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Roll magical girls, write backgrounds and fanfiction, argue about assorted skub. On-board play rules Soon™.

Talk about anything and everything. Fuck the poh-lees. Suggested topics include:
• Play systems
• Build validity
• Fluff expansion
• Bitching
• And assorted controversy
Writefag Archive: http://pastebin.com/rSvTGQzP
IRC doc archive: http://pastebin.com/u/MagicalGirlPastebin

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Magical Girl CYOA - Less Rolling Mod

Total: 15 Points

7 - 16 years, free choice

Body Development:
Free choice

2 for those that give stats, except monster girls
4 for monster girls

Free choice
-Can purchase a second weapon for 2 points

Free Choice

Magical Powers:
First is free, except Killing Blow
-Can purchase more powers for an increasing point cost depending on how many you already have, (2 for the second, 4 for the third, 6 for the fourth, etc.)

1 for any
-limit of 5 perks

1 point per +1 to a stat

They get the same gear you do for no additional cost, can pay for a change at normal costs.
They get each 10 independent points you can spend on them.
Killing Blow
-Killing Blow is +1 cost to x

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Glad to see it back up. Current discussion is on designing more balanced combat rules, and collaborative construction.

Question - how do the Magical Burst rules work? Are they modular enough to be stripped down and simplified, or easy-playing enough to just learn in a thread?

If not Magical Burst, there are other systems. I'm a fan of Cortex, though that relies on a "storyteller" third party, and people with time to GM has been rare.

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Well, time to see what this stuff is all about.

STR 4+2+2=8 (-2 Silver Coins)
VIT 4+1+2=7
AGI 4+1+2=7
MAG 4+1+2=7 (-1 Silver Coin)
LUCK 4+2+2=8

Age: 6+10=16
Development: 15 (Well-Developed)
Power: 7, Time (+1 Agi, +2 Luck)
Weapon: 17 (Magic, +1 Mag) Pocket Watch
Outfit: 18, Uniform- Short-sleeved longcoat and button shirt, with a stylish hat. Business slacks and shoes. (+1 Vit)
Power: 1, Killing Blow (+1 Mag)
Power: (-1 Gold Coin), Regeneration
Gain +2 Agility
Gain +2 Vitality
Gain +2 Luck
Eternal Style

Description: Fair skin, 5'11" in height. Dark red hair that's wavy in style and reaches where the neck meets the shoulders. Has a toned appearance and a light-blueish/gray eye color.

I have NOOOO idea what my killing blow power would be, I just know pic related would be how I'd probably look. Maybe. I'm gonna writefag some stuff soon, just wanted to see what was up here.

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You can google "magical burst 4 pdf" and get the rulebook for free. It's pretty simple.

I really love their fallout and overdrive system in particular.

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Magical burst's not really good for a thread, but it works okay as a magical girl system.

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Fallout might not work well with this setting since its specific to magical burst in particular.

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Have we considered just not doing it in thread then? Maybe someone could GM a Mythweavers campaign, or someone could set up a freeform RP forum. 4chan is kind of a really bad format for RPing anyway.

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This is absolutely the first question we must answer.

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I think we should begin by deciding what it is that we need the system to be able to do. I propose the following:

1) Minimize rolling. This allows it to be played swiftly on 4chan, where posts are naturally spread apart and the dice are cumbersome. Further, all die need to be the same size so that we can always roll for any action in a single post.
2) Objectivity. It is important that the system itself referees actions, instead of any subset of players. This totally eliminates nearly all forms of abuse, allows system tweaks to have immediate and regular results, and if done to a spectacular level remove the need for a GM. Posts will be able to come more swiftly in reply, because it will always be obvious what is happening as derived from the roll and the circumstances.
3) Genre appropriateness. The game should enable us to, essentially, play any magical girl anime or manga. It does not by any means need to be a generic system. It just needs to encourage magical girl games.
4) Build balance. Balanced stats should encourage balanced playstyles. Extreme builds should have drawbacks in proportion to their benefits, and be able to meaningfully interact evenly with each other.
5) Encourage teams. Because of the genre convention and the /tg/ tendency, it's important that we make sure at all times that the system lets teams form and in fact encourages teams to form. Monstergirls should most readily exist as solos, or at best as small groups. Magical Girls should most readily exist as teams, or possibly as small forces. It's important to prioritize the tendency for a team of MG to be more powerful than the sum of its parts or an individual member. There's tons of ways to do this. The most basic is specialization and interdependency.

Did I miss anything? Anything more to contribute? Did I overstate something? If we have firm goals, this whole thing becomes a lot easier.

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MB has multiple editions out. Version 4 is the one I'm familiar with, and while it's not TOO terribly complex, it still calls for enough decision making that it might not be the best call for message board play. Also, it requires a GM.
Also of note is that MB is built around a three stat core, and while one could work their build into a MB version without TOO much trouble, it would require a decent amount of thought. Also, 20+ stat types would probably not be pleased to have stat floors and ceilings preventing them from going as hard glass-cannon as they have done.

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Considered, but the problem is there isn't really anyone with time to GM, which means we need a freeform system. Even if we do it on some other forum, the system is still important - it's good to be able to have numbers to determine combat.

I've served my time in the salt mines of systemless combat. It's not something I feel like going back to.

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I think we lose something if we design for a table. It means that it gets divorced from the board entirely. There's already magical girl games that can be played in a virtual table or chat room or the like, but nothing for our purposes on this board, in these threads or spin-offs. If we design so that it can be played on an image board, though, it naturally means that it could be played in person or virtually as well. We don't lose anything from the focus.

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I can get behind these as a statement of principles.

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Mythweavers sounds good.

MB works fine for PBP, and yeah it's a bit hard to translate 1:1 but it can be done.

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This. Although I think the wrong word is being used. Freeform is something we need to stop modeling after and considering. Freeform is never going to work. I think we've all had the phase where we tried to freeform RP in forums or whatever and are familiar enough with those problems.

Our watchword should be objectivity. If it's simple enough and firm enough that everything that would require a judge is pre-judged, then there is no need for a GM. You can play D&D without a DM if you take turns describing scenes and everyone knows the monster stat tables. Either you exceeded the target's defenses with your hit roll, or you didn't. D&D isn't a perfect example, of course, since it isn't unilaterally pre-judged, but that's what I'm trying to describe.

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Heh. Perhaps "Anarchy" system - no masters, no gods?

>> No.39367891

Ha, fine.

>> No.39367894

As principles, these are a pretty good set for the most part.
Specifically regarding the second principle, it's worth noting that we may want to make it possible for people to throw out monsters for other MG teams to fight. Not just monstergirls, but actual weird-shit monsters. Having more than just "go do PvP" available is not a *perfectly* adhered to convention of the genre, but it's reasonably standard.
The problem is doing this in a way that doesn't smack of having a GM.

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Yeah. I'm writing my guy as mostly dealing with shades and spirits, so it'd be cool to have stats that someone could just grind together to make a monster.

Hell, once we have a system, we could throw a few out here. Do... not quite challenge rating, but something close.

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Yes, I agree. In the Power Armor threads, they just had people sign up to host a whole event and then it was first come, first serve. There was an explicit GM. I don't think it's as big of an obstacle as Tomas is saying to get people to run a session. However, if we could manage to make something that doesn't require one, that is obviously superior for an image board. Things can pick up and drop freely.

If we had some kind of mechanic for permuting readily available monster statblocks, and a way for players to introduce them in their posts for themselves and others to interact with, could that work?

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Oh, I think someone can be convinced. I'm just saying that we've had no luck so far, so we should plan for the eventuality.

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Guys. Guys. Guysguysguys.

This was a fight in the last thread, and now we're just working on it.

Do you know what we did?

We solved things, with the power... of friendship!

Magical girl thread go!

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None of this solves the issue of in-thread RPing just being a bad format. PBP is ideal, I think, but we'd need a community hub that's away from these threads. We can keep the MGCYOA threads as places for discussion and posting fiction, but the actual RPing should be on a separate forum, both to keep records of posts made and to organize things better.

This, of course, has the same limitations in regards to making a system as in-thread RPing does, but it's a thought to keep in mind.

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So about the system. If monsters could be modified by a point buy system from a given core template, then could that work? The players could create their own obstacles, we'd just have to be careful about the balance of the core.

What I mean is, we'd having something like

>Str 2/Vit 8/Agi 10/Mag 10/Luk 4
>Location Bound, Weakness: Light, Fire, Strength: Dark, Ice, Insubstantial, Hover

And then perks and drawbacks that are given only to monsters can be sold or bought to keep at a net 0, even stats manipulated so you'd be able to have

>Sally the Ghost
>Str 8, Vit 8, Agi 5, Mag 2, Luk 5
>Insubstantial, Weakness: Water, Fire, Mental, Illusion, Strength: Dark, Defenseless
>Sally is the spirit of a girl drowned in the sewers. Because of her strange binding to reality, she can haunt anywhere near the sewer system, the river systems it feeds into, or any ocean. Her powers are almost entirely telekinetic. She has a lot of rage about her death, and the berserker frenzy she punishes bullies with leaves her routinely open to manipulation or assault.

and drop that into your thread post with some fluff about how Sally enters the area. Enough bases and manipulators and we'd be able to refluff into any conceivable threat. Even natural disasters could be a core template for "foes". Can we agree on the convention that OOC text in a play post is greentexted?

>> No.39368256

What makes it a bad format?

>> No.39368288


I'll cede the point; I don't much care where we play, as long as we play.

On to mechanics. We have five stats - or rather, four stats and a wild card.

Depending on how we want to do this...

Multiple stats could influence things in different ways. I mentioned before I'm fond of Cortex - there's a lot there which we could mine, and it's a relatively simple system. HP in Cortex is determined by your Vitality and Willpower die. A memory check would be Intelligence and Willpower... etc, etc, etc. I could see some combination of, for instance, Str+Mag for melee to-hit, or Agi+Mag for ranged.

>> No.39368310

It's disorganized and crammed together with all of the other discussion and character builds being posted. On top of that, even though the threads are archived, searching back through everything to find what's been posted is an enormous pain, and if someone doesn't want to camp the threads 24/7, they're inevitably going to have to do that at some point just to catch up. It also doesn't easily separate people based on where they physically are or whether or not they could feasibly be involved in a scenario or not.

I know there's a lot of stigma surrounding forum RPs, at least in regards to the communities that usually occupy them, but honestly the format is one of the better ones out there, at least for online RP.

>> No.39368321

> Can we agree on the convention that OOC text in a play post is greentexted?

Works fine for me. Further, I like the idea of having a "parts kit" to put monsters together. I think we should be able to make a less balanced monster, though - maybe a point buy, with a "ten point monster" being the kind of thing that would give *a* girl a challenge, and a "thirty point monster" being a group challenge... or a hundred point "wallpurgisnacht" kind of motherfucker.

>> No.39368428


Not sure how my name fell off, but continuing.

We'll almost certainly need to use a static kind of die - maybe a d100, not sure - and either a roll-over or roll-under system, with your stats lending a direct or calculated bonus to your rolls.

We'll need some way of determining an action's difficulty - let's say an attack, just to make things simple. A girl standing in a fighting stance in the middle of the road would be easier to hit with a ranged attack than a girl spiraling down in midair with the sun behind her. In the ease of simplicity, I think each action maybe should be broken into easy, average, and hard difficulty, with a static number to-beat for each.

>> No.39368444

There needn't be that kind of continuity that someone would have to read all of the threads to know what's going on. I mean, couldn't you say the same about forum RP? And yet it's usually not an issue. A character that wouldn't know better is just as readily played by a player in the know as out of the know. A character that would know better would have to have a player that was in the know regardless. So why the need for catching up?

As for disorganization, that's easily enough solved without going off-site. You'd have multiple threads. Power Armor had a play thread and a CYOA thread. More efficiently, you could have just the one thread, with play posts initiated by some kind of symbol to demarcate them from all the other kinds of posts in here. +==+ stands out pretty well and doesn't take up too many characters. Combine that with quote chains and we're all good.

Frankly, I think we're evolving past just posting builds and discussion, anyway. Or doing it much at all.

We could have the final system rules on a wiki. Character sheets could also go there, as well as fluff pieces, setting text, monster templates and part kits... and so forth. I don't see why we'd have to pack up and load it all up for an ignoble death on a tiny forum backwater, though.

>> No.39368498

No, because we're introducing ambiguity. What could be hard to one person could be average to another. If we have static bonuses (either to the roll or to the target number) for given circumstances then we always know where we stand. We needn't be too specific, though. A Dodge mod could be fluffed as diving between cover, blocking a blow with a magical shield or a sheet of ice, dancing out of the way, narrowly spazzing past an attack, or spiralling down in midair with the sun at your back. Some specialties could provide a bonus to Dodge, even, as part of a class-type bonus. Everyone would know in advance.

>> No.39368502


I'm not saying that we pack up everything and move; keep the threads obviously and keep them doing what they're doing.

Although I get the impression that we have different ideas about the scope of this project. Do we not want extended, intersecting plot lines and character development, or is this just fluffy casual RP? If it's the latter then sure, in-thread RP is fine, but for anything like the former then a pretty good deal of organization is required, more than that offered by these threads.

>> No.39368520

Why would everyone have to know the history of everything to have extensive, interweaving plotlines?

>> No.39368571

Okay I've cooked up a rp system of my own based on ORE and heavily on monsters and other childish things.

The reason why I like monsters and other childish things is that it makes making monsters very easy and straightforward.

Here is what I have so far.


Should I continue working on it or should I stop, because it requires too much dice rolling?

>> No.39368595

ORE's width/depth mechanic could be something to look at, but it seems like we're leaning more towards static damage values and other mathematical resolutions.

>> No.39368615

Because to have any sort of continuity wouldn't having easy access to what's happened before be kind of required? Otherwise details get muddled and forgotten, plotlines get abandoned and added at random without much regard for whether or not they even fit, etc. Being organized is essentially for building a functioning, consistent, living universe to RP in. All of this is irrelevant if we're just pretending to be little girls for the sake of pretending to be little girls; there's nothing wrong with that, but for there to be any sort of coherency then keeping everything in line is essential.

There's also still the issue of 4chan easily allowing people to drop in and out, keeping it really low commitment, and therefore allowing characters to come and go as they please. Again, this is fine for casual RP, but for anything serious having a character just duck out in the middle of a converastion or something like that is not conducive to actually building a consistent world with any depth.

>> No.39368631

It does require a lot of posts in order to resolve a turn. The declare actions would be as many posts as there are participants, and could be an avenue of abuse since someone could read a post before deciding their action. That behavior is curbed substantially by playing in person around a table. Then there's the extra roll of Fate dice.

>> No.39368634

But there is absolutely no math involved with ORE, you just look for matching dice and compare them with your opponents.

>> No.39368674

Rolled 14, 6, 8, 20, 13, 20, 16, 13, 1, 9, 20, 9, 13, 6 = 168 (14d20)

Maybe it would help show what I mean if we actually tried a short PvP combat thing with fresh characters.

>> No.39368738

Rolled 8, 11, 19, 15, 19, 18, 12, 14, 7, 16, 16, 10, 4, 13, 9 = 191 (15d20)

Rolling for the new thread

>> No.39368802

10 years old, underdeveloped, Lightning.
Fist weapon, elaborate, tentacle fun.
Enhanced transformation, a way out, +2 strength, +2 luck, eternal style.
Coins: +4 vit, +2 agi, +2 mag, +2 luk

Str 9.....4 dice
Vit 8.....4 dice
Agi 8....4 dice
Mag 7..3 dice
Luk 8...4 dice
> the gaps in the die system do encourage more balanced stats. a coin spend usually increases your die pool by 1.

Derp_Herp, could you bust out a character quickly so we could run the numbers?

>> No.39368819

Rolled 5, 8 = 13 (2d10)

>> No.39368842

Rolled 8, 6, 6, 6, 8, 4, 8, 6, 6, 8, 2, 6, 3, 9, 8 = 94 (15d10)

Rolling is always better than any points system.

>> No.39368857

Shit I got to namefag fuck.

You mean repost a character from the previous threads?

Let's try Cinder Strike's newest incarnation:

Age: 12
> Development: Average
> Specialization: Fire +3 Str
> Weapon: Melee +1 Str +1 Vit
> Outfit: Flowing +1 Str
> Power: Killing Blow +1 Str + GOLD Regeneration
Perks: +2 Agi, Eternal Style, Interdimensional Bro, Twin Soul (Silver) Enhanced Transformation, Get out of Jail

Str - 10 (4 Dice)
Vit - 5 (3 Dice)
Agi - 6 (3 Dice)
Mag - 8 (2x Silver) (4 Dice)
Luck - 4 (2 Dice)

>> No.39369009

So now we both declare actions, right?
Lightning Lass sprints forward to deliver a solid punch to her foe. "I want the last piece of cake!," she yells as her fist crackles with noisy sparks.

>> No.39369059

Cinder Strike fiercely bumps her fists and ignites them on fire and gets in a wild fighting stance rooting her feet firmly done, anticipating Lightning Lass's attack, knuckles bared and ready to intercept.

"I already ate it dummy!"


>> No.39369083

Rolled 3, 3, 5, 2, 3, 1, 9 = 26 (7d10)

>7 dice.

We might want to declare and roll our actions in one post.

>> No.39369126

>We might want to declare and roll our actions in one post.
Was hoping you'd say that.
Man I'm getting tired of clicking on hamburgers, sushi and soup

>> No.39369153

Rolled 1, 7, 10, 8, 6, 2, 9, 4 = 47 (8d10)

Well, that's a tweak then.

>> No.39369163


One of my Captchas was Five Nights

>> No.39369178

I guess you can decide to do an fate roll or lose 3 dice from your agility pool

>> No.39369194

Rolled 9, 7, 1, 1 = 18 (4d10)

>So this is a total fumble, right? If I wanted to do anything, I'd have to roll Fate. I will do so now.

LL stumbles over her skirt on the way over, completely reorienting her haymaker at the last moment with a girlish gasp.

>> No.39369216

>Thus the roll is 3x1. We've done a total of three rolls to resolve two punches so far.
>What's this about losing 3 dice?

>> No.39369238

>Ah, it's the damage system. Nevermind. But I would like to note that resolution required waiting for confirmation about Fate rolls. That's yet another post required.

>> No.39369248

Your width determines damage
and height determines accuracy and finesse which tells you what you hit.

You can go with 2x9 and hit my MAG or 2x7 and hit my STR.

I got a chart in the pastebin:

VIT: Height 1 or 2.
AGI: Height 3 through 6.
STR: Height 7 or 8.
MAG: Height 9.
LUK: Height 10.

I know there's problems, image boards aren't really great for RP.

>> No.39369267

I do like representing damage as a stat penalty. That has a lot of utility, can encourage MG to radically change their tactics as they get beat, and makes monostat builds more risky/profitable. Right now, Agi-monos have the best return on glass canons, though, with little penalty to other drawbacks. Is this a good idea?

>> No.39369270

Isn't this all just one punch so far?

>> No.39369290

Yep. The problem with this ORE based system is the slowness of resolution.

>> No.39369299

Welp back to the drawing board.

>> No.39369320

If you don't mind, I'd like to see you two keep going with this ORE system.

It may not be perfect as it sits, but it's a good illustrative example of something that we might be able to learn more from.

>> No.39369379

Pardon my straying from the current system talk, but I just got round to testing the pointbuy rules - I think the point buy method generates stronger characters most of the time.

I just duplicated my rolled girl via point-buy and came out 1 stat point ahead. And I only used one silver coin on the fluff stuff during rolling, the other three going into a bonus power and stats.

Rolling only results in a more powerful character build when you don't need to use coins to fix *any* of the rolls and can just buy bonus powers/stats, in all other cases they will be slightly weaker, often significantly weaker considering point-buy girls will never be saddled with perks they don't want. The only tradeoff I'm seeing is gold coin allowing an age outside of 7-16 and the possibility of a 6th perk.

If we are setting up a system for combat/RP... rolling vs. point buy balance *will* come up at some point. It's not an issue now because we aren't and can't really fight.

>> No.39369391

If we go with the stat debuff system, we would have to redefine vitality as a stat. We'd also need to figure out how the debuffs alluded to in some of the specialties would work, and that system as it stands makes player characters so resilient that pvp may not be totally possible. If you don't hit the same stat ~3 times, it could drag on and on.

>> No.39369420

Coming out 1 point ahead is in line with you not using a coin up on non-stats. For the rest, I don't particularly see the issue. It's more a concern of "do I want randomness" or "do I have a firm idea"?

>> No.39369424

It requires at least three posts to declare actions and roll dices from two parties, it just seems really clunky to work on a image board.

The great thing about ORE is that it achieves 2 through 4 from >>39367725
And it might achieve 5 with more tweaking, addition of an magic and perk system.

Yeah I need to do some about that. Probably just define your HP as the sum of all your dicepools and incorporate a defensive reaction phase to the combat round.

>> No.39369447

And I just mean finish your fight. I want to see who wins, Lightning Lass or Cinder Strike. But more importantly, I'd like to see how they win.

>> No.39369485

That's the problem, I didn't define how much damage you need to take or how many dice needs to be removed before you fall unconscious or dies.

I need to work on it more, I only spent maybe an hour just throwing shit in a pastebin.

>> No.39369503

Oh, I get you. I thought you maybe just had all that in your head or something.

>> No.39369540

I agree, anon. The restrictions help to make for more interesting characters. There's the chance of a bad roll, but it averages out.

Let's see what the RNG have for me today.

>Age (8+12)/2
>Body 11
Almost painfully average.
>Spec 19
Vampire +3 AGI, +2 Luck, +2 Vit
>Weapons 15
Magic +1 MAG, a small romance manga
>Outfit 19
Uniform +1 VIT
>Magical Power 18; -1G
Regeneration, Power of Friendship
>Perks 12,14,7,16,10; -2s
Masculinity, Get out of Jail, +2 AGI, Enhanced Transformation, Closure +1 Luck

revised to:

+2 VIT, Get out of Jail, Incognito, Enhanced Transformation, Closure +1 Luck


The final character concept

Name: Regina

Regina was born cursed with a name too big for her. She was small and plain in both appearance and personality. Her hair was brown, her eye were brown and small. She liked to read love stories and self-insert. When she woke as a vampire, abandoned by the only one who could tell her what she had become, things only got worse for her. Her family had forgotten she ever existed, and people constantly bumped into her without noticing.

As time went on, she found herself slowly watching the world pass her by around her. She started to feel her own obsession, drama. She wanted this boring, monotonous world to be filled with the same passion as her novels. However, rather than romance, it seemed her special talent was tragedy. It followed in her wake in all the lives she touched. Despite this cloud following her, the people she "helps" find themselves unnaturally drawn to this girl. Once the drama has played out, the targets of her help drained of everything, she moves on. No one remembers her face or her name for long. It's as if their ruin was just the natural course of action.

>> No.39369593

Would it be too out of character to have Magical Girl who lives in extreme poverty or on the street ?

>> No.39369634

Why would they stay like that if they had access to magical girl things?

>> No.39369645

Updated the system.


HP is based on your total dice pool from all your stats, once it reaches zero you fall unconscious, if you take negative hp damage you die.

to simplify things players can perform a combat round where they roll for an attack and each player assign automatic damage based on what they roll.

players can forgo their combat roll to do an defending or dodging roll.

This roll has to include AGI and one other stat.

Attacking players must roll a greater width and height of the defending roll for the attack to succeed.

>> No.39369695

Not at all, so long as you can answer why. Could be a variety of reasons, from a vow of poverty to genuine insanity to complete apathy to overdedication to her work, etc etc.

>> No.39369726

Rolled 7, 14, 11, 9, 14, 9, 18, 14, 5, 3, 4, 11, 17, 1, 1 = 138 (15d20)

Rolling for new girl.

>> No.39369743

Agility seems to be the most superior stat, then. It is a necessary part of a crucial action. Defending rolls would serve to drag out combat even more, and in order to do more than stall you'd have to take damage. Vitality has little effect in this system. It also doesn't make magical girls change their strategies, like the damage debuff one did. Although I know that came with its own numerous problems, the variety at least fit with the genre and had a feeling of wearing down that is lacking in a straight HP system where you're at your peak until you're as good as dead.

>> No.39369797

How about zero or negs HP causes you to fall unconscious and reverts you out of mahou shoujo form, with the next attack killing you?

>> No.39369863

You have a point yes AGI right now is OP.

But I got plans for the magic system.

Basically different combinations of stats create different magical effects, defending players are horribly limited to only 4 different variations while attacking players have 12 possible permutations.

>> No.39369891


>> No.39369969

You should probably reverse that, or the system heavily, heavily slants against being defensive.

>> No.39370068

Fine I got two ideas.

1. There are no stat requirements for doing defending rolls, if you do an defending roll, the stats declared cannot be used for defending rolls for 2 combat rounds.

2. No stat requirement and no stat restrictions and penalties, but defending rolls only use one stat, agi or vit.

>> No.39370115

I imagine VIT could also be used to defend in that someone could just use willpower to overcome any attack.

Or MAG could be used to counter other MAG attacks.

Plus there's always LUK that at higher levels could just intervene.

>> No.39370124

Mfw someone roleplays my favourite character.
is this what fame feels like?

>> No.39370395

Those make it even more troublesome/useless to defend.

>> No.39370422

Name: Kendra Fisher (Colorful Maiden Spray)
Age: 13
Body Development: Average
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Skin: White
Height: 5”
Weight: 92 lbs

Str 6
Vit 8
Agi 5
Mag 7
Lck 4

Specialization: Illusion
Weapon: Ranged
Magical Powers:

Outfit: Elaborate

Get out of Jail
+2 Magic
+2 Vit
Allies: +1 to any stat.

Kendra Fisher wasn’t transformed into a magical girl, rather she’s always been a girl, a flesh and blood 13 year old girl that was offered the chance to become a magical girl. Her home life had always been terrible and she always wished she had the means to run away from home. When she came accross the pink creature however and came into her own as a magical girl, she found that life by herself wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be. Not only is she expected to fight all the anomalies of the world, but she has to feed and take care of herself having left her family long behind.

Luckily Kendra isn’t alone, she’s made contact with a few other Magical Girls and they work together as a sort of clique trying to survive together. She’s undoubtedly the most powerful among them with the ability to control illusions

Kendra has always been the bubbly blonde type of girl, everything sort of came easy to her as a child. And other than her parents being very distant to her throughout childhood she led a pretty good life. Beyond being happy go lucky, Kendra also has a very creative soul, she’d be a good painter if she applied herself. But she’s more interested in street art than she is painting with a brush on a canvas, always carrying a few spray cans with her in a canvas messenger bag.

>> No.39370458

Str 6
Vit 8
Agi 11 (Gold and Silver)
Mag 9 (Silver)
Lck 4

Forgot to spend coins.

>> No.39370530

I'll ponder over it, but right now I've got shit to do, I'll work more on the system tomorrow.

>> No.39370565

Why not just have each player designate their 4 stats as 'Primary & Secondary Attack and Primary & Secondary Defense?

Then when attacking they always use the same two stats, and when defending always use the same two stats. These are 4 different stats. This helps discourage mono-stat builds, since those will be extremely powerful on only attack or defense and end up as either ineffectual turtles or glass cannons.

Downside of course is that this pretty much negates any real strategy other than 'pick good stat combinations, roll well.'and doesn't offer much to differentiate the stats.

>> No.39370573

So something more like Magical Burst?

>> No.39370578

>There's the chance of a bad roll, but it averages out.
Problem with that thinking is, unlike rolling a room with your fellow players, you can just keep rerolling, or say got what you want.
Even in this thread, there is a very suspicious looking 'rolled' result. >>39367650

>> No.39370585

We can differentiate the stats with social systems, skill challenges, and non-combat obstacles.

>> No.39370602

8/7/7/7/8 isn't a suspicious result, bud.

>> No.39370736

I can see it being a problem in some instances such as that. But if the rolls are made public for actual games, then it's not too bad. For making character concepts for the thread, it's a none issue. It's cheating at nothing.

He's probably more referring to the stacked perks with no mechanical drawbacks. It's possible to roll that, but rather unlikely. Especially with how easy it is to display rolls. While its harmless for character conceptualization, in a real game, it would be pretty suspect if there was a pattern.

>> No.39370830 [SPOILER] 

>37 total stat points is bad for a non monster.
Sure.... Remember also they dropped gold into a second power instead of making it 41.

Actually, I've rolled a lot of times for various reasons. That roll she has is equal to my 'best' assuming you think being a boy and killing yourself later is as good as free money and eternal style. I don't. That's ignoring the age and development. 16 and well.

But maybe that's just my view on it. Have some kobold porn.

>> No.39370864

Almost all of the perks are better than a flat stat bonus, though.

>> No.39370895

Why do people like Eternal Style?

It doesn't increase your characters power or versatility in any way I can think of. It's just never having to bathe again. How is that advantageous?

I fucking hate it when I get Eternal Style, it's 3rd worst after Masculinity and Way Out.

>> No.39371026

>Almost all of the perks are better than a flat stat bonus, though.
That's just like, your opinion man.

Just as a counter..
>other things

Just cool to me. Pretty useful to summon new clothes after you get fireballed by a naga or encounter the whizzard.

>> No.39371036

Because you have no sense of scale. Eternal Style means you get hours and hours more time every single day with no social or healthful disadvantages. Plus, it enables disguises, con games, emergency gear, and all kinds of shenanigans.

>> No.39371068

Allies gives you a stat bump of YOUR CHOICE, as well as guaranteed backup and a place to live.

Sustenance gives you a dependable stat bump, the inability to starve or be asphyxiated, and much more patrol time.

Stats is what we're talking about.

Training is what you make of it.

Eternal Style is one of the best ones on there for utility, what the hell is even wrong with you?

>> No.39371108

Those are my top picks... In order.

>> No.39371111

Under the current condition of static characters, it's a really big bonus to have flat stat boosts, anon. Especially when the average stat is going to be a six or five. As 4 is the baseline with no way of dipping below that, +2 can be as much as a 50% increase in a stat. The others are useful, but a lot of their bonuses, such as money or places to stay, can be worked around by murder hoboing.

>> No.39371125

Hours a day? Really? I've lived with enough girls to know they take awhile to get ready in the morning, but it's not going to save your MG hours a day. Half of them don't even have to shave yet.

And it summons a stylish set of clothes. Not a fucking gas mask or something.

I can see it if coming out of MG form left you nude, then I'd want it. Otherwise, fuck it. Baths aren't that bad.

>> No.39371147

Because not everything is about combat when it comes to magical girls. It's also about how cute you are and how you interact with other people and magical girls. Eternal Style means that you're always going to be at your cutest in and out of Magical Girl attire.

>> No.39371180

Okay, that makes a little bit of sense to me, thank you. I still think it's a little silly, but at least I get it now.

>> No.39371204

It's still a supernatural thing that can't be purchased or stolen. Psychologically it would be a pretty big boost.

>> No.39371459

See >>39371026 and >>39371036, it's obscenely useful if you just want to say 'fuck having maintenance issues' and want to be at the top of your game all the time. Plus that's a lot of extra time in the day, and a lot less to worry about. You can eat all the damn sweets you want and never get cavities!

>> No.39371701

Rolled 4, 17, 12, 6, 9, 13, 9, 16, 3, 8, 13, 15, 15, 19, 15 = 174 (15d20)

Rolling for new concept

>> No.39372102

I'm with you on Masculinity and A Way Out, but ES isn't that bad. Sure, it isn't the best perk but neither is it horrible. You have an unlimited hammerspace wardrobe, and it will spit out fashionable outfits so even a former neckbeard schlub with no clue about women's fashion will look good. It provides instant disguises and changes of clothes, prevents your clothes from looking frumpy and fucked up.

You get clothes instantly post-Puchuu and don't need to worry about changing like with Big Backpack.

You never need to do any personal care anything. No teeth brushing, no flossing, no nothing. Also, shaving. Given that most of us are dudes, how many of us know how to shave legs and armpits? Style hair? You know how to use feminine products on yourself, fellow anon? Technically, you could piss/shit your pants with Eternal Style and your magic would just vanish that away. If you don't luck into Interdimensional Home, Interdimensional Stoner or Allies to crash with, it takes care of your body maintenance and clothes issues while you live on the street. So even if you're a little hobo girl you look less like a Victorian urchin and more like Brother Sharp.

Yes, what it provides can be done with other perks - Backpack provides you with an initial set of clothes, with Money you can get clothing, with Training you could learn style, with Allies, Home or Stoner you could store your clothes and do your personal care. But Eternal Style does all of that and keeps you looking damn good while you do it.

Plus you know, Magical Girl genre. Style is important, yo.

>> No.39372246

Write the next chapter you little shit

>> No.39372588

Quick question guys, which magical girl show(s) would you say have the most powerful magical girls?

>> No.39372673

Probably someone from Nanoha, but that's basically /m/ dressed up as lolis. I'm not very familiar with other franchises.

>> No.39372810

Wasn't Sailor Moon on a cosmic power level?

>> No.39372839

Getting to it. Hold your horses.

Sailor Moon. I didn't write this, but here, have a description of Usagi from the manga:

>In the First Arc of the manga, Usagi tried to dodge an attack by jumping away from it and threw herself into orbit. She was explicitly not flying in the process--she just jumped really hard and reached escape velocity. I just want this as a baseline, pre-everything Usagi, to make it clear that before about five power ups, she still had enough leg strength to convert anything she kicked from a solid to a liquid state of matter.

>First Arcs Big Bad was this little missy name Metalia who, as a side effect of waking up, drove the entirety of planet Earth insane to the point that everyone on it proceeded to try to murder everyone else. She, in fact, exterminated all life on earth in short order. She also grew to a size dwarfing that of planet Earth, absorbing horrific amounts of energy in the process, and generally being a nightmare until the Senshi put her down. She was an Aspect of Chaos, itself basically an Outer God who embodied that which was not, as were all the other Big Bads. Usagi eventually faced Chaos himself, but I'll get to that.

>> No.39372864

>So let's fast forward. We'll go past several arcs and such minor things as Usagi blowing up planets, her warping time and space to reincarnate Setsuna retroactively, and other such minor things to skip to the end. Galaxia is the apparent Big Bad and it's hard to argue when she killed all life in the Galaxy, so yeah. Anyway, Galaxia swings by Earth, murders Tux and most of the Senshi and recreates them as her servants using their Crystals, which she then sends against Usagi to torment her. Usagi goes to confront her, flying to each planet in the solar system and then to the center of the galaxy in a couple of minutes at thousands of times the speed of light, and receives said torment, only to rise above it and defeat all the other Senshi alone, plus Galaxia's other minions. She then faces Galaxia*, who destroyed all life in the galaxy and who was tossing around planet destroying blasts, etc.

>Usagi wins that fight. She then faces off against Chaos, the corruptive force outside the Universe who had poisoned the Galaxy Cauldron, which had created the Universe. But to do this, Usagi had to dive into the Galaxy Cauldron and is quickly annihilated, which sucks.

>She gets over it and pulls herself together, enduring it to fight Chaos--and pretty much win, though you can't really beat Chaos. While doing this, she also revives her friends and the rest of the Galaxy and then crawls out of it and makes out with her future self for a little bit as a reward for saving the universe.

>> No.39372983


>implying Masculinity isn't the greatest

>> No.39372999


> Why would they stay like that if they had access to magical girl things?

Her powers aren't that useful for generating revenue.

>> No.39373016

Alright, so:
Name: Ami
Age: 8
Body Development: Well Developed
Outfit: Flowing, a peplos over bronze armor
Hair: Brown and wavy
Eyes: Blue

Specialization: Light
Weapon: Melee, a spear made of light
Magical Power: Shadow Clones,
Use one gold coin for Killing Blow
Special moved named: Quis ut Deus?

Perks: +2 Luck, Enhanced Transformation, +2 Vit, Enhanced Sustenance +1 Vit, A Way Out

Use 1 silver coin to replace A Way Out with +2 Str

Str 9, use two silver coins to bump to 13
Vit 10
Agi 4
Mag 5
Luck 6

Ami was fickle and a loser and a fake before she was a magical girl, and she's fickle and a loser and a fake now. She cheated at life, and pretended she was someone she wasn't to gain mediocre and unfulfilling success. She liked to quote the Man in the Arena and surrounded herself with messages of self-improvement. But it was never enough to fill the void she lacked in a passionless life.

Now, as a magical girl, she's been remade into a golden child. The light burns through lies and deceit, which is why she always wears thick gloves. She doesn't fit the lifestyle, but it's the only lifestyle she has. In reality, she's put on so many masks by now that she can't tell what's real anymore except that nothing feels real. Her clones are, in a way, a representation of this. While a skilled magical girl might create perfect clones, Ami's are each flawed. They all wear a different mask.

If there's one thing to say about Ami, she's a tank. Her signature move, Quis ut Deus?, is a massively powerful physical attack that involves her smashing down on her opponent from the heavens. She often combines it with her clones to help ensure contact is made by both herding the target and obscuring its origin.

>> No.39373122

So, not counting Sailor Moon herself, who seems to basically be a god, the rest of the Sailor Senshi seem about on par with the PreCure girls, from what I'm seeing so far. About right?

I'm just trying to get a sense of scale for my own girl's powers, so I figured I'd watch magical girls in action on youtube.

>> No.39373180

I don't know what you can do, but my powers are fly and gun. Unless I just want to start killing people, how am I supposed to make money?

>> No.39373322

Part-time child modeling gig?
Contract assassin?
Taco Bell?
Steal from criminals?
Steal from other people?

>> No.39373467

Let's assume the worst possible MG for getting out of homelessness.

16 years old and average, to suppress the chances of spontaneous adoption. Luck will have to stay baseline for the same reason. Gravity witch, so that there's no way to use your magic powers to procure or trick your way into housing and stability. Gun power, because it's a bit unsettling. Skimpy outfit so that you don't really want to be transformed in public. Third eye, to produce distractions that get in your way of house hunting. No allies, no friends, no closure or training or money or twins or even style and a backpack because that would mean assets that practically automatically eliminate your homelessness.

16, Average | 10/9/10/11/4 | Gravity | Deagle, Camo Leotard | +2 str, +2 Vit, +2 Mag, +2 agi, Enh.Susten. | +4 str, +2 vit, +2 agi, +2 mag

I could get a job in women's wrestling or at a sideshow -- my costume and prodigious strength would guarantee revenue. I could hunt down a nest of monstergirls and take where they were living after I rout them. I could go to clubs that don't ID pretty girls, and hit on people until I have a place to stay. I can go to a women's shelter and leverage the counsel to get government housing. I might start trick-shooting to make ends meet: there's nothing saying I can't put on clothes after I transform. (Sailor Moon pulled that stunt multiple times.) I can beat up Puchuu until he helps me out. There are criminal routes. Vagrancy is much more successful for young girls than for any age of man. And so on. And so forth.

I just don't buy a magical girl staying homeless and destitute for more than a week after getting powers.

>> No.39373528


I should also mention she has a friend who is quite aware of her previous attempts at criminal behavior and might respond violently if she were to make of any further attempts.

>> No.39373973

Courier. Fly stuff around.

>> No.39374237

Rolled 4, 15, 18, 14, 3, 20, 1, 17, 4, 17, 3 = 116 (11d20)

Lets see what happens!

>> No.39374249

This, of course.

>> No.39374463

I'd personally say Nanoha could beat Usagi, but it REALLY depends on the arc/season, and who gets teh drop on who. Also how long the fight lasts and if Nanoha can get her Starlight Breaker off.

Before all the Chaos stuff? Probably an even draw against StrikerS Nanoha. After that? Depends on if Nanoha has her friends, and then it devolves into "Who's backup is better"

>> No.39374471

Rolled 12 (1d20)

Rerolling the duplicate 17.

>> No.39374524

Does Sailor Moon really make out with Sailor Moon in the manga? Don't lie to me. This is important.

>> No.39374594

Nope. Anything post Metallia has Usagi in the planet destroying range. Nanoha would get splattered. Hell, the whole of the TSAB would still be in trouble against a lone Usagi nevermind all the senshis.

And before you start to argue about a lone sniper taking her out before she transforms, it's implied the Silver Crystal can raise her from the dead automatically.

>> No.39374636

Rolled 14, 4, 13, 11, 4, 11, 2, 9, 13, 16, 16 = 113 (11d20)


Dice rolls for the Dice gods.

>> No.39374651

Rolled 19, 6 = 25 (2d20)

Rerolling that dupe.

>> No.39374835

btw Quasar, any chance of the Holly link being updated to the revised draft of http://pastebin.com/0Sse4p9c ?

>> No.39374869


Age: 16 (Silver Coin)
Body Development: Well Developed
Specialization: Drider

Str 4 +2 +2 = 8 x .7 =6
Vit 4 +1 +1 +2 = 8 x.7 =6
Agi 4 +1 +1 = 6 x.7 =5
Mag 4 +2 +1 +2 (SC) = 9 x.7 =7
Luck 4 +1 = 5 x.7 =4

Weapon Type: Magic
Outfit: Skimpy
Magical Powers:
Tentacle Fun
Gold Coin: Regeneration

+2 STR
Twin Soul
Allies (+1 Vit)
+2 Vit
Silver Coin: Enhanced Sustenance

Name: Claire

Claire didn't ask for this. She was more than happy being painfully average, but of course, she just had to go to that party and 'mingle'... And then she hit a magical girl and turned into a giant spider. But, course, it didn't stop there did it?

Now she's got a magic spider twin, crazy powers, and suddenly finds herself writing terrible poetry every night. She'd be lying to say that it doesn't have /some/ benefits. A couple of other 'magic girls' in a situation similar to hers showed up to help show her the ropes. It's not all bad, at least she's got plenty of friends now!

>> No.39375066

Four Simple Steps to Kill Magical Girls:

>Undermine their relationships
>Lure them into a trap in an isolated place
>Cut off their heads and shatter any crystalline objects they're wearing
>Under absolutely no circumstances threaten anything they love or anything related to them

Is this the best way to kill a magical girl?

>> No.39375093

Probably want to plan things between Steps 2 and 3 a bit more...and Steps 2 and 4 seem mutually contradictory.

Why not hire the monster of the week or another magical girl to act as a combination of bait and to soften them up for the killing blow?

>> No.39375119


Well if its "Madokaverse" you only need step 3.

>> No.39375139

If it's Madokaverse, they're going to go full Terminator on you and can probably kill you barehanded unless you're a fellow superpowered lich.

>> No.39375170

There must be some way to lure them away from their support without threatening something they love. The moment you remind a magical girl of why she's fighting, you unlock her full power. You must not do this if you hope to survive.

And my monster of the week budget is a little tapped out...

>> No.39375193

Rolled 3, 12, 15, 5, 2, 9, 6, 19, 7, 18, 11, 18, 18, 13, 4 = 160 (15d20)

Rolling them bones

>> No.39375233

> mfw miss the whole thread because I was at court again
> mfw my character was brought up again
> mfw I'll probably end up missing tomorrows too, and my days as a magical girl are over
Why even live,

>> No.39375283


Come to think of it, I believe step 3 was extremely effective against this one.

>> No.39375406

Rolled 2, 7, 12, 3, 15, 13, 3, 2, 7, 7, 15 = 86 (11d20)

>mfw I missed the thread.
May as well roll.

>> No.39375449

There's always hope.

>> No.39375456

In the Madokaverse, step one is usually completed automatically for you, while step two is just your labyrinth.

Step four also doesn't seem important there, but will spell your guaranteed doom against other universes' girls.

>> No.39375463

What I always wanted is a villain that genuinely loved the monsters-of-the-week.

Like, the girls transform for the first time and kill some giant mantis shrimp that lives in lava and has the power to create eruptions by punching inert volcanoes, and then the season villain descends from her alien craft and starts crying over its dead body, revealing that it was called Mr. Fluffles and only acted because it thought humans were freezing in the lava-less surface world and wanted them to be warm. She then swears revenge and starts sending monsters actually intended for battle.

I mean, they could've CALLED the villain instead of killing her pet. These heartless bastards.

>> No.39375510


I don't know.

I've heard of some narratives violating step 4 which leads to step 1 and 2.

>> No.39375589


That being said in that narrative it didn't end well for anyone involved.

>> No.39375689

Not really. Sailor Saturn is implied to be on Moon's level, and while she is doesn't actually bust out a whole lot of bullshit on screen, she is canonically a planet buster and her basic attack levels city blocks Pluto can straight up stop time. I think the early-mid season Inner Senshi are a good comparison though.

Then Senshi are better backup too, since Saturn hits just as hard as Moon and Pluto can time stop to her heart's content so long as Usagi is there to keep pushing the revive button on the Ginzuisho.

>> No.39375702

Sorry I missed this. I saw you had changed it, didn't realize it was a new link. Updated.

>> No.39375719

I wasn't going to go anywhere near the sniper solution. That's not even a question.

>> No.39375727 [DELETED] 


But in relation to Madoka I wonder could a (despairing) Magical Girl do steps 4, 1 and 2 of this guide >>39375066 to draw other Magical Girls into a trap so that they're all stuck in her barrier when she transforms.

>> No.39375735


>> No.39375774

A Witch isn't going to do well against multiple magical girls, but if she's in despair, she's not thinking straight anyway. She'd have more luck with killing all their loved ones and hopefully getting a few more Witches from the trap.

>> No.39375785


But in relation to Madoka I wonder could a (despairing) Magical Girl do steps 4, 1 and 2 of this guide >>39375066 to draw other Magical Girls into a trap so that they're all stuck in her barrier when she transforms into a Witch.

>> No.39375834

Saturn didn't destroy a planet. She "ended the Silver Millenium"

Considering the Senshis, The Silver Millenium meeans at least the solar system.

Senshi of Destruction, bitch.

>> No.39375839


Well what if she wants it to stay between her and her enemies ?

Also part of her trap could be shock value as the Magical Girls in question (likely) wouldn't yet know where witches came from.

>> No.39375868

Then ambush and kill one, and witch out when the rest catch up to her. If she gets interrupted, she just witches out in front of them all instead after dropping the news on them as a final fuck-you and using up as much of their magic as she can by fighting them.

>> No.39375930


Well in the context I'm speaking of she'd be sitting on a milk crate waiting on them before the ambush begins (eating her favorite meal for the last time or something else).

Also I have to wonder how long the shock would last before the target Magical Girls are able to put up effective resistance against the witch.

>> No.39375949


First attempt at writefaggotry, a bit short.

While writing this I realized how terrifying having Incognito and not knowing it could be. You could break down crying in the street and nobody would notice if you weren't being extremely obvious about it. Just sitting there having an emotional breakdown with nobody noticing or offering help.

>> No.39375975

The dialogue about shadows at the end reads a bit strangely, but other than that looks good.

Long enough for hopefully a death or two. The real fun starts if the rest go insane, commit suicide, or start killing each other from the trauma. The beauty of the Witch reveal is that it's pretty much guaranteed to break or kill them in the long term even if they survive the trap.

>> No.39375988

>Also I have to wonder how long the shock would last
Depends on the girls, I'd think. Veteran girls like Kyoko, Mami and Homura will all unleash pretty epic levels of ass-kicking without too much provocation.

>> No.39376019

Mami'd lose her mind though.

>> No.39376070


I also have to wonder if her Witch would be any more powerful if she had Grief Seeds on her during the transformation.

Would her transformation consume those as well (perhaps adding to the newborn Witch's power) ?


>Kyoko, Mami and Homura

If its magical girls of their caliber I have to question if the Magical Girl in question would even survive to reach Witchhood.

>> No.39376098

Only if she's distracted.

>> No.39376151


Well its been shown if someone can bring her back to her senses that she can function in a fight after witnessing the truth.

>> No.39376160

>Would her transformation consume those as well (perhaps adding to the newborn Witch's power)?
I'd say insta-familiars based on the witches she got the grief seeds from.

>> No.39376173

How many of these new magical girls are going to be paranoid that the world follows madoka rules?

>> No.39376191


I'd have to wonder would it cause her witch to form into an instant "Walpurgis Night" style Witch.

Its said that Witch was actually several witches that had somehow coalesced into a single massive Witch.

>> No.39376227

Doesn't really make a difference in the end, if you're immortal. And the girls created on this board have a really wide range of personalities and motivations. I can't imagine Boss giving two figs either way.

>> No.39376234 [DELETED] 


>paranoid that the world follows madoka rules?

Well presumably they wouldn't know.

That being said a Magical Girl attempting to circumvent the Law of Cycles would be interesting.

That being said

>> No.39376262


>paranoid that the world follows madoka rules?

Well presumably they wouldn't know.

That being said a Magical Girl attempting to circumvent the Law of Cycles would be interesting.

>> No.39376333


Come to think of it how fair would Madoka's system be to someone who didn't want to go ?

>> No.39377693

>mfw my character was brought up again
Which one? You've got me wondering; I'll try not to bring them up unless it's in your hours.

>> No.39377706

I would think a simple inspection of one's personal belongings would prove that it's not a one-for-one copy, at least. No Soul Gem, no perfect replica.

>> No.39378282

To whomever updates the writefag archive: please note that I've doodled up a fresh vignette yesterday.


I'll probably fluff out my allies at some point today, and probably write the second part to this. story.

>> No.39378439

I've also finished the next chapter of the story I was working on. And made some edits to the first one.


I'm having a blast.

>> No.39379401


>> No.39379689


>> No.39380007

Darkness (+2 STR, +1VIT)
Melee (+1 STR, VIT)
Elaborate (+1 MAG)
Regeneration, (gold coin) Hammerspace
+2 STR, get out of jail free card, (silver coin) +2 STR, (silver coin) +2 STR, (silver coin) interdimensional home


>> No.39380042

New Girl Time!

AGI 9 (1 gold)
MAG 8 (1 silver)

Age: 16
Body: Well Developed
Specialization: Sound (1 Silver)
Weapons: Melee (Guitar)

Outfit: Skimpy
Power: Barrage

A way out
Enhanced Transformation
Eternal Style (1 silver)

>> No.39380184

Rolled 16, 19, 12, 5, 2, 9, 9, 12, 12, 11, 19, 3, 5, 7, 20 = 161 (15d20)

It's that time

>> No.39380228

Rolled 9, 4, 13, 17, 20, 14, 19, 7, 16, 15, 8 = 142 (11d20)

New thread etc

>> No.39380313

Going to try the point-build version...

Age: 16
Body: Well-Developed

MAG 21

Specialization: Gravity
Weapon: Magic
Outfit: Elaborate

Powers: Killing Blow, Third Eye

Enhanced Transformation
Eternal Style
Allies (+1 Mag)
+2 Mag
+2 Vit

Definitely lets me make something I like more, but it also makes a more guaranteed powerful girl for sure.

>> No.39381141

>Age (16+12)/2
>Body Type 19
Well Developed
>Specialization 12
Light; -1S to
Illusion +2 Str, +1 Vit
>Weapon 5
Melee; 1S to
Ranged +1 Agi, shards of a mirror
>Outfit 2
Skimpy +1 Agi, Short and loosely tied kimono hanging off the shoulders at the top revealing her cleavage.
>Magical Power 9
Barrage, Hall of Mirrors
Use 1G to purchae
Third Eye
>Perks 9, 12, 11, 19, 3
+2 Luck, Masculinity, Training, Backpack, +2 Vit
Use 1S to revise to:
+2 Luck, Closure +1 Luck, Training in Occult knowledge, Backpack, +2 Vit

>Str 4+2+1
>Vit 4+1+1
>Agi 4+1
>Mag 4+2
>Luck 4+2+1

Name: Tsuki
Description: Fair skinned, dark eyes, and dark hair kept short. She's above average in height, and well developed for her age. When transformed, she has on a skimpy kimono tied loosely around her waste and hanging from her shoulders to reveal her cleavage. The pattern changes with every transformation, but it remains intricate and, often, fractal.

History: Before becoming a magical girl, she was a student obsessed with the occult who dabbled in that modern magic that likes to call itself old. She haunted shrines and graveyards and places where spirits might linger. When she was turned, she found herself all too happy to hunt down and catalog the myriad supernaturals now open to her.

Skills: Tsuki became like a mirror in her transformation. She's fragile, yet her attacks are sharp and many. Her illusions disorientate her opponents like a hall of mirrors. Her largest attack is just that. She conjures up mirrors around her opponent and explodes them. The shards rain violently out on whoever is inside. Like in some old legends, she can link two mirrors together in order to observe from a distance using her third eye ability.

>> No.39382258

Rolled 5, 9, 18, 20, 6, 19, 20, 7, 20, 5, 9 = 138 (11d20)

First set of rolls this thread

>> No.39382320

A punchy drider with silk tentacles and a flowing costume that's impervious to damage. The reroll perks gave her a twin.

>> No.39383125

Rolled 4, 1, 16, 2, 18, 10, 11, 5, 17, 3, 12, 3, 17, 10, 1 = 130 (15d20)

/tg/, this Magical Girls Thread simply does not have enough Magical Girls in it. This is something we must remedy.

>> No.39383317

Rolled 12, 18, 11, 16, 5, 15, 4, 7, 14, 14, 7 = 123 (11d20)

Let's roll

>> No.39383353

Rolled 2, 10 = 12 (2d20)

Age 12
Well developed
Third Eye
+2 Agi
Get out of jail

Rerolling duplicate perks

>> No.39383383

Rolled 4, 19, 13, 6, 2, 10, 12, 1, 5, 20, 14, 11, 6 = 123 (13d20)

I'm with you, brother.

>> No.39384020

Rolled 5, 11, 12, 16, 18, 12, 4, 18, 11, 2, 11, 15, 4 = 139 (13d20)

Hey don't leave me behind

>> No.39384095


Both added.

>> No.39384099

dupe dupes...

>> No.39384133

Rolled 20, 19, 10, 11 = 60 (4d20)

and i forgot to reroll

>> No.39384278

Family name: Huyan (呼衍)
First name: Meijing (煤精)
Age 12
Well developed
Third Eye
Allies (+1 Mag)
+2 Agi
Get out of jail
Interdimensional bro

Str 10 (gold)
Vit 7 (silver)
Agi 9 (silver)
Mag 6
Luk 7 (silver)

So, you seek the aid of the great witch Meijing. As a matter of fact I do already know of that young woman that is bothering you.

I understand you're ready to pay the price, are you? Oh? No, I'm afraid money cannot buy my services.

Becoming my... servant? That will do. This shop could use some dusting, of the non-illusory kind, you know. Sign here my dear.

>> No.39385617

if you guys are still thinking of monster girls, can we get a dryad?

water/flower, balanced as fuck although a little campy.

might have some weird stuff to do with either water or plants going wild in her presence. possibly an forever rainfall that causes plants to grow out of control.

>> No.39385659

Dryad sounds good, might go well with Siren.

I'm personally hoping for some more regular magical girl powers. Maybe prophecy for a power that'd go well with third eye?

>> No.39385730

Cecilia Laurentine Anaphalaxis Rothenthrop III

Str: 5
Vit: 8
Agi: 6
Mag: 15 (gold, silver)
Lck: 6

8 years old
A baby-faced girl with curly, bouncy, reddish ringlets.


Training (acting)
+2 mag
+2 agi (silver from Twin Soul)
+2 vit
+2 luck (silver from Masculinity)

An energetic, intelligent girl, Cecilia has taken to her new life as a Magical Girl with glee. An embittered, disability-drawing young man before the transformation, she is unconstrained by any feelings of morality or love for her fellow man. She takes advantage of her appearance to manipulate those around her, and takes a bitter joy in the unhappiness of others. While she refuses to allow anyone to become truly close, one who managed to do so might find her caustic actions subsiding as the knots of loneliness and resentment in her heart were slowly unravelled.

In combat, Cecilia is vicious. Dressed as a Girl Scout and skipping lightly into battle, it is hard to take her seriously--until with a girlish bounce an anime-level oversized sledgehammer appears in her hands. The hammer is extremely heavy, and requires her to expend gravity magic to wield. She also uses localized wells of gravity to pin her opponents to walls or levitate them helplessly in the air, taunting them as they struggle.

Cecilia's transformation is fairly simple. "This warped binding now bound to ME!" in a rising shout, with a wink and grin, and all unanchored objects suddenly begin to subtly float. She slowly rises into the air as pieces of her costume appear on her body, until with a sudden clatter everything falls back to the ground.

Ruthless, uncaring and insincere, Cecilia takes what she wants, when she wants. She is not adverse to saving someone only to extort them herself, and has no problem killing humans. This activity has brought her to the attention of federal authorities, and she is currently wanted by the FBI in relation to numerous criminal acts on the east coast.

>> No.39385768

So is there anything saying a Magical Girl can't have horns ?

>> No.39385906


there is nothing saying your costume dosent give you horns if its elaborate or something.

I doubt they do any good for you however.

asides being used as handles.

>> No.39385955

>asides being used as handles.
Do horns have any other use anyways?

>> No.39386031

Not a thing.

>> No.39386085

You sound scary as fuck.
I love it..

>> No.39386290

(same guy)
thought about it.

might be fun. if not just an evil flower magical girl.

>> No.39386315


To be honest I always thought Tabitha and Penny from that game would make interesting (if sadistic) magical girls.

>> No.39386478

I'm not so bad, anon, once you get to know me.

>> No.39386548

If not dryads, than what about kelpies?

Darkness/illusion and water/plant; with the ability to polymorph themselves into a mass of water foliage to hide from threat. Or would that be too powerful?

>> No.39386739

Rolled 4, 14, 14, 16, 1, 6, 14, 8, 10, 15, 11 = 113 (11d20)

New thread, new victim

>> No.39387094

Had a powwow last night with my IRL buddies who rolled girls Sunday evening. Hashed out some names and descriptions, did some rough background filling, and two of us rebuilt our girls via point-buy to change out one perk apiece.

So on the left:
>Mina Markov
MAG 10
>14, average, Magic crystal ball, Water spec
>Asian, long black hair, slender face, small mouth. Average height.
Outfit: Uniform - Dark pin-striped suit with tie and black leather gloves.
> Focused Assault & Regeneration powers
>Perks: +2 magic, +2 luck, Closure, Enhanced Transformation, Big Backpack.

In the middle:
>Riley. Riley O’Reilley. Shaddup.
>15, Overdeveloped, Magic staff, Time spec
>Red, wavy, wild hair, untameable and unmanageable. Acne is back with a vengeance along jawline and temples, but has somewhat spared the actual face. Freckles, curves. Pale skin - will burn in the sun if out for too long. The eyes have stayed the same--hazel, but with a more European look. Straight up ginger.
>Flowing outfit - Skirt and peasant-girl style shirt, both of them with copious amounts of fabric, the kind that would swirl and spin if she twirled around… which she won’t. Comes in colors of greens and browns.
>Third Eye & Regeneration powers
>Perks: Training, Money, Allies, Big Backpack, Interdimensional Home

And on the right, myself:
STR: 7
MAG: 13
>16, overdeveloped, Melee glaive, Gravity spec
>6’4”, athlete’s build. Dark wavy hair just past shoulder length, amber eyes, high cheekbones, strong jaw & prominent nose. Light spray of freckles across her nose and cheekbones
>Elaborate outfit - Short Victorian bustle skirt, corset & sleevelets in matte black with violet accents and shiny black ribbons & bows.
>Regeneration & Killing Blow powers
>Perks: +2 AGI, Eternal Style, Enhanced Sustenance, Allies, Money

>> No.39387191

only if they have low vit naturally to off set the stealth kill stuff.

would be fun as hell however they get reckt in some city settings. unless they go sewer monster as well. [oh shit make the ideas stop]

my bro

>> No.39387223

Clearly our local Puchuu is of the opinion that if he's gonna have to replace his mahou shojo stable, he doesn't want to have to do it again for a while. Or maybe ever. Everyone gets regeneration, AND the group gets someone who can heal too.

>> No.39387288

hell at this point we might as well have a chart that says "if you rolled higher than 15 roll again on the monster girl chart"

more villains please.

>> No.39387338

Why do you hate heroes of justice, anon?

>> No.39387377

Strength:6(-1 silver)
Age:16 (-1 silver)
body: average
Ability: mental (-1 gold)
weapon: magic
outfit:elaborate(-1 silver)
Power: familiar
Other/extras: get out of jail, enhanced sustanance (+1 vit), closure (+1 luck), money, training (hitting things)

>> No.39387740

>"if you rolled higher than 15 roll again on the monster girl chart"
Higher than 16. 16 is Gravity.

Actually if it was just a 'roll on the villain chart' from 16-20, it wouldn't increase the number of monsters, just the variety.

>> No.39387785

That would be super fun, then I could be a cute werewolf girl and might be more tempted to actually use my coin in specializations if there's enough neat monster girls.

>> No.39387801

More mundane magical girls might be good too.

>> No.39387938

>mundane magical

>> No.39388024

Rolled 10, 7, 5, 11, 11, 18, 3, 1, 17, 9, 19, 15, 8, 15, 20 = 169 (15d20)

Let's see what the dice have for me today

>> No.39388030

Just some semi related art.

>> No.39388084


>> No.39388098

Sorry guys been busy with irl shit.

I updated my combat system again slightly.


When you enter an combat round, you have to assign 2 stats to attack, and 2 stats to defend.

You can only assign one stat to an combat role in this way.

I think now its playable.

>> No.39388116


Magical Girls have the capacity to be evil just like the monster girls have the capacity to be good.

There's nothing specifically stating one has to be good and one has to be bad.

>> No.39388176

On the other hand, the setting has open season on monstergirls and heavy implication that they'll be pushed to cause destruction by nature.

>> No.39388204

By my understanding: Magical Girls are compelled to maintain a natural balance by fighting monsters and supernatural threats to humanity (at least those create by Puchuu, this is open to interpretation for magical girls created by other beings), and are only able to overcome this through willpower. Conversely: monster girls are compelled to commit seemingly-innocuous acts that, through the machinations of fate, cause greater havoc and disharmony to ensue. Again, they can overcome this through a force of willpower. One could handwave these event into fruition via fluff, I suppose, since there's no 'willpower' state. But it creates for more tension to have it be more of an internal contest of wills in-character; rather than just saying 'Oh I'm super-willful and don't want to be bad/good, so now I'm not XD!"

>> No.39388322


Well of course the implication is that both are compelled toward their specific kind of the coin. But everyone can wrestle with their demons, it's part of the human condition.

At their core both the magical girl and the monster girl are both mostly human.

It makes for a good story for someone to always question their own motivations and try to throw down the hand that fate gave them.

>> No.39388332

Holly's definitely falling into the magical girl compulsion to the point where it largely defines her personality, at least at this point.

Moira's more "running away from my problems before I can stick around long enough to accidentally cause disharmony".

>> No.39388410

btw maybe we should make the 13 points change and make regular specializations free/2 for monstergirls since it's the same thing

>> No.39388526

Magical Girl Powers I would love to see:

Technomancy (Making technology work for you.)
Animals (Calling animals to do your bidding.)
Space (The distance between objects.)

Monster Girls, honestly I'd like it if monster girls were just corruptions of the original powers. Like fire could be Dragons, Ice could be Ghosts or something, Air could be harpies, Earth could be golems. Ect.

>> No.39388572

The hybrid powers seem workable though.

Maybe Barriers as a power? Entropy/antimagic?

>> No.39388651

Why feel the need to change something that changes nobody's character?

>> No.39388660


>> No.39388704

It's not simpler. You're going to have to write just as many words to describe the change as the current setup. It's just different.

>> No.39388931

Stats for my magical girl. I admit that I redid it a few times, but I always post what I naturally do it, and not fuck around with stats to what I precisely want.

Age: 10
Endowment: Budding
Specialty: Light 2+ Vit, +1 Mag
Weapon: Melee 1+ Str 1+ Vit
Style: Skimpy +1 Agi

Inter Dimensional home
Substance 1+ Vit
Closure 1+ Luck
Skill (Infiltration)
Get out of Jail.

STR: 4+1+4=9
VIT: 4+4= 8
AGI: 4+1+6 = 11
MAG: 4+1 = 5
Luck: 4+1 = 5

A decent character I suppose, with a generally consistent theme. This would make for a great "Runner" of sorts who are very capable of droping off whatever sorts of goods that you need to get picked up. A sort of anti-heroic sort of magical girl, or even a straight up villain with an odd twist to the light-based theme. In RPG terms. A skill-monkey, or rogue.

Age: 16
Endowment: Average
Mutation: Drider 4+ Mag, 1+ Everything not STR
Weapon: Magic +1 Mag
Outfit: Skimpy +1 Agi
Power: Third Eye

Inter dimensional home
Two Fives: +4 Mag
Allies +1 Luck
Substance 1+ Vit

STR: 4+0+6 = 10
VIT: 4+2+4 = 10
AGI: 4+2 = 6
MAG: 4+13 = 17
Luck: 4+2 = 6

Mary Sue alert? TBH I'd rather not play a monster girl, but whatcha gonna do?

>> No.39389020

Age 10, use one Silver coin to set to 13

Body 7

Specialization 5
Reinforcement +1Str, Agi, Mag

Weapon 11
Ranged +1 Agi

Outfit 11
Elaborate +1 Mag

Power 18
Regeneration Transferred to twin

Perks 3, 1, 17, 9, 19
+2 Vit, +2 Str, Twin Soul, +2 Luck, Big Backpack

Str 7*.7, 5
Agi 6*.7, 4
Vit 6*.7, 4
Mag 6*.7, 4, use 2 silver coins to set to 8
Luck 6*.7, 4

Age 15

Body 8

Outfit 15

Weapon 20


Str 5, use 1 gold coin to set to 9
Agi 4
Vit 4
Mag 4
Luck 4

Names: Cassie and Polly

Descriptions: Cassie and Polly are identical in appearance. They both have long, blond hair and pale, gray eyes. They wear matching lolita outfits, one black and the other white which they often trade. Cassie carries a bow while Polly fights up close with her fists. They fight by creating two layers of shields around Polly whose extreme strength can then overwhelm her opponents. If the shields fail, Polly has an enhanced ability to shake off and recover from wounds along with powerful heals from Cassie. It's a simple, but powerfully effective system.

>> No.39389151

>Two Fives: +4 Mag
You can't get the same perk twice. Duplicates are re-rolled.

>> No.39389315

>STR: 4+0+6 = 10
>VIT: 4+2+4 = 10
>AGI: 4+2 = 6
>MAG: 4+13 = 17
>Luck: 4+2 = 6

Where did the +6 in str come from?

So you spent an gold in VIT.

Correcting MAG bonus to an +9 because perks don't stack, means you're over the point limit offered by 3 silver and gold coins by 4.


>> No.39389414

>reading One Soldier's War in Chechnaya
>one character has "I LOVE YOU" carved into his back by his wife one night when they were both drunk
>Karla is going to be yandere

"Now everyone will know that I am your only love!"

>> No.39389821

I just kind of failed at math?


>> No.39390882

Rolled 18, 19, 16, 8, 5, 18, 2, 3, 13, 5, 20 = 127 (11d20)

Another day, another roll.

>> No.39390911

Rolled 15, 8, 13, 2, 13, 19, 15, 19, 12, 20, 13, 1, 17 = 167 (13d20)

Dice always.

>> No.39391464

Rolled 18, 3, 19, 12, 17, 6, 18, 2, 4, 20, 18, 16 = 153 (12d20)

Not going to happen, but here is hoping.

>> No.39391729


Author here. I'm keeping an eye out for ideas for potential future additions, but just don't expect it any time soon.

Due to the way the rolls are set up I can't just add new specialties one or two at a time, but need to add them in batches, so I'd need a large amount of viable ideas at once to make things work.

Also creatively I'm somewhat spent. Some of the specialties are already a bit similar in theme and mechanics, and I don't want to add things that are clones of each other and are different in name only.

Just saying I'm open to expanding this, just don't hold your breath for a big update any time soon.

>> No.39391942

Thanks for the image that started the fun- have you considered adding more powers/perks or expanding the setting?

>> No.39392018


I would consider it and new powers & perks would not hurt if I do end up adding new specialties. If you ever have suggestions feel free to make them, I do lurk these threads pretty often.

>> No.39392020

Anyone up for cowriting something? Having a yandere character loses a lot of it's fun when you have no-one for them to love.

>> No.39392077

Would if I wasn't already cowriting something, have you tried asking in IRC?

>> No.39392117

Are barrage and focused attack on par with killing blow, or is the stat bonus from that to make up for the "horribly tiring single attack aspect"?

>> No.39392182


Killing blow would deal far more damage than barrage and focused assault.

I imagine that if a magical girl was fighting against another one who is similar powered, a killing blow would finish off the opponent if it managed to hit her front on. An equal powered opponent can probably take a couple of full barrages or focused assault and still be standing, albeit in bad shape.

If this was a game, killing blow would probably have consumed most of your mana and put you in some kind of debuffed state. Where as barrage and focused assault would've been just special moves that consumed some mana, and did their thing.

>> No.39392311

I can volunteer my cowriting and one of my excessive supply of spare characters for the task, if you're interested. Preferred means of contact?

>> No.39392455

>Due to the way the rolls
I'd like to see the updates anyway, even if it's using weird dice like a 21 or 33.

>> No.39392479

3 Silver
1 Gold
Age 11

4(+1) str 5
4 vit
4(+1)(+2) agi 7
4(+2)(+2)(+2) mag 10
4(+1) luck 5

9 Average development
6 Mental magic (+2 mag, +1 luck)
12 Ranged (Crossbow, +1 agi)
6 Flowing (White minidress, +1 str)
15 Third eye
12 !(Masculinity) gain (+2 mag)
18 Incognito
19 Big backpack
14 Get out of jail
13 A way out

-1 gold (Shadow clones)
-1 silver (+2 mag)
-1 silver (+2 agi)

Name: Cara Mallory

Basically she attacks by inspiring sending an enchantin feeling of love and acceptance to a monster, and pulls out her crossbow and shooting it while it's dazed. If that doesn't work, she can plague it with an intense feeling a depression and apathy, and dance around the monster, shooting at it. Can use shadow clones to help with this, having the clones do the manipulation while she goes for a vital blow (or vice versa), and can use the clones as a decoy while she goes into hiding, inspiring intrigue to stall them.

Normally a fairly level headed person, she's much more prone to becoming emotional, since turning into a girl and losing her previous life has set her a bit on edge. Tries to remain calm, but can cause destruction with a vindictive smile when angered. Very nice to all those that are nice to her, however.

Occasionally blends in to the crowd and wanders off for no particular reason, to the frustration of her friends

>> No.39392569

Depends on the system. System independent though: Barrage explicitly gives you a wide area or rapidly spammable attack that is perfect for taking out hordes of weak foes. Focused Assault specifically gives you a more powerful than normal attack.

Killing Blow is exactly what it sounds like. It's Voltron forming the Blazing Sword and chopping the monster in two, it's Sailor Moon dusting the monster with a Moon Spiral Heart Attack. If this thing hits, your target is dead, dead, dead. If it misses, you better have some allies ready to cover your ass, because you just blew your whole magical load throwing it out there.

>> No.39392697

Maybe IRC? I'll probably have time to write tomorrow.

>> No.39392711

>tfw still no killing blow girl rolled

>> No.39392771

Point buy it or use your gold coin to get it as a bonus power. Honestly, I think Focused Assault is a bit better because it doesn't leave you super vulnerable, but if it floats your boat, pick it up.

>> No.39393231

Okay, get in touch tomorrow on the IRC, then. I may be occupied at the time, though; I'm likely to be free by 6 PM EST at the latest.

>> No.39393332


Part 2 to the story Azuma-chan


The master list with link to both part 1 and 2 is here:


I have not written in a long time so these are probably rough around the edges. This girl is slowly gaining her personality as I write more of her. She'll end up as some sort of murder-loli at this point.

>> No.39393491

So would it be possible to have a Magical Girl who has the ability to manipulate Entropy ?

>> No.39393611

You could probably do it with a sufficiently high level of dark or psychic magic, since dark magic largely features debuffs, so if you have a large well of magic and you spread it thin to debuff the stability of systems that could work. And psychic magic works with ambient emotional energy, so that could possibly work.

There isn't a specialization specifically for entropy though

>> No.39393760

How fascinating.

>> No.39393869


Added. Have I mentioned that I love hub posts that each author edit themselves, so I don't need to constantly maintain the list?

That said, you're right, it's pretty rough. Actually... as an underdeveloped 9-year old, have you even got the leg length and torso length to drive?

>> No.39394081

That reminds me, I still need to watch that anime

>> No.39394159

Right. I've got stuff at about 6:45 EST though, but I'll probably be available a couple hours after that.

>> No.39394272


Speaking of that, I wonder are Magical Girls more common in middle class urban areas or in slums.

Come to think of it I wonder are Witches (or Wraiths) found more in slums or middle-class urban areas.

>> No.39394326

Probably slums for both, since Witches are attracted to despair and negative emotions and contracts are probably more common if lower potential in slums.

>> No.39394456

I'm going to pull the happiness baseline effect and say that they're equally common everywhere.

They could be slightly more populous near schools and orphanages, because that's where kids spend a lot of time in.

>> No.39394598


That makes me wonder what a Magical Girl based on the story "The Little Match Girl" would be like.

>> No.39395555


>> No.39395938


Its a good thing Mami is there to supervise her.

>> No.39396070


Come to think of it I wonder what it would be like to have Magical Girls based on literary classics like Alice in Wonderland or Heart of Darkness.

>> No.39396153

Not a classic, but I could probably figure out a wheel of time magical girl. It already has reincarnation.

Maybe a dream specialization would work.

>> No.39396361


>dream specialization

Causing them, influencing them or manipulating them ?

>> No.39396487

Rolled 12, 9, 20, 14, 20, 20, 5, 20, 3, 1, 8, 16, 8, 11, 14 = 181 (15d20)

Let's do this (again)

>> No.39396631


It doesn't have to be a classic.

I think at this point my Magical Girl is a reference to Fantasia (or more specifically Chernabog).

>> No.39396711

VIT 11
AGI 7 (+2 from Silver)
MAG 15 (+4 from 2 Silver)

Age: 12
Body: Average
Specialization: Fallen Angel (+3 VIT, +2 MAG, +1 STR, +1 AGI)
Weapon: Magic (+1 MAG)
Outfit: Uniform (+1 VIT)
Magical Powers: Tentacle fun (thorny vines), Power of Friendship (gold)
Perks: +2 MAG, Eternal Style, +2 VIT, +2 STR, Enhanced Sustenance (+1 VIT)

"Hello, friend. Can I interest you in a mutually beneficial business arrangement? You'll find that working with my agency is very fulfilling."

>> No.39396799

In Madokaverse, she would wish for a for a family. Karmic backlash would cause her to lose them in a fire, then she would become a witch and burn the entire town down.

Although, she could also become an ice witch and bury the town in a blizzard until the last people give out or start to eat each other.

>> No.39396968


>would become a witch and burn the entire town down.

That makes me question how the Great Fires of London might really have been started in that world then.

>> No.39397149

If there's a corruption buy system like in magical burst that would be cool. Buy a stat gain or unique power for X corruption, and then spend your corruption on drawbacks, like paranoia that reduces teamwork efficiency, mutation which affects social interaction, narcolepsy which limits how long you can hunt or fight each day without getting tired nymphomania which lowers your social ability with other magical girls or if you get enough either become a dark magical girl or get monster corruption.

>> No.39397205



I guess that answers a question I had.

>> No.39397209

Rolled 17, 9, 3, 15, 9, 10, 1, 8, 7, 16, 1 = 96 (11d20)

Anyone looking for art, look no further, there's a thread running right now for magical girl art!

Dark, guess Kyubey got what he had coming if he pulled shit like that
Kyubey did nothing wrong, and I would do the same in a fucking heartbeat

Also, rolling

>> No.39397247

Rolled 16 (1d20)

Alright let's go
Age: 15
Development: Average
Specialisation: Air +3 Edgy
Weapon: Magic +1 Mag
Outfit: Flowing +1 Str
Power: Barrage
Rerolling for double 1 perk

>> No.39397251

Rolled 8 (1d20)

Rerolling for second 16 goddamn

>> No.39397268

Rolled 8, 2, 8 = 18 (3d20)



>> No.39397292

Hope you like your Bro, bro.

>> No.39397400


Age: 15
Development: Average
Specialisation: Air +3 Edgy
Weapon: Magic +1 Mag
Outfit: Flowing +1 Str
Power: Barrage + Gold (Power of Friendship)
Perks: +2 Str, Enhanced Sustenance +1 Vit, +2 Agi, Enhanced Transformation, Interdimensional Bro

Str - 7
Vit - 5
Agi - 11 (silver)
Mag - 7 (silver)
Luck - 6 (silver)

Dark and brooding, Mangolia was happily living a divorced life as a low wage salesman with no disposable income and no promotion prospect, until that fateful night her life was ripped away and destroyed.

Naturally she's conflicted; living her entire life, not knowing who she truly is with nothing but superhuman abilities and no responsibilities to console her, tragic. I hear she crashes with Eyth- whatsit, that stoner guy, smoking away the pain no doubt.

No, she's not really a capable fighter, tends to overexert herself with that wind barrage. Doesn't really play well with others either, and won't listen to orders so better make her team leader. Oh that's right, she's so... quite and removed, no she'd be a terrible leader.

She also gets happy confused with sad. Trust me, this magical girl thing is awful. That's the only reason she's smiling, she mixed up sad and happy. She's totally broken and there's no way you should partner with her, I've got way more experience.

- Lissa the Waif on Mangolia

>> No.39397590

So when it comes to weapons is there anything saying they can't be odd or exotic ?

For example would a Magical Girl swinging an (magical) anchor around as a weapon be too odd ?

>> No.39397609

Rolled 12, 10, 12, 15, 3, 18, 3, 12, 2, 15, 19, 11, 15, 16, 15 = 178 (15d20)

I haven't rolled up a new magical girl in a few threads, I may as well do that now.

>> No.39397617

i have a comic book instead of a grimoire. I think pretty much anything is okay because magic.

>> No.39397629

I have an umbrella! It helps keep the rainy days away, and reminds us better times are just around the corner! Yay!

>> No.39397634

I think it's pretty hard to get too odd.

>> No.39397670

What if my Magical Girl has a Magical Girl as her melee weapon?

>> No.39397691

Good use for twin soul.

>> No.39397696


>What if my Magical Girl has a Magical Girl as her melee weapon?

Reminds me of that Magical Girl that shares the same body with her sister.

>> No.39397721

well im glad you made use of that dead body you made on the night you became a magical girl.

>> No.39397750

That's edgy. Even for me.

>> No.39397765

I honestly plan on making a girl who does such a thing.

possibly as a magical tool, using the leftover energy from her to do stuff.

if your going to be evil then new options and horizons open up.

>> No.39397778

Not evil
Join me sister. We shall wear BLACKCRIMSON which is like a whole new dark shade of black. It's so misunderstood

>> No.39397785

Rolled 12, 7, 9, 19, 15, 12, 2, 4, 14, 14, 6, 15, 7, 9 = 145 (14d20)

Trying for totally random. Might try point buy in a bit, but randomly rolling each thread is part of the fun.

>> No.39397793


Speaking of which is there anything saying a (renegade) Magical Girl can't be wanted (as in criminal) by other Magical Girls ?

>> No.39397814

Nothing at all. From thread reoleplaying, we've had girls being anything from lawful stupid, to magical mercs and dickass thieves, to being actively siding with the monsters and hating puchuu

>> No.39397853



What about incompetent ?

>> No.39397858

There's nothing wrong with a magical girl transformation that comes with built-in handles, right?

LUCK 4 + 4(GOLD)
Age: 12
Flowers (SILVER, was Light)
Magic, I'm never really sure what to do for magic weapons.
Vit+2, Incognito, Enhanced Transformation (SILVER, was Interdimensional Bro), Money, Big Backpack

Sleeping in trees and getting nature is pretty easy when you can control plant-life, and it really negates the need for a house. The fact that people tend to forget the seemingly homeless girl shortly after seeing her also helps with the relaxed lifestyle it causes.

Of course, going to internet cafes and the like for charging up the laptop that comes with the backpack is also important, but not only is it incredibly cheap when you can throw money around like it's nothing, but half the time paying isn't even a worry.

>> No.39397860

From what I've seen on this website, I always assumed those two were the same thing

>> No.39398022


> edgy

That reminds me of the Magical Girl that is a reference to the Blue Oyster Cult and the Death Grips.

>> No.39398355

>12, 7, 9, 19, 15, 12, 2, 4, 14, 14, 6, 15, 7, 912
Age: 12
Average Body Type
Sound: +2 Mag, +1 Luck
-Fist (1 Silver, Change to Magic Weapon: +1 Mag.... was thinking a douchey acoustic guitar)
-Elaborate Outfit: +1 Mag
-Power of Friendship
-Interdimensional Bro
-Allies: +1 Luck
-Get out of Jail ( 1 Silver Changed to Masculinity)
-Interdimensional Home

Str: 4
Agi: 4
Vit: 4
Mag: 10 (+2 From Silver)
Luck: 10 (+4 From Gold)

All this focus on buffs, friends, and literally every ally based power just SCREAMED harem comedy, so I picked masculinity

>> No.39398372

Is your image a French TV show? It just looks... French to me

>> No.39398389

Rolled 17, 15, 5, 6, 1, 10, 11, 7, 8, 6, 20 = 106 (11d20)

The thread dies, but magical girls go on

>> No.39398563

AGE: 15
Development: Well Developed
Specialty: Re-enforcement +1 Str +1 Agi + 1 Mag
Weapon: Melee +1 Str +1 Vit - Large Kite Shield
Outfit: Skimpy +1 Agi
Ability: Barrage - Silver: Regeneration

1) Training - Animation
2) +2 Agi
3) Enhanced Sustenance +1 Vit
4) Interdimensional Home
5) Eternal Beauty

Str - 6
Vit - 6
Agi - 8
Mag - 8 (GOLD)
Luck - 8 (2x Silver)

Reece loved Dark Souls. He loved it so much that when offered a chance to fight real life demons and face death and dismemberment he obviously said words along the lines of "Fuck that shit".

After being turned into a girl, he- SHE decided to put her years of punishingly hard game experience to good use and took a shield. Of course, she's yet to realise she needs friends or allies to actually be any good.

Perhaps she might find a computer somewhere down the road, or friends to teach her and form a team with. Maybe she'll discover she has developed skills in computer animation that would stop people asking "When's the next episode?".

Most likely she'll find out the hard way she's a walking beauty queen who smells like cinnamon and sundrops, and looks way older than she currently is. For a NEET, that's probably going to be worth watching for that alone.

>> No.39398911

Rolled 17, 11, 15, 5, 16, 14, 12, 13, 1, 6, 13, 2, 11 = 136 (13d20)

The thread dies, but the magical girls live on.

>> No.39399269

Rolled 14, 1, 17, 15, 17, 15, 6, 1, 8, 5, 20 = 119 (11d20)

Next thread im going to post all the girls I've rolled.

>> No.39399327


Probably, based on the occasional news reports of really young kids who'd drive off in the family car only to crash it a few miles down the road.

>> No.39399447

10 year old undeveloped lamia

Str 11
Vit 6
Agi 4 silver to 6
Mag 7 silver twice to 11
Luck 4

Uniform to be decided
Weapon magical to be decided

Third eye
Tentacle fun (gold)

Interdimensional home
Enhanced sustenance
+2 mag
Eternal style

... Not too interesting yet... Needs a hook..

>> No.39399816

Rolled 20, 21, 6, 30, 6, 20, 10, 19, 23, 9 = 164 (10d30)


Testing something, don't mind me.

>> No.39399989

Rolled 11, 15, 18, 5, 10, 14, 9, 14, 10, 13, 15 = 134 (11d20)

I've got a fever, and the only prescription... Is more rolling!

>> No.39400313

remember: if your rolling lasts longer than four hours, please consult your doctor

>> No.39400583

Rolled 6, 15, 5, 6, 6, 8, 5, 6, 8, 16, 5 = 86 (11d20)

I need help

>> No.39401444

Drider ahead try rolling

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