>> No.39431005

Red's a fairly moral, but neutral person, I don't think she really goes out of her way to be good. And Crux is an edgy guy who does good while trying to work out how to be edgier.

>> No.39431006

Titans GO!

>> No.39431027

So he's ManyFist Lite.

>> No.39431035

I'm good. It's just, you know, I need a nose job.

What. I do not! I don't like edge.

>> No.39431088

I'm probably going to pick something like Teaching so I can teach criminals a lesson and expect it to stick. Or teach my Pokemon a 5th move. I'm still a couple of jumps out, so I'm not sure yet.

>Implying "Being Lewd" is a good idea for Mighty Skill.

>> No.39431094

Listen to the man! His head is really smooth, no edges at all.

>> No.39431118

You. I like you.

>> No.39431142

>schizophrenic cow-doll-mermaid-dryad-THING
>tortures self and rejects perfectly reasonable offer of power for purpose of ingratiating self to a being that seems amused by all of this
>repeatedly spares heinous mass murderers on some pretext of wanting to "redeem" them
>attempts to hide unwillingness to administer justice and/or do what needs to be done behind JRPG-tier "if I kill him, I'll be just like him!" logic

>> No.39431143

Those teeth certainly look edgy.

>> No.39431163

I was going to say something about you having a theme based after an evil wizard, but>>39431094
has a pretty good point. Cue Ball McNonose.

>> No.39431172

He's English, it's to be expected

>> No.39431180

That's why we tried to capture Granger, but it turns out she'd sent her parents to Australia. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a good dentist in the Potterverse?!

>> No.39431188

Might you possibly, maybe, perhaps, consider adding a +50cp drawback? So I don't have to redo my build and can just add what I hope is a minor drawback.

>> No.39431204

Bay you must defeat Shen Long to ever stand a chance against Top-Kek!

>> No.39431208

Good, not effective nor just. Besides the doll loves you, the doll loves everyone.

>> No.39431255

I might be able to work in something like. "You're always unfunny no matter what you do." But do you really need 50cp that badly?

>> No.39431272

I try to help out where I can with some slight nudges here and there mostly. Meanwhile Captain Fishface and Babbage tend to go off and play God Emperor if they don't have anything else to do. They've got the perks to run it ridiculously well, generally they find the equivalent of a third world country and bootstrap it into a golden age.

>> No.39431290

>Captain Fishface and Babbage

>> No.39431329

I already took both 100cp drawbacks and overheating. I'm not particularly interested in the 50cp offering- holograph rings- so I'm hoping for something to make up the difference. At the same time, never being funny is a rather significant social hindrance. I guess I'll swap out Annoying Superteam for Coveted and use a mix of my teleportation and chance control- let alone out of jump powers- to avoid the nefarious clutches of my stalker.

Thanks for considering it.

>> No.39431346

Honestly, out of all the jumpers, Wakfu is the only one that scares me. The out and out wanna be edgelords are comical. But the shit that Wakfu does, he does because he genuinely thinks its the right thing to do. He's the kind of crazy, confused super powerful being that would turn a whole race into semi-sapient goop if he thought it'd "redeem" something.

Wakfu. He's fucking terrifying.

Though his hips are dead sexy.

>> No.39431369

Two of my companions, Fishface is a combat monster (Fishman Pacifista and that's just the start) with some leadership stuff, and Babbage is a diplomancer with Mathematical Calculation from Worm. My Companions utterly terrify me at times with how competent and powerful they are.

>> No.39431374

In some ways Wakfu might be less horrifying if they just went full Doll.

>> No.39431380

Those hips should be a WMD.

>> No.39431386

>tried to assimilate zombies and humans alike during the apocalypse, but failed
>intentionally and obnoxiously "cute" on a worse level than Nui
>blatantly sociopathic

>> No.39431426

It's doll love, thus it is creepy and horrifying, like a porcelain doll.

>> No.39431468

Also remember that Wakfu is a balanced breakfast.

>> No.39431485

I still can't decide on what I want from this jump.
Half demon is pretty good but I feel like I can already do most of it anyway.

What are some examples from the show of what I could build with Genius and the other related perks?

How fast can I move as a Tamaranean?
How well does the Tamaranean durability stack with the supernatural durability perk?

It looks like you accidentally put Admission as part of the Personal Weapon description in the items.

I look forward to finally jumping here but I've got to sort out the renegade jumper first and I really can't be bothered doing all those jumps for him just yet.

>> No.39431512

Dont forget about the Reality Marble that no one wants to comprehend.

Shit's scary yo

>> No.39431513

I mean, Starfire went FTL in that one episode.

And then never again.

>> No.39431536

You can partially blame Red for that, from what I hear.

>> No.39431572

Rewatching it from the beginning I'm only a few episodes in and her sister mentions going FTL near some black holes but I have no idea if that was just her or if she was in a ship...

At one point Starfire walks into the room with Robin casually saying "and that's the secret to going FTL" too.

>> No.39431581

its not that bad really, I kinda like it honestly. I mean you can beat it if you dont hesitate and screw around.

>> No.39431603

She flies back to her home planet without a ship later in the series.

>> No.39431727

Jumpchain, have you ever used a loophole in a Jump to become much stronger?

>> No.39431729

Yeah, Tamaraneans can travel in space at FTL speeds without a ship. I purposefully neglected to mention that in the jump because of how crazy it is. You can decide yourself whether or not you're able to do that.

>> No.39431757

I like to keep my morals, but my main thing is I don't go out of my way to change a setting or tear through people just because I feel it's 'right'. I am only a visitor in the world, and as such the fate of that world and its people is not for me to decide. Oh sure I'll still do some things... help the protagonist out, or rescue folks from a burning building, or help a hobo down on his luck, I'll do my part from time to time! But world-changing events is not my place to decide.

I will not rewrite a world or its society simply because I disagree with how it is run. If someone asks me to help, I will help. But I will not instigate such changes on my own. Pic related is partly why.

So yeah, you could say I'm more neutral. I don't claim to be a good person, but I do very much avoid doing evil.

>> No.39431814

>All this talk of morals and right and wrong
Those with the most power set those standards. This applies even more so in the case of a jumper and who they deal with.

>> No.39431833

>might makes right

Chaotic Evil pls go.

>> No.39431858

Not unless you consider learning skills as per the rules of the jumps settings a loophole.

(IQ abilities are a thing in PMD, other abilities may be learned elsewhere)

>> No.39431863

Aww, it's so great to see someone with the right idea!

>> No.39431902

Chaotic Lewd pls go.

>implying that's not the Elf with a "being raped by Orcs fetish" that even Orcs ignore.

>> No.39431916

Stop corrupting our youth, Val.

>> No.39431922

How fast would you say her land/running speed is?

>> No.39431933


>> No.39431964

/pol/ was in the thread the whole time

>> No.39431970


>> No.39431996

I'm just doing my part in raising the next generation.

>> No.39431997


>> No.39432007

I rule by divine right.


>> No.39432030


Gustavus Adolphus and/or Carolus Rex pls go.

>> No.39432088

I disagree, but I'd just get into moralfag talk with that. I doubt people would want to hear it.

HEY. I only suggested and helped out, Wakfu was perfectly capable of turning it down.

...are you pic related.

>> No.39432114


>> No.39432120

Power and dominion are taken by the will


>> No.39432121


>> No.39432170

Good doesn't necessarily mean squeaky clean.

I answered good to that survey, but I am distinctly not lawful or otherwise respectful of authority. I do not always do what other people believe to be good. I do not even always do what I believe to be good.

But I do believe that I do positive things, help people, fix things and generally leave jump worlds in better condition than I found them.

>> No.39432198

Have you picked up any more Usagis yet?

>> No.39432226

He might have picked up some rabbits forms I bet.

>> No.39432263

Actually, I don't remember Star ever really running, she just flew everywhere.


Also, in case nobody noticed, you can now get 800cp for less than 8 companions.

>> No.39432302

Yeah I think they had to explain to Star what a relay race was. might have been the comics though

>> No.39432319

Not since Chibiusa joined us.

>> No.39432417

Really like the Companion Import change. You gonna change the LOK import that way too?

>> No.39432458

Yes, as well as Thundercats since it uses the same import option. But that probably won't be until tomorrow.

>> No.39432580

... Dangit, I was gonna do Thundercats tonight...

>> No.39432616

I was considering taking the mental gateway and making it a hat for some Mumbo Jumbo goodness but then I realised I couldn't shove objects into it.
Is it possible to force people into the gateway?

I assume the technopathy works at a distance so I can just think about typing something out and it happens on a computer and similar stuff?

>> No.39432622

What's that pic from?

>> No.39432632

>Be a Video Conduit
>Hit Generic Virtual World
>Buy What Doesn't Kill Me
>Hits the Hellsing Jump
>Buy Alucard's Embrace
>Buy holy bayonets
>Laugh at Anderson

>Hit generic sugar bowl world
>Buy Let's Put Our Hearts Together
>Hits the Hellsing Jump
>Heal the planet's wounds
>See what happens

>> No.39432651

Not a clue.

>> No.39432686

'sigh' here it's updated.

>force people in
>technopathy works at a distance
Yes to both.

>> No.39432734


Image Search is your friend, anon.

>> No.39432792

<3 <3

>> No.39432823

Oh shiiiiiit, people are getting stuffed the fuck into my head to fight me on MY terms!
If someone dies while in my head do they die in real life?

>> No.39432929

Whenever it happened in the show it seemed like the characters were in legitimate danger, so I'll say yes.

However, your target has to be touching the object in order to force them into your mind. You can't suck people in from a distance.

>> No.39432951

I realize that the answer is "fanwank something" , but how powerful should I be with the Lizard-Lizard Fruit from the One Piece Jump?

>6) Lizard-Lizard Fruit

(Model: Dragon): User can

transform into a dragon the size of a Man-of-war class battleship. Elemental breath weapon, flight, sharp claws, teeth the size of swords, and a hide capable of shrugging off even sustained cannon fire. You are a terror of the skies capable of going toe-to-toe with entire armies.

And what if I add Haki? I'm I an equal to the other legendaries? What do you think /jc/?

>> No.39432975

Also, anyone with enough magical or psionic power will be able to escape on their own and regular individuals can trick or overpower you in order to escape.

>> No.39433025

I think you should just grant my wish already you gigantic lizard.

I wish for you to not grant my wish btw.

>> No.39433046

You could still add several size increasers, so you're not maximally strong. You have yet to achieve Xyber Hugeness, so get to that.

>> No.39433104

So, prob manipulation. Meta in nature or magic. This is very important. Better jump then I though it would be.

>> No.39433137

Alright thanks, should be a fun time using it against non magical opponents.

I'm not sure if it was ever shown or mentioned in the show but if you separated into the different parts of yourself like anger and laziness can they be killed off to permanently get rid of that aspect? Or perhaps just restrained somehow?
Could be useful for dealing with villains in a non violent way or even getting rid of my own laziness.

>> No.39433255


after re-starting my jumpchain, I went full paladin from the every beginning, and am taking perks based on morality rather than utility. Some lines I never cross, and I try to be a positive influence is the worlds I visit.

I'd name my posts if I thought they were interesting enough.

>> No.39433357

So in Worm, one of my companions rolled Contractor as their shard, and I'm thinking about having them give Taylor a second power with it. I'm having trouble thinking of a good one, though. I was thinking maybe biokinesis, so she could make her own specialized bugs, but that seems...I don't know, kind of cliche. Does anyone have any suggestions?

>> No.39433388

I will admit that my combination of the Mysterious! Power of making things fit and the Mighty Skill to Teach people to, among other things, enjoy it, is not the most good, but I have every intention of using it only on people who can give consent.

>> No.39433443


Name something, a piece of media, that you'd love to see a jump of, but you don't think there's enough material for.

>> No.39433467

Age of Empires 3.

>> No.39433486

Event Horizon.

Its one of two movies to scare me as an adult, and I'd love to try and survive that shit.

>> No.39433512 [DELETED] 

Super Robot Wars

Also Nippon Ichi SRPGs, but at least one is supposed to be coming out.

>> No.39433522

OFF, by Mortis Ghost. It's a pretty neat setting, and one could MAYBE come up with enough perks, but there just isn't much to do in the setting itself.

>> No.39433528

Rick and Morty.
Space Dandy? There might actually be enough in there for a jump.

Isn't Super Robot Wars already a jump?

>> No.39433530

We already have a Super Robot Wars jump.

>> No.39433571

>Event Horizon.
Fuck. No.

I'd love to see something set in the American Civil War.

>> No.39433579

Sorry, read that as "jump you'd like to see". And no, last I checked. Unless you count Darkstalkers with its Capcom Vs Whatever drawback

>> No.39433587

Fuck it, updated the companion import for LOK as well.

That separation thing was only from TTG. Not the original show.

It actually changed explanations in the show. At first it was magic, but then it apparently became psionics, just decide which flavor you want on your own.

>> No.39433611

There is last time I've checked it should be on the drive.

>> No.39433648

Damn anon is right anyone have the super robot wars jump someone forgot to add it to the drive.

>> No.39433674

It should be on there already, did somebody take it down? I distinctly recall it being there, but I'm looking and it's not on the drive. Weird.

>> No.39433722

It's apparently in WIP

>> No.39433723

It could have been a drive hiccup or something either that or I am missing it because it isn't in the no images section and I don't recall anyone imaging it.

>> No.39433745


>> No.39433757

Ah so that is why I missed it. I thought it was in the no image section. Disregard my last comment.

>> No.39433765

Like it or not, that statement is false.

You know how some people claim they'd just delete jumps off the drive they don't like? Yeah. That.

>> No.39433768

It was in the original show. Beast Boy and Cyborg were sucked into Raven's mind through a mirror, and there were 5 different Ravens in her head.

>> No.39433781


>> No.39433784

I requested it to be moved to WIP because I was/am rebooting the thing. Also it was slightly edited compared to the original pastebin and i was iffy on the changes by a third party

>> No.39433786

>>Event Horizon.
40k: The Prequel

Might actually be interesting if they had done something with the movie beyond making it a one shot.

>> No.39433789

I know, I meant that she never separated herself in the real world.

>> No.39433803

Ah, cool. Okay, then, I look forward to what you do with it.

>> No.39433815

Recettear, maybe a Generic Comedian Jump with various options like Stand-up and whatnot what, I like funny, Batman Beyond (without me having to time travel through DC jump), Baccano! and/or Durarara!!, Afro Samurai or Samurai Champloo, and that's all I've got off the top of my head for low-source amount settings. I've already got plans on making another of such after I finish Gravity Falls.

>> No.39433818

Ah, so you're gonna shit it up.

>> No.39433822

It was just the first picture I could find, I meant when they're in the head like Beast Boy and Cyborg were with Raven and they met girly, lazy, sad and fighty versions of her.

Though summoning aspects of someones personality would probably only work on me now that I think about it...
I'm sure trying to get rid of a part of myself would only backfire anyway, it almost never goes right in these things.

>> No.39433825

Static Shock.

Okay there may be enough material but I can dream.

>> No.39433829

Its a 40k prequel? I've never seen it, but is it any good?

>> No.39433848

Not literally. But it deals with the same themes of "FTL works by taking you through Hell".

>> No.39433852

Haruhi. It's just too perfect, all things considered.

>> No.39433857

It's not actually a prequel to 40k, people say that because it's story can be summed up by, ship jumps into the warp without a geller field, and comes back just as fucked up as that would suggest.

>> No.39433863

>implying it wasn't already shat up by a third party

>> No.39433868


Overflow. I REALLY want to kill Tomaru Sawagoe

>> No.39433887

He added like three things to it that weren't in the original. You on the other hand, I don't trust not to make something far worse than the original.

>> No.39433890

Yeah I overextended too hard on the original with things i picked because they looked cool, rather than what i had seen, so im going to narrow down the focus adamantly to OG, but there's still a good amount of diversity of robots and the like there

I am the original author, I just havent namefagged in ever because I havent delivered anything sinse

>> No.39433897

It's not the best horror movie, or the best space movie, but it is, imo, the best space horror movie.

>> No.39433898

Technically DC or DCAU, but I did just say Batman Beyond here. >>39433815
Quality taste, Red.

>> No.39433911

See >>39433887
I had already guessed it was you.

>> No.39433912


>> No.39433916

May your sword stay wet.
like a young girl in her prime

Tachyon: The Fringe.

>> No.39433917

I'm not the creator, anon. But your shitposting is showing because the creator is SAYING he wants to reboot it. What, jump makers can't touch their own jumps now?

>> No.39433932

I would absolutely LOVE an OG-centric Super Robot Wars jump. That sounds delightful. Time to NTR Ryusei. By which I mean, get the R-1 before he does, since he's pretty much a robosexual.

>> No.39433941

Changing everything months later? That's extremely shitty to do. The fact that his was never anything more than a WIP makes it excusable, or would normally, but my intuition is that his 'reboot' will be worse.

>> No.39433956

>best space horror movie.

>> No.39433967

I mean, looking at >>39433890 , it's doubtful any of the options that were in the original will still be present.

>> No.39433968

Sounds cool. I'd love to see the jump a lot more complete then it was before.

>> No.39433969

Damn, forgot Big Hero 6. Movie was surprisingly dark and great as hell. I'd like a Baymax I didn't have to build myself.
Maybe Wreck-It Ralph as well, get an arcade game based on one of your adventures to be in.

>> No.39433972

But it's still his jump so he's got the right to do that.

>> No.39433973

If you(or anyone else) make a SRW OG Jump, I would totally visit it. There's tons of SRW universes, there's room for more than one SRW jump.

>> No.39433976

I'd rather kidna-I mean recruit Latooni. Possibly Princess Schein, as she's good enough at precog for use in super robot battles.

>> No.39433979

And everyone else's intuition is that you're a cunt.

>> No.39433990

But Alien....

>> No.39434008

He has the right to shit it up? If you think so, I have the right to call it shit. Be petty, and expect pettiness, understand?
You are the whiniest poster in this thread.

>> No.39434010

My intuition is ambivalent toward this whole nerdfight, so you're wrong.

>> No.39434028

>> No.39434038

>Whiniest poster in the thread
Are...are you really this hypocritical?

>> No.39434044

Well, if what you say there under the spoiler is true, then there's no need for it to replace the SRW jump we have is there? I'd love to have an OG jump, but I've been using the spoils of the existing SRW jump for too long to just throw the jump out.

If you'd like to remove the 'no demonbane' part of the SRW jump we currently have that got added by whoever messed with it, I'd have no qualms with that. I need to fight Nyalarathotep again.

>> No.39434053

OG sure does have a lot of quality waifu material. Pretty much every girl there is great. I think I'll have to pick up some harem perks before I go there. I think that would be a very good investment indeed.

>> No.39434065

Alien is good, you can't take that away from it. Event Horizon is a better scare, though.

>> No.39434079

Fuck off you fucking cunt at least I make a good argument!

>> No.39434089

No. Someone who whines about whininess (Ie you and your friends) is far worse than someone who makes a post saying "Oh I bet it'll be shit."

Especially when you consider that it'd be a one or two post deal if you didn't feel the need to cry about me posting it. You're your own worst enemy in that respect.

>> No.39434100

Samefag detected.

>inb4 jumpers become Elder God Demonbane

>> No.39434111

Monsters and Other Childish Things. Some anon mentioned it forever ago and I found it really interesting after reading about it.

>> No.39434123

It's not nice to pretend to be someone else, anon.
Learn to understand post timers, you moron.

>> No.39434124

Interestingly enough, they both rely on a similar technique for their scares. With both movies, IMO, its what you don't see that scares you the most. The little glimpses that you mind fills in the blanks for.

>> No.39434139

Are you going to go on a NTR rampage.

>> No.39434146

Oh yeah Event Horizon is scarier but I don't think it's better.
I guess Event Horizon is a film that's really good for the horror while Alien is a horror film that's just straight up good.
Though last time I watch Event Horizon I was like 12 or something.

>> No.39434154

Really? We're doing all this again?

>> No.39434156

>Shitstorm because creator wanted to make changes to a jump to make it better.
Never Change /jc/

>> No.39434170

Yes, every 4 threads when we're slow about it. Every thread when we've really got our game on.

>> No.39434174

Is it NTR if I only go for them before the relationships actually form? Like, I'm not going to break up any couples, but I am going to prevent some from happening in the first place.

>> No.39434191

>Samefag detected.
Nah. I'm in the Event Horizon lovefest conversation. I don't give a shit about your argument.

>> No.39434205

Grey Goo. Aliens with modular bases, humans as the more advanced race, and nanobots as a faction all to themselves.

>> No.39434206

When you put it like that, it makes us all sound like a bunch of screaming shitmonkeys.

>> No.39434223

And the other posts don't?

>> No.39434241

Sorry 'bout that. I've been putting it off (because I am bad), because I am not sure about the final few perks. I want to hammer those out before I move onto the Monster Creation rules.

>> No.39434244

I mean, I can kinda see why it's a bad idea to redo a jump after months of having it sit there. If sucks having to redo your build.

But at the same time, it's not like updating a jump causes someone's entire chain to be invalidated. And if you already have an idea of where you won't to go with a certain build, it's not too terribly difficult to update of redo a build.

>> No.39434246


>> No.39434254

It still holds up! I've done a recent rewatch and it was good. The cgi is dated, but the story and the practicle effects are still good and scary.

As for whether Alien is better, I can't say. Alien never scared me, even as a kid, but Event Horizon... bluh. Fucking creepy.

>> No.39434255

What shitstorm? I've made like five posts and haven't posted in 6 minutes. Your shitstorm detector is oversensitive if a bland vote of no-confidence sets all of you off.

>> No.39434277

People need to stop trying to radically re-do their material after six months, it pisses people off every time.

>> No.39434282

I'm not sure it counts as NTR if the dude is robosexual and is deliverately ignoring the chick. Just drop off Cardia Basilissa and he'll finally live his dream of fucking a robot.

>> No.39434302

Sure, because nobody here has other obligations they need to attend to.

Nobody gave Wakfu flak for the image PDF, and that was almost a year after the fact.

>> No.39434307

You realise the creator never finished it in the first place and left it as a paste? It was Tera who went ahead and finished it without his permission.

>> No.39434316

Did his image pdf change all of the perks? Not the same thing.
Not the point, I am speaking in general. You people are really goddamn dense and never read someone's entire post or even the entire post chain before you respond.

>> No.39434336

And you selectively ignore info to push your point. So what?

>> No.39434351

What info is being ignored?

>> No.39434360

Wait, he did it without permission? Isn't that Red's schtick?

>> No.39434361

it did actually change at least some things around.

>> No.39434369

Oh fucks sake not this wanker as well.

>> No.39434391

As far as I remember it just added the secret ending. I remember going in expecting to have to update my build and seeing no real cause.

>> No.39434469

Goddamn, all the shitposters have come out of the woodwork tonight. Fuck, this is ridiculous.

>> No.39434487

he also added new perks, race options, and I believe changed perk descriptions

>> No.39434490

You can keep bitching but it doesn't change the fact. If people don't know about it, then how will we know not to do this shit?

Seeing everyone encourage it is frankly disappointing.

>> No.39434508

There's just the one. The other guy is just pissy.

>> No.39434522


10 years on Tanis sounds fun.

>> No.39434527

>humans as the more advanced race
I haven't played the game but this really piqued my interest when I heard it. There aren't enough Sci-fi stories that have humans as the ancient technologically advanced species.

Wait you're actually doing it?! Awesome, is there an option to import a companion as a monster?

>> No.39434536

All the perks did the same thing that I remember.

>> No.39434550

Where is the argument here? A jump maker wants to change his jump. How is that not completely legit?

>> No.39434557

I wonder how complicated a game character would need to be before a Video Conduit could drag them out.

Or maybe "jumping in and interacting until someone wakes up" could be substituted, but that just brings forth images of some eldritch horror showing you the true form of the universe and dragging you to the Fourth Dimension.

>> No.39434577

Maybe because we've already heard it a thousand times for several months?

Red apologized MONTHS ago, and every time an argument over jump overhauls comes along, someone brings it up again.

Was it not enough to salt her wounds once? Why must you do it at literally every possible opportunity? How are you still holding a grudge after this long?

Nevermind how Reborn-anon basically got away with being a /b/-tier poster in general. Nobody ever mentions THAT anymore, but nobody misses an opportunity to bag on Red.

I don't even like her and I'm sick of this.

>> No.39434579

Alien wasn't scary to me either but I definitely enjoyed it more, they're not the best at the horror side of things. (probably why I like Aliens even more)

I still remember the guy in Event Horizon missing his eyes and that creeped me the fuck out at the time.

Alien, Terminator and Predator were some of my favourite childhood films so I might be a bit biased.
The T-1000 is still one of my favourite villains ever.

I don't think Terminator would work very well as a jump either, too many time shenanigans.

>> No.39434581

Because "fuck you, I don't want to change my jump there, that's why".

>> No.39434594

>Hello I cannot read please help me!
The argument is because some anons were pissed I said the update was going to be shit. Like I can't have that opinion. Wasn't even about that this time.

Also random posts bitching just make things worse. Too afraid to even reply?
You are also illiterate.

>> No.39434601

Not sure yet. As I said, I haven't really touched Monster Creation yet. Now that you mention it, I'll probably throw it in.

>> No.39434628

Huh, is there a Men in Black jump? That could be fun.

>> No.39434659

Is all of this shit really necessary? Do you people feel the need to derail the entire thread with an argument that isn't going to change anything? Your opinion has been noted. Let's move on.

>> No.39434663

And yet we still have the illegally changed jump. If we got it replaced with the one Reborn intended, I wouldn't be angry. But no. We let her get away with it. It's not enough she apologizes, because everyone let her get away with it. I don't even know why people fucking indulge her by keeping the jump there.

>Nevermind how Reborn-anon basically got away with being a /b/-tier poster in general.
Because we don't have that happening day in and day out. Try using an argument that stands out.

>> No.39434671

If you're tired of bitching then why are you making a contextless post bitching?

>> No.39434674

Cyborgs tech apparently improved Brother Bloods mental powers like telepathy and mind control, would we be able to do something similar after buying all of the tech perks?
I don't really have many mental powers just yet but it'll be handy one day if it does work.

>> No.39434676

First, we haven't actually seen anything from the update, so you declaring it to be ruined already is bullshit.
>Too afraid to even reply?
Really? Pic related

>> No.39434718

You are using a logical fallacy as the basis of your non-argument. Which can be summarized as: Change is bad, even and especially if it's the original author who wants to edit a jump someone else stole and put on the drive. Because the thief did not, in fact, know what the author wanted. And, per your statements, no other position can actually be held meaningfully, so this cannot be an argument.

>> No.39434719

As a small arms instructor I feel compelled to point out that the person in that gif is demonstrating zero fire control and has no sight picture. This technique is unsafe and suboptimal.

Please do not shoot like that. Also, put some damn pants on.

That is all; thank you.

>> No.39434720

>Because we don't have that happening day in and day out.
Right. I forgot how Red was high jacking jumps left and right. Silly me, how could I have failed to notice it?

>> No.39434722

Oh shit I hadn't ever thought of that, I'd love to jump into that as an agent.
I really want my own Noisy Cricket and the neuraliser would be cool too.

How does the firepower in MIB compare to other tech jumps?

>> No.39434738

We need /k/ people like you around here.

>> No.39434744

It's an attempt to make people realize that all of this arguing isn't going anywhere and all they're succeeding at doing is flooding this whole thread with an argument that isn't going anywhere since it's not like either side is going to "win" the argument. So we might as well drop it.

>> No.39434753

>I make an opinion post that pisses a bunch of anons off.
>We get a legit shitposter going on a sperg rampage just to bounce off of the residual mad.
Even I don't like you. Go away.
It's more that it's outright cowardly to reply to the content of someone's post without actually doing so, like you don't want them to see it.

And I made a post based on my intuition, that he isn't going to include most of the things that were in the WIP. And next post he says it's OG only, which only confirms my suspicions. Everything else is just anons getting tied into knots about what I said and then putting words into my mouth, like the guy I'm replying to after you.
Here's the entire problem with your post. Nobody told him he couldn't do it. I didn't even tell him not to do it. I just opined it'd suck. Your entire argument is about something I didn't even say.

>> No.39434759

/k/ommando here, I try to restrain my autism.
I only mostly succeed.

>> No.39434762

>Jumper arrives as drop-In.
>Hacks into the MIB database then releases all their info to the world.
>Parks their biggest starship right over New York.
>Deploys a nanite swarm/magic charm that makes everyone immune to the Neuralizer.
>Mass chaos, noting the MIB have can stop you.
>Walk into their headquarters unopposed.
>They ask why you did it.
>"I don't know, I was board. Where's Will Smith I want a picture with him?"

>> No.39434784

Glad to see I'm not the only one in here.

>> No.39434797

Learn to read. We get shitposting and /b/-tier crap all the time. How is that even a crime?

What IS a crime is people changing jumps without permission. I won't accept any apologies or any of her shit jumps until we get the original back.

>> No.39434798

Depends how many guns can be tiny and powerful to the tiny Noisy Cricket?
...Now I sort of want to make all my guns as tiny and unnoticeable as much as possible.

>> No.39434803

Given that "I don't like it" is the direct and explicit reason I don't see a MLP jump in the drive I will assume that people who are making a big deal about how a jump is bad are trying to do just that.

>> No.39434804

>>"Where're the worm guys? I want to hang out with them."

>> No.39434805

Depends on the jump and the gun. Girl Genius, they're common. Probably better than most Star Wars/Trek.

>> No.39434837

>I won't accept any apologies or any of her shit jumps until we get the original back.

This is fine? I don't see how this really effects anyone else?

>> No.39434840

>Big deal.
You made a big deal out of it. Or, rather, the people replying to my post. My insignificant, one sentence post about my opinion. And no, I made no attempt to do anything but say I think it'll suck. No attempt was made to make the creator do a damn thing and any assumption on your part that there was is pure paranoia from you and your friends.

>> No.39434844

Yeah, it would be crazy. We could go find Elvis' homeworld!

>> No.39434860

AR or AK?

>> No.39434863

Nope, these are only basic augmentations. Nothing that could improve your psionics.

Don;t forget about the dog.

>> No.39434866


Tangential note, does anyone even still HAVE the original?

Because last I remember it's basically gone. Poof.

>> No.39434898


>> No.39434901

I think there was one anon who said they kept saving jumps because of paranoia of them being deleted again because of the great drive wipe of thread #???. Don't know if they still have it.

>> No.39434917

Archive moe. Search for JumpChain and Reborn in the super old threads.

>> No.39434944

...Could a Galaxy from MiB count as a gem? The ones from the first movie? Just considering a potentially horrifying plan.

>> No.39434946


>> No.39434952

I don't think those save the files associated with the posts, do they?

>> No.39434974

What about with the Nerd perks? Would having all of them let us come up with some Cyborg level stuff?

>> No.39434990

Neither. G11's where it is at. I like my Kraut Space Magic.

>> No.39435015


You mean this one with the Six Powers: http://reborn.wikia.com/wiki/Six_Paths_of_Reincarnation

>> No.39435016


I have to ask what's wrong with the AUG?
It's pretty damn reliable and it's a bullpup.

>> No.39435017

Nothing wrong with AUG, just not my preference
Nice, nice. I have to admit that I'm pretty fudd-like in my tastes. I like 1911's and rifles with wood. But I'd take an XM8 if they gave me one.

>> No.39435026

Just the capstone for Nerd should, given the examples.

>> No.39435044

I'm tired of this. Fine, here. Delete the one I made from the drive.

>> No.39435052

My dad left me his 1911 when he died. It's a POS Rock Island Armory, but I still take it out and shoot it on occasion in homeage to the old man.

>> No.39435056

... That is a good question, one which I hope someone knows the answer to. My initial response would be maybe, but it's unlikely. I suspect being made up of an entire galaxy it might not fulfil whatever criteria are needed for gem-ness.

>> No.39435072

I'll trust this one rather than the one Red posted any day.

Thank you much.

>> No.39435074

Eh, they were overused. Awesome in the first movie, but the animated series really killed their appeal by overexposure.
Kinda glad the third movie didn't feature them, to be honest.

I wouldn't mind hanging out with Frank, though.

>> No.39435090

You truly are an utter cunt aren't you.

>> No.39435104

I hope so, I'm importing my AI so that it can do some cyborg surgery on me and it's stacking up a bunch of tech perks.

I wonder if it could be used as some sort of a power source?
That would be incredibly evil but it's always a possibility.

>> No.39435115

Thanks for helping them shitpost, KOTOR.
Your version is way better structured than this, seriously.
Fuck off.

>> No.39435143

Fucked up my reply, but you get the intent here.

>> No.39435157


>All these NATO fags no choosing Superior GP rounds

Sig SG 550 Master Race reporting

1911 is good taste though.

>> No.39435168


>one and ONLY one background gets something worse than MEoDP for FREE
>and in all other cases it's only 300 at most
>when the ONE and ONLY ONE character who had it in canon had to reincarnate six times and be experimented on just to do this stuff

>> No.39435169

Come on, /jc/.

>> No.39435175

...Wow, is this what passed for a jump then? That must have sucked.

>> No.39435208


I don't know actually. Both offer something different to the table. Granted the restrictions placed on with Reds version was quite arbitrary.

Both I like but for different reasons.

>> No.39435209

I'm not saying I'm going to take one to Steven Universe.
But I'll totally take one to Steven Universe.

Probably. Might take a little effort to tap into the galaxy without accidentally the whole galaxy. Matter of fact, I think I half remember it being able to be used as that or a weapon, it's been a minute.

>> No.39435210

I have to admit, there's nothing more pathetic if this guy has SERIOUSLY shitpost for nearly a year just over this one damn jump, and it's not even good! It's garbage, and has ridiculously OP shit for no reason.

>> No.39435240

Most weren't that bad, though around the same time is when we got fallout with it's mandatory power nerf. So it was a time before we had quite the same sort of standards.

>> No.39435242

>this plan

>> No.39435251

You just know he's going to find something else to bitch about.

>> No.39435265

There's never been concrete standards for jumpmaking in terms of quality and balancing checkpoints. It's why we get monster jumps full of ridiculous fluff like RO that are terrible to read through, and jumps that have barely any content in them and just feel like a generic CYOA.

Then we get Babylons' jumps, which are pretty much the gold standard for jumpmaking - but nobody else seems to follow that standard.

>> No.39435267

Of course, I honestly think this is just an event he's using as an excuse, something for him to latch onto.

>> No.39435285

Have I mentioned I'm pretty sure I'm a morally good Jumper?

>> No.39435286

Are they smashable?
Imagine smashing one on a guys face and releasing a galaxy worths of energy at once.

How about putting one in the Kinetic Cestus to fuel the ultimate punch attack?!
Now I really want to jump into MIB.

>> No.39435312

And here's the evil jumper, right on time.

>> No.39435352

please dont jump into me, it would be extremely painful

>> No.39435381

>releasing a galaxy worths of energy at once.
It's like you want to die and destroy the reality of wherever you're at.

>> No.39435388

Can I issue a formal apology that my bitchy little opinion about SRW somehow got this guy to start doing legitimate hardcore shitposting? Out of all of the things I thought might happen this isn't among them. I expected to get called an asshole and for it to be done with. Especially want to apologize to Red for somehow getting drama called down on her head when she wasn't even doing anything..

>> No.39435394

If I were to use the Cheat Mode from Minecraft to copy the marbles would that make it better or worse?
Creating life only to be destroyed a day later...
I don't think I can be trusted with this much power.

>> No.39435412

Since Anti-Spiral's not here, I'll say it.

Why can't you realize the pathetic limitation of the Spiral race?

>> No.39435413

Don't apologize. You'll make the wrong people in this discussion feel validated.

>> No.39435449

I think time stop and being able to move at FTL speeds would help with that.
Might not end up going well for whatever galaxy I'm in at the moment.

Would this work against the big bads of Worm?

>> No.39435454

There are plenty of folk here who are just waiting for triggers. Given enough time in /jc/ you'll realize that there's plenty of underlying issues just waiting to rear their ugly heads.

>> No.39435474

Yeah, it might kill Scion but not him as a whole cuz he's all strung about.

>> No.39435478


We're not Tumblr here.


>> No.39435484

Nope. They're implied to exist simultaneously in every single dimension. They can only die "temporarily".

>> No.39435491

I'm not even new, I've been around for a while and most of my posts are just normal banter or posting ideas and questions. I'm just so surprised at what will randomly make this guy popup, and exactly what things are the ones that blow up in my face.

>> No.39435492

I dunno, there are some good porn tumblrs.

>> No.39435495

Friend, you need to fuck off.

>> No.39435504

Goddamn are there.

>> No.39435514

On their proper scale, they're literally just marbles. Like used by aliens in a game of marbles.

That might be one of those Jumpchain questions that could only be answered by actually testing it out. Or deciding it on your own, or official ruling once it gets made.

>who are just waiting for triggers
But anon, the Worm jump is out now!

>> No.39435576

I use them for ideas. If I had a good way to get "goo-person" I probably would have by now. Some work with Geneforge should let me make a humanoid yoshi for purposes.

Yes, purposes.

The Mysterious! power of being able to make things fit will have to do until then.

>> No.39435581

Are you implying we should start crying that Worm is underpowered compared to other jumps and we should get more powers for free?

>> No.39435616


I now feel the need to post this, as its my plan for spicing up the "Slice of Life" Jump.

I hope to make /k/ proud.

>> No.39435678

It's a joke about how parahumans there literally get their powers in "trigger events". Or from a can.

>> No.39435734

Can somebody post the Worm jump?

>> No.39435761


>> No.39435763

It's on the drive, currently under "UPLOAD NEW JUMPS". Have a link: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0_rZDtSeociUDhxWUhUNXg0MDg/edit

>> No.39435792

>Jams an MP EVA into a Gene machine in the hopes of giving the Little Sister companion a boost to strength.
>Little sister learns Tactics instead.

>> No.39435810

So what in progress jumps are you guys looking forward to?

>> No.39435821

Really, that's even more bullshit than the Chaos Gods.

>> No.39435825


>> No.39435833

Is it normal that after jumping Worm, every other jump seems boring in comparison? I'm just seeing a lot of Worm derivative powers everywhere.

>> No.39435834

Don't you just hate that when that happens.
Alien vs Predator

>> No.39435841


Like, really bad. I'd probably have it before Jump 20 as things stand.

>> No.39435847

No, not really. You're too focused on power instead of flavor.

>> No.39435857

They have a limited number of parallel dimensions they can reach, though it is a respectable number. Scion on Earth Bet is an avatar, a construct, that is in no way representative of the sum-total. Any damage done to it is easily and nigh-endlessly resolved.

>> No.39435859

A reason why you just other jumps before Worm.

>> No.39435865


IIRC, Wakfu is literally just waiting on some proofreader so he can see if he got the lore right. Some guy called Eisenstein?

>> No.39435867

Why's that? Have some characters you want to pick up ASAP?

>> No.39435875

Well. Now I know what to call my third string of jumps. That coincidentally includes Ace Combat. Surely the Eurusians won't notice the Aegir fleet going missing, right?

>> No.39435887

Worm is implied to have stronger power levels than Warhammer 40k - in that Scion's race in their prime could probably kill off the Chaos Gods. It's not just Scion that's a multiversal existence, there's a whole race of them, all of them just as strong.

Chaos Gods are just 4 minor entities in comparison.

>> No.39435905

Item World and/or Dark Assembly, generic unit creation, Asagi would come along just so she could be the figurehead main character, several others might on the basis that they get it instead, etc.

Also, the setting is lewd enough for a Horse Wiener to be a valid accessory.

>> No.39435913

Swat Katz

>> No.39435924

>Starcraft Zerg route.
Don't know of any others at the moment.

So if I wanted to permanently kill this faggot I'd have to wait till post-spark and then hunt down and kill every version of him simultaneously?

Why isn't Worm an end jump then?

>> No.39435930

Is anyone even doing that?

>> No.39435932

AvP, I thought it was ready ages ago but I look forward to its eventual release.
Saints Row if it is actually being worked on still.

Scott Pilgrim? I would actually consider becoming a Vegan.

>> No.39435945


>> No.39435946

Because the actual story takes place at a much lower scale.

>> No.39435956

Because Worm's fairly survivable as long as Scion doesn't go Golden Morning.

>> No.39435969

Because Scion is an outlier. Most of Worm is actually really low power-level, and even Scion can be and is killed in the series, with only what they have on hand.

>> No.39435985

Red is doing it if I recall.

>> No.39435989

I'm actually working on Scott Pilgrim right now. In the middle of rereading the books. Go most of the Perks and some Items hammered out.

>> No.39435997

Doesn't that happen anyway, or is it averted? I haven't read the series id you couldn't tell.

>> No.39436004

Oh jeez, do we have to expect a shitstorm? Is she even going to do it after this thread?

>> No.39436015

Consider me Hyped anon.

>> No.39436016

It's not quite that bad. The Entities developed weapons to use against each other that would work. They also don't really exist in 'all' dimensions, just a hell of a lot, and have a lot of mass spread across them. If you can work around their extradimensional attributes I'm sure plenty of experienced Jumpers could take them down.

Of course, they do block off the in-jump method of dimensional travel so they can't be reached easily, so... eh.

And it's not an end jump because there is only one entity alive on the planet, one dead on an alternate Earth, and the other entities tend to stay away from were the others are 'working'.

>> No.39436023

This is why I didn't specify who was making it, the shitposter was going to jump onto it, as you can see from the reply to you.

>> No.39436037

Worm can't be an end jump, it's too easy to resolve the scenario. No one would agree it to be an end jump anyways, if it was an end jump everybody would jump it instead of LoT, the powers there are just too good to pass over.

You can never permanently kill Scion. The whole point is that he's basically a canon god in the truest sense. His powers reach levels to points where you might as well presume they're near infinite.

>> No.39436056

Sweet, I don't know what to expect but I look forward to seeing what's available.
Vegan Police?

>> No.39436067

Also, if any setting could support "switch companions arbitrarily mid-combat" it's Disgaea.

>> No.39436070

That depends on Red if they want to make it or not now
Oops my mistake.

>> No.39436084

Part of Scion is killed, and that's really only because the author couldn't bear to write a realistic ending and went for an ending that was more satisfying for the audience. Scion was no-selling them for basically the entire fight. If Scion wanted to? They'd all be dead.

>> No.39436090

>The whole point is that he's basically a canon god in the truest sense. His powers reach levels to points where you might as well presume they're near infinite.
Yeah, now I really want to kill this guy. I'm putting him on my list of people to fight after I get my Spark.

>> No.39436091

Golden Morning is inevitable, but in-story it's set off an estimated thirteen years early, when Scion gets a pep talk from a mass murderer.

>> No.39436131

Golden Morning does happen, but there's a decent number of timelines where it could have been postponed (Dinah's a precog that gives results in percentages, I think one of the best ones was like 31.something%). Take out Jack Slash to do that, or just therapy Scion. Bringing his waifu back from the dead could work, as long as you work out a deal to make sure she doesn't seek vengeance.

>> No.39436162

Expect Vegan Police. And things from the Books, Movie & Vidya Game.

>> No.39436195

And then if the "Abaddon planned the whole thing" theory was right you've got another entity after your ass.

>> No.39436213

I'm of the opinion that Golden Morning should have been unavoidable. This is one of those scenarios where Jumper literally takes the plot, dismantles it completely, and spits in the face of the author with a sort of "Haha, I just took your story and broke it over my knee."

>> No.39436215

...Could you fight a companion's Evil Exes?
What of the Justice Harem?

>> No.39436226

>I'm of the opinion that everyone who takes this jump should die,

>> No.39436245

>Jump Scott Pilgrim
>Suddenly 20 other people have fucked your waifu without you knowing.

>> No.39436246

The plot will handle it. You can leave the planet.

>> No.39436255

True enough.

That's kind of every jump after the first one. That's standard Jumper shenanigans. Do you just follow the plot as is all the time?

>> No.39436258


Like every other jump?

>> No.39436263

Which murderer?

>> No.39436267

So instead you would like for it to be:
>Anyone who takes this jump is completely irrelevant no matter what they do. But they can go hide on Mars!
Sounds real fun anon, what an adventure.

>> No.39436272

Yes, because "Run away and ignore the actual universe" is a legitimate solution.

>> No.39436275

Not everyone dies at the end of Worm, just a lot of people. Not to mention, some Jumpers seem to be stronger than Scion anyways, thereby rendering the whole thing moot.

>> No.39436289

>alternatively, Companions must fight YOUR Evil Exes
>evil versions of anyone who has ever loved or been attracted to you, unless they were evil already in which case they just show up

>> No.39436290

Does anybody know the answer to this? Because I've been assuming you can, and if you can't I might have to redo my plans for a bunch of jumps.

>> No.39436296

A murderhobo called Jack Slash, who runs a group of murderhobo's called the Slaughterhouse Nine

>> No.39436314

Jack Slash, he of the power of broadcast - project knife edges and receive your plans from your shard. He's got what amounts to Evil FrankenFran and an enemy stand as companions so be careful.

>> No.39436339

Jack Slash, smarmy son of a bitch with the power of "communication". That entails "communicating" the edge of a blade to strike things much farther away than he is and "communicating" with other parahuman's shards to subconsciously know what they're going to do. It's how he managed to get a group of several muderhobos under control.

>> No.39436340

I let the plot run its course, inserting myself as a sub character if the situation is fitting. No, I don't take special pleasure to destroying plots to fit fanfiction fetishes. That wasn't what I understood Quicksilver's intentions to be for jumpchain.

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