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Lots of combat rules have been discussed, and there are some stat balance changes. Be sure to check them out.

Roll magical girls, write backgrounds and fanfiction, argue about assorted skub. Social rules soon.

Talk about anything and everything. Fuck the poh-lees. Suggested topics include:
• Play systems
• Build validity
• Fluff expansion
• Bitching
• And assorted controversy

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Rolled 4, 13, 10, 1, 1, 3, 1, 9, 20, 14, 6 = 82 (11d20)

New thread, new roll.

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Hey Quasar Black, I accidentally deleted my paste in trying to reorganize. Can you change the Therapy-chan link to this:

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Rolled 6, 15, 16, 15, 1, 10, 3, 14, 11, 18, 16, 9, 4 = 138 (13d20)

>New thread, new roll.

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Writefag Archive: http://pastebin.com/rSvTGQzP

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Rolled 15, 14, 2, 15, 7, 11, 6, 20, 9, 1, 13, 1, 17, 12, 12 = 155 (15d20)

New thread, new roll. If I don't like it I'll write a curse diary or something, since you know, curses are the best.

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tl;dr Dio is a stupid jerk.

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Magical Girl CYOA - Less Rolling Mod

Total: 15 Points

7 - 16 years, free choice

Body Development:
Free choice

2 for those that give stats, except monster girls
4 for monster girls

Free choice
-Can purchase a second weapon for 2 points

Free Choice

Magical Powers:
First is free, except Killing Blow
-Can purchase more powers for an increasing point cost depending on how many you already have, (2 for the second, 4 for the third, 6 for the fourth, etc.)

1 for any
-limit of 5 perks

1 point per +1 to a stat

They get the same gear you do for no additional cost, can pay for a change at normal costs.
They get each 10 independent points you can spend on them.
Killing Blow
-Killing Blow is +1 cost to x

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Might as well roll a new girl. Maybe I'll get a specialty other than illusion this time?

Also for those wondering we do have an IRC open at Rizon


Drop by and ask questions/RP/Tests systems with everyone!

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Dude, don't bring your hate-fueled bitching thread-to-thread please.

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Just an assumption that anything having to do with living things(in this case fake living things) Flower is well suited for. Something like a caster link in Erfworld.

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Rolled 17, 1, 9, 5, 2, 8, 16, 15, 8, 1, 14, 1, 16, 4 = 117 (14d20)

Oop. Not only did I mess up my dice I was beaten to the punch when It came to the Rizon chat too

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It's important he sees it. And it's hardly hate-fueled.

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He'll see it either way, anyone who really cares about the project digs the old thread out of the archive just to be up-to-date. The reason you linked here is because you want a response out of him.

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Rolled 4, 17, 7, 2, 19, 13, 4, 16, 17, 9, 13 = 121 (11d20)

Every thread deserves a roll.

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Rolled 5, 11, 5, 14 = 35 (4d20)

Weird how I keep getting twins in the same rollset as oppai loli. Let's see what the other one looks like.

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Yes? And?

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Rolled 11, 6, 1, 1, 17, 7, 11, 14, 8, 20, 7, 1, 15, 6, 1 = 126 (15d20)

New thread new character?

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Boy do I love combat testing

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I already made my request, please don't do it anymore.

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Rolled 18, 9, 2, 14, 13, 15, 5, 6, 17, 10, 13 = 122 (11d20)


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Honestly, you could probably pull the project off without the earth bit if you're willing to use custom-designed plant life instead of mud/stone/whatever. Better texture, easier to link senses because it's already alive, and if you develop it well enough you can carry one around in a conveniently small seed form, to grow into a usable article when needed.

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That would be cool. Unfortunately I'm just a reinforcement type(which is what I want) so it's beyond me.

Actually, speaking of type..
>some state they become something else entirely, blah blah blah.
To me, that line is clearly "whatever you think fits your situation", based off of the authors attitude in the past and remarks about 'interpretation'.
What does the thread think various monstergirls would turn into if they overcame their instincts? What if they met some other special requirement(s)? Like an atonement spell, or whatever.

Would regular specializations become pic related?

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Monster girls - no longer causes chaos whenever they go. Might be noticed or recruited by some other faction in the multiverse.

Regular girls - become a lot more power with their specialty, risk of losing control and becoming a monster.

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My pet theory the monster girls are the result of a recruiting puchuu trying to push too much power into one MG like a dumbass. If it were an outside force doing it, it wouldn't be mendable by blowing a magic coin.
Especially not by blowing one silver to swap Lamia out for Gravity; snaketits are amost comedically powerful, even in comparison to the other monstergirls. If I were a malevolent force of chaos, I'd want as many of them as humanly (forcibly?) possible.

Also, give me a minute to dredge up that ally character from the last thread, and we can be two thirds of the way to having a full staff for the project. We'll just need a darkness user and everything will be golden.

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Rolled 8, 3, 3, 7, 8, 9, 7, 4, 4, 1, 5, 7, 5, 2, 8, 6, 2, 10 = 99 (18d10)

Forgot my roll.

Why does this keep happening?

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>Monster girls - no longer causes chaos whenever they go. Might be noticed or recruited by some other faction in the multiverse.
Not as interesting as "become something else entirely", but logical.
>Regular girls - become a lot more power with their specialty, risk of losing control and becoming a monster.
Could be, but I think they'd idle in the middle. If they sought and found a chaotic patron they'd change. If they were actively seeking chaotic means they would eventually corrupt or be adopted.
That make any sense to you?

>snaketits are almost comically powerful
Wish it weren't so, but yeah. If numbers were equal the only advantage the magical girls would have is a greater variety of specializations.

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Weaksauce -Goal: make the weakest magical girl I can.

15 point buy
Str:4 (5 melee, 6 fist)
Vit:4 (5 uniform, 6 melee weapon )


Specialization:sound 2 points

Weapon: Fist,
Uniform: Uniform

Magical Power: Barrage(Useless because sound already covers the same ground)
Regeneration:2(vit/agi too low to help)
Tentacle fun:4(another moderate damage attack)

Misc. perks
A way out
Get out of jail
Eternal Style

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It is really hard to find pictures for this concept. I don't even like the attached one.

7 years old, underdeveloped.
Fire, melee.
Uniform style.
Focused Assault power. (Shimei-dasha?)
Training: batting.
Get out of jail. (Tourui?)
Enhanced Sustenance
Enhanced Style
Gain +2 agility
GC: +4 Luk
SC: +2 Luk
SC: +2 Agi
SC: +2 Vit

Str: 8
Vit: 8
Agi: 8
Mag: 4
Luk: 10

What's not to love about a grumpy gradeschooler with the homerun chops to destroy the national teams? Definitely drew some inspiration from Beate for the style, but it is exceedingly Japanese. Everything just sort of fell into place, too.

I imagine her in something more Field Uniform than School Uniform, but an exceedingly cute/rough bat is right on the money.

>> No.39263777

>Str:4 (5 melee, 6 fist)
Fist gives two strength.

Otherwise, well done. Might be weaker to get ranged and magic because it is redundant with Sound and gives less stats.
Anyone, would like some advice. I've got this roll, my favorite, but want to be an angel. Should I spend the gold and go for it? Is choosing to be a curse on the world evil even if it can be negated?
Stat wise it's a fair trade, gold is +4, regular to monster girl is +4. Get a second special, wings, and feather knives to balance the night vulnerability.

strength 7
vitality 6 SILVER 8
agility 7
magic 6
luck 6
20, 16
>Body type
5, under developed SILVER Well Developed
5, reinforce str,agi,mag +1
1, melee str,vit +1
6, flowing str +1
13, shadow clones
8, sustenance vit +1
9, luck +2
7, agility +2
2, interdimensional friend SILVER Allies magic +1
20, style

Any input would be appreciated..

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You failed! You made a magical boy!

>> No.39263829

You fucked up.

Magic 6 is world class level. Fist has good synergy with Sound. Barrage and sound means you can spawn multiple cones or zones... far, far, FAR from useless. Tentacle fun is the best debuff/control you can get outside of having the Darkness specialty. Training: singing would have huge synergy with sound specialty, too. You want something like Training: Macrame.

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Rolled 3, 15, 6, 7, 1, 15, 18, 17, 6, 1, 4 = 93 (11d20)


>> No.39264328

Fallen angels are surprisingly non-cancerous statwise, so unless your coin expenditures are made in character, you have nothing to worry about in terms of turning evil.
In character, it's not like the recruiting puchuu gives you enough access to information for you to know that becoming a being of healing and light will curse you, so you're probably covered on that front, too.

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An amusing challenge, here's my try. The most useless magical girl that can possibly be created.

15 pts

7 years old
overdeveloped, massively overweight

Str 4
Vit 3
Agi 4
Mag 6
Luck 3

Gravity (2 pts)
Flowing Outfit

Familiar (a goldfish)

5 perks
Eternal Style (1 pt)
A Way Out (1 pt)
Training (1 pt) (world's foremost expert on goldfish behavior)
Twin Soul (1 pt)


7 years old
overdeveloped, massively overweight

Str 4
Vit 3
Agi 4
Mag 6
Luck 3

Melee (2 pts)
Ranged (2 pts)
Magic (2 pts)
Fist (2 pts)

Flowing Outfit
Masculinity (1 pt)

>> No.39264636

>even if it can be negated
It can't be negated.

>> No.39264701

Dammit, fucked that up. Twin already gets Ranged weapons for free.

We'll take those two points and give him his own goldfish familiar.

>> No.39264804

Hmm, yes, of course.
It must be done.
Now I need to find a picture of a winged woman with red or blonde hair and a shield.

>> No.39264872

That isn't my understanding.

>> No.39264906

Then you're reading what you want to instead of what is.

>> No.39264937

The CYOA creator went on record last thread stating that the FA's problem isn't an literal aura of chaos and suffering, but rather the butterfly effect that haunts every monster girl who follows her urges. Which is ramped up to eleven by how often a proper FA does something to help someone.

>> No.39264992

Yeah, I've been there. I think a lot of us have. S'better when most of the people ya knew were already fitted for Chicago overcoats.

Like you said I think you and me can work together Doll. Start of a beautiful friendship.

You need food, drink, or pleasant distraction for yourself or others I'm your gal. You need blankets heaters or other the like, you call Boss.

Just don't squint too hard at what trucks it fell off and don't snitch on me or mine. And don't expect miracles right away.

My turf don't go over by the warehouses. But I would like if it did.

Too many girls on corners over there who could be leading decent type lives. You help me clean out the local gangs and in return no one leans on you, no one gifts you or chisels you.

The girls go to a shelter, the drug and blood money goes to me. From then on no one operates so much as a shell game without my say so.

You able to live with that?

>sir terry pratchet is dead and this all reminded me of the thieves guild

>> No.39265026

Its like my phone doesn't understand 30s slang.

>> No.39265039

>Then you're reading what you want to instead of what is.
You've made that claim twice now. Doesn't make it true or convincing.

>> No.39265049

Hey Boss, what's your stance on boxing? I might maybe be doing a bit of prize fighting on the side, and I figure you might maybe want to know who you can bet on to be winning.

>> No.39265061

Which does not mean it can be negated. And before you go trying to claim the text blurb at the bottom of the second page says it can, it does not actually say that. What it says is,
>they just end up being utterly depressed
>rumors about [...] triumph
>they become something else entirely, [get] recycled, [or] remain as you are, but without the instinct to interact with the supernatural

You're making pretty ridiculous assumptions because you want it to be true. But even what the "author" said (and there is absolutely no way to verify that was the author at all) does not support it. The post says that the urges lead you to do things that cause chaos, not that chaos follows you around like a maelstrom.

>> No.39265079

Neither does your bald claim. Too bad I can actually quote the text and you just sit around being obstinate.

>> No.39265144

>the urges
That is even easier, just recognize and ignore them.

What the hell do you think it means by completely triumph?

What do you think it means by become something else entirely?

I don't actually care.

>> No.39265180

Please stop replying to the retard.

Nice images by the way.

>> No.39265202

You sure are scrambling for any foothold for someone that doesn't care.

>a bloo bloo bloo bloo
Go tell mommy you need her to help you set up the hugbox. People are being different from you again.

>> No.39265271

>Nice images by the way.
Thanks. Think I'll stick with this one.

I don't care what you think, but it still pisses me off you think I'm wrong. Why didn't you answer the questions? Is it because you can't without being wrong?

>> No.39265297

He's not retarded. He just seems to value balance above creativity, take things literally and really enjoy directly insulting people that do things he doesn't like.

He also responds to almost every post directed at him or about him, interestingly.

>> No.39265304

>what you think
That should read,
>what your answers are

>> No.39265366

Rolled 13, 18, 19, 9, 3, 8, 4, 17, 5, 17, 4 = 117 (11d20)

Could it be a new thread the moment I wake up?
Alright, socialite ho!

>> No.39265391

Rolled 14, 13 = 27 (2d20)

Rerolling for the double 4 and double 17

>> No.39265399

Just a tip, that guy show screams 'hugbox!' has been around a few threads before, and every time he gets into some pissy argument where he insists he's 100%, everyone else is wrong, and insults people while doing so and drags it out ofr hours. Good idea to ignore those kinds of people.

>> No.39265417

Because they're stupid questions. Recognizing and ignoring the urges is only rumored to be possible in the long term. If we assume that the rumors are true, then neither "triumph" nor "become something else" means that you stop causing chaos. The first means that you stop noticing urges, leading to a total lack of interaction supernaturally. Which, obviously, means not saving people or interfering or casting spells or flying around as an angel because all of those are interacting supernaturally. The second means just about anything, it's as vague a statement as it gets. There's no reason to assume you become an unfallen angel any more than there is to assume you just become a normally functional and aging little girl, go back to your form before all this mess, or a million other things. You just assume it means what you want it to mean... because that's what you want.

It's pretty stupid to think that everyone you disagree with is the same person. You just described the general tone of 4chan for the last ten years after spouting off some hogwash about hating creativity. Balance and creativity aren't juxtaposed. Proper balance enhances creativity by making more things both possible and sensible. What you're advocating is monotony. Creativity happens in restrictions by using and spiting them, not when everyone is ignoring the restrictions to do what they've always done. Far be it from anyone to care about the actual rules when the discussion is about the actual rules.

>> No.39265443

I hope Boss-senpai notices me today!

>> No.39265456

You realize that hugbox is a common phrase and has been for years and years? It's pretty doubtful that it would be the same person from that alone. Someone else pointed this out to you before and you clearly just ignored them. It's more infantile of you to frame it as one person being a spamming monster than it is for him to be kind of a jerk all the time, if he even is.

>> No.39265486

Oh, you stand out quite well anon. Particularly in these threads.

>> No.39265494

Quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, smells like a duck. You're the only person that uses that phrase. You're a duck. We know you're the same person, and just like last time, you obsessively need to defend yourself and pretend you're someone else. Nobody is fooled.

>> No.39265509

You're being obsessive, m8. And paranoid.

>> No.39265520

>The first means that you stop noticing urges, leading to a total lack of interaction supernaturally.
That is a leap. There is no reason to assume I would stop doing things with the supernatural world once I become part of it.
Even then, that would negate the aura.

>The second means just about anything,
Resting my case.

Probably intentionally that way so that anyone can ...

>just assume it means what you want it
Just like you are doing.

Alright, alright. Last one.

>> No.39265528

Rolled 7, 6, 6, 6, 11, 13, 12, 17, 13, 4, 9 = 104 (11d20)


>> No.39265534

It's not a leap. It's what it says outright.

>> No.39265620

Rolled 3, 13, 19, 2, 2, 9, 6, 20, 7, 8, 3 = 92 (11d20)


>> No.39265626

Rolled 3, 19, 9, 17, 10, 9, 8, 13, 11, 19, 1 = 119 (11d20)


>> No.39265855

Rolled 15, 1, 4, 1, 13, 16, 8, 5, 8, 9, 4 = 84 (11d20)


>> No.39265933

Rolled 4, 7, 17, 1, 10, 16, 1, 15, 8, 12, 12 = 103 (11d20)

Roll always.

>> No.39265970

Question, when you spend gold to gain an extra something, like in powers and weapons, do you roll for the new one or do you pick?

>> No.39265975


>> No.39266050


Age: 13
Body: Well developed
Specialisation: Vampire
Weapon: Ranged
Outfit: Skimpy
Power: Focussed Assault + Gold Regeneration
Perks: Allies +1 Mag, Twin souls (Silver, Training [Singing]), +2 Mag, Get out of jail, A way out (silver, eternal style)

Str: 4 - Silver - 6
Vit: 6
Agi: 9
Mag: 7
Luck: 6

"All part of the charm really. No one believes vampires are real so to them it's just a costume"

Lyra is a vampire, and decided to follow in the historical vampire route of hiding in plain sight. Surely no one could possibly suspect the new diva with a voice of pure silk was a vampire! Right?

That's down the road though. For now, hide the body, get a talent agent, form a team... and find a snack

>> No.39266343

Like it, whats the weapon?

>> No.39266482

Fisticuffs is a noble and beautiful tradition. Dockside bare knuckles boxing matches are a wonderful way to entertain people. High stakes magical girl boxing matches would be neat also.

>> No.39266533

Uh... Can I help you doll?

>precalculus may eat all my time, but maybe not

>> No.39266544

Rolled 19, 13, 10, 20, 8, 19, 15, 4, 8, 18, 10, 18, 4, 20, 1, 2, 8, 12, 4, 13 = 226 (20d20)

New thread, new girl.

>> No.39266603

Teach me how to be cool like you! Senpai is the coolest.

>> No.39266632

Chill out girl, aren't you working with some sort of overpowered Lamia?

>> No.39266979

Hey babe, now I don't know a senpai from Joe, but far as I can see your aces!

If you want a bit of help, get yourself some keen clothes. Yeah get yourself done up like a proper moll, and no one can say you ain't swell.

As for the rest, get a cutter or a heater. That way when someone starts gumming up the works, and giving you lip. BAM! Fill em full of sunshine and fit em for an overcoat.

Ain't nothing to it kid. Just stay out a Chinatown.

>> No.39266994

Rolled 6, 4, 11, 20, 18, 4, 18, 9, 5, 1, 14 = 110 (11d20)


Eh, lets give it a go.

>> No.39267065

Rolled 3, 6, 4, 4, 10, 11, 3, 19, 18, 15, 14, 17, 11, 15, 17 = 167 (15d20)


>> No.39267243

derives from "Molly", used as a euphemism for "whore" or "prostitute" and attested at least since 17th century England.
Interesting.... Keep going, the slang is interesting.
Is that Beaver still around?

>> No.39267246

Done, name changed and refiled.

>> No.39267249

>High stakes magical girl boxing matches would be neat also.
Uh... 'bout that. Teeeeeeechnically I come up a little short on the "girl" side of the equation. Not complaining, I'm glad I got to keep that, but you might want to take it into consideration.

>> No.39267265

>Is that Beaver still around?
There was supposed to be white space separating that.

>> No.39267274

Rolled 10, 3, 6, 14, 18, 5, 13, 5, 17, 17, 20 = 128 (11d20)

Rollin', rollin', rollin'...

>> No.39267482

Still not sure yet. Crossbow or maybe twin pistols, she's not got a huge amount of magic to work with.
She's not really a fighter though. Obviously

>> No.39267662 [SPOILER] 

Part of why Ranged is the weapon I want least. I'd rather just buy(steal, loot) guns or bows. Of course, I'm an American.

Hmm... your stats are really low. I'm surprised to see a monstergirl without a 12+. Good on your for making the character without haxx stats.
Is she your favorite?

>> No.39267866

Not by a long shot, I've rolled at least 3 others I much prefer and wrote backstories for

>> No.39268048

Are any of those high powered MGs? Just curious.

>> No.39268100

Well I've got one with 11 agi
and one with 12 mag
and one with 11 mag + 9 str
and cinder

>> No.39268302

>and cinder
Seem to remember that she is pretty powerful, sort of a glass cannon right?

>> No.39268421

She had max magic. More than that monster lord.

>> No.39268435

No, glass canon was 21 mag 5 vit fire girl played by someone else, Cinder was well rounded but by far my favourite

>> No.39268453

I think glass cannon had 21 and monster lord has 25

>> No.39268491

Monster Lord was 20. Her creator said that he had done the calcs and said that perfect rolls would allow a monstergirl max mag 25, but he didn't actually get it.

>> No.39268561

That's what I remember too, not sure if she rolled it or not actually
Unless we get monster lord from 2-3 threads ago back we may never know. Then again, minmaxing is defeating the purpose of the CYOA, or it will be once we get social rules

>> No.39268597


Str: 11 (silver)
Vit: 8 (silver)
Agi: 10 (gold)
Mag: 4
Lck: 5

Pale, blond, a little bit short and very thin.

Flowing Outfit
Tentacle Fun

Gain +2 Agi (silver from Allies)
Enhanced Sustenance

Corentine travels the land, homeless, friendless and alone. Possessing a strong sense of justice and fair play before her transformation, she has dedicated her life to using her powers to fight the demons and predators that take advantage of the weak. Her modest stipend allows her to move freely from place to place, sleeping in run-down motels during the day and prowling the alleys and ghettos at night. With extraordinary patience, she makes good use of her stealth and reduced need for sleep, and has been known to stalk a single person or demon for days.

An extremely quiet girl, Corentine speaks very softly and never talks during combat. Preferring to fight at night, she uses her speed and magic to bewilder her opponents, striking rapidly from hiding and then retreating back into the shadows. Humans, regardless of their station, that draw her ire will find themselves kidnapped from their beds at night and deposited before dawn, tied up, in front of the nearest police station. She is not against taking sterner measures against those that don't get the hint. Monsters are hunted indiscriminately and mercilessly.

Corentine spends most of her time in Magical Girl form. With a soft whispered chant of "I wield the shadows of the night, I see the darkness in your soul, I feel the sorrow of the people, I bring the vengeance of the weak." she closes her eyes. A soft, diffuse shadow seeps out of the floor around her feet, dissolving her clothes as it rises. As it reaches her heart, she sheds a single tear that rolls down her cheek, and falls to the floor. When it lands, a maelstrom of darkness is ripped from the ground to swirl around her. It dissipates as quickly as it came, leaving her standing in costume.

>> No.39268624

And a pic.

>> No.39268971

Rolled 17, 10, 14, 5, 20, 20, 18, 15, 1, 5, 11 = 136 (11d20)


>> No.39269035

Rolled 7, 12, 4, 6, 10, 1, 7, 15, 2, 3, 3, 9, 16, 15 = 110 (14d20)


Rolling extras in case of duplicates

>> No.39269074

Rolled 8, 6, 17, 2, 18, 15, 17, 4, 12, 14, 9, 18, 9, 2 = 151 (14d20)


Roll roll roll roll roll

>> No.39269116

Rolled 11, 18, 7, 8, 12, 14, 15, 9, 9, 8, 8 = 119 (11d20)

Dice once again. Whee.

>> No.39269167

Rolled 10, 11, 20, 9, 6, 1, 4, 1, 3, 3, 15, 12, 11, 18, 12, 19 = 155 (16d20)

Be nice, dice.

>> No.39269197

Rolled 7, 5, 18, 12, 1, 14, 1, 16, 19, 20, 11 = 124 (11d20)

Lets try this again.

>> No.39269263

Rolled 1, 14, 17 = 32 (3d20)

>two perk rerolls needed
Here goes. One spare, just in case.

>> No.39269410

Str: 7
Vit: 6
Agi: 4 + Silver = 6
Mag: 7 + Silver + Silver = 11
Luck: 6

Age: 15
10 - Development: Average
14 - Psychic: 2+ Luck, +1 Mag
5 - Weapon: Melee +1 Str +1 Vit
20 - Outfit: Uniform +1 Vit
20 - Ability: Tentacle fun - Ribbons

1: 18 Incognito
2: 15 Money
3: 1 +2 Str
5: 5 +2 mag
11: Training - Street magic
GOLD: Eternal Style

Elaine relies upon a combination of her psychic powers and her street magic to ensure that she makes a dramatic entry, and then a dramatic exit. While not an illusionist, she always has an easy way of drawing emotions from those she either shocks or suprises with her street tricks; and her beautiful face and voice go far in winning her a regular income on top of her magical source.

>> No.39269475

>7, 15, 2, 3, 3, 9

Age - 10
Average body
Earth specialty +2 vit, +1 mag
Melee +1 str, +1 vit - A spear, the best melee weapon to attack from a distance with
Flowing outfit +1 str - Red checkered overcoat
Killing blow +1 str - "Chance~ I poke you dead!"

+2 agi
Money -> silver change to twin souls
Interdimensional bro
+2 vit
+2 luck

Gold - used to buy tentacle fun, pass over to twin - ethereal chains

Silver +2 str
Silver +2 agi

Pre-split Stats
str - 9
vit - 9
agi - 8
mag - 5
luck - 6

Post-split stats:
str - 7
vit - 7
agi - 6
mag - 4
luck - 5

Rolled for twin stats off site, they are:

14 years old
Well developed body
Magic weapon - A staff I guess
Elaborate outfit - Red gothic lolita dress

A bit annoyed that the twin is bigger than me and have a magical weapon. But we would both use earth magic to summon an overwhelming number of mooks in combat.

In the ensuing chaos in the battle the twin would restrain the opponent with tentacle fun, while I go in with killing blow. At least that's how things would go if everything goes right.

When we're not out in the streets we'd living with Eythor and chill with him. And buy all sorts of nerdy renaissance reenactment weapons for our spirits to use. Don't ask how we get our money. Definitely not from anonymous costumed armed robberies or whatnot.

>> No.39269847

New character I guess.

>> No.39269864

apologies, got dragged out to drinking, just got back.

Here's the thing - the way it looks, you don't currently look to be in the food and entertainment business. I'm already knee deep in getting permits and tax forms and shit I probably shouldn't understand but somehow know exactly how to fill out. I don't need you to get this up and running - and you're really not giving me anything that'd help me.
If you want me on board, you're gonna have to give me something I can use, and treat me like more than just another lackey to clean out the scum. Come on, give me something I can actually work with.

>> No.39270034

Rollin'.... I think, I've never used the dice feature before :)

>> No.39270054

Rolled 20, 15, 2, 6, 6, 7, 8, 15, 12, 10, 11, 12, 3, 17 = 144 (14d20)

Here you go.

>> No.39270056

Trying again, maybe I need to do it one at a time?

>> No.39270083

that's 4 too many d20's and one too few d6's (by my count it's 1d6+10 for age, and a total of 10d20's) also, how do you do that?

>> No.39270094

It's 1d10+6 for age.

>> No.39270122

Rolled 19, 17, 9, 9, 12, 6, 12, 5, 15, 18, 4, 15, 8, 18 = 167 (14d20)

The age is 6+1d10, not 1d6+10. A d20 is a d10 if you subtract 10 from all sides 11 and above.

>> No.39270141

And the "extra four" are for the possible rerolls.

>> No.39270145

okay, I'll try again.... the "email" field is called "options" now right? it's been a while. (I don't know what to do with the above >>39270054
, because it's too many d20's, and no age roll)
I'll just keep trying what the sticky said until it works :)

>> No.39270158

>dress fancy
Have frilly costume, got that.
>carry weapons, take no shit
Can do, senpai!
>avoid chinatown

Who? Cinder is other me's senpai.
(Twin Souls means two senpais)

>> No.39270181

Rolled 8 (1d10)

Age first... trying again, this has to work eventually.

>> No.39270259

And the other Stuff

>> No.39270283

What, I'M not your senpai anymore?

Yes, Monster Lord has 20, max possible with perfect rolls is 25. And I didn't min max for myself, I min maxed because no one was interested in my shitty stat Twin Soul roll, so I decided to pour as much into Mag as I could, and multiple discussions started. This is on YOU guys, not ME. Also, the archives exist, you can just go back and look.

>> No.39270297

Rolled 10, 1, 10, 17, 16, 13, 10, 1, 5, 18 = 101 (10d20)

This is really weird how it's not working

>> No.39270376

You'll be no-ones senpai after I find you...

>> No.39270451

You'd better HOPE you don't find ME, unless you WANT to be a pile of ASH!!!!!!

>> No.39270598

You cannot burn what you cannot find, foul creature.

>> No.39270700 [SPOILER] 

We'll see.

>> No.39270742

I don't need to FIND you to BURN you, as long as I burn EVERYTHING!! If you don't want a major disaster on your hands, I suggest you leave me ALONE!!

We BOTH know who wins THAT battlle!!

>> No.39270887

Threatening innocents now? Disgusting. Fear the night, Monster Lord. Fear the darkness. I come for you.

>> No.39270945

Goddamnit. I'm stalling out on p3 of my fiction. I'm trying not to get too lewd, because that ruins the feel, but at the same time im gonna check out my new body at some point and doing it post shower pretty much guarantees ar least a description of my nude form.

Still, at least I have Arc 1 plotted out. Maybe I'll post up p3 tomorrow.

Captcha has me selecting delicious cake. Wtf.

>> No.39271007

Very well, if you WANT more CHAOS, you are welcome to it. But don't say I didn't WARN you!!!

>> No.39271027

>We BOTH know who wins THAT battlle!!
It was love and friendship, but you are the evil now. That will change the outcome.

>> No.39271028

Quit shaming me with your superior rate of production. I've still only managed to do intro scenes. For two girls, but still.

>> No.39271035

You don't have to go into detail at all. You can talk about the emotional reaction to it. You can give it a sentence and an implication. There is by no means any need for things to get blatant nor crass.

>> No.39271063

Hey, I'm still a loli Monster Lord!! And also immortal!! I have PLENTY of time to discover the powers of LOVE and FRIENSHIP before all THAT starts up!!!!

>> No.39271162

Str 4
Vit 7
Agi 9
Lck 7
Mag 12

Vampire +3 agi, +2 lck, +2 vit
Weapon: magic +1 mag
Magic ass comic books instead of a magic ass book
Outfit: elaborate +1 mag
Imagine Dracula, your BBEG, and a super villain combined. Layers. Double mantles.
Power: power of friendship
enhanced sustenance +1 vit
+2 agi
Closure +1 lck
Eternal style

1 silver to change drider into vampire
1 silver to change masculinity to eternal style
And 1 silver and gold for +6 mag

The Baromess Erisia Discordia Candelabra III (or some such) has returned! Recoil in terror as I reveal my evil plot.
I've bought up all the koolaid in town and I'll be dumping it into the city's main water supply! You'll all slowly grow fat except for I, the Baroness! Then when you're too obese to stop me I shall threaten the loan officer into finally giving me the money to buy a zeppelin so I can fly it over the city!
But I haven't yet revealed my master stroke! I'll only take up adds on my dirigible for big businesses, then the small business of the city will falter and go broke. Take that hard working lower class individuals! Mwahahahaha

>> No.39271192

You're not typing like the monster lord from before.

>> No.39271197

Hm...Might try and roll for a normal magical girl or write some Moira fiction.

>> No.39271274

Well, no one was threatening my LIFE back then!!! Just because I'm not EVIL doesn't mean I'll just sit back and LET those Magical Girls kill me!! That's the very thing I'm fighting AGAINST!!!!!! I already TOLD that girl not to start a fight, so it's NOT my fault if some things get burned if she does!!

>> No.39271326

I really don't believe you're the same player.

>> No.39271353

This poster types suspiciously like Angelanon.

>> No.39271360

This poster sounds eerily like SDA.

>> No.39271379

Well, I don't have a trip or anything, and I'm not ever planning to, so I can't really prove anything to you. But I am the same person, so I don't really know what to say to you. I got a 24 hour ban from being stupid in another thread, otherwise I'd have posted more in the past 24 hours.

>> No.39271381

This poster types suspiciously like a divisive faggot.

>> No.39271405

Oh so you're Lorenth.

It makes sense now.

>> No.39271461

>discover the powers of LOVE and FRIENSHIP
Then the battle will be unnecessary.

>> No.39271481

Sometimes you have to beat the love and friendship into them.

>> No.39271531

Rolled 2, 15, 4, 17, 19, 9, 18, 18, 6, 14, 7 = 129 (11d20)


>> No.39271550

>the small business of the city will falter and go broke.
You bitch.

>I'm not EVIL
Ohhhh, sure. That's believable.
"I'm the monster lord and I'm totally not evil you guys! We should hang out near these red barrels and have a gasoline fight."

Not falling for that. After last time

>> No.39271572

Seems like a job for a certain secret project...

>> No.39271622

Why does everyone thing I'm LYING and EVIL just because I'm a LAMIA? I decided to DO this to protect the Monster Girls against being hunted down by you Puchuu~ lapdogs, but you only get MORE self righteous no matter WHAT I do!!! Also, I just REALLY like the shade of red on those barrels, OK?? It has NOTHING to do with myself being resistant to FIRE, and you NOT!!!

>> No.39271647

Because you sew Chaos, many of us monstergirls oppose you too.

>> No.39271680

Well alright, I mean, this isn't going to be like last time will it?

>> No.39271683

Monster Lord ... don't look out your window.

>> No.39271722

Chaos isn't BAD, those PUCHUU~s just want you to THINK it is!!! You need to stop listening to their LIES!!

No, of course not! Now just stand a little farther from the walls, we don't want to get them all WET, now do we?

I have SERVANTS that do that for me!! If you want to get to ME, you'll have to get by THEM!!!

>> No.39271729 [DELETED] 

Please kill me. I'm a huge whiny BITCH.

>> No.39271741

Yeah, I saw that coming.

>> No.39271743

Chaos is suffering and misery. Of course it's bad.

>> No.39271779

This is EXACTLY like last time. ISN'T IT, STEVE?

>> No.39271805

Did we ever find a likely darkness user to round out the staff?

>> No.39271852

Are you referring to me? Please, impersonating someone else is crass. Besides, I'm too busy with a project to be chatting right now.

>> No.39271863

No way, Chaos isn't JUST suffering and misery, it's also POSSIBILITY and CHANGE! The world NEEDS Chaos!! If the world doesn't have BALANCE, something REALLY BAD is going to happen, just like the Puchuu~s want!!!

>> No.39271874

I took allies, shouldn't be an issue.

>> No.39271888

I wonder if Nibbles likes Lamia? Cause I'm beginning to think something should be done about you.

>> No.39271925

Speaking of allies, I do know a competent and interested flower magic user if you don't already have one. Drop me a line, I'll get you in touch.

>> No.39271980

Rolled 6 (1d20)

rerolling dupe

>> No.39271982

Rolled 3, 5, 20, 13, 15, 14, 2, 8, 7, 4, 12 = 103 (11d20)

Sorry to interrupt plot stuff, but these dice aren't rolling themselves.

>> No.39272043

If you don't want "Nibbles" to end up extra crispy, you'd better keep him on a SHORT leash. And you shouldn't be fighting ME unless you want an army of Magical Girls free to spend all their time trying to off YOU!!!

>> No.39272273

And what project is that?

>> No.39272279

/tg/ is not your personal army.

>> No.39272336

Uh, no, I mean that they're busy fighting ME, and not hunting DEFENSELESS Monster Girls to MURDER!! You should remember THAT!!

>Magical Girl MR FREEZE
>Ice teamup! How chilling!

>> No.39272370

It is an implement that allows a magical girl to copulate with another and feel like she was a man. You follow me?

>> No.39272401

Ew. This place is getting gross.

>> No.39272476

> What, I'M not your senpai anymore?
Busted. Also, the fuck snowflake?

>> No.39272517

I'm honestly surprised it took this long
I mean we all know /tg/ is a hop skip and jump from /d/ but still

>> No.39272534

Yeah sorry.

>> No.39272561

Eh? What?

>> No.39272603

Alright fa/gt/ards, I mean elegan/tg/entlemen, what does your favorite girl do when the police try to arrest her?

>> No.39272612

Nothing, it's fine. Anyone can be your senpai, it's not like you have to choose just one
I'm not jealous at all. I-i-it's not like I LIKE you or anything. Baka

>> No.39272617

Incognito. Authority figures leave me alone.

>> No.39272632

She's rich. And famous. Fuck the police.

>> No.39272665

Neither of these will stop them if they decide to arrest you because circumstances.
Avoidance is great, but the confrontation is the interesting part.

What do?

>> No.39272682

Police aren't very much of a threat, but she's nice, she'll try to talk her way out of things first.

Maybe flaunt that 14 year old body in her very skimpy outfit.

>> No.39272687

Again, read Incognito. They'll leave me alone. They won't even know I exist.

>> No.39272709

Moira just does a runner the moment she gets a chance, using her magical powers to break out of the car or when she's being led off. Sure, it'll make for trouble later, but what else is new?

Also, she's pretty sure she can outfly anything short of another girl or an attack helicopter.

>> No.39272729

>you'd better keep him on a SHORT leash
as if a crazy polecat is gonna let me put a leash on him. besides, he's very practiced at sneaking up on snakes and paralyzing them with a bite.

Incognito+ID Home
No worries there mate.

>> No.39272733

B-but there's two of me so I have two senpais! That's the natural way of thongs, right?

>> No.39272738

>That's the natural way of thongs

>> No.39272747

Again, rich
"Excuse me miss-"
"Oh aren't you adorable! I'm sorry dear, I can't help you with that"
"No we need to ask you-"
"I'm sorry dear I need to be on stage in an hour~ Bye!"

Then leave. Unless they tackle and cuff me I'm gonna be fine. And if they tackle and cuff me I'm gonna have to explain the wings...

>> No.39272751


>> No.39272766

> natural way of thongs
No... leave it like that...
I, I mean, no it's not. I... don't think so anyway

>> No.39272792

>Again, read Incognito. They'll leave me alone. They won't even know I exist.
Read it before my previous post.
>hard to notice
Not impossible
>want to leave you alone
Doesn't mean they will always ignore the bloody knife(example) in your hand.
>forget your face
They won't forget they're chasing a girl in a frilly dress(example).

>way of thongs
Those shoes do come in pairs...

>> No.39272810

>And if they tackle and cuff me I'm gonna have to explain the wings...
This is exactly what I'm asking about, the interesting part. How YOU handle your hypothetical "GET ON THE GROUND" guns pointed at you situation.

>> No.39272811

> those shoes do come in pairs

>> No.39272827

Look if you really wanna play that game, my power is time. Stop. By the time it ends, I'm gone.

>> No.39272837

Accept I'm arrested, hire a lawyer and if all else fails kill them while they're driving the car and make it crash. And get a snack while I'm there.

>> No.39272839

Only an amateur would become so entangled. One must pick battlefields where innocent bystanders will not be harmed, police should never be a problem.

>> No.39272852

Summon your mortal forces! You probably cannot stop me! I don't really have a clock, could someone give me the time?
Don't hit me yet I haven't given my one liner!

>> No.39272867

Rolled 5, 18, 16, 9, 4, 9, 12, 4, 7, 20, 4, 3, 16 = 127 (13d20)

>G'DAY M8,
Okay, I'll roll one for down under.
Here's hoping for 20/20/20

>> No.39272891

Rolled 18, 9, 3, 10, 11, 5, 7, 2, 18, 4, 14 = 101 (11d20)


>> No.39272900

>you really wanna play that game,
That was the point, yeah.
>stop time
While boring, thanks for playing.

>Don't hit me yet I haven't given my one liner!
Yes... I like it.

>> No.39272906

Well, like what? What bad thing could happen?

>> No.39272925

Time girls are 100% logic. We don't have time to play with pigs when there's trouble afoot.

>> No.39272961

Go in a weird little panic and stamp her feet and cry. Then the handcuffs melt, she apologizes profusely, and she then sprints off at the speed of Usain Bolt without all of the silly "getting winded" part.

>> No.39273038

Sorry muffin. No need to blow your wig or get evil. Its pretty clear you aren't one of my buttonmen.

But you aren't family just because you like the cut of my jib. You want me to give you something? Let me give you the low down.

I run hatchetmen. I peddle mule and fags. I run numbers and provide protection. I fence and move product. I provide entertainment. I make my turf safe for Joe and Jane and their kid, and I do it with a gat.

So let's stop bumping gums. You have big dreams plain as day, but you came here with an idea in your grabbers. I want to hear it.

I want an ally. I want you and me to be thick as thieves. But I ain't gonna throw in with any crumb twist blown in off tha street. And I ain't running a salvation army.

So I need to know that you need something from me. Guns, gunsels, hooch, a steady plugger against the things that go bump, what does your group NEED? If its something me and mine can do, consider it done.

If you just need someone whose got your back, well I can do that if you can do likewise.

>precalculus ate the rest of my time sorry

>> No.39273104

Age: 15
Development: Average
Specialisation: Air +3 Agi
Weapon: Ranged +1 Agi Boomerang
Outfit: Elaborate +1 Mag
Power: Familiar (Cassowary)
Perks: +2 Agi, +2 Vit, Incognito, Allies +1 Mag, Get out of jail, GOLD Eternal Style

Str: 6 + Silver + Silver = 10
Vit: 6
Agi: 10
Mag: 6 + Silver = 8
Luck: 4

Familiars Stats:
Str: 6
Vit: 2
Agi: 4
Mag: 6
Luck: 2

"CRIKEY THAT'S A BIG ONE" is now my transformation phrase. As expected of any Australian over the age of 13, I can survive on my own against any enemy that dares challenge me.
No luck. That's not how we do in Australia

>> No.39273128


>> No.39273151

This is a cassowary if anyone wants to 'ave a fucking go m8
Sorry, should have specified, average for AUSTRALIA. I know you pasties take a few years but I'm sure you'll be fine

>> No.39273166

Bribery. The only good badge is a bent one.

But if it's vans full of g-men?

>> No.39273196

str 4
vit 8 SILVER
agi 10 SILVER
mag 11 GOLD
luck 5

Age 12, Well developed

Gravity 3 magic
Ranged 1 agility, pic related
Skimpy 1 agility, pic related
Barrage, BULLETS!
Magic 2 SILVER (was shota mode)
Allies (luck 1)
Agility 2
Eternal Style
Vitality 2
Enhanced Transformation

Going to name her Melinda(Mel). Phrase will be hell idk. Reduce enemy gravity, shoot them into the air using bullets. Bullets kill people.

>> No.39273222

Wow, your pic isn't well developed and mine is, all jokes about superior convict genetics aside, hardly "normal"
wanna team up? We both have allies perk...

>> No.39273243

>weird little panic and stamp her feet and cry. Then the handcuffs melt, she apologizes profusely,
It's great, thank you.

An inspiration.
>no luck in Australia
Didn't know that.

>> No.39273257

I'll explain it. We're the "lucky country". All of us are lucky. Supernaturally so. That's how we're still alive. So much so that the effect of it is essentially negligible.

>> No.39273284

>pic isn't well developed and mine
Those three years are a key time in a girl's growth.
>wanna team up?
Yes, of course. With our range and specializations we can spam a lot of damage and hold them off.
>We both have allies perk...
Six of us then, excellent.

>> No.39273298

Look officers I was just trying out my new bat, it just so happened I saw that robbery at the jewelry store.
I figured I could help stop it with my bat.
Hey don't touch my backpack, I don't have anything in there.
No I don't know anything about the crime spree in the city.
Mister if you don't stop pestering me I'm going to take my shirt off and scream rape.
That jewellery in the bag was taken from the robbers fair in square!
Wait no, it was a gift from my grand-
Oh fuck it.

>> No.39273300

>Air specialization
>Agi 12
I'm pretty sure I make Usain Bolt look like a tortoise, so I run like a motherfucker.

>> No.39273315

I've seen the international surveys, you tinydicked grandbastard of a debtor.

>> No.39273322

now how bout that hunt

>> No.39273339

Only for the inner city fops. I'm so Australian my Dad is called Bruce

>> No.39273354

ITT: Welcome to the Salty Spittoon, how Aussie are ya?

>> No.39273382

Well done anon. Good read, too bad you got arrested.

Woah dude, woah. Not like he's a musredacted or a nigredacted sheesh.

>> No.39273412

>now how bout that hunt
Let none survive. Except the cute ones.

>> No.39273499

Rolled 6 + 10 (1d10 + 10)


>> No.39273513

Rolled 20, 8, 7, 8, 17, 5, 14, 20, 20, 10 = 129 (10d20)

oh welp guess you can't mix dice types

>> No.39273516

Just so we're clear here... No. You didn't.

>> No.39273535

Doesn't count if it's fake
but for reals I wasn't taking it seriously. I literally just got the first image I found and ran with it

>> No.39273546


I'm kidding USA I love you pls buy my oil - signed canada

>> No.39273560

Rolled 8 (1d20)

and rerollan

>> No.39273566

African really doesn't have anything going for it at all.
>Europe and Russia best
Pic related

>> No.39273585

>USA I love you
I'm fond of you too, Canada.

>> No.39273586

I like B cups, to be honest. They're fun to tug and the nipples are usually more uniform and centered.

>> No.39273620

Rolled 5, 7, 7, 2, 10, 3, 19, 5, 6, 1, 12 = 77 (11d20)

Too much discussion on geopolitical issues, not enough magical girls.

>> No.39273640

Actually think form is more important than size. If that's what you're saying.

>> No.39273695

You have better forms in the B cup range. Although it should be pointed out that the cup size is in itself essentially meaningless without a band size alongside it.

>> No.39273703

Age: 9
Development: Average
Specialization: Time +1 Vit +2 Luck
Weapon: Melee +1 Str +1 Vit (Umbrella)
Outfit: Flowing +1 Str
Power: Hammer Space + Power of Friendship (Gold)
Perks: Big Backpack, +2 Mag, 6 Interdimensional Home, +2 Str, Enhanced Transformation (Silver)

Str: 8
Vit: 6
Agi: 4
Mag: 6
Luck: 6 + Silver + Silver = 10

It's magical girl Tourist! Ready to set forth across the globe and make friends as she does it!

I literally made magical girl version of Twoflower what a time to be alive

>> No.39273730

I bail to my extradimensional apartment. This takes all of no time whatsoever.
My allies/senpais/snugglebuddies live in the building across from my window, so I can finagle my way into using their exit to leave instead of just popping right back out in the middle of a gaggle of angry cops.

>> No.39273790

Rolled 19, 20, 7, 18, 4, 2, 4, 19, 11, 3, 10, 7, 3 = 127 (13d20)

Thought you weren't supposed to be able to open it, but maybe that's just an oversight. Good plan really. Was wondering if anyone would say dimensional home.
Twin summon could work if they are with you.
Get out of jail is obvious.

Best answers are people with none of the above.

Regardless, good idea and thanks for playing.

>Roll for Magical Girl CANADA
I'mma do.

>> No.39273837

> Nat 20 development
> Specialisation = Time
Canada ladies and gentlemen. All that patience pays off eh?

>> No.39273885

I was hoping someone would get a Ice specialization, with a interdimensional igloo that they could go back too. Maybe with the familiar power for a beaver? Or regeneration cause of the free health care.

>> No.39273887

Found the best pic for Canada Chan

>> No.39274010

Rolled 9, 10, 18, 12, 12, 19, 10, 15, 14, 20 = 139 (10d20)

rolled off site for the age

lets see if I can get somthing that is not vampire

>> No.39274034

I'm sorry. No toque, no love. At least give the girl a bottle of crown royal and a bottle of maple syrup.

>> No.39274045

Enjoy your new spiderbutt

>> No.39274053

Okay, the results.

str 4
agi 8
luck 7

16 Years old (yay)
Well Developed (yay)
Time Lord...shoujo...(yay?) 1 agility 2 luck
Magic 1 magic, Sonic screw driver...
Skimpy 1 agility, suggestions?
Killing Blow (yay for killing) 1 magic
Allies (yay) 1 magic
Back Pack
Training Hacking
2 Vitality
Closure 1 luck
2 agility

Victoria. "Hosers, take off!" No time to think of better, need sleep. Suggestions welcome.

Been waiting for double 20 since forever.
I bump first roll up 1 if it's odd.

Sorry, don't force my characters to have poor eyesight if I can help it.

>> No.39274130

Awesome, totally awesome
Anyone else here wanting to roll for their country/state?

>> No.39274170

10,darkness, +1vit, +2 mag darn sorta edgy but im going to roll with it
18, magic. +1mag a magican cape and [staff]
12, elaborate +1magic
12, I make friends despite being weird. nice
19, cheeseburger back pack!
10, closure
15, money [bag+more money=bank]
14, get out of jail
20, enternal style

str 4+2
vit 4+1+2
agi 4+2
mag 4+2+1+1+2
luck 4+1

gold coin, weapon:fist +2 str
silver coin, agi
silver coin, mag
silver coin, vit

a well balanced build

Anna smith
str 6
vit 7
agi 6
mag 10
luck 5

dark brawling mage
friendly, grim hurmor even in the worst of times
can support, magic fight, or attempt to help on front lines

loves sleeping during the day

>> No.39274190

forgot to mention that she is 15.

strange how the stats just fell into place with this one.

>> No.39274250

Rolled 8, 7, 15, 12, 17, 2, 13, 3, 19, 2, 12 = 110 (11d20)

Let's roll up a grill. Or Lrig, or whatever.

>> No.39274396

Rolled 14, 20, 5, 11, 6, 4, 13, 14, 5, 16, 16 = 124 (11d20)

Rolling is back, awesome

>> No.39274412

Rolled 2 (1d10)


>> No.39274420

Rolled 6 (1d20)

Rerolling for double 14's

>> No.39274425

Rolled 4, 5, 10, 15, 17, 12, 13, 18, 20, 18 = 132 (10d20)


>> No.39274468

Rolled 9 (1d20)


Re rolling the 18

>> No.39274535


Age 9
under developed

Ranged (LMG)

A way out
Eternal Style
+2 luck

str 5
vit 4
agi 10 (gold)
mag 8 (silver)
lck 10 (2 silver)

9 year old underdeveloped magical boy with a big arse gun. Not particularly though or strong but fast and lucky.

>> No.39274579

Age: 13
Body: well developed
Specialisation: Reinforcement +1 Str +1 Agi + 1 Mag
Weapon: Ranged +1 Agi
Outfit: Flowing
Power: Hammerspace GOLD Regeneration
13- A way out - silver Allies +1 Vit
14- Get out of jail
5- +2 Mag
16- Enhanced transformation
6- Interdimensional home

Str: 5
Vit: 5
Agi: 6
Mag: 9 (Silver)
Luck: 6 (Silver)

Nyla was a quiet student when she was a boy, and has always preferred succeeding without being too deeply committed. As a magical girl, she works for various teams as a freelance source of shielding, but deeply regrets how much she is forced to rely on others just as they are forced to rely on her. The way the boys look at her when she leaves her home doesn't help the change either...

>> No.39274730

Well, another day, another pixiv fantasia-T shit. This folder has mostly new stuff, though there are some old ones I threw in there.


Reposting the previous ones

Day 2: https://mega.co.nz/#!BN0iWbbY!CzYGctLLiHImX9XxhwCZntYUAL1xCG7bdPzXD4OHXI4

Day 1: https://mega.co.nz/#!oU1UlRyC!yvsBItajAgET-h7xWQX4ZPCPQZp86VPzH82P0-1d_VE

Hope it expands the collections you have, if you have any.

>> No.39274755

Rolled 3, 7, 1, 8, 12, 1, 14, 9, 12, 10, 11, 4, 9, 15 = 116 (14d20)

I have a idea in mind but I still wanna roll it and I'll adjust it as I need. Unless something goes horribly wrong. Then we'll see what happens.

>> No.39274796

Spec=Gravity (Silver), +3 Mag
Weapon=Ranged, +1 Agi
Outfit=Uniform, +1 Vit
Power=Killing Blow, +1 Mag
Perks= Way Out, +2 Vit, Big Backpack, Stoner Bro, (silver) +2 mag, (Gold) Training in Heavy Firearms usage.

Mag=12 (silver)

Before my run-in with the Puchuu (and, unfortunately, another magical girl), I'd been one heavy-as-hell dude, and never felt I had much energy... that I was literally dragging along the ground when I moved.

Now, not only do I weigh a heckuva lot less, I can make OTHER things weigh less. Or more. Gravity magic has lots of upsides that way. On top of all that, I can use my gravity magic on my weapons, allowing me to carry improbably huge firearms with little effort. Heavy Machineguns? Rawket Lawnchairs? No problem!

As I twirl around in my vaguely military-style outfit (I'm sure a skirt this short with thigh-highs wouldn't be considered regulation), I wonder how many other people have been visited by these strange aliens...

Me? You can call me Cavorite!

>> No.39274817

Rolled 12, 7, 16, 1, 5, 16, 8, 20, 2, 18, 8, 14, 17, 19, 1 = 164 (15d20)

>> No.39275133

12 yrs old

Blue hair, blue eyes, skinny.


Melee - Halberd
Skimpy - Yellow bikini top.
Third Eye

Enhanced Sustenance
Eternal Style
Interdimensional Bro
Get Out Of Jail

Str 17-gold, silver
Vit 7
Agi 7-silver
Mag 4
Luck 4

She's sweet, honest and rather bold. She likes italian food, wrestling, cuddling, and cuddling after wrestling. She has a crush on Eythor, but he's not into snakes.

>> No.39275633

Rolled 10, 12, 7, 1, 12, 20, 18, 5, 4, 13, 16 = 118 (11d20)

Another day, another magical girl

>> No.39275809

Age: 11
Body: Average
Power: Time +2 luck, +1 agi
Weapon: Melee +1 str +1 vit
Outfit: Elaborate +1 mag
Power: Tentacle Fun - hair & GOLD Killing Blow +1 mag
Perks: Incognito, +2 mag, Allies +1 mag, A way out, Enhanced transformation

Str: 5
Vit: 5
Agi: 7 (silver)
Mag: 13 (2 x silver)
Luck: 6

Endine took to her new role as a magical girl... poorly. Being confronted with a new gender, magical powers and a model of time that offended her previous background in physics were bad enough; the fact that her hair grows and shrinks based on her mood was enough to make her avow she'd do everything in her power to return to being a guy.

Unfortunately, her teammates need the support her massive magic reserves can give, and a growing rather fond of her cuteness, taking advantage of her poverty to force her into girls clothes at every opportunity (resulting in Endine posting advertisements on Magenet for a new team), and is just glad she tends to blend in with the crowd.

>> No.39276136

Rolled 10, 12, 8, 2, 4, 17, 6, 15, 15, 1, 13 = 103 (11d20)

Well, quiet night. Anyone still here? Sound off?

>> No.39276169

Rolling for 15

> (10) Age - 11
> (12) Body - Average
> (8) Specialization - Lightning
> (2) Weapon - Melee +1STR/+1VIT
> (4) Outfit - Skimpy +1AGI
> (17) Power - Regeneration
- (6) Interdimensional Home
- (15) Money
- (x)
- (1) +2 STR
- (13) A way out

>> No.39276176

Rolled 12 (1d20)


>> No.39276264

Rolled 13, 11, 11, 18, 13, 10, 13, 2, 19, 9, 10 = 129 (11d20)


>> No.39276308

STR - 7
VIT - 5
AGI - 7
MAG - 5
LUCK - 4
> (10) Age - 11
> (12) Body - Average
> (8) Specialization - Lightning +2AGI/+1Mag
> (2) Weapon - Melee +1STR/+1VIT - Amp
> (4) Outfit - Skimpy +1AGI
> (17) Power - Regeneration
- (6) Interdimensional Home
- (15) Money
- (12) Masculinity - Silver Training (Software/Hacking)
- (1) +2 STR
- (13) A way out - Silver, Enhanced Transformation

While not looking like much of a fighter, Melanie can more than hold her own with her enhanced regeneration and agility, but rather than rejecting her former skills as a software engineer to fight robots, she combines her quicker wit and youthful energy as a magical girl to... "fix" certain things for magical girls in a tight spot in exchange for "favours", like making certain footage vanish, or aquiring certain goods. Most girls who have dealt with her before know it's better to catch her at the end of the month when she's caught living off instant noodles, so they'll only have to pay through the nose. Many an unluky girl has been caught in the net for help with a monster hunt, or acquiring strange and unusual relics of former magical girls.

Still, she's not all bad. Operating a communications web for magical girls free of charge and out of prying eyes under the illusion of a simple RP message board, she also helps form adventuring parties for those magical girls looking to round out their own weaknesses.

>> No.39276311

Rolled 4, 10, 17, 1, 13, 2, 17, 11, 16, 11, 3 = 105 (11d20)


>> No.39276337

Wait, forgot to spend my gold.

STR - 7
VIT - 5
AGI - 9 (Silver)
MAG - 9 (Gold)
LUCK - 4
> (10) Age - 11
> (12) Body - Average
> (8) Specialization - Lightning +2AGI/+1Mag
> (2) Weapon - Melee +1STR/+1VIT - Amp
> (4) Outfit - Skimpy +1AGI
> (17) Power - Regeneration
- (6) Interdimensional Home
- (15) Money
- (12) Masculinity - Silver Training (Software/Hacking)
- (1) +2 STR
- (13) A way out - Silver, Enhanced Transformation

>> No.39276353

Rolled 7, 12 = 19 (2d20)

Rolling the duplicate.

Also, fuck twins.

>> No.39276356

Masculinity and twins are by far the worst. Fuck em both

>> No.39276382

Rolled 19, 13, 6, 11, 17, 9, 16, 20, 13, 19, 1 = 144 (11d20)

Gonna see what I can get.

>> No.39276389

Rolled 10, 14, 9, 5, 14, 9, 1, 15, 5, 10, 10 = 102 (11d20)

Shits and giggles

>> No.39276398

Many dice are rolled, but few magical girls are called to answer

>> No.39276416

Rolled 8 (1d20)

Dupe roll

>> No.39276424


Briefly, based on these rolls...

16, Average Build, Mental Specialization, Ranged, Elaborate Clothes, Barrage, Enhanced Transformation, Eternal Style, A Way Out, Big Backpack, +2 Str.

An interesting combo, not sure how I would spend points on it. I'm thinking a girl who's more neutral party than monster-hunting magical girl. Someone whose goal is to foster empathy and understanding before finally taking her leave of this world.

Thoughts on making her effective, given the 3 silver and a gold coins?

>> No.39276432


Does it count as a duplicate if it's not for the last five?

If it does, then instead of Elaborate dress, she has Flowing. Not much of a change.

>> No.39276437

Use the gold to buy a second power like regen, silvers dump in agility and luck if you're a neutral party, that way you can build a runner. Then again if you're not going to even do a writeup you're not willing to RP her so dump and start again I guess

>> No.39276443


No, I'm willing to do a writeup, and maybe play her. I just want to do one when it's finalized, so threw the brief stats up there before pouring some work into it.

>> No.39276446

Duplicate is only last 5

>> No.39276479

Rolled 6, 11, 4, 14, 2, 5, 10, 10, 20, 9, 1 = 92 (11d20)

This is my "good morning" roll.

>> No.39276496

Rolled 18, 20 = 38 (2d20)

Dice to escape duplicate perks.

>> No.39276517

Rolled 15, 2, 1, 19, 17, 9, 13, 15, 9, 9, 16 = 125 (11d20)

Goddamn, I need to sleep and the thread is just waking up.
Well, one more roll. I'll see what awaits me in 8-10 hours

>> No.39276535

Rolled 20 (1d20)


Age: 14
Fire (Silver) Ice +2 Str +1 Vit
Fists +2 Str
Uniform +1 Vit
Barrage - Ice Volley
A way out, Money, +2 Luck, x, Enhanced transformation

>> No.39276552


Age: 8
Body: Average
Specialization: Lamia +6 str and +1 vit
Weapon: Melee +1 str +1 vit
Outfit: Elaborate +1 mag
Power: Killing Blow +1 str

Twins > Silver > +2 str
Training: Muay Thai
Enhanced Transformation
+2 vit
+2 agi

STR - 22 (14 + 2xS and 1G)
VIT - 8
AGI - 6
MAG - 5
LUCK - 4

This will be fun.

>> No.39276562

Jesus, you're one hell of a party tank. Running alone or are you looking for a crew?

>> No.39276574 [DELETED] 


Is agility the damage defining stat for ranged, or is it still somehow relying on strength?

>> No.39276628

Rolled 14, 14, 2, 5, 5, 4, 7, 9, 3, 13, 10 = 86 (11d20)

It's like magic.

>> No.39276643

I'm looking for a crew.

I was also thinking about joining with the Monster Lord so we could do cute overpowered lamia things together.

>> No.39276686

16 years old. (Silver)
Average Development.

Fallen Angel (Silver, up from Vampire)
Melee Weapon
Flowing Outfit (Silver, from Skimpy)
Hammer Space (Gold)

Interdimensional Home
Eternal Style
Enhanced Sustenance
+2 Vit
+2 Agi

Str 7
Vit 11
Agi 7
Mag 6
Lck 4

Short blond hair and red eyes. Pic is more Elaborate than Flowing but it met the other criteria so eh.

You've always been good at doing the same thing a bunch of different ways. Need to melee? You can launch feathers, stab them with the stabby part of your spear or make a light blade. Need to hit something far away? You can fire fricken laser beams, slightly fewer laser beams, or laser beams. You like lasers.

>> No.39276690

The Monster Lord kind of has a bad habit of solving her problems with fire. Bad enough that there are several other monster girls who would smite her given half the chance.
There are plenty of other lamia types to do cute things with. I recommend strongly against that particular one, unless you enjoy having a big ol' target painted on your head.

>> No.39276696

Rolled 5 (1d10)

Rolling up a new girl.

>> No.39276707

Rolled 18, 3, 7, 2, 19, 7, 11, 15, 8, 19, 4, 17, 16, 7, 11 = 164 (15d20)


>> No.39276711

Rolled 11, 1, 4, 19, 17, 1, 7, 11, 3, 3, 19 = 96 (11d20)

It's easiest if you roll 11d20 and halve (rounding up) the first one for age.

>> No.39276721

Rolled 4, 11, 17, 9, 11, 1, 17, 17, 13, 9, 13 = 122 (11d20)


>> No.39276739

Rolled 9, 7, 8, 2, 13, 20, 4 = 63 (7d20)

First four are twin rolls, following three are retold of duplicate perks, with a spare.

>> No.39276744


Misha Ivanova

Age: 16
Body: Average
> With a body that could be described as "coltish," if someone wanted to be flattering, Misha isn't turning any heads. Her limbs are long, her torso lean, her face still bearing the soft edges of youth. Her hair, a white-blonde, is often kept back in an elaborate braid.
Specialization: Mental
> Misha seeks peace, to be sure - peace, love, friendship, all that magical girl rubbish. Where some magical girls are passionate, however, she is thoughtful, and before all else, she seeks to understand - especially those girls who are shunned by others.
Weapon: Ranged
> Misha will deal with problems at as long a range as she can, but being naturally nonconfrontational, the only time she finds herself having to fight is when things have broken down at close range. Though she prefers not to use it, her weapon of choice is a small, ornate pistol, which fires a spreading barrage of shot.
Outfit: Elaborate
>Her clothing is fine, and made of layers of silk and lace, though hugging tight to her slender form. It usually takes the shape of a sleeveless blouse, knee-length skirt, long stockings, mary janes, and a heavy frock coat as the weather demands, all done with a fine black ribbon.
Power: Barrage (gold) Regeneration

Enhanced Transformation
Eternal Style
A Way Out
Big Backpack
+2 Str

Str: 6
Vit: 4
Agi: 9 (2 Silver)
Mag: 7
Luck: 7 (1 Silver)

>> No.39276767

Rolled 2, 20, 10, 11, 16, 20, 5, 12, 12, 13, 15 = 136 (11d20)

This could be interesting.

>> No.39276793


My first girl, so input would be appreciated.

Is the roleplaying more here or on the rizon, or somewhere else?

>> No.39276831

hey y'all

Edited part one of British Chocolate Bargirl somewhat.

part two coming when I have less work.

suggestions, comments and bullying welcome.


>> No.39276841

Name Ann Rivers
Age 16
Body average (Silvered) to Well developed

Str (gold) 10
Vit 5
Agi 5
Mag (silver) 10
Luck (silver) 10

Specialty Sound

Melee weapon "heartbreaker" a sturdy battle guitar

Outfit skimpy an embarrassing bunny girl outfit that absolutely mortifies Ann.

Transformation phrase: musical crescendo ignition!

Power: shadow clones


+2 luck
+2 str
+2 mag
Closure +1 luck
Enhanced sustenance +1 bit

Despite lacking the training perk Ann has always wanted to be a lounge singer.
In return for waiting tables and putting up with pinches Boss is giving "the Dame " a shot.

Can we have ancillary NPCs? This just worked out a bit too well.

>> No.39276871

Rolled 14, 1 = 15 (2d20)

That perk is there twice.

>> No.39276891

How do you feels about pinstripes and brass knuckles?

>> No.39276942

Rolled 12, 11, 2, 8, 10, 3, 20, 19, 7, 13, 10 = 115 (11d20)

Past bump limit rolls!

>> No.39276955

Rolled 17, 10, 3, 4, 16, 17, 17, 17, 2, 12, 11 = 126 (11d20)


>> No.39276991

Going to vary depending on how long I've been operating and what identity I'm in.

If in civilian guise, go along with it, use Get Out of Jail if they hold me for longer than 24 hours.

If transformed? Laugh, drop a field of 3x gravity on them and walk away.

>> No.39277063

Rolled 13, 13, 18, 19, 2, 14, 20, 5, 12, 17, 5 = 138 (11d20)

Jeeze what a mess...

>> No.39277210


>7 years old
>Maximum overdeveloped
I wish I could get just a little more height out of this. I was hoping I would be able to pass for a short woman.
>Darkness specialty
This is a sneaking mission.
>Ranged weapon
I think I need a silenced pistol.
>Uniform-style costume
I *know* I need a silenced pistol, because I want a nice tailored suit now.
>Tentacle Fun
Thank you, Evard. That'll be all.
>(GOLD) The Power of Friendship
I'd rather be wanted company than unwanted, thanks.
>+2 MAG
>(SILVER) Interdimensional Home
I am not going to let my glorious new body turn back into a dude, no, sir.
>A Way Out
I probably won't get bored enough to use it, but I already blew enough magical cash that I don't want to spend more.
>Get Out Of Jail
Escape is always an option for a snazzy young spy like myself~
Where does it come from? Who cares? I can furnish my apartment now, and probably obtain nice booze from a certain magical mafia moll and her associates.


Jane Septanul, international loli of mystery, at your service.

>> No.39277236


>> No.39277349

Rolled 6, 4, 20, 9, 10, 18, 9, 11, 20, 4, 6 = 117 (11d20)


>> No.39277949

Rolled 10 + 10 (1d10 + 10)


>> No.39278038

Rolled 10, 15, 18, 16, 16, 4, 14, 14, 13, 5, 8 = 133 (11d20)


>> No.39278050


After that disaster zone of a roll I'll see what I can put together from this.

>> No.39278137

lets give this a go then

>> No.39278149

Rolled 2, 10, 12, 4, 2, 7, 19, 15, 20, 2, 12 = 105 (11d20)

whoops. mistyped the thing

>> No.39278324

>Age - 7
>Body - Average
>Specialisation - Light
>Weapons - Melee
>Outfit - Skimpy
>Power - Focused Assault

>Interdimensional Bro
>Eternal Style

>Gold - +4 Vitality
>Silver - Age from 7 to 16
>Silver - Backpack to Closure
>Silver - +2 vitality

Str 5, Vit 13, Agi 5, Mag 5, Luck 5.

The masculinity sold it, I'll become the eternally stylish MAHOU OTOME SOLAIRE, praising the sun to gain a skimpy mostly see-through armor made of light, tanking things that come my way.

>> No.39278451

one of these days we will get our times lines up - hopefully
I want an ally. Being a friend would be nice but I've learned to take what I can get in this business.
You talked about everything you do, for your girls. What I'm asking is to relieve you of some of that burden - let me take care of the entertainment, the drink, the crippling solitude you feel when it finally hits you that your old life is gone, and this is all you'll have left for the rest of your overly long, miserable life. You focus on keeping them safe, let me keep them sane.

If you happen to know people who would be able to supply the sort of things I'd need to turn this warehouse in to a real safe haven for us magical girls, I'd appreciate a meet. And if you find yourself bein' snooped in on by the wrong kinds of people, I might be able to help out.

That any clearer for you?

>> No.39278494

More Moira.


>> No.39278540

> 12

Body development:
> Average

> Ice

> Melee (Spiked brass knuckles)

Transformation phrase:
> "Is it cold out here, or is it just me?"

> Uniform (A suit)

Magical power:
> Hammer space (Dimension you can store stuff in)

Miscellaneous perks:
> Enhanced transformation
> Interdimensional home
> Closure
> Training in one mundane skill on the planet (Butlering. Includes posh British accent and manners.)
> Incognito

Final stats:
> Strength - 7+2+4 (1 silver, 1 gold) (13)
> Vitality - 7+2 (1 silver) (9)
> Agility - 4+2 (1 silver) (6)
> Magic - 4
> Luck - 5

So guys...who's ready to 1v1 a dragon?

Also, should I post the intricacies of said character's physical appearance?

>> No.39278821

I would go for mine, but as an American I doubt that foreigners care.

>> No.39278858

I don't usually collect, but I grabbed this one from your previous efforts. Thanks.

>> No.39278981

>Training (Software/Hacking)
I >>39274053 feel responsible for this.

>> No.39279057

Rolled 19, 11, 11, 8, 7, 13, 2, 17, 4, 19, 9, 5, 11 = 136 (13d20)

A rollin.

>> No.39279094

>Can we have ancillary NPCs?
It screws things up, so you shouldn't. I can't stop you, but when interacting with other actual people and their stories, they shouldn't exist.

>> No.39279129

I got a bro, allies, a twin and shadow clones. One girl army?

>> No.39279161

Rolled 15, 11, 11, 15, 6, 9 = 67 (6d20)


Rolling for twin's stats.

>> No.39279289

Rolled 5, 2, 16, 3, 10, 11, 18, 15, 20, 14, 19, 15, 13 = 161 (13d20)


Rolling, couple of extras in case of duplicates

>> No.39279381

Rolled 3, 13, 3, 5, 18, 13, 6, 15, 13, 1, 12, 15, 20, 2, 6 = 145 (15d20)

Final roll for this thread

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