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Hello and welcome to the Power Armor CYOA: Teamwork Edition General!
>Waiting for 2.0 edition
Wait for 2.0, Post about 2.0, maybe discuss suit builds or discuss fluff

>Rizon IRC Channels
#PACYOA for Teamwork Edition
#suits for Armored Descent
#/suits/ for Teamwork Edition missions

>How to make a wikia page

This message brought to you by Opalite International

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Galleries of Power Armor images for character creation


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I, for one, welcome our new Opalite overlords.
All hail Opalite heavy industries

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>After the Vannai War
>The Opalite conglomerate produces the majority of Vannai-derived technology
>Private armies of advanced armor, high tech weaponry
>Builds it's own space colonies
>Next game begins when rebels blow up an orbital opalite lab, showering the planet with experimental pods

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>sludge pollution has ruined the earth
>humans have migrated underground or into space (if rich)
>suits have become the standard combat force on the battleground replacing everything else
>governments have all fallen in favor of corporations
>most suit pilots all work for one of these companies
>new experimental suits are made based on Vannai and human technology and are called NEXTS
>plot of AC4 and AC4A ensues

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PACYOA: TE: Online when?

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When 3.0 is released...so about the time that the world ends.

Incidentally, not enough skeletons for 2.0. Lets fix that.

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2.0 eventually bump

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>we're fighting to keep the Vannai from stealing our air and destroying the ecoystem

>we win the war

>Do it ourselves anyway

>We need to steal gases from another alien planet

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so the Vannai are just us from the future

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Is that why the Nanites that turn you into one of them are called "Progenitor" nanites? Does that mean the Vannai are the architects of our future? Are we the Vannai?

My god.

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This man has the correct idea. I support this.

When we can charge up the ass for microtransactions and cosmetic items.

We'll kickstart it, then release it on Steam as Early Access, then we'll abandon it halfway through and run away with the money.

There is no possible way this plan can fail.

I feel the image depicts a closer understanding of the TE world post-Vannai.

> The Vannai just wanted some sugar
> So they asked their neighbors

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i'd give them elves some sugar if you catch my drift

Nudge nudge

Wink wink

It's a euphemism for gentle loving cuddles

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>cuddling elves
It's like you want to be purged.

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I'd get purged if you catch my drift

Nudge nudge

Wink wink

It's a euphemism for dying horribly

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> dying in TE
cmon, now, it's like you don't even lurk in the threads

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Faction specific weapons and suit bodytypes GO!

>Green Initiative: Commando
>A special suit designed to help operate operationally when you normally cannot
>+1 to Dex, Str, and Pow
>special: one third of melee weapon damage ignore durability, they may also be thrown up to a range equal to your strength score (must be manually retrieved or pray you have tentacle or grappling lines on them)
>-6 power, requires capacitor

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I like it!

>Moqaddas Angel
>A suit, designed with raw power and melee in mind
>+2 to dex, +2 to str, -6 to pwr
>Special: Free flight and natural weapons
>Requires capacitor

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These ideas seem terrible or simply not enough thought put in them. These 40 point body types, faction optional body type, suits worn under suits or Sub body types like Bio or Mount? Adding Mount makes these body types even more specialized, and the GI suit awards Power but takes away power and both suits require Capacitor? We have enough suits that reward players with Free Flight, and if we wanted to recreate the GI melee bonus we can either buy 2 or more melee weapons and ombine them, to stack the damage, or just be a Mesh after all. There are enough suit types neglected and forgotten already anon.

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>people doing something creative
>no, that's not the right way

Please, Turtle. You can suggest us ways to get better without acting like this, man. Are you PMCAnon now?

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But we're all PMCanon. Didn't you know?

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B-But anon, I don't wanna be PMCAnon

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Don't fight it PMCAnon
I too, am PMCAnon
and this is my son, PMCAnon Jr

we are all PMCAnon, here

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To be fair, this is one of Turtles less cynical comments and there are a lot of legitimate points to be taken from there.

>> No.38761049

Eh... Fair enough. The problem I have is just the way he gets his point across.

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Frankly, I just wanted to spark some discussion, and you have discussed the topic, therefore, I am victorious.

But to seriously answer your question, The GI Commando body type was meant to do a few things
>be a semi jack of all trades in terms of stat bonuses
>give a melee specialized 40 suit
>introduce throwing weapons

I had originally considered things like a GI exclusive body type that does something like boost dur bypass on rail rifle and such but I did this on a whim and forgot a few things.

Like the free upgrade options. Huh.

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Well played.

How about instead of new bodytypes factions can upgrade already existing bodytypes to be hard better faster stronger
so rather than making up new bodies you make existing bodies better at the factions niche
might that help resolve your tortoise related problems?
>captcha: Deume

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That works too, so maybe a GI mod for the Hunter body type becomes the whole "SUPA MELEE FIGHTAN".

So maybe Moq would get a variant off the Dragon armor then?

Admittedly, even as someone who considered themselves a friend of Tim's, the idea of giving Tumblr Leviathan worries me. So I'd give Hanse Leviathan.

>> No.38761951

I do like supah melah fiotin.

Hanse has always been more of a negotiations focused effort though
giving them a major combat capability would be counterproductive to their ends

>Ok gentlemen we move onto the first item of todays discussion, the review of trade rights between Africa and Europe, everyone have a seat, lets get started

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AC is Vanilla

Does that mean we get better Vanilla Suits?

>Better Biped

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And now I'm thinking of the Overlord's Command Throne mount from Star Wars: The Old Republic


Though, it does spark the idea of Hanse getting a special variant on Overlord that does... I have no fucking clue. Maybe free comm forms or something?

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I'd buy that
for a doller

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Tell me what you think of this one

smexy smider lady
Features an whopping -1 durability meaning a stiff breeze will knock it over, and then kill it.
also features 10 dex, so that's something
mines, plasma enhanced web and claws, a full sweep of hacking gadgets and detection dodads, proximity whatsits and advanced stealth thingamagigs
Great for slowing down and hindering enemy whosamacallits without putting itself in danger
for priority thingos, enhanced natural weapons allow it to do deal nine unadulterated damage to an unaware baddie, meaning anything at or below 3 durability can be instantly killed
depending on the ruling for webing this can go up to eighteen and 5 dur instagib capability

>natural weapons don't count towards equip weight but can be upgraded with melee weapons

dex 10
dur -1
pow 1
rec 5
spe 2
str 1

Sexy drider 30 -1 str -2 dur +5 dex
brain implant 50
Agent AI 60
adhesion free
tremorsense free
natural weapons 70
natural weapons 80
Worm Platform 90
spider 95
spyware 100
defense maze 110
sonar 120
radar 130
beam saberx2 160
mines 175
scrambler 185
grappling hooks 190
subarmor pistons 200

depending on the rulings for web
feel free to drop subarmor pistons and mines and free up 25 points

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Uh, your Dur should be reading -1, I don't even see a pair of Light shields for Armor Plating there to bring you back up to 0. Suits can't be rated at 0 Dur, or any other stat at 0, if anything the Light and Scout drones can rate a 0 for durability. I am wondering at 10 dex would a non-existant dur be allowed? I'm thinking with that much dex if it's ok since we allowed a suit with 0 dex be in a game after all, I'm trying to be more open minded and wonder what would other people rule, yes or still no exceptions?

>> No.38763733

It's probably better to consider attributes at 0 on their own rather than in concert with other attributes

I'll be the first to say this build was for funzies but you bring up an interesting idea, the lighter drones operate with their stats at 0 without trouble but any damage sustained disables them, yeah?

would a suit be able to do the same?
perhaps 0 stats are unaffected/unassisted by the suit
0 stranth suits wouldn't add anything to the abilities of it's user, probably weighing them down if anything
that or you could rule that 0 dex means that the suit is unable to move
but that's been allowed before
until word of god, i guess we go with the word of the GM

0 power is where problems arise for me
without power the suit can't be all suity in the first place

I'm glad to hear you're trying Turtle :)
I haven't been here long but I understand how difficult it can be to accept others visions of something you enjoy when they differ from your own
so, thanks

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Suits can't have 0 Stats.

Both the Head GM and the appointed GM's have stated thus.

>> No.38763952

>1is basic human in all stats
>1 DUR is human durability
>0 DUR would be below human
>-1 would be below below-human
Your suit would explode upon contact with the ground. Also, due to how HP currently works, you'd have -3 HP, so... You are already dead.

It has been ruled that stats can't be at 0.

>> No.38764143

ladies and gentlemen
we have word of god

>> No.38764454

This is true and that the guy with 0 stat will be treated as having a stat equivalent to not equipping a suit for that current stat.

So a 0 DUR suit will be treated as a normal human durability.

>> No.38765001

But a -1 is likely below human capability. 0 is standard human, 1 is peak human

>> No.38765206

Head GM and sub GMs have also stated no stacking Man. Rockets either, in a way like >>38764454 said, we tolerate it or just not treat it as you equipping it at all.

>> No.38765274

M approved those in an extraordinary case, dude. Go back in the archives and look it up

>> No.38765328

I got explicit approval from M695 for those, thats why I label them as such.

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Ok Jeez!

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I love this thing.

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The point I'm making is that you don't make exceptions for a few without making exceptions for everyone. The case being a person who wants to be a mesh with high dex and no durability at all. We shouldn't say no to that as long as the person know what he's getting into, a suit with a zero stat in his suit should know what he's getting into after we inform him of worst case scenarios. His case if he gets hit directly he's down for the count, we already made a list of what would having a 0 stat for the other points would be, 0 Pow means your suit won't turn on, 0 Spd means you're a normal human speed and 0 Dex makes dodging either incredibly hard or impossibl. A zero Durability suit would just be a one hit wonder, and if the character dies he shouldn't feel bad about losing at all. If he actually survives a few missions and actually contributes then that's an even bigger achievement than playing a game as any other suit type and configuration. That's what's called fun guys, excuse me if that's a funny word that you'll hear from me.

Other thing when I made points about what M695 said about rulings and mechanics about weapons and equipment like Plasma Bows being a stealth weapon or Reworked Components working for Particle rifles or not, I actually provided proof and didn't say "look at the archives man", plz do the same because since day 1 people asked if Man. Rocks or Kinetic Stabs can be stacked and it's been ruled NOT to stack. People asked so much we actually put that on the pdf. please look at it. I made changes when Worm used to be 5 and is now 10, you sure didn't see me cry over it or keep it 5 points in my build. The only questionable thing I do in my build is keeping the Reward from FD, the Remember Vancouver medal that gives players a +2 to Rec and reposted my build if anyone had a problem with me keeping it or not. I asked M695 as well and he was fine with it, but if players think it's unfair, I will get rid of it.

>> No.38767475

Turtle is right in this instance. M. Rockets/K. Stabs/SA Pistons do not stack in the same build. If there was something said about them stacking in an old thread, well, post proof or shut it.

As for his use of Remember Vancouver on something that wasn't actually in Vancouver, I disagree with that.

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>> No.38768144

Fool reserves the right to change the rules at will.

For example, the PDF states that reworked components can apply to Particle Beam. However, Fool has stated that he does not wish for this to be the case.

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Rest Well

>> No.38768418

Ivan that happened on the day that 1.7 was released. And Fool said that he would get back to you on it RE: Balance. And the fact that others jumped on that wanting it as well.

Found that thread. The memories of first suit are returning.

>> No.38768481

I did get back to him and talked to him on the IRC that same day, he said it was okay.

I dunno about the others who asked, only others who asked are Wyvern (who is gone) and Silver Knight (yeah. . .).

Anyway, if Fool wants to retract that it's his right too and it's my right to cry myself to sleep about it

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>> No.38769707

>All of those suits posted but never used
>All that Possible TA or useable suits

>> No.38769754

>no one has realized Tumblr can do impossible suit builds like overlord mount fortress

Maximum plebum

>> No.38770923

>they can do sexy meshes
>they are all tumblrinas

>> No.38771684

I have done nothing but post builds for three days ...
what have I done?

>> No.38771716


>> No.38771792

Great, as if my feelings weren't confused enough already
men can do sexy too, ya know

>> No.38772569


Sexy Heavy Dotonbori Robo when?

>> No.38773882

When we get Sexy Mesh Kamui

>> No.38775027

So, last time that didn't get much attention but I guess I can try it to see if it gets off.

Let's say 2.0 comes and tin men become a thing.

Would you rather:

A)They become Playable Characters
B)They remain as NPC's
C)They become an asset to use as squads and add a new element of tactical and swuad based combat
D)They become military police and the standard army

>> No.38775245

B or D

I don't want some special snowflakes mooks.

>> No.38775338

I wouldn't say "standard army" but I do have them as supplements to the standard military.

I agree with B and D.

C could be cool if done right. For the life of me I couldn't figure out how to make support more effective in my game.

>> No.38775384

I'm new. I don't know exactly what a Tin man is
but I assume it's a underpowered version of suits
like a normal compared to an AC in armored core

are they manned or not?
cause if they ain't ... that could cause problems
assuming direct control

Lotsa peeps want Tin man player characters

personally I'd like to think of them as the Imperial Guard, their strength is numbers but they have a few standouts regardless

>> No.38775508

Don't see why they shouldn't be all of the above. Exceptional users of Tin Men might be NPCs or PCs, the rest are mook-level.

If I had to choose, though, I'd rather option D, with occasional C or B depending on mission(ake fukhueg pitched battles or something only).

>> No.38775532

The Imperial Guard would more be our infantry boys on the ground, UN troops gathered from whatever soldiers our nation remnants can spare and given amped up AP rounds like the .50 beowulf or anti-tank rifles and RPG's, and other suit hunting accessories to give them a better chance.

Tin Men are more like the intermediary between suits and man. Big and clunky, without even the agility or camo that makes meshes durable, they are according to fool for
>Busting down doors and walls
>Carrying heavy weapons
>Being able to protect against small arms fire

Essentially crude exoskeletons with armor. A very good basic infantry support role.

>> No.38775682

Of course, to match this, Reddit has turned its own impressive industry to keep up in the number churning race.

And it's a race they were made to be exceedingly good at.

>> No.38776381

I lean towards B and C with A being reserved for special* occasions.

*See also: mission that are less about winning and more about holding out/surviving.

I'd like to imagine, possibly in the far future (a future we may never see in the lifetime of these threads), Tin Men will only improve and might one day surpass the original Vannai suit suit classes in several ways.

But I'm a technological optimist.

This has mad me tempted to think up a "Reddit/Tumblr Drone army" which are weaker than tinmen, but holy shit, they will always outnumber players ten to one. And that would be without factoring in the stronger drones they make.

>> No.38777108

>This has mad me tempted to think up a "Reddit/Tumblr Drone army" which are weaker than tinmen, but holy shit, they will always outnumber players ten to one. And that would be without factoring in the stronger drones they make.
This is essentially what happened in my first chicago mission.

So many TA suits die without having fired a shot, taken by ill fortune or good player actions, their pilots killed, computers smashed, and suits rendered useless.

But Reddit built army built entirely around attrition.

Because it doesn't matter how many hundreds or thousands or millions you kill, all each needs to do is leave a single tiny mark, a laser blast here, an RPG there. One flash light wont' do didly, but 1000 flashlights?

That's a lot of diddly.

And the best part? Unlike tin men pilots and humans, you can recycle and rebuild a drone after it dies.

>> No.38777115

Yeah I don't see Tin Men surpassing the other suit classes, not until they get special suit class specific abilities unique to their own, or perhaps operations where they get said unique abilities or weapons/equipment.

Other problem with making an opposing drone army, being outnumbered is redundant, we're always outnumbered but at the same time unchallenged. You might be thinking of upgraded Avatar drones and Heavy drones as the opposing TA army, Light drones are better though because cheaper. Anyway the idea is a fine one, not an original one but a fine one. Still betting Light drones won't be any different though in 2.0, so why bother with a TA drone army at all?

>> No.38777222

I need advice from someone who's seen the fires of battle
how strong is recovery?

I'm building a large frontline suit and I know how important durability is
but I keep coming back to Eva units and later gen metal gears and I want to incorporate artificial muscle of some sort in the suit using barrier and shields for defense

also because I'm crazy stupid I'm looking at the hopper bodytype as well


>> No.38777266

Recovery doesn't do anything fast enough to matter.

>> No.38777474

It's bad because a typical post is 10 seconds unless the GM specifically state that it took more than 10 seconds.

>> No.38777482

>Light drones are better though because cheaper.
>Still betting Light drones won't be any different though in 2.0
You might change your tune when you see what happens to them in 2.0

>> No.38777502

Now I'm imagining new Reddit drones with I!pressive durability, recovery, and power, albeit lacking offensively. While not as numerous, the war doctrine simply becomes outlasting, firing enemies to burn through their power reserves before going down.

And to make it worse, the reddit drones can fucking regenerate once they're done and be ready for the next fight, fresh as a daisy.

Also, as far as the Tin Man thing goes, its why I said it would be something far in the future.

>> No.38777532

>turtle making a reasonable comment

Who are you and what have you done with him?

>> No.38777552

Fluff it is then

The dex and speed from Hopper tho,
is it worth having on a frontliner if you combine it with armor plating and shields?

>> No.38777576

so Reddit becomes Necrons?

>> No.38777616

>Now I'm imagining new Reddit drones with I!pressive durability, recovery, and power, albeit lacking offensively.
Ah, then you may be in the market for shielding.

Apart from the typical shield generators, try upgraded Heavy defender drones capable of projecting bulwarks alone to protect their brothers, and interlocking shields in a shield phalanx.

>> No.38777824

Well anon, here I'd suggest something. If you want to take dur reducing body types and STILL be a frontliner, you gotta go medium or higher. Then you can really make a frontliner, especially with Heavy's Harden, which does a nice job of compensating for any dur losses

>> No.38777852

meant to quote this >>38777552 person

>> No.38777925

Recovery is only good for determining AA, otherwise the only way to use Rec in a game is by explicitly stating you want to stay in a safe spot to start recovering your Dur after being damaged in a fight, this takes a turn and the game time if everyone in your party decides to rest as well, take hours or even half the day.

Give it less than an hour anon, it ain't a secret about an anon who'll post "Don't listen to Turtle" or there'll be fake turtle posts, I actually like those.

>>Headed by people who think 1.7 is okay
>>Thinking 2.0 will be a significant change to anything in the game

Yeah no

>> No.38777996

in the case of lights I wish that were true

>> No.38778069

>Still mad that SK ban you
>All because WF can't handle it like a man

What's wrong?

Can't handle it?

How about mcfucking kill yourself

>> No.38778089


Cool, yeah my mechs going to be a heavy.
I've sunk over quarter of my points into shielding; getting plating, bulwark and barrier for the sake of being a shield to my team
and figured the extra mobility would help in emergencies

plus the idea of a tank sized hunk of metal doing flips and shit is relevant to my interests

>> No.38778221


Oh hey, people dragging me into arguments I wasn't even part of? Where have I seen that before.

But fuck it. It's unecessary drama. Let's not start this shit, okay?

>> No.38778354

Is the Hunter-augmented Mesh with a Power Fist and the Bow no longer viable (it seemed like it was earlier on)?

>> No.38778370

Why don't you go cry to SK instead of shitting the CYOA with your drama then

>> No.38778417

Hi Darude. When's the MECYOA coming out?

>> No.38778436

>HIS drama

>when everyone and their dead mom bitches about Turtle

Sure thing.

>> No.38778461


Here, have a mech
cease this drama

>> No.38778468

Yep, it still is. Even more with GI and their bonuses to sneaking, since Hunter actually has great synergy with their bonuses and manages to take their maluses in stride pretty well too.

>> No.38778494

>Still thinking it isn't because WF can't stop bitching

All the idiot gotta do is ignore Turtle needless autism shit but no, idiots gonna be idiots

>> No.38778546

>idiots gonna be idiots

So... Turtle, who was told he was being annoying to people and asked to please let go of what he called "HERESY" and still didn't do it because of some reason?

>> No.38778581

A strong option for priority target removal up until you actually hit something and decloak

You'll want something to help out for those three turns til your cloak comes back
distractions, flight, and point barrier are all solid choices

far as I know anyway

>> No.38778617

I made a thing.

>> No.38778618

Yup, an idiot like the rest of the idiots who can't ignore him

>> No.38778672


Looks more like it should be a body type instead of a suit class. Unless we're going to have more than 5 classes.

>> No.38778685


Oh good, that was always my favorite archetype.

Forgot you decloaked after the Falcon Punch, though, guess surviving that time period's where the rest of the points go.

>> No.38778716

>this thing
>mooks that have specializations and distinct roles and personalities are my fetish

Y u do dis

>> No.38778735

Hah! I like it. This is exactly what I am after.

Although that's a lot of base DUR. . .nearly as tough as a Heavy even before the shielding.

I imagined most of its protection and DUR comes from when they lock their shield barriers together.

>> No.38778762

I'll take note of that as I write the next phase of the chicago arc

>> No.38778776

Yeah that's kinda why I moved into developing more up front fighters, so the glass cannons can have their moments :)
So don't worry, if we end up in a team I'll be sure to cover you

Ps. Grab mount, kinetic stabilizers and flight and sonic boom out of range

>> No.38778800

Oh gawd what have we done ...

>> No.38778801

>Hoplites creating barriers, locking their shields together like Heavy Defender Drones and shooting at anything that comes close or stabbing it with beam lances

>behind them "Peltasts" fire artillery rounds all day erry day

>Colossi are fortress hunters that just punch everything into submission

>Minotaurs are siege predator heavies that rock in melee

>Manticore Fortresses, equipped with 10 rocket pods

I could go on and on and on and I love it when you talk army to me~

>> No.38778896

Just wait until the Hoplites get paired with "Mechanics"

>nearly as tough as a Heavy even before the shielding.
Actually, they are AS tough as heavies without shields. Worst: I was thinking of giving them 5 Durability and a Self-Revive (that brings them back with only half HP and resist Durability, still plenty annoying)

But I am glad you like it.

I gotta admit, I only made it its own class because the idea of that and the Tin Men is that they're basically meant to be pre-packaged NPCs.

>> No.38779092

Ah, you're a lover of making armies and factions too, huh?

My big inspirations were gangs in City of Heroes/Villains and Command and Conquer games.

I mean, look at these guys: http://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Warworks

>> No.38779132

oops, wrong article: http://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Imperial_Defense_Force

>> No.38779152

[Furiously writing all of this down]

>10 rocket pods
>More rockets than me
I take a serious offense from this

Heh, you certainly make yours a lot tougher and bigger than mine. Personally, I prefer the quality of quantity.

That's another beauty I realized. Intercompetition between groups within reddit to create the most cost effective weapon against AC.

One group pushing for the cheapest and most rudimentary stuff you can throw at the enemy.

Others for more durable, larger creations that resemble suits in nature.

The ones who want to manufactor monstrosities like Baneblades and Tripods or Schwere Gustav's and Superforts

And then you have the numerous bio divisions responsible for some of the creepy stuff like the zombies in Durazno or mad experiments Magical Realm.

Nuke General a best
Laser is good too

>> No.38779258

>10 rocket pods
Come on Ivan you've dealt with something that had 45 rocket pods.

>> No.38779325

I'm getting tempted to run a small mission where players take control of rogue Tumblr Armors who have broken from the mental conditioning (though still possess their neat suits) and are tossed into a Reddit arena as punishment to test out various new drones they're producing.

Even if you win, you lose because they'll just execute you once they're done and decide they need better products.

to be really crazy, maybe have multiple DMs playing as different Reddit scientists and controlling different phases of the test.

>> No.38779392

Sounds nuts
I like it.

But instead of execute upon completion
why not just keep fighting?

Win the arena? Well done, see you tomorrow.

>> No.38779438

When was that?

>> No.38779555



>> No.38779674

This...thing...really looks imbalanced. Is this a suit size type or an enemy npc drone type or friendly npc type? A Heavy with the EMP shielding is better than a Medium with the Emergency Evacuation, but this thing's Recover ability and combo makes it leagues better than the 2 suit types. It's even almost immune to hacking? Maybe the balance can be dialed back to 3 instead of 4, or I always favor scrapping them instead, I love scrapping.

>> No.38779785

it's meant to be an enemy, Turtle. The sort that would hopefully make players take the first steps towards strategy and think not just how to an enemy hard, but consider WHERE they must be hit.

Like the back, or from above/below.

And since some people seem interested: don't forget, there's this template if someone's interested in making their own disposible mooks or redshirts!

>> No.38779839


Could it be called strategy if the gist of the idea is strap DORF to the front of Trainspotter and smash through their lines?

>> No.38779900

I'm gonna pull for A in any case.
Because I'm one of those fucknuts who enjoys rolling up a new character every other session.

>> No.38779905

During the mission meant to go to space that didn't because of canon.

The rocket went boom due to shitty French engineering and, while falling, the team had to fight a 9 DUR leviathan that shot 45 rockets at them. It lost all it's rockets moments after that but still.

>> No.38779975

maybe have this setup as an elite type Hoplite
hell call em Spartans
but have a more mass produced version with dialed back abilities that field more units

for the weaker version
cut down the pow and rec to 1 and dur to 3
take down the plasma to heavy shield
maybe the sharpshooter to a more direct combat weapon

the mines, while a good idea should be separate from this unit and used in support of them, rather than included in the main package

>but that's just imo

>> No.38780033

not bad suggestions, really. They dudes are pretty rough. I think the City of Devs put it best: When releasing enemies, we start high and then let players figure out how low we should bring them while we start low with player stuff and raise it to avoid the more controversial player ability nerf.

>> No.38780085

>it's meant to be an enemy, Turtle. The sort that would hopefully make players take the first steps towards strategy and think not just how to an enemy hard, but consider WHERE they must be hit.
>Like the back, or from above/below.

This is important. I've seen first hand what happens when that isn't taken into account.

Yeah, my mission was longer than it ought to have been, was it that hard to have occasional hawkeye checks through the smoke and see where the enemy was and where you could outflank an enemy rather than just charging into the fog?

Kojima only rolled one hawkeye Check from the top of the tower the whole game and that alone covered a fifth of the map, allowed them to both call in artillery and find a good angle to attack from.

Not bad, although my weaker mass produced version still had the Plasma Shield because it required Bulwark to spread and protect its friends.

1 Drone alone can get in front of a line of B1 battle drones and lock its shield into the ground, deploying its shield to protect those around and behind it.

The only drawback was the 1 DUR of the base suit. It isn't meant to survive for extended periods of time, but do what it was created to do: provide cover to the weaker, more numerous offensive droids.

Pic related

>> No.38780115

*but was it that hard

>> No.38780200

I'm really surprised that the smoke cover thing got everyone so badly. I would have thought they might then start using things like radars and so forth or even use explosives to disperse the smoke at least.

>> No.38780244

Oh wait, crap
GI can't use tier three weapons ...
But they value physical conditioning over firepower

what's more 'humanity: fuck yeah!' than punching a giant mech in the face?!

>> No.38780274

Moq can't use T3 weapons. GI can't use explosive weapons.

>> No.38780284

That's Moqqadas. GI just can't use most explosives and flamethrowers because they're out to minimize collateral damage.

>> No.38780293

Nah, you're thinking Moqaddas, GI just can't use Explosives.

>> No.38780305

maybe they were relying on Passive radar or such things?

>> No.38780342

Oh, sweet. Carry on then.

... could a Buddhist or otherwise Monk'y Moqaddas use them?

>> No.38780370


See Bas and his lifelong sorrow of no powerfists.

>> No.38780390

sadly, no. it's baffling and I would really say that Moqaddas should make some exception for powerfist.

>> No.38780405

The Smoke was specifically blocking long distance and passive radar, otherwise the existing chicago installatios and BIS would have been able to get a read on the entire map. However, it couldn't stop active radar at short ranges.

Dorf used activate radar to find the location of several heavies which he promptly blew up

>> No.38780469


>> No.38780529

>Female Mook Power armor

>> No.38780549

I feel so sad for him :l

Dis tho
I like dis

>> No.38780582

>Buddhist monk mech

I'm not imagining this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSRFxXdxxLY

not fat enough for Tumblr's standard. Also
>implying Tumblr armors wouldn't make themselves all hemaphrodites/inter-sexed individuals.

>> No.38780830

>Needing Gender
>Not being mechasexual
Do you love fleshbags or something?

>> No.38780974

>being mechasexual
Why not otherkin?
cause even I don't have a name for what I is

>> No.38781051

>futuristic power armor
>fucking m16a2 at that

It's funny because i could see it happen. Likewise the m9 will likely claim it's first alien before retiring.

>> No.38781332

When Bulwarks of the weak says you have to root yourself

can you still dodge?

>> No.38781416

You can dodge, but the bulwark turns off, meaning your friends and drones lose their protection.

>> No.38781511

you get a choice between dodge and block tho, yeah?

>> No.38781570

Yeah, you could likely just block like a motherfucker all day every day with harden and BotW

>> No.38781613

That's the plan

also dynamic entry's into dual metalstorms

>> No.38781658

Just remember that Bulwark only provides nearby friendlies your shield cover, it doesn't double your own shield.

However, if you have a friend stand in front of you (or a defender drone) you can get that additional shield cover by proxxy

>> No.38781704


but say I'm standing on a guys face and shooting him
I still count as between him and my team, yeah?

>> No.38782511

Hey Anon, you wanna look over this build before I make it official?

It's intended purpose is fast ground fire/shield support
good against lots of small enemies
but WMG can take on tougher targets
relies more on speed and shielding but it's still fairly durable

Class: Heavy

dex 3
dur 4 (8 with harden) (7 with shield)
pow 4
rec 2
spe 5
str 4
AA 3
extra arm 5 (fluffed as tail)
hopper 15
Soldier AI 25
Brainwave harness 35
ASS 40
Radar 50
Thermal 60
Radio transmitter
arm mounted metal storms x2 100
light shield x2 110
heavy shield 120
Plasma shield x3 165
Shield links
Armor plating, Bulwark of the weak, point barrier
Wave Motion Gun hyper beam style 185
Storage x infinity inside the cockpit
Berserker nanites 195
tremorsense Or hawkeye 200

was thinking about getting a Ion cannon for more multitarget goodness plus stun
worth it?

>> No.38782584

Looks really good, actually. Though I'd hold off on the IC for now, but other than that, really neat build. Strong, well balanced and pretty decent as a shield wall. I'd suggest that if you play, you use your points to get Defender drones but that's just my opinion. Other than that, welcome!

>> No.38782815

Cheers :D

now all I have to do is name it.

.... oh no....

>> No.38784575

Maybe one would be mechtrosexual?

>> No.38786294


>> No.38786395

/k/ identifies as ammosexual so that seems reasonable.

>> No.38786997

Time for the obligatory circlejerk question, folks!
>Your character wakes up and finds themselves in the world six months before suitfall
>With their suit (and no one seems to notice anything off until you activate your suit)
>What do they do?

>> No.38787207

These hypotheticals seem to be getting worse and worse.

Looks fine, you don't get infinite storage though, it's there for your Suit or Crowd control grenades or other RP or GM approved stuff. Alcohol or MRE for example, but I never carry that kind of stuff.

>> No.38787264

Nofun Turtle, gib back Reasonable Turtle

>> No.38787944


Become Kamen Rider. Kick criminals in the dick. Fly around buildings at ridiculous speeds for shits and giggles.

>> No.38788029

Actually that's a fair point. Storage isn't like a Fortress cargo hull but holds reasonable amounts of items.

>> No.38788165

Be a big fish, screw with submarines and deep sea biologists.

>> No.38788194

Go out and be a merc. Beat things with my superior technology.

>> No.38788206


Fuck off to the moon with my Overlord Mount Fortress. Grab tons of space junk. Build moonbase. Live with Avatar Waifu inside the world's ultimate NEET cave.

>> No.38789186

Are you going to start a mail company up there in space?

>> No.38789217

No. That's fucking retarded.

>> No.38789273

What would you say if humanity ended up UNDERSTANDING the Vannai in the end?

Think there's a chance of that happening?

>> No.38789842

Take control of ISIS, attempt to take control of the middle east, begin stockpiling food, weapons, and digging bunkers for civilians for the upcoming war.

>> No.38791061

We know the Vannai pilots are under some sort of mind control and that it can be broken under the right conditions, ie a buttload of hurt

It's like killing zombies when there's a cure
but the cure is bullets
>captcha: unime

>> No.38791704 [SPOILER] 

Think of a pilot. Any pilot. Player-Controlled, Enemy-Controlled, etc.

What's their suit's power level?

>> No.38791762

Stop it

>> No.38791898

How good can a biped jump vs a hopper?
is it only based on dex?

>> No.38792406

The Tumblr Pilots. The Vannai are spess bees

>> No.38793417


I like you.

>> No.38793526 [SPOILER] 

Karate Bugmen a best

>> No.38793687

>That fucking car
Every damn time.

>> No.38794137

Quiz time:

Would you rather have:

A) something that can increase SPD, STR, and DEX by 3 for 3 turns. After it ends your suit deactivates for the length of time that you used it.


B) Your weapons can attack the same target twice while expending AA and any ammo as normal. Effect lasts for 1 turn and recharges over 5 turns.

>> No.38794172

>Ammo expenditure
>ever being taken into account

>> No.38794974

A for Trans Arm

>> No.38795150

Fuckin' A, m8.

>> No.38795722

A) No, don't need it, that's what Celerity is for.

B) No, don't need it, that's what teammates/Light or multiple drones are for.

>> No.38795844

>Needing Trans-Am

>> No.38796023

But ... the dakka

>> No.38796137

ain't that covered by berserker nanites anyway?
>captcha: mendu

>> No.38796274

Not everyone got the chance to kill god

>> No.38796774

Dude this is a mission reward.

>> No.38796810

>mission reward
>Original question is a quiz time

Why don't you just put on a trip and stop samefagging and tell everyone that it was you who created it

>> No.38796907

Because I'm trying to think of ideas for a mission reward item and I'm asking what people would want. It's not created yet.

>> No.38796975

speaking off, mission when?

>> No.38797047

when I get approval

>> No.38797321

People want a mission? Alright I wanted this one done before 2.0 anyways.

Blood Diamonds Part 2:
6 spots open to go smash/liberate a Reddit diamond/gold mine. It's a combat mission.
>Why do we want a gold/diamond mine?
Industrial use
>But muh sludge can make those.
It's more fun to steal their hard work.

10am PST Saturday, March 28th

Bringing Hydra 2 might be a good idea.

Now who's in?

>> No.38797383

I want in, but will concede to an anon or newby

>> No.38797407

I'll join. Need to get some more points, damnit.

>> No.38797446

I'm up for it, signing up.

>> No.38797451

I'm in.

>> No.38797474


28th, huh? I'm in.

>> No.38797559


I'm interested, I'll join as a reserve.

>> No.38797654



And full unless a noob wants in. This means 230p or less.

>> No.38798228

I'm down

... it'll be my first tho so be gentle

>> No.38798382

Forgot the name

>> No.38799615

Good luck, newbie. I'm sure you'll be a great addition to any team.

>> No.38799759

Gee, thanks mister Anon.
With your encouragement I might just live through the first fight maybe

>> No.38799954

do many people pick dragon as a type, or is there a reason why no one choses it?

>> No.38800025

I guess close combat mechs need badass luck or ball of steel to survive
balls of steel come free with the badass upgrade(200 points)

>> No.38800240

there are a few dragons with 10 or so powerfists floating about

>> No.38800268

for some reason i cannot think of any other body type to use but dragon and have spent ages thinking about what i would use to make one as a drone type without thinking about the melee potentionals... i think youv inspired me to remake this thing as a monster, thanks anon =P

>> No.38800325

original concept i had was something along this

Mostly abour support and ranged attacks using the light drones to stun while heavy ranged attack in fotress mode to clean up.

as you can see its a little of everything and not very focused so not so good at any one thing..

Comms support/drones ranged combat

Class: fortress
Type: Dragon

dex 1
dur 5
pow 5
rec 1
spe 3
str 8


Body Type dragon 40
:bonus features
Flight/ Hawkeve-advanced suit status
/enviromental controls II&III
2x flame throwers

Brain Implant 20
AI Engineer 10
Mycelium 10
Sonar 10
Comm Bouy 10
Capacitor 20
Veteran Soul 10

Natural Weapons 10
Rail Rifle 20

Light drones 5
Heavy drones 10

Drones list:

2X Light drones 10
Equiped with 2 t1 and 1 t2 weapon:
1 Grenade launcher
1 laser rifle
T2 weapons
Ion Cannon

2X Heavy Drones 20
PLasma Rifles

>> No.38800347

Anytime :)

>> No.38800411

Looks like a really cool build, though! I like it! Not too many dragon drone fortresses around.

However, just one hting. Dragon doesn't give free flamethrowers. Sorry, anon... Also, natural weapons gives you a 5 point discount on a melee weapon, but you need to buy a melee weapon to apply it to.

Other than that, it looks pretty cool!

>> No.38800457

Finding a balance between flexibility and efficiency is one of the finer points of suit making
just remember with dragons that the bonus to flamethrowers doesn't actually include a free flamethrower :p
batteries not included sort of thing

If your set on making a dragon mech then you dress up any kind of mech however you like
giving it natural weapons means that fluff can have crunch if it suits you

but if you want a melee rip and tear sort of dragon I'll share this one again

Class: Heavy fire breathing dragon
bodytype: Dragon 40
dex 2
dur 5
pow 4
rec 2
spe 4
str 8
enviro controls 1/2/3(dragon)
sonar (dragon)
manual controls
Soldier AI 50
powerfist x2 80
flamethrower 90 (mouth mounted)
flamethrower 100 (fist mounted)
armor plating 110
battering piston 130
Point barrier 160
capacitor 180
subarmor pistons 190
Berserekr 200

>> No.38800476


and damn didnt know about the cheaper weapon thing... hmm, do you need to buy a melee weapon per limb used for melee, and if you had more then one limb can you use more then one melee weapon per round?

>> No.38800551

Nah, that is AA. As long as you have AA, (POW+REC)/2, you can use melee weapons. And yes, you can buy as many melee weapons as you want.

>> No.38800618

>natural weapons gives a discount on melee weapons

I haven't seen anything to that end
I know natural weapons can be upgraded with melee weapons as far as I know the weapons are bought separately

Much to my chagrin that's not exactly how it works
Dex gives you a melee fire rate
every 3 and 10 MFR you can pick another target to attack to attack but a single melee weapon cannot attack the same target twice in one turn
you'll need more blades if you want more attacks one guy

>> No.38800647


I was thinking somethig slightly different for a melee type, which i feel is more shock and awe

also looking at the shield rules, each shield requires an arm, so doesnt that make thing like, battering piston kind of wierd?

>> No.38800688

Shields and shield links are a little different
yeah you need an arm for each shield (and only one is on at a time)
but the battering piston can be fluffed as whatever you want, falcon punch, shield bash, hip check, what have you

>> No.38800732

also you can mount anything just about anywhere
and it helps to free up your arms for shields and the like
crotch mounted powerfist

>> No.38801087

>not crotch mounted Pi-



>> No.38801137

oh goodie

well heres my general idea for "I want to be a BOSS monster!"

Class: fortress
Type: Dragon/bio

dex 1
dur 4
pow 5
rec 5
spe 4
str 9


Bio 10
+4 recover
-1 durability

Body Type dragon 40
:bonus features
Flight/ Hawkeve-advanced suit status
/enviromental controls II&III
flame thrower bonus

Capacitor 20 70
Brainwave harness 10
AI Soldier 10
Cyber Brain 10 100
Veteran Soul 10
Martial Arts 10
Camoflage 10
Extra arms x2 10
Kin Stabelisers 10
Sub armour pistons 10

Natural Weapons 10 170
Flame thrower 10

Light shield 5
Plasma Shields 15 200

Repulsar Shield

took a while, tried to draw image to acompany the idea, bastard has four arms, flies around, spots enemies, stealth drops in using camoflage and then squish tyme

>> No.38801178

Yeah nothing says or suggests melee weapons get discounts with Nat Weapons, just that purchasing a melee weapon better than a Blade upgrades Nat Weapons as well as divides the damage.

It also looks like you forgot to get Cyber Brain for your Veteran Soul, also Veteran Soul costs 5 points not 10. That and your Light drones can get 3 T2 weapon, not just 1. You can get 2 drones for the price of 1 as a fortress, same goes for their upgrade, kinda confusing figuring out how many drones you want here.

>> No.38801183

Better enjoy 1.7 Light Drones while they are still available

>> No.38801265


on second thought this doesn't overly affect me
>captcha: lothe

>> No.38801554

You did that? Dude, that fucking ROCKS. Seriously man, kudos to you. That is one hell of a badass drawing. Welxome on board, Dragomonster

>> No.38801574

That's an interesting idea you've got there

few points, the capacitor would actually get you 11 power, so that's something
and since Actions are (pow+rec) /2 you'd have 8 advanced actions (a lot)

taking hits in durability can be risky even for bigger mechs
because they don't have the dex to dodge or block attacks as effectively

your natural weapons in this configuration would deal 12 damage, but if you invest in a melee weapon you can increase that to 14 or 16 (a lot)

good luck on your journey to be a Final Boss

>> No.38801817

In for Ivan's spot.

>> No.38801937


sorry Ivan

>> No.38802012

No problemo! I've got enough points as is, heh

>> No.38802225

Questions on Capacitors, and a related but different one on Types.

Are capacitors really supposed to PRODUCE a half power per hour without shutting down, rather than reduce power usage by half?
If they do reduce power usage by half, does this work without light or no?
Does the additional half charge per hour play in whenever you shut down? I.e. does it increase recovery by a half point?
Regarding that, does it also recover air supply

Asking these questions because the mechanics aren't entirely clear, and it would seem that the capacitor allows a player to gain an infinite operating time.

Also, why are the Dragon/Leviathan types so...terrible?
Number crunching;
Cost = 40 / Cost of Free features = 60 [Optimum points use]
Now, ringing in the capacitor required, this brings up to
Cost = 60, equal to the cost of free features.

So, all that you get out of it, mechanically, is +3 strength, capacitor effects, and flamethrower buff. Leviathan is even worse, and the bonus is useless.

>> No.38802280

Well yes
Capaciters increase your suits power
and they allow you to recharge without shutting down

near infinite uptime is part of the deal
so long as you have sunlight

The Dragon/leviathan/hunter bodtypes generally needs a capacitor because they
simply require more power than other mechs because they're of a different class than the standard bodytypes

>> No.38802291

Capacitor allows you to recharge POW at half the normal rate you would get from REC. You still require sunlight. If you shut down your suit charging happens as normal.
No this does not allow you to regain air supplies while underwater.

Next Dragon,
+3 STR and increased Flamethrower damage is well worth 0 points.

9 DUR suit, 27 HP is very hard to kill without focusfiring with lots of DUR ignoring weapons. Anything that doesn't ignore DUR is worthless against it.

>> No.38802292

Dragon straight up provide a +3 in bonus on any melee damage as each point in STR increase melee damage.

Leviathan gives out DUR, which in this game count as HP and damage resistance.

Damage resistance in this game, for the most part, is if the damage does not exceed DUR, nothing happens.

>> No.38802315

Longevity of suit operational time before recharging is more fluff territory rather than in game territory.

As for whether they
>Produce half power even while active allowing for active recharge
>Allow you to recharge while active via reduction of power consumption in half

Seems more of a semantical question. I believe it is the former.

>If they do reduce power usage by half, does this work without light or no?
Considering normal recharge requires sunlight, I can imagine half recharge also requires sunlight

>Does the additional half charge per hour play in whenever you shut down? I.e. does it increase recovery by a half point?
I'd say no. When you shut down you get the full benefits of a total recharge, while staying active allows for half of that.

>> No.38802359

>No this does not allow you to regain air supplies while underwater.
Not unless he has gills that is.

All suits start with EC1 which is capable of becoming air tight and has built in internal and external filters against dust, gas and other unwated particulates. Which is why us (non-sexy) suit pilots don't have to worry about mustard gas anytime soon.

The only drawback is that the filters only last for as many hours as you have POW (or can maintain POW).

The other question is the filters themselves. Do they actively take the CO2 released by the pilot and remanipulate it back into oxygen? Or does it just filter out the CO2 from the air inside or out?

Because if it isn't the first, even with all the POW in the world won't help you in space when all your oxygen runs out and isn't replaced. But suits have canonically been to space.

>> No.38802360

Gerald disagrees.

Now to speak in defense of the two: \
Leviathan has a power to basically force enemies out of their comfort zones. With a fast enough armor, you can basically rush in and serve as a massive dex and speed debuff to enemies, you get a massive boost in durability, which is not easy to come by, and the free fins and gills, combined with the other freebies you can get can equal up to sixty points.

Now with Dragon, might need a free upgrade, possibly. The strength bonus is mostly only good for melee and carrying more weapons (which, admittedly, is not always a bad thing), but the flamethrower buff does bring a flammer up to a tier 2 or even 3 status depending on how you look at things.

So, all this said: they are pretty solid as is and might need some tweaks, primary suggestion for Dragon might be to give it one flamethrower or some other upgrade free, and/or add a few more choices of upgrades to pick from.

The increased upgrade selection might be applicable to leviathan as well, though I think what would be better is if the range of its ability was increased from 400 yards to 500.

And diameter was changed to radius for maximum fun times.

>> No.38802372

The only build with even remotely decent recharge time in battle was a raid boss build focusing around a fortress and a platoon of dedicated mesh suits.

It regained a point of energy every three turns or so.

Recovery is a complete fluff stat, except for AA calculation.

>> No.38802414

Personally, I think suits do have the capacity to recycle CO2 back into oxygen.

Sludge to me always felt like it was based off of basic photosynthesis. The Vannai require our Oxygen and Carbon to fuel their technology, and sunlight makes it run. And from the two they can synthesize mass from energy, open rifts in dimensions, summon black holes, and do the impossible.

>Sludge uses photosynthesis
>Space nature magic
>Vannai really are space elves

>> No.38802913

Dragons get -6power right from the start so capacitor is needed

It is the curse of playing as a dragon

>> No.38802915

I don't know why I did this thing.

In a way I'm hoping to encourage others to try this. Also because wikias are awful, adware laden whore corpses.

>> No.38802924

...I want to do this...but my skills are lacking.

AND I DON'T HAVE GOOD ENOUGH SUIT ART. OR PERSON AR-well i have one but I would like one were he doesn't look like a depressed fuck.

>> No.38802964

if it makes you feel better, it's less a matter of talent and skill and just being OCD. Everything I did there was basically just heavy use of "Select, copy, and paste".

The illustrations were fitted into the frame via measuring the pixel dimensions of the portrait area (296x260 in case you're wondering), the odd resize, and more copy and paste.

The font apparently used in the PDF is Lucida Sans Unicode, bolded.

Oh, and colors were matched with the Color Picker Tool (that looks like a dropper).

The rest is all just lining things up and using the odd line tool and single pixel pencil point to patch up any gaps. And the magnifying tool for precision.

ALL of it was done in MSpaint over roughly an hour and a half. Less considering I reformatted from this. (the special abilities, by the way, was just selecting, copying, and pasting straight out of the PDF)

>> No.38802996

as a side note, let me link the original artwork where I got the image for proper credit: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Gwendoline-Christie-and-Brienne-of-Tarth-380148736

Someone recommended that Caelan might look like Brianne of Tarth from Game of Thrones, and a screencap from the series seemed fitting, medieval armor aside, so I've used that for my mental image. (otherwise she looked like Sir Integra Van Hellsing)

I also used the artist's work because I wanted something vaguely visually with the image I use for the suit, namely clearly not being a photo/realistic CGI.

In the end though, Brianne in the image is still a bit too "pretty" for what I would truly consider for Brooks. It seems visual imaging of the girl is doomed to Harry Potter Film Syndrome.

>> No.38803499

Would overlord be a suitable replacement? Chinese dragons ahoy if so

>> No.38803745

it was two purchases of each type of drone for a total of 4 drones of each type

and you are absolutely right on the veteran soul and martial arts options, i had originally aimed for cyber brain fun, must have accidentally removed it

>> No.38803939


>> No.38804194

Mesh Dragon
Dex: 5
Dur: 2
Pow: 1
Rec: 5
Spd: 2
Str: 5

Flight (Dragon)
Levitation (10)
Natural Weapons (Dragon, Claws)

Dragon (50)
Soldier AI (60)
Brainwave Harness (70)

Advanced Suit Status (Dragon)
Hawkeye (Dragon)
Night Vision (80)
Radar (90)

Beam Sabre Upgrade for Claws (105)
Flamethrower (x2) (125)
Suit Control (130)

Light Shield (x2) (140)
Armor Plating
EMP Shield (150)

Capacitor (170)
Collapsible (175)
Cyber Brain (185)
Martial Arts (190)
Sub-Armor Pistons (200)

Yea, I basically wanted the strongest mesh suit I could get, with the rest designed to round out it's purpose as an assassin suit. No comms or hacks, it's not a scout or an infiltrator, it's sole job is to go behind enemy lines, find and dispatch supporting suits.

If it gets the drop on you and hits from surprise, which given it's levitation and cloaking is pretty likely, you're taking no less than a whopping 12 armor-piercing direct damage. If that doesn't put you down, next round it's double dragon-boosted flamethrowers to the face point blank. If you somehow survive that, you're probably going to rip me into two pieces.

All that said, isn't a Mesh Dragon kind of odd? It'd be like a Mesh version of the rolling sphere suit.

>> No.38804317 [SPOILER] 

you might want to consider point barrier
just in case you don't roll well on a dodge
also keep in mind you'll be out of stealth camo for three rounds after you kill something
that's three rounds you've got the backlines undivided attention

overall you've got plenty of 'ins'
but not many 'outs'
floating around at the speed of 2

>mesh rollers
really you just have to think of it as lighter versions of things

like a mesh roller would be made of thinner material, or a dragon mesh might look like pic related rather than, say, a luck dragon

>> No.38805094

This is why ENV II & III is a much needed investment, they both protect you in extreme situations and environments. you might be able to tread water or swim in the shallow end of the pool with ENV I, but your suit isn't a SCUBA suit, gills and fins notwhithstanding. With ENV II your suit would have the extra layer of protection a Navy sub or boat would have for being in water for longer periods, salt water and muck clogs and corrodes man. Not to mention your suit having the exta protection of crushing blows from enemies, weight of the ocean vs X amount of Power Fists or heavy things. ENV III an even better added upgrade since it can make your suit space proof as well as potentially HAZMAT material, perfect for even more extreme environments or if you want to go sanic and worry less about the air friction baking your suit. Might have to design a mission where players potentially enter a volcano for fun around ENVs

>> No.38805182

That actually does sound fun

>> No.38805392

Perhaps volcanic caverns that have some sort of mcguffin to send peeps down them for

the caverns could flare up periodically and suits without a good spot or defenses would take damage

>> No.38805745

Overlord can't be a subtype so capacitor is sadly the only option, but you could easily fluff yourself as a shenlong if you so desire

>> No.38805903

ENV II and III have always been weird to me as an engineer. Space protection is fucking easy compared to deep sea.

They're completely backwards.

>> No.38805999



God dammit I needed those sides

>> No.38806189

Iunno man, we made subs and deep diving suits before rockets and space suits. I know space suits and shuttles need to have similar standards, be just as or doubly airtight. If you're an engineer then you'd probably know more.

>> No.38806335

Aerospace engineer, mostly in propulsion.
Main difficulty with engineering for space is just that everything has to be light. Radiation shielding and such really isn't that complex except for the really strong stuff and mostly we just put in token protection against that because its way fucking cheaper to just build and launch a new satellite then protect it from the strongest types of deep-space radiation.

Deep sea on the other hand, the pressures involved are so immense it boggles the mind. SSN's and SSBN's even have a limit on how deep they can go and they're amongst the most pressure resistant things we can build.

If we had magical bullshit tech to remove the restrictions on launch weight, most of the aerospace challenges would be cake. I mean, rockets are built entirely around the fuel. What goes in the fairing is miniscule compared to that. Roughly 90%+ of the mass in a launch is dedicated to moving the thing, because the fuel necessary to achieve it is heavy, so we use more fuel to boost that fuel which requires more fuel which requires more fuel tank space and a bigger turbopump system, that require more fuel...

>> No.38806642

Oh and lets not forget what you need to even get communications to shit down that deep. Either its completely tethered or you're using some serious hardware. VLF penetrates barely 25 meters of water so you gotta be pretty near the surface to get messages from a dedicated, multi-square kilometer radio array or you're using something like the Seafarer/Zevs systems that use significant portions of the earth itself as an array, covering 50+ kilometers of facility and using a wavelength that is around half the earth's radius.

And its completely one way, no submersible in depth could ever communicate in such a way due to the sheer scale required. It'd have to near an ocean floor communications line, use acoustics if its in range of a sosus net (and give its position away to anything listening), or surface to standard radio range. Though it'd probably be using a more secure/less visible method such as a directed transmission to a satellite.

Compared to that, just needing a sufficiently powerful transmitter to contact things in orbit or beyond is pretty easy. If Armoured Corps or whomever wanted to keep in contact with a careful deep-sea submersible suit, they'd require the help of Russia, the US, or India because they're the only three nations with the capabilities to send messages that deep without tether.

>> No.38806920

>Russia: In civil war
>US: Torn to shit and more, currently two nations
>India: ded ripip

... Fuck. Also, this is some really fucking interesting stuff, anon. Tell me, how would high speeds affect a smaller suit? Would you need EC to not burst into flames?

>> No.38807021

Not Aerospace-anon but when something gets to near Mach 5 or so you need to start worrying about heat buildup in whatever's flying. Not because of fire, but because of materials losing strength.

>> No.38807057

Depends on the angle, what density of atmosphere they're going through, etc.

But it'd be a good idea if you're going significantly faster due to orbital reentry. Supersonic would depend on the design and materials of the suit. I'd bet it'd get pretty damn warm considering how non-aerodynamic all the images tend to be of mecha. Honestly their power systems and thrust generation have to be insane for most of them to allow for sustained flight at any speed. If you can get a fortress that's as bulky as they can be to a lab to study however it is they fly you'd have substantial breakthroughs in engine design I'm sure.

Though it might be in a way similar to how the Chinese copy technical data without the metallurgy capabilities to actually build the things. Real shame about the loss of the US as a unified entity in that case, their aerospace and military have metallurgy capabilities 20-30 years ahead of everyone else, would have been a real help in reverse engineering.

>> No.38807091

The us. Got some of the worst beatings and battlefields, as far as I know. Los Angeles, for example was entirely gone. Survivors were numbered in the hundreds and they lived inside a dead leviathan fort,,,

>> No.38807240

What about the Russians? They have solid metallurgy knowledge in their aerospace industries; even if they lack the capacity to build them anymore and most of their best engineers are retired or dead by now or have moved to a western country after the fall of the soviet union and sold their capabilities.

Behind them, I'd place the UK/France/Germany, then the Swedes, then the Italians, then most industrialized nations getting a start into aerospace.

>> No.38807402

Well, since all the dragons are coming out, I might as well show mine.

Medium Variable Dragon/Aquatic Suit
Dexterity: 3
Durability: 3
Power: 4
Recovery: 4
Speed: 4 + 1 (Aquatic)
Strength: 3 + 3 (Dragon)

Aquatic Bonuses
Dragon Bonuses
Advanced Suit Status
Environmental Controls (II&III)
Suit A.I
None (0 pts)
User Interface (5 pts total)
Nerve suit (5 pts)
HUD (10 pts total)
Hawkeye (Dragon)
Advanced Suit Status (Dragon)
Sonar (Aquatic)
Radar (10 pts)
Comms (10 pts total)
Radio (Free)
Defence Maze (10 pts)
Weapons (60 pts)
Suit Control (5 pts)
Crowd Control (5 pts)
Dragon Special Flamethrower x2 (20 pts)
Proximity Mines (15 pts)
Autocannon (15 pts)
Defences (25 pts)
Light Shield (5 pts)
Heavy Shield (10 pts)
Shield Link: Mag-Leash Shield
Emergency Evac (10 pts)
Drones (5 pts)
Scout Drone 1x (5 pts)
Upgrades (20 pts)
Environmental Controls II&III (Dragon)
Capacitor (20pts)
Nanites (0 pts)
None (0 ps)

Originally, it was a variable aquatic/avian type, but the enhanced flamethrowers and other nice bonuses sold me on the dragon.

The suit is meant for coastal regions or islands, disrupting supplies and diverting efforts to catching it, while evading such efforts via diving into the waters and using it's superior aquatic form to disengage. This is my first build, so assistance would be appreciated.

>> No.38807464

Apologies for the format, I copy pasted it from my notes on mobile

>> No.38807538

Sounds like you'd get along with the variable leviathan, Bone Fish, if your plan of escape is 'go deep'.

>> No.38807768

That's the plan, yes. Though it can also lure suits into the water if it uses the flamethrowers enough, where they can fall prey to proximity mines, or in an earlier version, dragged out to sea.

Also question, I'm sure that stat bonuses like the Aquatic's Spd +1 are only active when in that specific form, but would say, Sonar be kept when the Dragon body type is active?

>> No.38807782

Yeah, features stick around but the bonuses are variable dependent.

>> No.38808018

Free-Space Optical Transmitters would be entirely worthless underwater as well unless everyone stayed within a couple meters of each other due to how quickly infrared wavelengths decay through water.

So people would actually have to give a shit about com security underwater. Either close-range use of radio or acoustic means that would allow for long range communications at the expense of them being really bright targets for anyone with sonar.

>> No.38808081


Russia is caught up in a Civil War at the moment, Betweent the Federal Remnant and a Resurgent Communist Rebel Faction. Its not pretty.

>> No.38808137

If you buy it with points it sticks around in both forms, if you get it free from a bodytype you lose use of it when not in that form.

>> No.38808342

The TE don't have a terrible spot for aerospace-related high metallurgy though. Japan has a decent manufacturing base, especially electronics and dabbles in Gen 4 aircraft modification and looking into developing Gen 5 capabilities domestically. Their ROK neighbors are likely a bit ahead of them, with a domestic Gen 4 trainer and light ground attack plane with plans to become an arms exporter to the SEA region. Both have US-affiliated engineering ties to their domestic military industries so its possible with the attacks some might have fled to there.

Biggest strength of the them is their high quality and high capacity ship building though in the conventional warfare sense. If they teamed with shipyards in China and had BAE/USN/NNS heading development they could really pump out some quality warships.

In the face of the suits and I was a conventional power, I'd focus on submersibles that would be largely protected from detection and attack by water. Downside, they'd either be diesel-electric types that would be hard to keep running in a limited logistics environment as well as less efficient in non-shallow waters while being acoustically noisier than advanced nuclear counterparts. It'd really depend on getting american or british nuclear engineers (and trained nuke personnel to teach the new crews) to allow for anything resembling the Virginia or Astute classes. I wouldn't trust Russians with a nuclear vessel considering their track records, and especially not the Chinese who managed to kill all of their best submariners and sink their only nuclear vessel within a couple hours of launch.

Alternatively if the ROK could get some of the USN's help with their AEGIS system and adapt it with their own systems it'd be possible to provide surface warships with a competent anti-missile defense while providing enough missile-based firepower to kill groups of suits.

Conventional weaponry and point-defense systems could be reverse engineered from suit weapons.

>> No.38808695

I'm sure we have plenty of conventional naval vessels in service built by surviving engineers and military designers. Let's also not forget our patented dropships.

Large flying cargo ships of alien technology capable of supersonic flight, crisscrossing the globe and dropping of pilots and supplies where they need to be when they need to be in the span of a few hours, capable of carrying two fully armed Fortresses in their cargo hull (and more) with amenities crew and passengers.

We might not be churning out super fortresses like sausages as Reddit does, and they're no where near as large or armored or shielded, but they're the next best thing.

>Conventional weaponry and point-defense systems could be reverse engineered from suit weapons.
We have been making good progress on that actually, the bright offensive being a prime example of progress on that field.

>> No.38808923

Seems like an awful lot of industrial development and change for such a short period of time where most of the industrial capacity of the world would be in relative ruins by the disruption of the largest economies, rampant war, and breakdown of materials trade between primary resource producers.

Seems sorta at odds with the concept.

>> No.38809032

Well... tumblr Engineers, man. They do some really, REALLY crazy shit with little resources. Like the Tin Men, or the Sierra Madre Special. Those were impressive then, still impressive now

>> No.38809044

I have a feeling most of those were either stolen or the resources to make them given to us during suitfal.

Indeed, the industrial state of the world is still pretty bad even with dozens of nations supporting us. We've even been so desperate as to steal a cargo ship from North Korea just to bribe the French to come into the fold (surprisingly France has survived a lot better than much of Europe).

However, Reddit has indeed been the exception to the rule.

While the world was in shock in the early months after suitfal, factories destroyed, infrastructures collapsed, and economies decimated

They got to work.

Reddit is canonically the smallest of the three waves to have recieved the least amount of pods and the smallest resource pool. However, they were specifically selected for their ingenuity, efficiency, and productivity.

While we were having trouble finding enough .50 calls to give to our bases and soldiers, they had already built 3 superforts ready for launch in Rhode Island as well as 3 power plants to charge them (which we summarily blew up along with most of Rhode Island. . .)

>> No.38809116

The TE are good there's no doubt about that.

But unlike Reddit, they are still limited by the fact that they have to make considerable efforts to hide their projects from the prying eyes of the Vannai who can see through all that which has nanites and sludge, (yes even us pilots) observing the whole world this way. The TE can't let the secrets of their technology fall into enemy hands.

Reddit on the otherhand doesn't have to fear that. Not only do they now have access to an even greater steady supply of resources and muscle power from their TA allies, it also means they have an unlimited source of TA test subjects and alien technology to view and study freely without being so restrictive, and whenever they need anything they just call up the horde to take it.

>> No.38809212

Kinda takes the fun out of it for me to be so loose and without logistical or social problems. I figured it'd be more close combined arms, desperate struggle sorta thing.

Suits used to maximize conventional assets, forward observers, artillery, point-defense, tools to be reverse-engineered, etc. I mean, they've got magic ammo-replenishment abilities, they'd be perfect CIWS and fleet-support as well as infantry and armoured support. They have a near zero logistical tail, mesh and light units would be god-tier special forces additions. Imagine if your combat controller could clear improvised runways by himself or work with a sniper team in cloak to spot for artillery or even missile/JDAMs launched from aircraft.

Fortresses at once covering an area with INFINITE CRUISE MISSILES that alone would revolutionize the face of warfare since the things are normally 1.2+ million dollars each and the capacity to bombard constantly would mean your bases would be constantly under attack. You'd need dedicated anti-missile systems (probably in suit form or otherwise you'd just run out of means to intercept after a short while).

>> No.38809341

This is essentially how I imagine many suits are used when not in mission, serving alongside conventional forces or performing other duties. For example a fortress with a comms buoy alone would be a veritable radio tower (and more), having many of stationed around the world simply to act as communication stations interlinking the globe.

Let alone a man with Hydra 2 would be a walking hospital. Polyglot users would be needed as translators.

I think the main issue we're still dealing with is the food supply. It didn't help that there was a nuclear war and some places got hit really bad (Europe was entirely firebombed to ash in a desperate attempt to kill the TA). We still have food riots going on in our biggest city of Perth.

>> No.38809442

There's nothing in these statements I don't love. My be we should ask someone to run a mission dealing with supply chains and the like? I imagine, however, that TE could just take down skyscrapers or anything that is seen as too fancy and not important enough and repurposing their materials into fortifications and the like.

Also, a light GI hunter with mycelium and capacitor would likely be the best possible SPEC OPS operative ever, right?

>> No.38809491

Like, I get the feeling with three suits I could buttfuck a large area. A mesh who just sits around and uses secure communications to get coordinates and relay targeting information to a siege'd up leviathan fortress with a shitload of missiles, and a third that acts as a fortress escort.

The mesh just never fucking uncloaks and runs on mycelium, the other two operate in the ocean or space and can threaten such a huge area that HAVE to put some sort of defense in place or find their convoys, their infrastructure, their bases, etc. completely annihilated.

It'd tie down a massive amount of resources for little cost. It doesn't even bother with killing suits really, its all about destroying everything that operates around the suits. You grind the industry to dust then pick the groups off as they try to retaliate.

>> No.38809526

It's not exactly clear the state of our total industrial/logistical capability.

We're certainly doing better enough to rally the world into something of a counter attack

And certainly there are a lot of wrecked, abandoned, and dead cities full of resources to be used (better us than Reddit/TA)

But exactly how much can the TE do even with super science?

>Also, a light GI hunter with mycelium and capacitor would likely be the best possible SPEC OPS operative ever, right?
A stealthed light is good.

But meshes are great.

And a mesh hunter? With a concealed plasma bow or stealthed energy weapons with reworked components? Perfect.

>> No.38809622

And for an enemy, if aqua dragon from earlier and Bone Fish decided they wanted to fuck over international shipping, there's probably a not we could do to stop them. The acoustic detection nets are long dead with the US and Russia fucked to oblivion. We need convoy protection in place or we end up like the IJN in WW2, 90% of our shipping sunk by 2% of enemy combatants, losing everything in complete logistical disarray.

There's so many gaps in the doctrinal and logistics here the AC-held areas shouldn't even exist.

>> No.38809846

Things we require immediately:
A write up on AC-coalition conventional forces.
A realistic analysis of our capabilities and our foes capabilities.
Our logistical capacity and production centers.
A map of conventional and suit basing centers.

>> No.38809920

One theory I've had for this, and there's been some allusions, is that as much as we aren't probably using ourselves to the best of our abilities, the TA aren't either.

The average TA according to Zipline is "an RTS unit". It's full capability is seeing "enemy" and shooting at it.

Much of whatever intelligence and organization they have is slaved to control by the Vannai hivemind.

I believe the Vannai aren't simply trying to conquer us, but they are using us to relearn the art of warfare that their society has lost from a society without war or internal conflict. So that if some bigger, badder alien comes along they won't be like sitting ducks.


Consider how a war shouldn't even have happened in the first place if they truly meant to destroy us, they could have sent a wave of nanites to kill off every single human on the planet with impunity.

>> No.38810004

So, what's preventing us from doing immediate and utterly destructive strategic element attacks that they'd be hard-pressed to counter quickly?

We could DESTROY them or at least their production capacity at the cost of NOTHING due to lolmagicregenammo. With their infrastructure shattered we could fight from a position of strength, send their logistics into disarray, and storm their Normandy while firebombing Dresden.

>> No.38810077

Welp, I'm not a lorekeeper but some ideas of my own:
>As armors can 'regenerate' both their material bodies and conventional bullets and missiles purely with time in the sun, it can be thought that our armors are capable of energy to mass conversion of previously thought impossible levels of efficiency.
>because of this, production centers for AC-Coalition forces involves captured and heavily modified TA superforts that work as raw material production plants that focus on a high recovery.
>Despite the overall positive outlook, even Tumblr and Reddit with their own "Production super forts" still can only produce roughly a 1000 Kgs of raw material a day each (ACC numbers are closer to only 500-750kg)
>To supplement this, other raw material such as scrap metals and even rocks can be brought to similarly specialized processing plants to return them into raw materials
>From there the materials are reprocessed in more conventional facilities
>All in all, with these limits, even the Vannai find themselves in need of playing the resources game against us humans and even their own minions. (otherwise, since they did come to earth because they needed a more habitable world, it means their population is highly burgeoning and they cannot afford to devote too many resources away from life support)

I also vote these processing plant forts be dubbed as Starforges.

>> No.38810084

Destroy who you mean?

If by the TA, well, they outnumber us by a crazy amount, and I don't think they really require infrastructure or supplies. I have a feeling a lot of them have taken up Mycelium or have cyberized their consciousness to remove the human needs that are so costly to us.

As for the Vannai themselves, gods know how many lightyears away their planet is, and they themselves have yet to show their faces. Presumably their up their in space ships observing us. And who knows how powerful they are.

In fact, they dropped the pods on earth so that we would fight each other and destroy ourselves via the TA, removing the burden from them doing it themselves.

And we have no idea how powerful the Vannai really are.

A quote from HG Wells comes to mind.
>". . .as men busied themselves about their various concerns they were scrutinised and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly as a man with a microscope might scrutinise the transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water"

>> No.38810134

The problem is they have most of the world under their control, as well as utter and crushing space domination. Not to mention humans already beginning to use suits on each other *cough*Phoenix*cough*

>> No.38810189

So we're fighting the Vorg. The High Lords are embroiled in civil war. Great Furies, the Canim are coming and the Shield Wall falters.

If the Vannai outnumber us so, why have they not attacked? What are they doing currently?

>> No.38810204

This is in fact what the world looks like, with all the white parts being TA dominated.

The color key is as follows, straight from the wiki:
"DARK GREY - New Zealand
YELLOW - Australia
LAVENDER - Malaysia/Oceanic Alliance
LIME GREEN - Singapore/Brunei/Oceanic Alliance
ORANGE - Holy Federation of Western Asia (HFWA)
LIGHT GREY - Western Asia Proper
STRIPED RED/BLUE - Western Russia
GREEN - Germany/European Union
MERLOT - Switzerland/European Union
DARK BLUE - Italy/European Union
VIOLET - France
PINK - Mauritania
BROWN - South Africa
PURPLE - Venezuela
GOLD - Mexican Authority
LIGHT BLUE - United States of America
RED - Chicago/American Coalition
BEIGE - Salt Lake City
As a side note, no faction operates as a national entity. Despite the vast amount of power vested within the many factions, they still operate independently from national entities and therefore no faction counts as a "nation"."

As you can see, humanity is kinda fucked at the moment.

>> No.38810234

If they have crushing space domination, how have we not already lost? That is THE win condition in non-interstellar warfare.

>> No.38810243

Thanks for the feedback. I did not know about the three rounds of decloak. Do you think an emergency evac would be sufficient? I don't really want to spend more points on defense than I absolutely have to. I mean, it is an assassin suit.

I'm with him, it always bugged me too. Here's a simple way of looking at it.

We're talking about pressure. Now, pressure at Earth's surface is generally 1000 milibars. It can only go down to 0, not any past that, so anything that protects from a vacuum has to handle that 1000 to 1 differential. It cannot get any worse than that because 0 is a vacuum. At the top end, it can get as bad as it wants. Pressure at the bottom of the ocean is about a kilobar. That's 1,000,000 mbars, and the difference is about a thousand times worse than that from the surface to space.

The reason we did undersea travel first is it's the "getting there" that's expensive and dangerous, and it's easier to go down than up. I can take a small pebble, go out on a boat, and put it on the ocean floor if I want. All I have to do is throw it over the edge. There is, however, no way I could possibly put it into space without expensive equipment.

>> No.38810287

They really suck at strategy, relying on their Tumblr drones (who are losing their advantage) and their Pod suits (which suck at combat) and sheer numbers to fight. That's the only reason we are still alive. Vannai are shitty, SHITTY at war but their tech is surprising.

>> No.38810309

Setting confirmed, AC has already lost the war. They just haven't realized it yet. Assemble the colony ships lads, we gotta get out of here before we lose everything. Mars first, then out into the dark.

>> No.38810428

To be blunt, my headcanon is: The Vannai are NOT all that great.


If they're a perfectly logical race and have access to the tech armors used, they could have done any number of things besides fight a war that gives them enemies. If they wanted to learn about war, they could have given the pods to earth militaries instead of fucking 4channers and Tumblrinas. If they were perfectly intellectual THEY SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE DESTRUCTION OF THEIR OWN ENVIRONMENT COMING AND BEEN ABLE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT. If they wanted humanity dead, it would have been easy enough to engineer a virus to wipe us out that they could be immune to, they fucking have nanites!

Thus, I see the Vannai as, while a dangerous foe, not perfect, not all-knowing (those nanites they 'watch you' through? They're not even paying attention half the time), and NOT invincible by a long shot. They have limits, they make kneejerk reactions/emotional responses, and make glaring mistakes.

Shit, if I had been in charge of the Lore, the Vannai probably wouldn't have even made the armortech and still be trying to figure everything out same as us.

>> No.38810438

>he High Lords are embroiled in civil war.
Actually, the opposite. They're too peaceful for their own good.

>If the Vannai outnumber us so, why have they not attacked? What are they doing currently?
Here's my headtheory on what happened.

>Vannai are a highly advanced society having achieved hivemind for their species, ending wars and conflict until war becomes a foreign concept to them

>Canonwise, their technology runs on a specific mix of gases including Carbon and Oxygen. After a long time, this has run out for them (or they need more to expand)

>While looking for more sources, they find the planet earth which had the gasses they needed, but noticed how the humans still were barbaric and waged war on each other

>They sent pods to earth. Both as a way to get rid of humanity by having them kill themselves without lifting a finger or risking their own lives; also because they realized if there are intelligent races out there who still wage war they might be waged war upon

>While the TA fight they download the combat experience of TA pilots and observe how it goes down from space, learning how to fight again as well as getting human insight into new war technologies using their own tech (a society without war doesn't need much military R&D)

>Either they are waiting us out to exhaust ourselves after we beat the TA before making their move, or are waiting until we've shown them all the warfare and strategy we know so that they can invade proper

>> No.38810461

Actually, making them also be idiots is a lot more simple and kind of makes more sense. . .

>> No.38810467

The lore sounds horribly cobbled together and in dire need of a reboot.

>> No.38810569

Indeed, and it's sort of the flaw with how we went from cheap wish-fulfillment CYOA into semi-serious wish-fulfillment CYOA. I doubt Fool and the others honestly ever gave too much thought on the plotline, threw up an excuse, and said "run with it" and we did.

It wasn't a bad thing, but when they began presenting things like "The Vannai are Aryan Ubermenschen Na'vi Perfect People we are but ants to", then I find myself calling bullshit because everything we've been given so far contradicts that.

Hell, I think it might have even made more sense if the Vannai aren't truly involved with Tumblr and Reddit, they were just fighting a war with another race and a crapload of their pods fell to earth in mis-delivery, they came to pick it up and not only saw we were using it, but how we were using it and went "Nope!" and decided to just hang as far back as they could and pray a salvage op could be run in the aftermath. (Or maybe recruitment)

My fencing instructor dubbed it "The shortcut of Occam's Razor: People are stupid".

>> No.38810666

>flying through the Vannai blockade
>Getting away to start somewhere else

As tempting as it sounds to just... run away and start over somewhere better, I can't do it. Don't get me wrong, however. The danger is real. The fact that humanity will never be the same, that the Earth itself may never be the same and that we may just end up dying to Tumblr... it's all a fact. Not even a possibility. It's the truth.

And yet, we can't surrender. You all can't surrender. Because you are better. No matter who or what you were before suitfall... it doesn't matter anymore. Our past is gone, blown to smithereens by Tumblr, no matter what the GI tell you. Our present is war. Our present is to struggle everyday, just to stay alive one more day. But you can't give up yet, because we still have the future. And as long as that is there... we fight. We fight, we bleed, we die. We're already dead, anyways. Living on borrowed time wver since we got into the pods.

So we might as well make the most of it. Leave if you want. Tell the stars about the Armor Corps, humanity and their story. Tell them about those who stayed. About those who fought. About those who died. But as long as we have ammo, and as long as our suit can be patched together by an Engie, we fight. We stand our ground and hold the line.

For humanity.

>> No.38810726 [SPOILER] 

SK, please.

>> No.38810739

Fuck you, I'm going to strap a colony ship to a hundred flying leviathans and go explore space.

>> No.38810816

Satan, No.

>Not just taking a bunch of people's cyber brains with you in a giant memory palace VR into SPHESS
>Not creating a colony on some distant asteroid and using that as a ship
>Not creating the ultimate NEET colony

>> No.38810826 [SPOILER] 

>all this talk about the Vannai
>nobody talking about who the real enemy is
It's like you guys don't even see it

>> No.38810846


Ever watch Expelled from Paradise?

>> No.38810855

Because they want our planet's air or something. Controlling the orbital's is only a win condition if you don't give a shit about having a useful planet.

>> No.38810861

No, not really. What is it?

>> No.38810956


Pretty much what you described - the richer half of humanity fucked off to a space colony, built a gigantic server and lives inside a not!Matrix. Then real world shenanigans and giant robots happen.

>> No.38810962

Not really. They could just bombard kinetically or use infinite missiles.

>> No.38811226

To be fair, they've already wiped out 3 trillion people or more and wrecked most cities.

Half of humanity dead, our economy in shambles and only now slowly recovering.

Whatever is happening, I imagine it's happening because they want it to.

>> No.38811246

*3 billion

>> No.38811301

So you're saying its a good idea to get flight, environment III, and mycelium/cyberbrain and get as many people to fuck off in suits as possible so that they might be able to fuck a sustainable population into existence at some point?

>the progenitor nanites are just developed by another group of suit-war displaced cunts who ended up at earth trying to increase a stable genetic base
>the chain continues

>> No.38811981

>>Seems like an awful lot of industrial development and change for such short period of time...-
It is, as much bull as we can make up for whatever industrial revolution we're having. We may have made a satellite and a rocket, but way I see it, it's just us. Even the fluffing of the size of dropships being big enough to hold more than 1 building size suit plus several tanks I still sounds funny to me. Sounds more important to a few players rather than believability, again taking liberties and stretching fluff in order sound cooler and instead sounding rediculous.

Dang, yeah I forgot space age material is supposed to be light, all the weight is for the propulsion, you're absolutely right.

>> No.38812045

It's what happens when you combine a post apocalyptic world with a sudden influx of alien super science

>> No.38812106

The rocket we bought 3 of from the French. One blew up because of bad design/manufacture (aka because plot).

The satellite was yes made by TEng. However it was a POS satellite. If Fool had let it go up/if SPACE was canon at that point then it would have been a barely working piece of junk.

>> No.38812169

Personally TE is fun because of how cool and ridiculous it can be.

Cursed hawkeyes exploding in peoples faces.

A suit being hacked and exploding its goddamn Black Hole gun into a miniature singularity dragging 5 other suits around it.

A medium and a mesh racing against the clock to fly an even bigger black hole missile to swallow an invincible super fort and an entire city before a nuclear melt down occurs

Was it rediculous? Slightly unbelievable?


But that's why I loved it. And still think fondly of that mission.

>> No.38812180

And near zero regard for applying that super science to the post apocalyptic world. Its some harem anime-tier bad world building.

>> No.38812439

Considering that there are 1 maybe 2 people who know the entire story of whats going to happen and why this happened in the first place; it isn't really a surprise for this to have happened.

>> No.38812537

2.0 setting reboot?

>> No.38812577

>Killing all of Fool's hard work before he even has a chance to reveal it

>> No.38812616

Well, the important part is the results of the main missions and any invasions that happened. We could probably manage to rework the setting to fit with Fool's idea and with what has happened since the beginning.

>> No.38812771

>letting things deteriorate into the cesspool they currently are

>> No.38812956

Speaking of lore

how would a new suit introduce itself into things?

would they be late in finding a suit
or would they have a suit and be fighting in a more conventional field rather than special ops missions?

>> No.38813014

The second, it's implied that you were doing other things while the big missions happened.

>> No.38813068

Or you've been one of the 'independent' suits. People who've just been hanging out, hiding their power levels or generally being a low-level nuisance that no one has deemed important enough to murder.

>> No.38813130


could I get a lore dump
just to fill me in on the things I should know
I know things have basically gone to shit but I'd rather not say something stupid
we have civ'y camps at AC, yeah?
for families and such?
>captcha: kuckl

>> No.38813274

You can take a look at the lore on the wiki, so here's a short version.

Prologue: Suits fall, Tumblr wrecking shit, you are a 4channer, wake up after entering pod to hear the voice of Fool telling you where to go.
WaterMain: nanites
Falling Down: EL BLANCO and Vancouver ded
Unlikely Heros: not-crazy Tumblrs exist
Plot Fluff: 3 week sleep after entering pod, everyone but TEng has some kind of nanites
Relay: Fuck yeah Radar systems
Resurgance: Reddit is actually traitors with severe skin problems from alien tech, worldwide Radar now

>> No.38813317

Cheers, I'll keep racking over the wiki for details

>> No.38813614

Let me get out a more detailed synopsis

>> No.38813737

Once upon a time a race of advance aliens known as the Vannai with hyper advanced technology began to run out of a specific mix of gasses needed to sustain a substance known as "The Black Sludge", a nanite like substance source of their advanced technology and what all suits and Vannai tech is apparently made of.

They found these gases in the atmosphere of Earth. For some reason, (perhaps having lived in peace for so long, we don't know why), they were utterly inept at warfare so couldn't do an outright invasion.

Instead they decided to have humanity wipe out each other out by dropping pods with samples of their technology and the ability to pilot a suit mecha

Their first encounter with humanity was through their internet media. Tumblr was selected to recieve the first wave of Pods. However, these pods also contained a specific strain of nanites, A-01 through A-05, which turned most of them into genocidal mindless berserkers and killing machines under direct sway of the Vannai

The Second Wave was sent to 4channers, these did not have A-05 but a different degree of Nanites, A-06 through A-09, which left their free will intact. However it came at the cost of rendering them unconscious for about 3 weeks.

The Third Wave was sent to Reddit. They too retained their free will, but unlike Tumblr or 4chan weren't given a ton of resources in their pods, and were expected to make the most of their ingenuity and craftiness.

Supposedly these waves of pods came on the same day, the events of "suitfall" are poorly documented. It is known that even before the pods fell from the sky the Vannai had prepared to engineer World War 3 as well as hack and disable all communications and technology, bringing about a Mecha Armageddon unlike any other.

During this time, as the 4chan pod users, were unconcsious for 3 weeks many of them were killed and almost none of them with few exceptions where there to see all of suitfall, much less survive it.


>> No.38813884

Sometime later in the new post-apocalypse, as the 4chan group woke up, other suits didn't fall asleep in the first place, and got together to form "Armor Corps", a /tg/ based organization whos goal was to fight back against the Tumblr hordes, restore order, and find out the cause of everything. The people who started the organization got together with some of the former worlds military leaders, forming what would simply be referred to as Command.

The three most important missions to the story are Falling Down, Unlikely Heroes, and Water Main where we learned most of everything we knew for a while about Vannai and such.

In Unlikely Heroes we found the Tumblr Engineers, Tumblr Armor suits who didn't recieve nanites and so kept their free will.

At the start, Armor Corps was but a small organization stationed in Vancouver and somewhere in New Zealand. After some disagreements happened we split into several factions, Moqaddas, Hanse, GI, and TE setting up different bases around the world to work on their agenda, yet still working together against the alien menace, organized under the leadership of Command (now referred to as High Command).

Eventually we gathered enough nation remnants and got them working again and summariliy restarted the UN (in name at least, mostly for Propaganda) that is until the Bright Offensive where us actually rebuilding nations paid off and now the whole world is on a major counter offensive.

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