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Didn't see one.

Requesting the Snakes and Ladders CYOA

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Going to past the Conduit fanworld I started working on.

The idea is for it be sweet and moe.
Resuurection will take place as follows:
When you die no matter where or how the Empress will wield her incredible power to return you to her side and resurrect you as a cute dogboy/catgirl. In return you will have to serve her for 2 months. The more often you die the slightly more humiliating your tasks become. Refusing to serve her or acting up will result in her no longer reviving you.

This fan-world will not be lewd... we have polyamora for that. :3

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to the conduit fanworld guy last thread

conduit is on itself, a semigrimdark setting, after all...
>bunch of omnipowerful beings suddenly start being created, the previous ones all went *poof*
>no shit 8/10 of the worlds are dark, firey and scary and those that arent are still not exactly hospitable
>fire hell, shadow hell, ash hell, space (outer ring) hell, electrical hell, bright and religious hell, eternal conflict spess elf hell, plague world hell, cowboy hell, Bedtime story hell, Dworf hell, undersea mind rape hell, never ending reincarnation gear hell, AND MORE EVERYDAY!

not trying to shit on your idea, just trying to get you to nudge it over a little, to a bit more fitting area.

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Thanks very much!

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Not all of the worlds are grimdark, Earth really isn't, Rim isn't by default, plenty of others aren't. They're only as dark as you make them. Hell, you calling a bunch of these areas 'hell' is just your idea of the difficulty, more than anything else. Crystal Spire isn't particularly hellish, even if it's not exactly hospitable to human life.

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You're right...

The world itself is not a paradise: it is a childish empire run by an almighty girl who may or may not be 100% mentally stable and uses her people like slaves.

But as a Conduit you don't really suffer through any of it... it would be stupid to force people to worship the empress of a single World and fighting magical threats as a qt shota/loli is intended to be fun...

I'll have to think this through.

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>tentacle monsters
>child abuse
>not lewd
Must be sarcasm.

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That background pic is WAY too busy to be putting text on it like that.

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Maybe they're going for a saturday morning cartoon show type vibe?

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>But as a Conduit you don't really suffer through any of it
Then why have the lazy perk? Why have the warning?

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Anon, you don't really think those things are lewd, right?

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we may be onto something here, what if its a kind of "grown up/stretched realism" kind of world? everything appears cute and nice, everything SEEMS fine, when it is nothing close, as a anon said last thread about The Lady of Pain, the empress could be a being of similar type (omni powerful in her domain, runs things in a vague manner, is almost machine like, some even question whether she exsists at all) there could be potential here for a animu saturday morning adventure with a side of "dusk" (kinda happy, not exactlly happy setting)

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I think it would be more like:
>Prison for hellish creatures, land of dreams, purgatory, fiery hell, comfy as fuck crib, alien crystal world, elf connan, hustler channel, heavy metal lite, city-state desert, dark hell, light totalitarian hell, sppaaaccee with giger, big game hunter in the 80's

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Meh, the corrupted cutie shit is so common now it's a cliche. Boring and expected. Oh no it's another evil demon how scary.

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Oh god I'm really not too bright today... I somehow assumed we were talking about fully perked Conduits and that they needed a more challenging world.

But yes, an unperked Conduit will have to:
>obey the wishes of the Empress or at the very least not be caught ignoring/disobeying them
>suffer most of the world disliking them until they get their first perk
>are at risk of Witches, Demons and Tentacle beast- attacks which they'll hopefully be able to withstand.

So yes, thinking about it this world starts out with some challenge. I will have to add some more though.

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lets be honest, are most of those worlds safe or even kinda hospitable to non paramilitary normies?

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Let me check... rating:safe, loli, tentacle. sankakucomplex
Twelve results. Four of those I consider questionable.

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>What are jokes?

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what if its less "demons + cute IRLized world" and more "H.P. lovecraft meets animu world with a side of conduit prison"

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>H.P. lovecraft meets animu world
You mean Nyaruko-san? This shit is common as hell now, subversions are cliche.

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Safe and hospitable? Oh nope nope nope, but then any alien world is bound to be like that.
On the other hand, only a few of them are actively out to get you even with the native dangers and unwelcome bit.

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>Witches, Demons
Are they loli's too?
What make the witches bad?

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well...shit...comic book style shit? no questions asked Marvel + DC meet animu?

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It's pretty much the same.

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what about the other way around? animu meets lovecraft world and the moe is unstoppable.

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this could be...horrifyingly AWESOME!

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>Nyarlehotep bursts into our reality, in the middle of tokyo.
>Everyone passes their San check, because tentacles are nothing new.
>He calls upon all the perverts and otaku of the world to aid him and the other gods against a force that corrodes the Elder gods and causes their servitors to go insane at the sight of it.
>He speaks in hushed tones, as if terrified that the mention of it could cause it to materialize.
>This horrible, monstrous force is known by our world as

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>Call all the perverts and otaku
>Against the Tsundere
>Calling the cultists against what they worship
Nyarl done goofed.

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Necromancer CYOA!
I'm sorry, the file is too big so I give you a link


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Same as the last thread or updated?

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I'm not the maker, it's the same as the last thread, I just saved it.
He gave the link so I repost it.

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Forgot to quote your post

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Conduit never seemed grimdark to me - it's always seemed removed from the concept of grim versus noble and light versus dark. Instead it has a very 1E "hey, there's a bunch of deadly cool shit, let's go explore it with the promise of resurrection if we die horribly!" vibe.

Well, except Crucible, of course.

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Changing my build a bit cause /tg/ doesn't like marriage being used for political reasons, want marriage only for love
The Father


Forgotten Laboratory in Teb'Ris

Promraen Caro

Tier 4: Cure Disease, Cure Injury, Inflict Paralysis, Reinforcement
Tier 3: Create Abomination, Natural Weapon, Alter Appearance
Tier 2: Mass Growth, Create Fleshpoint
Tier 1: Devourer
I'll use Alter appearance to mask the effects of Devourer and make myself more appealing to everyone.
Reinforcement and Natural Weapon (Retractable Bone spikes, paralytic venom via biting) to enchance all of my minions, effectively increasing their combat abilities.
I will then use Fleshpoints so that my minions can strike fast and hard, then disappear quickly with stole merch, supplies and bodies.

>Items 2 (-1 Socialite)
Small Fortune
Haunted Sword

Aristocrat Clothes
Gotta look the part of a noble.

>Companions x3 Socialite
Catherine will be the Majordoma of the Forgotten Lab making sure spells and other operations go smoothly.
Courtesan to gain noble allies and do favors for them in the form of enchancing their looks and little reinforcements
Liyn along with Evdokiya will be inncharge of securing the Lab and doing raids on various Teb'Ihr and Zatmenyir trading routes, villages and posts.
All goods and equipment will be sold at the new city earning me more money.

>Minions (Total of 46 tokens from starting and Enemies)
Disgraced Guard (Free)
1 Greater Abomination (10)
3 Chimaera (15)
2 Abomination (10)
2 Soldiers (4 Individuals) (6)
Evdokiya (5)
I'll will allow Evdokiya and the soldiers to have limited control over some creations during raids.
Disgraced guard will serve as my personal beef.

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Crucible is nobledark though.

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Posting as requested.

I'm currently trawling through the old thread for feedback, i'll get around to a 1.1.0 version when i can.

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Angry Mob +3
Solaris Paladin +7
Spellsword +6
My raiding mostly takes place in Teb'Ihr and sometimes Zatmenyir, targeting traders and small towns.
This where the mob, Paladin and Spellsword try and catch the myterious raiders.

Master Plan: New Noble
My main base of operation will be in the Forgotten Lab, quick touch ups will be needed. I set up my Fleshpoints so I can easily move around locations, I will use my small fortune to buy a fairly big house in the new city and set up trade.
I will use stolen goods are commodity items, then use the money to further my holdings in the city (housing and realestate), ultimately making me a powerhouse noble in the new city. While joining on occasional raids, once I have built up enough wealth and forces I start raiding bigger targets.
And maybe help the Teb'Ris nation gain more power.
Pic related is my future project using multiple natural weapons on an a Greater abomination Chimaera hybrid

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What if I take the puzzle box item without the spells for it?

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It's a really nice paperweight.

I'm starting to think i may need to do a large overhaul already.

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A fun, but useless, time waster.

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Why, to hold peoples' hands? It's alright for mistakes to be possible.

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Posting my build with an extra 5.
Might be a mistake in there somewhere, idk.

NO GOD, probably pay homage to Father.

ELF, duh

Zatmenyir, cute elf girls. Proud elven warriors. Kobolds across the border to kill.

Forgotten Lab

Suit of Armor, plate

Reinforcement, Inflict, Cure Disease, Cure Injury
Warp Flesh, Alter Appearance, Alter Age
Create Fleshpoint, Craft Plague
Potion of K

No items.
create thrall, sanguine senses


Assassin -4, experiment subject for combat upgrades
groundskeeper -2,
Scholar free,
Disgraced guard -4,
soldiers -3,
alchemist -3,
turned huntress -6,
Evdokiya -5,
slaves -1,
thralls -2,

Objective is to achieve immortality, obviously. Then grant it to people I like. Farm(as in kill and loot) kobolds across the border for cash, thralls and parts.
Post immortality, upgrade self. Try and get some giant wings, maybe second set of arms. Perhaps redundant organs. Start studying under Sarah to learn blood magic. Eventually master all the school.

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Mr. the Scientist man, could I trade -1 item for a +1 spell?
Also I think Alpha Skin Walker and Warp Flesh needs a buff, since changing appearance is obtainable to Alter Appearance and all Flesh Warp appears to only limited to attaching limbs.

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is this about some people wanting to mix schools?

>> No.39314698

Yes, but much more than simply that alone.

I say yes. I'll be introducing something to make these exchanges work in the next version.

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Alter Appearance doesn't say it lets you be specific enough to mimic someone. Warp Flesh lets you graft on pieces from ANY RACE. If you're familiar with the DnD 3rd edition transmutation or conjuration schools, you have an idea how awesome that is.

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Enjoying all the various different builds? I don't think I've seen any repeat ideas aside from necromancy choices.

>> No.39314849

Thanks for hearing us out, Mr. Scientist Man!
I can already create chimaeras with create abomination & mass growth, and create natural weapons of various forms. I'm finding it hard to fit in builds, natural weapons doesn't need me to hunt down beast and I can create strong creature already.

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It's everything i could have hoped for.
The sheer number of options means everyone can be unique.

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Quick question. Is there a way to get or combine lairs? I'm just assuming you get "one", but it would be interesting if you could combine something like say the "Inn" a ways outside of town to a actual town listed. Or some other combo wombo.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

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Am I crazy, or does it seem like the majority of people are choosing the Fleshcrafter option? I did.

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I noticed that, i wonder why.
I did too.

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we like mutants and shit that could be the option that and how souls are kind of noncombat oriented and how mummy tree is so cursed oriented

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I have asked in the other thread:I have some doubts about the eremite thing. For instance, what happens if a necromancer cast “severe soul” in a eremite? I ask this because of the “tear the soul apart” from the eremite transformation.
Also, how “Curse of Death” affect the undead?
About the Domun Lacrimans, does I keep the Schmerz Ratsel when I go in the pocket dimension? If someone needs to solve the Schmerz Ratsel for me to appear as a Eremite, after it has been solved by one person, I can stay in the “main” dimension for unlimited time? If not, can I have a minion to solve it for me from the “main” dimension every time? Is there a difference of a “standard” eremite from a “caster-turned-eremite”, in the way there is a difference between a undead and a lich, or they are equal? If they are equal, how the control over others eremites work?

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don't need to do horrible things to people
can still have sex
even if you make yourself a monster, you can cover it up
no notable weaknesses you can't cover up

Maybe add a chance of failure? Like abominations running wild and killing somebody every now and then? Devourers going into rages?

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I liked the soul magic personally, but all of its best minions involve torturing somebody to death.

>> No.39315199

Also, I would like to say that I became a huge fan of you work. Thank you for the amazing content.

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or just making the other options non shit.
cerberus armies, sphinx gaurdians, gazes of light that turn armies to ash. crazy shit

(or soul golem/constructs for soul tree, or bone golems for the classic flavor, etc, etc. hastur ftangh we need a goddamn H.P. Tree)

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Eventually. Three things in the works. Slow coming. "Eventually". No promises on delivery of all three, as two are more experiment than certainty.I did update the one you quoted, actually, though only a bit.

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>For instance, what happens if a necromancer cast “severe soul” in a eremite? I ask this because of the “tear the soul apart” from the eremite transformation.
Honestly i haven't considered this part, but i would consider an Eremite to have no soul post-op.
I'll make sure to clarify this later.
>Also, how “Curse of Death” affect the undead?
I also hadn't considered this, but i think that it would definitely work, since the undead can be "killed" a second time.
>About the Domun Lacrimans, does I keep the Schmerz Ratsel when I go in the pocket dimension?
No you don't, the idea is that it's left behind for an unwitting participant to participate and solve it.
>If someone needs to solve the Schmerz Ratsel for me to appear as a Eremite, after it has been solved by one person, I can stay in the “main” dimension for unlimited time?
I agree with that interpretation, and i've made a note to address it later.
>Is there a difference of a “standard” eremite from a “caster-turned-eremite”, in the way there is a difference between a undead and a lich, or they are equal? If they are equal, how the control over others eremites work?
The way i see it, a c-t-e may have different/more spells than "standard" and have more authority/power, thus defaulting to a leadership position.
See the film Hellraiser for more information as to what it's based on.

Would you like it if there were more non-tortured minions? Because i've got a content template file, that needs updating, that i can release if people want to create their own companions, minions, items, etc.
I'll take them and if they don't contradict/conflict i'll add them in.
The downside is it's a .ai file, and not everyone has Adobe Illustrator.

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Love your stuff, looking forward to it.

>> No.39315496

does the creator of that cyberpunk cyoa ever update it or will it see no further work done on it?

>> No.39315553

For my first idea yea, I was envisioning a sort of reverse life insurance. Get some necromantic help and such while alive, in exchange for some willing service for a time while you're dead, then you're free to go watch over your descendants.

>> No.39315584

It allows us to improve ourselves over time. Craft perfect waifu or harem girls. Can be granted to others. Not evil. No daylight restrictions. Two dicks.

>> No.39315682

I like that one, i'll have to make a note of it.

>> No.39315687

>The Father
>Twilight Isles Fortification
>Create Thrall, Ritual Enhancement, Blood Pact, Sanguine Senses
>Create Nosferatu, Bloodthirsty Weapon, Blood Tracking
>Night Falls, Empower Bloodline
>Vial of Endless Blood, Coffin, Sprit Vessel
>Suit of Armor
>Cassandra, Catherine
>1 Disgraced Guard for free
>All Blood Minions but the Dhampir
>10 Slaves

I will hold this fortress, for it is now my land as is my noble right. The guard will become a Vampire in short order, and the slaves will be used for entertainment and the occasional replacement or bolstering of my other minions. The vial of blood will ensure that I and mine will never lack for sustenance, and the sun will never shine its angry light upon my little island.
Cassandra and Catherine are there to be diversions, brought into flesh and amused by it and with it, and their other lesser schools of necromancy will be amusing dalliances on occasion.

>> No.39315703

I prefer it because it has such a ridiculous amount of utility. Not to mention that the wording of several spells make them absurdly powerful compared to other books.

Tier 4 contains a spell that heals any wound, regardless of severity, a spell that cures any disease, regardless of severity, a spell that makes any non-soul summon easily twice as durable, as well as giving you more protection than a suit of armour even when naked, and a spell that can paralyze any part of a target's body, even internal organs. Stopping a target's heart requires a tier 2 spell normally, but Flesh gets it as a tier 4 spell that can also subdue a target non-lethally.

Tier 3 is less ridiculous, but still has some stupidly useful abilities. What's that? Cast a spell on myself three times and I'll get almost 18 years added to my lifespan? Sign me up. Another spell that not only removes the one flaw in the two healing spells from t4, but lets me cannibalize dead enemies for spare parts on my creations AND turns Amputation into free minions with no downsides? Sounds amazing. A spell that allows for unlimited shapeshifting, unlimited disquises, and can be used on anyone else? Hope that fabled hero enjoys being a loli with an adorable speech impediment, because he's going to be stuck like that until I get bored and kill him.

>> No.39315723

Name: Norn Vermillion
Worship: No god [1 Free Scholar]
Race: Human

Country: No Country
Lair:Travelling Caravan

Grimoire:Liber Animas [10 spells, 1 immortality]
Tier 4:Craft Soulfask*/Create Ghost*/Summon Spirits/Command Spirit
Tier 3:Trap Soul*/Astral Protection*/Undying Servitude
Tier 2:Sever Soul/Create Soulstone*
Tier 1:Korperlos
*Spells that are in the incomplete Grimoire

Items: Small Fortune/Haunted Sword/Horn of the Dead
Clothes: Adapted Clothes

Companions: Nadya/Lobsang

Total Points: 107
Minions: scholar[Free]/[100]Scheming Spiritsx1 (7 Spirits)/[000]Bestial Spiritsx50 (500 Small spirits)

Enemies: Rival Necromancer[+15]/Death-Fearing Duke[+5]/Psychotic Count[+7]/Fire Mage[+7]/Solaris Paladin[+7]/Fabled Hero[+1]/Spellsword[+6]/Hessyst[+7]
Drawbacks: Incomplete Grimoirex1[+20]/Scavengers' Lovex1[+2]

My state of affairs are quite simple, travel across the world, country to country offering my services as a professional vermin exterminator and a man of exquisite and peculiar tastes.

I am so good at my work, far and wide renowned that vultures circle above my head anticipating the coming banquet, dukes and nobles are driven insane to know my trade secrets!

So what kind of vermin do you need exterminating?

>> No.39315837


No God



Tower Upon Peak

Easily defensible, and out of people's way so I don't get any random murderhobos finding me.

Kroveri Haema

Tier 4: Create Thrall, Sanguine Senses, Ritual Enhancement, Lift Bloodstain
Tier 3: Create Nosferatu, Bloodthirsty Weapon, Blood Whip
Tier 2: Blood Burst, Empower Bloodline, Blood Missile (Bonus from Studious)
Tier 1: Vampirism

Mainly combat focused spells so I can defend myself against whatever people decide to throw at me.

Coffin, Haunted Sword, Small Fortune

Haunted sword will help me a lot during battle, plus bloodthirsty weapon should make me quite formidable in combat. Small fortune just because money makes life as a vampire lord a lot easier.


I'm gonna need armor if I'm gonna defend myself.

>Companions (Studious +1 Spell)
Kaija, she can be my waifu if she wants, if not I'll use her as another bodyguard and occasional spy to make sure nobody is plotting to assassinate me.

Scholar (Free)
3 Vampire Brides (2)
3 Vampire Knights (17)
8 Thralls (21)
1 Hunter (25)
2 Vampire Guardian (45)
5 Slaves (46)
1 Groundskeeper to manage the slaves (48)
1 Kobold Bard, for shits and gigs. (50)

Rival Necromancer. I choose >>39314474 as my rival. No hard feelings m8.
Angry Mob, I can deal with a bunch of peasants pretty easily with my veritable army of vampires.

Single Minded

I was already planning on going full vampire so why not? Also it gives me enough money to buy a bard so fuck yeah.

>Summary of my build

I just want to live out my immortality in the comfort of my tower with my vampire harem and my fortune of gold. If any assholes come try to kill me I'll kill 'em right back with my vampire army. My only concern is >>39314251 actually having a shot at killing me, but I bet I can take him in open combat.

Not the most ambitious build but its comfy.

>> No.39315880

Whoops, fucked up a little bit. First time I quoted >>39314474 was a mistake. My actual rival is >>39314251

>> No.39315915

Don't worry! Just buy some of my property and merch at a slightly higher prices and I guarantee full privacy at your new New City Villa! >>39314251
I will also need some favors here and there too

>> No.39316062

I am the only god in this place
While I may once have been Human, I am now something more
I call no place my home but my realm, the other world does not interest me apart from its people
>Tier 4
>Embalming, Create Mummy, Curses of Enfeeblement and Pain
>Tier 3
>Curses of Deprivation, Suffering, and Hallucination, Schmerz Ratsel
>Tier 2
>Create Eremite, Domum Lacrimans
>Tier 1
Those that cross me or that I focus upon shall serve after their enlightened torment within my domain
>Schmerz Ratsel, Liber Necromos, Mark of Zatai, Holy Clothes
Marks of Zatai charged with hallucinations over my Schmerz Ratsel will ensure that it changes hands and is solved often, and just as often passes by and spares others to allow them their simple and pitiful existence without the blessing of my attention upon them. The book is a curiosity, to be delved in my moments of boredom.
>Lady of Pain, Teremun
My peers, those that I will make such sweet music with.
>1 Eremite, 2 Lesser Eremites, 1 Amkhata, 4 Cultists, 1 Sadikh, Free Scholar
We shall cause and document such wonders, and those who truly embrace the enlightenment will be granted sensation eternal within my world.

>> No.39316087

Probably a good plan, because I got extra minion token things. It's alt 200 something. ╫╒╓╘╙╥╤∟╧╠═╬╩▬↨

>> No.39316089

Why would anyone choose the Mother?

>> No.39316117


Name: Kolmarie "The Bold"

The Father - I do not personally invest much care about The Father or His will, but I pay my needed lip service to fit in within elven society.


The Leaning Tower in Saliin - Long before the city was founded, a great mage constructed a tower that still (barely) resides to this day. Some say the tower directly taps into the well underneath Saliin, and has allowed the structure to survive for so long. I wish to study the tower and test this theory, and nearby residents have come to calling me "The Bold" for taking interest in this potential deathtrap.

Kroveri Haema - At a young age I grew up hearing about the Fair Ones, immortal beings who drew life force directly from those they kill. I was fascinated by the story - could it be true? But the day I completed my first hunt, when my human prey slowly bled to death on the ground, I knew the story was true. And the secret of the Fair Ones - the secret of immortality - had to reside in those crimson dots that my human prey left on the ground. So began my obsession with blood and the life contained within.

Blood Boil - A spell used mainly to torture victims without inflicting permanent damage.
Ritual Enhancement - Used to improve the Vampirism ritual I used my myself and other long-lasting spells/rituals like Empower Bloodline and Bloodguard.
Blood Pact - One's word means so little in the world. This is to ensure commitments are kept.
Sanguine Senses - The main reason I feel comfortable exploring the Leaning Tower. I should be able to feel even the slightest movement and instability in the tower and evacuate promptly.

>> No.39316137

Create Nosferatu - Servants to do my will and undying family to keep me company.
Bloodthirsty Weapon - The better to equip myself and my followers.
Blood Tracking - There are many who can shift their appearances with magic. A voluntary donation of blood - only a pinprick's worth - is required to do any important dealings with me. This is for the protection of all parties involved.

Empower Bloodline - Enhancing the intelligence and charisma of my servants is a favorite gift of mine.
Bloodguard - I mostly utilize spell resistance, as my minions can handle more physical threats without my aid.

Vampirism - Thinking back on my first hunt and the Fair Ones, I now fully realize the power and glory of blood magic. If only my father was alive to see me now.

Coffin - (Strange that this incredibly common and mundane item is equivalent to rare magical artifacts. Perhaps the required items should be made voluntary but give bonuses.)

Suit of Armour - While I consider myself a scholar first and foremost, I also realize the importance of personal security, particularly when exploring the ancient, structurally unsound ruin of a master mage who may or may not have left traps to hide his secrets.

Danarius - I share my gift of vampirism with him, making him even more powerful and unaging. My primary bodyguard.
Lobsang - Despite my expertise in magic, I am no master of ancient languages, and I'll want to delegate much of the drudgery of research to him.
Baron Orloke - A close ally; his lack of other relationships makes him likely to value our friendship very highly. He has books I could use and a castle to reside in if my Leaning Tower finally crumbles before I can learn its secrets.

3 Vampire Brides (2) - A man needs company.
5 Bestial Vampires (3) - The gift of flight is invaluable as scouts and ambush parties. They would do well to capture food if slaves cannot be purchased.

>> No.39316142

I'm actually planning a build revolving around making numerous created life and cornering the Whore and slave markets with various strong, resilient slave/whores grown in the Xanthuun Vats.

>> No.39316150

1 Vampire Guardians (10) - Guardian of the Leaning Tower and my main bodyguard while exploring its innards.
Dhampir (4) - At least one of us has to survive the sunlight to interact with society.
20 Slaves (3) - Food. 20 should be enough to sustainably feed my starting group. All women to act as breeding stock for more Dhampir.
Disgraced Guard (Free) - Essentially a Vampire Knight.
Alchemist (3) - If the roads glow with magical energy in Saliin, perhaps the plants have unique properties.
Merchant (4) - Money. Every group needs it. His intriguing wares might be particular of interest to the magically-inclined residents of this city.

I take no enemies or drawbacks as I feel they are unnecessary and do not fit into my character's story - vampire hunters have bigger fish to fry, he's not attempting to conquer places or pissing off the Powers That Be. He's a small blip on the radar for now.

>> No.39316199

C'mon buy real estate properties from me and lend me some minions, and I won't be hostile.

>> No.39316255

Where's my goddamn Stardust husbando update?

>> No.39316492


Question here!

Are enemies and flaws only good for buying minions? I'd really like to have more spells available. Otherwise my options are horribly limited.

>> No.39316587

I know what you mean, only had one minion generating spell and it was the result of sacrificing item slots.

>> No.39316666

I like a little bit of limitation, enemies and flaws allow you to have more initial minions so you don't get rekt.

>> No.39316781

>animu meets lovecraft world and the moe is unstoppable.
You mean the Magical Girl genre?

>> No.39316920


Right now my build is stuck with 0 supernatural minions, only humans. It is implied by the spell descriptions that there are ways to improve them, so somehow I have to convince a bunch a random hirelings to 'get some work done.'

>> No.39316959

can you show us your build?

>> No.39317003

>> No.39317018


>> No.39317060

The empire of Lily certainly isn't magical girls though, that would have the potential to actually be cool.
Instead it's a stupid middle school where everything is centered around kid stuff and appeasing a godling that seems out of place in the conduit setting.
With magical girls popular tropes for that genre could work as a framework for special powers, perhaps similar ones to Crucible.
Here the entire concept is focused on experiencing kid stuff. I mean WHY? That is so lame.

>> No.39317408

This looks fantastic!

>> No.39317455

Read the last perk; there are magical girls. I agree the world is out of place in Conduit but for another reason. The opening paragraph mentions gods creating a world, which is totally antithetical the Conduit setting as I understand it.

It also extends the unfortunate trend in the fan worlds of anti-materialism, i.e. the worlds enforcing a narrative. In the canon worlds, there are worlds with traits that impose certain tones, such as Polyamora and The Crucible, but in my opinion those are qualitatively different from things like Arcadia, the Furioso perk from Lyonesse, and now this world which literally follows a single entities whims.

There were mitigating factors which made those worlds interesting, but the aesthetic of this one is pretty shit. It doesn't feel like some alien world; it feels like some self-inserting anon's magical realm.

>> No.39317473

I'm the one who reposted your CYOA, because I think it's awesome.
I want more ghost minions too. My idea was to free slaves and offer them eternal life and revenge if they worked for me. So, friendly ghost minions and shit.

I wanted to know if it was possible to do a "dual-build" of sort? I want to make my build, soul necromancer, and Catherine build, flesh necromancer. So I can take souls and put them in her flesh creation to create ultimate abomination necromancer shit and free more slaves to fuck the elves.

I love your CYOA, keep up the good work

>> No.39317523

Hmm, cant download it on mobile
Sucks to be me

>> No.39317530

I don't quite understand the Tier 2 spell "Domum Lacrimans". Seems detrimental

>> No.39317550

Its like when people bitched about having to have more then one ship in star dust....
People arent happy

>> No.39317589

Not the creator, only the poster.
The benefit of the Domum Lacrimans is that you're in a pocket dimension, invulnerable.
The box to send you there is invulnerable, but it's also a very difficult puzzle so now one can easily enter it. So it's a "ohshit" button escape and it's unlikely someone will go there to fight you. And even if he did, it's your pocket dimension, he won't really have an advantage.

>> No.39317617

Oh I see... Still though, I think I would rather die then chill in a room like that hoping one day someone will solve it to unleash me.

>> No.39317620

Child worshipping kobold from Teb'lhr Oasis Town
>curse magic
tier 4: Sand Storm, Create Mummy, Embalming, Curse of Pain
tier 3: Curse of Suffering, Curse of Hallucination, Curse of Chains
tier 2: Scourge of Scarabs, Curse of Death
tier 1: Worm that walks
socialite x3 (can I do this?)
>common clothes
Lady Aino - blood magic ally, keeps me safe in the town
Morgan - soul magic ally, she needs someone to help her with normies
Elizabeth: fleshcrafter ally
Zahra: liber mortis ally
Aisha: I'm a necromancer, not a tactician
Akert x2
Khri-Habi x2
Sadikh x3

I've given up my humanity for power, and I will use it to control the dessert. The dessert strongly favors an army of dead over an army of living. I can take over the minds of leaders with scarabs, and proselytize to the thirsty public with Khri-Habi. Why should you devote your body's waters to labor when mummy's could do it instead? Devote you dead to me so that your sons and daughters might grow water fat.

>> No.39317636

Nothing say you can't go out of here willingly. You pretty much can, I assume it was the intent. Otherwise it's stupid to lock yourself.

>> No.39317646

That just makes it a massive weak point. If your enemy finds the only thing that can get you out of your pocket dimension, it's either getting locked up, dropped in a volcano, or just coated in molten metal to prevent it from ever being solved again.

>> No.39317650

Because this world has an afterlife? And you can work towards nice place in it then stay in the mortal one
I mean im sticking with my spectral form but i get why wou would do it tbh

>> No.39317651

That makes it way more useful and desirable then. I took "the only way in or out is your Schmerz Ratsel being solved" as applying to me as well.

>> No.39317679

Where are people getting socialite from?

>> No.39317685

I just don't. She seems like a very nice deity, and a normal person has every reason in the world to worship her ('cept the matriarchy deal) and hope to land in her afterlife, but I'm a necromancer. My whole deal is making zombies and becoming some immortal monster, which she doesn't like.

>> No.39317697

Well, I'm just assuming things. But in the first thread the creator showed that if something was unbalanced or bad it was unintended. And if you can't get out freely it strictly worse than all the other immortality.
It makes sense that you can so I assume it does.

It's near item, I think?
If you abandon one item you can get one companion.

>> No.39317705

Look at items/companions
Socialite and studious are explained at the top
Took me some looking too to figure out what they meant :P

>> No.39317728

Ah but thats the thing, your alternative is to worship her, not become immortal and use your necromantic powers for selfless fgood and hope for sweet heaven
Not ideal but it IS on the table

>> No.39317741


>>Forest home
>>10 spells

>>Promraen caro

Cure disease
Cure injury
Inflict paralysis

Warp flesh
Alter age
Alter appearance

Create plague
Mass growth
Create life


Mark of zatai
Small fortune
Xanthuun vat

>>Common clothes


30 points # cost
Disgraced guard 1 0
Alchemist 2 6
Scholar 2 6
Slave 10 2
Groundskeeper 1 2
Accomplice 1 3
Soldiers 2 3
Merchant 1 4

so being a relatively benign sort, I choose to live out on a plantation where I can experiment and work in piece. I've got killer plant guardians (are they even a minion choice?) a work force, soldiers, and spells that could improve them in subtle ways. Which is all good from a purely RP perspective, but I don't have enough spells to make more powerful guardians, to guarantee loyalty, or to protect me from undead.

Taking mortal enemies will get me stomped through overwhelming numbers. Limited spells means I have no anti-undead abilities, so undead enemies are a bad choice. Can't get more powerful minions without specific spells. Can't buy more spells, so there's no point to taking drawbacks and enemies anyways.

>> No.39317750

Also yea. To have the box I have to let it take up a spell and item slot. Why wouldn't someone just pick up the pocket dimension spell without the box so there is no way for people to get to you. Or would the box be the "portal"? Then its taking up 2 spell slots and an item slot. I am not feeling it. Outside of that, I think this tree of spells is pretty cool/powerful

>> No.39317761

Same problem with the soul well!
You have to take one spell AND one item.
So either the soul well and the eremite have to be VERY powerfull or it just a bad option.
I think it will be fixed

>> No.39317836

I wanted to do that too! Messing with ghosts seems like something the other necromancers can't really deal with except ones that know the liber animas spells as well.

>> No.39317854

Well, there is NO rules about the ghost.
So is it like in D&D when they can be hurt by magic and killed? Are they immortal? Are they only vulnerable to Liber Animas Necromancer?
It needs more rules.

>> No.39317866

but then the three immortality paths kind of suck compared to the other magic schools. Like you said, the whole soul drinker thing takes up a lot with no boosts to your magical or physical prowess. Body Snatcher can go wrong. I don't see why anyone would pick the korperlos one.

>> No.39317873

You guys are only saying this because you're all scared shitless by the 500 bestial spirit spam build.

>> No.39317904

> I don't see why anyone would pick the korperlos one.
Because of creative thinking. Allowed by the creator in the last thread.

You use Körperloss, so you're now an immortal soul.
You take a soul vessel with your item and go in the body.
Now, you're immortal AND have a body. You can experience everything like before.
BUT, if you're killed, you're just ejected from the body, since you're an immortal soul not binded to the body.

Total win.

>> No.39318000

Interesting. Are you talking about "Undying Servitude"?

>> No.39318026

Better yet put your soul in a suit of armor via trapped soul. Its a lower tier ability and you get a much better "mortal" body.

>> No.39318027

No, not at all.

Just Körperlos.

The Scientist (tripfag who made the CYOA) said that taking Soul Vessel as an item pretty much allow you to make as much Soul Vessel as you want.

Yeah, lot of things were "fixed" in the last thread.
Like the blood vial is an unlimited vial of blood, so if you take vamprisim or blood bath you got a way of drinking blood/bathing in it for free to eternity

>> No.39318071

So broken. And yea spamming beastial spirits seem broken depending on the rules on ghosts.

>> No.39318075

Oh yeah, and taking "Soul Vessel" means that you know how to put souls in a vessel and take them back since there is no spell for that. Or it's Extract soul and the other one, to put soul in item.
Not sure.

>> No.39318087

>So broken.
Well, you're a fucking immortal necromancer.
You're kind of supposed to be broken.

>> No.39318133

Yea but I was a student of someone powerful, so it feels like I shouldn't be unstoppable just yet.

>> No.39318162

Well, you have to take in consideration that you can get five books that can give you multiple method of immortality
He must have been fucking crazy
The murderhobo are just a lvl 20 d&d party that want more xp

>> No.39318174

You were, yes, but the scope of the cyoa is bigger.
You weren't immortal then. You must not have known all the spells you selected to know. This is all happening over some time.

I didn't jump out the window into Sarah's cleavage, a laboratory and group of thralls and miscellaneous people.

>> No.39318185

>He must have been fucking crazy
My headcanon is that he was a Mother worshipper.

>> No.39318198

My headcanon is that I ressurect him with "Summon Spirit", give him a body that Catherine helped me to make and give him revenge

>> No.39318201

For every murderhobo you kill, 10 more will take their place.

>> No.39318209

Reinforce created life and all minions, make a Plague that will make them obey your command when they die with increased strength. Plague is carried by your minions as coating in weapons, vials and naturally produced by your plants.
Reinforcement is really over powered combined with Warp flesh and Alter appearance you can create Frankensteinian clones with monster parts with the added benefit of then looking good

>> No.39318210

That's how Necromancercracy begin

>> No.39318215

forgot to add, so when you kills enemies and monsters you gain more undead minions

>> No.39318229

How will your plague and your Frankenstein abominations affect spirits?

>> No.39318266

Can't really harm then, Promraen Caro is mainly physical.
I guess you can destroy their physical vessel but the spirits will be unharmed. You'll have to do more research to be able to affect spiritual beings, on the other hand you can smash practically everything with Promraen Caro

>> No.39318356


the grimoire I'm working with can't create undead. I need the abomination spell to do anything more than 'tougher human.'


do caro plagues even work on the dead?

>> No.39318403

technically speaking you can create undead, with plague but they'll be no more than mere zombies.

I think it wouldn't be impossible for you to create a specific plague that deteriorates magical energies. If you create one you could affect undead

>> No.39318404

They are magic... IF the lich tome's death spell works on the undead, then why the fuck not?

>> No.39318425

It seems a bit OP to do a plague like "Every spirt that catch it go dead"
If a plague affect the undead then why do you make undead in the first place?
It should affect only the living

>> No.39318437

>why do you make undead in the first place
Cheap, loyal, low-maintance servants?

>> No.39318450

Undead muscle of course

>> No.39318456

That can be killed with a plague as easily as anyone
So, just buy slaves and learn how to cast plague

>> No.39318465


>> No.39318497

Then when the slaves die.....

Of course,
>a spell can kill it so wtf is the point?
Works with everything.
Let us not forget that spell with can be cast on an area and kills everything even undead things that enter the area.

One works, they both should.

>> No.39318518

Well, it works with everything when you create undead
The point of undead is to not be stoppable easily
Here you have a spell that basically say "hey, I kill you all"
And no real way to retaliate

When everyone go nuking there's no point to war

>> No.39318528

>The point of undead is to not be stoppable easily
There are a lot of points to the undead, you're pigeonholing yourself here.

>> No.39318551

Well really, for me there's no point if you can't fight effectively with it.
If you're good enough with magic to create fucking undead you don't need them to be servant, work force or anything.
You can certainly do that by magic or have people do it with money that you can easily generate with magic.
And if you do that you're way less of a target.

>> No.39318572

>If you're good enough with magic to create fucking undead you don't need them to be servant, work force or anything.
Pretty sure that you being more powerful increases your need for servants. If I'm some lowby graverobber living in a small cave, I don't need any zombies devoted to manual labor. But if I'm Big Dick Jerry in my giant castle, I'm going to need or want zombie maids, servants, guards, and a hundred other things.

>> No.39318596

Alt+0164 is ¤.

At this current version that is correct. I will be considering that idea in the future.

I'm always looking for more ideas for content, and i think that build is creative, i like it.

Pic related is key to understanding it.

>> No.39318601

>a hundred other things.
Might be worth some laughs.
Gentleman's 101 uses for the undead

>> No.39318606

Well, I'm maybe overestimating the power needed to do necromancy
But for me if you can have dozens and dozens of undead servants, control them effectively and have them do exactly what you want you can surely generate so much gold it's like you're shitting it.

The money disparity in med times, and even now, can be VERY big.
Slaves are cheap. You can break them to make them loyal.

>> No.39318616

>Alt+0164 is ¤.
Damn science wizards lording it over us with their superior knowings and magicings.

>> No.39318625

>you can surely generate so much gold it's like you're shitting it.
Here's the thing. This is like claiming that because I'm good at throwing fireballs, that I'm good at transmuting elements. Necromancy is a kind of magic, and while it may mean you're generally talented at magic, it certainly doesn't make you an expert at doing things that don't involve necromancy.

>> No.39318631

>I'm always looking for more ideas for content, and i think that build is creative, i like it
Ah, nice
Gonna post it soon

Can you rule this argument btw?>>39318356

Do plague work on undead? Spirits?

And in what way can you attack spirits? Do you need magic? Do any necro spell work?

>> No.39318641

I don't think they are comparable. You are talking about hours worth of work for a skeleton if you are slow.
Can you tame a slave in that time? Can they work with mercury without going crazy? Do they last a hundred years at least?

>> No.39318661

Well, I'm assuming that you know what you're doing.
So, there is no point being a necromancer if you know an other form of magic is way better. Same with every trade.

If you can be as effective with another trade that is better, you do it.

But well, it's assuming you're not born into necromancy, you're not a peasnt who has no idea what he's doing and shit.
It's purely theory and CYOA talk here.

>> No.39318685

Secretly Father, in public I would make it seem I worship Mother
Teb'lhr Capital
Tier 4: Speak with the Dead, Command Spirits, Create Ghosts, Spirit Ward
Tier 3: Astral Projection, Astral Protection, Undying Servitude
Tier 2: Create Greater Ghost, Create Soulstone
Tier 1: Body Snatcher
Haunted Sword
Necromantic Staff
Aristocrat Clothes
Danarius (socialite)
Disgraced Guard (Father)
Living Armour (26)
Spectral Knight (21)
10x Bestial Spirits [small](1)
Slaves (0)
The idea is to go along with Edward on the ride to power. Easily gather information he needs with astral projection. Keep his secrets safe from other like-minded necromancers with Spirit Ward. Danarius as backup along with my other guards just in case Edward tries to cross me. Maybe even snatch Edward's body after he becomes king.

>> No.39318687

>Can you tame a slave in that time?
You can buy already tamed one
>Can they work with mercury without going crazy?
Well, that's a very specific task. I hope it's lucrative
>Do they last a hundred years at least?
Buy new one!
Breed them!

As I said, I'm assuming it's like in our world when you can pick our options.
If I'm very good at math and I know I can go into banking, I won't be a teacher in highschool

>> No.39318699

Indeed i can rule on the plague argument.
>plagues affect undead
>plagues affect plagues

Given that most plagues are a form of bacteria, virus or similar, depending on how you engineer them it could affect a number of different things, or be affected itself by another form of bacteria/virus.

The same way a specific kind of disease has to be countered with a specific kind of treatment, the same would go with plagues, i believe.

The method of infection has to be taken into account as well, undead don't really breathe so airborne is out.

If someone knows more about diseases please do tell.

>> No.39318721

>Buy new one!
>Breed them!
Sink extra cash and time in? No.

>assuming it's like in our world when you can pick our options.
I don't. In less modern times that was less of an option. Besides that, there is certainly evidence you are born with magical gifts. Look at the companions, there is more than one cute girl that is a natural necromancer.

>> No.39318742

So, it can affect undead if it's contagion by blood exposure or some sort?
So, spirit can't catch the plague?

Time is cash, cash is time.
I expect the time of a necromancer to be expensive.

>> No.39318751

>I expect the time of a necromancer to be expensive.
Probably gets cheaper the longer they've been undead. Boredom is a hell of a drug.

>> No.39318755

Can this be a plague of magical nature?
like a plague targeting magical energies, deteriorates magic or something like that?

>> No.39318758

>> No.39318768

>after two century, you get so bored you're depressed and cry every night
>Is this why you didn't gave us eternal life, Mother?

>> No.39318841

>is it too late to come home?
>i'll be good from now on...

>> No.39318868

fuck this gave me feels

>> No.39318877

>So, spirit can't catch the plague?
>Can this be a plague of magical nature?
like a plague targeting magical energies, deteriorates magic or something like that?
Spirits can be imbued with plagues, so they can catch a magic plague, but i can't for the life of me think of what a plague can do to a spirit apart from corrupt/weaken or sicken them. Though deteriorating magical energies does sound good, i think a necromancer could definitely come up with something like that.
Remember, AIDS was apparently created by the CIA or another part of the alphabet to target gays, as the story goes.
Why can't a necromancer make ghost AIDS?

>So, it can affect undead if it's contagion by blood exposure or some sort?
It can affect undead if you take into account that they're dead, and adjust your approach accordingly.

>> No.39318893

>It can affect undead if you take into account that they're dead, and adjust your approach accordingly.
Bone disease
>other part of the alphabet

Glad you liked it.

>> No.39318910

But well, doesn't it defeat a bit the point if flesh necromancer can make plague that affects souls?
Soul plague should be a soul necromancer thing and body plague a flesh necromancer things

because that makes flesh necromancer pretty much king and they have the only cure disease spell

>> No.39318915

Can they be deteriorated to a point as to be affected by physical damage?
Of course deterioration will not be instant and will take a long time to take effect.

>> No.39318922

>if you get boned you get bone aids
I like it

>> No.39318926

>Soul plague
This is going to be a spell for the Liber Animas for sure. Soulwell will be condensed and this will replace one of them.

>> No.39318936

>Soul plague will be a thing
I'm already smiling

Really great work dude, I stayed up all night watching tv shows and shit and everytime there was a pause I was thinking about my build and roleplaying that thing in my head
Give me lots of idea, it's really cool

>> No.39318938

ahh but that would leave Soul necromancers on top, as it stands Vampiric and Flesh necromancer can only affect the physical. While the other necromancers are well equipped to harm both physical and soul

>> No.39318976

Bone disease works, but more than just undead have bones.

If there's a plausible way to do it, i don't see why not.

I'm thinking blood necromancers may remain physical only, but become really beast in that regard.

>> No.39318984

The problem with that is that they're completely hard countered. One guy has ghosts and he'd completely wreck blood's ass and he can't do much about it.

>> No.39318988

So how will Vampiric and Flesh Necromancers defend themselves from soul based harm? and how can they harm souls?
They're only limited to physical boundaries and not to mention certain spells are lack luster

>> No.39318997

Well, he said earlier than Eremite doesn't have souls
Maybe vampire and eremite and shit don't have souls so they're immune?

But well, that means that soul necro are hard countered

>> No.39319002

What happens if you cast Create ghost on youself,place a mark of zatai charged with Undiying servitude on a spirit vessel and you activate it when you die and become a ghost?
Wouldnt you achieve inmortality this way?

>> No.39319007

>hard countered
No, just incompatible. Neither can defeat the other.

>> No.39319016

Well, I forgot if vampire and eremite got magic that can affect soul
I assume that curse can, because usally magic can affect ghosts

If it's an incompatibility thing, like soul can't harm flesh and the reverse is true too I'm fine with it. It's even interesting

>> No.39319044

>Spectral knight can cut through soul and Flesh alike
if Flesh and Blood necromancers don't have any sort of way to harm souls then everything is fucked

>> No.39319073

Soul necromancers don't even need to harm the other types, they can just command their spirits to possess the other necromancers, force them to commit suicide and then imprison their souls.

Hell soul necromancers can even deal with phylacteries by using extract soul.

>> No.39319079

Soul necromancers are prison meisters?

>> No.39319088

Judging by the descriptions of undying servitude and trap soul. yes they are.

>> No.39319219

>Implying there is anything wrong with prison meisters and soul necromancers
You're just jelly of my build

>> No.39319271

Vampiric and Flesh should be able to interact with souls and if they inhabit a physical vessel they should first destroy the vessel before can harm the soul.
Necromancers themselves should be immune to soul manipulation and theft, minions are fair game but if minions are possessed they should be vulnerable to control from the opposing necro.

>> No.39319278

I was browsing the thread again for the nth time now, and it struck me again that "become the little girl", as maligned as it is for showing up fucking everywhere, has few CYOAs devoted solely to it. It's mostly included as an option in other CYOAs, and is left mostly to the player's imagination - that's good for a marginal element, but it leaves something to be desired from something that seems to be one of /tg/'s main fetishes.
There are devoted ones, of course, but they're often very lewd and occasionally cringy, which makes it hard for me to read them without being creeped by the author - and since I'm not exactly squeamish by /tg/ standards, I imagine others have the same problem.
So, I made a thing. This is an absolute alpha release, since I am epochally bad at graphic design and want to make sure that my whole concept isn't fucking fucked before I start wrestling with GIMP.

>> No.39319426

I think i have just the thing to make fleshromancers interact with spirits, but i'm thinking hæmomancers may require some more thought, but i can definitely think of something.

I think i could whip up a quick-ish map and have a RISK game go as a tangent.

>> No.39319436

>few CYOA's devoted solely to it
wrong wrong wrong >>39311215 is just one recent example

>lewd / cringy / creeped by the author
This is inherent, implied, and inseparable. Your derivative tripe is no different, e.g.

>you pedo
>That’s what gets you hot, innit?

I couldn't even get two pages in, but I'm sure it gets worse. Your whole concept is fucked, go back to the drawing board and come up with something that isn't a continuation of a tired meme mixed with shit writing.

>> No.39319454

The magical girl one is exactly what got me writing. It glosses over the finer aspects so hard that there's no real content to feed the imagination. As you make up most of it yourself, you could as well just writefag normally.
I told you it was an alpha, and as such the writing hasn't been edited. If my whole concept is fucked, that means that one is not allowed to make a "become the grill" CYOA at all - a little much of a blanket statement, no?
Hell, who am I kidding. You're one of those types who considers everything even remotely sexual "lewd", and everything lewd in turn bad. I like how you call my writing shit just because you don't like the way I talk to the reader in an alpha. Really reminds you of how sensitive some people are. "Constructive criticism" is a lost word for some.

>> No.39319460

Scientist-chan! Thanks for listening to us whine

>> No.39319465

Less rolling, more point-buy, add ways to gain more "considerations" (or trade them away for points elsewhere), plzkthx

>> No.39319470

Well, it's a matter of taste, but I'll keep it in mind. Thanks for actually being constructive.
And also, I do have ways to gain more considerations at the bottom of the document.

>> No.39319485

But it says it gives "dispensations" (points to change rolls with), not "considerations" (the last rollable category).

>> No.39319490

Herf. Note to self: terminology needs to be clearer. That's something I'm planning on, too. As of now, I just cobbled together something to give people a rough idea of what I'm working on.

>> No.39319493

May I propose something?
I thought of a "fix" of some kind

Liber Mortis
Can interact and be interacted with anyone, since it's the basic school. Their spells works against souls perfectly.

Liber Animas
Can interact with Liber Mortis and Reunu Pertemru. They are the only one having souls. The Promraen Caro and Kroveri Haema are living of flesh and blood, they have souls but don't need them, thus theirs spells are ineffective. Spectral Knight do damage in the physical world by attacking souls of beings. Undying Servant do it the normal way but are just skilled warrior and can be defeated if torn apart.
They can't be damage by physical attacks, obviously.

Kroveri Haema
Living of blood, immune to soul magic. Resistant to Curse, since they attack the soul. Normal weakness to Mortis and Caro, they compete with Caro for the mastery of flesh and blood.

Promraen Caro
Living of flesh, same as Haema. Immune to soul and resistant to curses.

Reunu Pertemru
They can be attacked by soul and flesh alike, like Mortis
Theirs curses are most powerful against souls, making them arch enemy of souls necromancers.

This way, you give immunity to flesh and blood necro to souls necro and reverse. Mortis can harm everything, as they should. Mummy are powerful against souls, less so against flesh, but they master both worlds and have lots of direct attacks.

>> No.39319501 [DELETED] 

Alright guy's I've officially decided that I'm going to make my very first CYOA. I Already have a pretty good framework for what I wanna but I don't know where I wanna start.

Which one of these options would you like to see the most?
A CYOA where you...

1. Design a futuristic gun to be used by the military kinda like the other gun CYOA but with lazors n' shit[/spioler]
2. Build up a mercenary army in a sci-fi world to fight Space pirates and aliens.
3. Build an army in a fantasy setting to go on a crusade against the evil spawns of hell.
4. Live the full life of a dragon from a small little hatchling to a big fire breathing motherfucker.

>> No.39319502

>> No.39319506

use ctrl+s to spoiler shit
it's easier

>> No.39319511


>> No.39319514

Well I can into spoiler.

>> No.39319518

You could make all of those, one at a time, and it would no doubt be appreciated.

I've saved this so that when i get around to addressing the issue i'll have it on hand.
I like your ideas so i'll make sure to use them somewhere.

>> No.39319530

Alright guy's I've officially decided that I'm going to make my very first CYOA. I Already have a pretty good framework for what I wanna but I don't know where I wanna start.

Which one of these options would you like to see the most?
A CYOA where you...

1. Design a futuristic gun to be used by the military kinda like the other gun CYOA but with lazors n' shit
2. Build up a mercenary army in a sci-fi world to fight Space pirates and aliens.
3. Build an army in a fantasy setting to go on a crusade against the evil spawns of hell.
4. Live the full life of a dragon from a small little hatchling to a big fire breathing motherfucker.

>> No.39319532


>> No.39319536

Reposted >>39319501 because I'm an idiot.

>> No.39319545 [DELETED] 

This is a fantastic CYOA. There are some spelling errors and whatnot but It seems like the OP doesn't have english as their first language.


Human Teb'Risian

Island castle in Twilight Isles

Liber Animas
T4- Speak with the Dead, Summon Spirits, Command Spirit, Create Ghost
T3- Trap Soul, Exorcism, Undying Servitude
T2- Sever Soul, Craft Soulwell
T1- Body Snatcher

Spirit Vessel, Soul Well

Adapted Clothes

>Companions: Socialite
Nadya (Helpful spirit guide)
Em'At (Seems like a cool guy)
Lady Aino (Heads the castle while I'm gone)

x10 Bestial Spirit (20) 90 Small Spirits, 1 large spirit (Small spirit army)
x2 Master Smith (6) 2 smiths (To make weapons and armor that I can then enchant with spirits and souls)
x3 Living Armor (12) 3 armors (Useful)
Scheming Spirits (7) 7 spirits (Useful)
x3 Soldiers (9) 6 soldiers (Upgraded with soul enchanted armor and weapons)
x3 Slave (3) 15 slaves (Slaves are always useful. Can maintain castle while I'm gone)
x2 Wraith (6) 2 wraiths (Useful)
Groundskeeper (2) 1 grounds keeper (Somebody has to lead the slaves)

Death Fearing Duke (+5)
Fabled Hero (+1)
Spellsword (+6)
Rival Necromancer (+15)
Vampire Hunter (+6)
Scheming Nobleman (+2)

>> No.39319546

I sincerely hope that suggestions and points rised in the last thread after the creator left were checked and noted after all by now - there's still quite some things that would use some improvement.

>> No.39319547

Have we had a futuristic empire/army builder yet? I'm going to have to say number 2.

>> No.39319555

for my opinion

>> No.39319570


>> No.39319572

This, Scientist. Make sure you've checked the last thread before it got closed.

>> No.39319588

I did, and i made note of everything i thought worth noting. I won't be able to update to 1.1 for a while but i've saved it all almost verbatim so i have it there for that day.

>> No.39319593

This is a fantastic CYOA.


Human Teb'Risian

Island castle in Twilight Isles

Liber Animas
T4- Speak with the Dead, Summon Spirits, Command Spirit, Create Ghost
T3- Trap Soul, Exorcism, Undying Servitude
T2- Sever Soul, Craft Soulwell
T1- Body Snatcher

Spirit Vessel, Soul Well

Adapted Clothes

>Companions: Socialite
Nadya (Helpful spirit guide)
Em'At (Seems like a cool guy)
Lady Aino (Heads the castle while I'm gone)

x10 Bestial Spirit (20) 90 Small Spirits, 1 large spirit (Small spirit army)
x2 Master Smith (6) 2 smiths (To make weapons and armor that I can then enchant with spirits and souls)
x3 Living Armor (12) 3 armors (Useful)
Scheming Spirits (7) 7 spirits (Useful)
x3 Soldiers (9) 6 soldiers (Upgraded with soul enchanted armor and weapons)
x3 Slave (3) 15 slaves (Slaves are always useful. Can maintain castle while I'm gone)
x2 Wraith (6) 2 wraiths (Useful)
Groundskeeper (2) 1 grounds keeper (Somebody has to lead the slaves)

Death Fearing Duke (+5)
Fabled Hero (+1)
Spellsword (+6)
Rival Necromancer (+15) >>39315723 no hard feelings
Vampire Hunter (+6)
Scheming Nobleman (+2)

>> No.39319595

We've been discussing the boundaries of Soul creatures and Soul based spells.
certain weak spells in Grimiores such as skin walkers which could be just absorbed into Alter Appearance
blood and flesh necros limitation to physical realm only which is a downside
Scientist is keeping notes about our suggestions

>> No.39319597

Hey. Scientist. Should kobold veterans really cost the same amount as kobold warriors? It seems like the vets are just generally superior.

>> No.39319606

That's a good point, they really shouldn't. I've made a note of that as well.

>> No.39319692

We've been doing more than that!

>> No.39319694


"Who me? I'm just a humble ectomancer...well I'm a little more than that. I deal in spirits, souls, ghosts, revenants, phantoms, wraiths, apparations, specters....no they're not the same thing. My late master taught me much... passing on the art of body snatching just before his untimely death. Of course i've grown in power since then. Honestly I hate fighting, that's why I get my spirits to do the fighting for me. I would have to say my greatest skill is trapping souls. Enchanting items with lost souls has been a livelihood, and as I quickly learned a dangerous talent. Arms and armor embedded with souls...many would pay a hefty price for such things.

I've made my fair share of allies and enemies. There was that hero intent on having my head...well one hundred spirits descending on you can make short work of almost anybody. There was that scheming nobleman, and that duke too. A lot of people dont seem to like me. The Vampire hunter was probably the most difficult foe i've had to face... or maybe that spellsword? Well there's another person who seems to want my head. He's a fellow practitioner of the Liber Animas... these kind of battles they can be...difficult. Spirits switching side left and right, it's a mess. We'll I'll burn that bridge when I get to it."

>> No.39319709

Rolled 92, 42 = 134 (2d100)

>Anville Bunker
>No Contact
>Ray Carver
>Ruya Watalli
>Tekla Kallela
>No challenges
>No rewards
Success: 60
Survival: 85

>> No.39319711

We'be been complaining, I didn't list everything cause I'm tired.
I need to take a bath

>> No.39319727

Well, damn. Didn't succeed, but I did survive.

>> No.39319738

Neat. Thanks.

>> No.39319862

God:The Father/Dark Lord (Free Disgraced Guard)

Lair:New Teb'Ris City
Grimoire:Kroveri Haema
T4:Sanguine Senses,Blood Boil,Blood Pact,Lift Bloodstain
T3:Blood Spilt Anew,Blood Tracking,Bloody Memories
T2:Blood Burst, Blood Guard
Items:Coffin,Haunted Sword
Clothes:Stealthy Clothes


Disgraced Guard
Turned Huntress

Well, the old man got me into the investigating side of things so might as well apply the trade.
Time to investigate some murders with muh team of analysts and muh infiltrators.

>> No.39319909

CSI: Teb'Ris City
once you find the murder weapon you just approach random people and see it the blood reacts

>> No.39319972

My final Soul necro/Catherine flesh necro build for this version

>God, Race, Country
Godless, Human (and, other for her, I guess?) Teb'Ris
Me : Isolated Mansion
Her : Undergroud Shrine
Liber Animas
T4 : Create Ghost, Craft Soulflask, Summon Spirits, Command Spirit
T3 : Trap Soul, Astral Protection, Undying Servitude
T2 : Create Greater Ghost, Extract Soul
T1 : Körperlos
T4 : Inflict Paralysis, Reinforcement, Cure Disease, Cure Injury
T3 : Natural Weapon, Warp Flesh, Create Abomination
T2 : Mass Growth, Wereform
T1 : Khizaz? It's my advice for her because it's quiet, but whatever suit her personnality best
Me : Small Fortune, Spirit Vessel, Mage Clothes
Her : Horn of the Dead, Necromantic Staff, Small Fortune, Stealthy Clothes
Me : Catherine, Nadya, Cassandra
Her : Me; Emily
Me : x1 Primeyst'Ma 10, x1 Bestial Spirit (big), x2 Spectral Knight, x2 Living Armour, x1 Scholar
Her : x1 Chimaera, x20 Slaves, x1 Groundskeeper, x1 Alchemist, x1 Lone Wolf, x3 Werewolf, x1 Skinwalker

>> No.39320022


I'm voting for 2. Let me create my futuristic armored division and wreck those pirates !

>> No.39320028

We both escaped the murderhobo attack with Master's butler.
He told us that the Master had plan for a situation like this. We were his faithful students and he left something for us. Enough money to get by and a place to be safe.

It's a nice mansion, really. Quiet, big and cosy. Everything I like. And there is this big cave that Catherine love a lot.
We found a spirit in the mansion, Cassandra. She seems nice even if she's bossy with me everytime I try to practice.
And a girl in the cave, a necromancer too it seems.

I succeded in my ritual to free my spirit. And, with Cassandra advice and Catherine mastery, I got a powerful vessel!
We're working on doing the same for Catherine, even if the Körperlos ritual is a bit harder when it's not for you.

In the mean time we recruited some slaves. Not bought, mind you. We killed the slavers, took the slaves home and told them they could leave free or stay immortal and get revenge.

After I turned the willing into ghosts and other things, I binded their souls in Catherine creations, making them even more powerful. They help us with the mansion and in our works. They're all very nice and useful.

To not catch attention we disguised ourselves as exotic farmers. With Catherine mastery over plants we make good fruits and vegetables, send servants to sell them and voilà, we're respectable and even loved for our prices!

Next step : Summoning Master and giving him a vessel

>> No.39320058

>since I'm not exactly squeamish by /tg/ standards
>very lewd and occasionally cringy, which makes it hard for me to read them
You are indeed squeamish by /tg/ standards

>> No.39320076

>Constructive criticism
Would require someone to want to assist you in the first place.

>> No.39320083

You haven't seen the people I've seen. There are people who take "cleave and smite" so far on here that they make paladins in their games fall for talking to succubi, or who kick players out for mentioning sex.
If you could read properly, you'd notice someone already did. You're on a one-man crusade.

>> No.39320085


>> No.39320093

Beatiful samefag.

>> No.39320108

bitch please

>> No.39320110

make boxs, hundreds of them, sell them to merchants so they get passed around alot and sold to collectors, look at this gold magical box, what does it do when you open it?!

Suddenly you find you have a nice little pocket dimension, filled with lots of random people to change into mummies and practice your Cenobite Tendencies on.

Think Hell razor, but the dimension it opens is like your own personal Meat freezer

>> No.39320120

you're good with microsoft paint.

>> No.39320122

that's genius

>> No.39320126

decades of training

>> No.39320141

just wanted to say, awesome work, iv been reading it all afternoon thinking of ideas and combo's

i was originaly thinking going full liche, but then i noticed that General Makari has a hate boner for Amethes, and instantly i knew i wanted to make a vampire based around those two fuckers squaring off on the battlefield =P

>> No.39320152

Thanks, i thought that was a nice little touch, i'm glad you liked it.

>> No.39320161

More interactions with the companions would be fun. It would flesh them out

>> No.39320165

I like how you failed to edit out the last one. So that >>39320108 is clearly still samefagging >>39320093, and in turn >>39320085.

You literally just give pictoral proof that you called yourself a samefag, and then called yourself on calling yourself a samefag.

Fucking idiot.

>> No.39320168

how ever having said that, the spell says you can create one, but then the puzzle box is also an item you can take, so wether that means you make that one in your inventory, or you start with one for free /shrugs

btw, does the Libre Necromos give any bonus spells?

>> No.39320170

Noted, and definitely a good idea.

>> No.39320172

are you high
there is no editing in this shit, it's just screencap and two seconds in ms paint

>> No.39320187

>btw, does the Libre Necromos give any bonus spells?
More spells, yes.
But way, way less sanity.

>> No.39320196

>>39320093 is actually me, who is somebody entirely else. Look, this is tying itself into knots very fast, since you can remove proof of samefagging by using the color dropper and then the pencil tool in Paint, which takes all of ten seconds.

>> No.39320208


The Father



T4- Lift Bloodstain, Sanguine Senses, Blood Boil, Create Thrall
T3- Create Nosferatu, Bloodthirsty Weapon, Bloodwhip
T2- Bloodguard, Night Falls
T1-Blood Bath

Vial of Blood, Haunted Sword

Suit of Armor

>Companions: Socialite
Nazar, Teremun, General Makari

x4 Dhampir (16) 4 dhampirs
x3 Vampire Knight (15) 3 vampire knights
x3 Bestial Vampire (9) 15 bestial vampires
x8 Thrall (8) 16 thralls

Vampire Hunter (+6)

Violent Tendencies x4 (+8)
Scavengers Love (+2)
Single Minded (+2)


Basically a traveling beserker intent on destroying all in his path. His traveling companions enjoy bloodshed almost as much as he does, and with a small army of vampiric minions this is a force of destruction.

>> No.39320220

that's not nice
you're not nice

>> No.39320242



>> No.39320244

how many more spells? it doesnt really specify

btw, just noticed that the abandoned lab is listed twice

>> No.39320254

Erm, dude
I'm a ghost
You know you can't drink the blood of a ghost right?
You should chill. Want some peaches? They're delicious. So they tell me.

>> No.39320260

with only Blood Bath and Bloodguard you're pretty squishy which doesn't mix well with Violent tendencies, not to mention your minions can only be active at night and if you cast Nightfalls you are signaling enemy forces.
And with Scavengers Love you'll be easily traceable and Violent tendencies you will never back off from a fight even during daylight.

>> No.39320266

>Not taking empower bloodline
dude you're weak

>> No.39320293


Decided to go with it and roll for the hell of it. Ended up with originally 12 year old hazel eyed and outside of the margin of error and with reckless, impulsive, out of control personality... seemed like a bad way to go, so used those 'considerations' to fix some stuff, but eh.

Results follow:

Age: (Major) 21
Height: Little taller than average
Skin: Tanned
Eyes: (Minor) Blue
Hair: Brown
Identity: (Minor) Within Margin of Error
Personality: (Minor) Quiet, Intellectual, Eccentric

-Family Framework
-Weirdness Filter
-The Device

>> No.39320313



>> No.39320324

If you've got any ideas of your own to help it, go ahead. I only really meant it as a little time-waster and wish-fulfillment writefag fuel (I threw it together over the course of five hours with frequent breaks, starting before six in the morning), but if there's something you feel could make it better at being that, fire away.

>> No.39320328

you literally could get shot with a crossbow and it'll be over. Change build now, Sasuke!

>> No.39320337

You're a hothead
I respect that

>> No.39320352

>He's a necromancer
>He can get one shot

>> No.39320366

You obviously lack the tactical mind necessary in a true warrior.

>> No.39320378

Ah, just saying its not so bad as to not even try, and while not really looking to get into writing some big wall-o-text things, eh figured I'd toss together something since -horribly bored with nothing fun to do- for which that was just suitable. Nothing serious enough to take seriously, but a good little time-waster that can be used once?


I'm horrible at coming up with anything useful in those things though, but I like wasting some time in between projects with something silly 'cause otherwise I'd die of boredom.

>> No.39320381

Switch bodies with berri
Spessrefuge and trainwreck makes a cyoa
The scientist is gm

>> No.39320438

Yeah, thought so. I put too much effort into the setting and made the crunch too lemony. If I post it again, I'll streamline it and stop bullshitting so much with the reader.

>> No.39320546

If Eremites have no soul, it rises another question: can they be affected as parte of a body snatcher ritual (that is, some one take the body of a eremite for himself) or trap soul (put the soul of something in a eremite)?
Someone before asked if they could trade a item for a spell. Can one item and one companion be traded for two spells?

Most important, a question of general interpretation, the spells that we start with, are they the “start of the adventure” spells or “all the spells that you will ever be able to learn in your possibly eternal unlife”? That is, with the pass of time, dealing with the possible enemies and other threads, would it be possible to learn another spells in the future?
Hellblazer is my favorite horror series, perhaps that why I became so interested in the Eremites. One more time, thanks, you are doing and amazing work.

>> No.39320578

>That is, with the pass of time, dealing with the possible enemies and other threads, would it be possible to learn another spells in the future?

I think he said in another thread that this was the spells you know and you have the opportunity to learn more with the years

>> No.39320621

ok so heres the build.. part1

Moutain Top Mansion [ a lovely place located near the border between Zatmenyir and the Untamed lands.. why is there always Sand in the Carpets!]

Name: Tellarian, vampire
Baron, excentric...hates sand.
Lives in his own private fiefdom

Race: Elf
God: Father
Choise of Poison:

Kroveri Haema

Creat Thrall
Ritual Enhancment
Blood Boil
Blood Pack

Create Nosheratu
Blood Tracking
Blood Whip

Empower Bloodline
night Falls

Rank 1

General Makari [lets get this rivalry started!]
Ekaterina [aah and here comes the catering]

Amenthes +10 [oh good, the neighbours dragging dust through the carpets again..]
Vampire Hunter +6
Angry Mob [elves] +6 [damn peasants]
Wild Elf Tribe +4 [hey do wildlings make good slaves? no? ok send them to the abbatoir]
Rival Necromancer +15 [im thinking >>39320208 because whats eternity without a few good enemies]
Spellsword +6
Arch Lich +10 [Get off my lawn ya damn kids!]
Fabled Hero +1 [I feel i would never kill this guy, itd be just so funy to always see him try and fail, maybe id even make him a thrall, or a plaything for my brides, they can be voracious]

Branded x 2 10 [you piss off a demon once, shame on them, piss the same one off twice... eehh]
Single Minded 2 [ghosts arent real, zombies arent real... Dont you dare say the M Word in my house!]
Violent Tendencies 2 [ptsd caused by trips to some ancient pyramids during his youth, this is believed to be the cause of the violent temper errupting when ever sand or mummies are seen mentioned or hinted at.]

Grand total of 70 points with the original 30 makings it 100 points to spend...

>> No.39320636

part 2

Free Disgraced gaurd [turned into a vampire 3 points] 98
2x Vampire Gaurdians [20pts] 78 [gaurding a box that, obviously does not contain dragon dildos]
5x Vampire Knights [25pts] 53 [my lieutenants]
5x vampire bride [10pts] 43 [a different lady for each outfit!]
10x vampite Thrall [10pts] 33 [Get back to your sweeping or so help me!]
4x Bestial Vampire [12pts] 21
10x slaves [10pts] 11 [hmmm, this ones a fine vintage!]
2x Dhampir [8pts] 3 [someone has to keep the thralls in line during the day]
1x Scholar [3pts] 0 [he arrived one day to sort out some will paperwork, has become a peramanent.. guest. Diner Is at 7PM SHARP! Formal attire..and i swear if you drag dust into the carpets i willl ARRGHH (Smash's Coffee Table, pauses, straightens jacket) Oh and we will be serving pudding after dinner [winks] Ta taa]

>> No.39320646

>hates sand.
Anakin Skywalker is now a vampire
Also you could easily take down your Rival, nice choice

>> No.39320648

lol forgot items

small fortune
haunted sword

suit of armour [ladies love it]

>> No.39320681

>If Eremites have no soul, it rises another question: can they be affected as parte of a body snatcher ritual (that is, some one take the body of a eremite for himself) or trap soul (put the soul of something in a eremite)?
This is a good point i don't think had been raised before, but i think it's definitely worth addressing.
I've saved it for later addressing, but for now i'm thinking that the way i would rule/fix this problem is that maybe the whole "turn into an eremite" ritual damages the soul-holding properties of the body while tearing the soul apart.

>Someone before asked if they could trade a item for a spell. Can one item and one companion be traded for two spells?
I think you can play around with Studious and Socalite to make that work. If not, i will make it so in the next version.

>Most important, a question of general interpretation, the spells that we start with, are they the “start of the adventure” spells or “all the spells that you will ever be able to learn in your possibly eternal unlife”? That is, with the pass of time, dealing with the possible enemies and other threads, would it be possible to learn another spells in the future?
Talking in the irc #CYOA on rizon we came up with a really good solution to this problem.
If you're immortal then your 10 spells are all that you can learn prior to immortality, but if you do not choose an immortality, the spells are all you get, period.

>> No.39320703

I'll have to bid the thread good night, but i'll be back again tomorrow.

I've put too much time and effort into the Necromancer CYOA to abandon it, so rest assured all your questions and critiques will be answered, some time down the line.

>> No.39320716

Age: 17
Height: Damn Tall
Skin: Naturally Black
Hair: Brown (going with very dark)
Eyes: Black
Identity (20 - used Major): How It Should Be
Personality: Super-Feminine
Considerations: Loose Ends, Family Framework, Super-Hot

I'm pretty much OK with this. Think I might spend a minor to de-age myself to 12, though - so I can get the full experience of growing up again, and can make sure my life ends up how I want it to. Having my own personal princess I can turn off and on again whenever I want will should be pretty fun, too.

Anyway, I definitely second the request for some use for dispensations if you're OK with your rolls - e.g., making yourself better off. Also, you're missing anything about our background besides the support network option - where do we wind up when we're reborn, and under what circumstances?

>> No.39320723

And the wait begins

>> No.39320732

I'll get to it right as of now.

>> No.39320784

Haha he does hate Sand people (mummies) I was thinking eccentric vampir who has a habit of pissin off a lot of people

I'd say the rivalry is over his getting drunk and being evicted by the vampire gaurdians after attempting to start a fight with the general

Most of the enors comes from pissing off the locals my grand partie get rather loud and go on until the sun comes, locals are invited (bagged and dragged) fatalities are a penchant of all great parties, the local lich has yet to attend though I do hear the old timer might still be shy, I am sure he will come around eventually

>> No.39321052

I had to hurry a bit, and I'll work on it later, but here is what I have right now.

>> No.39321248

What you could do for the necro mundus is introduce hybrid spells (craft plague + soul vial = reanimator potions) that allow a sort of crossover for some spells while also offering new ideas.

Also less generic "soldiers" and more hybrid school monsters

>> No.39321259

Why skip part 2?

>> No.39321271


Or whatever the Lovecraft book is named

>> No.39321341

"We, the Five Brothers had been each studying under the tutelage of our Master the paths to immortality. Each of us agreed to take one of the grand grimoires and flee, to once again unite once a hundred years have passed, but each one of us wants to outdo the others and prove their path is the strongest."

Alexander (Liber Mortis), Hadrian (Liber Animas), Michael (Kroveri Haema), Nicholas (Promraen Caro), and Valerian (Reunu Pertemru).

Religion: All 5 are Worshippers of the Father
Race: Humans
Country of Origin: Teb'Ris

Lair: Frozen Fortress (in Koudeis)

Spellbook (Liber Mortis)
Tier 4: Create Undead, Detect Undead, Repel Animal, Command Undead
Tier 3: Create Death Knight, Disguise Undead, Suspended Animation
Tier 2: Create Greater Undead, Enhance Undead
Tier 1: Totenherrn

Bones of the Dead, Horn of the Dead, Necromantic Staff, Mage Clothes

Sasha, Sir Henry

Minions: (30t)
6 Totenhunds (x3, -9t)
1 Death Knight (x1, -8t)
1 Wight (x1, -10t)
10 Zombies (x1, -2t)
1 Disgraced Guard (free)
5 Slaves (x1, -1t)

No Enemies or Drawbacks.

Next up: Hadrian (Liber Animas)

>> No.39321427

So how long until you add a cthulu mythodia spell book?

>> No.39321432


Age: 23
Height: Average
Skin: Asian
Eyes: Violet (1 Major)
Hair: Red

Identity: What? I've always been a girl...

Personality: Super Feminine (2 Minor)

Loose Ends
Fashion Show
Bloody Hot (1 minor)

Rich (1 Minor)

>New Life
Since the Device seems determined to make me as much a girl as possible (to the point where I won't even remember I was ever different), gave me close to my old age, AND gave me Family Framework and Loose Ends, which both have convenient reality-warping effects, I'm going to say that the easiest way for it to "insert" the new me is to just retcon my whole life as me always having been a girl, rather than create me a whole new life - if it can handle "you had a sex change operation" surely it can handle that.

My life would stay pretty similar, really. If I can keep my old friends and family, my GF is already bi so nothing needs to change there - and hopefully I could convince her to have a more... open relationship if we're both girls ;) I imagine my new personality would make me a lot more outgoing even though I'd still be an introvert at heart - and my new body would definitely give me more self-confidence to draw attention to myself... She'd definitely be the dominant one in that relationship, though. We could go out and meet guys and bring them home with us, cosplay together... lots of fun possibilities there.

>> No.39321512

also he went bloodbath as opposed to vamprism, so he's just a regular guy who keeps young by bathing in blood every other year

nightfall sounds like more of a last resort if attacked by superior numbers during the day. but then 4 dhampire should be enough for most difficulties.

Im more concerned about how he transports the vampire knights, like does he have a wagon with bunk beds inside or something?

>> No.39321513

Lair: Oasis Town (Teb'Ihr)

Spellbook (Liber Animas)
Tier 4: Speak with the Dead, Summon Spirits, Command Spirit, Create Ghost
Tier 3: Astral Projection, Undying Servitude, Exorcism
Tier 2: Craft Soulwell, Creater Greater Ghost
Tier 1: Soul Drinker

Soul Well, Spirit Vessel, Common Clothes

Companions: (Socialite)
Nadya, Cassandra, Endhinat

Minions: (30t)
1 Wraith (x1, -3t)
7 Scheming Spirits (x1, -7t)
1 Primeyst'ma (x1, -10t)
5 Slaves (x1, 1t)
1 Scholar (x1, -3t)
1 Groundskeeper (x1, -2t)
2 Disgraced Guards (1 free, x1, -4t)

No Enemies or Drawbacks.

Next up: Michael (Kroveri Haema)

>> No.39321710

Lair: Valaistir Town (Valaistir)

Spellbook (Kroveri Haema)
Tier 4: Blood Pact, Blood Boil, Sanguine Senses, Lift Bloodstain
Tier 3: Create Nosferatu, Bloody Memories, Blood Tracking
Tier 2: Blood Burst, Empower Bloodline
Tier 1: Blood Bath

Vial of Blood, Mage Clothes

Companions: (Socialite x2)
Kaija, Kobold Maid, Ekaterina, Lobsang

Minions: (30t, +6t from enemies)
3 Vampire Brides (x1, -2t)
1 Dhampier (x1, -4t)
1 Vampire Guardian (x1, -10t)
30 Slaves (x6, -6t)
Evdokiya (Unique, -5t)
1 Scholar (x1, -3t)
1 Disgraced Guard (free)
1 Alchemist (x1, -3t)
1 Debauched Priest (x1, -3t)

Vampire Hunter (+6t)

Next up: Nicholas (Promraen Caro)

>> No.39321714

I'm convinced he tried to make an "edgy" build
You Just need to distract/preoccupy the dhampire and the guy and his other vampires are vulnerable as fuck

>> No.39321789

everyone has their own way of having fun, but to deal with him yeah thatd be pretty simple, but rather then kill him i would probably just make him another part of the endless party, something for the vampire brides to play with and keep him nice and anemic and then box him up, and unleash him on the mummies when they attack

>> No.39321874

Lair: Teb'Ris Capital (Teb'Ris)

Spellbook (Promraen Caro)
Tier 4: Cure Disease, Cure Injury, Reinforcement, Inflict Paralysis
Tier 3: Alter Age, Alter Appearance, Natural Weapon
Tier 2: Create Life, Create Skinwalker
Tier 1: Potion of Khizaz

Small Fortune, Xanthuun Vat, Mage Clothes

Companions (Socialite)
Elizabeth, Escaped Slave, Maireni

Minions: (30t, +5t from enemies)
3 Skinwalkers (x3, -12t)
2 Created Lives (x2, -10t)
1 Merchant (x1, -4t)
1 Assassin (x1, -4t)
1 Groundskeeper (x1, -2t)
1 Disgraced Guard (free)
2 Soldiers (x1, -3t)

Enemies: Death-Fearing Duke (+5t)

Next up: Valerian (Reunu Pertemru)

>> No.39321898

As a Promraen Caro practitioner I'd like to use him as a Guinea pig for my experiments.
He'll experience being a little girl, various animal and a hunchback against his will

>> No.39321941

all in the name of science i'm sure

Which character sheet was yours, Im Sure Tellarian would be more then happy to send them an invitation to one of the parties

a flesh warper could prove quit entertaining and would be a valued guest at any party

>> No.39322047

This is my build >>39314251
I also have secure and luxurious villas up for grabs in the New City if you wanna buy or lend men for raids.

>> No.39322071

Lair: Abandoned Fortress (Untamed Lands)

Spellbook (Reunu Pertemru)
Tier 4: Embalming, Create Mummy, Curse of Enfeeblement, Curse of Pain
Tier 3: Curse of Disquiet, Curse of Hallucination, Curse of Suffering
Tier 2: Regeneration, Curse of Death
Tier 1: Mummification

Mark of Zatai, Adapted Clothes

Companions (Socialite x2)
Nerrti, Eshe, Aisha, Dante

Minions (-30t, +10t from enemies)
2 Khri-Habis (x1, -6t)
3 Sadikhs (x3, -6t)
2 Kher-Minankhs (x2, -20t)
3 Disgraced Guards (1 free, x2 -8t)

Enemies: Amenthes (+10t)

All 5 Brothers listed

>> No.39322089

Does anyone have the updated superhero cyoa? I haven't seen it in a while and really wanted to save it.

>> No.39322097

Which one was this?

>> No.39322188

"Alexander has chosen to hide his studies away from most civilized folks, far away within the frozen lands. There, he will seek to master the artwork of the bones, his only company the dead and the few slaves bought from the elves to help keep the place tolerable, though having the dead catch them something to eat is starting to get tiresome for him. He has mainly focused on his art, though also on trying to teach the art to Sasha in exchange for Sir Henry's aid in protecting his lair.

Hadrian has made his stay in a small oasis town, trying to slip unnoticed among the many people that wander there. He seeks to steal away a few unworthy people for their souls, to drink the souls of criminals away to sustain himself. He has found a body suitable for Cassandra to add to his own teachings, and keeps Endhinat at his side to aid in his research and understanding the art of soul-drinking better. He aims to study but also aid his neighbors, in his own cruel manner, but focuses his predations on the ones who care little for their fellow man anyway.

Michael is a curiosity, choosing to live among the elves, he has sought to prove he follows their way of life, and though born human he is seeking to master the magic that would let his power grow. Taking a vampire as his companion, and choosing a few trustworthy kobolds to walk by his side, he's always looking for new slaves to serve him as well as to provide the necessary blood for his followers, and his ally Kaija. He is a scholar but also a shameless hunter who views father's teachings the only true way to live life, and the elves the ones that adhere to this best. He is not -loved- by elves, but they consider him 'a cut above the rest' at least.

Nicholas keeps up a pretense of a mage studying various arts but focusing on healing and strengthening. He uses his abilities to aid others in exchange for coin, and has built up a nice fortune. He is always wary of betrayal however... (continues)

>> No.39322234

>superhero cyoa
I didn't think one existed, apart from that /co/ superhero waifu.

>> No.39322298

and thus prefers to keep a few noticeable guards at his residence to maintain the look of a wealthy, and cautious man. Within his residence, the created lives help him maintain his study and his attempts to perfect the arts. He is aiming to aid others but also to learn more about his art through this aid, but he is also aware that some would abuse his talents for their own good. He has contacts to direct people that he can help in exchange for cash, but he also has an assassin on his payroll to take care of the problematic ones. For now, he has only 1 problem he hasn't managed to solve. A duke who is almost as paranoid about dying as he is intent on learning more. They're having their own little dance for now, but Nicholas would be content to just outlive the man if necessary.

Valerian is a cold hearted bastard beneath the surface, afraid of death but uncaring of the lives beyond his own and those of his brothers and allies. He dreams of triumph and dominion over the so called Untamed Lands, but he is aware that many have tried before and failed. Though the whispers of a Child in the lands suggest turning to worship the child he has kept away from that path, focusing instead on raising the suitably talented and powerful dead at his side, and gathering a larger number of capable people around him. People who could lead his for now still feeble forces, and who could help his strategize his actions over time. Unfortunately he has already found himself noticed by a former pharaoh, who would see to it he never saw the end of the year if they could help it.

Once the brothers finally do meet, they're in for quite a bit of tales, and by that point, they figure they'll be ready for their next step in the plans. Combined arts bringing their learned talents together to help breaking the Mother's restrictive hold on the lands, and continue the rebellion that their ancestors started.

The Five Brothers pray to their Dark Father that the day shall come soon."

>> No.39322311


Super power store cyoa? PDF form? Had a bunch of hero's and villains in the back pages?

>> No.39322349


>> No.39323021

Do you think it's about time for a new thread? This one isn't doing that well on page 7.

>> No.39323163

Yep! New thread time! Abandon thread!

>> No.39323193

There's another two-three hours here. Fuck no.

>> No.39323247

The thing is that since the thread isn't bumping anymore and almost no one is lurking, those two-three hours will be almost devoid of posts. If someone makes a new thread, those two-three hours can actually have some activity.

>> No.39323283

>few CYOAs devoted solely to it
There's a shit ton of cyoas solely devoted to it.

>> No.39323315

You should choose a less overdone subject, there are more cyoas about this than any other specific subject.

>> No.39323405

Lemme rephrase that.
There's the one with the blue background, which is incredibly convoluted and confusing. The creator promised to deliver a simplified version, but he hasn't delivered yet.
There's the schoolgirl one, which is nice and all, but it's a "become the little Japanese schoolgirl" CYOA - it's pretty niche, and I wanted to try to put out something more general.
There are, indeed, a metric fuckton of CYOAs which have being the little girl as an option, but it's often glossed over - in that case, you could just as well tell people to go write something themselves. I wanted to create something general and solely devoted to the subject that also gives a lot to work with, and thus initiative for people to do something new, instead of a CYOA that basically tells people to imagine their main fetish and move on from there. I might have phrased my original post a bit badly, but I still do think that what I'm trying to do has its own purpose that I haven't seen yet. I've lurked about a dozen CYOA threads in a single unbroken streak, looking through all the CYOAs, and I haven't found something that fulfills the criteria I'm looking to fulfill.
Mainly, though, I'm just bored out of my gourd and looking to do something.

>> No.39323448

You should apply your time to something less retarded. Go on a walk or something, get off 4chan.

>> No.39323460

It's dry and insulting in tone, you're not going to get many fans like that.

>> No.39323497

Why do you think I'm on here? I've already exhausted my appetite for normal, functional activities, and now I'm taking out my instinctual urge to act like a retard.
Jeez, I thought most people actually knew what humor was. I really despair for the people who can't take a little bit of japing once in a while. So I'm trying to be humorous, but all that happens is I get my head bitten off.
I could try to clean it out, but it'd make it even more uninteresting than you're claiming it is. Not to mention, it's like trying to satisfy SJWs - nothing you do is ever going to be good enough.

>> No.39323522

Maybe you should try being less morose. Also your humor would work if your writing was less awkward.

>> No.39323525

For it to be humor it'd have to be funny. If I'm reading the first page and I'm suddenly accused of being a kiddy fiddler I'm not laughing.

>> No.39323572

Not to mention, Alice was straight-out vicious, but you don't see that being called unpopular. It starts off by straight-out saying that the reader is a friendless, lonely neckbeard - and if you can claim that that's humorous or at least forgivable, I'd assume you'd apply the same standards to something that's if anything less insulting.
Wow, 4chan really has changed since le memer invasion.
"Awkward" is a good word, but it's often used to mean "things I don't like". Also, if what you're implying is that I sound awkward, I guess you're saying that I have to completely and utterly change the way I think and phrase my thoughts before I'm allowed to write. I hope you're not saying that, really.

>> No.39323590

>pedo=child molester

>> No.39323600

The Corruption minion lends credence to the idea that spirits could be infected with a Caro plague.

The Corruption minion is a spirit that infects it's host with enhanced physical abilities, but that's just a step away from the disease attacking the spirit itself.

>> No.39323640

Sure is NAMBLA in here

>> No.39323667

>"Awkward" is a good word, but it's often used to mean "things I don't like"
I enjoy dry humor so no, it's not that I just don't like what you're going for. It's that you're bad at it.

>> No.39323700

Let's all be magical girls and figuratively rape evil.
Or literally, if you're into that.

>> No.39323707

Occasionally I really catch myself despairing about 4chan. A simple statement of fact to a person who's getting livid about something 4chan has historically been extremely blasé about is immediately replied to with a black-and-white insult.
I appreciate the attempt at constructive criticism, really, but humor is subjective by nature. There's really no such thing as "bad" humor - there's things that not a lot of people find funny, though, and that I can get. I still think people are being very thin-skinned here compared to how it was back before the meme invasion, but it's really your own loss with how much OC and actual board culture you're missing out on.

>> No.39323717


>> No.39323794

>is immediately replied to with a black-and-white insult
By someone else, mind. I was the one who complained, and I hadn't replied before that person did.

>> No.39324321

>Remember, AIDS was apparently created by the GOD or another part of the alphabet to target gays, as the story goes.

>> No.39324328

Nah, it was created by nature to spite people who fuck monkeys.

>> No.39324354

Supposedly it was transfered to humans from monkeys by homeless people fighting the monkeys for food scraps (biting) rather than by beastiality

>> No.39324373

So they say, but I'm not putting it past primitive tribals. You heard about those people who captured and used an Orangutan as a prostitute, right?

>> No.39324502

>So they say, but I'm not putting it past primitive tribals
well, of course.
its just way fucking cooler to imagine human vs monkey biting match

>You heard about those people who captured and used an Orangutan as a prostitute, right?
I did not, gross, and as much as I am tempted too, I am not going to google this

>> No.39324510

>I am not going to google this
I did ;_;

>> No.39324524

Curiosity didn't kill the cat, it killed its desire to live and then he committed suicide

>> No.39324541

Rolled 8, 13, 15, 16, 4, 15, 12, 8, 18, 15, 10, 10, 3, 13, 4 = 164 (15d20)

Well alright.

>> No.39324666

The worst part is, I wasn't shocked or even very surprised. Instead my reaction was 'oh, okay. Interesting'.
I've seen and heard too much shit in my life, man.

>> No.39324707

>Orangutan as a prostitute
Some people on this board want to bang kobolds, why would this surprise anyone?

>> No.39324773

>I still think people are being very thin-skinned here compared to how it was back before the meme invasion, but it's really your own loss with how much OC and actual board culture you're missing out on.
>meme invasion
>OC and actual board culture

It's always kind of sad when you see someone who is obviously so new trying so hard to seem like "le epic oldfag XDDD".

>> No.39324780

1. cutebolds are cute
2. cutebolds are not covered in fur
3. orangutans are ugly
4. orangutans are not sapient

>> No.39324791

>2. cutebolds are not covered in fur
Well, they shaved it...

>> No.39324795

>Hurr mere invasion
>Durr I am so oppressed
>Hurr stop oppressing the poor pedophiles

>> No.39324851

But they're not! This image is so sexy and warm...

>> No.39324864

ewww, ewww ewww EWWWWWWWW!

>> No.39324878

>3. orangutans are ugly
>4. orangutans are not sapient

>> No.39324905

that is a human wizard magically polymorphed into the form of an orangutan
also, still ugly

>> No.39324943

>also, still ugly
But can lift more than you'll ever be able to and doesn't have to worry about anything other than where the next banana is coming from.

>> No.39325025

>1. cutebolds are cute
>2. cutebolds are not covered in fur
Scales instead
>3. orangutans are ugly
Opinions, though I agree
>4. orangutans are not sapient
Prostitutes don't get a say regardless.

I wouldn't be able to get it up for either.

>> No.39325070

Magical plagues is an awesome idea.

Flesh and Soul necromancers work together with a Sorcerer.

Soul necromancer binds the spirit, Flesh necromancer tears it apart with disease, and the sorcerer use the magic energies to fuel a giant FUCK YOU cannon.

>> No.39325180

Results are in.

>Body stats
Twelve years old, whatever
Taller than average, great
White skin, Ideal
Brown eyes, boring
Light Blonde, Ideal
Margin of Error, idk
Creative, maybe I'll DM
Weirdness filter, Good...
Fashion Show, does make me happy...
Bloody Hot, Can't argue with that

Drop two Minor to change eyes to Blue.
Drop Minor to change Fashion into /d/.
Drop Major to be super rich.

Not really sure what I'd do with my life. Pursue a noble goal like saving the environment or ending religion. Maybe release a sex tape.

>> No.39325244

>prostitutes dont get a say regardless
Bamatabois spotted

>> No.39325944

I get drunk and in trouble at a party and now John Constantine is going to turn me into a girl.

It's been a weird fucking night.

>> No.39325951

>Prostitutes don't get a say regardless.
Obviously, but a sapient slave without say is different than an animal.
The former is rape (AWSEOME), the later is bestiality (sick and wrong!)

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