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>the kingdom's knights aren't a conventional fighting force but a group of individuals with weird powers and/or equipment inherited through their dynasties

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Not sure if safe for work

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britbongs were right, facesitting should be outlawed

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>If you you need help
>And no one else will help you
>And you can find them
>Then call the Æ Team

We are now hiring, bring forth your Warriors

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The kingdom's knights aren't a conventional fighting force, but a group of individuals with inherited powers and equipment?

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I'd actually love to play an A-team styled medieval high fantasy game.

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This is how fantasy knights should be, prove me wrong.
>Phlogiston Basilisk
>Arbalest Wildcat

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But doesn't the fox die?

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>Chu-ko-nu Crane
>Bola Panther
>Greatsword Gorilla

>Captcha : Sad sloqu

Whoa, now, captcha, save that for Iron Golem 4 : Catapults of the Monarchy.

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You can't outlaw greatness.

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This had come up in another thread.

You know how Paladins and Knights tend to be covered head to toe in armor, massive pauldrons and capes to add even more protection? It's also because they are all monster races. Compared to 99.9% of all other races, what do Humans do to the children of others and even small animals? They raise them, and most monster races are usually smart enough to know they get a better deal with the humans.

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I like it.

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You can even give their armor animal motifs.

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So... they're PCs?

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I like where this thread is going.

So, what would be some cool and interesting members of the new Ordo Vulpes (First name to think of, any better ideas?)

>Sir Lance Eel
A warrior who uses the hollowed out skull of a Bullette as a ram/lance to charge down enemies. What he can't mow down he uses his Spatha sidearm to cut down. He's brash, impetuous, and is missing an ear from that fight with the Bullette. He's a professional jouster, though he views the reliance on horse power to be a weakness, so he competes on foot. This has resulted him in being barred from over 15 different tournies. The only time he feels alive is from the rush he gets from running an enemy down. When not in battle he tends to act lazy and lethargic, but that's only because he prefers to not waste energy on anything other than rushing down his prey.

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I like having knights as superpowered badasses, who protect humanity from the threats that the common man could not hope to overcome.

Think Hunters, from the Monster Hunter series. Humans with the blood of elder dragons who can fight toe-to-toe with deminatural engines of consumption and destruction

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Like the Knights Radiant?

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>Sir Lance Eel
That's a rubbish name anon. I'd suggest using the original origin of modern names and sticking to the pseudo-Latin for animal types.

>Sir Lanzo Anguilliformes

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Damnit, this didnt turn into a slimegirl facesitting thread.

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>Sir Lanzo Anguilliformes

Welcome to /tg/, we take everything seriously, and an either turn a serious topic into a smutty one, or a smutty topic into a serious one. Need I remind you of the Winter Sphinx thread?

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Is she drowning the knight, or getting oral from him?

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Don't complain about problems. Fix them yourself. Do something about injustices like this one.

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>In a world of monsters run amok and cosmic horrors lurking in the background, the Kingdom represents the one oasis of peace and security for humankind
>This peace is bought with the tireless efforts of its powerful knights with supernatural powers

While publicly loved and adored, it is a closely guarded secret that the knights themselves are marginally different from the monsters they fight against.

At best they were humans who obtained strange artifacts or magical powers and try to stave off madness with discipline. But the majority are literally demons who either willingly or by force serve the kingdom.

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I'd inherit me some of that dynasty.

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shhhh, no more tears. This is an Iron Golem thread now.

La Li Lu Le Lo.

So, would Sir Firmus Anguis (or would it be Serpens) be a some form of self-conscience Simalcrum created from the blood of the former Grand Master of the Order? or would he actually be a Half Elf created from the dalliance between the Grand Master and an Elven Spy?

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Sounds vaguely like the Ten who were Taken.

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"Ordo Vulpes" sounds *way* too fortykay with the faux-latin BS. even just "Order of the Vulpine" would be an improvement, and it's pretty damn shitty.

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I like charging eel better or Lancer eel.

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Isn't that just W.I.TC.H?

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>Iron Golem 4 : Catapults of the Monarchy.

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Even better then

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I went with a similar, but arguably inverted direction once.

Everyone in the land is born with a power. Generally they're pretty weak, but people have good control over them. IE a person with water summoning can't summon lots of water, or far away from them, but they can choose exactly where and what shape it arrives.

Occasionally, people with two powers are born. They are considered blessed and gifted since the synergy between their two powers often allows for considerably more effective power. For instance, someone who can negate gravity on something small they touch who can also briefly ignite anything they touched recently can light a fire a considerable distance away by flicking stuff over at it.

The kingdom and its royal family, a beacon of light and order amidst a world of darkness and fear, is protected by a circle of knights with 3 powers, rarer still. Heroes, and famous each.

Those with 4 powers? Kidnapped, beaten and tortured as children, before being thrown into the wilds to fend for themselves. To ensure that they grow up as bitter monstrosities, marauding villains to provide the knights with an enemy, a great threat to fight against.

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Vagrant Story had special forces knights.

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>Those with 4 powers? Kidnapped, beaten and tortured as children, before being thrown into the wilds to fend for themselves. To ensure that they grow up as bitter monstrosities, marauding villains to provide the knights with an enemy, a great threat to fight against.
That's retarded anon.

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They get them really early. They essentially grow up wild children, like raised by wolves level wild children, without the necessary social skills to interact constructively with people. The torture stuff isn't even all that necessary, its just to try and instill an early negative association with other humans besides themselves.

The insular nature of the folk who live on the borders takes care of the rest of the process of making sure they grow up into super powered thieves at best, rampaging monsters once they snap at worst.

The knights need threats that come from outside the kingdom to justify their existence, otherwise they might as well just be superpolice around to crush rebellions, which wouldn't leave them very popular with the people.

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That's exactly how it is in my setting. PCs, and powerful NPC, I. E. Adventurers, are physically and spiritually distinct from regular people by the inclusion of an Adventurer Seed in their soul (people aren't sure if this is destined from the start, or something that can awaken in anybody).

Because of the existence of people that can rip through normal soldiers like butter, most nations develop a core of Adventurers to act in an anti-adventurer capacity, take down the bad ones.

There are groups like the Star Eaters (mostly focused on taking down mages who are a threat) in the gaelic/three kingdoms China country, and in the Zarus-worshiping generic not-Britain country of Midland, there is PEREGRINE, a unit of special agents dedicated to protect against rogue Adventurers.

Their latest threat was against a group called CINDER, which wants to... Well, actually, I won't say, because my group browses /tg/. Their core members are all made up of previous PEREGRINE members, Mauler Giant, Fencer Manticore, Aegis Carbuncle, Illusionist Sphinx (goes by Mockingbird), and the leader, Magma Drake, who goes by Ignis.

One of the players, a human Soldier, is a member of PEREGRINE who idolized Magma Drake as a kid. His code name is Ballistae Griffin, which he earned from shoulder checking Mockingbird from 40 feet up with a bull rush and plowing him into the ground, causing him to die instantly.

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It's still really, really retarded. It's a M. Night. Shyamalan tier twist.

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Gotta agree with this anon.

Absolutely retarded premise.

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Was the elder dragon blood thing ever referenced legitimately? Or is it just headcanon?

Because my friend and I thought it might have been something like that. Assuming wyvernians were humanoids with wyvern ancestry, hunters could have been humanoids with elder dragon ancestry. We never found any supporting evidence though. I'm not even sure if wyvernians are actually related to wyverns at all beyond the name.

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I always thought they were just regular people who trained to do the things they do.

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It's pretty much perfectly a Kojima twist, too.

Just make sure that it's the main character's boss who did so and that he gets a long speech where he dances while making BANG sounds occasionally through it.

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No, a Kojima twist would be having all the 3-power individuals with superior genes join the knights and all the ones with inferior genes join the beasts.

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the overall concept in this thread kind of reminds me of Radiata Stories' knights (TriAce Ps2 game). I love it.

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As far as I'm aware that's the official/canon explanation, which is why I was confused when >>39176088 started talking about them having unnatural ancestry.
Guess it's just popular headcanon, which works with me. I like hunters as incredibly badass mortals instead of super magical halfbreeds.

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>Guess it's just popular headcanon, which works with me. I like hunters as incredibly badass mortals instead of super magical halfbreeds.
Why not both?

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You do know that Liquid and Snake both worked for the American government until one of them defected, right?

So mid-way through the adventure a key support unit defects and becomes the main bad guy, turns out the last 10 years of planning, beast management, and every success you've had has been a part of his plan...



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Too interesting for you?

Would you prefer a faceless horde to pointlessly slaughter?

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A lot of these ideas remind me of the apostle knights in Berserk.

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Yeah exactly. Why not recruit a giant as a knight?

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reminds me of dark souls

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One that can turn into a dragon, even.
Although it's worth noting that most of them aren't that impressive in comparison.

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Pretty sure he was implying it was a good thing.

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A crystal dragon at that.

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Thats because the guy who made the Souls Series was a huge Berserk fanboy. There are videos out there that point out where he got different things from.

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I can get behind this

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Dark souls is the Berserk game that should have been.

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Did someone say Myth: The Fallen Lords?

>> No.39177635

A Berserk game would have faster combat since it doesn't take Guts a year to finish swinging his sword unless you count the amount of time between chapter releases

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You sir, are my brother of Nigerian descent

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>mfw we're bros

also Gali and Kopaka are best Toa and I will fight anyone who disagrees

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Slaine please go. You couldn't even protect your squire's smile.

This is pretty much how it would go in a setting with limited numbers of powerful magic items though.
>tfw you had to marry your beautiful daughter off to a fat incompetent slob for a codpiece
>it is a real cool codpiece though

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It's a Berserk game where you don't play as Guts.

>> No.39177826

I can't disagree, because you're right, though Onua makes it up there for me as well

Though I stopped after the Piraka thing. it was getting ridiculous after that

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Dragon's Dogma m8s.

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Onua and Pohatu are close because they were both pretty bro-tier. Tahu was kind of cool but a little spergy and Lewa was just a dope

I left at around the same time because it did get a little weird. I liked the original setting/mythos/art style of the first two incarnations. It was like Final Fantasy but not weabish

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what I find ridiculous is all that late series bs was planned from the start.

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I ran a heroes of Light campaign as my first 3rd edition campaign.

Having a kingdom to protect makes players less murderhobo.

I ran that campaign for maybe 2 years one of my better ones.

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wait, what? tha-that can't be true! not even Aizen can keikaku that much!

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>stopped caring after Metro Nui
>still had muh mans on the desk
>one day, just get copies of the last few comics in the mail outta the blue
>mfw putting it all together

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My favorite part of Bionacle was making everything once, then taking it all apart and building new and more stuff

How many "sword coming out of the side of feet" dudes did you make?

>> No.39178066


At least the new stuff gave us this cool music video.

While I had more or less outgrown legos by the time the underwater stuff came out I still thought it was kind of cool. But I'm a sucker for deep-ocean settings.

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Iron Golem members
Fire Sparrow: A fighter who specializes in sniping, she has a small bird familiar (took the ritual feat) who acts as her spotter.
Blink Moth: A monk who jumps between shadows. Called Moth for his silent movements.
Sleeping Rat: The infiltrator, an assassin who specializes in going undercover and effectively becoming a sleeper agent. Though he can impersonate people and replace officials when he needs to.
Lancer Eel: A Paladin of vengeance, he skewers his enemies with his lance by running full tilt at them.

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>You will never drown under slimebooty

>> No.39178411

Remind me.

>> No.39178426

>not drowninginpussy.png

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here is a screencap from the thread.

it was a rollicking good time

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>a group of individuals with weird powers and/or equipment inherited through their dynasties

that's how the Shi'ar do it; in addition to regular Space Knights

space fantasy > terrestrial fantasy

fact question: why is it that the strongest member usually ends up in charge of the kingdom?

>> No.39178853

Because they're uh, strong?

>> No.39178989

I read a fantasy novel that was basically this called Graceling. Some people have a Grace, which is something they're supernaturally good at. The MC is a Graceling whose Grace is killing and she basically goes around being the king's thug, threatening lords when they don't do what he says.

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>no nipples - check
>no no-no parts - check
>no extreme gore - check

you may get odd looks, but your clear just as this is

>> No.39179034

you mean the one where the end of the book its revealed her grace is actual survival/preservation?

that was a nice book

>> No.39179035

>>no no-no parts - check
Nigga I see a clit

>> No.39179187

Yeah that's the one! Glad to hear someone else has read it.

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File: 1.28 MB, 1194x1359, 1419562681350.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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it takes more than that to be an emperor, but that's usually how in goes in popular media

>> No.39179298

But the Fox Engine came out on top in the end!

Thanks Fox Engine.

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You know wha other vidya character had an obvious case of autism (or at least aspergers)?

pic related

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At first I thought the guy to the left was Doctor Doom wielding Mjolnir.

>> No.39179655

>badass' special power is being the best at killing
This is dumb trope I like.

>> No.39179690

Isn't that Claymore?

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being good at killing could just be an unintentional use of a power

>> No.39179767

It actually wasn't bad, IIRC, it was a shitty teen drama book but it used it's idea of Graces pretty creatively at times and the girl doesn't bother angsting too much about the whole Best at Killing thing. At some time or another it finally occurs to her that she's kind of a monster so some dude bangs the drama out of her (Or does the young-adult lit version, a stern talking to and a chaste kiss)

>> No.39179796

Let it never be said that /tg/ is stale.

>> No.39179953

A grace doesn't mean you are best, it means you have a supernatural instinctive skill at it. For example, there's one warrior guy that can read surface thoughts, a sailor that can forecast the weather for up to three days, and some others.

Also, being a Graceling is easily recognizable, since all Gracelings are born with heterochromia, meaning they can be easily identified and gathered up for control by the state.

>> No.39179980

>since all Gracelings are born with heterochromia
Oh god.

>> No.39180002

This reminds me of the Hester Shaw.

>> No.39180011

don't worry, was only half as bad as you think.

Plus the BBEG had a clever way to work around it. He was actually a pretty competent bad guy.

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Nigger what the fuck are you doing.

>> No.39180292


Bretty cool, 10/10 would play

>> No.39180369

It should be.

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>gracelings confirmed for ancient belkan kings
>I am okay with this

>> No.39180546

god damn that's a terrible supervillain costume

>> No.39180848

So they're pretty much just shitty stands.

>> No.39180874

Couldn't they just be from Byzantium? Constantly beset by enemies from without? Why go full retard?

>> No.39181014

Yeah, it even has a Casca lookalike.

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Forgot pic of Cascalike...

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>weird powers and/or equipment inherited through their dynasties

>> No.39181265

Contact lens?

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>liking gali

>> No.39181342


How about "Order of Renart" ?

>> No.39181401


I would have defected within the first week if they called me "Liquid"

>> No.39181425


It happens in an Arthurian legend

>> No.39181537


tg isn't stale, just lazy unless motivated

>> No.39182018

So like a lot of people nowadays?

>> No.39182057

Like a lot of people anydays.

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>not liking Gali

Grade school me knew she was a chick from the start cause I read those little bios in the comic book. I had no issues with it.

Still not as cool as based Kopaka though.

>> No.39182940

You do know that's just medieval cape comics?

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>Mercedes with even more of a tan in a revealing outfit
Oh, my.

>> No.39183376

You mean plot based Paladins that don't use the term Paladin because herp derp ullynmints?

>> No.39183724

>>the kingdom's knights aren't a conventional fighting force but a group of individuals with weird powers and/or equipment inherited through their dynasties

Enjoy not being able to replace them when your knights get killed in some failed battle.

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>Then call the Æ Team
I sorely regret both my inability to post more than one reaction image in a single post, and my laziness for preventing me from going ahead and editing all of my "positive response" images into a single mega-praise image.

>> No.39185083

Fuck off why do I believe you

>> No.39185923

If the superpowers or equipment is there you'd be a fool not to use it.

>> No.39186058

Because faberfiles dot blogspot dot com confirms it all.
Also, mata nui is a face, and the nose mountain and mouth volcano and eye bay are actually named as such.

>> No.39187118

I'm now imagining the Bionicle writing team as the true villain of Bleach.

>> No.39187179

>Gali an Kopaka
That's not how you spell Onua and Lewa.

>> No.39187191

This is a neat concept.

So that night has the ability to spawn saliva golems to do his bidding?

>> No.39187325

>tfw you know enough about the Matter of Britain to know that Gawain and Mordred are half-brothers.
>Because Gawain got all the dominant genes, while Mordred got all the flawed, recessive genes!

>> No.39191456

I wouldn't mind ir, as long as there are families known for specific things, like super durability, or abnormal agility.

>> No.39191472

>>the kingdom's knights aren't a conventional fighting force but a group of individuals with battlemechs inherited through their dynasties
Welcome to the Inner Sphere, when it was cool.

>> No.39191505

I wish I was that knight

>> No.39192841

What about Gareth, Gaheris and Agravaine?

>> No.39194472

Yeah, the Trophy set is great for cheesecake when you don't want full metal bikinis.
not that there's anything wrong with metal bikinis, either.

>> No.39194610

Sequels fodder. Suddenly revealed to have EVEN MORE BETTER GENES (progressively. Yes, all three times.) but you beat them anyway

>> No.39194836
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That must get agravaine-ting after a while.

>> No.39195008

Nah, you're getting too far from the Matter of Britain there.

Gareth and Gaheris are pretty much Good Guys and Good Knights, if not quite top tier. Agravaine is a brute and a stooge of Mordred.

The villain of the first game should probably be Agravaine, then Mordred. Gareth and Gaheris should be NPCs killed offscreen by the Iron Golem (L.A.N.C.E.L.O.T.?)

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