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Previously on JumpChain >>39395841

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Tell me a story of your adventures Jumper

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>The benchmark is half total Martian man Hunter, bear in Mind that MM Is Charles Xavier + wonder woman +Shape shifting.
>It really is, And that's mentioned in the first issue, there's even an Arc about how one Of the reoccurring super genius Antagonists builds what is essentially a cosmic cube out of Parts he made while attending school

Based on that alone, I believe anyone who was saying I can't have omnipotence is proven wrong. Shame on you all.

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well I started with my two daughters last jump, got them registerred at school told them to play nice and went out to find a job.

Got a reasonable good job mostly as a hobby since we have loads of money anyway and I needed something to do while the kids where in school, spread my MMO trees around to get them running, and basically just tried to be a good mom.

Did have a couple problems when one of the monster boys from school hit the younger one and her big sister broke his arm, had to give her a good talking too.

Damn slice of life was fun.

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I spent 2000 years being chased by an eldritch abomination that wanted my dick. It did something horrifying at least once a jump, sometimes more.

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Couldn't one of the powers help with that sanity? Like super sanity or something that helps process information?

If I wanted some super speed but didn't want the rest of the stuff that comes with it in FISS could I get it with miscellaneous?
I was thinking of getting some super speed with the other two powers help deal with it like a shitty version of the Speed Force. (protective aura and stuff)
Really if possible I'd just buy it 3 times and make almost all of them speed stacks.

MM is still a long way away from omnipotence.

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Maybe you don't know of the power of Charles Xavier. Or just how bullshit you can get simply by making a Cosmic Cube out of scraps.

>> No.39410631

I tried to give Eidolon some therapy.

For all my perks, I failed. Miserably.

Pic related was my modus operandi for the rest of the jump.

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You know you're not supposed to get the protagonists level of power, right? Even if you Steal his device that doesn't mean it will work in a different Multi-verse.
Yes it certainly could, these are both Perfectly acceptable for rainmaker kid. Yes, you can but think Quicksilver fast and not the flash fast, But I'm going to veto stacking the same power three times.

Thank you for reminding him.
Where did I say you could do that? I said one of the reoccurring primary antagonists could do that. And I said Charles Xavier not onslaught, the dude has limits Even if they are self-imposed.

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So I assume he wound up releasing the remaining 14 Endbringers? Ouch.

>> No.39410815

>that doesn't mean it will work in a different Multi-verse
Is that not what Jumpchan is for? I don't recall you writing the main rules.

>I said one of the reoccurring primary antagonists could do that
And since MM doesn't say 'you can't choose a canon power', that's my power now.

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Maybe we just have different definitions of omnipotent, I wouldn't even put Superman at omnipotent levels.

Which Quicksilver? 616 or Ultimate? Or movie?
616 is slow as balls compared to the others iirc.

>> No.39410899

Good luck configuring It to work for an entirely different multi-verse Then it was designed for,I hope your knowledge of physics and programming is Sufficiently advanced

>And since MM doesn't say 'you can't choose a canon power', that's my power now.

Nope, but it does say are reasonable amount, and that is an unreasonable amount
Ultimate, you can go Mach 10 and use the rest of the powers to survive being able to go Mach 10 and make going Mach 10 useful.

>> No.39410951

To who's definition?

I think working on the fact that Jumpchan lets our powers specifically work in different universes, and the fact that it's a canon, thus defined power, is perfectly REASONABLE. Not my fault if you didn't specify. And if you're here to tell me that my definition is wrong, then what was even the fucking point of leaving it to us if you're gonna stomp on our builds?

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>Changelog: v. 0.8

>Changed location roll
>Changed Cylon Race pricing
>Changed All Of This Will Happen Again drawback
>Added pictures
>Add Notes on All Of This drawback
>Added Notes on Opera House
>Added Notes on vehicles
>Fixed spelling, grammar, formatting

Cylon pricing is the same as it was before, I just clarified how it was listed to reflect my original intent. Thanks to the anons that pointed out how confusing it was the way I had it written up.

All Of This drawback was originally intended to have the jumper replace a main character AND remove out of jump powers. The drawback as written, with the notes, reflects that change.

Please continue to provide feedback. The intent is to have this at 1.0 by no later than Sunday. Thanks all, hope you enjoy it.

>> No.39411000

To my definition since I made the jump.
Is it really so hard to believe that the guy who made the jump would be The arbiter of what can and can't be done with it?

>> No.39411030

Maybe a definition that doesn't require your head to be up your ass to make sense? Or how about one that doesn't assume that omnipotence is so trivial that it just got lumped in with a 400 point catch-all.

>> No.39411033

Yes, yes it is. Because you're being unreasonable and going back saying "nuh-huh you can't do this". Either specify the limits or stop complaining when someone uses the exact wording of the perk.

>> No.39411050

All right. I'll revise PS238 with the Proper benchmark,Problem solved.

>> No.39411064

He did specify the limits you moron. 'Reasonable'. You're the one going 'nuh uh omnipotence is reasonable'. No one else has this issue but you.

>> No.39411084

Now look what you've done dickheadanon. We ALL get nerfed now.

>> No.39411102

So the protection would only work up to Mach 10?
Right now I can go hundreds of times faster than that so I hoped it would work constantly. (this is just backup protection, I already have it in a few other ways too)

Would it be possible to have something that let me go to top speed instantly? Not having to deal with acceleration would be pretty nice.
Then I'd also have turning on a dime agility on top hopefully so I can zig zag around people.

Do the powers grow with age? Assuming we go in as kids that is.
It would explain the speed of Mach 10 since he was reaching that when he had pimples.

>> No.39411114

Hold up, weren't you the one outright supporting that we can pick from any power in http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Meta_Powers and it'd fit Miscellanious Meta.

>> No.39411145

>that link
Oh holy shit my sides. That was a thing?

I can't. I was trying to make a point on how vagueness could take us a while, but if that's true then I can't. No. I have to apologize to everyone here for being a dick about it.

>> No.39411167

Looks nice.
There are four pages though, where part of the text is a bit hard to read:

The second page of the Cylons, with the ship in the background, has bright white highlights behind some of the white text of "For you", and later "blonde" and "women". Slightly darkening the background would work to fix this, or adding a tint (yellow or blue?) to the text that isn't in the background.

On the Military page, the same thing happens to the O in "skills you possess" and the second L and 3rd A in "battlefield awareness" as well as the first C in CIC. Same solutions would work here, though a blue tint wouldn't help as much as a yellow one here, since there's also a blueish tint to the background image.

Lastly, on the Drawbacks page, "-existing conditions" is completely whited out by the highlight on the background, Same thing would fix this as with the first one - darkening the background, or adding a blue or yellow tint to the text.

>> No.39411261

Hell no, I was not, that place is a joke any superpower sure, but not To the ridiculous degrees we have there.
It would stack with whatever you have now.
That seems reasonable, since it's not a direct speed boost.
I will allow it, they also grow with Practice

>> No.39411265

Yeah, this was a while back but he was full-on supporting getting some things like Complete Arsenal with the perk.

>> No.39411332

Are the Worm crystal power things magic or scientific in nature. If the first, how much just mana do you think Scion has? Or just the crystals themselves? Few are limitless. Or how much stamina would you say? Is he inexhaustible? Wondering because there are ways of killing him with anti-magic without a direct confrontation. Just selectively shut them off one by one. Does the Worm world have souls, also. That could help in killing him.

>> No.39411391

Her eyes are nearly as big as her tits. I really don't know what to do with that.

>> No.39411414



Generic Dungeon Crawl, v1.1


>> No.39411429

I'll fiddle with the picture settings in general, but on those pages in particular.

Thanks for the feedback.

>> No.39411470

Stories? I just finished writing a story!

But first:

http://pastebin.com/4SE2Tdq9 --> Everything on how to make a Garden of Eternity. All the way from the use of Nitramene, Artificial Blastia Cores, Psitanium/Wraithbone, even a total of FIVE Wells of Eternity, all in their own pocket world.

http://pastebin.com/JgDzAmf7 --> ...how to SURVIVE the aforementioned Garden. It's a lot of new energies, and in a fair amount of abundance. When you have to make a plan to survive your own plan, it says something. Plus as anons kept bringing up, I otherwise would have popped like a terrible thing.

http://pastebin.com/Z7hYvUZa --> And finally... the story of how it went. The hesitation and nervousness in before activating it. And the formation of when all four trees merged into a gestalt being. Of some reminiscing, of some concern... and realizations. But one thing is certain. Everything changes after this.

>> No.39411482

Magic doesn't exist in Worm so it would be science, he covers the entire surface of multiple earths absorbing all the energy he can, so while it is canonically finite, IIRC he can continue at the rate hes going for a few millennia so while a battle of attrition may be possible it will last far longer then the 10 years of the jump even if you force him to increase the amount of energy hes using.

>> No.39411581

They're called Shards, use sufficiently advanced science, and are actually in completely separate dimensions. As for Zion utterly insane supply of power that's effectively limitless in the time scale of the jump. Almost certainly not weak to antimagic but a dimensional anchor or similar might annoy him for a little while.

>> No.39411663

I was thinking of using anti-magic to null his soul like I do in a lot of other places because they're typically magic or meta or in some cases not a thing at all. I don't think him absorbing energy that's not directly related to magic would make that much of a difference though. That said, whether souls are a thing in that world would make the whole fight with him roughly as easy as extinguishing a human soul. Which I'd have nearly the time equivalent of an a hour each week for two hundred years worth of training to master before I got there. Not including fight time.
Gotcha chief. Might need another plan then though. That sucks.

>> No.39411685

RWBY, oddly enough, has an antimagic-ish perk: the Jam Semblance seems to nullify the supernatural properties of things.

Does this also apply in other Jumps? Or is it RWBY-specific?

>> No.39411708


I haven't talked all that much about it, but my Evangelion Jump got crazy, mainly because I had the Kamen Rider Golgom drawback on and it basically brought the great mutants from KRB into eva using Warp.

Seele joined with Golgom and they upgraded my clones from that drawback. One of them turned into Doras.

Also by the end of the Jump Gendo was so pissed at me he turned himself into a Nephilim-Kaijin hybrid to fight me.

Mind you I think he just hated the fact someone ntred him and adopted his boy, not that he actually cared for them.

>> No.39411717

The Generic Magical Girl has one. Where I got mine. Gonna get the imagine breaker once I get to Raildex too but that will be about as long to get to as the Worm world if only in a slightly shorter time frame. Maybe.

>> No.39411719

I feel like I just wasted 20 minutes.

--DC comics short story.

>> No.39411770

W-well, I do have one for Nechronica. It's just fluffy slice of life stuff with my girls instead of the usual evil though. http://pastebin.com/F6wCNZFn

>> No.39411774

And this is why I don't post about my projects. Because dammit Red, this was good. This was all good.

Jelly? Fuckit, I'll admit it, I'm jelly.

>> No.39411784

I think you know EXACTLY what to do with them.
Give her reduction surgery. Jesus, that has to be hell on her spine

>> No.39411828

Shit, I forgot my name

>> No.39411880

What jumps have perks that let you negate attempts to negate your abilities?

>> No.39411898

What would be a good Stand for Zatanna?
I considered having it do something like reverse someones senses but she can get that with a Zanpakuto.

What are some trippy or psychedelic Stand ideas that would suit her?

It would have to be called Hocus Pocus for obvious reasons.

>> No.39411931

White Rabbit

>> No.39411939

One of the brute powers in Worm I think, and in Mahou Sensei Negima you can get magic immunity. Twilight something or another as it is. It makes you almost outright invincible in a few worlds.

>> No.39411999

There's a skill in JCA that makes your magic unstoppable to mundane methods, and you can probably do some nifty stuff in FR if you crawl through splatbooks. It's a solid combo for a magic-heavy build because then only magic can resist you and can you pierce immunities.

>> No.39412003

Jackie Chan's "Magic must fight Magic" will prevent non-magical attempts to jam your magic.

>> No.39412022

Well now I know what it's going to look like!

Only slightly related but has anyone else seen the English show Misfits?
It was pretty funny and was about a bunch of people getting super powers from a storm but the main characters were all on community service.

There was a guy whose powers made his acid trips become real so a rabbit man with a golf club started hunting people down to beat them to death. (pictured)

>> No.39412023

Something that has been on my mind for a while here...

For the jumpers who went full hermit and/or got a mental bond with your pokemon, to what extent did you take advantage of your two-way communication?

We all know about how we can give them a human form, proper language skills, and introduce them to human concepts and social norms in any number of worlds, but how many of you attempted to impart this knowledge on your pokemon before ever leaving your first jump? How did you go about it, and how did it work out for you? How well did they understand what you were trying to convey (and on that note, were some easier to talk to and explain things to than others)? If applicable, to what degree would you say you advanced their awareness beyond what they started out with before ever leaving the jump?

>> No.39412100

Isn't there already a Stand called The Magician or something?

>> No.39412153

I choose Zoroark for my starting pokemon, and they have been shown to reliably impersonate humans. So I wasn't too bad off. Teaching it to speak human was a whole 'nother issue however.

Overall? My starter and other pokemon took to learning fairly well, but part of that I attribute to how I got them. Asides from my starter, I didn't catch my pokemon, I got them as eggs from breeders. I raised them, so I was able to teach them a whole lot.

I'd like to think I raised them alrght; my starter acted like their older sibling, but tended to spoil them though.

>> No.39412154

I didn't get Hermit or Mental Bond but I did do something similar.

I cheated and got a Zorua as my starter. I had her help me hustle people for money, and I let her have as much fun as she wanted to with her illusionanry powers.

We did get serious eventually and she learned a lot about being human since she walked about with me in disguise most of the time. She was also able to help me communicate with other pokemon since Zoroark can speak english while disguised.

>> No.39412161

Magician's Red, aye.

It's Mohammed Avdol's Stand, and it burns things. That's - pretty much it, actually, IIRC.

>> No.39412178

There's Magician's Red if that's what you mean?
I can't really just copy another Stands name and now they're based more on songs/artists rather than tarot cards.

The earlier Stands don't seem like they're anywhere near as good as the later ones.

>> No.39412246

Bah. You're a creative person, I'm sure of it. I'm just obsessive about details to the point of autism.

You're all amazing and creative, /jc/. We have amazing jumps and amazing stories and amazing schemes. Keep being amazing, and keep aspiring!

>> No.39412363

You say that, but then there are stands like Killer Queen, Creme, and the Hand in Parts 3 and 4 which all are pretty top tier stands, and those are just off of my head. Maybe you could go for a stand called Black Magic Woman or something like that?

>> No.39412479

Oh I already know what I'm calling it, Hocus Pocus (Focus).

I still need to think of names for the actual abilities but that won't be possible until I think of some and right now I'm stumped.
I can't really think of anything that she can't already do with her magic, that I can't already do or that isn't completely broken.
Something that either helped her cast her backwards magic or just complimented it would be good.

I thought about the magic trick where they cut someone in half and they're fine but I already have that from the Op Op Fruit.

>> No.39412603

Write more stories please.

>> No.39412731


>> No.39413186

>That ending.

Also, fuck your PS238 build is broken!

Thank you. I'll think about it.

>> No.39413226


I took psionics and a ralts as a starter. Didn't take Empathic bond, but considering how much time we spent linked to communicate (mute drawback) and develop my new powers, we shared pretty much everything.

Without knowing what future jumps would be like, I could only give her the option of leaving the world with me at the end of the ten years - it was a shock for both of us to see her as a Viera and hear each other speak for the first time.

>> No.39413468

>Also, fuck your PS238 build is broken!
Just underscores how that MM perk needs to go away. Too many jumpers use it to just give themselves bullshit powers that are worth well in excess of 400cp.

>> No.39413490

You know KOTOR, it's rather rude to simply look through the rest of someone's pastebin. I can hardly stop you, but I'd certainly appreciate the courtesy.

>> No.39413547

how do you even justify that ps238 build?

>> No.39413572

Hmm? The powers are all pathetically weak variants of themselves. I thought that was how it worked?

>> No.39413610

weak transcendance and reality warping... how does that even work?

>> No.39413612

Well, I mean, I just noticed your name was highlighted so I thought, why not. And then I noticed this weird document labeled Untitled, so of course I had to check that out.

Also are you British, or do you just like using the word oi?

>> No.39413615

What is the best weapon or item to destroy and kill all manner of things unholy? Things like the undead, vampires, werewolves, demons, etc.

>> No.39413634

Honestly? I have no clue. More then a little of that build was me being a bit pissed off at Tera, and taking it out by abusing that jump. Petty I know, but eh.

>> No.39413637

Val, given your anti-sane-reality tendencies a little espionage is to be expected.

>> No.39413664

Aussie actually. It's just a habit really.

Eh fair enough. I don't really mind that much, but there have been times where I've put unready Wips on before and had them revealed early, so it kinda set me off a bit.

>> No.39413669

Oh, ok. My WoW build is a troll build for that same reason.

>> No.39413773


A planet's worth of iron amount of bullets.

If they're immune to gunshot wounds, shoot them until they die from lead poisoning.

>> No.39413774

why do people keep making image jumps? they arent as good and are hard to read.

>> No.39413851

Oh, well then, I guess I'll stop working on the graphical version of Teen Titans.

>> No.39413935

You shut your whore mouth.

>> No.39413946

Agree to disagree there, there's something more fun about checking out an image jump.
Also if it's done correctly it can be easier to look through than a list of numbers and descriptions.

>> No.39413966

>Not liking image jumps

>> No.39413973

The cyoa threads would linch you for that. Their biggest spot of hate for this guff.

>> No.39414001

As long as I can still highlight and copy/paste the words I'll still love you.

>> No.39414015

Don't listen to that guy, I like your image jumps.

>> No.39414040


>> No.39414074

>all these new jumps

i was going to study... but

>> No.39414083

Uh, you know you can't copy text from an image right?

>> No.39414096

My starter was Growlithe, so she was already pretty smart and a good learner. It took a little bit, but she got the hang of human culture to the degree you could expect of a supernaturally smart flaming dog.

>> No.39414097

I wish that were true. Make me feel better at the fact that I'm shit at shop and too thick to learn.

>> No.39414144

They look nice. Some of them can be hard to read, in those cases it might be best to advise the jump maker but it is nice to see someone put that much effort in to their work.

>> No.39414152

I was talking about the PDF. I like copy/pasting the wording of what I bought so I have a quick reference, but too many image jumps prevent me from doing that.

>> No.39414181

Aparently you can, I just did it with the Battlestar jump >>39410963

Maybe your doing it wrong.

>> No.39414195

I think it's only a minority of us that do that. The only reason my jumps let you highlight text is because they're ugly word documents with images pasted in. People like KOTOR are much more talented and make theirs in image editing software and it looks a lot better.

>> No.39414219

I'll admit this helps

Some of them you seem to be able to do so. I don't know how they manage it but it's a nice thing to be able to do.

>> No.39414249

Ah ok then.

Epicure is most likely using a different program. I make all my graphical jumps with GIMP so everything's converted into a single layer Bitmap image when I save it.

>> No.39414267

some of the image-enhanced PDFs are still copy/paste friendly, some of the image enhanced PDFs are flattened out so that i can't copy the text into my jumpdoc.

it feels like the majority of image pdfs are non-copy-paste capable, sadly.

>> No.39414307

Most people who go through with making image versions using image editing software, is why. Like I said, only those of us who copied images into a word document instead have highlightable text. It might be slightly more convenient, but as a rule it's a lot uglier.

>> No.39414562

You can make PDFs with Images and text. They are the ideally to strive for.

>> No.39414580

No, not really. Pure image jumps end up looking much better and having better style.

>> No.39414625 [DELETED] 

>mib is reborn
>he always is

>> No.39414667 [DELETED] 

Is now really the time to stir up shit, anon?

I mean christ almighty on a bike, it's in the past. Let it stay there.

>> No.39414684

Looks like the scumbag deleted it. Good. So where you jumping to next OAA?

>> No.39414688 [DELETED] 

what was it?

>> No.39414717 [DELETED] 

A shitpost. Ignore it instead of trying to drag it back up.

>> No.39414749

How many star wars jumps are there?

>> No.39414761


>> No.39414774

Two, KOTOR and Clone Wars. Why do you ask?

>> No.39414806

A shitposter trying to dredge up some shit from WAAAAAAAAY in the past. We're talking he did some archaeology.

Either Negima or FF Type-0.

Gotta coinflip later.

>> No.39414812

I was thinking with the new star wars movies coming out a third might need to be made, maybe a fourth if you want one dedicated to the new ones and one dedicated to the original trilogy.

>> No.39414827

Entirely up to you anon.

>> No.39414845

Will you be going to Mars?

>> No.39414851

like examine my bone tier?

>> No.39414861


I'm several flavors of deity and I'm sorry, but that shit scares me.

>> No.39414877

And original Trilogy jump is understandable, but I don't we need another one for all the new Disney Star Wars movies. Especially since the 1st one isn't even out yet.

Someone also suggested a jump for the Old Republic MMO a while back if you're interested in that as well.

>> No.39414900

i got lost and ended up somewhere not on the chain. who knew that Ausar was a lightweight, Raidriar hates chocolate, and Galath never asked to be a Deathless?

>> No.39414927

How many jumps have the fanfic drawback? I feel like killing some Mary Sues today.

>> No.39414958

Star Trek TNG/DS9.

>> No.39414990 [DELETED] 

Why is there so much avatarfagging around these parts? I'm honestly baffled why shit that is completely frowned upon anywhere else is tolerated here no problem.

>> No.39415024

Sorcerer, Enchanter, Summoner (200)
Blasting, Buffing, Summoning (400)
HUD (800)
Loot Table (1000)

My last two purchases are what I'm in this form and the fact that I could get the general magic bonuses for 400cp was icing on the cake.

>> No.39415031

Yay, another shitposter to ignore. They've been pretty bad today, I wonder if it's someone doing it on purpose.

>> No.39415051


Any others?

>> No.39415053

I'm looking to import a faction whose items and troops I can summon for Cortex Command, and I can't decide between Covenant and Combine forces.

What would you anon's go for?

Which would win in a knock down, drag out fight: the Combine, or the Covenant. Not factoring in spaceships, of course.

>> No.39415063 [DELETED] 

Heck if I know, considering the stuff that isn't tolerated around here.

I mean, at least you asked instead of just telling everyone to go to tumblr, but I legitimately can't help. I don't understand it myself.

>> No.39415096 [DELETED] 

Because /jc/ as a whole is pretty chill. And the big majority of namefags here aren't faggots.

>> No.39415127

The only other one I can remember is Naruto. I THINK Evangelion had one as well, but I'm not 100% sure.

>> No.39415129

>Responding to a shitposter.
>Who doesn't even know what an avatar is.
Learn from your mistakes, damnit.

>> No.39415133

The new-ish Ranma jump has a fanfic option.

>> No.39415158

holy hell, that's terrible

>> No.39415163 [DELETED] 


It's more that we vacillate between eerie calm and explosive rage, whereas the rest of /tg/, from what I can tell, hovers at a lower but consistent level of saltiness.

>> No.39415168

Hey now, don't be a faggot and tar everyone with the same brush.
If he wanted to shitpost, it would be along the lines of "Fucking name flags and avatar gags can fuck off. This is an Annymous image board. We are leejun"

>> No.39415170


Not too sure which other ones have them.

>> No.39415183

You claiming that someone who is bitching about the users and content creators here isn't a shitposter is ridiculously naive. It's pathetic.

>> No.39415187 [DELETED] 

I respectfully disagree. /jc/ is not in fact, 'chill', as you claim. If the constant arguments are anything to go by that is.

And of course the namefags are faggots. Everyone here is a faggot. You wouldn't be here otherwise.

>> No.39415209

The worst part about it is the leg length hair.

Also, what the fuck is with Naruto and whiskers?

>> No.39415211 [DELETED] 

Buddy, you don't know constant. Though I suspect you're part of the problem, especially by your language with your "Everything is shit so I can be a piece of shit all I want" attitude.

>> No.39415216 [DELETED] 

But if everyone is, doesn't that mean nobody is?

>> No.39415221

>Someone also suggested a jump for the Old Republic MMO a while back if you're interested in that as well.
That'd be so cash.

>> No.39415226 [DELETED] 

/tg/ tolerates namefagging because it's in spirit of the entire board. There's time to be anon and there's time to put a name on. Trip if you want, but only few trip.

/jc/ people who make stuff like to show they're here instead of you know make something, then fucking off. We had a lot of people who just fucked off after making a Jump, and we're left trying to get questions with no answers.

>> No.39415251

>The game that ruins Revan/the Exiles storyline and basically retcons KOTOR 2.
>And can steal his pants

>> No.39415279

fox traits
that thing should not live, I will purge it
I like this name better

>> No.39415280

The main character had these whisker marks. I think it was a hold-over from the original design where he was half-demon. Anyway, they stuck and got more pronounced when he was using demon magic, so the lazy thing to do to show off would be to copy them, I guess.

>> No.39415287

Is there any interest in this? I thought everyone was like "No, that shit sucks." I liked the Imperial Agent storyline, but honestly there's nothing really special to make it a Jump.

>> No.39415344

I think they look neat, honestly. Obviously not a good thing to copy for your fancharacter.

>> No.39415358

I haven't played the game at all myself, but I do know most of the story. To be honest I think it'd end up too like the other two, but I'd still enjoy it just so I could have a chance to gain more Force Powers.

>> No.39415418 [DELETED] 

Not trying to start an argument. If anything you are with your hostile ton-actually no. That might not be true. Tone is incredibly hard to convey through the written word unless you outright state it.

So yeah, not trying to start shit. Just pointing out that /jc/ is far from 'chill'.


>> No.39415422

I thought KOTOR was doing that.
If not then pls do it fist

>> No.39415441

He's said point blank repeatedly that he doesn't want to do any more Star Wars.

>> No.39415461


Is someone going to make an original trilogy star wars jump or what?

>> No.39415465

Nobody is currently planning to.

>> No.39415491

The only old buster man that I like is Trigger. Though, I like Juno more then Trigger but he's no buster man. Legends would make a swell trip. Probably better too.

>> No.39415504

Legends may happen once Reploid does Star Force/ZX.

>> No.39415566


>> No.39415625

He's pretty busy from what I understand so it will be a while yet, but I'm still hopeful.

>> No.39415671

Been too long since I played it. Didn't finish the second one so I can't pick it up or I might. Best of luck to him then. Should be a rather straight forward trip to make.

>> No.39415685 [DELETED] 

Oh hey, its The Game Is Terrible So Lets Not Make It A Jump guy.

Hi guy!

>> No.39415710 [DELETED] 

No? I just don't think the game is awesome. Where in that post did I say not to make it? Don't be a dick to random people.

>> No.39415760 [DELETED] 

So how lewd is too lewd, /jc/? Can a sex game be turned into a good trip? Would that even be allowed? All above board of course. The whole setting isn't sex-crazed but the bit you'd start in would be.

>> No.39415787 [DELETED] 

>Can a sex game be turned into a good trip? Would that even be allowed?
No. No sex games. No sex based settings. None. Go away.

>> No.39415794 [DELETED] 

As a general rule, assume that if sex is the central focus of the game as opposed to something that just happens in it, it's too lewd.

>> No.39415833 [DELETED] 

I forgot this was a christian image board.
Well, it's not THE focus, but get ya.

>> No.39415835 [DELETED] 

>Leisure Suit Larry: SVU
Sure, anon. Nothing could go wrong there.

>> No.39415846 [DELETED] 

You forgot that the rules and standards of this community ban what you're trying to push.

>> No.39415856

So, what can you actually do with a soul? I took the perk from akagi that lets you make people gamble either their life or their soul, and presumably I could have a soul or two in hand.

With FMA alchemy I could use it to temporarily bypass equiv exchange, I imagine, but is there anything that would let me command the people who's souls I hold? Or just other effects or constructive uses for souls?

>> No.39415859 [DELETED] 

Transformers update.

Added a new Upgrade Option, clarified the options for Techno-Organic.

>> No.39415864 [DELETED] 

Fair enough. If it's A central focus, let along THE, it's too lewd.

>> No.39415882

Ea them for power/minions or forge them into weapons.

>> No.39415893

Dark Binding from Hellsing and Power of Dominance from Castlevania both let you use captured souls to enhance your other powers or summon them to fight for you.

>> No.39415932

Oops, had some issues with formatting and what not.

Anyways clarified stuff on Techno-Organic Upgrade. Unless there's an example, I'm going to have to go with canon as much as possible.

Added an upgrade for Prime.

>> No.39415933 [DELETED] 

I get banned every week almost. The mods and I are best of friends. Not worried about it.

>> No.39415964 [DELETED] 

No, it's a matter of what this thread will accept. You are 1) Intentionally trying to start shitstorms 2) Doing something that every single creator and the vast majority of the anons, including the creator of the entire concept is against and 3) Wasting your time, as if you try it we'll ignore it, won't consider it valid, will refuse to discuss it, and never add it to the jump archive drive.

>> No.39415997

Anything you grant a spark to counts as a companion correct? Like If I gave the Light of Terra a spark it would suddenly become sapient?

>> No.39416032


>> No.39416033 [DELETED] 

Know what you're getting at, bub. If I post something that starts a shiftstorm they'll can me. If I made a lewd trip it wouldn't be for you trust me that so I wouldn't care what ya think about it or if it gets onto there anyway.

>> No.39416041

With that new Upgrade it says that ALL Altforms are changed into a beast? No vehicles allowed with triplechanger?
That would make me sad.

Any suggestions for a mythological beast to turn into? (Anything but dragon or unicorn, I have several of those already)

>> No.39416059

Thought so. One more thing, If we import a companion and give them a leader assignment could they be the one to hold our spark with the Yes Master drawback?

>> No.39416133 [DELETED] 

Try "Everyone else here." So in short, leave. Go away. Vamoose.

>> No.39416146

Technorganics are well what it says on the box. When I originally said that they could get vehicles and triple change, I was confusing three separate bots. There's Beastwar's Black Arachnia she's a TO, Animated Black Arachnia she's a TO, Airachnia from Prime ISNT a TO.

Not really, it's in the hands of the leader of your faction. Be that Autobot, Decepticon, Predacon, Maximal, Dinobot... Etc. you don't have to follow their way of life but they have your spark.

>> No.39416155 [DELETED] 

Look mate, if you're going to do it, just do it and don't talk about it. All talking about it does is draw out the shitposters.

Then again all you're probably intent on doing is starting shit. If so, then well done.

>> No.39416156 [DELETED] 

I love you too.

>> No.39416173 [DELETED] 

How about no? People trying to keep away the lewd shit are the majority of the users. You claiming they're 'shitposters' is you being against most of the thread's wishes.

>> No.39416207 [DELETED] 

No, I'm being honest. It's a fine line and if I cross it I'd rather be aware before I did it or did not. What is lewd or unacceptable to me is way different to most people. I mean, Sekirei and DxD got in so the line is fairly able to be pushed a little.

>> No.39416211

Ranma 1/2
I am surprised Harry Potter doesn't have one now that I think about it. Then again you can keep drawbacks apparently through jumps so you could conceivably take that drawback with the choose option and jump to horrible Mary sue fan fics of all the jumps.

>> No.39416223 [DELETED] 

>fairly able to be pushed a little.
No. The difference is that those settings 1) Have no porn and 2) Do not have sex as a focus. They're different from lewd shit, and are the absolute MOST you're allowed to get away with.

>> No.39416248 [DELETED] 

Sure. Whatever you say.

Those are more 'ecchi' than outright porn I think. If that's even the right word. So whatever you're planning would have to not focus on, you know, the actual deed.

>> No.39416271 [DELETED] 

>whatever you're planning would have to not focus on, you know, the actual deed
Clarifying, by this it's meant THE SETTING ITSELF. It's not acceptable to try and make a jump out of porn and pretend it's not.

>> No.39416287

What jump is that?

>> No.39416288

I should have specified, I meant with the Legendary Beasts Spliced Upgrade.
It mentions all alternative forms being changed into a mythological beast.

I like the idea of having something like a Hydra form and a bike form. (no idea how multiple heads work)

It'd be a bit weird being an acid breathing unicorn..

>> No.39416312

So question jumpers... when has a die roll in a jump screwed up your plans? Not a die roll you do to see if you survive but a starting location, age or species; something like that.
For me I arrived in Neon Genesis Evangelion the day before the third impact so any plans I had including importing companions were scrapped for just getting the hell out of there before I got Tanged. I am guessing when I left in my cabbit ship I got shot at because they thought it was an alien but I doubt they could manage anything that could actually hurt my ship before I could get the hell out of the atmosphere.

>> No.39416340

Dark Souls.

>> No.39416351

>arriving the day before Tang Day
>not raging against the dying of the light

Anon, I am disappoint.

>> No.39416362

Been fairly lucky myself. Had to pay up from age in Assassination Classroom but aside from that it's either been ones, threes, and and eights that I've rolled.

>> No.39416363

I rolled Warp in Commoragh. I don't have any of the perks that let me travel dimensions.
It's better to live and fight another day.

>> No.39416395

Whenever I get exceptionally screwed over I just pay to pick my own location or age.

>> No.39416514

Well I fucked that up somehow but the questions still stand.

I'm pretty set on going to Prime now since it's the only setting I'm familiar with but I don't want to end up with Matrix of Leadership or All Spark Chosen as they just feel boring.

It's hard finding a decent mythological beast that translates well into being robotic.
The ones that look the coolest like Genies are usually all wispy and non physical which doesn't go well with metal.

Are there any cool mythological snakes or other things that are slim and fast?

>> No.39416518


The thing about lewd settings is that the majority of them have little to no real content.


These and other examples got a jump because there's something resembling an actual plot hidden behind the cleavage and exploding panties.

It is entirely possible to take a fanservice-stuffed series and make it into a good jump. But only if you focus on actual story, and not make a laundry list of perks to cover all the ways that you're too sexy for your shirt.

>> No.39416540

You can be disappointed in me but without a chance to prepare for it or a way to really help anyone there was nothing there to make it worth the risk. Hell everyone comes back eventually so all I would be doing is getting in the way.

>> No.39416598

. . . I like plot.

>> No.39416631

Well, I suppose that IS fair. 24 hours is a hell of a deadline unless you pull out all the stops that exist. All the unfair techniques to vaporize Gendo and the MP Evas.

And that makes for a boring ten years afterward.

>> No.39416634

>. . . I like plot.
We all do, anon. We all do.

>dat gif
>dem plots

>> No.39416663 [DELETED] 

So I was just checking the old Pastebin for a thing and one of the top things was a dox on the old Pewdiepie. Great. Thanks, /jc/!

>> No.39416671 [DELETED] 

I think if you could bleach the underpants (remove all the sex elements) and still have an interesting setting for a jump there is enough not lewd for a jump. However if one or more of the main focuses of the setting is sex then it's unlikely it would work. However many people will say any lewd is too lewd and likely your looking at a lot of bitching even if there is enough there for a decent jump.

>> No.39416741

There's fanservice and there's porn.

>> No.39416758 [DELETED] 

No, if the point of the setting is lewd then it is not acceptable or workable as a jump. Period.

>> No.39416791 [DELETED] 

Calm down, shitbird.

>> No.39416859

I don't think I've ever said no to the challenge presented by a bad roll. I've got a weird dice attraction to end up as age 21 or 28 in a lot jumps though. Only time I've actually changed my age/gender/location was in futurama where I didn't want to be a gazillion years old professor.

But in Forgotten Realms I did screw up rolling for the ancient evil I desired. So I kept rolling and awakening ancient evils till I got the one I wanted.
That was a hectic one. Snakemen, undead, aliens, the mother of all monsters, and the drowning world as the Leviathan rose all at the same time.

>> No.39416890 [DELETED] 

How about now? This shit isn't allowed, and that needs to be stressed.

>> No.39416975 [DELETED] 

>How about now? This shit isn't allowed, and that needs to be stressed.
Yeah, not >>39416791 or the other anons arguing for lewd, but the way some of you moralfags go from zero to fullsperg at the hint of lewd chums the water for all manner of trollery.

>> No.39416977


"Well, you see, I can alter reality as much as I like - so long as it's a Tuesday, the moon is full, and it involves pulling small animals out of hats."

>> No.39417035 [DELETED] 

Hahaha, no. It's just community ruining crap that doesn't belong here. Doesn't say anything about my actual morals.

>> No.39417036

Just imnsho, but Strike Witches jump. Your argument is invalid. :)

>> No.39417043

Is that one not purely mage up of images?

>> No.39417059

Can someone link a clip of this Negima Mars stuff? I've heard enough that I'm getting curious as to how danmaku it gets.

>> No.39417065

For the Worm jump, is the "if a power that you or a Companion already has is rolled, they may reroll for free" bit mandatory? Because I rolled for my Companions just now and by sheer random chance I got a team made up entirely of parahumans with Eidolon's power. And I kind of like the mental image of a team where every single member is Eidolon, just to mess with him.

>> No.39417105


>> No.39417109

Here's Jack Rakan- Muscle Wizard extraordinaire.

In the final battle, he gets jobbed, and he can bisect top-of-the-line Dreadnaughts with nothing but a big sword and the strength in his arms.

He can also throw around blasts equivalent to low-yield Dragon Slaves like candy.

He's really damn strong, but there are plenty stronger than him involved in what goes down on Mars.

That's the kind of firepower you'll be up against on an individual level, to say nothing of the two armies that get into the fight as well.

>> No.39417114

I say go for it no matter what the answer is. That shits' funny.

>> No.39417128


Battlestar Galactica v.0.8
> Location: Virgon [Rolled12]
> Origin: Scientist [-50CP]
> Race: Cylon [-200CP]
> Model#: Hybrid [-300CP]
> Flawless Interface [-300CP]
> Soundtrack [Get a Freebie!]
> Temple Trained [-200CP]
> Clandestine Champ [-200CP]
> A Mind That Burns Like A Fire! [Get a Freebie!]
> Omnidisciplinarian [-100CP]
> Origin Gear (Scientist) [-50CP]
> Disco Wars [Get a Freebie?]
> With One Hand Tigh'D [+100CP]
> Bastille Day [+100CP]
> Dirty Hands [+200CP]

I AM the Deus Ex Machina!

With an incredible scientific and theological knowledge, and the ability to integrate seamlessly with machines... I'm pretty awe inspiring! All the worlds' technology, and by extension all their knowledge, is mine...!

... I wonder what'll happen if I merge with the tower from Ar Tonelico?

>> No.39417150

Whatever it is, it'll sound great.

>> No.39417157

That's definitely a possibility, either that or a Horned Serpent.

With Triplechanger can I pick a vehicle mode or do I need to pick another mythical beast?
If I can pick a vehicle then sweet, if it's a creature then I have no idea what to pick.

>> No.39417176

... You know, I was going to say Covenant for a straight up fight, but IF you can easily customise the Combine tech rather than be stuck with the schizoid examples from the game then I'd be tempted to go with them instead.

>> No.39417180

This made me grin far more then it should have.

>> No.39417198

Another mystical beast.

>> No.39417200

Sure, it's called The Ugly Anti-Spiral

Once upon a time there was an ugly Anti-Spiral. He was so ugly that everyone died!

The end.


>> No.39417203

Nope. The text in it is real, selectable, copy/pastable text.

>> No.39417218

Note the "may" in "they may reroll for free". It's optional.

>> No.39417239

... Well, crap. *hurriedly crosses Negima's Mars off the tourist list*

>> No.39417243

I just wasn't sure if that was the intent or not. Cool, then. Team Inferiority Complex is go! By the time we're done, Eidolon will have summoned another dozen Endbringers just to make himself feel better.

>> No.39417297

Damn Anti-Spiral, how did you get strong enough to transcend into fighting capitol "G" gods?

I'm legitimately interested in what combination you used to get that much metaphysical weight.

As it stands now? I would have tried to solve that with a liberal application of a Star Destroyer mounted Caster Cannon loaded with Ragna Blade shells. No way could I stand toe to toe with a god with my own personal power.

>> No.39417341

Are there any shapeshifting or tinkering perks that would let me give my transformer body more vehicle modes?
Is the shapeshifting from venture bros good enough for that?

>> No.39417346

Personally, I define shapeshifting with robot bodies to work just fine. So you can change yourself into any vehicle you can manage to form, no real need for alt forms.

>> No.39417356

Like the anti-spiral up there, I did some writefaggotry for 13-3.

I have no idea what I'm writing for the fight with Bhunivelze, but have some Lightning Dies action.


>> No.39417369

>Lightning Dies
I like this better than the canon plot already.

>> No.39417390

and as I know someone will say it.

>Lightning shows emotion

Beat you to it.

>> No.39417408

No one particular strategem, really. It was a combination of many, many things employed to buff ourself over the millennia to try, including but not limited to:

-Spending Raildex pushing our powers to the limit by getting involved in PLOT, incidentally acquiring this crystal Esper extract. The point was to hit Level 6 as soon as possible-and then start working on self-control so's we didn't just sort of blow everything up by existing
-Using the knowledge honed from Arcane, That Undefinable Thing, Splice It and Dice It and Soul Smith to modify Soul Shards such that they could spawn souls apart from Minecraft-native souls/creating crystals based on their designs for other jumps. We would refine and miniaturise the crystals until there output would approach that of a soul-factory of sorts, constantly emitting souls that would be annihilated by nearby killing enchantments and processed into either materia or mantra-or just eating them with Dark Binding. Civ Jump was the big stretch, spending thousands of years bloated on mantra production from artificial soul factories based on many, many planets and transmitted via a Precursortech-based beacon to our location
-A great deal of metaphysical genetic engineering. Our exact method of study is detailed in https://archive.moe/tg/thread/39041369/#39045957
-Similarly, way back in the Type-Moon jumps we acquired Dead Apostle physiology, a Reality Marble, Artificer genius and a background as a magus. We used this to study and develop a specific form of boundary fields which would enable us, like one canon Type-Moon vampire, to enable our Reality Marble to become our body
-Cursed Existence, Magic Troll, Aku's Wrath, Fueled by Fear all enabled us to sustain ourself off human suffering-on top of Pentakai Bench's bonus from having companions near you

And there were other specific, like Supernatural, Touhou, Percy Jackson and Okami that just kind of...upped the ante from being in them. But yeah, it's been one helluva ride

>> No.39417478

How would you deal with someone who's been building specifically anti-magic, anti-tech auras while focusing on hilarious levels of pure physical power? Magitech and such would just, stop in their presence.

Just leave them alone while they punch worlds to bits?

>> No.39417496

... good thing I'm an insanely powerful psion

>> No.39417500


My plan for dealing with diety-level threats would be a chain of Giga Slaves set off in rapid sequence- all of which were readied beforehand with Cantrips.

Using armor set up with infinite ammo "mana guns" along its spine, I should be able to keep up the barrage- alternating between readied cantrips and full castings of Giga Slave.

Getting blasted with negative-reality magical super nukes should do the trick. Hopefully.

>> No.39417504

>Giga Slave
Asking to die

>> No.39417518

You pick up a couple willpower perks/dominance and psions have no domain in your head. They could shoot you with mind bullets still, but that might take a while yet against someone who's planetbuster tough.

>> No.39417521

Once upon a time, there was... a Riolu! She was an anxious, little thing, who had never really done much of anything, let along something to be proud of. Hers was a timid existence.
But one day she met an Eevee, who introduced her to the world of "Rescue Squads", friendly teams of Pokemon who did good deeds for others. And so they did so together, and they became the best of friends. And the other Pokemon treated her as if she was special, as if she mattered, and the Riolu tried even harder to help them because of it.

One day, a terrible cataclysm wracked the land, and earthquakes and storms filled the earth and sky. The two friends traveled long and far to find the cause, and soon climbed the tallest tower in the world, and even into the very sky itself in order to speak to the Sky God Rayquaza, and ask if it would save their world.
Rayquaza refused, and conflict broke between them.

But although it was powerful, and threatened to knock them from the tower many times, the Riolu held strong, both to her friend and her ideals. With drive and certainty, she fought harder than she ever had for anything, and together they saved that world and all their friends.

There atop the tallest tower, above the world, the Eevee looked at the Riolu, and told her she was a hero.

And for just one moment, she thought she could be.

Hah! What a stupid and naive story!

>> No.39417539

>You pick up a couple willpower perks/dominance and psions have no domain in your head.

>that might take a while yet against someone who's planetbuster tough.

>> No.39417541


My companions and I fought the Heavenbringer - the Titan of legend. The battle was long and hard, and I lost a friend in the process- One of my companions. Natasha, first met as a Nu Mou Sage, succumbed to the Titan's curse and died for good - Part of my deal with the entity that gave me my powers is that my companions have the same deal as me- If they die, they go home.

Consumed with rage at my friend's death and my own inability to do anything to help them, my wrath consumes me in...


Location: North Amestris
Background: Drop-in
Age: 24

Truth [200]
Homonculus (Wrath) [-600]

Tremor [-300]
Enemy of the State [0]

My first priority is getting an Automail arm fitted for myself. By force if necessary. Then, I have to learn Alkahestry. And help Elric defeat Father, but I'll prefer to do that from the shadows- If I meet them, there's a better than none chance we'll end up fighting if we meet due to my status as a criminal.

Otherwise, I'll just rove around fighting State Alchemists and generally being 200% MAD.

>> No.39417556

Um. We...can't say we've ever encountered someone quite like that in our travels? Are you referring to someone like the Siberian or Kamijou Touma? Because we figure the former is vulnerable to magic whereas the latter is, frankly, nothing special in a fistfight beyond his plot armour precog. The only thing that springs to mind is another Jumper-which is completely impossible given y'know. No multiplayer.

But off the top of our head:
-We'd start by fighting THEIR antimagic with OUR anti-magic. Both Q This and Get Real from Star Trek TNG and Johnny Test respectively offer forms of reality warping specifically keyed to supernatural abilities in general. Jam from RWBY also works, albeit it's harder to find concrete info on how strong a fully fledged Semblance is
-There is a technique from Mahou Sensei Negima called Kanka taught by a specific teacher that enables you to essentially pool your mana and ki together. One of our few concrete plans in Negima was to learn that technique, so our mana pool would translate into physical prowess
-Funny you should mention megitech stopping-FF8's sorcery stopper has little scientific devices that stop magical capabilities. We'd throw those at 'em, or use http://pastebin.com/ej8szZ0j to alchemise the matter between us and them into something exotic and volatile enough to hurt-i.e. antimatter
-Between Rakasha physiology, Wretched Egg (one hellluva rough patch), kaiju form, Helena's Nail and to a lesser extent Prototype, we have a host of physically capable altforms to fall back on

Really though-the main limitation of such a hypothetical foe is range. So we'd abuse Dimensional Move to stay one step ahead of them, and Portamancy coupled with Mark of the Rift to send them to another dimension where the fight would be in our favour.

>> No.39417557

gol d roger is that you

>> No.39417561

Oh god, another brainboner.

>> No.39417578

>Homonculus (Wrath) [-600]
Damn, lucky roll.

>> No.39417589

>gol d roger is that you
I'm no pokefucker.

>Oh god, another brainboner.
Nah, just into balanced builds. The dude who posted "I M SOOPER STRONK, U CANT HIT ME" is just a tard. He had a one dimensional build, I pointed out a weakness and he just waved it away.

>> No.39417600

You're... doing the... exact same. By going 'Nope. Psionics win.'

>> No.39417601

I didn't say it was a GOOD idea, its just the most powerful spell I can bring to bear personally.

I usually rely on dreadnaught-grade weaponry for large threats. If I go into a jump knowing I'm going to fight a God, I fabricate orbital Super MAC's and their energy/magic equivalents, then go about unpacking my fleet of Star Destroyer sized capitol ships. From there, I'll add to the fleet using factory drones to mine out asteroids and planets.

When the final confrontation happens, it'll be 1 God against several fleets and battery's of planet-cracking satellites.

If I'm feeling really crazy, I can outfit them with appropriately up-sized Caster Guns (cannons) that fire black holes and supernovas.

I'd still get stomped if I fought a God one-on-one, my power isn't really tied to personal strength. Its all in civilization/tech/infrastructure/manufacturing.

I might not be able to punch a God in the face, but I can totally build some Death Stars pretty damn fast.

>> No.39417603

And you waved away his defenses.

>> No.39417611

>balanced builds
No such thing in jumpchain. There's options that make you immune to everything pretty quickly. I mean, the helmet from Marvel is an instant shutdown to psions.

>> No.39417612

>Wretched Egg
You know, with this, I always wonder who that anon picked as their yandere target.

>> No.39417616

i know right

Especially lucky because if I was to take Homonculus, I'd only really want Wrath because being mad is pretty much my deal.


>> No.39417632

Definitely better than something like Gluttony, and it has a ton of un-tapped potential because of the limited physical abilities of its user.

>> No.39417638

>tfw you've got a husbando that turns you into a horrible ragemonster

>> No.39417689

I'd be down for an Ippo Jump. Could do it with the sports jump I guess but that felt more team oriented.

>> No.39417754

>Cylon (200)
>Military (50)
>Like A Machine (50, discount: Cylon)
>Final Five-ish (300)
>Flawless Interface (300, discount: Cylon)
>Fit To Fight (Free: Military)
>Military Occupational Skillset (100, discount: military) (Strategic, CIC)

So. A year before the apocalypse. The roll of the dice has mandated that Colonial society is doomed, even if I skipped the drawback, but a population bottleneck of less than forty thousand people is unreasonable.

Step one: immediately use my hacking abilities to get a background established as some sort of high-ranked black ops officer in the Colonial naval structure, so that I'm a safe distance from the Cylons (and beside, Cavil wiped everyone's memories of the Final Five anyway). It'll come in handy later.

Step two: start hiring people for privately funded long-range excursions. Because we're going to Kobol (as far as they know). The idea is to get it going within six months, and get ten thousand people per colony at a minimum. I have a warehouse full of wealth and the means to do it, so whether or not they make it to Kobol they'll be filthy rich as far as they're concerned, as long as they sign the non-disclosure agreements that they have to sign as Colonial recruits. And then they go on their five year mission. Make sure there is no official record of anything like this. Ever. Manage those ships via clones because I can make enough to do that with plenty to spare.

Step three: Fuck up the Cylons' backdoor into the command navigation program. If things have to go to shit, the colonies at least deserve to have a fighting chance. It might not be much of one, but at least they'll be able to take out some of their attackers.

>> No.39417769

I was fucking a Xenomorph in the Alien jump when someone walked in on me that one time.

I actually rolled for it, hilariously enough I got a crit success for trapping and containing the xenomorph, but I crit failed on keeping it a secret. If I merely failed they would have found out, but since I crit failed they found out while I was "Taming" it.

This is easily the #1 most embarrasing thing that has ever happened to my jumper. Right above being a small child without memories for a jump with Abridged!Fem!Alucard as my mother.

So Jumpers, on another note, what is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

>> No.39417777

Step four: Make sure that I'm on the Pegasus when shit hits the fan. At first opportunity, replace Cain with myself wearing Cain's face, and have a very long talk with Gina Inviere. Tell her what's coming. Offer her the chance to change it. Use certain abilities to help maintain the fleet. Instead of press-ganging everyone... everyone lives. Just this once. Everyone lives.

Step five: Everyone also gets drafted. It's necessary. It's also a great way to handle Cylon infiltrators and quietly remove them without stirring up a fuss. But more importantly, while they're being drafted, they DO still have their families and (most of) their ships. This is going to be the jump that makes my Best In The Business perk worthwhile. What's my organization? The Colonial Military. And right now, I'm the highest ranking officer in it.

Step six: Come across Galactica. Talk to Adama, across open airwaves, about the quest for earth and be relieved that we at least found one other battlestar following the theoretical emergency procedures. Because Earth is a smokescreen, but it'll give people way more hope than they had before. Combine our fleets. Institute a fleet-wide draft; welcome to the Colonial military, everyone. Honestly, it's less 'you're actually in the military now' and more 'welcome to the command economy as run by a precog mentat jumper'. Also, it means I get to filter out more Cylons. Ah, D'Anna, you and I, we are going to have a very long talk about the Final Five.

Step seven: FUCK New Caprica. Adama and Cain, space bros saving humanity. Also it's simply tragic that Tom Zarek suffered a stroke and died isn't it. For that matter it's equally tragic that Baltar was exposed for his crime and shot for treason because seriously come on.

Step eight: Welcome to Earth. The seed ships we sent forward five years ago have set up a colony. With orbital defenses. Don't ask how they work, it's not jump-native technology.

Step nine: Aggressive negotiation with the Cylons.

>> No.39417785

This post makes me feel bad, because I sort of wonder if this kind of thing is what's discouraging the AvP jump from happening...

But for the question? I keep getting lost. Every time there's a drawback for that I take it, so no matter what I can't find my way.

>> No.39417786

>I was fucking a Xenomorph


>> No.39417802


Anon. Xenos do not have that kind of equipment unless they're a Queen.


>> No.39417806

Funnily enough, reading your post.

>> No.39417814

I've got an acid-proof dick. It has a hole.

>> No.39417819

So why are Cylons assholes anyway?

>> No.39417821


>> No.39417824

Brân Jinglōng
Male, 19
Shaper (900)
Quick Study
Quick Action (800)
Innate Genetic Understanding (500)
ReShaping (-100)
Robes of Ambiguous Gender
Gold - 5,000gp (-150)
Shaper's Glove (-300)
Unbound (0)

>> No.39417829

Forgot my name.

>> No.39417868

It's basically Cavil's fault. The first Model One got jealous that his "mother" favored her youngest manufactured child over him, so he went psycho; he killed off the ENTIRE LINE, mindwiped the Final Five and put them in the Colonies, mindwiped ALL THE REST OF THE CYLONS and reprogrammed them. Almost none of them discover the full extent of what happened.

The seven humanoid models of Cylon were made in their adult form, and never got around to growing up. Without an adolescent period, they never matured as they should have. It's something you see throughout the series, in a big way.

In the end Cavil ragequits, after making a very nice speech earlier in the day about wanting to transcend the limitations of the flesh instead of being stuck seeing being through those ridiculous gelatinous orbs in his skull. When it all goes to hell and reclaiming the lost technologies behind Cylons ceases to be an option, he puts a bullet through his skull.


>> No.39417885

You do realize xenomorphs are hermaphrodites right?

>> No.39417886

So the instigator of the entire plot is basically someone being a shitty parent, right?

>> No.39417899

In the final design, Xenomorphs are genderless, except for Queens who are basically female. They don't have the gear of either gender, inside or out, so they can't be considered hermaphrodites. It's an important distinction from one of Giger's original designs, with the four foot long dicks and the tits and everything.

>> No.39417903

Yeah. That would be Ellen Tigh. Mother and wife of the year. By the way, she gets around more than Starbuck.

>> No.39417907


Hmm. I spent a whole 10 years being really mad about everything. Maybe flying around and watching stuff blow up will help my temper.

Location: Ustio
Identity: Knight [900]
Age: 26

Soundtrack [Free]
Basic Flight Training [Free]
Missile Surplus [Free]
Comm Chatter [Free]
Running Circles [800]
Targeting Algorithm [Free]
Magnificent Bastard [700]
Don't Need a Team [600]
Never Fly Alone [450]
Missile Massacre [150]
Sick Maneuvers [-150]


Hangar [Free]
Flight Suit {Free]
6th Generation Fighter Plane [-350]
All Direction Multi-Purpose Missile [-400]
Tactical Link [-500]
ECM Jammer [-600]

Performance Issues [0]

Well, taking away the Ultimate Eye that was also making me 200% MAD will help me get my feet back on the ground. While in the air. Maybe this metaphor isn't working so well...

>> No.39417915

Doesn't matter if it was intended for sex. A hole's a hole.

>> No.39417917

So she's a terrible wife too, huh. So what should I do, as someone without any real sense of right and wrong? Try and fix her and Cavil or just take them out?

>> No.39417928

Cavil could be okay with therapy and he is going to have a LOT of atonement to do.

Ellen Tigh... throw the bitch out the airlock once you pull everything of value out of her brain.

>> No.39417929

To be fair, they still have tits and four foot long dicks, they're just a bit less obvious about them.

>> No.39417937

They don't, their bodies are just suggestive of various parts of sexual anatomy.

>> No.39417940

To be fair, Giger once designed sandworms for Dune.

The sandworms were nothing but four hundred meter long dicks.

Dude didn't just have issues, he had all the alternate covers in the collectors editions. Autographed.

>> No.39417951

That's what I mean. They don't literally have them, they instead have anatomical features that resemble them.

>> No.39417952

He once designed an album cover that was just a big pile of dicks. The name was "Penis Flowers" or something. But yeah his entire career was about sexual anatomy, either obviously or suggestively.

>> No.39417994

He has attained a form of immortality through exquisite depiction of cocks across media. In five hundred years scholars will pour over his works and debate the meaning of this cock and that cock in the lighting, the size of a tit alongside a vagina, oh the number of thesis that will be published about them.

>> No.39418026


Hmm. I don't think I blew enough stuff up.

You know what might help?



Location: Macross Frontier
Age: 19

Identity: Pilot [900]
Race: Zentraedi [700]
Height: 9 Meters

Serene Sinatra [Free]
Basic Training [Free]
Macross Missile Massacre [Free]
Mind of War [550]
Eye of the Tiger [250]
Killing Kaiser [-50]

Bring Your Own [-150]

Space Suit [Free]
Companion Import [-450]
Promotion [-500]

Big Red Target [-200]
Rival [0]

As a plus side, I can now get huge! On the downside, I'm a short zentraedi. Sadness.

... Though, I have an inkling as to something that could fix that...

>> No.39418065


I like it, the information just needs to be organised better.

>1d20-6 for your location

Why not just make it 1d14? We're not actually using dice here, so digital RDM functions should support this, maybe add a couple more like BS Galactica or BS Pegasis as a starting location too so you can do a 2d8 and make certain random choices a little harder to get.

But yeah, theres no need for this reroll stuff and you should be going for some variation of d8 according to the Jumpchain rules.


Some of the slides are down right unreadable and the way they clip in and fill up half a slide makes it look crappy.

Keep the white and the black, but increase the contrast/decrease the brightness on the images if you want to use them, and maybe consider cropping them to the correct aspect ratio to fit as a full background. if you are going to use background make all of your text bold.


Move shared perks either to the start or to the end of this section. I want to say cut down on the toaster descriptions but I can see why you've got them.


I'm not a massive fan of the layout, but you've worked really hard on the information so I'm hesitant to say "Cut down your descriptions a little."

Maybe try and change it so each section fits on a different slide. Your model descriptions kinda bleed over from one slide to the other and it doesn't look good. If that doesn't work have them on two separate slides with nothing else on them.

If you're having issues go look at the way Firefly jump presented it's information.

>> No.39418086

Time for mecha?
>Why not just make it 1d14?
He had it that way at first, but anon complained that he wanted to use his real dice.

>> No.39418113


Hence why I said 2d8, or perhaps roll 2d8, and on the second roll if the number is even add 8

O-or not, you don't need to take the advice of a drunk afterall.

>> No.39418116

1. Xenomorphs are Hermaphrodite.

2. Because I could, and Alucard dared me to.

Yes, I was dared, that's my excuse and I'm sticking too it.

Stop laughing Alucard, it was totally your fault.

>> No.39418119

Xenos in their final design are genderless. Thought we had this discussion already?

>> No.39418134

Two things.

1. I didn't read that discussion and wouldn't care one way or another.

2. They still have an ass.

>> No.39418143

Did you ever take Dwarf in a jump? Having an indestructible liver designed for constant alcohol consumption would be a big boon.

>> No.39418160


I'm Irish

>> No.39418181

Well... it'd stack wouldn't it?

>> No.39418209




Age: 23
Race: Human
Origin: Drop-in
Location: Abandoned Temple

Magitech training [900]
Elementism: Fire, Ice [700]
Elemental Training [550]
Elemental Synergy [250]
Quick Reflexes [150]
Unbreakable Will [-50]
Silver Tongue [-100]
Supernatural Senses [-200]

Shape Customization:
Doubled Growth Rate
Unnatural Size (Bigger)
Magical Sustenance
Tough Hide
Colossal Grace
True Elemental Affinity

Amnesia [0]

Of course, I don't plan on being a dragon myself. No, I'm just gonna take all those size perks... And apply them to my Zentraedi form!


n-no i'm not jealous of red-sama shut up

The best part is that I can reduce myself back down to regular size as I please, which means I don't have to be huge all the time.

>> No.39418216

I'm welsh. We need a scott, an english ponce, and a handful of islanders and we could have a proper interdimensional pubcrawl.

>> No.39418237

Well, it took 2 months but it's finally done. All criticism and comments are welcome.

>> No.39418241

Damnit Val I was about to go to sleep then this pops up.

Hell yes

>> No.39418293

English ponce reporting for duty.
Not really though since I'm a filthy northerner.

The lack of a UK in most settings is mildly upsetting, always tempting to start the empire up again and make it interdimentional.

>> No.39418338


>Monster perks

>No buying canon compenions
Aww. Buzzkill.

Well, UK gets accidentally NOPE'd in Worm. Does that count?

>> No.39418355

>No buying canon companions
Wait what?

nononono, you CAN buy them, just the need to be from your era. No buying Caim a hundred years before he is born and all that.

>> No.39418370

>Buy baby Caim
>Angriest fucking baby you've ever seen
>Rips all his stuffed animals to bits
>Strangles his wetnurse

>> No.39418377

Whoops, sorry. Didn't notice Apostle.

Hm, does that mean that to pod, say, Zero, I'd have to spend another 200 for Michael?

>> No.39418382

If you want Michael yes, but it isn't required. Zero and Michael never actually form a pact, except in the end of Route B.

>> No.39418405

*Rubs temples*

Okay, my bad. Let me rephrase that -

to get someone with a pact, do I also have to pay for their partner?

>> No.39418414

Yes. Otherwise they pretty much die repeatedly once you leave the world and the connection shuts off. You bring Caim outside of the jump without Angelus and he'd die near instantly each time he revived.

>> No.39418418

He'd probably try and shank you right away too. Dude loves his dragon.

>> No.39418427

Yeah. He really does. Goddamn those feels again.

>> No.39418436 [DELETED] 

Brân Jinglōng
Male, 24yo
Drakenguard 2
Knight (900)
Intimidating Manner
Slaughterism (600)
Colorful backgrounds
Monster Hybrid (Phoenix) (0)
Magic Weapon (Gauntlets) (-200)
Shiemi (-300)

- Knight (300)
-- Intimidating Manner
-- Slaughterism (0)

>> No.39418447 [DELETED] 

- Red Mages (0)

>> No.39418457

Right, quick update. Cause I'm an idiot and forgot they could.

You can now store up to 3 Magical Spheres at a time.

>> No.39418468

I never get around to empire building except in really long-term ones like Erfworld or Civilization. A small one during the Tropico jump when I took over the whole regional island chain since I had 300 years to do so and make a tropical paradise.

It just seems rude to me to build a big empire based on your strength and then just ditch it after ten years, leaving it to crumble horribly.

>> No.39418480 [DELETED] 

Brân Jinglōng
Male, 24yo
Drakenguard 2
Knight (900)
Intimidating Manner
Slaughterism (600)
Colorful backgrounds
Monster Hybrid (Phoenix) (0)
Magic Weapon (Gauntlets) (-200)
Shiemi (-300)
- Knight
-- Intimidating Manner
-- Slaughterism
- Trolled by Cavia (0)

>> No.39418517

Hm, can't seem to find muc about the Great Tome. Could you please provide a link or description of what that thing has?

>> No.39418554

It isn't a canon thing. I made it up to fill in a 300cp slot. IT gives you general magic knowledge, enough that with study you can get the effects of the 300cp Magic perk, and it teaches you the Goddess seal, which protected an entire world against a race of eldritch space baby demons (I can't make this shit up) with just 4 catalysts. It's a very good seal.

>> No.39418576

Were the catalysts sacrifices? A magical item?

>> No.39418580


The really beautiful thing about grabbing Fire and Ice magic, along with my Fairy Tail Water magic, is Elemental Synergy.

In addition to normal fire and ice attacks, I have a few more creative things at my disposal.

You know those whips and blades I can make with water magic? Well, what happens when I make them with superchilled water that freezes everything it touches? Or superheated water that violently boils in the victim's wound after I cut them with it?

OR, I could even go so far as to hit them with hot water, then cold, then hot, then cold...

It's with this impressive power that I go into


Region: Keystone/Central City
Age: 22

Background: Mortal

Unrealistic Proportions [Free]
Peak Human Fitness [Free]
Polyglot [950]
Grandmaster of Combat [800]
Mental Resistance [650]
Precise [500]
Master Planner [300]
Genius [100]


Lair [50]
Arsenal [0]

Imagine if Batman had hot/cold water superpowers and precognition. And could become the size of a building. Yeah. That seems about right.

>> No.39418597

They are a set of locations, which take the form of big magic circles on the ground and a Goddess, a person who holds the seal together by living. I'll be clarifying the Seal better in the Notes section.

>> No.39418632

Brân Jinglōng
Male, 24yo
Drakenguard 2
Knight (900)
Intimidating Manner
Slaughterism (600)
Colorful backgrounds
Monster Hybrid (Phoenix) (0)
Pact (-300)

Shiemi (-400)
- Knight
-- Intimidating Manner
-- Slaughterism

-- Longevity
-- Magic Spheres
-- That'll Leave a Mark
-- Purge the Heathens
-- Bag of Gold (Golden Egg)

- Trolled by Cavia (-100)
- Sick and Twisted (0)

>> No.39418661


Drawback: Clunky Controls (1200)

Rolled-oh shit, Drakengard 3. The LPs cannot help us now.


A Dark Commentary (Free). Oh joy, a new narrator
According to My Records (900). As we intend to oppose the flower as well as the Watchers, this seems totally necessary
Colourful Background (Free). There is a long and tragic tale about our probability manipulating toast involving an old woman, three goats and the deeds to an interplanetary gas station. But that is a tale for another time
Soundtrack (Free). So much melancholy and despair holy crap
Great Tome (600). Somewhere in this is the key that will enable us to END THIS NIGHTMARE FOREVER
Intoner (0). It's to Via Salvatio the shit out of everything. We must sing the song that preserves the world

Right so. Meet up with Zero. Use portals/teleportation/generalised dimensional fuckery to expedite defeat of the other Intoners. Use That Undefinable Thing to remove the flower, Sealing Spell/Antimatter Temporal Principle to stuff it into a permanently stasis'd hunk of space-time and a mako reactor to constantly weaken that wretched parasite. Slay the Intoners, collect their souls in Bradeline's Well and scrub them REALLY WELL with holy light before releasing them for reincarnation. Making sure that wretched thing is dead for good will probably take the better of 10 years.

Then it's time to deal with The Watchers. Construct a magitech perpetual mana reactor-with transformium modular plugs-and adapting an extra-strength Goddess Seal to strengthen reality's barriers against them. Then CAREFULLY use an ensouled hybrid MAGI/Ar Tonelico tower to carefully summon individual Watchers into a boundary field, again use Sealing Spell to bind them into a mako reactor and attack said reactor to the Goddess Seal's power source, strengthening the boundary field with extremely refined processed god baby materia.

>> No.39418692

Alright, a few updates.

Intoner now cost 400cp, not really as good as Hybrid was.

Clarified what the Goddess Seal can do in Notes section

Clarified that companion imports can be individual for 100cp

>> No.39418702

SHIT, the seal description isn't quite done yet.

>> No.39418710

If I were to companion Zero AFTER purging the flower from her soul, would that render her dead or merely a regular mortal human?

>> No.39418719

I'm not quite sure what you mean. If you manage to purge the flower from her, she'd lose the regeneration certainly, but otherwise she 'd be fine.

>> No.39418722

What sort of feats is Intoner magic capable of?

>> No.39418729

Oh. My understanding was that her magical powers as well as how she's even alive came from being infested by the flower so I thought if I removed its presence from her she'd straight-up die, or at least lose all her magical capacity

>> No.39418766

By itself? Nothing really. The big thing it has is being able to cast magic through song, instead of needing words, motion or material components (Note, that some material components just can't be bypassed, unique stuff)

Sort of. The abilities do originate from it, but the existence of the other sisters show that it isn't necessary for all the abilities. Only regeneration seems to rely on it.

Also, I was a gigantic bellend and forgot to include the price of the pact. Please forgive me. SO I added it in.

>> No.39418770

Well then!~

Location - Drakengard 3: Hooray!

Origin - 400: Monster: As usual, a fox thematic.QS poisoned my mind at some point, I swear.

100: A Dark Commentary: Wretched Egg will be ecstatic at actually getting her own voice.
Longevity: Sure, whyever not.
300: That'll leave a Mark: Ahaha YES. BEAUTIFUL. AND STAY DEAD.
Soundtrack: Drakengard is famous for this. Hm, wonder if Nier jump will come along at some point...
Colourful Backgrounds: Oh, this is golden. Thank you.

200 x4 (Zero, Two, Four and Five): Apostle: Why yes, I am companion centric. Why do you ask?

100: Sick and Twisted: Weeeeell, at least there are lots of mooks to slaughter? And One and Three to joyfully break?~
200: Goddamn Red Mages: ...Aggravating. But doable.
300: There's Just Nowe: So I am reckless and stubborn now. So what? After the tenth charisma and fifth corruption perk you take, you get what you want regardless, no?

>> No.39418772

FUCK, I was also a massive idiot AGAIN ad forgot the pdf this time. Blargh.

>> No.39418793

Er, There's Nowe isn't just reckless and stubborn. You're the equal in intelligence to the most moronic protagonist in any JRPG ever. It's a gigantic intelligence dump.

>> No.39418796


> Location: Drakengard 2 [Rolled3]
> Age: 19 [Rolled1]
> Origin: Wanderer
> A Dark Commentary [Get a Freebie!]
> Route A to Route B [-150CP]
> According To My Records [-300CP]
> Intimidating Manner [-100CP]
> Soundtrack [Get a Freebie!]
> Colourful Backgrounds [Get a Freebie!]
> Musical Instrument [-50CP]
> Prayer Beads [-100CP]
> Apostle (General Gismor) [-200CP]
> Apostle (Shadow) [-200CP]
> Great Tome [-300CP]
> Sick And Twisted (?!?) [+100CP]
> Trolled by Cavia [+300CP]

> Konata, no! You never go full Cavia!

"Idealism?" "Hope?" Hahahaha! Silly Nowe, those things don't exist in this world! Let me tell you the truth of your existence:
This world can't be saved.

Even if fate itself weren't against you, even if I threw my full support behind you (you sniveling wretch), even if I hadn't taken certain "conditions", it's simply too broken to fix.
This world. Can't. Be saved.

Oh, but don't worry. Me and General Gismor have a BRILLIANT plan to hold back its ultimate destruction! Sure, it involves a series of stopgaps that brings about suffering despair, but... hey! We're happy, right? We're having fun! And so are all the high class nobles, for that matter.
It's like our very own Valua!
Oh, you don't know what Valua is? It's a city floating in the sky of another world that tried to...

You know what? It doesn't matter.
This conversation is over.
And so are you.

>> No.39418834

Hm. How to spin it... Oh! I know! Poor naive me will be guided by the voice in her head to stay alive and have fun!

>Wretched Egg
>Sick and Twisted

...FUN, I SAY.

>> No.39418903


You know, I've been taking a lot of really violent and angry jumps recently. I think I might need to chill out for a while. Not do anything combat-related.

And, you know, I've been not a tigergirl for too long.

I know how to solve both of those things!


Background: Warbeast [800]
Age: 42

Aschente [700]
Enhanced Senses - 5 Senses, Thermal Vision, Magic sense [Free]
Cold Reading [600]
Nerves of Steel [450]
Omnidextrous [350]
Blood Devastation [-50]


Lodesamone [-100]
Nice Clothes [-150]
Game Collection [-200]


Dependent (Chance) [0]


Of course, I really do have to be careful about sticking around mai husbando, otherwise I end up breaking all my stuff but YEAAAH TIGERS ARE COOL. Putting those Batman skills I got last jump to good use, too.

>> No.39418908

Sick & Twisted, so what disgusting thing did you choose?

>> No.39418958

I have the Mark of Slaanesh!

>> No.39418972

Val says it has to be something that revolts you, like Pedophilia, Cannibalism, Self Mutilation...etc.

>> No.39418992

Yes. It must be something you find horrible, not just another fetish. If you honestly don't find anything that distateful, it might not be the drawback fro you.

>> No.39419046

This is the last ruddy change, I promise

Added an option to choose locations for 50cp

>> No.39419047

I have the Mark of Slaanesh. What that means is, "I know the kindof stuff Slaanesh is into, and for the duration of one jump, I was into it, too."
To say I chose just one disgusting thing is an insult to Slaanesh.

I can't describe the kind of shit that results from that without getting some kind of warning, because this is a blue board.
People died. Other people became weirdly devoted to me and that was arguably creepier.

Slaanesh actually has a minor following in the world of Drakengard, now. It's quaint.

>> No.39419058

Well, so long as you found it personally distasteful in the extreme, it's a valid option.

>> No.39419096

So, it hit me Red.

Going by your descriptions, all we need now is a great evil (Valeria?) to attack your paradise realm, one of the caretaker fairies to escape to an earthlike world carrying several magical artifacts, and a meeting between the fairy and a girl in her early teens, and we’ll be all set for the next season of Pretty Cure.

>> No.39419113

I'm gonna be driving for eight hours+ a day for the next bit, might as well keep myself occupied by thinking of how to build my first Jump.

What needs to be made that I have experience in?
Warframe, Crusader Kings II, Bastion, Banished, Blood Bowl, FTL, Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim, Galactic Civs II, Sins of a Solar Empire, Dawngate, etc.

Or maybe a book series of some sort, like Redwall or something.

>> No.39419119

Ooh, Majesty would be cool! Do that one!

>> No.39419152

I'd probably leave out most of the abomination that was Majesty 2, except maybe as a drawback.

Then the Warlock: Master of the Arcane ones with the great mages might require their own jump.

>> No.39419171

Okay after ten whole years of not hitting things turns out I REALLY WANT TO HIT SOME THINGS.


Age: 27
Location: Denver, Colorado

Background: Desperado [600]

Marksman [550]
HF Blade Training [450]
Cut at Will [350]
Master Swordsman [50]

High Frequency Manufacture [-250]

Upgraded Vision [-300]
Civilian Cybernetic Body [Free]
Specialized Cybernetic Body - Jet Boosters [Free]

Mandatory Tragic Past

Priority 1: Jailbreaking my own damn body and getting the fuck out of Desperado before Raiden burns that company to the ground. Like hell I'm gonna tango with him.

Priority 2: Figuring out how to use the Jet Boosters installed in my cyborg body to enhance my marital arts.

Priority 3: Figuring out how to use Steam Magic like the rocket boosters.

>> No.39419172

Crusader Kings II

though I wouldn't say no to Warframe or more sci fi.

>> No.39419178

So if I rolled the first game what's the best way to go about molesting the cult?

>> No.39419196

With both hands firmly on the cultist.

>> No.39419212

> distasteful in the extreme
Well, I mean, part of the problem there is I'm so jaded by this point, at least from behind the computer screen. I honestly can't think of a lot that I just find absolutely teeth gnashingly disgusting anymore so much as "quietly losing yet more of my already dwindled faith in humanity".
And I think a lot of other jumpers must be pretty jaded, too, or else they wouldn't get up to half the stuff they say they do and be so casual about it.
So if you're looking for me to take something that makes me scream and cry and write a torturous sonnet about, you might as well just tell me, "Konata you're not allowed to take this drawback because you're awful." And we can leave it at that.

But there's still stuff I find distasteful in the extreme for various reasons. I pretty much don't like any part of 40K, if I'm honest.
I have in-game justification for it ("Slaanesh will get me!"), but the truth is that I'm not exactly losing sleep over the decision to never take a 40K jump. And in fact I find the whole of Commorragh to be pretty horrible, and wouldn't want to go there even then, unless it were to purge it by fire.
And part of my whole "arc" is that, wow, I really don't like Slaanesh even from my limited experience with her in WF. So I figure effectively becoming her mortal avatar in the world of Drakengard fits the bill of "something I wouldn't like".

But if you're really adamant about it, I can just remove the drawback from my build entirely.

>> No.39419214

I'd love some Bastion.

>> No.39419240

I rather enjoyed the Commorragh jump.
But at that point I just altered myself so I was no longer a deldar, bound myself in a makeshift soulstone in the form of Azura's Star from TES and just spent a decade being an arena monstrosity punching assholes and spoiling assassination attempts by punching more assholes.

I did it all while looking like a generic Imperial Guardsman.

>> No.39419243


>> No.39419280

No, it hurts too much.
I have it still installed

>> No.39419303

Hmm, a compromise then. If you can't find anything, it can simply make you feel very guilty about one of the things you've done instead. Would that be alright?

>> No.39419342

Like, in this jump? Because we could probably swing the whole "reenacting scenes from Hellraiser" as doing that pretty easily. I think I'd feel pretty bad about that.
Or do you mean in other jumps prior to this one? Because I have SO much of that to draw off of. My entire chain is basically one long series of hope spots and regret, because having stable mental wellbeing is for chumps.

>> No.39419350

Either or. Instead of gaining a perversion, you just feel guilty over one of your existing ones. It'd have the same effect.

>> No.39419363

Yeah, sure. That'd work for me.
Is this something that'll make it into the jump, do you think? I can't imagine I'm the only person who'd go down this road.

> In the event that you're too horrible a person to feel true disgust anymore...

>> No.39419384

Haha, sure thing. I'll put it down for the next update.

>> No.39419393

So I got a vote for Bastion, Dawngate, Majesty, and CKII or Warfame.

Majesty's probably my favourite out of those, but I'll consider the others at some point during the trip I'm sure. Maybe I'll have something workable by the time I get back on Tuesday.

>> No.39419439

I've heard good things about Bastion, so that's what I'm voting for

>> No.39419477

Right, new update. I really gotta get better at checking this stuff beforehand for FSJ.

Addedd a 50cp general perk. Lalalala.

Added the guilt clause to Sick and Twisted

>> No.39419549

How does Just an Innocent Child work with shapeshifting perks? Are you completely stuck in a human kid's body? Can you shapeshift into young versions of other things (like a baby elephant or something)?

>> No.39419582

>Baby Elephant
Pretty much, you will always be the equivalent in age. Of course, if you find a creature that is stronk at 10 years, then that's fine. It's only a 100cp drawback.

>> No.39419661

FTL could be good. CK2 could be neat but would likely be really hard.

>> No.39419703

Blood Bowl would be amusing. I know we have a lot of Warhammer Jumps but not many of the Warhammer Fantasy Jumps.

It would be nice to have another pseudo Vacation Jump where I don't have to worry about saving the world or something. Coaching a team or pounding some heads would be fun for a change.

>> No.39419884

Would second a warframe jump. Also space dandy would be funny as well

>> No.39419899

Update/Downgrade/Possibly Not Final Version 1.5

> Location: Drakengard 2 [Rolled3]
> Age: 19 [Rolled1]
> Origin: Wanderer
> A Dark Commentary [Get a Freebie!]
> Route A to Route B [-150CP]
> According To My Records [-300CP]
> Intimidating Manner [-100CP]
> Soundtrack [Get a Freebie!]
> Colourful Backgrounds [Get a Freebie!]
> Voice Change [-50CP]
> Apostle (General Gismor) [-200CP]
> Apostle (Shadow) [-200CP]
> Great Tome [-300CP]
> Trolled by Cavia [+300CP]

See, the thing is, I'm into convoluted story crafting. I don't need extra drawbacks for anything, I just thought they'd be fun.
So with the recent discussion on what is or is not torturous, I'm not actually sure what I'm doing here. Maybe I'll get really angsty about that time I committed grand genocide? Or maybe I'll start up a "hobby" and feel really bad about it.
I might take Innocent Child, and if I combine that with the Sick And Twisted, I'll probably drag Eris with me out of jump, too.
I'm not sure.

But until I figure that out, here's the stuff that WON'T change.
I joined Grismor, because he (and Eris) are my favorites. I don't have a pact because that's more a liability at this point than a perk.
I made a brief attempt to convince Nowe what he was doing was stupid, but this was hindered by my total inability to go for longer than ten seconds without cussing him out because I hate him.

Eventually I'll crush him with a megagolem.
Also, I made a bunch of extra seals.
This world is awful.

>> No.39420017

Note: if I choose to make this jump it will be after I finish Log Horizon, Dynasty Warriors, and possibly Highschool of the Dead (the latter of which is a very lower power jump to begin with)

As there is a lack of an Original trilogy star Wars jump, I'm considering doing a Star Wars Rebellion Jump.

/That is all.

>> No.39420282


>> No.39420341

Could the Seal of the Goddess be used to turn back the endbringers in Worm?

>> No.39420374

Don't they exist on multiple dimensions? You could keep them out of somewhere, but I doubt it could seal them in someplace. With enough effort and force, they could break through too. Anything that could crack/wreck a continent could probably break the shield in a short while. Less then that and it heals too quickly to be effected.

>> No.39420494

Not the anon that said they might work on a Bastion jump, but thought I'd post my notes from a brainstorm I did about a week back.


Fightan' skills, tracking, cross of ranger/soldier.
>>A Story "Might not sound like much. Well- wait 'till you hear it."
Narrow but powerful plot armor to prevent uninteresting deaths. Somehow survive an instantaneous apocalypse, maybe something like the 'Save' ending.
>>Bastion "The Calamity did the job quick. But it missed a few spots, didn't it?"
Establish safe zone, build it up, some kind of infrastructure repair power?
Basics of Cael tech, Bastion weapon creation/maintenance.
>>Pantheon "You'll be sorry for what you've done."
Accept penalties for proportionally greater rewards.
>>Calamity "Everything, gone. Just like that."
Top tier Cael engineering. Focus on WMDs. (The Bastion counts as a WMD.)
Basic skill in negotiation, appeasement, etc.
>>Left A Star Burning "I'm welcome home, sweet home."
Mix of diplomatic immunity and a free pass to return to a group you previously left/betrayed.
Fucking ninjas, I guess?
>>Carry A Tune
Singing voice, skill. Play an instrument. Something about aural tradition?
>>Dig a Hole, Build a Wall "We'll be there before too long."
>>Who Knows Where
Learn a targets history, exorcise their personal demons using physical abilities?

Free perk for narration by Logan Cunningham
Something based off of the distillery. Maybe make that Singer's mid-tier perk?

>> No.39420636

...I... oh holy shit.


I pray we never get multiplayer now, or my Garden is going to be one big plot-inducing hotbed.

>> No.39420788

Little off topic anyone have the spacers hymn pasta where all the spacers sing about those who came before and they revere those like buzz and yuri and the dog that went to space.

>> No.39420798

Gotcha covered.

>> No.39420851


I should clarify

Irish Ancestry, Australian Citizen. Could still go with you though, just be careful, my heritage makes me liable to bomb buildings or glass you when I get drunk enough.

>The lack of a UK in most settings is mildly upsetting, always tempting to start the empire up again and make it interdimentional.

God Save the Queen!

>> No.39420879

>No Neir
I know it's for secondaries but it should probably be in there as a setting.

>> No.39420899

Nier is simply too different from Drakengard for me to include. It's easily got enough for it's own jump anyway.

>> No.39420930


Let me ask you another question.
Why even bother with 1 and 2? Everyone who's not an idoit should waifu Zero

>> No.39420932

>n-no i'm not jealous of red-sama shut up
Yessssss, embrace it. EMBRACE THE HUGE. Become unto a towering bastion of might as you were always meant to be!


Also because it's getting lonely up here.

>> No.39420953

I truly don't know, but I had to include it out of pity for them. Zero Forever.

>> No.39421002

You know, if I want random super technology, the Ranma 1/2 jump works well thanks to the Fanfiction "Drawback". In addition to a couple of Nanoha crosses, there's No Tendo, which includes Full Metal Panic, a Bolo, and Xenosaga in addition to the shit you see in the first chapter.

Which reminds me, you can get to the Endless Frontier and even Capcom's meta setting from Xenogears. And the reverse. Supersciencing your way to the SRW:OG universe and stealing a Gespenst/Wildraubtier/just the Tronium is entirely possible.

She's a jerk.

>> No.39421066

>She's a jerk.

Should have downloaded the Japanese dub and made sure you played through all the paths. In the Japanese dub she comes across as more of a Spike Spegal kind of jerk than a jerk kind of jerk.

>> No.39421076

>waifu Zero

Why? According to google she's basically Caim in a dress, with an even shittier past. We don't regret jumping D3 but only because it's the best chance for stopping all the eldritch abominations before things go really, really bad.

>> No.39421095

Because Gismor is best husbando.

>> No.39421107

Are you calling Zero a liar?

>> No.39421109

I-I like her in the english dub! Really!

>> No.39421124

Thank you

>> No.39421201

So, uh. What's the deal with Zero for those of us who've never played Drakengard?

>> No.39421204

>for stopping all the eldritch abominations before things go really, really bad.

You realise for that plan to work by this point the hive mind must stop itself, right?

>Are you calling Zero a liar?

Well, yes she is, and I also said she's a jerk, but in a sexy scoundrel kind of a way, like Han Solo or Spike Spiegal.

Well, yeah I guess that goes without saying for you.

You deal in subjective opinion.
I deal in emperical fact.
Zero a Ubermensch.
Zero a best.

>> No.39421239

English dub Zero is a rude, foul mouthed, beautiful, incredibly violent and stubborn woman, though she does have a sweet side buried deep under it all, very deep. For me, being the protag of my favourite game is also a huge boost, and I grew to like her a ton.

>> No.39421288

When I get to that jump I am going to spend a while laughing at Four's Flying Castle. What with it being held up by chains attached to the junk of several wyverns.

>> No.39421310

I swear, it's like everybody and their grandmother tried to make a Bastion jump and failed. Is this thing cursed or something?

Oh you beautiful people.

>> No.39421359

What makes you say that? I'm just fucking busy for the time being, but in a week I can dedicate an evening to getting my skeleton a bit more in shape.

>> No.39421374

It's cause about 4-5 people have tried in the past and encountered various problems or just dropped off.

>> No.39421404

Stop itself? What? Why? We're literally timelocking the hosts of the flower parasite thing, surgically extract it from them and then purify/smother in Waste Land/bombard with Balefire until the damn thing is dead beyond the hope of all recovery. If necessary, converting their souls into mantra/materia/soulfire so they can't reform. It can't fight back if it's in itty bitty pieces too dead to twitch.

And between Exploitation Now, Better Off Dead, The Noble Eightfold Path as well as A Ragged Wound we doubt it's getting up any time soon. We COULD try adding our dubstep cover of the Soulhymn to try to compel its very soul to stop existing.

>> No.39421431


In the Nippon dub she pretty much says the same things but it comes across as an almost dry wit. She also has a tendancy to switch to being more polite for comic effect. She's a lot more apathetic in the Japanese version and certainly comes across as more tragic.

I like tragedy, to know that other people suffer as I reach the bottom of my bottle of Vodka.

>We're literally timelocking the hosts of the flower parasite thing, surgically extract it from them and then purify/smother in Waste Land/bombard with Balefire until the damn thing is dead beyond the hope of all recovery. If necessary, converting their souls into mantra/materia/soulfire so they can't reform. It can't fight back if it's in itty bitty pieces too dead to twitch.

It's shit like this that drives me to drink.

>> No.39421455

Like you need an excuse. At least you seem to be an adorable drunk, unlike some people I know.

>> No.39421490

Nah, I know. Downloaded the Jap Dub (After they got the blasted patch to us Aussies) and played that. She's great in both, but I just find the cruel and nasty Zero more personally appealing. Course, that's me.

>> No.39421507

>Course, that's me.
We know Val, we know.

>> No.39421560

Work with us here. We just don't get why systematically burning the whole thing won't work.

Is it because the greater part of the entity exists outside of reality or something? Should we be deploying DF bloodline curses to handle it?

>> No.39421565

Totally accurate. Hahaha

>> No.39421632

You're the embodiment of instumentality!
How do you fix that!?!

>> No.39421637

She looks pretty generic to me.

But then, I've never played Drakengard 3.
I don't own a PS3, and have no interest in buying a PS3.
And I'm not really interested in watching a Drakengard LP that's not hilarious.
So, that may be somewhat of a roadblock if you're trying to convince me.

>> No.39421683

Okay, I have to know.
What's the context of that gif?

>> No.39421708

World is turning to tang.

NGE, it fucks you up.

>> No.39421710

I have an image macro for this but you really should watch Evanglion

I mean if you're on 4chan and you don't know the context of Liliths death at the end of instumentality there is something wrong with you.

>> No.39421722

Shhh. Sufficient cleansing fire fixes everything anon. Especially the nuclear kind that leaves no chance of anything growing back for decades.

On an unrelated note, really struggling to revamp the build. Got some extra CP but nothing we really want to spend it on, and we ain't taking on mo' drawbacks.

The eye-flower thing kinda weirds us out to be honest. On top of her being Caim in a dress

>> No.39421782

Let's try for a Miscellaneous Meta Power that's not ridiculously overpowered for 400 points.

Name: Female Lead from a Yuri Manga

1) I can alter the gender in Gendered perks ("opposite gender" and/or "affects gender")
2) I can cause flowers to bloom behind me, either local ones or from seeds in my inventory.
3) Steel Bladder (as the Sims 3 perk. Everyone knows girls don't poop.)

Yes, I totally could cause a bunch of fire flowers to grow if I got the seeds, but not a tree or something, just flowers.

>Drakengard 3 LP
>Not hillarious

>> No.39421824

End of Evangelion. The fused Lilith-Adam hybrid takes the form of a giant naked Rei because of...reasons, it's complicated. But that's it falling apart after Shinji rejects Instrumentality and it self-destructs.

>> No.39421914

Ah. Never really watched Evangelion.

>> No.39421924

I couldnt force myself to watch through the whiny bullshit.

>> No.39421934

Civilization Jump. Do the wonders get both benefits when in structure form? Or does it lose one in favor of the other? Like if I took the Forbidden Palace, would I get +5% when it's in structure form?

>> No.39421943


You're missing out

>> No.39422026

I was never really interested in Caim in the first place, to be honest. Without the commentary he's just a ridiculous murderhobo. I mean, yeah, it's fascinating to watch him go at it, but it's not exactly the kindof guy I'd want to hang out anywhere near, even if I'm practically unkillable due to a combination of bullshit magitech and durability.
I can't really muster the interest to meet Caim Mk II, Now With More Tits Edition.

Anyway, uh. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I... support you plan... AntiSpiral-kun...? Cavia is awful enough that only ridiculous overkill really has any hope of putting a dent in them. They'd laugh at anything less and then tell you a story about child murder.

Regular Drakengard isn't really funny. Even if there's lovecraftian angel babies and chains hanging off wyvern junk, it's all weirdly subdued and not really frequent enough to get much of a giggle out of me. It does have its moments, but they're rare and the rest is a slog.
I mean, at the end of the first one, I didn't even find it to be a mindfuck so much as a, "What's wrong with these developers?"
Like, I was legit flumoxed.

There's a few LPs on Youtube, but I'm not

>> No.39422036

Looks retarded as fuck

>> No.39422050

... NOT super looking forward to the long slogs of fighting fucking captcha actually decided to post early what the hell.

Anyway, unless you can tell me that the third game is legit nothing like the first two or Nier and was incredibly streamlined, I'm... not super looking forward to it. Sorry?

>> No.39422094


It is
So are you
So is everything
It's all absurd
It's all beautiful
It's all terrifying
It's all pointless

>> No.39422181

First one is a bit meta-for my taste, but I am going to allow the other two, you could however have the option to switch gender Whenever you like.

>> No.39422285

I've already got shapeshifting from Venture Bros, so it's more of a "get treated as male despite clearly having taken the form of a chick" thing. Or like how a typical way to show how a girl is awesome in a slice of life manga is to give her a all-female fan club that seems suspiciously like they want her body, if you know what I mean.

>> No.39422343

More concisely, Guys want to be her, Girls want to marry her. But, given the ages typical of the jump, it's more like play house.

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