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Lots of combat rules have been discussed, and there are some stat balance changes. Be sure to check them out.

Roll magical girls, write backgrounds and fanfiction, argue about assorted skub. Social rules soon.

Don't forget to give feedback on what you think is overpowered, what specializations need tweaking, and what just straight up doesn't look like it works.

Come join us on Rizon to talk rules, RP, and get a preview of what's coming up.


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Rolled 14, 17, 2, 11, 16, 19, 13, 1, 6, 12, 19 = 130 (11d20)

The one from the end of the last thread, right? New version new roll.

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Reposting the updated freeform combat rules, still looking for feedback.


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Rolled 10, 19, 9, 15, 19, 17, 15, 16, 4, 16, 8 = 148 (11d20)


Rolling too.

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Rolled 13, 10, 14, 8, 7, 17, 4, 16, 19, 16, 11, 2, 19, 16, 5 = 177 (15d20)

Rerolling from last thread for something that isn't a clone of another magical girl of mine.

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still waiting on loli smut

also not loli smut and the occasional /SS/ incident with an indecent ne-san

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Rolled 6, 17, 1 = 24 (3d20)


Couple rolls to deal with the duplicate, taking first non repeat number as roll.

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Has anyone put the point-boy system in a pastebin yet? I'd like to try it out, but I'd rather not have to crawl through the archives to find it.

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Okay, this is bullshit.

How many 13 year old average developed psychic girls with ranged weapons and flowing dresses does a guy really need?

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Author guy, thanks for the response about the angels last thread. One follow up for clarification.

The altruism from reinforcement is highjacked by their monstergirl compulsions to cause chaos. Is that right?

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Compiled Writefaggotry as of last thread:

IncogDrider: http://pastebin.com/LeHWqmMJ

Dead Loli Backstory:

British Chocolate Bargirl: http://pastebin.com/kYVydEVs

And myself, Quasar Black: http://pastebin.com/Eg0D4r2A

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I never made the announcement, but I finished part 4

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Str - 12
Vit - 6
Agi - 5
Mag - 6
Lck - 4

1 Gold to Str

Overdeveloped - Buy Average
Tentacle Fun - Ice chains.
A Way Out -> Buy Eternal Style
+2 Str
Interdimensional Home
Masculinity -> Buy +2 Mag
Big Backpack

Really bad rolls.

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Hmm. Might want to go back over P4 with some edits, I'm spotting some grammar errors and all the back and forth dialogue in paragraph 8 needs to break up into separate paragraphs.

Who is the girl, I wonder?

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That's why I never made the announcement...
I plan on going back over it soon but I kinda rushed it out of the gate.

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Age 6 + 5 = 11 years old
Well developed
Sound +2 mag, +1 luck
Magic weapon +1 mag - A staff shaped like a tuning fork
Uniform +1 vit - White dress shirt, small black vest, black mini-skirts. Dress shoes and black nylon leggings.
Transformation phrase - "Fork you forever!"
Focused assault - gold

Enhanced transformation
Allies +1 agi
Enhanced sustenance +1 vit
Interdimensional home

+2 agi - silver
+2 vit - silver
+2 mag - silver

str - 4
vit - 8
agi - 7
mag - 9
luck - 5

Picked focused assault with my gold since sound does not have strong, single target spells.

It's a girl that doesn't have any musical talents. She just uses magical blasts of sound to fight. Buffs used on allies would just be soothing pitches of sound, while debuffs being unpleasant vibrations from the tuning fork.

Live in own interdimensional apartment, still hang out and adventure with allies, spend money to chill. Eat all the sweets and junk food I want, and can get ready to fight instantly. Not bad.

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Ooh, add me! http://pastebin.com/vgvfjdTj

I haven't forgotten you, ID! I've just been a little busy. And sometimes people from our group tend to slip the mind...

Anyway, I'm just stopping in to say hi tonight, but I have tomorrow off from work, so I'm gonna read all your new stuff, and then maybe brainstorm/write some off my own.

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oops, lost my post the first time i tried to post it (damn you terrible internet), forgot to add the pic on the second try.

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Pretty much.

Someone also asked whether the chaos thing was a sporadic urge or passive aura.

I would guess it's an urge. Your own interpretations may vary.

I see it like this. If your fallen angel enjoys coffee and gets the urge to visit her favorite cafe one day for a latte, she's probably safe. If she never liked eating meat, and one day gain the ravenous urge to go eat southern style BBQ, then chances are this is an urge that will cause something horrible if she follow through on it.

If you're well aware of your own personality and tendencies, you can reasonably guess which urge is which and can try to avoid some of them.

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Actually, you may want to post up your build in the TOC paste. I've actually forgotten what your build is beyond having Incognito and being a spider girl.

Of course, maybe being forgotten is your intention...

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Yes, but with no one to explain things to you, the first few times are going to happen without you realizing what is going on. And after you have felt the rush of following the urges a few times, will you be able to resist it? After all, eating that BBG was tasty and supremely fulfilling on a supernatural level. Maybe next time it won't end with 2 hospitalizations and 3 chefs losing their jobs?

Or, of course, you have someone who could tell you, but he's a cockbag little polecat who wants shit to go south because it means you're more likely to fight magical girls, his favorite delicacy. Fuck you, Nibbles...

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From >>39247625 last thread.

>14 years old and DAAAAAAAMN
I may not be the little girl, but I still get to exploit the hell out of people's reaction to me.
>Sound specialization
>Magic weapon
I used to play the tenor saxophone. Time to do it again.
>Skimpy costume
>Tentacle Fun
Hmm... okay, tube top, detached tight sleeves, and a miniskirt, with assorted musical signature decorating them and big ol' trailing ribbons. The ribbons have the sheet music (for a certain value of "sheet") to assorted jazz and blues tracks embroidered on them. Guess what happens when I play those tunes?
>+2 STR
>+2 VIT
>+2 LCK
>Allies (+1 MAG)
>(SILVER) Interdimensional Home
Fortunately, I got crash space and some advice and support out of the deal. I wish those two would help me fight, though - it looks like they've been at this longer than I have.
And then there was the excess power I snagged by not fighting the change too hard...
>+4 MAG (2 SILVER)
>The Power of Friendship (GOLD)
In my old life, people used to like me for no apparent reason. I wanted to keep that going. I'm pretty sure I will.

MAG 12

I used to be a washed-up depressive. Now I'm young, beautiful, and brimming with power.
My name - the new one - is Carol Gilt.
This is the tune of victory.

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Here's a thing I did back in thread six, before we (apparently) got tired of numbering threads.

>> No.39249472

We really should just slap it onto the end of the last image or something.

I saved it though so here ya' go:

Magical Girl CYOA - Less Rolling Mod

Total: 15 Points

7 - 16 years, free choice

Body Development:
Free choice

2 for those that give stats, except monster girls
4 for monster girls

Free choice
-Can purchase a second weapon for 2 points

Free Choice

Magical Powers:
First is free, except Killing Blow
-Can purchase more powers for an increasing point cost depending on how many you already have, (2 for the second, 4 for the third, 6 for the fourth, etc.)

1 for any
-limit of 5 perks

1 point per +1 to a stat

They get the same gear you do for no additional cost, can pay for a change at normal costs.
They get each 10 independent points you can spend on them.
Killing Blow
-Killing Blow is +1 cost to x

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It's not official, and it's garbage.

>> No.39249508

16 years old, Maximum development
Reinforcement specialty
>+1 strength, agility and magic
Melee weapon - Rapier
>+1 strength and vitality
Uniform style
>+1 vitality
Regeneration power
5 perks
> • Swordplay
>Big Backpack
> • +1 agility
>+2 strength
>Eternal Style
>Silver, +6 magic
>Gold, +4 magic

Sofia likes two things: wards and fencing. It is entirely because she has a talent for both. Flashier magic wouldn't suit her at all, as she prefers her strikes to be quick, surprising, and decisive. Tricking a foe into a banishment circle or a devil's trap is more satisfying for her competitive spirit than any other spellwork could ever be. As a little girl, she idolized the cinematic swordplay performed by cocksure, old-timey heroes -- and especially the women that sometimes took up arms alongside them. The chance to use her passion for real against the wicked things in the night without all the stuffy restrictions of formal fencing competitions is everything she could have dreamed of.

Sofia uses the ostentatious handle of Flower Valkyrie when transformed and battling evil. Her buffing magic tends to go to herself, as she feels it is more honest that way, but she will spread out healing attention or snappy shields freely to anyone who fights beside her. Left to her own devices, Sofia will ward up a location that she expects foes to enter, or that she can lead them into. When they can no longer escape, she duels or provokes them until their sins are confessed. Only then will the blow fall.

Sofia will sometimes leave a calling card of a stylized lily in the form of scratches at the locations of her deeds. It is not only a blatant homage to her biggest childhood hero, but a promise to any locals that enchantments on a location will linger far longer than they'll remember their necessity; that the Flower Valkyrie protects them still.

>tfw you won't play a team game with these characters

>> No.39249526

What's garbage about it, exactly?

>> No.39249550

No chance, no variability., very average stats, twins get boring cloned gear instead of their own style.

>> No.39249580

So its garbage because it does exactly what it intends to do and isn't blatantly op?

I'm sorry, do you not understand the purpose of a point-buy system?

>> No.39249584

>not a problem for anyone who would be playing it
>made up bullshit you pulled out of your ass
>completely contradicting your last point
>something you can just change by yourself because it doesn't matter and it's point buy

Does that cover everything? I was actually hoping to talk design with someone. You're just butthurt about a lack of dice.

>> No.39249607

>exactly what it intends to do
It intends to be boring?
>Having to buy to get irrelevant gear swaps.

>> No.39249650

You know, I don't think the clone gear being the same is even a real complaint anymore. They by default get the same as you do but you can change it 'at same cost' which in the latest (posted) version is all free choice for the gear you'd get with a rolled twin anyways.

>> No.39249652

From last thread:

Str 6 (4 + 2[Misc. Perk])
Vit 5 (4 + 1[Misc. Perk])
Agi 12 (4 + 3[Spec.] + 2[Misc. Perk] + 1[Allies] +2[Silver Coin])
Mag 10 (4 + 2[Silver Coin] + 4[Gold Coin])
Luck 6 (4 + 2[Misc. Perk])

Age: 15
Build: Average
Specialization: Air
Weapon: Ranged (Six-shooter)
Costume: Flowing (a duster coat that billows out behind her, with boots and a cowboy hat)
Powers: Focused Assault
Misc. Perks:
+2 Str
+2 Agi
Enhanced Sustenance +1 Vit
+2 Luck
Allies +1 Agi (Silver coin'd from Twin Soul)

Transformation Phrase: the Gunslinger's Creed from the Dark Tower.

And now, introducing one of her companions!

Str 4
Vit 4
Agi 10 (4 + 2[Misc. Perk] + 4 [Gold Coin])
Mag 8 (4 + 2[Spec.] + 2 [Misc. Perk])
Luck 5 (4 + 1[Misc. Perk])

Age :14
Build: Average
Specialization: Darkness
Weapon: Ranged (Silenced Pistol)
Costume: Uniform (Men-in-Black suit [silver coin'd from Flowing])
Powers: Focused Assault
Misc. Perks:
+2 Agi
Closure +1 Luck
+2 Mag (Silver coin'd from A Way Out)
Incognito (Silver coin'd from Twin Soul)
Eternal Style

Transformation Phrase: "I am just a figment of your imagination."

So now we have a magical gunslinger and a somewhat weak assassin who pops out from the shadows to headshot your ass. These girls don't fuck around.

>> No.39249691

>It intends to be boring
It intends to allow for a reasonably balanced character creation based on choice instead of roll.

If that's boring to you its entirely subjective. Please have a better argument.

>> No.39249701

So yes, it intends to be boring and lead to same-y characters.

>> No.39249736

>No chance, no variability
It's point-buy, that's the point. I've rolled a character, but I'd also like to make one with point-buy. You know, for fun?

>very average stats
So there's no people with 20+ stats that would completely invalidate anyone else without similar stats in any RP? Cool. (I have no problem with those people, but honestly, they are the ones with the most boring characters.)

>twins get boring cloned gear instead of their own style
That is a legit argument. I could get behind changing that part.

>> No.39249777

Wait, gear is free now. Twin argument no longer valid. Thanks for playing

>> No.39249797

Are you trying to troll, or are you just an ass? I can't even tell anymore.

>> No.39249810


Well shit, I guess I volunteered myself to play librarian/archivist.


>> No.39249819

By your definition, I'm an ass, because I think the point buy is shit.

>> No.39249830

My only gripe with this is that monster girls are 4 pts instead of 2.

They should both be 2. Monster girls need all the help they can get.

>> No.39249832

There's probably enough people for 16+Overdeveloped by now for an entire team.

>> No.39249846

>buying out over developed and masculine
>buying eternal style
Can't blame someone for knowing what they want.
Eternal style is is bretty cool.

Nice pic, too.

>> No.39249864

It works.

>> No.39249866

Yeah, buddy. It's because you have a different opinion that you're an ass. Sure thing.

>please give me free stat points and an extra school of magic for no penalty at all
>but the roleplayi-

>> No.39249874

Eh not really, choosing monster girl already gives you a good chunk of stats compared to a 1 point to 1 stat for loose points. Monsters are still the strongest by stats usually unless you do somethin' funky like buy a bunch of magical powers.

>> No.39249884

The cyoa doesn't penalize them like that when you're rolling. Why should the point buy?

>> No.39249888

>for no penalty at all
Have you even read the CYOA?

>> No.39249889

Really appreciate that clarity. Thanks. Have an image I like.

>> No.39249899

So excited to get that Master List out that I forgot to put my name on.

When we start to get a few more I'll probably reorganize this from purely alphabetical into serials and oneshots.

>> No.39249911

I came here to be a magical girl and damnit, I'm going to be a magical girl. Not a man or a cow.

>> No.39249912

Ok, point buy mod now has a pastebin http://pastebin.com/TvYzmnrM

I'm new to pastebin, can anyone edit this or do I have to? I don't have any changes now, but if the base game is changed, or the collective thinks the point buy needs editing, I'd like to know.

>> No.39249926

Rolled 3, 14, 14, 16, 10, 3, 4, 4, 15, 2, 1, 13, 19, 10, 19 = 147 (15d20)

>> No.39249943

Haha, I actually realized it was you from the picture. Thanks for taking up the mantle, friend.

>> No.39250000


Because the extra penalty for monstergirls in the rolling cyoa is that you might not roll them. It is much more likely that you will get a non-monster speciality. This does not exist in the choosing cyoa.


>> No.39250001

Probably because of the point-buy's ability to buy more than a single secondary power and allowing for more purchases that usually cost a gold, as well as greater discretion for pure stats boosting. So the big stat gain bricks are still undercosted but not absurdly so.

>> No.39250024

>the extra penalty for monstergirls in the rolling cyoa is that you might not roll them
No, try again. It's how you cause chaos and destruction, you're a mutant freak, and everyone wants to kill you.

>> No.39250079

Doesn't seem to be a lot of force behind that. We've got monster/magical girl team ups regularly.

>> No.39250088

How is scarcity and rarity not a counterbalance to greater power? The chaos and such is not a real drawback for many of the players that would keep it, and it does nothing to compensate mechanically against the boosted stats. Even if it counted, and objectively it doesn't no matter how much you subjectively bought into the idea, it is not to the same degree negative as a second magic school and free stat points are positive.

Monstergirls are balanced against TEAMS of magical girls. It's not balanced 1:1 and you show a crippling lack of grasp for game design, genre conventions, and overt fucking text.

>> No.39250099

We have like three teams.
>is not a real drawback
So you're delusional.

>> No.39250111

Pretty cool, I like the personal flair. Could use an image though...

They get two specials instead of one and they get 7 stat+ instead of 3.

>> No.39250149

Good for you anon.

>16 year old with boobs is a cow
It says well developed not fat.

>> No.39250170

The problem is, even if you don't roll into a monstergirl you can just buy in to it using a gold or silver coin.

Monstergirls are balanced against teams of magical girls you are correct, but there are entire teams of monster girls that can wipe the floor with dozens of magical girls. And there aren't enough regular magical girls being rolled to counterbalance this, unless you assume there's entire armies of NPC magical girls hunting down monster girls.

>> No.39250173

Ever hear of the term titty cow/titty monster?

>> No.39250230

You didn't say those though... but alright.

>> No.39250263

The amount of people sticking around as monsters is probably a symptom of them generally having too much power for not enough cost mechanically. If they can form teams just as much as magical girls can the 'hunted' drawback becomes very limited when they could probably level small towns without much issue.

>> No.39250316

The easiest solution is to have ALL the monsters suffer a 50% reduction of their power during daytime.

>> No.39250325

oops, apparently posting this as a guest means I can't even make changes to it. Oh well, guess we'll just make a new one if it needs changes.

>> No.39250326

So you don't know what you're talking about.

Gold and silver coins are extremely valuable. That's what they're there for. If you spend a gold to be a monster girl even when you didn't roll it, you also don't get a +4 in the stat of your choice, you don't get a bonus power that you choose, and so on. That's a perfectly sensible decision, and it's a DECISION. A new magic school is basically equivalent to a new power, that's balanced design.

You shouldn't be able to buy two magic schools for the price of one, though. That's retarded.

The rest of your post is just cutting into your own argument, so all I can say is... what's wrong with you?

>> No.39250342


But looking at it from the original premise in the CYOA, where this event is happening to you as a person. Would you want to spend the rest of eternity as a human being who's free to wander and engage in adventures as they please, or as some sort of horrible monster that is constantly hunted? There is a slice of life/social component to the CYOA and it's hard to define it with just numbers and mechanics.

>> No.39250349

But wouldn't lamias get stronger in the day? You know, being snaketits?

>> No.39250365

Magical girls aren't free to do as they please, though. They're duty bound and compelled into danger that has a very reasonable chance to slaughter them. Then they're full Sauron until they can manage to generate a new body.

>> No.39250388

People here are honestly too retarded to get the life/social element of this. It's all combat combat combat.

>> No.39250391

The cyoa says that they come from other sources. Probably less immortal more reliable sources. Point is yes, there should be. Though there's npc monsters and monstergirls.

There is one other thing. Just conjecture though.
Magical girls probably advance faster and have easier missions. There are a lot of chaotic things out there to stomp on but not too many champions of good or order, by my reckoning.

Plus, in a sense, the appropriate price is how much you are willing to pay. Four points for a monster girl is a good deal. I'd take it.

>> No.39250394


Not really, the CYOA just says they have a nagging instinct to investigate into the supernatural. Even then they can choose to take a break or stay away from this stuff as a whole.

>> No.39250400

>what's wrong with you?

I'm in a Magical Girl CYOA thread, rolling up cute little crime fighting lolis and I'm a full ass grown man.

There are plenty of things wrong with me.

>> No.39250406

Rolled 2, 18, 10, 5, 9, 13, 14, 9, 7, 3, 9 = 99 (11d20)

>> No.39250421

Overdeveloped doesn't need to mean just huge tits. I ran with it as just large in general. It hasn't come up in story other than a 'Holy crap, I'm huge' moment, but my overdeveloped 16-year old is 6' 4". Yeah, my tits are huge, but my EVERYTHING is huge. My body is more statuesque amazon than titty monster bombshell. Comes from a girl I used to know who was 6' 2" at 14 and a paralegal I know who's 6' 3."

>> No.39250434

Are you forgetting the disguise? It's free.

>> No.39250438

I don't want to be tall either.

>> No.39250444

Fair enough.

>> No.39250451

Eh, if I'm going to be immortal I'd be more or less sticking to my own 'kind' anyways. Less hassle that way so it'd mostly be talking to my teammates/peers. Everything else would just be 'that guy who I buy milk from.'

>> No.39250455

That thing magical girls can see through and that doesn't get around your body's physical nature?

>> No.39250471

Possible, but unlikely. My sisters were full height by 16.
Curious part is, why you wanna be so big?
Assuming it's your fetish seems rude.

>> No.39250472

I bet driders and lamias could make good money for japanese pornos.

>> No.39250483

Yes. That thing that more than 7 billion people can't see through and completely nullifies your shit argument, that one.

>> No.39250504

>It nullifies it because I say so.
Oh, anon.

>> No.39250510

Rolled 4 (1d20)

Rerolling that last double.

>> No.39250513

>magical girls can see through
Whut whut whut??
Third eye can't do that. Maybe a reinforce that is actively dispelling anything that pings on their radar?

>> No.39250524


That seems to mostly just work against normal people. The description for third eye states that normal magical girls already have some limited ability to sense and detect unnatural beings, probably enough for them to get the sense that there's something not right with you when they're in contact with you.

Not to mention there are girls with skills similar to what third eye or the light specialty can offer. The disguise would offer limited protection against your hunters.

>> No.39250533

You're a special kind of retard, aren't you?

>> No.39250536

>Third eye can't do that
Uh, yes it can.

>> No.39250575

I bet there's an entire developed magical industry if this has been going on long enough. Immortals/magical/monster girls who deal with their limitation bullshit by running banks, id counterfeiting, magical costume changes (can you imagine someone who's been doing this since the roman days staying in the same costume into the space age?), etc.

>> No.39250649

Uh, no it can't.
It has a better radar, it doesn't pierce illusions or reveal true forms.
It detects otherworldly influences
their direction
their strength
their distance from you.

>> No.39250679

>why you wanna be so big?

Couple of reasons.

One, I figured hourglass figured bombshells were going to be a dime a dozen with 16/Overdeveloped. Thought an alternate interpretation would be a nice twist. I remembered the girl from high-school and ran with it.

Two, it actually makes things harder for me as a story flaw. I'm VERY distinctive and I'm going to stand out. I'm used to being able to fade into a crowd, being just on the high end of average height, and I just can't do that anymore.

Three, I figured that it'd be kind of a humorous scene every time I meet another magical girl about being so enormous compared to them - I was planning a little funny thing with my allies.

Also, while I have no intentions of writing any lewd, and amazons aren't my fetish exactly, size difference between partners does turn me on.

>> No.39250680


That's about enough, though. If a third eye user comes up to you, senses a strong otherworldly influence from you and yet see that you appear perfectly human, it doesn't take much to figure that you're hiding under some sort of illusion or disguise.

>> No.39250690

>their distance from you
>There is a source of evil 1 foot directly in front of my face where that girl is standing.
>There's no way she could be a monster!

>> No.39250716

>mfw overdeveloped 8 twins
Piggy-back ride?

>> No.39250747

You realize you are trying to create pedophilic softcore about magical anime girls by subtly propositioning another man, right? I just want you to fully know what situation you're in.

>> No.39250751

That would make sense if only monstergirls could hide themselves under an illusion AND no one naturally human looking had an otherworldly aura.
It is reasonable to believe neither of those is true.

>> No.39250781

Otherworldly influence.
Could be a genie, a valkyrie, an archon, a nymph, a demigod or even puchuu hiding in someones bag.

>> No.39250792

Do you... not know what a piggy-back ride is?

>> No.39250806

Do you realize what site you're on?

>> No.39250825

It's your job to beat the shit out of all of that, anyway. Puchuu's want you to suppress all supernatural things.

>> No.39250826

A wicked den of cognitive dissonance. Just doing my part.

>> No.39250833


It's enough for a regular magical girl to investigate into you because of their instinct. They don't care what you might be, they'll poke their nose into it and find out for themselves.

If it's a hunter or a team of hunter, they'll probably get a bit more violent in their investigation outright.

>> No.39250872

No? I'm trying to be the cutesy little girl looking for an older sister figure.

>> No.39250928

One at at time though - I might be huge and strong, but I'm not olympic or supernaturally strong.

>> No.39250949

That does seem likely. Good thing only 1in20 or so magical girls created by them have that power.

>> No.39250987

Won't you need two older sister figures? I mean, it seems a bit tricky for two little girls to get piggyback rides from one big sis at the same time, even if the big sis is goddamn huge.
I finally decided which character to writefag, so I could theoretically be older sister number two.

>> No.39251013

If you are strong enough(you should be) you could have one on each shoulder. They could hold hands behind your head.

>> No.39251061

Adorable, but not the same thing. I'm only strength 6 anyways.

>> No.39251063

Sure? And that character is?

>> No.39251154

Isn't that still like, 300lbs or something of carrying strength?

>> No.39251172

That is enough for one 16 yr old titty monster, right?

>> No.39251327

Rolled 20, 4, 3, 17, 19, 15, 16, 15, 10, 6, 19 = 144 (11d20)

I've been unconscious for several hours, new thread, new rolls

>> No.39251403

Rolled 20, 11, 3, 4, 1, 20, 2, 7, 20, 20, 20, 9 = 137 (12d20)

I'm not going to get this roll, but what I'd like is
>allies, make em vamps.
>None of the inter dimensional stuff.

What are your ideal results /tg/?

>> No.39251432

Rolled 9, 20, 15, 17, 18, 10, 7, 12, 13, 3, 18, 2 = 144 (12d20)

Since there's not a lot of pixiv shit to lurk today, I guess I'll roll. Though I don't like rolling algorithm on here. Probably just me.

>> No.39251434

Twins with 10 in Mag or Str and decent Agi, with a direct damage spec or Vampire.

>> No.39251453

Alrighty let's go

2= Age: 16
4= Underdeveloped
3= Specialization: Air (+3 AGI)
17= Magic (+1 MAG)
19= Uniform (+1 VIT)
15 = 3rd Eye

16: Enhanced Transformation
15: Money
10: Closure (+1 LUCK)
6: Inter-dimensional Home
19: Big Backback

STR: 4
VIT: 5
AGI: 7 + 4 (Gold) - 11
MAG: 5 + 2 (silver) - 7
LUCK: 5 + 2 (silver) - 7

"Winds of change, carry me aloft!"

Lissa travels light, and travels far. She's the odd jobber for any magical girl group who needs help, and tends to be somewhat... flighty with those she deals with. Not an outright liar, but tends not to keep her word, with constantly shifting views and ideas. Whether the superficiality is feigned in order to protect her from her own insecurity with everyone she knows forgetting her, whether she's acting like a child because everyone expects her to based on her figure, or whether she truly is deeply shallow is a question yet to be answered.

>> No.39251478 [SPOILER] 

Rolled 6, 7, 2, 2, 4, 10, 1, 19, 11, 4, 3, 17, 20, 19, 4, 1, 14, 2, 11, 2 = 159 (20d20)

Triple twenties which I want, but not at the start where I want them... Hmm

>> No.39251489

High mag, regen and incognito + interdimensional bro. After that anything goes really, but I'm yet to roll well developed on any except my first character

>> No.39251492 [SPOILER] 

[03]Age:29 (Gold Coin)
[20]Body: Well Developed
[01]Special:Fire (+3 Str)
[19]Weapon: Fists (+2 Str)
[16]Outfit:Uniform (+1 Mag)
[11]Magical Power: Power of Friendship

[12] Masculinity
[15] Money
[01] +2 Str
[11] Training:Posing
[04] +2 Mag

Mag:11 (2 Silver coins)

Transformation Phrase:Yare Yare Daze

Did I roll what I think I rolled?

>> No.39251498

Rolled 13, 1, 6, 6, 19, 2, 2, 10, 15, 7, 1 = 82 (11d20)

I think I got my ideal results a couple of days ago. I ended up with a well-developed 13-year-old punching machine (12 Str, 9 Vit, 9 Agi) with Air specialty.

>> No.39251589

Hey, does anyone know if there's any news on the social rules or if anyone can get involved on an RP server?

>> No.39251710

Rolled 7, 15, 1, 20, 9, 19, 12, 7, 8, 6, 8 = 112 (11d20)

More rolls, more magical girls.

>> No.39251749

Rolled 11 (1d20)

Goddamn it masculinity again it's such a waste of a coin
Rerolling for the repeat 8

>> No.39251764

I'd really like to get a dridergirl one of these days. Younger, underdeveloped, melee weapon, skimpy outfit and tentacle fun would be great. Throw in incognito, big backpack, and anything but masculinity and I'd be set.

But really I'd just be happy to stop rolling psychic girls.

>> No.39251923

Rolled 7, 15, 1, 20, 9, 19, 12, 7, 8, 6, 11 = 112 (11d20)

Str - 9 - SILVER
Vit - 5
Agi - 6
Mag - 7
Luck - 4

Age: 10
Development: Well developed
Specialization: Fire +3 MAG
Weapon: Fists (+2 STR)
Outfit: Flowing (+1 STR)
Magic: Tentacle Fun - Cloth

12 = Masculinity - SILVER - Incognito
7 = +2 AGI
8 = Enhanced sustenance +1 VIT
6 = Inter-dimensional Home
11 = Training - Martial Arts (Tai Kwon Do)
GOLD: Eternal Style

I just rolled a new version of Cinder completely by accident. And it's way better.

>> No.39251931

I think anyone can just start up a RP server if they want.

>> No.39252022

I made a roll hours ago. I'm only posting now because writefaggotry.


Alicia Telfair

>rolls: 6, 5, 12, 5, 18, 19, 20, 4, 14, 5, 17

10 Str
7 Vit
10 Agi
4 Mag
4 Luck

Age: 8
Specialization: Illusion (silver coined, formerly Light); +2 Str, +1 Vit
Outfit: Uniform; +1 Vit
Power: Tentacle fun

>Eternal Style
>Get out of Jail
>+2 Agi (silver coined from +2 Mag)
>Twin Soul (oh gosh oh gosh oh goshhhhh)

"Scoundrels! Fiends! We'll use your tricks to send you crawling back to the shadows!"

"We're the Auvergne sisters! And we'll take you by surprise!"

Read and enjoy. I took the challenge of writing a vague proxy of myself as the main character for this. Twas an adventure. Don't know if I'll be posting more with it, but w/e.

>> No.39252024

>Magic: Tentacle Fun - Cloth
>Tentacle Fun
[senpaiphobia intensifies]

>> No.39252036

It used to be shadow clones. I'm curious as to which would melt your heart faster

>> No.39252039



>> No.39252085

You have been cataloged...
And by that I mean, Good job actually putting something out! Keep going! or you can stop. I mean, if you want to.

>> No.39252111

> There was a point in time I had a penis
Keep going, writefriend

>> No.39252153


it's the tentacles

>> No.39252184

Fallen Angel Hype!

Lu (don't call her lucifer, though)


>Body Development

Fallen Angel (+3 vit, +2 mag, +1 str, +1 agi)

Magic (+1 mag)

Uniform (+1 Vit)


+2 agi
A way Out
+2 Mag (silver)

Str 5
Vit 12 (silver)
Agi 7
Mag 15 (gold+silver)

Lu is quite friendly and sociable, but because of her aura of misfortune and her forgettable prescence, she is forced to spend most of her time traveling. Her noticeable features are her high resilience and her red wings which burn when used offensively.

>> No.39252232

There's never a lack of pixiv shit unless you just download fucking everything. I always just like to search a random relevant tag, go through the first three or four pages and then get lost following recommended images from those that I get from those pages.

Last time I did that I lost 3 hours and gained 200 or so images that were relevant to what I wanted.

>> No.39252240

Rolled 2, 12, 3, 14, 5, 18, 16, 9, 6, 2, 19, 20, 11, 4 = 141 (14d20)

Fifteen isn't angel, its Water.

>> No.39252285

Yeah hate to be a buzzkill but...

>> No.39252348

I think they might have gotten that 20 mixed up with his 15

>> No.39252368

Aw shit, I moved the numbers up one.

Well, I was looking for one thing in particular, and I already lurked hours for it yesterday. There's only a couple pages of new pics from the last time I checked. But yeah, you right. If I wanted just pixiv shit then its pretty much endless.

>> No.39252456


I'll see about it in the morning, before I hit regret city.

>> No.39252458

Rolled 1, 14, 4, 3, 9, 16, 20, 17, 13, 3, 10, 10, 7, 15, 4 = 146 (15d20)

New version roll.

>> No.39252558

And you're added to the master list!

>> No.39252597


Thanks. :B

>> No.39252655

Wait master list? We get ourselves in the hall of fame if we write our backstory up?
Both in and out of character this appeals

>> No.39252710

I'm just maintaining a list of all the pastebin writefaggotry associated with this CYOA.

Right now it's just alphabetical, but if it gets largish I'll arrange it into one-shot backstories and ongoing serials.

>> No.39252711

We've just been saving links to every bodies write-faggotry. I say we, but I really mean Quasar Black.

>> No.39252732

Someone has a master list? Time for me to learn how to write. So I can get in on that!

>> No.39252739


Please write. It gets lonely with so few people writing. and by that I mean, I'm a creep and like to read other peoples things.

>> No.39252754


Well then I know what I have to do now
My school years taking Mod History are about to pay off

>> No.39252852

STR 10 (gold)
VIT 11 (silver)

Name: Ami
Age: 7->16 (silver)
Body Development: Average
Specialization: Earth (+2 Vit +1 Mag)
Weapon: Spear [Melee] (+1 Str +1 Vit)
Outfit: Flowing (+1 Str)
Magical Powers: Third Eye

Eternal Style, Twin Soul -> +2 Agi (silver), A Way Out, +2 Vit, Closure (+1 Luck)

"Spirits, guide me!"

More the type other girls look up to, Ami has always been a beacon of stability with her supernal spirit spotting abilities and strong fortitude. Though she doesn't have enough mana to summon powerful familiars, she more than makes up for that with maturity and sensibility.

She has a hard time trusting any monster.

>> No.39252983

Ok, finally have a pastebin account. Don't know why that took so long

>> No.39253006

and maaayybe

I'm smelling the start of a team I'd read about.

>> No.39253084

The magical girl population was on a steep climb, she noted. Puchuu is definitely padding its ranks for something, but no one seemed to be forthcoming with why. It wasn't too important - she'd shine the spotlight on the fuzzy little demon in due time.
Until then, Claire would continue setting up the run-down warehouse she'd managed to purchase. In a former life, as a 30-year old managerial accountant, this sort of thing was almost routine - a fiscal wizard, some called him. As it were now, the 15-year old magical girl couldn't explain how she knew all of the tricks, but they had worked handsomely - from $3000 a month she'd turned it into tens of thousands from smart stock market plays and a fair bit of luck.

If even a quarter of the newly-reborn magical girls shared her...history, there would be too much sexual tension for any one city, no matter how populated, to keep bottled up. Given enough time...maybe her plan would be just what these girls needed to get uncorked...

>Should I continue/expand in pastebin? [Y/N]

>> No.39253087 [SPOILER] 

Jokes on you
Lissa is only one of my magical girls

>> No.39253113

I don't understand what you're trying to say.

>> No.39253135

Pls write more. I like what you have so far and it's pretty great to think about what an ex-accountant could do in a magical girls body.

>> No.39253213

If I'm getting this right, Ami would be the vanguard, Sofia as the striker, and Black as caster? Lissa's the dick-ass thief.

>> No.39253275

You're just mad because it it takes a lot of effort to not give a fuck, and you can't handle it.

>> No.39253399

thanks for the vote of confidence. A few things I wanted to note, though.

--Claire doesn't have much memories of her pre-MG existence, just the occasional de-synched memory popping in mind, usually helping her in money situations. She still doesn't know the first thing about accounting.
--With the cash she's generated, Claire is working on making a club, limited strictly to magical girls and their plus-ones should that come up. Her idea is a place for MGs to be able to unwind, regroup, and yes get shitfaced with booze to forget the horrors they constantly have to fight.
--About 1/3rd of the building will be walled off in to private rooms, soundproofed and self-contained, for MGs wanting to sleep it off, or sleep around if (when) the mood takes them.
--Claire has discovered that it is possible to induce another magical girl's transformation, and is immensely pleasurable. Exactly how to accomplish this is unknown, but it definitely IS possible.

>> No.39253408

I'm the one who wrote Ami, not that anon. I just imagined Lissa being the inconsistent fuck who might save the day or cause more problems and might have her own issues to resolve.

>> No.39253424

I assure you she is truely just that deeply shallow

it helps her pretend she might actually make it out of this sane

>> No.39253429

Rolled 12, 18, 20, 14, 1, 3, 11, 6, 20, 20, 11 = 136 (11d20)


>> No.39253447

Rolled 8, 7 = 15 (2d20)

Age 12
Well Developed
Fallen Angel
Hammer Space
Interdimensional Home
Eternal Style

Rerolling 2 perks

>> No.39253453 [SPOILER] 

Wonderful, she'll fit right in. Might have to exorcise her a bit though.

>> No.39253474

Rolled 11, 17, 20, 10, 14, 15, 2, 7, 3, 15, 20 = 134 (11d20)


>> No.39253492

I can dig it.

>> No.39253498

>Claire has discovered that it is possible to induce another magical girl's transformation
Wouldn't that be the opposite?

>> No.39253502

A club where teen girls (and younger!!) keep disappearing into, sometimes with dates, and that young girls sometimes stumble drunk out of...

That's going to draw a lot of attention.

>> No.39253525


I too can be a team player. Heh.

>> No.39253528

>That's going to draw a lot of attention.
It's warded against logic.

On a more serious note, if pimps can figure out how to traffic underage girls I'm sure neckbeards mahou shoujo can do it to.

>> No.39253537

Just watched that series last night. It was okay, 3¼ stars. Nice flavor, too much melancholy to disguise when their animation budget was running out that day, and the last episode was all sizzle, no steak.

It would be cool to run a game where MG fight some phantoms and maybe a minor, minor godling.

>> No.39253545

You have been cataloged.
Thank you.

>> No.39253566


Somehow I completely forgot we're doing writeups
Already in character I guess

>> No.39253574

And I'm assuming you'll be writing more? as you're leave us hanging on the cliffhanger that is the middle of a word.

>> No.39253600

Yeah, probably. Gonna have dinner first though

>> No.39253617

Rolled 16, 15, 3, 3, 3, 15, 16, 12, 7, 15, 7, 6, 3, 5, 16, 19, 8, 14, 19, 1 = 203 (20d20)

Last roll for tonight, come on all twenty. What would that be...

>> No.39253619

What name do you have in mind for the club? I may be making.... Stops there. The all girls dorms at the local private school are pretty umm, Busy. I couldn't really hang out with anyone there.

>> No.39253712

An all-20 would bug out at the perks section. But as I recall without looking, it would be...
>16 years old
>fallen angel
>fist weapons
>uniform outfit
>tentacle fun
>eternal style
>...eternal style <reroll>
>...eternal style <reroll>
>...eternal style <reroll>

>> No.39253770

Rolled 12, 3, 15, 11, 14, 20, 9, 15, 7, 1, 18, 6, 8, 10, 4, 1, 2, 13, 12, 6 = 187 (20d20)

Have to stop after eternal style, but pretty good otherwise. I'd definitely like to get that. Here's hoping, right?

>> No.39253773

16 years old (Silver coin)
Well developed
Fallen Angel +3 Vit, +2 Mag, +1 Str, +1 Agi
Ranged +1 Agi - (Fiery javelins and wingshards)
Elaborate +1 Mag
Transformation phrase - "Light of truth shine through! Wings of false form begone! Angel of woe, rise and account!"
Third Eye

Interdimensional Bro
+2 Vit
+2 Agi
Eternal Style

str - 5
vit - 9
agi - 8
mag - 7+2=9 (Silver)
luck - 4+4=8 (Gold)

...Yeah, no, she's not interested in tangling with magical girls, no matter what they're after.

She'll exploit her foresight to anticipate their arrival, run where she can, and make sure they stop bothering her one way or another if she can't or is cornered.

She's not a killer if she can help it but she's looking out for her own survival first and foremost. It's not as though she can control what happens around her. After a while, she tends to prefer the company of her magical tourist friend. He's the only person she knows for a fact her powers won't drive away, and he doesn't seem to mind the crystalline wings even if they tend to knock things over. The fact she always has money to pass him doesn't hurt either.

Tough, lucky, and alarmingly magically gifted, Moira is surprisingly open to those her powers don't eventually drive off...though she's unlikely to ever completely let her guard down except around others in the same situation she's in.

>> No.39253827

Rolled 2, 19, 12, 15, 2, 17, 12, 18, 4, 5, 15, 9, 2, 18, 13, 19, 10, 16, 3, 11 = 222 (20d20)

>Angel of woe, rise and account!
Pretty cool. Great rolls too. I'm jelly.

>> No.39253866

My first time writing anything like this. How exciting! made using the girl I rolled up last thread.

>> No.39253869

Rolled 2, 14, 15, 20, 7, 13, 20, 18, 4, 12, 4, 15 = 144 (12d20)

None of my characters really inspire me to write about them, so far. They're more fun as play pieces or thought exercises.

>> No.39253905

You've been added to the catalog.

>> No.39253967

Added to the list.

>> No.39253981

Cool, I'll write something about their escapades soon enough. I can imagine Ami baiting enemies, Black drawing enemies in with gravity, Sofia trapping them with barriers, and the three of them using their powers together in a super purification attack. Lissa would be most useful in a chase-down scene or for when there's more than one enemy (a team of three Agi 6 girls is not that fast in the grand scheme of things).

It's an anime original ending. Try the manga.

>> No.39253987

Rolled 8, 7, 19, 14, 17, 10, 11, 16, 4, 16, 3, 10, 18, 13, 17 = 183 (15d20)

I should roll up a girl, and then maybe try writing something about one of my earlier ones, I've been really neglecting any plan to do that.

>> No.39254014

Lissa is in the thread. I rolled another girl last thread, would anyone mind if I reposted her for feedback?

>> No.39254021

An eight year old girl that looks for all the world like an eight year old girl. She is a water mage, completely without any weapons or even talismans to speak of. Her outfit is best characterized as flowing, being itself a frilled robe subtly evoking deep sea weirdness and the bobbing gossamer of jellyfish. With a swirl of mist, there are three of her. They hold hands and each tries to hide behind and lean into the others in an awkward shuffle of timid movement.

The dresses of the girls are unstained, even in this muddy alley. As if slicked off by an invisible rain, any grossness fails to hold purchase. Ectoplasm pools at their feet, the oily slime circling in a repellent aura at their soles. The girls mutter and shuffle backwards. As they move, so do your eyes, but not with them. You begin to find the wall and the street more interesting, until you realize the effect and force your entire will into focus on the girls.

It's just one girl, again. Just the one water witch, with mud and attention sliding off her in a scene of horror. Strange silhouettes of more little girls become framed at the far end of the alley. The girl with the jellyfish dress turns her whole body to look at them, suddenly acting as if there is no danger in a stranger many times her size. The change in her demeanour makes her look boyish, with the oddly short hair. But it is obviously just a trick of the light. You blink away the illusion. You wrench your mind to her and refocus.

She is running to the silhouettes, now. A bum shifts from a pile of garbage and the girl skitters to the opposite wide with her hands out before her like knives. Puddles at the cracks between building and pavement prickle like the hair along a dog's back. The homeless man stares at her with a resolute silence. The girl approaches him, bows, and drops several bills in front of his face: crumpled hundreds, from the color. The puddles shimmer and flatten as she leaves, the pronounced aura going with her.

>> No.39254064

Added to my catalog.
On to the feed back, looks good. The only real problems I came arcoss was that it was a bit tough to understand what was actually going on, or even who's talking sometimes. Maybe you could offer a better description.?

>> No.39254076

Good suggestions. I was kinda going for a 'airhead' thing so she's not even entirely sure what she's saying.
or so she'd like to believe

>> No.39254090

My roll from yesterday updated with the balance changes.

Str 10
Vit 7
Agi 7
Mag 9
Lck 5

2 silver coins spend on agi and mag

Age: 15
Well developed
Drider (+2 str, +2 mag, +1 vit, +1 agi, +1 lck)
Melee (+1 str, +1 vit) Glaive
Elaborate (+1 mag)
Killing blow (+1 str)
Tentacle - Gold and 1 silver spent

Get out of Jail
+2 Str
A way out
interdenominational home

So well developed 15 year old drider (going with a funnel web spider as the lower body because Australia!). Given the at least some magical girls respawn if killed, I'm thinking the best tactic would not be to kill opponents. Instead incapacitate them, wrap them in a web cocoon and the store them in my interdenominational home. Then once properly restrained using the mind powers that driders get to break them and turn them into loyal servants. Or eat them, whatever.

>> No.39254120


Adding you to the list. Incidentally if you don't give your story or character a name, I'm going to have to get creative in filling you.

>> No.39254125

I could tell it was a stream of consciousness kind of shebang, but I found for when you were referring to the character 'Ginger' I had no idea who she was or what was happening in the scene. once I reread it a couple times I could find out what was happening, but there was a part in the middle where you interrupted her (I think?) that was kind of hazy.

>> No.39254129

For those that have multiple magical girls made and have written extensive stories and descriptions on them. When the actual RP starts up as the system and engine gets finalized, how would you go about roleplaying your girls out?

I know a lot of you have a main magical girl, but do you roleplay your secondary magical girls out as well?

It seems to be if players are roleplaying as multiple characters, they are essentially one (wo)man teams.

>> No.39254150

I'd just play them in different locations and do whatever felt right at the time. Episodic and shit, never interacting with myself.

>> No.39254170

Fair enough. Didn't think you'd latch onto the psychoanalysis thing, but I guess its distinctive. I took it because I figured it would help mind powers to understand thought processes.

>> No.39254195

You have mental powers and psychoanalysis training. It fit. If you give your story a title or yourself a name I'll change it if you wish.

>> No.39254208

In all likelihood, if a MGCYOA does start up a game, we're going to be rping in one gigantic nonspecific asian city. When high level world destroying threats start arriving, the chance of your secondary and main characters meeting will be very very high.

In order to cater to your roleplaying needs, the GM or multiple GMs would need to build up and design multiple cities continents apart and set up different scenerios for each.

Seems like thats alot of work on the GM's part, if we ever get a GM for the games.

>> No.39254210

Name: Ereshkigal
Age 16 (silver)
Well Developed
Fallen Angel
Magic (orbs of light, feathers, a riding crop...)
Hammer Space
Interdimensional Home
Training (Psychology)
Eternal Style
Enhanced Sustenance
+2 Agi

Str 7 (silver)
Vit 8
Agi 8
Mag 11 (gold)
Luk 6 (silver)

My mission is clear. My appearance on this world is in no way a mistake at any level of the Celestial Bureaucracy. It is not I the one that needs to repent, that needs to be judged.

They need as shepherd. All of them. Therefore I shall mold them like clay, and remake them into my image. I already know that the faithful ones won't need to be convinced, whereas others may require a tighter leash, and I am prepared.

Come, mortal. Walk towards the light. There is no need to be afraid or ashamed of submitting to divine authority, when it walks among you. You are about to witness a miracle! You'll be a good kid from now on! Ufufufu~

>> No.39254234

You don't seem to get why GMs like to GM as a habit. It's because they're addicted to the act of creation. All the rest of the things you said are pure exaggeration.

>> No.39254243

Oh shit I thought you were talking about me and nearly fucking died

>> No.39254245

>You don't seem to get why GMs like to GM as a habit. It's because they're addicted to the act of creation.

Talk about exaggerations and stereotyping.

>> No.39254250

Anytime I see someone trying to be the best in the world at psychology or other mental sciences, I start getting that Edge klaxon start up quietly in the back of my brain. It's like when a Magic player brags about his next level mindgame strats or something. It just starts to feel egocentric and childish.

>> No.39254257

How extensive does the writefaggotry have to be in order to be "added to the list?"

>> No.39254267


>> No.39254271

Why did you get the best roll
Even better than generic Asian city; JapanStralia!
The best setting, everyone is chill but also has cool asian culture. 10/10 would play Shrine Maiden in a mangrove
10/10 response

>> No.39254282

Not as ostentatious of either, and calling it either is a stretch, as saying that characters would have to be continents apart when it's unlikely two cops in the same city would ever meet. Not as ridiculous as claiming that world-shattering threats that would require every possible magical girl on hand would have all of those magical girls socializing and interacting with all of the other ones in a perfect web of links.

People who GM for power trips don't retain players. People who GM out of default chomp at the bit. People who volunteer to GM, over and over, like the position. They want to weave some fluff up and see what happens.

>> No.39254302

No, you don't get it. 2+2=4 is a stereotype. Stop being such a stereotyper, anonymous. You're exaggerating maths. How could it equal four every single time you put them together? It doesn't add up.

>> No.39254303

Pray hard, believe in your well-intentioned, trustworthy guardian angel, who certainly has no ulterior motives, and a miracle will surely happen~

>> No.39254327

> Big Brother intensifies
Someones been to the ministry of love

>> No.39254339

I doubleplusgood duckspeaker.

>> No.39254340

I apologize I am jaded in this regard, in my experience decent GMs are few and far between and most of the GMs I ever had were forced into the role because nobody would step up to the mantle and or had any experiance whatsoever and the results vary from bland and mediocre to down right horrible.giving the players everything they want right off the bat.

Also have you seen Roll20? There re very few people online who are willing to GM, the vast majority of whom wants to be the player.

>> No.39254348

Did some writing.


>> No.39254365

Rolled 1, 12, 12, 7, 18, 6, 20, 7, 5, 10, 1 = 99 (11d20)


>> No.39254377

I like it, short and eloquent.

>> No.39254380

Congratulations, you got it.

>> No.39254403

Rolled 18, 14, 12, 2, 18, 9, 4, 5, 6, 11, 16, 15, 11, 15, 8 = 164 (15d20)

Fuck you, I'll have a pegasus and a bow. You can't tell me how to horse girl.

>> No.39254440

Forgot pic, but OH SHIT I GOT FAMILIAR
Age - GOLD 21
Body: Average
Specialization: Light
Weapon: Ranged +1 Agi (Flintlock pistol)
Outfit: Uniform (General's Armour) + Vit
Familiar: Unicorn
20: Eternal style
7: +2 AGI
5: +2 Mag
10: Closure +1 Luck
1: +2 STR

Str: 6
Vit: -5- Silver 7
Agi: 7
Mag: 6
Luck: -5- Silver 7

"We are the healers. We are the miracle workers. We are the soldiers. We are the sisters that stand together so that humanity can stand at all."

"Yes, I'm Scottish. Is that all you were listening too from that?"

>> No.39254472

14 years old, and of typical build.
Specialty is Light. Weapon is [silver!] a bow.
Wears a quasi-military uniform. With tassles. And a ridiculously long scarf.
Knows Barrage [gold!] and has a big, sleek pegasus. Something that's never existed can't be extinct!! Agility 6, Magic 2.
Allies, +1 agility
+2 magic
Interdimensional home, where I will keep my pegasus
Training: riding
Enhanced transformation
[silver!] +4 agility.

Str 4
Vit 7
Agi 9
Mag 7
Luk 4

Shit nigga, that ain't a unicorn, and you ain't carryin a flintlock.

>> No.39254473

But Anon, we want to be able to help victims and fellow magical girls who suffer from traumatic experiences!

There's nothing edgy about it, especially when you have the Restoration power!

T-this has nothing to do with emotionally manipulating or abusing others, or starting a c-cult! Clearly!

>> No.39254501



>> No.39254507


I would just like to point out that, due to the IRC's unbelievably shitty rules, both of these players do 1 or less damage per attack.

>> No.39254509

"And I've got a bridge to sell you. Get lost, Hannibal Lecter, or I'll fry your eyes out. Don't want your 'help' and don't want to deal with your shit."

>> No.39254510

What do you mean it's not a unicorn

>> No.39254524

It's got TWO HORNS dummy. How could it be a UNIcorn?

>> No.39254525


>> No.39254531

Ah crap, I totally forgot I was putting this girl together and then got distracted thinking of a name after that. I'm not sure I like the name, but it works well enough.

STR 4 + 2 (SILVER)
MAG 6 + 2 (SILVER)
Name: Countess Raina Regina, yes, you need to say the whole thing. Don't listen to those peasants that say otherwise.
Age: 10
Magic: A gem on her hand.
Elaborate (SILVER, was Uniform)
Tentacle Fun: Ethereal Chains (GOLD)
Training: Sewing , Enhanced Transformation, Allies: LUCK, +2VIT, Closure

Raina is clearly the best girl you could find to serve, she's the greatest person in the world and even being acknowledged by her should make your puny life infinitely better.

This is all entirely accurate and not due to Raina getting a big head over the totally made up fact that she got lucky and was found collapsed on the ground by two girls who took her in, not at all.

>> No.39254535

REFER TO >>39254501

>> No.39254557

ITT Scottish nationalism and magical girls hiding their insecurity with ego

it's just like one of my scotjapanishese animes

>> No.39254561

Does Enhanced Sustenance help Vampires during the day and Fallen Angels during the night?

>> No.39254563

Are those... things?

>> No.39254564

Added backstory to writing.

>> No.39254573

No. Your power cut is a manifestation of your curse, not diet or sleep. Enhanced Transformation only helps when you're not transformed -- which would typically be day for either of them.

>> No.39254577

Let me tell you if this setting is set in America or Japan and not a bastardisation of Japan plus Scotland and Australia I am going to write a sternly worded letter to Breezy and demand he change it to be canon

>> No.39254579

The real question here is if enhanced transformation leaves you at 50% during the day/night when using the illusion or if it cuts that 50% down further.

>> No.39254585

How could it be nationalism when Scotland isn't an independent nation?

>> No.39254590

We had a discussion about this on the IRC,
We decided it was pretty much the real world, with the main city being up to you to decide. Although they came up to the decision to have some sort or inter dimensional hub city a la Hellmouth, but for magical girls.

>> No.39254601

Clearly, for angels it would be 50% during the day and 25% at night; vampires would have 25% during the day and 50% at night. It's still an improvement over the 0% always, respectively.

>> No.39254607


Going to stop monitoring the thread so I can get some writing of my own in.

>> No.39254608

The IRC is a fucking plague and needs to be stopped. They should discuss things that aren't strict mechanics in the thread -- and probably strict mechanics, too. There isn't much to talk about in here, frankly.

They're becoming extremely isolationist and that's creating a dangerous assumption of authority and a toxic echo chamber. The more they skew away from the community, the worse it'll go. It happens to every 4chan group. It has happened hundreds of times.

>> No.39254612

HA, I have both my writing AND the thread open!

>> No.39254625

Rolled 8, 7, 9, 14, 6, 10, 17, 11, 6, 18, 9 = 115 (11d20)

plz actually be a girl

>> No.39254627



>> No.39254641

Fuck was going to walk off and write but I can't leave this one alone: I brought up the subject of setting and cities in thread, and nobody wanted to talk about it. They were more interested in debating the merits of Twins, or the fan system, or other mechanical things. Thread died, subject never addressed.

I went to ask on the IRC and we hashed out a general consensus in under 10 minutes.

I definitely think it should not have remained confined to the IRC and should have been brought to the thread ASAP, but calling the IRC toxic because it gets things done isn't right.

Yeah, but If I leave both open, things like this happen and I get distracted.

>> No.39254646

Rolled 15, 9, 19, 10 = 53 (4d20)

Age: 10
Body: Average
Type: Sound +2 mag +1 luck
Weapon: Ranged +1 Agi
Outfit: Flowing: +1 Str
Power: Barrage
Perks: Twin soul, Training (Violin), Interdimensional home, Incognito, +2 luck

Rolling for twin stats before doing coins
Rolling age, body, outfit, weapons

>> No.39254652

Really, the IRC hasn't accomplished anything in a few days besides chatter, so I don't know if I'd call it a plague. Things that actually get written do get posted to the board for discussion.

>> No.39254662

It's toxic because you have come to believe it's the best place to get things done. And that decisions there have any weight for happenings here. It is an outsider, an exceedingly temporal state, a closed community (in full spite of the public mention of its room name in these threads; a room is not a community.)

It's like if I brought this up to a skype call I frequent, we all decided that this was clearly a terraformed Mars colony, and I posted in here "well, we decided it was pretty much a pretty Mars, with the main city being a generic Martian bubble colony. Although, we came up to the decision to have some sort of subspace frontier a la Star Trek, but without the Q." Do you see the problem? Authoritarian. External. Closed.


>> No.39254678

Call it out early, call it out often. It's the only thing that works. When an anonymous group goes off 4chan, adopts names and all the fetters that brings, and exists in a state without a public record... shit goes south, swiftly. I've personally seen it at least a dozen times, and I can name four right off the top of my head that are specifically about games being designed.

>> No.39254692

I am deeply sorry I came across in that way and offended you. All I was trying to offer was somebodies opinion.
Try using your Skype example as a template, we could claim that we got somebodies opinion form anywhere.
Yes you're right, the IRC should not end up as the Be all End all in discussion.
Unfortunately this thread has an attention span that varies as people come and go, so what if some people come up to some sort or personal decision on the IRC. I wasn't trying to be authoritarian I was trying to offer some sort of solution that people could discuss, it's just that people had no interest in discussing the topic before.

>> No.39254697

/tg/station, VPMAGG, chancraft, and a /tg/ virtual world game that couldn't even agree on a title.
If anyone was curious.

>> No.39254699

Ok, stats are
Age: 10
Body: Average
Type: Sound +2 mag +1 luck
Weapon: Ranged +1 Agi
Outfit: Flowing: +1 Str
Power: Barrage
Perks: Twin soul, Training (Violin), Interdimensional home, Incognito, +2 luck
Str: 6 - silver
Vit: 3
Agi: 5
Mag: 7 - silver
Luck: 5

Age: 13
Body: Average
Outfit: Flowing
Weapon: Ranged
Perk: Gold (Training) Piano

Together, they play through towns, making what little money they can. Serene keeps her old self's hopes up, but even she can see they're hopelessly outmatched and just need to survive.

>> No.39254760

>training violin
>training piano
This means you are literally the best in the entire world, or tied for the best. As little girls, this makes you transcending the very concept of a novelty act. Little money? Just need to survive? You might want to rethink your verisimilitude here, when you're far above even world class you don't have to play too many street corners before someone freaks the hell out and launches you into the circuit.

>> No.39254767

Homepage for British Chocolate Bargirl

includes stats and character summary as well as a link to part one


>> No.39254775

I somehow completely missed that

>> No.39254785

> Lewds ahead
Understatement of the fucking century

>> No.39254899


it's not that lewd, just a little harmless exploration

>> No.39254910

>There isn't much to talk about in here, frankly.
Write, roleplay, draw, design, man. It's a 2 page cyoa, it's supposed to get you creating. Something. Anything.

>> No.39254936


>> No.39255047

>the guys in the irc are having fun in a place I can't bitch at them...

>> No.39255162

Like that wouldn't be easier if discussion topics weren't taken off-site and "decided".

Grow up.

>> No.39255200

A dude posts an origin story he likes on an anonymous imageboard, and you rip into him about how poisonous his group is and how they should all come post their stuff on said imageboard. You do this in an extremely rude fashion. And you tell me to grow up?

>> No.39255562

When anything new is thought up we always post it in the thread, and its not like everyone is blocked from the IRC so if you want to input something then you actually need to be there in the first place.

There are a few reasons we aren't having the full discussion in the thread though.

1.These hit bump limit really quickly and we'd rather start now than just wait for the posting to slow down.
2.Several of the people in the IRC refuse to post with tripcodes if we did start using the thread more.

But I have asked on the thread for input based on several systems mentioned in the pastebin, and I'll really not gotten enough responses to actually count that as discussion.

We really do need to use the thread more though, but that depends on how willing you guys are to give suggestions

Basically read the pastebin, post your ideas for what you want and try discussion sometimes.

And there really has just been casual discussion about nothing in particular in the IRC for the past few days because everyone's working on their respective projects anyway.

If enough people say an idea is crap we'll change it hopefully with some input but as I've said before, we haven't seen much of that.

>> No.39255824

Rolled 2, 19, 13, 8, 5, 18, 18, 18, 15, 20, 15 = 151 (11d20)

I already have two girls that I want to writefag over, and several more who I gave in-thread writeups, but let's expand the collection anyways.

>> No.39255916

Rolled 10, 3, 13 = 26 (3d20)

>two separate sets of double perks

>> No.39255985

Rolled 2, 19, 16, 5, 1, 4, 16, 6, 17, 5, 14 = 105 (11d20)

Sure, I could design the characters who come from my Allies perk myself, but rolling them is more fun.

>> No.39256300

Cool to see an non op monstergirl.
Pictures of angels always appreciated.
Gehenna, then. Remember your wand of digging.

>> No.39256305

Why an asian city?

>> No.39256316

>identical body type rolls
> same costume type
> one has twin soul
> they're just the characters from Allies, not an actual main character, so a stat cut is in order in any case
I am most assuredly going to run with this.

>> No.39256320

>Even better than generic Asian city; JapanStralia!
>The best setting, everyone is chill but also has cool asian culture.
The populace would be entirely unarmed too. We'd be like gods.

>> No.39256360

My ancestors approve.
But I don't like horses...
Didn't know they were from Scotland either.

>> No.39256389

Except 90% of land fauna and at least half the flora is out to kill you. God help you in go into the water, everything that lives in the water will try to kill you or worse.

Of course as I'm this poster >>39254090 I'd be perfectly happy amongst my fellow hostile lifeforms.

>> No.39256415

Rolled 17, 20, 11, 14, 19, 11, 8, 8, 20, 19, 18 = 165 (11d20)

Please dice gods.

>> No.39256441

Would that matter when we should be in populated or heavily populated areas?
Point still stands. No guns allowed in those They'd have no chance at all.

>> No.39256465

Rolled 8, 2, 4, 18, 15, 13, 9, 18, 1, 2, 11 = 101 (11d20)


>> No.39256506

Rolled 6, 20, 2, 18, 7, 5, 15, 19, 1, 20, 3, 20, 4, 1, 3, 2, 10, 14, 9, 11 = 190 (20d20)

First roll of the morning.
An observation. This character is 16 for the first few games.

>> No.39256517

Well quite a few of the spiders thrive in the high population area, red backs love people's houses.

It's also not strictly true about guns, guns are legal in Australia they are just quite a bit harder to get a hold of. You need to join a gun club, wait 6 months or so for a licence then you're good to go. About 10-15% of the population own a gun. Most of these are rifles and shotguns, pistols are lot harder to get than larger weapons because they can be concealed.

>> No.39256537

Rolled 11, 10, 13, 5, 16, 1, 3, 13, 3, 15, 2 = 92 (11d20)


>> No.39256630

Rolled 7, 12, 19, 7, 10, 15, 15, 4, 1, 3, 13 = 106 (11d20)

>Well quite a few of the spiders thrive in the high population area, red backs love people's houses.
Hmm hmm... Then a reinforce's Antidote spells would be good.

>> No.39256641

Rolled 1, 5, 12, 13, 8, 13, 14, 19, 8, 8, 1 = 102 (11d20)


>> No.39256890

Rolled 11, 2, 18, 14, 16, 8, 4, 10, 6, 8, 17 = 114 (11d20)

Another set of rolls

>> No.39256932

Rolled 1, 7, 15, 4, 2, 16, 5, 4, 19, 7, 17 = 97 (11d20)

It's always time to roll. Even in the middle of writing things.

>> No.39257203

Twin driders with a pocket dimension lair.

So that's a duo of trapdoor spider monster girls who use magical darkness and mind-affecting powers to try and avoid being discovered and to keep unwanted visitors away.

Arachne and Neath keep to themselves more or less unless their instincts get the better of them, are magically powerful and capable of some nasty damage if pressed despite being lacking in other areas, have a handful of fellow monstergirls who they tolerate in their lair if need be, both out of empathy and because the loneliness gets to the duo after too long.

Their lair used to be a fairly normal pocket dimension apartment, but it's now covered in webs and magically enhanced gloom. The windows have been webbed over. The doors have been removed, and the shadows almost seem to hide the skittering of jointed legs. It's not a pleasant place to be unless you have good night vision and a high tolerance for things moving just out of sight.

Other than that, they're quite capable of sealing themselves off and living almost indefinitely without interacting with the outside world, other than to sneak out to steal more varied food than that the apartment provides under cover of magical darkness. In the darkness, it's a lot easier to forget what their lives are, especially for Neath who never really knew anything else.

>> No.39257297

Rolled 18, 5, 7, 17, 14, 14, 20, 16, 4, 7, 15 = 137 (11d20)

Come on, dice gods.

>> No.39257487

>IRC fags are killing this CYOA too.
Unsurprising. This always happens.

>> No.39257512

Rolled 5, 15, 3, 16, 18, 2, 19, 15, 13, 10, 19, 1, 13 = 149 (13d20)

As a magical girl, melee or ranged preferred?

>> No.39257555

Rolled 1, 18, 7, 16 = 42 (4d20)

Age 6 + 5 = 11 years old
Drider +2 Mag, +2 Mag, +1 Vit, +1 Agi, +1 Luck
Magic weapon +1 mag - A small silvery focus that is curiously twisted and soft to the touch, like a bolt of silk that had been wound into spirals.
Uniform +1 vit -
Transformation phrase - "Ours. Ours! No light for you here! Go away!"
Focused assault
Shadow Clones- gold

Allies +1 Mag
Closure +1 Luck
Interdimensional home
Enhanced sustenance +1 vit
Twin Soul

+2 to Luck (silver)
+2 to Mag (silver)

Arachne/Neath Stats
Str 3
Vit 5
Agi 4
Mag 8
Luck 6

Rolling for Neath's appearance.

>> No.39257556

She would have thought so too! Claire's only seen it happen twice, and both times the girl in question ended up with a temporary case of heart-shaped pupils
She'll figure something out. Plus, bedrooms can be made available for those situations - too drunk to leave? Here's a giant bottle of water and a key to one of the rooms.
The name is still up in the air, but it's bound to be something that tells magical girls that it's a safe haven of sorts.

>> No.39257612

Tesla Loli has a pastebin now. She has a peace ray.


>> No.39257620

Well developed
Ranged Weapon

Neath might actually look older than her sister despite being a magical twin and younger in every sense. Ranged is probably less useful in the confines of the apartment and with the high magic stats, but on the off chance they need to venture forth, Neath probably can put down covering fire with her tommy gun.

>> No.39257766 [SPOILER] 

>heart-shaped pupils
Too far and too lewd.

>> No.39258294

I once read an article about a dude who played music (forget the instrument) in a subway station and was mostly ignored, most anyone gave him was 5 bucks. That night he played in a theatre for thousands of fans.

As another incognito street musician (I'm trained in cello), I'd like to cross paths with you two sometimes.

>> No.39258367

There was a time when non-op monstergirls were the norm (I have 5 mag). In fact, in thread 2, magical girls pumping stats for 15+ mag or agi was really common, while us monstergirls were happy to come up with neat concepts with decent stats.

Then the Moster Lord attacked, and everything changed...

>> No.39258591

Maybe they've just kept rolling and 'rolling' until they got a nearly ideal set.
I'd really like to be an angel, but it hasn't come up. I've gotten vampire, which is one silver away, but the rest of things were always things I dislike.
I've settled on a reinforce melee with good strength.
If you don't mind my asking, how do you like this look?

>> No.39258595

I wrote a thing. With guest appearances from >>39255824 and>>39255985, who I rolled for the purpose.

>> No.39258752

Rolled 3, 13, 5, 18, 7, 12, 4, 13, 3, 14, 10 = 102 (11d20)

One more for the road. Posting after I get done with uni.

>> No.39258807

any good resources for images of magical girls?

im in need of several oddly specific images.

a girl in a skimpy mobster's moll outfit with a tommy gun for example.

>> No.39258866

If you hit up archive.moe and look at the last thread, one of the namefags (I think IncogDrider, or maybe Quasar Black) linked a collection of stuff from a recent magical girl event on Pixiv. I'd link it again myself, but I'm on my phone right now, meaning I can't ctrl+f.

>> No.39258873 [SPOILER] 

If you don't mind generic anime faces, there's always gelbooru. I've been using sankakucomplex.
Actually just found my tank build's image.

not really

>> No.39258951

Might have been fisticuffs drummer.

>> No.39258969

>magical girl event
Pixiv Fantasia isn't remotely a magical girl event, it's pixiv creating a fantasy world together or something along those lines, I forget the specifics and can't look them up. It's been a thing that's been going on for years at this point, I think the first part of it started in either '08 or '09.

If you wanted magical girl event stuff you would look up mahou shoujo taisen (魔法少女大戦), but that's not going to find the very specific things you want most likely. It does have some nice things every now and then though.

>> No.39259194

I like it. Is it meant to be skimpy or elaborate? I think it would work for either.

With the shield, you could use your reinforce wards to make it more resistant to blows, or automatically move into the path of ranged attacks or something! The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of a reinforce melee with a shield.

>> No.39259263

Rolled 5, 8, 11, 20, 10, 1, 17, 3, 18, 18, 4, 14, 2, 4, 12 = 147 (15d20)

I just found a perfect image for a fallen angel, let's see if the dice like me today.

>> No.39259274

Rolled 5, 19, 7, 9, 5, 13, 13, 7, 9, 1, 17 = 105 (11d20)


>> No.39259296

I'm definitely keeping the shield. Might take that as my actual 'weapon' then have a variety of guns and a reinforced blade or two. I don't know.
I've two more to show. All comments appreciated.

>> No.39259300

Nah no thanks, I already have a time build.

>> No.39259309

Yeah, just woke up, Good job on getting things written guys! You've both been cataloged.

>> No.39259329

Rolled 15, 19, 13, 19, 19, 14, 9, 7, 12, 10, 19, 6, 15, 11 = 188 (14d20)

Rolling for kicks.

>> No.39259340

Figures as much, guess I won't get to use this image.

Although I did have one I'd been wanting to use for someone with illusion, so it all works out.

>> No.39259512

Rolled 18, 4, 4, 5 = 31 (4d20)

Then again her stats make her look stronger. Rolling for twin.

>> No.39259571

Original Roll: 19,12,7,10,4,15,7,14,15,4,8

Name: Geniene "Boss" Boss AKA Genie
Age: 15
Average Looks
Time Specialist +1 AGI, +2 LUK
Ranged Weapon "Chicago" a Tommy Gun (stats as rifle?)
Outfit Skimpy +1 AGI (pic related is regular outfit)

Transformation Phrase: ???

STR 6 (Silver Coin)
AGI 12 (Silver Coin)
MAG 6 (Silver Coin)

Powers: Third Eye, Barrage (Gold Coin)

+2 AGI
Get Out Of Jail
Allies (+1 AGI)
Enhanced Sustenance +1 VIT (should I silver to something else? Eternal Style would fit better)

Its a simple truth of the world girls. Crime pays.
Think about that, let it sink in a bit. Then ask yourself, "why am I doing this?"

Here we are putting our lives on the line, day in, day out. Puchuu won't feed you, won't pay you, won't see you safe and warm at night, sure as hell won't take a fall for you.

Boss... Boss'll do that, for you, for a bit a' work.
What kind of work? Keepin' the people safe, same as you do now. Givin' the people what they want same as you do now.

Here's a sawbuck kitten. You want something better, you join up with Boss.

>> No.39259655

Is that like a wooden nickel?

>> No.39259657

Rolled 5, 9, 1, 11, 4, 19, 9, 2, 18, 20, 6 = 104 (11d20)


>> No.39259696

$10 bill as opposed to a C-note or a Lincoln or a check

>> No.39259725

Rolled 14, 13, 4, 18, 16, 19, 20, 2, 4, 19, 6 = 135 (11d20)


>> No.39259743

Ugh, and the twin's roll completely shit it up.

Pre Split:

Str - 8
Vit - 4
Agi - 9
Mag - 10
Lck - 8

1 Gold to Mag
1 Silver to Str
1 Silver to Mag

Post Split:

Str - 6
Vit - 3
Agi - 7
Mag - 7
Lck - 6

Rolled 8
Rolled Overdeveloped
Rolled Time
Rolled Ranged Weapon
Rolled Skimpy Outfit
Rolled Shadow Clones
Rolled A Way Out -> Buy Eternal Style
Rolled +2 Agi
Rolled +2 Lck
Rolled +2 Str
Rolled Twin Souls

Str - 6
Vit - 3
Agi - 7
Mag - 7
Lck - 6

Rolled 15
Rolled Underdeveloped
Rolled Time
Rolled Melee Weapon
Rolled Skimpy Outfit

Raw stat wise, they're superior to the last one, but otherwise? Twin's melee roll made me waste a point to buff strength, I hate how she's the older one, and I hate the slutty skimpy outfit rolls with a passion and can't blow the silver to fix it twice.

>> No.39259788

Rolled 14, 10, 2, 5, 17, 7, 16, 7, 4, 14, 15 = 111 (11d20)


>> No.39259812

Are you going to pay them with your
or with ill gotten gains?

>> No.39259936

Both. (Money) to start with but once the protection rackets are set up paying valuable employees is just smart business. Even average no bonus magical girls at stat base of 4 are VASTLY superior to regular folks. Means taking over a local crime syndicate should be little problem. To say nothing of the fact that magical girls can easily exploit their powers to make a neighborhood safer than the police ever could.

>> No.39259987

plus gambling, drugs, prostitution, etc. etc. etc.

there isn't a single criminal enterprise magical girls can't do better than regular folks.

>> No.39260023

You are the evil.
Will you kidnap girls like the rest of the pimps?

>> No.39260183


oh now anon.
this can only end wonderfully

>> No.39260201

eh honestly its doubtful someone turned into a 15 year old girl would continue to support prostitution as it stands in modern times. or in any time.

high class volunteer only escorts... maybe.
pimpin'.... only someone completely devoid of empathy would continue to put up some of the shit that goes on with that.

expect hasted barrages of gunfire and a swarm of hoes dropped off at shelters. And lots of stolen money, property, and drugs.

It has to do with the old mafia concept of "community" the boss is responsible for seeing that everything runs well in their turf in a 1930's noblesse oblige type of way. Ala The Godfather.

Didn't mean it to come off as scummy 2000's sex drugs and murder.

>> No.39260348

now when it comes to the whole gambling thing... think a guy with earth specialty would be useful? putty sure it would be easy money when the games literary do what you tell them.

>> No.39260423

Well alright then. That seems significantly different.
I've never encountered a pimp irl to my knowledge but I'd consider stabbing him to death in the street.

>> No.39260443

Rolled 20, 4, 14, 13, 17, 17, 18, 16, 17, 14, 9 = 159 (11d20)

Rolling for fun.

>> No.39260468

Genius, but how do get inside the gambling area?
Actually any darkness or illusions could just walk off with money.
Illusion ones self to look like an adult.
Walk over to cash out.
Make them think there are a bunch of high value chips.

>> No.39260519

actually yes strangely enough a lot of the +luck specialties would make great gamblers/bookies/dealers

Earth: + luck and can manipulate spirits works with all types of gambling.
Mental: +luck and can cause marks to over bet or become reckless
Time: +luck and can stop time to look at cards etc.
Sound:... +luck.... an exception to every rule i suppose.
Psychic: +luck and similar to mental, with the added bonus of absorbing emotions from desperate gamblers.

Earth specialty would be amazingly useful both at and away from a table. It's always struck me as one of those specialties that could be wonderfully versatile and lends itself well to creative application.

>> No.39260539

well i was just offering to help the boss so i was kinda hoping she would set things up. I'd just work my magic out of site. Going solo however? difficult. I would defiantly need an illusionist's help getting in. Maybe set myself up as some one's lucky charm?

>> No.39260574

Make a convincing golem husbando?
Actually, we can't be recognized outside of our battle gear as the same person, so a criminal magical girl could just attack the place. Change back to normal after and stroll.

>> No.39260588

Rolled 20, 18, 17, 17, 16, 1, 5, 15, 12, 1, 16 = 138 (11d20)


>> No.39260623

simple. own the establishment, a nice two story brick affair on a corner.

run a no age limit setup in the back half of the establishment catering to magical girls and a very exclusive selection of normals.

>> No.39260643

rolled masculinity so that would be waifu for me. But still good call on the golem thing.

>> No.39260668

clever... did not think of that.

>> No.39260692

by" normals" i would presume you mean the main source of easy income. Gotta reckon the magical folk are off limits to cheat. (too much of a chance they'd notice)

>> No.39260718

Rolled 13, 7, 17, 14, 4, 1, 14, 15, 11, 6, 14 = 116 (11d20)


>> No.39260730


June Fontaine
Age: 13 (coined from 7)
Average build
Reinforcement (+1 Str, Agi and Mag).
Magic (silver) to Fists (+2 Str).
Flowing (+1 Str).
-Allies (The Observers; +1 Agi)
-A Way Out (coined) > Incognito
-+2 Vit
-Get Out of Jail
-Closure (+1 Luck)

"Me? I'm nobody. Just a little bird called Red."


Str - 8
Vit - 6
Agi - 10 (Gold)
Mag - 5
Luck - 5


A lot of terrible things go unreported in this city. So many people coming and going, passing each other. You don't feel anything when you rob from somebody here. That person didn't mean anything to you. They're one of the sheep. One of the faceless, nameless idiots floating around you. It doesn't mean anything if one of them loses a purse, or a car.

Or ends up with a caved-in skull in a forgotten alleyway.

I can't say I'm the answer. I used to be one of the fuckers who stole from somebody else. Took somebody's life, didn't intend to give it back.


My life's a noir movie with poofy dresses.

Call me June. Hood, if you really want. I'm nobody, just a saint with a keen eye. You won't see me until you're in trouble. And by the time you figure out what happened, I'll be gone. That's how I work. I'm a saint of the crowd. The nameless. I work miracles whether I want to or not.

I'm the best friend you'll ever have.

And yes, I talk like this all the time.

>> No.39260735

I'd be okay with a bunny girl outfit and a job as a waitress or game operator. "No more bets."
Rewarding them with some scantily clad girls is the least we can do after ripping them off. Though, from what I've seen in my area there are a lot of people(asians mostly, where I live, though a tiny part of the population) go to the cards and roulette and throw money away. Terribly, just waste hundreds or thousands a trip. They don't seem to need a reward.

>> No.39260764

Rolled 6, 15, 2, 6, 9, 14, 8, 20, 1, 11, 18 = 110 (11d20)

Where do you live?

>> No.39260801

Oregon, its just north of California.
It rains often, there are trees everywhere and I wouldn't want it any other way.

>> No.39260833

Rolled 7, 10, 11, 16, 6, 2, 4, 10, 3, 7, 10 = 86 (11d20)


>> No.39260903

yeah gambling is practically a license to print money.

I can see it in my head. desperate men and women throwing away thier money to cute girls who've seen it a hundred times today, while the relevant (magical) clients gamble and talk in corners.

side note. probably have a general no transformations rule to cut down on shenanigans.

also.... monster girls okay or not?

>> No.39260932

As much as I want to say yes, they would only hurt business.

They bring chaos and malady where ever they go.

>> No.39260971

in my opinion? They cause no trouble then there's no problem.

>> No.39260989

then again if even a drider says no...

>> No.39260995

yeah magical girls would get a fair shake. and we'd probably be the only place anywhere to serve alcohol to a seven year old. to say nothing of cigarettes. .... can you imagine being a smoker and having the transformation thrust on you? probably kill for a cigarette after the first week.

>> No.39261002

Yes. If you have conflict with someone, the reasonable course of action is to discuss it. I was building a case. You were just building strawmen. Grow. Up.

>> No.39261037

Hmm. You know, I seem to have a bit of luck with numbers, and even though I don't think you're really my type, I can appreciate what you're trying to do. Magical girls...we all need a place where you can just relax and forget about life for a bit. Where you can at least pretend to be a normal human being and not some overly-frilled immortal teenage princess of justice.

I'd like to discuss a business agreement, if you're open to such.

>> No.39261052

You'd lose the chemical addiction. You'd just have the habit.
As far as getting the booze and whatever, is there a plan for that? Stealing?

>> No.39261061

mayhaps we give them the opportunity to do just that?

>> No.39261093

How many magical girls have you set in your city? My assumption is that they aren't that common. Maybe 1 in 15000 or so.

>> No.39261122

we've got the idea of building realistic golems to go to the sort of places us young un's can't. so i thunk we're golden. Or we could just place online orders

>> No.39261154

Any illusionist magical girl ought to be able to dummy up some fake IDs - and even if there aren't any of them around, there's bound to be places to pick up mundane forgeries.

>> No.39261156

Well hello Babe.

C'mon in take a seat.

Care for some hooch? coffin nail? Cake?
The booze is dry, the fags menthol, and the cake is German Chocolate.

So... Whats the story Morning Glory? You got business to discuss, you come to the right place.

>> No.39261160

This whole post is a big red flag, though. There are dangerous assumptions in here.
>The IRC is equally accessible to everyone.
This is just ridiculous. Joining an IRC means there's an entire invisible backlog you will never be privy to. The conversation is something you are not involved in, and there is no way for you to catch up. This is a distinct disadvantage when we're talking about something like design, and a point in favor of 4chan. If you join a thread halfway through, you can just read the thread. If you join an IRC chat halfway through, you're SOL. There's also the problem of the clique. Because of the existence of names, not every opinion is treated equally. And finally there's the inaccessibility of IRC itself, especially Rizon. We have all proven we can access 4chan, but not every poster will be able to access IRC for various reasons. Lack of tech understanding (which is totally irrelevant to their ability to contribute to discussions about fluff and mechanics), ISP limitations on bandwidth or protocol use, Rizon restricting access to that poster (intentional, deserved, or neither) because of old bans, false positives from their security bot, or just not letting anyone in from that city or country are all known problems with the service. There is both a social and technological wall between a potential poster and contributing to the IRC.

>Hitting the bump limit is a problem for the discussion.
This is just false. New threads get made. A bump limit is meaningless in the new age of the catalog, as well. It does not matter in the least whether we're hitting the front page, anyone interested in the thread's topic will find it anyway. Starting a new thread in the middle of a discussion is a total non-issue on 4chan because of the nature of threads. People can easily catch up by reading what has already been posted. How did you think this was a valid point to make at all?
>Posting with tripcodes is necessary to have a discussion.

>> No.39261244

Right of course, I was even the one to suggest it. Feeling dumb...

Layin it on thick.

>> No.39261278

Dunno if you've heard, but I've managed to snag some property in the warehouse district. Plenty large - almost too big for me to work with. Was thinking much along the lines you were saying - when a magical girl like us needs to get her mind off the monster that just ate a friend, or the fact that her family's gone and will never remember their existence.

It's really tough for us to keep going if that catches up to us, and I'd be lying if I said it hasn't happened to me at least once. Probably happened to a lot of us. So I think you and I, we could really do a lot of good for these girls.
I do wanna make one thing clear though - I don't plan on wanting to work FOR you, but I do want to work WITH you. There's a difference, a big one at that. Hopefully you can understand where I'm coming from - I don't need the help, but two brains is better than one, you know what I'm saying?

>> No.39261283

We're having one right now with multiple anonymous posters. They're even many hours apart. What the hell? Why does it matter if people from the IRC use tripcodes or not? It means absolutely nothing! A post can stand on its own merits, the person behind it is totally extraneous information nearly all the time. And that's assuming that you can't just tell who is who for the brief conversation, because people tend to hold the same opinions or make implied reference to their other posts until it's done.
>I have [tried to start a discussion] and [I don't think it took.]
...And? People talk about what they're interested in. What a shocker. If you've gotten any responses at all, that is a conversation. The lack of response is also in itself a response. Are you saying you try to hijack and manipulate IRC chats into talking just about what you want to talk about, too? Do you think maybe part of the problem of you being incapable of talking about your insular group's activities outside of it is because it was created in an insular group? There is no motivation to talk about it with you, because there is no guarantee of the posts even being read, let alone listened or responded to, and absolutely no investment in what they are. They were made, fed, edited, and argued only in a place these posters never see. How is it at all surprising that enthusiasm is lower than among a small group that was involved, and therefore invested, in that whole process?
>But that depends on how willing you guys are to give suggestions
No. It depends on how willing you are to climb off of your high horse and be transparent.
>You aren't discussing what I like, therefore you're not discussing anything at all.
Stop being an ass. "And try discussion sometimes" is a pretty blatant dismissal of the thread's ability to be involved at all. When you take topics away and shut down certain conversations when they get going here, it's hardly surprising that you see a lack of what you wanted here.

>> No.39261303

>They bring chaos and malady where ever they go.
Only Angel do that.

>> No.39261322

No, according to the creator, the fallen angels are they only ones who feel naturally compelled to do good, unfortunately for them ,all mostergirls actions have a sort of ripple effect where bad things come regardless.

>> No.39261363

I still say all monstergirls should just let themselves be cursed with some kind of luck reversal curse to see what would happen.

You know, for science. And, if nothing good happens to come out of it you can be cursed with more things until a solution is found.

>> No.39261375

>Any response to my opinions requires an entire group disagreeing with them in unison
"Enough people" is an absurd requirement. "We'll change it" is an authoritarian, essentially dismissive statement. It's an insult towards an out-group from a big fish in an in-group. It's just plain rude. Frankly, how dare you? If even one person says even one thing about anything you've done, responding to it is not only polite but it's how conversations happen. You are your own problem. Or more accurately, your absurd ego -- born, I hope, only from your formation of this insulating IRC group and not an inherent quality of yours -- is causing your discussion problems. It is not a reasonable standard to establish that the only way you'll join discussions here is if "enough people," e.g. more than one person, have enough input for you to feel threatened or whateverthefuck.

That is a toxic attitude. It demonstrably erodes confidence with and enjoyment of the creativity in here, hurts the ability to discuss a healthy range of topics openly, and poisons interpersonality between all of us essentially anonymous posters. Fuck yourself, Dio. You're already drowning in The Kool-Aid.

>> No.39261415


>> No.39261420

A forgettable dude you can't even remember the instrument of isn't "on par with the most proficient person in this skill on the planet." They are literally the best violinist and the best pianist in the world, without qualification.

>> No.39261427

I ain't subjecting myself to any of those new fangled luck reversal spells. Curses cause autism you know.

>> No.39261428

Shit forgot name

>> No.39261438

Doesn't it, though?

>> No.39261453

Her nickname is... Genie Boss Boss?

>> No.39261457

>mostergirls actions
It's actually that they get a strange impulse. If they act on that impulse there will be bad things.

The angel's have the altruistic streak of Reinforce. This colors their impulses to make them good acts. Those good acts then lead to bad things.

Vamps might tell someone off, he will then do something bad like gamble.

Angel will say something encouraging to a stranger, giving him the strength he needed to allahua akbar.

>> No.39261458

>all mostergirls actions
Only FA have anything about that, other than the urge that you can suppress, even if it's hard.

>> No.39261471

You wouldn't have these worries if you just let yourself be cursed once or twice, then you will realize that they're the easiest way to solve every problem.

Huh, now I kind of feel like trying to write something about my as-of-yet-unnamed Darkness girl that specializes in curses. Probably some kind of curse science diary.

>> No.39261478

It's Boss Genie.
BeeGee for short.
Bag guy Gender be damned

>> No.39261505

"Monster girls seem to act on their own, but may be guided by some external faction as well. They get the urge to randomly go somewhere or do some inconsequential thing, like vandalizing a wall or protecting an old hobo, but it often results in a butterfly effect that creates much more chaos in the world."

>> No.39261546

No, all of them have it. The angel section is just more explicit so people don't try to wiggle out of it by saying "I'm doing good things, therefore I'm not a villain creature." The generic blurb on monstergirls says even if they do something nice ("protect an old hobo") it causes unintended problems and chaos.

Monstergirls are corrupted, so they create widespread issues. All the time. Forever. That is their curse. Even if they do the best they can, every time, they create a painful drawback elsewhere.

>> No.39261601

>that you can suppress, even if it's hard.
Even without counting the suppressing, that don't mean that all their actions are going to end in chaos.

>> No.39261612

Fellow oregonian, can confirm.

>> No.39261639 [SPOILER] 

They have so much potential.
Need a group effort from darkness, reinforce, earth and flower for my secret project. One of those dildos girls use to simulate a dick, enchanted so the wielder gets the sensations as if it were actually a dick. It's so obvious.

>> No.39261669

I wasn't trying to say that everything they do causes chaos, just point out that all monster girls are effected by said curse, not just fallen angels.

>> No.39261671

>All the time. Forever.
Raison d'etre or whatever
paragraph three.

>> No.39261696

Whew! We must join forces.

>> No.39261730

The amount of things that just reinforce and darkness could do together is just absurd, although reinforce's mentality is definitely better suited to actually helping people with absurd science.

You know, thinking on it, I feel like it's not a very magical girl thing to do to just kidnap people off the streets for cursing experiments, I'm not sure how else test subjects would be acquired though. Well, I suppose just cursing someone evil to the point where they can't complain about being cursed more would work fine.

>> No.39261735

I count the curse on the FA and the instincts on the MoG as two different thing though.

>> No.39261773

>I count the curse on the FA and the instincts on the MoG as two different thing though.
Check these posts.


>> No.39261777

Fair enough, to each their own.

>> No.39261800

Where are you? Corvallis here, OSU a best college.

>> No.39261802

Evil. If it's that terrible a curse you should just try it in combat.
Torture isn't worth it.

>> No.39261840

My sister graduated from there. I'm sitting on the 45th parallel in Keizer. I'll give you a shout when I post my final final build later today.

>> No.39261850

What are you planning to use flower for, exactly? Growing a specifically shaped vine?
because I have a flower-spec ally NPC who would totally get behind that project.

>> No.39261851

That has everything to do with agency and nothing to do with breaking curses. Read the text as it's written and not how you hope it will be.

>> No.39261917

Well no, the tests wouldn't be harmful or terrible curses, the terrible stuff would just happen if I couldn't find a willing test subject. Maybe getting into school and finding an occult club would get me willing cursing subjects and long as none of them were horribly dangerous. You know, a luck reversal here, a sense numbing there, maybe a bit of (probably) temporary forgetfulness as well.

And it's clearly all in the name of fixing monstergirls, for sure. Not just out of a love of curses and seeing what can be done with them, but curses sure are a beautiful thing.

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