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It's been a really long night, and you could use a cup of coffee and a seat. But a normal coffee and seat, not the boiling hot paper cup of the stuff that just smacked into the side of your head closely followed by a stool.

Snarling, you release the elf you've got a hold of and turn to the location of the thrown items to reveal an ork that is clearly shitting itself. A swift leap and he's on the ground under you, your gnarled fists crashing into his worthless fucking skull again and again until it splits open, a wash of gore coating the floor and windows. A scream comes from behind the counter, the cashier whining as loud as the children being rushed into the comparative safety of the storm outside the restaurant by their parents.

Breathing lightly, you turn to look at the gagging elf you had pinned before and fish around on the floor in the pool of fluids for the photo you were holding before. You stand on the miserable shit-eating knife-ear' chest, wipe what you think is a bit of brain (Eyeball, maybe) from your face) and consider how you want to ask the elf about the whereabouts of the person in the picture.

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