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Orochimaru a shit.

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Given his behavior in the final chapter "shuddering and saying 'no, must just be my imagination' after Sarada says 'shannaro'", my belief is that he left to get away from Sakura. He realized what a horrible mistake marrying her was and got out of there as soon as possible.

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And now she get's half his ninja paycheck. I ain't sayin' she's a gold digga. But I don't see her messin' with no broke ninja.

>> No.39118342

Well Sakura isn't a bright bulb.

>> No.39118358

Better step out, best ninja coming through

>> No.39118366

She's some kind of super doctor though isn't she? and isn't there not really supposed to be much ninja work anymore? I think it would be him getting part of her paycheck.

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>implying he and Naruto didn't sell out and become ultra rich ninja-rock stars.

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Didn't change my build at all.
But I don't think/remember if I ever posted it.

A Song of Ice and Fire
> Jump #48
> Region: The Vale [Rolled3]
> Identity: Noble [-100CP]
> Age: 17 [Get a Freebie?]
> Weapon Proficiency (Sword) [Get a Freebie!]
> Mine By Right [Get a Freebie!]
> Prince(ss) In Exile [-200CP]
> A Quiet People [-100CP]
> Oblivious [-400CP]
> Gregarious [-300CP]
> Castle Forged Steel [Get a Freebie!]
> Fine Clothes [Get a Freebie!]
> Pouch Of Gold [Get a Freebie!]
> Land Deed [Get a Freebie!]
> Bastard [+100CP]

You know, I actually have a TON of "people tend to not bother you" perks. If I don't get involved with the plot, generally it's a good assumption to say that the plot doesn't find me.
Anyway, I'm an illegitimate noble of very small importance. I have a little cottage in a little village and don't really do anything interesting. The jump is basically a vacation for me in the pretty pretty countryside. I practiced alchemical research here and learned how to make candles. Apparently the Vale is big on making candles. I know how to make candles now.

Politics? What are those? I just oversee the commonfolk in making candles. It is very peaceful here.

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Joke is here.
Your head is here.

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You probably just need to get the Tree to agree; if the Tree says "I want to be installed on this vessel", the shipbuilders are likely to follow its decision. I imagine you get some questions being asked by the Royal family, though.

Later in the series there were various attempts made to absorb the power of the Talismans, which Jackie and friends had to stop (so of course shenanigans ensued).

Interesting tidbit: WoG shards are able to move if their current host is unsuitable. E.g. Danny had the QA shard, but it moved to Taylor when her dad didn't meet the trigger conditions it wanted. Getting from your current host to Taylor might be tricky, though.

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So, what genetic monstrosities have you made /jc/?

>> No.39118683

Kabuto is best gay best friend!

>> No.39118707

... man thats a long ass list.

>> No.39118726

Zerg/Tyranid/Aliens are mainstay. I also made a virus that causes that ossification disorder to manifest in an individual at heightened speed.

>> No.39118768

I like machines and undead minions more than organic minions. I don't have a ton of genetically engineered creations other than species engineered for terraforming and for food consumption. Necromancy is another subject. I used all the dead capes in Worm as a means to add muscle to any fight against Scion. I don't think necromancy interferes with Glastig's powers, so I created Warcraft abominations made out of capes, horrible shades, and legions of disposable zombies to overwhelm endbringers like the Simurgh and Bohu. Zombie Gray Boy and Zombie Behemoth are some of the greatest MVPs against Scion.

>> No.39118778

Myself, mostly.

I tend not to go around making "monstrosities." Now, "new and improved bodies for people who could really use them" on the other hand...

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That's only pre-trigger. Post trigger they apparently at least have to dispose of the host first (see WOG on Leet and his power hating him).

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Hey, a few threads ago someone mentioned they were thinking of doing an AC jump, though I think they ended up choosing Zoids instead. I've actually been sitting on this for a few months but never finished it because I'm super lazy.

Any thoughts on what I should do with this? I'm totally fine with just leaving Armored Core to someone else, or maybe collaborating with someone on it since, you know, super lazy.

Or I could try to finish this if anybody wants that. Though I was only planning to cover the AC1 to Last Raven stuff. I haven't played anything after last Raven yet so I'm actually not the best person to cover this series. The other problem is that I believe AC4/5 feature different, more advanced mecha tech than the previous games, so it would be problematic to have both ACs and NEXTs in the same jump. Not sure what to do about that.

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Genetic? Not a lot.
I made Mimigas in Worm because I thought the setting could do with a much needed cuteness injection. I was not taken very seriously.
I mostly prefer robots because they're easier to modify and nobody cares if I scrap them later.

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Staff Of Souls gives Death Mana affinity, while Bradeline's Well gives a source of Entropy Mana? I would be inclined to think the latter should also involve Death Mana, since it's all about the souls of the dead?

>> No.39118909

You know, I've been thinking about it, and I'm pretty sure I have a moral duty to NOT take Forgot My Cell Phone if I were to go Passenger. Worm takes place in a setting where the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics is empirically true. Taking Forgot My Cell Phone doesn't mean Canon Taylor doesn't exist, it just means I don't land in her universe. Likewise, not taking it doesn't mean Happy Taylor doesn't exist, it just means I won't meet her. So it's really a question of which Taylor needs the help more, and that's definitely Canon Taylor. So I'm going to do Passenger and Being Taylor is Suffering for my build, give her a better chance at making a happy life for herself.

>> No.39118936

FF anon here. I am indeed doing zoids after 13-3. You can take AC if you want. If I finish zoids, probably within the next week since the template is drawn up and perks are lined up, I'll be taking a look strictly at AC4, so nothing that interferes with you (from a quick glance through)

>> No.39118940

What is Entropy Mana anyway?

>> No.39118955

No it's not, there's a huge but finite number of worlds in Worm's multiverse.

>> No.39118974

Hey, the Naruto MC-KUN/CHAN drawback says success becomes impossible if Naru or Sauce die, but could I get a respite from this if I have a way to bring the recently dead back to life?

>> No.39118986

Yes, and that number is "one universe for every possible arrangement of atoms". So there are many universes where Annette doesn't die, and many where she does.

>> No.39119040

Ya fucked up Six, it's 304.

>> No.39119047

I guess as long as they're around when they're needed for the story, you should be good.

>> No.39119060

Given how often people come back from the dead in that series, probably.

>> No.39119103

You just gave me a vision of both of them dieing early on, forcing the jumper to go through the story reenacting Weekend at Bernie's.

>> No.39119125

I haven't, other than artificial parasites from skullgirls. Jumps to allow such biological shenanigans to exist? I'd fancy bringing a plague to an area or make a race of 2 foot high Kaiju.

>> No.39119133

This needs to be made. Writefags, please?

>> No.39119136

Forgot My Cell Phone means you shunt Taylor into a standard happy civilian life. It's meant for those people who just want to do something nice and are already planning to deal with the Wormverse threats.

Passenger and Being Taylor is suffering is another route to helping her out, the only difference is that in one she never suffers in the first place, in the other you're basically giving her all the tools to fix her lives and others.

You could also go in as normal and help her out, nothing stopping you from say showing up during the Lung fight, or giving her the resources and support to not get sucked into being a criminal warlord.

All depends on your style and preference I guess.

>> No.39119179

Hey, I wanted to ask you right quick, does taking Being Taylor is Suffering and a power besides QA put you in a version of the story where Taylor has whatever power you picked/rolled?

>> No.39119192


Alright, cool. That makes things simpler if I do end up finishing this.

>> No.39119198

You would want Geneforge, and Resident Evil to try and make something like that.

>> No.39119221

Only difference is QA is swapped out for you. You're starting the day she triggers, so there isn't actually any butterflies caused by this by the time you begin.

Jump-Chan basically swats away her shard and plugs you in instead.

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>> No.39119273

No, I get that. I'm just talking about the specific situation of being a shard, it seems like Being Taylor Is Suffering is the nicest thing to do if you're going to take that route. If you're not, Forgot My Cell Phone is probably preferable. Yes, Canon Taylor still exists out there somewhere, but there's nothing you can do about that. Infinite multiverse, there will always be suffering somewhere (unless you gain the ability to access higher-order infinities, but that's probably way outside the scope of Jumpchain). But I just can't shake the idea of how much better off Taylor would be with access to my powers. I've got an entire suite of perks dedicated to preserving my mental health and well being. Imagine giving her that. Just something as simple as that would improve her life dramatically.

>> No.39119303

Nothing yet, but I have a bunch of plans.
>Super Xenomorphs.
>Kryptonians with magic genes from Harry Potter.
>Humans modified into Brutes using my knowledge from Killing Bites.
>Modified Kaiju forms for all my companions

Oh yes, bioengineering is such a fun science.

>> No.39119328

>Handling the Johj will be easy, I'll just throw a bunch of Zerg at them!

>> No.39119333

Out there beyond the scope of the jumps wormverse yes, but thats the multiverse for you. Infinite amounts of everything out there, even suffering.

Imagine when you give her divine magic from the various DnD worlds. Just when that voice in her head says a few simple words.

"We can bring her back."

Shenanigans ensue.

>> No.39119341

I made a pigeonrat.

>> No.39119347

There's also Worm with the Biosculptor power if you want to be able to perform genetic fuckery on the move.

>> No.39119370

I was hoping someone would eventually make a Zoids jump. Are you going Anime, Battle Story, or both?

Gojulas 4 life

>> No.39119371

>304 threads
>three hundred and four threads
>Thousands and thousands of posts
>on one system of cyoas

>Intermitent trip-warring
>shitstorms that consume multiple threads
>bursts of activity inturrupted by shitposting and splitting hairs

Is /jc/ the /ksg/ of /tg/?

jumpcunt is not a game

>> No.39119399

Just what are you saying!?

>> No.39119403

The what? /ksg/?

>> No.39119411

I'm doing Legacy to cover the anime.

Then after Legacy I'll see about doing Battle Story since its a separate continuity. To handle the "HEY YOU GOT TWO ZOIDS" problem I've restricted the Legacy list to Legacy's list of zoids (very large). and Battle Story will...have its own list (much larger)

Though frankly it probably isn't a problem at all.

>> No.39119434

Don't drag cross-board shitposting in here. We don't care, go back and hide in your hole.

>> No.39119448

Kerbal Space Galore? Kick Steve's gato? Killer sausage salsa?

>> No.39119455

The thing is it's not an infinite multiverse, oddly enough there's actually only one itireation of Taylor because the earth she's from was influenced by the Entities from well before she was born. I'm having trouble finding the quotes but the number of Earths following the same timeline as Bet and Aleph before the Entities came was in two digits.

>> No.39119459

Katawa Shoujo General.

>> No.39119518

Cool thanks. +1 cookies to both of you. Now it's off to make piranha-tyranid flies

>> No.39119521


>> No.39119526

Katawa Shoujo General.

Birthed on /v/, and dragged through the mud to it's death in 2000+ threads in /vg/. Literally the only reason /vg/ was created, now /vg/'s shameful secret. There's no more discussion there. Nothing but shitposting and waifus now.

But hey! Moving on, what types of flying machines do you own, jumpers?

>> No.39119568

Oh, that's cool. I did not know that. But I think my point stands. In the wider multiverse that Jumpchain embodies, there are still infinite possible Taylor Heberts. And when all possible realities exist, the real issue is just which one you want to experience. I wasn't trying to make a blanket statement about how you should play the game when I said that I had a duty to work with Canon Taylor. The emphasis should be that I myself specifically have that duty, other people have different experiences and moral systems and it's perfectly alright if someone else wants to do things differently. I'm just saying that based on my conceptualization of morality and of the game, this seems like the path I should take. I'd feel bad if I didn't.

>> No.39119588

I think we generally assume multiverses are self contained within the omniverse.

>> No.39119595

None, I either use telekinesis to fly or ride around on my Flygon. It saves money on gas and it's good for the environment.

>> No.39119644

>not a game

Have you ever read/played a Mad Libs book? Or one of the old Choose Your Own Adventure books from the 80's? Because those are games.

Single-player paper games, but they're games.

And this is pretty much the same thing.

It is also congruent to a character creation table - which is an integral part of pretty much every tabletop RPG.

>> No.39119650

Even though that's explicitly wrong, I'll let it slide for now.

Oh, what don't I own.
A bunch of helicopters, in cargo, transport and gunship varieties.
A collection of fighters ranging from P-39s all the way up to CFA-44's.
A handful of bombers.
I /might/ have stolen the Graf Zeppelin II.
And I most assuredly stole the Goodyear blimp. Twice.

>> No.39119653

I agree, I'm not arguing against that. I'm just saying that since the omniverse contains all possible multiverses, even if a world's cosmology limits the number of timelines it can contain as a multiverse that doesn't mean there aren't other timelines outside that set that you could be sent to. It's just an additional layer of distance you have to travel first.

>> No.39119656

I'd just ignore his bait, anon.

>> No.39119659

>what types of flying machines do you own

All of them. I do have a fondness for airships though, and I have a few I've dragged with me from Ar Tonelico and have been steadily upgrading ever since.

>> No.39119707

I lost count
I make a lot of genetic monstrosities.
Geneforge has been my "fix all" since I jumped there

>> No.39119757

>bait in webm form

>> No.39119791

Mad Thunder disagrees.

>> No.39119813

Nope. Bullshit 500 CP drawback is bullshit.

>> No.39119841

>flying machines

Oh, I've got plenty. Heck, one I intend to build myself is a replica of the Great Condor from Mysterious Cities of Gold. Why? Because I can into Muan sun tech.

I may or may not also have tried to construct a good number of airships at various points, with results ranging from catastrophic failure to success so quick it's unsatisfying.

>> No.39119848

Some questions Supernatural:

How powerful is Lucifer?

How would he stack up against an Evangelion Angel?

Could Covenant weaponry take him down?

What can we do with Enochian Sigils besides warding things/places?

Finally, what are "Special Children" and what kind of powers do they have?

>> No.39119866

Ah hell. Run me a balance check before I proceed with fluffing everything up.

Things I've already got so far: God's Wrath does not replicate shit. Or rather, it won't.

What I'm not sure about
-Dunno if I want to remove stylists's marker completely.
-Dunno if I want to flip schema and chronostasis around.


>> No.39119940

Night gaunt alt form from Lovecraft
and tricked out flying RV
or just flying (DC)
plus a bunch of out of atmosphere small basically fighter jets
I tend to get things that allow me to take my companions places when they're active

>> No.39119998

>fighting a fallen angel as an angel

>> No.39120015

That's cool. I hope you do do the Battle Story eventually, or at least part of it seeing as how it spands such a long period of time. I've always wanted to play Zoids Legacy, it is too bad it never came out in America.

Gun Snipers is cool, but Gojulas Giga and Gojulas the Ogre will always hold my heart. Stupid anime making Gojulas look like clumsy oafs when they are just slow, but incredibly agile. It bugs me how much they focused on the Liger.

>> No.39120034

It actually shouldn't be that bad if you keep Shadow Clones on them and don't need to sleep. Just take every watch, order the clones to alert you if they come into danger, and babysit them until the route split.

>> No.39120079

You're lucky.
I had to see my beloved Gunsniper turned into...this monstrosity.

LZ Panzer was cool though.

>> No.39120082

Clones have limited chakra and go poof if hit. And strain they suffer is transferred to you. They're useful, but they're not going to solve all your problems.

>> No.39120083

You'll have to protect them through all their battles with the BBEGs too. If you can't stomp all over them it's going to be pretty hard.

>> No.39120100

> Moving on, what types of flying machines do you own, jumpers?
I own a heavily modified Irken Spittle Runner made to look more like a Voot Cruiser (to the point that I call it a Voot) and incorporating the superior qualities of both, while integrating the technology of Eggman's Eggmobile and Dr Wily's Wily Saucer. So it's moddable, integrates easily into machines (that are made to integrate with it ahead of time), and can shoot lightning and plasma bolts in crazy touhou patterns. It also has a cloaking field. And can rip through space extremely quickly. Or even just rip through space using Holtzman Science. Which I don't have to do the calculations for because I have a FUCKING COMPUTER. It's prettymuch the best spaceship that can fit inside your garage.

Aside from that, I also built myself a Songbird from Bioshock Infinite, if that counts.

>> No.39120149

That's true. I better hand out a Starmantle Cloak of Resistance +5 and Madara in the dick every week so he can't fight them at full power. I don't know if I would have let them fight Kaguya anyway, though.

>> No.39120206

I actually wanted to do battle story *first*, but I realized most people think of the anime first when they think of zoids. So yeah.

was meaning to post this when I answered. http://pastebin.com/ZZuXiXS4. Should probably have it ready soon as I stated above.

Mad Thunder still says no by the way.

>> No.39120220

If you let them fight Kaguya you can score that sweet last minute power up along side them, so if you want Six Path's Sage mode you'll have to let them go into battle with her.
Though I have no idea what a starmantle cloak does to be honest. Or is it just a normal cloak of resistance?

>> No.39120247

>Showing off my Eva Angel Form
I'm flattered.

But seriously, Angel vs Angel is always a fun time.

Or Angel vs Endbringer in Worm

>> No.39120255

Teratophilia, if you're here please respond to this.

Can you consider lowering the cost of the companion import in PS238? Because as it is now you'd have to pay 1200cp for 6 companions, and 1600cp if you wanted to import all 8!

Its stupidly expensive, and would work much better if you lowered it to at least 100cp per companion.

>> No.39120277

Starmantle Cloak is one of my favorite defensive items around. It makes you completely immune to nonmagical attacks, automatically destroying any mundane weapons anybody tries to use against you, and lets you make a DC15 Reflex for half damage if it's a magical weapon or missile. Merge it with a Cloak of Resistance +5 and even level one commoner is nigh invincible to anything below level seven.

>> No.39120353

Chakra based can probably affect them normally, depending on your fanwank. But oh god, Lee punching Sasuke in their first match and his arm just explodes... Would it work like that?

>> No.39120445

Attacks rather. Attacks.

>> No.39120456

Well, monk types do use their body as a weapon, and it certainly sounds mundane enough to me. Nah, Rock Lee probably uses chakra to reinforce his muscles or something, in which case it would probably just cut the damage in half. Probably. I mean, he was just hopelessly incompetent instead of literally incapable of using chakra, right? Because Konoha doesn't seem like the type to accept "it was an accident!"

And yeah, chakra counts as magic, but it should be a big help none-the-less in chopping down the instant death chance.

>> No.39120457


Also a collection of Starfighters and Light Freighters from Star Wars, a punch/shotgun ship from Outlaw Star, and I'd like to believe I have a few jets or a P-51 from a "normal" reality.

>> No.39120471

Hey Ninjanon, does ki and chakra count as the same thing, or are they completely different?

>> No.39120518


>> No.39120546

From my understanding Lee can use chakra,(the gates are called chakra gates afterall) but is not able to control or mold his chakra into other forms, though in the anime he does use his chakra in some other ways(walking up the side of trees and walking on water). He just has raw chakra.

>> No.39120547

That's up to you basically. I personally consider all inner sources of energy to be the same though.
Yeah, and with ninja reflex saves they'll always be taking half force attacks. What an overpowered item.

>> No.39120599

I saw it in flight and during takeoff of less than a hundred feet over a period of three days. I might have gotten a boner more than once.

>> No.39120619

So, if we take all the chakra reserve perks in Naruto, what kind of power level do you think we would have in DBZ? Because that's a fuckhuge ki pool there.

>> No.39120630

I would suggest them being different, because Chakra is formed from lifeforce(what typically counts as ki) and spiritual energy, in this setting being mostly mental energy. So I would say that ki is half of chakra.

>> No.39120643

I'm sure I can do better. Do you think a Soulfire enchant would save Sasuke from being a soul receptacle? Though on second thought, better not risk it, because I definitely don't want to have to babysit Naruto and Sasuke both until Kaguya.

>> No.39120721

I mean, I can't blame you.
But it's still kind of boring.

You should have gone with a Corsair.
Or even a Black Widow.

Mmm, 20mm

>> No.39120765

I ahev no fuckin' idea. If you stacked all the chakra perks in the jump, even without something like soft cap or DBZ, you might well be able to do a planet buster.
Just get Orochimaru to introduce himself if you have Dresden magic. Or get the Eyes of Shit Storm Creation. Or the Life Eyes would probably work for that matter. Or get Fuinjustsu Prodigy and remove his soul. Or let Itachi do it. Or remove Curse from a dnd jump. Or an amulet of protection from evil from the same. Or any of a hundred other perks I haven't thought of. There's all sorts of ways to get it done.

>> No.39120812

How about a Dauntless?

>> No.39120840

>Or an amulet of protection from evil from the same
Nah man, that's the pansy way. Real men have innate Protection of Nature that protects from all alignments (except Fey).

>> No.39120858

>Protection of Nature
Magic Circle of Nature, sorry.

>> No.39120870

Sasuke isn't a real man though. He's like, a quarter of a man, tops. A quarter of a particularly effeminate emo man at that.

>> No.39120889

... I'm going to need a list of what threatens Sasuke and Naruto. Currently I just remember Zabuza, Orochimaru, Kabuto, Gaara, and Akatsuki.

Fuck I'm going to have to babysit them so hard.

>> No.39120891

So for the Eidolon from FFXIII, do we just make up all aspects of the Eidolon (looks, spells, Gestalt, etc.) and assume it is on par with the in-game ones?

>> No.39120916

>Real men
I'm pretty sure they are talking about Sasuke, so good luck trying to make a real man out of him, we don't have enough perks for that.

>> No.39120928

Counting filler arcs?

>> No.39120956

Your list will be a 10,000 page novel by the end bro.

>> No.39120975

What if I resurrect his father to give him a crash course? Sasuke loves (the idea of) family.

>> No.39120976

Actually I really don't want to trouble anyone into making a list so I'll just stalk them 24/7. (failing that I'm going to have my companions, robots, and star wars droids stalk them)

(every other village is going to wonder what the heck are these bright lights that insta-kill their mooks)

>> No.39121007

Use that one resurrection jutsu on sasuke's family. Bring the back so he can have a brief moment of happiness.

>> No.39121020

He was actually pretty manly. He was all 'Good job murdering the fuck out of your entire ninja family my eldest ninja son Itachi. I'm so proud of you.' and wasn't being ironic. He was truly a real man.

>> No.39121042

Don't forget he said that with Itachi's sword in his chest at the time.

>> No.39121069

I know right? I think I'm going to resurrect the guy now too, and the demand he adopt me. He was such a boss.

>> No.39121071

Alright, but as an FYI, Naruto learns senjutsu during the later parts of the comic. Senjutsu is the source of the majority of his shonen powerups from that point forward, disregarding the ones he gets from inheritance. Senjutsu is also highly difficult and dangerous to learn, he survived learning it only by virtue of plot shields. Sasuke also only gets trained by Orochimaru because he survived getting a curse seal. Which, of course, has a 9/10 chance of killing him.

In other words, be prepared to handle all late game threats without their help.

>> No.39121079

On par with in game. I don't have anything written in the fluff to account for otherwise. If you want to wank it to have a different appearance I don't mind, but that'll be up to you. The fundamental being...is still what they are though. so Bryn ain't gonna suddenly learn DMC style trickster tricks sadly.

>> No.39121094

1. Bring them all back
2. Kill Danzo
3. Wipe everyone's memories
4. Kill Danzo
5. Wipe Itachi's memories
6. Kill Danzo
7. Wipe the memories of the elders of the village
8. Kill Danzo
9. Rewrite everyone's memories so that it comes out that Itachi was just on a secret mission and had to have a cover story
10. Kill Danzo
11. Get Sasuke a girlfriend
12. Kill Danzo
13. Have Itatchi help you out with getting Sasuke together with his girlfriend
14. Kill Danzo
15. Make sure Danzo stays dead this time.

>> No.39121102

Did you intend for us to just use the in-game ones? I don't mind at all having in-game Eidolons. I just felt like it was a major-ish ability, but their isn't much written for it. I just want to get a feeling for what exactly I am getting.

>> No.39121105

Danzo is truly the hero Konoha deserves.

>> No.39121112

I thought Danzo only had 11 sharingan eyes so you would need to kill him 12 times?

>> No.39121115

Honestly the only downside to resurrecting him is that Sasuke might not leave after all, and he has to get his ass far and away from Naruto lest I babysit them both for even a full year.

>> No.39121140

The effect was time based, not kill based. It was a matter of killing him to force the technique, and waiting until his sharingan closed.

>> No.39121150

That's only eight times. He's still alive somewhere and saving the city, one war-crime at a time.

>> No.39121154

Ugh. Danzo could have been such a good character but then they made him 'lolevil' I'm still pissed about it.
... I'll resurrect him after he leaves. Wait, I'm not even taking that draw back. You know what? New build, I think I'll be sasuke's slightly older manly as fuck brother.

>> No.39121200

Yep. On the other hand, the Eidolons in 13-3 aren't substantial. In 13 they were "gifts from the goddess" in 13-2 they became mass produced troops in Valhalla. In 13-3 they disappeared after Etro died off completely.

This would just be a lingering fragment.

>> No.39121202

>... I'll resurrect him after he leaves
No way. I didn't ever finish Naruto, but I'm pretty sure that guy needs to plot armor more, so it's better to follow Sasuke. Though it could complicate things a little for priority number three - steal the entire gelel mine.

>> No.39121234

Oh okay. So I could, say, just grab my own version of Alexander, and he would act exactly as he would in the first game? Or not as powerful?

>> No.39121267

For some reason I want to pull a Piccolo and blow up the moon in Naruto. After that I'm going to nuke all of the Hidden Villages (and then nuke the nearby landscape for good measure) and brainwash Naruto and Sasuke into obeying my every order. And that's my idea to keep them alive.

Bad Idea: Y/Y?
How can I make this even edgier?

>> No.39121289

Resurrect the World Tree and order it to eat all the ninja instead, so it can grow another fruit and you can eat it.

>> No.39121303

You could be Manyfist.

>> No.39121326

What do I get from eating it?

>> No.39121366

Exactly as he would. The Eidolons in 13 aren't actually that powerful to begin with. Especially with other summons taken into consideration.

Type 0's Alexander for example, had a fatality count of nearly 200k people when he was summoned. He was only summoned for a total of several minutes.

Actually now that I think about it, 13's summons didn't really do much at all.

>> No.39121380

Well, Kaguya ate it, and she could teleport, had several pocket dimensions, perfect control of a shit ton of mana, the ability to fire her phelanges like like lasers to disintegrate anything they touched, precognition, photographic memory, the ability to see the entire world at once, regeneration - literally every power in the series and more. She was god type final boss. It's like eating Adam.

>> No.39121409

I thought they were cool. They weren't as flashy as the other games, but didn't they end up having the same net effect? I didn't play FFXIII all that much.

>> No.39121412


>> No.39121464

>Implying this isn't Post-Spark

>> No.39121491

They had a neat design, nice flair, but played a very small role in the story. Objectively, I didn't like the 13 series very much either, but I don't outright hate it either, just that there's parts of it that seem very subdued, and other parts that get very hammed up.

>> No.39121494

>Implying this isnt post spark

>> No.39121514

>How powerful is Lucifer?
Very. One a vessel has accepted him he is capable of killing practically anything that opposes him, perhaps save for one specific archangel. He has been shown to easily dispatch gods or cause other powerful threats to simply die/explode.

>Lucifer versus Evangelion's angels
If for some reason he can't just immediately slay them like other lower-ranked angels, I imagine they'd be a serious problem for him.

>Covenant weaponry
As in Halo? The guns wouldn't be a threat at all, though orbital weapons might damage his vessel enough to force him to find another.

>Enochian Sigils
You can carve them into living people too. Scrawl some into their bones to prevent angels from instantly finding a target. The sensation of bones having the symbols etched in is about as unpleasant as you'd expect.

>Special Children powers
A wide variety of powers derived from consuming demon blood as infants. They appear mostly psychic/demonic in nature - things like easy mind control of people or demons, telekinesis, killing on touch, mental projection, clairsentience, and precognition. I'm probably forgetting some things.

>> No.39121531

Jump-Chan above, he's right.

>> No.39121579

I'm seriously thinking of taking the Say Uncle drawback in Steven Universe and keeping it with me for the rest of the chain. So that, for a few hours every year, even the grimdarkest of jumps will become absolutely ridiculous.
I'm not even really a fan of the show I'm pretty blase to it, actually, I just think it'd be funny to do that.

Question: What jumps would be improved by such a concentrated dose of stupid?

Followup Question: What's the stupidest thing you've ever done as a jumper for nothing but shits and giggles?

>> No.39121589

Its not the best FF game, but I feel like it gets too much hate. I liked a lot of its aspects. music was good, combat system was hellatite in theory, maybe lacking in execution. Design was pretty rock solid. Not too over-the-top, but still having some of that JRPG flare. The game overall was lacking in execution is all. Sazh best husbando

>> No.39121630

>implying it's not this

>> No.39121649

>Uncle Grandpa meets Slannesh

>> No.39121719

This is also good

This is hilarious, and I could see it happening

>> No.39121827

Oh I like Sazh a lot. It was really only by extension that I also like Vanille. But Lightning was a very bland main character and in a game whereI look for characters having...vibrancy, she really failed to deliver. There also wasn't much of a supporting cast either, so it felt like a <Protagonist Party> vs <Fal'Cie> with little else in between.

I didn't mind the other elements of the game, and music was great. So to that extent, I hope the 13 and 13-2 jumps have done their games justice. I'm sorta feeling that I want to rewrite 13-2 a bit just for language though.

>> No.39121836

Wait, what is that from? I must read it.

>> No.39121880


Hope you like Kouta Hirano

>> No.39121960

My thanks.

>> No.39121994

The drifter Ball is rolling ahahhhaha.
Rule 1

>> No.39122245

Could Lucifer tank a full broadside from a battleship at point blank range?

I'm wondering if my Abyssal form can be used to destroy his vessel.

>> No.39122317

Drifter could really be a nice jump hahaha, Black king could be jesus. Meet Historical Heroes all the time , magic, Fantasy world. Black king confirmed as a multidimensional hopper himself

>> No.39122390

Maybe after I finish light bringer.

>> No.39122469

Its a pretty slow manga though thus not much content to work on. IS it workable?

>> No.39122501

Hell if I know. I first saw it today.

>> No.39122520

Unless you're talking about Light Bringer? The one I'm working on is a series of novels.

>> No.39122539

not at the moment. The plot's really just crawling along and we know very little about the opposition - actually we don't even know *too* much about the "protagonist" side.

There's lots of characters for sure, and you'll be able to form racials and whatnot, but getting backgrounds would be a bit tough - especially when the eponymous Drifter is basically the drop in.

>> No.39122621


I don't like the moral implications of creating life, and restrict my bio-fuckery to improving myself and my compaions.

My main minion force consists of giant mets from Mega Man, shrunk down with pym particles. Its hilarious to see foot-high mooks packing battleship-class weaponry.

>> No.39122793

Same thing as >>39122621, the idea of creating life willy-nilly seems super weird to me. The only time I ever changed this was when I created my Magical Tree Quartet, and I'm not sure that's so much an abomination as it is simple cloning.

Now the things I've done to myself? THAT is an abomination.

>> No.39123029

Does the Sportsman perk from Super Mario follow you from Jump to Jump? I just want to make sure, because it does explicitly say this world. How does it work exactly?

>> No.39123058

Hey! I'm fine with blowing up the moon, but nuking the villages? That's waste of bodies. I would kill the Ninjas that are most powerful, and leave civilians. Why most powerful? Because I'll bring them back to life as undead servants. Zombie ninjas! They'll be stored in Funijitsu scrolls, so when time comes I can have an entire army of super zombies!

>> No.39123069

Most likely not since usually Lucifer's older brother would be the one who can kill him if he gets a vessel.

>> No.39123101

Since I can't transport an army with me, I've become good at growing a disposable one on-site. It is based mostly on Zerg and Dinosaurs, with some blending of the two, and some modifications to harden them against specific foes.

Don't always NEED an army, but when I do, it's nice to have one I can count on.

>> No.39123201

actually no, "Disposable" is the wrong word. I don't waste them pointlessly, I'm actually rather fond of them despite their being aliens.Of course when their purpose is to fight, you try not to get too attached to specific members of the group.

When the need for them has passed or I'm departing, I do like to make arrangements for them, find them someplace of their own. Since I can't take them along with me.

>> No.39123240

what about getting the old one plans for the lizard men in Warhammer Fantasy couldn't that help you in making a army?

>> No.39123253

> Blowing up the moon.
What a waste of perfectly good Mako Energy. President Shinra would be SO displeased.

>> No.39123288

Do Mako sharks give extra Mako energy?

>> No.39123290

Blowing up the moon might backfire. It may just let Kaguya out early.

>> No.39123363

That'd be good, I'll have to consider that when I get around to WHF. Though, I wonder if a humanoid form would require a longer growth period. Part of what I like about my Zerg and Zerg-o-saurs is that they grow up fast.

>> No.39123605

But without 10 tails she's weak.

>> No.39123648

Weak compared to her with the ten-tails yeah. Not so much overall. But hey, If you're blowing up the moon you should also have something that can hurt her.

>> No.39123922

If you took god's wrath and summoned a shark.. and had the strength to throw it in to the tornado, would it be replicated?

>> No.39123941


>> No.39123955

Why not double sharknados?

>> No.39123984

Well I've got a week off uni and I've been thinking about making a Highschool DxD jump chain and possibly fixing my sole entry to the drive.

I was thinking of doing it in two parts, you can pick angel, fallen angel and devil factions for lower powered jumps and then a second PDF where you can be a devil king and you customise a bunch of characters that come with you after the jump (think all the peices of a chess board, you'd have a queen, 1 or 2 rooks, 1 or 2 knights, 1 or 2 bishops and anywhere from 1 to 8 pawns). That or you can pick companions that you already have and give them some more powers.

Either that or a Monster Girl jump where we downplay the lewd.

Either way, more companions. Sound good?

>> No.39124017

>Highschool DxD jump

Cue EVERYONE killing Issei to obtain the Drive.
Because it'd be stupid to do otherwise.

>> No.39124026

A reminder that Jumpers are the enemy of all women.

>> No.39124047


>> No.39124048

I have no idea what Highschool DxD is nor do know what is so special about this Drive.

>> No.39124061

The biggest reason for stealing the Drive? It doubles your power every few seconds.


>> No.39124065

>Either that or a Monster Girl jump where we downplay the lewd
How the hell would you accomplish this, considering it's 99% lewd?

>> No.39124093

I would be down for a DxD jump. There's nothing about the setting that's inherently lewd, it's just some of the characters who act that way. The rest of the setting is fairly interesting, there's definite potential for some fun stuff to do there. And I would like a chance to smack Issei upside the head a few times.

It maxes out pretty quickly, though. You don't get unlimited power from it.

>> No.39124097

>a Monster Girl jump where we downplay the lewd.
If you mean either monster girl quest, or monster girl encyclopedia, it would not be possible to even partially convey things without lewd. If you mean monster musume no iru nichijou, then there likely isn't enough material to really make a worthwhile jump from it.

>> No.39124139

Meh. Not interested.
I might try and scan it to see if I could improve it but getting double power doesn't interest me. I am more of a stealthy scientist kind of jumper here.

>> No.39124212

Forget about killing him to obtain the drive most people would kill him because he is an annoying pervert. I would try and do the impossible and make him a decent human being (who happens to become a demon) It may be impossible but maybe if you feed him enough drugs to suppress his sex drive.

>> No.39124255

>sole entry to the drive
What other jump did you do?

>> No.39124304



but i am a women

>> No.39124321

You are clearly your own enemy. Either that or someone is lying or wrong on the internet, and we all know that never happens.

>> No.39124327

I think this guy did Strike Witches, going by the name.

>> No.39124335


I meant for a drawback for Highschool DxD

>> No.39124345

Women are Womens worst enemy!

>> No.39124361

i'm just gonna go with the second one

>> No.39124363

I plan on using Harsh Realities and Counsellor from Sekirei to make sure the members of his harem get involved with other people. No girls inexplicably falling in love with him means he'll have to actually step back, do some introspection, and maybe realize why it is he keeps driving them away. Keeping him from being rewarded for his behavior is the first step to getting him to stop it.

>> No.39124407

... this anime looks like literal garbage. why the fuck does anyone want to make a jump out of this?

>> No.39124427


If everything I've heard about this setting is true, then boy am I glad I've been gathering willpower for this. It may not protect me from critfail rolls, but it can sure as heck help me know peace from this evil.

>> No.39124439

Ways of recovering mana
-Teir one, see titties, gain a small boost in mana regeneration in exchange for some intelligence
-Teir two, promise of fondling titties, gain a moderate BOOST in mana regeneration and a large replenishment in exchange for a moderate amount of intelligence and selfpreservation
-Teir three, your enemy threatens titties everywhere, OH SHIT SON YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN

Yeah... I might need to make a rule against claiming sacred gears. Don;t you think you're powerful enough?


Well it would probably be based more around /jp/'s MGC where MGs go about their business more or less. Illias and the monster lord would be in it as factions which you could participate in or you could just have a vacation with your waifu. There is enough material between the various interpretations to make something interesting out of it.

Strike Witches. IMO it still needs some work and I might update it when I get a chance.

>> No.39124444

A reminder that the MC might be pervy to all Female Jumpers.
Remember to attack him with fire.

>> No.39124452

Well, the books are better than the anime, supposedly. But my motivations boil down to the same reason anyone wants a terrible franchise made into a jump: revenge. It's like Twilight or Avatar or Naruto. I'm not going there because I like it, I'm going there because I want to destroy it from the inside out.

>> No.39124453

>Yeah... I might need to make a rule against claiming sacred gears. Don;t you think you're powerful enough?

>trying to stop people from claiming stuff in-jump.

You'd have a clamor rising within a second.

>> No.39124475

Well... Taking that gear is going to be a challenge considering it's a deus ex machina and it's fighting against you.

If you manage to take it without dying and ending your jump more power too you

>> No.39124481

you convinced me, i now want this jump for the sole purpose of stomping on the mc's dick for 10 years

with a motorcycle

you mean avatar the james cameron movie not avatar the last airbender, right?

because if you mean the latter we have a problem

>> No.39124483


>> No.39124493

I wanted to like High school DxD because the setting was so interesting... but the characters were so lame I couldn't stomach them. I'd like a jump there though.
You can claim them? Well. Yeah, have fun with that. No matter what you're going to piss people off.
Personally I'd just stick my fingers in my ears and pretend they didn't exist. Though that would piss people off too I'm sure.

>> No.39124505

>you mean avatar the james cameron movie not avatar the last airbender, right?
Sorry, I should have specified. That is what I meant, yes. It's the blue cat people I have a beef with, not the benders.

>> No.39124526

really just say the movie and no matter what people assume they'll understand your problem

>> No.39124548

>Literally the first villain could extract and implant them
Good thing I've got a pod saved.

>> No.39124557

True. Because even if they think I'm talking about the Last Airbender movie, that was pretty awful too.

>> No.39124584


in the rules
You can claim other peoples sacred gears, but you need to remember that they are Deus Ex Machinas and that if you try and kill someone for it, which you have to do, no matter if you've got the motherfucking power of the old ones at this point it's going to be a really hard battle.

>I wanted to like High school DxD because the setting was so interesting... but the characters were so lame I couldn't stomach them. I'd like a jump there though.

Same reason why I originally made the Strike Witches jump, really good premise, poor execution.

>>Literally the first villain could extract and implant them
>Good thing I've got a pod saved.

Yeah, the healing gear, which she got through subversion. The Boosted gear, which is the one you want will be difficult, because it's owner is going by SUPER SHONEN POWER.

Still I don't want to spoil anyone's fun. I might make it a drawback or something.

>> No.39124589


>> No.39124611

We have a Girl-chan in paradise jump and a Garzie's wing jump. It wouldn't be close to the worst thing to get a jump.

>> No.39124649

>the Last Airbender movie

Admittedly that'd make for a pretty damn hilarious +0CP drawback, or possibly -100 CP if you and your companions get to retain bending powers that work as per the animated series.

This might sound like a strange question, but does this setting have a confirmed afterlife?

So, Shards develop and can gain new powers based on more conflict and information available to the parahuman host right?

What sort of new abilities could the (purchasable) Path to Victory shard eventually gain?

>> No.39124655

next somebody will make a mahouka jump

that is not an invitation seriously please don't make that jump

>> No.39124656

Oh, words can not describe how much Issei's dick needs to be stomped on. Okay, let me try to put it in perspective: Most of his powers come from the Boosted Gear, a suit of armor with a dragon sealed inside it. He has three abilities not related to it, that are his creation and not just him accessing Ddraig's power. The first is your standard energy blast, nothing wrong with that. The second destroys clothing and only clothing, I'm sure you can guess who he uses it on. The third makes breasts gain sapience and the ability to talk. Yeah. I wish that was a joke. It's not. That's the culmination of his magical experimentation. Do you see now why we want to go there and hurt this man?

>> No.39124687

>mandatory onii-sama drawback

>> No.39124689

I don't normally go around murdering people all willy nilly but... Oh come on, this bastard is so pathetic it feels like I'd be doing both him and the world a favor.

>> No.39124708

> "Seriously, watch out for that pervo-jerk, because he has the power to blow away a woman's clothes just by touching them."
> "That's dumb. Who would waste their time learning to use a power like that?"
> "Hey! Don't underestimate the power and ambition of a true pervert!"
> "Really. Well, in that case, I should warn you that I've been granted power by Lord Slaanesh, and I WILL bring its true form to bare if it means the chance of scarring your mind into total oblivion."
> "Who's Lord Slaanesh?"
> "Why don't you touch me and find out."

... I don't think I can tell people about this jump.

>> No.39124716

>Still I don't want to spoil anyone's fun. I might make it a drawback or something.
Maybe make it like the Skullgirl option in Skullgirls? You can get Boosted Gear, but in return you can't purchase anything else.

>> No.39124718

Anon don't go down that path. Be batman and don't kill him. Rehabilitate him

>> No.39124721

That third ability... what the fuck?
How in any way is that useful or even wanted? I can't think of any way I'd want to use it.

>> No.39124724

My rollerhog is spaceworthy, Handles like a 747, though.

>> No.39124727

>Makes breasts gain sapience and the ability to talk

i have no words

only the fulminating hatred of a thousand dying stars

unleash me upon this world that i may cleanse it of this filth

>> No.39124744

>The third makes breasts gain sapience and the ability to talk
> That's the culmination of his magical experimentation
Fucking wizards, how do they work

>> No.39124747

Do it faggot.
This is amusing

>> No.39124763

I keep forgetting that you are chaos corrupt scum. I really should stop that.

>> No.39124783

The premise is really good. I like the idea of the ranking game and the three factions. The characters are actually pretty good too, or would be if they were consistent. The main let down was the story telling.

>This might sound like a strange question, but does this setting have a confirmed afterlife?

Yes and no. Good Catholics go to heaven and sinners go to hell. But Angels and Devils are annihilated when they die.

Maybe, the question is how I go about this. Is anyone interested in being a piece on the table for this jump and taking it early or should I just focus the jump around being a Devil king and collecting a set of fighters.

Anyone interested in being a foot soldier in heavens army? You will get more points to spend on yourself

>> No.39124787

That's hilarious. I have to pod this guy and drop him off somewhere super serious just to watch the fireworks.

>> No.39124825

>Anyone interested in being a foot soldier in heavens army
That would what make me an angel? Which would give me valid reason to kill all devils right? Sign me up.

>> No.39124833

I'd be glad to be an angel. Didn't they have a system similar to the devils? Saints or something.

>> No.39124841

its a nice a setting and i want to give onee-sama a beatdown.

>> No.39124874

the bad part is that onee-sama's plot armor is so fucking thick that you probably couldn't faze him with a tactical nuke

seriously the man can just point at things and delete them from reality, what the fuck

>> No.39124891


I should mention that Gott ist tot in this universe and that the church are being complete dicks trying to cover up that fact.


Kinda, if you can perform miracles you're deemed a saint, but you can be called a heretic if it turns out that your miracles can aid devils. Which they can.

>> No.39124923

Honestly I'd be interested in either being a piece or being a king. The pieces actually get some interesting abilities. And being an angel sounds pretty cool, too. Okay, here's my suggestion. Backgrounds would be Drop In, Devil, Angel, and Earthly God. The pieces would be generic perks, non-discounted to any background. Devil would have a capstone, Devil King, that lets you give the piece perks to others but restricts you from buying them yourself. Angel technically should be restricted from buying a piece, too, but you could instead fluff it as it not being them converted to a Devil but actually just a specialization as an Angel. Would that work?

>> No.39124924

As beings that was made to create genre shifts doesnt that mean we are the only ones that can break plot armor?

>> No.39124927

I'm looking it over and you're right about that,. I'm thinking four for eight and a discount should be fair. I have to update It to add some notes anyway

>> No.39124945

I will just say this about Highschool DxD. I like the world-building that's gone into it. I like the everything.

If Issei makes so much as one grabby-hand motion towards Seras, or Nali, or any of my other Companions. He is getting a Ban Cannon to the face.

Followed by every flavor of fire I have at my disposal.

>> No.39124949

I could swear that there's a perk that explicitly lets you penetrate plot armor. Can't remember where, though.

>> No.39124963

Yeah, it's an interesting world that just suffers severely from Issei being our viewpoint character.

>> No.39124965

i opt for the option of removing his arms, and then throwing his arms away

into the nearest star

that'll learn 'im

>> No.39124983

Ax cop lets you adjust from an R to a G rating
NGE has Genre slider, the perk i most regret not picking up. It is now possible to be uncle grandpa's favorite grandchild/ niece or nephew.

>> No.39125089

Plot Armour doesn't actually exist does it? I should easily be able to kill him unless it's an actual ability in the setting.

>> No.39125154

You asked for this.

I'm not sorry.

>> No.39125219

....I wish to hear more.

>> No.39125236


I don't know, it seems to work easier than my idea.

My original idea was in the fluff mention something about dying a few days into the jump and then being resurrected by one of the following factions.

Fallen Angel

No drop in, your location would determind your background and the "Free pick" would allow you to go drop in. Earthly god doesn't really fit in too much with the three way faction war and they really just seemed shoehorned in to extend the series after the holy cold war ended. And then thirdly class.

King (Devil King forfeits all points in exchange for pieces and goes to another document, can be bought for Angel and Fallen Angel making them high up in the hierarchy with some discounts on some powerful abilities)

With the assumption that the jumper would consume all the pieces relevant to his class, and then get perk discounts based on that class.

Where it gets tricky is the way I want to do the Devil King, because you have the opportunity to get 15 companions and will need to spend points on them. I've got a few ways I can go about this, basically a waifu generator, generic presets or characters from the show, replacing holes in the armies they come from with equivalents (Like if you take Grayfia, Sirzechs Lucifer gets a replacement called Sakuya for example.)

I want to do something special for the Devil king, but it's probably going to get messy. Any thoughts?

>> No.39125334

this man is basically a jumper himself

he is more or less the best magic programmer in the world, he's super-strong, super-fast, and has a healing factor like wolverine (dude got shot in the heart and didn't flinch). he's also a ninja/supersoldier and has the ability to point at objects and make them into a mass of loose atoms. or, barring that, turn matter into energy and explode you with what used to be your arm and is now explosions.

this man is far and away the most dangerous thing in the setting, on the level that he made it so that the entirety of fucking china dares not say his name lest he appear

also, everyone he meets automatically agrees with everything he says sooner or later, because he is a marty stu.

>> No.39125359

What would happen if I looked like his sister?

>> No.39125368


Oriemo would happen
with magic

>> No.39125372

What would happen if married his sister?

>> No.39125377

Anyone else you would gank for their sacred gear in DxDv-verse ( besides Issei, of course) ?

Im thinking Vali, CaoCao and George
They're assholes - less só in Vali's case - with bullshit powers

That works for me

>> No.39125387

> Earthly god doesn't really fit in too much with the three way faction war and they really just seemed shoehorned in to extend the series after the holy cold war ended
True enough. I just like Sun Wukong. I imprinted on the character at an early age, any time he shows up in a work of fiction I get excited.

>I want to do something special for the Devil king, but it's probably going to get messy. Any thoughts?
Maybe give them the ability to purchase templates? Specialties for their pieces, to make your peerage more unique. Would that work?

>> No.39125389

he would exercise the only emotion he possesses

"brotherly love"

seriously that's the only emotion he ever feels this is canon

>> No.39125409

I'd gank Gasper, if you know what I mean.

>> No.39125433

that's not possible, because she only has eyes for her onii-samaaaaaaaa


>> No.39125445

But, theoretically speaking if it happened anyway, what would he do?

>> No.39125446

That sounds like a pretty boring setting, actually. Like at that point I wouldn't even want to bother because obviously the main character's got shit covered. What the hell's the plot about?

>> No.39125454

So you are saying he would want to be together with me forever? Now if he was in any way likable.

>> No.39125455


>Loli Template (AKA Koneko)
>Oppai Shrine Maiden Template (AKA Akeno)
>Shounen Template (AKA Iessie)
>/y/ template (AKA Yuuto)

A bit like generic presets.
I kind of want to do the extra effort and create a waifu/husbando generator, It would be interesting seeing peoples sets

>> No.39125490


>> No.39125509

Oh, Shirou. Never lose that innocence.

>> No.39125530

>I kind of want to do the extra effort and create a waifu/husbando generator

Hmm, there's no real way I can convert that to points.


He would like to put it in this thing.

>> No.39125533

well, imagine him doing that explody thingy

now imagine him doing that to your literal soul

something something china is evil japan is the best something something classism sucks but that's only because they put me in the wrong class time to look down on all these filthy peasants

well, if you like robots he's likable

>> No.39125561

>if you like robots he's likable
That's an insult to robots and you know it

>> No.39125563

>well, if you like robots he's likable
Can I pilot him?

>> No.39125570

sorry robots i didn't mean it

>> No.39125587

Good thing I can no sell that then. And am durable enough that doing on things that are merely close to me won't get through my durability perks. I'll be fine.

>> No.39125594

Wait how did you know? We though our captcha bypass system was flawless!

but apology accepted

>> No.39125605

Wait, there are elves in this setting? I thought this was Demons and Angels.

>> No.39125606

And...there we go. A really rough preliminary draft of 13.3 complete. Some changes.

Savior's 400 was shifted slightly in effect.
Shadow Hunter's 400 and 200 traded places and effects were changed.
SH's 600 was also shifted.
Removed one of the generals, kept the stylist marker, left the Eidolon book as is.

Since everything's been fluffed up it's a bit bigger than it was before, but it's still pretty small, so not...a major issue to change things yet. Let me know for things too OP/need to be changed/further issues.

>> No.39125618

Vampire anon

>> No.39125620

>anon doesn't know about japan and their things about pointed ears
That's clearly a demon of some sort son, you can tell because it has short pointed ears.

>> No.39125621

Nah, Gasper's a vampire, not an elf.

>> No.39125635


no, as in pic related

he has as much personality as one of these, and even that is probably being overly charitable

>No-selling the conversion of your atoms into nuclear fire

is this that negima antimagic bullshit

god damn it

oh, speaking of antimagic bullshit, this guy is able to cancel out all of the other magic in the setting, so there's that

>> No.39125648

whoops, i meant >>39125563

>> No.39125656

Not Negima's, but yeah.

>> No.39125657

So there are vampires? Shit, what else is there in this besides angels, demons, and vampires?

>> No.39125670

Earthly Gods

>> No.39125675

Cat people thing,s and gods, and dragons oh my.

>> No.39125678

Pretty much everything. It's a kitchen sink mythology deal, it just mainly focuses on the angels and demons.

>> No.39125680

absolute defenses are the reason why exalted sucks
i guess people don't learn

my best guess is that vampires are a variety of demon, like in disgaea

>> No.39125694

Well, damn I take it I can't really program him to do cool things either, like sword fight other robots with a preset routine. I guess I have no use for him and would rather not have to deal with him.

>> No.39125724

I thought Exalted sucked because it was overly complex and poorly balanced.
Though I went for absolute defenses so people can't ignore the manton effect and insta gib me. I feel justified grabbing when people can just turn me into an atomic bomb with a glance. Because how else would you even deal with something like that?

>> No.39125782

>>39124747 >>39125219
What with the mess of shapeshifting perks at my disposal, I houseruled it could be toggled.
Sorry, that's all you get.

You really should! But if it makes you feel any better, I'm basically on the run now. I can never go back to Warhammer.
My experiences with the Warp can effectively be summed up as,
> "This won't be so bad! I'll learn some magic, get some neat powers, and get a better understanding for ohhhhhhh myyyyyy gooooooooooo..."

I can never go back to Warhammer.
> "Konata? What did you see in the war-"

Never. Not even Post-Spark.

Was Axe Cop finished? It seemed like it only cropped up recently and I didn't really take a look at it.
I've always been more of a McNinja fan, personally.

That sounds really, really... boring, actually. Is there anything worth visiting for that setting at all?

>> No.39125847

exalted sucks for those reasons too
oh hey you rolled anything other than a solaroid time to suck solar cocks 24/7

and yeah, that's a fair enough reason to grab an absolute defense against magic

it just seems like the boring way out to me, the everything-proof shield

in theory, there's some super cool magitech that's in the setting, which is why i started watching, but the right-wing japanese nationalist marty stu bullshit drowned out anything cool from the setting

>> No.39125858

Ax cop Looked pretty much finished It just wasn't PDF. People should stop underestimating paste bin Jumps and check them out.

>> No.39125877

Pastebin is for WIP, if they're serious they'd PDF it, or have someone PDF it for them. Then put it on the drive. Otherwise they're scattered about.

>> No.39125899

I used the blessing of Rahab to give some Dehilhjo sapience, next I used Starry Night Fusion to have the Devilhjo breed with an Ork.

The result was a race of sapients that canabilized themselves to spread Orkilhjo spores and then I geneforged some red into their skin hue for faster hunting.

It was fun and a good outing for all.
Shame the control world for testing was ASOIAF

>> No.39125919

Too be honest I don't like the whole no sell thing either, I just don't see a viable alternative. When someone can fire off one hit kills that always hit, what else can you do to avoid death? I'm seriously asking here. Is there anything else?

>> No.39125953

You can gank them before they can fire. But yeah, if they notice you you're fucked if you can't just ignore it.

>> No.39125965


I just thought of something. Isn't Slaanesh the Chaos God of excess?

If so could this be affecting your mad science by making it madder do to adding 'Let's add more'?

>> No.39126068

Batman in all actuality get's a fuck ton of people killed when ever the villains he catches inevitably get away again. They're faceless mobs for the large part in the comics and movies, but if it happened irl it would mean a lot of grieving families because he was too much of a pansy to finish them.

>> No.39126169

Y'know, I originally chose to follow Slaanesh because she is actually the god representing perfection, and the idea of striving for it, and many of her more coherent followers tend to be very, very good at what they do. And I can admire something like that. I think if the four gods represented their more positive aspects, they'd be worth following.
Most of her perks are a little TOO crazy, though, even for me (just reading the description for the Obsession perk makes me tired), so in the end I was just a Wood Elf hanging out in the forest with the Mark of Slaanesh branded into the back of my shoulder.

I mostly grabbed the Mark because it synergized with all my corruption perks from Sailor Moon. By now I can basically bend anyone who doesn't have extreme willpower or plot armor to my will and keep them there. To my knowledge the Mark doesn't really do anything else except for those two things. But it's TOTALLY possible that it could be having some lingering effects on my brain.
That's actually one of the reasons I can't go back. It's not that I burned any bridges in Warhammer Fantasy or fell into excess or anything (I was actually really lazy that jump). I'm just pretty sure that Slaanesh would recognize me, and the Mark would give her an inordinate amount of power over me.

Other people get told, "Don't attract the attention of the Chaos Gods!", and I effectively branded a flashing neon sign with one of their names into my back. Clearly I am the smartest jumper.

>> No.39126220

>But it's TOTALLY possible that it could be having some lingering effects on my brain.
It's effects are in your soul, making you work far harder at attaining perfect laziness.

>> No.39126251

So Konatanon is basically the closest thing to being the embodiment of sloth with that?
Also nothing can beat Konata's Dick copters

>> No.39126274

I think Konatanon took sloth for other things as well, clearly being the most slovenly of jumpers.

>> No.39126284

But how does one be a sloth when you have to move to make stuff?

>> No.39126291

Tenchi Muyo!-Space Opera.

+300cp – Hunted
+100cp - Wanted (Dead or Alive)
Smiling Goddess Leaves: I'll name it TAKESHI -400cp
Redwood Soldier Meditation-800
*the story: it looks like our friends the Masaki family and their various hangers on are in a bit more trouble than usual, fortunately we are a lot more powerful than last time we met , and have TAKESHI installed inside of one of the light of Terra's hydroponics decks granting it all capabilities of a first generation tree ship. Unfortunately a lot of people seem to be after me and mine as well, and these rapscallion and are perfectly willing to combine forces to defeat us. will our antagonist be victorious? Will Ayeka stop being so pissy about the fact that someone who isn't a noble has a tree and as much control Jurai technology as she does? Short answer no. Plans include installing TAKESHI on the LoT than with my access to various forms of Clarktech, and Redwood soldier meditation encouraging it to grow throughout the ship granting the LoT all of the capabilities of a first generation tree ship, adventuring with the the Masaki family, letting Mars kick as much ass as she likes. Evacuating the area . Whenever Ryoko and Mars have one of those roles Actual flights disguised as sparring sessions that they keep having.*

>> No.39126336

Asura's Wrath. I took the Mantra Association of Sloth. Anytime you put off work or spend time accomplishing nothing, I get a little more energy added to my reserves. You're probably making me stronger right now.

I basically have two modes at this point. "Lazy" mode, which involves staring at clouds and hanging out with people and accomplishing jack and shit, and "SCIENCE!" mode, which involves going totally apeshit with research and productivity and building giant multi-tiered robot spewing skull castles in like a week.
Both of these could power Slaanesh. Both of them probably do.

>> No.39126352

Question for all jumpers have any of you ever felt like you were losing your sanity or something broke inside you where you slaughtered your enemies?
If not what did you do to prevent such a thing from happening?

>> No.39126745


It's worse than that. As someone who's read the Infernals' and skimmed the Abyssals' sourcebooks, the former canonically get gangraped as part of their Exalted initiation and the latter are divided into the angsty emo kind of Exalted and the nihilistic edgelord kind of Exalted. No matter how awesome you are, you objectively lose at life by being either.

Exalted is a strange game. The only winning moves are to be a Solar, and stay a Solar, or be a Sidereal and convince your ST to let you access SMAs.

>> No.39126796

From what I hear chapters one and two of the Infernal splatbook are considered non canonical by pretty much everyone due to having been written by a different team under different guidelines than the rest of material on Infernals.

>> No.39126934

The fact that everyone basically has to fanwank away the introductory chapters of a splat speaks volumes about how borked said splat's problems are.

...I get some of the other stuff, but how the heck does he have a healing factor?

Is there any limit on what he can turn into energy? Can he just reset the universe at will like Enrico Pucci?

>> No.39127315

Once upon a time, there was a Jumper who decided to take on a millenia-old, chronically bored vampire with little sense of right or wrong as a mentor for 100 years.

This resulted in the deaths of potentially thousands of Beholders.

>> No.39127365

H-how could you be so mean?
They only wanted to watch!

>> No.39127424

Where to begin? Centuries of repressed bloodlust, someone actively encouraging it, being in the Underdark - it's things like this that drove me to try and wipe out the bits of my personality that made me capable of it so it'd never happen again. Of course those bits were most of what made me a functional living being, like my self-preservation instinct, and my wife had to slap some sense back into me.

It doesn't help that Beholders are, as a rule, completely insane and omnicidal from birth (or so this thread has told me anyway).

>> No.39127458

Long ago there was a jumper by the name of The Hungry Void. Due to a mix of missing key meta knowledge and me going overboard on drawbacks as well as Dark Binding induced insanity he kinda developed into a murderhobo whose default response was to consume entire planets. He died in the drop site massacre in 40k to exterminatus.

>> No.39127580

So...suppose we compaion'd Lightning in the previous ff13 jump. And then take the second IF scenario. Are we fighting our companion or a doppelgänger? Does companion lightning also get a doppelgänger to fight against? And finally, if there's more than one lightning running around are they BOTH eligible for attaining the Savior power level?

>> No.39127593

So I've got some ideas for after I finish Harlock jump, including pic related.

However, considering all the events take place in one night, and there'd be other special rules, I'm not quite sure how best to implement starting points.

>> No.39127641

Question about Stephen universe jump, if you take I Am A (Dysfunctional) Conversation And Cat Fingers Does splitting And Fusing count as Shape shifting?

>> No.39127695

Did you take the continuity drawback? If you did, either your Lightning is AU, or your Lightning is canon and replaces FemCloudinCrystal.

If you Lightning is AU, you're fighting a doppelganger (or rather, your Light is a doppelganger) If your Lightning is canon, hoo boy the 2nd IF scenario can get hard. Hopefully you have some way to hold back and leave her at a sliver or something.

And yes, everybody gets a doppelganger when it comes to IF scenario. Bhunivelze ain't an idiot this time around. Yes, both of them are. (Do note, that the canon savior power level gets lost by canon Light when Bhunivelze dies, which kinda makes sense consider he gave her his powers in the first place).

This was good, helped me figure out what I needed to clarify with the IFs. thanks.

(If you were wondering, technically you can get 3 Sazh with 1 pod, and 3 Lights with 1 pod too. Companion hijinx are hilarious, and 13-2 Duplicate cloning is also hilarious.)

>> No.39127714

Wouldn't having some soul eating technique be enough?

>> No.39127767

Not really, what he does is turn what you do to him into an illusion. What you do is force him to use the technique(which can also be set to self activate after one has been killed), wait a minute for it to wear off, then force him to use it again. You need to get him to use it 11 times in total, at which point he runs out of eyes to use for the sake of the technique and you can kill him however you like.

>> No.39128305

Both of your ideas are terrible. Especially you trying to shove in your shitty magical realm.

>> No.39128416

Seriously I don't know how people just completely entertained this stupidity last night, holy shit.

>> No.39128448

I think people were generally too tired for anger - well, besides Brows.

>> No.39128458

All of you need more fire in your bellies. Because good lord, I have seen so much hate for that shitty anime every other time and he was trying to push a shitty lewd setting with characters from MGQ in it. Just awful all around.

>> No.39128462

Isn't Brows almost always salty and angry?

>> No.39128497


Yeah. It's one thing to not want to start a multi-thread firestorm, but some things deserve to be yelled at.

>> No.39129705

I kind of want to go to Warmachines.

>> No.39129962

If the gears are that powerful maybe make it so if you "gain" one you have basically chosen to "stay" there after your 10 years?

But yeah I looks forward to seeing what you come up with.....I'm I have a feeling i'll have to change my Strike Witches Jump "again".

>> No.39130002

They sound like one of the main powers of the setting so not getting one would be like going to Fate and not getting a servant.

Either way everything I hear about it is shit so I don't think it should be made into a jump at all. Especially not by the asshole who's trying to make a shitty lewd setting.

>> No.39130148

Well to be fair, after the first death you can summon Danzo to kill Danzo. Then.

>> No.39130243

>Doing Build for Sims jump
>Ahh another vacation Jump this wouldnt be so hard to make......
>Realise all the unique sims Skills
>Realise all the unique sims technology
>Realise all the unique sims Items
>Look into my sims 3 Game size
>90 fucking GIgs
>90 fucking gigs worth of content i would be having to buy/Steal/Earn in Sims Jump
>Suddenly Sims jump seems less of a vacation jump and more off CONSUMERISM:THE JUMP
>Suddenly im making my entire /jc/ Build that by the time i get to sims , i already did monopoly and i would stuff all that shit into the warehouse
>Now im trying to figure out how to fit all of that in it

>> No.39130269

Well, the power works by making the subject, his death, into an illusion. In other words, it's the same as if you didn't kill him at all. For that matter, since Izanagi blinds the eye that uses it, what if you have regeneration, or shapeshifting to grow more eyes with, or something? If that doesn't work, what if you cloned your eyes a few times so as to have extra eyes in reserve for Izanagi shenanigans a couple times a day?

>> No.39130290

Danzo did nothing wrong.

>> No.39130309

>90 fucking gigs
>my university connection is steady 1.1 megs
well, I'm glad I don't own that

>> No.39130311

Go to Ar Tonelico, the tower straps onto the warehouse if you go origin and the tower is HUEG.

>> No.39130333

Perhaps you should delete some of your old saves.

>> No.39130365

Thast just the game itself. no save files yet in that estimation.
Check out the TPB size of sims 3 as a reference

>> No.39130386

Its feels more like an addiction than a game. Sometimes its not even fun.
NIce thanks for the recommendation

>> No.39130396

>Sims 3 jump
>not making absurd numbers of plumbots to bring absurd amounts of income into your household
>not spending your entire jump learning alchemy and turn yourself into a witch to magically fix cleanliness, bladder and hunger, and making elixirs to keep you awake 24/7 and moralized
>not chasing your dream for those delicious 60,000 lifetime happiness points, which you can also double with an elixir

Bro, do you even Sims?

...yeah, this is not wrong...

>> No.39130404

You've got to bear in mind that most of that shit is not useful.

The high-tech stuff is good and the magic is great. Other than that you pretty much just want the best bed, fridge, oven and computer.

>> No.39130421

>Sometimes its not even fun.

Oh come now, it's basically never fun.

Why not just start as a witch? Comes with free alchemy.

>> No.39130481

But how will you paint your house in just the right color without thousands of fucking wallpapers, paints, and tilings? If you didn't hit up the Lovecraft jump, at least.

>> No.39130568

There are more wallpapers, paints and types of tiling in the real world than there are in Sims.

The real world is bigger than 90 gigs. There are only really a few things that are worth grabbing in Sims at all and it's nearly all magic and technology.

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