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>A crazed vagrant offers to dull your blade

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No thanks, I prefer my blade sharp and if you press the issue, I'll kill you as is my stand my ground right.

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No thanks. I already masturbated.

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Thank you good sir, these things are very dangerous in their current state.

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Go ahead, sir. The cutting power comes not from a keen edge, but from its sheer mass propelled by two strong arms. Its edge is more akin to a splitting maul than a razor.

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I hand him my hammer, see how he manages.

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to dull my blade would be to dull my spirit old man, I will cut you as I cut everything that stands in my way!

>All these plebs not being soul blades

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>he dulls the edges of the hammer to the point that both sides are cones, turning into more of a warpick

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Whatever I hate this land anyway.
Last four dungeons we've gone into had hobgoblins try to seduce us as a last resort.

Just fucking dull it, all the evil creatures in this world are retarded anyway.

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I don't have a blade.
>not playing as a female character

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I take him up on his offer, and run him through repeatedly.

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I hand him a perfect sphere

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He stabs you and takes your coin purse.

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I hand him a piece of metal with his place in the universe sketched upon it, causing an existentialist crisis.

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Thanks man, I was trying to get out of the hero game anyway. This will really help keep me motivated!

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>a vagrant blade offers to craze your dullness

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>A vagrant dullness crazed offers your blade

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>a dull blade offers to craze your vagrant

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>A hero offers to dull the vagrant's crazed blade.

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>Every time you Justice, blade get

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A blade is dulled through its use. I grant this vagrant's desire to die like a warrior than by time.

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I hand him my quarter staff.

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>Unknown Armies
Let him because this has a great chance to lead to power of some sort.

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> mfw

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Implying anyone could dull the blade that has been folder over 1,000 times.

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I had a Call of Cthulhu game that started with this shit. It was about the only effective horror game I ever managed to run, and that's because literally everyone but one person was in on it.

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Teach me your ways oh wise one!

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>will kill people, that are annoying him
ow the edge

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>ow the edge

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I guess you could say he wasn't very sharp.

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>A crazed vagrant offers to dull your blade

I hand him my quarterstaff and 200 gold pieces. This fellow clearly knows what he's talking about.

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A dull vagrant crazes your offer blade

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Only if I can sharpen his.

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Sucks to be him. I'm using a quarterstaff.

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I hand him my gun.

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Clearly this stranger is a messenger of my god. This is a message that i must turn away from my violent ways. I let him dull my blade and thank him profusely. No more creatures shall die by my blade.

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In that case, he should hone his skills.

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And thus began the tale of the only swordsman ever to use the mordschlag as plan A.

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Away with you, beggar.

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I pop it out of the sheathe and hand him this.

Lets see the fucker dull this.

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Did it work?

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This made me smile. Thank you

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