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Can we start an armored women thread /tg/? No bikini bullshit please.

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The Gold Standard

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No, Bikini Bullshit

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>No bikini bullshit please.

u wot

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would duel

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you guys are shitty people

i'll bibboot a bit

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>plate armor

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>trying to force this strong woman into your stereotypical battlefield roles

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But ... but ... she could at least have armored the horse ... her plate isn't going to protect it when people shoot arrows back at her.

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>the plates are heavily enchanted to act as fire magnets drawing any dangerous shots away from any exposed skin

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You cropped out the "WOOOOOMB" sound effect.
You fucked up.

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A fair and noble cause, OP, I will help thou.

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I'm sure that an arrow to the crotch hurts like hell even if you got some metal "panties"

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Just going to keep dumping some I have.

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Like this one alot.

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>"No bikini bullshit"
>But literally every single one doesn't wear a helmet


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There you go, ser Faget.

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I'll tell you what's autism, freaking out about skin showing through armor.

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She obviously took the horse from an enemy archer after losing her own. Likely the mounted archer kill her horse from afar and thought the fall had kill or cripple her, but in reality she was waiting to ambush him.

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technically not a bikini

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No anon, that doesn't work.

It's sexy, but chaimmail sleeves and hood aren't going to protect you if the rest of your body is almost completely bare.

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There better be some fucking chain mail under that cloth to protect her armpits. There's a major artery there I'm sure some unhappy peasant would just love to shank.

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Can Sisters of Battle play too?

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A wild sci-fi appears

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>gorget ontop of breastplate
>poorly fitted pauldrons
>awkward looking tassets

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A lack of helmet is usual iconography for heroic characters in armour because important people ought to be recognizable in pictures.

95% of your suit of armour not existing, isn't.

Autism is being unable to understand that one doesn't need to care for realism to find bikini chainmail base and tasteless. If I want to watch a pictures that give me a boner I'll go to a porn site.

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>not getting a boner from women in full field plate and kit

Wow anon get on the patrician fetishes pls

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No one gives a fuck you autistic sperg.

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>If I want to watch a pictures that give me a boner

if you get a boner from seeing bikini chainmail you're either very repressed or extremely prudish

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Who is that Dick Juice Masseuse?

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> If I want to watch pictures that will give me a boner I go to a porn site.
How I managed to mangle that sentence so badly is beyond me. Fixed, also contributing.

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IDK I found it off 4chan

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People Say Women in Boobarmor is unrealistic and should stop.

I tell them that women on the battlefield is unrealistic and they call me a misogynist.

fucking smh people, don't help SJW

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>Bicep is unarmored while legs are armored
>Absolutely retarded shield grip.


>Exposed stomach
>Exposed collarbone

>Absolutely disgusting

Wooden shield with strapped grip.

>Heavily armored legs while forearms are exposed.

>Retard tier armor

>Exposed chest

>Unnecessary gaps everywhere.

>Shiton of leg armor without any arm protection.

This thread is shit, fuck you.

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Since you insist I will open the silly folder, just for you.

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I am sad now

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That was hyperbole. To be less excessive, I don't want my female warriors to be drawn with the idea of titillating my base instincts as top priority, which is the point of bikini armour : it appeals to sexual urges.
I want my female warriors to look like fucking warriors, not like escorts role-playing as warriors for a rich client with a chainmail fetish.
Which is entirely different from the "unrealistic" debate. No helmet ain't a problem. Unpractical pauldrons are my jam. Overly bulky plate is cool. As long as I don't feel like I'm being selled sex when I want to buy heroics.

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She's a raging Femen bitch in real life.

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>Get a helm ffs


>Corset armor
>Hueg pauldr

>No armor, just a pauldron


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you know except for the bared torso/thighs I really like this, why shouldn't high magic armor look magic as fuck?

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That's a man

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I consider boobplate to be one of the most acceptable of common fantasy female armor flaws.

Mostly because it can still look like proper armor, and fantasy has a tendency to make a lot of armor look more form-fitting anyway. It's not the most realistic, but it's a trend I can live with.

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SMT is the name of all the megami tensei spinoffs in the west. Why would anyone expect anything else?

>muh character art

obviously a placeholder

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anyone got anymore like this, this is all i have

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I cannot imagine how much noise it must make when Flash tries to run in that getup...

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>High heels means she's obviously a cavalry woman. Prefers leg armor because her legs are more exposed to enemy attacks while on her mount
>Is obviously in the process of casting a frost spell. As a Frost mage knight, she is not bothered or harmed by cold weather.

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>sexuality and heroics are mutually exclusive

You have my deepest sympathies, sir.

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i just like the idea of the flash falling on his face every time he tries to run

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>complains about obviously poorly fitted armour
>must be autistic

And you my friend, are a moron.

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>Things I have not said.
You either have reading comprehension problems, or are being desingenuous on purpose.

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Spergs don't know they're spergs.

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Neither do morons evidently.

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Cavaliers rode on horseback. You can use arrows in platemail, platemail did not restrict your movement at all. Archery from horseback has been a very popular battlefield position in many different cultures throughout history.


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Anyone have any dwarf females?

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>Sperg sperging about morons

That's so cute. Here... have a pic.

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I'm looking for something like >>39306874 basically a modern character in light, reasonable armour who does HEMA.

It's for WoD, based on one of the characters in Armory Reloaded.

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Being reasonably armoured doesn't mean you aren't a main character.
Haven't you seen movies? Main characters don't wear helmets.

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caring about the specifics of anything is now considered "autism", pointing out that that's is not what that word means just intensifies it. There is no use in arguing with idiots, they will bring you down to their level, and they have much more experience on their side.

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Song of Swords has art now? Isn't that the game that was open developed on /tg/?

That art is good. I wish the person behind ARKH Project wasn't a raving racist. It really was an idea that I loved.

>>awkward looking tassets
Tassets come in two flavours: Awkward and beautiful.

"Skin showing" he says

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I don't really have much art for them. Sorry.

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>I tell them that women on the battlefield is unrealistic and they call me a misogynist.

Well, when you're wrong, you're wrong.

Sexualization should not be the primary goal of character design.

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I just really like the look of armor man or woman

Armor that is actually designed realistic is fucking beautiful

why must wizards be so boring with their robes and such

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>Implying the Speed Force doesn't fix those problems.

She doesn't actually have leg armour, though. Her boots aren't even thigh highs.

Honestly I prefer rogues and rangers and barbarians to paladins and knights. Gimme someone in a light armour that might not even cover them all the way, maybe even piecemeal looking, over the big tank any day.

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>She doesn't actually have leg armour, though. Her boots aren't even thigh highs.
She does. That bloke with the hammer is clearly working on her leg armour.

Actually look at the whole picture.

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Have a real life warrior woman.

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Huh, I suppose that is what he's doing. When I first saw it, I thought he was chipping ice or something out of a grill.

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Those pieces look more like arm armor to me.

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Armor autists need to an hero. There's nothing wrong with sexy armor.

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not to derail the thread

but how do you make a wizard look good?
male and female, it just looks like a bunch of cloth spilling everywhere
unless you just ignore robes completely and make your wiz wear citizen clothes or something
this is why i always have my wizards wear heavy armor

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Depends on context really.

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"Sexualization should not be the primary goal of character design."
This, basically. I don't mind sexualized characters, sex in stories, fuck, I love sex, sex is great when used properly. I just don't like it when it gets in the way of female warriors looking like warriors, and that includes bikini bullshit.
I also feel kind of insulted, as a male, that an artist would think the best way to get me interested in their female character is to strip'er naked. Either that, or it's laziness. In any case it results in shitty, boring, insulting chara-design. Meanwhile Brienne of Tarth sits atop my list of favourite characters in fiction.

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>Brienne of Tarth

Of the three "female fighter" PoV characters it's good to see you've chosen the most boring one

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Robes can look pretty cool. You can make them ornate, or like a monks robe, or anywhere in between.

Usually wizards can't wear heavy armor, but you could be a spellsword or something.

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Well in a lot of D&D style games wizards have trouble casting in armour.

You don't have to be boring just because you're not in heavy armour, though.

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>Cavaliers rode on horseback.
>You can use arrows in platemail
>platemail did not restrict your movement at all.
>Archery from horseback has been a very popular battlefield position in many different cultures throughout history.
It's okay, anon. You can like the pretty lady with the plate, arrows and unbarded horse.

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Frankly it's like with armour. Look at what nobles wore in China in succeeding dynasties, look at japan's history of fashion, look at catholic priest garments through the centuries, etc etc... Piece together a set of robes that actually has a proper cut, multiple pieces that coordinate, asymettry (or dissymetry, I can never remember which one looks good), contrast materials and colours, matching accessories, jewelry, pins, prayer strips, sigils...
Obviously the basic "wizard robe" that looks like a clothsack with a cloth belt looks like shit, but it's possible to make a wizard look cool with a bit of work.
Although I rather like the idea of ditching the robes entirely.

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Guilty as charged, I'm a sucker for simple stories starring badass motherfuckers.

>> No.39314327

No bikini bullshit here, nope

>> No.39314355


You don't put the archer in armour, that's just wasteful. As the old elven proverb goes:
"The best armour is distance"

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Fair enough. I'll refrain from arguing with them then.

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Don't you have your own thread?

>> No.39314501

Don't worry about it. We'll just post more girls in proper armor to counteract his stuff.

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Oh my god, those proportions, they hurt my eyes!

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I don't understand what's wrong with them. she's supposed to be Joan of Arc, so she'd be a teenager. Armor would look oversized on her, especially since it was probably originally intended for a man.

>> No.39314699

is that Emma Watson?

>> No.39314733

No, anon, that's a drawing.

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Tier 8 Paladin armor from World of Warcraft. Blizzard's designs aren't necessarily bad, just somewhat cartoony.

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>Stabbing someone THROUGH the chest plate.

>> No.39315142

She appears to be more than 10 heads tall, that without her feet even being on shot. Her shoulders appear to be waaay down on her body. Her torso appears to be a anomaly since it appears to be so fucking long.

What it looks like its that they cut the top half from a kid and stuck on a adults body from waist down

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ehh, with a spear and a decent heft, it probably would have caught on that scrollwork, preventing it from glancing off.

It's possible. Probably wouldn't get through the padded undershirt, let alone the chain, but a puncture is possible.

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Haha what a spot-on impression of an autistic armor sperg!

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That's worse than boring. It's shit.

>> No.39315424

I love WAR's art. Well, when it's good. Sometimes it's titty stupid, like Imrjika's otherwise good design with round titties and cleavage.

>> No.39315439 [DELETED] 

Epic /v/ memes, my /b/rothers.

>> No.39315555

>I am mysterious, well trained and well armed, the person who will hunt down the slightest hints of heresy and corruption
>but don't I have great tits?

>> No.39315646

My headcanon is that Imrijka feels ugly because she's a half-orc, but is incredibly proud of her impressive rack and wants to show it off.

Also, I recently learned that Kyra and Miresiel are a thing. Not would I would have expected.

>> No.39315684

The placement of that scabbard looks very impractical.

>> No.39315694

>Hating on Imrijka's totally sweet green boobs

God, it's like shit taste central over here

>> No.39315705

I'm not hating. I just think it's kind of funny. When I think of Inquisitors, I think of someone who's a bit sneaky or scary, not someone with huge tracts of land with a fertile valley.

>> No.39315733

I like her attitude and look, just find it silly.

Eh. She's a cleric, and she actually has a spell that lets her summon a sword, so it's not like it even matters. Kyra is the healbot. I've played PFS with Kyra as our pregen more than a few times, and I don't think she's ever actually fought.

>> No.39315796

>learned that Kyra and Miresiel are a thing
Yeah. In the comics they go full"tonight /u/". I hope you got your goggles on full power.

>> No.39315848 [DELETED] 

epic /v/ meme to you also

>> No.39315869

>"Tonight /u/"
But /u/ is full clothed heavy eye gazing. That's why /u/ is the worst pink board.

But yeah, I wanna read the comics. I actually like what bit I know about the iconics. Merisiel is like something out of 8 Bit Theater.

>> No.39315878 [DELETED] 

That's a spicy /v/ meme

>> No.39315894 [DELETED] 

>I tell them that women on the battlefield is unrealistic and they call me a misogynist.

I like your bait, have pic related in exchange.

>> No.39315896

Reynolds' shit is far too busy, usually with far too many pouches and extraneous weapons. Not to mention his inability to handle realistic anatomy.

He's basically the Liefeld of gaming art.

>> No.39315937

Liefeld's issue is that the pouches are useless, and also the basic anatomy is shit. Reynolds sometimes has issues (like the titties, and sometimes wax faces), but other than that he's good. His characters are also kitted out like actual adventurers would be. Most adventurers WOULD look "busy".

>> No.39315980 [DELETED] 

Man, I need to read these comics.

>> No.39315993

like her better with her hair out.

>> No.39315998 [DELETED] 

Whoops. I meant to say
>Battle Nuns
How horrifying.

But I forgot about that.

>> No.39316006 [DELETED] 

There not that good, those two are about the best part.

>> No.39316007

Warhammer is shit kill yourself

>> No.39316039

The Ironborn serve literally no purpose to the story

>> No.39316041 [DELETED] 

>Obligatory PC LGBTQAFHGHRBNIF characters
Classic Paizo

>> No.39316079

But that's haram!

>> No.39316085 [DELETED] 

/v/ pls

>> No.39316108 [DELETED] 

I figure she's got good reason to wear it.
Still. Not many fantasy comics. I also need to read Rat Queens.

Man, you're as bad as >>39312015

>> No.39316122

i really like this one

>> No.39316135 [DELETED] 

I just don't see why it needs to constantly be shoved in my face. I liked how they did it in Kingmaker or the Worldwound AP or all the other APs that had those characters, where it was there, just not shoved in our faces the whole time to say LOOK HOW ACCEPTING WE ARE!

>> No.39316146 [DELETED] 

Holy shit, that tumblr of hers.

Why do women always conflate Feminism with Fat Acceptance? And nice, having someone who got to where they are by looking good saying it isn't important (for women).

Because it is, for both sexes.

If you don't believe me, think about how when ugly guys approach a woman, it's creepy. When hot guys do it, it's okay.

>> No.39316155 [DELETED] 

How is this shoved in your face at all? I mean really you fucking piece of /pol/-tier shit, are you complaining that they aren't side characters? What the fuck do you want?

>> No.39316167 [DELETED] 


>> No.39316185 [DELETED] 

Because from the viewpoint of modern Feminism there is a typical standard that women have to adhere too. Slightly more-so then men have to but most adult feminists are aware of the constraints men face, fat acceptance is merely a way of fighting this standard.

>> No.39316234 [DELETED] 

How is this shoved into your faces, except as me posting pages specifically of the couple that is being discussed? Don't be a twaddlecock. It's not "shoved in your face".

That said, I think everyone in Golarion is bi. Like Exalted, but not every PC has the "you want to fuck me" power.

I'd say his overreaction isn't about malice or stupidity. He just seems to think that two chicks in a relationship in pages from a comic that I'm posting is some big "shoved in your face" issue. So... he would be stupid.

Basically "it's an issue because men don't have to worry about grooming themselves to fit a mold, just grooming themselves".
Which is completely understandable. Although I will say I hate how a lot of fat acceptance stuff I see isn't "don't hate on people because they're big", it's "I'm perfectly healthy even though I weigh 400 pounds!"

But then again, it's all shit that would get posted in a Rage Thread.

>> No.39316295

I forgot to post this.

>> No.39316318 [DELETED] 

Yeah I agree about the health issues those are retarded, I dunno I do feel sympathy because I know how easy it is to become fat in today's world and with heavy workloads how hard it is to get back into shape. But that doesn't mean that you should glorify it.

>> No.39316392 [DELETED] 


Not him, but many authors do include such things not because they really intend it as a matter of their artistic vision, but for self-fellation and to earn pithy points from the tumblr crowd. No 'conspiracy' necessary to infer that.

>> No.39316414 [DELETED] 

This is why you never underestimate those damned clerics. They may not be a martial class, but they're perfectly capable of bludgeoning your skull open.

>> No.39316417 [DELETED] 

>crying about lesbians in fantasy

Jesus Christ just kill yourself.

>> No.39316467 [DELETED] 

This isn't true. Particularly the last part about Jeanne D'arc. Which is an easy thing to check since we literally have the court records of her trial. The scholarship of this book is highly suspect.

>> No.39316486 [DELETED] 

>men don't have to worry about grooming themselves to fit a mold, just grooming themselves
Bull. Fucking. Shit.

>> No.39316589 [DELETED] 

What is the truth then if relation to warrior nuns.

>> No.39316591 [DELETED] 

"Lois, men aren't fat only fat women are fat"

>> No.39316610 [DELETED] 

But it's true though, I see it every day.

>> No.39316627 [DELETED] 

But it's not true though, I see it every day.

>> No.39316689

I long for the day people are genderless clones and robots in tubes.

>> No.39316699 [DELETED] 

If you think men and women are held to the same standards, you're kind of naive.

I'd rather be able to switch genders. Both is more fun than neither. That's simple math.

>> No.39316736 [DELETED] 

Holy fuck, it was a peck on the cheek. What is your standard of "not being shoved in your face?"
Christ on a bike, lighten up.

>> No.39316745


>> No.39316746 [DELETED] 

epic, truly epic

>> No.39316769 [DELETED] 

>If you think men and women are held to the same standards, you're kind of naive.

Nobody said same standards, just that they have to do similar things to meet different standards. I mean, if you want to talk makeup that's a whole other bag of worms but neither sex gets away with being fat, unwashed and ugly without any social consequence.

>> No.39316792 [DELETED] 

>Armoured woman thread
>Devolves into /pol/aks and SJWs

Why do you do this OP? What compels you?

>> No.39316820 [DELETED] 

Crap compels us.

>> No.39316828 [DELETED] 

>people discussing things
>truly this is one of the worst threads /tg/ has ever seen.
Honestly all the discussion has been pretty civil except for that one asshole.

>> No.39316860 [DELETED] 

An invention, or at best a gross exaggeration of an incident involving the armed seizure of monasteries in which monks and nuns might have possibly put up armed resistance.

No such papal bull exists banning women from wearing armour or taking up arms. Only a restriction on women joining the third crusade, which has been grossly exaggerated, and that was put in to prevent more young women going off and getting killed or enslaved by Saracens more than anything else.

Jeanne D'arc isn't even the only woman to wear armour and arm herself in her generation, and none of them were ever accused of heresy. See: Joanna of Flanders, Jeanne Hatchette and a few others. Its complete a-historical nonsense conflated from misreading a papal bull centuries before the hundred years war.

>> No.39316892 [DELETED] 

The fact that people don't think there's a problem in regards to standards of men's beauty is one of the biggest problems regarding the standards of men's beauty.

It's funny that it's blatantly everywhere, in every piece of media and advertising, and yet no one wants to acknowledge it.

>> No.39316973 [DELETED] 

Really? Lot's of my Feminists friends absolutely acknowledge it as a massive problem, tumblrites and those like them is a pack of fucking morons and should never be brought up in an intelligent discussion.

>> No.39316994 [DELETED] 

No one acknowledges it because everything has to always be about women. Men's issues are seen as petty and pathetic even when said issues are precisely the same as women's.

Your friends aren't the kind of feminists that matter. The ones that matter are the ones who believe in patriarchy, rape culture, mansplaining, and safe spaces.

>> No.39316996

I heard something about bikinis?

>> No.39317006

Christ, look at the boobplate on that man.

>> No.39317022 [DELETED] 

>Lot's of my Feminists friends absolutely acknowledge
Why capitalize "Feminist"?

>> No.39317041

Buncha limp-dicked faggots ITT.

Who fucking cares if it's not realistic? It's fantasy. In a realistic setting, almost no woman would be wearing plate armor in the first fucking place.

>> No.39317046 [DELETED] 


Do I even want to know what that is?

>> No.39317063

>> No.39317089

>Implying God won't protect her.

>> No.39317102

>Do I even want to know what that is?
Why did you put a question mark here? That wasn't a question.

>> No.39317180

Because I haven't slept for 60 hours

Oh I've been blocked for off topic posting so contributing.

>> No.39317230

"Apart from that though its really good armour."

>> No.39317232 [DELETED] 

> talking about history on /tg/ is now 'off topic'

Yeah, some anons were baiting, others were actually having a valid historical discussion.

>> No.39317256

>> No.39317282 [DELETED] 

Historical discussion is not /tg/. Take it to /pol/.

>> No.39317294 [DELETED] 

Lurk moar newfag

>> No.39317304 [DELETED] 

Gr8 b8 m8.

>> No.39317416

What a bunch of rebels posting armorkini pictures in a character art thread asking for non-armorkini pictures. Fight the power, faggots.

>> No.39317421 [DELETED] 

>telling the truth is bait
Okay, you go have your empowered buzz-cut plate-wearing women adventures and the rest of us will be secure in the fact that we find the female form attractive.

>> No.39317454

No, they wouldn't. The picture here is as close to "adventurer" kit as you're gonna get in the real world. Dirty, hasn't slept or bathed in a week, and everything attached to him has an obvious and discernible use.

Also, and this is key, all that various shit strapped to him? It's around his chest and waist. it isn't taped to a belt that hangs down to his damn knees and wraps around his legs when he tries to run, unlike your arcanist there. it's arranged in such a way as to prevent snags, unlike that knife-porcupine of an elf and that cleric that looks like a goddamn thornbush made of hilts and arrows. It's neither banging against his legs as he walks nor ostentatious as fuck like the investigator character or that cleric.

The art is ridiculously busy in both practical and aesthetic ways. it's shit.

>> No.39317466

>> No.39317479

Thornbush of hilts and arrows was supposed to be inquisitor-orc lady, sorry.

>> No.39317480

>implying people can't find the female form attractive while still not wanting immodest art or armor designs for their own characters
>feeling the need to overcompensate for your obvious gaysexurges by having tits and/or ass showing 24/7

You're That Guy who has like a borderline porny picture on his character sheet aren't you?

>> No.39317484 [DELETED] 


>> No.39317539

Sorry guys. I'm running out of relevant pics.

>> No.39317542

> chainmail sleeves and hood aren't going to protect you if the rest of your body is almost completely bare.

Except for your arms and head.

>> No.39317548


dat hand print

>> No.39317555

>> No.39317561

>> No.39317571

>scantily clad women are boring!
We literally evolved to believe the exact opposite. It never gets played out.
>a man who enjoys scantily clad women is actually gay
There will never be logic to this idea no matter how much you think there is.

>> No.39317575

>> No.39317603


> Autism is being unable to understand that one doesn't need to care for realism to find bikini chainmail base and tasteless. If I want to watch a pictures that give me a boner I'll go to a porn site.

God knows fantasy art/characters aren't for women. And they just gosh darn hate cheesecake armour.

Nobody with any real class or taste would give a flippity fuck about something as ubiquitous as "revealing costumes".

>> No.39317616

No matter what that guy says, I have to agree with both sides of the issue somewhat.

I like sexy things, but I also feel like there's a time and a place for them. Especially when the thread has made it clear that that's not what's being looked for. I can't exactly call this a character art thread, otherwise I'd ask you actually request for something different. As it is, it'd be easier to just make your own thread, and I know you'd get a lot of support.

As well, you're ignoring a legitimate part of his argument - why can't we like females who are fully dressed, or fully armored? Why do they stop being attractive then?

>> No.39317618

Dangit bikinifags, your giving the rest of us lewdites a bad name. I was actually vested in this thread and you ruined it. You already had a bikini thread yesterday, why can't you be satisfied?

>> No.39317623


> I don't want
> I don't want
> I want
> I don't feel like

Some people aren't you, you absolute cunt.

>> No.39317647

They've been having a lot of threads lately, be it about bikini armor or just cheesecake armor in general. I know because I've been to a good few of them and saved a lot of pics.

I think the phrasing of the OP was kind of a mistake, though. If someone had just asked for female paladins or warriors, no one would have batted an eye and it would've just been another character art thread.

>> No.39317652

Song of Swords has a crapton no, and is still in development on /tg/, yes.

>> No.39317658

And they can make their own thread asking for armorkinis. In fact, there's one on /tg/ right now. Use the catalog, you insufferable fuckstain.

>> No.39317670


> I like sexy things

This is the problem right here. Not everything has to be looked at through the spectrum of "Sexiness".

Eroticism doesn't have to titillate you. It's erotic whether you're straight, gay, turned on or turned off. And there is absolutely no reason why eroticism should be criticised in, of all things, FANTASY art.

The unfortunate truth is that, for some people, tits are just too distracting for them when they are trying to do something "serious". Those people need to get laid.

>> No.39317676

>> No.39317694

>OP asks for something
>Others are obliged to give it to him

>> No.39317695

Maybe that person wants character art that leaves something to the imagination for their own personal taste? Why is that so hard to grasp? If I'm playing a game on roll20 or something I don't want my female character to be represented by mongo huge tits or a steel thong. There's nothing wrong with that.

>> No.39317702


You're calling what someone else likes "base", "tasteless" and people who enjoy it "autistic".

I don't give a fuck if you're specifically looking for certain kinds of art, it's the arguments for why the alternative is so terrible that's the problem.

>> No.39317718

Isn't that generally held to by most of people today in a lot of ways? It's hard to deny that most people, when faced with a scantily clad women, tend to think along sexual lines first rather than artistic ones.

Sometimes it's just easier to hold to convention, or at least not make a whole fight out of something that doesn't need to be fought. You can make your own thread. OP asked for armored women, specifically said no bikini armor, and that's what we're trying to give.

>> No.39317720

I never once said any of those things. You're confusing me with someone else, fuckwit.

>> No.39317744

It depends on the thread. Usually it's considered polite to start with whatever idea is proposed by the OP, especially in a character art thread. And if the OP isn't obviously being stupid, why not?

>> No.39317745

I lost track of debate since it all got deleted whose side are you on again?

>> No.39317746


> Maybe that person wants character art that leaves something to the imagination for their own personal taste? Why is that so hard to grasp?

The same can be said for people who want "mongo huge tits" or "steel thong".

The problem is that those who request female characters in armour are very quick to shit all over the alternative.

>> No.39317751 [DELETED] 

>OP asks for something
>edgy contrarians from /v/ are obliged to give the exact opposite thing

>> No.39317765


Who the fuck knows who anyone is.

>> No.39317776

>> No.39317786

>> No.39317787

>> No.39317788 [DELETED] 

I blame the person who banned people because "history is off topic to /tg/"

>> No.39317799 [DELETED] 

>/tg/ - Traditional Games
>Board games, paper games, war games, card games, etc. go here!

Please read the rules before you shitpost.

>> No.39317802

So your complaint is that we hurt your feelings by shitting on armorkinis? Is that it? Really?!

Here, let me give you a little tip because you seem new here: This site is fully of utterly ornery, hateful people. Including me.

You know you can hide threads you don't like, right? But that wouldn't let you attention whore in a thread being a complete contrarian cunt would you?

>> No.39317829 [DELETED] 

>Historical board games
>Historical war games
>Historical card games

All exist. History is extremely important when trying to consider roleplaying worlds, as well, both in understanding why certain settings have weird things or in understanding why similar themes pop up.

>> No.39317830

Good shit all around. Thank you, everyone.

I also wanted to point out that >>39309186 is the master race style of breast plate for all genders.

What is the name of this linear, curves-light style of armor?

>> No.39317859

>> No.39317868

>not being ready for anything

but orc boobs

>no one has posted this

>> No.39317880

>> No.39317897

and here's some WAR

>> No.39317914

And the thread is over. Good job everyone, we had a pretty good thread here.

>> No.39317918 [DELETED] 

So you agree with me then? Then why was my comment deleted

>> No.39317959

That's a lie

>> No.39317986

Well, I believe the lie is true then.

>> No.39318003

No, I meant the part of it being a good thread. This was a mess

>> No.39318015

It was like every one of these threads ever.

>> No.39318033

Well, 3/4ths of the thread went about as planned, with mostly just posting art. It was only near the end that people started arguing.

>> No.39318056

That helmet bugs me. It isn't so much as layered armour like the rest of what she's wearing but a skidoo helmet made of metal.

>> No.39318100

The visor is kind of ridged. I think that counts.

>> No.39318125

I meant more how it's padded inside and that she doesn't wear anything underneath it as shown by how she takes it off in one scene to reveal her entire head.

>> No.39318152

I think that's probably just for the sake of TV drama so we don't have to wait half a minute for her to tug off a padded coif. Or just something they overlooked.

>> No.39318274

>OP asks for something
>edgy contrarians from /v/ are obliged to give the exact opposite thing

>> No.39318333

>Wanting protection
>Wearing armour
>Not feeling the sun on your skin as you do glorious battle
>Not letting your enemies see your flexing muscles

Boring ass armourfags

>> No.39318338


Everyone wearing thick coifs would be cute.

>> No.39318474

Bikini armor is also usual for a female hero. Dumbass

>> No.39318511

>Superman stands for Truth, Justice and the American way
>is the knight of neither

Hurr durr

>> No.39318533

Enjoy becoming a pincushion in seconds.

>> No.39318622

>It's around his chest and waist.
Center of mass is lower on a woman, dickass. Therefore gear would be centered lower.

>> No.39318684

>We literally evolved to believe the exact opposite. It never gets played out.
We also evolved to be attracted to the naked body, but lingerie is considerably hotter than straight nude, because it hints to nudity rather than just shoving it in your face.

Move to a Southwestern state, you'll get over shortshorts and yoga pants real quick. The norm always becomes boring, no matter what. That is how excitement works.

>> No.39318703

>The problem is that those who request female characters in armour are very quick to shit all over the alternative.
The opposite is true, or else you wouldn't be here. Welcome to 4chan, everyone hates everyone and sometimes, sometimes everyone loves everyone.

>> No.39318705

I agree. Coifs are underrated.

>> No.39320620





>> No.39320634

I was trying to find Knight Exemplar...great illustration

>> No.39323187

Not yet.

>> No.39323252

Here it is.

>> No.39323484


>> No.39323993

I think we're on /tg/,not fucking /b/ or /v/. If you want to post bikini, make a bikini thread.
Please do, Im dying for armour slugs

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