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Make girls, discuss systems, design and refine rulesets, post magical girl pics, writefag and roleplay.

#MSCYOA on Rizon

The Power of Friendship compels you!

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Someone want to dig out the links?

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Writefag Archive: http://pastebin.com/rSvTGQzP
IRC doc archive: http://pastebin.com/u/MagicalGirlPastebin

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Rolled 17, 10, 5, 17, 20, 10, 4, 8, 19, 11, 1, 15, 8, 11, 16 = 172 (15d20)

New thread, time for another roll

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I'll bite

Well Developed (Silver Coin)
Ranged (Silver coin) [Mars Pistol, .45 ACP]
Shadow Clones
Hammer Space (Gold Coin)
+1 vit
+2 str
Enhanced transformation
Incognito (Silver coin)

Time to buy an '89 Camaro and all of Kavinsky's albumns, we nightrider now.

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Rolled 10, 17, 1, 1, 13, 6, 17, 17, 14, 17, 17 = 130 (11d20)


>> No.39405410

Rolled 15, 3, 20, 7, 2, 13, 8, 8, 2, 15, 18, 4, 2 = 117 (13d20)

Let's see how this goes. Might writefag some stuff if I get bored today. Two extras for dupe powers

>> No.39405421

Rolled 5, 17, 6, 9, 4, 17, 10, 5, 20, 13, 16 = 122 (11d20)

Let's give it a go.

>> No.39405424

That should leave me with

str 6
agi 8
vit 7
mag 4
luck 6

Pretty good across the board.

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Is there anything saying a Magical Girl can't be a reference to Lovecraft ?

>> No.39405530

Nope! Nothing says you can't crib off HP's notes. Of course, outside of New England you'd probably get some weird looks...you know, just saying. Up there they more or less accept that spooky shit is gonna happen - Salem was a giant clusterfuck for a reason, you know.

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Magical girl and shoggoth fight go.

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Rolled 13, 20, 11 = 44 (3d20)

>twin soul x4


>> No.39405933

Rolled 4, 19, 13, 5, 14, 12, 2, 13, 8, 18, 12, 2, 6, 14, 19 = 161 (15d20)

My body isn't ready!

>> No.39405960


>Body Type 10
Painfully Average; Use 1 silver coin

>Specialization 5
Reinforcement; Use 1 Silver Coin
Earth +2 Vit, +1 Mag

>Weapon 17
Magic +1 Mag; Stuffed Tiger

>Outfit 20
Uniform +1 Vit Striped mustard vest suit over a white shirt with a cartoon tiger head pattern tie

>Magical Power 10

>Perks 4, 8, 19, 11, 1
Allies +1 Luck, Enhanced Sus +1 Vit, Backpack, Training Kendou, +2 Str

>Str 4+2
>Vit 4+2+1+1
>Agi 4
>Mag 4+1+1; Use 1 Gold coin +4
>Luck 4+1; Use 1 silver coin +2

Name: Art
Description: 14 year old girl with underdeveloped features. Short, dark blond hair is cut like a boys. She has sharp, dark eyes and lightly tanned skin. Art likes to dress in men's clothing. This, combined with her hair style and lack of obvious development leads many to mistake her for a boy. She embraces this. When transformed, she dons a tailored vest suit. The vest is a pale mustard color with stripes. The shirt is white, and the sleeves are rolled. She has a dark tie with little tiger face running diagonally down the length. In battle, she carries a small, stuffed tiger which she uses as a vessel for a tiger spirit to inhabit and attack on her behalf.

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>Magical girl and shoggoth fight go.

That's actually happened in at least one anime.

>> No.39406039

it's like you don't even want to be five lamias with terribly low stats

>> No.39406146

Usually calling somewhere a snake pit isn't literal but...

>> No.39406171


Age 16
Fire +3 str
Melee +1 str +1 vit
Elaborate +1 mag
Familiar (silver to Killing Blow)
Twin soul (silver to Enhanced Transformation)
Get outta jail
A way out (silver to +2 str)
Eternal Style
Gold to Strength

16 Str
5 Mag
5 Vit
4 Agi
4 Luck

Glass cannon melee, and I have killing blow. ONE SHOT ONE KILL

>implying each one doesn't double the number

>> No.39406196

Age: 11
Body: Well-developed
Spec: Mental
Weapon: Ranged
Outfit: Skimpy
Power: Third eye (switched from Regen)
Perks: Closure, +2 mag, Eternal style, A way out, Enhanced Transformation

Stats (spent gold on agi, and one silver each on mag and luk)

STR: 4
VIT: 4
AGI: 10
MAG: 10
LUK: 8

I've rolled something like this offsite before. Except with darkness spec and less voluptuousness.

>> No.39406485

Rolled 16, 10, 12, 4, 17, 13, 1, 6, 13, 19, 16, 14, 14, 11, 12 = 178 (15d20)

Lessee what I'll get this time. 4 extra rolls in case of duplicates.

>> No.39406489

Name: Natasha Freeman
Age: 16 (Silver)
Body Development: Well Developed
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Brown
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 113lbs

Str 9 (Gold)
Vit 7
Agi 4
Mag 7
Lck 4

Specialization: Flowers
Weapon: Melee
Magical Powers:
The Power of Friendship

Outfit: Elaborate

Interdimensional Bro
A Way Out
Enhanced Sustenance
Money (Silver)

One of the Magical Girls blessed with agelessness, Natasha Freeman appears to be 16 but isn’t really at liberty to say just how long she’s been in the game. Only that she’s one of the girls who wasn’t offered any sort of deal to become a magical girl. She doesn’t do much Magic Girling any more, instead acting as a hub for other Magical Girls to come and enjoy relative safety and the benefit of an experienced view from time to time. Instead Natasha spends most of her time splayed out on a couch smoking, drinking, and existing purely on a diet of sunflower seeds while she plays video games on a laptop

It’s probably for the best that she’s not actively fighting as a magical girl anymore, because she was never that good at it to begin with. WIth the ability to control plants and some knowledge of first aid she makes a pretty decent healer. However she mostly just gets in the way on the battlefield with a mixture of abject apathy and not measuring up to the newer models of magical girls.

Despite her apathetic behavior, Natasha cares deeply about the other magical girls that she takes in. She’s become sort of a matronly figure to a lot of them, and offers advice and guidance on how to better their powers. It’s clear that she’s seen things go very wrong when it comes to magical girls, and she does her best to make sure that doesn't happen again. She might be a little blunt in her mannerisms, but she’s always there for a shoulder to lean on and a meal to share.

>> No.39406514

Rolled 14, 3, 20, 12, 1, 13, 3, 15, 18, 19, 8 = 126 (11d20)


>> No.39406787

Rolled 4, 19, 19, 6, 3, 2, 17, 10, 1, 9, 5 = 95 (11d20)

Why not?

>> No.39406817

Rolled 11, 5, 14, 14, 11, 2, 8, 13, 20, 8, 14, 20, 5, 3, 5 = 153 (15d20)

ANOTHER! I just want to fill up with some random girls now.

>> No.39406898

16 years old, undeveloped features.
Fire witch with a mace. The mace has holes between the tangs. The holes secrete oils. It menaces with spikes of flame.
She wears something highly reminiscent of Shinto shrine maiden outfits, crusader-era warpriest regalia, and a lacey storybook princess dress.
She has with her a brown squirrel with tufted ears.
If pushed, she can snuff out the flame of her eternal life and ollie outie this reality.

She has 15 siblings that are all also magical girls. The Spark Squad has the following individual stats:
01 STR
01 VIT
01 AGI
01 MAG
01 LUK

I did that math manually.

I will now roll for outfits and weapons. Ages and body types are assumed to encompass the full range. Ages 10 and 13 are twins. Ages 12 and 11 are triplets.

>> No.39406920

Rolled 16, 8, 11, 6, 16, 1, 9, 12, 12, 6, 9, 15, 10, 7, 17, 10, 10, 17, 4, 17, 17, 10, 1, 6, 7 = 254 (25d20)

Incorrect syntax.

>> No.39406960

Alright, here we go.

Old Name: David Haker

New Name: Mujah

16 years old, Burgundy hair, Blue eyes, very pale skin. Tall and rather well-endowed.

(Well-Developed, Silver Coin)

Specialization: Vampire

Weapon: Ranged (Mars Pistol) [Silver Coin]

Outfit: Flowing

Magical Powers: Shadow Clones, Hammer Space (Gold Coin)


+1 Vitality
+2 Strength
Enhanced Transformation
Incognito (Silver Coin)

Old Name: David Haker

New Name: Mujah

16 years old, Burgundy hair, Blue eyes, very pale skin. Tall and rather well-endowed. Once a mid-time bankrobber, an east getaway went bad when he ran over a magical girl. Followed by a transformation into a magical girl going horribly wrong, Mujah, once David Haker, roams the dark night streets looking to fufill his thirst for blood while also evading death from other magical girls sent to kill her.

Writefaggotry soon tm

>> No.39407030

Rolled 20, 14, 8, 8, 1, 14, 14, 12, 8, 14, 15 = 128 (11d20)


>> No.39407148

Rolled 14 (1d20)

16 years old.
Average build.

Lightning (+2 agi, +1 str or mag)
Ranged (+1 Agi)
Skimpy (+1 Agi)

Shadow Clones

Get Out of Jail
Enhanced sustenance

gotta do one reroll for final misc

>> No.39407171

Rolled 2, 8 = 10 (2d20)

Okay, I really need to stop getting 14's.

>> No.39407211

Rolled 7, 17, 16, 3, 8, 14, 17, 8, 12, 14, 20, 15, 16 = 167 (13d20)

It's always time for another girl.

>> No.39407269


Name: Claire
Age: 16 [SILVER]
Body Development: Average

Str 07
Vit 08
Mag 07 [SILVER]
Lck 04

Specialization: Light (+2 Vit, +1 Mag)
Weapon: Melee (+1 Str. +1 Vit)

Outfit: Uniform (+1 Vit)

Magical Powers: Shadow Clones

+2 Str
Interdimensional Home
A way Out
Big Backpack
Enhanced Transformation


Still not quite sure on the details, will post when I figure out something.

>> No.39407484

Ah...I didn't realize people were emulating me already...ehehehe.

I wonder, would you be interested in some...investment opportunities?

>> No.39407645

First time, didn't know that there was a Claire, my bad.

>> No.39407743

Oh, it's no problem! I just found it cute that another girl blessed by the light took the same name I did.

>> No.39407783

Str = 4 +1 +2 +2 (1 silver coin) = 9
Vit = 4 +1 = 5
Agi = 4 +3 +1 +1 +2 +2 (1 silver coin) = 13
Mag = 4 +2 = 6
Luck = 4 +2 +1 +2 =9

Age = 10
Body developement = well developed

Specialization = Vampire (so also air and time)

Weapon: Melee (Sword)

Outfit: Skimpy (A short, very revealing and frilly black and red gothic lolita dress. The skirt barely reaches over her ass to ensure maximum agility in combat)

Magical Powers:
Killing blow
Power of friendship (1 gold coin)

Miscellaneous Perks:
Twin Soul -> +2 agi (1 silver coin)
+2 Str
+2 Luck
+2 Mag

Name: Lina Stone

Description: 10 year old loli vampire with long, slender black hair and very light, white skin. Slightly over developed for her age, breasts are clearly visable but not unnaturaly huge, physique is rather slim, has red brown eyes.

Personality: Usually tries to not interact with strangers (at which her closure ability is helpful) since she is pretty shy. But when she does she acts aloof to overplay her shyness. Her good hearted nature has brought her quite some friends over the time, though who she treasures and trusts a lot and would do anyting to help them. Can become extremely angry when someone lays a hand on her friends. Likes cute animals but is afraid of cats. Has a 3 pet rats called "Bram", "Howard" and "Stephen". Nothing magical, just normal rats.

Fighting style: If possible ambushes her opponents from the dark or using her time powers. Once in combat uses her high agility and air powers to dodge her opponents attacks and tries to bring them down in one carefully planned strike.

I like it. Damn, now I want to play this.

>> No.39407784

Name: Theresa Markos (Emerald Priestess Seer)
Age: 7
Body Type: Underdeveloped
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Skin: Tan
Height: 3’5”
Weight: 42lbs

Str 4
Vit 7 (Silver)
Agi 4
Mag 11 (Silver)
Lck 6

Specialization: Psychic
Weapon: Magic
Magical Powers:
Killing Blow
Regeneration (Gold)

Outfit: Elaborate

Enhanced Sustenance
A Way Out
Eternal Style
Get out of Jail
+2 Magic

Blessed (Or cursed) with eternal youth and the inability to die, Theresa is a famous figure in history being the first man to be transformed into a magical girl. Previously she was known Tireseas the Seer, supposedly cursed by Hera upon the viewing of two breeding snakes that she killed. The truth was that the breeding snakes were actually a magical beast, and Tireseus had ended it’s life. Tireseus already had magic of his own at the time, bein a celebrated seer. Somehow the chaotic energies of magic released from the two headed snake suffused with his own causing his body to be transformed into that of a small girl.

The story from there diverges, many authors continued using her as a character in their works, however she disappeared from history entirely. Since that time Theresa has been working in the background through history. She’s one of the only girls that hasn’t had the guidance of a magical beast, but has managed to survive due in large part to her psychic abilities and large magical talent. Somewhere along the way though she stopped caring about containing the magical energies and instead wished to see them grow even more powerful since that would increase her own abilities.

Theresa likes to imply that she’s been the one pulling the strings on many of the larger disasters on Earth. It’s possible with her psychic abilities she can make suggestions straight into the brain of anyone that she chooses. Even into the minds of many people at once. Needless to say she’s not an ally of the Pchuus’ or the magical girls who are trying to stop magical disasters.

>> No.39407826

Investment opportunities you say?

>> No.39407899

Inability to die naturally I should have said.

>> No.39408141

Rolled 7, 1, 2, 15, 17, 15, 17, 19, 12, 3, 1, 5, 7 = 121 (13d20)

Dice always.

>> No.39408205


Boom, there we go. Story link at the bottom.

>> No.39408295

The scenes near the end could use a bit of rewriting.

>> No.39408371

Do share your suggestions.

>> No.39408431

Rolled 8, 2, 13, 14, 13, 9, 11, 17, 4, 5, 6, 2, 17, 4, 18 = 143 (15d20)

Let's see where the dice falls this time

>> No.39408467

It feels at once a bit too impersonal and clunky, especially the dialogue. Think of it as a movie scene.

>> No.39408597

Rolled 12, 7, 15, 1, 3, 13, 8, 17, 16, 14, 4, 11 = 121 (12d20)


>> No.39408650

Rolled 1, 20, 5, 12, 8, 8, 14, 20, 8, 7, 7, 15 = 125 (12d20)

Once more with feeling!

>> No.39408664


Yea from the letter onward it felt kind of rushed, the police were kind of flat cardboard characters, and the whole thing played out pretty clunky.

>> No.39408925


In the process of re-writing those paragraphs now. Taking suggestion into account.

>> No.39409056


>Body 2

>Specialization 13
Flowers +2Mag, +1 Vit

>Weapon 14
Magic; Use 1s
Fists +2 Str

>Outfit 13
Elaborate +1 Mag

>Magic Power 9
-1G coin buy
Killing Blow +1 Str, The Cromartie Special

>Perks 11, 17, 4, 5, 6
Training, Twin Soul, Allies, +2 Mag, Home; use 2s to revise to
Training in hair styling, masculinity, allies +1 Str, Eternal Style, Home

>Str 4+2+1+1
>Vit 4+1
>Agi 4
>Mag 4+2+1
>Luck 4

Transformation: Hums this song.

Name: Freddie
Description: Freddie is short. He wears platform heels. His hair is a magnificent pompadour. No one can match his skill with a comb. Unfortunately, everyone knows he's a short, scrawny guy. When he was turned into a magical girl, it was only made worse. Now, he's stuck permanently in the body of an angry 10 year old shrimp with flower power who fights in a frilly lolita dress. The women stop him and tell him what a cute little girl he is. It's undignified.

It doesn't help that flowers seem to bloom whereever he walks. He's even taken to gingerly and lovingly raising bonsai trees. Being small like him, he sees a kindred spirit in them.

But he's not alone. He found others like him. Boys forced into this gig. Now, they pound respect into the local neighborhood, shaking people down for cigarettes and lunch money. He would be a terror if it weren't for the constant ghosts and assorted freaks moving in on his turf. With his knuckles wrapped in thorny wood, he pounds these ghoulies into the dirt back where they belong.

>> No.39409205

Caroline Singer

Str 4+1+1=6
Vit 4
Agi 4+1+1+2+2+2=12 (2x Silver)
Mag 4+1=5
luk 4

Age:7 (Silver) 16
Developement:20 (Well developed)
Power:5 Reinforcement (+1str,+1agi,+1mag)
Weapon:12 (Ranged, +1agi)
outfit:8 (Flowing, +1str)
Power:8 (Focused assault) (Gold: Third Eye)
Get out of Jail
Enchanced Sustinence
Eternal Style

Caroline is unusually tall and lankey for a girl with

fair skin and long unkept brown hair that matches her

similarly brown eyes.

The transformation did little to change Caroline's

personality as she still remains abbrassive to others

but still silently cares about their well being.

Rather than get into a fight Caroline instead chooses

to fortify a position with her protection spells and

remain there with her sniper rifle providing long-range

fire support and a fall-back location.

>> No.39409254

While stating allies under the point buy system I came out with some surprisingly viable girls, almost TOO good...

Rolling for allies, might keep, might not.

Figured 10 points is similar to rolling a girl minus any perks. Plus it prevents someone from infinite reapplication of allies.

>> No.39409274

Rolled 15, 8, 9, 17, 4, 10 = 63 (6d20)


>> No.39409291

Rolled 11, 10, 7, 9, 14, 3, 9, 20, 11, 9, 14, 3, 9, 15, 7 = 151 (15d20)

First time rolling on tg, long time lurker. Let's ride.

>> No.39409296

Rolled 18, 10, 10, 19, 13, 18 = 88 (6d20)


>> No.39409324


Okay, rewrite #1 complete. Tell me what you think.

>> No.39409332

Rolled 5, 17, 7, 2, 2, 11, 19, 11, 8, 19, 4 = 105 (11d20)


>> No.39409422

Rolled 9, 3, 1, 16, 5, 12, 19, 14, 20, 17, 9, 11 = 136 (12d20)

Fuck it, I'll roll out a team.

>> No.39409590

Where did the amusing namefags go?

>> No.39409597

Rolled 14, 1, 3 = 18 (3d20)

Pulled a twinsoul

>> No.39409612

...both these rolls turned out like my already point bought allies...

11yo with average build silvered to 16 year old average

Sound specialty and a magic microphone.

Transformation phrase: Songbird overload!

Outfit skimpy: mortally embarrassing bunny girl outfit.

Power barrage silvered to power of friendship

Str 4
Vit 4
Agi gold to 9
Mag silvered to 9
Luck 5

Relies on standard magic blasts from her weapon for single targets. But prefers buffs from behind cover. Doesn't want to do any of this fighting stuff.

Basically "dammit Jim I'm a lounge singer not a fighter!"

>> No.39409630

I wrote another thing. I posted 1.1 in here a few days ago as a one-shot. Here's 1.2 I guess.


>> No.39409799

Rolled 6, 9, 1, 16, 1, 14, 18, 14, 13, 19, 17, 14, 10, 11, 6 = 169 (15d20)

I'm gonna roll another character, filling my cavalcade of magical girls for further story.

>> No.39409802

The names aren't really needed too much except for specific instances, and we have an IRC for most of those.

>> No.39409857


just checked, fucking noone in the rizon.

>> No.39409877

Rizon is ded. Unless someone wants to start a game, no one is going to bother.

>> No.39409901

I'm in it right now, anon.

I had difficulty connecting as well. Try going through 1d4chan's IRC link and switching channels.

>> No.39409947

I don't care about the irc shit. That stuff is boring.
I care about the luls that can be had with botch robberies and old time slang.

>> No.39409961 [SPOILER] 

Name: Sarah, warrior of the sun.
First, time to list that shit.
Age: 16 (1 silver coin) rolled 11
Body: average (10)
Specialty: lightening +2 agi, +1 st (1silver coin)
Ranged Weapon: +1 ag (9)
Outfit: Elaborate uniform +1 mg (14)
Power: Hammer space 3
Perks:+2 luck (9x2)
Eternal style (20)
Training:have to pick a skill (11)
Get out of jail free card (14)
+2 vit (3)
Rolled extra dice because I'm retarded.
Current stats
1 gold coin: 2nd weapon Melee +1 vit +1 st
1 silver coin +2 to strength
7 vit
8 st
7 ag
5 mg
6 lk
Writefaggotry might happen later.
Also didn't double check my work.

>> No.39410039


Brenda Fortmen
Aerial Fortmen

Str 4-1=3
Vit 4-1=3
Agi 4+1-1=4
Mag 4+3+1+2+4-3=11
luk 4+2-1=5

Developement:3 (Underdeveloped) (Twin:14 Average)
Power:1 Fire (+3mag) (Twin:1 Fire)
Weapon:16 (Magic, +1mag) (Twin:Melee)
outfit:5 (Skimpy +1agi)
Power:Power of friendship (Silver) Barrage
Get out of Jail
Big Backpack
Eternal Style
Twin Soul
+2 luck

Brenda and her "twin" Aeriel are both of average height with a slender build.
Completly diffrent from their old self they tend to be passionate and open to others around them.
The Fortmen twins prefer to stay together in combat allowing them to make their flames burn brighter.

>> No.39410063

Forgot the outfit

>> No.39410086

It's definitely slow right now. The guys playing around with mechanic aren't on, and there's only so much we can do with the rules we have. We've got some writefags, but none of it is really doing any world building yet. I've got a writing project going with another anon in this thread.

I wish I knew more about mechanics to add my input. The only thing really established so far is character creation. Which, if you look at the number of IPs, takes up so much of the actual threads here.

>> No.39410115

Ever need an army of magical lolis to use as NPCs? You're in luck.

13 1/2 threads and 2 hours of copy/pasting, and I give you:



Qualifications for listing:

>At least a few words of fluff
>Completing either the roll or point-buy process
>Formatted in a way that caught my eye so I didn't scroll past it

If any of the info is incorrect or your girl is missing, go ahead and let me know and I'll get it changed. Also, please note that builds are posted chronologically, and older builds will be from previous versions of the CYOA. If you see an ice girl with healing or significantly weaker Twin Souls chars, that's why.

>> No.39410116

Rolled 2, 20, 2, 15, 20, 18, 20, 5, 5, 2, 11, 3 = 123 (12d20)

Now to finish out the MG cell.

>> No.39410139

I'm on, but I'm working on my own story stuff.

World Building would be fun though.

>> No.39410184

Rolled 18, 12, 20, 8, 15, 6, 6, 7, 6, 12, 11, 20 = 141 (12d20)

Here we go!

>> No.39410222

Rolled 14, 15, 19, 1, 11, 20, 5, 11, 10, 10, 17 = 133 (11d20)


>> No.39410311

It would be fun, but I don't know if the tone has been established well enough yet. A lot of people are aware of, and borrow from, Madoka. But, how much it draws from that isn't yet clear.

>> No.39410322

Rolled 18 (1d20)

Reroll for the second ten.

>> No.39410342

Rolled 1, 9, 14, 10 = 34 (4d20)

Twin Soul!

>> No.39410352



And here's the updated stats and edited writings. Hope I didn't miss anything.

Pic is a Mars pistol with bolt retracted. Primary weapon of my MG.

>> No.39410430

Name: Bethany Cross (Blazing Sorceress Bell)
Age: 12
Body Type: Average
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Blue
Skin: White
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 87lbs

Name: Lydia Cross (Blazing Rider Spur)
Age: 10
Body Type: Average
Hair: Green
Eyes: Blue
Skin: White
Height: 4’8”
Weight: 75lbs

Str 3
Vit 3
Agi 7 (Silver x2)
Mag 3
Lck 3

Specialization: Fire
Magic (Bethany)
Ranged (Lydia)
Magical Powers:
Shadow Clones (Bethany)
Barrage (Lydia) (Gold)

Outfit: Skimpy

Get Out of Jail
A Way Out
Big Backpack
Twin Soul

The blazing Twins Bethany and Lydia are regular girls, who will age and eventually grow out of their power. But while they’re here they’re going to hit the pavement hard and fast. Wild Children who used to terrorize the playground raised by old school Punk Rockers, they’ve learned early to live their life by no rules. However free spirits like that are often met with cynicism in society and they didn’t have many friends of their own. So the deal was struck that they would both be magical girls in return for friendship.

The two things were one in the same, both girls entered into a world where Magical Girls were prevalent and gained an extended family of friends as a result. They’re either the bravest or most foolish magical girls around. They’re always the first into battle, and they’re always the first to get their butts kicked by whatever is threatening them. But their high energy is enough to draw other girls in to help them, making them good leaders.

>> No.39410465

I guess that would be the goal of world building, to establish a tone and create a world where all the magical girls could work together.

>> No.39410516

Rolled 4, 2, 4, 10, 3, 11, 13, 5, 1, 17, 15, 6, 13, 3, 8 = 115 (15d20)

>> No.39410566

Amelia North

Str 4+2+2+2=10 (Silver)
Vit 4+1+1+2+2=10 (Silver)
Agi 4
Mag 4+1+2=7
luk 4

Age:7 (Silver) 15
Developement:20 (well developed)
Power:2 ice (+2str,+1vit)
Weapon:15 (Magic, +1mag) (Gold Fist +2str)
outfit:20 (Uniform +1vit)
Eternal Style
Interdimensional bro
Training (Martial Arts)

Amelia is of average height but is well built with a few scars. Amelia has long white hair thats often put into a ponytail. She is quick to defend others and will very often put herself in harms way to take a blow meant for another.

>> No.39410703

>Stupidly overcomplicated action
>Wrist-shattering recoil
Dare I ask why.

>> No.39410896


This is awesome.

Ctrl + F is really your friend.

>> No.39411164

Rolled 1, 12, 12, 8, 12, 10, 11, 1, 6, 12, 9 = 94 (11d20)

Have yet to roll something I really like. Lesse what happens.

>> No.39411389

It's magic

>> No.39411562

Not him, but that seems to imply that a magical butter knife would be as combat effective as a magical bowie knife.

>> No.39411611

Considering that magic's involved? It'd make perfect sense for that to be the case. Practicality isn't high on the list of priorities for costume and weaponry designs.

Actually, a powerful magical girl fighting off her enemies with a butter knife would be pretty hilarious.

>> No.39411623

Considering the list of weapons used, it would be. At least, it will until some rules are introduced which say otherwise.

This is about magical girls. The instruments they use aren't as important.

>> No.39411629

I don't see why it wouldn't be. Especially if the butter knife shoots black holes.

>> No.39411652

In terms of how much damage the weapon could do, that makes sense. In practical terms, I'd still rather have a gun weapon than a knife weapon, for the range.

>> No.39411740

It doesn't say they cut supernaturally well or do more damage than a mundane version. Just that they are indestructible and can be summoned.
A dull knife cuts less well than a sharp one. Making both indestructible doesn't change that. Though it will prevent a blade from dulling.

There is also reach and such to consider.

>Considering the list of weapons used, it would be. At least, it will until some rules are introduced which say otherwise.
This seems like the opposite of how it is.
When rules are introduced that lump every melee weapon together and govern combat with no distinction for the weapons being used there will be no difference between tweezers and weeb katanas.
Until then it's just what makes sense to the anons writing and thinking about these characters. That means they can(but might not) take into account the varied merits of whatever characters are wielding and wearing.

Hair pulling attacks should be a thing.

>> No.39412331

Rolled 7, 6, 1, 16, 16, 3, 8, 3, 3, 17, 10, 19, 9, 13, 2 = 133 (15d20)

You gotta roll the dice

>> No.39412531

Rolled 19, 19, 12, 7, 6, 19, 6, 2, 18, 5, 18, 14, 11 = 156 (13d20)

Dice, don't fail me now.

>> No.39412807


I've done some world building, I should toss it to the thread for perusal and dissection. I actually don't use Madoka at all. The world should have a hint of it, but the game is magical girl CYOA, not Madoka CYOA, so I'd keep the hopelessness to a minimum.

>> No.39413174

Magical Girl(Guy?) Mike

Age: 15

STR 4+1+1
VIT 4+1
AGI 4+2+1
MAG 4+4
LUCK 4+2+2

Body development: Average

Specialization: Lightning
Weapon: Ranged (M16A2)
Uniform: Army BDU
Power: Tentacles (O___o)

Perk1: +2 Luck
Perk2: Masculinity (Now Mahou-oto Male)
Perk3: Allies +1 Str
Perk4: Get Out of Jail
Perk5: Enhanced Transformation

Gold Coin: +4 Mag
Silver1: +2 Luck
Silver2: Weapon to Ranged from melee
Silver3: Changed Interdimensional Bro to allies

Insert the only guy. Gonna be awkward when he finds out literally everyone else like him is a girl.

>> No.39413240

World-building stuff:

The world is mostly the same, just... larger.

>The Overcity:
While magical girls are based in their respective cities, in any city, it's possible to turn down the right alley, make the right turn on a road or just know where the doors are to get to the overcity. The overcity has many names – the Hub, Megatokyo, 'the city' and many more besides. These names are only used by the magically active. The overcity a great sprawling mess of uninterrupted cityscape, and exists on many levels. The same area can be populated by normal people, be a run down mess inhabited by monsters or be completely deserted, depending on how to got there and when you arrived.

Many normal people live and work within the overcity, never realizing that they aren't actually in their home city anymore. After all, they just take the same path to and from work every day, and if they mess up and can't find their home or workplace, then they just got lost, right? The shops take whatever the local currency of the city they think themselves to be in, but many of them have found that they get a large proportion of customers with different currencies and may take foreign cash.

>> No.39413268

Magically active beings can use the overcity to travel between locations that are greatly distant, but the routes are unclear, and with the street signs written in hundreds of languages, the best you can do is hope. There are guides that will offer to take you from city to city, but these are few and far between, and depend on routes happened upon by luck. More commonly a 'guide' turns out to be a monster luring weak magical girls away to kill them, or a canny magical girl isolating a monster to do the same.

In the real world, being able to move a fight into a deserted area of the overcity allows for more high damage attacks and removes the possibility of collateral damage, but this skill is not known or utilized by all magical girls. Some monsters use the skill to try and lose pursuing gangs of girls, but again, this is not always known.

The city is the place to encounter more magically active people, and magical girls and monsters alike are prone to commandeering deserted areas for use as homes and bases. Some magical girls suspect that their interdimensional homes are located somewhere in the overcity, but none have found the location of the apartments.

There are whispers that there is a similar higher or lower dimensional hub for wild locations, that even the wild monsters not blessed with intelligence use. Nothing has ever confirmed this rumor, but it crops up whenever a stupid monster gives magical girls the slip in a natural setting.

>> No.39413288

>Puchuu and the Patrons
Nobody is really sure where the powers come from. Some of the puchuu claim to awaken hidden potential. Some claim to connect the girls with old powers and greater patrons. All puchuu claim monster girls are an aberration, but none will elaborate on their origins. The potential for some sort of reverse puchuu that creates monsters exists, but the little creatures are tight lipped on the subject of monsters' origins, and try to encourage their charges to simply slay the unnatural.

Some magical girls claim they can feel where their power comes from, and it is from within, or from a greater source outside themselves. Many feel nothing, their power simply _is_, and will remain so.

Those who have taken the greatest of care to be secretive in eavesdropping on the puchuu have heard them lamenting the 'old days' when it was simpler to get hunters to do what they needed, and fewer fell from the path. Certainly within the overcity, there are a large number of more senior magical girls that don't do much monster hunting anymore, instead offering aid and council, or more often illicit material and private spaces to the younger girls.

No one has divined the purpose of the puchuu other than to create warriors to hunt monsters, but there must be one, right?

>> No.39413332

>Age (7+12)/2
>Body 6
>Specialization 1
Fire +3 Mag
>Weapon 16
Magic +1 Mag; Matchsticks
>Outfit 16
Uniform +1 Vit; Red grenadier outfit with shako
>Magic Power 3
Hammer Space; ocean of oil
Familiar; Shaggy dog
>Perks 8, 3, 17, 10, 19
Enhanced Sustenance, +2 Vit, Twin Soul, Closure +1 Luck, Big Backpack

Use 2 Silver coins

Enhanced Sustenance, Eternal Style, Training in tea preparation, Closure +1 Luck, Big Backback

>STR 4
>VIT 4+1
>AGI 4
>MAG 4+3+1; -1 Silver Coin +2
>Luck 4+1

Transformation: She recites the first stanza of The British Grenadiers

Name: Alice
Description: She has blond hair and blue eyes tied in neat braids. Alice is small for her age. When she transforms, she gains a red grenadier's uniform with shako in an attempt to make herself appear taller. She keeps an immaculate appearance aided in part by her eternal style. Her personality can be aloof, cool, and calculated. Her movements are similarly measure.

She attacks using matches enchanted with her fire magic. Her magic power allows her to draw upon an ocean of oil which she uses to spread her fire.

Familiar Stats
Str 6
Vit 6
Agi 4
Mag 2
Luck 2

Name: Ashes

Description: A shaggy dog. It's fur is stained black from soot that which it constantly sprinkles. Unlike Alice, Ashes is wild and messy. His unruly nature is one of the rare things Alice tolerates. In return, Ashes is a strong and dependable fighter. Bad luck, however, seems to follow him whereever he goes.

>> No.39413434


Str: 7
Vit: 4
Agi: 11 (silver)
Mag: 11 (gold)
Lck: 4

8 years old
Blue eyes, short blue hair, finger and toenails painted blue. Periwinkle blue.

Reinforcement (silver)
Power of Friendship

A Way Out
+2 Mag
+2 Str
+2 Agi (silver from Twin Soul)

Rae is a calm, happy and peaceful girl. Very earnest, she tries very hard at everything she does, and tends to take things to heart. While this makes her somewhat naive at times, it's very hard not to like Rae, and people around her often come to depend on her predictable nature. She takes great pride in this.

In combat, Rae operates in an almost strictly support fashion, seldom even summoning her weapon. She prefers to expend her powers heavily before the fight, strengthening her teammates significantly and allowing her the freedom to focus on healing during battle. If that is not possible, she employs her magic to create extremely formidable barriers to negate powerful attacks. Though very draining, when hard pressed she can wrap the foe itself in an immobile, impenetrable force field for a short duration, giving her team time to flee. Though seldom seen, a sufficiently angered Rae will surprise a foe by summoning and employing her weapon--a normal-sized, blue rocket launcher. She is strikingly accurate with it.

Rae's transformation is very shimmery. Blue bubbles of force form and rise from the floor, floating and popping around her as she hums softly to herself. "Pax intrantibus, salus exeuntibus." suddenly echoes in the room around her, as the floating bubbles suddenly converge on and merge with her body, forming her costume--a blue pleated skirt, diaphanous blue blouse and short blue cape, trimmed in white.

Wealthy for an 8 year old, Rae likes to spend money on her friends. She enjoys big meals together, throwing parties, giving gifts and receiving gifts. Especially blue ones. Blue is Rae's favorite color you see, something she makes sure everyone knows. Everyone.

>> No.39413889

That's all I had written out for background, but a couple non solidified concepts I hadn't written up are here as well:
>The monsters are less prevalent on earth, but many girls/teams stay within their hometown to act as protectors.

>the overcity has a higher proportion of monsters, and monsters which are unnatural but don't actively cause chaos are sometimes tolerated here because they aren't on Earth. Technically.

>The overcity is full of mystical alliances and power blocs. Most of the time it just resembles gang territory, but some factions are big.

>Magical girls 'mystic senses' are tuned to their element unless they have a the third eye power. Fire girls know when a werewolf is around because their body temperature is higher. Gravity girls can sense that the mass of a Drider or Lamia is much higher than their illusion would indicate. Water girls can tell no blood flows through the veins of a vampire, etc. These senses are always on, but don't work on monsters until they are very close, because of the background noise of everything else happening around them. The rest of the time, they rely on a puchuu granted sense that tells them that there is a source of chaos 'thataway.' which never gets any more reliable than a general direction and has a limited range.

>> No.39414129

This is some really good stuff. And fits well with both the themes of the CYOA and in the fact that it allows many of the diverse magical girls rolled here to interact.

>the money?
Critters of all types use the coins. They come in all shapes and sizes, Much like the critters themselves. But one thing is common amongst all of them. Every type of coin bestows power and is typed by its material.

The lowest and most worthless is the copper coin. Good only for a minor and temporary boost of power these coins are traded freely amongst Critters as small rewards and incentive.

The silver coin is the staple of otherworldly economy and has many times the worth of a copper coin. Even large chests full of copper coins often cannot equal the worth of a single silver coin. This is due to the permanent nature of a silver coins empowerment.

Rarely a gold coin will be glimpsed in strange untrustworthy hands. The gold is the currency of the elite, and until the modern era was rarely if ever seen.

Rumors exist of other even rarer currencies capable of bestowing true wonders

>> No.39414147

The Overcity probably explains how Holly wasn't sure what city she was in for the first few days and how she got there.

>> No.39414420

> The Overcity, in general
This makes me wonder how much money and/or influence the puchuus have. Operating all those studio apartments for mahou shoujos must take a pretty significant stash of resources.

>> No.39414529

Is should have noticed this earlier, but that IRC channel is typoed. It's #MGCYOA A if anyone cares.

>> No.39414776

MGCYOA is the channel

Well they probably recycle...

But given the Puuchus are implied to be angels in some stories and can casually reality warp, resources aren't going to be a problem.

>> No.39414825


I like this, I have a couple of ideas

>When people cross over into the Overcity, their money just transforms into the Overcity Money. And when they leave it transforms back. Regular people can't see this, they see it as whatever money they're used too due to the 'Not breaking their mind' thing that happens. But magical types can see it happen.

>Some kind of centralized network that the girls can use. Like a facebook or twitter like site where magic girls can post and trade information.

>In public girls looking to trade information can go to "school." A agreed upon central area where magical girls can go outside of their transformed mode. It's a middle/high school for regular people. Transforming at school is frowned upon, but not strictly enforced. It contains a Magic Girl Black Market, and is a good meeting place to for team ups.

>Pchuu's are a single entity, when two meet in order to conserve energy they absorb into each other. If the girls separate again the Pchuu's can separate.

>Natives to the Overcity who were born and work there are actually aware of Magical girls. This is how Magical Girl anime are produced. Also some law enforcement and military employ magical girls into temporary service for various operations.

>> No.39414850

>get gravity magic
>warp space-time around you to get all the powers of time magic
>kill opponents before they are born

Why hasn't this been fixed yet?

>> No.39414897

Because you're retarded.

>> No.39414911

Because thats not how gravity affects time.

>> No.39414945

>When people cross over into the Overcity, their money just transforms into the Overcity Money. And when they leave it transforms back. Regular people can't see this, they see it as whatever money they're used too due to the 'Not breaking their mind' thing that happens. But magical types can see it happen.
Don't like this one, it kills some of the flavor.
>Some kind of centralized network that the girls can use. Like a facebook or twitter like site where magic girls can post and trade information.
Don't really like this one either, it makes things a little too easy.
>In public girls looking to trade information can go to "school." A agreed upon central area where magical girls can go outside of their transformed mode. It's a middle/high school for regular people. Transforming at school is frowned upon, but not strictly enforced. It contains a Magic Girl Black Market, and is a good meeting place to for team ups.
This could be interesting.
>Pchuu's are a single entity, when two meet in order to conserve energy they absorb into each other. If the girls separate again the Pchuu's can separate.
I FUCKING LOVE THIS. Why didn't I think of it?
>Natives to the Overcity who were born and work there are actually aware of Magical girls. This is how Magical Girl anime are produced. Also some law enforcement and military employ magical girls into temporary service for various operations.
I think you're getting a little campy with the anime thing, but the rest is cool.

>> No.39414970

Probably because you're more likely to creatively get yourself killed by trying that and the Puuchus probably frown on magical girls playing at time police?

>> No.39415072

This is good. Also give us an excuse for ability and stat growth later.

Remember big chunks of the overcity are vacant. They just have to fix it up.

I'm not sure I like these. The theme of the CYOA seems to be change, confusion and a general lack of information. Magic Facebook and a whole host of aware normals seems to run against that. I'd prefer if everything seemed mysterious and unknown, news hard to come by or dependent on word of mouth.

>> No.39415081


>Pchuu's are a single entity, when two meet in order to conserve energy they absorb into each other. If the girls separate again the Pchuu's can separate.

I dunno, seems a bit too Madoka.

>> No.39415105

What this anon said. Why have a magical girl facebook when you can have an magical girl underworld?

>> No.39415108

So if a magical girl turns into a witch in her house does the barrier just affect the room she was in at the time or does it warp the entire house and everything in proximity to it ?

>> No.39415192

In Madokaverse, I think that'd depend on how powerful the witch is. A familiar has a very small area like a room, while a powerful witch like Walpurgisnacht turns your whole city into their labyrinth.

For an average witch, probably the whole building I would guess.

>> No.39415460

We saw that most witch barriers outside only take up about a wall.

>> No.39415914

Claire just sounds right for a light-based Magical Girl you know?

>> No.39416079


Speaking of which I wonder how many Magical Girls could use the Grief Seed that was previously their friend if said friend turned into a witch ?

>> No.39416084

Look: Sarah is a tall blonde 16 year old girl of average build. Her hair hangs down to her shoulders. Out of combat Sarah prefers to lounge around in a t shirt and shorts with her hair up, but becomes a lady of war during combat. Image related.
Personality:Sarah stands at the front, using her gun, sword and body to protect other magical girls. She praises the sun before transforming, having played way to much dark souls before becoming a magical girl. She doesn't talk much of that time, preferring instead to help others. She is forward, bubbly and always ready with a joke.

>> No.39417066

As for as weapons go is it unusual for a Magical Girl to wield claw like weaponry ?

I've only seen a few (assuming Dead Master counts).

>> No.39417097

Kirika from Oriko Magica?

>> No.39417112


That's what I meant by a "few".

Outside of her and Dead Master (and a few other BRS characters) I don't believe I've seen any.

>> No.39417544

Magical Girl CYOA
Name Allen Schmidt
Str 8 2 silver
Vit 6
Agi 4
Mag 6
Luck 9 1 Gold
Age 16
Body Average
Skin Tan
Hair Black
Eye Brown
Specialization Darkness
Weapons Ranged
Outfit Uniform 1 silver
Magical Power Hammerspace
Interdimensional Home
Big Backpack

Allen Schmidt is not a happy man.
For one thing, he's now a boy, that means legal restrictions.
For another, he was actually quite happy with his 8-to-5 job, hell he and the guys were supposed to play paintball or something after they convinced the bitch upstairs that the guys needed teambuilding activities separate from the girls(they tend to ignore the no melee rule).
Now here he is, in front of a cadaver too frilly to exist, staring down a fluffy ass thing that just threw immortaliy and a bunch of weird as shit powers onto him.
Now it's telling him to go kill some little girl in the center of the city's main park.

Absolutely fun.

It also forgot to mention the army of zombies surrounding the little girl.


An untrained man with the capability of a tactical nuke (if there's one bright spot in this whole affair, it's that the hammerspace came with a military armory, complete with backpack nukes.) is certainly the best and ONLY option we have.

And of course Steve and the ultrabitch upstairs just had to be caught with their pants down.

Well, enough dilly dallying, time to assassinate a necromancer.

"Do you even know how mentally traumatic it is to lose, then gain your own dick in a span of seconds!?!?!"-Allen Schmidt on the perk of masculinity.

>> No.39417866

>losing your dick
>getting it back

>> No.39417884

>I feel like the weapon is sorta toeing the line between a ranged and magic weapon, I almost spent my gold on getting the magic weapon type as well, but wanted a 10 in Mag.

Alexis Kalashnikov
Str 6
Vit 6
Agi 7
Mag 10
Lck 6

An Average 16 year old.
Light Specialization.
Ranged Weapon (DMR ACR)
Elaborate Outfit
Barrage Power

Training - Cooking
Interdimensional Home
Big Backpack

Alexis is a level headed girl; a trait from her former career in the USAF, which taught her that any problem can be solved with excessive firepower and tactics. Usually in that order. While not bad tempered, she is possessed of a biting, ironic sense of humor, and will make blunt observations regardless of the opinion of others on the matter. To the surprise of others (and herself), Alexis is very girly, and finds herself enjoying and sometimes loving her new life, it never lacks in excitement for one.

She stands at 5' 6" with shoulder length golden hair and golden eyes. The two locks framing her face extend past her shoulders to her chest, where she normally braids them together and rests them over her breasts.

During her transformation, Alexis thought simply of her old combat fatigues, completely unaware of the definition of "Elaborate" being used at the time. As a result, her costume is a bastardization of a BDU, with ruffled sleevelets and a light vest over a short sleeved ruffled shirt with a hood plus a pileated skirt with heeled boots and kneepads over knee length black stockings. The ensemble is grey with black highlights and digital camouflage.

She carries a ACR DMR kit into battle with her. The magazine for said rifle has two ends, one is the normal mouth of an magazine with a seemingly infinite supply of bullets. The other end appears to be a battery of some kind, which when inserted causes the rifle to fire lasers instead of bullets and act as a aiming device for her more powerful attacks.

>> No.39417898

On another note, can costumes be modified after the transformation? If a team wanted to coordinate colors or maybe change them so they're not wearing all black in the middle of the arctic?

>> No.39417967

Isn't that the illusionist's job?

>> No.39417993

You can summon any outfit you want with Eternal style but I don't think it includes your costume specifically.

>> No.39417998

Missed the whole thread
But I'm still gonna roll

>> No.39418012

Rolled 9, 20, 5, 8, 18, 5, 17, 6, 19, 7, 6 = 120 (11d20)

...you saw nothing

>> No.39418034

Rolled 13 (1d20)

Age: 11
Specialization: Reinforcement +1 Str +1 Agi +1 Mag
Weapon: Ranged +1 Agi
Outfit: Uniform +1 Vit
Power: Familiar
Rerolling for 6

>> No.39418066

You know with perks like this and the fact this thread will die before anyone gives a shit, I can't be arsed to finish this.
My days as a magical girl are over. I've lost all love for magical things.
social... ruuuuuuules....
so I can care about my saved characters.....

>> No.39418080

Posting this here in a vague and likely misguided attempt to be helpful. Here is the point buy system.

Magical Girl CYOA - Less Rolling Mod

Total: 15 Points

7 - 16 years, free choice

Body Development:
Free choice

2 for those that give stats, except monster girls
4 for monster girls

Free choice
-Can purchase a second weapon for 2 points

Free Choice

Magical Powers:
First is free, except Killing Blow
-Can purchase more powers for an increasing point cost depending on how many you already have, (2 for the second, 4 for the third, 6 for the fourth, etc.)

1 for any
-limit of 5 perks

1 point per +1 to a stat

They get the same gear you do for no additional cost, can pay for a change at normal costs.
They get each 10 independent points you can spend on them.
Killing Blow
-Killing Blow is +1 cost to x

>> No.39418084

you mustn't give up hope

>> No.39418435

Name: Sarah (Nick) Clarke, Warrior of Sunlight.
Height: 70 inches
Body: Average
Specialization: lightening +2 agi, +1 st 2 points
Weapons: sword +1 st +1 vit free
Magic talisman (+ 1 mg) 2 points
Outfit: Flowing +1 st (free)
Perks: eternal style 1 point
Enhanced substance: +1 vit 1 point
Big backpack 1 point
+2 st 1 point
+2 mag 1 point
Magical powers: Power of friendship (free)
Focused strike (2 points)
1agi 1 point
1vit 1 point
2mg 2 points.

It has been a terrible day for Nick Clarke. He, recently a she, sat on the park bench looking out over the river. Somewhere there was a little girl with a snake tail. Nick had been tasked with killing her. It would be the 2nd person she killed that day. Both of which had been younger then her.
"My mom is going to kill me," she whispered aloud and then stopped. No she wouldn't. She wouldn't, no couldn't, recognize her. She checked the name of the id in the bag.
Sarah Clarke, same age that he had been before killing a little girl with his car. She stood up and ,with a sigh, raised her hands to the sky.

She waited there for a few moments. Then she started to fidget awkwardly.
"Don't make me say it," she grumbled in annoyance and mild shame.
"Fine.. Praise the sun!" And with that she transformed, and declared to the magical girl world her status as a big nerd. Lightening crackled down her body, replacing her outfit with long flowing ballroom gown with plate mail over the vital bits.

"Great, boob plate" her dissatisfaction for the armor apparent. Her shoulder length blonde hair pulled itself into a pony tail as if of it's own volition.

She thought for a moment of her family, her single mother who would never know what happened to her, or the little sister who would cry missing her big brother. She vowed then and there to help other's like her as much as she could, but first there was the task at hand. She stood up.
"Well 'Sarah', let's go meet a snake girl"

>> No.39418698

Hey guys. Remember when I rolled my character 2 threads ago(the one with steampunk armor) and promised to write her diary? Well I am sort of doing it. 14 days worth of diary entities of a former geeky scientist spiced with power research reports are ready to be posted. Do I have to use pastebin or I can use OneDrive?

>> No.39418800

Use what you want, as long as it can be posted as a link.

>> No.39418916

Here you go:
Before we continue I need to warn you guys that this is my first ever attempt at this sort of stuff. Somewhat boring parts or bad grammar might be included.

>> No.39418918

For the record, the Mars uses a long-recoil system, which means a lot of mass moves during the cycle. The force is drawn out instead of being instant like a short recoil might have. That's why only .380 and .32ACP pistols had short recoil.

>> No.39418956

Also I forgot to ask the last time... OP how does the progression system work in this setting? XP points? Level up orbs? Train to use the power better? Cause I'm running out of things to do before the first fight in my diary project happens.

>> No.39418970

It isn't really set in the CYOA, and fan systems are fan material. Go with whatever makes sense to you.

>> No.39419000

Here is some fluff for >>39409205
I've not done this before so I'd appreciate feedback.

>> No.39419035

A couple questions about Twin Soul:

Does the Twin Soul have the same stats as me (minus perk modifers), regardless of their own outfit and weapon?

If I spent coins to improve my base stats, would the Twin Soul also recieve those bonuses?

>> No.39419036

Ok cool. I'll go with monsters dropping orbs after their deaths.

>> No.39419075

From what I understood you get a general debuf to your final stats(after spending coins and applying perks) and the twin soul gets the same stats as you do. Just multiply every stat by 0,7

>> No.39419872

Rolled 10, 1, 12, 20, 15, 1, 18, 14, 19, 11, 5, 19, 12 = 157 (13d20)

Suppose I'd roll to start my day

>> No.39419999

Rolled 1, 11, 15, 13, 7, 12, 18, 2, 7, 18, 8, 8, 20 = 140 (13d20)

Sounds like fun. Let me do it, too.

>> No.39420049

Rolled 9, 9, 18, 11, 14, 12, 1, 14, 15, 14, 15, 4, 5 = 141 (13d20)

I spend 1 gold coin on MAG (+4) and 3 silver on VIT (+6). Age roll result is last number of my post. Adding a few extra rolls in case of dupe perks.

>> No.39420068

Any constructive critics?

>> No.39420263


Pls learn to paragraph. Wall of text is not fun.

>> No.39420349

Understood. I'll update the file in a few hours.

>> No.39420468

Rolled 14, 18, 3, 6, 2, 9, 1, 16, 20, 17, 20, 20, 8, 10, 14 = 178 (15d20)

A new day, a new girl. One more after this and I'll have 20 made that I've saved in this text file, I may have a problem.

>> No.39420902

Rolled 9, 16, 1, 5, 8, 4, 17, 5, 4, 14, 2 = 85 (11d20)

another day, another set of rolls

>> No.39420947

Rolled 10, 6, 13, 7 = 36 (4d20)

Twin Soul

>> No.39420989

Rolled 13, 9, 7, 19, 16, 6, 20, 14, 4, 12, 16, 11, 13, 7, 11 = 178 (15d20)

LUCK 5 + 4 (SILVER x 2)
Name: Aila Iris
Age: 13
Ranged (Bow)
Barrage: A rapid fire barrage of multiple arrows of air
Tentacle Fun: Invisible air tendrils (GOLD)
STR+2, Enhanced Transformation, Eternal Style, Closure (SILVER, was Twin Soul), Enhanced Sustenance

I'm drawing a blank at the moment when it comes to writing about her, so I'll leave that for later. Also not sure about closure, it might change to some kind of training if I can think of a fitting one.

>> No.39421517

Rolled 15, 20, 8, 17, 9, 12, 5, 3, 15, 4, 15 = 123 (11d20)


>> No.39421684

Rolled 6, 2, 20, 18, 14, 8, 5, 1, 4, 16, 12, 10, 19, 13, 1 = 149 (15d20)

Let's see where the dice takes us today.

>> No.39422295

Rolled 3, 10, 10, 14, 17, 15, 17, 12, 9, 1, 4 = 112 (11d20)

More girls.

>> No.39422446

Rolled 6, 3, 19, 6, 12, 16, 15, 12, 9, 9, 15, 18, 1, 8, 19 = 168 (15d20)


>> No.39422610


Name: Magical Girl Lightning Alice
Age: 14
Body type: Well-developed
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Skin color: White

Weapons: Magical bracelets & fists (spend 1 gold)
Element: Lightning (+1 mag)
Outfit: Elegant black dress
Magical power: Power of friendship
Misc perks: +2 Vit
+2 mag
Closure (changed from 15 for 1 silver)

+2 vit and +2 str for 2 silvers.

10 str
8 vit
6 agi
8 mag
5 luck

Writefaggotry to come, probably.

>> No.39423049

Done. I added some paragraphs to the longest pieces of text and it is easier to read now. I have also revised the overal story fixing a few strangely created sentences and adding some more info. In case it didn't update here is the link:

>> No.39424037

So are Magical Girl's immune to the negative effects of Junk Food ?

Like if one is living alone and not exactly eating the worlds healthiest diet, will it show or does magic allow them to circumvent that ?

>> No.39424070

I think that's only if they have Enhanced Sustenance; whether they actually start to get out of shape I don't know, but their health will probably deteriorate at least.

>> No.39424168

In the cyoa, I think they're largely immune to normal nutritional deficiencies. I think part of being unaging and immortal is not being able to lose or put on weight, or get scurvy or something.

>> No.39424258

It's much more readable now, but there are still a few major issues. I am completely aware you have little experience in writing these things, as you said in your post. If you have the time, read the paragraphs out loud, not just in your head. You'll start to pick up quite a few sentencing issues.

for example, I'm not a fan of using 'and' too much. If you can put a full stop and have the sentence still make sense, you've done good. It prevents run-on sentences; If you have more than two verbs in a sentence it is probably a run-on.

Keep at it. I think going from a diary perspective is original but the language of a diary is very different from a novel.
Off that topic, Part two of
Will be started tonight.

>> No.39424656

Well, they won't die from it...And they're probably getting plenty of exercise from life and death monster fights.

>> No.39424954

Thanks for your feedback. I've read out loud the first entity and I could find only a few actual mistakes that I fixed. I think it comes with the way we are taught to write compositions here in Russia. The whole basic composition training falls into "impress the teacher with the help of putting as many difficult(multiple sentences as one), literay device overused and "hardened"(containing participials and participial turnovers) sentences you can". It is really hard to retrain myself but I'll try. There are also some things like "x and y, z and n" or similar structures that might seem like word overuse to a native speaker. Also just in case the file seems to update itself right after I save but I'll continue posting when I add a new chunk of entities.

>> No.39425038

Other than what >>39424258 said, there's not too much to say.

my one major complaint would be that after the first introduction part, during the transformation scene it seems really forced and presented without any narrative, the structure of the way the diary reads makes sense, but sometimes you jump between sounding scientific and talking about normal things without much transition.

>> No.39425144

Unfortunately this seems really clunky and not quite together stylistically. I think I can see where you're trying to come from, but try to read it to yourself as if you were trying to tell someone aloud. It sounds like you're trying to follow a train of thought rather than a story.
I get that you're trying to be intentionally vague about everything you say, but it sounds like the narrator doesn't really understand the situation. but it also looks like you're trying to make the main character the narrator and it's a little hard to follow.
Good luck with working on it though, it seems like you've got some good ideas.

>> No.39425484

Thank you for your feedback. I'll think about changing the first transformation. The main idea was that it was only the primary suit generation and the actual transformation is different and my char can't see it due to all the flashes, sparks and stuff. About all that quick shift between scientific stuff and normal speech it was planned as I had a few ideas. I wanted to make it look similarly to SCP documents but a little bit less formal(ok a lot less formal) as it is only a diary. Also as you might have guessed I based my char on hypertrophied me so it is easier for me to run a story using only logic, creativity and a question "what would I do in this situation". Ocasionally that would be the way I would keep my journal.

>> No.39426516


Not OP, but author.

CYOA states girls power grow when they fulfill tasks.

I wrote this under the assumption it's like the exp system in a rogue-like game (maybe Elona+). But feel free to use your own system.

>> No.39426915

Cool. I was just thinking of using a system similar to magical burst. Basically monsters drop "cores" that are used directly to gain new abilities. I'll probably use a combination of your method with this: completely new things and major improvements from cores, effective handling of powers from experience.

>> No.39426947

Rolled 12, 13, 2, 6, 3, 16, 20, 17, 10, 20, 14, 13 = 146 (12d20)


>> No.39427058

Well let's try rolling for a character I can use in my story.

>> No.39427303

Magic weapon
Tentacle fun
+2 Mag
Interdimensional Bro
Enhanced transformation
Masculinity> Twin soul

Twin 4,1,17,14
Age 8

STR 4+2*.7 =5
VIT 4+2(s)*.7 =5
AGI 4+3*.7 =5
MAG 4+4+4(g)*.7 =9
LUCK 4+2(s)*.7 =5

>> No.39427309

Rolled 2, 7, 10, 3, 13, 1, 5, 11, 13, 19, 16 = 100 (11d20)


>> No.39427626

Not at all. That's explicitly one of the effects of the Enhanced Sustenance perk, after all. You can still get fat, or get scurvy or rickets from bad nutrition.

Remember the CYOA doesn't make you immortal. It makes you unaging - so you cannot grow or advance the progress of your body through puberty or into adulthood, and likely gives you immunity to cancer. It makes it do you cannot die permanently, but you can absolutely still die, just not of old age.

Unless you have Enhanced Sustenance, you can still get fat, still be malnourished from poor diet. You can still get sick or choke on a pretzel.

Of course, as magical girls, if your VIT is high enough, you can probably shrug off most illnesses, can go longer without scurvy debilitating you, and hold your breath for longer so someone can Heimlich you. If your STR is high enough, maybe your throat muscles can just pulverize that pretzel.

But you are not an eldridich abomination in the form of a little girl, you're a girl with the ability to turn into a minor magic artillery piece, and you have all the baggage that comes with being a little girl, which includes eating healthy, trying not to be hit by cars or injure yourself. Otherwise some of the perks and powers are meaningless.

>> No.39427845

I think it says if you are killed you eventually return to life after a few years. Something about that eldritch furry animal not wanting to make more of them. They reform after they die. If you're going off the back story of the sheet anyway. That's why one of the perks is "a way out."

>> No.39428025

The CYOA doesnt use the word 'killed'. It says that 'you cannot truly die' and 'each time you die' It also says it will take considerable willpower and 'many years' In order to return from your wraith-like state.

>> No.39428088

So let's develop some

Catch me up on what we've decided so far in these threads. Not Breezy's nonsense, the in-thread stuff.

>> No.39428119

Merry Christmas

>> No.39428210

Still no social rules, >>39428119 is the link to the ORE rules which have ironed out really basic combat but no social system or complex combat with powers.

>> No.39428309

Why is Luck not a valid stat for combat?
>Sailor motherfucking Moon

Why are Fate points used only once per encounter? Doesn't this hugely punish people that happen to have high luck with powerfully diminished returns?

Why are HP totals so enromously high? it just means combat will drag on forever.

Why are there so many extraneous roles? The system is supposed to be able to run on /tg/, and 3+ posts for every action is just plain untenable.

Why require another attack out of unconsciousness? If you were able to be protected, someone else will be able to intervene anyway. If you were going to be struck down, it will happen regardless. It's just busywork. It adds nothing but more rolls.

>> No.39428344

I like where you are going with your world building Quasar, what's your opinion about the whole people magically ignoring pretty much everything that happens supernaturally and waving it off as something mundane?
Also, how come we never see you in the IRC?

>> No.39428963


If we want to stay somewhat true to the system the main CYOA implies, then we would probably need a stand alone website where the rules can be coded into some sort of primitive web game. You just load in your girl's stats in there, and let this other site run the numbers there. Even the rules here >>39428119 would benefit a lot from something like this. At this point we'd end up trying to develop a full fledged game with level progressions and large number of skills to be gained as one's character grows.

If we want something simple enough that can be used easily in 4chan threads, then we would need to simplify the system in the CYOA by a lot.

For example, make all melee/ranged attacks be based on str, agi determines accuracy/dodge only, and each specialty would get assigned maybe 3 or 4 pre-determined moves that each combatant can use. Each power may assign an additional 1 or 2 if need be (like using barrage as a single target or AoE attack). If we simplify things this way, we may end up with a short 2 or 3 page long codex that's suitable for playing and rolling purely on 4chan.

This may make free form combat and creative use of specialties difficult, but it would produce a simple system that can be learned quickly and used just on this site.

I think as a community we need to decide whether we want a complicated system or a really simple one. Up until this point we have people trying to make a complicated system that's also friendly for this site, that's probably not gonna work.

Another note is that we probably don't have the man power and dedication to make a full fledged game/system, and we should probably go with the simplify route.

Just my two cents.

>> No.39429114

Or we could just have a dedicated site for the RP so it isn't lost or dependent on thread post limits, and/or use an established system like MB? As it is, trying to shoehorn whatever system we use into the limitations of the site/the need to simplify seems a bit unhelpful.

>> No.39429330


Established system like MB would work, but would require GMs which may not always be feasible. Kinda what happened a few threads ago.

Honestly a dedicate site where the rules are coded and calculations are done would not be bad, would just be a matter of time/resources. A lot of the systems people have built so far don't look that bad, it's just that the amount of manual calculations involved gets to be too much for RP'ers who would try to battle.

>> No.39429400

>Why is Luck not a valid stat for combat?
>Sailor motherfucking Moon
>Why are Fate points used only once per encounter? Doesn't this hugely punish people that happen to have high luck with powerfully diminished returns?

Sailor Moon was also THE protagonist and THE super special snowflake reborn destined princess. She's also basically a solar system wrecking god by the end of the series. I'm not sure she's a valid example compared to a transformed neckbeard schlub.

If Fate could be used multiple times, that turns LCK into the best stat since it lets you boost any roll and is flatly more flexible than the other stats.

>Why are HP totals so enromously high? it just means combat will drag on forever.
They're not that high – I have 16 HP under this system. I will agree that this sort of combat could drag out for a long time, but we haven't gotten into effects of powers and specialties yet which might add damage and cut that down a lot.

>Why are there so many extraneous roles? The system is supposed to be able to run on /tg/, and 3+ posts for every action is just plain untenable.
What extraneous rolls? You can do Steps 1-2 in a single post. “I flip over her and stab her with my sword” (Attacking with AGI+STR) Then roll whatever your total dice pool is. Everything in ORE is d10s, so just roll your Attack and Defense pool at the same time, declare 'first 7 dice are attack' or something similar and you've done it in one post because with only 4 stats to pick from whatever isn't attack is defense and vice versa. The only extra roll is if you shit the bed on one roll and need to toss your fate roll on it.

>Why require another attack out of unconsciousness?
Thematic to the genre and slightly adds to the survivability of small groups of magical girls vs. better statted monsters. Heavily damaged magical girls drop transformation, and THEN can be killed.

>> No.39429444

Re: mundane reaction to the supernatural.
Mundane folk will convince themselves that minor supernatural stuff is just something normal. Girl with cat ears? Must be one of those fancy headsets. Talking animal? Nah, I just must have missed someone else talking as I saw the animal. They'll react as normal to overtly supernatural stuff - rampaging monsters and magical blasts of fire will make them run and flee in terror, but after the danger has passed, they'll rationalize what happened in terms they can understand. So a rampaging monster will become a wild animal on the loose, a flame blasting magical girl will become a maniac with a flamethrower and over the course of a couple days to a month, their memories will match their explanation rather than what happened.

Mundane people can have magic stats as high as 6 though - and the mundanes with higher magic, with MAG 5 or 6 are capable of partially or wholly retaining their memories of magic, but will largely hold them in for fear of being called insane. Some folks will only partially regain their memories, and those are the UFO crazies and conspiracy theorists. In your magical girl career you'll likely acquire a stalker or three from this subset of people who think you're an alien or a reptoid or something.

As for the IRC, I'm usually on here from a tablet, phone, or posting from work. I can't keep a chat window open at work for long, and writing anything of substance on my phone or tablet is an exercise in frustration. I'm more comfortable with board posting than IRC, though I'll pop in if there's something I want to address.

>> No.39429486

What about Closure and Incognito?

>> No.39429702

I'd say Closure makes people forget you, and changes how your actions progressed - your pets are taken care of by someone else, your family thinks you died earlier or never existed, pictures vanish or are replaced, etc. It carefully cuts all reference to you out of the lives and records of people that would be aware of your old self. It's less mundane people forgetting and more Fate closing the gaps where you've been removed.

Incognito makes you easily forgotten - so while a mundane person will remember a magical girl/monster confrontation as a maniac with a flamethrower fighting a bear, Incognito ensures that's all they can remember. Without Incognito, they can provide a description of the maniac and your magical girl ends up on the radar of law enforcement/spooks/conspiracy nuts. Out of costume you are a forgettable face in the crowd and there is little reason to turn any attention on you. Even if you make a fuss, you'll be forgotten when you leave.

>> No.39430147

I'm sorry, there's a lot of good ideas in your post but the logic is infantile. If you don't design a system from the beginning for a goal like "one roll, one action" and reinforce that every step of the way, it doesn't magically emerge with further complication. And seeing as how most game systems, especially for this genre, are made by a single person it's a sudden and strange shift into pessimism to state that a whole thread of more than forty people couldn't manage enough manpower to do the same thing.

>> No.39430197

Last thread we actually did a combat in the ORE system. If there's only two players, that's 1-2 rolls for each of them right there, depending on if they're burning FATE. You should read over that experiment. It shows the problem clearly.

The alternative to LCK being useful isn't to make LCK useless. That's bad design. All the stats need to be useful, this is frankly just handwaved together.

>> No.39431288

Part two of Mujah's story, first draft completed. Rate and hate.


>> No.39431793

Looks good, you have good pacing.

>> No.39433555

So I joined forces with the anon behind Karla Morgenstern, and we made a thing.


>> No.39434553


Lessee... Have some feedback.

>STR, VIT, MAG and AGI are used in combat rolls.
>LUK is used in fate rolls.
Taking LUK out of combat rolls kinda penalizes it and goes against the flavor of the CYOA

>Only one stat (STR, VIT, AGI, MAG) can be assigned to an combat role.

Do you mean that a stat can only be assigned to one combat roll? Otherwise it makes no sense.

>Players are hard capped at 10 d10 dice.
Seems like I've seen a lot of builds which would potentially be held back by this. I'd say to raise that, especially as these are all beginner builds. If anyone wants to tack on a system for progression, the 10 dice ceiling is too low.

>Attacking rolls must have an greater width and height then the defending rolls.
Why the need to have both, rather than just one? If a defender rolls a 1x9, and the attacker rolls a 9x8, the attack fails. Seems like the 9x8 is a much better roll and should succeed.


Seems a little low. Devalue's LUK.
Maybe you can only do a number of fate roll's equal to your dice pool? Not sure if that should be per in game day, per encounter, or per game session.

>(VIT) VITALITY: determines physical health, endurance and toughness.

Sounds good. But wait...

>Your hit points is the sum of all your dice pools added together.

Because fuck VIT. Only chumps take VIT, and the earlier description is a LIE.

>> No.39434631

>Only chumps take VIT
Only dumb ass faggots with no brain or team spirit take the boring as hell, no challenge Tank roll.
Fuck those guys.

It's my favorite roll. Why can't it ever be viable...

>> No.39434821

Maybe make Vit worth twice as much for the HP as the other stats?

>> No.39435750


>> No.39436219

>Maybe make Vit worth twice as much for the HP as the other stats?
Vitality *2
strength *0.5
luck *0.2
Agility and magic don't contribute.

>> No.39436381

Personally, I don't see why anything else should count.

VIT has one job. It's only job.

>> No.39436633

Making Str and Ag tanking possible?

>> No.39436669

Here's my thoughts, compromises and shit.

VITx2 defines your HP, nothing else.

Can perform fate rolls equal to your luck dice pool per game day, it does not accumulate and refreshes at the beginning of every day.

>Seems like I've seen a lot of builds which would potentially be held back by this. I'd say to raise that, especially as these are all beginner builds. If anyone wants to tack on a system for progression, the 10 dice ceiling is too low.

Because of balance mostly. I want to do an system of progression that does not rely on stats, but on your mastery of your perks, weapons, specialties which will have an cumulative bonus on your attacks and/or defenses.

In addition veteran and seasoned magical girls can use one of their stats for their attack defense/rolls. These are the adorable bitches that can perform confidently, 4 combination of any defense/attack rolls per combat, or depending on their specialty (example time), use luck as a combat stat and perform a maximum of 5 combat rolls.

I'll change the pastebin later to solidify these ideas, but beginning magical girls can do it to, albeit very very poorly.

>Why the need to have both, rather than just one? If a defender rolls a 1x9, and the attacker rolls a 9x8, the attack fails. Seems like the 9x8 is a much better roll and should succeed.

Because I might change it to you can use your defender rolled dice to gobble up attacking rolled dice of equal or lesser value.

So for your example, a defender rolled a 1x9 means she can remove one 9x8 and turn it into 8x8 instead. I'm still on the fence with this.

>> No.39436684

Well, old Fallout did it this way
>15 + (2* EN) + ST
Old Fallout was pretty great.


>> No.39436824

>Making Str and Ag tanking possible?
I don't think that should be a thing.
Agility does too much already.

Strength contributing is a bonus for melee characters. They are more likely to take damage and they need to be in danger to be effective which also applies to a tank.

Additionally, vitality doesn't let you go fast, cast spells or do damage. Letting strength has a small effect on health or shields would let a tank build be more relevant than simple canon fodder.

>> No.39437014

Because the way I have constructed my system, you have to be creative in describing how an stat that has absolutely nothing to do with an action, would perform that action for extra hilarity and to nudge towards interesting situations.

Why? Because magical girls, ain't gonna explain shit.

For example, strength can be used in defense because you deflected it with your bitchslap.

Vitality allowed you to go fast, because you inhaled to full capacity of your super naturally strong lungs and exhaled, the force of the built up pressured created the thrust.

Vitality allowed you to cast magic, because you practiced aerobics/tai chi and channeled the flow of your specialty through its naturally state like iroh reflecting back lightning.

For time specialty, you stop or slow time whenever you hold your breath like Guldo from the ginyu force.

Be creative, be silly.

>> No.39437523

System is updated with previously said stuff >>39436669


>> No.39437791

>strength can be used in defense because you deflected it with your shield

The rest are shit.

>> No.39438077

I would roll a magical girl at this point but I have like 20 magical girls saved already so I'm going to instead boycott until we get social rules. Then I'll do more writefaggotry knowing that social means something

>> No.39438115

I'd roll, but I have a strict 1 girl per thread limit.

>> No.39438119

Or you could just write anyway, because you're a strong independent writer who needs no social rules.

>> No.39438238

I'd roll, but I'm still trying to figure out how fist and gravity would work outside of hard drops.

>> No.39438316

What if every time you rolled against LUK, you removed a die from your LUK pool until you got a full night of sleep again?

>> No.39438337

AGI and MAG do too much already or broken based on Breezy's system.
So instead of nerfing them, I made all the other stats on par with AGI and MAG.

That's how I balance the stats. And instead of static team roles, I tried to do a more dynamic approach, where roles change with the flow of combat. I probably failed miserably in that goal so I'm always looking for feedback.

Anyways back to lurking.

>> No.39438467

Tank is my favorite roll.
Imo, the best tank is a Reinforce, melee with shield. High vitality, good strength, some agility and magic.

If your system would agree with that, then I'm not going to complain much.

>> No.39438859

Rolled 4, 3, 7, 13, 10, 12, 10, 16, 4, 7, 17, 4, 5, 13, 3 = 128 (15d20)


>> No.39438926

Rolled 11, 18, 16, 17, 19, 16, 7, 11, 19, 12, 3 = 149 (11d20)

Thought I rolled earlier but I can't find my results so screw it.

>> No.39439025

Someone roll her up.

>> No.39439096

Rolled 18, 8, 6, 13, 12, 8, 2, 3, 8, 18, 20 = 116 (11d20)

Let's go

>> No.39439133

Rolled 19, 13, 7, 5, 2, 2, 14, 19, 6, 7, 16, 13, 7, 1, 1 = 132 (15d20)


>> No.39439381

>Age (4+12)/2
>Body 2
>Specialization 7
Time +1 Agi, +2 Luck
>Weapon 13
Magic +1 Mag, Metronome
>Outfit 10
Flowing +1 Str, Pale pink and white dress with poofy beret
>Magical Power 12
Power of Friendship
>Perk 10, 16, 4, 7, 17
Closure +1 Luck, Enhanced Transformation, Allies +1 Mag, +2 Agi, Twin Soul
Use 1 Silver coin to revise to
Closure +1 Luck, Enhanced Transformation, Allies +1 Mag, +2 Agi, Incognito

>Str 4+1
>Agi 4+1+2; Use 1 Silver coin +2
>Vit 4
>Mag 4+1+1; Use 1 Gold Coin +4
>Luck 4+2+1; Use 1 Silver Coin +2

Name: Kala
Description: Small, scrawny girl with short, light brown hair and eyes. Her unremarkable appearance makes it easy to fade into the background.

When transformed, she wears a pale pink and
white dress with a poofy beret. She carries a metronome which amplifies her magical powers while giving her a measure of the time she slows, jumping in and out in time with the swinging needle.

>> No.39439411

Rolled 8, 3, 3, 15, 20, 9, 9, 14, 12, 1, 6 = 100 (11d20)

Time to get my rolls on.

>> No.39442817

Rolled 10, 1, 13, 4, 3, 17, 2, 1, 20, 13, 12, 17, 6, 11, 13 = 143 (15d20)

Rolling for new girl

>> No.39443031

Rolled 8, 15, 19, 2, 1, 2, 15, 15, 8, 10, 5, 5, 1, 20, 12 = 138 (15d20)


>> No.39443113

Rolled 6, 4, 3, 7, 15, 4, 13, 17, 16, 16, 2, 11, 12 = 126 (13d20)

I can always do one more roll.

>> No.39443221

Rolled 19, 18, 17, 13, 7, 8, 19, 6, 13, 19, 16, 5, 12, 8, 7 = 187 (15d20)


>> No.39443263 [DELETED] 

Family name: Nendai (念代)
First name: Reika (霊華)
Age: 15
Focused Assault
Regeneration (gold)
Interdimensional Bro
+2 Vit
Enhanced Sustenance +1 Vit
Eternal Style

Str 4
Vit 7
Agi 8 (silver x2)
Mag 10 (silver)
Luk 5

With all the emotionally damaging experiences magical girls, and the enemies thereof, go through, you would think a catastrophe, a civil war or even worse things would break out. Violence and negative emotions tend to be contagious, after all.

It is I, Mindweaver Princess Reika, that maintain the status quo, lest all the negative emotions bring forth an apocalyptic scenario. Many otherwordly beings look forward to such a happening.

It could be argued that I sweep the ancient evils under a rug, that I'm little more than a placebo, that I am a walking violation of privacy and other human rights, but this doesn't happen as frequently as it might, because I've become quite adept at not leaving tracks.

A select few magical girls "in the know" occasionally bring me their antagonists, when their attempts at using the Power of Love or Friendship to redeem them prove unsuccessful.

I live in a mansion with my maid, who is most certainly not Eythor-kun in drag, and my diet consists primarily of cakes, tea, dreams, good opinions of me, and other sweet things.

>> No.39443298

>>39439096 (You)
Family name: Nendai (念代)
First name: Reika (霊華)
Age: 15
Magic (wands, spoons, etc.)
Focused Assault
Regeneration (gold)
Interdimensional Bro
+2 Vit
Enhanced Sustenance +1 Vit
Eternal Style

Str 4
Vit 7
Agi 8 (silver x2)
Mag 10 (silver)
Luk 5

With all the emotionally damaging experiences magical girls, and the enemies thereof, go through, you would think a catastrophe, a civil war or even worse things would break out. Violence and negative emotions tend to be contagious, after all.

It is I, Mindweaver Princess Reika, that maintain the status quo, lest all the negative emotions bring forth an apocalyptic scenario. Many otherwordly beings look forward to such a happening.

It could be argued that I sweep the ancient evils under a rug, that I'm little more than a placebo, that I am a walking violation of privacy and other human rights, but this doesn't happen as frequently as it might, because I've become quite adept at not leaving tracks.

A select few magical girls "in the know" occasionally bring me their antagonists, when their attempts at using the Power of Love or Friendship to redeem them prove unsuccessful.

I live in a mansion with my maid, who is most certainly not Eythor-kun in drag, and my diet consists primarily of cakes, tea, dreams, good opinions of me, and other sweet things.

>> No.39443638

Rolled 14, 9, 19, 5, 1, 18, 7, 8, 8, 9, 20 = 118 (11d20)

Woo hoo! Lets see what happens!

>> No.39443773

Rolled 7 (1d20)

Re-rolling the 8

>> No.39443874

Rolled 10, 18, 1, 20 = 49 (4d20)

Trying again. Throw in some more dice, just in case.

>> No.39444003

Rolled 14, 11, 12, 19, 3, 18, 16, 12, 12, 5, 18, 9, 16, 17, 19 = 201 (15d20)

It always pays to put lots of dice in the roll for this in case of repeats or twin soul needing four extra rolls.

>> No.39444360

Str: 4 +1 +4 (SC x2) =9
Vit: 4 +1 +1 +1 = 7
Agi: 4 +3 +1 +1 +2 = 11
Mag: 4 +2 (SC) = 6
Luck: 4 +2 +2 +1 = 9

Name: Lilly
Age: 13
Body Development: Average
Powers: Vampire
Weapon: Melee (Great Sword)
Outfit: Skimpy

Powers: Regeneration
Power of Friendship (Gold Coin)

+2 Agi
Enchanced Sustenance
+2 Luck
Eternal Style

Physical Description: Long, curly red hair curled into a pair of large drills. She may not be the most developed, but she makes up for it with style! Her day-to-day outfit changes every day. Her transformed outfit is basically a mid-drift exposing chest plate and an armored mini-skirt with a distinct 'vampire' theme, with a sword as large as she is strapped to her back, which she wields with surprising ease.

In combat, Lilly primarily uses her extreme speed and impressive strength to quickly deal with adversaries, though she's got enough magic to slow down her foes and pummel them with long range wind blast if she needs to.

She doesn't like killing her foe unless she positively has to... Instead, she prefers to recruit them to her side to fight for justice! And maybe let her crash at their place for a while.

>> No.39444724

Age: 12
Vampire (+4 agi, +2 luck, +1 vit)
Melee (+1 str)
Skimpy (+1 agi)
Killing blow (+1 mag), Power of Friendship (1 gold)
Big backpack (1 silver)
Eternal style (1 silver)
Closure (+1 luck)
+2 mag
+2 str
+2 mag(1 silver)
Str (4+1+2)=7
Vit (4+1)=5
Agi (4+4+1)=9
Mag (4+2+2+1)=9
Luck: (4+1+2)=7

Name: Alice
Description: 12 year old girl who looks to be around 10. Slightly unkempt, shoulder length strawberry-blonde hair in twintails. Pale skin, large green eyes. Wears a grey sweatshirt and a blue, knee-length pleated skirt. Magical girl costume is a skintight pair of pants, a sports-bra like top, and a an ancient Roman military mask with a feminine appearance. Uses a pair of daggers as a weapon. Homeless drifter who survives by conning people into taking care of her by pretending that some crisis happened to her and being adorable. Sneaks out at night to kill people and drink their blood. Quiet and observant, with mild sociopathic tendencies.

>> No.39444926

>Body 11
>Specialization 12
Light +2 Vit, +1 Mag
>Weapon 19
Fist +2 Str
>Outfit 3
Skimpy +1 Agi Chlamys
>Magical Power 18
>Perks 16, 12, 5, 18, 8
Enhanced Transformation, Masculinity, +2 Mag, Incognito, Enhanced Sustenance

>STR 4+2; Use 1 Gold Coin, Silver coin +6
>Vit 4+2; Use 1 Silver Coin +2
>Agi 4+1
>Mag 4+1+2; Use 1 Silver Coin +2
>Luck 4

Name: Paris
Description: Alex has blond hair and blue eyes. Small framed, clothed in a light robe, and possessing quiet features, he's often times mistaken for a girl to his great dislike. With Herculean strength and endurance, and magically enhanced recovery, he forgoes the use of weapons when fighting. Instead, he prefers using brute force to wrestle his opponent to the ground.

>> No.39445505

first is me, second is twin
age: 8, 6
well developed, underdeveloped
str: 5x0.7x2
vit: 8x0.7x2
agi: 8x0.7x2
mag: 4x0.7x2
luck: 8x0.7x2 (1 silver)
melee (steal dat giant sword from ded madoka), magic (fuck you dice)
uniform, uniform (fuck you dice)
power of friendship (op)
enchanced transformation
twin soul
regeneration (gold)
masculinity (silver)

As far as I can tell regen twin soul is stronk as fug
literally blessed by dice gods as far as I can tell
I guess I'm the creepy twins that do weird incestuous things to each other

>> No.39448389


That's a pretty enjoyable idea.

What about adding some non-Euclidean geometry to the mix? Streets leading back in on themselves, stairways which go up taking you to a lower level. If one looks up at the nights sky, they might think they're looking at stars, but it's actually street lights of the city wrapping back in on itself.

I also like the idea of chaotic structure. Like, buildings are piled on top of one another, sometimes merging entirely, from completely different eras. The groundfloor of that building was laid down during the age of Egypt like a temple, but then someone built a Japanese castle on top of it, and now it's an office building.

For one story, I made it so that accessing interdimensional home was done by unlocking the door of a home. Any home. If you knew where you were going, it all led to the same place.

I'm not sure what the general consensus is, but I've always liked the overly fantastic style of magic.

>> No.39448552

Isn't that a bit too blatant for unless you're really deep down the rabbit hole? What you've written almost has a Don't Rest Your Head vibe to it.

Which isn't bad persay, and has potential but sounds a bit, well...SAN loss inducing for a hub location.

>> No.39448888

I envision the city as stretching far beyond the understanding of the girls.

There would be levels, but that definition is hazy. The top 1% is where most everyone, and virtually every non-magical entity, travels. It's normal. The things people see here are what people see when they claim to see ghosts, aliens, bigfoot, etc. Like, a haunted house to most people is just a house with the front door leading into the city only 5% of the time. On this level is where every normal, sane human walks when they go through the city. The reality outside the city is so overpowering that the Overcity is cancelled out except for a few bits of static. Dreamers may be led down a few more layers.

As you go down to the deeper levels of the city, you start to experience more and more of the unexplained. Landscapes built on top of each other by the minds and dreams of countless sorcerers. Levels so deep that their form could only be explained by the primordial ideas of long dead species which scant touched the level of intellect needed to imagine. Nobody really knows what's at the very bottom, or if there even is one. The paths are too chaotic and, as you said, SAN loss inducing.

>> No.39449006

This magic city, doesn't it remove all the bad parts of being a monstergirl? Doesn't it override the strangeness and juxtaposition of being made into a magical girl?

Doesn't it basically invalidate interdimensional perks?

>> No.39449617

Isn't it meant to be more of a funhouse mirror version of the real cities and the "see nothing effect"? If actually going there was widespread, controllable, and something that happened on demand, then, yeah, there's a problem with the idea.

>> No.39449664

The interdimensional perks provide easy and convenient access to things you wouldn't normally be able to obtain very easily. Just being able to reach the city doesn't give you access to living space. It's probably a less safe place for vagrants than regular space, anyways.

Speaking of not necessarily being the safest place, it probably makes a pretty lousy hiding space for monster girls, since the deeper areas are full of hazards and the shallower areas are not particularly inhospitable to magical girls who would want to go stab monster girls in the face.

>> No.39450617

Maybe a monster now


Appears as a large, man shaped creature in a dark coat. Its face is shrouded in thick, bushy hair that grows wild. Its eye shine red in the light, and it has an overly wide, toothy grin. It's arms droop slightly past its knees, and monkey-like paws extend out of its sleeves.

He's a fishing style predator, knocking on doors at night when the barrier between his lair in the dark alleys of the Overcity and the World are thin. A normal person looking to a house being visited by one might notice their doorstep shrouded in a deep shadow.

He is a wish granter. Those unfortunate souls who answer his demanding knocks are greeted by a bear of a man with palms outstretched. He forces his way into their home, offers them a wish on his palms, and judges them based on their wish.

Those whose wishes rise from loneliness or greed are his favorites. Hearing them, he forces his way in, devouring their anguished souls. Those who pass this test are then tempted nine more times. He presses them a little harder each time to reveal a flavor he would find appealing. If they pass all ten times, he leaves, slamming the door behind him to try again. Their wishes are granted in a cruel mockery of their intention. Those he devours are found later, the cause forever unknown.

A clever magical girl, or one with an exceedingly pure heart, might cheat a Doorknocker out of a wish, but only with the utmost care in wording. They could destroy it as well, but these cowardly creatures, while able to overpower a normal human with ease, will flee from a hard fight.

>> No.39450945

I know most Magical Girls are free to do as they please, but if one is being wantonly destructive in her battles (like say knocking a building over or destroying a bakery) will other Magical Girls (perhaps friends) step in and stop her or will they just leave it as is until she does something that directly affects them ?

>> No.39451033

Depends on the magical girls involved, really, but the more lawful good or magical girl classic types would probably be furious about the poor innocent civilians being caught as collateral.

>> No.39451623


Well I don't mean harming civilians and bystanders per say.

I mean causing heavy collateral damage to property, like chopping down telephone polls because they're in her way or destroying a buildings glass ceiling because its quicker than using a door or things along those lines.

>> No.39451743


... and 24 hours later

Killing Blow

Get out of jail
Big backpack

Str 7
Agi 14 (3 silver 1 gold)
Vit 6
Mag 6
Luk 4

This is for a npc in my writefaggotry, so I dunno if I'm gonna flesh out the character

>> No.39452030

Another monster

Sleeping Windows

There are many entrances to the Overcity. The variety is nearly endless: streets, doors, elevators, stairs, windows, mirrors, or, in this monster's case, dreams and eye. Eyes are, after all, called the windows to the soul.

A Sleeping Window is, normally, a harmless shadow inhabiting dreams. It attaches to a dreaming human, drains a part of their psychic energy, then departs.

When a human falls into a nodding sleep, they risk bringing a Sleeping Window into this world. As their eyes open and close, the beast-like Sleeping Window moves out into this world, trapping then with no escape.
In this world, they take the form of gangly, flying insect with a sharp proboscis.

This inadvertent trapping most often happens when a sleepy person is driving. The shadows a driver sees in their backseat, the feeling of something being there, is often one of these monsters fading back into the Overcity through the open eyes of the observer.

Some rare time, the gateway of the eyes closes completely. In their panic, drivers run themselves off the road. Their bodies broken, the Sleeping Window then drains them of their soul before flying off into the night. To the world, it's either seen as a driver falling asleep at the wheel, a drunk driver, or a suicide.

>> No.39453033



A Chatoyant is a monster with a desire to be a human. It's natural appearance is a lone, disembodied eye of a cat. It attaches itself to a cat, taking command of it and giving it heterochromia. From there, it begins its quest to be adopted by a human.

Haunting neighborhoods for suitable owners, it will sit outside glass door and windows attempting to attract the sympathy of a human. If there are other cats in the neighborhood, it will viciously kill them get rid of any perceived competition. Once a human takes it into their home, it begins to prime the home for its final ritual.

Sacrificing small animals beneath the home, the Chatoyant works. It draws a circle in their blood beneath the bed of its owner.

And it always watches its human. At all waking hours, it sits silently at a distance. At night, it sits upon his chest staring. When he leaves for work, it watches. Only ceasing its surveillance to finish its ritual.

Finally, the ritual ready, it switches bodies with its master. From there, it plucks the eye from the its former body, then cruelly kills the cat. This final act summons into existence another Chatoyant into the Eye.

A Chatoyant who spent too long as a cat will surround themselves with cats while cutting themselves off from society, feeling more familiar with felines. Others will become violent sociopaths, having no humanity, committing atrocious murders and acts of cruelty.

>> No.39453035

Rolled 20, 2, 15, 12, 1, 11, 5, 2, 17, 14 = 99 (10d20)

>> No.39453364

Rolled 12, 7, 8, 3, 3 = 33 (5d20)


>> No.39454808


Sons of the Father

In the deeper layers of the Overcity stands a clock tower of Brass that grows taller and taller. Everyday, it grows precisely 24 feet. Walking the halls, maintaining and adding to this tower are a legion of men of brass and flesh. Their hearts beat in perfect unison, wound by the unseen hand of the Father, the Clockmaster. Whether he was ever truly alive or not is unknown. What is known is that the tower has become his body. But, The Father is another story.

This is the story of his children, the Sons of the Father. Occasionally, a single gear will fall between the Overcity and this world. These gears, being a part of the Father, fall towards clocks until, finally, they are put into a time piece. A wrist watch, a wall clock, a grandfather clock. With new forms of time pieces, new pieces of the Father have broken off to find their way.

An infected clock is, to any person, an attractive time piece, indeed. It keeps time with greater accuracy than even an atomic clock. So perfect and mesmerizing is their precision that the owner becomes mesmerized. The measured movements inspire imitation in its subject. Their lives start to revolve entirely around time. Their hearts and breathing begin to match. The hypnotic movement compels them to stare at its face, opening them to the Father.

They invite the Father into their lives, and he blesses their devotion with his gifts. Their waking dreams find them on cold operating table in the Brass Tower. Bone is replaced with brass, their eyes with quartz, their blood is drained and replaced with a fluid to better lubricate their new, inner machinations. The subject is fully aware of these surgeries. The pain and terror fills their mind, but it's too late by now. They're already slaves to ceaseless cycle of the Brass Tower.

>> No.39455247

I wrote a thing again. Updated with 1.3


>> No.39456151

Rolled 1, 8, 8, 11, 11, 10, 3, 12, 2, 18, 6, 14, 4, 3, 6 = 117 (15d20)


>> No.39456158

Rolled 18, 4, 9, 18, 2, 14, 18, 6, 18, 14, 18, 15, 6, 19, 4 = 183 (15d20)

Another thread, another roll.

>> No.39456627

As soon as I got "shadow clones" and "sound" I knew what I had to do.

MAG 8 (+2)
Age: 15
Body: Underdeveloped
Specialization: Sound (+2 MAG, +1 LUK)
Weapon: Magic (+1 MAG)
Outfit: Skimpy (+1 AGI)
Power: Shadow Clones
(!Incognito) Training (instrument - Keyboard),
Interdimensional Home,
(!Get out of Jail) Training (instrument - guitar),
Big Backpack,
(Gold) Training (music - vocal)

Time to go on tour! Good thing I'm not awful at percussion, I want to keep hammerspace, money, and my shitty interdimensional apartment.

>> No.39456644

Are the monsters an infection or more of a category of creatures? Are they an unnatural threat that must be eliminated or have they always been here, at least in a sense?

I kinda like the idea of lesser monsters that are harmless, or at least not very threatening and can be useful potentially but can't be domesticated or kept as pets.

>> No.39456710

Whatever the hell you want to write.

>> No.39456965

I like this and if I writefag long enough I will totally use it.

>> No.39456989

Rolled 15, 6, 12, 19, 10, 20, 5, 5, 5, 14, 15 = 126 (11d20)

Nearly let the day slip by without rolling a new girl.

>> No.39456991

Making me think of the show mushi

>> No.39457387

Holy crap, a thread that survived a weekend. Nice to see system and lore discussion happening now. I have a diceless mess of my own to put forth when I get home, originally meant to reward playing up injuries and worries on a road of trials.

I call it Wounded Ham.

>> No.39457579 [DELETED] 


>I call it Wounded Ham.

I hope there is no swine abuse then.

>> No.39457653

Rolled 18, 3, 4 = 25 (3d20)

That's a lot of 5s

>> No.39457723

Magical beings being bizarre as well as just dangerous makes sense. Everything being out to kill people just makes it unnecessarily grimderp.

>> No.39458492

Age: 13
Development: Well Developed
Specialization: Psychic +2 Luck and +1 Str
Weapon: Melee +1 Str and +1 Vit
Style: Elaborate +1 Mag
Power: Hammer Space

Interdimensional Home
A way out
Get out of Jail
Enhanced Transformation

Str: 6 + 2 (Silver) = 8
Vit: 5 + 4 (Gold) = 9
Agi: 4
Mag: 5 + 4 (2x Silver) = 9
Luck: 6

Bio: A drunkard, a foul man by many means. A criminal and scum of the earth. Sarge fought violently any and all who came across him. Often he found himself under the sway of the bottle, and cut up by a few well-placed smacks across his beer-gutted body. After popping a mad U-turn with his lowrider (A Chevrolet revolver tricked out with hydraulics). A tire popped, and he swerved over to the curb, totaling a young black magical girl into the wall, bisecting her body from top to bottom.

After dealing with the magical girl bullshit with the tact of an ox's asshole. The Puchuu conscripted the man, in during his mad dash through the waves of emotional pain. He for once, felt empathy in his heart. Suddenly finding himself turned into a girl. He gave out a sigh, and a groan. Unable to ride again for all eternity.

Thus she skulked around the streets, finding her newly found, alien impulses to drive her into greater acts of heroism. Fag in mouth, with a psionically shaped sword (swung around more like a one-handed baseball bat). Flinging herself into action, despite reason telling her to fuck off, and go home.

Yeah the writing's shit. I am a terrible writer.

>> No.39458573

So if a Magical Girl (or several) had a strong attachment to a friend who turned into a Witch, might they try and defend the entrance to said Witch's barrier out of denial, grief or to keep other Magical Girls from trying to destroy it ?

>> No.39458610

That'd definitely fit the tone of Madoka Magica, yeah. After all, as long as the Witch is alive, there's hope she can get through to her and turn her back into her old self, right?

>> No.39458654

Given long enough she may just become one with the witches maze.

>> No.39458807



The Voyeurger is a high intelligence, patient hunter who enjoys collecting faces as trophies or to use in his hunts. He possesses an apparent mastery over traveling in and out of the Overcity which has lead some to believe he hunts in groups, as few are so capable. His only known physical trait is his elongated, pale face.

His hunting patterns are as follows:

One: he allows his prey to spot him. Standing in the shadows, the unlucky soul will rest their eyes on a Voyeurger lying in wait. Seizing on this instant, he begins to create a permanent tunnel into the head of his victim. For the rest of their life, the victim will see his pale, elongated face whenever they close their eyes.

Two: having a permanent connection to his prey, the Voyeurger begins to slowly cut them off from everyone else in their life. He starts by feeding their paranoia. Leaving doors they closed ajar, opening windows, moving furniture, cutting electronics off suddenly, calling at all hours on their phone.

As the person begins to breakdown, he starts to impersonate those around him. All of it to isolate and create a sense of dread in his prey. When the prey asks others to verify these signs of haunting or stalking, he vanishes.

Three: finally alone and broken, soul fattened and ready for harvest, the Voyeurger reaches out of the shadows, his arms stretching like shadows to drag his prey into the deep Overcity. Most of these victims are too weak to bother resisting. Many lack a desire to live anymore. Some even feel some comfort in knowing their tormenter wasn't just a fantasy.

This torment can last decades as he slowly whittles their mental resistances down. Many die of such an advanced age that nobody is the wiser when another bitter senior dies alone.

>> No.39459277

Loving your stuff, man. Having some experience with the disturbed, this one gave me a bit of a shudder.

>> No.39459806 [DELETED] 

Thanks. Although, I feel like I should start writing more happy things to balance things out.

Go ahead. It's world building. I'd love to read it.

Hive Fly

A bot fly created during a plague, hundreds of years ago. It roams an area of the Overcity under quarantine for the past 400 years. Kept so far from human contact, it's nearly impossible for one to cross over naturally.

Most often, someone must deliberately summon one. Use a cadaver as a gateway, it enters into this world as a maggot. Once it's fully grown, it takes the form of a fly the size of a man's thumb.

The Hive Fly is then most often released in the household of the intended target. The Hive Fly then stings its target and lays eggs their skin. The eggs then hatch and begin to slowly hollow out the host, turning it into a hive.

Filled with larvae, the host continues to move, releasing new Hive Flies to sting more people.

>> No.39460050

I feel darker stuff is okay. The hook of the CYOA is that the character run's over a child with a car. Then a tiny creature takes away their life, tells them to murder monsters, and leaves their ass out to dry. The setting isn't really that happy to start with.

>> No.39460128

Going to bed for the night

Deleted my last monster. Too much disgusting and not enough magic. Maybe I can rework it later.

Someone asked about a pastebin to catalog monsters. If someone does, here are the links to the one's I wrote up for this thread.

>Sons of the Father
>Sleeping Window

That's true.
Go ahead. It's world building. I'd love to read it.

>> No.39460244

>Hive Fly

Needs a lot of work.

>> No.39460399


Speaking of which if a girl wanted to escape pursuit by another Magical Girl could she attempt to do so by trying to loose her pursuer in a Witch Barrier ?

>> No.39460514

So i'm noticing a Madoka thread in the discussion, are people trying to shoehorn it's concepts in or is it just random discussion? I honestly can't tell.

>> No.39460548

random discussion, I think

Sure, but that's a good way for a situation to go from bad to worse

>> No.39460555

Shoehorning big time. For a lot of these people it's the only magical girl ANYTHING that they've ever seen.

>> No.39460942

Rolled 15, 15, 11, 6, 1, 5, 9, 11, 8, 5, 15 = 101 (11d20)

Time for moar girls.

>> No.39461759 [DELETED] 

Naturally, wrecking houses, shops, etc. is going to make a lot of people sad, including people dwelling, and working there, as well as the customers.

Magical girls with restoration powers or other will attempt fix the property damage, others will seek JUSTICE, others both.

Magical girls less interested in excercising the power of friendship should still be careful on not making too many enemies, particularly when the tea house you smash habitually hosting the gatherings of a sufficiently powerful group of magical girls.

You DO NOT want to break into my favorite cake shop.

>> No.39461791

Naturally, wrecking houses, shops, etc. is going to make a lot of people sad, including people dwelling, and working there, as well as the customers.

Magical girls with restoration powers or other will attempt fix the property damage, others will seek JUSTICE, others both.

Magical girls less interested in excercising the power of friendship should still be careful on not making too many enemies, particularly when the tea house you smash happens to habitually host the gatherings of a sufficiently powerful group of magical girls.

Don't fuck with the things magical girls might love or care about. You DO NOT want to break into my favorite cake shop.

>> No.39461800


some other magical girl stuff would be nice.

chainsaw kick is still my favorite so far.

>> No.39461871

Feels very strongly like shoehorning.

That was kind of my thought with the overcity. Not so much obvious SAN damage or dream links (that's a little to Don't Rest Your Head/Inception for me), but that the Overcity links so other places in the same way it links to the cities in the World, and not all are friendly or safe. Not so much Escher-esque geometries but more the exact same location can be reached in multiple states because it's dimensionally stacked and exists as a regular warehouse, a run down ruin, a monster infested hole, and magical girl base simultaneously on different levels.

Your monsters are cool stuff though - not your typical monster of the week faire and fun.

So all this stuff with the world building - I almost feel like we should set up a wiki or something at this point - I think compiling some of this would require more effort than I can give. I want to say Wikia, but does that require a login for edits?

>> No.39462094

I think it might just be a handle? What about a 1d4chan page?

I'm a big Nanoha fan, but this doesn't really overlap well with it, so meh.

Chainsaw Kick? Adding to my watchlist.

>> No.39462235

>What about a 1d4chan page?
Might be the best option. I'll start on it tomorrow if nobody else jumps on it.

In the meantime, Sunday evening means I had my fellow meatspace cohorts over, and I have a few more images to share of Mina, Riley and Maeve.

First up - an expansion of the second sketch from last week. Still not done, but I like the progress made.

>> No.39462251

Some random headshots

>> No.39462293

And lastly, our girls trying to catch some shut-eye in Riley's inter-dimensional apartment.

I mentioned that the place was probably only furnished with the girl who rolled it in mind, and Riley immediately imagined all of us smushed into a single or small double bed and being super uncomfortable in a pile of limbs as she ground her teeth in her sleep.

I had to follow this up with 'I can sleep practically anywhere' and what resulted was this. Poor Mina is worst off.

>> No.39462444

Rolled 1, 16, 17, 19, 12, 11, 6, 13, 16, 10, 1, 5, 6, 16, 10 = 159 (15d20)

A new day, a new girl to distract me from being productive.

>> No.39462844

I swear, every image I have that would fit elaborate on this body type is quite clearly a demon. Like, fancy looking eyes and very obvious horns, some also have tails. So I'll just settle for this image, magical girls with animal features are a thing already, so it's fine.

STR 8 + 4 (GOLD)
MAG 10 + 2 (SILVER)
Name: Lili Lynette
Age: 7
Gravity (SILVER, was Lamia)
Power of Friendship (SILVER, was Familiar)
A way out, Enhanced Transformation, Closure, STR+2, MAG+2

I'll write something about her later, probably. It's too early to do something like that.

>> No.39462873

Rolled 17, 18, 16, 20, 11, 6, 10, 13, 3, 5, 14, 15, 16 = 164 (13d20)

I like yer style.

>> No.39463000

I like it.

>> No.39463268

Well, what are you gonna do? You don't get to pick the perfect, unoccupied location for every fight. I hope everyone gets that.

If someone's shop gets shot up so I can kill some nasty fucking monster, well, that sucks. It probably sucks fucking big time for them, but it's better than letting a monster eat their face. If someone gets shot up, or eaten, or taken over, or bisected by a barrier, or any other of the nasty, awful things that can happen to them in a blink of an eye that they can't do a single thing about, that sucks a lot worse. Still, it's gotta be better than letting the gribbly go so it can eat a dozen other people before I can stop it.

>> No.39463304

You should have gone full noise marine and used a magic guitar as your wand.

>> No.39464525

Nobody wants to hear the Noise Marines in concert.

>> No.39464543

> implying Noise Marines aren't metal as fuck

>> No.39465142

Blue Widow

A Blue Widow is a constrictor who feeds off of loneliness and grief. It's natural appearance is that of a midnight blue and ivory boa. However, it appears to its victim as a desirable companion.

The Blue Widow traditionally made its burrow in wood grain or iron such as the nail of a coffin or hoop of a barrel. In the past, it would then burrow into the grieving families touching a coffin or make its home in the whiskey aging in its barrel.

Recently, it's used the coils of telecommunication cables to make it home. The screen of a television or monitor of a computer make easy gateways for this snake.

When it finds a victim, it burrows into their body to find what they desire most. Finding this, they project themselves to their victim as this image. It will then shed its skin to leave facsimiles of this same image where the victim will see it. The victim searching for images on the Internet will find an abundance of these to comfort them.

As they sleep, the Blue Widow will begin to wrap itself around the victim, tightening its hold over time. Every night, it tightens ever so little that, upon waking, the victim doesn't notice anything as changed from the past day. During these visits, the victim is placated by images of their desire.

The Blue Widow is a heavy monster, though, and the victim will feel this weight on their heart and mind. They will become less active, less likely to leave their home, less likely to socialize. The pressure on their lungs and legs will compel them to lie in bed where the snake can continue to coil around it. It's all too common for obesity to set in as the victim ceases to care about their health.

Finally, when life is just too much of an effort, when they're too tired to even feel anything, and the Blue Widow is their only companion, the victim is finally squeezed of all life. The Blue Widow then swallows their crushed, lonely soul whole. They die never knowing about the coils which bound them.

>> No.39466106

Had a go at making a beastie. Perhaps it is written too much like an SCP document. Oh well. Looking for feedback on whether this fits the setting.


>> No.39466984

I like the concept but it sounds like speculation, where our entries are factual. You also focus a bit too much on it's biology, instead of saying something like "Grinders possess innate control over their vocal chords that far surpasses any human's" you could just describe their voice and its effects.

"Grinders use their voices to draw in victims by feigning accidents" or something along those lines.

Also, if your going to insert a quote from some guys memoirs or something, you should separate it out so it's easier to distinguish and so the perspective change isn't too jarring. Maybe cite it for a bit more flavor.

>> No.39467039

Rolled 16, 9, 6, 2, 18, 7, 20, 15, 5, 14, 18 = 130 (11d20)

Its almost lunch here. Sooon

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