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Guys can you suggest me good RPGs to play?

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I think the question you should ask is not if we can suggest any good ones, but if we can suggest any you haven't already played.

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Final Fantasy, Ar Tonelico

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Any Fallout game except Tactics and Brotherhood of Steel.

Original Neverwinter Nights, Planescape Torment, Septerra Core.

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Morrowind if you haven't already. King of Dragon Pass is old but great. Dragon Age Origins is also quite good. Baldur's Gate of course, Icewind Dale although that's a bit more combat focused imo, Neverwinter Nights if you like 3.5. Arcanum: Of steamworks and magick obscura is also one of my favorites.

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>Any Fallout game except Tactics
>except Tactics
It's a mighty fine rollplay game!

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Dragons Dogma

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I as a big fan of the first two in the series was extremely underwhelmed by Tactics, I'm afraid.

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Not the original cop Dark Arisen

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Have you tried Gothic 1 and 2?
Risen 1 is also pretty good.
If you are into MMOs then Ragnarok online 1 and 2 are great as well.

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Any from the Wild ARMS series, though I would go with Wild ARMS: Alter Code F over Wild ARMS 1. Alter Code F is a remake of 1.

Skies of Arcadia. Either version is good, Legends has a little more content than the original version but it isn't much.

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as much hate as i might get for this, Skyrim is a pretty good RPG game, what with all the mods that you can get.

game itself isn't bad, not utterly mind blowing but it isn't bad.

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It's completely average for a modern day RPG.
The only reason why it deserves high praises is the fact that you can mod it to Oblivion and back.

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I hope they will get at least 6 voice actors for the next TES game.

That series just makes me laugh. lol

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Mask of the Betrayer

Ultima Underworld.

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>Go into settings
>Turn down difficulty to -100
>Hit things with shit starting skill

Lot of people don't know the game scaled enemy stats with difficulty so of course every face stab "missed" at 15 skill. They all had boosted agility.

Grab the executable patches and get a mod that removes exploits like BTB's mod.

That's it.

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at this point i'm pretty sure that bethesda makes base games and relies on their community to mod it to hell and back.

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I only hope the next TES game is going to have a better engine since Skyrim runs on a striped down version of the Oblivion engine.
It's so restrictive that you need script extenders to add stuff like new skill trees or base stats like strength/dexterity etc.

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Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Skyrim.

You may have a point, good sir!

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Too bad Skyrim was so crippled in the streamlining not even the modding could undo it.

I miss stats. I miss skills. I miss item durability. I miss limited magicka requiring you to actually reserve and plan. I miss paying NPCs to craft for you. I miss when features weren't locked behind "Must be this awesome to ride" perks. I miss proper spears. Hell, I miss having different schools of trained weapon combat entirely. I miss there being a significant difference between armor, and I miss when armor actually came in different flavors with mix and match parts.

Skyrim was so stripped down it's like buying what used to be a really good car to modify for street racing... and then the company jumps on this popularity and puts out a model that's literally a bare frame with a lawnmower engine.

All they did was cut out potential.

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guess you never looked beyond the front page of the steam workshop...

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And they used the ''publisher forced us to release ahead of schedule'' excuse.

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>Custom crap
>HD one-off items
>Feature overhaul mod that conflicts with everything under the sun. It's always unplayable in it's current state due to bugs, and is never as good as the one before it that was abandoned by it's developer.
>Entirely new singular feature that you'll dick around with a few times before realizing it's completely pointless

>Literally not a single feature that was in older scrolls games but cut out in Skyrim

Publisher my ass
They had no intent of putting in half the missing features even if they had another 10 years.

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Aye, you're completely right. Skyrim looks good but if they keep cutting down on the functions like this we're gonna end up with a single skill that only says Stuff.

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Albion is old, but pretty nice German JRPG, you should give it a try.

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Legend of Dragoon
Not great but simple and fun

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>what is Perma
>what is Ultimate Combat
you're just not looking hard enough.

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>suggesting a German RPG
>not suggesting DSA Nordlandtrilogie
you had one job.

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I played it when going through retro games binging.

I can second a recommendation. It mixes in 2.5D dungeons with 2D normal overhead movement sections. This is very cool in and of itself.

Basic premise:
Crashland a ship on not-Pandora which is pretty impressive in itself but it turns out there's a bunch of humans already there. Ancient Druids at some point managed a portal. All of their civilization is built around magic extracting energy from living things, as opposed to ours extracting energy from dead things. Blah blah blah ancient humans and aliens and sometimes you have a gun with ammo but you'd better conserve it.

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I just realized OP is asking for video game suggestions.

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Wrong board, friend.

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Workshop IS shit. Might as well have said " Have you tried rooting around in the local garbage dumpster ? "

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>DSA Nordlandtrilogie
The story's good but the game mechanics are kinda clumsy. Half the skill and 3/4ths of magic are completly useless in the PC game.

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some good stuff on the workshop that you can't find on Nexus or a few other sites.

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I'd say /tg/ is definitely the right board for RPG's

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I agree. I don't get why people keep posting about videogames though.

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There was so much that could have been done with it than what was released, civil war overhaul and other mods like that hint at really different game was planned initially but got fucked over at some point in developement. Vanila Skyrim was nothing but massive wasted potential.

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Because it's really fucking boring to play a board game on your own. If you're saying that video games don't could as traditional games then boy, I have some bad news for you!

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Perkus maximus OR Requiem?

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Currently suffering my way through Dark Souls, the Witcher games are next on my to-play list.

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Perkus, it does a lot more than fucking around with perks, combine it with a good combat AI mod and shields not only become viable, but almost needed.

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They don't, newfriend. Videogames are pretty much the only thing that unarguably does not fall under traditional games.

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>the Witcher
Ho boy.

Witcher 2 is solid and well designed... mostly. It's solid. Highly recommended anyone can enjoy it.

Witcher 1 has a lot of things I liked that they removed, but the combat isn't as well done as Witcher 2. Inventory, carrying capacity, alcohol and brewing, just to name a few things. I feel like Witcher 1 had more soul to it whereas Witcher 2 is more like a well done action movie.

Both require big combat overhauls.

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If you ever wondered how Dungeon Master would feel like if it had turnbased combat and you could freely split your party, get Gates of Skeldal (Brány Skeldalu without english patch).

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>If you're saying that video games don't could as traditional games then boy, I have some bad news for you!

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>There's oglaf threads every time a new one comes out
>Skyrim in particular crops up all the fucking time anyway

Furries aren't allowed in /co/ either, but look how much good that ruling did.

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>everything wrong with /tg/ in one pic

Gay ass board

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That's funny, because that would mean about half of the threads on /tg/ should be bannable offenses right there

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And that's how it should be. If standards slide any further we're going to be the next /tv/.

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/tg/ isn't about just about traditional games, it is also about the people who play them.

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>that would mean about half of the threads on /tg/ should be bannable offenses right there
Let me share with you a wise saying of early 4chan:
"There are no real rules about posting.
There are no real rules about moderation."

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Yeahhhno. Commander Keen Rule predates that cocksucker by a full four years. And you'll note we've had exactly 0 Oglaf threads moderated since.

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The Commander Keen Rule has nothing to do with a thread like this.

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>And you'll note we've had exactly 0 Oglaf threads moderated since.
You won't note the moderated ones because they are gone.

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explain the /tg/ armada

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/v/ is fucking garbage.

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This is a pretty solid list

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Mai negroid

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/v/ became what it is because of the new boards
/vg/ took the generals
/vp/ quarantined the pokemon
/vr/ took the retro discussions

And all that remained were cinders.

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I loved tactics!


Dark chronicle is beyond great

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Age of Decadence... when it's finished

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>Company of Heroes
All I remember from that game is endless lines of MG bunkers and 88s.
everyone hated me.

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You're entitled to your opinion, even when it's wrong. We're discussing and recommending /tg/ related vidya. The very core of the Commander Keen Rule.

>What is an archive?

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2019 for sure!

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So why are you trying to make /tg/ into the next /v/?

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Dark Souls (great story in my opinion, and I personally RPd it), Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (weeb, though), Legend of Grimrock, Dorf Fort RPG mode, Wasteland 2, King of Dragon Pass.
I completely agree with the /v/ thing, just because there's already a /v/ board.

However, this thread is also fine, because the kind of games /tg/ likes are completely different (and with different reasons) to the ones /v/ likes.

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How is it /tg/ related? Just because both are called RPGs? Fuck off.

The Commander Keen Rule was for old games and adapting the setting of games to tabletop RPGs. The old games portion is no longer relevant because of /vr/. This thread would not apply to either of the exceptions anyway.

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They're both fucking atrocious. Go with SPERG instead.

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Wayfarer best skill tree.

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>Dark Souls (great story in my opinion, and I personally RPd it)
What did you do in Painted World?

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Yeah nothing I love more than sinking my perks into netting those crucial +25% damage vs Wolves bonuses.

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Well, I RPd as a guy who wanted to end the tyranny of the gods and bring a new world to power.

So I killed the fluffy-tailed fucker.

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I have the beta on steam and i think it only needs another full year of work... the devs are really pushing for a 2015 release date though. Itll be a huge disappointment if they end up releasing an unfinished product after all this time

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But Priscilla did nothing wrong! All she wanted was to be left alone!

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She was a filthy God- she must've been, being so fuckhuge.

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I'd recommend Planescape: Torment only for it's fantastic story and bizzare experience. anything else is pretty standard for a infinity engine game well, except for a few spells like

i wouldn't really hate on Bethesda trimming out a bit on skills since Morrowind felt like a mess when it comes to those. That's why Acrobatics and Athletics are dropped since they're pointless and hit/miss rolls are removed because they are frustrating. Sometime you gotta leave things out of the chopping board if things gets too redundant. Although, removing some skills and mechanics aren't exactly the best solution either since they can improve on their implementations than in Morrowind (fumbling on weapons than missing them on hits like in Dark Souls for example)

I'd agree with the spears though. That's just very lazy on their part.

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She was huge because of her draconic Heritage. Size has nothing to do with godhood. Smough is huge and he's mere mortal. Gwindolin is manlet God. Your judgement was clouded, you murdered innocent. Lautrec would be proud.

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/I/ know that.

My character didn't. And anyway, he counted the dragons as gods.

And Lautrec was evil for killing a human, which is extremely sinful because all humans are holy and superior and must destroy the evil Gods that wished to enslave us.
It's just now coming to me that I played the Emperor of Mankind.

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>/I/ know that.
>My character didn't.
You were just mad wheel skeletons are rolling your ass and had to take it out on the poor girl...

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Are you kidding me? Monstergirls are my number one fetish. I was going *against* my preferences...

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There are definitely a few that should be added. I think Dungeon Keeper 2 is a quintessential /tg/ game.

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Shame about War for the Overworld.

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There is some debate on whether it's actually an RPG, but I suggest any of the canon Zelda games.

Getting ready to play through every Zelda game in chronological order, going fallen hero, child and then adult link for the timeline order.

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Yeah, but there are a few games that are spiritual successors.

Dungeons, and Dungeons II are pretty good.

Afterlife Empire looks really good, although I'm tentatively awaiting my ban for bringing it up.

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Gothic 1, Gothic 2 and Gothic 3 apparently is now regarded as good if you patch the shit out of it.

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I'd love to do that too
Thief, for the true murderhobo-without-the-murder experience.

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id Software (and Mojang, to a degree) do that, too.

But we're talking about RPGs.

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It'll be fun, but yeah, slightly autistic but fun.

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I swear by Galsiah's Character Development mod. It makes it way less game-y and it makes levelups and stat allocations be a background thing. No more gaming-the-system sort of stuff, you just go, be your character as your character, and get better organically.

If you're into character submersion or RP unobtrusive/unobnoxious playthroughs, that's the way to do it.

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Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines with the latest community pack/patch

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>I miss item durability
no you don't
Smithing is all around an improvement on armourer which was incredibly boring and felt like a wasted but necessary skill slot

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>hit/miss rolls are removed because they are frustrating
God fucking damn it this pisses me off.
The game defaults to a retarded broken setting. The system itself wasn't broken.

Go to settings. Turn down "Difficulty" into the negatives. Suddenly enemies won't have 10x your agility and mudcrabs don't dodge every swing.

How the fuck do people not know about this still? The game has been out for over a decade. The difficulty slider literally adjusts their attributes, it's not some arbitrary damage taken/received multiplier like any other game.

The system itself was fine. All it needed was additional animations. Shit, I don't think Skryim had much more animations than Morrowind when it came down to combat actually. Bethesda a lazy shit when it came to animations.

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Somehow that makes a lot more sense to me if you replace about with without.

>> No.39388346

>no you don't
Yes I do.

They should have removed "Armorer" and replaced it with nothing. NOTHING. Not even crafting with "Smithing". Fuck crafting. It was retarded, made even less sense than "missmissmiss", took out the only money sink in the game, and broke the game just as hard as the alchemy exploit bug in Morrowind... which actually was STILL in Skyrim somehow.

"Crafting" is a retarded time waste of a gimmick that adds NOTHIING to a game and only serves to remove atmosphere.

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>"Crafting" is a retarded time waste of a gimmick that adds NOTHIING to a game

It's a skinner box... inside your skinner box. Like one of those cartoons inside a cartoon inside a cartoon.

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>>Implying /lit/ isn't the next /tv/

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Tactics is a hit or miss one. Fun rollplay, not really as good as a RPG. Fallout 3 is worth buying but it's also kinda a mess in a lot of ways.

>> No.39389091

Doesn't help that RPG oriented games bleed into this board as well sometimes.

>> No.39389179

>not really as good as a RPG
its not really an RPG anyways, its a squad tactics game with RPG elements.

Fallout 3 is pretty fun, the world itself is incredibly good, the quests are fun, but there could be a lot more quests and content in general to complement the worldbuilding.

still seeing as they played it fairly conservative being as FO3 was the first 3D game and effectively a re-boot to introduce the game to a whole new audience I think it was alright.
there are Vegas fanboys on /v/ who go absolutely nuts over it though and freak the hell out over any other fallout game

>> No.39389193

You know on the note of Skryim I really think that the leveling system has some potential particularly in immersion if it weren't for how incredibly dull the leveling up process is and how sincerely broken and clunky it all is.

Personally miss degredation. Was a bit irksome in some ways but wouldn't mind having to whetstone back up a weapon every once and a while. Better than loads of money. The real question is which is worse. The damn healthsponge boring dragons or damn cliff racers.

>> No.39389245

Skyrim had good ideas but they marred it with bad design choices

the leveling in Oblivion was pretty bad, and perks were definitely a good idea for helping with customization into the late game, but the fact that actual skill level really doesn't mean anything aside from what perks you can get, and that before lvl 20 its just such a dull grind since you start up exactly the same no matter what and don't get to start doing fun things until far latter.

>> No.39389274

Yeeeeah I know that it's more squad tactics but it's almost appealing just because of managing an entire chapter. Then again I also stole from it to make a Fallout rpg once.

Meh, I'll have to dissent on Fallout 3. Thought the story was horrid, opening is fun but I dislike playing more than once, karma system is trash, world doesn't make sense in the slightest bit for the rest of Fallout, and the characters are largely rather bland, and companions are one dimensional and the world breaks down the moment you ask how to eat or why nuke the first town in the game? That said, it's not a bad game really. It's something you'll have fun with, have a blast with the gems here and there, and half the dlc is actually pretty cool. Wish the Pitt was longer, really liked the concept there.

Overall fun game. I like to call it the game I have a blast playing but bitch about whenever not playing. If you want an RPG game, buy it, download some mods, and have fun.

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This mod should kill themselves.
Oglaf is as much a part of /tg/ as Discworld, or S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is to /k/.
Skyrim can be /tg/ related. It can be a setting, and TES lore is pretty well loved by /tg/.

>> No.39389747

On the topic of Skyrim, do you think I would catch a ban for posting my Modlist?

I know y'all don't actually care but, this is the general setup I use excluding my texture mods:

Apocalypse- Magic of Skyrim

More Apocalypse (with the PerMa and SkyRe patches)

Thunderchild Immersive shouts (with the SkyRe and PerMa patches)

Better Vampires 6.6

Vampiric Thirst (not compatible with BV but I use Mod Organizer and have different mods for different profiles)

Moonlight Tales (Werewolf and Werebear overhaul)

Heart of the Beast Texture and sounds to complement the above werebeast overhaul

OBIS (Organized Bandits In Skyrim)


Perkus Maximus

Skyrim Redone

Alternate Start - Live Another Life

Undeath (A quest mod featuring a Lich)

And a couple of mods from LL which I won't post because magical realm shit that you don't want to know about.

>> No.39389777

One I managed to forget to reinstall was the Epic Gameplay Overhaul, and fuck me if I can remember everything that it fucks with.

>> No.39389795

Looks breddy good.

>> No.39389891

Yeah? There used to be a character creation overhaul that I used a while back, can't fucking find it anymore.

Combine that with SkyXP and Live another Life and you have the basics for a semi-decent RP setup.

>> No.39390001

few other good one is Real Bows, SkyUI (though that's a given), Hunterborn, and the quests that Trainwiz makes (yes, the one that made the Thomas the world eater mod).

>> No.39390032

The Commander Keen rule was created because /v/ was/is shit. But now we have /vr/ and /vg/ so the rule isn't needed any more.

>> No.39390155

I tried Hunterborn I think, gave up on it after a couple tries.

Real Bows Looks to be a Mesh and Texture replacer and I've never heard of Trainwiz.

>> No.39390226


You forgot run for your lives (dragon and vampire).

And why the fuck would you get banned for this?

/tg/'s sin is a lightness of moderation, not an overabundance of it (not supporting NaziMod from 39383641, mind you, that was fucked-up).

>> No.39390331

I also left out the VAST majority of my mods as they were not particularly related to what I was posting about.

Run for your Lives and When Vampires attack were not listed since they aren't exactly Gameplay enhancement or Overhaul. All they do is get non-combatant NPCs out of the way when Vamps and Dragons decide to show up.

I could probably stich together a screenshot of my complete modlist.

>> No.39390414

>Skies of Arcadia. Either version is good, Legends has a little more content than the original version but it isn't much.

HEY. Good fucking shit Anon. My childhood right there. This game had me so hype. I LOVED being a pirate, assembling a crew. Dope. 10/10 game.

Shame there will never be a sequel.

>> No.39390441

My negro.

>> No.39390454

Seconding this game. Really good shit and had a lot of cool features like building up your base and recruiting people to your pirate group. The airship combat was cool as fuck too.

Like the other anon said, worst thing about the game is they didn't make a sequel.

>> No.39390528

I just used a mod that replaced its combat system with one similar to Skyrim's, where weapon skill affected your damage dealt rather than your hit chance. "Hitting" was actually based on where you swung your weapon rather than a die roll.

It still wasn't perfect but it was a damn sight better than the basic system. I played Morrowind to death back in 2002 but picked it up again when it was on sale for $5 on Steam over the summer, modded it to hell and back, and played it even more. With mods it's still an amazing game, if graphically unimpressive.

>> No.39390558


I was IRL assmad the first time a side mission critical NPC got killed by a dragon.

then IRL ass-sad when I noticed his kids wandering around without parents. This was before I got Hearthfire so they didn't really go anywhere. :(

>> No.39390626

Only NPC I that I've ever had die via dragon attack was that Vampire lady at the Halfmoon Mill.

>> No.39390668


Ragnarok Online. The one and only.
Loads of customization and you don't need to sacrifice an arm and a leg buying a new pc to be able to play it.

Also, taekwon ranker best class.

>> No.39390740

Real bows is something that you almost need, they look so much better.
better shaped weapons falls in the same line, but is more of for melee weapons.
Trainwiz is a crazy man who likes trains, he made Wheels of Lull and the Aethernautics mod.

>> No.39390827


Also, make sure you choose a PRE-RENEWAL midrate server WITH NO CUSTOMS.

Estland RO has about 700-800 people DAILY

>> No.39390857


Blood Dragon landed in Riverwood. Alvor and Sigrid died like nords. The dog died like a nord too.

Poor Dorthe.

Sven died like a bitch though. Fuck that asshole.

>> No.39390903

I don't really mind the streamlining. Having a ton of skills was fun, but it's not a dealbreaker for me.

What actually bothers me about Skyrim is the writing. It's shit. It's like they got a different team to design every quest, and each team was a group of half a dozen tie-wearing corporate serfs, given the goal to write something "epic". There's a single, linear questline per faction, and it's inevitably something huge and dramatic, but ultimately pointless. And there are almost no choices, to the point where it's utterly ridiculous. Like selling your immortal soul to the Daedric prince of primal darkness for a suit of armor. Or letting the obviously evil Thalmor spy have his way with the magic ball. Or getting arrested after you're framed for a bunch of murders by the evil mine-owners of Markarth. The only way to opt out of doing any of these things is to ignore the quest and leave it hanging forever. Morrowind let you get away with killing almost literally anyone if you really wanted, and quests had failing conditions. It probably wouldn't be technically difficult to mod some better quests to Skyrim, but it would be a huge undertaking, and it will never be done. The modding community could completely redo Skyrim's entire engine from scratch, and it would still be a mediocre game.

>> No.39390959

Fanedal best bro for life

>> No.39391073

Please. We all know that Bethesda has had horrid writing for a long time which is a shame because I personally really like the lore for their world.

>> No.39391077


Well, until level 30 at least.

>> No.39391084

Faendals a cunt

>> No.39391145

The RPG-7, but only if you can find the right people to play with.

>> No.39391429

>Witcher 3 in a smidge over a month

>> No.39391582


>> No.39391773

There's always hope. Sega hasn't forgotten about it, Vyse and company made a cameo in Valkyria Chroncles and Sega All-Star Racing Transformed.

>> No.39391832


My faith in /tg/ is restored since this is the first game suggestion in the thread.

But also Baldur's Gate 2. And Pillars Of Eternity released recently, it's not too bad.

>> No.39392830

>Everything you just said
Do you ever miss when guilds conflicted with each other and each of their plot arcs wasn't saving the world several times over, but frankly it was more interesting?

>> No.39392947

Lionheart Legacy of the Crusader if you want something nice, but not that great really.
Starts good and is kind of interesting.

Uses fallouts special system in ca 15th century europe. Except it's like if the Awakening from shadowrun occured in the crusades.

>> No.39393001

I think it can get good when they actually finish it.

>> No.39393029

Different anon but yes. Also wish everybody wouldn't ask me to become a mage at the acadamy when I'm the archmage. Seriously, I don't even really want to be the leader of all the factions.

>> No.39393032

>reading up on the Markarth quest after I was done with it
>I could have broed up with the Silver-Bloods and betrayed the Reachmen

This bothers me. For one, I feel like there's no way you would have known you could have joined up with the Silver-Blood family without reading it online. And even then you probably wouldn't want to, since it's because of them that the one cool guy in Markarth gets killed and you get thrown in jail.

Why make an option that no one is going to know to take, let alone want to take?

>> No.39393086

This is the same company that has you do the entirely peaceful option of helping make harmony of ghouls in Tenpenny Tower with a large amount of effort and then the game slaps you in the face by having it fall apart, everyone including the good folks being slaughtered and then killing off the damn ghoul bastard counts as negative karma.

On a funny note I didn't even know but sided with Silver-Blood by chance. Kinda annoying because I didn't want to and I feel sympathetic to the goals of Reachmen but they take it too far.

>> No.39393197

Is there any good mobile game that /tg/ recommends?

>> No.39393220


>> No.39393302

i recommend infinity blade. don't know about /tg, but the setting is really nice for me

>> No.39393336

I opposed them mostly because they were against the Empire. And The 8 Divines know I love the Empire.

And it was partially that sort of stuff that got me bored of Fallout 3. No matter what you really did to try and mix things up in the umpteenth time that you've tried to play this game again, it pretty much ends up the same way. And there's no real reason to be evil compared to being good, unless you really want stuff fast that you can easily get just about anywhere else.

The most fun I had in that game where was when I just ignored the main quest. In the beginning, that means scavenging guns and ammo because you don't really have shit.

>> No.39393354

Dwarves Vs Orcs is pr.....yeah it's kinda bad. But in a tolerable way. It's stupid and inane and basically reskinned plants vs zombies but it makes a good effort. It's a decent time waster with a fantasy theme.

>8 Divines
I will fucking disintegrate you.

>> No.39393876

No one can know that I still worship Talos. It's our secret, okay?

I'm probably also a bad person for keeping Torryg's horn, but I really thought it was cool.

>> No.39396754

Reminds me of this.

>> No.39397272

Well i used the chance to kill every single silver-blood family member that wasn't an essential NPC.
+ those fags support Gayfric
Not like that's any worse than the faggot Jarl who collaborates with Thalmor and pretends to be loyal to the empire.

>> No.39397314

Oblivion leveling was all kinds of fucked up and were a goddamn idiot if you leveled past the level where the quest for the skeleton key unlocked.

>> No.39397340

>you were

>> No.39397455

Try the Realms of Arkania trilogy. It is probably the closest a video game has ever got to feeling like a real PnP game.

>> No.39399264

>Acrobatics and Athletics
So you hated being able to walk and run faster, fall further, and jump higher? I bet you also think it was good they removed levitation and telekenisis as well because you hated flying and moving objects from a distance.

>> No.39399935


Does it have awful German controls? The Gothic games were unplayable for me.

>> No.39400342

>keeping in options that would force Bethesda to include cities in world map

It is like you'ven't understood that around here less=more.

>> No.39400640


>Levitation is for fools. Why would we want to levitate? Once you are up high, there is nowhere to go but down.

The only point that really deserves recognition is Acrobatics, and that is owed to the near impossibility of scaling a lot of the mountain terrain. Acrobatics would have helped there, because it did in Oblivion. But for the most part, the streamlining was good for the setting it was contained in.

Putting a lot of Morrowind's features into Skyrim's setting and context would have been fucking lame.

>> No.39400802


>> No.39401034

They probably should had brought back climbing skill and include in acrobatics.

>> No.39401047

>include it

>> No.39401069

From Daggerfall?

I keep getting killed in the starter dungeon

>> No.39401128


Acrobatics and Athletics are non-stats, they reflect your level more than anything else and should have had their effects tied directly into stats.

Levitation makes level design really hard, and fucks the "closed city" model BethSoft likes so much. But it's a must-have as far as I'm concerned, so I modded it back into Oblivion and Skyrim ASAP.

>> No.39401198

There is a flying mod that has been in beta for some time now. Functions sort of like levitate.

It is a power you have to purchase. To configure it, you need to spawn in the config power for some reason.

I'd be using it for my mage playthrough but, I have a couple of mods that it conflicts with. Constant CTD.

Also, on the aspect of actual RP in Skyrim, how do you guys do that?

>> No.39401234


Yes I use that one along with a straight-up Levitate clone from Morrowind, weird glowy disc and all.

The flying mod is odd in that by default it uses 10% of your maximum stamina per second of flying, so you only ever have 10 seconds of flying and it's unrelated to your magical skills. But the scripts it comes with are easy enough to mod, I have it draining a fixed amount of magicka so I can increase my airtime by levelling magicka.

>> No.39401244

I want /v/ to leave

But Morrowind is my favourite

>> No.39401319

I'd try my hand at modding but, I haven't the requisite knowledge. Or skill.

I can barely write a shell script to launch my shitty flash games through the terminal.

>> No.39401348


Well modding is easier than that, but w/e.

>> No.39401414

It is literally a single line to do what I want to do, and I had to ask /g/ for help.

Writing a scripted mod, or altering an already existing one, requires more than I am capable of. Especially since I am not at all familiar with papyrus scripting.

Might be some basic tutorials online but I haven't been actually looking for them.

>> No.39401452


And you never will, because you've already decided you can't.


>> No.39401593

Eh, You're only half right.

I didn't decide I can't, just that shell scripting sucks and the tutorials are all shit.

When I finally get a wild hair to try my hand at scripted modding, I'm just going to have to scour through the bullshit tutorials to find the good ones. And pray to the gods that it doesn't end up like bash scripting is.

I've done a couple of personal re-texture mods, they were shit but they were mine. Overwrote them when I found The Book of Silence though.

Altering pre-existing textures is damned easy though. Even with GiMP.

>> No.39401756

laxius power 3 onwards
dink smallwood

>> No.39401921

Dominions 4 is pretty great but it isn't really an RPG.

>> No.39402278

Where has /tgesg/ gone?

>> No.39402296

Valkyria Chronicles.

I've been thinking of prepurchasing the game. Just thinking, I stand that prepurchasing is fucking evil and should die, but cd projekt red is probably one of the only big developers that I genuinely like.

>> No.39402419

Personally I'd like to see acrobatics and athletics merged into one skill and expanded, given more gameplay value, maybe add in more movement options so that if you got it to 100 you'd pretty much have Mirror's Edge-ish movement ability.

>> No.39402684

> mod it to Oblivion and back
Fookin' nice.

>> No.39403109

my biggest gripe is the removal of classes since it means every new character is just such a slog until like lvl15-20 when you can start doing things

>> No.39403411

I can feel for you but I'd say hold off. Should be fine but hold off. We won't matter in the grand scheme of things but the moment preordering dies will be great for games.

Yeah. This hit me real hard. Every character felt incredibly similar from the get go particularly as your stamina, health, mana, etc all are pretty even at the start along with stats. Oh surprise, I start with slightly higher points in a stat that then isn't represented until I level up a few times.

>> No.39403422

Why did Majesty 2 have to be so broken T.T

>> No.39403487

They sorta offer you that option with the post-tutorial guardian stones but even then it lacks the variety that classes would had brought.

>you level your skills in vaguely warrior, mage or thief related categories faster vs actual fucking classes

>> No.39403550

How do I get Mercedes to be waifu?

>> No.39403614


It was agreed that eternal generals were retarded if they aren't big enough to maintain themselves naturally. Feel free to make one though.

>> No.39404681

Case in point: /vg/'s KS general.

>> No.39404889

>believing you can actually discuss vidya on /v/

any attempt at discussing a game will get drownt out in mindless chating of casualisation, artificial difficulty, and accusations of marketing.

>> No.39406654

Dark Souls or Etrian Odyssey, depending on you being more of a playstationfag or a nintendofag. The first Drakensang was not bad either.

>> No.39407300

anything not made by bethesda or post ea bioware

>> No.39407633

>Ar Tonelico
Sega flat out stated they won't make a sequel. they felt so bad after Sonic 2006 that they don't think they can live up to fans expectations. it's a shame though, it was in my top 3 games on the dreamcast, and the only reason i kept my game cube.

>> No.39407690

I myself am looking fro an oldschool dungeon crawler like Nethack or ADOM, but with a bit updated graphics/gameplay, anyone have any suggestions that aren't the binding of isaac?

>> No.39407771

I'd say the five Etrian Odyssey games but they are for DS and 3DS so if you don't like Nintendo stuff you are probably not gonna play them. Shame because they are some incredibly good games in my opinion.

>> No.39407780

>Top-Down Dungeon Crawler fag here
FATE is one of my favorites. The art style is pretty weird and cartoony, but the game system is like if Diablo was 100% randomly generated. In many ways it could be called a chaos dwarf sim. Enchantments are expensive and can completely fuck you if you're unlucky. The game is open-ended and infinitely replayable. Pets are fun, and the magic is overwhelmingly decent. Some builds are completely cheesy, but it's actually kind of rewarding to figure them out.

Others I like
>The Bard's Tale (Best RPG story and morality system in years, a gem in many ways because it could never be made now with all the whiners)
>DEMON STONE (Made by the guys who did The Two Towers game, it's also a serious bargain)
>Enclave (Really interesting story, plus it's fucking hard sometimes)
>LOTR games (War in the North is my favorite, I'd pass up The Third Age though, it's meh)
>Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes
>Baldur's Gate: DA 1&2
>Champions of Norrath (for some reason I'm not as into it as the other titles really)

>> No.39408063

Depends on what you're looking for.

If you like the stat building aspects of RPGs most of all, I would suggest ME3. The writing is absolute crap, but the gameplay is extremely fun, and the character system is nice.

If you like roleplaying most of all, I'd suggest tabletop games first, but second anything with an extensive mod community. Neverwinter Nights, Morrowind (Oblivion and Skyrim too, but Morrowind most of all),

Alternatively, you could go for a really story driven experience and get the first Mass Effect (the writing is not absolute crap, it's actually quite nice in this game. Seriously, what the hell went wrong?). Alpha Protocol also has a fantastic story. From the same studio, I'd recommend KotOR 2. Going older, there's planescape torment.

I've heard great things about Divinity, Original sin, but haven't played enough of it to make up my mind. I do like the character disagreement system.

>> No.39408091

Forgot some other games I love

>The MAXIMO series. Tough as fuck. Actually reminds me of Dark Souls with easier combat and tough platforming.
>Viking: Battle For Asgard. Also similar to Dark Souls in terms of combat system. Plus Dynasty Warriors. With Vikings.
>Spartan: Total Warrior. Made by the same guys as Viking. Anachronistic and silly. But fun. Also you can kick Beowulf's ass.

>> No.39408478


When you say Bard's tale you mean the originals or the remake?

>> No.39408852

Remake. Haven't played the original.

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