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"So.. how do we use it?"
"What makes you think that I know?" Emillion crosses his arms.

That's not good, that's not good at all!

I am Itsukuma Masami, and I have a had a terrible day. First the school was attacked, then Fortune was attacked, then I found something that I think should put an end to all the madness.

But I don't know how to use it, and I don't know anyone who does!

I open the box back up and take the ring out, positioning it differently inside and trying again. Nothing.
I don't even know what to say anymore.

"I think we need a second opinion." Kaori says, cupping her forehead in her hand.

I would be lying if I said that I wasn't a little disappointed with this trip.
Well, except for seeing Emillion. He's kind of adorable now.
"Hmph!" He notices me looking at him and turns to face away from me.

"So.." I try to change the subject. "What is your second opinion that you have in mind?"
"Aiko's mother, she's very knowledgable about this kind of stuff. But-"

Kaori takes out her phone and taps a tile on it. It rings several times before hanging up.
"Aiko!" She calls out to the black-haired girl who is admiring Emillion's hair. "Where did your mother say she was?"

"At work." Aiko is starting to seem a little worred as well.
"Try calling her again! I can't get her from my phone!" Kaori taps the tiny tile on her phone once more.

That's troubling for her to disappear at a time like this.

>Wait for her, she's probably just running late.
>Go searching for her, alone
>No no, go searching for her, and bring someone with you.
>>But who?
>>The Principal?
>>Aiko? That would be helpful in finding someone you've never seen before.
>Take a picture of Emillion with your cell phone.

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>No no, go searching for her, and bring someone with you.
>>Aiko? That would be helpful in finding someone you've never seen before.

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>No no, go searching for her, and bring someone with you.
>>Aiko? That would be helpful in finding someone you've never seen before.

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>No no, go searching for her, and bring someone with you.
>>Aiko? That would be helpful in finding someone you've never seen before.

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>No no, go searching for her, and bring someone with you.
>>Aiko? That would be helpful in finding someone you've never seen before.
>>Take a picture of Emillion with your cell phone.

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>No no, go searching for her, and bring someone with you.
>>Aiko? That would be helpful in finding someone you've never seen before.


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"I need to go look for her."

"Masami, that's just like you." Kaori pouts, "Jumping to conclusions."
"I'm going too!" Aiko stands up, and grabs onto Emillion's arm. "Let's go!"

"Hey." Emillion tries to pull away from her.
"I'm not going with you."
She blushes and lets go of his arm with a "Sorry, sorry."

"Where are you even going to look?" Kaori seems uncertain of my proposition. "I mean, I would just try the places that we were at or check the roads coming here. She may have just got lost."

I think about her words for a moment, "I don't know, I guess first that, then maybe her office, or-"

Suddenly, I have a terrible idea.
"Huh? Why?"

"Because.." I stop for a second, and think about the series of events that lead me here and to that box. "I have a terrible feeling that Dad also knew that we needed her in some way."

He was being VERY INSISTENT on getting that ring. Every time I told him no, and every time-
"No!" Aiko grabs my shoulders, "No no no no no that's wrong! You're just being paranoid! If anything, Fortune should fear my mother." Aiko wraps her arms around my back.

Gently, I can feel her shaking.
Uh oh.

>Search the backroads near the mansion first, I'm probably just being paranoid.
>I don't know where her office is, but I could get the Principal to drive me there.
>To Fortune!
>Wait outside, see if she comes by and is merely a little lost.
>Home, maybe you can enlist Mom or the monster to help with this, he's a flying guy after all.

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>Search the backroads near the mansion first, I'm probably just being paranoid.

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>>Search the backroads near the mansion first, I'm probably just being paranoid.

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>I don't know where her office is, but I could get the Principal to drive me there.

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>Search the backroads near the mansion first, I'm probably just being paranoid.

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>I don't know where her office is, but I could get the Principal to drive me there.

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>>Search the backroads near the mansion first, I'm probably just being paranoid.

Writing with some delays!

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Rolled 29 (1d100)

No no! I can't think dumb paranoid thoughts now; I need to focus on the positive.

"You're right." I sigh, "We need to search the easiest avenues to right now. We're going to go look on the sideroads to see if she's lost."

"Good idea." Kaori grabs the box and holds it close. "If I hear from her, I'll call you."


Despite the fact that almost every building out here is abandoned, there sure is a large array of roads that run in front of the mansion.

It's not making my job any easier.

I'm able to jump from rooftop to rooftop in my search.
Aiko uncomfortably shifts around in my arms.

"Do you really have to carry me?"

It's the only way she can keep up, and I'm not even sure what I'm looking for. I jump from rooftop to rooftop scanning the streets and few sparse parking lots. All of them completely abandoned.

>Roll 1d100, best of three

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Rolled 55 (1d100)


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Rolled 53 (1d100)


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Rolled 85 (1d100)


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Pretty good


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"Masami! Stop!"

I creep up to the edge of this particular rooftop and peer over the two-lane road before me.

On it, there's a vehicle. A four door sedan with the drivers side pushed open.
"That's Mom's car!"

Oh no.

There's no 'Mom' anywhere.

We drop down to street level and have a look around. Aiko immediately runs to the car and throws open some of the doors to search inside.

I don't point it out to Aiko, but there are footprints embedded into the hood of her vehicle.
There's that paranoid feeling again.

"If I was attacked, and I was inside of a car, where would I go?" I ask myself, searching around to see if there's a blind corner someone would hide behind. Or maybe something they would hide under.

Or worse, a place they would run to where being taken would be much harder.

The building, I didn't notice it before on the way down, but the front door is open.
I'm already in a full sprint when I see it.

How should I do this, though?

>Belle, through the wall.
>Julie, assault through the door
>Mir, invisible walk into the room
>Cirrus, dash-jump into the building as quickly as possible.

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>Cirrus, dash-jump into the building as quickly as possible.

>> No.38995702

>>Mir, invisible walk into the room

>> No.38995759

>Mir, invisible walk into the room

>> No.38995852

>Cirrus, dash-jump into the building as quickly as possible.

>> No.38996139

>Two cards!
>Cirrus to dash jump inside
>Mir to be invisible while doing it!


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Rolled 95, 7, 99 = 201 (3d100)

Please ignore these.

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I sure won't!

>> No.38996329


for reference, First one was ???, second one was a terrified Mom, and the third was you.

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We aced that shit.

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Rolled 7, 81 = 88 (2d100)

I need to get in there, and I need to do it fast!
Whatever is in there might already be aware that I'm here at this rate.

Slowly concentrating, I put two cards on to go through the door. One to make me unseen, and another to make me boost through the door.

With unprecedented speed, I burst through the door and into the building.

Inside, it seems completely empty. There are several floors that have open-faced balconies up above. Other than that, the lobby is vacant, and it appears only withered plants and empty benches remain.

There is one thing that I notice when I enter. It's on the second floor, and it's glowing.

A woman, seemingly Mom's age, is being set upon by an unknown attacker. The woman glows with a powerful blue aura.

But her fists never seem to hit the target. The attacker swarms around her, effortlessly dodging.
Finally, her attacker strikes back. He swerves around her and causes her to back up into a wall.



That's the sound his fist makes bouncing off my arms. He's initially shocked at me suddenly appearing between him and his victim, but he takes several more punches at me anyway. I'm pretty sure my invisibility has dropped by now.

I grab his fists mid-flight and force him to stop. That's when I get a good look at him.

"You... clown.." I'm barely able to hold his vibrantly colored gloves still.
"Hey... Priestess." He grits his teeth, trying to maintain his cool while pressing against my guard. "Glad.. you dropped by!"

He tries separating himself from me, but I'm already on top of him! I use the jump card to gain on his retreat and deliver several blows to him. He laughs maniacally as my hits land. He seems to recover his footing just as his back is pushed against the opposite wall.

I hate clowns.

>Something else?!
>Maybe two of something else?!

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Damn it Aiko.

Hey do me a favor, roll 1d100 with your choice, best of three.

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Rolled 84 (1d100)


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Rolled 23 (1d100)


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Rolled 9 (1d100)


>> No.38997596


>> No.38997622




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I quickly swap over to Julie, who has a much better track record at attacking than most of my other cards.

Which was a mixed idea, because he immediately presses his attack on me.

His advance slowly starts to push me backwards toward the wall I just forced him away from. Several swipes from my sword are able to get him off me for a few brief seconds for me to advance forward into him.

With a quick swipe, I'm able to slash across his body.


I try not to let the yelling in the background distract me. Especially the sound of a certain black-haired schoolgirl yelling something over and over again as she rapidly climbs the stairs to our floor.

The clown tries one last offensive against me. This time, he uses a pair of razor-sharp claws that seem to have embedded in his hand. Except he leaves one opening.

Swapping my sword to my right hand, and using that to parry his swipes. I use my left hand to give him exactly what I've wanted to give him for a very long time.

A straight-arm punch right to his stupid makeup-covered face.

It rings out against his nose with a deafening "HONK!" that echoes in my ears. My right hand takes the advantage to swipe straight across his center once more.

He flips backwards, clearly showing his battle damage, and disintegrates into a flurry of mysterious neon shapes that scatter in every direction.

Wow, that was easier than I thought it would be.

I sigh, letting the panic slowly leave as Aiko finally makes it up to our floor.

"MOM! MOM! MOOOOOOOM!" Aiko screams as she finally gets closer to her mother, who has seemingly passed out against the wall.

Oh no, I think I'm right. That WAS too easy.


I grab her before she runs any further toward her mother. She struggles and strains at my grip, but I do not let her go.

We both stare at the slumped over form against the wall as it slowly rises up, her head continues to stare toward the ground until the last second when it snaps up to look at us.


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On her face is one of the neon-colored shapes that Joker emitted when he disappeared. I'm noticing the same shapes all over her body, on her arms, on her back, there's one on her mouth.

"Want to hear a funny joke, Priestessssssssssssssss?" She hisses.
"How!?" I step back and take Aiko with me. "Stop that! Stop that right now!"
I can hear Aiko slump down next to me. She covers her eyes.

I take out Julie's sword again, letting the blue aura gather at the tip. With any luck, I can use it to strike that neon-colored symbol that is seemingly burning into her forehead.

Her voice slowly starts to drop off. Behind her I can see a sinister aura gathering at her back. "You know, like this . I can make her do anything I want."
Slowly she makes her way to the railing, and leans against it. She looks back at me with a smile.

>He's bluffing! Use Julie anyway!
>Tackle her!
>Trap her somehow! Maybe I have a card for that!?
>Two card combo!

>> No.38998574

>>Two card combo!
>Speed and Haruko
Hopefully Haruko can drive him out of her

>> No.38998741


>> No.38998762


>> No.38998776

>>Two card combo!
>Speed and Haruko
Sounds like a plan to me.

>> No.38998849

>Speed and Haruko!


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looks like i'm late to the party, but we probably should have attacked him from the magic world

>> No.38999175

He wasn't in the magic world, he was right here.

>> No.38999324

"Don't.. Please, no!"
Aiko, calm down, I got this.

Focusing, I think of the speed card and Haruko. I can tell he really doesn't intend to do that to her, otherwise she would have already gone off the ledge.
Bursting forward, I can tell that he wasn't expecting me to call his bluff. He puts her arms up defensively as if that's going to stop me from what I'mabout to do next.

I grab her into my arms and carry her princess style back onto the ledge. She struggles and kicks against my grip the entire time I do so.

Aiko is back over to me in a second, trying to rub and erase the strange neon shapes from her arms and legs.

"What now, Priestess?" Her voice doesn't even sound like a woman's voice anymore.

I can feel Haruko's aura trying to counteract his evil. I'm just not sure how potent it's being. Aiko's mother doesn't seem to be getting any better, and that insane smile she's flashing at me is extremely unnerving.

>Try harder! I believe in Haruko!
>I need a second opinion!
>Maybe Mom?
>Something else!?

>> No.38999359

>Try harder! I believe in Haruko!

>> No.38999409

>Try harder! I believe in Haruko!

>> No.38999424

>>Try harder! I believe in Haruko!

>> No.38999495

>I need a second opinion!

>> No.38999562

>Try harder! I believe in Haruko!

Writing last post of the night.

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"I am trying something."

I look her dead in the eyes and say it once more.
"No, I'm not trying it. Haruko is. Haruko is going to rid her of your evil!"

Her smile disappears, but remains is still a grin far larger than I think her face can support.
"You still haven't told the class how you intend to do that. Go on, why don't you let us know."

"Because I'm not going to!" I keep concentrating on the aura that's gently building up over her body. "Haruko is going to, and I believe in Haruko!"
"You really are a cute kid." That smile is still there. "Haruko is a card. Cards can't do anything."

"You're wrong!" I shout back at him. "Haruko was a living, breathing person just like you or I!"
"That's too bad, because neither of us are living or breathing." There's that smile again. "We're little more than tools for those we serve. Tools need a purpose."

"Shut up." The aura is still having problems affecting her. It's like something is blocking it.

"You remember how Magician's eyes looked when she was controlled, right? Empty and soulless, that's how she's like all the time."
I want to hit him, but I don't want to hurt Aiko's Mom.
"Our lights are on but no one's home. That is our normal."
Aiko's grabbed onto my arm now. She seems to have given up trying to rub the glowing marks off her mother.

I'm still having no progress, and fighting against his defense is beginning to tire me.
"That's why Fortune exists. It's easy to be a pawn when you're in good company."
If nothing else, I just want him to shut up!

"Haruko, please."
"Empress didn't want to join either. Look at her now. "
"I think Asai has something special planned for you and your family. I'm sure you'll find out about it soon."


>> No.39000753

here's a hand. It's a tiny hand. Not any bigger than mine.
It's on my shoulder. I can see both of Aiko's hands.
I wonder whose hands it is?


The two nearly crush me as the woman stands up from my arms and tightly hugs her daughter.

I don't really remember what happened last.
I remember yelling Haruko's name a bunch. And then-

"Sweetie, please. It's fine now. I'm better."

I must have set her down at some point. Or defeated joker's defenses. I don't remember doing either.

And, strangely enough, I'm not dressed in Haruko anymore.

I reach into my pocket and search through my cards.
I'm missing one.

Haruko is missing.

"Haruko?!" I yell out to the abandoned building.

No one, it's just Aiko, her mother, and me.
"Haruko!" I yell once more. Nothing.

"Masami? Are you okay?"

"I don't know."

>Thread End

>> No.39000806

Thanks to everyone who participated today!

Let me know what you thought.

I'm really tired. I hope I can get some good sleep soon.

Questions welcome before I go to bed

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oh crap...

thanks for running
rest well

>> No.39000841

Thanks for running. In enoyed it, although, I find our fights have become too short again, compared to some of the "earlier" ones.

>Haruko is missing.
I really hope she just manifested or something and we didn't use her up.

Sleep well.

>> No.39000865

>fights too short

I'll keep that in mind, I think I rushed it too

>> No.39000887

Thanks for running.

>> No.39000902

Thanks for running. Haruka missing is not okay.

>> No.39000941

>Haruko is kill

>> No.39000995

Thanks for running.

>> No.39001013

don't jump to conclusions, anon
mom will probably be able to tell us more

>> No.39003838

>you say you see the cards as peopl, priestess, but in truth, you're worse than Fortune.

>you don't hesitate to use us, rely on us, trust us

>until we're used up, burnt out

>until we're gone

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