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Again.. silence.


Aiko and her mother stare at me, they know something is wrong.
"Masami, are you okay?" Aiko worriedly pries herself from her mother.

"I.. I don't know."

Haruko is gone. I don't know where she is, but she's not with me anymore.

I am Itsukuma Masami, and today-
It feels like I've something, no, someone.
I feel like staying here and looking forever, but I know that someone isn't in this building anymore.

I don't even know where to start looking.

"Masami? Are you sure you're okay?"

I'm not okay. At all.
I can feel that sense of panic welling inside of me. A part of me wants to cry out in agony, the other wants to hug Aiko as tightly as I can manage.
And I still have to go back to the mansion to fix this stupid monster problem, what am I going to do?

>POV choice

>Someone else?
>It is a mystery

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>It is a mystery
Is this a mystery-box option? Because everyone loves a mystery-box option.

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Also, I don't mean to blog but I am really sore. So we'll see how long I can go before my body decides it's bedtime.

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>It is a mystery
Eh, it sounds fun.

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>> No.39140539

>Mystery box!


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"Masami isn't back yet." The blond girl is starting to pace around, and it's irritating me.
"Aye, I'm starting to worry." the tall man with the red hair leans on a windowsill.

"Hmph!" I cross my arms and flop back into bed. I'm sick and I shouldn't have to deal with this.

If I was feeling well, I would really make them think twice about breaking into my house!

I am Emillion Escago,
S-shut up! It's a good name!

Today I've had the AWFUL interruption of a group of people I don't know barging inside and turning the place upside down for a relic they didn't even know how to use.
And it's all Priestess' fault!

I puff up my cheeks and turn over in my bed. Well, it's not my bed but the person who owns it has traded it for a hospital bed. I look over to an umbrella stand at my sword, the one Priestess didn't break, and notice just how much taller it is compared to me now.
This sucks, I didn't say it but I bet this is Priestess' fault too!

"I'm gonna to go look." The dumb meathead heads for the door.
"I'm going with you!" The blonde twintailed one follows behind him.

I didn't notice it, but the tall redheaded guy just got off the phone. He taps the blue-haired girl on the shoulder and lowers his voice.
"Hey, a friend just called me. Something bad is going down at Fortune and I'm going to go check it out. Stay here and I'll be back."
"Maybe I should.. go with you?"
"No, stay."


>I'm bored, follow behind the blond girl.
>That guy is going to Fortune? Maybe I should go with him, practice my swordery in this new body.
>No! No going anywhere, I'm sick and I'm going to stay right here.
>Take the sword and go out for a walk, I need some alone time.

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>>Take the sword and go out for a walk, I need some alone time.

>> No.39141837

>Take the sword and go out for a walk, I need some alone time
Yus, shota time.

>> No.39141864

>No! No going anywhere, I'm sick and I'm going to stay right here.

>> No.39141951

>Go for a walk!


>> No.39142019

>I'm bored, follow behind the blond girl.
Too late ah well.

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"I'm going out."

Jurou, a powerful servant whose strength relies in his fists, only slaps his face and leaves the room.
On the way out, he grumbles. "And I spent so much time trying to keep him in."
He's usually uncaring about the interests of others, so I don't know why he's changing his attitude.

Amarante, probably the closest I have to a sister, moves her metallic form to block the door when she notices me standing up.
"No no no, you don't." Her voice is gravely through the layers of glorious armor that comprise her body.

"Yes yes yes, I will!" I stop my little foot. "I think if I really am sick, staying here with everyone in the house will just make things worse. I'm going for a walk."

She stops herself, I think she knows that nothing she can say will stop me once I put my mind to something.
"Just be careful."

Huh, she seems worried almost. I don't know why.
"I'll be fine." I reiterate, grabbing my sword and sheathing it.


Why does everything have to change?
I walk through the master's garden. There is no buzz of insects, no clamoring of drones trying to water things or keep the place intact.

It's just silence, and it's disturbing.
"I hate this!" I yell to seemingly nothing.

I liked th way things were. I liked that everything had a place and a purpose and Master kept everyone satisfied and busy. I liked my purpose in life, and knew that life was much better and simpler when it was just me following orders.

Now I can't even picture myself following orders every day like I used to. I still couldn't operate at the efficiency I once had. This sleeping thing takes a lot of time that I don't have.

Oh look, there's Priestess now with her entourage. They talk amongst themselves about something, and Priestess looks like she wants to curl into a ball and cry.

>Do I care?

>Go say Hi at least, find out if they're going back inside
>No, keep walking, I really don't need the distraction.
>Go back inside, maybe Amarante was right.

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>No, keep walking, I really don't need the distraction.

>> No.39142590

>Go say Hi at least, find out if they're going back inside

>> No.39142613

>No, keep walking, I really don't need the distraction.

>> No.39142629

>>Go say Hi at least, find out if they're going back inside
It's not like I want to help, I'm only finding out so I can avoid your loud shenanigans.

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>No, keep walking, I really don't need the distraction.
We don't associate with crybabies.

>> No.39142693

>Go say Hi at least, find out if they're going back inside

>> No.39142842

Fine, we can be nice. But if she actually starts crying we're leaving immediately.

>> No.39142962

Sounds good!

>Go say Hi at least, find out if they're going back inside
>Keep walking, I really don't need the distraction.

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I gotta sleep, thanks for writing!

>> No.39143207

I'm wearing down too, maybe a thread tonight was a bad idea.

>still writing! There's a spot I want to get to before I quit!

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Hmph! This looks like it could turn whiny at any moment.

Which means I should go and at least find out if they're going back inside. At the very least it will let me know how long I should be out to stay away from it.

That's when I notice something. There's a much older woman walking with them now.

"-And that's all it was?"
She ruffles Magician's hair. "That's it. You forgot that it works by proximity."

"Masami! Hear that!? We can go solve this right now!" Magician wraps her arms around Priestess.
I never understood why Magician got so emotional over the smallest things.

"Uh huh." Priestess reacts to it with a stale gaze.

"Oh! Well hello there!"
Uh oh, I've been spotted.
The older woman walks up to me and kneels down to my eye level. UGH, it's like she's mocking me.

"I'm Hotaka Aimi. You can just call me Amy if you want. What's your name?"
"Emillion." That's all she needs to know.

"Well you are just as cute as a button!"

"H-hey! Why you!"
"Kaori, Aiko! You didn't introduce me to this young fellow!"

"That's because he was a monster until a few days ago, Mom." The black-haired girl crosses her arms.
"Oh right-" Magician breaks away from her hug. "That's the other thing I wanted to ask you about! Does he have an illness?"

"Hmm." Aimi brushes her hand over my scalp once more. This time it seems to glow as she does so. "He seems fine to me. A little tense, and stressed out."
She got that part right, at least.

"But I would give him a clean bill of health." She stands back up. "You say he was a monster?"
"I saw him." The black-haired girl raises her hand. "He was huge, several times that size, and he was made of armor!"

"Hmph." I wish everyone would quit pointing out my size.

>I've had enough of this. Time to keep walking.
>This woman seems knowledgeable about a few things, ask a question.
>Ask Priestess how long they intend to stick around.

>> No.39143791

>This woman seems knowledgeable about a few things, ask a question.
probably something like "so, when do i get my true form back?"

>> No.39143803

>>This woman seems knowledgeable about a few things, ask a question.
How do I turn back?
>>Ask Priestess how long they intend to stick around.

>> No.39143840

>I've had enough of this. Time to keep walking.

>> No.39143865

>How do I turn back how do I turn back HOW DO I TURN BACK?
>>Ask Priestess how long they intend to stick around.
>I've had enough of this. Time to keep walking.

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oh and writing!

>> No.39144612

Oh I don't even know how to ask this.

"Aimi, was it?" A shiver goes up my back. I think this may be the first time I've ever asked anyone for help before.
"Hmm?" She smiles at me in a way that seems to defuse the tension.

"When can I turn back again?"
I cross my arms, and I can feel the corners of my mouth lower.

"Turn.. back?" Aimi seems to tilt her head at my suggestion.
"Yes! Turn back! Go back to being me again!"

My eyes meet the toes of my silly sandals that I have to wear because there are no kid-sized shoes in the house.
"I don't like this."

"Emillion, right?" She kneels down again, "I don't know if you will turn back."

Those words sink in to the essence of my core. I'm not sure what that would be on this body, but it's in the center and it feels very bad right now.
"I won't turn back!?"
"No no, well, I don't know. I don't know enough about you."

Huh, my eyes are burning.
I put my hand up to wipe away the burning sensation, but instead I can feel.
Water? Warm water, too. It's not raining, right?
"I'm.." My hand rubs against my eyes again. Everything is all blurry now.
"I'm leaking!" I exclaim. I don't remember getting cut, and I don't feel any pain. Why am I leaking?

Suddenly, without warning, Aimi lurches forward and wraps her arms around me! Trapping me helplessly!

"H-hey! Stop! Let go!"
Her grip tightens further, Magician and the black-haired girl look like they're going to laugh. They better not.

I pull away from her as she rubs my head once more. I interrupt her before she says anything else.
"Just.. How long are you going to be here?"
"Not much longer than we have to be." Magician seems almost worried.
"Great!" I turn around and walk toward the structures in the distance.

"Where are you going? Shouldn't someone go with you?" Aimi asks, she still seems to be worried about me. "If you want I coul-"
"No! I'm fine! I'm perfectly capable by myself!"

This is humiliating. I hope I can turn back soon.


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Deadly levels of cute detected.

>> No.39145151

Rolled 2 (1d20)


>> No.39145281

>Rolled 2
Did we win?

>> No.39145309

i'm not sure if this is a great or terrible thing...

>> No.39145317

I'm not sure it's that kind of roll.

>> No.39145379

Probably not, it could be anything really.

>> No.39145382

I always liked the abandoned buildings near the mansion. They're always so quiet, and peaceful.

The few times I've been to Fortune, everywhere around the building was active. Full of cars, and noise, and pollution. I don't like when everything is active and bustling. Sometimes I just feel content in the knowledge that I'm alone.

I am alone, aren't I?

I take a look around, through the streets and around the buildings. I don't see anyone.

I take out my sword, unsheathing it from its holster. The weight feels heavy against my hand.
"This sucks."
Look at it, it's almost as tall as I am, and I can't even hold it one-handed anymore. It feels so heavy and unwieldy against the grip. I can only hold it two-handed, and even then I can't hold it very well.
I used to be the strongest, fastest, unbeatable. Now look at me.

My eyes are leaking again. I should ask that woman what it means when I get back.
I guess I should search around for something smaller.

Clomp, clomp, clomp.
Huh. Strange. That almost sounded like walking.


Before I know it, a drone that's slightly smaller than I am. Well, than I WAS, is bearing down on me.

I quickly strike it with my sword, right at the weak point.
This is not one of our drones, this one is no doubt from Fortune. It's clear this one is just a mindless grunt, probably sent along to spy and is too stupid to stay out of a fight. Poor fool, biting off way more than he can chew.

So why isn't he disappearing into the ash he came from?
My sword definitely struck true.
It's just that it's not going through. It's like it's pressing against an impenetrable wall of armor, and it isn't budging.

Where did he even come from? How come I didn't sense him?

>Keep fighting! I just hit him the wrong way!
>Retreat! I-it's not running away!
>..No one is watching if I wanted to go hide somewhere.
>Leak from my eyes again.

>> No.39145440

>Leak from my eyes again.

>> No.39145497

>Keep fighting! I just hit him the wrong way!
>..No one is watching if I wanted to go hide somewhere.

>> No.39145554

>Keep fighting! I just hit him the wrong way!
We will not be humiliated again!

>> No.39145607

>Keep fighting! I just hit him the wrong way!

>> No.39145620

Rolled 1 (1d20)

>Keep fighting! I just hit him the wrong way!


>> No.39145638


>> No.39145644

oh oh...

>> No.39145691

I guess I'm going to have to ask for 1d100, best of three.

>> No.39145697

>Rolled 1
Is that a winning roll?

>> No.39145708

Rolled 28 (1d100)

with pleasure

>> No.39145714

Rolled 37 (1d100)


>> No.39145719

Rolled 53 (1d100)

Roll for a death free of humiliation.

>> No.39145721

Rolled 12 (1d100)

Come on dice, don't let the cutie pie shota down.

>> No.39145747

Rolled 11 (1d20)


Writing continues!

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"You're gonna regret this!"

My sword goes on the back-swing, I leap forward to add a little more force to this attack and strike right in his soft-zone once more!

The sword skitters and sparks along his metallic lining. Once again, it doesn't seem to penetrate his skin.
I step backwards as he clumsily swings and throws his weight around in an attempt to strike at me. None of it hits, and I find myself easily swerving and dodging under his attacks.

Complete amateur.
I strike again along his waist and his legs, and my sword gets several really good cuts in.
That is, it would get several really good cuts in if it had penetrated his armor.

His leg flails at the last second, when I wasn't expecting it. I try to dodge it, but a very small part of it manages to make contact with my side.
For some reason, that very small contact with my side sends a wave of pain throughout my body. I'm flung several feet into the air and roll along the concrete.

My eyes are leaking again.

Slowly, I start to make my way to my feet, and I can already feel the aches and pain creep through me. I'm weaker and slower in every way.

I think, I think I might-

A blue flash flies through the air, cutting through the drone and disintegrating it.
I look in the direction of the blue blade, and notice that Priestess is standing there in her blue uniform.
"I found him!" She yells to seemingly no one.

There's another, taller figure that seems to bound straight over Priestess. It lands next to me and towers over me.
"EMILLION!" her gravely voice betrays her uncharacteristic act of affection. "I was so worried! I sensed a drone and knew you were out here alone."

Just like Aimi did earlier, Amarante wraps her arms around me for some reason.

"Seriously!" Priestess hops up to us, "Don't go wandering off alone! You should travel with someone!"

>I don't need this! Storm away
>I'm fine. Really!
>My eyes are leaking again..

>> No.39146225

>I'm fine. Really!
>My eyes are leaking again..
Seriously Priestess, what is this leaking business and how do we stop it?

I enjoy the irony of asking her of all people that too much.

>> No.39146276

>I'm fine. Really!
>My eyes are leaking again..

>> No.39146284

>I don't need this! Storm away
>My eyes are leaking again..

>> No.39146308

>>I'm fine. Really!
>>My eyes are leaking again..

>> No.39146334

>I'm fine. Really!
>My eyes are leaking again..

Writing last post block of the night!

>> No.39146459

Was the 1 good?

>> No.39146608

It's why fighting against the drone actually worked as well as it did.

>Writing continues!

>> No.39146722

"I'm fine!" I try to pull away from Amarante's grasp, but she's a lot stronger than I am in this form. "Really!"

My eyes, they're betraying that sentiment. Slowly they start to overflow with water, which pours down my cheeks.
"What is this!?" I exclaim, "Priestess! Why do my eyes keep leaking?! What is the meaning of this?"

"Um." She seems confused by that question, "You're crying."
"How do I stop it!?"
"Ah, heheheh." She seems oddly nervous, "I think someone else should answer your question."

Amarante pulls away from me, "You're not going out again! You're going back to the mansion and you're going to stay there until you feel better!"
"Amarante, seriously!" I'm really frustrated, now. "Why are you acting this way? It's not like you to care about what I'm doing!"

"Because!" She spins around to look at me, if she had eyes they would be piercing me right now. "I turned my back on you for a minute and you almost died!"
"Why do you care?!"
"I don't know!"

Those words cause both of you to stare at each other for a minute.
"Seriously, I don't know why I suddenly care, I just do okay?!"

Let me get this straight.
"You suddenly care about me. But you can't explain why?"
"Yes! Is there a problem with that? We've all been acting strange lately, so why is that so much different!?"

"Um, can I say something?" Priestess puts her hand up.
"No!" Amarante sits down.
"Just say it.."

"It's normal to care about your family, you two."
My 'family'.

"Who is my 'family'?"
"The people you care about." Priestess has no hesitation in saying this.
"That's ridiculous-"

"Emillion, Priestess." Amarante interrupts, "I'm not feeling well. Walk him back to the mansion if you could, Priestess."
"Will do."

Amarante takes off, as Priestess grabs onto my arm and starts pulling my tiny body along with her.


>> No.39146832

ohh, she's going to turn into an human too
well, homunculus, but still

>> No.39147008

Rrgh! I can't break out of her grip!
This is so humiliating.

"Anyway!" Priestess continues, as she tugs me along. "Family is someone that you love, who loves you back! Kaori was kind of like your family, well, would be if her father wasn't such a rude jerk."
"That 'rude jerk' was my master!" I pout. "He was only that way because Kaori was so emotional about everything. She just wouldn't follow orders."

"Why are 'orders' so important!?" Of course Priestess would say that. "You're a person too, you don't need to live your life following other people's orders!"
"This is different!" I pout, "I know you wouldn't understand because Empress doesn't give you any orders!"

She tugs on my arm harder.
"She doesn't 'give me' orders! Your family isn't suppose to treat you like some kind of tool!" I can feel her fist clench around my arm, "That's why I'm glad I got Kaori out of this stupid place. I don't even think you should be living here if this is what they teach you."

Arguing with her is SO ANNOYING.
"They didn't 'teach me' anything! This is how life is for us! We're made with a purpose in mind and we live to fulfill it! We have no other purpose!"

"That is-"
She stops and turns around, looking me right in the eye.
"That is so wrong I don't even know what to say to that! You are more than just something that someone created! You have feelings, wants, and needs too!"

"Up until I caught whatever it is you have, I didn't have or need any of those things!" I pout again.

"You know what." She frowns. "I'm beginning to wonder if you're sick."
"Yeah!" She scrunches her face, "It sounds to me like your only problem is that you're normal now and not some gigantic jerk!"
"OF COURSE I'M SICK!" I yell at her, "I'm tiny, I have all these problems all the time, and I can't even fight. What good am I?!"

"Maybe you're meant for more than just fighting!" She pouts, before grabbing my arm and walking closer to the mansion.
"That's stupid."


>> No.39147240

"If this is what normal is, I don't want to be normal."
"Oh hush."

In the distance, I hear someone wailing. It seems to be coming from the mansion.
"It's probably one of your over emotional friends."
Arms cross.

"No but-"

I hear it again, some exclamations in the background, along with the wailing.
"Come on!" Priestess picks me up and sprints toward the mansion.
"Let me down!"
She doesn't listen.


We get to the front door and practically burst inside. She has one of her little cards out, and I have my sword drawn at the ready.

"Everyone! Who-"

She stops. As do I.
Everyone in her entourage is indeed accounted for. They're standing in a big circle in the center of the living room. Aimi is kneeled down next to something that we can't see.
Jurou, huge guy that he is, is sitting across the room with his face in his hands.

For a guy who always seemed to live for fighting, he seems oddly distraught right now.

We walk to the center of the room to see what is happening. Everyone notices us coming and stands aside so we can see.

In the center of their circle is a pile of metal, a collection of scrap that looks like it was dropped in from nowhere. Pieces parts of it continue to sizzle and hiss against the carpet, as if it's detereorating.
More surprising is what sits in the center of this pile of rubble. Short, blond hair, wearing an ill-fitting dress. Aimi adjusts a length of fabric over the strange figure who sits wailing her eyes out.

It's a girl, not much older looking than I am right now. Her dress is clearly not meant specifically for her, and was probably found somewhere for her. Aimi continues to fuss about the scavenged fabric.

Slowly, the girl looks in my direction with water on the edges of her eyes.
"Emillion..." I don't know the form, but I definitely know that voice. Much softer than the gravel I'm used to it having. "I-I c-caught it too."

>Thread End

>> No.39147259


I'm tired.

Thanks to everyone who participated, I might try for another this week since we didn't really get anywhere.

Let me know what you thought.

Good night

>> No.39147273

thanks for running
it was nice

>> No.39147293

Thanks for running.
We are the best disease.

>> No.39147302

Thanks for the thread. I am rather loving this turn of events, who knew monsters could be so adorable?

>> No.39147306

Thanks for running.
I think we got somewhere.

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