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Previously on JumpChain >>39368111

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So anyone have any zany possibly life ending plans going? Whats your favorite hairbrained scheme that youve pulled off?

>> No.39379891

The Pillar Men (Battle Tendency)
Joaquín Brân Jostrélla
Male, 19yo
Jovial Joestar (900)
Dynamic Entry
Joestar Secret Technique
Dramatic Persona
Stand (400)
Ripple Mastery (100)
The Arrowhead (-500)
Conducting Oil (-550)
Reinforced Clothing (-600)
They Take Notice (0)

I have no idea what I would want for a stand. Other than having it appear like a fat buddha and having 8 spheres that form a necklace.

But my plan is to fight Kars and other Pillarmen, take DNA. Borrow the Redstone of Aja and steal a stone mask. Insert DNA from Pillarmen into myself via Agressive Genetic Fusion. Then take stone + Aja the for Ultimate Life-Form.

>> No.39379957

I dunno, I ended up rolling half a dozen world-ending threats on the forgotten realms jump just because I kept not getting the one I wanted.

By god I will get my giant kaiju fight with the Leviathan, even if I have to save the world five times over to do it first.

>> No.39380001

Currently I'm trying to flesh out every single one of them. They include:

-The Digital Pun-Pun (scan all magic, code it, make my own spells/edit my own coding, etc)
-The Bow (Currently capable of firing 3600-14400 arrows per shot per person)
-The Genetic Augmentation Machine (can transfer anything from powers, knowledge, abilities, and skills to a person, along with a myriad of traits)
-The Gardens of Eternity (crazy-ass tree plan with them feeding off of all 4 Wells of Eternity)
-How to survive the Gardens

...it's kinda nuts.

>> No.39380061

For The Bow, make sure to armsfusion craft it with the minecraft infinite bow. While firing Maker's Fingers.

>> No.39380086

Currently I am working on a way to make every tree in the world into a node,that will enable me to link them all into a mega giga server so I can run a mmo on them that is free to play with ai people as the npc.

Livin in the database.

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So, like... ultimate bullshit techniques?
I think my favorite / big claim to what the fuck is the "How To Kill A God In Two Easy Steps" device.
It involves,
> 1) Seal a god with the God Slayer seal from Percy Jackson.
> 2) Jack a Mako Reactor into it.

Comes with a side bonus of converting the god in question into materia, thereby literally giving you their power in the form of crystalized rocks.
Also works on anything else you can manage to seal away, but that particular seal works best on gods. Hey, you know the Sealing Spell from Shadows of the Colossus? You can jack a Mako Reactor into that.

God I love Mako Reactors. They solve a surprising number of problems.

>> No.39380135

Uuuh, does welding a shushu and kamui into my body count as harebrained? My plans tend not to be much further than 'GET HUGE, ONCE HUGE FIND THING TO FIGHT.'

I am bad at subtlety.

>> No.39380144

I forget where Maker's Fingers are from, but I didn't feel the need to pick them up. By this point I'm making arrows WAY better, and IIRC Maker's Fingers can't be modified? I did pick up Armsfusion and Minecraft bow though, second I could get them.

...and people say I'M scary.

>> No.39380173

When doing the whole Renegade Jumper thing can I screw him over with which 5 jumps he gets or does he end up with the best ones?

If I pick an occupied stasis pod from a world I visited before will that person know me or will they be an alternate version that met the renegade?

>> No.39380206

Man, cheap tricks like that are no fun. Makos in general seem to be anti-fun. Too easy to get the final product. I prefer going toe to toe and seeing if I can cut it. Sword vs the World.

>> No.39380253

>God I love Mako Reactors. They solve a surprising number of problems.
There's a modified quote to be made here, something along the lines of, "God made Man. Mako Reactors made them giggle."

>> No.39380260

I figure'd you could just armsfusion the Maker's Finger onto whatever ultimate arrow you've usually got in your quiver. Its from Dragon's Dogma if I recall correctly. I tend not to bother having more than one arrow except for extremely mundane purposes since just by having it on the infinite bow my one becomes a never ending shot.

The bow from Ravenloft that applies silver to every shot fired is also a nice pickup for 100 points though.

>> No.39380310

My jacket,

>> No.39380353

> I prefer going toe to toe and seeing if I can cut it.
Man, I ain't fighting a god for nothin'. I hate fighting. I only fight if the odds are wildly stacked in my favor.
This is not the magical journey of how I fight every foe with guts and valor. I am not Gurren Lagann. Fuuuck that.

My journey is more like a darker version of Steven Universe with some No Game No Life mixed in. Lots of pointless shenanigans intermixed with bullshit, feelings, sometimes guts and valor, and the occasional song.

>> No.39380407

>bullshit techniques
A simple one I like is Sharigan from Naruto plus Gone from Hellgate London.

If they look you in the eye, they get genjutsu'd. If they look away from you, they forget about you. They can still resist the combo by keeping you in their field of view without looking you in the eye, but I think having that one, seemingly simple, way to counter it makes it more fun.

>> No.39380454

I guess to each their own, but there's something special about being a cyborg'd up dragon shit with at least two demonic things living in your brain and body and all of you agreeing that this is an awesome road trip, while riding on the shoulders of a giant mecha about to fight some Pacific Rim kaiju.

Then you stab the monster in the fucking face. With your fist. Of demon claws. While transforming into a kaiju yourself.

Also captcha keeps wanting to me to tell it what is a picture of a burger and its making me hungry.

>> No.39380508

I keep getting cake and some very pretty coffee. This is not right.

>> No.39380567

Is google truly advancing its advertising? Is this the birth of a terrifying consumer AI that shows you what you want before you know it?

Its been giving me pizza on a 3:1 ratio since last night. I plan on ordering pizza later. Its working.

>> No.39380584

Control your urges senpai!

>> No.39380614

Quite a few. It's actually getting troublesome trying to organize them.

Here's our custom all-purpose nanoswarm, which needs updating 'cos of certain additional technologies/alchemic methods from recent jumps

Here's a system for ethically cultivating magical girls with purely scientific methods-again, also out of date and lacks recent upgrades like AMP based time shenanigans. It should be modular enough to accept certain forms of magical augmentation as well but we figured it'd best to stick with hard science for the base model in the event of certain threats being able to exploit/thrive off magical energy

Current plans include:
-Converting the Double Deity into a Beyblade, possibly using the underlying mechanics of Beyblade construction to infuse it with more ensouled deity simulacrums for extra oomph.
-Attempting to clone and modify Shards derived from Eden's corpse to implant within ourself. Not going to lie: We're completely unsure whether this has any chance of success
-Splicing a newly acquired mindworm boil with life fibers, Dorf Fort sponges, Vajra, Zerg, Zoats and Silkie the mutant moth to maximise psionic output. And crucially-using a Hollow and samples of Goblin Fruit to try to turn the boil, and by extension any worms it produces, into Changelings. Or at least lifeforms capable of manipulating Glamour
-Cabbit Reapers. Still trying to figure this one out, but it'll involve our living ship from Tenchi Muyo, Throne of Creation/Furnace of War from Etrian Odyssey, the aforementioned nanoswarm, splicing to create a biometallic "shell" of various DNA samples based on what Bitch does with her dogs and LOTS of cloning.
-With Kiva Andru's guidance, reverse engineering the Megas' subsystems for integration into our Gundam mech "Granzeboma". We still have the original robot, but those subsystems seem worth figuring out.

Also we invented magical toast that always lands butter side up.

>> No.39380660

You can't stop me! I am literally walking to get a pizza right now! I am on my phone typing this! I will obtain my grease disk!
Can't decide if meat lovers or deluxe.

>> No.39380670

Amon Top-kek here! I have wonderful news!

I decided to take my new bue and my adopted son to a place where they can work out their issues like adults! So we went to Worm!

Guess what Shinji rolled?

>7 & 8: Alexandria Package - You have the standard flying brick powerset, insane strength, durability, and flight. You can toss around over 30 tons, your strength enough to tear through solid steel like tissue paper. Your durability is incredible, requiring high explosives before you even start to be injured, and your flight tops out at around five hundred miles per hour. As a secondary power you possess enhanced intelligence and perfect memory. Your power also enforces the Manton Limit on things that try to effect you, meaning that even elsewhere a telekinetic can't pop your brain, or somebody who can conjure flames burn you from the inside out. Yes, this explicitly includes Behemoths kill aura, and will even protect you from Ziz's telekinetic brain fuckery.

That's right, Shinji is superman-lite!

And my other companions though this was a bad idea.

Rits-chan got browbeat, I was a little disappointed with her not getting a tinker power, she is very, very happy with the biokenesis.

>> No.39380697

>invented magical toast that always lands butter side up

Has science gone too far, man of anti spiral?

>> No.39380701

>grease disk
>meat lovers


>> No.39380709

Go with Meat Lovers. It's what Swanson would want.

>> No.39380725

Not far enough. We need butter that spreads easily when cold, and isn't actually vegetable oil. And more homemade bread.

>> No.39380775

Honestly with how many worlds we've gone to, I bet each Jumper has a select stable of special breads they've picked up recipes and infinite ingredients for.

We could open the best interdimensional bagel shop/cafe.

>> No.39380881

That is actually something that sounds kinda nice. It'd be hard, repetitive work, but it'd be a nice thing to do once in a while I bet.

>> No.39380909

Here's the procedure. You be the judge.

See, we thought of circumstances e.g. outer space where circumstances wouldn't provide enough gravity to enable toast to naturally "fall" towards something with a gravity well. Something had to be done.

To that end,

-The Geneforge (goes without saying) was used to oversee growth of grains, breed cattle with latent magical energy in their milk to create enchanted butter
-Our Aspect and Origin of Stasis was invoked to stabilise the amount of energy contained in the newly sown grains
-Conjoined Conjures was useful in two areas: Firstly, combining Carnymancy, Luckamancy and Weirdomancy with Lifecrafting to imbue the brains with natural probability altering capabilities. Secondly, combining Lunar Dial with Lifecrafting to accelerate growth, as well as baking time
-Boundary Fields were again conjoined with Lifecrafting to ensure each buttered slice had its own probability altering magical field
-Finally, Arcane was deployed to fully understand the symbolic alchemy of cooking, essentially creating a demesne-kitchen to further bless the metaphysical potency of the enchanted bread

The end result of the cooking-ritual (culminating with ritualised butter-spreading) is mastercraft bread coated with butter that doubles as magical fuel, which is fated to ALWAYS land upon its unbuttered side, the universe itself conspiring to guarantee 100% certainty of descent no matter the situation

>captcha: select all the bread

>> No.39381017

My first jump was Soul Eater, it involved me as the jellyfish sorcerer passing off my metaknowledge by claiming that jellyfish are adept at reading the tides of fate. I walked up to the front gate and requested an appointment with Stein while also mentioning the results of the testing on Maka and Black Star that hadn't occurred quite yet at that point.

All this while running around as a 195 centimeter buff man with an afro that has a pointy hat with bits of string coming down off the brim. Oh yeah, and a giant floating jellyfish following me around.

>> No.39381068

Speaking of Soul Eater-exactly how powerful is the Anti-Demon Wavelength in direct combat? And what is the breadth of beings it could effect; would Warcraft demons be repulsed as well as Fade entities? Before other perks, how badly does a hit with the wavelength hurt those beings? And finally, does it resist darkness/madness themed magic as well as merely making you very, very, very sane?

>> No.39381092

Nothing beats the smell of fresh baked bread. I might go make some nanner bread actually. I think I've got some bananas goin' brown in the fridge.

>> No.39381172

When I went to Discworld, I tried to combine the LotR Lembas Bread with their Dwarven Bread.

They called me mad.
Some dwarves actually tried to stop me.
And one of the Igors gave me a job application!

>> No.39381193

Is the Transformers Prime cartoon any good?
I didn't really watch much of the older series and the human characters usually annoy me.

>> No.39381247

I quite like it. Megatron benefits from Frank Welker's voice acting, the fights are quite dynamic, Soundwave trolls the shit out of everyone any time he actually shows up onscreen. It sorta fixes complaints I've heard about other Transformers continuities, like Optimus having to die and pass on his mantle to someone else.

As for the human characters-one's remarkably astute, one's a hyperactive liability but who EVENTUALLY learns from her mistake the hard way. so y'know, character development. I do take issue with the nerd who can somehow hack alien computers though.

Oh god, the Breadnought Overlords cometh

>> No.39381274

What would happen if you stuck two pieces together with the buttered sides facing in opposite directions?

>> No.39381326



>> No.39381334

You don't go to far enough, you need to add Stonebread from Warhammer fantasy. I think to do so would require Toriko levels of cooking skill to make that have any flavor worth tasting though.

>> No.39381362

There really should be a breadnaught-related perk in the Wakfu jump.

>> No.39381403

>Jumper-tech the movie.

>> No.39381416

We are NOT testing that. Ever. This project is already far more controversial than our usual fare like ascending Brigit to goddeshood, purifying the Pyre of the Seraphic and raising an army of uber-angels created with our Soulfire. We will NOT suffer something that has a chance of causing a Spiral Nemesis variant.

The best case scenario? The toast slices merely repulse each other and fall to the nearest surface, like identically charged magnets. The worst case scenario? Destiny and Fate itself conspires to force the bread together, pushing it into itself until a hyperdense singularity is formed, spawning a metaphysically dense point of space-time that threatens to absorb all fate, everywhere, siphoning the concept of luck itself until everything inevitably falls in one direction into the paradoxic luck abyss.

tl;dr don't do this at home kids

>> No.39381459

I'm gonna do this at home. In my warehouse.
That's right, if this goes horribly wrong it'll echo across the multiverse!

>> No.39381484

I didn't get that recipe. I spent most of WF protecting the forest Beersmark with giant tree roots and wood golems. The recipe was not included in his family cookbook.
But anyway, Dwarf Bread is basically just Stonebread to my understanding, except more hardcore.

Joke's on those fuckers, though. I ultimately did make the bread. After hiding away for awhile to do it.
Didn't eat it, though. It had a... uh... weird aura around it. Wasn't... uh... wasn't quite sure what would happen. I hypothesized that it would provide perpetual satiation, or at least quench the desire to ever eat again.

I ultimately left it in Discworld.
I'm sure it'll be fine.

>> No.39381558

You left a relic of that magnitude just sitting around?
Shit I don't think that kind of sorcery would ever even go bad. Did you at least put it on a nice plate or something? Maybe a little shrine?

>> No.39381618

Alright, let me try comprehending this.
So the bread is locked into a set amount of energy, which im going to make a pretty huge assumption that it will be the caloric energy of the bread plus the energy as a result of the environment it was status locked in (eg: Bread enchanted on Earth and in 0g will have different energy capacities due to gravitational potential energy)

This is honestly the biggest hang up from what I'm looking at (though odds are free/natural magics are probably a factor in this). By locking the bread in a set energy, forces either need to be created or non existent, or magic needs to be expended to some degree for consumption and movement of the bread

The 0 G bread will, through magic, only retain the energy inside the bread, and remain fixed in space unless inherent magics negate this upon consumption or upon contact with something that can negotiate around the Stasis aspect.

Bread stasis'd on earth will have similar problems, as you've locked it to a particular gravitational force. Which means it cant be moved higher than it's birthplace because then it will always have greater potential energy than it's stasis'd value. It can be moved to a lower place, but then it might gain kinetic energy to substitute for the decreasing potential energy.

Like i've said, im probably not accounting for magic in the equation, or if the consumption of magic will factor in the gains of the grains compared to magic expended to consume said grains.

>> No.39381619

>you left it in Discworld

It's developed sentience, gained a successful career in the Watch and has gone on an epic adventure to discover the meaning of life by now.

In canon, a witch once made a sapient piece of cheese that eats small rodents and once invaded the Underworld.

pic related

>> No.39381674

I bought the Forcewall, anti-spiral! Even you cannot stop this! The toast must meet!

>> No.39381701

I left it on a stone slab in a hole in the ground? There were some archways I cobbled together with clapchemy to keep the place stable. It was mostly practical and a quick built workshop I used to make the bread. I suppose it would look very nice and somewhat shrine-like to a dwarf.

That's crazy, Antispiral-kun. Dwarf bread isn't a lifeform. It's practically a stone itself. If anything, it's sometimes used as a weapon.

>> No.39381707

I take it you still have the recipe for your abomination bread? at least bring that to Toriko, even post spark, and try to do something with it there.

>> No.39381762

Solid points-with one possibly misconception. The idea isn't to generate force to push the bread in one direction or another. As we understand, carnymancer/luckamancy affect the concepts of fate and luck, so in effect the "falling" would occur by freak coincidences e.g. stellar winds, freak gravitational distortions on a quantum level affecting the bread's locations. Admittedly we aren't very familiar with Erfworld's magic system.

The purpose of the stasis field is to keep the magicalenergy output of the bread and butter at a consistent rate, to render the luck affecting effect permanent. We do not intend for the magic to directly effect gravity-rather, the hypothesis is that gravity will, due to being affected by abstract concepts, distort as an external factor to the closed energy system to move the bread.

In short, the idea is that Erfworld magic works differently from a current understanding of physics, being able to affect factors outside the range of physical matter the magic field borders.

>> No.39381817

Why is there not more writefagging in the drive. I need access to more.

>> No.39381823

>implying stone can't be a lifeform on Discworld

Discworld trolls, mang. They're silicon based lifeforms-exactly which silicon depends on the region they were born in. In fact "rock" is a derogatory term referring to a troll

>> No.39381824

I'm new to Jumpchain...

What's a pretty "safe" jump to get a minimum of powers to prevent me from getting killed in my first year?

>> No.39381841

Honestly? Pokemon, PMD and Conduit jump are pretty good starting choices. There's a lot of versatility on top of supernatural prowess in there, and it should be relatively easy to avoid most threats.

>> No.39381843

Pretty accurate description.

>> No.39381858

Any of the slice of lifes, pokemon's required to be your start or you never get to run it. I like CATastrophe as an early hit, but I have a weakness for seafood.

>> No.39381860

Amon Top-kek, you're adorable.

Pretty much everything in the Quicksilver section of the drive is good for beginners. Low-mid power, high adventure, and easy to understand.

>> No.39381906

New as well to Jumpchain and have two questions.
1. Some adventures list discounts if certains options are picked, however they never say how much of a discount they give (EX: GenericMagicalGirl). How much should I assume the discount is for.

2. I noticed there are two versions of the Warehouse with two different numbers for inital space available and points to buy upgrades, which one is the correct one?

>> No.39381925

Discount is always 50%

The correct one is the larger one with 150 points QS went back and redid it.

>> No.39381933

1. 50%
2. higher one unless you want the other one

>> No.39381944

Discounts are always 50% off unless otherwise noted. It's more ore less that that's always how it has been and that sometimes people forget to include the information.

>> No.39382005

How can you even look at any of these without falling into a deep, deep depression?!

I would give my soul for this to be real but it never will be and yet I can't stop reading them.

Where are the reality-altering wizards when you need them?

>> No.39382046

Harry Potter.

>> No.39382055

>Do a build for Betrayal at Hill House
>Dream about it.
>It's a pretty normal adventure for the most part, until right at the end.
>Wakfu and I team up to fight the villain.
>He's a magical girl. The villain is a flying singing vampire. I'm a geologist.
>Turns out it was all an elaborate stage production.

>> No.39382095

Aside from the multiplayer (your subconsciousness is bad and should feel bad) that actually sounds like a pretty normal Jumpchain adventure, to be honest.

>> No.39382115

I don't mean a regular jumpchain adventure. I mean a regular spooky house adventure. Nobody was a jumper.

>> No.39382117

>wakfu is a magical girl
Sounds about right.

>> No.39382121

Could be worse. I had a dream where Vin Diesel got into a fight with a bunch of Garupans over a chocolate cake.

Weirdest dream I've ever had. Well, next to th one where I accidentally nuked Calofornia.

>> No.39382128

I know that feel, Anon. I know it all too well. I'm still trying to flesh out my tree/well plan with the plan to survive it all, and I'm realizing I have more interest in simply researching the genetics and magic than I do in day-to-day stuff.

But I tell myself every morning that if I can't muster the determination and interest to live and learn with this life, how can I possibly claim that I'd do better in another life? It's not a perfect logic, but it helps most days.

>> No.39382142

>Solid points-with one possibly misconception
I agree with this, I was not accounting assorted magics as a factor, so at some point my math is probably wrong as I still retain a human sense of physics, rather than some multidimensional abstract

I think the main thing I didn't comprehend is the stasis field aspect of the bread, and the range and power of the stasis field. Going back to the first post
>-Our Aspect and Origin of Stasis was invoked to stabilise the amount of energy contained in the newly sown grains
Feels like to me you've locked in a specific set amount of energy of the whole bread, compare to your clarification that it only affects the magic aspect of the bread

>> No.39382154


>> No.39382159

Jumpchain the musical when?

>> No.39382187

Disney Princess, Buffy, or Steven Universe. Buffy might burn people alive, though.

>> No.39382189


I don't remember the exact context because it was a couple years ago.
But I remember I was in Rusdia for some reason. And I was touring something to do with nukes and I pressed a red button because I thought it would be funny.

>> No.39382203

Sounds like an old loony toons cartoon.

>> No.39382337

For big projects I have
>Tengen Toppa Light of Vielia
>Discordia Rifle
>Post-spark City State

As for actually life-threatening plans, in Valkyria Chronicles I had a fistfight with Selvaria and planned a rebellion in Jaeger's home country

>> No.39382367

Sounds at least somewhat better than the dreams I can actually remember. My favourite one was in a semi-lucid dream, except I ended up burning alive briefly and then choking as the inferno consumed the oxygen when my space fighter got hit by a capital ship lance battery. Woke up coughing and skin tingling.

But it was pretty good up till then.

>> No.39382398

I may or may not be possibly coming up with something involving Pact-Binder.

I don't know how this will end.

>> No.39382413

Minor update to Percy Jackson, changelog is as follows:
>Minor Blessing no longer refers to the supplement I'll likely never get around to making
>Added Patron companion
>Ascension reworked slightly, you can now accept it but lose it at end of jump if you choose to go on

>> No.39382423


Where's that?

>> No.39382431

Erm. Having problems uploading?

>> No.39382434

It helps if I attach the file.

>> No.39382449

A marriage contract?

>> No.39382452

Nah, just being an idiot.

>> No.39382477

You joke about it now.

But I have Voice of the Planet and I know how to use it.

>> No.39382500

I'm an absolute newbie but I enjoy making cyoa's and the Jump template seems pretty enjoyable.

Could I just pick a (unclaimed) canon and start making it or is there a set way of doing it?

>> No.39382505

Be a little more exciting then just having a safe jump. Most jumps are designed so that they are beatable without perks or items from other jumps. My first jump would be either Generic Magical Girls or Strike Witches.

>> No.39382516

Look in the drive under Quick Silver and there should be template rules there for you to use to help you make one.

>> No.39382520

We appreciate updates and call out anything that could be remotely considered a fuck-up. Feel free to ask questions about little details or just post bits you're uncertain of.

>> No.39382526

Don't listen to >>39382516
That template is old, outdated, and tries to push for rules and standard that we no longer use here. Do not use that template.

>> No.39382527

>voice of the planet

What jump is that from?

>> No.39382540

Final Fantasy 7.

Changeling the Lost

>> No.39382543

Stay positive, we are going to throw shit at you in droves, but we just want perfection. We can't help it.

>> No.39382555

But you're already married to the concept of waifudom, and probably that big-tittied vampire lady you gave the werewolf dong to.

>> No.39382574

Oh god damn you.

>> No.39382581

>Damn anon.
>For reminding you of your marriage commitments.
For shame, OAA. For shame.

>> No.39382595 [DELETED] 

Jumpchain, have you ever NTR'd someone? If so, who and how?

>> No.39382601


It's more a contract to aid allies and followers. And it can get potentially broken if I play this right.

>> No.39382603

Fuck off.

>> No.39382615

Then why did you respond positively to anon mentioning marriage contracts and mention that you have the ability to marry the planet?

>> No.39382637

I was being sarcastic and may be running on two hours of sleep + shitty coffee. Call me a failure later.

>> No.39382686

80s adventure, red dwarf, Wuxia, Jackie Chan, heist, Inukami, Journey to the west. Thats my favorite early jumps for some good skills.

>> No.39382708

I usually end up dating my partners before the canon love interest gets there, actually. It only rarely works out and that's usually my fault, so I'm batting about .02 on the harem attempts.

I mean, I would, but I'm also kind of a bastard.

>> No.39382785

>Amon Top-kek, you're adorable.

Ah shucks, after being chased half way around the Old World for being a blight causing horror, your words are welcomed.

>> No.39382824

Does anyone have a comprehensive list of what Pressure Points and Moxibuston from Ranma 1/2 jump can achieve? I'm struggling to figure out what I can do with it outside the jump

>> No.39382937

What happens if we pull out a Brush God form from Okami while in the Percy Jackson universe?

I figure I'd be treated as a major nature spirit, but not as a full-on god. But I just want to check to be sure.

I'd hate to switch forms and inadvertently piss off a god whose domain I'm encroaching upon.

>> No.39383016

I took birds of a feather in sekirei, I then winged all 108 NTRing everybody I then chucked each and everyone of them into elona's souped up Gene Machine until I made a super soldier out of them. I then blasted it with a girlifying ray to remove all its memories. Best plan ever.

>> No.39383020

Guys... writing this stuff up, I think I have a problem. I'm seriously considering giving my trees Gourmet Cells to make their fruit even more nutritious and enriching.

Is this a good idea? Or am I setting myself up to die.

>> No.39383031

You're giving your trees the ability to eat you.

>> No.39383045

Well, it would practically force your body to evolve to the point where you could contain the massive quantity of energies.

>> No.39383088

I think its a better idea than just eating the fruit normally, at least if you took The Voice of the Ingredients, which I'm pretty sure you didn't. So expect to spend decades or centuries trying to figure out how to prepare it.
The trees have an absurd amount of energy flowing into them anyway, they don't need to predate upon anything.

>> No.39383100

If I've learned anything, is that you cant trust trees. Or forests.

Dont do it

>> No.39383113

I don't think you understand Gourmet Cells. They eat to eat, not out of need.

>> No.39383139

The trees in Toriko are not any more inclined to eat things than normal plants are, even in the gourmet world where everything should have gourmet cells. They are instead strangely interested in being eaten.

>> No.39383146

Won't that just make the trees wanna eat you? Especially if you've been feeding them Fel energy? I respect your ambition, but this just seems crazy.

>> No.39383154

That... is a very good point.

I DID actually take the Voice of Ingredients. I had to have it, because I love the idea of cooking perfectly.


>> No.39383172

Well just don't feed the trees both gourmet cells and fel energy, the regular arcane and holy might be fine.

>> No.39383198

>Don't feed them fel
Anon, fel was part of the entire point.

>> No.39383199

I... may or may not have found a way to feed them all of those things. As well as the 4th Well of Eternity I made via EO's Amrita that lets me make a pool of magical/spiritual energy.

It involved a LOT of reverse-engineering myself, transferring them into living technology, and engineering the trees with various parts of myself.

>> No.39383234

Huh and here I thought you had to have different trees for the fel and the holy. Well good good at manipulating plants/demons also get a good weedwacker or something.

>> No.39383250

Well get good*

>> No.39383267

Two questions about world of warcraft jump.

So we can pay to by more specializations right? At discount?

And is buying legendary items worth it?

>> No.39383334

....Red? I think you might be heading towards a crazy magical mix between a Brethren Moon and Ewa.

You have insane, linked, magical trees made from yourself, and pools of magic that dramatically alter anything immersed in them.

If you head to a moon, seed it with dozens of your trees and eternity wells, then snuggle up in the center of the planetoid and let the forest grow around you- well, who knows what you could do.

Can you imagine it? Rainstorms fed from Eternity Wells sprinkling charged-mana rain over groves of semi-sentient magical super-trees- all of which are linked to you, feeding you at the center of the moon.

>> No.39383350

Yeah you'll likely be viewed as some form of esoteric spirit. As for the encroachment it probably won't matter so long as you don't use it to combat that god's influence. Some gods might even give you a job offer so they can have someone able to handle their domain if they're indisposed.

>> No.39383451

There are roads that even I am incapable of following.

>> No.39383465

Avatar was so pretty, why did it have to suck so bad?

>> No.39383477

Well, Red does want to get hueg.

Planet-sized may be overdoing, though.

>> No.39383527

Planets have terrible figures, though, and Red is all about vanity.

>> No.39383558

Because it was Ferngully but overbearing and that the humans didn't even want to hurt the environment of the planet, were actively avoiding doing such, and they just wanted to mine under a certain tree, and were willing to do just about anything to buy the right to do so.

>> No.39383577

Like Red wouldn't go crazy over all the potential landscaping opportunities? Plenty of fun to be had prettying up the biosphere that is now you. She'll love it.

>> No.39383586

Close but no. It's Dances With Wolves, in space.

>> No.39383601

Pretty enough to be the best box office sales movie of all time.

>> No.39383603

Right. After much deliberation, I think I have got a good basis for this combo.

-Pact-Binder - the kingpin of the whole operation. The thing that allows me to forge the Contract.
-Voice of the Planet - the perk that lets me actually speak to the Planet
-Accepted by Nature - not really /useful/, but it helps with making the planet like me.
--While we're talking about things involving nature, using my Life Djinn Vinea - of Mystery and Rebellion - could possibly aid this.
-Conjoined Conjures - because if I'm gonna be summoning the spirit / fragment of reality that is a whole Planet, I'm gonna need some magick. I have some idea of settings where this could be obtained, but I'll list those later.
-Aschente - Stop-gap measure, challenging a Planet to a game would only be for the humor factor.
-Thaumaturgy - Dresden Files magic, even if not mixed in with Conjoined Conjures, CAN ONLY BE HELPFUL.
-Miles upon miles of negotiation, bargaining, and charisma perks - I'M DEALING WITH A FUCKING PLANET.

Still a work in progress. But what is this capable of? Well, if I can make the Contract not Fae- or Changeling-restricted?

It allows anyone I deem an ally or follower to be able to access the Contract of ZA WARUDO. Which, I gotta work out the exact Clauses, Catches, Prices, and whatnot for that still.


>> No.39383604

Also no Tim Curry. Tim Curry makes everything better.

>> No.39383622

Oh'p, forgot:

-Spell-Making (plus Altar of Spell-Making) - I'm attempting something that can only be described as 'NIGGA WHAT R U DOIN'. I gotta make the spell PERFECT.

>> No.39383656

I'm confused. What does the gene machine from Elona do?

>> No.39383671

Basically what you do is you put your little sister and your dog inside and then she comes out with an extra pair of legs and some of the dog's knowledge.

>> No.39383675

The perk isn't mind control. Though your subordinates will be far more inclined to do as you say they probably won't carry out actions that are completely against their views. But unfortunately people are often willing to let the morals drift when presented with commands from an authority figure.

If they're the type to speak up when presented with foolish orders it's likely they would still do so. With military courtesy as it is, you probably won't have many people speak up for their opinions in this particular jump, but if you're in a position to lead MCs or other strong-willed or undisciplined folks I'd expect them to voice concerns.

Regardless, once/if they get to work they're going to feel better about whatever you've asked thanks to the morale boost and will try their best to do the task well.

>> No.39383714

There's so much great stuff there, too bad its a trap Magical Realm jump.

>> No.39383746

It's only a trap if you let yourself get caught, anon. Nobody is making you set up a farm where you tie catgirls to poles and harvest their milk and eggs after all.

>> No.39383778

The food, water, and air get you pregnant with alien spawn and bad shit happens if you fall asleep.

I'm down for consentual shenanigans of all colors, but that noncon shit just irks me.

>> No.39383813

>Court of Za Warudo


>> No.39383824

Not unless you eat an alien, as far as pregnancy goes. Lots of things poison, curse, or mutate you though.
Not to my knowledge. Lots of poison and mutations, though.
>Falling asleep.
Nothing Magical Realm happens there, though you can get cursed/mutated/fucked over. But good things can also happen, like you learn new magic or the cat goddess gives you her statue. Also you're making your god happy by letting them watch you, all night long. They like that.

>> No.39383826

I have a question about this stuff, do you think magical resistance help?

>> No.39383833


Wat. okay, explain the setting to me.

>> No.39383842

Take a roguelike. Throw in crazy Japanese otaku flavor. Obtain Elona.

>> No.39383858

Not against the aliens, you're basically swallowing their embryos.

>> No.39383879

>implying /jc/ ever had brakes.

>> No.39383901 [SPOILER] 


>> No.39383925

Then would raising my body temperature a few thousand degrees kill the embryos? Because if so I think I would do that nightly.

>> No.39383937

You know you can just vomit them out, right? Or drink acid.

>> No.39383949

Or I think potions of cure remove them too? Been a while.

>> No.39384023

I am just looking at the wiki for it. And making my body temperature jump up and down is actually really easy. I have acid powers to use though. Though thinking about it I think that consuming them with Prototype should remove the issue.

>> No.39384037

Probably, but it also uses your stats as a basis for it's stats, so you'll want to kill it early.

>> No.39384080

If you've got some type of energy from, ala Conduit, couldn't you just shift into that or would they survive that?

>> No.39384134

It's roughly an otaku masturbating into a sock, combined with a rogue-like that's had it's difficulty dialed down to 10, and made open world. Everything is a mutant and gender or species is at best a suggestion, outside of a few key races or monsters.

It's a lot of fun.

>> No.39384181

I don't have an energy form anyways.

>> No.39384224


Okay, thanks. Your explanation and looking at the Elona jump clears things up for me....

Hmmm.... If I wanted to give one of my companions Kryptonian superpowers via the Gene Machine, is it possible?

>> No.39384288

That's only skills. You'd be wanting Resident Evil or Geneforge-esque stuff.

>> No.39384295

It might take a few kryptonians to get all the powers.

>> No.39384350

>You'd be wanting Resident Evil or Geneforge-esque stuff.
Would it be possible to nab Kryptonian powers without harming the Kryptonian in question or would the act of assuming their powers using a Geneforge be destructive in nature?

I ask because I'm completely unfamiliar with the Geneforge series. RE would seem to be possible to copy Kryptonian and hybridize someone, but I just don't know Geneforge.

>> No.39384371

It also transfers limbs, and stats and experience.

>> No.39384392

The only thing worth grabbing from kryptonians is plot armor and amazing chests.

>> No.39384435

For Geneforge you need to understand the genetics you are trying to apply, in some ways it is a bit more complicated than just shoving strands of DNA into a virus. However the only real requirement is that you understand it to some degree, the geneforge is literally magic.

>> No.39384656

Oh it transfers STATS too? Damn.

All you need is a sample. The Geneforge is literally magic.

>> No.39384803

I'm just a few episodes in and I'm enjoying it so far, more than any of the others I've seen at least.
Not liking the computer kid though.

Makes me want to switch which setting I landed in now, hang out with Arcee and the others.

Does anyone know how animal abilities transfer over to our altforms? Would picking a snake form give me venom? Or a spider letting me spin webs?
Would that venom be identical to the snake I picked or would it be super special robot venom? How about with technorganic?
I picked spitting cobra but I don't know if the venom would even do anything.

>> No.39384812

Yeah, but only from significantly stronger gene choices, which I guess a Kryptonian would have. Three or four of them and it should about even out.

>> No.39385189

Yeah, computer kid's problem is mainly that he is 99% plot device, 1% sickening cute character. And I too wish I'd rolled Prime instead of Bayformers-the gadgets and overall tech levels are better.

Some sort of high pressure metal corroding acid spit is totally fine based on what little I know of transformers outside of Prime and Bayformers.

>> No.39385323

I thought I'd be annoyed by the girl but she's not been too bad so far. I ended up rolling Animated but I don't really know if that's a good setting or not.

Acid spit would be pretty cool. I bet it would look weird to others when I go super speed as a snake, nothing is meant to slither that fast!

Is it possible to only partially transform so I end up as a lamia type thing? (Without using the SAO perk)

>> No.39385439


Idea's officially been scrapped after a conversation with the jump-maker. Input was given and ideas were discussed, and it honestly just won't work because of Pact-Binder's inherent connection to the True Fae.

If anyone thinks they can make something of it, go ahead.

>> No.39385472

- Stand
Steely Universe

- Ability
Firework Creation.
Steel Universe can summon and ignite a huge variety of fireworks, including variants that have not been seen in the industry. The Stand-User can control:
--The size of the firework's explosion
--The exact coloration of the resulting flare
--The fuse time (time until it detonates)
-- General size and shape

- Awakened Steel Universe
The Stand-User can now transform anything within line-of-sight into a firework.

- Steel Universe Requiem
Final Climax
The Stand-User could control Steel Universe's fireworks before. But now they can add a whole new twist to each explosion. The Stand-User can add a variety of effects to each firework before they detonate. The effects will start off small and grow.

Thanks to JojoAnon, who left this way back on thread #96, which was 226 threads ago.

>> No.39385585

Ah, so you're in animated? From what little I know of it being an animal-robot hybrid is considered something of an abomination by the other pure metal robots. As in-created by heinous transformer SCIENCE! and the most infamous animal-shifting robot is Optimus Prime's crazy brainwashed ex-sort of girlfriend. I...think you should be able to be a robot lamia, because if I recall said robot-Blackarachnia or something like that-kind of had weird spidery bits as well as normal robot bits, like extra legs and a spinneret

A lot of people hate Miko; I too personally don't mind her that much. Raf just bugs me for being a flat character

Was it because an entire planet is too much of a physical object, instead of an abstract concept or phenomena that can be properly conceptualised by the human imagination?

Here's a thought-Odin sacrificed himself to himself, tearing out an eye and hanging himself on the World-Tree to attain foresight and the runes. Maybe you make a contract with YOURSELF in order to grant others your Jumper powers?

>> No.39385601

>implying that line in the Cooking perk doesn't include breadnaughts

>> No.39385642

It was more the fact that regardless of how much effort was put in, the resulting cost would still be Glamour. Which meant the idea of allowing allies and followers to make use of the Contract would be useless unless I warped them into Changelings or Fae.

Which, I don't have a Hollow, and I wouldn't do that anyway because it's cruel.

>> No.39385670

There'd need to be a time limit, a cost, and a catch. And glamour has a negative effect on the human psyche, like with Contracts of the Sorrow Frozen Heart and ensorcelled mortals taking a penalty on degeneration rolls.

>> No.39385698

Ah, fair enough. I suppose there's always Master of the Order for uplifting purposes

Don't suppose he mentioned anything about the possibility of making non-human Changelings or otherwise uplifting animals to generate/manipulate Glamour?

>> No.39385705

One option I can think of is collecting Mantra and then converting it into Glamour, since they both run off of emotion anyhow.

Another possibility is to instead of using 'Pact-binder' from Changeling, instead get 'Sorcery' from Viking Saga ALONG with 'Deal Maker' from Disney Princess. You can instigate a deal with the planet or things you can talk with, do something for them, and grant the planet a wish as additional incentive to do stuff for you.

From there maybe work off of Dresden File's magic via Conjoining Conjures, and use that as the doorway to talk to concepts?

>> No.39385709

>Appropriate sacrifices have been a True Fae, the changeling's only child, and a meaningful portion of a changeling's own strength, intelligence, or other attribute.
Wouldn't it cost you an arm and a leg to do so every jump? Or am I missing something?

Ah. Well then. It still bothers me that you have to sacrifice so much for somewhat little gain.


>> No.39385780

Well I hope that the autobots won't be dicks against me for it, I am on their side after all.

I'm hoping to end up something like this but instead of skateboards I have my lightcycle wheels giving me push.
Not too sure on what's possible with triplechanger, can they be mixed like that or do they have to stay completely separate?
Would a Lamia even be able to skateboard? Have to push with their hands?

>> No.39385834

To be fair, the first two were used to found Courts, which were huge contracts and the last one is a single dot in any attribute. Can you imagine how many dots a jumper could have?

>> No.39385851

In Strike Witches, if I take Situational Awareness and RADAR, doe they work together? That seems like a potent combination, as it turns you into a living AWACS capable of real-time battlefield recon.

Also, what's the range on Situational Awareness? The description lists it as a 1 km diameter sphere and as a 1 km radius sphere. Which is it?

>> No.39385859

The autobots are...newbies. Mostly. Optimus is, well, Optimus so he'll give you the benefit of the doubt but some of the others might be a little trigger happy until you earn their trust. Watch out for and don't bother reasoning with that Sentinel Prime asshole; he's not part of the main team on Earth anyway.

I think Triplechanger vehicle modes are separate


Seeing as she isn't a giant robot I'm assuming this was taken immediately before the lamia was rushed to the ER with a concussion, broken arm and some fractured ribs

>> No.39385965

Triple changers have three modes. Vehicle/Animal, Vehicle/Animal, Robot.

>> No.39386137

Nothing like that would work, is the issue.

Different magic systems, couldn't convert Mantra or Glamour into each other without some heavy fanwank and tech I don't have yet.

Even more reason it possibly wouldn't work out. The sacrifices could get too hefty.

>> No.39386170

Conjoining Conjures would mix Deal Maker and Sorcery together. Bam. You're in business.

>> No.39386253

So I'd have to use the SAO alt form perk if I wanted to combine my Triple Changer forms? I'm fine with that.

With Technorganic it mentions a huge increase to physical abilities, is that enough to put a small chassis on par with a medium strength wise or is it not that much?

>> No.39386283

I think the issue here is-at this point, we're steering away from a Changeling-style contract and into unexplored territory which may or may not yield any kind of benefit, since it's been established that Changeling's contracting wouldn't work.

I'm not sure, but that sounds reasonable to me at least

>> No.39386296

About the Infamous jump, I'm planning on taking the perk that lets me get two powers and is now wondering if I can charge from both sources or just one?

Also Neon+Cryo or Neon+Video? I was thinking about going for the second one since they're both unique to the setting.

>> No.39386364

Based on how Delsin's worked, I think you could charged from both but they'd only fill up the specific type of conduit power i.e. no charging cryo from a neon sign.

Also I support neon+video

>> No.39386369

Doesn't the perk only let you pick one ability from that power set and not give you a whole new element?

>> No.39386370

That perk lets you take one application of another power, not an entire powerset.

>> No.39386395

Woops. Back to my Drifter Neon build then.

>> No.39386445

Eh, werewolves make glamour, and some of them were wolves who decided to be people, iirc. So, yeah, animals with true to human emotion and intellect could probably make glamour.

>> No.39386465

I went with Neon too.
I couldn't decide what it would eventually develop into like electricity did so I just went with big fuck off lasers.

>> No.39386750

So I got asked by Worm Anon to post this.

>> No.39386809

Anything get changed this version?

>> No.39386813

Excellent. Time for suffering.

>> No.39386956

Assuming nothing has been changed

Worm Universe-
Rolled for Africa, paid for Brockton Bay
Rolled for 23
Free What I Fight For
Free No Such Thing as Collateral
Discount You Are Not Alone
Discount You Can Be More
Discount We Stand Together
Free Costume
Free Weapons
Free Containment Foam
Full Line Up
Paid for Mover, rolled for Blink. Fuck yeah

Wanted+200, Empire 88. Or Coil I guess
You Needed Worthy Opponents+300
The Justice Lords-
Alice-Brainwave-Hero, Freebies, Paid for Thinker rolled for Mathematical Calulation, Munchkin
Trisha-Fox-Hero, Freebies, Rolled for Master and Thought Implantation, Blending In
Akitsu-Fedorable-Hero, Freebies, Rolled for Thinker and Path to Victory, Nothing Personal Just Business
Mera-Reflection-Hero, Freebies, Rolled for Stranger and Memory Blanking, Always a Market
Neliel-Ram-Drop-in, Freebies, Rolled for Striker and Stasis, Spanner in the Works
Sarah Kerrigan-Queen of Blades-Drop-in, Rolled for Striker and Biosculpter, Perfect Communication Skills

"Unknown" Allies-
Azula-Red Spirit-Villain, Freebies, Rolled for Breaker and Soft Physics, Parahuman Feudalism
Dante-Nickname yet to be decided-Rogue, Freebies, Rolled for Shaker and Topography Manipulation, Best in the Business

>> No.39386964

All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again.


>> No.39386976

So I'm wondering: How viable a solution to the threat of Scion would it be to take Golden Morning and spend the next decade leading him on a chase away from Earth? If I remember correctly the Entities need to expend enormous amounts of energy to travel faster than light, but I can do it fairly trivially at this point. Would it be possible to trick him into stranding himself hundreds of light years from Earth? I think that might actually work as a way to handle the problem. Sure, he'll still be out there somewhere in the universe, but it's not likely he'll be coming back to Earth.

>> No.39386991

>Sarah Kerrigan-Queen of Blades-Drop-in, Rolled for Striker and Biosculpter
Well, that's redundant.

>> No.39387001

A bit, but it's what she rolled for

>> No.39387055

How fast would I be able to move with Friction Modulation?
How would it work with my noble phantasm and my limited speed force that lets me hit people at insane speeds without hurting myself?

How strong is Soft Physics? Could I do some Scooby Doo doors type stuff? Teleport for comedic effect?

>> No.39387167


>> No.39387177

Oh, I forgot my other list

-Secondary Identities, clones running around as Capes-
Savage-Uses feral powers to imitate animals and fights with my Mabari hounds, works for Azula
Harlequin-Extreme acrobatics combined with minor Brute rating and basic Tinker gear, to join the protectorate. Dresses like an Eldar Harlequin
Tinker Toys-Tinker of extreme skill, a child(isn't transforming fun?), Harlequin's son. To join the Wards
Angel-Will show up to fight Ziz, goes Evangalian Angel to fight Endbringers then disappears
Shaper-Uses Geneforge powers to make living things, Hero, but obviously will get a pre-signed kill order on him "just in case"
Yet to be named-Also uses Geneforge powers, but to act as a male version of Panacea
Neon-Independent Hero, uses Infamous Neon powers
Sorcerer Supreme-Magic motherfucker. Makes fun of Heros who THINK they have magic

I think I have others, but I forget

>> No.39387181

I think it might work, but at the same time he is still powerful enough to use things like Path to Victory and other powers like Doormaker's power.
From what I understand, soft physics is very strong. At its weakest, it allows you to run through solid walls. You can fold people into origami or something like that, but it will also brutally maim and dismember the person.

>> No.39387250

>Take Passenger, Being Taylor is Suffering, and Thanatos
>Use either hypnosis or high charisma skills to convince her to let you control the projection and use it as your "body"
>Become her Manic Pixie Dream Jumper and set out to fix her life

>Take Passenger, Being Taylor is Suffering, and Meh, I can take her

>Pfft, you're not so tough, I could take you
>Taylor: You're just a voice in my head
>A voice in your head that can KICK YOUR ASS!

One ass-kicking later

>Owwww....Everything hurts
>I'm bleeding everywhere and I think you broke some of my bones
>How is that possible? I don't even have a body?
>Taylor: I....don't know

>> No.39387260

Slice of life question, if I import two siblings can I make them much younger and send them to school while I work the single parent schtick?

>> No.39387289


>> No.39387292

Can anybody answer this for me please?

It looks like a potent combination, but there is still some ambiguity as to the true range of "Situational Awareness"

Is it a 1 km radius, or diameter sphere? The description lists it as both.

>> No.39387319

yes, now compare that reveal to my usual tactic of regular updates leading up to the release
which gets you more hype?

>> No.39387370


>> No.39387394

For those of you who rolled for powers, which one would you guys pick if doing so was free?

>> No.39387416

I rolled Corrosive Contact, if I had a choice I would have gone Queen Administrator.

>> No.39387420


>> No.39387432

So what tech base did you guys choose for Founder contract in cortex command? I'm thinking Atlantean tech, even if I'll have to go through a whole lot of "building the stuff to build the stuff" phases. Those ZPMs, man.
Does anybody know of any more advanced tech bases we could use for the perk?

>> No.39387456

I really like Thanatos, it's like a constantly evolving Stand.

>> No.39387461

Thanatos or Miniaturization.

>> No.39387471

The one I rolled for, I got lucky on my d8
I paid for Mover though, to make it easier.
Blink is awesome

>> No.39387488

Question for the thread: How do you guys handle the fluff for Jumpchan within your story? Is she someone who only pops up every ten years only to send you off again? Is she someone who regularly interacts with you? Do you consider her a friend?

>> No.39387511


I'd stick with what I got, which was Stellar Fusion.


She's a little white cat that occasionally pops in for snarky commentary - usually when I'm faceplanted into the dirt after one failed plan or another.

>> No.39387513

It depends. Sometimes I don't see her for ten years, other-times I see her more often.
She's a friend.

>> No.39387520

>At its weakest, it allows you to run through solid walls
I assume while leaving a you-shaped hole in the wall?

Is soft physics based on a canon character from Worm, or was The Mask the inspiration behind it?

>> No.39387596

Possibly? I'm just saying from my interpretation of soft physics, it looks like it could make you do crazy things with cartoon physics by exploiting uncertainty. That's just my interpretation. You'd be much better off asking Somefaggit or WormAnon.

>> No.39387618


Light of Terra, MASSIVE jump, you can get stacks of powers and loot and companions.

>> No.39387637


Slice of Life
Middle-Class 950
Monsterboy/girls 750
Workplace free
Festival free
Little Sibling 350. Lily
Little Sibling -450. Rubedo (Ruby)
Status Quo is God - 150
Butt of Jokes 50
Preachy 150
Hidie hoodie 50
Anime Collection 0
Well Im sending my two daughters to school while I play single mom. Gonna have to break out the clothes for once, I have those spiffy dresses and such from all over my jumping somewhere.

Gonna be good for them to get some actual school learning, not that a former robot and ai need it... still. Relaxation jump.

>> No.39387640

Stop trying to trick new people into suicide.

>> No.39387711

Not sure yet. I'm currently planning the chain and getting distracted by "this first" perks, but it really depends on what sort of ratings she finds acceptable on the Jumper show.

That she picked me with my browsing history implies she either picks someone at random without checking or isn't entirely against lewd if you know what I mean.

She's the sort that allows for you to take video conduit for video game/toon physics + a lewd Mysterious! focus + a bunch of "you seduce people easily" perks + Venture Bros. Shapeshifting + Forgotten Realms for access to the published lewd supplement from D&D 3.5 + stripperific + etc.

>> No.39387772

She's basically a Planeswalker, sponsoring people at random to breed. Not a particularly close connection or anything - essentially, you're a candidate that can hopefully turn into an asset or a colleague more than a child. Maybe she'll show up sometimes, though, for something or other.

>> No.39387778

Contractor. That's got some seriously OP applications, used properly.

>> No.39387882

>can I screw him over

It would go against the spirit of the thing. There's no way I can control what you do, but to adhere to the spirit of the work, the goal should be to make him an effective jumper. Also, since you can only choose rewards from worlds he's actually been to, by screwing him you screw yourself.

>If I pick an occupied stasis pod from a world I visited before will that person know me or will they be an alternate version that met the renegade?

Up to you, whatever makes things the most interesting for you.

>> No.39387889

Wait, why wouldn't it work? It sounds like you've put a lot of thought into it - just need a few more tools.

>> No.39387891

I thought about it for awhile, and I know what I'm going to do here. I'm going to go to Carnival Phantasm before this and get the Neko-Arc form, and then take Soft Physics.

I am going to fight crime as a tiny, cartoon cat.

>> No.39387964

My interpretation of Jump-chan, given her interest in watching people have adventures rather than go on them herself, is that she's sort of the hikkomori archetype. Sometimes she'll contact me to comment or cheer me on, but she doesn't appear physically. She spends her time in the divine equivalent of a comfy room wrapped up in a blanket, instead. We only meet in person during the space between jumps, when I'm working on my build. Then she's too busy geeking out over planning the cool things I could do with me for her anxiety to kick in.

>> No.39388016

Observer, potentially a friend. I like to think she's mostly a sort of fangirl, she watches your life and cheers at your successes and adventures like a person would a show about their favorite superhero. I think she cares, at least.

>> No.39388034

>not buying a hojillion calm people and make friends perks so Jump-chan can have more personal interaction in her life.

>> No.39388040

what are those from please?

>> No.39388082

Oh, I tried. But she seems immune to them. She's a hikkomori because she's scared people might try to do things like brainwash her, so she puts a lot of her power into defenses against that sort of thing. Even when it's meant to be beneficial. I'm not sure how to help her, so instead I just try to be the best friend I can with what interaction she's willing to have.

>> No.39388086

Conjoined Conjures-cardcaptor sakura
Deal Maker-disney
Sorcery-viking jump

>> No.39388104

Are there any "skills don't degrade perks" other than Like a Bicycle from SAO?

In principle, skills degrading is one form of a limitation on skill growth, which means F1KT or Soft-Cap may work, but I'd prefer to be sure.

>> No.39388143

There's one in Modern Action Movie.

>> No.39388153

Alright thanks, I'll have it so he picks the jumps in the same way he picks the powers inside them. All ruthless and such.
I don't really plan on taking many powers from him, mostly pods and stuff.

As for the pods I'll go for them being the version I know suddenly being in the pod, I wouldn't want to know the version that would join the renegade.
I'm thinking of picking up Zatanna since I always regretted not picking her up and my power level has increased a bunch since then.

When choosing a power would I be able to take one that would normally clash or not be possible? Something like a second Stand or Devil Fruit?

>> No.39388174

Over the course of my journey, I have come to see her as something of a second mother, given she made me what I am.

This actually kind of scares her because she knows she could say just about anything and I'd probably do it.

Also, I always imagine that whenever she appears at the end of a Jump, she takes on a modification to her base "generic light goddess" form appropriate to the next setting in line, such as appearing as a minifig right before I went to LEGO.

Pic was related right before I went to Wuxia.

>> No.39388214

>When choosing a power would I be able to take one that would normally clash or not be possible? Something like a second Stand or Devil Fruit?

I would not expect such things to necessarily be possible, or if possible to be free of consequence. But I'm not here to step on anybody's dick, if it makes your story more fun, more interesting, go for it. But getting off scott free with something you shouldn't be getting away with otherwise is a missed opportunity to make your story interesting.

>> No.39388218

Thanks. I'm trying to afford This is, In Fact, My Final Form without going full Kayaba minion.

>> No.39388281

>Also, I always imagine that whenever she appears at the end of a Jump, she takes on a modification to her base "generic light goddess" form appropriate to the next setting in line, such as appearing as a minifig right before I went to LEGO.
>Pic was related right before I went to Wuxia.
I like this idea, I'm taking it

>> No.39388420

My interpretation is that Jumpchan is watching but not necessarily interfering with my jumps. I don't normally expect communication with her, though I've got a red phone in the warehouse for whenever either of us needs to reach each other.

She gives me a lot of leeway in how I do my business, so long as I'm not boring her. Lets me pick the order and theme of my jumps, but she will hang out with me while I pick my particulars for the next decade, often encouraging me to take amusing drawbacks.

We're cordial, but I have a hard time calling her a true friend because we never spend time together, she's always watching me and ultimately, even though I'm grateful for the power and the adventures, I feel the power disparity between us, and I don't always like the limitations she arbitrarily imposes.

>> No.39388433

Fluid. Literally, Fluid; sometimes she'll stay away for the full ten years, sometimes she'll hop in for commentary, and whatever form she chooses is just as fluid and chaotic(though always appealing).

I do confess, however, the vague urge to do a Jumpchain with no companions, yet Jump-chan keeps turning up in the form of various females the Jumper has been close too over time. Talk about mixed signals.

Okay, the mental image of Jump-chan as a slightly better put together Tomoko/Spaghetti-tan is fairly nice.

>> No.39388492

>yfw Jump-chan starts taking various forms just to troll you
>yfw Jump-chan pretends to be your reflection right before you go to some really dangerous Jump
>yfw Jump-chan appears as your worst enemy before you go to Total War just to spook you and make you think you took the Drawback
>yfw you get to the end and she's just laughing like a hyena

>> No.39388637

I know nothing about this setting.

Why specifically would I want to or not grab "Forgot My Cell Phone"?

>> No.39388713

It's a tough choice.

Transporter is incredibly useful if you're creative with the applications, and certain goal-oriented settings can be trounced soundly with a single question. Not to mention that according to worm_anon "this bullet into his brain" is a valid application.
Iterative Improvement and Thanatos both scale really well throughout the chain. Could you imagine with a weapon reinforced with 12K years in Civ could do? Or what a murderhobo jumper could accomplish?
Biosculptor is practically an instant win against any biological being if you can get into contact with it, because Panacea's bullshit.
Contractor has some serious potential, though less so for solo jumpers. Even then, granting Shaker powers without granting required secondary powers can be surprisingly deadly, as the person with the power tears themselves apart.

In the end I'd go with what I rolled, Biosculptor. Because Panacea's bullshit.

>> No.39388733

Honestly? I see them as a Benefactor. I don't know their gender, or their background, or their motives beyond 'I am an omnipotent being who is bored'. It's not my place to ask, it's not my place to know. But it is an even trade: They offer me the chance to travel and fulfill my dreams, and I have to ensure those moments are entertaining enough for them.

And as time goes on, and my projects get more and more crazy and over-the-top, I can't help but wonder if they're laughing, or freaking out. Maybe it's both. Maybe they knew I'd do the things I did. There may be more to it, who knows? Maybe it's a test.

Maybe they're preparing me for something.

I'll never know until the end. But one thing will always remain constant, for each world: 'Let the Games Begin'.

>> No.39388756

If you take it, the protagonist never suffers, meaning she never triggers as a parahuman, meaning she's not in any position to end any of the threats she does in canon. Even if you empowered her on your own, a Taylor Hebert whose life isn't suffering would still have trouble dealing with them because she just wouldn't have the sheer levels of spite that drives her to destroy her foes so thoroughly. So if you can handle the dangers of the setting on your own, take it. But if you can't, if Khepri is your best chance to save the world, you might have to let her have her pain.

>> No.39388774

Taylor's mom dies before the start of the story and, over the course of Worm, Taylor goes through a lot of horrible shit. If you take "forgot my cell phone," then her mom doesn't die and none of those horrible things happen to her. However, if she doesn't go through all that horrible shit, then she never becomes strong enough to save the world.

Basically, if you feel bad for Taylor and want to help her, buying that is the best way to help her. However, buying this means that, unless you step up and do something, the world will be destroyed.

>> No.39388863

The Lady granted me my second life, made me the scion of Divine Rule, I Jump in her name alone!

>> No.39388893


>> No.39388949

Jumpchan best waifu?

>> No.39388994

Reminds me of that guy who thought that she was secretly all of your companions and offered you waifu options as a way to drop hints, so to speak.

>> No.39389066

Update on Fable.

Changed a few things
- Hero of Strength can now punch down a stone wall, and take cannon ball to the face. It's to show how strong he is.
- Hero of Skill can now outrun a car, and can still dodge bullets.
- Hero of Will charges their spells quicker, and for less mana.

- Mana is put in. There's not going to be "this cost X mana" but that's for you to decide. But more mana you put into a spell, by "Charging" it like in Fable 2 you're able to get more out of it. However the mana costs & time to charge increase.

- Hero of Will discounted on all Skills
- Hero of Strength & Skill discounted on all Equipment & Legendaries.

Time Stop has been retooled to a Time Slow. However if you can charge it up to 5, it might as well be a time stop. It'd be like a 99% slow.

>> No.39389112

>Nerfing Will in TWO ways by fucking up the spell and forcing in Mana, which neither side wanted.
Bravo, Manytits.

See kids? This is why we don't talk about our builds, perks, or combos in the thread. Because assholes will nerf them on a whim, even months later. Now you know, and will hopefully avoid discussing anything in the thread in the future, or this could happen to you.

>> No.39389134

Can you explain Dandy beyond 'you're charismatic and socially confident?' All of it is 'you feel like' but it's unclear what actual feats you can pull off.

>> No.39389138

I'm her Favorite TV show, each jump is a new episode of the tera And Co Program,After each jump She sends me A pile of "scripts"* And I and the rest of the cast** Get about three days to brainstorm What happens in the next episode *** Then we We shoot**** it and hope for the best
*Read selection of jumps and the options that come with them.
**Me and my companions
***Do a build.
****The jump happens.

>> No.39389144

Oh hey look, yet another jump where I'm just going to use the old version because the new one is garbage.

>> No.39389162

Time stop was OP spell. I just merged the Fable 2 and Fable 1 spell systems together. Mana was still there, it was just "Fatigue" or something.

It's a major charisma boost. I'll take out the flavor text if you're confused.

>> No.39389181

No it wasn't, moron. Or do I have to point out that there are other time stops in the chain? It isn't a forbidden spell class that requires you to fuck a build over out of the goddamned blue.

>> No.39389218

>not even posted for five minutes
>already the changelog has started an argument
>to the point of people invoking grandfather clause

I actually kinda feel bad for you, Edgefist.

>> No.39389227

He brings it on himself, every time he does this, and he never fucking learns.

>> No.39389261

The flavor text is fine, honestly. The only reason I had any confusion was because 'major charisma boost' is kind of flat compared to the Heroes of X. They have colourful little quirks like making you triple jointed or discrete and explicit effects.

Compared to the other capstone perks, it's faintly out of place and flat. (Please, take this as a complement, I'm mainly saying that you established an expectation through three other excellent perks.)

>> No.39389289

I've been telling people for a few threads now I'm going to be making changes.

Time Stop wasn't even in Fable games, it was quite literally a slow time.

Changed it a little bit, hopefully it'll be on par with the other Caps.

>> No.39389324

So, internal balance shouldn't be a thing? There was absolutely no point in not taking Hero Of Will instead of any of the other capstones. Why be fast when you can stop time and move? Why be strong when you can stop time and punch someone in the nads several hundred times?

>> No.39389327

>Mana was still there, it was just "Fatigue" or something.
No it wasn't, it was just longish casting times for high level abilities.

>> No.39389328

I can't decide between Gravity Manipulation and Stellar Fusion.
Any thoughts?

>> No.39389343

You brought it up once before and I told you off about how stupid of a change it was. You disappeared and then delivered this shit to us, fucking over that spell and also the entire Will class too, making them by FAR the shittiest of the heroes.

>This spell wasn't in a Fable game
Yes it was. That spell was in the first game, and I believe the second.

I hope whoever decided to brag about time stop has learned the important lesson to NEVER talk about what you like about a jump or discuss a build in the thread ever again. This always happens, and it's the same reason I stopped posting mine.
>Hello, I never played Fable.

>> No.39389423

Calm the fuck down, man. It's not like bitching will solve anything.


>> No.39389450

Anon it was Slow Time in the first game(and all but necessary against jack because he was so fucking fast you could only slow him to normal speed), and Time Control in the second. Also Time Control sucked for it's targeted variant just being assassin rush.

>> No.39389455


>>This Spell affects the very fabric of time itself; slowing everything around you to a crawl while leaving the user or caster immune. Higher levels allow the caster to maintain this state for longer, and bring the world nearly to a standstill.


>Slow down time to gain an advantage over your sluggish enemies. You can also target a single enemy using the Left Thumbstick to rush towards him for a surprise attack.

You can reach near time stop levels, but not complete time stop.

>> No.39389530

Fine. I can still yell at you over nerfing the Will perk further, though.

>> No.39389544

So hero of will doesn't get the extra 200cp of spells anymore?
With the other 200cp of free spells is that before or after the discount?

How exactly does charging spells work with things like Slow Time and Multi Strike? They seem to have pretty set in stone numbers,
I think if you're going to introduce charging spells to different levels then you should say what each spell is capable of at those levels. (and possibly the charge time)

>> No.39389555

And we can still not take you seriously for acting like a child.

>> No.39389591

It was mentioned in universe that the biggest downside to Stellar Fusion is that it only has two settings: off, and kill everything. If you want raw destructive power and don't mind collateral damage, or have some way to negate that, go with Fusion. If you want more creative applications, go with Gravity Manipulation.

>> No.39389597

She is secretely in love with the jumper and went though all this trouble of a journey so that in her devine omniscience predicted is the way they would end up with each other

>> No.39389609

So because he's rude his complaints aren't valid?

>> No.39389612

You can, doesn't mean I'm not right. Trying to make a bastard of the Fable 1 and the Fable 2 system is worse than either, and he's doing that to nerf Will at the same time he buffs the other two.

>> No.39389638

Will User (Free Orphan) (300cp) - You're one the lucky few that can oppose his/her Will upon the world. Casting spells in quick succession is tiring. Will Lines appear on your body and they look like vibrant blue streaks that increase as you know more spells. You get 200cp worth of spells for free.

If Manyfist says that discounts apply, you still can get the most bang for your buck.

>> No.39389648

You get a discount on all the Spells. Which is more than 200cp free.

200cp is with discounts if you buy Hero of Will. Slow Time works by increasing the percentage of slow. Right now it's 75%, but at Charge 5 it's 99%. Multistrike you charge it up, more damage each strike does. So it's a question you want to spam the cheaper version or spend up for the big damage.

Discount applies.

>> No.39389700

Hey, not bad! Does the glamour to cover otherworldliness handle stuff like 'used slang they don't understand' and help them get the gist?

>> No.39389742

Your honey words are what gives them a clear for slang. Glamour covers your third eye, or the fact you're just tentacles.

>> No.39389758

Hey, I complained about Will being the worst capstone before that guy brought up Time Stop, and now I'm right! Somehow, I'm not very happy about this vindication, though.

>> No.39389862

Cool. Not particularly useful to me as a shapeshifter focus, but genuinely useful in a broad number of circumstances and yeah, the flavour text is much better now.

Probably going to go double capstone for that triple jointed Hero, and that eats up my CP.

If nothing else, I enjoyed the jump Manyfist. Thanks for addressing my concerns promptly and directly!

>> No.39389875

Video Conduit stuck in a Video Game sounds like it'd do something fun.

>> No.39389886

We call it "God Mode".

>> No.39389906

There was a pastebin jump based on some web comic that had perks that made machines and such like you. Does anyone have a link to it?

>> No.39389914

Yeah, you'd crush SAO and Generic Virtual World with that.

>> No.39389937

I know about that one but I thought Hero of Will also used to give 200?
Not that it really matters, like he says >>39389648 it's basically the same thing if not better.

With the changes to the different Heroes does it now mean we literally don't get tired?
Before it mentioned something like being able to go at full pelt for an hour before getting tired but now we don't get fatigued at all?

How long would it take a Hero of Will to charge a spell up to level 5?
How much of an effect do you think the Negima magic boost would have on the speed or power of it?

Is there any way to learn the spells in setting?

>> No.39389954

Cardinal would get mad if I did that in SAO, though. And Kayaba would not be satisfied with "and then some asshole walks in and wins forever".

I need that seed to convert a Server to a less limited Box Storage system.

>> No.39389985

Kid Radd?

>> No.39390000

>>Is there any way to learn the spells in setting?
Yes, you just have to go to the level up spot. It's part of the reason why Hero of Will is the shittiest cap now, because a discount on spells that everyone can learn in the face of everyone else being vastly superior to you means nothing.

>> No.39390016

Yeah that's it.

>> No.39390053

Pokémon can instead be stored in a Box Storage System inside your WAREHOUSE
The box storage system stores Pokemon as data.
Given that data is data, I now need some way to either tag companions as Pokemon or remove the "must be Pokemon" limit.
Also, since this is supposed to be more livable, I want to ensure that there's shit to do in there, which would be helped by a World Seed.

So, get a bunch of supersciene perks/training, a "re-implement things in another system" perk/training, a world seed, a Pokemon storage system acquired via Return, and upgrade the lot to a Companion Storage System. Pokemon form optional.

>> No.39390060

Yeah, you won't get tired at all.
Yeah go full ham for an hour.
Fanwank it
Fanwank it


Finding them is rare due to most Will users being killed, their libraries have been raided. Not everyone will have every spell. Hero of Will has more mana than anyone else.

It's 10 years since the Heroes Guild was destroyed.

>> No.39390103

>They're rare!
Completely meaningless. They can be found and learned by everyone. There's no barrier to it.

>More mana.
Forgetting that you putting in mana was stupid, having a mana buff doesn't compare to having the multiple buffs the the other caps give.

>> No.39390216

What was that jump with the giant dragon? Age of Iron? Did that ever get finished?

>> No.39390234

Age of ice a time of heros

>> No.39390247

You can find anything I listed given time and resources. It's pay now, or grind later.

Hero of Will allows you to charge spells quicker, do it cheaper, and has perks like Savant and you have no fatigue. So If you think it's "Useless" that's up to you.

Hero of Will will be able to cast longer, better, and faster than any other Will user or Hero.

>> No.39390273

Forgot to mention this applies to all magic.

>> No.39390274

It is not finished because the creator is making multiple parts for it.

>> No.39390279

>You can find anything I listed given time and resources
Except for the buffs the other caps give.

>Charge quicker
Also nearly worthless considering your 'fanwank' answer and that there's no incentive to do so.

Different jump. It isn't relevant here.

I said it was the worst cap, not to mention that it's completely useless.

>> No.39390292

>to mention
Didn't mean to type this. I meant 'not that it's completely useless'.

>> No.39390314

Have we had any word on it?

>> No.39390323

Jumpers, what is your moral compass like?
Axis 1: Good vs Evil
Axis 2: Lawful vs Chaotic
Axis 3: Nice vs Naughty
Axis 4: Ordinary High School Student vs Eldritch Horror
Axis 4: Smart vs Lazy vs Retarded

Where do you fall on the axises, or on any others?

>> No.39390334

I don't have one. Polarization is unhealthy.

>> No.39390347

Babylon 5 anon is the creator and either he is dealing with stuff IRL or working on it as we speak I have no idea. Some Jumpmakers have a life after all. No insult was meant here.

>> No.39390372

You can jump it, parts 1 and 2 are done.

>> No.39390383

>Leaning towards good but mostly neutral
>More chaotic than lawful
>Nice. Rule #1 is don't be a dick.
>Skimming towards Eldritch Horror, defnitely more than human, qualifiable as an 'outsider' in most realities, but not outwardly non-human, and I stick to my roots
>Middling between smart and lazy

>> No.39390484

So Hero of Will makes all magic generally easier to cast or am I misunderstanding that?

>> No.39390492

Axis 1: Neutral/Good I don't much about good or evil but if Evil or Good start interfering with me I will not stand them hurting my goals.
Axis 2: Chaotic : Come on we are jumpers.
Axis 3: Nice : I like to think I am a nice person until someone attacks me.
Axis 4: Eldritch Horror: Does anyone really know want to know what trouble and horrors a Jumper has and will face?
Axis 5: Lazy/Smart : Hey after surviving for so many years I deserve a break from getting I've been shot, stabbed, set on fire, poisoned, shot, sexually assaulted, partially chewed, shot, and declared legally dead! Twice on the same day!
I've been stacking Intelligence and wisdom perks as much as I can so yeah I am lazy but I am no means dumb.

>> No.39390498

Yes, that's correct.

>> No.39390512

As a drop-in jumper who left the "hero of" positions to my cohorts, I'm winding up with a spare 50pts I don't have anything to spend on. the spare 50 is coming from a discounted monster hunter being 150, and there's nothing open to me that's 50 pts

>> No.39390538


>> No.39390554

>Not realizing chaotic good is the only valid alignment in DnD.

>> No.39390573

Ornate/Exotic Weapon (50cp) Fancier versions of mundane weapons. Including Clockwork
(Semi-Automatics) Firearms, Katanas, Scythes...etc. Infinite ammo for ranged weapons.

>> No.39390588

1.) Good. Lean toward neutral a bit.
2.) Chaotic. Tend to do what needs to be done, although minimizing collateral is a priority.
3.) Nice. Main rule is to help where possible.
4.) After centuries, maybe eons of jumping, probably more of an Eldritch Horror on the inside, but outwardly look like a normal human. Try to stay grounded and not let all the power go to my head.
5.) Smart. Very smart. Sometimes I may be lazy just for the hell of it. Gotta enjoy those lazy days.

>> No.39390600

Axis 1: Good
Axis 2: Chaotic
Axis 3: Middle ground, Nice to most people by default, Naughty in the bedroom sense, and wrathful when earned.
Axis 4: Norse God
Axis 5: What kind of question is this?

>> No.39390601

So as a Sound Dragonslayer I should be immune to things like a sirens call and enchanting music right?
What other things do you think it would help protect against?

I also picked up White Dragon Slayer magic so I'm basically flashbang proof.

>> No.39390618

Whoops, Sorry. Mistook that as a "hero of" thing only.

>> No.39390779

1. Good golden rule motherfucker
2. Neutral Depends on the system if I hate it or it proves too stifling I'll ignore it most times I obey the law
3. Nice, FAR TOO NICE MAN FAR TOO NICE literal push over if someone is nice enough asks me to do something 7/10 chance I might do it. I do act naughty towards things I find attractive though so mostly reserved for monsters and the like
4. Eldritch Horror, Human at heart though
5. Smart/Lazy, I spend 90% of my tine fucking around helping peoples mental issues/healing others or building some fancy new toys for random reasons 10% actually doing something related to something else.

>> No.39390804

I find this a strange mixure of creepy, adorable, and acceptable. Fund it.

>> No.39390806

>Axis 1: Mostly Good
>Axis 2: Just Barely Lawful
>Axis 3: Generally Nice
>Axis 4: Not-Exactly-Eldritch Adventurer
>Axis 5: Intelligent, But Unwise

>> No.39390823

>Axis 1: Good vs Evil
Largely Good, but pragmatic

>Axis 2: Lawful vs Chaotic
Neutral with chaos leanings.

>Axis 3: Nice vs Naughty
Mostly Nice, with a side of Kitsune

>Axis 4: Ordinary High School Student vs Eldritch Horror
Mostly Human, at this point in my chain anyway

>Axis 4: Smart vs Lazy vs Retarded

>> No.39390856

Truth fully its more of a triangle than an axis, as for the numbering, Im just too lazy to spell check

>> No.39390895

A cat is fine too.

>> No.39390928

>Axis 1: Good vs Evil
Tend towards good
>Axis 2: Lawful vs Chaotic
Tend towards chaotic
>Axis 3: Nice vs Naughty
pretty hard to define on this scale
>Axis 4: Ordinary High School Student vs Eldritch Horror
Both, all out, at the same time. Shoggoths deserve high school too.
>Axis 4: Smart vs Lazy vs Retarded
Is following through with terrible ideas because they are cool retarded? I'm thinking it's retarded.

>> No.39390991

Still, who do you think is actually going to answer "retarded"? "Insane" might be a better option.

>> No.39390992

1. Depends. So probably evil.
2. Fae law. Utter chaos to anyone trying to make sense of me.
3. Naughty. Hoo boy, the shit I get up to.
4. High School Horror. Lean towards human norms but fully capable of shifting out of it in a heartbeat.
5. Lazy above all else.

>> No.39391005

4.Yes both is fine
4.Yes but dont worry, its part of being a chaotic eldritch horror so you can probably call it some of one more of the other

>> No.39391020

case in point the post above you

>> No.39391033

>Double in a swimsuit
No sure if want.

>> No.39391056

At that point what you want is irrelevant, all you have left is hope for survival.

>> No.39391057

I concede the point.

>> No.39391094

So, if you have the right knowledge, can you splice other Conduit powers into yourself?

>> No.39391140

What's funny is that this is what most jumpers without a set theme gravitate to. Pure abominations of everything and nothing.

>> No.39391182

Yes and no. They kind of do that in the second game, Cole gets one of two possible powers added in, the other person whoever you choose ends up gaining nothing. Only reasoning given is basically that you can only gain more conduit powers if you haven't hit your power cap. Other than that rather convoluted thing I don't think you can, it's apparently one gene that results in multiple possible powers, like the X gene responsible for mutants in Marvel.

>> No.39391192

Actually, Jumping LoT early MIGHT be brilliance, not suicide.

The jump is survivable with no powers at all. It has to be, since not breaking the deadlight means you're cut off from everything anyway.

>> No.39391201

I gravitated towards in on purpose. I very much have a set theme, this is just part of it. A goddess of life can manipulate life, and she herself is life, no? So being a fleshwarping abomination is only natural if you really think about it.

>> No.39391225

You keep your skills and knowledge though, which a new person possesses none of.

>> No.39391228

So my Renegade jumper will obviously end up doing Marvel, what would be an interesting combo for him?
I was thinking of giving him the wolverine build.(Regen+Speed and Adamantium+Body)

>> No.39391233

Yea but it's better to get some skills down first, like shooting, and leadership. Your perks and supernatural abilities are gone, but your developed skills and knowledge isn't.

>> No.39391234

Going to re-do my build.

What's a easy jump that'll give me boosted physical and mental traits? I want a good base to work with later in the chain.

>> No.39391274

Smite links physical and mental wellbeing together if that interests you?

>> No.39391283

Your in there for around I think 30 or plus years depending on warp storms, You may need knowledge on how to build a withstanding infrastructure, Military leadership, Diplomacy, and Espionage since you will have to deal with fighting alot in that world against both outside forces and inside.

>> No.39391298

I had been under the impression that the deadlight stripped you of everything but your knowledge, that all your jump-granted stuff that wasn't based entirely on what you'd learned was locked out. Guess I misread that.

>> No.39391333

What are jumps that give access to a pocket dimension or hammerspace?

>> No.39391338

It's more that your shooting PERKS are gone, but you've still been shooting a gun for decades, if not hundreds or thousands of years. That sort of thing.

>> No.39391361

You don't have to gain skills via perks anon, and even if they are from perks just practicing them in the jump they are from would be enough anyway. However you can expect skill degradation from perk level, at least from loss of physical condition you practiced the skill with.

>> No.39391388

Tenchi is the only one but that is only when you choose it as an endjump because pocket dimensions and hammerspace would be considered by others to be a way to avoid storing stuff in the warehouse.

>> No.39391390


Jumper morality is.... weird.

>> No.39391412


>> No.39391424

Fuck I meant the only one I can think of.

>> No.39391435

I mean like bag of holding or that item from negima that gives you a pocket apartment

>> No.39391475

RPGs, FF and Tales give you some hammerspace. FR, Dead Sun, OOTS, Naruto. Probably some others.

>> No.39391486

Tales of Symphonia. FF7, FF8. Railgun's Teleportation is linked to the Warehouse. Iji's Teleportation is linked to the Warehouse. Fairy Tail's Requip is linked to the Warehouse. There's more than that, but that should get you started.

>> No.39391495

Tales of Symphonia has an amazing one if you and your companions are /HUGE/ and/or just have numerous companions as it forms a hammer space based on a combination of mass between all active members.

>> No.39391501

extreme Neutral.Can be extreme in both sides
Neutral leaning to lawful
Demigod mortal.
Somewhat Smart Extremely Retarded with phases of laziness

>> No.39391532

Oh well as some anons above me suggested there are a couple DnD jumps, and such.

>> No.39391549

Ranma 1/2 has Hidden Weapons Master, which works like that - Mouse hides enough weapons in his hair and sleeves with it to fill most people's houses floor to ceiling.

>> No.39391551

Touhu has parasol garden, dnd has genisis spell, mario has painting worlds, negima cape

>> No.39391596

Forerunner tech from Halo?

>> No.39391784

Some of the FFs have pocket dimensions in them.

>> No.39391831


>> No.39391891

Two plans at the moment, more brainstorm then worked out right now.

The first is a magical network that allows me a source of magic on every world I travel too, something I'm doing with Well of Eternity and linking them all together with magic.

The other is the Rings of Power, in this case allowing me to take the powers of the wearers.

>> No.39392059

What worlds can give immunity or protection against mind control, mind reading, and other mind fuckery. I think it is pretty important think to have going into the toaru jump.

>> No.39392067

Mostly good
In the middle leaning towards nice
To the right of high school student, still human. Mostly.

>> No.39392091

Deus Ex Human Revolution has My Pockets Are Augmented.

>> No.39392110

Might be up for debate, but twilight's anti-vampire body should work on most phyic powers.

Harry Potter has that one mind defense magic skill, and I often fanwank nullification to work out of jump. Sue me. .

>> No.39392114

If you can afford it then Marvel has the helmet that helps a whole bunch and you can combo it so it's part of your skull or something.
There are so many other choices in there though...

>> No.39392131

Oh and Worm has several.

>> No.39392135

D&D jumps have items and spells like Bags Of Holding, Portable Holes, Handy Haversacks, Mage's Mansion, etc.

Minecraft has Inventory Of Steve.

>> No.39392151

DC, Kirby, Psychonaughts, most psionics by default allow this if you stack it.

>> No.39392155

Helm of Xorn in Marvel
Mental Resistance in DC
Adventure Time has something that does that IIRC

>> No.39392165

Mind Blank and Magic Circle of Nature should help.

>> No.39392196

I like Adventure Time as a good early jump for that because of the circlet. Not hard to survive and fun, so you can get it early on. Replace it with a perk later.

>> No.39392199

Log Horizon has a Magic Bag that might work.

>> No.39392237

Kirby's Dreamland has a perk that gives immunity to possession and mind control, while Harry Potter has a perk that gives resistance to possession, mind control and mind reading.

There's also a jump that gives anyone a migraine if they attempt to read your mind, another that lets you know if someone tries, and another jump (or two?) that gives immunity to amnesia.

You should also consider getting immunity to drugs/poisons, e.g. truth serums and hallucinogenics.

>> No.39392255

>and another jump (or two?) that gives immunity to amnesia.
I think it's just the one. Or at least, the perk from FF8 is the only one I know of.

>> No.39392286

>mind-reading migrane

That's Resist And Bite in Sabaton.

>> No.39392348

Gloria fortis miles

>> No.39392496

I just thought of an idea for my Reality Marble. It has a version of me for every jump I took with their setting perks and items taken. Basically it's the psychonauts "you came to the wrong neighborhood" in RM form. It looks like a grassy field with various crashed things in it for location.

Cool idea: Y/N?

Yes even my original self is here. He kinds of just watches and feels worthless. All my other selves tries to prevent that feeling when they're not fighting.

>> No.39392547

I'm not big on it. Also, it means you're probably a massive egotist who can't properly recognize other people.

>> No.39392565

>Transformers Cyoa: 1600CP

>War on Cybertron-(Rolled 1)

>Transformer Name: Stargazer

>Altmode 1: Cybertronian Jet/VTOL

>Science!-(100cp) [Aerospace Engineering] [Weapons Engineering] [Physics]
>That's Just Prime-(100cp)
>Battle Computer-(100cp)
>Master Builder-(200cp)
>All Spark Chosen-(500cp)

>Energon Melee Weapon-(Free) [Tomahawk]
>Energon Battle Pistol-(Free)
>Neutron Assault Rifle-(Free)


>Starscream Syndrome-(+200cp)
>Yes Master-(+400cp)

>Move On

I thought this was going to be fun. Oh how wrong was I. I'm ok with having to fight in the Cybertron Civil war, and my plan while I'm here is to kill Megatron, Starscream, and Shockwave, but what I'm worried about are my complications.

I decided to have one of my companions be the guy holding my spark, and another one be my Starscream. What this suffering is that the 1st companion has been like a brother too me through my entire chain, and the other one is my girlfriend.

So I'm going to have to steal my machine soul back from one companion, and fend off the insane traitors machinations of another.

>> No.39392588

Sounds about right.

I originally wanted something like what Iskander had, but then I thought about myself some more and yeah.

>> No.39392599

Just remember, you asked for it, and neither of them will ever really forgive you for what you did to them and what you made them do to you.

>> No.39392654

>Companion builds

>Transformer Name: Silhouette

>Altmode: Cybertronian Jet/VTOL

>Science!-(Free) [Robotics]
>Battle Computer-(100cp)
>That's Just Prime-(100cp)
>Master Builder-(200cp)

>Transformer Name: Warden Prime

>Altmode: Cybertronian Truck

>That's Just Prime-(Free)
>Matrix of Leadership-(500cp)

>Transformer Name: Nomad

>Altmode: Cybertronian Jet/VTOL

>Battle Computer-(Free)
>Body Reading-(200cp)

>Transformer Name: Widow Blade

>Altmode: Cybertronian Helicopter

>Battle Computer-(Free)
>Quiet as a Rattrap-(100cp)
>Aim Assist-(100cp)
>Sneak Attack-(200cp)

>Transformer Name: Typhoon

>Altmode: Cybertronian Car

>Quiet as a Rattrap-(Free)
>Sneak Attack-(100cp)

>Transformer Name: Rotary

>Altmode: Cybertronian Jet/VTOL

>Science!-(Free) [Mechanics]
>Master Builder-(200cp)
>Aim Assist-(200cp)

>Transformer Name: Cyclone

>Altmode: Cybertronian Car

>Quiet as a Rattrap-(Free)
>Sneak Attack-(100cp)
>Aim Assist-(200cp)

Just to be clear, Zoroark is the Starscream, and Aggron is the one holding my spark.

>> No.39392666

Elona 4-Dimensional Pocket Spell

>> No.39392684

Speaking of, does anyone else consider their companions' feelings and thoughts when they pick drawbacks, perks, and imports? At times it becomes sort of a big deal for me not to pick anything that might alter or hurt them.

>> No.39392756

1. Good some times to the point of dumb
2. Mostly lawful I try to fallow the laws when I can
3. Mostly nice, I have my bad days but I like helping people.
4. Ordinary High School Student... or at least I try very hard to believe that.
5. You know this is a surprise but I realized my jumper self really got over her procrastination... she has got shit to do and not dying is good motivation for that. So very smart... when I am not doing stupid things in the name of being good or nice.

>> No.39392763

Actually I sort of don't which some of my companion sort of yell at me constantly when I pick something that might cause suffering to the group but support me when it is usually only me who suffers. I usually only pick drawbacks that only affect me which would be rare for everyone to suffer.

>> No.39392792

Your companions sound kinda like dicks tbh

>> No.39392857

It's usually because I don't think of the group and I sort of think more selfishly so I think they are sort of justified.
I am sort of selfish which is why I stayed in geneforge til one side wins was the biggest example of this.

>> No.39392895

I love my companions, but I will be a dick and pick drawbacks that affect them if it means we all become stronger.

I like to think that it's a learning experience whenever it happens, and I only do it if the reward is good enough. I picked those drawbacks so I could afford their Alt, forms and I plan on doing everything possible to make it up to them once we move-on.

Plus, you have to remember, Your companions CAN'T DIE but you can, so you have to do everything possible to make sure your strong enough to live and keep on going forward.

Yes I exploit my companions, but I would never do anything that could cause them any lasting harm.

>> No.39392953

If I end up with one that would be bad for them I dump them in the warehouse. Well except for my sword, but she's sort of forged from my own soul/mind, so that she is supposed to be an adviser/guide kind of fell through because shes usually down with my terrible ideas. My Aegislash ended up being my actual adviser, and she has actively walked out on my shit before, as well as grabbing my Gardevoir and dragging her away for her own good.

>> No.39393082

Same anon as >>39392857

I sort of see it as if your friend did something stupid without your consent would you really be happy at them for it? I do need friends to point out when I did something stupid when I missed seeing it myself.

>> No.39393098

I presumed that my companions were picking their builds.

>> No.39393120

I still doubt they'd ever forgive you for this kind of betrayal.

>> No.39393123

FUCK I meant did something stupid like signing you both up for the military without your consent.

They are still good friend as companions but I do stupid stuff.

>> No.39393426

How high is the warehouse?

>> No.39393446

Pretty fucking high, man.

>> No.39393448

Tall enough.

>> No.39393508

You need to buy a loft to stack structures, but presumably a tall enough one will fit inside once you get it in the door.

And the jumps certainly seem to assume giant robots will fit.

>> No.39393532


>> No.39393578

Could I actually build a house inside it myself if I bring all the materials from the outside?

>> No.39393579


>> No.39393589


1) Either Neutral, or Evil with a few Morality Pets. I'm fairly hedonistic and mostly looking for fun.

2) Most definitely Chaotic. Live and let live.

3) Neutral, usually indifferent. Nice on a Whim, Mean if they deserve it. Lecherous Always.

4) Lean towards normal, trying to keep my accumulated gear and powers secret. I'm rather bad at that part, though. Someone eventually finds out. Records for longest and shortest times incognito are nine years and ninety seconds.

4) Smart but undisciplined, able to figure things out in a second but giggling as I watch everyone else scurry around.

>> No.39393604

yes, there's even a house option in the official warehouse page itself

>> No.39393639

I know, I just thought spending those points was useless if I can actually do it myself. Especially since I'm taking construction master in Ranma.

>> No.39393683

They will. And when they do we'll all laugh about it.

>> No.39393695

>They will.
Mind control?

>> No.39393771

So, what happens if you take both Exemplar and Apostate in Mass Effect?

>> No.39393796

No, I explain why I did what I did, ask them for forgiveness and then wait. You can't harbor a grudge forever, especially considering the stuff you have to go though in many of these jumps.

They have to understand that I did it to make us stronger, and that I only forced it because I knew they could handle it.

>> No.39393803

In the slice of life jump if you have more than 3 companions can you purchase the companion import more than once?

>> No.39393913

>Good vs Evil
Good. Strong leaning toward good. It's rare for me to go against it without it being toward a greater goal in mind.
>Lawful vs Chaotic
I started lawful stupid, not going to lie. Chaotic suits my purposes though. I tend to leave chaos in my wake more than most like.
>Nice vs Naughty
I was Santa once. I could never go Naughty again. Except where spoiler text is concerned.
>Ordinary High School Student vs Eldritch Horror
>Smart vs Lazy vs Retarded
Lazy Smart is Best Smart.

>> No.39393918

For Erfworld, can you be a Caster and an Overlord/Queen/King? And also, you get the Casters from the New Side Faction as companions afterwards, yeah?

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