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If a PC has sex with an NPC or gets romantically involve with one, do you as a GM give descriptions of the love scene and act as your PC's love interest?

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I don't act out love scenes but when playing the NPC I will act as needed

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No, because we (usually) leave the fetish shit out of it, unless the fetish is in some way plot-essential (we once had to kill an Imperial Noblewoman mid-coitus, because literally the only time she ever let her guard down was when she was mid-frolic). It's usually mentioned, but not discussed.

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Same its all part of the job

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Though going by OPs pic, I don't do Fire Emblem tier waifu baiting, since that shit is just boring.

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Nope. By table consensus, fade to black. We're not there to play Black Tokyo or FATAL.

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I can safely say regardless of who it is, unless you are alone with your significant other, that shit is very awkward. I game with a group and we take turns GMing and we do in fact have a gril in our group (no special treatment, she's just part of the party to us) and she is moderately attractive, she isn't ugly but she isn't some sex-bomb either, I once had a character who got married and consummating the marriage was a thing in the setting and she went into it in detail, everyone was red-faced and awkward. It wasn't fun. And her and I never got together or fucked or anything, either, so it wasn't her "admitting to liking me" or anything.

tl:dr don't do that shit.

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I start by choking the player. I'm big into breath control.

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It's called "fade to black."

In literature, I think Jack Vance does a fantastic job at it, since he never shies away from including all manners of acts in his books, but he always has some clever word play to avoid mentioning explicitly what's happening, usually ending up providing more of a sense of exactly the tone of the seen without bothering with any indiscreet details.

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Played in group where the players were all into the whole sex rp... I hated it. I'm no prude.. But it just isn't fun.. I started making my character go out and attract monsters and bring the, back to he party ... Pretty funny watching an orgy turn into a slaughter.

I stopped playing in that group.

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You mean Fire Emblem: Awakening tier waifu baiting.
The 12 previous games didn't have it.

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In a group? No. Fade to black.

One on one? Oh yeah. I sleep with the GM, anyway.

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Girls sure do love their ERP, eh?

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my group has a rule about sex, you only have two options. Fade-to-black or puns.

he was really good at making puns.

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>not being a murderhobo
>doing the things murderhobos do
>in worship of the King of Murderhobos

I don't understand.

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roll to stick dick into pussy or anal.

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As a GM I almost always gloss over it entirely, when it does come up, unless something weird happens from it. Like it was a succubi or a gelatinous cube or whatever.

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I just roll one of these and leave the sex scene stuff at that.

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i think the term you're looking for is "called shot"

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>a gelatinous cube

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Related comic


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Just a shame the future games are going to follow Awakening's example since its casual mode attracted so many new players.

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I need to know the puns. Tell me.

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Isn't the next game(s)' gimmick that one version is casual and the other is difficult?

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Before we even get to asking that question, I gotta make the PC run through hoops. We're talking somewhere between serious courtly love and anime romance logic.

What's that? Your character just wanted a quick fuck? Well, there's prostitutes, naive tavern girls, and F-list. If you're getting romantically involved, we're going into MY magical realm, which is full of cuteness and fluff and building a deep and lasting relationship in character!

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The next game's gimmick is that if you want to experience the entire game you have to buy it twice and wait for DLC, or wait till well after release and buy the COMPLETE DELUXE EDITION.

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I like the way this anon thinks

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I only do Rated PG love scenes for the table, usually a short conversation in bed after the act, and throw description after description of the pleasant mood and deepness of their partner's eyes, the usual post-coitus high, etc.

The current party I'm DMing for has a wizard that has bound two succubi to keep his bed warm at night, and while they fawn and giggle and delight in every bit of attention he throws their way, the rest of the party shakes their heads and never blinks or speaks when those two harlots are within earshot.

Because they know I don't do "anime romance" especially with a demon called from the 183rd level of the maddening abyss. Those two are carefully crafting the Wizard's horrific downfall, all the while acting like pure innocent tsundere nubiles which has placed him in a perfect false sense of security with which he dismisses the other party member's warnings as jealousy. Because they told him the other men in his party were jealous...

Oh... All the roleplay flirting will be worth it when I destroy him.

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As a GM I tend to do a lot of not too important stuff "behind the scenes" in 1 on 1 RPs. In session I might say "[Name] looks into your eyes knowingly and the two of you retreat for a time." before moving on, and if the player wants I'll RP out that shit in private with them. I try to give as an involved game as I can and sex is a big part of anyones life so personally I have no qualms with talking about sex and sexuality.

So yes, but I tend to describe things other than dialogue in 3rd person.

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awakening was my first game and going through the others i have to say yes they absolutely did, if anything has changed it's not the games it's US. We're easier to waifu-bait.

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They do both SEEM like they're full games so it's more like the next game's gimmick is they're releasing two games at once. Somewhat comparable to if they had released six and seven at the same time

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The only time I've ever described some manner of love making, or something close to that, was when shit was going to go down as a result of that.

Case in point. A noblewoman in Rogue Trader revealing herself to be a latent psyker close to the act. Plot reasons.

Another time, I didn't force my GM to describe in great detail of an act between my character and an NPC(Though he did think that was my angle briefly), but I needed to know if during the act, they had revealed their apocalyptic forms to each other(We were playing Demon: The Fallen).

Pretty much the only time we've gotten close to describing things of that nature. Fade to black is a popular choice.

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Fade to black.

Once when my girl friend was DM, after the session was over and everyone had gone home we decided to act out the scene but it ended up with us half dressed, laughing or heads off that we decided not to bother I'm the end.

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Fuck no.

I ask if he wants to bank on Power, Gymnastics or Endurance, and ask him for a roll to see how well he does. That's it.

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>Ha ha! Oh, that was funny anon, like you'd ever really want to be a paladin.
H-heh, yeah, why would I want to be a paladin? I'm totally happy as I am..

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if i have a idea of how to make this fun for the whole party (ninja attack etc.) i tell them they do it and turn my attnesion to the rest of the part, telling the player that he is out of play for bout a half hour cause he is fucking to his hearts content

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they get a choice:

either it fades to black, or i say " and then they did the nasty". because i have fucking standards man.

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Am I boring and/or racist for just finding White the best option?

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Nope. She's the classic elf - golden hair, green clothes. Out of the bunch she also seems most...serene? Not really playful or tsundere.

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I like blue the best personally.

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"black" isn't black ENOUGH to be drow and yet too dark to be a PROPER chocolate elf so no you're fine

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Blueberry Elf looks the lewdest, but for some reason I really hate that shade of blue.

It's like unsexy blue.

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You are a monster.

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Not liking chocolate elves...

You're entitled to your opinion and I respect that.

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I blame WoW's spacegoats for my love of blue. Delicious brown is nice, but sometimes I need something rather exotic.

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There's love scenes and there's love scense. I've never been confronted with the situation, but I think it's more than normal to act out the affection between two characters who claim to love eachother once in a while, as awkward as it may be. ERP is a nono on the other hand.

Neither boring nor racist, just a pleb. There's no shame in being a pleb though.

While delicious brownies are often ambiguously so (are they black? mixed? Philippino? South East Asian? Just tanned Japanese?), I always imagine delicious brown elves to be somewhat the equivalent of mixed/Carribean people in terms of appearance.

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Why don't you imagine them as brown skin elves... Like how they're always depicted?

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>If a PC has sex
>having sex
Do you want to have your soul sucked through your dick leaving a shriveled corpse to rest of party laugh at?

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What if we blended them together like an elf swirl?

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What like that sort of cow pattern skin condition some people get?

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Motherfucker don't look at me like that.

You know what an elf is right? It's a magic white person with finely drawn features, tall and slender, pointy ears and slanted eyes.

Doesn't matter what colour they are the're still elves.

Light to Mid brown with light hair is objectively best though. Fact, true. Correct. Choc Elves best flavour.

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Depends on what the players want. I'm not at all uncomfortable roleplaying they're waifu or a tavern girl they're hitting on/sexing, but they all have to agree that it's what they want. Of course, if they want to roleplay it, they're going to actually have to say what their characters are saying, and I'll judge their level of seduction based on that and a few rolls. I don't give a good goddamn how well you roll, "SUCK MAH DIIIIICK," is only going to work on people who find that kind of thing funny, and the rest of the time, it'll get you kicked in said dick.

For sex, same kinda thing. I'll describe it and ask what the person is doing, if everyone agrees to it. If it's fun for them and it doesn't make me uncomfortable, I really don't give a shit.

Only once has this happened, btw. Most of the party didn't do so hot when seducing the townsfolk, but one PC managed to get laid, and only because the NPC was planning on robbing him. He lost a fair bit of gold.

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White, black and blue? How about the sexiest color of them all? Green!

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Sex does happen in my games, but I never go into graphic detail. I just explain how it was done and what their partner(s) were like before getting on with the game. That's it. Sitting there talking shit with one of your players while the rest of the party are twiddling their thumbs is selfish and stupid.

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Maybe? Perhaps like a weird reverse tan?

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>not wanting to wreastle with your drow waifu over dominance in the bedroom.
Chocolate is the new vanilla, bro.

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Fade to black every time. My players can go find their fap material from the internet. If a player insisted on it, I might do some rp, though strictly depending on the person.

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You sick fuck. I bet you are into sex between married couples in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation and holding hands.

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Yes, but only because it's an ERP.

Or WAS an ERP, rather.

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Was an ERP? What is it now? A normal game? Or has it evolved into a relationship? Or even marriage?

>> No.39234615

I say was because sadly the game has recently ended. Although there was technically 1 marriage.

>tfw want to GM ERP game but no players to force my magical realm on

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You could always check the gamefinder threads.

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What is your realm?

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Cuddling and romantic relationships.
Also femdom.

I probably should, wasn't sure if they allowed ERP requests there.

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I am not sure either.

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That's my realm but without the monstergirls and corruption fetish.

>> No.39234753

Good taste
Purification > corruption but both are fine

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This isn't an ERP game I'm running, and I'm certainly in no mood to choreograph a sex scene over Roll20; combat takes long enough.
I'll act how the NPCs will act as a point of pride, but if it comes to sex, it'll be handled abstractly.

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I doubt a nice AdMech girl has access to that technology.

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It's /tg/
No one will give a shit as long as you're honest.

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Fade to black. I also let players dictate how NPC love interests act because I'm not acting out their waifu romance fantasies for them unless I'm having the BBEG kidnap their waifu and kill her.

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You have best magical realm

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Sex and ERP is fine in my group, but we don't go into detail if some asks it to stop or it takes too much of the session and others are getting bored.
Cause of that most of it is fade to black or done on the side

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>detail and if someone
>and others are getting bored we stop.
Shit how'd I mess my post up that badly?

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Dicks on the mind.

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>generate a noun, a verb and an adjective
>interpret what happened using those 3 words

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To be fair, Victorian poets and novelists mastered the art of making you feel like you just read pornography when all you technically read was something as innocuous as a gardening metaphor.

>> No.39238841


Call me.

Actually, Victorian poets and novelists mastered the art of disguising erotic metaphors as ones based around plants.

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>tfw GM threatening to divine conception with female PC and PC's female minion
>tfw PC isn't a lesbian
>tfw GM's /u/boating is beyond my powerlevel

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>Actually, Victorian poets and novelists mastered the art of disguising erotic metaphors as ones based around plants.
That's...that's what I just said...

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I like to make the sex as awkward as possible in graphic detail.

Make every sex scene look like a first timer, by drawing on my vast experience of sexual inadequacy:

cock stink
whats that lump on ur dick
can't get hard
can't stay hard
so small
premature ejaculations
your pubic hair is making sneeze
hair pulling
elbow in the rib
blatantly fake orgasms
are you done yet

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You don't actually play D&D with anyone, do you.

>> No.39239311

You made it sound like they made gardening metaphors sound dirty, instead of making them actually be dirty. Still, sorry for the confusion.

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>call me
No, you call me.
thesuvorov88 @ gmail.com

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Do you have a skype? I can never remember to check emails. And it seems like all my emails have my name worked into them somehow.

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