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"But, um, seriously. What are you going to do?"
"Why does everyone keep asking me that?"

Kaori stares at me like I'm absolutely crazy. I don't really blame her for looking at me that way, either.

I am Itsukuma Masami, and I got a magic ring.
I wish I could give it to someone.

I got this ring from the former chairman of Fortune. Who I may or may not have put in the hospital. No, no, that's not fair. Technically gravity put him in the hospital. That and being a huge jerk.

Apparently, every monster he controlled was commanded from a single ring that he wore. I now have that ring, and all of his monsters are running amok. I'm not really sure what I should do with it. I was going to give it to Mom, but she wasn't able to do anything with it. She suggested that I give it to Asai, because he should know what to do with it.

Nuh uh, I don't think I'll be doing that. That seems like an incredibly bad idea.

But there are still monsters inside Fortune, and they threaten to spill out at any minute.
"Then.. What are you going to do? Just stand here and wait?"
And Kaori makes a very good point, even if I don't really want to hear it right now.

>Who do I give the ring to?

>Uhh, UHH, UM.
>K-Kaori! Look! It's your problem now!
>An adult, there has to be another adult to give this to, the principal?
>Myself! I can learn how to use this, right?
>I DON'T CARE ANYMORE! (Smash the ring)

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Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Card%20Priestess%20Quest
Twitter: http://twitter.com/QM_CardHeart
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/1XJESY5p

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>Myself! I can learn how to use this, right?

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>Uhh, UHH, UM.
>Myself! I can learn how to use this, right?
Shit, I'll be too busy to vote consistently tonight. Ah well.

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>Uh, UHH, UM
>Myself! I can learn how to use this, right?

Writing before driving home.

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I go to say something, but-

"W-well maybe.."
I can't think of anything.

"Oh, wait!"

I take the ring out of my pocket and show it to her.
"I could try using it! I mean, if Asai can use it, and the chairman could use it, then it must be pretty easy, right?"

"I think you're in way over your head."

"No, no! It's simple. All I have to do is just-"

I slip the ring onto my finger. I don't feel any different.
"Ta-da! Magic ring! Make all the fighting stop!"


Kaori taps her toe, "You have to put effort into it, and emotion!"
"Oh right! Um."

I raise the ring up, "MAGIC RING, MAKE THE FIGHTING STOP!"


Wait, it's a magic ring, right? Maybe I'm just not putting 'magic' into it. Or something!

"Hold on, I'll be right back."
"Where are you-"

I gently slip over to the other side. Here the ring appears to be a big red orb that shines brighter than a star.
Outside the translucient outline of the building, I'm noticing some of the monsters stopping to stare at the miniature sun I have in my hand. Uh oh.


Ouch that burns to look at.

I hear a gentle thump in the distance. Some light commotion, and then silence again.

This isn't working. I return to the real world-
Just to notice the monster who has been helping us out standing over a metallic form.

"W-what happened?"
"We don't know!" Kaori says, panicked. "One of them just burst right into the room and made a beeline for the center of it! Then he just stood there like he was confused."

Wait, what?

>That's the key to using this ring somehow. I just have to figure out how they're connected.
>This is too complicated and I'm in way over my head. I'll wait for Mom to wake up before I do anything else.
>Kaori, any ideas here?
>Let's get the ring as far away as possible, maybe we can lure them away?
>Forget it, let's give the ring to Asai.
>Smash the ring? I don't know.

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And now I drive home. See you all in 1 to 2 hours.

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>That's the key to using this ring somehow. I just have to figure out how they're connected.
>Kaori, any ideas here?

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>Myself! I am sure nothing can go wrong.

I can fix this! I can still fix this!

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>That's the key to using this ring somehow. I just have to figure out how they're connected.
maybe we should try and ask Haruko

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Slow going today.

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>That's the key to using this ring somehow. I just have to figure out how they're connected.
>Kaori, any ideas here?

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>Kaori, any ideas here?

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>That's the key to using this ring somehow. I just have to figure out how they're connected.
>Kaori, any ideas here?
Masami smart. Kaori smart. Masami + Kaori = problem solved.
My logic is undeniable.

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It's true.

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I'm home.

>That's the key to using this ring somehow. I just have to figure out how they're connected.
>Kaori, any ideas here?


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That's it, it has to be connected to how it works.

I mean, it draws monsters in from the other world, and seems worthless on this side. It must act like a beacon of some sort. Like drawing moths to a flame.

But.. What does that have to do with controlling them? I don't really know. I mean, drawing them in is KIND of like controlling them. Maybe I have it on the wrong setting.. or something?

I quickly explain what happened to the monster and to Kaori. Between either of them, they have to have some idea of how it works.
"So... any ideas? Do you know what you felt when this ring was used against you?"

"Umh." She seems to think about it for a moment, "I don't really remember.."

"I do know-" She interrupts my train of thought, "That he used to not have it in a ring. He had it in a box at one time."

"A box?"
"I think it's just the gem inside of the ring that's important. The rest of it is something he added so he could carry it with him."

"Then.. we find the box and then we can use the gem! Perfect! Now-"
"I don't know where the box is, Masami."

There goes that.

>We could ask about it
>But who do we ask?
>Search around for it?

>Forget that, we could remake the box!
>Can try crafting one with a 1d100 roll with Kaori's help

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Rolled 16 (1d100)

>Forget that, we could remake the box!

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>Search around for it?

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Rolled 34 (1d100)

>Forget that, we could remake the box!
duct tape fixes EVERYTHING

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Rolled 2 (1d100)

>Forget that, we could remake the box!

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Oh yeah this'll totally work.

>In a way I really, really, really wish that 2 was a crit-fail. I would have had just so much fun with that.

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Why must you thrive on our suffering?

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oh you evil evil...

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"I got it!"
"W-what do you got?"

I take the ring out and look at the gem very closely.

"We're gonna MAKE a new box to control this thing!"

Kaori looks at me like I'm insane.
But I am not!

"You don't know how this thing works at all, but you think you can just make a magic box to control it?!"
"Yep! I think I can do it. I almost did it with the card thing when Mom was helping out."

"But this is totally different! Do you really think you can do something like that?"
"Of course! With your help, that is."

- -
Oh this was a poor idea.

We have a box we found in Mom's office, some card stuff inside of it I hastily put together, and the ring in the center of the box.

The cards glow, the box glows.
The ring doesn't do anything.

Kaori slaps her forehead.
"I think we need more professional help."
"No! No! It's a work in progress!"

We both look over toward the couch and-

"Empress!" The monster tries to keep her down, but she bats her off, "You really shouldn't be sitting up right now!"
"Listen.. I know you don't trust Asai but you need to get his help. This is very serious, and those monsters could attack the town at any minute. Please.. Please get his help."

>I'm sorry Mom, but I can't trust him! There has to be someone else, think of someone!
>Oh fine.
>Hey maybe I could use this like a bargaining chip, he stops being evil, and he gets the ring?
>I-I'll go look for him!
>>Don't actually go looking for him

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>I'm sorry Mom, but I can't trust him! There has to be someone else, think of someone!

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>I'm sorry Mom, but I can't trust him! There has to be someone else, think of someone!
No way, rather let the monsters have their way with things tbh.
That may make me Chaotic Petty, but so be it.

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>I'm sorry Mom, but I can't trust him! There has to be someone else, think of someone!

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We do need to at least talk to him if we can't figure out anything else, otherwise the monsters will destroy everything.

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>I'm sorry Mom, but I can't trust him! There has to be someone else, think of someone!

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>I'm sorry Mom, but I can't trust him! There has to be someone else, think of someone!


Also it's late. Next post may be the last one of the night.
Sorry today was so short. It's been a rough week.

But we're getting close! I would say we're in the end-game right now with this decision!

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It's okay! Looking forward to seeing how end-game is like!

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"Mom I'm sorry but-"

This marks the first time I ever talked back to my mother.
I wonder if this is some kind of crime.

"-But I can't trust him! He's never been trustworthy and I'm certain this entire thing was planned by him!"

"No! No no no, I'll break it before I give it to him! He really is a madman and I think giving him this ring will just make everything worse!"


Mom coughs, the monster sits down and tries to right her.
"Then go find Kaito.."
"Who's Kaito?"
"Your Principal, go find him. I.. I think he should know what to do."

Mom lays back down onto the couch, the monster gently drapes a blanket over her.
"Be quick.." She whispers before falling asleep once more.

"Why didn't she say so?" I clap my hands together. "I trust him waaay more than I trust Asai."

I take out my phone and tap the tile for Ryouta's number, Kaori does the same but with someone else.

"Hey, Ryouta?"
"Masami? What is going on? Fortune looks like it's erupting from here!"

"No, see, something serious has happened, Ryouta. But I need your help! Get the principal and have him meet us here in about an hour."
"The principal? Er. Okay. Anyone else?"

"As many people as you can get! Also get anyone who knows anything about magic rings."

I laugh as I hang up, things are looking up again! And Kaori just finished her call.
"Okay, She's coming."

"Kaori, Who's 'She'?"
"The person who taught me everything I know about magic."

"There's.. someone who taught you that?"
"Of course, I didn't know it all from birth."

Now I'm curious.
"Who is it?"
"Aiko's mother. It's a long story."

Wait, what?

>Thread End

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Okay, thanks everyone for the thread. Sorry it didn't last longer. I would stay and chat but I got to go.

Let me know what you thought of it, I'll try to run again this week on Saturday.

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Thanks for running. Short or not, these are always fun.

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What a cliffhanger!
Thanks for writing.

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thanks for running

this was... interesting, to say the least

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