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Roll magical girls, write backgrounds and fanfiction, argue about assorted skub. Social rules soon.

Talk about anything and everything. Fuck the poh-lees. Suggested topics include:
• Play systems
• Build validity
• Fluff expansion
• Bitching
• And assorted controversy
Writefag Archive: http://pastebin.com/rSvTGQzP
Freeform Rules: http://pastebin.com/tvtc8y42
IRC doc archive: http://pastebin.com/u/MagicalGirlPastebin

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Magical Girl CYOA - Less Rolling Mod

Total: 15 Points

7 - 16 years, free choice

Body Development:
Free choice

2 for those that give stats, except monster girls
4 for monster girls

Free choice
-Can purchase a second weapon for 2 points

Free Choice

Magical Powers:
First is free, except Killing Blow
-Can purchase more powers for an increasing point cost depending on how many you already have, (2 for the second, 4 for the third, 6 for the fourth, etc.)

1 for any
-limit of 5 perks

1 point per +1 to a stat

They get the same gear you do for no additional cost, can pay for a change at normal costs.
They get each 10 independent points you can spend on them.
Killing Blow
-Killing Blow is +1 cost to x

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writefag I did for this last night.

Probably horrible but here it is:


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Rolled 8, 19, 14, 15, 1, 11, 9, 7, 13, 11, 17, 12, 10 = 147 (13d20)

>lost count of thread# edition
Pretty sure this one is number twelve.
New thread, new roll.

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Rolled 8, 12, 6, 18, 9, 12, 7, 4, 13, 17, 2, 18 = 126 (12d20)

>New thread, new roll.

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Still recommending that everyone get a free specialization with monsters costing 2, and the points be reduced to 13.

On the other hand, we could also do a "Make a Monster" rule - pick two specializations and a thematically-appropriate monster type which you become.

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>Social rules never edition

Reposting and editing the magical girl character I rolled up last thread. Might write up her having an encounter with a monster or monstergirl at some point.

>Holly Ward

VIT 4+1=5
AGI 4+2+2=8
MAG 4+1+1+4=10 (Gold)
LUCK 4+1=5

Age: 6+1=7 (Silver to 16)
Development: 12 (Average)
Power: 9-1=8 (Silver -1) Lightning (+2 Agi, +1 Mag)
Weapon: 14 (Magic, +1 Mag) Lightning Rod
Outfit: 17, Uniform- a cross between a uniform and an old fashioned aviator's costume, complete with cap and jacket. (+1 Vit)
Power: 7, Focused Assault
+2 Agi
Closure (+1 Luck)
Training (Play Guitar)
Get Out of Jail
Big Backpack

After the usual early hiccups and traumatic incidents, Holly settles into her new role as a hero of justice surprisingly well.

Short and somewhat scrawny, Holly's chipper, argumentative, and vocal. Quick to action, quick to break out the magical lightning when she sees a problem, and all around quick, she's just as fast at getting herself into trouble or saying too much. Most of that's from the personality changes, but throwing herself into her duties as a magical girl and the power at her fingertips makes it easier for her to ignore the shadier aspects of things.

Holly's somewhat scatterbrained when it comes to details. She sees herself as a superhero(ine)/monster hunter. She's likely to cause herself plenty of problems when she's blundering around on her own, even with a bag full of money to start with and the ability to literally get out of jail free.

She has no idea at all why she's suddenly a prodigy at the electric guitar. She didn't even like that kind of music much before.

At the start, she's pretty much on autopilot while trying to get to grips with what just happened.

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>anon rolls psychic
>anon quoting that anon rolls mental
/tg/ dice have a rather basic sense of humor.

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Rolled 13, 17, 19, 11 = 60 (4d20)


>10 years old, hella developed
I shall follow Quasar Black's shining example and let this make me not just tits, but also bigger in general.
>Magic weapon
This crystal ball is totally legit, I swear.
>Skimpy outfit
I can design this after the twin roll is in.
>The Power of Friendship
Yeah, maybe I'm just telling people what they want to hear. Is that really so wrong if I'm not lying?
>+2 LCK
>+2 AGI
>A Way Out (SILVER) Interdimensional Home
I kind of need somewhere to live. Especially with the extra food costs from...
>Twin Soul
Which is why the four extra dice.
>Training: Oratory

Stat math to be done after twin rolls are in.

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Rolled 14, 6, 17, 15, 7, 12, 11, 1, 20, 6, 13, 7 = 129 (12d20)


>> No.39341802

Rolled 1 (1d10)

Missed the age bit

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Rolled 7, 19, 1, 2, 14, 16, 12, 5, 9, 3, 4 = 92 (11d20)

New thread, new roll.

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>Soul Twin is 13, much tits, fist user, adds Elaborate to the pair's costume design
Oneesan and I have pretty similar outfits, actually. I just wish she'd stop being so lewd about it.
>GOLD: Tentacle Fun for the twin
And she really needs to cut it out with the telekinetic groping! Jeez! It's not like she doesn't have a body of her own! This is what I get for letting half of me get all of the sex drive.

>final stats

Hannah and Nora's psychic readings. Learn your future for only $29.95! And please ignore Nora hitting on you, she does that to almost everyone.

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Man, if you knew me, you'd think I cheated on my rolls, but here's what I rolled. Backstory and stuff to come later.

Str = 4 +2
Vit = 4 +4
Agi = 4
Mag = 4 +2
Luck = 4 +2

Age: 6+4 = 10
Body Development: 6 (Underdeveloped)
Specialization: 7 (Time: +1 Agi and +2 Luck)
Weapon Type: 19 (Fist: +2 Str)
Outfit: 15 (Elaborate: +1 Mag)
Magical Powers: 10 (Barrage)
Misc Perks: 16 (Enhanced Transformation), 15 (Money), 9 (+2 Luck), 12 (Masculinity), 11 (Training)

Str = 6 +2 (Fist)
Vit = 8
Agi = 4 +1 (Time)
Mag = 6 +1 (Elaborate)
Luck = 6 +2 (Time) +2 (Perk)

Final Stats:
Str = 8
Vit = 8
Agi = 5
Mag = 7
Luck = 10

I missed out that I coulda bought an extra power though. Oh well.

So I've got an underdeveloped 10 year old boy who is stronger and tougher than he looks. He compensates for his speed via Time manipulation (kinetic vision?). Quite a lot of luck as well.

In addition to Time manipulation, he's able to deliver a barrage of blows. And I'm gonna say his training is in martial arts. So we're talking Kenshiro type stuff here.

I suppose I could have put that Silver Coin in Agi to his Str to compensate for his lack of power, but I figure

>> No.39342937

Age 38
Specialization earth
Weapon meele

Vit 3
Mag 2
Str 4
Agi 4
Luck 4


>> No.39343006

Replace the 14 with >>39341802

Serra Glade

Str 4+2+1+1+1=9
Vit 4+1+1=6
Agi 4+2=6 (Silver)
Mag 4+3+2+1=10
luk 4

Developement:6 (Underdeveloped)
Power:17 Lamia (+3mag,+2mag,+1str,+1vit)
Weapon:15 (Magic, +1mag) (Gold, Melee +1 str, +1 vit) Staff
outfit:7 (Flowing, +1str) Sunday dress
Power:12 (Power of friendship)
training (silver) Incognito
Eternal Style
Interdimensional home
A way out (Silver) Enchanced Transformation

Accidental vechiular man-slaughter was bad, getting turned into a 7 year old half snake-girl just so the whatever that was would run off screaming wasn't making this any better.

Serra is quiet and timid, unsure of how others will treat her. Not one to seek out confrontation Serra instead prefers to quietly take things she feels compelled to grab. If confronted Serra is hesitant to fight but can perform well with an offensive mix of both ranged, and melee thats supplemented well with both fire, and ice but won't strike a killing blow. Serra will usually offer back whatever she took in return for friendship, just don't ever expect her to stop taking things that don't belong to her.

>> No.39343157

OP before I start rolling I'd like to clarify some things if you don't mind.
1) Is creativity in power use encouraged or is it fixed to a number of spells? Cause there are a few interesting aplications of a few powers that I can think off from the top of my head like "mass driving" objects to supersonic speeds and flying with inertialess propulsion at highest levels of gravity affinity.
2) If a player rolls "elaborate outfit" does it have to be a dress or it can just be insanely fancy?
3) Can a player choose unconventional weapons based off modern analogues as long as they are as powerful as their existing analogues? Like DEWs or "powered"(with thrusters) mele weapons
4) Does "shield plus melee" count as 2 weapons or does it take a golden coin
5) Can "enhanced transformation" be used to make it "less flashy" or it just speeds up the process?
6) What is the policy of using the power without transforming in your setting(completely impossible or just a debuff)?

>> No.39343197

Rolled 4, 9, 3, 17, 18, 14, 4, 5, 7, 20, 19, 18 = 138 (12d20)

Rollan, age roll is last number of post. Spending all coins on Luck, +10. Few extra rolls for duplicate perks.

>> No.39343276


Far as I know or think...

1) Encouraged. "OP" powers not so much - we're all doing our best for balance and interesting mechanics. For instance, I grow my arrows from seeds as I draw them from my pocket, and scatter arcs of flowers in the air which act as free-floating turrets.

2) Elaborate is just fancy. Go Prussian military if you'd like.

3) Yeah, sure. Flavor's all you.

4) I'd count it as one. The shield doesn't have mechanics right now, except through the Reinforcement specialization, but I don't see why you shouldn't have one.

5) It's probably got to be flashy either way, but enhanced definitely makes it less likely to get spotted - I imagine you running, then being behind a bus for a moment, there's a flash of light, and out the other side comes the magical girl.

6) I think it's a total no-go for offensive powers, but latent things - the ability to talk to plants for me, maybe the mind reading of a psychic girl, fire/cold resistance for a girl of those specialties - are golden. That's just my two cents, though.

>> No.39343286

>"powered"(with thrusters) mele weapons
The image for melee is exactly that, wouldn't make sense if it wasn't allowed.

>> No.39343439

Seems like you magical girls need a true foe.

Str 4
Vit 5
Agi 5
Mag 10
Luck 6

Age:15, Well Developed
Power: Drider
Weapon: Magic
Outfit: Elaborate (Lacy dresses with many frills)
Power: Third (and 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th) Eye
Perks: Incognito, Inter-dimensional Home, Enhanced Transformation, Eternal Style, Closure.

Miss Arachne as she is now known, revels in her new found powers. She seems to take pleasure in capturing and torturing Magical Girls, before eventually letting them go. She doesn't seem to actually want to kill anyone just toy with those who have gotten the "better" side of the magical coin.

>> No.39343498

Sounds like you just managed to give Holly >>39341170 an entire set of justifications for hunting down monstergirls if she ever heard about it.

"You. You're...you're just sick and wrong, and you need to go down. I'm going to FRY you, you sick freak!"

What's Arachne's policy on other monstergirls?

>> No.39343571

1) Great. There is just a big problem with magical girl settings about this subject. In one setting you have to shout out each attack name and in other setting you can use the power like a "marvel superhero"
2) I was thinking of fancy "masterwork" steampunk exoskeletons
5) I mean about shouting the transformation phrase. Hope actual "shouting" is less required as it is realy counterproductive in combination with stealth
6) And what about physical stats?

>> No.39343576

>Rolled 4, 9, 3, 17, 18, 14, 4, 5, 7, 20, 19, 18
Coin bonuses: +10 Luck
Age: 13
Body: Underdeveloped
Specialization: Sound (+2 MAG, +1 LUC)
Weapon: Melee (+1 STR, +1 VIT)
Clothes: Uniform (+1 VIT)
Ability: Regeneration
Perks: Get out of jail, Allies (+1 VIT), +2 MAG, +2 AGI, Eternal Style
LUC 15

Considering that my Luck is this high, I might be able to convince my relatives and friends that I'm me, and somehow get documentation to be able to work. Failing that, I can always play in the subways or on the street for change.

I bash people in the head with my trusty old Stratocaster, which has been modded with a small but loud built-in amp for musical attacks.

I'm envisioning something between Haruko in terms of fighting style and Yui in terms of personality. This weeaboo fightan is just an obligation I have to deal with while living an SoL with my roommates.

>> No.39343586

>only one 10+ stat
>monster girl

dont do it man.
at best your monster of the week tier.
at worst you'll die horribly.

>> No.39343600

She feels a kinship to them. Her sadistic tendencies are only towards regular Magical Girls.

>> No.39343639

Well, I could use the Silver that I used for closure to take Get out of Jail instead. More of a recurring Villain, rather then a true BBEG

>> No.39343703

Get out of Jail only works when you're imprisoned against your will.

>> No.39343711

Hmm... Transformation phrases. Holly'd probably want to rip off "Shazam" first, then the green lantern oath, before making up something a bit more original, if stupid-sounding.

"Day or night, fight for what's right, and burn away the dark! Let lightning strike! Justice smite! And spread hope's light anew!"

Neither I nor the character am a poet nor particularly original.

>> No.39343750

I think I've got my transformation phrase down.

I think it's time we blow this scene. Get everybody and the stuff together. OK, 3, 2, 1 let's jam!

>> No.39343829

>CYOA-created monster girl
> staying dead
They respawn just like regular MGs.
Which really makes me wish there were rules for custom monster girls. Darksign when?

>> No.39343855

[Saxophone intensifies]

>> No.39344518

I finidhed the story I was working on last night. I'm not thrilled with how it turned out, or how it ended up taking three pages t do so. But here it is, my tribute to the community.

>> No.39344819

>tribute to the community.
Even me?

>> No.39344842

I liked it, are you going to do more?

>> No.39344938

>Fluff expansion
Suggested ideas:

Add information on the starting city.
Otherwordly locations.
Describe the factions, you'd expect factions to have different ideas on how magic is supposed to be used, or working for different employers.
NPCs (i.e. interdimensional conqueror villainesses, mascots, non-magical girl monsters and mortals).

>> No.39344982

>Add information on the starting city.
You should already know where you live.

>> No.39344987

Maybe, but probably not tonight if I do. I would have to think on it for a bit, still wrestling with some of the characterization.

Yes, even you.

>> No.39345010

So all the talk about this cross-culture city that I recall from the earlier threads was for naught?

>> No.39345040

Rolled 4, 8, 8, 4, 16, 17, 20, 18, 12, 3, 9 = 119 (11d20)


>> No.39345079

Pretty sure I've not missed any threads.
Pretty sure that wasn't a thing.

>> No.39345111

>that choice of pics
Best fallen angel confirmed.

>> No.39345183


I vaguely recall something like that, but I think it was something in the works for a game based on the cyoa.

Though I guess it does kind of make sense to get some information straightened out, for the authors that plan on encountering other people in the threads. The best idea for now is probably to be vague enough that you could reasonably say you're in the same general area starting off, maybe just outside the city or in a nearby town.

>> No.39345203 [SPOILER] 



Age 16
Well Developed



Shadow Clones

Eternal Style

strength 7
vitality 11
agility 7
magic 9
luck 6

>> No.39345266

I'm just hoping they don't pick some Tokyo clone.

>> No.39345360

Posting progress on Josie's costume edit, then I'm going to edit the first chapter and write a second. Maybe I'll make a new girl along the way.

>> No.39345453

I don't think the dying part is the issue.
Capture or endless torment is also on the menu, especially with monster girls that have 9+vit without the stats to make use of it.

>> No.39345455


I think they were leaning more towards using America to allow hammerspace users to store lots and lots of guns or something.

And now I'm amused, imagining it to be in the American south. Magical girls running around in daisy dukes with thick accents.

>> No.39345479

Rolled 5, 1, 14, 17, 7, 13, 13, 4, 6, 7, 15 = 102 (11d20)


>> No.39345618

Actually it would make sense for Puchuu to pick people in a single (large) geographic area to transform. Especially when you consider that there may be other Critters doing the same.

A critter based off of transforming people into shonen protagonist-esque spiral powered young guys could be "over there" and he and Puchuu are in an efficiency competition.

Puchuu doesn't want monster girls dead because of any inherent evil ( it doesn't care about that) they are just an unexpected wrinkle he wants ironed.

>> No.39345765

Rolled 9, 3, 10, 13, 15, 1, 16, 20, 13, 11, 10 = 121 (11d20)


>> No.39345923

Rolled 1, 11, 15, 11, 1, 14, 18, 8, 14, 12, 19 = 124 (11d20)

First time, Ho!

>> No.39346085

Neither the author nor the guy you're replying to, but here's my two cents.

>There is just a big problem with magical girl settings about this subject. In one setting you have to shout out each attack name and in other setting you can use the power like a "marvel superhero"
The author specifies that Killing Blow needs to be named and announced, anime-style, as it's performed. This implies that other abilities do not need to be. For the most part, just make up your own magic applications. Just keep in mind, you're a beginner when first creating, and haven't gained full control over your magic yet and probably won't for awhile.
>2) I was thinking of fancy "masterwork" steampunk exoskeletons
That sounds really cool.
>5) I mean about shouting the transformation phrase. Hope actual "shouting" is less required as it is realy counterproductive in combination with stealth
The transformation isn't supposed to be stealthy, I imagine it's difficult not to attract attention with it. Nothing saying you can't transform well-in-advance though, in the privacy of your own living room.
6) And what about physical stats?
An untransformed magical girl is usually pretty damn human, in most depictions I've encountered. A couple tiny flavor-abilities might bleed through, but they're weak enough to be just this side of completely fucking useless.

The transformation is kinda important. It's the divider between "normal girl" and "okay, powers now, let's fight". In the first incarnation, the protagonist is usually putting the bulk of her energy into real-life type considerations, like grades, a part-time job, her friends, her parents, cheerleading practice, etc. The transformation marks going from natural to supernatural, afterwards the girl is ignoring real-life considerations and is fighting crime, monsters or demons or whatever. Usually monsters, common criminals have about as much a chance against a magical girl as they do any other superhero.

>> No.39346118

Rolled 7, 9, 19, 14, 5, 4, 4, 20, 11, 14, 11 = 118 (11d20)


>> No.39346198


Yeah... I can see why you're saying 'pretty horrible.' You swap tenses a bunch - stick with either present tense or past tense - either this is being told as it happens or it's all being related after the fact. There's some awkward word choice and descriptions are pretty light.

Still, you named yourself, which means I can't give you a terrible name. You're on the list.

List is getting a bit long, I think once I get one or two more submissions I'll separate it into serials and one-shots.

>> No.39346260

Rolled 8, 1, 16, 14, 7, 8, 10, 13, 19, 16, 14 = 126 (11d20)


>> No.39346446

You didn't quite understand my last question. I was asking about actual stats like strength, agility and vitality. For example let's pretend that I have a character with huge strength parameter. Does that mean that if I detransform it flushes to 4?

>> No.39346453

I think I made Lucinda back in thread 2 maybe...? Regardless, reposting her since she would totally team up with this asshole in a heartbeat:

She's perfectly happy as a minion/enforcer/bodyguard, and takes all orders completely literally and performs them with speed and efficiency.


Str: 4
Vit: 5
Agi: 13 (gold)
Mag: 12 (3 silver)
Lck: 8

9 years old
Well Developed

Air Specialization
Time Specialization
Ranged Fighter
Elaborate Outfit
Hammer Space

Interdimensional Home
Get Out of Jail
Gain +2 Luck
Enhanced Transformation

Lucinda is a pale, unnaturally calm and deeply troubled little girl. The promise of transformation from overweight neckbeard to magical girl was received with such joy, only to have that vision snatched away, and replaced with an unfurling of wings, a gnawing thirst and a vow of destruction. As her mind grew younger and the sadness and disappointment flooded through her, something in poor Lucinda just … broke.

And yet a strange sort of luck was with her that night. Two other vampire girls, drawn to her power, found her wandering dazedly down the road and took pity on her. Taking her hands, they taught her how to reach beyond this reality into another plane, where girls like her are granted homes. They stayed with her there for days, speaking slowly and gently, and began to teach her about her new life.

Lucinda fights with a strange detachment, as if she never quite cares what happens. She remains a deadly opponent though, capable of extreme bursts of speed. Though she can command the wind and even make it cut like a blade from afar, she seldom uses the ability and prefers guns.

She spends the days in her interdimensional dorm room and wanders, often seemingly at random, during the nights.

>> No.39346485

Probably less than 4, actually, since 4 is a normal, healthy adult, and most characters are adolescent girls.

But yes, an untransformed girl probably has the same level of stats as any other normal human girl her age.

>> No.39346585

Not the OP, but another anon's $.02 along the lines of >>39346085.

1) Killing Blow is explicitly a named attack along the lines of Sailor Moon's finisher that always kills the monster if it connects. For the rest of the magic, make it up as you go. You're still a novice magical girl, but you don't necessarily have to limit yourself to a single named attack or anything. My headcanon is that if your MAG stat is low, you're limited to preset spells. High MAG lets you play around with your powers.

2) Elaborate is elaborate - I went with a short Victorian bustle skirt and corset adorned by ribbons, but I suppose you could also go with an outfit made out of belts or a full highland garb with tassels and flashes and brooches or some other ridiculously elaborate shonen outfit. As for steampunk exoskeletons, I don't see why not, but it wouldn't give you a stat boost or anything.

3) I don't see why not, just remember its probably powered by your magic, so if you get exhausted it'll be a useless lump as opposed to other realworld weapons which will still be sharp & balanced or capable of firing regular ammo.

4) There's no special category for shield. Just roll it into melee, so sword and board is a valid melee choice the way two daggers would be since they're still just melee. I wouldn't say you need to gold coin for it.

5) Mostly just speeds it up, makes it uninterruptible and you are invincible while it happens. Doesn't make it any less flashy, other than being shorter.

6)I'm with the other anons - latent powers like senses and other passive things are fine. I'm on the fence about regeneration. Offensive and direct application utilities are out unless you transform. As for stats, I'd say treat your untransformed state as mostly human - You can have stats as high as 5, but unless your body is obviously Olympian, you should probably leave 6's alone. If you're 11 or less you might even want to treat your untransformed stats as if they were 3's.

>> No.39346644

>and you are invincible while it happens.
Only if you have the Enhanced Transformation perk.

>> No.39346774

Wrote a piece of Holly fiction for her first hunt. Open to feedback.

Tried to write a fake-noir first person style, should I keep trying or is it irredeemable purple prose?

>> No.39346818

And I completely forgot to include the link.


>> No.39347159

You capture the creepiness well. About half the story I was telling you to get on with it in my head, though, so some faster pacing would be nice.

>> No.39347181

I'll keep that in mind, that seems to be a recurring problem with my snippets. Thanks.

>> No.39347372

>> Can "enhanced transformation" be used to make it "less flashy" or it just speeds up the process?
>Mostly just speeds it up, makes it uninterruptible and you are invincible while it happens

Question was specifically about Enhanced Transformation.

Nice! I like it, but I had a 'wut' moment in the very first sentence.

>I glare at the condemned building's front door, lightning rod clutched tightly in one hand and pocket dimension backpack. It doesn't noticeably react.

>> No.39347428

Thanks. Yeah, that sentence didn't really work out as well as it did in my head.

The character's glaring at a closed door.

>> No.39347471

Upon further thought, what bothers me is that you're trying to put me in your character's head before you've made me care about her at all. If I had any kind of emotional connection to the protagonist, I wouldn't mind so much. You could just invert your story, start with the action, finish with the exposition. That way you give me a little time to get to know this girl from her actions before I have to spend a lot of time in her head.

>> No.39347517

Yeah, the thing that really tripped me up is that backpack bit.

>lightning rod clutched tightly in one hand and pocket dimension backpack.

Missing a 'in the other' at the end of the sentence?

>> No.39347558

Yeah. I'll keep these and any other suggestions in mind going forward, and thanks.

>> No.39347752

Yeah, if you end up continuing forward, (and I hope you do, I enjoyed your writing) I'd suggest making a Pastebin account for your magical girl so you can do edits for little oversights like that.

>> No.39348298

So, the writefag archive has been restructured.

If you only wrote one part, it's in the 'one-shot' section at the bottom. If you wrote more than one, or have hub page implying that the single part you're written is just part 1, I've put you in the 'Multipart Serials' section.

Also fixed an issue where Empty Measure wasn't properly linked and was directing to British Chocolate Bargirl.

>> No.39348429

Chocolate Bargirl part 2 when?

>> No.39348646

No idea. He said he was working on it, and I also hope to see it soon. Send him a message via pastebin, if you're genuinely curious - he's one of the ones with an actual account.

>> No.39349387

Anyone still interested in some new pixiv fantasia shit? There's mostly mahou shoujo stuff in that folder.

>> No.39350239

Yea, definitely.

>> No.39351362

Sure, let's post this one. I feel like it turned out well. (rolling method)

Str: 4
Vit: 5
Agi: 4
Mag: 14 (1 gold spent)
Luck: 6

Age: 15
Body: Well endowed
Element: Ice (+2 Mag, +1 Vit)
Weapon: Magic (+1 Mag)
Outfit: Elaborate, +1 Mag (1 silver spent to change from Flowing)
Power: Focused assault

+2 Mag
+2 Luck
Enhanced Transformation
Interdimensional home (1 silver spent)
Enhanced sustenance (1 silver spent)

I'm not entirely sure how to fluff her appearance, but I definitely want some actual ice in it. Probably make the weapon out of ice, and perhaps some of the outfit?

>> No.39351647

I like what you've got so far Quasar, what are the plans for when I get to read future chapters. >>39348646
And just so you know, you can only send messages through pastebin if you have a pro account.

>> No.39352114

Why not compose it all out of ice? She's magical enough for it. A skintight suit of frost with sharp back/downsweeping shards of ice at her waist (giving the effect of a skirt), shoulders and wrists, and elaborate icy filigree? The filigree is constantly snapping off as she moves, and regrows constantly, meaning she makes light tinkling sounds and gets the floor wet everywhere she walks.

>> No.39352253

My god, I love this image. Honestly, I'm not sure whether the gold is better spent on having that absurd Magic score or on having Regeneration... I like the huegstats though...

>> No.39352484

I'd stick with the high magic stat. You don't have a lot else to work with when it comes to monster fighting, and 14 should be enough to pull off some pretty high-caliber stuff.

>> No.39353194


>I like what you've got so far Quasar, what are the plans for when I get to read future chapters

Arc 1 is plotted out. It's mostly interpersonal interaction. 1.4 is meeting my wife and hashing shit out, 1.5 is meeting my allies and getting familiar with magic.

Arc 2 is where more traditional magical girl shenanigans will start.

>you can only send messages through pastebin if you have a pro account.
Well shit. I had hoped that the message system could be used to contact me if I missed a story, but apparently not.

I'd go with Regen - but I've always liked Regeneration both as a power and as survivability feature on most characters I build.

>> No.39353258

Awesome I can't wait.

>> No.39354644

I disagree. I think your physical stats don't change.
It is stated that a non transformed magical girl has very limited access to their abilities. It does not say they are weak or have reduced stats.

If you have a 6 strength agility and vitality when you have your weapon and frilly skirt, you have a 6 strength agility and vitality when you don't.
However you can't use the lion's share of your magical powers, specialization powers or things like shadow clone and killing blow.

>> No.39354832

So untransformed girls with STR 10+ can still tear cars in half without transforming? With AGI 8+ can beat Olympic runners while running backwards?

I think that goes against convention and the whole idea that you need to transform to get your powers - super strength, super speed/agility and super toughness are powers just like regeneration and fire blasts.

>> No.39354911

Rolled 10, 3, 15, 10, 1, 5, 9, 13, 13, 16, 9 = 104 (11d20)

Hoping for something good!

>> No.39354978

Rolled 13, 13 = 26 (2d20)

Rerolling those last two doubles.

>> No.39355002

Rolled 15, 18 = 33 (2d20)

I.... what?

>> No.39355073


Here from last time, not sure if I shoudl try rolling a new character. Really liked Bronson the Black.

>> No.39355085

That would also allow for people to fluff other puchuu-style beings, either more puchuus or similar things.

Has there been any concrete reason that the puchuus are doing this? Are we just using Madoka's energy harvesting entropy fighting plan, or could there possibly be multiple reasons?

>> No.39355115

> 13
> A way out
it's time anon. The days of magical girls are behind you.
Let it go

>> No.39355162

Rolled 11, 7, 1, 2, 8, 2, 7, 20, 20, 17, 17 = 112 (11d20)

> it's been 3 days since I've had time to roll a magical girl
> i'm free
lets see if I'm still so addicted I can read the numbers without the png

>> No.39355171

B-But... I haven't even started yet...

>> No.39355206

Rolled 2, 20, 2, 9, 8, 20, 6, 10, 7, 11, 13, 12, 14, 5, 20 = 159 (15d20)


>> No.39355211

Rolled 2, 14 = 16 (2d20)


> Age: 12
> Development: Average
> Specialization: Fire +3 Str
> Weapon: Melee +1 Str +1 Vit
> Outfit: Flowing +1 Str
> Power: Killing Blow +1 Str
Rolling repeat dice
Another Cinder roll? It's a sign

>> No.39355261

> Age: 12
> Development: Average
> Specialization: Fire +3 Str
> Weapon: Melee +1 Str +1 Vit
> Outfit: Flowing +1 Str
> Power: Killing Blow +1 Str + GOLD Regeneration
Perks: +2 Agi, Eternal Style, Interdimensional Bro, Twin Soul (Silver) Enhanced Transformation, Get out of Jail

Str - 10
Vit - 5
Agi - 6
Mag - 8 (2x Silver)
Luck - 4


>> No.39355523

Rolled 19, 10, 1, 12, 3, 2, 4, 19, 19, 3, 7, 16, 13, 9, 4 = 141 (15d20)

Let's see what the dice serve up today.

>> No.39355534

>I think that goes against convention
I don't know much about the convention for magical girls.

However, I do think that they aren't usually immortal, unaging or respawning.
You want to ascribe these super bodies with normal abilities. I want to leave these super bodies as they are while letting the transformation act as unsealing your magic.

Consider also
>weapons are indestructible and can be summoned to you at any time.

All I've got is what the cyoa says. If i'd wanted your stats nerfed, even luck, when you aren't transformed, I'd have made that blatantly clear. Failing that, I'd use a word like 'power' instead of 'abilities'.

>> No.39355575

Well here's the newest file for pixiv shit:

Previous ones
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

>> No.39355591


forgot to link reply

>> No.39355638

I wrote a thing.


>> No.39355650

Dat Revolver Hammer..thing

>> No.39355718

> Jacking off to loli
> Drinking scotch
You've permanently tainted that drink for me, but you're not half bad and you've got an original scenario for the transformation so I'll let it slide and give this 3 magical girls out of a possible 5

>> No.39355824

Interesting. Okay.

Str: 4
Vit: 6
Agi: 11 (SILVER)
Mag: 8
Luck: 6 (SILVER)

Age: 16
Body: Average

Specialization: Fire

Weapon: Ranged [Pistols]

Outfit: Skimpy

Power: Killing Blow, Third Eye (GOLD)

Perks: Allies, Big Backpack, +2 Vit, +2 Agi, Enhanced Transformation

Actually a little torn on what to use the third silver for. Base stats wouldn't hurt, I suppose; I'm not totally sold on the outfit, but the stat bonus on it works out nicely - s'pose I could live with Agi 10 for a little less fanservice. Or get Well Developed, depending.

>> No.39355877

Rolled 1, 4, 10, 8, 19, 2, 10, 10, 15, 1, 16 = 96 (11d20)

New rolls!

>> No.39355916


Str: 5
Vit: 7 (silver)
Agi: 9 (silver)
Mag: 12 (gold, silver)
Lck: 5

7 years old
A taller 1st grader, black hair, blue eyes.

Tentacle Fun

Interdimensional Home
+2 Agi
Training (ice skating)
A Way Out

A serious, dedicated girl, Kukiko takes her hunting very seriously. Formerly a middle aged mother of three, Kukiko was startled to learn of a deep, dangerous, spiritual side of the world that she had never believed existed. She never even went to church. It wasn't long after her transformation, however, that this danger was impressed upon her deeply, and personally.

Kukiko has turned away from her old life. If there are supernatural dangers in this city threatening her family, and she must become a magical girl to combat them, then so be it. At least she gets to be a little girl again, it was plenty of fun the first time around. And she gets to skate again! She hasn't gotten to skate since her first was born…

In combat, Kukiko's favorite tactic is to turn the ground into a shiny, polished, absolutely lovely skating rink. A small amount of magic grants her icy skates, and she glides gracefully through combat, using her small size and considerable agility to evade and confuse her opponents. Her outfit is rather simple but very extravagant, a long sleeve white leotard edged with glistening, dark blue sapphires of the smallest size and a long, gossamer cape of the lightest blue, edged in gold. For her weapons, she wears a ring on each hand that can emit a hail of tiny, razor sharp shards of ice. Against humans, against whom her ice attacks would be too dangerous, she prefers fighting with multiple tendrils of continuously snapping and refreezing ice. While somewhat slow and cumbersome, and quite loud, she can use them to more carefully drain the body heat out of her targets, subduing them through hypothermia without threatening their lives or limbs.

>> No.39355918

Rolled 18 (1d20)

Age: 7
Development: Underdeveloped
Specialisation: +1 Agi +2 Luck
Weapon: Ranged +1 Agi
Outfit: Uniform +1 Vit
Power: Killing Blow +1 Mag
Perks: Closure +1 Luck, Money, +2 Str, Enhanced Transformation

This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the 7 years old thing. I don't wanna be a loli...

>> No.39356011

Str - 6
Vit - 5
Agi - 6
Mag - 11 (3x Silver)
Luck: 7

Age: 7
Development: Underdeveloped
Specialisation: +1 Agi +2 Luck
Weapon: Ranged +1 Agi
Outfit: Uniform +1 Vit
Power: Killing Blow +1 Mag + Tentacle Fun (Hair)
Perks: Closure +1 Luck, Incognito, Money, +2 Str, Enhanced Transformation

Endine took to her new role as a magical girl... poorly.
Being confronted with a new gender, magical powers and a model of time that offended her previous background in physics were bad enough; the fact that her hair grows and shrinks based on her mood was enough to make her avow she'd do everything in her power to return to being a guy.

Add to the fact she's basically treated as an infant, having a $3000 a month salary doesn't really help when the most a grocery store clerk will ask is "And where are your parents?".

Needless to say, Endine is glad she blends into the crowd, and deals with most monster fights by ignoring them or running away. The magical world can, as far as she's concerned, stay out of her way.

>> No.39356076


mfw both my rolls have been new versions of my former magical girls. It's evolution, baby

>> No.39356221

Nice story. Gotta say though, woulda been better if he'd shot himself in the last sentence anyway.

>> No.39356262

Rolled 9, 16, 12, 5, 1, 9, 11, 16, 5, 4, 8, 1 = 97 (12d20)

Screw it. gonna reroll to see what I get this time. Maybe it can be Bronson's sibling or some shit. Also, how does everyone else do the age roll? Just d20 in half plus 6?

>> No.39356312

Rolled 2 + 6 (1d10 + 6)

Starting with Body, as I'm not sure how I wanna do age yet (Or I might just roll age here)

>Killing Blow
>+2 Luck
>Enhanced Transformation
>+2 Mag
>Allies: +1 to stat

>> No.39356328

Appears I've stumbled onto something interesting.

>> No.39356345

Aaaand she's 8. Goddamn

>Killing Blow
>+2 Luck
>Enhanced Transformation
>+2 Mag
>Allies: +1 to stat

Str 4
Vit 4
Agi 6
Mag 10
Luck 6

Hrm..where to spend my coins.

>> No.39356490

Rolled 10, 9, 17, 20, 20, 16, 7, 13, 3, 9, 12, 13 = 149 (12d20)

Roll em.

>> No.39356527

>Age: 16 (Silver)
>Ranged? (possible Silver)
>Elaborate (Silver)
>Killing Blow
>+2 Luck
>Enhanced Transformation
>+2 Mag
>Allies: +1 to stat (mag)
>Closure: +1 Luck (Possible Gold)
Str 4
Vit 4
Agi 6
Mag 11
Luck 6 (Possibly 7)

I'm thinking of using the Silver to go to either Melee or to Hand to hand (Because 1000X GRAVITY PUUUUUUNNNCCCHHHHH or BLAAADEEE)

Also could EASILY be Bronson's sibling, especially if they both got tossed into this shenanigans together.

>> No.39356586

Dridergirl roller here, back from work and working on doing some writefagging. Should be done in a little bit.

>> No.39356753

Quick poll:
A) how many magical girls have you rolled?
> 1?
> 2-7?
> >8? (specify if you want)
B) How many girls have you fluffed out (Written something for them, even if it's just a quick paragraph in the post)
C) How many have you saved the stats for?
D) How many would you roleplay?
E) which would you most want to be?

My answers:
A) More than 8
B) Fluff? All of them. 2 with proper pastebin writefagging
C) Saved 12. I regret nothing
D) 3 of them. So far.
E) Definitely my first.

>> No.39356769

'Skinny', the snake lad
Average eleven year old Lamia, 6 str, 1 vit
Wields only his gloves and tail. Wears a Mad Max jacket. 2 str, 1 vit
Heightened magical sense.
Bonus agility, vitality, and Luck, 2 vit/agi/luck
Can Into Suicide.

str 12
vit 8
agi 6
mag 4
luck 6

No coins spent.

>> No.39356803

A: 2 so far
B: 1 so far, but I'm working on the fluff for the second one
E: Probably Bronson. Fucking darkness powered Unlimited Blade Works. Though his Gravity powered Little Sister would be bitchen too.

>> No.39356812

>A) how many magical girls have you rolled?
More than eight.
>B) How many girls have you fluffed out
Two, I'm terrible at it.
>C) How many have you saved the stats for?
One. Most not saved, others deleted later.
>D) How many would you roleplay?
>E) which would you most want to be?
Fallen angel crusader named Fiona.

>> No.39356848

>A) how many magical girls have you rolled?
A ton. Shit.
>B) How many girls have you fluffed out
Just a few
>C) How many have you saved the stats for?
>D) How many would you roleplay?
>E) which would you most want to be?
Erica, the ungodly fast wannabe cowboy gunslinger.

>> No.39356869

Rolled 3, 11, 14, 1, 14, 1, 19, 8, 9, 14, 20 = 114 (11d20)

Well rolling for npc

>> No.39356902

She needs a name, and some story. I would love to see her as the alternate universe sister to Bronson, which makes things funny as she buffs his swords with Super Gravity Swings. Before punching you in the face with Super Gravity Fist.

>> No.39356912

>A) how many magical girls have you rolled?
>B) How many girls have you fluffed out
>C) How many have you saved the stats for?
All of them.
>D) How many would you roleplay?
>E) which would you most want to be?
Play? My first.
Actually become? Corentine, Twilight Huntress

>> No.39356954

Karla. I prefer being a yandere stalker to being two lolis.

>> No.39357025

Rolled 2, 18, 1, 7, 15, 20, 20, 9, 7, 6, 20, 14 = 139 (12d20)

Let's see what we come up with then. First time's a charm, right?

>> No.39357029

A) Lots. At least 10
B) Most if not all
C) Any that didn't have masculinity, were a new power, or were otherwise memorable LIKE 20+ STRENGTH MILES FUCKING QUARITCH
D) I'm doing it right now aren't I?
I'd really like to roleplay Australia-Chan, Cinder or Lissa most though

E) Not sure you really need to ask I only namefag it whenever possible.

>> No.39357053

Ooooh, a fire loli. Don't see a lot of those.

>> No.39357090

Eternal beauty & Tentacles too. Nice

>> No.39357212


Age: 7
Body: Well Developed
Specialization: Fire (+3 Mag)
Weapon: Ranged (+1 agi)
Outfit: Elaborate
Magical Power: Tentacle Fun + Barrage
Eternal Style (Reroll into +2 Mag)
+2 Luck
+2 Agi
Interdimensional Home
Get out of Jail

Coins spent on:
Silver: Agi +2
Silver: Pristine appearance into +2 Mag
Silver: +2 Luck
Gold: Add Magical power: Barrage

This character is a short but well-developed magical girl focused on fire, specifically flamethrowers. Her outfit is covered in hoses and fuel lines criss-crossing her body, leading into small tanks and into her mask in incomprehensible patterns, some of which snake outward if they responded to her will. While her primary projectors are mounted on the backs of her wrists, many of the hose-tentacles have nozzles which themselves can belch fire, at times surrounding her in an impenetrable cage of flames.

Captcha says: Let's call her Aucco.

>> No.39357219

Forgot to post her stats:

Str 4
Vit 4
Agi 9
Mag 9
Luck 8

>> No.39357256

>A) how many magical girls have you rolled?

>B) How many girls have you fluffed out?

>C) How many have you saved the stats for?

>D) How many would you roleplay?

>E) which would you most want to be?
The one, I guess?

I feel like I'm the only one without alt-mania.

>> No.39357272



Melee (Shortsword)


Killing Blow (Hey, what's in your mind?)

+2 Luck
Enchanced Sustenance
Big Backpack
Eternal Style

Str 5
Agi 4
Mag 11 (gold)
Vit 12 (3 silvers)
Luck 8

Don't be fooled, even though she seems like a melee combatant and looks small and fragile, she is neither. Instead, she uses her looks to bait prey (which may often be another magic girl) and then feeds on their surprise and horror as she attacks their minds. She relishes in newfound mixes of surprise, fear, despair and pain. Even if her prey violently struggles, her high vitality means that she can last long enough to cast her killing blow as a sort of finale to her meal.

After gaining her enchanced sustenance and a big backpack full of food everyday, she lost an appetite for normal food and gained a taste for strong emotions. She tricks travelers with her fake IDs and her small, fragile visage.

>> No.39357275

The 7 year old fire and ice tentacle loli duo of doom. We absolutely must team up. Don't suppose you know how to ice skate?

>> No.39357299

>A) how many magical girls have you rolled?
17 Oh wow, this might explain why I can now do them fine without even looking at the CYOA
>B) How many girls have you fluffed out (Written something for them, even if it's just a quick paragraph in the post)
3, it should be 4 but I keep putting that one off.
>C) How many have you saved the stats for?
All 17
>D) How many would you roleplay?
Probably only two of them.
>E) which would you most want to be?
One of my ones with Darkness probably.

>> No.39357319

You're not alone, this is my first cyoa thread I rolled for and I ended up with Serra, just been lurking instead of posting.

>> No.39357334


Uhm. Flamethrower tentacles don't exactly lend themselves to being around ice. Despite her personal agility, Aucco is fairly slow moving, so perhaps Kukiko could chase or block escape routes while the flaming death sphere slowly makes its way too them.

Oh! We both have interdimensional homes. We could be neighbors!

>> No.39357335

ah forgot to put down my rolls >>39356869

and two things

Get out of Jail

>> No.39357341

There's a time loli too
Well I say loli. It's a 7 year old with underdeveloped but really since the source says overdeveloped means developing secondary characteristics at 10 we'll say it's a moot point

>> No.39357377

Hey can my loli up there join? She's cool, I swear.

>> No.39357385

Anyone want to team up, or something? I'm fast as hell and I'm a good shot.

I also have nowhere to go and need somewhere to crash. Even though I only sleep like 3 hours a day, I'd like to do it in a bed.

>> No.39357408

YES! We must become the LOLI LEAGUE! Monsters shall tremble before us!

>> No.39357423

Are you a loli?

>> No.39357434


A ranged fighter would be a pretty good complement to me; I'd love to but I'm kind of homeless too oops

>> No.39357443

This makes no sense and I'm not a team player
you're goddamn right I'm in

>> No.39357450

Is it legal for a couple of magical girls with international homes to combine them into an HQ? Bunkbeds with lots of pillows for fighting with and a living room and snacks and DVDs and stuff!

>> No.39357461

I'm 15, and not 10-year-old boy mode. Sorry.

You can share my abandoned gas station, I guess. There's enough cardboard and newspaper for everyone.

>> No.39357463

As long as her appetite for pain and horror is sated, sure, she's all for it!

>> No.39357489

Poverty magical girls; now that's something I would be interested in watching/reading.

>> No.39357491

Yes, please place yourselves all in the same place. Makes it all the easier.....

(Almost done the writing, man this transformation sequence is difficult.)

>> No.39357493

There really needs to be an update to address this and the whole "social rules coming never" thing.
> Allies: Does this provide teamwork benefits? What about power of friendship?
> Do the magical girls communicate?
> Interdimensional Home: Can they connect, upgrade, etc?
> Can 3rd eye assist in checks?
> Is regeneration a combat thing?
> How far does tentacle go?
> Can incognito help evade spot checks? Are there spot checks or just a awareness level?
> Does eternal style give you bonus to intimidate or charm?
I could go on

>> No.39357516


I'm not against a colab. It's the closest thing to organized RP these threads get it looks like.

>> No.39357551


Uhm. Flamethrower tentacles don't exactly lend themselves to being around gas stations. Now that I think about it, they're not particularly friendly towards any sort of living accommodations, or even that handy for organized teamwork.

>> No.39357560

So, what territory does our loli team claim? From our interdimensional rooms, we can operate with a lot of freedom wherever we want, and with fire, ice, time and psychic powers, we can handle anything.

>> No.39357563

Yeah, that and writefagging. It isn't all too bad though. Hey, maybe one day we'll try out magical burst on roll20 or something, probably around the time when hell freezes over.

Please attack us, my loli has always wanted to taste a Drider's emotions of fear and pain.

>> No.39357567

> not living in an island volcano
> not going The Incredible meets Bond Villians meets Mahou Shoujo
> not getting an Electric specialisation hacker, a melee + fists using gravity, and a darkness specialisation spy
> step up senpai

>> No.39357588


Don't have a dimensional room, but I do have money so I'll pay rent.
assuming I can even have a bank account. Or that I can bear the sight of 3 other loli's who are a magnitude more "developed" than me. Underdeveloped member of the team = suffering

>> No.39357592

Which gravity are you talking about? Mine or Fisticuffs?

>> No.39357593

You don't walk around with the fire tentacles hanging out all the time, do you? And anyhow, the fire might be nice for the warmth.

>> No.39357602

A) how many magical girls have you rolled?
B) How many girls have you fluffed out (Written something for them, even if it's just a quick paragraph in the post)
All of them
C) How many have you saved the stats for?
It's on the archive
D) How many would you roleplay?
Any, but which I choose will be based on the actual setting
E) which would you most want to be?
Presumably the first

>> No.39357604

A better question is, can we stop international woman of mystery, Jane Bond?

>> No.39357623

She probably doesn't really care too much about a proper home life. With her big backpack, enchanced sustenance and eternal style, there really isn't anything she needs a home for.
Plus, she likes her meals free roam.

Though, maybe at a certain time of day, she would be willing to crash at your place for a sleepover.

None of my characters are gravity though...

>> No.39357626

That's alright, I can key mine so you can come and go as you please. We can be roommates! I just hope your hair doesn't do weird stuff in the night...

I think even an overdeveloped 7 year old still isn't showing much of anything most of the time...

>> No.39357628

The Baroness approves

>> No.39357675

Bronson the Black (From last thread

>Name: Bronson the Black, also known as Ron in his civilian appearance
>Age: 16
>Body Development Well Developed (Silver)
>>Specialization: Darkness (Bitchen) +1 Vit, +2 Str
>Weapon: MELEE +1 str +1 Vit
>Outfit: Flowing +1 Str (Silver)
>Magical Powah: Hammer Space (Silver)
>Gain +2 Vit
>Gain +2 Agi
>Gain +2 Luck
>Enhanced Transformation (gold)
>Rerolled second 12 to 10: Closure, +1 luck
>Str: 8
>Vit: 8
>Mag: 4
>Luck: 7

If it wasn't for the fact that he grew up in the wrong era to watch The Addams Family, one could swear he was a perfect first son for Mortica and Gomez. He doesn't try to be morbid, dark, or generally weird, but he pulls it off with a very odd grace that still leaves him looking optimistic, even if he still is dark as balls.

In battle, he is like the shade that haunts the dreams of monsters, between a transformation that summons his armor and primary blade which tends to defy any attack made at him during it, to phasing in and out of reality, like a specter hunting it's prey. It's said he can hit like a fully loaded cargo van with no breaks going down hill, and can take a hit like the best of them...when he gets hit. Even if he loses his blade, the shadows surrender a new one to him, allowing him to never be without something to stab someone with. Not generally seen fighting with out his little sister....

>> No.39357688

And his sister (this thread, name needs working on)
Ravity the Silver
>Age: 14 (Silver)
>Elaborate (Silver)
>Killing Blow
>+2 Luck
>Enhanced Transformation
>+2 Mag
>Allies: +1 to stat (mag)
Str 6
Vit 4
Agi 8 (Silver for +2)
Mag 15 (Gold for +4)
Luck 6

Born to his family as part of the sudden schizim in reality and time and all that jazz, Linsey, according to this time line, was a magical girl before her brother was, but due to the shenanigans that is Puchuu, as far as she is aware he's been one as long as she has been! It's just a tad weird he forgot some of these things, but she's happy to help him remember! Specializing in Gravity magic, she can lighten allies steps, make their blows heavier, and slow enemies. She also specializes in what she calls the Gravaton Mega Beam, her Finisher which mixes her ranged weapon and high levels of her gravity magic.

>> No.39357704

>However, I do think that they aren't usually immortal, unaging or respawning.

I'm not a huge mahou shojo fan myself, but Sailor Moon was a big part of my childhood and it's pretty much the ur-example of the genre.

Sailor Senshi are all of these things. They don't age past a certain look, they'll live forever unless killed, and if they die they get reborn pretty much guaranteed.

When they're not in costume they're basically normal girls with some quirks, like Jupiter being stronger than normal, Mercury always being the smartest one in the room, Saturn having minor healing powers, etc. But they're still normal girls until they transform, and to me that's what makes this a 'magical girl' experience rather than a 'superhero' experience. Superman is always Superman even if he's dressed like Clark Kent. But until Usagi shouts her transformation phrase and the stock footage rolls, she's a squishy normal with good luck. After transforming she's strong like 'dodge too hard and throw yourself into orbit' strong.

So yeah, your powers, even your greater than human stats being attached to your transformation seems right to me.

>> No.39357959

You know those edgy kids who say their eyes change color based on their mood?
So yeah, make sure I don't get any nightmares, and we'll be fine.
s-some warm milk would b-be nice, please?

>> No.39357966

Rolled 8, 10, 13, 14, 10, 8, 6, 5, 16, 3, 3 = 96 (11d20)

> thread is ending
> need to go out tonight
> better roll a new magical girl I'll become way too attached too!

>> No.39357972

Ok, this is my attempt at writing. Please let me know how bad it is.


>> No.39357983

It's four in the morning and I've got some bad insomnia and this looks fun.

Her magic chant


16, Well-developed

14, Psychic

14, Magic

13, Elaborate

19, Tentacle;

1 +2 STR; -1s, +2 MAG
13 A Way Out; -1s, Eternal Style
14 Get out of Jail
7 +2 AGI
2 Interdemensional Bro
-1g, Enhanced Sustenance

MAG 9 +1s; 11
Luck 6

She was more obsessed with being the girl than being the magical girl. Using her well-developed body, eternal style, high athletic ability -relative to her schoolmates, and a constant, lowkey, duping of those around her using her draining ability, she lives the life she never had. All through this, she's constantly nagged to act like a magical girl by the creature. Her lack of proper motivation eventually drives her creator away to her relief.

For a while, everything is great. Then the years of moving to new schools and doing it all over again start to wear on her. The schools and faces start to fade together. Worse, there's the poverty. Eythor may provide for her, but his slacker ways means money is always in short supply. While she's grateful for his help, it wears on her nerves that she's always a fake. And, the call of her magical girl nature is always a constant drag on her mind.

Finally, it becomes too much to bear. She sets out to be a magical girl. Aiming almost entirely for the lowest hanging fruit, she starts to build confidence, overconfidence, in these powers. Despite her high magical ability, she's still quite frail. She's quite unaware of how dangerous the game she now plays really is.

>> No.39357997

Rolled 16 (1d20)

Age: 10
Development: Average
Specialisation: FLOWERS! yay! +1 Vit +2 Mag
Weapon: Magic +1 Mag - Amulet of Flowers
Outfit: Flowing +1 Str
Power: Focused Assault - SOLARBEAM!
Perks: +2 Mag, Interdimensional Home, Enhanced Transformation, +2 Vit
Rerolling for final perk
Another loli for the loli house confederacy oh boy

>> No.39358005

Rerolling for dubs 16 then

>> No.39358014

Rolled 8 (1d20)


>> No.39358108

Geeze, does everyone name every drider Arachne? I mean we should probably find a good way to differentiate ourselves.

>> No.39358118


Str - 5
Vit - 8
Agi - 4
Mag - 15 (x3 Silver)
Luck - 4

Age: 10
Development: Average
Specialisation: Flowers +1 Vit +2 Mag
Weapon: Magic +1 Mag - Amulet of Flowers
Outfit: Flowing +1 Str
Power: Focused Assault - Solarbeam
Perks: +2 Mag, Interdimensional Home, Enhanced Transformation, +2 Vit, Enhanced Sustenance +1 Vit + GOLD Training (sewing)

Before her change, Owen campaigned for social change, and was a rising icon in the activist community. With the sudden change into magical monster hunting, Otulissa is equal parts environmentalist and monster sympathizer. Not to say she won't hunt them if she needs to, but she has accepted that she'll gladly help those monsters in need if they sought it.

She also seeks to join the loli league>>39357408, and fill their wonderful interdimensional mansion with flowers, tasteful drapes of ivy.

She also sews natural fibers in her spare time into beautiful dresses that are entirely natural and kept alive through her magic, giving her a living outfit.

She also makes products out of hemp. You know, hemp. She smokes weed. She's a fucking stoner. Could have been eternally beautiful, gotten money, regenerated any wound, been able to control vines, nope, learn t how to sew hemp so she could justify her weed habit.


>> No.39358142

Sorry, new to this whole 'Drider' thing. Perhaps first names as well? Perhaps Victoria Arachne for myself then. I will put up another writing tomorrow, but it is late.

>> No.39358155

How about... uh
I'm now imagining a new drider suddenly being overwhelmed by a dark presence going "one of us, one of us, one of us" until she only remembers the name arachne

>> No.39358163

Ha, I just went with the name because it was a cliche and it fit rather well into the story like that.
I just meant that the name Arachne is pretty much universal in most spider-women.

>> No.39358226

So um....
Can I join? More room is better right?
I can make clothes!

>> No.39358292

Hm... You're a little older, you can be onee-san!

At this rate, we'll soon be an army of magical lolis!

>> No.39358311

> older
> 10
> Smokes weed
Oh yeah, I'm the big sister
I'm responsible as sh- sugar
*sigh* I miss swearing to punctuate a point.

>> No.39358365

Curse you Loli League! The Legion of Monsterlolis (that was definitely made before your group) will not stand for this! Monsterlolis Agglomerate!

>> No.39358397

Now ah say, ah say that there is only one force that will outlast this wah sirrah. I sah it will be our forces of the great Loli Confederacy that shall overcome sirrah!

>> No.39358513

So I was just reading that thing under the explanation of the stats again and I think I've stumbled on a problem we're all guilty of
Stats of 4 are healthy in Str, Vit and Agi. 6 is olympic level. 8 is monstrous. Meaning that the only people in the thread with stats in these of 8 or higher should be monsters.

So yeah, if you're chosing a dump stat make it magic or luck. Having a stat of 10 in strength or agility is basically becoming stronger than Alex fucking Mercer. No one should be stronger than Alex Mercer, he eats people

>> No.39358519

Str 8 is canon as strong as a gorilla. Going past that means absurd values.

>> No.39358521

Thanks for reminding me who I rolled a few threads ago.

>> No.39358536

I don't know, I don't really see them getting that absurd. I can see the highest str girls, 25ish str monstergirls, picking up and tossing a car but not too much more. So, a little stronger than spiderman maybe?

Nothing off-the-charts like hulk or thor though.

>> No.39358538

I've always just been under the impression that the stats don't carry on to when magical girls aren't transformed except for maybe luck, and magical girls are normally absurdly strong and agile in shows, so it all works out.

>> No.39358574

This anon has the right of it.

>> No.39358576

I'm of the same mind, but once transformed?
We're talking JRPG levels of stupid strength, speed and taking a missile launcher round to the chest

>> No.39358598

Its all magic and friendship. And your imagination!

>> No.39358617

That's really not that hard to believe from magical girls, I mean, just look at how much damage Cures can take in any given episode and they just get right back up unless plot demands they don't.

>> No.39358620

A) Nine I bothered to summarize, plus even more rolls I didn't get around to statting out.
B) Two have writefaggotry done, a third has some in the works, and most of the rest have some extra words in their posts.
C) I just look that shit up via archive.moe if I want to know.
D) All but the first, who I really didn't plan out well as characters.
E) Probably namefag related. She has a room, a budget, and fun tentacles for when boredom strikes. I do wonder if the interdimensional apartments can get internet, though.

>> No.39358790

I think there are a lot of Arachne driders out there. Counting my own NPC, that's at least three.

>> No.39358851


>> No.39359372

One would think it would make more sense to give yourself a less obvious name, if only to make sure you don't automatically respond when someone says it.
Were I to roll a drider, I would have her take a much less obviously-a-spider name. Like Nancy or something.

> captcha: select all steak
> One of the "steak" images is pretty plainly porkchops
Autism levels rising.

>> No.39359401

So I've been thinking about alternate versions of / competitors to Puchuu, which are mentioned in the end of the CYOA - and since we've moved into more of a communal playspace, it doesn't make as much sense to have everyone have the car crash start for their fluff.

Though that could be interesting in one way - what if the Puchuus often get magical girls "killed" when they're becoming less useful, and that's their standard way of picking a replacement? The CYOA says that girls who die spend years as a disembodied spirit - perhaps some of those are harvested by the Puchuus before they can reincarnate, or become monsters, or something...

Anyway, I'd like to point people up to these two anon. >>39355085 , >>39345618

How would people feel about some alternate beings being rolled up, and what are the motivations of the beings (puchuu) with which we are most familiar?

>> No.39359440


I've been conisdering a specific type, that would be different only for fluff reasons. Much like Kyubey did for Mami, they could appear to 'candidates' close to the moment of their death - freeze time for a moment, offer them a second chance, and either wish them good day to let them die, or magic them out.

>> No.39360358

Rolled 3, 11, 10, 19, 10, 3, 4, 1, 20, 12, 2, 1, 14 = 110 (13d20)

Whoops, forgot my morning roll.

>> No.39360359

I wrote a little vignette: something to chew on and work of character-development while I ponder my next piece. I hope the assemblage approves.


>> No.39360397

I feel sorry for Helene when she realizes she might not be the only ex-male in the magical girl world.
Fun stuff, though.

>> No.39360508

A) 4, counting twins.
B) All of them, I'm planning to writefag my first one.
C) All of them.
D) This one and the one I'm writing.
E) Akie. I wanna be the dark mage schoolgirl.

>> No.39360538

(FYI Rolling with Wizard's virtual dice 'cause I can't use PC now)
(Silver) 16 years
Well developed
Agatha Krasnikova. Light red shoulder length strait hair, green eyes, White skin with almost unnoticeable tan.(will add more including character and backstory in a "diary"- like composition later)
Ranged: battle rifle(less ammo than assault but more powerful) ray gun "hafnium nuclear isomer coherent gamma ray emitter" styled as steampunk ray gun. Emits an extremely short burst of light in invisible spectrum but the sheer force of rays leaves white hot plasma trail in the atmosphere and causes the impacted material to violently expand(read explode) deeper than pulsed visible spectrum lasers(2 cm steel penetration per round). Gamma rays are absorbed by Terra's atmosphere thus it has less range than it would have in vacuum(1,5 km- max damaging range in atmo and effective range is on par with it's conventional analogue). As powerful and effective as a normal battle rifle with HE rounds.
Transform phrase: "Light up the night!"
"Steampunk mad scientist" look:
The suit consists of a suit of armor and an "exoskeleton frame" made of engraved brass- like metal with blue glowing spherical gems in it's joints. The armor consists of shaped monolith "brass" breastplate, corset- like armor piece made of small plates on top of the leather- like material layer, a belt with a lot of pouches, armored boots and pants with joint areas being made similarly to the corset and fixed areas as well as kneecaps are plated. "Exo frame" is 2/2,5 centimeter thick in the leg area, 1,5- 2 centimeter thick in the arms and the back area houses a "backpack", which is connected to the limb frames through glowing tubes bolted underneath armor plates but visible through joint areas.
1/2 posts

>> No.39360553

2/2 post
Headwear consists of a pair of stereotypical mad scientist goggles with blue lenses.
Magical powers
Power of friendship
(Gold) bought regeneration
Perk rolls:
Inter-dimensional home
+2 magi
Enhanced sustenance +1 vit
Enhanced transformation
Str 4
Vit 4+1(Enh. Vit. Perk)
Agi 4+1(ranged)
Mag 4+2(silver)+3(grav)+1(elaborate)+2(perk)
Luck 4+2(silver)
Final stats:
Mag=12(oh lol)
Going to write some fluff later. Everyone cool with this char?

>> No.39360616

A: 2, debating on a third
B: Just the first, working on the second
C: both
D: Both, assuming I can flesh out the second sufficiently.
E: Oh, definitely Helene. Not that I wouldn't want to be a lamia: but ideally my magic girl can somehow take the dick. Yes, I'm really that horrible.

>> No.39360698

A. Plenty
B. About 4
C. About 2
D. 3
E. maybe the fallen angel

>> No.39361308

Rolled 13, 12, 10, 13, 9, 10, 10, 16, 1, 1, 4 = 99 (11d20)


>> No.39361441

A)8 maybe 9
B)2 or 3
D) any
E) probably Boss. But I'm still rolling

>> No.39361452

Rolled 11, 7, 7, 7, 8, 7, 12, 15, 7, 2, 15 = 98 (11d20)


>> No.39361480

Keep using slang...
Do it.
Do it.
By the way, if we did hang out, this what you would have to suffer through.

>> No.39361517

Just how maneuverable are magical girls that don't have flight power but have moderately high AGI? Are we talking Matrix levels of rooftop hopping?

>> No.39361589

I genuinely love Boss as a character, she's aces.

I'm not about to put her out to pasture any time soon. especially since the dice seem to give me some weird rolls.

>> No.39361600

Rolled 14 (1d20)

duplicate then character

>> No.39361642

I'm Agi 13.
Have you played Bloodborne?
Have you fought the final boss, except not really, who starts flash stepping around like a motherfucker in his second phase, slashing and shooting you like an asshole? I'm like that, except with no slash and double shoot.

>> No.39361759

Rolled 7, 16, 7, 16, 4, 16, 18, 10, 20, 9, 17, 9, 6, 17, 18, 13, 6, 17, 7, 3, 15, 17 = 268 (22d20)

Oh, man, this roll. I hope stonerbro is ready for me to have way too much fun pretending to be maximum chuuni.

Rolling for allies, who will be nerfed after creation to make them ally-grade.

>> No.39361787

Assuming I use the dice-less version to build allies: what would be a good point-number to base their builds off of? I was thinking 10, or maybe 12?

>> No.39361798

Neat, but I was thinking more about what superhuman antics can magical girls that aren't air pull off when it comes to getting around.

Holly's thing is more going full Palpatine with magical lightning, but 8 Agi has to be worth something, right?

>> No.39361830

Scratch that, I just re-read the no-roll sheet and saw where it said Allies get 10-point buy.

>> No.39361994

6 is Olympic level and 8 is superhuman, right? You're faster than Usain Bolt. To use Bloodborne as an example again, because I fucking dig it, you can probably fight like the Hunter: dodging with back-steps and rolls, and dodging bullets by getting out of the way of the gun. Anyone who sees you move is going to think you're out of an action movie because of how quick you are.

8 Agi is perfectly serviceable for quick-step Equilibrium shenanigans, it's just not your main shtick.

>> No.39362105

Rewrote the Holly snippet to be less tl;dr and read better.


>> No.39362124

Question on the rolls.

Why is everyone rolling 12 d20s? I can see rolling (d20+12)/2 can be used for age, but I only count ten rolls in the images.

and five Perks

What am I missing here?

>> No.39362125

Ok, so Let's try with a character. Let's

(Roll: 17)
16 years old, lucky me.
I spend a silver coin to be well developed. I will be able to get myself beer one way or another. (I rolled a 3)
Okey, i think i can work with that. For the rest I'll salvage what i can from what i used to look. Brown curly hair, not too short, light brown eyes that in the right light might look like yellow or green. Stupidly bright skin, completely untanned with the force of avoiding sun like a maniac. I will leave the most intimate details to the magic to work it out. I will check myself in a mirror later.

Let's check the rest,
(Roll: 7) *TIME MAGIC! FUCK YEAH! +1 vit +2 luck*
(Roll: 8) *ranged weapons +1 agi*
(Roll: 10) Flowing dress +1 str
(Roll: 9) Barrage

2 (Interdimensional Bro)
3 (+2 vit)
7 (+2 agi)
11 (training in ninja stuff. Specially, throwing needles)
19 (Big backpack)

Ok, so far, my stats are


I seem to be kinda retarded at magic. At least by Magical girl standards. And i have needles, and can danmaku at will
Okey, there's only one thing i can do
2 silver coins for +2 str each
1 gold coin for +4 str
If only i had ice powers...

Well, actually, that super str is not a good idea. let's go for +4 with the silver coins, still being monstrous STR, and use the gold coin for an extra power of STRONK BEFRIENDING. It's always good to have friends, and it's better if they know from the start who's calling the shots here.

Ok, my final stats are


Let's see what can i do then...

>> No.39362155

Extra roll in case you get the same perk twice. I always do 15d20 just to be extra safe, since rolling again is annoying.

>> No.39362157

Perks doubles need rerolled, roll an extra dice.

>> No.39362173

Rolled 20, 20, 9, 4, 17, 6, 18, 7, 18, 13, 4, 4 = 140 (12d20)

Ah, thank you, anons. That makes sense.

>> No.39362189

Anyone have any comments on >>39357972
before I write a part 2?

>> No.39362220

So I see an outline of an basic freeform rp system, how come nobody here is bothering to do an actual game session with their characters?

>> No.39362238

Rolled 10, 17, 3, 15, 18, 15, 18, 14, 14, 17, 15 = 156 (11d20)


>> No.39362241

Sounds good so far. I like the characters specially

>> No.39362247

Because this is /tg/. We talk plenty, but never actually play.

>> No.39362267

I approve of this. How would we go ahead with this?

>> No.39362283 [DELETED] 

Okay, I can see why people reroll now. Two repeat perks.

>> No.39362302

Moira/Holly writer here. I'm interested.

>> No.39362308

Rolled 9, 7 = 16 (2d20)

Rerolling for the last perk. Two repeats.

>> No.39362323

I see, you guys have no direction, initiative or anyone willing to GM.

Welp back to lurking.

>> No.39362379

Ignore the age thing, i understood shit and i failedhard at math.
17/2 = 8.5, rounded up, 9.
9+6 = 15 years old.

>> No.39362737

Rolled 1, 8, 6, 3, 7, 11, 18, 3, 16, 5, 4 = 82 (11d20)


>> No.39362800


So, going by these rolls, I'll make my first magical girl:

>Age (20+12)/2=16

>Body 20
Well Developed

>Spec 9
Sound +2MAG, +1Luck

>Weapon 4
Melee. +1 STR, +1 VIT
Guitar, of course. Gotta swing that bat.

>Outfit 17
Meido +1 VIT

>Power 6
Familiar, red racoon dog named Poko.

>Perks 18, 7, 13, 4, 9
Incognito, +2 AGI, A Way Out, Allies +1 Luck, +2 Luck,

Revised to Home, +2 AGI, Style, +1 Luck, +2 Luck

I'll use two silver coins to replace Incognito with Interdimensional Home and A Way Out with Eternal Style. T&A don't really mesh with the character and she's deathly afraid of death. The home she can take friends lends more to the nee-chan style character she has. And she's a little too obsessed with showing off, so she always wants to looks cool.

Spend 1 gold coin on purchasing Hammer Space.

Going off that, the stats are:

For her familiar:

Her transformation begins with the chant: one, two, one, two, three, four, go. It's finished with a guitar solo that destroys the guitar she's currently has on hand.


>> No.39362820


Yoko is a veteran magical girl who likes to play the role of older sister for other girls. She has short, dyed blond hair and wears blue contact lenses. Her natural hair color is black, and her eyes are brown.

Yoko was a lay-a-bout with a love of punk music and air guitar living with his parents before his awakening. Believing he was hallucinating, he returns home that night and falls asleep. The next morning, he was rudely awaken when his mother found a strange girl sleeping in her son's bed. For reason, his family didn't believe he was who he was. Chased out, he finds everyone else he knows is also, strangely, unwilling to believe him. He ends up alone in an alley in the rain that night. Gifted with strange luck, he finds in this ally an old, electric guitar being guarded by a talking racoon dog who claims he was chosen to wield this guitar before opening a door to her new apartment, more a shrine to music. The racoon dog picked it for her.

Thus began the life of Yoko. She's never really learned to play the guitar, but her luck has allowed her to scrape by. More often then not, she destroys her instruments in combat as she uses them as bludgeons unless using her music to debuff her enemies. Thankfully for her, and not for the eardrums of anyone nearby, she has a massive store of guitars stored in her pocket dimension, he unlimited guitar works. She sends her familiar off to find guitars to ensure a steady supply.

>> No.39362873

Rolled 15, 11, 3, 14, 14, 10, 2, 18, 18, 20, 5 = 130 (11d20)


>> No.39362938

Interesting and fairly unique character, especially for the magic. Given their mentor tendencies and the guitar motif, somehow I see Yoko and Holly as getting on well.

What's her policy when it comes to magical girl duties?

>> No.39362975

I love how the anonymous guy loves to sit there and criticize, while acting as if he's too aloof to join in on the conversation and make positive change.

Anyway: I plussed-out my allies: if anyone gives a damn. Might write some background later.

ALLIES – 10 pts each
Eileen Hannigan
fire (+3 str) (-2)
Fists (+2 str)
skimpy: sports tank/athletic shorts (+1 agi)
Powers: Focused Assault/Barrage (-2)
str – 11
vit – 8 (-1)
agi - 7
mag - 6
lck - 5

Audrey Cooper
18 (not expressly stated rules-wise, but -1)
Time (+1 vit, +2 lck) (-2)
Magic (pocket watch) (+1 mag)
Elaborate: peculiarly-frilly schoolgirl-outfit (+1 mag)
Powers: Third Eye
Perks: +2 mag/+2 lck/+2 agi/money
str - 4
vit - 5
agi - 6
mag – 11 (-4)
lck - 8

>> No.39363086

>I love how the anonymous guy loves to sit there and criticize, while acting as if he's too aloof to join in on the conversation and make positive change.

Coming from a obsessive compulsive dice roller and imaginary loliphile.

I don't share your mentality.

>> No.39363113

She's not really as wise as she lets on, but it's enough to fool the new magical girls with her flair and bravado.

Yoko gets a thrill from performing her duties, but she prefers an audience which is partially why she helps other magical girls.

In a team, she's more of a follower. She has a cool head and experience that can put others at ease, but she's too lazy and unorganized to effectively take charge. She also has a tendency to think others know what she knows and to act accordingly. With direction, she can be a powerful asset, but, without that guidance, her chaotic attack patterns can be just as harmful to those around her as her enemy.

She also holds a degree of sympathy towards monster girls. They feel punk to her, and, secretly, remind her of being rejected by everyone in her life when she turned.

>> No.39363175

Because the freeform rp system is fucking awful.

>> No.39363184


> Obsessive Compulsive
I don't think that means what you think it means.

>Dice roller
... you're on /tg/.

Yes. Fiction. Fantasy. Again, you're on /tg/.

While I'm sure that you're right about some of the people in the thread, there's nothing lolicon about just making the magical girl. I am, for instance, a fan of Madoka, because it tells a great story that relies on characters with the emotional innocence and lack of life experience that only youth provides. I never once sexualized the girls.

I'd like to point out in all of this - you claim you don't share our mentality, but there's nothing about this that in any way separates it from /tg/ in general... and you say you don't share our mentality, but you're lurking the thread for some reason.

We're building characters and enjoying story possibilities. You're lurking the thread with pictures of magical girls. Methinks anon doth protest too much.

>> No.39363213

Honestly? Holly'd probably be okay with being a sidekick, and would be too relieved at a seemingly competent mentor calling the shots to call out the screw-ups.

As for Holly, she's not really leadership material herself on either side of the personality mashup, and she'd rather just have someone to point her where she can let loose and bring the lightning. Birds of a feather with Yoko, in a way, except that she's more inclined to just stumble into things without planning it out.

Holly'd be more inclined to zap monstergirls on principle on grounds of "Puuchu said so" but it wouldn't be too hard for Yoko to talk her out of it.

How long before the mentor/sidekick team-up all ends in suffering or one of them accidentally frying the other on a hunt?

>> No.39363240

Put it better than I could.

If you're not here to have fun and roll dice, why not just close the thread? You're on the wrong board to use "compulsive dice roller" as an insult.

>> No.39363242

Rolled 18, 14, 12, 3, 15, 9, 18, 20, 5, 16, 11, 15 = 156 (12d20)

Need a magical girl to torture. Rollin for her stats now.

>> No.39363323

>I don't think that means what you think it means.

>Obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce uneasiness, apprehension, fear or worry (obsessions), repetitive behaviors aimed at reducing the associated anxiety

That's what I mean, only anxiety ridden idiots would roll this much and create dozens upon dozens of magical girls, without contributing or developing the rp system.

I don't like rolling dice for the sake of rolling dice, thats /b/tard levels of stupid.

If you guys are serious about doing a magical girl game, you need to start developing a more concrete system, creating a unified product of which you can be immersed and play out your stories.

Discussing magical girl backgrounds, writing stories endlessly within itself lacks substance and devolves into mental masturbation and decay.

>> No.39363381

What the fuck gives you the impression we're serious about doing a magical girl game?

>> No.39363391

Minor wounds caused by friendly fire would probably be exceedingly common. If they stick with it, they would probably find a routine which works, but it would only be gained through a massive mount of trial and error. Who knows, maybe one day Holly might learn to enjoy her "music," and say it's too deep for others while they're writing on the ground from it.

But a true fan and someone to talk to other than a dumpster diving raccoon would be a welcome addition to Yoko's life.

If this were a show, such a relationship could only end in tragedy.

>> No.39363548

Because you discuss it endlessly in a fucking vacuum, expecting empty praise and acceptance with a community of idiots in your hugbox threads.

You people invest so much time, effort and emotion into your builds, stories and characterizations, wouldn't you want to see your magical girls work together with other community created girls to defeat evil? Investigate the mysterious puchuu agendas? Develop emotionally and magically as characters? Or when they tragically die, cry for them? Mourn of your loss? Stand right back up, create another character in honor of the dead and more on? Because there is purpose and power in gaming and proper stoytelling, not like any of your ejaculation and fan wankery.

As of right now, none of your created characters or any of your stories matter, because they're just pictures and words subjected to arbitrary and imaginary narrative of the creator's own delusions.

Only once you start playing your characters do you create an meaningful story.

>> No.39363560

I would also like to see something concrete develop out of this.

Of course the easiest way to ensure a game develops is to run one. There are at least freeform rules, and there would be no shortage of players...

If no one else will I'll eventually step up. The only reason I haven't already is college/job. But you seem to have enough time to lurk, get to work.

>> No.39363574

>Writing stories for fun is bad.
You heard the fun police, we're done here. Was nice while it lasted.

Come to think of it, lightning and sound actually mesh well thematically for a concert motif.

"Okay so I 'might' have winged you with that last one, sorry Yoko, and I'm pretty sure my eardrums just burst...but, hey, at least we got the giant squid, right? I mean, did you see that? Poof, instant calamari!"

>> No.39363607

Did anyone ever tell you you're a bit of a nut?

I mean, yeah I can see your point about "campaigns with plot are fun" but are you really advocating that RP campaigns are inherently deep and meaningful works of art and so much better than those lowbrow story snippets?

Try rolz. I'll play if you start one but I'm not really GM material.

>> No.39363632


>As of right now, none of your created characters or any of your stories matter, because they're just pictures and words subjected to arbitrary and imaginary narrative of the creator's own delusions.

>Only once you start playing your characters you create an meaningful story.

You heard the man, roleplaying is the only valid form of fiction. Everybody out.

>> No.39363678

Come to think of it, that could be incentive to start a proper team. Looking for a healer or at least someone with off-healing to deal with the fact they tend to get themselves and each other burned a lot.

>> No.39363734

I don't have time either, I read the fucking archives during breaks or at 4 am in the morning while drunk, which is what I am doing right now.

I am not saying story writing isn't fun, I'm saying its fucking meaningless to convey how super special or awesome your character is.

Because your characters are only lists of stats and special abilities and descriptions

Only once you start playing the fucking game, and see how the dice rolls do you develop your characters through their actions to any meaningful depth because storytelling now becomes a community driven affair.

And no do not think roleplaying is the only valid form of fiction or is deep and meaningful work of art. And I doubt any of you or me are capable of producing quality works of fiction.

I'm saying all this shit because mental masturbation and building up an character arbitrarily is fucking stupid.

>> No.39363840

>4 AM in the morning while drunk
Are you in Australia or something? Asia? East Russia?

>> No.39363857

Rolled 2, 8, 2, 19, 19, 16, 1, 18, 6, 18, 19 = 128 (11d20)

1. No one cares about meaning here.
2. Story writing and developing characters is entirely possible. Dice rolls are tools for telling a group story.

Group stories are great. Writing a story by yourself is great. Join the fun if you want, or lurk, but trying to discourage people from trying to write? Really?

Rolling another meguca.

>> No.39363887


And I'm not saying that this wouldn't be better if we had a concrete system, and DMs ready to run it.

You are, however, saying that without playing these characters, the act of creation is meaningless. Bullshit. You're claiming that there's no reason to create, talk about, modify, and do some light roleplay of these characters.

You know what the reason is? It's been fun.

Sure, it's "mental masturbation." ALL non-professional creative work is mental masturbation - the only point is to enjoy yourself with the process of it. Roleplaying in a group with the most hardcore crunch system is mental masturbation, because you're not actually creating anything - you're just having fun and telling stories as a group, which is exactly what the fuck we're doing here. Until you came in, there was nobody NOT having fun.

Maybe the problem is you?

You come in here, notice a lack - one that we've noticed, too, but that nobody's really had time to fix. Instead of just moving on, or if you're interested in it, taking your own goddamn advice and fixing the problem, you just decided to shit on everyone's day.

Why? What's the value? What do you possibly hope to accomplish? To tell everyone to stop having fun until we do it your way?

You are the worst possible kind of "that guy," especially because I can tell by your writing that you're easily smart enough to engage with us creatively. If you will pardon my french, Je t'emmerde. Me faut retourner à la pute qui m'a accouchée, you fucking cunt.

>> No.39363894

Rolled 20 (1d20)

Rerolling the extra incognito.

>> No.39363903

We would have to find a healer willing to put up with two fools. Hopefully one willing to play the leader. That would be fun.

This is sounding fun. I might try writing a little later, but I think the other anon has a point. For this to be really fun, we need some mechanics and structure. Too much talking about what we might do.

>> No.39363992

It's a sad day when I realize the only healer I could offer would make the group average out to be even MORE reckless.

>> No.39364039

It is fucking meaningless because it leads to more drama and conflict when the rp starts up.

When you build a character up with so much story surrounding him/her/it it becomes a mythos you're going to fucking follow your own writing to a T in the roleplay to a point where you're just as narrow minded as the hardcore crunch system enthusiasts because you have convinced yourself your character HAS to act and conduct him/herself a certain way or ways.

And you get botched rolls and your character can't hold up to your own arbitrary expectations, you're going to feel fucking devastated as your character can't do the things that make him/her it unique and special or standout from the group or becomes a fucking ghost who can't do anything. And if you're especially emotionally invested AND sensitive you're going to drag your group and community down with you with drama and fiat.

And Tomas L'oubliée you think I'm a cunt? I'm just having a drunken rant. To say these things and labeling me while sober makes you a pretentious asshole of the highest degree you fucking disgraceful uncle fucking namefag.

>> No.39364053

And that's a downside? Share your character.

Also, anyone think we could move discussion off IRC and onto a site?

I'm up for joint writing if you want to try that at some point, incidentally.

>> No.39364114

Rolled 6, 5, 15, 11, 5, 4, 5, 6, 7, 3, 12 = 79 (11d20)


>> No.39364116

...I think you're being way too invested in your characters, dude. This is the equivalent of brainstorming for fun. For fun. There's nothing forcing us to USE any of these characters for anything or not rewriting them as the plot demands and treating the stories as a "what if". I'm thinking you and I have had some very different campaign experiences.

And honestly, that guy has a point. You've been a bit of an ass in a thread that's mostly just been trying to have fun. With luck, you'll have second thoughts about things in the morning.

>> No.39364117

> And you get botched rolls and your character can't hold up to your arbitrary expectations
You know you're saying this while the other conversation in the thread is about the high incidence of friendly fire accidents among magical girls, right?
It takes some pretty impressive presumptuousness to assume nobody will be able to deal with their character fucking up. Especially while people are right there talking about their characters fucking up.

>> No.39364137


>It is fucking meaningless because it leads to more drama and conflict when the rp starts up.

Only if you're a shitty roleplayer.

>as narrow minded as the hardcore crunch system enthusiasts

What's wrong with hardcore crunch systems? Use the system which works for the game.

>And you get botched rolls and your character can't hold up to your own arbitrary expectations, you're going to feel fucking devastated

... no, you play your character. What the hell kind of awful players have you played with?

>And if you're especially emotionally invested AND sensitive

What evidence is there for this?

> you're going to drag your group and community down with you with drama and fiat.

Dude, the only one doing this is you.

>you think I'm a cunt? I'm just having a drunken rant.

The latter is the evidence for the former, yes.

>To say these things and labeling me while sober makes you a pretentious asshole of the highest degree

To label the drunk yelly cunt as a drunk yelly cunt makes me perceptive. Asshole, I'll maybe give you - I've hardly been kind to you. You have, however, when drunk, decided to come in here and shit on our thread.


I have a name, in this thread and this thread alone, to roleplay and work collaboratively on the things that we're doing, which is precisely the thing you're complaining we're not doing, you incomprehensible nincompoop.

>> No.39364173


>That image.

So Kyubey is a 4chan mod now ?

>> No.39364176

Yeah, I can't speak for anyone else? But I like writing flawed characters. Moira's a coward at heart, the drider's ironically less stable than her magical clone and would be a danger to herself and others if she wasn't rocking back and forth in a corner, and Holly is drunk on superpowers and trying to deal with the effects of mashing together two very different personalities and putting the memories on "blend". And all of that'd have to get rolled back if they ever get played in an actual campaign, and I'm okay with that as long as I get to have fun along the way and get a better idea of how to write them.

Chill out, maybe roll a few magical girls, and have fun.

>> No.39364177

Rolled 6, 11, 13, 3, 15, 4, 7, 12, 17, 11, 13 = 112 (11d20)

Hopefully I will get something.

>> No.39364199

He'd probably just be an unintentional troll.

>> No.39364260

Ok, I made another thing. Part 2 of Miss Victoria Arachne's back story.


Please feel free to critique.

>> No.39364315

I have a strong tendency towards overblown egos on my characters, myself. It's fun to torture them with their inadequacies, and even more fun to have them luck out in absurd ways and watch them balloon up like some kind of thunder-slinging puffer fish.

>> No.39364328

That's just offensively puerile. He's not policing your fun, he's pointing out a flaw in the seclusive nature of the threads as they stand. He not only offered reasoned criticism but also a solution for the problem he perceives. Are you really so petty as to dismiss it entirely with a childish bleating instead of meeting in turn with argument?

>> No.39364343

Wait, there is an IRC?
*Looks at OP*
Well, I am an idiot.

>> No.39364354

It's a mostly-silent circlejerk of isolationist smugbots, so it's not like you're missing anything.

>> No.39364404


To be far, he was saying not that what we were doing was flawed, but that what we were doing was worthless, largely because we weren't doing it in his ideal way.

That being said, yeah, we could have responded better - and I'm talking me in large part, because I was the yelly-est cunt back. It's not exactly easy to read drunken ranting criticism as having any value, especially when what he was ranting about was either a) something we already knew about as a problem, and hoped to fix, or b) patently and ridiculously wrong.

I'm done giving him my attention, though. Back to the writefagging I'm working on.

>> No.39364422

Yeah, but it's pretty quiet most of the time.

Except that isn't how it reads. It comes over as "stop having fun in a different way from me" and saying that the only valid way to enjoy yourself is in a serious group campaign for serious people based on dice rolls, and any point he's trying to make is going to be tarnished by that. The random insults and sneering didn't exactly help either.

And, yes, I am entirely that petty.

Can't put my finger on it, but the character interactions seem a bit odd. Sorry I'm not more help, it's not my strong point either.

>> No.39364444

Well, bully for you. You'll miss out on a lot of opportunities to better yourself that way, as well as driving people off just because of one subpar interaction.

>> No.39364446

So is there anything saying a Magical Girl can't be a menace to society ?

>> No.39364458

>writing stories that will only be read by not even a handful of people
>stories that will barely be remember within a year

Unless you're really gungho about this, and trying to develop them into publishable novels. He has a point.

>> No.39364491

Genre conventions. It goes against the theme of innocence and its relation to purity.

>> No.39364503

Don't even bother. He's going to continue to be mad that his onanism was interrupted.

>> No.39364621


I dunno, I disagree that writing only has value if it reaches a wide audience. I have projects I'm working on that I hope to make money off of, or get popular; I'm doing this because I enjoy writing, because this setting/the characters have interested me enough for me to write something.

I've had plenty of tabletop games that I only remember snippets of story, that were only there for a handful of people, and which I only did for fun. How is this different?

That's the part I don't get with this. How is this group of people writing and fluffing up characters and the like, having fun together, any different from any other traditional game?

That's not rhetorical. I seriously don't understand the hate.


... what?

>> No.39364654

>Name: ‘Wild Maggie’ O’Leary

>Age: 10

>Initial Stats
STR – 8 (4)
VIT – 5 (3)
AGI – 9 (5)
MAG – 7 (4)
LCK – 5 (3)

>Body Development: 11 (average)

>Magical Spec: 17 (lamia, +3mag/+3str/+1vit. From illusion, -1 gold))
>Magical Weapon: 11 (ranged, +1 agi. Brace of throwing knives)

>Outfit Type: 9 (flowing, +1 str)

>Additional Powers: 17 (regeneration)

1 – 15 (money)
2 – 16 (enhanced transformation)
3 – 7 (+2agi . From eternal style, -1silver)
4 – 7 ( +2agi . From masculinity, -1silver)
5 – 10 (Closure, +1lck . From a way out, -1silver)

I, too, have experienced loss..

>> No.39364678

One could say the same thing about the vast majority of games /tg/ plays. Sure, we all tend to remember the ones we were involved in personally, but unless the campaign was absolutely incredible, the details tend to get fuzzy and nobody outside of your group cares unless you manage to tell a story with interest that gets spread around like like Bearington or Jake Dagger.

Personally this is the second piece of writing I've done in more than a decade. Even if it doesn't go anywhere other than entertaining some people on the internet briefly, it's still good practice at getting back in the swing of things.

>> No.39364707

> I have projects I'm working on that I hope to make money off of, or get popular; I'm doing this because I enjoy writing, because this setting/the characters have interested me enough for me to write something.
True business.

>... what?
Onanism is fancy biblespeak for masturbation.

>> No.39364709


I think I'm going to try and do a point-buy version of Tomas, see if I like it any more.

I like what I ended up rolling; it flows together well. Might be fun to see if I could make it better with the same character framework.

>> No.39364716

>How is this group of people writing and fluffing up characters and the like, having fun together, any different from any other traditional game?

Because it isn't a traditional game, you're not playing anything.

>> No.39364720

In short, what's wrong with doing things if everyone here's having fun?


I've made a permanent dice room with chat logs now if anyone wants to use it for setting up campaigns or just chatter, since IRC is good but has some problems.

Can we get this linked in the OP as an alternative for people who might be on at different times or want to try setting up an actual campaign using a system like MB?


>> No.39364742


No, that I understood - the accusation just didn't make any sense to me, given how I've been responding.

... and for the record, Onan didn't masturbate. He slept with his brother's wife, like he was supposed to, but pulled out instead of giving his brother a legal heir through him.

>> No.39364745

Because it's solo fun, which is all well and good, except that it's off the topic of this board. It's also inferior to collaborative fun, since it touches fewer people, has less material for emergent fun, and has far less staying power in both individual and collective memory.

>> No.39364766


We're rolling up characters, working (very slowly) on systems, and doing some (admittedly sparse) roleplaying between each other. We're writing backstories and having fun doing collaborative storytelling. We're, at basic, playing pretend.

Seems like playing to me.

>> No.39364767

Rolz? Fucking seriously? You realize it's for short little bursts of dice and description and not legitimate play. It also doesn't have a backlog, so it's pretty useless for "people who might be on at different times" unless they just keep their computer on and that window open without problems for weeks on end. It's exactly like IRC with a dicebot.

>> No.39364780



... we're doing it together?

>> No.39364785

...Well, okay, you can argue that it's inferior somehow but none of that changes that it's still having fun and writing in a group setting is close enough. Besides, /tg/'s the last board where splitting hairs over what's on and off topic work as an argument anyway.

This back and forth isn't doing anything except clog up the thread though, so agree to disagree and try and GM or get enthusiasm for an actual campaign in Magical Burst or something if you want to see it happen?

>> No.39364796

...Rolz has a backlog that goes back forever. You sure you're not thinking of Roll20 or something?

>> No.39364801


>This back and forth isn't doing anything except clog up the thread though, so agree to disagree and try and GM or get enthusiasm for an actual campaign in Magical Burst or something if you want to see it happen?

Fair enough.

>> No.39364811

Even Roll20 has a backlog for every campaign.

>> No.39364812

Roll20 has a backlog that goes back forever. Rolz only counts up from when you personally joined.

>> No.39364844

There is no immersion or experience in what we're doing. Yes we're playing pretend, but we're playing pretend the least engaging way possible

>> No.39364847

It also has no protection for names, so it's actually worse than IRC.

>> No.39364851

I can say for a fact that isn't the case. Try "room log", upper right hand corner, or the direct link to the log. It goes back to the start of the room.

>> No.39364909


Is there anything saying they can't live in a slum or crime ridden area ?

>> No.39364924

My character lives in a sunny tourist-city, so take from that what you will.

>> No.39364941


That works better, probably. That's where the bad stuff is, and their job is to fix the bad stuff.

>> No.39364992

Not a thing, it would just be weird for a magical girl to be a gangbanger or something.

>> No.39365053


>Jenny Lux

Str: 4+1+2+2(silver)=9
Vit: 4+2+1+1+4(gold)=12
Agi: 4+2(silver)=6
Luck: 4+2(silver)=6

Age: (6+8)=14
Development: (20) Well Developed
Specialization: (12) Light (+2 Vit +1 Mag)
Weapons:(1) Melee: Great Axe (+1str +1 vit)

Outfit: (20) Uniform: Stylized Catholic Schoolgirl outfit with leather straps

Magical Powers: (18) Regeneration

Perks: (1) +2 str, (5) +2 Mag, (6) Interdimensional Home, (14) Get Out of Jail, (19) Big Backpack

Her first few missions didnt go quite as planned but she was inevitably victorious as she discovered it is very difficult to injure her, much less actually kill her.

She is still getting used to the looks her new body gets her on the streets and having previously been a middle-aged male doesn't help her feel comfortable when guys she feels like she used to know start hitting on her or oggle her well-endowed body. However she is doing the best she can to take advantage of this situation and is working at a local coffee shop in moderately revealing outfits to bring in big tip money.

Jenny sees herself as a monster-hunter/supernatural investigator and a physical juggernaut not afraid to get into a fight or push herself to her limits when she needs to. She is a natural athlete and has used the forged ID and documents in her pack to sign up for a local highschool to keep up her cover and maybe give her a chance at getting into that college she always regretted not going to.

She has no idea where her new apartment came from, but it is much appreciated. Sadly it being in another dimension makes inviting friends over kind of awkward.

In the beginning she is a little awkward and clumsy getting used to her new body. She is especially shy and awkward around men (although luckily the process of being turned into a magical girl has dealt with any of the issues she might have on sexuality).

(I was actually surprised at how many things fell together just right making this character)

>> No.39365067


There could be a really cool story about a magical girl from a shitty area - let's say south central LA, or some other similarly gangland area - who was doing her best in her magical life to fix the problems in the community (caused by some kind of supernatural force, more than likely) and generally do kindness to people in rough straits, while doing her best in her physical life to survive in a poverty environment.

The magical girls in the area might actually end up making something like a gang, and like gangs they might start out with the best of intentions to defend their own and their homes.

>> No.39365142


>> No.39365164


>magical girl to be a gangbanger

Well I'm not saying a gangbanger persay.

But when it comes to some depictions of Magical Girls (like the one in this image from Madoka) some of them aren't exactly what you would call paragons of virtue or innocence.

>> No.39365205

These issues are pretty open to interpretation, but if we're going genre-normal, then the early 20s that all the stats max around would equate with really really mammoth levels I'm beginning to understand.

Magical girls apparently take their powers pretty far.

Strength to juggle tanks one-handed, agility to dodge rapid-fire pulse lasers in mid-air, vit to withstand a nuke at point blank--they go pretty far.

So, 12 agility, probably agile enough to dodge regular gunfire with a little effort?

>> No.39365275

Anyone want to try making a more permanent site for campaigns or whatnot if rolz doesn't work for reasons? People've been advocating getting a campaign together, and that seems like a step towards it.

>> No.39365288

>In the name of the confederacy, I'm gonna punish y'all!

>> No.39365401

Just for the record, while faggots like this are rather pathetic in their complete unwillingness to give you good ideas while they only repeatedly tell you what not to do, others have offered useful feedback.

I am still working on the freeform combat rules.

They'll always be stat based, high stat girls will beat low stat girls, and they'll always have a rock-paper-scissors vibe going, and they'll always use derived stats. All that said, I am still updating them and do plan on having them properly mechanically balanced someday. My goal is so that all builds of the same caliber, say, 40pt builds, have no more than a 20% advantage against the rest of their peers, regardless of the distribution of their stats.

Anyways though, a lot of testing is required, since I can't just run math anymore. So, bear with me.

>> No.39365459


Hang in there and know that your work is appreciated.

>> No.39365488


I'd like to see what a magical girl from south central would look like now actually.

>> No.39365871

Sorry, I was away for a bit.

I would be willing to join you if you ever make a game.

>> No.39365887

You've been given good ideas, specific criticisms and all kinds of things. It's your own damned fault it's devolved to "well, it's shit," because you and yours demonstrably don't listen to outsiders. You don't give a single fuck about people outside of the IRC and that has even been plainly stated by you, by Dio, and by others, so how do you even have the stones to try to pretend otherwise right now?

>> No.39365926

Your system doesn't have a rock-paper-scissors vibe going. You're so unabashedly incompetent that it's staggering that you feel like you're able to come down off the mountain like this and make demands and dictations. What you have is dynamite, pulp, and piss jar. Let me tell you, that game only has the one winner.

>> No.39365954

no worries, was thinking more along the lines of a group story in the short term?

>> No.39365955

Madoka is specifically counter-convention. It's a dark deconstruction. If you're looking at Madoka to establish tone and theme for the rest of the genre, you are objectively Doing It Wrong.

>> No.39366003

I've never tried writing something like that and I'm not sure I'm a very good writer period, but I can try.

>> No.39366030

It's pretty simple really. A lot of the adjustments I've implemented, over half of them, have come from feedback delivered on this board. Particularly, back in thread 2, there was one guy that talked me through quite a bit. His advice led to the elimination of all distance/range considerations during play. Additionally, the overpoweredness of magic users over other builds was pointed out to me here. As was the over-specificity of the original Lesser Magical Feats section and how it stymied roleplay. And those are just examples.

I'm not entirely sure where you get the idea that my pet-project is IRC-related. I started before the IRC was created, and I very seldom discuss my work in the IRC, despite the fact that I do hang out there. I do playtest on the IRC, but that's due to convenience and the fact that I don't want to clutter the board with roll posts for combat that just two people are involved in.

>> No.39366040

Hop on IRC?

Well, they did say "some", and the Madoka deconstruction approach seems popular.

>> No.39366129

Rolled 15, 6, 14, 5, 2, 4, 19, 11, 20, 2, 13, 17 = 128 (12d20)


>> No.39366140

You haven't changed the substance of anything, only the specifics. The core problems are all still there. The huge potential for abuse is still there. The active detriment of vitality is still there. The relative uselessness of luck is still there. The gross, mismatched dependency on multiple stats for even basic competence is still there, decided wholly by your main weapon. The lack of synergy for teams is still there. The entirety of the last bit where you claim the goals of the game wholly and obviously do not reflect actual mechanical decisions. There is no rock-paper-scissors philosophy. The whole thing is gut-math and aborted ideas, and you're so enamored with the work that you've already put into it that you haven't changed a single subsystem the entire time these threads have been running. You're clearly lying to us, and it's becoming increasingly clear that you're also lying to yourself.

>> No.39366180

Let me ask you something. Have you ever made a complete game before from scratch? And if you have, could we see it?

>> No.39366247

I can be on in a bit. I'm going to read through some of the archive first.

>> No.39366295

You act like you expect me to take all advice given on this board. I think you'll agree that that's not a very good idea. While it's true that I haven't changed any of the fundamental subsystems, it's not due to arrogance. It's due to ignorance, I can't think of a superior way to implement them that is still faithful to the cyoa, and nobody has recommended one that will fit.

Regarding your stat criticisms, I simply disagree for the most part.

>The active detriment of vitality is still there.
This is somewhat true, vit is currently less valuable than agi or mag. I don't know what you mean by active detriment though.
>The relative uselessness of luck is still there.
This is blatantly false. Once the dice start rolling, luck starts to matter a lot more than you'd expect. Fate points are also a critical balance against high agi builds.
>The gross, mismatched dependency on multiple stats for even basic competence is still there, decided wholly by your main weapon.
This is also untrue. Currently as-written, your main weapon is 100% irrelevant. Additionally, monostat agi and mag builds are very effective.

Anything else you would like me to address while I'm posting? I dislike responding with my name unless I'm rping, I fear the trolls.

>> No.39366332

replying to

>> No.39366381


>Madoka deconstruction

It's not just Madoka. There are other examples of criminal (or renegade) magical girls.

I think Sailor Moon had several (one of which was goofy and handed out business cards).

>> No.39366409

Having any vitality at all destroys your ability to do damage. Unless you invest exclusively into Magic, which can bypass vitality entirely. High vitality people cannot hit, do nothing when they hit, and their defenses are made totally pointless by everyone else -- because everyone else always has at least some magic.

It's not blatantly false, because the stat has a soft cap of about ten. Any more than that and you get nothing out of it. Fate points come much too slowly and irregularly to help with that cap, and the difference between 4 and 8 luck is negligible, and fate points do very little to swing the game in any direction. In other games, they create new turns or bonus actions or destroy an entire check in a larger skeleton where there are so few rolls and so many interactions that it means quite a bit. Your system is not so swingy.

Your main weapon is everything but irrelevant, since it determines a nebulous range (that is still indicated by the rules but wholly undefined), the number of turns you can use it, your base damage bonus, and what stats matter to you and to which degree. Magic weapon people can ignore all stats except magic, since it determines every relevant combat interaction. Ranged weapon people can ignore all stats except magic and agility, since their weapon damage will regularly meet or exceed strength with the armor penalty applied. And the melee weapons are fucked, having to have high stats in everything (except vitality, because it does nothing to help them and yet has very substantial and always relevant penalties to the one fucking thing that matters in your ridiculous caricature of rocket tag.) Is many ways, your weapon matters more than perks and powers, let alone the core stats.

The issue isn't that you're not listening to all advice. It's that you claim you're listening to much of the advice and then change FUCKING NOTHING. You're a limp-wristed hypocrite without any concept of game design in the least.

>> No.39366573

Your vit criticism is valid. You're exaggerating slightly, vit builds do win sometimes. But not as often as they should, this is true.

Your luck criticism is simply wrong. I know it seems that way, but in-play, the fate points determine the winner pretty often. It's true that luck after 10 doesn't do as much as before, since at 9 pts crit fails are largely eliminated for you. If you say it doesn't swing a game, though, you're just telling me you haven't played it yet.

Regarding weapons:

As currently written, a magic or ranged weapon attacker will do str/2-armor damage and use agi to hit with a "normal attack". They use the exact same system a fist or melee fighter uses. A magic user that ignores all stats except for magic will not be able to get much, if any, use out of their main weapon, and will be reliant on their mana pool to launch attacks. Agility users are reliant on conventional weaponry, similar to Homura in Madoka, and otherwise lack damage-dealing potential.

The main advantage of strength is it's high damage potential. Nothing except a monostat str build can do more than 5 dmg with a single hit, not counting powers like killing blow.

You bring up some balance issues that I am meaning to address, but again, I think you're exaggerating somewhat.

>> No.39366684

You know what I think the core problem is? You're actively shutting down others. Well, fuck it and fuck you. I'm going to start publically develop a system, in these threads, to deal with the game that every one of these threads begins with. Just like in the PA CYOA. Just like in the Paladin threads. Just like how /tg/ has done it for a decade. That way, there's no individual to stonewall everything. There's no one person whose feelings are so wrapped up in things that they can't even be shown to recognize poor math. You can't even recognize the fundamental ridiculousness of your "playtesting".

You can't even achieve your own listed goals. How the fuck are we supposed to believe that you'll take your head out of your ass and create a complete system that can be played out, in full, for this board and for its players?

This thread is on page 9. When it resets again, I hope whomever makes it has the good sense not to enshrine your overwrought nonsense in the opening post. There are other systems proposed in that pastebin, there are other systems possible to be done, there are other games already published out in the real world that deal with the same genre that can inspire decent mechanics and a clear goal. So you can take your obstinance and your ignorance and you can choke on it. I, for one, am completely fed up with trying to deal with you and I have serious, serious doubts that I'm the only one.

>> No.39366714

>Part 2 of Miss Victoria Arachne's back story.
>Please feel free to critique.

Okay, so here's some issues I've found.

Once you reveal that the purple girl's name is Annet (Annette?) you should probably stop using the epithet to describe her. Maybe throw in a 'violet' or 'plum' or 'lavender' or something to break up the use of the word?

There's not a lot of description of your environment and the actors in it - we know Purple is the girl from the night before, but what's she wearing and what does she look like? Is she alone? With friends? For that matter, I went back to P1 to check her description and Annet(Annette?) is described as a twin of the girl you ran over, but in purple. Check the description of the girl and it's 'a girl in pink.' We literally have no idea what she looks like other than 'she wears purple,' and we don't know if that's what she's wearing at that moment.

The biggest thing to me, is that there's no clear transition between 'I've found the purple magical girl' and 'purple magical girl wakes up' Did you knock her out? How? Did you say your little villain monologue about Miss Moffet to her or to yourself? Where did you end up taking her? This needs a touch more description and actions need to be filled in. It'd be fine if you were knocked out and then woke up without knowing what happened since you are the point-of-view character, but it makes no sense when you're knocking someone else out and dragging them away.

>> No.39366721

Most of your system is "everyone makes things up in freeform and they make pre-game agreements." Then it has some math that falls apart once you plug in any of the characters that appear in these threads. That's not a system. It's a farce. You've failed at codifying freeform forum conventions that have been common for more than twenty years.

>> No.39366745

By the way, updated the fic to fix some issues.

>> No.39366763

>You've failed at codifying freeform forum conventions that have been common for more than twenty years.
Would you mind pointing a few of them out or pointing me towards a good source?

>> No.39366764

To be fair, he's been putting quite a bit of effort in, unlike some people here. I've seen progression of the rules and he's certainly not trying to completely discard others opinions.
There have been bumps in the road of course, but this system works much better that the original I saw proposed. For sure though, it doesn't meet it's listed goals, but it's been a work in progress for quite a while with very few to no people offering valid and helpful feedback.

>> No.39366842

Here's the thing, though. "Quite a bit of effort" means nothing. It doesn't matter if there's a lot of posters that aren't helping. That is utterly meaningless. The quantity of ideas is a self-congratulatory metric. All that matters is results.

•Are they functional
•Do they meet listed goals
•Can they be improved, and is so, how so

That's the only real measure. And Breezy's rules do not meet those guidelines. He might be a very swell guy. He may be passionate, he may have a good head on his shoulders, he may even be Jesus come back to save us all from sin and lack of gaming. But none of that matters, because his game just does not work. That is sad and all but it's the truth.

>> No.39366856

Are you fucking serious, m8, or are you just trying to sneer at somebody?

>> No.39366903

Sounds to me like, in the face of abuse, he's actually looking to fix what he's doing. Sounds to me like you're being loud and abrasive and he's doing a very good job of staying diplomatic.

Doesn't sound like a sneer to me at all.

>> No.39366908

No, I'm completely serious.

>> No.39366931

I wasn't trying to imply that the system was good because he was so great, I was trying to get across that he's come the closest I've seen, with no one else willing to try.

Sure there are flaws, but rather then make a bunch of attacks at him, why not offer to help out, helps us come to a solution that fixes this, non of us are opposed to starting from scratch but you keep yelling at up saying that what we're doing is bad and there is no way it'll ever be good.

if you actually care about it succeeding then try and help out. I assure you, it'll be more fun then getting upset over the internet about someone else's failures

>> No.39366957

>I'm going to start publically develop a system, in these threads, to deal with the game that every one of these threads begins with.

The only part of your post that's worth saying. Said in the right way, it would even be welcomed, instead of you sounding like an asshole.

>> No.39367117

That is a nice sentiment, but totally impossible. Many people have had things to say about his system. By his own admission, he's got no interest in changing the substance of his game. He isn't even interested in understanding why increasing your ability to take damage (voided by the alternate system of dealing damage) should not in turn decrease your ability to function in other skills. And it's been like that on many issues.

Not all of them, he gets credit for some of the changes he's made.

But it hasn't been just a few of them, either. And why should it be that he should be a final arbiter of things? If several people have ideas, even if that's not everybody that's ever posted, then it stands to reason that they should be able to have a say in things if it's sensible without having to convince one man to erase his own labor. That is a totally ridiculous standard. So, fine. He can work on his own thing by himself, and do whatever he likes with it. But it's hardly villainous to openly create something, transparently, without a central arbiter, to be used as an alternative.

Then google freeform forums. Every one of them with a decent population has the same guidelines that have been on the internet for ages, and is a core reason that they can be abused so readily by the wrong kind of community. There's legions of evidence that more specificity, not less, helps curb potential abuse. Defender decides isn't a radical or even uncommon idea. And it creates an environment of Mother May I that actively supports the juggernauts and god-modding that are practically emblematic of the whole genre of games.

There is absolutely no reason to kiss ass or be overly diplomatic about any message. We're all anon here, anyway, even (ultimately) Breezy. The substance of a message isn't changed by its wrapping, whether it's sugary fluff or sticky bile. The messenger does not rationally effect their message. And you should try to be rational about it.

>> No.39367196


>The messenger does not rationally effect their message. And you should try to be rational about it.

I'm encouraging you to be rational as well. I'm saying, as is demonstrable in any human interaction, that the *delivery* of the message matters. I don't know anything about you, as you rightly stated - we're both anon. The only thing I can judge you on is your message, which you have delivered poorly. If you could improve the way that you deliver messages - which you have inaccurately characterized as kissing ass - your message would be improved.

>> No.39367224

"But it's hardly villainous to openly create something, transparently, without a central arbiter, to be used as an alternative."

Not a single person is telling you not to do that. We all welcomed it. Nobody is accusing you of being villainous, including the person who you'd be making an alternate system to. Do it. We want you to do it. You're arguing against people who don't exist instead of just doing it.

>> No.39367230

Just to point one thing out:
>By his own admission, he's got no interest in changing the substance of his game.
In an earlier response, I stated this: "While it's true that I haven't changed any of the fundamental subsystems, it's not due to arrogance. It's due to ignorance, I can't think of a superior way to implement them that is still faithful to the cyoa"

I'm very willing to re-do entire sections, I just don't know what to replace them with.

>> No.39367236


Dude, everyone here is telling you that we respect your opinion, you raise some good points, but you're being an asshole, and there's no need for that.

>> No.39367324


Not to put too fine a point on it, but it's hardly the modus operandi of this website to prioritize diplomacy. After a while, I naturally assume that regular posters to it will be able to easily divorce that message from its messenger, since the anonymity enables quite a bit of letting off steam that would otherwise not be possible. When identity can be shed like old coats, it means we always have to look at what's being said rather than who or how. You say I'm being excessively rude. Fair enough, that's probably true. But what does that have to do with anything? Why make the point?

That's exactly my point. To encourage anyone offering criticism to keep banging their head against a wall is inappropriate. I wasn't being ironic or specifically defensive.

Why is it you redoing entire sections instead of everyone going back to fundamentals and trying again? A proper system is one that interlocks. It's not made of unrelated parts slapped under the same header, you know?

At any moment we'll fall off the board. I'd like to put off getting started until after that point.

>> No.39367366

>everyone going back to fundamentals and trying again?
I am 100% in favor of this. I was just refuting your earlier statement that I was unwilling to rewrite things.

>> No.39367388

I hope your system will work out, I'm sure people here will attempt to provide insight and criticism.

>> No.39367395

>Not to put too fine a point on it, but it's hardly the modus operandi of this website to prioritize diplomacy.
No, but it really fucking helps a lot instead of "You should do what I say because you're a fag". Wow, someone's against a person who's regularly insulting them. Who would have thought?

>But what does that have to do with anything? Why make the point?
Because people are more willing to listen to those who don't stick a dick down their throat before screaming at them.

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