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Last thread pasted bump limit >>39099842

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Here I go.

>Chassis (20)
Bio-Humanoid 15
Cable 5
>Pilot (10)
Augment 5
Harden 5
>Suite (70)
Manual Control 0
AI+Engineer 20
Amplifier 10
4 Medic Drones 40

Dex 4
Con 2
Pow 2
Rec 8(+4)
Str 4(x2 for days)

It was only a matter of time before, flaunting all practicality and technical limitations, engineers built a GORILLA Suit that circumvented the Overclock's greatest limitation: the downtime between uses, neccessitated by a period of recharge and the danger of damage to the Suit as a whole.

Thus was born the EVERJIMMIED, built with great capacity for self repair and a rotating battery of Overclock units, allowing the Medium class suit to operate constantly with Titanic strength.

This came at the expense of any protection for the pilot but from the incredible forces involved with handling the suit itself. The suit could not be deployed into environments for which the pilot was not already adapted. Furthermore, if the Medic drones were outpaced or destroyed, the Overclock cycle quickly became unsustainable. Veteran battle sense was required to pilot the EVERJIMMIED in engagements longer than an ambush; strike with great force, pack up the drones, speed away, re-deploy the drones before the cycle could fizzle, all while having no form of communication with allies.

The EVERJIMMIED thus found its greatest use as a constant, if imprecise laborer, and an engineer with a surprising kick. Experimentation dispensed with computer banks in favor of Hopper Legs. Perhaps research grants and advances in the miniaturization of power sources will one day let the EVERJIMMIED rustle among the stars.

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I should post the CYOA too.

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This seriously is a kickass fan-edit.

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And other stuff author says is relevant:

regular dmg
Con - Dmg = Con loss (10% chance to dmg 1 other stat)
Concentrate fire
Highest dmg + (0.5 x 2nd dmg) + (0.5 x 3rd dmg)... = total dmg
Hit% = ac /(spd x dex) Max % = 98
fr = number of shots taken in a turn
(Spd x Dex) is limited to G-force level 4 (need hardening)
G-force level = lowest dex or spd
anything after 4 of the lowest stat is not counted
outside range = ac x 0.5
1mg/h x (ag + Rec) = reload time
Damage type
Radiation damge causes radiation sickness to organic targets
unprotected = 3 until death
limited protection = 6 until death
full protection = immune
EMP reduces power to 0 unless shielded
shielded EMP has a 50% chance to reduce power by 1 point.
Corrosive damage reduces Con by 1 unless protected
Basic = 1
Soldier = 2
Engineer = 3
Agent = x2
Level1 = (1 + level2 + level3) x program level
Level2 = (2 +level3) x program level
level3 = 3 x program level
Program combat
win% = attack program + Pow / defence program + Pow
Wireless connection = attack program x0.75

Dex = -50% when underwater. 0 points prevents movement
Con = dmg greater than 0 Con = death
Rec = Heal constitution 20% of 1 point per hour (active), recharge power 20% of 1 point per hour (inactive)
Spd = -50% when underwater. 0 points prevents movement. 1 point equals base speed of 50 km/h each additional point gives x5
Pow = 0 points stops suit.
Str = add to melee dmg. add to grenade and melee weapon throw range.
0 points stops weapon use

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it's nice but seems to be missing an instructions page; also missing explanations on AC, AG, DM, FR, MG, RN on the weapons page
or do i go to the PACYOA for that?

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Mech power armor activated

Liquid metal
Bought all enhancements
Bought all user interfaces
Engineer a.i.
Soldier a.i.
Bought all programs
Bought all communications
Assault drone
Bought all suit modifications
Gravity hammer
Assault rifle
Rocket pad
Gamma ray projector

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Shoot, you're right. Author said he lost interest and stopped updating. I'm operating on his recollection of 100 points to spend, and I think my post with the stats image should tell you about weapons stats, if you decipher it. I think I'll try doing that myself, as well...

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Gorilla Class Bio Suit


Dex: 4
Con: 2
Pow: 3
Rec: 6
Spd: 2
Str: 7 (doubles to 14 … heh)
Load: 2

Burst of Strength



Brainwave Sensors

Basic AI

Level 2 HUD
Level 2 Analyze

Level 1 Armor Plating
Level 1 Capacitor
Level 3 Strength Servos
Level 2 Night Vision
Level 3 Camouflage

Gravity Hammer (x2)

When you least expect it, from nowhere descend thundering hammers of crushing force. By the time you realize the danger, it's far too late.

I think 200 is a lot more reasonable, given the pricing and variety. I used 200 anyway.

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But you forgot to add up your stats, anon. Whats your dex?

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>Regular damage:
CON - DMG = CON loss (10% chance to dmg 1 other stat)
>Concentrate fire:
Highest dmg + .5x(all other dmgs)= total dmg
>Chance to Hit
Hit% = Weapon ACC /(target's SPD x DEX) Max % = 98
ACC is halved outside weapon's range
FR = number of shots taken in a turn
(SPD x DEX) is limited to G-force level 4
G-force is the limit to your dodge. Between your SPD and DEX, the lower of the two can not be counted as higher than the G-force limit when calculating dodge.
MG seems to be the max turns worth of firing a weapon can hold.
You regain AG+REC turns of firing per hour
>Damage type
Radiation damage causes radiation sickness to organic targets
unprotected = dies at 3
limited protection = dies at 6
full protection = immune
EMP reduces power to 0 unless shielded
Shielded target has a 50% chance to lose 1 POW
Corrosive damage reduces Con by 1 unless protected

Too tired to figure out hacking.

100's a bit tight, yes, but it was a fun challenge.

How much does this end up costing?

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>CON - DMG = CON loss (10% chance to dmg 1 other stat)
so if i have 5 con and take 1 damage, i lose 4 con...?
this must be backwards

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Since someone is making a new one, here is the old vampire cyoa.

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>How much does this end up costing?

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I thought the author said that you were supposed to be granted 200 points, as buying say, 3 levels of firewall is 30.

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Er, anon.... You're supposed to get 200 points.

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Well, guys, I finally got around to finishing my first ever cyoa.

Feedback/criticism is much appreciated.

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Serious question:

Is online Stardust ship generator still up? I can't find it via archives.

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There was one at some point? Damn.

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Looks interesting but I am the lazy.

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I think there's still one, it's on the same online engine thay Magical Realm faggotry used. It was a little outdated and had no Herald subsystems though.

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Nevermind, found it by googling a little more. I think I'm going to add it to 1d4chan page.


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a slightly easier to read font would be nice.

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Wait, what do you mean by 'amusing' in project mayhem?

Current build is funeral director with bonus, serpent tattoo, rain god, shaken not stirred (cigarettes), project mayhem.

First person I plan to fight is the Earthwalker.

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I wanted to emphasize the fact that you're supposed to be mischievous rather than psychotic.

Pie in face is go; bullet in face is no.

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Also, Earthwalker might seem like easy pickins' and immortality is cool and all, but consider the fact that if you die for any reason while Earthwalker is alive, it counts as a win for Earthwalker. Even if the two of you have never even been within 50 miles of each other.

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from my first impressions:
- the title page looks too big and could use cropping (also the little note about the 60 billion $ thing should probably be moved to the relevant page)
- seems unnecessarily large in general actually and could probably be reduced a couple pages if you resized pics & text
- the un-uniform sizes for each choice triggers my autism/OCD

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>a slightly easier to read font would be nice.

Why is there always one of you sensitive eyed motherfuckers?

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Funeral director with wings for hire as well with a soundtrack and alas poor yorick as well as a proud father of both a sucubus that looks like the main character from kill la kill and yan-mouto

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>Namefagging on your first CYOA
>Putting your name in your CYOAs

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>Dream Weaver
>The Serpent Tatoo
>Alas, Poor Yorick (H.P. Lovecraft)
>I am your Father (Christopher Lee)
A black shadowy figure now haunts the nightmares of a small city, rumors of unspeakable monsters plague the minds of the people "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"
and then they wake up, not remembering the images they saw but they remember the fear.

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Well played sir.
Awesome idea!

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forgot to post image, sorry


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Repost of a meta cyoa from last thread

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My 2 cents. Either increase the amount of starting points or put in more hindrances to choose from. As is it's incredibly difficult to get a build going IMHO.

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what happened to the guy making the new fanworld?

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He posted an update a day or two ago if you mean Deep Dark. I think it's finished, at least mostly.

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no, the other new fanworld guy, someone suggested a robot wars/giant god fighting realm

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>your soul got switched with that of a 10 year old Princess
>sucks to be you
Indeed it does.

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>no, the other new fanworld guy, someone suggested a robot wars/giant god fighting realm
That's me. Well, someone suggested THAT as something for me to rework my idea to, since my original idea was way too similar to Deep Dark in my opinion. Probably best not to expect it to come out soon.

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That sounds interesting, please tell me more.
Did they say they would make it and post updates or was it just a simple suggestion?

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Any way we could... Persuade you?

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Author said 100 here:
He could have been mistaken, but I appreciate the tight budget. Really makes you prioritize.

Must be, unless our author has mysterious ways.

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I suppose I could type up my ideas and put it all in a pastebin. Mind you, I've got nothing substantial right now since I've decided to go in a different direction with the world's goal.

Here's my current groundwork for the world's traits
>Abyss where hundreds of thousands of dead bodies are floating around
>All these dead bodies are giant gods
>These gods all fought some huge multiplanar war that destroyed the entire dimension they fought on, leaving only their bodies to float endlessly within an empty void
>The Conduit learns the background and history from sentient parasites birthed from the corpses of the gods who all retain pieces of the gods' knowledge
>The Conduit can extract resources from the god and feed on their bodies to gain trait, maybe become some sort of swarm lord of parasites
>Bring back to life/puppeteer the body of a dead god?
>Lingering divine powers of the gods; possible source of power/hazards/enemies

Just the premise I've come up with. I'm all ears if anyone wants to comment on my ideas or suggest something.

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Yea, but it also makes a lot of concepts pretty much straight impossible out of the gate. The most expensive gun is 35 credits, not 20. And it's not even THAT strong. Then programs, and the fact they all go to level 3, you can't even put together a great infiltrating hacker unless you give him literally no weapons or propulsion. Sure, he hacks, but that is ALL he can do.

It's tough.

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maybe a bit more, spawn meets kratos? sentient necromatic parasites that grant powers, ripping things off the gods and using as fat loot, maybe stealing of some (theme of your choice) magic? after all we do want to keep to thralls "its gotta fit with the current universe" thing.

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>sentient necromatic parasites that grant powers
I like this one. Only thought about using them as minions, but using them as an alternate way of gaining abilities is cool too.
>ripping things off the gods and using as fat loot
What I had in mind, although more in terms of making tools out of the gods' bodies (although finding ways to use their comparatively gigantic tools could be interesting too; although that might dilute theme of the power set you can get from this world a bit too much) and/or feasting on them and becoming like the parasites yourself. Could try and make a dichotomy between this and your first suggestion. Corrupted and pure?

>maybe stealing of some (theme of your choice) magic
Also part of what I intended when I brought up "lingering divine energies". Eat enough of the gods and you start getting some of their power.

>after all we do want to keep to thralls "its gotta fit with the current universe" thing.
What do you mean, exactly? Was my suggestion too far out there?

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Because I got positive feedback from the other thread I decided to do an update to my PACYOA fan edit


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Why are you a nigger?

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Jesus, I just want to buttfuck her.

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>was my idea too much?
No, nothing like that at all its just one can get carried away when playing with the idea of dead gods and shit.

Also, the fat loot does not have to take away from the plane, for example in God of War kratos builds a sword that holds his divinity and can kill anything (ideas?), in Spawn the symbiotic suit thing he wears is almost another creature that thinks, and can do a very wide assortment of things (ex: wings, chains, guns, blah, [insert original idea here]) however it eats his essence/him alive and without feeding (on other things preferably) it will eat him or at the least send him to hell again (being a not pleasant place). I believe on another Chan there was a dead god setting people where making (2x2x2 Chan) maybe you can. Ask around or check 1d4chan

>> No.39133713

>200 after all
Oh heck yes. EVERJIMMIED's getting rounded out.

Whole thing's looking better than before. Have you done any testing with the combat systems?

>> No.39133735

>No, nothing like that at all its just one can get carried away when playing with the idea of dead gods and shit.
Well, I intended to lead it up to be some sort of Conduit mystery, like how Rim and the Bevins were created. Are the dead gods actually giant, biological war machines made by the Conduits? Or were they Conduits themselves? And if so, some sort of precursor race or heavily transformed Conduits? That sort of stuff.

>> No.39133840

Fix your stat totals. That's indefensible amount of "gut-think" in the design. There are radically different totals for the classes, without the bonuses elsewhere to even remotely make up for it. And the stats do not reflect what the blurbs try to claim the suits are for.

>> No.39133865

Just some basic self testing, which lead me to its current iteration, though I can see the balancing still needs tweeking.

>> No.39133937

Sounds neat, definitely uniquely set from the other worlds

>> No.39134867

WAAY too big and the font choice is terrible, I'm not even gonna try reading this.

>> No.39135076

A, always.

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Manliest CYOA coming through.

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Too much rolling.

>> No.39135434

I disagree, I actually like the rolling CYOAs. they're fun and quick to do.

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"Chose" your own adventure.
The whole point is lost if it's just left up to a roll.

>> No.39135601

It's CHOOSE your own adventure, not ROLL your own adventure.

They may be fun, but they aren't really CYOAs

>> No.39135624

If you want to be anal about terminology few of these involve any sort of adventure, and none of these bear but the slightest resemblance to the books the term was coined for. They're "Choose your powers" more than anything.

>> No.39135706




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Fair point, but it really only hurts the case for roll-based systems; as the choice element is the only part that actually has ANY resemblance to the term, making chance elements integral to the structure means there is nothing left that would allow it to be called a CYOA

>> No.39135749

You get points in this to choose to change something. So yes, there is a choice element here.

Also you're really new to be making a crusade against rolling, CYOAs with rolls have been around far longer than you have.

>> No.39135957


Feels like earthwalker is really weak. He's just there as a convenient way to offer immortality to people who pick him as the first opponent.

Can funeral director steal youth?

>> No.39136079

Fuck, I love/hate this one because I'm always starved for shards to buy things

>> No.39136253

I don't give a shit about a cyoa has rolling or not, but you need to format your cyoa better.

For instance if you're planning to use attributes system, make sure the bonuses/penalties are CLEARLY detailed for each choice and not fucking strewn randomly in a wall of text.

There's a huge contradiction with your intro. description. Magical girls don't truly age or die, meaning the magical girl you killed in the car accident is just a spirit that will regenerate her body slowly over time, why the fuck do you replace her?

In addition, the magical critter is turning you into a evil fighting magical girl, why the fuck would there be corruption with the procedures?

>> No.39136294

>There's a huge contradiction with your intro. description. Magical girls don't truly age or die, meaning the magical girl you killed in the car accident is just a spirit that will regenerate her body slowly over time, why the fuck do you replace her?
You didn't read it, I'm going through it and it clearly says that the creature is doing this as a new thing it's testing because its magical girls keep getting hit by cars.

>> No.39136349

It doesn't say anything about trying a new thing.

In fact the magical critter even states that it is tired of doing this again.

And the cyoa makes another remark again saying the creature REALLY did not feel like doing this again.

Man your reading comprehension sucks.

>> No.39136418

>Man, I'm tired of doing this again, these things die too easily. I think I will try THAT on you.

>You do not know this yet, but thanks to the cosmic EXPERIMENTAL procedure used on you blahblahblah. The creature REALLY did not feel like doing this again.

Implication through these statements is that the immortal thing is new. You're the first of his to get it. To enforce this, in the lore dump at the end, it mentions that the creatures experiment with longevity and power levels all the time. So yeah, you're just an illiterate retard, clearly.

>> No.39136513

The experimental procedure was never implied to be new, its just experimental.

>> No.39136536

You... do know why things are experimental, right? It's because they're untested or not thoroughly tested. Because their usage is new.

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There was a mighty shitstorm the last time a magical girl CYOA got released as well.

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The community here is pissy and pure garbage, don't worry about them too much. Got a build for this.

Base stats:

Str - 6
Vit - 5
Agi - 7
Mag - 8
Lck - 8

2 Silver for +4 Mag
1 Silver for +2 Agi

Now for the split from Twin Soul.

Str - 5
Vit - 4
Agi - 5
Mag - 6
Lck - 6

Rolled 13
Rolled 2, Underdeveloped - Guess I'm perma-flat.
Rolled 7, Time - Neat power, not a bad roll.
Rolled 1, Melee
Rolled 2, Flowing - Stylish.
Rolled 2, Hammer Space - Not all that useful for Time I don't think, not a lot of sync.
Rolled 17, Twin Soul - And now things get weird.
Rolled 9, Lck +2 - This is going to be my most ridiculous stat.
Rolled 13, Killable - Pretty useless roll, in my opinion,
Rolled 14, No capture - Situationally useful, for sure.
Rolled 18, Incognito - Kind of a curse, honestly, since it seems I have no control over it.

And here's the twin's.

Str - 3
Vit - 2
Agi - 3
Mag - 6 - She actually did okay with this.
Lck - 4

She's not a healthy girl, clearly.

Rolled 11
Rolled 9, Well developed - I imagine this is a big point of jealousy for me since I'm flat.
Rolled 7, Time
Rolled 8, Magic - Lucky, guess it enforces her support role though.
Rolled 3, Elaborate - Fancy.
Rolled 8, Third Eye - I used my gold coin on this, I thought she should have her own too.

Overall I think I did pretty good. Tell me if I fucked up the stats, I didn't know if I should split them before or after bonuses so I went split after applying mine and applied the twin's after the split so she'd be slightly healthier. Honestly, I kind of like the CYOA, and rolling things never bothered me.

>> No.39136699

I am assuming this cyoa is heavily based on Puella Magi Madoka Magica setting, like literally the Raison d'être and World descriptions are pulled out of that show.

All magical girls in the setting can live forever and don't age.

The procedures are experimental, not because they are untested or new, its because the magical critters don't give a shit about the human recipients.

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>The community here is pissy and pure garbage
Sure, but at least we make stuff, unlike... every other CYOA community.

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File: 4.39 MB, 2000x2317, 1378119978930.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39136738

It being semi-based on Madoka doesn't mean it IS Madoka, just a clone.

>> No.39136744

>The community here is pissy and pure garbage

Then go to a better community.

You are pissy and pure garbage by association.

>> No.39136747


Consider the fact that the powers are granted to random people around the world. The world is a big place and you have to find your opponent through your own means.

The Earthwalker is the only one that can conceivably hide out until their opponent dies of old age.

Thing is, first two hindrances aren't even really hindrances. Rain god could just as well be named "move to Scotland" , and shaken not stirred is essentially a free pass to drink/smoke/do drugs. Project Mayhem is a nuisance at worst. Most people would do some funny shit with their newfound powers either way. Leaving the last one. It's a great big wet dick in the face, though a lot of people might find it appealing. If you want one of the more powerful bonuses or a bonus and perks you have to take the floppy wet dick to the cheek.
It's simple, maybe even elegant in a "rock, paper, scissors" kind of way.>>39131090
I'm in it for the internet points.

Page 1 is a work in progress. Things people are unclear on are gonna be explained there. Gathering up feedback to see what that might be.

>> No.39136755

Yeah, then we shit ourselves and attack that stuff and the people who make it.
Never claimed I wasn't a pissy asshole.

>> No.39136762
File: 4.26 MB, 2000x2303, 1378120019075.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39136787

God I love this one

Free stuff 1
0 Explanation
0 Free condoms
1 Free point
0 Perfect health

Body 10
0 5'6''
2 Model face
2 Medium breasts
0 Agile body
2 Vagina fertile
2 Erogenous body
1 climate control
1 depilation

Starter clothing 0
0 Pink/Frilly
0 Craft Supplies
0 Sexy Cosplay
0 Sex toys
0 BDSM gear

Job -15
-10 superheroin 7K
0 tuition
-5 Raise

House -5
-5 Penthouse

Hypno conditioning 5
1 Fem
4 Sub

Pets 1
1 biosuit

Companions 8
1 Lewd Engineer (Female)
0 Fitness instructor (Male)
3 Hypnotist (Female)
1 Succubus
2 Mad scientist (Female)
1 Ninja (Male)

-4 martial arts x2

>> No.39136804

So basically it is Madoka.

Homura traveled to every single Madoka clone alternate timeline with her time shenanigans.

>> No.39136821


There's different forms of immortalities in the CYOA's setting. There's also magical girls who age normally but may have higher power. It's in the last part of the Raison d'etre part.

>> No.39136843

Age: 16
Underdeveloped Body
Time Magic
Melee Weaponry
Magical Powers: Shadow Clone
Eyethor, Incognito, Clone, Get out of Jail, 2 mag
4 Str, 4 Vit, 4 Agi, 4 Mag, 4 Luck

Age: 16
Well Developed Body
Magic Weaponry
Elaborate Outfit
2 Str, 3 Vit, 2 Agi, 5 Mag, 3 Luck

So.... A time-controlling magical girl who's ability is to clone herself, and fights with melee weaponry... Who has a busty twin that can also clone herself and control time.

I went full random with this. Do you add the bonuses from the magic onto the twin as well?

>> No.39136855

okay, so basic rolls makes me:
a 16 year old average girl who fights with sound magic in an elaborate costume. I can make shadow clones, so I have a whole choir of me (since I can't really do anything musical but sing) I also have a magical backpack, am dificult to notice, but eternally stylish when I do want to be noticed. and have +2 mag and +2 agility.

for the coins, I'll spend the gold getting the power of friendship and the silvers
changing +2 agility to closure, incognito to bro-ing it up with Eythor and the backpack to money.

Final stats are Str/Vit/Agi 4, with Mag 10 and Luck 6. I'm a goddamn fountain of magic, making friends by singing to them, travelling with an immortal stoner in the vain hope of figuring out what the hell is up with magical girls.

I guess me transforming is singing a particular song or hymn or something.

>> No.39136857

So I'm a kung fu secret agent with a (lewd) biosuit that enhances all of my physical abilities
I room with a variety of monsters and super villains
My weakness? disarmed by lewd scenarios
I hope my enemies/room mates don't find out

>> No.39136868

You misread a description on a parody, this doesn't mean you gotta go to such lengths to defend yourself.

>> No.39136901

>Time, Melee, with Twins
Maybe you two are the same person, from different timelines?

>> No.39136905


You did fine with the stats. Apply all of yours before the split, and then apply all of the twin's to theirs.

>>Do you add the bonuses from the magic onto the twin as well?


>> No.39136932

Dreadnought 200
>Orb 185
>Flight 165
>Rolling 160
>Autopilot 145
>Standard Comms 140
>Hyperspace Link 125
>Armor Plating I 115
>Amplifiers I 105
>Shielding I 95
>Climate Control III 65
>Agent AI III 35
>HUD I 30
>Firewall III 0

>L 9
>D 1
>C 9 (10 when curled, 18 when in fortress mode)
>P 4
>R 1
>Sp 5
>St 5

A build abusing the fact that "You die, no save" isn't technically a combat action.

If you need that much rolling, at least make it all use the same die size.

>> No.39136998
File: 48 KB, 345x800, 467eeb8bf63c22ee320a3ccb31e8e8fc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was there for that one too. My only problem with this is Fiana being gay. Otherwise I think it's a pretty neat one. Personally? I think there's just a minority of anons that get pissy at a CYOA for making them girls instead of just ignoring it.

Funny enough, I just got done doing a new build for this, though. Was working on it from the last time it got posted.


Age - 6

Str - 5
Con - 6
Dex - 4
Agi - 7
Int - 7
Cha - 5 (6)
Mag - 8 (11)
Res - 0 (4)
Lrn - 10

Stat Augment 2 - +3 Lrn -1 Cha
Life Augment 1 - 10,000 Year Lifespan, Age until 7-10
Body Augment 1 - +1 Mag (5)
Family Reputation 3 - +2 Lrn
Demonic Heritage 1 - +2 Cha +2 Mag/+2 Mag +3 Res
Bodyguard 1 - Big, distant

Creative Augment 1 - +1 Int
Focus Augment - +1 Mag
Summoning Augment 3 - +1 Cha +1 Res +1 Mag
Demon Claws - +1 Agi +1 Con
Body Augment 2 - +1 Agi

10,000 years is enough for me, and nothing says I can't buy that tome or some other immortality when I'm an adult. But yeah, overall I have great magic, I learn quickly, and I'm decently intelligent and agile. Just going to explore, make friends, and fight some monsters. If I solve the whole tower conspiracy I do, if I don't I don't, I'm not in a rush or anything.

Kind of weird Umbra demons don't get an int boost, honestly.

>> No.39137029


>> No.39137107

I think you messed up on the quote and meant to include me? Yeah it's pretty eerie he ended up with such a similar build to me. Could very well be time shenanigans.

>> No.39137127

Congrats, you're a magical reyvateil.

>> No.39137152

>tons of rolling
>crappy formatting
>forced female
It's shit.

>> No.39137181


You can buy a perk to let you be a dude.

>> No.39137226
File: 94 KB, 850x850, sample_c843b254fc8d2da27258d159dfa97513.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've got this.
>Themed after decorative military uniforms
>Fights with Sabers or Rapiers
>The more clones created, the lower-rank their uniform displays
Picture semi-related.

>> No.39137260

Yeah. Underdeveloped... Time Powers.... Clones... A Twin.

You two are pretty much the same person.

>> No.39137273

i dont see anywhere that fianna is forced to be gay
its one option
of several

>> No.39137305


Ok, that changes things, now they look attractive. Doesn't make for fun entertainment for the beings responsible for the scenario, though.

>> No.39137323

That other build is older, though, but with lesser stats. So it's me but older and without spending silver on stats. Still flat though. Throughout the entire multiverse, all versions of me are still flat.
It says so on the first page, with all the options. The gist is that Fiana always have a sexual attraction to their same sex.

>> No.39137403

badass normal
fae sisters + succubus royal
mythic realm primary
goblin town secondary

strive for the harem ending

>> No.39137505

So I got 7 years old, underdeveloped (ultimate flat (´・ω・`) ), mental specialization, magic weapon, flowing outfit, shadow clones power, +2 agi, +2 luck, training, get out of jail and money.

First I'm spending my gold coin on +4 mag, since my specialization and weapon already makes me heavily magic oriented. I assume I can only do this once, because if not there would be no incentive to spend silver coins on the right outfit or stat gain from perks. On that note, spending a silver coin to change to elaborate outfit. Switching out training and money for allies and +2 mag, and spending the allies bonus on +1 mag. Should leave me with
Str: 4
Vit: 4
Agi: 6
Mag: 14
Luck: 7

Hey, in mahou shoujo anime, the one with the totally outlandish ridiculous world destroying godlike levels of magic always wins. Though I can only use it to mess with people's minds. I assume that with that amount of magic, I can instantly convince weaker opponents to give up peacefully. For stronger opponents, I could make them gradually go insane while chasing around countless shadow clones, dancing around them while mentally disorienting them. Obviously I'm fucked against mindless enemies, that's why I'm keeping the agility and luck bonuses and the get out of jail perk. And having allies helps a lot with such a hyper specialized build.

I'll be ridiculously cute and overdesigned to the point where it's disorienting and a little scary.

>> No.39137516 [SPOILER] 
File: 42 KB, 300x168, 1428187084881.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Fist+2 Str
Uniform+1 Vit
Shadow Clones
Enhanced transformation
Enhanced Sustenance

Is this a even a magical girl show anymore?

>> No.39137598

Some would argue Jojo is magical, in a way.

>> No.39137749

read the page I linked
its under motivations

seeing it reminded me id seen it on reddit
im pretty sure it originally came from reddit and the creator posted this new version there

>> No.39137919


>originally came from reddit

This is what redditors actually believe.

>> No.39137940

Rereading it, it does indeed say it does change your orientation. I remember it saying 'does not', but it's possible Liminal changed it at some point.

But no. It's not from Reddit. The original was posted here at least a year ago. I was here at the time. The CYOA's maker is an old one here that I don't think I've seen around for a while, but he first posted that CYOA on 4chan.

>> No.39138097
File: 61 KB, 1280x720, 1427465528866.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright. I'm going to actually make a build for this.

I've tried this TWICE before, but each time I keel over or pass out. Just so much text.

But I'm going to do it this time.

Wish me luck.

>> No.39138373

it doesnt read like something from 4chan
very lgbt

who is limimal?

>> No.39138489
File: 3.38 MB, 2000x4000, 1390998841180.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Same guy who made this and a couple of others. They're kinda recognizable.

>> No.39138556

You sound like you don't know what that word means or a lot about 4chan.

>> No.39140399


Age: 13
Body: Average
Sepecialization: Air (+3 Agi)
Weapons: Melee (+1 Str, +1 Vit)
Outfit: Flowing (+1 Str)
Powers: Focused Assault, Regeneration

Str - 10
Vit - 7
Agi - 9
Mag - 4
Luck - 5

Interdimensional Home, Big Backpack, Closure (+1 Luck), Enhanced Transformation, +2 Strength

Gold - Used to buy Regeneration
Silver 1 - Used to buy +2 Vit
Silver 2 - Used to buy +2 Strength
Silver 3 - Used to buy +2 Agility

A physical bruiser, with high damage and the ability to off-tank with a mixture of regen and dodge but light on magic. I'd focus on clearing mooks with a poleaxe, and using my air-based speed to do charges with the spear tip. I guess I'd go with a green theme to my costume.

I immediately stash my goodies from the backpack in my inter-dimensional apartment. Money I'll figure out what to do with once I come to grips with my new form and situation. Would need a new bank account, thankfully the backpack gives me new credentials but still an issue with the whole being a minor in the eyes of the law again, maybe set up a paypal or something and use those purchasable debit cards to transfer the money to the account over time. Might be able to draw some of my current account out before closure takes effect.

Oh yeah and the apartment, if I can take other magical girls back to it, I'd work on redecorating the place over time. Bunk beds, media, add some fresh groceries to the magical instant meals. Enough it can operate as a sort of secure base for any team I might join up with. Would be nice project.

>> No.39140459

>implying 4chan isn't just a bunch of fags of every conceivable flavor

>> No.39140491

Either html version of this CYOA is messed up or I don't get something. Somehow I got a fighter that had more mounts accepting heavier weaponry than my frigate and it had its own hangar accepting another smaller fighter.

>> No.39140833

Rolling CYOAs are quite bad. It's all about having your adventure based on your choices, random elements you have little effect on and which are results of pure luck kind of suck.

I can understand if CYOA offers a choicebetween rolling and point system, but just rolling ones I usually avoid or simply impose on myself a strict options ot have a few choices instead of rolls.

>> No.39140896

You still have some coins you can choose to use.

Sounds like a hot load of opinions, chief. And like I stated before, rolling CYOA are all over the place and have been here longer than you probably have. So while it's valid to say you don't like them pretending it's an empirical truth or trying to crusade against them is both wrong and not going to work.

>> No.39140999

>Arguing with the roll trolls.
Nobody on either side ever thinks they'll change anyone's mind. It's all just bitching and moaning at best, and weak trolling at worst.

>> No.39141006

Personally I find it a lot more interesting to try to make the best out of what was given to me by chance than trying to make the best out of the specific rules set out by the CYOA creator.

>> No.39141264

I kinda want to play a magical girl game now.
Is Magical Burst any good?

>> No.39141297

Wait, you're not supposed to get into arguments if you know you won't change anyone's mind?

>> No.39141889
File: 519 KB, 1200x980, 20d19efc365e7f325de751d0c271499f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

STR- 8
VIT- 6
AGI- 5
MAG- 7

Age: 16
Well developed
Specialization: Reinforcement
Weapon: Fist
Outfit: Flowing

Magical Powers: Tentacle Fun (Leather belts that come out of my sleeves)

Miscellaneous Perks:
Gain +2 Luck
Gain +2 Mag
Gain +2 Vit
Enhanced Transformation
Interdimensional Home

Support-type/melee. I hit hard, buff myself to hit even harder and can also keep everyone else alive while doing so. Essentially the Paladin of the group, which is right up my alley. Tentacle fun should prove to be... Interesting. I can see its uses for combat at the very least.

Once I've come to terms with my situation, the first item on the list is that I need to find some others to team up with.

How about it? Anyone want to team up?

>> No.39142103

>Chassis (35, 1 load)
Cable and Hopper
>Augments (80, 2 load)
Pilot Augment, Hardening
Climate 2
Boosters 2
Amplifiers 2
>Tools (85, 4 load)
3 Medics
Firewall 1
Disruption 2
Power Fist

Dex 5
Con 2
Pow 2
Rec 9+3
Spd 5
Str 4x2

Dodge 25
Hack Defense 20, attacker at 25% if wireless

Thanks to a doubled budget, the latest in the JIMMIED series is better insured against hostile climes and situations, but its low durability and reliance on drones remains a sticking point.

>> No.39142309

I should roll all these in-thread just to be a pain in the ass.

If you're going to use dice rolling, at least make them all multiples of one kind of die, so you can roll them all with a single post.

>> No.39142524


Not too excited about there being so much rolling, but it's doable. If you're going to have so much rolling, I have some suggestions, unwanted as they probably are.

First, have consistency and common sense with your coin system. You use silver coins to allow a clear choice on several of the options, but switch it to simply shifting the choice by one on an option with only 4 possible results - and I suspect that's simply because you couldn't decide how to make the gold coin useful on that option. Considering that you only get one gold coin, it's pretty useless to spend it selecting your outfit style. Outfits (sadly) have little mechanical use beyond +1 stat, unlike (for example) weapon choice, which has various additional bonuses like +1/+1 stats, greater power over other weapon styles, or even +2 stat. The gold coin buy on the outfit option is pretty weak.

Secondly, if you're going to have so many rolls, make the number of options equal to common dice types (aka 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, or percentile) and avoid using odd numbers! Saying to roll 1-13 is just being plain lazy, since you could easily delete one option to make it 1-12, or weight some of the options with a range and make it a 1-20 roll. Or you could just add 7 more options, it's not that hard!

I think your RYOA (it's not really a CYOA, is it? It's lacking handicap/disadvatage points that would actually allow leeway and choices more like a CYOA) could be pretty good with some work.

Best of luck.

>> No.39142689
File: 48 KB, 150x125, toahighfive.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds good. I'm >>39140399
Spend some of my backpack cash to meet up and we're good. Since you're older and well developed you could probably pass for 18 with the right new papers, letting us set up actual bank accounts and shit.

You up for some tag-team melee action? Where will our initial location of choice be?

>> No.39142781

My nigger.

>> No.39143029


I am keeping an eye out for feedback related to this, and will have a new version with quality of life and formatting stuff updated when time permits.

>> No.39143292

Sounds good. I don't know what we'll need a bank account for since we'll be getting room and board for free, but I suppose it will be nice to have if we ever need to make some actual money for other such things. And you're right, I totally could pass as 18 with the right documents. We can probably get away with passing as sisters or something.

We should head somewhere crowded. A large city is bound to have plenty of work. I'm not particularly picky just so long as it's some place where they speak english.

>> No.39143323
File: 1.58 MB, 1000x2450, stairway.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haven't seen this one posted recently.

>> No.39143456

This is not a christian CYOA.

>> No.39143479

I was thinking a bank account just for paying for services like netflix or mmo subscriptions or buying stuff on amazon, might need a PO box for mail and stuff since we can just live in inter-dimensional space.

I can backpack credentials for anywhere. I just request someplace warm since I'm from Canada and magical dresses seem terrible ideas in winter.

Do you think my backpack could produce credentials for you as well or would we have to see about getting some new ones through official or less-than-legal methods?

>> No.39143604

Going up on da Eaculator for a halo

>> No.39143754

This is a troll right?
No one is this retarded.

>> No.39143872
File: 420 KB, 850x1199, sample-4f4ed5491860168d2fc3c3791b9b73f9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

STR 4 + 6 = 10
VIT 4 + 3 = 7
AGI 4 + 8 = 12
MAG 4 = 4
LUCK 4 + 3 = 7
Silver for +2 Str
Silver for +2 Str
Age = 13
Rolled 9, Spending 1 silver for fists.
Power of friendship, one gold for Familiar
+2 Vit, +2 Agi, Closure, Money, Eternal Style

I try to be the typical vampire villain with a cat familiar and fancy outfits. Because of my position I'd act arrogant and fight magical girls. Would always appear to try and ruin the day. Just kinda lonely in reality but being a villain would be great fun.
In free time I'd stalk magical girls or try to come up with new ways to bug them. I'd look around net for urban legends about haunted places nearby and try to make one of them into my hideout.

One day someone will point out that cat familiar is a witch thing, not a vampire's. I'll die from embarassment.

>> No.39143919

This was surprisingly fun, and ended up with a girl that I actually really like. Definitely need to standardize the dice though.

Str: 9 (silver coin)
Vit: 5
Agi: 9 (silver coin)
Lck: 6

14 years old
Average developed

A tall, gangly, pale teen with light blond hair in a pixie cut and bright green eyes.

Lightning Specialization (gold coin spent to negate a 12)
Fist Fighter
Skimpy Outfit
Power of Friendship

Enhanced Transformation
Gain +2 Luck (silver coin spent to negate another fucking 12)
Enhanced Sustenance
Get Out of Jail
Interdimensional Bro

Brianna, but call her Breezy, is a quick witted and big hearted but somewhat ditzy girl. When she's not out prowling the streets for monsters or in class, she likes going out and meeting new people, and somehow it always magically goes well.

She lives with an interdimensional tourist, Eythor the Stoner, who works as a busser at a local Country Kitchen. While she doesn't approve of his weed habit, she genuinely enjoys his company and they occasionally watch movies together. She also senses he knows more about her life as a Magical Girl than he lets on.

When she encounters danger, Breezy quickly transforms with a triple pirouette in a huge flash of lightning into her Magical Girl form. Her costume is embarrassingly lewd, and consists of black thigh highs, yellow high heels, long sleeves and shoulders that come down to just cover her breasts, with a small bikini bottom. Mostly black with yellow trim. Yes I totally ripped it off from Kill la Kill.

On the battlefield she is blindingly fast, quickly darting in before her opponents can react and hammering them with lightning-charged punches of great power. Sometimes it seems that in the heat of battle against the most dangerous of opponents, she seems to go into a battle frenzy, tearing at her opponents with her blinding speed and strength and no regard for herself.

>> No.39143952

>I was thinking a bank account just for paying for services like netflix or mmo subscriptions or buying stuff on amazon
Yeah, that's what I figured. I could dig that. We might also want to buy a car too or something. The mailbox too would be useful, so good thinking.

>Do you think my backpack could produce credentials for you as well or would we have to see about getting some new ones through official or less-than-legal methods?
Hmmm, the CYOA states that it's "for you" so I don't know if that's specifically for you alone or for you in general. If your legal ID required me to have a legal ID as your "Legal Guardian" or something then I don't see why I wouldn't get one either.

>> No.39144038

That's because there's not much to consider or talk about.
Michelangelo path forever.

>> No.39144235
File: 744 KB, 1275x1134, Sin Artifacts.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just for that remark, dumping 7 sin themed Cyoas.

>> No.39144265
File: 2.90 MB, 3500x1750, Balanced Sin Gifts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39144292
File: 5.00 MB, 5000x4597, Detailed Sins.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39144322

Hi guys! You're magical girls too? You can come stay with me and Eythor in San Diego if you want, I'm sure we can help you get settled in!

>> No.39144327
File: 4.70 MB, 5000x2285, Pride Nerf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39144357


Eythor is quickly growing into the main male character of some sort of low budget harem anime with magical girls. I approve.

>> No.39144421

>The least magical, magical girls
>Two fists and a melee
I'd watch that anime.

>> No.39144423

>Age: 16
>Body: Well-developed
>Drider (Shadow and mental, +4 Mag, +1 Luck, +1 Vitality (if I'm understanding that right))
>Weapon: Magic (+1 Mag) (silver coin spent)
>Outfit: Elaborate (+1 Mag) (silver coin spent)
>Power of Friendship
Interdimensional bro
+2 Mag
Interdimensional Home
+2 Luck (gold coin spent)
Closure (+1 luck)

Stat totals:
Str: 6 (Silver coin: +2)
Vit: 5
Agi: 5
Mag: (From how I understand it, Magic starts at 4. If so: 12 If not: 8)
Luck: (assuming it begins are 4) 8

High magic, high luck, doing pretty well. Didn't expect to be a 14 year old male Drider, but hey, it worked out. Should be fun, I'll hang out with Eythor and do whatever, fight some people that decide to come after me, all that. Sounds good.

>> No.39144459

>Drider (Shadow and mental, +4 Mag, +1 Luck, +1 Vitality (if I'm understanding that right))

I confirm you are understanding that right.

>> No.39144488

San Diego was actually the place that I was thinking about. Plenty of work there, warm weather year around. We should probably avoid LA though, that place probably is ruled by some smog demon or something

>> No.39144515

>Same Interdimensional Bro
>One's a Magical Girl
>The other's a Monster Girl

Can they overcome their differences and work together? Can Eythor keep the peace? Will they find forbidden love?

>> No.39144534


>> No.39144594

The weird thing is I spent two coins to negate two twelves, otherwise I would have been a male drider with the power of friendship and friends with Eythor as well, instead of a lightning girl.

>> No.39144619

Sounds good to me. Three of us (and maybe drider guy if he decides to have the exact same inter-dimensional Eythor).

It'd almost be like a proper team.

>> No.39144633

Didn't roll because that's boring and it's more fun for me to just pick whatever I want. Also, this reminded me of the fact that there is a disturbing lack of both good magical girl CYOAs and full immersion VR.

str 7 vit 8 agi 6 mag 8 luck 4
14, average, white, white hair, blue/red eyes
Fire, Magic, Flowing
Familiar (cat)
+2 Str, +2 Vit, Allies, +2 Agi, Enhanced sustenance, Enhanced transformation

>> No.39144658

Drider even has Power of Friendship. Its fated to be, he's the turncoat was 'once evil' reformed part of the team.

Breezy+Drider OTP

>> No.39144687

>16 year old male Drider
>14 year old lightning girl
>same house

Constant fighting, great romance, or (if more people get the interdimensional bro) it becomes Real World: Magical Girl Edition. All of these sound great.

>> No.39144704

Oh, it'll be great you guys! San Diego is awesome, there's always stuff to do like all the time. Can you make it here okay?

>> No.39144713

>you have to spend literally all of your good currency
It's shit.

>> No.39144746


Drider is in favor of forming Magical Girl Force One.

>> No.39144772
File: 72 KB, 600x570, 729235-saitama_super.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Str: 8
Vit: 7
Agi: 6 (Silver coin)
Mag: 4
Luck: 4

Age 15
Well developed
Ice (+2 to Str)

(Gold coin) Focused Assault - Serious Series: Serious Strike
Barrage - Consecutive Normal Punches

Interdimentional Bro (Silver coin) changed to Masculinity
+2 Agi
Enhanced sustenance
Training - Badminton

If only I could reduce my magic and luck in exchange for boosting the other three.

>> No.39144823

You're gonna have to convince Breezy not to kill you the moment she sees you. And you better talk fast, she has enhanced transformation and a 9 speed.

>> No.39144835

It's actually 1/3 of your currency guy. Still shit though.

>> No.39144952

Absolutely. I didn't expect a male Drider to join our group, but this makes it quite interesting. I'll need a new name. "Reinforcement" is too long so how about "Rei" for short? Pretty good group, really. We've got

The Paladin

The Fighter

The Barbarian

And the dickass Rogue

>> No.39144969

Breezy and Drider (the drider, melee green, and well endowed fist need names damnit) have Power of Friendship. They'll get along somewhat, though there will likely be at least two seasons of drama as they try to influence each other to the dark side/light side.

>Three magical girls making sure the magical spider guy isn't squashed while he shoots magic and they punch/stab evil
>Air girl and Breezy racing with both at agility 9
This is too cute.

>> No.39145027

Scratch that. Rogue/Wizard hybrid. So our bases are pretty much covered.

>> No.39145154

>people wouldn't do this much talking over an actually good cyoa
>instead talk about rollshit with terrible formatting

It's nice to have it confirmed that cyoa general has shit taste.

>> No.39145197

We'll make it there fine I'm sure. I can meet up with Rei if she needs money to get a bus ticket or something to San Diego. Drider too if he needs a lift (though with his spider bits we might need to get on a train or something, or he caught a ride with Eythor there I dunno).

I guess I need a new name as well, hm. Green sorta like Gwen, close enough to serve.

>> No.39145200

Well yea, why do you think all the big good cyoa get pushed off into their own threads? All the talking drowns out the bitching.

>> No.39145262

Honestly I think we should just stop having cyoa generals and just make threads for individual cyoas only. We had way better discussion when that was more common. Also I'm not talking about making generals for a bunch of cyoas like power armor and jumpshit do just one off threads for individual cyoas.

>> No.39145273

You in San Diego too Drider-anon?

But it's magical girls, anon. The power of friendship can overcome the limitations of a cyoa.

>> No.39145340

It's not a bad idea, really, it'd make them more freeform rp threads, and individual cyoas would get more attention. No way to make it work though, can't direct an imageboard, and some people really love their generals.

>> No.39145371

Bad design is bad design anon.

>> No.39145392

If people are gonna continue their freeform rp with this garbage please take it to your own thread like other people do.

>> No.39145414
File: 60 KB, 584x412, Imagination.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39145465

>more freeform rp threads

That's probably not going to sit well with everyone, it's already why some want cyoas gone completely. I'd prefer the rp stay far and away from any actual builds/discussion/theorycrafting of cyoas.

Also. I think >>39145262 is being more nostalgic than realistic. While there were some good discussions way back when, there was just as much shit discussion for cyoa.

Bottom line, it wasn't really that much better then. Kind of like how people always talk about the good ole days, but it really wasn't good if you are truly honest. Just different.

>> No.39145525
File: 63 KB, 500x414, 123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39145642
File: 142 KB, 300x300, goggles.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>magical girls
I don't see how this a bad thing.

>> No.39145668

There are no magical girls here, anon. Only bad CYOAs.

>> No.39145699


Age: 15 (= 6+9)
Development: High (= 9)
I like seeing high contrasts between skin and hair color, and extremely pale skin with silky, curly black hair blends into a crowd a whole lot better than 11:59 PM black skin with silky, curly white hair. It also goes better with green eyes, which I'd like to keep. My eyes are great. I elect to be noticeably shorter than most women, because shorties with T&A are funny to me.

Specialty: Reinforcement (= 5)
I am completely okay with this. There's a lot you can do with a self-buff and a shield. Even if I have to go solo, I'm probably the most dangerous person on my team just because of how long I can keep myself in the battle and create utility.

Weapons: Fist (= 10)
I love this whole build. I love everything about it.

Outfit: Flowing (= 2)
My transformation phrase will be, "By the light, through the light, for the light. Transformation!" And the battle costume will be a frilly dress with a vague catholic nun feel... and lots of bandage wraps. I bet that will sound real cool in lots of translations.

Power: Shadow Clones, Tentacle Fun (= 7... GOLD= 10)
The tentacles will be my bandages. That's pretty dang handy for someone who doesn't have any technically offensive magic. And as anyone who's seen any action anime at all knows, cloning yourself is endlessly useful. You know, this power set would make a good doujinshi.

Perks: (= 16, 20, 5, 9, 8)
The extra magic and luck are solidly handy. I like them better than a lot of the things I could have been stuck with, but they're pretty unexciting and rounding out isn't as good as specializing. Eternal Style is a solid perk and frees up a lot of time for me, but not as much time as Enhanced Sustenance does. Plus, not having to breathe is a great perk all by itself. To be honest, enhanced sustenance is pretty broken! Enhanced transformation is basically useless, because how often are you attacked mid-transformation?

Stats: (all silver!)
Str 8
Vit 4
Agi 9
Mag 9
Luk 6

>> No.39145710
File: 567 KB, 956x1500, kenken.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

STR - 5
VIT - 4
AGI - 6
MAG - 7
LUCK - 4
Age - 15
Body Dev. - 1 (Underdeveloped)
Misc. App. - Black hair, green eyes, light skin, glasses
Specialization - GOLD COIN - Reinforcement (+1 STR, AGI, MAG)
Weapons - 10 (Fists, +2 STR) - SILVER COIN (Magic, +1 MAG)
Outfit - 1 (Skimpy, +1 AGI)
Powers - 9 (Regeneration)
Misc. Powers - 1, 19, 13, 4, 12 (Gain +2 STR, Gain 2 allies and a +1 to any stat of choice [MAG], Appear more masculine, A way out, A big backpack) - SILVER COIN on 1 for 15 (money)

>Find a magical girl team and team up with them. Be the party buffer. Find a comfy place to live. Enjoy myself, I guess

>> No.39145815

San Diego seems like a good place for a Drider, somehow, so yes.

>> No.39145884
File: 1.71 MB, 1200x4000, Conduit Fanworld Lyonesse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just needed to scratch that itch, what with the new fanworld and Thrallherd resurfacing.

There was an old fanworld idea involving Arthurian giant robots that never went anywhere, but this is my attempt.

>> No.39145895

I don't know. It's certainly producing plenty of magical girls, which I imagine is its purpose. It does need a redo though.

>> No.39145965

I have cash in my bank account. The problem is I doubt I'll be able to access it given my new appearance. We don't have to take a bus though. A train or a plane should suffice.

>> No.39145975


All magical girl people please leave to here >>39145939

>> No.39145999

Man you're really butt flustered aren't you?
Feelin' some autism eh?
This is what cyoa containment generals is all about. Keeping them from spreading. Stop shitting up the board.

>> No.39146021

Do you think this warrants a thread? Don't get me wrong, it'd be cool, once this is all fixed to see it get the PACYOA treatment but as of now we're just like... Discussing CYOAs... Which is what this thread is about and stuff...

>> No.39146047

>CYOA gets a lot of posts
Uh, no? This is barely near Star Dust, Conduit, or PACYOA levels. You know, if you were here to see them? Plus, it's not like they're keeping the thread alive or anything.

>> No.39146058

People are freeform rping in the general thread, they should leave.

Cyoas that start freeform rping in thread generally make their own thread like with domain and other bs.

>> No.39146073

>MGCYOA General with mission threads or irc games
I'd dig it once the CYOA is more developed.

>> No.39146087

>Cyoas that start freeform rping in thread
>People are freeform rping in the general thread, they should leave
So, that's your problem? That people aren't just dumping builds and leaving?

>> No.39146113
File: 71 KB, 500x500, pleb patrol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Cyoas that start freeform rping in thread generally make their own thread like with domain and other bs.
That was after several threads of it going on. You're being silly here, anon. People are just having fun with the CYOA, you on the other are just bitching and shitposting

>> No.39146162

>like with domain and other bs
>other bs

>Stop liking what I don't! : The post

>> No.39146181

There's discussing cyoas and there's rping, discussion is fine but rp generally moves to its own thread.

Domain thread was explicitly made when they started rping and namefagging their characters if that's what you're talking about.

I actually just wasn't sure of the name for the chaos vs order thing or what other ones did that. All I meant was other similar things.

>> No.39146244

Less shitposting more magical girl teams.
We have team Friendship Force with Brianna, Drider, Rei and Gwen operating out of San Diego. What other teams will develop?

Will there be specials where teams meet up to fight greater threats?
Will the Friendship Force have to deal with other teams trying to hunt down their drider friend in hilarious misunderstandings?
What is Eythor hiding?

>> No.39146287

So, you're angry that people are having fun with a CYOA.... so you want to kick them out into another thread, which you created... despite the fact that there's barely and actual "Freeform rp" going on?

Order VS Chaos gets way more RP than this. Just admit you don't like magical girls and stop whining.

>> No.39146317

I'm not angry anon, I just want all the complaining and spam to stop and it'll stop by sending it to its own thread.

>> No.39146331

Holy shit the magical girl is fresh OC with a lot of aspects that could be improved.

Why the fuck is people rushing to freeform RP this shit so soon?

Its going to fail more horribly then magical realm or domain master RP.

>> No.39146340

If you want to get away from the complaining I recommend using this thread >>39145939

>> No.39146398
File: 419 KB, 300x200, o dear lord.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I just want all the complaining and spam to stop and it'll stop by sending it to its own thread
You're making half of the spam with your silly attempts to boot the CYOA out.
Case in point: >>39146340

>It is now not allowed to discuss CYOAs and have fun
>Because one anon doesn't like a certain CYOA

>> No.39146479
File: 2.00 MB, 300x300, 1427926633427.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But you're the only one complaining and spamming here. You're literally resorting to toddler tactics simply because the thread's not dead for once. People rp their shit all the time on these threads, this isn't new or anything. Now calm your autism and go do something for gods sake. Play a video game or something, I don't care, but you clearly need to get off your computer

>> No.39146482


Lilim - 6 Years
4.5 ft
STR 7, CON 6, DEX 4, AGI 6, INT 6, CHA 5, MAG 3, RES 0, LRN 7
Stat Augment 2, Life Augment 2, Body Augment 2, Family Reputation 2, Demonic Heritage 2, Bodyguard 2
Body Augment 2, Mental Augment, Social Augment, Creatie Augment, Tower Grimoire - Life

Pretty nice, but large CYOA.

>> No.39146486


10 - 16 years old
6 - Average build
3 - Air (+3 Agi)
2 - Melee (+1 Str +1 Vit)
1 - Skimpy (+1 agi)
1 - Killing blow (+1 Str)
*6 - Friendship
7 - Gain +2 Agi
11 - Training (Sword Fighting)
12 - Masculinity (man again)
14 - Get out of jail (teleport 1?/year)
18 - Incognito (difficult to notice)

>2 Silver to Luck
>1 Silver to Strength
>Gold to Add Power of friendship.

Str - 8
Vit - 5
Agi - 10
Mag - 5
Luck - 8
(6 = Olympic, 8 = Super human)

Looks like I'm a guy wearing nothing but bicycle shorts holding a sword. Use superhuman strength, agility, and Luck to speedblitz enemies. Anything I can't take out with normal attacks get's blasted apart with Killing Blow(yet to be named).

I know this is getting a lot of shit but I like roll CYOA's. I admit that you should try to make them use the same dice pools. The d10 and d20 are OK but don't use d13 or d4. For the specialization make it 1d10 and if you roll a 10 you need to re-roll for your monster girl form. And just split up the outfit the same way you did with Body Development and Weapon.

>> No.39146487

Most of the people having fun with it have recognized its flaws. But magical girl is a fun genre that we don't get much content about, and its a naturally team-oriented one so people are talking about forming groups as an extension of the cyoa.

I doubt they'll actually go anywhere and be forgotten by tomorrow, but in the meantime its anons having fun with what they have. I doubt they have any higher expectations than that.

If you don't enjoy it, maybe post another cyoa and talk about it instead. We've already gone through everything relevant more or less about the layout/dice rolling of this version of the magical girl roller.

>> No.39146497

Well, regardless of the motivations, the thread has been made. So should we use it or not? If so, go post your builds in it.

>> No.39146516

>I just want all the complaining and spam to stop
>I just want

>it'll stop by sending it to its own thread
No, it'll stop when you stop. Maybe you should go to your own thread?

>> No.39146540

I only started posting in this when I made the thread and there was plenty of complaining before that. People are complaining a ton about me making it though and that's a lot more spam than if they didn't feel the need to be in the general and just went to their own thread.

>> No.39146568

>there's spam about me making a needless thread
>that justifies me making a needless thread
Are you retarded?

>> No.39146577

>People are complaining a ton about me making it though
Because there's no need. Maybe in the future when the CYOA is more fleshed out it can get the PACYOA treatment, but as it is right now it's just a couple of anons rp'ing their builds and then a few cynical anons being cynical because this is 4chan and people act that way. You don't cave into the requests of the trolls though, that's just stupid.

>> No.39146581

Uh, no? Link me to the previous complaining. I'm waiting.

You're the person who started it. You made a separate thread, because you felt that more replies in the main thread was bad for some inane reason. You're at fault here.

>> No.39146616
File: 160 KB, 261x271, 1365981871975.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is why we can't have nice things.

>> No.39146624
File: 2.66 MB, 1800x6000, 1414268004977.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It pretty clearly isn't needless, this is a general thread for cyoas not for only talking about 1 cyoa.

Anyway this complaining has gone on too long without any content posted.

And that's only linking direct replies to the cyoa,

>> No.39146656

What nice things?

>> No.39146664

Holy cow, this was my idea a long time ago.
This is brilliant! Well done!

>> No.39146675

>White King
>Black Knight

I was thinking about going for black pawn instead, but the knight has some solid benefits. I figure I'll just focus on helping underdeveloped nations with agriculture and infrastructure, see what I can do to give them a leg-up on things. I'd have to be very careful to avoid giving information that would lead to the creation of massively destructive weaponry, but chances are that'll happen anyway, because people are creative.

>> No.39146695

Most of those posts are constructive criticism.

The CYOA does use way too many different dice.
It needs to make dice rolling more uniform.

>> No.39146707

>this is a general thread for cyoas not for only talking about 1 cyoa
>People must discuss all CYOAS, because talking about one for any amount of time is bad!
I wish being an idiot was against the rules, so we could report your antics.

>> No.39146719
File: 3.22 MB, 3048x2344, burds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think it's plenty reasonable over being stubborn and staying next to trolls. If there's an easy solution that'll make both parties happier why not take it? Just to be stubborn and keep posting in here?

>> No.39146744
File: 1000 KB, 854x480, His hopes and dreams, crushed.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>People like this visit CYOA threads
>People this autistic are out there

>> No.39146745


This is a change I am looking to make for future updates. Might take more than 1 update to complete since it requires the creation of 7 more specialties. I appreciate the feedback shown so far in the thread. Feel free to let me know more - anything that's confusing or needs more explanation, whatever.

>> No.39146748

>your body adapts to what is considered a 10/10 body as time passes
Considered by who? There is no such thing as an objectively best preference.

>> No.39146754
File: 289 KB, 1010x573, Kamina_sunglasses.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39146766

Anon, I don't know what you've all been talking about, but you sound pretty autistic yourself right now.

>> No.39146828 [DELETED] 

Here's your reply

>> No.39146896

If you do create seven more, keep a similar ratio to what you currently have of 10 good/3 bad, it's a nice touch. Also, remember, you can arbitrarily range your dice however you like.
1-2 is A
3-4 is B
5-10 is C
An extreme example, but you can use it to keep ratios how you like them.

Remember if you use 2d10 in place of 1d20 that it has a different distribution, numbers in the middle become much more common than numbers towards the edge. Like in craps. Maybe just break the 20 characteristics down into two columns of 10 with 3 1d10 rolls on the first and 2 1d10 rolls on the second? That'll get rid of your 1d20.

Story also needs a little polish. On the whole, nice work anon. It's ... strangely compelling somehow I can't explain.
Bleeding Madoka-analogue at the top made me frown.

>> No.39146907

>Complaining about an anon being autistic makes you autistic
>Greentexting makes you autistic

>> No.39146923 [DELETED] 

Oh I already knew that, silly.

No, being autistic makes you autistic.

>> No.39146941

Red Flanked Bluetail, Tree Sparrow, Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Bluetail keeps Sparrow in the air, Woodpecker and I provide ground defense for whatever airstrip we've beaten out of the ground. We run air support missions and try and build field defenses to prepare for any counter-attacks/fall back positions for the front lines.

>> No.39147062 [DELETED] 

I'm just going to stop replying. Your stupidity is too much.

>> No.39147093 [DELETED] 

Good reply.

>> No.39147119 [DELETED] 

Nice Post

>> No.39147129 [DELETED] 


>> No.39147144 [DELETED] 

Thank you anon, you as well.

No need to be rude.

>> No.39147188 [DELETED] 
File: 1.85 MB, 500x280, You are already dead.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Knows he's wrong
>Still resorts to shitposting

>> No.39147214 [DELETED] 

Wrong about what? Are you seriously saying you aren't autistic?

>> No.39147227 [DELETED] 

>Still keeps replying
I'm not even him, anon, but what are you hoping is going to happen? Do you think after a million replies you'll finally break through his denseness? Just let it go, he's not worth your time.

>> No.39147391

Str: 4
Vit: 7 (base 4, +3 from bonuses)
Agi: 4
Mag: 8 (base 4, +2 from bonuses, +2 silver coin 1)
Luck: 5 (base 4, +1 from bonuses)

Age: Gold coin: 18 (screw youth, but I'll at least stay within sort-of-kind-of age range)
Body: Silver coin 2: Well-developed.
Specialization: Earth (+2 Vit, +1 Mag)
Weapon: Magic [Staff] (+1 Mag)
Outfit: Uniform [suit] (+1 Vit)
Power: Shadow Clones

Closure (+1 Luck)
Interdimensional Bro
Enhanced Transformation
Get out of jail

Silver coin 3: Nix 'Interdimensional Bro', get Interdimensional Home. Sorry, bro. Sometimes you just want a quiet place to retreat to.

This turned out...better than expected! I am pretty much okay with this. Higher agi would be nice, but hopefully the vit will help me tank what I can't dodge.

>> No.39148152
File: 1010 KB, 2554x2630, Braclet cyoa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any ones made on reddit that haven't been posted here? I dled this one from here a while ago.

>> No.39148464


4 Dex
2 Con
3 Power
4 Rec
4 Spd
2 Str
0 Loads

Bonus: +3 Accuracy, +1 Magazine size, +1 to all Weapon Skills

Movement: Hopper

Stimulant Package
EMS Packet

UI: Mind Link

Comms: Standard Comms

Suit Mods: Amplifiers (level 2), FOV (level 3).

AI: Soldier (Level 3)
Programs: HUD (Level 3) Firewall (Level 2)

Weapons: Energy Blade, Minigun, Ion Cannon

>> No.39148512

I've never posted a build for a CYOA, but this one particularly piqued my interest. Bravo.

>> No.39148850


I have seen 3 CYOAs made "on reddit" they were all too terrible to save.

/tg/ made 98%, and is currently making 99.9% of the CYOAs.

/b/ made a lot of them a while back, called them Choice games. Ones from /b/ usually have a simple repeating image in varying colors, or buttons, or A B C packages to choose from. They are largely island or zombie survival, and often involved getting unlimited supply of drug X, and they are still better than what reddit has made.

I also remember 1 CYOA from /fit/, 2 from /pol/, 2-3 from /co/, and 1 from /a/. There might be more.

At one point I dug into the archives and saved every CYOA from as far back as when we started calling them CYOAs. and then my Hard Drive shit out on me.

>> No.39148888

Well the bracelet one I just posted there seems pretty alright and made on reddit.

>> No.39149056


Yes, it is a great CYOA that is superbly well balanced.

It didn't stick in my mind as a reddit CYOA because the author visits /tg/ and posted it here the same day that he did on reddit.

But you are right, this does prove that good creative people can visit and like reddit, I guess I allowed by dislike of the derivative nature of the site that is rarely conducive to the creation of content, to color my judgement, and stereotype all of its users.

>> No.39149062

Fine specs, comrade, and a sleek craft to go along! Mind if I... oh. Hm. You've included a Mindlink terminal, but you have no Cyber Brain yourself. Squeamish about the lobotomy? It's all right, we all start that way.

Also, I'm afraid plastering your suit's heads-up screens with red cellophane and recruitment posters will not suffice to endow it with a Soldier AI. You must first install a Basic AI, then have it configured at additional cost.

Once you've dealt with these, check your totals, as you'll likely have exceeded your acquisition clearance.

>> No.39149142
File: 264 KB, 1000x1200, 1413223485048.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


My favorite /b/ CYOA.

Notice the subtle trolling in how the rules are written.

>> No.39149170

I assume it's whoever exhibits the COMBINED traits and not individually right? Then evil muslim.

>> No.39149196

I press male and female. Now I only have to figure out how to kill the remaining 80 million.

>> No.39149211
File: 379 KB, 1920x1080, 1393884325187.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

DERMA 3 Load
DODGE (14)
Energy (20)
Hopper (15)
EMS Packet (5)
Augmentation (5)
Hardening (5)
Muscle Replacement (5)
Wired Reflexes (5)
Dermal Plating (5)
Brainwave Sensors (15)
Standard Comms (5)
>Suit Mods
Capacitor II (10)
Camouflage III (15)
Area Mapping I (10)
Agent III (30)
HUD I (5)
Infiltrator III (30)
Shadow (15)

Full on hacker. Either stop enemy mechs in their tracks or control them for my own purposes. Best part is no one even sees me coming.

>> No.39149224

Word! How's.. now.

4 Dex
2 Con
3 Power
4 Rec
4 Spd
2 Str
0 Loads

Bonus: +2 Accuracy

Movement: Hopper

EMS Packet
Wired Reflexes
Martial Arts
Combat Training
Engineer Training

UI: Mind Link

Comms: Standard Comms

Suit Mods: Amplifiers (level 2), FOV (level 3). Strength Servos (Level 1),

Programs: HUD (Level 3) Firewall (Level 2)

Weapons: Energy Blade, Minigun, Ion Cannon


>> No.39149238


It was intentionally made so that there is no way to tell if it is
>x AND y
>x OR y
that get killed.

>/b/ wanting to start arguments? Never!

>> No.39149332

Oh forgot about the basic A.I. requirement myself >>39149211

Guess I'll have to drop the EMS Packet and just trust in my dodging skills

Bumps my TPP to 33 (not sure how I got 75 before)

>> No.39149364


That is an interesting question.
How badly would the world be screwed over by 99% of its population dying?
Would humanity as a whole be better off in the long run?
Do the bodies dissappear or is the world now littered with decomposing corpses?

>> No.39149436

Well then it's not like I made things that much worse.

>> No.39149447

Still one crazy package. Seeing that makes me want to change something to pickup Sentry.

>> No.39149735

Your 5 Requisition gratuity to the UI station is appreciated but unnecessary. Proceed to Returns to reclaim it, and pay the 10 you owe on your two-stage capacitor.

Ah, I didn't think to do a weapons check before. I was a little wary of turning it on, to be honest. Here's a fully functional plasma containment field, but no Blade inside to phase into plasma.

There we go, look at that think cook! That one's on the house, just so you see what it should look like. The rest you're buying yourself. You'll be going through a lot of them this way.

>> No.39149782

Eh. Sub out filters for the blade. I don't read requirements.

>> No.39150107

That just about does it. All it needs is a name.

Your TPP with Infiltration is (AI 5 + 5 Pow) x 2 Infil x 2 Agent bonus, for 40. That's nuts. Even with wireless penalty, it's an impressive 34.

Your Shadow Drone has to use its measly 2 Pow for hacking though, so even though it bypasses the penalty, its power is "only" 28.

You could ditch the drone but... maybe you could reconsider your investments in Power? 28 is plenty if you're not trying to hack hackers. An Engineer with 4 Pow and both defense programs loaded has a TPP of 49. Drone has a 57% chance of success, and Soldiers and Basics that are more invested in other suit functions will fare even worse.

>> No.39150438

>>39149364 -99% is still 70.000.000

>> No.39150459
File: 5.26 MB, 2042x4850, Aww Shit You A Wizard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.39150485

Meh, why not?

>> No.39150494

>Slut magic.
Okay no, fuck that. Not making a build for this.

>> No.39150738

How many points do you get?

>> No.39150759

Read it. Everything is obvious in there.

>> No.39150856

I did, What did I miss? I feel stupid now.

>> No.39150865

damn, i went full retard. This was directed at >>39150759

>> No.39150870

You notice how it says you get one point for free? It's at the bottom of the first page I think. That's ALL you get. Everything else is about taking disadvantageous or girly options that grant you points.

>> No.39151043

Str: 11 (-1 Gold Coin)
Vit: 4
Agi: 6
Mag: 4
Luck: 9 (-1 Silver Coin)

Age: 16
Body: Underdeveloped

Specialization: Time
Weapon: Fist
Outfit: Flowing (-1 Silver Coin)
Transformation Phrase: "I'll bash you cunt"
Magic: Regeneration (-1 Silver Coin)
Miscelaneous Perk 1: Closure
Miscelaneous Perk 2: Get Out Of Jail
Miscelaneous Perk 3: Incognito
Miscelaneous Perk 4: 2 Extra Agi
Miscelaneous Perk 5: Enhanced Transformation

>> No.39151399

>Envy is even weaker than it is in >>39144292

>> No.39152443
File: 1.70 MB, 2337x941, 1336934263604.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Hory fuck this is good. Just add some detriments and maybe some more coins and it'd be perfect. Also maybe a format change? That's secondary in my books though.

> Str; 7 (4+1+2 (silver))
> Vit; 7 (4+2+1)
> Agi; 11 (4+3+2+2 (silver))
> Mag; 4
> Luck; 6 (4+2)

So no plot armor? Fine. For a magical girl I can take a clubbing.

> Age; (15)
> Breasts; (1)

Flatter then the steppes, I'd complain but then I remember all the porn they made about Mami's Mamis.

> Appearance; scrawny, underdeveloped, brown hair, brown eyes, permanent pixie cut and hobo clothes.
> Specialization; Vampire (13)

Fuck. Well at least the bonuses will let me nope the fuck out of any situation with little to no obligations. And I can get more use out of pink's corpse.

> Weapons; Melee (3)
> Halberd

Well it's- something?

> Outfit; elaborate (3) silver to cut that and give me uniform instead.
> Transformation phrase; I came to kick ass and drink estus. And I'm all out of estus.

Anything to stave off the tide of Remiria.

> Magical power; Regeneration (9)
> Gold bonus power; Power of Friendship (6)

Who knows. Maybe if I can keep the magical girls from cutting my head off for five minutes I could make friends.

> Perks; (6) Inter-dimensional House
> (8) Enhanced Sustenance
> (15) Wealth
> (10) Closure
> (3) Bonus agility

So ultimately it will end up being me running around chased by a mob of magical girls at all times around the face of the earth. My primary objective shall be engaging in Yuri. And handholding.

>> No.39152719
File: 106 KB, 620x465, THE GOD-EMPEROR OF MOTHERFUCKING MANKIND.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>White king
>Black queen
We emprah now?

>> No.39152843

assuming it's AND:
female b-tard. it would be interesting to see how many of them are there

assuming it's OR:
evil and sick

>> No.39152860

I just have a cold anon, why are you killing me?

>> No.39152905

psssh ... nothin personnel

>> No.39152949

If it's AND, I'd go with Old and Evil.

If it's OR, I'd go with Evil and Dumb

>> No.39153142
File: 54 KB, 444x337, 1364889937308.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just wanted to make the build for this, but seeing that this got it's own thread i wouldn't bother. I'll just say that i came to this CYOA to be a little girl but ended up a 16yo well developed boy with Mental. magical weapon, scimpy outfit, Concentrated attack, Power of friendship and AGI and MAG bonuses. Whelp, i wanted to fantasize about being a magical lesbian girl and ended up a a charming and speedy thelepathic boy who probably figths shirtless due to scimpy outfit. Which means i can get girls both, the normal way and with mind rape. Not sure how i feel about it, that's not how magical girl adventures supposed to be.

>> No.39153192

just spend a silver coin and you'll be a girl

>> No.39153286

I don't want to be a girl for real, but i like to fantasize about it in CYOAs, so when CYOA forces me to be a girl, i enjoy it. But when it makes me a rare opportunity to retain my gender for free, i just can't bring myself to pay to actually be turned into a girl. I always make choices for CYOA the way i would if i was offerd that opportunity in real life, and while i would be fine with being turned into a girl in real life and it won't be a tragedy for me, i would rather prefer to stay male. That's why i used my last silver not cancel off Masculinity but to make Average body into Developed so i won't look like a childlike teenager at least.

>> No.39153315

You have weird issues.

>> No.39153354

Where do you think we are

>> No.39153365

>Needing to be forced to pick certain choices to enjoy CYOAs
Please try to become less autistic.

>> No.39153429

And what next? Get a life and a gf?

>> No.39153552

And enjoy making adventures with your own imagination instead of needing someone else to dictate certain parts of it.

Or just reroll.

>> No.39153572

He's probably into S&M.

>> No.39153664

Nah, i am just autistic

>> No.39153819
File: 994 KB, 232x227, feel the power.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>white pawn
>black bishop

>do tasks to increase my max speed
>become top agent for some black kings
>get copied into everyone for black king
>has unstoppable army of THE FLASH

this rape train has no breaks

>> No.39153880

Pride has no downsides.

>> No.39153907

>Or just reroll
That's one of the reasons why i don't like, often you can roll something awful and rerolling feels like cheating to me(i never cheat in CYOA). While in normal CYOA i can make several builds and imagine myself with them, in rolling CYOA i am usually limited to the forst roll(if it's at least remotely playable), or maybe second if first is utterly unplayble.

>> No.39153922

why i don't like rolling CYOAs*

>> No.39154014

>Arabic calligraphy

>> No.39154237

White king and black queen.

One of my bodies stays in the western hemisphere and enters politics to begin the creation of a massive continental empire comprising all of north and south america as well as Oceania and a few asian territories

My other body heads to europe and begins the creation of a supercontinental empire comprising all of europe, africa, and the majority of asia.

Once both of my empires are completely formed and there is no outside interference I begin escalating tensions between the two superpowers under the guise of a cold war.

As time goes on this cold war will lead to jumps and leaps in technology, medical science, cultural advancements, military and other fields as a way of overcoming the other superpower.

Racism, sexism, and inequality of distribution of wealth will plummet as each side realizes how similar they are in comparison to their sworn enemies.

At some distant point in the future I'll begin working on a unification project when humanity has finally eradicated all trace of disease and poverty. Hopefully it'll be done for the sake of constructing humanity's first arcship which the two countries will work on together and send off into space with one of my bodies on board to lead the colonization of a new planet while my first body rules over the now completely unified earth.

>> No.39154636

I think the two bodies you switch between exist in a mutually exclusive fashion, i.e. when you're using one body, the other doesn't exist, and when you switch, only the body (and maybe the clothing and such) gets replaced, so no having one body in one place and the other somewhere else.

If you want cloning, get the black pawn with the 7 clones thing.

>> No.39154716

Damn, now that I reread it you're probably correct.

Fuck it, seven superpowers to rule each continent and then we'll go forward together with the plan when I discover immortality.

>> No.39154799

does anyone have the yandere kitsune cyoa?

>> No.39154952
File: 4 KB, 209x242, 1368721762981s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I begin escalating tensions between the two superpowers under the guise of a cold war
>Racism, sexism, and inequality of distribution of wealth will plummet as each side realizes how similar they are in comparison to their sworn enemies
>Fuck it, seven superpowers to rule each continent and then we'll go forward together with the plan when I discover immortality

>> No.39155196

there's nothing wrong with manipulating humanity for its own good.

>> No.39155308

I pushed the black an white button

>> No.39155329

Which CYOA?

>> No.39155331

Michael Jackson's already dead, anon

>> No.39155356

I pick the northern cardinal

>> No.39155393

Which CYOA?

>> No.39155405

Stop responding to his shitposting with more shitposting you colossal retard.

>> No.39155427

Onyx, Silver and the Compass. Dex, Int and Luck. That is my first choice.
Glass, Leather and Stone would make an awesome leader build.

>> No.39155595

The black King can copy minds, not powers.

>> No.39155675
File: 1.46 MB, 499x281, 9aQcl3S.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39155689

If you're doing it on purpose, just admit it. Otherwise you're kind of encouraging him to do it more.

>> No.39155706

White Queen and Black Pawn.
What is better than one Batman? Seven Batmans with a mind link, thats what.

>> No.39156509
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