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How do I make friends that will play pretend with me?

How do I make friends?

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Have you tried talking to people? That's the first step to friendship.

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>implying anyone here knows how

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Look kid you're probably too old to learn how to make friends.

I too am aboard of this vessel of no friends.

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1. Find people.
2. Search among those people for people with similar or tangent interests to yours.
3. See if those people may have interests in your interests, and try to show interests in their interests to make them like you more and be more interested in you and your interests.
4. Invite those people to join you in partaking of your interests, and encourage those who feel that it's too new and different that you'll help them learn.
5. Through this process, play pretend and make friends with those willing, assuming those are your interests.

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6. Remember that if it doesn't work out in the real world, there are still yet other lonely souls waiting for you here who would love to play pretend with you.

Good luck anon.

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> When going to sleep, I cuddle up against the wall and pretend it's someone protective and loving.

Not OP, but I should try this.

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Disregard friends, acquire cats.

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I'll be your friend

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Back the fuck up.
How do I know these people aren't just pretending to be my friends to figure out the most devastating way they can betray me later?
There are people in this world who can lie to you for months just to drink your tears, don't think there aren't, that's how they get you!

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Do like me. Bide your time until japan shits out perfect loli robots and then never be lonely again.

Also, post in /tg/ gamefinder threads. While there is admittedly a lower chance of making friends in them, there is a higher chance of loli robots.

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>How do I make friends that will play pretend with me?
In my experience?
Pure luck, more than anything.
>Have no friends
>Suddenly, sister's friend from highschool
>Sister's friend plays pretend with a group
>Sister mentions I'm interested in such things
>Invited to play
>mfw got group through no actual effort of my own

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You don't know. It turns out that putting yourself out there makes you vulnerable. Who knew? The choice is as follows:

>Risk getting hurt by trying to connect with people.
>Don't risk getting hurt and spend the rest of your life alone.

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This man speaks the truth

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>that filename

I actually laughed. That's pretty funny.

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I choose to be alone and safe.
>live in a post-apocalyptic hellhole where people murder each other over a can of soup
>be fortunate enough to own a bunker fully stocked to fulfill your needs for a lifetime
>see a group of stereotypical wasteland punks drive by
>"Hey guys, I'm throwing an open house party in here! Come as you are, take what you want!"

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You murder all of the in your safety bunker and take their supplies. Jesus.

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What do you do if power goes out and the doors jam and you can't fix it because the fault is outside the bunker?

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I'm not able to do so, and that was a metaphor, so "durr kill them first" does not apply to friendship. We've had this argument before.

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>having doors with no manual inputs
>building a power system outside your megabunker
0/10 would not build doom fortress with

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>just FIND people
>just TALK to people
>its easy!

go fuck yourself raw asshole

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i hope you die

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Timezone and/or Skype? I'll try be your friend if nothing else.

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>1. Find people.
I have failed at step one.
Now what should I do?

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You could afford 10 years of food and redundancy for power, or 100 years of food and budget fortress. Clearly YOU chose the latter.

Point stands, what do you do? Water filtration isn't working and you only have batteries for radio.

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There's 19 people other than you here RIGHT NOW. Well, there have been 20 unique ids in the threads memory. Guess you found your people.

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but anon, we aren't friends. We live far away from each other, some of us is not even on the same continent. And while talking to people on the net is all good and dandy it's not real friendship

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Again, you're breaking the metaphor.
I should seek out "friends" who will probably betray me, just in case I need help later?
And if they're not my real friends, they'll just watch me die and move on to the next victim. Hell, they might have caused my problem for all I know.

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You... You don't think we're people?

So mean...

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I guess.


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well, we are on 4chan...

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Skype call. Or is friendship only proximity to you? Are we that unimportant to you anon? ;_;

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I'm just saying that you lose a lot of metacommunication stuff over the net, even with skype. And while proximity is not everything you must admit it's different

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And people on /tg/ are shits.

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That's true I'll give you that, but I've made friends through /tg/. People I would genuinely call friends too.

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>who will probably betray me
wow, much edge

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>And while proximity is not everything you must admit it's different
Yeah, it makes it so much easier for someone to murder you.

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So basically if you come across a problem too big to handle for yourself you'd rather drink your own piss until you die of toxicity and blame others rather than seek help from others, got it.

The metaphor works great.

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but how do you define a friend? what counts as a friend?

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i wish I had your life, a happy one where that notion is just an edgy teenage thought

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No, I'm saying if I don't have a problem I can't solve yet, it's downright suicidal to say "what's mine is yours" to strangers on the off chance that 1. they have no evil intentions and 2. they are capable of solving some unspecified future problem.

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yes. And so much easier to murder them back if they try anything fishy. Otherwise they just escape with your secrets.

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>tfw you've been dming yourself for about 6 months now

it's not so bad guys, I'm a NEET with a solo apartment, I can finally play this game I've been wanting to play since I was twelve

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A good start is someone you genuinely enjoy spending time with/talking etc... because of shared interests or their personality.

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So friendship is just a race to who can murder the other guy first?
Why don't I destroy the whole world, then I'll have all the friends!

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I have no fucking clue about proper definitions, and I spent a good deal of time thinking about it. Eventually I gave up, it's just a label you give people you feel kinda close too. I may not know their real name or face, but I know their person. Their voice. That's enough.

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no, I mean. From what point does someone counts as a friend? where is the line? I always had problems with this.

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It's your own fault in this case.
You do realize that friendship has stages between "Hi, I just met you" and "Hey, come into my stupid post apoc bunker."
DMing yourself as in you finally gave in and decided to run a game, or DMing yourself as in you're playing pretend on your own?

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because while you constantly want to kill each other you will be lonely without them. And they feel the same. That's true friendship

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Dunno. At what point do you find yourself actively seeking out their company, and find them doing the same?

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I'm not sure there is a clear line.

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I could post my story, but I never manage to post anything with the Mimi reader.

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I'm playing pretend on my own, I set up the DM screen roll dice and talk/think out the scenario

than I circle around to the other side and play from the perspective of a player

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no one actively seek out my company yet...

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How about a person without whom a notable portion of your life, be it past, present or foreseeable future, could be considered worse.

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Yes, but OP DOES have a problem; they don't have people to play with. So either they take a risk, or drown in their own piss.

You can try to make friends AFTER you have a problem, anon.

The metaphor is fine.

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>i'm going to be a massive douchebag
>wow why are you so mad
>can't you see i'm right?

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but than any random people who you otherwise hate could be count as a friend.

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Mimi reader?


No, that would cover a bunch of things that aren't friendship. For example, a valuable business contact who you kinda hate talking to.

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>You do realize that friendship has stages between "Hi, I just met you" and "Hey, come into my stupid post apoc bunker."
Name them.

>And they feel the same.
What if they DON'T feel the same? What if they're just pretending, like a vampire?

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if we go by that logic than I have no friends too

i want to diiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeee

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then they aren't friends

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What if I add "and who you think is a pretty cool guy and totally not an asshole."

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No shit Sherlock. I'm asking how I can tell the difference before it's too late.
If the answer is "you can't", then I'm doomed no matter what I do and you have no right to act superior.

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so a random dude who never talked to but you always looked up and he inspired you is suddenly your friend?
I mean friendship should be a two way thing

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Business contact who's okay to take to, you don't share any interests or have any non-work reasons to interact.

>I'm asking how I can tell the difference before it's too late.
>If the answer is "you can't", then I'm doomed no matter what I do
Pretty much.
Life is a roller-coaster, and no-one gets off it alive.

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Fuck you Watson. you have to be prepared and take risks. But by taking risks I don't mean to be a retard and risk everything. NEVER tell everything to anyone. Have a backup plan, be prepared for damage control. And most of all, don't open up to anyone too fast. You have to carefully get familiar with them.

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True, 100% certainty that someone isn't going to hurt you is impossible.
Christ, people can't 100% trust themselves to not hurt themselves, unfortunately.
But to be honest, almost no-one deliberately tries to hurt a person by faking being their friend.

There is always a risk of being hurt by others, but you have to take that risk. And really, that risk is so insignificantly small it's not worth worrying about.

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How do YOU do that, if you're so great? Give me step-by-step instructions.

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Ok, so our current rolling definition that we're improving as we go along is
>a person without whom a notable portion of your life, be it past, present or foreseeable future, could be considered worse, who you think is a pretty cool guy and totally not an asshole, and for who the feeling is mutual, and with who you both enjoy hanging out together when/if possible.
Can we keep going?

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I don't have friends. Although there are people who I kind of trust in some things

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To me, a friend is someone who stops you from hurting yourself. Someone who holds you tight when you try to push away. Someone you can laugh about anything with, especially when it really isn't funny. Friendship is knowing they could destroy you and knowing that you could destroy them just as easily. ParanoidAnon, if you don't make friends because you're afraid of getting hurt, look at it this way: you can hurt them just as bad as they can hurt you. Even if they act sociopathic, most people still hurt when people close to them say and do mean things to them. Most people aren't actually sociopaths.

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>name them

1: radio buddies
2: providing advice to one another.
3: providing goods and services through remote dropoff points
4: providing aid to each other without trade and banking on goodwill
5: letting them in to outer area with outside locked.

You COULD feign weakness to test them if they try to take advantage of you.

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if you plan on the forseeable future doesn't that make you just an asshole who just want to take advantage on the other guy?

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I think we're doing pretty well.
One thing I'd probably add in there is a degree of mutual trust.

>> No.38947654

You generally don't.
>don't you mean can't, anon?
No, I mean don't. Don't fucking worry about it, and trust them to not be dicks. If they turn out to be dicks, cut them out and hurt them first.

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ITT: autism speaks in assburgers central. Jesus, I never knew people can be so autistic. No, wait, autists have better people skills than you do.

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Friendship is a mutually beneficial relationship, it is not taking advantage of someone.

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Okay, step one: go outside. I'm pretty sure there will be people there. Unless you live in wastelands, then tough luck. I found out hitch hiking is a good way to meet people.

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You just gave me a sad.
Have you considered looking into online gaming? The scheduling is a headache, but it's still fun. I'm currently playing Shadowrun with two swedes, a scotsman, an argentinian, and a canadian.
Then actively seek out the company of people with similar interests to you.
Speaking as an aspergers autist, yes.

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The internet can be your best friend.

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>Okay, step one: go outside. I'm pretty sure there will be people there.
I know.
I tried that, and it ended horribly. So I tried again, and it turned out worse. The third try was bad enough that I basically couldn't function at all.

And now I'm scared to try again.

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It's a crime.

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You guys know what trust is, right? Your brain is performing Bayesian calculations all the time and trust is like your prior when it comes to social interaction. There are no guarantees that anyone will do anything, but they have an average behavior and a standard deviation. Your prior allows you to predict whether they're more likely to give you the finger or give you a hand when you need their help. The less consistent their behavior, the less you can be sure of how they will behave given a certain test of a friendship. Shit, man, I didn't know that there were people for whom this didn't click.

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I know how you feel, Anon. Well let me tell you something, I tried to reach out anyways. You want to know what happened? This story didn't end very pretty. It turns out that yes, I, you, we were right. The person we called best friend, the person we brought closest to us, someone we become so attached to that we would do anything for them, was just lying to us. Finding out the worst things about us, spreading lies to the few other people who know us by basing them on the personality we just went and gave away. I loved him and acted without any sort of persona of any kind, so he ruined my life. I literally get told that no one would ever truly love me for me, that if I ever opened up to anyone ever again they would hate me just the same, but I got over it.

I already know what rock bottom is like now, what else is there for me to fear? That more people will dislike me? No one gives a fuck about me anymore, and no one will give a fuck about you. The only thing holding me back was myself, so now I can do whatever I want. I could probably kill myself right now and no one I ever cared about would even be thinking fondly of me. I'd do it if I didn't think there's still the slim possibility something could become better.

I'm not sure why I was even talking to you about anymore.

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1: find person you share interests with
2: share in activities you enjoy with them, risking your free time. Repeat a few times.
3: share further things like stories, history, things that might be embarrasing but not fatal. See if they respond in kind. If they don't, stop, you are at a low friendship level. If they do share,
4: Form partial trust due to shared secrets and minor MAD. Aid each other and have them aid you (hopefully). If they don't help out stop revealing much more.
5: Repeat until friendship level is comfortable level for you and friend. You don't always want to escalate to super best butt buddy friends, just low level friends are ok too. If they betray you ditch them.

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Then you should look for a professional mental help and not advice on a Singaporean soapmaking board, cause it's painfully obvious you aren't a functioning human being.

>> No.38947790

Alright, who forgot to lock up /r9k/?

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"Hey you! Do you like traditional games?"
"Go away, weirdo."
"But I want to know you!"
"What the fuck."

>> No.38947821

I know, and I am.
But it still hurts, being alone.

>> No.38947831

Then change it?
Get professional help.
Nothing is going to change by posting on /tg/

>> No.38947834

>hello, NEET police?

>> No.38947888

>Get professional help.
I am. And I'm trying to get better.
Sorry for derailing the thread, anyway.

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PROTIP: NOT ALL FRIENDSHIPS MUST BE "LOVE YOU AND REVEAL ALL MY DARKEST SECRETS". Lower intensities of friends can be had where you don't risk everything.

>> No.38947955

Don't be sorry. This thread is about being a NEET anyway.

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If they are male, buy their friendship with foods and beers.

If they are female, buy their friendship with flattery.

>> No.38948135

F is for fire that burns down the whole town
U is for uranium...bombs
N is for No Survivors

>> No.38948341

They don't have to be your friends. Just ask if there's people interested in playing TTRPGs, they'll come to the table by themselves...from there, you just do your job and be a nice person. You'll become friends in time.

>> No.38948398

There are many bases for friendship. These are a few, but the gender biases are bullshit, especially in people you'd want to play with.

>> No.38948816

I'm male, what if I want some flattery?

>> No.38948957

Sauce ?

>> No.38948999

Boku No Google.

>> No.38949067


If you want a pet that doesn't give 2 shits about you this is great advice. Cats are a garbage tier pet, and people who own them are mostly shit tier human beings.

Get actual friends, don't end up being that weird fat girl who tries to take her cat to the movies and posts on tumblr 13 hours a day about her favorite Dr Who slash ships.

>> No.38949103

My cat used to come greet me whenever I came home, and liked being held like a baby.
Pets will behave how you raise them. Raise them right and you'll be fine.

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Pretty much find the opposite of this to be more true.

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Internet friends are easier to make, and there's plenty of ways to make them. Join an actual RPG forum (as in, one that isn't anonymous) and converse with people. Play an MMO, git gud, and people will invite you to their guild/linkshell/whatever, and maybe realize you're okay to talk to. Stream fucking N64 games and be somewhat likeable and you'll probably develop some regulars (literally how I met the guys I play D&D with now). Do something social, basically. 4chan doesn't count.

If you switch up your usernames, you can cut these people out of your life at a moment's notice, which can help get you through the initial social phobia. It's still terrifying at first, but it's easier to rationalize and cope with and ultimately overcome.

I believe in you, anon.

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go fuck yourself

>> No.38949194

What's wrong?

>> No.38949237


>and maybe realize you're okay to talk to
>and be somewhat likeable

how do i do those things

>> No.38949437

im sorry a cat scratched you anon

>> No.38950059

Talk about something easy, and let others do most of the talking. If they're talking about shit you don't care about then just keep quiet and jump in when the conversation turns toward something you actually have an opinion on.

If it's an MMO, play a healer and just don't complain when people fuck up. People will generally like you by default if you're halfway competent. Then all you have to do is avoid convincing them you're an eldritch monster.

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Underrated post.

>> No.38950371

Eh, needs a 3.25 - Exchanging goods and services on a face-to-face basis. and 3.5 - Utilizing credit to facilitate the exchange of goods and services.

Also, 4.5 - Interacting on neutral ground without the requirement of exchange.

>> No.38950401

>How do I make friends that will play pretend with me?
By playing pretend with them, pretending that you are friends. Somewhere along the way, they (and maybe you too) stop thinking that you are pretending and think that it's a real friendship.
Are you truly that dumb? If you were an actual sociopath, you wouldn't have questions like this.

>> No.38950867

This, if a little harsh about it.

Come on, /tg/. You're good at roleplaying. All you gotta do is roleplay the character of you making friends like you would make friends with your party members.

this sort of thought process is how I get through everything terrifying in life

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It was one friendship, and I wasn't the one to instigate it, it was always him. Like some got dang magic pixie dream girl out of my Japanese animes, here to rescue me from my NEETness.

People are assholes, I don't need a real friend if betrayal is really possible after someone says they love you.

>> No.38951571

>having firends

>> No.38951772

Honestly, time slowly has its way of just finding friends while you do other junk, just don't be afraid of saying hi to someone you share intrests in.
On that note if any Anons want to have a chat with a internet loser like I, my skype is:


I'd be happy to chat
(I know its lame, but I made it a while ago)

>> No.38951847

Robotics, Bio-Medical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Software Engineering, Hardware Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.

Become the greatest at each and make them. Then, one night it will become clear. These things you were building. They were not meant to serve. They were meant to conquer.

>> No.38951944

You can get courses in that stuff online, right?
Because doing that sounds easier than going out and making friends right now.

>> No.38951998

Would you mind just text?

>> No.38952009

Ding Ding! Answer found. Go take a class in something you are interested, and try and make contact with at least ONE of the other 40 people in the class, even if it is the professor. Those people are pretty cool too.

>> No.38952061

>Go take a class in something you are interested...
Oh god, I don't think I'm ready to try that again yet.

>> No.38952085

>ITT: Normalfags


>> No.38952152


And all of a sudden, I'm having Welcome to the NHK flashbacks.

>> No.38952182

The absolute best way to kick your NEETness right in the ass. It is something on a regular schedule that you have to do. It gets you out of the house. It gets you around other people. It gets you thinking actively on something other than the same old same old.

All you have to do is commit. And it seems terrifying at first, but remember NEETanon, you are a creature of habit and routine. Just think of this as part of your routine and soon enough it will be, and you wont have to fight it anymore. You may even find you enjoy it.

>> No.38952775

Robots hate hearing truths

>> No.38952908

>tfw internet friends become IRL friends

Having friends is the best. I probably would've killed myself years ago without them.

>> No.38952924

>Those people are pretty cool too

No they're not they're all pathfags

That's why I became a NEET.

>> No.38953912

Where do you live? Describe what exactly happened when you went outside.

>> No.38953926

Join a public game and don't be an asshole.

>> No.38954439

Well, I'm haphephobic antisocial grump that can't stand seeing the same person more than 2 times a week (unless I'm getting paid for it). I acually make effort to alienate people on purpose when they're getting too pesonal. Yet I have half a dozen friends I'd call close and reliable (never betrayed their word to me, would make effort to get me out of trouble should I ask for their help, that kinda stuff) and several dozens various acquaintances.
What seems to attract people in my opinion:
- Get a job, most people see co-working as great reason to socialise. And even if it doesn't work, money always comes handy.
- Don't talk too much, listen more. People like attention / audience. Even if it doesn't work, you might learn somehing useful.
- Even if you're poor, show some class. Old clothes are fine, dirty are not. Don't swear too much.
- Stay by your word if reasonably possible. No need to be lawful stupid, just never go chaotic randumb.
- Sense of humor is a plus, just feel the mood beforemaking a joke.

Accept that most people are not worth your time, don't be afraid to disregard the useless ones, they're wasting yout time that could have been spent on useful ones.

>> No.38955057

Every friend I've gained I've gained though copious bullshit. My advice annoy everyone you meet. It works wonders.

>> No.38955095


>> No.38955152

Hey I've gotten 4-5 friends just due to both of us mutually wanting to fuck with each others heads.

>> No.38955176

>tfw your internet dnd group makes international visits to hang out with each other in person
>tfw the GM is a pretty good lay

>> No.38955197

Ive done that a time or two.

Then again, I like being in enclosed spaces, as long as my face is in the open.

>> No.38955234

I've got a big shark I won at a carnival game. It is surprisingly supportive for leaning your back into if you're like me and side sleep.

>> No.38955312

Would you be willing to DM for me?

>> No.38955361

Stop watching nothing but anime, first of all.

You can still enjoy your anime and even have your favorite one be about little girls with magical powers. You should still go watch a season or two of Breaking Bad or see what the hubbub is about House of Cards though. They make for great conversation.

>> No.38955398

Stop Dr. Wily. Stop.

>> No.38955744

>Breaking bad
>House of cards

This anon is full of it. Anyone who likes things this plebeian doesn't deserve friends at all.

>> No.38955871

Gamefinder General

>> No.38955913

but there is no gamefinder thread right now

>> No.38956033


I can confirm this.


The Wire
Generation Kill
Mad Men
and Friends

If you want something to talk to women about, watch the first season of Dr Who, the show is terrible but women get so wet over it you might as well know something about it.

>> No.38956066

This doesn't actually work. I got a job after being a three year NEET due to realizing I would be fucked if I didn't start saving up money soon.

It basically ends with you bored out of your mind and still mostly staying at home because you can't be arsed to go outside.

>> No.38958240

>Not a pillow

>> No.38960297


>Not an actual protective loving person

It's like you don't want to be happy

>> No.38960316

Where do you think you are?

>> No.38960333

>protective loving person
Sorry, I have the misfortune of being a straight man.

>> No.38960430


Sorry to hear that, it must be hard not having a cuddly loving bf to hold you close at night.

>> No.38960469

be lucky
dont let people walk all over you
also dont be a dick.

courage and charisma my boy, that will bring your friend to you

>> No.38960472

If you want to find people who will play pretend with you, look for them at your FLGS.

Friendships often blossom when to people with similar interests are in contact with one another and get along.

>> No.38960512


Also cringed at the bitch screech.

>> No.38960597

>Implying nerdy make believe games are not perfect for socially lacking autists

>> No.38960684

Who cares? Be a god.

>> No.38960712

>he doesn't want a strong and wise girlfriend to protect him and cherish him
>he doesn't want to feel her sturdy arms wrapped around him
I thought you just said you were straight.

>> No.38960774

And here's me with a Swedish fa/tg/uy GMing. You lucky jerk.

>> No.38960948

When I go to sleep alone, I always say "I love you." just because I KNOW there has to be someone else in the world that does the same thing.

I truly believe that I can love someone I have no idea exists.

>> No.38960989

Before you can make friends, you have to be completely comfortable with being alone.

When you do that, you'll be swarmed by people who will want to be your friend because they'll see you as someone to rely on.

>> No.38961005

I do the same thing.

Are you my love, anon?

>> No.38961066


I'm so aroused right now, please hook up and have loving gay sex please please please.

>> No.38961210

I'm not sure its gonna happen, anon...

>> No.38961994

Maybe friend, maybe.

I'd rather not ever know for sure though, it'd ruin the magic.

>> No.38962010

Okay, I understand.

Just in case, though.

I love you.

>> No.38962201

This makes me happy.

>> No.38962489

I love you too.

>> No.38962554


Now kiss

>> No.38962568


>> No.38962610



>> No.38962628


>> No.38962841




>> No.38962861

you right. turns losers into cools

>> No.38962870

Make an f-list account.

>> No.38962938

100% fine with anyone and any way communicating.

>> No.38962963

>>N-no homo, bro. If you tell anyone at school, I'll fucking stab you in the eyes.

>> No.38962977


I wish I had gone to an all boys school. I would have been such a dirty little slut.

>> No.38963076

Now... Imagine how that would have been if there was a wasp nest or two in there

>> No.38963259


I'm really glad this thread got as gay as it did.

>> No.38963443

Nothing is wrong with some man on man, it is one of the most manly things ever, war cultures over the world used to do it

>> No.38963721

>thinking cats are actually apathetic
This is what retards think because unlike dogs cat's facial expressions don't really synch up with human ones. When a cat looks at you with that bored look with half open eyes it means it feels comfortable around you and considers you friendly.

>> No.38963762


Cat internet defense force out strong today. Sorry you couldn't find a person to love you, keep pretending that cat does!

>> No.38963802

I'll say "I love you too" when I sleep if it makes someone feel better.

>> No.38963805

how in the fuck is this /tg/ related? go back to /a/

>> No.38963868

I have a dog and several monkey friends as well, but the cats are our friends, for the most part.

>> No.38964034

Do you not know what play pretend means?

>> No.38964626


Is that like when my roommate makes me be the girl?

>> No.38964641

Am I on /v/? I really thought I was on /v/.

God damn, /tg/. Learn some shame.

But actually don't.

>> No.38964658

Now we know why mister sour puss has no friends ~

>> No.38964924


>> No.38965665

My cat comes when I call.

>> No.38965682

>Keep buying board games and card games
>No friends in the area
I imagine one day a group of cool bros will show up at my door because the smelt the fresh cardboard of my barely-opened boxes all the way down the street.

>> No.38965989

Because we're talking about real life here

>> No.38966493


Even if 9/10 women are submissive as fuck, there's still 1/10 women that want to be dominant, and maybe 1/50 of those women will find me attractive. I just need to keep trying!

>> No.38967828

Just don't watch fucking TV shows.
Go pick up artsy Hong Kong heroic bloodshed films instead.

>> No.38967985

You wish. 3/100 an I'm being generous.
Read this book Op.

>> No.38968961


>50% of men are submissive
>3% of women are dominant

There is no justice in this world of ours.

>> No.38969059

>barely anyone is into both
Truly, life is suffering.

>> No.38970026

rather, Get a dog.

>> No.38970318

making a sister is hard, dude. It requires interacting with yo mama.

>> No.38970383

I remember seeing a bunch of statistics about Fetlife, and even there only like 1/4 of women are dommes or switches

>> No.38970844

It seems extremely high then, knowing how much women like to be degraded.

>> No.38971026

Go to local events with board gaming things.

I went to a pop culture con last weekend just to meet and teach board games to people.

Also wizards is doing a thing called D&D adventurers league, go online find people hosting it and go play D&D.

Oh and shower first, wear deodorant, don't eat Indian food beforehand, wear fitting clothing and be polite but not a socially adverse autistic mutant person unless you are one of those and in that case paint a face on your lead vest.

>> No.38971124

Not really. I slim majority were switches. All in all, about 85% of the women there are subs of some sort

>> No.38972190

It sucks to be a male, heterosexual sub. Lucky me, I'm more a dom.

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